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    Oceanside to point Loma

    Left oceanside at 6:30 am and headed outside 10 to 12 miles, water glassy with a decent swell. Once outside we set our course for point Loma and searched for kelp paddies, water temps were 76.6 and found a nice temp break which dropped to 71.9 followed that for awhile still looking for the...
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    Catalina recon

    Left Davies at 5:30 am saturday and picked up a 1/2 scoop from Nacho, good solid diens about 5" long most lived the whole day. Flat calm conditions with a quick crossing 1 hr 10 to the east end of Catalina. Started trolling and noticed nobody fishing there, water green and 70.6 degrees all...
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    Hit the wood

    Took my good friend Tom offshore again yesterday out of Dana Point, waited in the normal bait line and out of the harbor by gray light. Made a few quik mackerel and headed out to the 209 /181 area looking for paddies, the cloud cover made it difficult to spot anything. Found blue water at about...
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    Prospecting mission

    Well gents, took one for the team and headed out to the 209, turned out to be wa hhh rougher than expected. Finally got out to the high spot and started looking around desert out there no birds no ponies no bait. Ended up working up the line to slide looking for paddies found one the whole famn...
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    Inshore San onofre

    Had a gentleman's start at 5:45am out of Dana Point, Decided to go down the beach and out 5 miles in search of the ever elusive kelp paddies... it was a desert. Found our selves outside the domes and worked in until we reached the first anchored kelp a mile offshore. Ballistic Calicos with...
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    Family fishing day report

    Spent the morning at Izors with my kids and son's girlfriend, fished the reef with frozen squid and shrimp and caught several calico and a sculpin, and finally a nice keeper goat, beautiful weather in the morning until the fog rolled in and had a fun day with my family
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    Family fishing Saturday

    Going out Saturday morning with out of town family, looking for some info to show them a good time, any advice would be helpful. Thanks
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    Above the border YFT

    Left Dana point this morning odark thirty, started towards the 209 and started to see porpoises working the bank heading downhill towards oceanside. Never metered any fish with the group of porpoise. Changed directions and started working back towards Catalina ridge still more porpoise... water...
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    What's hiding in the warm water off the West end

    Checking the temp charts and can't help but notice the rather large spot of warm water off of the West end of Catalina, kind of wondering what might be there?
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    Best intentions

    Tried again for inshore paddy Dorado, bounced out of DP at 5:45 had to wait for the sporties to get their bait. Got a half scoop of mixed sardine and some small macks, Headed straight south for 5 miles and then zig zagged towards oceanside. Started finding paddies just above the domes at San o...
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    Oceanside inshore

    Started from oceanside toward the 209, water was flat and greasy in the morning, started seeing life 6 to 8 outside, big paddies everywhere. Started to jump from one paddies to another found one absolutely loaded with Dorados to 24" or better, diens from the barge were like stocker trout si...