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  1. crabdancer

    SOLD Calstar GX9 GX8

    Got a factory gx8. Original owner painted black bands on the cork. Good condition overall. $175-send a message if you're interested.
  2. crabdancer

    1990 Mako 171-Trolling Motor?

    Exactly. It also makes anchoring and hopping off the bow onto the trailer easier. No real worries about safety. The trolling motor fills the gap.
  3. crabdancer

    1990 Mako 171-Trolling Motor?

    I cut a section out. It works great.
  4. crabdancer

    need alittle help with giant fish location!!

    Just follow the whale watching boat around all day. Same way most folks on here find fish.
  5. crabdancer

    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    I'm no defender of Prop 47, but it has much less of an effect than out of state migration of homeless people to California. It's not hard for other states to dump their homeless on California because of our weather and welfare. Want a viable financially sound solution to the CA homeless boom...
  6. crabdancer

    Boat-Friendly (and Safe) Hotels near Mission Bay?

    Camplands an option if you're cool with tent camping. They've got a ramp and fairly secure parking. I crash there because my gears secure and I don't have to pull everything off the boat like I would in a hotel parking lot.
  7. crabdancer

    San Clemente Island Report Sunday 2/4/18

    Great job putting in the legwork. Conditions over spots any day, especially if it's like that.
  8. crabdancer

    Rat Problem...22 or BB...???

    Pump air rifle is quieter. Three pumps on a .22 seems to work as well as a hotter .177 but I'm sure I'll spark the .45 vs 9mm debate with that. It's also easy to mount an led flashlight on an air rifle. As far as traps go, nail em to a 36" 1x3 so you can place and retrieve em easier and...
  9. crabdancer

    sheena was a man!!

    Yeah the rest of the country and the rest of California has a running joke of PD/FD sending their frequent fliers on a greyhound to LA/OC/SD.
  10. crabdancer

    sheena was a man!!

    25% of this country's homeless are in California as of the census. So we foot the bill and the states they came from get nice roads. Most of the kooks, freaks, degens, monsters, loadies, locos, and transbenders wind up here to 'discover themselves' without their family getting them to shape up...
  11. crabdancer

    Best meal on a LR boat

    Anything Kenny Kato made. Can't mess with that guy.
  12. crabdancer

    Spotted Bay Bass Fishery in SQ Bay?

    I agree with what you're saying about regular dredging projects. I was comparing the pre-development conditions of the wetland areas that were turned into harbors and ports. They were large expanses of 1-10' deep water at mean. Great waterfowl habitat and fish nurseries but limited in the...
  13. crabdancer

    Spotted Bay Bass Fishery in SQ Bay?

    This is a really interesting question. I haven't targeted spotties in San Quintin but I have fished some other pocket populations in naturally formed estuaries. The lack of fishing pressure didn't necessarily mean good fishing. The fish did look and act different from the ones I've caught in...
  14. crabdancer

    Boneless Sand Dab Tip

    Seems like the Sand Dab thing has come up a lot lately. Nothing wrong with that except some knowledge got forgotten with the good fishing we've had. Sand Dabs can be served boneless just as easy as they can be served bone in. Here's the explanation. Start with the traditional diagonal slice...
  15. crabdancer


    I got so sexually excited by the sales tax rate that I'm going to need a fresh pair of Carhartt B11s.
  16. crabdancer

    FREE Deeeleet

    They are designed to be a beach launched bow loaded workboat for commercial fishing in developing nations. People debate the origin of the design but most stories trace it back to Mexico. Google 'IMF world bank hull panga' if you want to do some reading. The IMF/ World Bank adopted the design...
  17. crabdancer

    100j mag blanks

    Jim is correct. The GF100j and the mag are not available in the gg/btg line. They are great rods though. I was a fiberglass holdout until I fished them. One of my best friends has that gg90j and I like that as well, but I like my 100s better. As far as alternatives on the 100mag go, Island...
  18. crabdancer

    Tarter sauce ideas ?

    Here's another option if you like garlic. If you've been to Zankou chicken it's the garlic sauce they give out. It's called Toum. I used to think it was some kind of garlic mayonnaise, but I'm glad to say it's not. It's great with anything battered or panko'd, and you can brush it on filets...
  19. crabdancer

    Mexican Coues Hunt

    Glad this got pushed back to the top. Jim I really enjoyed reading this, along with your other reports. You could put together a healthy collection of short stories at this point.
  20. crabdancer


    Ryan, got any description of the SUV? The shot makes it look like a dark colored Grand Cherokee or a Jimmy loaded rear heavy. I'm hoping the police find these guys before the boys do. Always a good time fishing with ya.
  21. crabdancer

    Broomtails from the beach in San Quintin.

    Wouldn't disagree with that. I've been to Redondo.
  22. crabdancer

    Broomtails from the beach in San Quintin.

    Those guys have a cool habit of getting stuck in bays and estuaries outside their historical/breeding range, and getting stuck doesn't keep em from growing. So the question is: kill all they send so they don't turn into eating machines, or wait to see if they can coexist with the local nursery?
  23. crabdancer

    WTB 15ft whaler

    I've gotta throw another vote for this boat. It's twice as capable as the traditional 15' cathedrals and there's no penalty on launching maneuverability. I'm running a 17 Edgewater that I've always pulled with a full size Dodge diesel. The truck length is more of a challenge than the boat...
  24. crabdancer

    Striped Bass on Surface Iron

    That Cape Cod Canal fish seems like it gets fired up on finbait enough to eat the surface iron. Might be the wrong time of year for that fishery but I'd love to spend a couple weeks back there trying to figure it out before and after work.
  25. crabdancer

    Holy crap

    The perspective on this is all wrong. It's not too many dabs, it's too few friends. If I had ten friends over, each one brings a lady and a couple kids along with beer. Turn up the music, fire up the range grill, do a pot of rice on the turkey fryer, and if each person can't eat 5 dabs...
  26. crabdancer

    It's now illegal to boil lobster....

    Looks like they won't be getting the money I don't have for lobster or travel.
  27. crabdancer

    Is light tackle really ethical when there is kelp involved?

    I love the Tak. 20# killed a couple of these big yellows between lobster gear while dirty Jesus handed out favors. This guy's asking about Cedros. It hurts my snowflake feelings when ya say I suck at bass fishing without buying the ticket and taking the ride to watch em break the big gear...
  28. crabdancer

    Is light tackle really ethical when there is kelp involved?

    Don't worry brother I still fish the squid and 1/4oz leadhead on 15# sometimes when conditions slack on the local structure spots. Released plenty big bass that way. I'll still flyline sardines in the weeds on 50# braid to 25# fluoro at Catalina because I only get ruined every three or four...
  29. crabdancer

    Is light tackle really ethical when there is kelp involved?

    Great question-here's an answer with some recommendations and my experiences with the consequences of the lighter gear. And no homophobic rage. Haha. Fishing the weedless in heavy kelp is best done on 65-80# braid with a short 60-80# leader. Mono or fluoro, I like mono. A lot of hearts have...
  30. crabdancer

    Skiff trip

    Don't fret bud. You're gonna have a great trip. Great food, great fishing, great company. Roll calls are thin on a mission like that. Wish I was signed up again.
  31. crabdancer

    Horseshoe 1/12 in the fog - better technique

    Great job man. Cool to see it work for ya that fast.
  32. crabdancer

    Lee Harvey Azarkon

    Hello friends, just a friendly reminder not to feed the trolls here since its winter and the only thing biting is big halibut and local seabass... If Azarkon pipes up to ruin your honest thread question about conservation feel free to save and repost this Azar-conehead. We don't have the...
  33. crabdancer

    Dropper loop vs 3x for White Seabass

    Everyone here is correct. Different latitudes, different attitudes. The best way to kill em is on what they're biting, and they definitely change that up. Last year we got em motoring slow through a kelp bed with someone looking down the stringers for the school that'd been in there. They...
  34. crabdancer

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Conehead, please stop with the 'we.' Represent yourself. I know the internet has this illusion that all are equal and so are their opinions, but you're arguing for the sake of arguing with people I've known and looked up to since before the internet. Since you've got the internet, google...
  35. crabdancer

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    The professors on here citing data and marine bio publications are selling the conversation short. The marine bio community is stuck in the academic industrial pressure to publish research. Sure, some of it is interesting, but who do you think they rely on for population sampling? They rely on...
  36. crabdancer

    Mr. Calico doesn't mind the rain

    Way to get on em. A few pointers for converting bites to hook ups on the plastic: most important, never point the rod at the bait when you're grinding (especially with braid). Keeping the rod at an angle between 30-80 degrees with the line so the rod can load up gradually on the bite helps the...
  37. crabdancer

    Tarter sauce ideas ?

    I was talking with my chef fishing buddy about this exact thing last year at this time. He recommended celery remoulade and I'm glad he did. It's got similar flavor and texture to tartar sauce but the ground celery root lightens it up and adds some celery flavor, obviously. It's lighter...
  38. crabdancer

    What's your favorite way to prep/serve raw yellowtail?

    Yellows mix really well with a combination of acidity, spice, and fats. So adding avocado to ceviche right when it's served completes the trifecta. Same thing with mixing mayo, sriracha, chile flake, and a bit of mirin for a dipping sauce. Same idea with bacon, jalapeños, and a bit of...
  39. crabdancer

    JRI Jigs

    For reference (top to bottom): JRI 4, 7, 3, 1. The 4 is larger than the 7 and they're both similar to the Starman design. The 3 is heavier than it looks and casts great. The 1 is similar to the jpot/IIsharp 25. Tried to keep the colors similar for comparisons sake. Great jigs.
  40. crabdancer

    Why has Shimano not pushed slow jigging here in USA?

    Slow pitch hasn't caught on in Southern California because we have plenty substitutes. Except for that flat fall tuna thing. That works. Live bait is available for sale year round and our local brand of lead rockfish jigs was slow pitch before slow pitch was even slow pitch. Most regions of...
  41. crabdancer

    Why do people fish the groupon boats?

    People fish on groupon boats because they're people that wouldn't otherwise try fishing. They just see a deal and decide it might be a fun thing to try. They don't check counts or obsess over little things, they just have a day off. After renting a rod, running up a galley tab, losing jackpot...
  42. crabdancer

    Anyone Slow Pitch Jigging? Do tell your experience.

    Been fishing slow pitch for years with a calstar 800ml and an Ocea Jigger 1500NR. It does double duty as a 25# bait stick if I lighten the leader. Don't tell the fish or the tackle industry.
  43. crabdancer

    Line test: how high is too high?

    'Average' isn't exactly a word I'd shape my decisions around.
  44. crabdancer

    Help with Halibut area

    Bots for buts. You can lead a horse to water...
  45. crabdancer

    What’s the theory behind this?....

    That's an idea cooked up by some poor unfortunate soul who grew up with no male role models and a debilitating fear of simple hand tools. I bet he orders cosmopolitans and is afraid of ladybugs.
  46. crabdancer

    Holiday Poll Question on Surface Iron

    Never leave the harbor without a jig stick. That's asking for a let down. The question above misses the mark a bit because it deals with what people want to do. The reality of things is that the fish and conditions will tell us people what to do. There's not much sense in blind casting...
  47. crabdancer

    Bloodydecks is now eBay???

    That's the one. Thanks for keeping it alive. I can do better.
  48. crabdancer

    Bloodydecks is now eBay???

    I think the worms one got deleted because of my rude comment. Please bring it back so I can keep being rude.
  49. crabdancer

    FREE WORMS & Night Crawlers.

