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  1. drseiler

    White sea bass out of Point Loma

    Congrats. You are a true Ghostbuster. What a catch that is. Nice work!
  2. drseiler

    Friday at Clemente....

    100% crazy. I want YFT, BFT’s don’t like me. :rofl:
  3. drseiler

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    Anything with the word inflatable and Sharks with big teeth (Mako No Sense). Fish or the fish and let the sharks be. I own a mako boat and I don’t target sharks because I have scene what they can do to your boat. Stupid thing bit mine and left a nice scar my guess was it was about 60 lbs...
  4. drseiler

    Bluefin and Yellowfin on the POPPER! 7/12 Report

    That’s a fun day right there. Nice work. Congrats. :cheers:
  5. drseiler

    Foamers and fast moving BF at 302

    Name your boat the Breezer Browser.
  6. drseiler

    friday 10/6 el derado at tanner on an overnighter

    Own a private boat and you will make gambles as well. Some pay off others don't, however they all take time and fuel. If they would have hit it big they would have been the greatest boat ever but it didn't pay off so they catch hell. Running to tanner overnight is a haul and a gamble. But he...
  7. drseiler

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    Happy to hear everyone ended up safe. I am very displeased to read that a sport boat captain and crew would be this reluctant or have such blatant disregard for human life on the ocean or anywhere for that matter. Should this be the case, then these people should be convicted of a felony...
  8. drseiler

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    Either way @EZ is still a dipshit. Oh I am sorry I meant Dean Spanos is a Dipshit. Correction, they both are.
  9. drseiler

    LA Chargers

    This entire move is sad and the Chargers are owned by idiots. The best thing that happened to San Diego is they got rid of the Spanos family. One of the saddest things is losing an NFL team. I wish we could keep the name like the Browns did and logo but somehow I don't think we will ever get...
  10. drseiler

    Looking for Sazuki outboard mechanic in San Diego

    Thank you for the info. I will check them out.
  11. drseiler

    Looking for Sazuki outboard mechanic in San Diego

    Greetings All, since my sazuki guy is gone I need someone honest and reliable (lol) to perform the 200 hour service on my Sazuki 4 stroke outboard. Does anyone have a mechanic they trust for this brand. I used Pacific Marine supply in bay park but they are gone. Any help would be appreciated...
  12. drseiler

    Tenacious Wahoo Finally

    Hells bells. Congrats.
  13. drseiler

    9/19 Wahoo

    Out-F-Ing Standing. WTG Congrats.
  14. drseiler

    Wahoo on the 226

    Nice work. Those don't come around often in these waters or I should say they do not get caught often up here. Congrats.
  15. drseiler

    help me identify this fish please!

    Feed it to a neighbor cat. You know the one that craps in your yard instead of its own yard.
  16. drseiler

    9/4/15 182 and up the ridge report

    So I finally had a chance to get my boat in the pond and fish. With all the crazy life has had for me the last 6 months, I was blessed by the fish gods with a dodo. Headed out of M. B. 4:30am, bait all macks. Headed down and past the N9 and out to the 182 then up the ridge toward 181 (made it...
  17. drseiler

    Rpt.-09-03-15 The Ducky Roars Again!

    Wow, now thats a report. Congrat. WTG:appl::cheers:
  18. drseiler

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    This was a great story. Get a new fishing buddy and keep your best friend at home. Lmao.
  19. drseiler

    Fri 8-27 181

    Nice work. Congrats.
  20. drseiler

    Another awesome day of fishing 11JUL

    There are no fish left. He caught them all. No need to go fishing. Everton stay home. . Congrats on a slaying. You'll be eating good for a long time.
  21. drseiler

    182 yellow fin

    My wife just asked what I was looking at. My reply...." Oh just some porn" her reply "BD again" nice fish.
  22. drseiler

    7/10 Tuna out of MB

    That's awesome. 3 hours and on the way in. Sounds like a great nap was in someone's future that day once everything was cleaned up. Wtg.
  23. drseiler

    Bluefin Go stupid WFO in OC

    Hells bells right there.
  24. drseiler

    late, i know SD the 8th

    I caught a YT last year with a deep gash on its back. Looked to be a cut from a prop. I threw it back because the meat looked infected. Maybe same thing?
  25. drseiler

    A wife- 20lb leader - baitrunner spinning reel- O-side- BFT

    What an awesome story to have in her and your arsenal. Congrats to you both on a great day.
  26. drseiler

    Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    Crime in Italy that's a nice feeesh. Congrats to this kid.
  27. drseiler

    Went Long

    Congrats guys. Simon your someones hero. We just don't know that someone. Lmao. Wtg.
  28. drseiler

    6/12 BFT on 9 Mile Bank

    That thing was Hangry.
  29. drseiler

    WOOH HOOOH! 100lb + Local Dana Point Tuna

    That was some good fish porn. Congrats.
  30. drseiler

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    Just passing through. :cheers:
  31. drseiler

    6/2 big whale and big tuna

    Hell yes. Nice work. Congrats and what a great show you had from that whale.
  32. drseiler

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    They won't leave, L.A. doesn't want them, and no way will the Mayor Kevin Falconer be the one who allowed that to happen. Remember Bolts fan will stab you. LOL I am sure that the mayor would be shot if that happen. The one thing that does make me think they will is the bolts owners are good...
  33. drseiler

    A question I had to ask;

    I think the real question is..... How many women has Big Ears had sex with that he didn't pay for? We know how many dudes but how many women? Answer= the same amount as the Chargers have won a SuperBowl. :rofl:
  34. drseiler

    2014 Vermy Award for most annoying sports fan thread

    DUMBO hands down the winner.
  35. drseiler

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    I JUST WISH DUMBO WOULD GO BACK TO BEANTOWN. Does anyone really like him? I know the 3 reasons your on BD all the time. 1. you have no friends, 2. no life 3. your :cheers:
  36. drseiler

    Patriots vs the Donks.

    Just passing through. Pats suck balls, Donks will win unless it's cold. Manning is not that good in cold weather.
  37. drseiler

    The flag

    Something @ez knows little about when posting fish reports. Just saying.
  38. drseiler

    Dear Broncos fans...

    I'm not worried. There is a long road left for all teams. Football and fishing are still both gay. Just saying. Congrats Corn-nut and Aggro-American.
  39. drseiler

    Stop whining Rivers, you look stupid

    Oh now I get it, it's a drunk love conversation.LOL
  40. drseiler

    Dear Broncos fans...

    Fishing and Football are both :supergay: or as big ears calls it his life's passion. LOL
  41. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    O.K. now I have heard it all. Scott you need to be in politics. I vote Gil Marlin for President.
  42. drseiler


    Oh Come on Maxine, you cried yourself to sleep last night under you Tom Brady Fat-head poster. I wanted to join in on the Sports forum last night but I couldn't stop laughing during the game.
  43. drseiler

    9/21 Tribute Tuna Trip

    WTG. Congrats to you and your son on a great trip and a great life long memory.
  44. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    I just shit myself. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Again.:eek::cheers:
  45. drseiler

    We're coming to get you Seattle

    I know. All my in-laws live in Denver and my wife is from there.
  46. drseiler

    Bring Back Bieber!!!

    here you go, just trying to help. FUCK YOU. Please press Enter button.
  47. drseiler

    Bring Back Bieber!!!

    All very valid points made. I just want to know where the BOTD went?
  48. drseiler

    We're coming to get you Seattle

    You want to bet on that. Don't worry I think both teams and their fan are total homo's but that aside, if it's cold or a night game, Manning will lose. Just saying. Whens the game time?
  49. drseiler

    Tampa Bay Bucs

    I'll take clobbered for $200 Alex. Please be the daily double.
  50. drseiler

    277 tuesday dodos opah yft

    An Opah and then a sharks eats it. That's some messed up shit right there. Congrats.
  51. drseiler

    For all you haters.....mainly cali pukes

    :doh: Don't make me come up there and knock the bouquet of dicks out of your mouth. :rofl: I don't remember asking you to be in the conversation. Now, Go Glad Wrap your head around one of the stolen kicker motors you have stored in your boyfriends apartment. :finger:
  52. drseiler

    For all you haters.....mainly cali pukes

    This is officially the gayest thread I have ever seen on this site. Seriously. Wright a Mod, chances are They are from SoCal. What an idiot this clown is. Can I put all of WA on the ignore list?
  53. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    STFU fucktard. I'll post in whatever forum I want. SoCal is where BD is from ass hat and we all have all been on here since the beginning more or less. You are our fucking afterbirth. Your butthurt and your team lost. :cheers: I get that feeling being a bolts fan so I can relate to that. Just...
  54. drseiler

    Psssssst Seattle

    Seattle is a great team. Yes as a Bolts fan I am laughing my ass off. But don't count the seacawks out just yet.
  55. drseiler

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    I want to read Fishball thread when he post's it. This is interesting. And now, Back to the show, carry on. I was just passing through. :D
  56. drseiler

    R.I.P. Winda

    Sorry for your loss. Dogs truly are mans best friends. You gave her a great life. 14 years is a long time. You were blessed for that as I know you know that. You shall both hunt again, it'll just be on the other side. Google "Rainbow Bridge".
  57. drseiler


    Go to you Doctor or the hospital asap. The smallest thing could become worse and then a really bad thing for you in a hurry. People die over dumb shit that could be prevented everyday when it comes to health. GO GET CHECKED TODAY PLEASE.
  58. drseiler

    Colorado archery elk

    That's a nice one. Congrats to them.
  59. drseiler

    Fishdope Spotter Plane Pics 9/11

    I am in the process of training homing terns. I let the birds fly with a GPS and go-pro on it. Then when they return we go catch the fish. LOL It's kind of like FD.
  60. drseiler

    Anyone see the UFO @ 5:30am today leaving SI ??? WTF!!!!

