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  1. Antares

    For Sale Mustad 7731

    I have a few to many bags of NEW 7731 galvanized mustad hooks. 10 hooks per bag/ box. 15-30 boxes of each unless otherwise specified. Minimum shipping is 9.50 so buy at least $100 of hooks and free shipping. Prices ares set savings are huge. Please specify when you pm me as there are more then...
  2. Antares

    Building a new home

    I have some land in El Cajon that needs a house. I would like 3 beds and 2 baths. 1000 square foot garage for my wood shop. I have not the slightest idea where to start the process. So I might as well ask BD
  3. Antares

    For Sale Mustad stainless 7691s. 7732s

    Mustad 7691s 10 per box 11/0. $70 per box. 9 boxes total 12/0 $80 per box. 2 boxes Mustad 7732 stainless 10/0. $45 2 boxes. Pick up in El Cajon or shipping on you.
  4. Antares

    For Sale Mustad 7691 galvanized

    I have a few to many bags of NEW 7691 galvanized mustad hooks. 10 hooks per bag/ box. On everything but the biggest sizes I have more then 30 bags each. Minimum shipping is 9.50 so buy at least $100 of hooks and free shipping. Prices ares set savings are huge. Please specify when you pm me as...
  5. Antares

    For Sale Tranx 200XG and 300

    One brand new in box 200XG $150 pick up in El Cajon or ship at your cost
  6. Antares

    Tranx 300 -400 rods

    I ended up being a little enthusiastic about discounts and now I have a new 300-400 with out rods coming my way. I was thinking 9 or 10 feet. What do you all think about gusa US 100 MAG and US 100 MEGA
  7. Antares

    Looking for a realtor.

    I am looking for a house to buy and I am having trouble finding what I want. It needs boat parking. Thanks
  8. Antares

    need help moving 225hb outboard.

    I need to raise my Honda's up a few holes and i need something overhead i can use to lift them. If you have something that i can use let me know. Happy to rent or what ever. In the mission bay area. Drew
  9. Antares

    CA DFG Scam call?

    I had some named Sal leave a message regarding a "profile" that was created last year. He requested i return the call and provide information. I googled the number and did not come up with anything useful. I also called the local DFG and they were not of any help. I called the number give in...
  10. Antares

    What do you use to cut a tuna's head off

    Now that fish and game has made tuna cleaning a pain I want to de-head my fish before i get home to reduce the disposal hassle. What you do use to chop their heads off?
  11. Antares

    Looking for Scott form "Legal tender"

    If you know Scott or are Scott i am looking for you. Thanks Drew
  12. Antares

    Frozen bait cases

    I am looking to purchase frozen bait cases in SD. I would like 20-25 lb cases. Where can i get them. Thank s
  13. Antares

    Penn Battle II 4000

    People of Penn I just picked up a new battle II 4000 that is on its way to Alaska to do some back country salmon and trout fishing. I need to take a spare spool with me but its proving difficult to locate one. Can you help me out. D
  14. Antares

    Can some one print me a label

    I am finishing up a rod I made for my sister to commemorate the birth of her first child but i cant get it finished because i need a label. Can some one point me in the right direction. I need clear back silver text on .5" tape and the Text would be Courtney Cole April 15-15 Thanks
  15. Antares

    Honda 225 service recommendation

    My boys need to go in for a service and i was hoping some had a recommendation. I would like some one fair and trusted. I would like to stay in the sd area but am willing to travel for good service. Thanks
  16. Antares

    Need new trailer. Recommendations wanted

    My trailer has given up the ghost. Right now I am on a twin axle 10,000 lb and I would like to upgrade to a triple 15,000 or bigger. I would prefer to have it made closer to SD but it need to last like the last one did. Boat is 10'000 heavy and 30'
  17. Antares

    Where are the albies

    Hello Washie brothers, I am heading north tomorrow for a little work project and they tell me i will be working about 150 miles North west of Newport. Yes i know that is in Oregon but they are lame so i am asking you. :) The question is will i be in albie water? Thanks
  18. Antares

    Local weekend weather ???

    I have been watching it and as of now i cant make any since of it. What are all your thought on the sea state for the weekend.
  19. Antares

    Boat Storrage ASAP

    I need help finding a new place to store my boat. The place I am at told me i cant do any maintenance and i took the whole week off to get my boat ready for the season. Point loma area would be nice but i will take anything. Drew
  20. Antares

    Long bord sand paper

    I need a pile of long board paper in San Diego. Where is a good place to get it. Thanks
  21. Antares

    Looking for a member of Silver Gate Yacht club.