    The cocaine in Maine falls mostly on your brain.
  50. crabdancer

    Theives on a party boat

    The weather was too good. No recent upwelling of cold water keeps the squid off the grounds and the shallow water rockfish off the inside spots. The captain and crew did a great job and searched out two different squid grounds ten miles apart at Catalina. Both had been floating tonnage since...
  51. crabdancer

    Theives on a party boat

    Today was a wash my friend. The coupon we got should be redeemed on Friday April 27 or Saturday April 28 2018. Friday's better. Make the reservation a month in advance.
  52. crabdancer

    Theives on a party boat

    Hey bud. I was on that run. Some tweaker stole $40 worth of owner hooks right out of my box while I was sleeping between San Nic and Catalina. All in original packages zip tied together by type. They wiped out my mutu lights and aki twists. Glad I didn't bring more. The crew was receptive and...
  53. crabdancer

    How’s the Pot Situation From Alimitos to Izor’s?

    You're gonna need the lights until you clear platform Esther if you want to run the direct path but the commercial anchorages between there and Izors are clear.
  54. crabdancer

    Gloomis GL2 8ft H 12-25lb BBR964C

    The BBR 964 was and is one of the best saltwater bass rods ever made. 12-15# slayer. GLWS
  55. crabdancer

    Broke off a hook

    Definitely be more specific with size and model. Did you use the hook before? Owners get damaged by duckbill pliers on the plane perpendicular to the forging surface. Like when the hook gets pulled out by a deckhand with a million other things to do.
  56. crabdancer

    Pb lobster 11/22

    Great job on all counts. That thing's so big it could hug a skinny chick and she'd think it was her sister.
  57. crabdancer

    Another tragic example - wear a PFD.

    Mechanical (cable) steering systems have some weak points that need regular inspection. Helm retainer/keyway, helm drive casing hardware, cable attachments, and the linkage nut at the engine. That last one's the most important. Losing one of those parts of the system can create some serious...
  58. crabdancer

    Another tragic example - wear a PFD.

    Couldn't agree more on the kill switch lanyard. If I'm falling out of my boat, everyone else already has.
  59. crabdancer

    Reserve America Got Hacked

    I went to change a camping reservation for the holiday weekend and the 877-778-1487 line Reserve America uses has turned into a scam to get Americans credit card and social security info. I called it last month to fix a website booking glitch and got a helpful rep right away. This time was...
  60. crabdancer

    29 people on a 65 foot boat should not be called limited load

    Cry a river, piss a lake, and check back to see if you've changed the water table.
  61. crabdancer

    Rocky Point Black Sea Bass (Released) 11/18/17

    I've worked with the DFW to make sure habitual poachers don't get a pass and it's nearly impossible to catch them. Arnold started this post following what he thought was the letter of the law, he listened to the comments, and he won't make that mistake again. Dude did all that with...
  62. crabdancer

    calico bass set up

    What's up Sean. Long time no see. That's pretty dialed man.
  63. crabdancer

    Go to for lings

    I've gotta ask-what's up with the stinger rig? Is that a Bay Area thing?
  64. crabdancer

    Shogun... Arron??

    Aaron was a no BS blast to fish with on the Shogun, but we've all got bills and goals. I wish him well on the commercial Alby kick. The Shogun's in good hands with Rene, Russ and the other young motivated can-doers keeping the spirit of the boat strong. There's a ton of talent there. Mix in...
  65. crabdancer

    LB Oil Islands 11/13 - New PB on the Fly

    That makes all of us. I just had to bring it up because I did a double take. Check out this vid my fly fishing buddy Dan made. We started a ten boat bite at Hen Rock and had the yellows eating the fly. I've been wanting a fly rod since. It starts with hanging one on squid but ends with fly action.
  66. crabdancer

    Go to for lings

    As weird as it sounds lings don't like a lot of motion from a bait sunk out on a drifting boat. They'll follow a swimbait or a big live bait for a hundred yards as long as it stays 2-4' off the bottom. They'll eat it or give it up if it gets into a bigger lings territory. Rockfish like that...
  67. crabdancer

    LB Oil Islands 11/13 - New PB on the Fly

    That dog on a leash feel when they eat it is pretty cool. For what it's worth ya look enough like Barnhill to get free shit at Fred Hall.
  68. crabdancer

    Custom Hawkins 10 skiff

    If I checked the weather and it didn't look good in a Hawkins I definitely wouldn't chance it in a Cabo.
  69. crabdancer

    hunting urban coyotes

    I grew up in the foothills and those things were everywhere. When I was 2-4 I couldn't play outside without our Doberman because I was basically the bait. My mom crapped a brick when I told her about the dog that liked to watch me and then pointed out a healthy coyote sitting 20 yards from the...
  70. crabdancer

    Long rod for LC110/Jerkbaits?

    Lucky Craft would be wise to release a rod made for those 110s. I agree with the ten foot rod and spinning is the way to go. The wind is rarely at your back when doing that work. I'm fortunate to still have my GUSA Surf Assasin 100Medium. It's got a light tip for turning bites into battles...
  71. crabdancer


    If you never get skunked, you're not fishing enough. That's an outstanding boat you've got. Tall doesn't necessarily equal top heavy with those 5.9s low and close. Sure she'd do the twist and shout if she had outboards on a bracket but someone got up pretty early in the morning when they built...
  72. crabdancer

    Foam Strips and other new Grips?

    I like that 3M tape. Bicycle handlebar tape would work but it gets funky where it overlaps and fills up with blood and scales.
  73. crabdancer


    Bud thanks for posting. That's some interesting info. A website is only as good as its members and there's a lot of nannies and kids here lately. Good on you keeping the spirit.
  74. crabdancer

    Lingcod: is it just me or do they seem less common this year?

    I'm 6'3" and 260# so they're doing ok. Not these ones, but in general they're ok. They grow quickly relative to rockfish and they're territorial so habitat is more important than harvest. A good PNW storm should put em back on the spots south of Mugu.
  75. crabdancer

    HH WSB

    Personally, I would enjoy the show and leave em alone. But I would definitely invite the kids in the family down to the boat and show em the fish. Maybe be ready with a circle hook and a soft mesh net so they can release one the right way and get hooked on the sport. Great video. It's really...
  76. crabdancer

    Better jigstick....for beginner

    That's understood. On to the issue of general juvenile disrespect and disregard for the generous people that contributed solutions. I've been firm but respectful. I'm not breaking from that now. Get the D8. It's the best of the four rods for your application.
  77. crabdancer

    Better jigstick....for beginner

    Greg is correct and I grew up on 530s and 690js. I thought you were young because the post and responses read like texts from someone that age. Not because of the choice in rods or the misunderstandings. All that aside, seeing someone get ruined on the long rod by a twenty pound fish can be...
  78. crabdancer

    Better jigstick....for beginner

    That is exactly what I meant. Mike explained it well. I'm assuming the OP is about thirteen so I'm proceeding politely.
  79. crabdancer

    Better jigstick....for beginner

    Don't sell yourself short. All those rods will hurt you and are not really jig sticks.
  80. crabdancer

    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    I appreciate their balance in the world. They know that blood drunk killers like me are out there doing what we do, so they do their thing. Seems much more engaging and constructive than CA legislation.
  81. crabdancer

    Fishing the 14 mile bank

    Fish thirty hooks.
  82. crabdancer

    Greedy SOBs

    At the state level it probably has to do with staffing. Like how they won't let you register your skiff early (10/31 is the start date). California would prefer you to turn in your fishing gear, firearms, diesel trucks, and testicles because an empty dumpster doesn't make for a good garbage fire.
  83. crabdancer

    Looking for a pellet gun / air rifle

    Another vote for the Benjamin 392. I've got the hardwood stock version with an aftermarket aperture sight (pictured above) because that's what I'm used to with rifles. Total budget was $200 and it's a perfect backyard air rifle. I run .22 RWS Hobby pellets because they're very light and...
  84. crabdancer

    Relentless SCI closures

    If I had anything nice I'd shut the doors on the weekends too.
  85. crabdancer

    Calico Bass Shore/Kayak Fishing Spots

    Malibu or Laguna, it's the wrong time of year. Your best bet is driving the coast and looking for spots in the afternoon, getting a decent dinner, camping/hoteling, and going fishing at first light when you can cast without too much wind. Google 'grunion.' Try Malibu Seafood for dinner and...
  86. crabdancer

    Oceanside cow yellowfin

    A little bit of controversy is going to make this truly amazing. I wish I'd thought of that. I've included a catalog of crew sunglasses through the time period in question up to the present. If it pleases the jury. Blackfish you're great. I mean that. This is gonna be the next Oprah. I'll...
  87. crabdancer

    Calstar 100J MAG

    Better yet, take a road trip to Island Tackle. They have the line in stock so you can put hands on it and they'll be able to answer your questions in person.
  88. crabdancer

    marijuana on a private boat

    I don't think it's a new thing. The only thing that's stayed consistent is keeping it discreet. I'll never forget being a dumb kid and getting approached by a well known old timer we respected. We thought we were done for when he grabbed it from us, but he finished the whole thing and told us...
  89. crabdancer

    Are certain areas in Marinas off limits to fish?

    Alby it's hard to watch BD get so ignorant over things like this. Thanks for being the voice of reason. Most folks don't understand that different jurisdictions have different rules and the fish aren't even ready to play during enforcement hours. Some kook on this thread even asked me for...
  90. crabdancer

    Are certain areas in Marinas off limits to fish?

    Oh this guy's a piece of work. Fishing isn't allowed in the Port of Los Angeles except for areas outside of the last rip rap walls before the breakwall. Marinas and anywhere else in the inner harbor are off limits but folks who pay rent there do fish. I don't see a problem with that. This guy...
  91. crabdancer

    2300 cc project

    A Dodge AND a Parker. Stylin.
  92. crabdancer

    Frigg'n Thief

    Stealing a black on black rod is a real bad idea. The boys'll get em.
  93. crabdancer

    Long Beach bassin. 8/16

    I do Cat in the 17' Edgewater CC no problem. Fall is usually the best time of year but anytime you can get a 3-4 day window on the weather you're good (as good as your gear). Getting a string line mooring in the isthmus is the way to go especially if you can make a three day weekend. Arriving...
  94. crabdancer

    Tying loops at the end of the line on Conventional Reels

    It's so your line doesn't pass under the other wraps on the spool. It's so common they gave it a name-underwrap-and it's a mess. The loop is your friend.
  95. crabdancer

    Inshore vs. Islands

    You're on the right track fishing the wall. Start with spots you can visually landmark, learn to read conditions, sort your gear. Then move to spots that take the gps to find. Take the time to really understand the electronics and what they have to offer. Everything Moyer said about Catalina is...
  96. crabdancer

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    Let's break this down. You weren't done, you're not ok, you brought the negative bs to this post, you told me to grow up, and now you're the righteous victim who can't spell and everyone is ganging up on you now that you're taking back everything you said earlier? Drink water. Crying can lead...
  97. crabdancer

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    That's not how that works captain peta. Deflating the fish with a needle doesn't get the air bladder, just the gas in the gut cavity. That thing hanging out its mouth ain't the air bladder either. That's the stomach. Most of em swim down on their own. A descender helps but stabbing em with...
  98. crabdancer

    Siphoning gas from a below deck gas tank......

    Did you fill the spin-on filter with fuel before installing it? That's a big air pocket in the wrong configuration for primer bulb siphoning.
  99. crabdancer

    Your favorite sunscreen

    Good catch. SPF 35 Body Therapeutics Solar Defense. Pricey but worth it. Amazon or Walmart.
  100. crabdancer

    Your favorite sunscreen

    Solar Defense. SoCal Edison uses it and my boss bought me my first bottle to try out because Irish skin and fishing are a bad combo. I was pretty impressed at first that I wasn't burning where I already had some color but the real proof was when tank top weather rolled around and I had to show...
  101. crabdancer

    Advice on operating boat at end of fight w/ a BFT...

    This is an old vid and it's not tuna but it gives some insight into the method. The only thing I would add is keep the guy on the rod in the upwind corner and run downhill to keep the conditions from testing your gear more than need be.
  102. crabdancer

    Mold for making flying fish

    Can you make me one in red crab color?
  103. crabdancer

    What fish is this...