    Flashing deer doesn't count. Maybe it was Heavens Gate coming back for it's Kool-Aid.
  61. drseiler

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Please close this thread until winter when there is no great fishing in SoCal. This way we can all enjoy the points of view, the bitching and whatever else will be or has been said. Guys on here get real bitchy in the winter.:D Then this thread will go 100 pages. Just saying. :gaygroup:
  62. drseiler

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Wow, I'm gone for 1 day and all hell breaks loose.:D Limits are limits. Be happy you guys slayed it. Would you like to hear how much I spent on fuel in my own boat last weekend for nothing but a beating? Then again we are all waiting for both sides here right? Man I am glad I am not a captain...
  63. drseiler

    lets see how long this stays up

    Yeah what he said.:p
  64. drseiler

    lets see how long this stays up

    This site went down hill when they let WA have a section. :frehya2:All I ever end up seeing is reports about stolen kicker motors and thieves, but I don't go and bitch about that. What's next a secret forum?:rofl: Now calm down gals I am just kidding.
  65. drseiler

    The Sports Forum has really gotten small this year...

    Osama Bin Yellowbrick Toad. or is it Usama?
  66. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    I am sure that's one game we (Bolt Fans) all hope we lose now after that statement. ;):rofl:
  67. drseiler

    Not My Fish

    So that's where that fish was. I was trying to catch that thing on Saturday.:D Man I was way off fishing the 302. LMAO. Congrats to them on a great Dodo.
  68. drseiler

    Chargers first round draft pick sentenced to 5 years

    :indabutt: is what he's going to get.LOL He's an idiot.
  69. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    Just don't mess with Cuda Killer/Big Ron. He is not fun to be next to if he gets upset. :D
  70. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    Thanks for reminding me Max to return the DUMBO video my kid rented.;)
  71. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    So After the game the Bolts Offense went out for a bite to eat. One of the Receivers asked Rivers to pass the salt. He passed it and the receiver dropped it. Frickin fracken fuggin sumbitches. LMAO. Oh well we get to play Seattle Sunday, that should be fun.
  72. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    Oh I'm sorry thread police. So why are you on this thread then? If I read it correctly, it was a Go Chargers thread, but since your team lost and you started to talk shit in a grown man conversation that didn't involve you, I guess you just had to go to a winners thread to feel like your a...
  73. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    What did Miami do today? Oh Yeah, Laughed at New England.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::gaygroup:
  74. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    yep and that game almost put me to sleep. BORING. LOL
  75. drseiler


    Fuggin Stoners are always so sensitive or was that sensitiva. :D You know they could have played also, we all mailed our shit to AZ, hell JJones (lone shark) sent his from Colorado.
  76. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

  77. drseiler

    Hey Diddle Diddle

    Ray Rice should have gotten some pointers from his old teammate Rey Lewis on how to get away with shit. I am glad this pussy got thrown out of the NFL. I know many of us have had a girlfriend/wife make us that mad to want to or think about it, but you never and I mean never lay a hand on a...
  78. drseiler

    The Sports Forum has really gotten small this year...

    :smoking33: :rofl: without W.W. Donks lose.
  79. drseiler

    Ate Shix at the 209 today 9/5/14

    Wow, what size model? Friday was a lot different than Saturday out there. Saturday was a beating on the pond. I never made it to the 425. I headed north after the 302 to the 182 for nada. Maybe I should have gone to the 425 and out.
  80. drseiler


    I heard Tues started a gays only heavens gate cult but instead of drinking Kool-Aid they eat wheels of cheese. I'm willing to bet Thaluki is right behind Tues with a sausage platter, literally. :rofl: Maxine has been busy giving fishing reports with no pics. :rofl:
  81. drseiler

    The Sports Forum has really gotten small this year...

    I like how the BOTD is right next to the Sports Forum.
  82. drseiler

    Superbowl Winner Predictions Contest

  83. drseiler

    9/4/14 video added

    Thanks for the report Frank. Congrats.
  84. drseiler

    8/31 yft limit at 226 by 930

    Friday was a beating out there.
  85. drseiler


    Holy Crap. Congrats.
  86. drseiler

    Wahoo WERE at the 226 on 8/30

    I believe. I have an old black and white movie of fisherman off point loma catching hoo, from what I think the footage shot would be the 1940's??. I'll watch it again and see when but they (wahoo) were very plentiful here back in the day. With this season anything is possible. Congrats on a...
  87. drseiler

    R.I.P. Blitz

    Exactly. Why??? RIP Blitz. Sorry for your loss.
  88. drseiler

    are hammerheads normal at the 9mile

    I was headed in on Saturday to M.B. about 5 miles out and almost ran one over. My buddy got the full visual and said H.H. From what I saw it was about 8' long. They are close this year.
  89. drseiler

    425 area august 26

    Other than the weather being bad the same thing happened to me on Saturday. :o Oh well still had fun and wasn't at work or doing a honey do list item.
  90. drseiler

    8/24 Below the Corner - YFT

    Nicely done. Congrats.
  91. drseiler

    Holy smokes Batman ! Is that a Wahoo at the 302?

    It's the ocean anything is possible when it comes to sea life. Wow.
  92. drseiler

    Anyone have a recipe for Hammerhead?

    The best recipe is create chum. or lay it on an enemies front lawn or in the back of a buddies truck. :D
  93. drseiler

    7 Miles Short of the 302 8/18

    Dammit, now I may just go after work soon. I have no excuse, I live about 2 miles away the pond. I always go early. Congrats on a killer afternoon.
  94. drseiler

    Stupid Hammerheads

    I guess the hammerhead didn't get the memo that shark week was last week. Oh wait, every week is shark week to them. Anyway, congrats on a good haul.
  95. drseiler

    Short Report Dana Point 8/20

    I'm sure the water was nice and calm for him too. :D
  96. drseiler

    *Birthday fishing BD Tuna Jihad Style! 8/9/2014*

    Happy B-Day Maggie. Congrats on a perfect day.
  97. drseiler

    Went catching today..

    Seems like it's always catching and no pics from this guy.;) But since I know your full of beans and a fisherman, Congrats on a great day. See you on the pond big ears. :cheers:
  98. drseiler

    below the 371 yft , yt , dorado and a broken foot

    You can fish in a boot. Just call it your new deck boot. Congrats on a great day of fishing and good luck with the foot.
  99. drseiler

    Cedros on the Shogun

    Congrats. Those are some nice Y.T.'s.
  100. drseiler

    8/7 - YFT Limits - Corner Area

    I heard that about his Fleshlite. A bird named Tues told me. Ali and crew congrats on a great day of fishing.:appl:
  101. drseiler


    Where is the survivor pool? I got 20 bucks just dying to be poorly spent.
  102. drseiler

    2014-15 NFL Season Predictions. What's Yours?

    I wish I felt you pain. :o
  103. drseiler

    2014-15 NFL Season Predictions. What's Yours?

    Calm down Corn-nut. I would hardly call that playoff game a ramming from Denver. :cheers: I don't start the super bowl threads, I just read them.
  104. drseiler

    2014-15 NFL Season Predictions. What's Yours?

    My Prediction for the NFL 2014/15 Season is.... 1. The Donks Choke again. 2. The Pats and their fans stay super gay. 3. The BHG's all blow each other at some point. 4. The Bolts have a great season. 5. Dark-horse bet for me would be the Texans which I cannot stand but that D-Line should be hard...
  105. drseiler

    Opah news

    3 in one day let alone a lifetime is crazy. Congrats to the guys who caught them. A BIG WTG for the captain and crew for putting them on this bite. INSANE!!!!!!!
  106. drseiler

    8-4 YFT, Yellowtail, & Dorados

    AWESOME. Nothing is better than fishing and catching with the family. Congrats on a great day.
  107. drseiler

    8/2/14 Late report.

    Raiders 85/ white with blue and silver strips. I have had them for years and they work.
  108. drseiler

    8/2/14 Late report.

    Got Bait in MB (Dines good size half strong other half weak) Left at 3:30 made our way to the 302. Got between the 302 and 226 and BAM. Water was glass all day you could have water skied out there. Well needless to say from about 7 am to 11 am we were chasing these YFT. Small schools everywhere...
  109. drseiler

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    I can't believe I agree with this muffin head but I do. He is right. Fuck that hurt to type.:D
  110. drseiler

    Pier view dorado

    What happened to the other 10 Pacifico's? Assuming you had a case. That's a great day and fuel savings. Congrats.
  111. drseiler

    Local Tuna! 7/31/14

    Hells Bells. Nice work.
  112. drseiler

    Great day out there 7-30-14.

    Congrats on a great day of living/fishing and not working. :cheers:
  113. drseiler

    Oceanside 5 to 20 miles out for Dodo & Tuna

    Nice work. Congrats on a great day and a nice DoDo.
  114. drseiler

    "Holy Shit" CREEPY !!!!

    Yeah not something I would want to see or run into out there.
  115. drseiler

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    Everyone feels differently about Mexico and the policies it carries, yes I am not a fan of most of it. Caused me to walk away from a very nice home my wife and I had there, I miss that home everyday as I caught YT 100 yrds from shore. So I get your time share feeling. On the other hand my gripe...
  116. drseiler

    07/25 off Oside

    Awsome. WTG.:cheers:
  117. drseiler

    boat confiscated fishing pens?

    Interesting hopefully this didn't happen. I'll bet if you fly the Japanese flag on your boat and pay a little bribe money you could keep all the Bluefin you catch with no limit. I may wrong about that. Just a thought.
  118. drseiler

    7/26 same day report for dana point

    Big Dorado for the neck of the woods. Nice job. Congrats.
  119. drseiler


    I know this is an old topic but.....When Mexico can slow down or stop the infestation of illegals from entering my country and breaking my countries laws then and only then should the U.S. citizens respect anything they say. Every year it's some bullshit with this country and something to do...
  120. drseiler

    Islander 1.5 day - Fishing 7/21

    Killer story and report. Those kids will never forget that trip. Very cool.
  121. drseiler

    Heard some chatter that a Wahoo was caught in local waters

    ruh-roh, now you went and done it. LMAO.
  122. drseiler

    Wide open YT at 43-182

    The bait sucks this year at MB for private boaters.
  123. drseiler

    YellowTail Bonanza!!!

