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    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    Company: California Department of Fish & Wildlife February 07, 2018 Commission Suspends License of Sportfishing Charter Boat Operator for Poaching by CDFW The California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) today ordered a five-year suspension of the license of Pacific Star Sportfishing...
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    Fish on rod holders (2)

    Can you ship them to San Francisco, $15 ? Greg 415 652-3928
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    Kona charter

    I recommend Craig Hawk on C-Hawk in Kona, he fishes lite tackle, bait and lets you keep the fish.
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    10-15-17 YFT below

    I was up top with capt and deckies when we got down around the 371 . I had spotted a couple YF jumping about 100 yards off the port bow we pulled up threw some bait stopped the boat but no biters . I hope they paid you for being the spotter, better than the deckhands who did not spot a couple...
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    Bluefin confirmed in NorCal

    Only second hand reports out of Bodega, nothing first hand yet.
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    Raymarine C80 Components

    Is display panel available? I want it. Greg
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    Raymarine C70 Radar and more electronics

    Is head unit still available? How much? 415 652-3928
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    Northern CA Yellows

    Sunday Eureka Tuna - pile of yellowtails Lots of bait in the area, no tuna. Started at 40.15/125.00 trolled SW then SE to about 00/00 then back up to the area with lots of marks and bait. Didn't want to do the 22 miles to the rope paddy that held the YT for the shelter cove boys with the short...
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    Okay, Albacore Within Reach

    Albacore were caught out of Half Moon Bay at 37'35/124'24, 90 miles.
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    Albacore North

    Albacore have shown up off the central CA coast from Monterey, HMB,SF, to Ft Bragg, 30 to 50 miles out. Half Moon Bay wed. 601 tunatrolled around 601 all morning for zip. quad at 07/53 at 3:30. another quad 09/50 at 5:30. that was it. good conditions all around. good luck. Monterey 8/8 451...
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    Yellowtail Limits on the Sauerfish Charter

    All the yellowtail were around 15 pounds. Did you mean 5 pounds?
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    Northern Cal Albies

    tuna off pt. sur sounds like there is tuna 30 miles off pt. sur, a fisherman in san jose landeded 14. didnt get the numbers yet Last edited by Fresh Catch Seafood; 05-12-2013 at 01:45 PM. This is the first rumor that is coming in, more info later. Greg
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    Lobster poacher convicted

    bug-1.jpg Lobster poacher convicted as Delta pumps kill millions of fish by Dan Bacher An Orange County Judge fined a Riverside County man over $20,000 and sentenced him to a week in jail for poaching lobsters inside a “marine protected area” (MPA) created under Arnold Schwarzenegger’s...
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    29' Luhrs 290 Tournament with diesels

    From YachtWorld 29' Luhrs 29 290 Tournament W/New Engines Year: 1990 Current Price: US$ 13,000 Located In Brielle, NJ Hull Material: Fiberglass Engine/Fuel Type: Single Gas/Petrol YW# 7584-2421562
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    23 foot Wellcraft Coastal $13K

    See photos on Craigslist ad below See photos of sistership...
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    23 foot Wellcraft Coastal $13K

    See 10/20/11 post
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    Morro Bay Dorado???

    Tuna, Dorado, and migratory yellowtail are all fish that live in the warm pelagic currents that go from Baja to off of British Columbia. Every year there are a few of them taken incidentally while fishing for albacore in the offshore warm water current. I can remember this all the way back to...
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    Please sign up 1.5 day for tonight

    All the landings have 1.5 days scheduled to leave for the tuna tonight, but few have signed up, Legend has 2, Ocean Odessy 4, and New Lo Ann 2, they will cancel if nobody else jumps on the hot bite. Let's go get em. Greg
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    Bloody decks on the Pacific Voyager

    How come nobody is going, I called all the landings and they have 1.5 days leaving tonight with only 1 to 4 people signed up, and they will cancel unless more sign up. Go get em. Greg
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    Want ride to fish Fri 8/27, or 8/28, 8/29, or Mon 8/30

    I am flying down from San Francisco today and want a ride to fish Fri 8/27, or 8/28, 8/29, or Mon 8/30. I have my own boat, am experienced and will gladly share expenses and work. Greg 415-652-3928 <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input...
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    Want to fish Friday 8/27

    I am flying down to San Diego on Thursday 3pm, and would like to hook up with someone fishing Friday, can leave anytime after 4 or 5pm, but need to be back Saturday am. I have my own boat in San Francisco, a 23 foot Wellcraft. More than willing to share expenses and work. Greg...
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    Want to fish Friday 8/27

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    Tuna ride Thursday or Friday

    Yes, you are correct, we have good SST out 80 to 100 miles off the coast from Monterey to San Francisco, and 50 miles off the coast from Fort Bragg to the Oregon border, but that is out of our range and our weather is much different than you have down south. PZZ570-232300- POINT ARENA TO...
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    Tuna ride Thursday or Friday

    I am looking for a Tuna ride Thursday or Friday, 8/26 PM or 8/27. I am flying down to SD Thursday afternoon, 8/26, and will be in SD until 8/31. I have my own boat in San Francisco, 23 foot Wellcraft, experienced fisherman, will share work and expenses. Greg [email protected] 415 652-3928 cell...
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    Mushroom Bank 10-23-09

    It is my understanding that even if you are not fishing, and have a hook on board and are in Mexican waters, then everyone needs a Mexican license. Is that correct? Greg <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
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    SD/9 MILE 5/27

    Got nice bait at Mission Bay and worked north to Solano Beach for nothing, then out to the 9 mile to look for paddies, water temp 63, found one that was empty, found another with birds sitting on top, fished it hard, trolled around, went up to paddy and drifted live bait, put down jigs and still...
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    Squid Invasion

    There have been Humboldt squid in Northern Calif for at least 25 years, targeted at times by Rock Cod boats and on overnight tuna trips, they are not new, but probably have been around for thousands of years, and play an integral part in the ecology and food chain, Don't fear nature, fear man. Greg
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    1.5 Day 6pack leaving Friday night for Punta Colnett

    I have 3 people interested in a 1.5 for the dates between Oct 28 to nov 2 Greg