    Can't ask for a species ID and push back when you get a correct answer because the one fish in question looks different from its brethren.
  104. crabdancer

    Anyone break a "non-rail rod" using the rail on sub 100# fish?

    The 800H is really light for rail duty if it's built for it or not. The 800XH is still a bit light. The calstars are great rods and if they come up with an 880H/XH as a designated rail rod I'd think about it, but don't shoot at bears with BB guns.
  105. crabdancer

    Small Boats at San Clemente Island: What Changed?

    Correct as usual but they get left alone by skiffs for a good reason. More people on this website should assume they have something to learn from members like Eric. Look at the uphill side of Miguel and Nic. The steepest closest nastiest weather I've seen was in those two spots. Besides Tanner...
  106. crabdancer

    Dan Hernandez Fishing

    He's a complicated dude with an interesting story. He surrounds himself with good people and he's made a name and a living for himself by fishing which is more than I can say about most people. I like that about him. He's also not all that good at fishing and I wouldn't bring any female...
  107. crabdancer

    Izor XXX...

    I like it for abrasion leaders and big fish on 2-4# test but it does not get bit like pink ande and it doesn't cast a jig like ande in general.
  108. crabdancer

    Late 80's 75 - 90 hp merc outboard problem

    Sounds familiar. I own a bit newer version of that motor. Ethanol fuel blends are not her friend. Here's a quick diagnostic test to see if it's choke or fuel system: when you're throttling up (in gear, underway, normal operating conditions) and it wants to bog, apply the choke for a three...
  109. crabdancer

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Seem familiar?
  110. crabdancer

    How Dangerous Are Swells Without Wind?

    If you're operating multiple private boats and asking the Internet questions like this, you need to take a long pause and find someone who can teach you about weather in person.
  111. crabdancer

    No Yeti products for me

    Igloo Sportsman coolers are USA made, the price is great, and the build quality puts Yeti to shame.
  112. crabdancer

    Barrett lake bluegill on the popper

    That's a healthy one.
  113. crabdancer

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    Can't believe this is still rolling, but I can settle this. Everyone with a comment (that didn't get deleted) can send me 10 bucks and I'll ride the Shogun for six days. That should cover fare, tip, processing and incidentals. I'll cover my own beer and write up a fair review. I'll even take...
  114. crabdancer

    Seabass rig

    Bring some poppers and start fishing them as soon as the boat sets up. Anyone with a soul will see that and loan you whatever is actually working. Seriously though, no technique is any more or less exciting than the dropper loop for seabass. Even the glow jig/squid is best fished in the rod...
  115. crabdancer

    Rod length question

    But sterbens for consideration. Other schmookahs tried. No dice. A wiggly will wiggle either way. 8% is nothing. Goblach factor will get in the way. Tight lines!
  116. crabdancer

    Why do you choose to go out?

    All creatures are connected. When my wife starts losing her shit it usually means the fish are getting ignorant. Hasn't failed me once.
  117. crabdancer

    Fishing the hamburguesa rig

    It works great with squid. The jigs a bit different. Glow/white tady tlc/9/ba/4/0 all work great at different depths and current conditions. The krocadile with a mac pinned on is a Baja thing but it works anywhere. The old school stateside version is casting a tady 45 into a school of macs...
  118. crabdancer

    Ditch Bag and goodies opinions

    Whatever you settle on for your ditch bag, put it in a small volume dry bag inside of a large volume hi vis dry bag backpack. That way you can have everything in one spot plus an extra visible floatation device that up to four people can hang on.
  119. crabdancer

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    Choter I wasn't on the trip and I'm not sure why you quoted me. I like the Shogun and I like the crew. They go hard and do what it takes. I'm not going to sit here and let the crew get ripped and Jen called a butter face because one guy doesn't get that a whole lot goes into these trips. Good or...
  120. crabdancer

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    I've personally seen every member of the Shogun crew go the extra mile to take care of the boat and other crew members. That starts with Barnhill and the crew follows his lead. Frank is there at the dock every time we come back to make sure things are right. Any boat that size has miles of...
  121. crabdancer

    Sustainability of Calico Bass Fishing

    Conehead strikes again!
  122. crabdancer

    TWO Harbors Mooring Question

    You're in good shape. Two Harbors has a stringline mooring for smaller boats like ours. No reservations and no lack of space even during peak season. And you're right on the beach.
  123. crabdancer

    TWO Harbors Mooring Question

    How big is the boat?
  124. crabdancer

    Fishdope ?

    My partner and I live together so I can show her fishdope on my phone. Shouldn't be a problem for you guys.
  125. crabdancer

    What's the best crowbar for YT yoyo jig fishing, 700h?

    No ones made a bad call so far but do yourself a favor and pull on these rods with your own physical build in mind.
  126. crabdancer

    Where to buy Minn Kota Riptide in Long Beach / OC area?

    Trolling motor doctor x3. They do clean installs too. Good people doing good work locally.
  127. crabdancer

    Tn16 freespool

    This is absolutely correct. They have to be clean as well. A bit of solvent goes a long way especially on the inside diameter of the pinion gear because it's more likely to contaminate than the spool shaft. When you rebuild any shimano conventional with a brass pinion and a stainless spool shaft...
  128. crabdancer

    Worms in Fish

    Just drink a bottle of tequila with dinner.
  129. crabdancer

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    North up. Much better reference for current/conditions and heading once you're hunting. Or if you've ever rocked the paper charts state of mind. Uber drivers use course up because they don't know where they're going and they don't plan on staying long once they get there.
  130. crabdancer

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    There is no bad truck these days. There are only better trucks. They've all got great interior options. The Dodge straight six layout will always make maintenance easier. The 6.7 Cummins is no 5.9 but you can thank the government for that. The Duramax has the Allison and a nice ride. Fords have...
  131. crabdancer

    'De Facto' Surface Iron Jig...?

    You're going to have to do it like the rest of us. Learn what a jig that swims looks like in the water, learn to pick one off the rack, learn which size/color you like for what's biting, build a rod that can cast that jig, spend the rest of your life dialing it in and don't be afraid to change...
  132. crabdancer

    Hooked a big one, ended up in Urgent Care

    That's why it's wise to swing sideways with the rod tip on the waters surface when you're fishing a surface lure. If ya miss it either skips a foot in front of where it got spit or it misses ya by a mile. I've dodged those 7 inch MC weedless calico plastics coming straight to the dome more...
  133. crabdancer

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Easy there. L. Ron Hubbard softened the islands up for target practice and lost his boat for it. Maybe they're still mad about that.
  134. crabdancer

    Xtratuf boots quality nowadays

    They last a lot longer if you don't put the sheep's back legs down the front of your boots.
  135. crabdancer

    A Peronal Gripe

    The way you guys are building it makes sense. I just can't stand garbage rods. And I got grandpa drunk last night when I posted this.
  136. crabdancer

    A Peronal Gripe

    Lately I've seen a lot of good blanks, mostly jig sticks and 6480+ baitsticks built as single wraps. For anyone that's confused by that, it means there's no base wrap. Like a bass rod. Can we make a pact to never do this? It makes me sick. On top of that the folks who demand single wrap...
  137. crabdancer

    Election Day: Were My Civil Rights Violated?

    This is a good one. 26grumpy has a good sense of humor. Show us on the doll where your wife touched you...
  138. crabdancer

    Is a Graftech 7'8" G0F78L, 20-30 lb rod too small for a Squall 25N Star Drag?

    Catch a big bat ray and see if you hate the rod or the reel first.
  139. crabdancer

    Gusa 85 Mega Mag Blank

    This was a good pissing match. For the record mine fishes 65 braid to 60 mono with a big weedless swimbait. It is OG GUSA with that same handwriting on the blank. It is outfuckingstanding.
  140. crabdancer

    Gusa 85 Mega Mag Blank

    20-40. An absolutely excellent blank.
  141. crabdancer

    Cutting a blank

    540s are meant to be cut. If you know what you like it's easy to get it right. I've heard people complain after they got laid and ate a meal. There will always be kooks.
  142. crabdancer

    SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    You got guts. Most times that's enough.
  143. crabdancer

    Registering a 26 foot panga from Mexico in CA.?

    Chances are anyone reviewing your application won't know a panga from a taco. Don't shoot yourself in the dick by telling them things that might complicate registration or insurance. Chances are they want to do even less paperwork than you.
  144. crabdancer

    Boston Whaler Project

    As much as I like Menemshas I'm really happy with the way my skiff is set up. I appreciate the offer. The skiff on this thread is just looking great. I'll raise a glass to her finding a good home.
  145. crabdancer

    Skunked at PV 10/13, Any Tips?

    PV is tough to learn and it changes for worse more than better as far as conditions are concerned. Most of the spots you can pick with a board get hammered and the conditions down east are almost always different than the zone you tried. I'm not saying it's impossible but having a good day...
  146. crabdancer

    Not for sale anymore.. I'm keeping it

    In the late 90s/early 00s when I was working at Johnnys in Pasadena there was a cool younger hapa guy repping these Trulines. They had the gloss finish, the blanks were consistent and they were good rods. They weren't JC rods but they were really good. The gloss finish was susceptible to uv...
  147. crabdancer

    California boaters survey request. Smells fishy to me

    Yeah that sounds like some horse feathers. The first time I dragged my skiff down to San Diego I think I wasted a half hour looking for a way to pay at the launch ramp. SDs got it good. Most launch parking lots in LA sit empty most of the week, especially off season. Cabrillo used to adjust...
  148. crabdancer

    wtb Trinidad A series handle with knob or without knob

    Call Sav On Tackle. They were swapping whites for blacks as an upsell on the Tna reels and they probably have a few in stock.
  149. crabdancer

    You can only go after 1 type of salt water fish out of LA area...

    That's why I call him conehead. I don't think he's ever been fishing. But he has a lot of facts from outer space.
  150. crabdancer

    Montana double Grizzly Attack......pepper spray not so good.

    Todd is a champion. It sucks he got that torn up solo. Bear spray is a joke. Bear repellant starts at .308.
  151. crabdancer

    Boston Whaler Project

    That would be a really good starting point for someone who wanted to build a Menemsha style weekender.
  152. crabdancer

    Fishing Halibut On The Sand

    This write up is really bad. I mean embarrassing bad. The only cool thing in it is plugging United Composites. They make great rods.
  153. crabdancer

    Bypassing your oil pump on two-stroke engine

    I've got a mid nineties merc 90 horse with an oil pump delete. I removed the shaft drive and the pump assembly then replaced the cover. It smokes a bit on cold start and I do have to clean my plugs and change my fuel filter more often. I run 50:1 premix. Looking back at the before and after...
  154. crabdancer

    For Sale Motor $375 Nissan 9.9

    GLWS. Those are a really great small outboard. Replacing the throttle cam with the unit from the tohatsu/Nissan 15 hp motor of the same gen will turn that 9.9 into a 15. No propping, no jetting, no fussing or fighting just 15 hp.
  155. crabdancer

    BD Outdoors Tagline

    With bd you're never drinking alone!
  156. crabdancer

    First time my boat catalina

    Never be cheap or in a hurry if you're heading to the islands, especially in a small boat. Plan your runs around the weather, get a mooring, and remember you can only have too much fuel if you're on fire. Ms Glow Chonies from the vid is not cheap or in a hurry. She grabs that pick up pole...
  157. crabdancer

    Labor Day on the "NON" Producer

    Golf, man. You should golf.
  158. crabdancer

    Fishing cliches..

    Alby it's always good to get some wisdom from ya.
  159. crabdancer

    Question about Bear Spray

    No reels with line in a carry on, and no bear spray on a plane ever. You can check your reels and large caliber handguns, just get there an hour earlier than you would if you were checking cameras.
  160. crabdancer

    Where's all the Sandbass?

