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  1. TwoTapPat

    Bad dock fire Thoughts and prayers for all involved.
  2. TwoTapPat

    Bad news for WestPort

    Haha bitches. Doctor gave me the all clear to go out on a boat again. Hopefully will be down in the next few weeks to go fishing. Need to get some salt air back in my blood and do a little relaxing with some good peeps. @Marlin Mike hope you have been practicing your firewood pile Jenga skills.
  3. TwoTapPat


    Well that was a good little shake. I wish I was asleep right now. Was just watching TV and heard a rumble then a nice little shake and roll. Course to hear how big it was.
  4. TwoTapPat


    Hopefully everyone can count to ten on the hands today. Probably the first time I haven't light anything off on the 4th. There was a damn good amount of stuff going off around Lake Steven's.
  5. TwoTapPat

    Das Boot

    Here we go again. Can anyone help Mikie find his boots. Let the games begin. I just arrived in Westport see some of you clowns this weekend.
  6. TwoTapPat

    Lead Melt Door Prizes

    There where 3 lucky winners of the door prizes from the lead melt. Congratulations to you and may they net many fish in the future. Congratulations again. We'll see what we can come up with for next year.
  7. TwoTapPat

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

    I'm sitting in Leavenworth have a screwdriver and breakfast. Stay safe and enjoy the green today.
  8. TwoTapPat

    BOL biteme Brian

    Been trying to get ahold of him for a few weeks. Not sure if he got a new number. The one I have just goes straight to voicemail. Hopefully someone can help me out. @"biteme" @Bite Her . Thanks gents.
  9. TwoTapPat

    Westport Charter for bottom fish in May.

    I have a group of friends that do a bottom fish trip every May and are looking for a new boat. There is usually 14 to 16 people so a 6pack is out. They used to go on the Freedom but Chuck retired and sold the boat. Looking for recommendations for a big Charter boat for them to go on. Thanks for...
  10. TwoTapPat

    Any one have a lead on a boat trailer for sale.

    I gave a friend looking for a boat trailer. Needs to be 6000 to 8000 pound rating. If ya know of anything let me know and I can pass along the info to him. Thanks for the help.
  11. TwoTapPat

    Damn computers.

    Trying to find the video of that 20ish ft boat that went down crabbing in Oregon a few years ago. I saw it on this site and know it's on YouTube .Can someone help this computer illiterate person. Thanks for looking out.
  12. TwoTapPat

    One hell of a joy ride

    You guys hear about the guy that stole a plane from Sea Tac airport yesterday. Can't figure out how to link it here. There is a article by the Seattle Times news paper. Dude sounds like he was having a good time in the audio of him talking to the traffic control tower. Hopefully some one can...
  13. TwoTapPat


    In need of fire wood. Not sure if we'll survive till the weekend. Any and all help is appreciated. Feel free to drop you donation off at TUNA TOWN . You might just earn some brownie points. We are counting on you guys.
  14. TwoTapPat

    Well I made it another year.

    Enjoying the day. See you clowns in WP this weekend.
  15. TwoTapPat

    A sad day in Westport

    Rolled down with MarlinMike Friday to Westport to bring back the Players Club. Got down around Noon and started the party. Limey and Tammy stopped by and said hi. Talked with Benjamin for two hours on the phone. He was unsupervised last night. Ran out of firewood around 1 in the Am and headed to...
  16. TwoTapPat

    Hugh Hefner RIP

    I'm sure he died a happy man with a smile on his face.
  17. TwoTapPat

    No ice in Westport brua.

    Westport Seafoods ice machine is down. Just a heads up for all that are headed down. Bring your own ice and watch out for Dog the bounty Hunter. The ice is no good brutha.
  18. TwoTapPat

    WTF where are the WTC results

    Damn how long is this gonna take.
  19. TwoTapPat

    Happy Birthday Drangonballs

    It's the old man's Birthday today. Hopefully you have a good on buddy.
  20. TwoTapPat

    Have you seen Marcus?

    ????????????????????????????????????????? Might be seen in WP??¿?? If seen blame Eli.
  21. TwoTapPat

    What do you do on your Birthday when you have nothing better to do?

    Go to the bar and start drinking of course. Hope you kids have a fun day at work. I'll have one for you all. Cheers bitches.
  22. TwoTapPat

    Time to start wearing a cup fishin.

