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    Okuma Alijos level drag, new reel.

    Saw a notice on Fred Hall web Site Does anyone know the Specifications and Price? Thanks.
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    Victoria super cow on lower banks.

    Here’s her write up on her recent super cow on the lower banks.
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    372 Super Cow caught on lower banks.

    Victoria Jones landed a 372 Super Cow on the Red Rooster III. Congratulations. She is now a member of a very elite Super Cow Club. Does anyone know who is keep the "top 10 list" that Bill Roecker had. The last one I saw was 2012. She might be number 10 on the list. Fish Report for...
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    Red Rooster, Nov. 2019 Accurate 11/8 day video

    This you tube video just popped up. Two super cows from the lower bank. And plenty of other fish.
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    Good Suggestions after the Conception Tragedy.

    Good Suggestions after the Conception Tragedy. This was on Facebook, written by Reef Seekers. The author knew one of the passengers. It is well written. PLEASE do not point fingers or speculate as to how it happened or whose fault it was, we may never know the truth. Let the experts come...
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    EXCEL new waste management policy

    Excel Long Range Sportfishing Waste Management - Announcement In an effort to become as green / environmentally friendly as possible, we have decided to begin the elimination process of all single use paper and plastic items from the Excel. We realize that we have been producing far too much...
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    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum? Thanks you BD for this forum. In the San Diego Long Range forum there is always a lot of good questions and information. At times some get very critical of what is posted. It is their person’s opinion. Sometimes individuals...
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    Red Rooster III rescues Mexican Fishermen.

    The Red Rooster III crossed paths with a Mexican fishing panga twenty miles off shore, south of Ensenada Mexico. The panga had been a drift for approximately ten hours after engine failure Thursday, August 30, 2018, just before sunset. The four fishermen were rescued and the Red Rooster III...
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    Chunk Fishing..

    When Chunk fishing, I know you should have a swivel. The questions, do you add any weight, and how much?
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    Comment on Okuma Andros 12SII

    Like to get the Pro and Con on this reel from anyone.either the regular or narrow. How’s it for Wahoo?
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    Thinking about getting 600 size reel

    I really don't need another reel, like buying another car or fishing rod. I have too many hole in my head already. However, I am considering it and have been doing some basic research. First, using it for Wahoo, school tuna and YT or whatever passes by. Second, I want a two speed, since I...
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    Tropical Storm Lidia

    If you are going fishing the next few days, be stay safe.
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    What size Flat Fall, Color and hook placement?

    It appears the Flat Fall jigs are working well on the local Bluefin. So what size are you using? What color or glow in the dark? Are you placing the hooks on the top or the bottom of the Jig? One or two hooks? Just wondering. Thanks. Rich.
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    Is there a product to decrease fish scale accumuation on a rod.

    a 3M cold shrink was added to my rail rods. It's nice but the sardine scales accumulate. Is there something I can put on it to minimized there accumulation? Thanks.
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    How often do you change your Braid fishing line?

    Since there has been several discussion on Braid fishing line, types, strands, and brands, I always wondered how long it will last? I know some people wash their brain annually and even reverse it on their reels. While other only rinse it off. I know some just strip off the top 100 yard and...
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    Braid, what are the differences.

    Bill W. in the Kite reel thread noted: So I know Spectra and Dyneema are really the same material, maybe slight different processing. But Threadlock is not... and the wear properties are different. I know Spectra does not react to UVA and because of it's properties does not wear because of...
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    Red Rooster going to PV.

    Guys, they just added two 4 day trips out of Puerto Vallarta in October, 2016. They cancelled the 14 day Winter Wonderlust trip. Neat and limited load. See the boat web site.
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    What knot for a ring or swivel to braid.

    I have been thinking about attaching a swivel or a small ring directly to braid. What's your opinion of the best knot? A double San Diego? or something else? Thanks.
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    2016 Albacore...

    The Producer out of H & M got one. I hope this is a good omen for the season.
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    How bad are Sharks at the Bank & Buffer Zone.

    All right guys. Several boats are back from down South. I know earlier the sharks were horrible. It appears some of the bigger fish got to the boat, without extra teeth marks this last month. So how bad or reasonable was it. Leaving on June Heat and wondering how many hooks to bring...
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    San Diego Promo Video

    I saw this on facebook. It's a neat video about San Diego Sportsfishing. They show video of the Red Rooster unloading, interviews with Lo Preste, etc.
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    June Heat... anyone interested.

    The Red Rooster III is leaving Sat. May 28 for the last trip of the year down south. 15 days, fun and great food and usually great fishing. I just heard there are two openings. If you want to have some fun, great group called the RR office. (619) 224-3857. Generally, this trip has a waiting...
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    Tac Glue... is there a shelve life?

    I have looked at the web site and its says Tac Glue can last 3 or 4 years after opening. Avoid heat and UV light. Previously I used a different cyanoacrylate flexible glue and it dried up in less than one year. I asked a guy at the hobby shop and he said it only had a few month shelve life...
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    Flat Fall, butterfly and knife jigs.

    Flat Fall, butterfly and knife jigs. The flat fall and butterfly jigs have become an addition to the tackle box and have been very successful. The question: where do you put the stringer hook, on the top (side tied to line) or the bottom, or both sides? And how many hooks? I have...
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    Ever wonder why the bluefin don't bite?

    Get a copy of Tuna Smart, understanding the Tunas of the Eastern Pacific Ocean, by Robert Douglas. It's very interesting and brings a lot of information together. It was recommended by Bill Roecker, Fishing Video. Thanks Bill for the recommendation. It's a quick read. No it won't make you...
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    Wahoo are getting closer to San Diego...
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    Fake Seaguar Blue label

    Just saw this on facebook, the Seaguar site and since I didn't find it on the forum, just letting you know. See the you tube link.