    Anyone who knows anything about local bass isn't going to write a paper or tell anything to Occidental College or put anything on the internet. Let me put it to you this way: if I wanted to prove that there were no Coyotes or Mountain Lions in SoCal all I would have to do is hire a team of...
  161. crabdancer

    Where's all the Sandbass?

    Azarkon, there are quite a few really respected knowledgeable people you're having a conversation with here. They know what they're talking about. Just to be perfectly clear, you are making things up and passing them off as facts because they make sense to you. Like Alby said, it's perfectly...
  162. crabdancer

    Where's all the Sandbass?

    The Internet killed all the sand bass. Before the Internet there were plenty. Azarkon I'm surprised you haven't come across my internet theory in your research.
  163. crabdancer

    Calico Short Strikes?

    Get a wetsuit and wait for October. The answer will be everywhere.
  164. crabdancer

    Mystery baitfish and consolation redfish

    That is a Round Herring. It's hard to tell in the pic but the jaw is different from the Spanish Sardine.
  165. crabdancer

    Nighttime Green Bass....Swimbaits only?

    Topwater gear works great at night. I usually start with that but you can only get blown up on so many times in a small pond before you kook the fish out and have to change it up. My rule of thumb for plastics is stick with the same weight I use at a spot during the day, double the size of my...
  166. crabdancer

    How many turns on RP knot

    I stick with 5 and I haven't had the RP fail before my terminal knot yet. More turns runs the risk of the braid failing to seat correctly and get a good grip on the extruded line. That is a serious problem. Think of a restaurant that serves terrible food but makes up for it with bigger portions.
  167. crabdancer

    Mako bloodline and duck breast question

    Yup. Tried it. It's headed for the crawfish trap.
  168. crabdancer

    Mako bloodline and duck breast question

    I was cutting some Mako bloodline out of some loins and it looked and felt a lot like duck breast. Any wing shooter shark harvesters ever try a duck breast recipe on that big red medallion? I'd be glad to not waste that if I could do it correctly. I do my best to live off sport and I don't...
  169. crabdancer

    F/S: Gold Trinidads :]

    Thanks for the reel dude. I got her running like I like and I couldn't be happier. A+ seller here BD. Good guy to deal with.
  170. crabdancer

    Ensenada Panga

    I'm a big fan of your boat. Always good to see pics.
  171. crabdancer

    Channel Islands - I need some help and advice

    Get a really good chart and get familiar with the hazardous areas around San Miguel Island if you're crossing that area. San Francisco to Santa Rosa Island on a 40' is a long haul for a first stop. Nothing wrong with stopping for fuel and a night on a mooring in Morro Bay or Port San Luis on...
  172. crabdancer

    Whats in your ditch bag?

    Good list so far. I like an oversize yellow dry bag with backpack straps. It holds more air than gear. No one likes a ditch back that sinks.
  173. crabdancer

    Pacific Quest involved in rescue at Cat currently 6-25

    This is bad. I can't do anything about it so I've got no standing but I'm wishing the dead a fair passage and the living a speedy recovery. To a mariner or a waterman, the causes are fairly apparent . But mistakes (especially multiple mistakes) are usually a result of just not knowing instead...
  174. crabdancer

    F/S: Gold Trinidads :]

    Email sent on the tn12.
  175. crabdancer

    Looking for budget jigging rod (don't laugh)

    Bakersfield is The Patch. Phenix makes a great pooping rod. You should've showed the Dicks manager what you were going to do with the rod you wanted and given him the gl2 back in three pieces. I tried so hard not to laugh. I did.
  176. crabdancer


    Turners sold em as a middle ground between the Californians and Graphiters. Right after the last El Niño. Nothing wrong with it if you like it and it's still in one piece.
  177. crabdancer

    booked a trip ?? fish cleaning?? my own where??

    My name is also Shannon and I recommend Fishermans Processing.
  178. crabdancer

    WTB Penn 6/0 Narrow

    I got the one you want. Super clean.
  179. crabdancer

    Well there you go, San Diego is screwed

    I'm pretty sure this ruling affects LA County as well and makes us an 'imminent threat' issue county instead of 'shall issue.' Since this case has been opened LA County started purposefully processing CCW paperwork on a timeline that ran the training requirement into expiration. So basically...
  180. crabdancer

    Outrider 6/12-13/16 Overnight

    Tucker is one of the best fish sense killers I've ever met.
  181. crabdancer


    Check out tackle swap meets.
  182. crabdancer

    Catalina report/boating etiqutte

    Dude you know I'll pre record you some epic yelling on MP3 for those times when I'm not on your skiff. You just need a good PA. "DID BIG 5 HAVE A SALE ON HELMETS LAST WEEK BECAUSE YOU GARBAGE MASTERS ARE THICKER THAN FLIES ON MY RASH" "DO YOU KOOKS WANT GPS NUMBERS FOR 99 RANCH MARKET BECAUSE...
  183. crabdancer

    Crowley Lake incident and warning to boaters, Saturday 4 June

    Good reminder. I've had some days up there that made me grateful for my prior operating experience. That wind chop gets such a short period when the wind starts to really rip. It even gets my Edgewater unstable when it's following, but that's expected with a deep square stern.
  184. crabdancer

    Drowning Death Fishing Off Catalina Today

    Airheads don't need pfds.
  185. crabdancer

    Torium 20hg for surface iron

    Strip your braid down so 100 yards of 40 pound fits on top.
  186. crabdancer

    Fresh Frozen SQUID

    After two bad squid years the frozen stock is just about gone. Chinese demand for market squid means everything edible has been exported. I wouldn't fish with bait I wouldn't eat, so your best bet is getting some live.
  187. crabdancer

    Nobody is trying to take your guns....SURE

    I just pray no one figures out what we can do with our trap guns.
  188. crabdancer

    Why don't we fish with tuna crabs?

    They work, you just have to get out of the infestation a little bit. It's also nice to have a thousand chum baits in one of those 2 gallon water bottles. But then your friend sends this back to make fun of you.
  189. crabdancer

    Squid for tuna

    Squid live, feed, and grow offshore. Inshore they spawn, get caught, and die. They go somewhere for the 9 months of the year they're not floating on the bait grounds. Tuna stomach contents are usually a baby rockfish or two, some typical finbait+sauries, and some 3-5" gumball squid that were...
  190. crabdancer

    S.I.C.... Really?

    Guys lets cool off a minute. Any new business is smart to use social media for exposure. Local tackle stores don't have the shelf space to stock a peg board with niche products that sell once a month. The whole point of the market is so manufacturers are encouraged to fill a need when they see...
  191. crabdancer

    Looking for advice on the purchase of a 23' Blackman Albacore Special

    That thing looks gorgeous but have it independently appraised before you fall in love with it. Always remember, if you can afford you earned it.
  192. crabdancer

    Preventing epoxy wicking into eva?

    You need a wind check. Or better yet a box of assorted sizes.
  193. crabdancer


    Johnny's Sport Shop in Pasadena has a blank. They HAD two but I grabbed one. Great rod. I don't like the small stripper guide on the factory rod. I think it's a size 20.
  194. crabdancer

    Dana Mako

    Blackfish you're doing a great job. You've got the levelest head on bd but this whole post is obvious trolling. People are going to have some fun with it before it gets locked. Newbs shouldn't fish Makos without at least two people that know the drill. Any Mako that eats the bucket is...
  195. crabdancer

    Dana Mako

    Just shoot it with your gun and then jump in and tail rope it before it sinks out. Extra points if you don't spill your lime a rita. Free gaffing is illegal and it draws the 'offended' crowd out of the woodwork. Stick with the gun/beer/swimming thing and NO ONE will pipe up with helpful...
  196. crabdancer

    Trying to catch the elusive Rockfish,,,Any suggestions?

    Are you in Cambridge Mass? Because Rockfish out there means Striped Bass. Who's on first?
  197. crabdancer

    Everingham price increase.

    3% a year increase is honest. The hike is big but it's overdue. I'd rather pay more and know it than get smaller scoops on the sly.
  198. crabdancer

    sunday day at the docks..I gotta vent

    Nice. At first I was like 'typical bd hooker with a heart of gold' and then I was just laughing. Next year tell us one of the kids burned down the long range fleet with TJ fireworks and I'll be the first one to freak out.
  199. crabdancer

    What are your favorite slow pitch jigs

    The shimano flat side jigs are under rated for private boat fishing. And I'm sure they weren't the first or the best of that style jig, but they're what's available. They get down a lot faster than the flat fall so they can substitute for a yoyo iron, especially on a center console where you...
  200. crabdancer

    Gamefish in rainbow lagoon!!??

    Cats out of the bag. Good looking jack. Love those dogs.
  201. crabdancer

    Fishing Chanel island

    Don't forget a couple 12 and 16 oz sinkers. They'll save a lot of headaches if you're deeper and the winds blowing. A 10-12 oz lead head and some big plastics are good to have as well. Bring a 40-50# class rod in addition to a 20 and a 30. The heavy gear is really nice for big lings/yoyo...
  202. crabdancer

    Winning the jackpot?

    Well somebody tied their rig, scrounged up a couple hooks, set their drag, and gaffed their fish. Hopefully that person got the credit they deserve for making that happen. That was good times.
  203. crabdancer

    Winning the jackpot?

    This gets better every year. My favorite opinion this time around is 'I've never won but when I do it's all mine.' Good luck, but luck has nothing to do with it. We go fishing to kill fish. Killing big fish is even better. A little extra help like having a hot bait passed to you personally...
  204. crabdancer

    Any navigation tips/trick for the Santa Cruz Harbor?

    Talk to the folks at Bayside Marine. And spend some money there. They'll shoot ya straight on conditions and gear.
  205. crabdancer

    Has anyone had this sort of problem room mate on a trip ?

    What a patient polite soul that wrote this up. I hope it's a joke. We had one on a trip last year that creeped us out bad but didn't come close to this.
  206. crabdancer

    Yellowtail tunas

    I've had good luck pinning on a Coney Island whitefish or two when I go deep for the yellowtail tunas.
  207. crabdancer

    otter off La Jolla

    Nice. Those things were thick in Santa Cruz. I saw one in tight at Salta Verde a couple years ago. I was fishing the SC short break wall one morning just to get out of the house and an otter showed up and did work on all sorts of crabs and mollusks right at my feet. That thing went crazy. I...
  208. crabdancer

    Xtra Tuff Boots

    I second Ali. QC is back up to par. Just make sure you're not buying old stock on sale.
  209. crabdancer

    Recommendations for Overnight in April

    Here she is. Pacific Edge and Savon carry em. It's a great tool for planning and I log my trips in it with a lot of arrows and gibberish.
  210. crabdancer

    Recommendations for Overnight in April

    Weather permitting make sure you're fishing the 16th or 17th. Make the decision about where to go the week before. Bring a 40# stick. Have a great time.
  211. crabdancer

    Breakwall Area 3-19-16

    Nice run dude. I always feel like a champ when I get my dad on some fish. You made a good call looking around. The wall is a conditions spot and if the conditions are wrong it's good to have other spots. As far as posting pics from a phone or computer with the pics on it, there should be a...
  212. crabdancer


    Bigfishhateme it was great doing business with ya. A+ seller. Thanks again for helping me round out the collection. The reel went to a good home and it'll be well taken care of and VERY WELL FED. Haha.
  213. crabdancer

    Do You Keep Sanddabs? How Do You Cook Them If You Do?

    If you're getting bones the fins got cut off wrong. Use a pair of serious kitchen shears to cut the fins off and make sure a quarter inch of meat comes off with them. That gets rid of the tendon and the base of the fin rays. If you've cut a halibut you know what I'm talking about. When you...
  214. crabdancer


    Pm sent with contact info. Serious buyer.
  215. crabdancer

    Break wall go too's?

    Once you learn to step down with a 3/4 lead head switch to a 3/8 weed less with a skirt and a creature bait. Braid makes it easy but you've gotta walk the stairs and keep contact with the bait.
  216. crabdancer

    Deckhand jobs southern CA?