    Congrats. That's good stuff right there.
  124. drseiler

    Tribute 1.5 Day 7-19-14

    Nice work. Congrats.
  125. drseiler

    big patty

    That thing has it's own zip code.
  126. drseiler

    Went fishing and

    Mr Bowery, I did the same thing just different area 182 then boxed in a large area. I feel your PAIN. I trolled about the same amount. did roughly 90 miles today for nothing but lots of dolphin and 1 small patty that had nothing but a blue shark 3 ft long. Same thing. had fish crashing but no...
  127. drseiler

    7/17 Solo Tuna and YT in US waters

    Well that did not suck. Congrats on a fun solo run.
  128. drseiler

    Navy Almost Sink my boat with a torpedo ( Video )

    Maybe they were trolling Giant cedar plugs.:D Just sayin.
  129. drseiler

    Yellowfin, Bluefin and Yellowtail 7-14 ( Video )

    Nothing like watching Porn at work. Great video and congrats on a great day.
  130. drseiler

    Firsts--A Yellowfin and Yellow Tale

    Nice work Dad on getting those boys out. Congrats to your sons on a great first catch. WTG.
  131. drseiler

    Went catching today..

    WTG. new leader of the BHG. Congrats.
  132. drseiler

    7/14 Yellowfin US limits.........

    :appl::cheers: You Rocked it today. Congrats.
  133. drseiler

    99.9 nm of nothing.....181-182 ridge.....

    So you went fishing and caught some tenderloin? Nice work.:appl:
  134. drseiler

    I Guess one is better than none!

    Any day now is right. Nice job and congrats. Thanks for the report.
  135. drseiler

    Went for a boat ride today!

    same thing happened to me last week, same area. Holding but not hungry.
  136. drseiler

    182, 182, 209, 267 7-3-14

    still a good day. Congrats. Happy 4th.
  137. drseiler

    FRIDAY 6/27 at the islands.. fail

    I feel your pain, I went out to the 182 yesterday and didn't see one Pattie. Found some balloons floating and metered fish. We threw it all at them and no takers.:o Finished the day off in L.J. for basically nothing but a beer and a sandwich. It's all good, the boat ran perfect we had fun and...
  138. drseiler

    Worlds highest Bloodydecks flag!

    That is awesome. Nice work.
  139. drseiler

    YT @ NI

    Nice work. Congrats on a great day.
  140. drseiler


    No comment, just passing through. OPAH!!!!!!!!!!:cow:
  141. drseiler

    R.I.P. Tony Gwynn

    Tony Gwynn is my all time sports hero period. I was lucky enough to meet him and he gave me a signed ball that I still have today, proudly being shown off in my home. So sad to die at such a young age. IMO he is in the top 5 best players the game of baseball could ever have and us S.D. fans...
  142. drseiler

    WSB and a shit load of bats

    Sounds like a fun day. Congrats.
  143. drseiler

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    CONGRATS. That is an awesome story and on a solo mission.:cheers:
  144. drseiler


    No you boat looks fine, But that fish makes you look skinny.:) Nice job, congrats and solo mission.
  145. drseiler

    Why they call it Dope

    What rods??? :rofl:That is a funny ass story.
  146. drseiler

    How long is Saluki banned for?

    I just hope he took @EZ with him. :rofl: Did he really get banned? I have been away for a spell so if he did that's :supergay:
  147. drseiler


    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :urno1:
  148. drseiler

    Caption Contest - Win a $200 Gift Card to Dana Landing - Fred Hall booth 1005

    Tenderloin and Hammerhead... It's what's for dinner.
  149. drseiler

    Critique my reel inventory

    I think you should give them all to me. No need to use such nonsense. Buy the new stuff.LOL That's a nice collection.
  150. drseiler


    Nice work!!! Congrats.
  151. drseiler

    It all started when Joe Namath botched the coin toss

    That was a shit game unless you are a Seahawks fan. But I still am LMFAO at Denver.
  152. drseiler

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Denver Broncos Thread

    Try again??? Man you are dumb.:rofl: And Super annoying. Keep up the good work.
  153. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    :rofl:I fast forward to the good parts first. What I do afterwards is use a Bears towel to wipe up the spunk. Would you like me to mail it t you for next season to cry in when cuntler throws 50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 picks?
  154. drseiler

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Denver Broncos Thread

    I think his point was when you cheat and buy off the refs/vegas you can win. Just saying. Fans from Boston are the worst in all sports. Well the most annoying that is. Again, Just saying.:rofl: Don't you worry pal, your #2 in our book. - - - Updated - - -
  155. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Oh shit, we all thought it was from tues daily ass chowings you so willingly give him. :rofl: Sorry for the misunderstanding. This clears everything up.
  156. drseiler

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Denver Broncos Thread

    The Cheater bowl.:rofl: Now that's funny, and true.
  157. drseiler

    SO, need ideas for Gil's avatar for a week

    Carl had plenty of time to think of that while trying to fix his backlashed super bird nest.:rofl: Kurt as for the bet. Don't use the Obama hope thing. That is truly an insult to Gil. Go with the Biebe or the gay bolts stuff. :hali_olutta: Save your good stuff for Max.
  158. drseiler

    Happy Sunday Everyone.

    Here you go. I hear it's a split down the middle Patriot and Bronco bar. Good luck guys and play nice.
  159. drseiler

    Hey Saluki, move over I need a seat on your couch.

    My prediction: Stiff neck wins it all and retires, leaving the broncos to suck balls for at least 6 years. Brady gets caught with 3 hookers while driving drunk and then Jizz-ell ends up in a three way with Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn. . :rofl: O.K. that was mean.
  160. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    :rofl: Blow me, see you on the couch. Right there with you.
  161. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    :rofl:Ok cool, he's aloud to talk tons of shit then.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  162. drseiler

    Hey Saluki, move over I need a seat on your couch.

    Knock, Knock , Knock... Is that you frank? :rofl:
  163. drseiler

    Definition of "Omaha" in Denver.......

    Omaha made me thaw steaks for dinner, that's how many time I heard that today.
  164. drseiler

    The record setting, America's team vs the San Diego Chargers.

    Isn't it shark week?:rofl:
  165. drseiler

    Hey Saluki, move over I need a seat on your couch.

    :rofl: I just need to be able to reach the cooler.:hali_olutta:
  166. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Go hump your dog. What's this your first sports forum post. :rofl:
  167. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Max will be right there.
  168. drseiler

    Hey Saluki, move over I need a seat on your couch.

    Gil and I will be over shortly.:rofl: I'll take my lumps like a man. Congrats to the Bronco fans I like ( my wife, Kurt and Corndog, fuck everyone else). Now please go win so it'll shut Max up. Charger fans have a lot to look forward to with this team in the future, it's not like we re-signed...
  169. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Awwww shucks, Cornbread and Dumbo are breaking up. You crazy one night standers.:rofl:
  170. drseiler

    Denver sports radio 104.3

    :eek: Wow, even against your own team. You see that Gil.:rofl:
  171. drseiler

    Happy Sunday Everyone.

    Who cares, that just means he will get to bitch slap Tues and Saluki in the playoffs. providing either one of those two shitbag teams makes the playoffs.
  172. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    You belong together. :rofl:
  173. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    :rofl:yeah what he said.
  174. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Who on this forum is a bandwagon Charger fan? Just asking, other than Max today.
  175. drseiler


  176. drseiler

    Happy Sunday Everyone.

    :rofl: Shit even I would take that bet.:rofl: Heads I win, Tails you lose.
  177. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    So will you if we win.:rofl:
  178. drseiler

    Charger fans........?

    Other than a few pics of tits this thread sucks. Please remove it. This is what is known as cyber...
  179. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    :rofl: So what your really saying is your afraid of the bolts so you want to play Peyton Manning. I get that.
  180. drseiler

    Happy Sunday Everyone.

    No need sit on his couch. He gives free mustache rides. Just ask Tues.:rofl:
  181. drseiler


    You always make us smile.:boobies:
  182. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Good Morning Max. Did you get any sleep from the drunken victory party you had last night. I guess you want the Bolts to win today so your team doesn't have to go to Denver to play next week. Say it better yet type it. GO BOLTS.:rofl:
  183. drseiler

    Happy Sunday Everyone.

    Win or Lose. Go Bolts.
  184. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    :hali_olutta: Welcome. We love Charger fans here. The more you sign up the better. Tell all your friends to join it. This is the super official playoff thread for the Chargers. All the other teams these guys like saluki,@ez,tues ect. like suck anyway.
  185. drseiler


    YEP!!!! :rofl:unless they win. Then it's ignore list.:rofl::rofl: I think Luck and crew put a slap down on pretty boy and Billacheat. I also hope I don't see that gay ass fucking sweater Brady wore earlier this year during the post game interview. That's some shit Max would wear. GO COLTS.
  186. drseiler


    . .
  187. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    So what your really saying is you bought 2. :rofl:
  188. drseiler

    The record setting, America's team vs the San Diego Chargers.

    Oh good, one day closer to Peyton's one and done playoff run.:rofl:
  189. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Sounds like a true call out right there. :rofl:Gil Marlin does have a good point to his post.
  190. drseiler

    The Official Super Chargers will beat the Broncos at home again thread...

    Sounds like a cry for help. Must have picked up that crying thing from studying your QB.:rofl: Save that spot for Dumbo and Aggro . I am sure one of the two will sit on your lap.
  191. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    How nice of you to want to watch the Bolts play the Colts.:rofl: Look out Kurt, Maxine's bar is located in Hillcrest. Just sayin
  192. drseiler

    Super Bowl MVP Winner Aaron Rodgers Allegedly Outed By Rumored Boyfriend

    No, we have the BD clause, we also have the 2 Grand Marshals of the gay world parades with Saluki conducting the East Coast and Tues Conducting the West Coast.:rofl:
  193. drseiler

    GB Packers playoffs run.................

    Now that shit is funny.:rofl:
  194. drseiler

    We Lost a good one today RIP Jerry

    Bummer. May he rest in piece. "Hang a star on that one baby."
  195. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

  196. drseiler

    The record setting, America's team vs the San Diego Chargers.

