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  1. BillyFun

    Wild Pig and Wild Turkey Recipes

    Any recipes out there? I have two pigs yielding about 90 pounds of meat (Boston butt, ribs, chops, loins, Bratwurst, and hot links) and 4 turkey breasts and 8 legs.
  2. BillyFun

    Jig Paint - white/glow

    I'd like to paint at least 4 large jigs white glow. Can someone offer some paint suggestions that they've used and work well. I'm looking for durability and duration. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. BillyFun

    Need Jig ID Help

    I would like to id the middle jig. It is a lightweight jig and I think it was made by Salas. The one on the left is a PL68 and the one on the right is a 6X Jr. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. BillyFun

    Need Help Identifying A Jig

    I would like to id the middle jig. It is a lightweight jig and I think it was made by Salas. The one on the left is a PL68 and the one on the right is a 6X Jr. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. BillyFun

    Salas Super 6X

    Ok, has anyone heard of these jigs. Apparently they're no longer made. Where can I get one or two? Thanks
  6. BillyFun

    Acura MDX cCargo Area Cover and Audio Headphones

    We traded in our 2010 Acura MDX but still have the cargo area cover (black) and the headphones for the AV system. Anyone interested? Make a reasonable price. Ship on your dime from Santa Barbara.
  7. BillyFun

    Acura MDX cargo cover and Audio Headphones

    We traded in our 2010 Acura MDX but still have the cargo area cover (black) and the headphones for the AV system. Anyone interested? Make a reasonable price. Ship on your dime from Santa Barbara.
  8. BillyFun

    Canvas Lead Shot Bags Or Coin Bags (empty)?

    Anyone out there have any. I'm looking for 3-4. If not, how about canvas coin bags?
  9. BillyFun

    WTB Canvas Lead Shot Bags (empty)?

    Anyone out there have any. I'm looking for 3-4. If not, how about canvas coin bags?
  10. BillyFun

    Canvas Lead Shot Bags (empty)?

    Does anyone have any empty canvas lead shot bags?
  11. BillyFun

    Raider Question

    I've caught wahoo on bait, bombs, raiders, etc before. Sometimes I've gotten Raider strikes on wahoo before where the mylar tape is cut or gouged to the metal (I straight crank and don't lift the rod). Has anyone tried removing the mylar tape and gotten better results with Raiders? I've only...
  12. BillyFun

    Harley Davidson FXRG Leather Jacket and Liner - Size XXL

    Used, but like new (worn less that 10x), black leather Harley Davidson FXRG jacket and liner, size XXL. No wear marks, butter soft leather with slash pockets and zippered vents. I no longer have the bike, so the jacket has to go. I'll throw in a HD wall clock. $300.00 firm (less than 1/2 price...
  13. BillyFun

    Harley Davidson FXRG Leather Jacket and Liner - Size XXL

    Used, but like new (worn less that 10x), black leather Harley Davidson FXRG jacket and liner, size XXL. No wear marks, butter soft leather with slash pockets and zippered vents. I no longer have the bike, so the jacket has to go. I'll throw in a HD wall clock. $300.00 firm (less than 1/2...
  14. BillyFun

    Leupold RMR Red Dot/Green Dot

    Does anyone own one? What are your opinions? I'm considering getting one for a S&W M&P CORE pistol and/or putting it on a AR or Marlin 45/70.
  15. BillyFun

    Thinking of Buying a Kayak - Mirage Drive

    I'm thinking of buying a kayak and was wondering about Mirage Drives. What are the pros and cons and what kind of maintenance would I need to do on the unit after a day on the water (ocean)? Thanks Bill
  16. BillyFun


    Are passports needed for a 3 day trip?
  17. BillyFun

    2002 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic - 3,800 orig miles

    SOLD!!!!!! Keith bought a great bike at a fair price. He'll ride it a lot more than I did. Ride safely. I have a 2002 HD Ultra Classic Law Enforcement Special Edition with three thousand eight hundred (3,800) original miles. HD Synthetic oil used always. Everything is Screaming Eagle 2...
  18. BillyFun

    Bobcat Caught Raiding Chicken Coop

    My son Michael caught this guy in the act yesterday raiding the chicken coop in his backyard. He fired one shot through the heart/lungs at 40+ yards with a 4" Ruger Single-Six .22 revolver. Robert Cat weighted in about 35-40 lbs and is resting peacefully at the taxidermist to be skinned and...
  19. BillyFun

    Any 3 Gun Shooters Out There?