    Show up when the boat comes back, help some passengers unload, tell the crew what you told us, show up early your first day to clean up, and be the deckhand that gets people excited about fishing. Showing up is pretty rare these days. Doing a good job is even cooler. You'll be on 6 pack and...
  217. crabdancer

    WTB: Trinidad A, Torium 20hg, and a ulua/100j

    Good used 100j for 150...carbide tip, last photo shows the one guide with rust on the foot.
  218. crabdancer

    Offshore Swimming?

    Depends. What pajamas do you wear on long range trips?
  219. crabdancer

    Looking for live crawdads

    I've got to disagree on that one, but I'd have to give out secrets on the Internet to really explain why. That's why I've never seen anyone else at my spot. It's the crickets doing their job.
  220. crabdancer

    Looking for live crawdads

    Promar makes a really cool cylindrical trap that folds flat. They were less than 20 bucks last time I replaced one. They even have a little zippered bait bag that holds the tiny cans of cat food perfect. I can score 5 cans at the 99 cent store for a buck. Make sure you've got a plastic shopping...
  221. crabdancer


    If it's plugging up and not spraying reduce the feed flow, increase the pressure/heat, increase the distance from the torch tip to the hopper feed, and hold the whole thing a little further from the work and work slower. I like the tree bro. I was worried you were getting competitive with me...
  222. crabdancer


    You've got to be more specific about the application. Any hard facing process depends on penetration into the parent material to give you your money's worth. Using hard facing wire is a disaster because it doesn't resist abrasion as well as other processes and it it very time consuming to...
  223. crabdancer

    Pick Up Truck Rod Saver

    I'd be all about that with a bigger boat but the way mine is laid out I really worry about losing a stack of rods going down the freeway. Plus the tailgate pad keeps the reels off the ground. Got most of my gear in the new truck today. Still gotta paint the side toolboxes and install em but at...
  224. crabdancer

    Sardine Population Continues to Collapse

    I think everything Azarkon has ever posted has been about fishery collapse. It's definitely a concern but I smell kook sauce cooking.
  225. crabdancer

    Pick Up Truck Rod Saver

    I just measured it at 23 inches and its on a 2 inch tailgate cap width. Some of the newer trucks have a monster cap width but the flaps should still cover those.
  226. crabdancer

    Pick Up Truck Rod Saver

    Whats up fish killers. I picked up another truck because the old Dodge diesel is deep enough into the mileage she's up for restoration. Here she is. Fixing all the little things means waiting for parts and waiting for parts gets in the way of work and fishing so I picked up a clean 24 valve...
  227. crabdancer

    Calstar gf900m as a jigstick?

    I sold my 900m in the landing parking lot after the first trip. It pulls beautifully. It casts like an embarrassing mistake.
  228. crabdancer


    I've got a factory 100j with a seine twine handle (factory shrink wrap on the name plate's still in place) for 150. Good condition, no color fading, just the typical skiff rash here and there, a little rust on two guides, and a carbide tip guide. I'm just south of South Pasadena.
  229. crabdancer

    Mission Bay Inlet tomorrow ?

    That SC footage was really ugly. I lived up there for a couple years and every so often that was what it was. Good time for some bar crossing reminders if you find yourself there. Don't ever slow down and try to surf a wave on a bar. Wear the kill switch lanyard. Come in hot and chase a wave...
  230. crabdancer

    Rods and Reels - attach before or on the boat

    Chances are somebody else will be loading your rods so make it easy on them and your gear. Any trip that loads out of dock carts has me putting reels on underway. I've got a dry bag backpack and I pack my reels in a hoodie in there and wear it once the carts are rolling. I wouldn't forgive...
  231. crabdancer

    Added another to the Fleet.... NAIAD 23' Center Console RIB w/ Cummins 480hp

    Oh good lord. Torque is a number the internet doesn't do justice. I ran a Cummins truck with those numbers once. But I had a set of D10 tracks on the trailer. Looks like a fun ride in capable hands.
  232. crabdancer

    Need a C clip

    A. C. Depuydt in Commerce would have it for sure. There's gotta be a similar business in Diego.
  233. crabdancer

    Pacific Edge Bait Tank Install

    Marks the man for a reason. Looks great. Enjoy it.
  234. crabdancer

    Satirical Coast Guard study.

    Oh man that was funny. Every Catalina 20 or Bayliner should have to pass inspection before every trip. Tow service subscription costs would get cut by half.
  235. crabdancer

    Upsides/downsides? Anchor Question

    I can splice rubber coated chain to my main ground tackle chain without the shackle. That's sano. Perks of the weld shop. I did start with the idea of forming 316ss but it still leaves rust streaks on the fiberglass and blood and guts find their way behind the plate. I could use some sealant...
  236. crabdancer

    Upsides/downsides? Anchor Question

    Some good ideas here. My skiffs a lot like a whaler outrage. I can't do the milk crate because I need the open bow space for running the trolling motor and sleeping at Catalina. I like the simple solution but the anchor locker does a great job for everything but the anchor. Going a bit...
  237. crabdancer

    Upsides/downsides? Anchor Question

    Quick question. My 17' cc has a fairly small anchor locker. My little Bruce anchor doesn't fold in any dimension so it takes up too much space in the locker. I'm thinking of storing the anchor on the anchor roller and using a lynch pin or something similar to secure it for travel. That...
  238. crabdancer

    The Long Range Character thread.

    This is why we can't have nice things. If there's any way a moderator can delete child molester buzz killington's drama from this it would be a really good read. Delete this while you're at it because it makes me sick anyone has to respond to this mess. Keep it on topic. Enjoy the folks you...
  239. crabdancer

    Fred Hall - Discounts & Specials ??

    Best deal at Fred Hall last year was 10% off Fisherman's Processing when you booked for your long range return date at the show. Plus I was first in line to get my fish cut because of the reservation. I packed my truck, picked my chick up at the train, took her to Point Loma Seafood for lunch...
  240. crabdancer

    Scenes from the Road - Baja

    Just got done watching the second episode and I gotta say that's a job well done. The footage is great and it's cool to see down to earth people doing some next level fishing and having a good time. I could even show that to my friends that don't fish and I wouldn't be 'that guy' that won't...
  241. crabdancer


    Don't try jig sticks. It sucks.
  242. crabdancer

    Catalina Report 1/22-24

    Nice bug man. Sounds like a great trip.
  243. crabdancer

    What is your favorite rod?

    That's like asking which kid is your favorite. Or which wife was your favorite. Gotta put up some categories my friend, but a 2708h is a girl you meet at the bar and makes you food for life as long as you go fishing. Not bad.
  244. crabdancer

    El Gato Dos - Fresh look for 2016 Work in Progress

    Nothing like making a good thing better. Tis the season.
  245. crabdancer

    Is locating the spine on a blank a strength tissue?

    What's the blank and how's it kitted with a handle? It'll always be better on the spine with the right seat but if you just need it to work you can save yourself some time. There'll always be a hater but lets get the facts on the table first.
  246. crabdancer

    I demand a discount from Fishermans' landing (sarcasm)

    The internet does not get jokes. Especially friendly ones. "The port side of the boat is the side right closest to the port we left from, right?" See, you say that to a deckhand when half their charter is on the wrong side of the drifting boat and it's funny. Say it to the internet and you...
  247. crabdancer

    Anybody want free deckhand/pinhead work?

    Not asking for a paycheck is suspicious in any business. Even if you can write an ad. Getting your days requirement for a license is shit hard in the bay area because the weather's gonna keep you in emeryville. Ever thought about running yachts to Cabo and back? Maybe working some sport boats...
  248. crabdancer

    Calstar Jig Sticks - Realistic Full Pull Ratings Presented by GClev

    Oh I believe that. I always thought casting wet was easy, but it's like an old airline pilot told me-"take it easy, easy." I've got a shitty rental house between Pasadena and Glendale with the field behind it. No one's out there all weekend besides 1 or 2 joggers. I got a little backyard big...
  249. crabdancer

    How about an old fishing get together?

    Looks like I missed a cool event, even if I would've been a fly on the wall. My highlight of working north is stopping by Eric's. If you ever do it again it'd be fun to do a Saturday meet up and a Sunday charter after-Sea Jay or something. I learned old school but it's hard to keep that up and...
  250. crabdancer

    19.5lb Calico?

  251. crabdancer

    Did BDO get hacked again??

    God dammit, I agree. This is uglier than bright instruments at night.
  252. crabdancer

    Casting rod V Spinning rod

    Oh mate, yer in luck. I just had a talk with my best friend about this same thing and you know how things get figured out when two killers get together. We lost some bruisers (and landed some beasts) last year and we decided to figure out why. We decided that if inshore fish follow the rules...
  253. crabdancer

    New shimano lucanus jigs

    You won't lose 'em...they barely hook anything. Seriously though, they earn their keep if the deeper reds are eating red crab. Try the 3 oz sunset crab lucanus with 50# braid to 40# leader and 20# dropper to an 8 oz torpedo. Don't set on the pick bites, wait for the rod to load and grind down...
  254. crabdancer

    Upgrades to Torium 30HG?

    That's more than generous. Take your time and feel free to start a different thread. Enjoy the holiday, I'll be on my own trip next week. I guarantee my old Toriums won't spin backwards between now and then. Cheers.
  255. crabdancer

    Calstar Jig Sticks - Realistic Full Pull Ratings Presented by GClev

    Man, I sobered up and I've been thinking about it. If you've got the range on your property the only way to do a casting contest is to have a big BBQ and invite everyone with all their different blanks. We need some newbies too. Each blank gets three testers. One newbie, one person who can cast...
  256. crabdancer

    Calstar Jig Sticks - Realistic Full Pull Ratings Presented by GClev

    This is gettin' good and I like where it's going because it's keeping hearsay honest. I'm afraid I drank that one extra Pacifico that makes me like the sound of my own voice, so I'm backing out of this conversation for the night.
  257. crabdancer

    Thoughts on the 90j?

    Check out that WT7XL/332 Blackie posted on here for sale. I'dve jumped on it but I like my blanks. It's the right color...
  258. crabdancer

    Calstar Jig Sticks - Realistic Full Pull Ratings Presented by GClev

    I was stoked on this, but I caught myself thinking they don't all CAST. That's a separate trial. I live next to the local HS football field. Good spot to test. I used to hit up the pasadena fly casting pond on the way to shoot recurves but the pond got too short for safe testing.
  259. crabdancer

    What's this thing worth

    I agree with 5-7k as long as a guide buys it and makes that back. First impressions and all that.
  260. crabdancer

    Coca Cola Christmas video pulled from airing.........Really??

    Their workers comp insurance agent probably saw the part where hipster actors were playing grabass in the wood shop with no PPE and shut it down. No larger message to see here, just a bunch of actors pretending to build something that was probably contracted out to locals. And they managed to...
  261. crabdancer

    Next seasons arsenal

    San Miguel has been disgusting for Lings this fall. Big volume of pre spawn squid in 300' has big volume of Lings stacked up. The only trouble is getting out between the weather. Don't forget to bust out that Kalin's 10" Big'n grub on a 12 oz head.
  262. crabdancer

    Upgrades to Torium 30HG?

    I only ever noticed the main shaft bearing improvement under load, but I did pack it in grease from both sides to keep it from turning to red dust. Cheers to the e-clip from hell and all who conquered it! I get that the bushing is more user friendly but I keep a frequent rebuild schedule and I...
  263. crabdancer

    Shogun 12/19 report

    Man I just turned 30 but if some older guy on a Lupe trip needed to hand one off I'd be the first to wind my bait back in and do work. I'd even pass the rod back for the gaff shot and take some pictures. My first deckhanding gig was working make-a-wish trips with Mike Gardner when I was 11. I...
  264. crabdancer

    Upgrades to Torium 30HG?

