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    Livingston LV9 $850

    I cant find the PM button but anyway this would be for my 13 and 9 year old to fish in Newport Harbor call me for an offer 949 533 0187 mike
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    Raymarine C80 Components

    What year is the system?
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    Livingston LV9 $850

    Still for sale?
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    12’ 1981 Skiff + motor for Sale at LMV

    What HP rating does it have?
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    its fun to be trolling wahoo gear at all
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    Wtb deck chair

    I have one stainless one from west marine I'll sell 949 533 0178
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    Auto Pilot (Comnav 1420)

    I'm interested so I can replace my old pilot call me 949 533 0187
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    trailer for 12ft valco

    ok thanks guys
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    trailer for 12ft valco

    Hi I am looking for a trailer for an aluminum flatbottomed 12ft valco. Does anyone have any ideas or have one for sale? Thanks, Mike
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    7 used 16.5 x 8.75" tires and wheels

    If anyone is still in need of the same wheels and tires setup except mine are michelins i have five for sale for $300 call me for info and pictures Mike 949-533-0187
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    1988 25' skipjack flybridge

    How many hours on the engine?
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    2006 PARKER 2820

    Trade for a skipjack 262 just kidding good luck with the sale nice boat.
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    Skipjack Flybridge 262 bench seat

    I have a skipjack 26 and may be interested since I have buckets now the bench may work better in my case. I will take some measurements.
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    We were out dragging lines and......

    I work on the tug and barge that supplies SCI and we bring backall the blown up stuff and bring out new targets, ammo, fuel and 400,000 gallons of potable water a week. It's cool to see the aftermath of our tax dollars at work.
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    slayin um in Seward Alaska

    Check with Alaska State Fish and Game, fishing with live bait is illegal in the State of Alaska. I have been warned before while running charters out of Homer and Kodiak.
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    fish sniper arneson drive

    Does anyone know fishsniper? I was reading an old thread and he said he had an Arneson drive on his 27' Harley. I have one on my 25' skipjack I wanted to chat with him since there are not many around.Prop size,gearing,economy and perfomance.
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    Volvo 350 Ignition/Wiring ???

    The purple wire feeds 12 volts to the coil while you are cranking the engine and once you let go of the key it uses 7 volts from the ballast resistor. You need a resistor for coils that require 7 volts. Hope this helps.
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    Pertronix Ignition?

    Only one problem with GM HEI they are not spark protected meaning fuel in the bilge can explode and isn't uscg approvedfor marine use and if your insurance company would never pay if they found that distributoron your boat.