    What are you guys using for an equipment belt / holster / shotgun shell holder, etc?
  20. BillyFun

    Ruger 22/45

    Is it me or is this pistol a real PIOA to clean and re-assemble?
  21. BillyFun

    Goleta Beach Closed

    Goleta Beach was closed today due to beach erosion> A lot os sand washed away.
  22. BillyFun

    Melting Edges (Removing Sharp Edges) On New SS Rifle

    Im in the process of buying a new Marlin SBL 45/70. It has some sharp edges around the loading gate, lever, etc. What is the best way to melt the edges without making it look like a high school shop project? I'd like to do it myself rather than send it to a gunsmith in Montana or Alaska...
  23. BillyFun

    Bobcats in Santa Barbara

    I left my house in a residential neighborhood in Santa Barbara about 10:00 a.m. this morning to take my son and his girlfriend to the airport. At the end of the street I saw a young bobcat walking on the sidewalk, turn and walk toward the creek behind my house. We have a dog park behind my...
  24. BillyFun

    Excel Jacket

    I have a like new, black, XL nylon jacket with polar fleece type liner. It has Fishermans Landing embroidered in a circle on the back with Excel in script embroidery in the center of the circle. Only worn once or twice. This jacket was purchased from the Excel a few years ago, but I never...
  25. BillyFun

    Time To Get Ready

    Let the line winding begin!
  26. BillyFun

    9-13 Dove Shoot

    My first time California dove hunting in about 20 years. A high school friend and I went to Calexico on some private property. Plans changed and we had to leave, but we hunted surrounding grain fields and feed pens. Previous storms left a lot of standing water and mud in the area. Thousands...
  27. BillyFun

    WTB - 18v Makita battery charger and battery

    Looking for a new or used in good condition, 18v Makita battery charger and battery for a good price. I'm in Santa Barbara shipping will probably be an issue. Done!
  28. BillyFun

    My adopted father. Thank you Vincent.

  29. BillyFun

    Patio Fireplace - Wood frame or concrete block?

    OK - I'm rebuilding my back patio and adding an outside wood/gas fireplace. I have the fireplace on and am getting ready to do the hearth and a seating area around it. The fireplace sits 17" finished height above the patio deck. Would it be better to frame the hearth and seating area with...
  30. BillyFun

    Exterior wood Fence / Stone and brick masonry

    I'm replacing a wood fence with three man gates and a vehicle gate in Santa Barbara. Also building a patio fireplace and need the masonry work (river rock and brick) done. Does anyone know a local contact for SB?
  31. BillyFun

    BD in Spanish

    Somehow my BD pages are now in Spanish. I cannot read Spanish. Can someone give me some directions to change it back to all English. Thanks, Bill
  32. BillyFun

    For Sale - BOSE 3-2-1 II Media Center

    BOSE 3-2-1 II Media Center includes head unit, center speaker, sub-woofer, lt and rt speaker (needs mounting base), set-up discs, remote. $200.00 plus shipping. Local pick-up preferred. SOLD! This system works great, but we've moved and bought different set-up. .
  33. BillyFun

    Looking for a Tempur-Pedic (new) king size mattress and box spring.

    Does anyone have a contact for Tempur-Pedic mattress? Looking for a king size. I'm in Santa Barbara.
  34. BillyFun

    Mark Pack "Long Ranger" Tackle Bag For Sale

    Just moved to a much smaller house and we're hurting for space. I have a Mark Pack "Long Ranger" back in excellent condition for sale. It's blue with black trim. All zippers, carrying strap, handle and snaps are working and in excellent condition. Bag includes (6) Plano 3700 tackle trays and...
  35. BillyFun

    Any Kitchen Countertop Experts?