    MULLIGAN, I call a true Bitch slapping which is what it really was. The most uneasy feeling team/fans in the NFL right now is Denver. If your not concerned you should be. The Bolts have nothing to lose, remember we are not supposed to be there right.:rofl: Please keep doubting us, keep it up...
  197. drseiler

    Super Bowl MVP Winner Aaron Rodgers Allegedly Outed By Rumored Boyfriend

    Hey now Gil wait a second, that's not totally correct. The fans are also.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  198. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    :rofl: Hater.:finger:
  199. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    No, it makes you a smart fag.:rofl:
  200. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    I like this not belonging in the playoffs thing. I am sure Denver's fans are a bit concerned now. I would be. :rofl: Hey BHG's :finger:
  201. drseiler

    Who has a beter chance winning wild card weekend Chargers or Saints

    Simon, think of how great it will feel if the Bolts win and you win the money. Use your gut feeling on this pick and may the force be with you, and The Bolts.
  202. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Please do not use that scum bag to represent my team in any way shape or form. He is from Chicago right?:rofl:
  203. drseiler

    This is going to be Great: Jay Cutler re-signs with Da Bears

    Bravo. Bravo.:worship:
  204. drseiler

    This is going to be Great: Jay Cutler re-signs with Da Bears

    What does Rivers have to do with Chicago keeping this turd? Also to make it more painful for everyone except Maggie. Eli has more than Peyton and that will not change this season.:rofl: Face it Brandon your fucked with this clown at the helm. Have fun sucking Tues balls the next 4-7 seasons.:rofl:
  205. drseiler

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Listen homo/Tues, G.B and their gay Q.B. will win this weekend so zip it. S.D. could very well pull this off, and as for uncle fag-pie Saluki, his shit team will be watching our teams and now he has a whiney lackluster bitch QB for 7 years.:rofl: Keep doubting BHG's and cock lovers. :finger...
  206. drseiler

    It's about time the Chargers...

    Not for me. Road game. :rofl:
  207. drseiler

    Marry Christmas Sports forum Fags

    X's 2.
  208. drseiler

    It's about time the Chargers...

    Woodhead will be the money maker in this game with that weather.
  209. drseiler

    This is funny... Black out in Green Bay for the playoff game... The NFL is losing ground from fans.
  210. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    If you win the thing. Your ass will buy and wear some Charger gear. :rofl:You see Tues sent me the money for safe keeping. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Say what you want about shouldn't or should be in the playoffs. I hope the Chargers win the entire fucking show then have an * next to the win. I...
  211. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    I want my money back. Send it in pennies via US Mail. Thank you.:rofl: May the best loser win this thing.
  212. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    Yeah there is, like how much he can swallow another BHG's man-ranch. :rofl:
  213. drseiler

    Did I mention, The Bears fuckin suck?

  214. drseiler

    It's about time the Chargers...

  215. drseiler


    A. That ring was with the colts. B. His gay ass brother has 2 rings.:_diarrhea_: C. What did Rivers have to do with Simons post? What because he is a bolts fan. I can almost guaranty that you were not a BIG P. Manning fan all the times he whooped Denvers ass when he was in Indy. Now you love...
  216. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    I have free tickets to a Donkey show. Just look at Max:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  217. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    You still have 2 games outdoors in the cold buddy with stiff neck /bad ankles to boot, plus you can be beat at home, shall I remind you. Denver is still suspect even with a 600+ point season. Just saying. but your chances are better than mine so good luck. :hali_olutta:
  218. drseiler

    Cowgirls versus Beagles - who are you rooting for?

    Sorry for saying this Maggie, but the NFC blows. The AFC West is where real football is at.:rofl:
  219. drseiler

    Cowgirls versus Beagles - who are you rooting for?

    WOW, how did you do that?
  220. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    Gift wrapped it was. I would be concerned if I were you, your QB plays like shit in cold weather. :rofl:
  221. drseiler

    Sharon Rodgers vs Jane Cuntler

    What was the bet for between Saluki and Tues this time? Who go to enema who?:rofl:
  222. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    You and your team is now concerned the Chargers are in the playoffs my friend. :rofl: :hali_olutta: I will say The Bolt's looked like compete shit today (not taking from K.C.'s second and third string, they played great). I will also say Saluki is bitter, @EZ is a total homo, Green Bay fans...
  223. drseiler


    I just don't like the love affair the NFL and the media has had with P Manning since he started in the league. Yes he a great QB, No I don't think he is the best of all time. Great yes, gay yes, about to have his career ended yes and his brother still has more S.B wins and that will not change...
  224. drseiler

    Did I mention, The Bears fuckin suck?

    Very well written.
  225. drseiler

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Baltimore Ravens Thread

    :rofl: When Elephant ears team loses in the playoff, he will be nowhere near B.D. He talks legendary amounts of shit, then hides like a bitch when it comes to payback time. Mark my words, you'll all see in the next 3 weeks.:rofl:
  226. drseiler

    Go Raiders!

    The 2 real reason this homo. created this thread. Reason #1 he's a total dick.:rofl: Reason 2. He is scared if the Bolts make the playoff, his bitch team will get slapped by the only AFC team that can actually beat his team. :finger: or just for another option, Reason #3 He's gay and loves...
  227. drseiler

    Merry Xmas...

    He's scared right now since the playoff are coming and one and done seems to be Denver's only hope.:rofl: Merry Christmas Scott. And yes, best thread of the year.
  228. drseiler

    All I want for Christmas...

    X's a billion.
  229. drseiler

    Donks vs Bolts ~~~~ Fish keep Donks in first place

    You ever seen a lightning bolt hit a horse right in the ass? I did last night. :rofl:
  230. drseiler

    Avatar Bet

  231. drseiler

    Donks vs Bolts ~~~~ Fish keep Donks in first place

    Just post it up. We can all take it from there.:rofl:
  232. drseiler

    Donks vs Bolts ~~~~ Fish keep Donks in first place

    :rofl: Nothing but love Corn-nut.
  233. drseiler

    Donks vs Bolts ~~~~ Fish keep Donks in first place

    That my friend, was very well written. :appl:
  234. drseiler

    Donks vs Bolts ~~~~ Fish keep Donks in first place

    :rofl: Fuzzy logic works. That was a bitch slapping, just look at the numbers. :rofl:
  235. drseiler

    Second time in 2 years with BOFA ...hacked bank account emptied.

    That sucks Kurt. BTW BOFA still owes me $800.00 usd. Maybe they stole it from you to pay me back.:rofl:I'll let you know if they send me a check. I left them 4 years ago and have had zero problems.
  236. drseiler

    From God's ears.

    In Church, I heard a sweet elderly lady in the pew next to me saying a prayer. It was so innocent and sincere that I just have to share it with you: “Dear Lord, this has been a tough four to five years. You have taken my favorite actor Patrick Swayze. My favorite musician Michael Jackson...
  237. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    According to Peyton Manning that hit was NOT legal. Well it was a legal hit. Bottom line is Denver is not that great if the bolts D held them to only 28 points. Yes they won but I don't think they will get past K.C. D. Just saying. Denver is on it's way down.:rofl:
  238. drseiler

    The real reason why attendance is down at Charger home games....

    Lets hear it for Green Bay and Chicago yesterday. :appl:
  239. drseiler

    Does Bloodydecks need a bullying policy

    Thread of the year.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I thought this was where all the beat up kids hung out. Man I was way off. :rofl:
  240. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    Fuzzy Logic, just sayin. It's the every other week, along with the bolts win against teams they should lose to and lose to teams they should beat. Fuzzy Logic say's Bolts win buy 2 points. It's a division game. Anything can happen. To all the BHG's :finger: I only want to see Denver lose 2...
  241. drseiler

    Chiefs win............................again.

    I see it this way. It's the every other week for the bolts and since they should lose to the Donks. They will win. Don't even watch this Sunday. Your going to be sad after that game. Well in a fuzzy logic kind of way. You know.
  242. drseiler

    Richie Incognito

    Define big dudes you played with? WTF. well you are a Donks fan.
  243. drseiler

    San Diego Chargettes

    I agree. Max as a man is a great guy I am told but as a shit talking football fan. Total fag.:rofl:
  244. drseiler

    Richie Incognito

  245. drseiler

    Nov 4th MNF Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  246. drseiler

    Nov 4th MNF Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

    Well then he will fit perfect on The Bolts. Right after that play calling on the 6" line. That's worse than 4th and 99
  247. drseiler

    Nov 4th MNF Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

    :rofl: you got that all wrong. The Donks have the criminals this year.
  248. drseiler

    Nov 4th MNF Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

    Only a pussy would be fans of either one of these teams. :rofl:
  249. drseiler

    Nov 4th MNF Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

  250. drseiler

    Nov 4th MNF Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

    This thread and these teams suck.:rofl: I cannot wait to see who gets what as an avatard.
  251. drseiler

    Jay Cutler has a sprained Vagina

    Yes sir.
  252. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    Your not telling the truth right now. You cleverly covering it up and stuff.:rofl:
  253. drseiler

    Nov 4th MNF Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

    the truth is not far behind that picture. just saying. 1.My prediction is Bears suck balls and Packers suck a bigger set of balls. 2. This game ends. Bears 17 Packers 16. 1 safety due to Cuntler drops his tampon in the endzone goes to pick it up and gets butt-slammed buy that gay ass long...
  254. drseiler

    Go Chargers...

    They are saving that loss for next week. It will be the every other week you know.:D
  255. drseiler

    Colts vs. Donkeys

  256. drseiler

    Max Alert... Max Alert...

  257. drseiler

    MNF *** GIANTS vs VIKINGS***Predictions?

    It'll help all of us, but not the game. Please post picks.:rofl:
  258. drseiler

    Colts vs. Donkeys

    Well played sir. At least you know your team won't win the superbowl this year.:rofl:
  259. drseiler

    Jay Cutler has a sprained Vagina

  260. drseiler

    Packers vs. Browns

    I don't bet on my own team. Remember what happened to Pete Rose.:rofl: I am saving them for the bigger games that really count.
  261. drseiler

    Colts vs. Donkeys

    Sweet. I am buying my S.B. tix then right now.
  262. drseiler

    MNF *** GIANTS vs VIKINGS***Predictions?

    I am hoping that the Giants win but only for one very nice young lady that loves that team. Other than that Eli could lose them all and I wouldn't be sad. Magg's I am on your side tonight. Besides most Vikings have really bad breath. Just ask any of the BHG's:rofl:
  263. drseiler

    Colts vs. Donkeys

    Yeah but The Chargers beat the colts and the colts beat the Donks. How does that fuzzy logic work?:rofl:
  264. drseiler

    Max Alert... Max Alert...