    If your a member i have a few question for you. Many thanks
  22. Antares

    Lots of boat stuff

    I am doing some winter cleaning and found a few things i dont need any more 4) VHF mic cord lots its outer coating $50 5) Switch panel as you can see its missing a switch $50 7) Rocket launcehes The center foot has been cut off but i still have it. $800 The stuff is located in point...
  23. Antares

    Boat yard wanted

    My boat needs a little TLC and was hoping BD could recommend a boat yard. The boat need a pile of sanding on the transom and a pant job. I am not looking for a 8k awlgip paint job. I want to be able to do other work on the boat my self. Boat is on a trailer and in San Diego. Thanks
  24. Antares

    Seattle fishing thursday

    Northern brothers Work has me in Seattle this week and i may be able to get off this coming Thursday. I have seen quite a few boats around and was wondering what are you catching and do you need some to chip in for gas. I am staying up in the U district. Drew
  25. Antares

    Need a painter.

    My boat need some finishing work and a new paint job. Recommendations would be great. Boat is on a trailer. Thanks Drew
  26. Antares

    I need boat storage NOW

    YO BD I need place to store my rig ASAP. She is just under 30'. I have it at work now but i cant keep it there for much longer.
  27. Antares

    New Boat Name Design

    What do you think?
  28. Antares

    I need to get in contact with Joey at PCM

    If you know how to get in contact with Joey at Pacific coast marine i need to talk to him ASAP. Or have him call Drew Thanks
  29. Antares

    Boat graphics

    Any BD do boat graphics? I need my boat name redone. Drew
  30. Antares

    looking for a painter

    My boat is white and its boring. Looking for some one to paint it yellow.
  31. Antares

    Gas tank repair and coating

    I pulled my gas tanks and they need a little attention. I want to get them sand blasted and coated with tar epoxy. Any recommendation for the San Diego area.
  32. Antares

    Rocket launches,door,electrical

    Cleaning out the boat storage and trying to get some cash for new fuel tanks. Set of bolt on rocket launches. Center foot has been removed but does come with the launches $700 Door $80 Closet door $40 <object style="position:absolute;z-index:1000" type="application/x-dgnria" id="plugin0"...
  33. Antares

    Rocking new gear and bugs

    The other day i picked up some new gear form my buddy middleofnowhere and i had to get out and try it. The first pic is my Lobster ho loving the new hoop rack. It frees up so much deck space and keeps the rusty hoops of my nice deck. The second pic is me pulling a hoop with the new davit...
  34. Antares

    Intrepid gets WIFI

    Intrepid gets WIFI. Should be up and running for the next trip.
  35. Antares

    Need a Honda shop in SD

    I need a shop to do some warranty work on my Honda 225. The place i am using has pissed me off for the last time and i want to take my boat else where. Thanks
  36. Antares

    Bug bait in SD

    I am going to do some shore like hooping Sunday and need a pile of bait. I usualy take the boat to the bait barge and get a scoop but its broken so cant do that. I would go to squid co but its closed. Any one want to take me to the bait barge form shelter and back. (will have my women with...
  37. Antares

    Ringedhooks back up

    Ringed hooks new web sight is up and it looks great.
  38. Antares

    Who wants to can my fish

    I want to can some fish but don't have the space or the motivation to do it. If you have the stuff and the know how (i will provide my own jars) and want some cash or fish lets work a deal. San Diego area Drew
  39. Antares

    Mixing Bait

    When you get a mix of sardines and anchovies do you stick them in the same tank or do you use a second tank?
  40. Antares

    Yellow tail.

    Took the family (Dad, Sis and in-law) down to the island for a little fishing. Was hoping for a cuda or 2 but get attacked by the yellows. Left 0800 form shelter and picked up a half scoop of great bait. Yea the bait was great. (last weeks bait was crap) Arrived at the island at 0900 and did...
  41. Antares

    Trini 40n

    Need a 40N. Let me know if you got one. thanks
  42. Antares

    Have you seen that big ship off La Jolla?

