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    For Sale 2004 26' Blackman $25,900.00

    No time to finish fixing up. This boat went up on the beach (sand) and was damaged. Can be fixed and turned back into a very nice sport boat Dual axle trailer with 2 new axles. 6 cyl diesel with dual prop out drive. Bait tank, Nice Radar arch w/Radar. outriggers.V berth as well as sink table and...
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    Constitution is changing hands

    Hi Guys Now I know how White House leaks get started......they are all strategically planned where this one wasn't Darryl has been with us since December of last year and he is indeed buying the Constitution. I will remain as captain and hold a small interest in the boat for a while. I had...
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    Constitution is a go for July 2nd-4th AM 1.5 day

    We are out of here tonight by 8 or earlier still have 6 spots available $235 includes meals Already loaded the steaks and groceries, will bait up early so we can clear the point early Be on the Constitution on the 4th of July Call Joe at 951 660 4130
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    Bluefin on the Constitution

    The weather report on Friday afternoon sounded like a line from the movie Jurassic Park..."Hold on to your butts" We cleared the point at 8:45 with plenty of good bait on top and 2 slammers full. We woke up before grey at 90 miles and put out the feathers. Went East and found a 1 degree temp...
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    Constitution and the Todos Santos closure

    Hey guys…..this is the “Real” scoop of what happened to us on the Constitution, ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:date>04/08/10 off of <st1:City><st1:place>Ensenada</st1:place></st1:City>. First of all, we were NOT asked or ordered to...
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    How will this El Nino affect San Diego sport fishing?

    I am sitting on my patio in beautiful weather, sunny and warm, not a breath of wind ....and I just cancelled tonights trip. #[email protected]%^&( The forecast this AM is 180 degrees from last night and I know the latest one is right. This is what I remember about El Nino. My first E.N. as a commercial...
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    Constitution boarded by Mexican Navy

    I meant to get this posted earlier but.......oh well. On Saturday 01/16/10 we were boarded by the Mexican Navy. We were within the EEZ and they had the right to do so. As soon as the inspector came on he assured me that he would be as brief as possible so as to not take away any of our fishing...
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    Constitution 1.5 day to Colnet, 12 18 09

    This trip is a go, there are 8 spots left. $235 includes meals and permits Mention BD and boat will pay permit...$15 Leaves H&M at 7 PM, We want to be on the high spot at day break for the Yellowtail. Great weather forecast, Light load, plenty of room Call Joe at 951 660 4130
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    Last Minute on the Constitution 6 Day

    We are leaving Sunday 10/04/10 for a 6 day to Cedros ( possibly G-Lupe ) There are a couple of spots left due to last minute cancellations. $995.00 plus permits. Right now there are only 12 people on it and we are a go for sure....interested??? Will take 16 Max Call Joe at 951 660 4130 Also...
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    Useful Information...Taping for weight of a fish

    Yesterday we were all guessing the weight on that big Blue Fin Tuna when we pulled it up through the side gate. Everyone's guess ranged between 150 and 190 pounds. I went to the wheelhouse and called Mike on the Vagabond and asked him the formula to determine the weight of a fish with a standard...
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    Constitution on the Fourth of July

    We arrived back in San Diego at around 6:30 AM. We spent the entire day before with over half the fleet where 2 boats had a good hit in the PM the night before. Had a Jig and a bait on the boat before daybreak and I thought "this is a good start" "Jackpot was out of the way before breakfast" 1...
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    Constitution, 06/22-24/09 2.5 day It's a go

    The Constitution IS going Sunday PM, 06/21 at 8-9 PM, There are 8 spots left for our 2.5 day. Price is $395 and includes meals. Great price for this trip. Returns Weds. at 6 AM Book online or call Joe at 951 660 4130
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    Constitution 3.5 day Memorial day trip

    Wow...this trip has been full since February but I had 4 people cancel yesterday...I'd love to fill their spots so here are the details. Leave H&M Thursday (tommorrow) at 12:00 Noon. Fish all day Friday Saturday and Sunday and return Monday AM $500.00 includes all meals. The Mexican excursion...
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    Constitution Saturday May 16, Long 3/4 day Coronados

    We have an early school trip on Saturday, 05/16/09 and will return to the dock at 8 AM. We'll leave immed. and be at the Coronados before 10 AM. We will stay late. $85 includes meals and permit. 10 spots left as of 9:30 Weds. Call Joe at 951 660 4130
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    Constitution...Re-distributing the wealth