    Just look for the buzzards. :rofl: Typical BHG. Talks legendary amounts of shit the runs for the rocks to hide when their gay ass team loses. It's common in those folks.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  265. drseiler

    Colts vs. Donkeys

    Funny how God works isn't it.
  266. drseiler


    Hey, I'm cool if Denver only has 2 losses this year. 1 loss to the Bolts and 1 loss in the playoffs. They can win all the rest.:rofl:
  267. drseiler

    Colts vs. Donkeys

  268. drseiler

    Here we go ladies

    Was this statement/question a bribe, threat or fantasy? Just wondering.:rofl: Good luck with takers.
  269. drseiler

    Packers vs. Browns

    Yeah that gay Cheese head team better win. I used them in my pick this week.
  270. drseiler

    Ummm Gil?????

    You sir, just brought a tear to my eye. :hali_olutta: I
  271. drseiler

    Bolts vs Jags

    Don't trust this guys picks. He lost in his own Pool.:rofl:
  272. drseiler


    Did Da Bears win? and Did the Patriots win? :D :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Now if Denver would lose I would have had a perfect day. :hali_olutta:
  273. drseiler

    Deer opener hunt my very first kill ever

    Dammit that looks good, now I am hungry.
  274. drseiler

    ***FMM Visa info for fishing Baja Coast and Coronado Islands***

    Did the Mexican Government have the same people who wrote Obamacare concoct this idea? They can keep the change. I am in the process of buying a River boat instead of an ocean fishing vessel. I am glad I made that decision a month ago. I can always buy fish. I can't always buy my boat back...
  275. drseiler

    Deer opener hunt my very first kill ever

    Nice work. You just saved someone's kid or dog by killing that lion. Make some slippers and let us know how it tastes. :hali_olutta:
  276. drseiler

    Patriot Fans are the best...

    :rofl:BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now that is funny.
  277. drseiler

    Why People Love to Fish

    Great video.
  278. drseiler

    Ummm Gil?????

    Where is the Bolt thread for tonight's game? I am FUBAR and cannot see it or go to it tonight so between and B.D. via phone is my only source to follow it. I see it as it's the every other week win and this is the every other week so the Bolts should win.:hali_olutta: BTW the...
  279. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    I just know that even with the strength numbers left there only a few of us left at 6-0 in this thing. So it's still anyone's pool.
  280. drseiler

    Patriot Fans are the best...

    So that explains the Rainbow tramp stamp tattoo you have. :rofl: BTW, Brady let his wife dress him for the interview after the game yesterday. Even my wife said he looked Gay.
  281. drseiler

    Okay Maggie......

    No we just hate all other football teams. If there was just a way to get rid of all other teams we could be world champs every year.:rofl:
  282. drseiler

    Chargers/Raiders game time......

    El Toro.
  283. drseiler

    Chargers at Raiders

    So you want to be MOD if the year and a pee collector?
  284. drseiler

    Chargers at Raiders

    Did the Bears win?
  285. drseiler

    America's team sucks the dudes from Texas at the gloryhole

    I think Romo sleeps well every night. He has a ton of cash. I slept great knowing my team sucks balls and the Donks are not that great to let a bum like Romo score 48 points.:D without coach P manning Denver ain't shit.
  286. drseiler

    Chargers/Raiders game time......

    Translation is the word/name (Tues), it works with any language.
  287. drseiler

    Best burger joint! Help please.

    The Longhorn is great. I have not been there in a long ass time but now I want to go back. I use to go there with my dad in the early 80's. It was a huge Charger hang out. I met a few at the old Liena's sandwiches shop down the road from the longhorn. Dammit Sherm, now I am going there this...
  288. drseiler

    Nothing like a first Marlin

    Sweet. Congrats.
  289. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    You should have given me $20 to make your picks for you. :rofl:
  290. drseiler

    Chargers at Raiders

    This time it was Dallas fans not Bolt fans. The people in Oakland that can afford to go to games are actually peaceful, it's all the L.A. and Gayder nation gang bangers that suck. I do know one 7ft tall big Raider fan who is cool as long as you don't mess with him.:D I heart Big Ron.
  291. drseiler

    Pig Skull's back............

    That's cool looking.
  292. drseiler

    Jay Cutler Proudly Watches Son Throw First......

    FleshBook page???
  293. drseiler

    Yep still taking money.

    I wasn't pointing fingers at any party, just pointing out our over pay'd so called elected officials suck ass and we as the people of the greatest nation on Gods green earth are getting fucked hard. At this point I am an American who has a conservative backbone, not with any party. I don't...
  294. drseiler

    Chargers/Raiders game time......

    :rofl:you stab a Bears fan nightly, unless she left you for a Charger fan?
  295. drseiler

    Chargers/Raiders game time......

    Bronco fans and Patriot fans are the worst.
  296. drseiler

    Yep still taking money.

    WASHINGTON (AP) - The Internal Revenue Service says you must pay your taxes during the government shutdown. But don't expect any refunds. The IRS said Tuesday it will gladly accept tax returns and payments during the shutdown. In fact, they are required by law. But, the agency said, it will not...
  297. drseiler

    Sunday Night Football

    you must have had him on ignore list then.:rofl:
  298. drseiler

    What age did you start fishing?

    So not much has changed like the diaper.
  299. drseiler

    Sunday Night Football

    Did Max make it after yesterdays drunk-o-thong he was working on?
  300. drseiler

    New England Patriots are 4 and freakin 0!!!!!

    N.E. has not played a real team until yesterday and they almost fucked that one up. News flash, they are not that great. Better than my team yes, but they are still gay like Max's hung-over ass is today.
  301. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    I just became a captain (ie: self promoted) in the BD armed forces. Special opps division. I know our lil lady Tues has all the addresses and info on who didn't pay. :D
  302. drseiler

    So, you think your smoking is a personal & private thing.

    Brandon, your post made me want to quit smoking seriously. I have tried many times and did well for a year and 4-6 months at times. It is a hard thing to shake. I have at least cut down to about 1/4 of what I did before so reading this hit home for me. I have sent prayers for your sister and...
  303. drseiler

    Chargers at Raiders

    Hey, you worked hard on getting drunk today.:rofl: It wasn't all that easy. or was it?:rofl:
  304. drseiler

    Chargers at Raiders

    I'm not worried about the Broncos. I will be laughing my ass off when the go one and done come playoff time. But any AFC west div game is a battle.
  305. drseiler

    Philip Rivers single handedly bukakkied the Cowboys

    Hey Gil, Bolts win.:cheers: oh and the BHG's suck monkey sack.
  306. drseiler

    Chargers at Raiders

    I hate inner-division games. You just never know what the (bleep) is going to happen. But I like your outlook on it Bowery.
  307. drseiler

    Where is the Bears Vs. Lions thread?

    Brandon, my prayers are sent for your sister and your entire family. Now to take your mind off of things. The Bears got bitch slapped today and your a BHG member so you got that going for you.:D All kidding aside, prayers sent. Hang in there man.
  308. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    I payed him.
  309. drseiler

    Power rankings..........

    But won't P Manning get picked in the playoffs and lose yet once again. Well that's just wishful thinking on my behalf.:rofl:
  310. drseiler

    Why I Can't Get Hired...

    :rofl:Nicely done sir.
  311. drseiler

    Gaiders vs Donkos MNF

  312. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    Well then I am safe. My family knows I am on B.D, they know all about Tues, Saluki and the entire BHG gayness. Fuck it. I will spend $25 bucks to stop payment on the $20 check I sent just to see what happens.:rofl: Nevermind, I sent him cash, Fuck.LOL
  313. drseiler

    Gaiders vs Donkos MNF

    Big Horned Gila monster? or Big Homo Gay? your pic.
  314. drseiler

    Gaiders vs Donkos MNF

    For the first time in years the Donks have more criminals on their team than the faiders do. Go Raiders. Hit Manning so hard he kicks the ball like Rivers did.:rofl: I cannot believe I just said Go Raiders.
  315. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Being a charger fan is like fishing with the BHG's your asshole is going to hurt afterwords.
  316. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Even I was:rofl:
  317. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    just patiently waiting for the BHG's:ashamed:
  318. drseiler


    Oh I hate and yes the Bolts lost but your still gay for tues.:rofl:
  319. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Expected. What was that kick by Rivers. here come the BHG's.
  320. drseiler

    Is KC still winning?

    So is everyone but the BHG.:rofl:
  321. drseiler


    Saluki and Tues as babies.
  322. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    X's infinity. BHG's blow sheep.
  323. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    Ha ha, just saw email from the grand marshal of gay. Sorry Chris. It's sent.
  324. drseiler

    SEA bass

    Congrats. Nice fish.
  325. drseiler

    Interesting Event Happened at Fisherman's Landing Yesterday

    :rofl: I second that quote. And yet all the pages will be nothing but crap.
  326. drseiler

    1 day of catching 1 day of fishing on the Pride 9-16-17-13

    Wow great trip you were on and congrats on a great haul of fish. Great report.
  327. drseiler

    ready for some Steelers foosball ?

    If he starts typing with caps lock on, I would say not yet.:rofl:
  328. drseiler

    Should be in the jokes forum but it's sports related, well for them it's a sport.

    Hey Mama Bear. Zero sound on you clip. But I am sure it was really super funny.
  329. drseiler

    ready for some Steelers foosball ?

    KRWP will win. Rut-Roh Steelers knocking on the back door.
  330. drseiler

    49ers how could this be ?

    It's all about the twelfth man. :rofl:
  331. drseiler

    Should be in the jokes forum but it's sports related, well for them it's a sport.

    Actually it came to me real easy like, kind of like Tues when you bend over sweet-cheeks. But thanks for thinking I actually tried.
  332. drseiler

    Should be in the jokes forum but it's sports related, well for them it's a sport.

    Then it would be a win win for everyone.:rofl:
  333. drseiler

    Awful Quiet.......

    Gals, this is what PM's are for. Now back to talking shit about each others teams. That is all carry on.:loverz: Jon, glad you got out with the boy today. That is more important than anything else seriously. Hope you had a great time. Saluki, BLOW ME.
  334. drseiler

    Should be in the jokes forum but it's sports related, well for them it's a sport.

    How do you get a BHG to swallow? Invite another BHG over to their house.:rofl:
  335. drseiler

    Awful Quiet.......

    How do you get a Bears fan to swallow? Invite Tues to his house.:rofl:
  336. drseiler

    Chargers VS Eagles

    Or in the playoffs:rofl:
  337. drseiler

    Awfully Loud...