    Have you dropped the old Torium sprung dog (from the DC) into the new Torium? I'm curious because I'm interested in the new one. Also, is the new Torium built with a main driveshaft base bushing or bearing? My old Torium hop-up kit was wet Carbontex, TN driveshaft bearing, and a sprung DC...
  265. crabdancer

    Calstar Jig Sticks - Realistic Full Pull Ratings

    Really cool stuff. That's good to know. My understanding of the test is where the scale measured when the rod tip and the line coming straight out of it (parallel) were ~90 degrees to the plane of the butt section. Going past 90 degrees when you're pulling on a fish can damage the rod (high...
  266. crabdancer

    Surf halibut on LC

    Find some good flat structure (I know). Throw it far, give it some cranks to get it down, keep the rod tip in the water, and fish it as slow as you can with some pauses and jerks. Get ready and always be ready. You'll catch 50-1500 shorts before you get a legal. You'll hook some legals, but...
  267. crabdancer

    When your wife won't let you hang antlers....

    I was afraid I was going to see a blonde on a plaque...
  268. crabdancer

    For sale: Newell 533 narrow and g220

    I'll take both for 375. Sending a PM with my #.
  269. crabdancer

    Flat Fall, butterfly and knife jigs.

    There are some serious disconnects here around some really good points. The definition of 'moving lure' is a good place to start. No one in their right mind would fish a circle on a PL68 or any other jig that gets bit on the retrieve (but lord knows we've got our stories about getting bit on...
  270. crabdancer

    Small arms training location???

    Frontsight in Nevada, down out of Pahrump is first rate. 2 day and 4 day defensive handgun courses run by professionals. They also have defensive rifle. Look into the membership, it's a better deal than the course. It's a bit of a road trip from anywhere but it's worth it.
  271. crabdancer

    Another jigstick

    If you like the WT get another. You already know it. I've participated in a few of the jig stick conversations on here and to tell you the truth I regret it. They make me miss working in a tackle store and actually being able to meet the person, size them up, and shake their hand. There's never...
  272. crabdancer

    Good Ol' Calstar BT196-7

    That's a lifetime rod right there. Good to see it built so well for the young guy. I just finished two split grip trigger rods and they were honey color 196-8 and 196-8L. On one hand they're a throwback smile, but on the other hand I want the friends I'm teaching to fish to know the way we did...
  273. crabdancer

    jig stick question???

    Hypalon for a foregrip on a jig stick is a strange thing and I would advise against it. The OD winds up huge and if you turn it down the hypalon deteriorates rapidly. I've built a couple 8' bait rods like this (670h-8/D8) and stripped them down after two trips. As for cutting the rod, don't do...
  274. crabdancer

    Thoughts on the 90j?

    Enjoy them gents, and fish every jig stick anyone else is kind enough to lend out for a few casts. The glass 90j is bound to be out done someday but I haven't seen it yet. I try not to rant on every little thing about every jig stick blank, but I'll say that when the 90j gets bested I'll be in...
  275. crabdancer


    I've always liked the rotomolds but they were out of my price range. I've got a 94 qt Igloo Marine with a half Ballyhoo tray for the better part of my leaning post and the hardwares falling apart after one season (the seat pad was destroyed after one trip but to be fair I fit the whole thing for...
  276. crabdancer

    Redondo King Harbor--skiffs still for rent? Bonito biting?

    I've never seen somebody pay to launch a board. Go fish it.
  277. crabdancer

    Turners Outdoorsman West Covina

    The parking is better at Johnny's too.
  278. crabdancer

    Turners Outdoorsman West Covina

    Johnny's in Pasadena is an excellent tackle store. You won't have any issues like this but if you do and you want to talk to the owner you just say 'Bob' and you're talking to the man. Turners is a second rate gun store that also sells fishing gear. If they had any clue what they were doing...
  279. crabdancer


    Nice nest of freight trains. Such a trip to see fish act like dogs at the dog park, but its not unexpected. I've always said local yellows in off conditions are in the business of saying no. It takes a couple fish following the jig and getting competitive to get one to go dumb and gobble it...
  280. crabdancer

    Go to inshore ROD

    You need a couple rods, but try a UC 85 Mega Mag for the 800f. It's not too much rod until you start talking dollars, but hey. With braid and weedless baits you lose more bass to a soft rod than to breaking the line. Same with fishing deeper stuff in winter. You can fish irons up to Tady C size...
  281. crabdancer

    Aftermarket boat ad on's that pay for themselves when you sell

    A clean install on a Pacific Edge bait tank.
  282. crabdancer

    Thoughts on the 90j?

    I'm going to throw another vote for the fiberglass 90j. I've never liked the way the composite rods cast and some folks will tell you to whip cast it like a bass rod but that's their thing. The weight difference isn't noticeable in my opinion because you hold the weight of the rod by pinning the...
  283. crabdancer

    Technical Poling Skiff – Rigged for Skinny Clear Water Fishing Pursuits

    That's a really neatly put together machine. I've been fortunate enough to fish Aransas, Galveston, Baffin, and some of the other inland saltwater down there and it is awesome experience. The whole scene is cool down there. No crowds and the people you do run into are pleasant and love fishing...
  284. crabdancer

    Trinidad Gold, comparable Ocea Jigger model?

    The Jigger 4000 is the 40N with the exception of the spool lock feature. In my experience owning Jiggers/Trinidads/Toriums, the clicker and the spool lock seem to be out of clock sound wise so there may be an entirely separate dog-and-pawl on the spool/in the left sideplate. That may interfere...
  285. crabdancer

    What thew hell was THAT!?!?!!!

    Ok, I'm sorry about this whole mess. That timeline makes sense. I was really giving it to my girl and I got so carried away I forgot to close the front door. The flash and the the blue ball is something my doctor told me is perfectly healthy for a man my age as long as I fireproof my house and...
  286. crabdancer

    Free gaffing

    I blame private boaters for not baiting this fish before the PV got there. I blame smartphones on boats for distracting people who would otherwise have a good time and have to learn to tell a story. I blame the Cal DFW and the Mexican authorities for confusion over where exactly this happened...
  287. crabdancer

    Long-range: Comfortable sleeping ensemble ??

    Look, I hate a joke as much as the next hard working guy, but this is a good joke and I like it. Don't let Erik beat you to buying all the surplus Borat ball sweat proof man thong tanning pajamas on the day after Halloween sale. We've all got to stock up for our next LR trips and we need to...
  288. crabdancer

    Long-range: Comfortable sleeping ensemble ??

    Can't go wrong with a Panda onesie from Marukai.
  289. crabdancer

    torium 14 freespool sucks

    Good call John. Tight tolerances are rigidity and rigidity is strength, but expecting parts to work well without lubrication is planned obsolescence. My Shimano reels will never freespool like my Newells or Sealines, but I just wouldn't fish braid on those reels. I'm not about to hand all my...
  290. crabdancer

    torium 14 freespool sucks

    Clean your spool shaft and pinion gear bore with solvent and really get in the pinion bore with a pipe cleaner. Don't grease the pinion on reassembly, just let the main gear distribute the grease where it makes contact with the pinion. The spool shaft/pinion gear tolerance on...
  291. crabdancer


    There's a recent report on here from the Freedom that said they could see one of the channel islands but couldn't see Catalina. Sounds about right to me. They got some BFT and had a darn good yellow bite on the yoyo.
  292. crabdancer

    What is the best drag setting percentage?

    The scale is fool proof, but learning to set by hand is really important. Someone already mentioned how drag settings changes as you lose line and that's a serious thing if you hook the one you want. Think of it in terms of gearing. If your spool diameter (where your effort is applied) is 3.5"...
  293. crabdancer

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    That video's between Flat Rock and Cuda Bush. Most of the kelp bed is submerged even when there's no condition. Tons of skiffs run right through there coming around the point and running to Redondo because folks line up to fish the outside spots. I can't agree with anyone defending newbie...
  294. crabdancer

    How to gaff a fish

    What a chill crew. You can only learn by doing. My boat's small enough I just say that missing the first shot is because we weren't balanced right and have em pass me the gaff from the other side so I can stick it myself. No hurt feelings. Poor Andre. Been there. The guy on the gaff would do...
  295. crabdancer

    Radio questions

    Here's a great list of what you need to know. You are non-commercial so stick to those channels. Monitor 16 with your aux radio if you have one and you're on a noncom channel on your main because you're fishing or hailing buddy boats. Vessel Assist is 22 alpha. Weather band in LA is wx7...
  296. crabdancer

    Headed to the Osborn

    That's a delicious one. Funny story, we got one like that and I brought enough meat to my shop for our ten guys, cut out all the bloodline junk, chunked it into portion sizes so everyone could do a couple family BBQs, and the one guy who left early that day grabbed ALL of it out of the break...
  297. crabdancer

    What do you use to cut a tuna's head off

    Yeah dude a 4" bait knife will get the job done on any size tuna. Just cut the meat forward of the collar but behind the gill plate diagonal down to the spine, snip the membrane on both sides between the gills and the collar, snip the connective tissue just behind where the lower jaw comes to a...
  298. crabdancer

    City of long Beach incident 8/19 @ 1415

    You could always fasten a seine float or two to 150' of 3/4" line, tie the other end of that to 15' of 3/8" chain, fasten the other end of that to your stern cleat with 3 heavy duty zip ties, and add it to your slow troll line up as a teaser. When the zip ties break, you've got a big one tail...
  299. crabdancer

    Two Planes collide in Midair...

    High wing/low wing stack happens if you don't listen to traffic or someone doesn't report. Eyes won't help. Guessing the field was uncontrolled. Shitty as all hell for everyone involved.
  300. crabdancer

    Dougherty Edgewater 170cc Bolt Ons

    There's a boat behind those fish? Haha. I like the stern space on yours better than mine but I do use my stern storage boxes for PFDs and the trolling motor battery. That's a big bait tank too. Really good looking boat man. If I see ya at Davies one of these days I gotta check it out.
  301. crabdancer

    Davies Launch Ramp?

    As long as you have a second operator (one in the truck/one in the boat-there's no parallel dock for rope launch) you'll be good. There's a ton of parking at Davies and it's not as remote as South Shores if you're staying over. Make sure you've got a mooring reservation at the island or make...
  302. crabdancer

    Dana Point Boat Fire

    Boat fires are especially shitty because boats are designed to keep water out. Bad day.
  303. crabdancer

    Oceanside 8-7 and 8-8

    Santa Cruz gettin it hell yeah.
  304. crabdancer

    Dougherty Edgewater 170cc Bolt Ons

    The story is pretty great. I always like an experiment gone right. I thought about doing a pilothouse early on but to be honest the boat rides so dry (I've only gotten wet with a mean crosswind) and my feet wind up halfway down the console when I'm laying down in the bow so the useable sleeping...
  305. crabdancer

    Dougherty Edgewater 170cc Bolt Ons

    The bait tank does really well up front. I know that's a point that folks on here argue about, but even with my old poly 32 gallon tank I sloshed some short period stuff and didn't kill bait. This new tank is stupid good. It really depends on the boat and how it balances. I don't have tabs so it...
  306. crabdancer

    Dougherty Edgewater 170cc Bolt Ons

    I just wanted to start off by saying thanks for all the cool ideas that get passed around here. There are some builds that are way out of my league, but I've owned this 170cc since 2002 (second owner-it's a 1995) and we've had a lot of fun on it but it was missing some organization and had a lot...
  307. crabdancer

    Mastering the art of chunking

    The chunk fishing is as straightforward as folks are making it seem, it just takes some patience for the fish to find ya and the confidence to know they're around. This isn't a new idea, but it works for me: For bait making I've got a 2 gallon plastic bucket from home depot with rows of 3/8"...
  308. crabdancer

    Slow start to our Catalina week!! One dodo!