    Moving back to Ca and we're remodeling the kitchen. Any suggestions on what to use for countertops? Tile, marble, granite and quartz have been mentioned. What's the most durable? We're looking at white or a very light color to match white cabinets. Thanks, Bill
  36. BillyFun

    Model 11 Remington 12 ga Auto

    Does anyone have a Mode 11, 12 ga? I'm having trouble locating a replacement stock.
  37. BillyFun

    SKB Tackle Box Modifications

    I'm looking for ideas to modify/personalize a large SKB box. I have skids on the bottom so I can open the front panel when its at a tackle station on the boats. Just looking for some new ideas. Pics would be very helpful. Thanks, Bill
  38. BillyFun

    4x4 Down

    [Well I was drawn for a public land hunt in north west New Mexico (zone 2B) this year. The season went from 11-3 through 11-7. It was very warm and dry for this time of year and no weather to start the deer migration. Saturday there was not much going on with a couple dozen deer sighted...
  39. BillyFun

    Shower and Bathroom Tile Question

    I'm installing new shower and bathroom tile in my house. When completed, should I seal the grout in the shower?
  40. BillyFun

    Dove Decoys?

    Ive never used them, but what do you think? Who uses them? Do they work or is it a waste of money? Stationary or rotating wings?
  41. BillyFun

    Topless 50

    Just got my 50 back from Accurate with a new topless frame and a new arbor. It is basically a new reel. Thanks to Ben and the fine people in the Service Department at Accurate. I also had a couple other ATDs upgraded to topless earlier this year. Very happy with the changes and the...
  42. BillyFun

    Hunting Backpack - rifle daypack

    I need some suggestions for a hunting daypack that holds a rifle that is easy to remove. The ones I'm considering are: Sitka Flash 20; Eberlestock X-1 and Cablea's Bow and Rifle Pack. Cost is not the issue. I need something quality that will last and that I can draw the rifle easily, one...
  43. BillyFun

    New Mexico Mule Deer Drawing

    I just got word my mule deer application was drawn for Zone 2(b) in n/w New Mexico. Big deer area. Very excited. Does anyone have any experience in that area?
  44. BillyFun

    All in on Apple

    Well, we took the plunge. Got rid of the PC and Blackberry and bought a iMac, New iPad and iPhone 4S. No regrets so far. Has anyone else made the change? Any issues or problems?
  45. BillyFun

    Penn 500 Rod Clamp (aftermarket)

    Looking for a Penn 500 aftermarket rod clamp in black. Prefer one that has a slot to hold a hook. Thanks, Bill
  46. BillyFun

    New USMC Master Sergeant

    My son was just selected for promotion to Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserves. Ten years active duty and six years in the Reserves. I am a very proud father and a very proud American. Semper Fi!
  47. BillyFun

    Artic Gear Camo Clothes

    Maybe a little off topic but does anyone have any experience or comments on Artic Gear hunting clothes?
  48. BillyFun

    ATD 50 Topless Frame Replacement

    Can you replace an ATD 50 frame with with a topless one? Thanks, Bill
  49. BillyFun

    NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading Class

    I just too the basic reloading class out in Bridgeport, Texas. Great class! I'm going to be spending more time in the garage and at the range.
  50. BillyFun

    Replace the Replacement

    Just got back from the doctor's office. I'll have to have my knee replacement removed and replaced with a new one. The old one is 16 years old and worn out. I've dislocated my knee three times in the last three weeks. This will make it surgery #9 on the same knee. Not looking forward to this.
  51. BillyFun

    Thompson/Center Encore Endeavor

    I bought a new Thompson/Center Encore Endeavor yesterday from the new Cabelas store in Allen, Texas. I've never shot a muzzle loader before so I can't wait to give this a try. A bit of rain off and on today so I'll wait for a better day to shoot. Any muzzle loaders out there? For powder I...
  52. BillyFun

    Tactical Solutions 10/22

    I'm am building a Tactical Solutions 10/22 from scratch. I just bought the receiver (backordered). My plan is to add the heavy fluted barrel, trigger, mag release and a supressor. Haven't decided on a stock. Does anyone have any experience with a TS built gun? Any pointers or tips on any of...
  53. BillyFun