    :rofl: Size L.
  338. drseiler

    Awful Quiet.......

    only 5 wins??? really C'mon man they will win more than that. These first 2 games were against good teams. Your teams 2 wins were against worse teams than the Bolts played and your team barely won. I would be seriously concerned if I were you for your team. just saying.:D But hey I get it 2-0 vs...
  339. drseiler

    Manning Bowl Today - Which team are you picking to win the game?

    Great now she will fail that class. Please don't help our future.:rofl:
  340. drseiler

    Awful Quiet.......

    They are all eating cock at the moment.
  341. drseiler

    Awfully Loud...

    This thread is:supergay:
  342. drseiler

    Chargers VS Eagles

    Bolts win. :finger: BHG's.:rofl:
  343. drseiler


    Dang that looks great. I have had a hangover all day. But last night was awesome. Do you deliver?:rofl:
  344. drseiler

    Chargers Football...

    Nothing on here is childish. It's a bunch of grown ass men acting like they are supposed to, oh and a few ladies with some class. Well there is one lady or shall I call him the slut from AZ.:rofl: GO BOLTS:finger::rofl:
  345. drseiler

    Brotha down from Seattle

    SoCal vagina's.:rofl: A little wind. WA weather is brutal and they fish it all the time. I will be gone this weekend at the Iron Maiden/Megadeath show and then sleeping in the rest of it since I will be hung the F*** over. Good luck with finding someone to fish with.
  346. drseiler

    How do you keep a Charger Fan off you lawn????

    That shit was funny.
  347. drseiler

    Chargers Football...

    Just another BHG going soft when it counts.:rofl:
  348. drseiler

    Prayers needed for my Mom

    Prayers sent Mike.
  349. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

    Here is my goal ladies. After I get the shirts made I will need to send them to everyone. They will be done and ready to send in mid November. I just need some time to get the design perfected:rofl:. Might be earlier. I would also like that all of the real BHG's and the real Bolt fans on here...
  350. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

    #9 shirt size please.
  351. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

    I knew what you meant. I thought it was funny.
  352. drseiler

    How do you keep a Charger Fan off you lawn????

    ummm I have no lawn. It's covered in kicker motors from Wa:rofl: Ok that wasn't funny.
  353. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

  354. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    I guess it all depends:D
  355. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

    Just hang in there. it's only week 1 it gets worse throughout the season. Divorce will be something from your past come week 10.:rofl:
  356. drseiler

    How do you keep an Oakland Raider off your lawn?

    :rofl: I forgot this was a WA forum. Sorry.
  357. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

    Shhh that's his xmas present.
  358. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

    Whats your size? Your not getting out of this one so easy pal.I got something really pretty for you. - - - Updated - - - Sorry Agg's just saw the L
  359. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

    O.K. not that gay of a shirt.:rofl:
  360. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

    WTF??? I have pics of you. Your not that fat. Just a little bit.:rofl: your getting an XL
  361. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

    You guys will pee yourselves laughing.
  362. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

    Oh they will be my friend. I will not let you down.
  363. drseiler

    Dear BHG's

    . I need sizes from all of you. Some of you I know have not missed a buffet or a cheeseburger and the thinner ones I need your sizes also. This is for T-shirts. Only BHG's need reply. :finger: I will place my order by Oct 1st. I won't be a dick. they will be cool shirts you'll wear with pride.
  364. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    I already have that copyright. They will arrive soon. I'm working on something really nice.
  365. drseiler

    How do you keep an Oakland Raider off your lawn?

    Eat cock. oh wait you already do. carry on.
  366. drseiler

    Charger trends force new at 11

    my will??? man those Pacifico's are kicking in.:rofl::hali_olutta:
  367. drseiler

    Charger trends force new at 11

    I already have the copyright on that jack. my will placed with Ali soon. I also have made nicknames for all you homos. I will send them to you for xmas.:rofl:Just hold out another couple months guys. BHG's are coming.
  368. drseiler

    tin boat cabin build

    Looking good.
  369. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    yeah and a gimp driving it. Then you will be the bus stop bitches.:rofl: God Bless the BHG's. I still don't like you when it comes to football, but your all good guys. Now:finger:
  370. drseiler

    A "bone" for Chargette fans

    X's 3
  371. drseiler

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Guitarist always get snapper.
  372. drseiler

    boat "lucky dog" missing off Oceanside

    Still no word on them finding this guy? Man that sucks. Prayers sent out for his family. My wife told me never to fish or ski alone. I told her nobody can keep up with me skiing and as for fishing, since I said "I Do" it really meant I do not fish anymore.:rofl: PFD and kill cord always on a...
  373. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    :appl: Agreed, don't forget the Pat's barely won. Oh and the butthole gang can suck my dick. The Bolts played good against a team who would/will beat most of the BHG's teams any day.
  374. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Did we play the Donks tonight? I swear I was watching my DVR from last season. Oh well. Zero expectations.
  375. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Actually it's gay.:rofl:
  376. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    QUOTE=drseiler;3236094]I won my pick this week. QUOTE=cabo jon;3236098]:rofl: I bet for money. I know better.:rofl: [
  377. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    fewwhhh that was a close one. I almost had to pay Tues $20 for nothing.:rofl:
  378. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    I won my pick this week.
  379. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    This is why they cannot sell out game anymore. Same shit as always. Good thing I picked the texans in my survivor pool.:rofl:
  380. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Zip it pinhead.
  381. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Here we go. FUCK
  382. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    AJ Cocksmith was the real problem. Spanos is still an asshole. He needed to get this new GM and coaching staff for his own personal safety. Norf was just the fall guy.
  383. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Dear Butthole Gang aka BHG :finger: Rivers is out for blood.
  384. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Coming out swinging. GO BOLTS
  385. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    :rofl: Even I have to laugh at that comment.
  386. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Told you,
  387. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Down by a foot.:waglleybooty:
  388. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Here comes the B.H.G.
  389. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    O-tay Thaluki.
  390. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    Go to the New England thread please.:rofl: This is a Charger thread, The official Charger thread brought to us by Gil Marlin.
  391. drseiler

    Week 1 Fooooooooooooooozeball..........

    There is more than 2 others. It's that they are waiting to say something after the Bolts win.:rofl:
  392. drseiler

    Go Chargers!!!

    When Tues blows guys, he takes great pride in it. Just ask Saluki, Gil Marlin and Marcus.:rofl: GO BOLTS.
  393. drseiler

    How to be a Doctor...

    I'll admit it.LOL
  394. drseiler

    Week 1 Fooooooooooooooozeball..........

    I have zero expectations for the bolts this season, but no team looked as bad as the Steelers yesterday. No way are the bolts worse than that. C'mon. That was an epic fail, almost as bad as 4th and 99.:rofl:
  395. drseiler

    Week 1 Fooooooooooooooozeball..........

    That's because they do.:rofl: Even the Bolts don't look that bad, but tonight will tell more. Lot's of season left for all teams. Anything can happen to any team at this point.
  396. drseiler

    Jackhole(s) tried to jack me.

    Are these God's children or just kids?:rofl:
  397. drseiler

    Less than 48 hours to Africa

    Have a safe and great time. Good luck.
  398. drseiler

    Week 1 Fooooooooooooooozeball..........

    OK now that's f-ing funny.
  399. drseiler

    Nothing in North County

    Glad you guys got her wet.
  400. drseiler

    49ers and the Green Bay Packers - Blow me Marcus, Drew, et al...

    I'm just glad the refs screw over other teams besides mine. But yet G.B. has to be furious at this blown call. Even I think G.B. got screwed twice within one calendar year by refs.
  401. drseiler

    Big BFT

    I would be scared to catch that thing, but I would still try to. What a monster.
  402. drseiler

    Thanks to the boat that caught the David fish

    I cannot imagine how scary that must have been. So happy it turned out good for everyone. It's not so much the pond as it is what lives in that pond that scares the crap out of me. Wow, what a story and thank God for the other boat.
  403. drseiler

    Donkos vs Ravens

    No they sucked balls and lost. Sorry bro, pick a better team next time.:rofl:
  404. drseiler

    Heard yellowfin on the porpoise at 209 on channel 72 9/7-13

    LMAO. It's a big pond, they are all out there somewhere. Ch 72 and 4 quarters will get you a dollar.
  405. drseiler


    Scott will you be my secret santa this year?:rofl:
  406. drseiler

    Pissed off restaurant owners

    That's some funny Cheeet right there.
  407. drseiler

    49ers and the Green Bay Packers - Blow me Marcus, Drew, et al...

    Did Gil write this and pm it to you?:rofl:
  408. drseiler

    Charger Fans come through...

    They call them Family section. They have had them for years.
  409. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    Tues has no friends. Just Saluki , Rosie and her twin sister. BTW is Rex Ryan on meth? that fat fuck lost some serious lbs.
  410. drseiler

    ** Need help with a camp ground recommendation between Bishop and Independence. **

    you should be good at any campground this time of year from Independence to Mammoth lakes. i know it's north of what you want but Convict has spaces for that size.
  411. drseiler

    Week 1 Fooooooooooooooozeball..........

    A lot of close games today.
  412. drseiler

    Help us name the new boat Thread......

    2 Guys 1 boat. or was that 2 girls 1 cup. - - - Updated - - - you forgot Donkey Punch
  413. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    Thanks sugarballs. I'll send it to you Monday since my hot ass mail-lady already picked up the mail today.:drool:she has very nice and big:boobies:
  414. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    Hey Chris/Tues $32.00??? Do I send your gay ass $20 or $32?
  415. drseiler

    It's finally done!!!!!

    INSANE. Congrats on the build.
  416. drseiler

    49ers and the Green Bay Packers - Blow me Marcus, Drew, et al...

    You are correct sir. I'll take that as a hell fucking yes.:rofl:
  417. drseiler

    Help us name the new boat Thread......

  418. drseiler

    49ers and the Green Bay Packers - Blow me Marcus, Drew, et al...

    Ummm sir, have you been drinking?
  419. drseiler

    Czech Mate Trip - Terrible

    I also have heard that captain is a dick. Go figure.:rofl: Nicely written. Better luck next time.
  420. drseiler

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Shovel me timbers, it's the new Accurate BX-2 Extreme 2 speed.
  421. drseiler

    49ers and the Green Bay Packers - Blow me Marcus, Drew, et al...