    Make bait in the hour before sundown if you're moored in Avalon. Start at the outside moorings near the ferry dock and move around the mole toward the closure. Diced chunks and cat food help.
  309. crabdancer


    Nice grade of fish and good work getting it done on the kelp line! We got 'em down there that way in early July. Ours were only mid 30# grade but the narrow 6/0 with 60 paid for itself. Not easy fishing but very rewarding. Good to know they're still there. Keep gettin'.
  310. crabdancer

    Seatow radio check?

    The 27 check (or any radio check) is something most people do at the ramp or leaving the slip, but if sea tow has their 27 antenna at their slip you could be trying to send VHF signals through a couple container ships, a coal silo, and downtown Long Beach depending on where you are. On the...
  311. crabdancer

    Top 5 things to do with Smoked Yellowtail

    Dice up a handful of chives and mix them into a smallish (they're probably 8 oz) container of cream cheese, cut the YT slabs into walnut size chunks (no circle hooks please), slice a red onion as thin as you can, add capers if you like capers, and serve all that with some rye crackers. My...
  312. crabdancer

    Relentless overnight 7/25/15

    I was talking about you, not the boat. The boat found fish. No one caught anything. That happens a lot.
  313. crabdancer

    Relentless overnight 7/25/15

    What a cunt. I never knew someone could throw their hands in the air with a thumb up their ass.
  314. crabdancer

    lake irvine bans private boats.

    Seems like something a waiver could fix. Nobody with their own boat would enjoy a rental boat. Cutting expenses and losing customers as a consequence is a bad sign in any company.
  315. crabdancer

    Brought a Knife to a gun fight

    If you had it on that long you did a lot of things right. Next time.
  316. crabdancer

    Tropical Storm Dolores #126 BlueFin on #30 Test

    The 'El Mas CHINGON' shirt says it all. Good work and good pictures. I'm cracking up.
  317. crabdancer

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Welcome to the club brother. Celebrate that. Ty's a great guy. Can't beat doing good work with good people.
  318. crabdancer

    Ringed Hooks?

    Ringed hooks won't make any noticeable difference getting bit. I don't believe for one second that they make a bait swim better, and if anything they're just more junk on the line. Ringed hooks keep the connection/line further from teeth and help keep the hook from tearing when the fish changes...
  319. crabdancer

    Got Cheeks?

    Hamachi Kama for the whole workplace was a hit. Good way to send the shop off for the 4th. Gotta love collars.
  320. crabdancer

    Slow trolling macs/deens

    Definitely gotta love wide turns. I fish 8-9 foot bait sticks straight out of the rod holders on the rail just fore of the console, so the tips are about 20' apart. Down the middle I fish a rubber band and torpedo sinker 10' above the bait (Thresher mooching style). That line's run a bit...
  321. crabdancer

    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices

    When I'm figuring my processing budget I leave some room for a tip as well. I know tipping is an issue that gets people riled up on BD and I'm saying that's what I do, not what anyone has to do. The best thing about making an early reservation is that you're at the head of the line to get your...
  322. crabdancer

    6/19 Beats working

    Good times. That boat looks great. What is it?
  323. crabdancer

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    Good starting shit with ya Bill. I'm sure we could pound some beers and have a good friendship based on complaining about BS. I've been called a lot of things, but newbie is a first. No hard feelings bro.
  324. crabdancer

    New Outdrive Test Run and 2 Invited Guests!!! (not a 150 report :) )

    Does the Fireball pic mean you caught these in Washington? Good work.
  325. crabdancer

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    You're calling me out because some bro didn't follow rules you said are silly? He probably will get a ticket and I'm fine with that, but the point is that the video is entertaining and no one here had anything to do with it. I'm sure a lot of people will learn not to do that because of this...
  326. crabdancer

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    Some lady in DP takes a video of a rando spearing the wrong way and BD gets offended? No one here has anything to do with this, and it's pretty awesome entertainment. Enjoy it.
  327. crabdancer

    Rod holders that accomodate jigstick butts

    Good god man watch your language. Just kidding. The plastic Berkeley 3-rod holders will fit a size 22 butt cap (check the avatar ^). I've got 4 of 'em on the milk crate mounted to the console. Another thing we used to do is strip the lower inch or so of cork tape/seine twine on the handle and...
  328. crabdancer

    Help needed - missing dog on the backside of the westend of Catalina

    That's really hard to hear. Dogs are survivors. I would bet that it's a matter of time until you're back together. Call Cat at Two Harbors and let her know. 310.510.4205 Hopefully someone headed to the other side of the island finds your dog. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  329. crabdancer

    173# Bluefin 5 miles out of Dana

    That's a speared Oprah for sure. Good season to know how to fish the kite.
  330. crabdancer

    Boat Ho's- How to get invited back

    I don't like fishing with ho's that don't have their own boat already. It's always a crybaby parade. If a ho can live up to standards on the water, they can do it at work and buy their own farm. It's not like they have to show up for boat work on non fishing weekends.
  331. crabdancer

    Guess I got lucky

    Good to see the skill game is alive and well. I refuse to post reports because some phuck always wants a treasure map or a magic jig so they can cry about not being there yesterday. Hounds barking up the wrong tree find what they came for.
  332. crabdancer

    The new Dodge Boat - Best way to waste $50k

    The bed (with some help from the hull) can float the rear axle enough to lose all traction if it doesn't flood fast. That last picture looks like they took out the sign that told them not to use that lane because there was no ramp there. What a sad waste of a truck. Someone could've made a...
  333. crabdancer


    WAAAAZZZUUUPPP guy was the only good thing that ever happened on the non com/non code channels. That nonsense was hilarious. When I need help I'll be on 16 and that'll be the only time I give out #s on the radio.
  334. crabdancer

    Santa Bárbara report stardust

    One of the first trips I took in my life was a Conception bass/San Miguel rockfish trip with Merit way back in 1996 and I was 11 years old. I don't even need to tell y'all how good it was. I tried to get reservations on the Stardust over the Memorial Day weekend because my girlfriend had never...
  335. crabdancer

    Dana Point 5/30

    I am a professional fabricator and that is 100% man shit. Keep killing fish.
  336. crabdancer

    Opha on the 3/4 day out of 22nd street today

    The Opah will blow you. Away. Cool shit.
  337. crabdancer

    Dana Point 5/30

    Nice. That's a rig I don't want to race to the next bird school. Show us the bait tank.
  338. crabdancer

    Triton ready for 2015

    From my experience, 5.9s are the best diesel displacement. Great looking sled.
  339. crabdancer

    Broken Bolt Removal Help Please

    Heat before applying the PB is your friend, especially in a galvanic lock. Even if it's just 350* with a propane torch. Then It needs a day or two with PB. Not always an option with the fiberglass sandwich. The washer/hd nut welding solution is the next thing to try, but it works better with...
  340. crabdancer

    Got another one!! Moss landing 5-19

    I'd say fur bag. I've caught Calicos that survived like that but the Sea Lions get them in the back more than the belly. Good work bro. I miss fishing up there.
  341. crabdancer

    SCI Calicos

    Those don't happen by accident.
  342. crabdancer

    SCI Calicos

    Great work. Good to see.
  343. crabdancer

    Anybody killed a Red Diamondback lately?

    If this isn't the best hooker joke ever I'm confused. I met some good red diamondbacks in Pedro back in the day. They looked like they could be my sister. Never stopped us. Rule #1: float the boat.
  344. crabdancer

    Captains License 100 ton questions

    It's like welding certs, Commercial Drivers License, and college. If it isn't making money at least 60 hours a week, it's not worth it. You pay for the pieces of paper on your own and expect to make the money back doing more work than you could without. CDL earns you a lower BAC for the times...
  345. crabdancer

    Captains License 100 ton questions

    If you're not making money on your license, you're losing money on your license. It's like a CDL. Choose wisely.
  346. crabdancer

    Per Jason's Advice...

    It's like jumping a quarter pipe in a VW Bug.
  347. crabdancer

    Pacific Trailers in Chino what a joke!

    That's really ugly. Don't ever take a parts order to the OEM. Take it to a parts place and bring samples and a dial caliper. You might get lucky and go to the same place they were buying from. Trailer manufacturers use automotive parts they can source. Automotive parts places can get those...
  348. crabdancer

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    I run my tank in front of the console and I've never had it roll or even get scaled. Sometimes I fill it just to trim the bow down a bit, bait or not. I don't have tabs, so it's perfect. It's a whole lot more polite than making someone stand up there when we're smashing.
  349. crabdancer

    Easy anchor retrieval system

    Yeah these things are awesome, especially when I'm fishing solo. Anything deeper than 50 ft and I'm balling. I just got mine pre made for less than the price of the deck boots I wore out kicking myself in the ass for not getting one sooner.
  350. crabdancer

    Found a little treasure on my boat last night.

    ^ That's how my Edgy likes to run. I bought a Bowen Cortez Ranger at the Pomona Auto Swap when I was looking for dial calipers. I talked the guy down to $15 for the bare box and when I got home I nearly crapped myself because there were 3 NIB CD 18s under the light iron tray. I should've sent...
  351. crabdancer

    Shimano Trevala for YoYoing?????????????????? Advice please

    Shimano sells great rods. Calstar catches fish. It's the classic choice between consumers and producers. 610 or 700H for sure. Blah blah blah outside diameter/weight/wall thickness/composite blend to glass/the guides you pay for vs the guides you get/someone's gonna get drunk and point impact...
  352. crabdancer

    Bait Barge Tipping

    Know how much you expect to spend beforehand (your bait tank doesn't change much) and tip them 10% before they start passing, then ask for more and lighter passes. Otherwise they worry too much the whole time about what you're going to tip or not tip, and then you have to complain about service...
  353. crabdancer

    WTB Calstar 100J blank

    I've got a spare one for sale up here by Pasadena. Black in color, had a seine twine handle I removed, never wrapped. MSRP is about $90 these days so I'm open to letting it go for $65.
  354. crabdancer

    Cold Water has come

    I'm not worried about a squid spawn this year, I'm worried about fin bait even showing up. Might have to go back to the Blacksmith Perch pinned on a 3/4 lead head.
  355. crabdancer

    What gear to use on yellowtail and bonito

    El nino is no joke. You gotta be ready. I banged a mermaid on the footprint last week and she gave me her GPS #. I let my 2 speed do the heavy grinding.
  356. crabdancer

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    The last time that happened to me at SI the dog was trying to get over the transom while I was tied up and I had to feed it the rev'd up prop. If it was a person I'd be on the phone trying to press charges. Kids and sea lions don't mix. Keep your kids safe.
  357. crabdancer

    GUSA dual helix crush test... United Composites?

    That test is kind of a P.T. Barnum type thing. It's eye catching, but it really doesn't prove the durability of the rod. I think you're getting at the actual durability of the blank in real life conditions, and that's respectable. In real life your expensive blank is probably going to see some...
  358. crabdancer


    There are no stupid questions, I guess.
  359. crabdancer

    Question about rods for Shogun Skiff trip

    What's up dude. I asked around on this a while back and the advice so far is solid. I'll be on that trip with you and I've got a power wrap and I rebuild reels if you want to build/double check your own gear while there's time. I'm in LA and I've got a feeling we're headed out with a good...
  360. crabdancer

    Where to buy whams

    Give Bob at Johnny's Sport Shop in Pasadena a ring. I think I saw quite a few in there last time I was through there.
  361. crabdancer

    large weird looking rock cod

    Ah mah frens! My whole post was a friendly joke. Getting slugs while rock fishing is just too cool. Dang I even changed the old light boat joke from 80# to 60# to make it more fun and someone still took it seriously. With extra exclamation points. Sorry I had to explain it. Here's another...
  362. crabdancer

    Braid Line For Mossback Yellowtail Down Deep?

