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  1. rhgusman

    Yellowtail and Dodos on the Sauerfish

    Amazing post....great results and perfect pictures. That had to be a happy group!
  2. rhgusman

    RPT: 16 AUG 13 Went the Distance - BFly, Mushroom, and the Dumper. Flattest ocean!

    Great post! I'm hoping the bite is back on this week, headed out tomorrow night to fish Wed. Going to try some similar areas. Thanks for the info!
  3. rhgusman

    3/4 Day on the Point Loma - Offshore

    Cant wait for my boys to get the itch to start fishing with Dad. They like the idea, but getting them to pay attention to a full day of fishing is rough. They are 5 & 7, love to fish, but I can't have them wandering around the deck when they get bored. Not with the hooks flying around and...
  4. rhgusman

    Offshore 8/15 - 425 spot with limited results

    Left Shelter Island about 4am and made a quick stop at EB barge for some decent bait. They were big dines, but they looked healthy. We ran down to the 425 and started trolling SW at daybreak. Weather wasn't too bad and it only took about 30 minutes to find our first garage door sized paddy...
  5. rhgusman

    96 years old and still catching exotics. Dorado, Yellowtail and a Mako Shark 5am-5pm

    I'm 1/3 his age and I'm hoping to be catching fish like him! What a rock star. Good job putting him on fish! If you're willing to share some info, I'm headed out Thurs and would love some direction on where to go. I'm taking a young family member for his first trip and would love to get him...
  6. rhgusman

    7/29 solo run to the tuna pens with severly crippled bait

    That is GREAT fuel range...I'm taking a 24' Grady out Thurs and we burn 30 gallons before we even get close! I'm hoping to find some paddys because I think the tuna pens are out of my range.
  7. rhgusman

    Chasing BFT and a bundle of Yellowtail- good fishing

    Great take on the YTs! I'll be trying my luck Thurs chasing YT and paddy hunting. Would love to get down to the pens, but our range is about 50 miles and I'm not sure how far down the pens are. Any idea?
  8. rhgusman

    7/29 1.5 day = Limits of BFT on the Shogun

    Great job! I'm hoping for some of that luck this Thurs!
  9. rhgusman

    SA80 3 dayer 7/25-7/28 REPORT/TIPS/VIDEO

    Great report with the tackle details! Congrats on all of the fish. I leave Wed night on a private boat to chase the fish, so I appreciate your willingness to share the info, not just a picture of a fish to rub in our faces! Well done and congrats again!
  10. rhgusman

    Is Anyone Fishing Offshore

    Shad, any chance you would be willing to share the info with another hungry fisherman? I'm going to head out in 48 hours and am looking for some direction...any help is much appreciated!
  11. rhgusman

    Bluefin on The Pride

    AMAZING post! Great pictures! I'm gonna go try and find the tuna this week, wish us luck!
  12. rhgusman

    Fortune San Diego Friday Night Overnight Bluefin and Yellows! 7/27/13

    Nice post, those look like great fish! I'm shopping for a few 1.5day trips in the next 2-3 weeks, so I might have to give this boat a try. How were the bunks?
  13. rhgusman

    Frozen Squid at its best

    Awesome product! I'll be picking some up for my outing this Thurs.
  14. rhgusman

    1 Paddy 3 Species Killer Day

    What an unreal day. I have two little boys, 5 & 7, who want to start fishing with dad. I think this is the year to get them into the saltwater as they have only found the fresh water love so far. Way to inspire!!