  422. drseiler

    Happy Birthday to me!

    Sweet, Happy Birfday.
  423. drseiler

    Help us name the new boat Thread......

    Like I said before name it Neil and Bob's or the Happy Bobber.:rofl: or Reel Ghost.
  424. drseiler

    Donkos vs Ravens

    Go Bolts! :eyepoppinDid you eat a Tues brownie???
  425. drseiler

    Donkos vs Ravens

    He can't, he has Da Bears to watch suck balls all season. He needs to trash the bolts. It's his only escape to being a fan of a gayer team than ours and or any of the B.H.G's teams.:rofl:
  426. drseiler

    Wecome back BD we missed you

    You can keep my membership fee now that it's fixed.:rofl:
  427. drseiler

    Donkos vs Ravens

    I hope Sean Phillips breaks his faggot leg tonight. He's not on my team anymore. Homo. - - - Updated - - - Yeah what is the pat down for?
  428. drseiler

    Donkos vs Ravens

    Lightning??? These guys play in -40 temps with ice on the field. I think the flag pole or goal posts would get hit before a player would. I get safety factor but when you make a gazillion dollars a year, play the f-ing game already.
  429. drseiler

    Donkos vs Ravens

    I have but it was a bowling ball through a cocktail straw.
  430. drseiler

    Wecome back BD we missed you

    Does I.T. have any hair left? Buy those guys some beers on top of the bill.:hali_olutta: Thank you to all the crew who brought BD back to normal.
  431. drseiler

    Police boat hits a docked boat

    Time to call a lawyer.
  432. drseiler

    ReAdY fOr SoMe FoOtBaLl?

    Tell me when and I'll do it. I got time right now for 2 weeks. Then my arss is slammed.
  433. drseiler


    The news said the other day that they though it was a marijuana grow operation that started it. Now it's a hunter. Pretty soon it'll be a fisherman.
  434. drseiler

    Married life

    My wife packed my bags and said "GET OUT!!!". As I walked out the front door, she screamed, "I wish you a slow and painful death, you bastard!" "Oh," I replied, "so now you want me to stay! That rules.:rofl:
  435. drseiler


    The first one and last one had to have hurt.
  436. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    Hey Tues, just keep $20 out of my winnings at the end of the season.:rofl: I'll send you cash to the PO Box.
  437. drseiler

    ReAdY fOr SoMe FoOtBaLl?

    Dear Aggro, I hope you have a great football season.:D
  438. drseiler

    ReAdY fOr SoMe FoOtBaLl?

    Never mind this gay football game. Why is BD Blue and white now and it looks like crap. is it just a safety thing until things get fixed?
  439. drseiler

    Killer Whales Surfing Boat Wakes

    Very cool, they looked more on the hungry side than the playful side to me but that was a super cool experience for the people on the boat.
  440. drseiler

    Urlacher ratting out Saluki's Bears.

    Saluki, time to take down the Urslacker Fathead from you man-cave.
  441. drseiler

    what to do with all the fish?

    See if you can release them first like telling they crew not to gaff them if they can depending on size. If not I'll take a few hundred pounds off of you. Just pm me and I'll give you my number and meet you at the docks when you come in. I have plenty of people who can eat them some are homeless...
  442. drseiler

    Wecome back BD we missed you

    I agree with what Tues said. Stan is laughing right now.
  443. drseiler

    Tent Camping suggestions.... maybe in sequoias?

    Check out Mono Hot Springs outside of Clovis ca north east of Fresno. Amazing area and lots of fishing in those parts. It's around the Shaver lake/ Hunnington lake area.
  444. drseiler

    I can't take it any more...

    CARL, YOU NAME THAT BOAT YET? Sorry didn't realize I was yelling. I think Neal & Bob is a perfect name for her. Whoops wrong thread. Sorry
  445. drseiler

    I can't take it any more...

    This is not funny Carl. This is people's only enjoyment in life they are messing with.
  446. drseiler

    I can't take it any more...

    How come I can't post up the little character guys? Man this site went south in a hurry as far as I.T. issues go. As for it going south that started in 2005-6. This is where I would put the ROLF guy but since I can't I would put the Finger guy. C'mon BD how do I fix this issue?
  447. drseiler


    What's the bet? Because if it's for bragging rights then I say The Bolts. If it's for something good then I'll say Denver and that's only because I married a Denver fan. Other than that I hate that team, town and their arrogant fan base. Kind of like the Patriots fans only a tad bit gayer. Ah...
  448. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    I picked Houston this week. I am saving the Chargers for the Superbowl. LMAO
  449. drseiler

    Help us name the new boat Thread......

    Name her Snowball. as in what Slauki does to Tues.
  450. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    Fuck, finally it went through.
  451. drseiler

    What's wrong...

    Give it time, you'll get excited again.
  452. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    Tues, send me the info on this. It's not coming up on the post you posted. BD is still F'd Up on my end and no it's not my computer.
  453. drseiler


    There is always fishing in SF just depends on what you want to fish for. Sierra fish, spotted bay bass, Trigger fish and so on. Pick up the book called The Baja catch. S.F. is nice that time of year however do watch the weather because if there is heavy rain you could be stuck for an extra few...
  454. drseiler

    Help us name the new boat Thread......

    Late Payment? or name her (Stolen!) Alright just playing. Congrats guys. Nice set up. I am jealous.
  455. drseiler

    Help us name the new boat Thread......

    Oh wait, name her The Backlash.
  456. drseiler

    Help us name the new boat Thread......

    Simon Say's or Chum Bucket.
  457. drseiler

    Puerto Rico - Family Vacation - Great Fishing Destination (Longish, Pic-Heavy)

    Wow, awesome and congrats on a great family vacation. Let me know if you ever want to adopt a 40 year old fisherman. He cooks, cleans, has a job and will not hit on your wife or you, he just wants to go fishing with the family. LOL. What a great story and great pics.
  458. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    O.K. Email sent to [email protected] or whatever it was.
  459. drseiler

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    I'm in Tues. I'll send your gay ass an email so you can explain how this crap works. Thanks sugar balls.
  460. drseiler

    BD acting strange ?????/

    I want my membership fee back. I would put the lil Rolf guy up but that doesn't work either. I have faith it'll work right one day.
  461. drseiler

    Dove Opener - Niland

    Just tell the officer that a guy from Slab-city gave them to you while you were at salvation Mountain. I am sure he will leave you alone next time. Sucks you got a ticket.
  462. drseiler

    Majority of $6.4 Billion California Tax Dollars went to China.......

    Just one more reason my wife and I are looking into moving to AZ. Tues I am going to buy the house right next door to you just to fuck with you every day. LMAO. Seriously, CA is so fucked up I am ready to leave it.
  463. drseiler

    Got Work?

    If this joke wasn't so true I would be pissing myself right now from laughter, but since it is all I can say is Good One.
  464. drseiler

    2 TV's down in 2 days...

    So any new news on the T.V.'s?
  465. drseiler

    Bolts vs 49ers...

    Originally Posted by drseiler I'd drag my balls across 7 miles of broken glass just to suck the last dick that fucked Philip Rivers up the ass! Saluki: You Sir.................. are the #1 Charger fan. LMFAO:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  466. drseiler

    Hey Max......

    Is that why France doesn't like the U.S.? huh, never saw that one coming.:rofl:
  467. drseiler

    Bolts vs 49ers...

    Ummm?????? For you's and Tues?
  468. drseiler

    Report form the Condor Crew

    Hmmmm. I feel the fishing season last's all year long. It's just different species your fishing for. As for the YFT ect. They are just someplace else right now. They are out in that pond. It's just a really big pond. Something will push them up, It's bee a strange summer here for weather, but a...
  469. drseiler

    Bolts vs 49ers...

    Just browsing.:food-smiley-014: Anyone notice the B.H.G. pounced on this right quick.:rofl:
  470. drseiler


    That would be awesome. What's your price?:D
  471. drseiler

    Tues on Ignore!

    Hey Aggie, I like the dislike:rofl:
  472. drseiler

    So, how ya'all like the "LIKE"?

    No that is funny.
  473. drseiler

    Tues on Ignore!

    I don't think anyone should ever under any circumstance bet against either Tues or Saluki on an avatar bet. Even if one was to win against them nobody is a fucked in the skull as those to love birds. Well maybe me but I wouldn't do that to everyone else on BD. Remember the Bears Loss last year...
  474. drseiler

    They passed all the stupid gun bills...

    Same here bro, I got 40 acres in Co and my nearest neighbor is 300 away and behind my land is BLM. Looks like I may start an internet site for work now. Co here I come. Thank God I love to ski and I guess fishing in the ocean can be vacations for the family. This completely sucks balls. As for...
  475. drseiler

    Tues on Ignore!

  476. drseiler

    Remote Chance

    That rocked. Man this forum is on fire tonight.
  477. drseiler

    it's good to think quickly whena nympho is around

    Nice. This was funny.
  478. drseiler

    So, how ya'all like the "LIKE"?

    My guess is all if not most of the Butthole gang and or anyone who post's on the sports forum. like me for example.:rofl:
  479. drseiler

    Tues on Ignore!

    Because they have nothing better to do?
  480. drseiler

    Looking for a job

    Isn't that the old John Elway Dr. Now known as Peyton manning Pkwy?:rofl:
  481. drseiler

    Tues on Ignore!

    Oh C'mon it's not that bad is it? I find it to be educative none the less.
  482. drseiler


    Any relation to Hyme or Hime or Heim? Just asking.
  483. drseiler

    Dearest Tues.

    This thread went south the second I hit post thread.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Glad to be of service to all your free or paid reading time.
  484. drseiler

    Looking for a job

    Umm I would say go into politics with that answer. Screw your field of study. Nicely done.
  485. drseiler

    Took my 2 year old fishing today. He rocked it.

    Tell me about it. He has kicked my butt 2 trips in a row. Just how it should be.
  486. drseiler

    Took my 2 year old fishing today. He rocked it.