    Fishin can be pretty dangerous on the nuts. On Thursday morning on the run out I was talking a nice little nap in my beanbag. I had a very rude waking. The screws that held the rod holder on backed out and I took an electric reel and rode to the nuts. My very concerned crew thought I was Fuckin...
  23. TwoTapPat

    Which Casino to go to

    The girlfriend wants to go to a casino for the weekend. Which one should I go to? This should be fun.
  24. TwoTapPat

    Please be on the look out.

    Please keep you eyes open. It a 2000 Mazda MPV Minivan dark green. License Plate number ASK8300. It has lots of hippie like stuff and peace symbols on the back window. If you see this van please call 911 immediately and report it. My aunt was last seen at 6pm last night in lake Stevens area and...
  25. TwoTapPat

    Road trip with my ninja's

    Sitting over at MarlinMike's last night with Vance and he says road trip to Westport tomorrow. I didn't have much to do so game one. I roll to MarlinMike's place at 7am this morning eating for Vance and his dad Russ to show up. They show up at 7:50 and off we go. Made great time to Westport by...
  26. TwoTapPat

    Acid wrap or not?

    I picked up a Seeker 270 H yesterday to build as a live bait rod. And that brings me to my question. I built a salmon rod last winter and did the acid wrap. I love it especially when trolling 300 plus feet in the ocean. Just wanted to get your guy's opinion on this. Thanks all
  27. TwoTapPat

    Sockeye fishin Baker Lake.

    I had a friend that's getting into fishin and he asked me about Baker Lake. I have never fished it so I'm not much help. So I figured I would ask the brain trust. Any tips on what to use or any other info to get him in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me if you...
  28. TwoTapPat

    What a shitty way to spend a birthday.

    My old man passed on May 8 after a long battle with a failing heart. Today was my Birthday and also his funeral services. He was a great man and taught me a whole lot and gave me one hell of a work ethic. Thanks for everything you did for me dad. Now it's time to get my drink on and party.
  29. TwoTapPat


    Alright you guys here is the latest skinny. I talked to Ken yesterday and they lost a bearing on the shaft for their main propulsion. He will be getting back end of April early May. If any one is in need of some flashers before then I can run up to the shop and make you some. We can either meet...
  30. TwoTapPat

    MK tile saw for sale

    $$350.00$$ This is a great tile saw if you do tile work. I have done lots and lots of work with this saw and it still cuts great. I have the stand for it but the water tray got cracked on my last job I used it on.After hurting my back I'm no longer able to do tile work so it has been sitting...
  31. TwoTapPat

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic

    I know their where some good fishermen fishin it. Not a peep from any of you. I guess all the real good fishermen and Miss Grady when in Anacortes. :repost: :frehya2:
  32. TwoTapPat

    Who is going to the Seahawks's game?

    Who is all going this weekend to the game? I will be down at the game.
  33. TwoTapPat

    Holy crap them some outboards. Damn you could be to the tuna grounds in 20 minutes.
  34. TwoTapPat

    Wish you could do this to some people for real

    I got a good laugh at this. Thought I'd pass it on.
  35. TwoTapPat

    A brutha needs your thoughts and prayers

    BBA Bryan was in a really bad car accident was has some very extensive injuries. His back is broken in three places. Thanks god it doesn't look like it will not be life changing and he will walk again. He also suffered a bunch of broken ribs and a broken collarbone. He is in harbor view hospital...
  36. TwoTapPat

    Everett blackmouth derby.

    Any one know what time weight in is. I looked online and couldn't find it. I have nothing better to do today so I figured I would go check it out.
  37. TwoTapPat


    Looked like its been some rough weather. I was gonna go out with WildBill tomorrow but weather don't like like much fun.
  38. TwoTapPat


    I heard through the gravevine that a change is coming very soon. This might throw a real curve ball in a lot of peoples plans.
  39. TwoTapPat


    What the fuck!!!!! If your gonna fish a derby read the god damn rules before you sign up. Don't bitch about the rules after the fact( or a fucking week after) . Is time to quit acting like high school cheer leaders and put your big boy pants on if your gonna fish a Derby. :gayfight:
  40. TwoTapPat

    Spinning reels for tuna

    I am looking at getting a couple spinning reels to throw swim baits for tuna. Looking for your opinion on which way to go . Thanks for the input .
  41. TwoTapPat

    Shelter Bay Boat Fire

    Sitting in my easy chair watching the news. The is one hell of a fire going in Shelter Bay. 8 boats on fire as on now and its growing. Hope they have good insurance. Those boats look like a total loss.