    Has any one see that big blue and white ship off La Jolla? Any one have any pics of it?
  43. Antares

    LR Trolling

    I am on a major wahoo kick along with most of you so lets keep this train rolling. Has any one used a planer while trolling? Z wing/ old salty It would allow us to cover more water column and catch more fish. How would the crew/ you react to some one using a planer? And why dont they have...
  44. Antares

    Wahoo Reels

    Yes again but a little different. I will be picking up a set up at some point and have been looking in to the retrieve speeds. Tranx 43" and 25 lb drag Trini 30 46" and 25 Trini 40n 44" and ??? Stella 10 50" and 51 Stella 18 50" and 55 The fastest is the Stella but how much speed will you...
  45. Antares

    Need 2-3 for monday

    Will be fishing Mex for yellow tail on Monday and need a few guys. 28" boat so no worries on the slight chance of left over bump. Will be fishing Nados. Should be less then 80.
  46. Antares

    Trailer Repair

    My trailer need a rebuild and while out fishing yesterday some one left a note on my truck offering trailer repair. I am looking at new torsion axles and new breaks. Has any one had work done by Henry's Boat Trailer Specialist? Thanks
  47. Antares

    Sunday Yellowtail killing fest

    Had a spot open up. Departing shelter island at 0630 and going to mex. Lets kill some tail.
  48. Antares

    Need 2 for Lajolla Saterday

    Need 1-2 more to fill out the crew for a yellow tail chasing mission to La Jolla on Saturday. 0730 departure form Dana landing. No drugs no getting fucked up. All fish is split even no matter who catches it. Even split on gas and bait. Should be less then $50 Drew
  49. Antares

    How you feel about lobter and the MPLA

    I have a friend doing a class project on the impact of the MLPA on fisherman. Her focus is orientated around lobsters. I have spent hours talking with her about why we fish and how this effects us. It would be great if you all could take her survey and tell her how you feel about the MLPA...
  50. Antares

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    I have always seen theses who is going threads and been way jealous but not any more this one is mine. :) This is my first long range trip and i am beyond excited. So who is coming?
  51. Antares

    wahoo bombs

    I am looking at getting a few bombs for ono and i was wondering what you guys liked. Has any one used theses Are there any BD guys making bombs? Why do you use stainless hooks on a bomb if they dont last more then a few fish?
  52. Antares

    50w Strike drag

    More question. I am sending my Tiagra 50LRS to Cal for blueprinting and he wants to know what i want the strike drag at. The reel will have 130 JB and its mounted on a 2x4 rail rod. How many pounds of drag? Thanks
  53. Antares

    Display changes AGAIN

    You guys are off changing this free site again. AHHHHHH 'Oh wait its what i/we asked for. I like it. Thanks guys :finger:
  54. Antares

    30 or 50 lrs

    First thanks for all the help on the last question i asked. I may be taking one of my my reels on my dec/jan 10 day. I am borrowing boat gear 50,80,100,130 but i always like fishing with my gear better. My 2 choices are 30lrs 50lrs. What reel will i spent more time using? what lb line...
  55. Antares

    First 10 day and i am lost.

    So i just dropped some coin on my first long range trip. I am booked on the Intrepid departing dec 26 for 10 days. I have a few question for you long range experts. Do i need one of the big SKB boxes? As of now i am planing on using all rental gear but i would like to use some of my stuff if...
  56. Antares

    Tower for boat or 10 day trip?

    The 10 day won. I am booked on the dec 26 Intrepid 10 day. :) So now what?
  57. Antares

    2 for yellow tail sunday

    Depart 0400 shelter. going to island or RP. will stay out until wind show up or 2000. 300 for the boat +or- . 28 foot twin outboard. last week we went 3 for 6 on BFT pm or call 808 2805243
  58. Antares

    Sunday fishing

    Want to make a run Sunday looking for tuna or yellow tail. I have 2 plans spend the day at the islands waiting for the yellow tail to turn on or make a run some where far and look the tuna. cost for staying local will be 200 for the boat and tuna will be 400. Prices are a best guess. My boat...
  59. Antares

    Sunday tuna chasing

    Come chase tuna with me on Sunday. Around 0300 departure form shelter return by 10 pm ish. Fuel and bait around 400 of less for the whole boat. Hopefully less. Space for 4 total. Boat is powered by twin 225 Honda cruise at 30 kts 1.8mpg.
  60. Antares

    Come on lazy people.

    I need at least one more to go. Boat is 28 twin 225. New 40 gal bait tank and new 18 holder rocket launchers if the make it. Right now its me and sharkhunter0220 Come on lets GO Drew
  61. Antares

    Talica II for yoyo

    I was thinking about getting a Talica II 16 or 20 to fish yoyo. Probably on a rod with a fast action and lots of back bone. Was thinking about getting the rod acid wrapped. What you guys think?
  62. Antares

    Square bait tank 32 or 64 gal

    I need a new bait tank so if you have a square one 30 to 60 gal that you dont need let me know.
  63. Antares

    Fish at work

    Once and a while i get to do some fishing at work. Last week i ran my hand lines during my lunch break and snagged this little ono. To day i was working on the back deck and swam the 2 biggest Mahi i have even seen. Was on the radio to the bridge when i saw them. "Bridge bridge deck we are...
  64. Antares

    New Pet

    Its so cute. What to name it?
  65. Antares

    Off Road Diesel, Off Road Gas....