    Roller Guide Cleaning/Maintenance

    How do you clean/maintain the roller guides on your rods?
  54. BillyFun

    New Purchases

    I went to the new Cheaper Than Dirt store in McKinney, Texas last week to buy a few cleaning items. Wrong move! They had a Manager's Special going on at the time. I walked out with a new Romanian/AK47 clone and a S&W MP15 that I had no intention of ever buying. I cleaned them both up over...
  55. BillyFun

    Difference Between a Marine Officer And an NCO

    Thanks Gunny!. Difference Between a Marine Officer And an NCO A young Marine officer was severely wounded in the head by a grenade, but the only <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> visible permanent injury was to both of his ears, which were...
  56. BillyFun

    Fox Pro Elect Call

    I bought a FoxPro call a while ago and finally got iit out to play with. I've used it twice in the last couple days in a half-ass way trying to call a coyote. No gun, just goofing off and playing with the call. I set it on a dying cottontail call and sat in the car about 100 ft away (I told...
  57. BillyFun

    Flight 1549 into the Hudson

    I hope this comes through. It's pretty good.
  58. BillyFun

    34th Wedding Anniversary

    Today is my 34th wedding anniversary. She's a good girl and I got lucky the first time around. We've been through a lot together including the loss of our daughter (passenger in a car accident) and my medical retirement from law enforcement. She lets me fish, hunt and shoot whenever I...
  59. BillyFun

    Cosmoline Removal?

    I just rcvd a "Correct Grade" M-1 Garand. Any suggestions on removing the cosmoline from the wood? Thanks, Bill
  60. BillyFun

    Accurate B2X400

    Is anyone out there using one of these? Any reports? I just bought a red one for my son from Charkbait. It won't be here in Texas until Thursday. I'm thinking I should have bought one for myself also.
  61. BillyFun

    Dillion Reloaders

    I bought a Dillion 550 about 15 years ago from a friend that was desperate for money at the time. The unit was incomplete when I bought it and I didn't reload metalic at the time, so I just stuck it in a corner of the garage. I've been shooting more lately and I stumbled across the reloading...
  62. BillyFun

    How Do You Highlight/Color-In Numbers, Letters. Logo On A Firearm?

    How do you highlight serial numbers, logos, control functions, etc pressed into the steel or aluminum on a firearm. You'd usually see it as white letters or numbers for the serial numbers, logo, etc green and red for safe and fire. I've heard of it or or seen it of it being done with crayons...
  63. BillyFun

    Any M1A users out there

    Just bought an M1A SS National Match 7.62mm with all the rails, etc (tomorrow is my birthday). I haven't shot it yet. I'm looking for some comments on a scope for it. I'm thinking Leupold 4.5X14 Tactical. Any input? Are there any other M1A owners out there? Positive or negative comments...
  64. BillyFun

    Breaking in a new gun - Barrel break-in

    I've heard several variations on how and why to do this over the years, including that it's not necessary at all. There are some pretty knowledgeable shooters on this board. What your experience? Thanks, Bill
  65. BillyFun

    Any AR Owners Out There?

    My sons and I just bought new AR rifles. I got a Colt 6920 Law Enforce,emt with the removible carring handle and a Trijivon ACOG 4X scope. The buys biught 2 Bushmasters with the reail too. we just cleaned them yesterday and hopefully will shoot them this coming weekend. My next one will be a...
  66. BillyFun

    New Remington 700 VTR

    Just bought the 700 VTR in .223 today along with Harris bi-pods. I'll put a Leupold scope on it tomorrow and shoot it tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to it. Also looking at a Savage 93 in .17HMR with the thumbhole stock at Cabelas. My safe is getting full with fun guns.
  67. BillyFun

    Headspace on Savage

    I took my new .308 Savage 110 Euro Classic out yesterday for the first time at the range. The gun is scarey accurate. Much more accurate than I am. I did have a problem though. Using all new factory ammo, after the first two rounds, the gun sat for 2-3 minutes. I then fired 4 more rounds about...
  68. BillyFun

    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    I just had a ultrasonic parts cleaner rebuilt and added a heater to it (thermostat controlled to 110 degrees). It's about a 4-5 quart cleaner. I plan to use it to clean handguns, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of solvent to use. The default would be Hoppes I'm guessing...
  69. BillyFun

    Bow Hunting?

