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    SOLD Mak 20 in perfect condition $OLD

    I have a Mak 20 in perfect condition for sale. As in zero boat-rash. It has been on one boat ride with no fish. Appearance 9.9/10 and Mechanical 10/10. The braid is not included in this sale. All tools and trolling inserts are included.
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    WTT : Calstar 770XH Blank for 770H / 775H Blank

    I have a Calstar 770XH blank looking to trade down to a 770H blank or a 775H blank with cash. Please let me know if you are located in Great Los Angles, OC or SD area. Benjamin
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    Grande or Tribute on Monday 9/18

    Good Morning, A boat that I booked for a 2 days trip on starting Monday 9/18 at 9 pm canceled. The landing called and offered to move me to Grande for a 1.5 day trip. If I am not mistaken, with a 1.5 day trip - I will get only 1 chance to use glowing flatfall on BFT. Grande returns at 6am on...
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    Advice on rigging Makaira 15/20/50 for BFT/YT

    I am looking for advice on how to rig my Makaira 15/20/50 for a 2 days trip from SD next week. Then may be a 3/4 Coronado Island trip for YT. I hope to run into triple digits BFT and I am planning on using JB Hollow Core 130# on the Mak 50, JB HC 100# on the Mak 20. and Izorline 65# on the Mak...
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    BNIB - Pro Gear Violator V42 Blue - Limited Edition $180 obo

    Here is a limited edition Pro Gear Violator V42 Blue Reel up for sale. No boat ride, no scratch it is in 10/10 condition, [ not greased ] This is a BNIB reel that has never been taken out of the box yet. The V42 is my favorite Violator configuration - narrow reel with big drags on a machined...
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    Pro Gear Violator - BNIB V55 - Frame / Spools / Clamp - $120 OBO

    I have a BNIB PG V55 Silver Frame / Spool / Clamp for sale as part. If you have a PG V42 / V52 - you can get this frame & spool and share the side plate for a 2nd high capacity setup. The price is $120 Paypal F&F Shipped via USPS with tracking # to anywhere in US / Hawaii.