    We are heading for Colnett/Castros again this Fri PM. Same as before,1.5 day, $195 inclides meals and permits. Obama says "Share the wealth" so buy a ticket and we will make sure it gets to.... SAC. Port of San Diego, The Landing, Everingham Bros bait. Costco, The fuel docks, Insurance Co., 976...
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    Constitution; On for this Friday PM. Leave your panty hose at home

    OK so it might be raining....Thats why they made rain gear and/or large plastic garbage sacks. The wind and the seas are supposed to be down. This is what we used to call a window in the weather. Calling for 10 knots of wind. The fishing has been superb of late with easy limits. We have 12...
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    Constitution Colnett wrap up for -1/31/09

    We cleared Point Loma a little before 9 and with the price of fuel so low we "Harnessed the 3rd Mule" and headed south. Made the high spot on Colnett at sunrise only to be driven into deeper water by huge Whitefish. Headed to our Ling area but decided to try a deep drift first....Reds...lots of...
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    Constitution..."we're outta here tonight"

    Heading down the line to Colnett tonight. Lots of room Great fishing Fabulous weather Better call in sick with the "Fishing Pox"
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    Constitution, This Weds evening, 1.5 day, Colnett

    The Constitution did not burn down but the fishing was Sizzzzzzling and the hot sticks were on fire. This is some of the best quality of Lings and Reds I have seen in a long time. This trip I got to put names with hat for a native So.Cal...thanks for the photos. We are...
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    Constitution heading to Colnette

    The Northeast is FREEZING and we have had 3 great weekends in a row. Looks like this Saturday will be #4...10 knots or less We are heading to Colnette Friday at 7 PM Take advantage of the great weather and fishing along with the low fuel prices Meet some new friends/B Deckers. $195 and that...
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    Constitution is a go for Friday 01/16/09

    The Constitution IS going this Friday at 7 PM. $195 includes all meals and snacks plus permits. The plan is for Colnette and the weather is looking good. The fishing is as good as I can remember since Oxnard in the 70's We have had Fabulous Ling fishing down there, last week a Ling beat a...
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    First Albacore of 09???

    The Constitution is a go for New Years Eve 2.5 There are 6 spots to 20 $295 includes all meals and permits Planning on the Yellows at Colnette in the AM and offshore in the afternoon at least day 1 for 1st Albie of 09. Free 2 day trip for the first Tuna caught on bait this...
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    Constitution, special price for a day and a half trip

    Works out to $199 per person and that includes meals and fuel surcharge. This is some of the best Albie fishing in looks good Leaves H&M @ 9PM Weds night ( 9/26/07 ) Returns Friday @ 6 AM 9/28/07 Don't miss the fishing or this special deal on the Constitution. Call Joe at 951 660...
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    Special last minute on the Constitution

    Hi guys....I need to fill this up....21 people max. Lite load, 2 for 1 special on the &#8220;CONSTITUTION&#8221; Limited # of spots at this price<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comLeaving H&M Landing Tuesday September 18<SUP>th</SUP> @<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns =...
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    2 for 1 special tonight on the Constitution

    I have a charter that needs to fill 2 spots tonight for a 2 day trip aboard the Constitution Price is $450 this includes meals 2nd person pays meals and permits Ultra limited load with 21 max. Heading West for the Albies in cooler waters...then maybe south for the kelps Should be pretty good...
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    Firefighters need help in filling a 2 day trip, 6/25-26/07

    There are 6 spots open for a 2 day trip on Monday and Tuesday, June 25 and 26. This is a group of Fire fighters from Las Vegas. The boat is the "Constitution" It is an ultra limited load of 20 people max...on an 80' boat. Regular price is $450.00 and that includes food. No fuel surcharge or...
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    Great trip planned for San Clemente Is.

    The Constitution is doing a day and a half at SCI this Sat. Leave H&M in San Diego @9 PM Return Sun @ early AM $150.00 includes F/S Looks like it is shaping up as far as weather, Navy says green light, Limited load to 20 guys on an 80' boat Call Joe at 951 660 4130
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    Day and a half on the Constitution, 4/28/07

    Still have a couple of spots to fill for 4/28 (Sat.) for a day and a half trip To Clemente or ??????? Cost is $150.00 and includes all meals. Not bad for an ultra limited load (20 passengers) on an 80' boat. Trip is through JP's tackle shop. Call Joe at 951 660 4130