    I have a few bucks left over from Christmas and I'm getting interested in bow hunting. Never owned a bow before, except as a kid. Any ideas on equipment? I'm thinking compound bow. I'd like some flexibility as far as what it will be used for. Can I use the same bow to hunt rabbit, etc, and...
  70. BillyFun

    New Rifle & New Scope

    I just bought a new Leupold 3.5X10x50 Illuminated Duplex scope and put it on my new Savage Model 14 in .308. I bought a box of Hornaday 165gr BTSP and a box of 165 gr Federal Gameking BTSP for sighting in. The illuminated reticle is pretty cool, at least so far. Very clear and crisp. I...
  71. BillyFun

    Scope Recommendations

    I just purchased a new Savage Model 14 Euro Classic in .308. Can I get some recommendations for a variable scope. I was thinking of 3x9. The rifle will be used for mule deer and pigs. I was looking at Leupold, but gave heard some good things about Trijicon. Any comments or suggestions out...
  72. BillyFun

    GPS Tracking Alarms

    I've been putting GPS tracking alarms in construction material, appliances and equipment lately. I've caught three assholes who stole our stuff and transported it to theif home of storage unit. Boy have they been suprised when I show up woth the police department and a search warrant. All...
  73. BillyFun

    Benelli M4

    Is it legal in Ca? Is this the "best" semi-auto tactical shotgun?
  74. BillyFun

    Fun Gun - Ruger .22 cal Security Six

    I just bought a used one for $250.00 at the Cablea's in Ft Worth. It has a five digit ser number and is in very good condition. Not a collector gun or anything like that. I bought it as a shooter/plinker. I shoot my H&K and a Glock all the time for work. Just thought it would be fun to...
  75. BillyFun

    Moving back to California

    I live in Texas right now. We re thinking about moving back to California. I have an ar15 with the colapsing stock and som 20 & 30 round magazines. Will I be able to bring all that stuff with me. How about sending a gun to an out of state gunsmith. Do I need a FFL on both ends to do...
  76. BillyFun

    Gulp Nightcrawlers

    Just curious . . . has anyone used Gulp nightcrawlers? I tried them this weekend at a lake here in north Texas. Couldn't get bit to save my life. :imdumb: Switched to real nightcrawlers and was getting bit one after the other (bass, crappie).
  77. BillyFun

    LaserMax or Crimsom Trace for Glock 23?

    Does anyone have any experience with either orboth of these laser sights on the .40 Glock compact? Thanks, Bill
  78. BillyFun

    Customizing an SKB 7200 Tackle Box

    I just bought a new SKB 7200 tackle box. Any suggestions on customizing the interior/exterior? I have the rocket launchers and plan to add 1" skids on the bottom so I can open the front hatch when it's on the tackle rack on a LR boat. Your input and any photos of your box is appreciated. Bill
  79. BillyFun

    H&K USO40 Compact.

    Obviously I ment H&K USP40. I'm looking at buying one of these. Does anyone have any experience with this gun? How is reliability and accuracy? Your responses are appreciated. Bill
  80. BillyFun

    Suggestions for Reel and Rod

    I recently purchased an Accurate ATD 6. I was thinking of using the reel for an 80# live bait rig with JB hollow spectra and a very short floro topshot. Is the reel up to the task, capasity and drag wise? Any sugestions for a rod? Thanks in advance for your input. Bill
  81. BillyFun

    Kegerator Knowledge

    I may be in the market for a kegerator. You know, the small refrigerators that have a tapper and hold a keg of beer. How long will the beer keep in the kegerator once it's hooked up. Who make a good kegerator (no conversions). It will be kept in a 2nd floor game room. Before you make your...
  82. BillyFun

    Very Cool Site For Knots

    Fishing, boating, search & rescue, climbing, scouting, etc. Great site!