    There is off road Diesel you can buy for you boat but is there off road gas???
  66. Antares

    How to get bait

    I know i will catch shit for this but :finger:. So i went out to day and decided to get some bait form the bait barge (SD bay) but i failed. So i pull up and there is a sport boat loading up and i stay back and wait my turn. I pull up and there is no one there so i check the other side and...
  67. Antares

    Need a ho for Sunday

    Fishing the point loma kelp. No smoking light drinking
  68. Antares

    Need Boat ho for Monday

    Need 2 boat ho's for Monday fishing off Point Loma. Plan depart shelter island 0700 and anchor up somewhere around the kelp. Toss some chum and catch a few bass. May be a drift or something. Light drinking ok no smoking. Boat is a 28 pursuit
  69. Antares

    15 qt tcw3

    I have hondas don't need it $40 or trade for fishing stuff pick up only Point Loma day time Mission Vally night time
  70. Antares

    Taking the boys for a run

    To day was the first day in years that i have taken my boat out and had no issues. I get about 2.1 gpm at 20kts and 1.9 at 30kts.1.6 at 40kts. Maxed out at 41 kts or 48 mph. I know i can find 2mph some where.
  71. Antares

    Promar Eclipse Hoop Net

    Hi guys I need 10 nets in good condition. price will depend on condition and accessory's. Thanks San Diego area
  72. Antares

    How many rods do you have??

    One of my rod rack just fell out of my roof and i was thinking i have to many rods.... Yea right. I have 35 so far and lots more to come. How big is your collection? Including fresh water. I have one harpoon also.
  73. Antares

    What outboard to buy

    Its done the new power goes on in January. Its a pair of 225 something. :)
  74. Antares

    Tower or bracket

    So now that i am spending tones of money on my boat again i thought i should spend some more. Should a get a bracket and add about 2.5 feet to my boat making my deck bigger. (will include new bait tank second fish box and genset box for later.) Or a fully rigger folding tower what do you...
  75. Antares

    Season ending injury

    My boat is broken so very very broken.:hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli:. This was my first San Diego season and it was so much fun. Lets recap 6 trips with 6 motor problems and 3 fish. 3 blue fin... no 3 yellow 3 kelp bass yes. Over the last year i put over 30,000 in to my boat...
  76. Antares

    Johnson 200 and parts

    Must Sell Make an Offer I have a pair or 1989 Johnson 200 2 strokes for sale. #1 Standard rotation with 478 hours. Brand new water pump, thermostats and re hubed stainless prop. Hydro steering $1500 #2 Counter rotation with 446 hours. HAS CRACKED PISTON. This will be sold as parts...
  77. Antares


    YouTube - Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10
  78. Antares

    Johnson parts/Mechanic

    I have a pair of 1989 Johnson 200 that are always in need of parts. Is there a good local source for parts in San Diego. I am also looking for a good mobile mechanic to fix them. I usually fix them my self but i am to busy with my real job and i just want them to be fixed. Thanks
  79. Antares

    Isinglass Hookup

    I am having my isinglass replaced and decided to go with a local bloody deck member. I met with Jack Hammer (Lowell) we talked it over took a bunch of measurements and a few days later he give me a very fair price and i pulled the trigger. He stopped by the boat yesterday to show them off and...
  80. Antares

    Motor Broke Again

    I tried to go fishing this weekend but it was an epic fail. I think i know what is wrong with the engine but i wanted to get your opinions. This is a 1989 Johnson 200 2 stroke. Starting was a bit hard took about 4 or 5 tries. Warmed up fine and once i got it off the trailer and turned...
  81. Antares

    Puntarenas, Costa Rica May

    Hay Guys I am headed down to Puntarenas, Costa Rica for work in May. I will have the second half of may 11 off after driving down from San Jose. Also thinking about ditching work the 16 for fishing. I am not made of $$$ so nothing to costly. I would love to catch a rooster or a sail but...
  82. Antares

    Boat Ho Traning

    I am taking my boat out for some more tests Sunday and was wondering if any one wanted to join me. Will be launching mission bay after lunch for a little afternoon cruise. This is the second time the boat has been in the water in 3 years so expect something to break. We will not be going to...
  83. Antares

    Shit that makes you cry

    How to fill up twin 100 gal tanks
  84. Antares

    Battery Isolators

    To start i have 2 engines and 3 battery's. As of now my alternators only charge the engine start battery unless i have all the switches open which was fine until i installed new electronics. I don't want them on the starting circuit witch means i have to open the switches after i start up. I...
  85. Antares

    Take my boat gas and i will give you a $100

    I have about 80 gal of old old gas in my boat. If you come suck it or pump it out i will give you $100. Point loma area Saturday or Sunday. Sorry wrong form
  86. Antares

    With my boat.