    In a perfect world 40# should be plenty, but we all know how things go. I like 50 for the dropper loop, but I'd rather fish 60. If everyone around you fishing lighter line gets bit it's tempting to grab your light rod, but remember that everyone's fishing a doubled leader and there isn't a ton...
  363. crabdancer

    Awesome Welding Art

    A $25,000 Ti cow replica would be a great project. As long as I got to roll the plate and mill the fins.
  364. crabdancer

    Tackle Suggestions for Skiff Trip?

    Oh yeah Chuck. Sounds like I'm headed home for my time off. That's a good list. I didn't hear a damn thing about a bindle, but I'll definitely be buying a cold one for the skiff guys coming back. Couldn't be bad luck, right? That's the spirit.
  365. crabdancer

    Tackle Suggestions for Skiff Trip?

    Oh yeah. Bic lighter sounds good to me. I got caught thinking like a welder. I'm fishing the skiff with a backup and a jisgstick. I'm building some rods over the holiday, spooling some reels, testing drag settings, and looking forward to this trip. What's the 'love?' is that Hotsauce? If it's...
  366. crabdancer

    Rock cod / squid question 12/18

    Squid spawning and squid present are two different things. They go somewhere the rest of the year and it's not the spawning grounds. That's why there are cool stories about bank pelagics (and cowcod) jugged with squid. If you found fish full of squid outside of 25 fathoms, just write the GPS#s...
  367. crabdancer

    Long Beach shorts

    Long Beach has some really short shorts.
  368. crabdancer

    large weird looking rock cod

    Those are some ugly cods. You should've turned 'em loose. Anyways, I stand by my beliefs when someone asks me about the best way to catch elusive late season game fish and I tell 'em "two at a time on sixty pound, fool!!!!" Good work, even if you're doing it rong.
  369. crabdancer

    Fishing Pliers Comparison

    My last comment was in poor taste. Haha. Such is life. That's a great plier rundown. For the last few years, I've been making a bait shaker loop out of a bicycle spoke and securing it under the cord wrap on one of the handle legs. I try to turn the end of the spoke with the hub flair into a...
  370. crabdancer

    Tackle Suggestions for Skiff Trip?

    Thanks guys. I enjoy slug yellows as much as bass, so this trip is exactly what I'm looking for. I fish bass with four outfits, but I want to be able to bring back some yellows to the guys that work my shop, and my family, so gear is going with me. Can't fish the dropper loop on the Curado. The...
  371. crabdancer

    Tackle Suggestions for Skiff Trip?

    Yeah that's the one brother. I look forward to fishing with ya. I'm going solo so friends along the way to prep are welcome. Chuck gave me some good tips. I'm bringing a folding deck chair and a soldering iron. Pm me to keep up on prep/gear repair/general good ideas. I'll do the same. Might...
  372. crabdancer

    Tackle Suggestions for Skiff Trip?

    Great suggestions. Chuck, I'll be giving you a ring.
  373. crabdancer

    First Build Completed :: Calstar 90j

    Haha! A good age to start with that blank. You did a great job on the rod dude. Let the stories begin.
  374. crabdancer

    Oh shit dude I mistook the 'Like' notification thing for some message shit. Sorry to creep you...

    Oh shit dude I mistook the 'Like' notification thing for some message shit. Sorry to creep you out. Anyways, the offer stands. I fish PV sea bass, break wall, Catalina, and Horseshoe.
  375. crabdancer

    It was the truth man. I'm taking this rain to build some rods and mess around on the web. You...

    It was the truth man. I'm taking this rain to build some rods and mess around on the web. You do good work too bro. Good reports and no fuckin around. Hit me up if you need a guy with a boat. I'll hit you up if I need crew. I don't post many reports because I do my homework on the tide and...
  376. crabdancer

    First Build Completed :: Calstar 90j

    That rod will never let you down. I've had the first one I built for 15 years (and I'll be 30 next year). Enjoy it. Good work.
  377. crabdancer

    Tackle Suggestions for Skiff Trip?

    Sounds good man. I just ordered one right now. It seems less cumbersome than the 400's I've fished for years and if it has problems I've got backup reels and a warranty. Plus it was designed with braid in mind. Any suggestions for how many of those trokar weighted weedless hooks I should bring...
  378. crabdancer

    Tackle Suggestions for Skiff Trip?

    I've always wanted to do a skiff trip since I was a kid, and I finally booked one. I know things have changed with the way folks fish bass on these trips and I've got seven months to get prepared so I figured I'd throw this out here now. I feel pretty confident about my rods and reels for the...
  379. crabdancer

    Full Moon

    The weather will be more important than the moon this weekend. If it doesn't roll over and change the water temps, you might have a shot, but my guess is the unstable conditions will have the fish off the bite. At least until things cool down for the season, stabilize, and some squid beds...
  380. crabdancer

    Local big YT dropper loop questions

    Hmmmm yeaaah like the man said, set your drag normally. Tie a 20" spider hitch 5-7' up from an 8-12 oz torpedo on 40 or 50 and bend the rod. Get bit on the yo yo if you can man.
  381. crabdancer

    Broken eyelets can be fixed

    Haha that's golden. .030 304 huh? I wrap rods and I rock an HD fab shop, and two tacks of weld to repair a guide is ten times better than stripping a guide, finding a replacement, grinding it, wrapping it, and throwing the damn thing on the rack to turn one guide's worth of two-part all night...
  382. crabdancer

    High seas, light line and a TANKER mossback.

    Ain't no thing to a welder! Good work brother.
  383. crabdancer

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    The difference between a cheapskate and a working man is that a working man owns a pickup, and an 8" breaking knife and does good work with it. I think the tears shed on this post are warming up the local SSTs. Keep 'em coming.
  384. crabdancer

    New Legislation Requires Boat Operators to Complete Boater Education Course

    Does it come with a safety line to PULL PEOPLE'S HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSES? Kidding around, but seriously, I had to air horn a 30' trawler a month or so ago because I was anchored on a kelp line rock, and they were on a 50 yd 10 kt collision course with me with no one at the helm (!). Two weeks...
  385. crabdancer

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    JMFC a few bright folks have made great points about how hard deckhands work and for what. They've also pointed out that a 200 fish day on top of scrubbing leaves no time for sleep on the way home. The real issue at hand is opportunity cost and the cost is quality of life for these folks. I've...
  386. crabdancer

    United Composites

    That's great news. Thanks for the heads up guys. Looks like I'll be paying them a visit soon.
  387. crabdancer

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Wow this is great. I think just about every good one has been listed, besides lighting a campfire on the deck because you were cold. Seriously, though no one's mentioned Whitey yet.
  388. crabdancer


    Oh yeah! That guy's knees come up to the top of the combing on a cockpit yacht, so I'm guessing he's 6'2" at least with some gargantuan xtratuffs and the fish weighs what he says it weighs. And yeah, I hate him too because I can't kill that fish anymore. To the OP, keep it up bro. That spot's...
  389. crabdancer

    How to Preserve Bait Overnight? Catalina

    Bait motels ('receivers' in off-brand terms) work well for what you're trying to do, especially if your not bouncing around too much. Just be sure to get one that collapses, has a floating upper section, and has a large enough opening that your transfer net doesn't lose too many baits. In the...
  390. crabdancer

    Monterey Bay shark/bay fishing

    Elkhorn Slough has a lot of closed areas (do your homework) but it's got Leos and Rays. I never fished it when I lived in SC, though. I don't know the south Monterey Bay that well, but the river mouths might be a good place to start. Hope this helps.
  391. crabdancer

    United Composites

    Just for context, do they have anything to do with GUSA? I know that's kind of chasing a ghost, but I really liked their work and I'm wrapping the last of their original blanks I have this week. Feels like running out of beer on my birthday.
  392. crabdancer

    Shimano TranX levelwind

    Same on the drag. If you're getting burned and you're going to be there a while, crank the level wind to the center, especially with braid. You've already broken the static friction on the washers and turning the handle won't surge the system into breaking the line. That said, keep it...
  393. crabdancer

    new boat out of lb berth 55

    Wait, so people who don't care for Koreans or their culture are upset because Koreans got their own boat so they can fish for what they want to fish for in relative peace? Did anyone notice there weren't as many Koreans on their favorite cattle boat? Did they miss them? Do the Koreans miss us...
  394. crabdancer

    Fisherman Blamed For Manhattan Beach Great White Attack

    I hate to beat on a dead horse here, but I found one thing today that hasn't been mentioned yet. I was looking over CA dive flag laws (because I can't afford a new prop) and I found a section of the Manhattan Beach Muni Code from 1971 (12.08.040) that bans swimming more than 200 yards offshore...
  395. crabdancer

    Freedom Overnight – June 29, 2014 - New & Improved!

    Oh yeah! That was pretty much me minus the blown gasket. Thank god for the sign above the toilet too. I can't tell you how many times on first deck watch some helmet would come up to me and tell me, "son, there's a problem, with the commode…" and I'd be like, "well I'm glad I have until gray...
  396. crabdancer

    Freedom Overnight – June 29, 2014 - New & Improved!

    Looks good. Too bad they took the mirrors in the galley down. Those were great for cheating at cards. The heads look classy. The first time I ever got knocked out was on that boat. I took the aft head doorknob to the jaw trying to pull up my pants while standing up off the john in the trough one...
  397. crabdancer

    Rod re-wrapped?

    25 years of UV, humidity, impact, and normal flexing is a lot of wear to consider in an age where commodities (blanks, guides, etc.) are less expensive relative to skilled labor. I personally love fiberglass rods and keep duplicate blanks in storage for the day my favorites go two-piece. The...
  398. crabdancer

    What's a sensitive stick

    Go to a reputable tackle store and be open to them selling you a rod. I wouldn't be happy with an 8-12# rod for slinging 1-2oz. if you're unhappy with the responses on here so far it's because you're asking the wrong questions. Not a big deal just make sure you ask professionals at the tackle...
  399. crabdancer

    Trolling Motor on 18 Parker

    I got my 17 Edgewater done at TMD ten years ago. The install was done perfectly and aside from occasionally cleaning the corrosion off the exposed plugs and changing the zincs its been perfect ever since. They did cut the foremost section out of the bow rail but I've never missed it. Worth every...
  400. crabdancer

    Boat Question..

    If the 'family' side of things is harbor and short-run local fishing, you'll be fine with a center console in the 19-24 range. If it's got a nice capable hull, that size/style boat will also fish 3 experienced crew members at the Islands just fine. I'm not that hot on taking family on serious...
  401. crabdancer

    Selfie X-Mas Present

    That is a really classy Skippy with a lot of potential. Good work man.
  402. crabdancer

    Sheephead recipes

    Two things to remember that folks have touched on here: Sheephead filets are best treated like boneless shell-less crab, and the carcass is incredible for making fish stock. All the serious recipes sound great and you would not be disappointed by combining the filet recipe with a side of stock...
  403. crabdancer

    Pacific Edge 48 Gallon Fiberglass Bait Tank (PE48S)

    I bought this tank when I had a boat with more deckspace and payload. Tank was never installed (no brackets, no holes, not even a hose hooked up to it, never even filled with water). Stored inside-no UV damage. Tank does have some very minor scuffs on the corners from moving and transport. These...
  404. crabdancer

    30gal round kodiak bait tank

    Want this. PM sent but I don't see it in the sent box, so I'm posting up here too. Let me know what's up.
  405. crabdancer

    Kayak fishing around Oceanside/Pendleton Harbor

    I bought a kayak when my boat needed some attention and I still needed some action. Tides have turned and I don't regret my decision, but I would sell you my yak. Ocean Kayak Zest Two. I can carry it by myself (but I'm big), I can launch and paddle it myself easy, and it's set up pretty well...
  406. crabdancer

    here we go...

    So who's going to buy and retool Newell just for the 220? If you've never fished albies with chovies, how are you going to catch Yellowfin on 3" sardines come fall? Old timer talent is definitely the best place to look if the year shapes up like that. One word of advice (and I know, I'm...