    Hi I need some help getting my boat ready for the ocean again. I need to install chart plotters, fish finder, radar, auto pilot. There is lots and lots of grinding, drilling and wiring to be done. If you were to help me i would credit you $10 an hour to be used on a later date to cover...
  87. Antares

    Thanks Saltydawg

    Got the rest of my rods to day (they were delivered in dec but i was out of the country) They look great and i cant wait to get them bloody. I would not hesitate to recommended Bill to any one needing rods i know i will surely use him for the next bunch. Thanks
  88. Antares

    Marlin on hand line

    I have always wanted to catch a marlin on a hand line (bare handed)but never had the chance, until the other day it was an all out battle man vs fish. 10 min of pure furry to subdue the beast. She was about 200lbs and with all my marlin they get to swim free. No it was not in California but...
  89. Antares

    Super Bar Long Range Trip

    I want Fred Archer's super bars to sponsored long range trip. How about a 10 day who is with me?
  90. Antares

    My super bar system

    Here is a few pics of my Super Bar system. Its got 5 meat ball bars and 1 spider (for the down rigger). That's 92 bait in the water!!! I got a full set of chase baits form 4.75 to 9 inch. I have bought pre rigged lures in the past and the first thing i always do is cut them apart and redo...
  91. Antares

    Got my boat (part 2)

    I got my boat and that we know. here are a few pictures and plans for a rebuild. This is what i am starting with. She has 2 100 gal stainless gas tanks, 20 gal of water and 10 gal of TCW3. Twin 200 Johnson 2 strokes (oil burning gas guzzling mother...) I refer to them as frick and frak...
  92. Antares

    Which chase bait size

    Fred and others I am stocking up on chase baits and i wanted some size input. I have a fleet of 4.75 bars and i want to work the predator configuration. Should i go 6 or 9 inch squids. Drew
  93. Antares

    Got my boat

    After 3 years i got my boat shipped from Maui. Yea!!! Now i have to rebuild it. Unfortunate i am off to Maui tomorrow so i cant play with it. When i get back it will begin...
  94. Antares

    Boat stoarge (point loma)

    I need a good place to store my trailer boat. Its 29 feet by 9.5 feet. I would like to stay around shelter island as its where i work and would like to launch from. I would also love water, power and be able work on the boat. Thanks
  95. Antares

    Circle Hooks

    Fred or others, I know your a big fan of circle hooks and thus i was surprised to find your 4.75 meatball bar came with J hooks.(am sure its because 95% of people are stubborn to try something new) My feel is this if i am going to rock the Fred system might was well do it 100%. Would you be so...
  96. Antares

    Z-Wing or Old salty planer

    Looking to a get new down rigger "ball". Would like to troll 7 knots plus. Z-Wing looks like it will work. The web site uses lots of big words and numbers to prove this. It also have the same basic shape as the large depressor i use at work. But there is no way of triggering it for easy...
  97. Antares

    Gyotaku (fish prints)

    Does any know where you can get gyotaku prints made of your fish in San Diego. Thanks
  98. Antares

    Finding the Birds with radar

    I am getting a radar for my boat primarily for safety but i would like to find the birds to. I am looking at Raymarine 4kW HD Digital for 5000. Raymarine 4kW Super HD Digital for 7000. Raymarine 12 kW Supper HD for 8700. All are 48" opean array. So the question is do how much do you depend on...
  99. Antares

    When are the tuna leaving?

    So when do all the little delicious tuna leave? I am in Taiwan seeing tuna most days but no fishing. (The man wont let me fish here) Its driving me crazy. I am hopping when i get back to San Diego there will be some around. Thanks
  100. Antares

    Shimano 50W To Big?

    I am looking at getting 6 Reels for trolling around San Diego. I am leaning towards the Shimano 50W. What do you think 2 big?
  101. Antares

    Fishing and Radar

    I am new to fishing San Diego and was hoping you all could give me some info on fishing styles. I am looking at equipping my boat with radar hopefully to find birds. So the question is do you chase birds out here? Would a very nice radar be worth the money. Thanks