    So we went fishing again today for about 2 hours. He doesn't seem to impressed with the size of this catch vs the catfish he caught on Saturday but he was stoked to catch it. Man I am in trouble with this kid. First thing out of his mouth this morning was " Daddy, we fish today?":rofl: Yes my...
  487. drseiler

    Trip Insurance for a Long Range Fishing Reservation

    Very sound advice. Thanks for the story as I will get the insurance. I usually do for my vacations but never really thought about it for fishing trips. Thanks again. Hopefully your friend gets better soon.
  488. drseiler

    Still not skunked on tuna, 8/28

    I do agree since you didn't fish you didn't get skunked.
  489. drseiler

    Repower time... Horse power question.....

    (Drinking non-alcoholic beer is kinda like going down on your cousin,....Sure, it tastes the same, but it just aint right!) I just pissed my pant from your signature quote. Stick with the twins.
  490. drseiler

    Looking for a job

    FT Collins at Trinidad U??? I have land in Blanca right down the road from there. Good luck with the job search. Maybe try working for a State of some sort with that degree which I am sure you have applied to, those take serious time to get. That's a tough one. Maybe designing golf courses...
  491. drseiler

    Dearest Tues.

    It's not my thing. The wife has some family friends who have some sort of ranch out there. I am just going for the ride so I can get drunk and shoot my guns and yes in that order. I still want those cookies:rofl:. However I would like to try a brownie just not now.:cheers:
  492. drseiler

    Nados: 8/27 Yellowtail

    Now that's a detailed and full of info report. Nice work and glad you got some fish. Congrats.
  493. drseiler

    Aztec sport fishing

    I have fished it but it was about 6 years ago on a private charter we had. We had a great trip but that was back when the fish were a bigger grade IMO than what been showing up as of late. The boat itself was a good boat big berths and crew was great at the time. As for today I have no clue what...
  494. drseiler

    Rough Sunday 3/4day paddy hopping

    A lot of us have been there at some point. Glad you got out there for the old collage try. Better luck on your 1.5 day and keep us posted on that.
  495. drseiler

    The Amazing Spiderman Weave (Completed)

    Seriously Amazing. wow
  496. drseiler

    Dearest Tues.

    Yeah I bet. If I ate those I would be putting the bubblers in bushes.:rofl:
  497. drseiler

    New Lo An 2Day Report Aug 16-18th, Drew Ford Charter

    Dang that was a good trip for you guys. Congrats.
  498. drseiler

    My 3 year old is at it again.

    Sweet. Nicely done. - - - Updated - - - Sweet. Nicely done.:appl:
  499. drseiler

    Dearest Tues.

    Hey Tues, I'll be driving right by your house on Friday. (headed to seligman az) Look for the finger out the window. Also tell your sweet wife to have a plate of those good cookies she makes for me when you leave town to be ready. :rofl:
  500. drseiler

    BD has been hacked

    Fucking Stan. - - - Updated - - - Fucking Stan.
  501. drseiler

    23 yrs ago...

    Tin Pan Alley! turn that one up real loud and listen to the love of playing flowing out his fingers. Sorry for the thread flame Scott. He is my all time favorite axe player.
  502. drseiler

    23 yrs ago...

    They/he wrote most of In-Step and recorded, mastered and produced it in 3 days. (That's insane.) Rivera Paradise was just a hit record and play from the soul song. 13 min of awesome.
  503. drseiler

    23 yrs ago...

    I was lucky enough to see him play 4 month before he died. Saw him at the Sports arena w/ joe cocker. Man SRV could play. He switched rides with Clapton on the helli. I would have rather kept Stevie.
  504. drseiler

    Landside time on my hands. A few ??'s

    It's been 2 years and 7 months for me and I am now just starting to fish again. But I have the best fishing partner ever and I am looking forward to a lifetime of fishing with him and not listening to his mom say no because she will do anything for him and anything he wants to do she will look...
  505. drseiler


    Just eat and release it. It'll find it's way back to the ocean, specially in Oceanside.
  506. drseiler

    My Friend's Boss Sucks....

    Good luck. Hopefully all works out for both sides. Sounds like you are dedicated and loyal so hopefully he can manage 5 days without you there.
  507. drseiler

    Royal Star 6 day report - 121# Opah

    Holy Crap. Great story and congrats on the opah.
  508. drseiler

    My Friend's Boss Sucks....

    I would still tell your friend to look for a new job. There are tons of concrete companies out there. With 20 years experience and working for the same company, it should take all of about 1 week to get hired some place else. Companies like people who are dedicated like your friend sounds to be...
  509. drseiler

    SD Bay Sat and Sun

    You don't suck, you just forgot Master-bait. Bring that next time and you'll be sure to get bent.:rofl: Hey bud it is fishing not catching. At least you got out on the water. Better luck next time.
  510. drseiler

    My Friend's Boss Sucks....

    0. let it ride out. It could get better.
  511. drseiler

    NADOS FOR NADA!!! 8-22-13

    It's alright Scott, Internet hug Scott. Sorry he yelled at you.
  512. drseiler

    My Friend's Boss Sucks....

    I assure you I will never say on my death bed. Man if I could just worked one more day I would die a happy man.
  513. drseiler

    Central Idaho BD sighting

    Where is the LIKE button for Oingo's avatar?
  514. drseiler

    My Friend's Boss Sucks....

    That is ridiculous that with 2 months notice and only 5 days off they won't allow him the time off. I would start looking for a new job today and tell the new company he could not start until the week after he returns due to he needs to finish a major project so he wouldn't leave his current...
  515. drseiler

    Ay Caumba ! need Advise : just broke right wrist and have a 7 day in 3 weeks.

    That sucks. DUCT-TAPE and pain meds if they can't give you another spot on a different trip. There is a saying. (If you cant Duct-it, Fuck-it.) Best of luck.
  516. drseiler

    BD acting strange ?????/

    Yeah what gives? I LIKE the LIKE button.
  517. drseiler

    How good is your scale???

    Nice scale. How much does the Fleshlight weigh?:D
  518. drseiler

    Took my 2 year old fishing today. He rocked it.

    That's the plan Cabo Jon. I already started the fund per the advice from OIF VET. Jonnyboy7 sorry no bass yet but soon enough.
  519. drseiler

    Time for some upgrades, thanks to the lotto

    Nice, that is freekin awesome. All I ever get is nada or a free ticket. I am glad there was someone worth winning getting it. The first thing I would do is get a bigger boat if I won.
  520. drseiler

    BD acting strange ?????/

    :rofl: Good thing BD is working again. I would have seen the news today with the headlines " Thousands of local fisherman cause riot due to downed website, porn sites reach new viewings in record numbers.":rofl:
  521. drseiler

    Is Parker the NEW Defiance???

    Both boats are great boats. My experience with Parkers are they are sick ass fishing machines. If it was my choice I would own a Parker any day, 2320, 2510 or along those lines but my wallet says stick with someone else's boat.:rofl: Not taking anything from Defiance those are awesome also. Just...
  522. drseiler

    Took my 2 year old fishing today. He rocked it.

    I took him the last time so he could see the kids and he took to it. He uses his spider-man rod some nice lady gave us that day around the house all the time. He will be there this next year for sure. He asked me today to go fishing again so I will be taking him on Wednesday to the bay. I am...
  523. drseiler

    MAW 8/24

  524. drseiler

    Chula Vista LL

    So bummed for the eastlake kids. Very proud of them for making it as far as they did. I think the 3rd base coach should have never tried to for the extra run and left the kid on base but oh well. As for the first Japan pitcher, a new rule should be made that after 2 kids hit the pitcher gets...
  525. drseiler

    Nice... - PEI Trip Winner

    Awesome. Hope he had a trip of a lifetime.
  526. drseiler

    Cedros report

    Have a safe trip Scott. Enjoy the time with your pop's.
  527. drseiler

    Sooke: 8/13-23 First trip to BC & First salmon

    Dammit, now I am hungry and thirsty. Congrats on a great trip. My favorite pic was the last one with all the dead cans you caught.:hali_olutta:
  528. drseiler

    New to this

    I have also found the castmaster's work well to but I have not surf fished in years so what do I know. Good luck and have fun.
  529. drseiler

    Stolen gear, please be on lookout

    Ouch, that sucks. Hopefully it will turn up on CL. I will keep an eye out. Good luck.
  530. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    "TUES, As a man, one of a kind, As a ball sucker, One of the kindest." Just remember Bobby C loves ya baby.
  531. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    :rofl: Nice.
  532. drseiler

    18' Team Baja Terminator Rebuild

    Awesome. Nicely done. I wish you many years of fun, safety and great fishing trips.
  533. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    Great now Corndoogle got involved.:rofl:
  534. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    Simon, let it go. Tues is trolling because he has nothing better to do than be gay.
  535. drseiler

    WTB Parker 2320

    The Parker 2320's are fishing machines. I fished that exact boat a shit load of times and I wish my buddy never sold it or shall I say I wish I could have bought it from him. Get the tower on it. You'll be a happy man if you get one. Good luck.
  536. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    Man that sock must be a candle by now.
  537. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    That play was so stupid. I was hoping that the new GM and coach would have gotten rid of Mathews. He either sucks or gets hurt. Maybe nobody wanted him. He runs a few good runs a year but that's it.
  538. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    My doctor has drugs for that.:rofl: Same doctor as M. J. Not the one who killed him but the one who made him lose his tan.
  539. drseiler

    I Have Been Given A Mandate!

    Do not sell your boat. She will then ask for a ring upgrade and you'll never fish again. Do not listen to her. Bring home more pinks and tell her to cook it right next time.:rofl:
  540. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    Who said short Asian guy?
  541. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    Geeesh it's only pre-season and you clowns got me all worked up. I need a time out. Tues you are one in a trillion.
  542. drseiler

    Took my 2 year old fishing today. He rocked it.

    He does have the itch. About a month ago he was fishing in our koi pond. Thank God there was no hook on the line.
  543. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    :rofl:Shhh I am watching my team suck. One thing I am is a true fan of my team. Now go eat cock. Milk makes me fart.:rofl:
  544. drseiler

    Took my 2 year old fishing today. He rocked it.

    So I took my 2 year old son Brecken up to lake Cuyamaca today to do some fishing. 30 min into it he hooks a good size catfish. Yes dad did help him with the cast but when it came time to set the hook and reel it, it was all Brecken. I could not believe how bad he wanted that fish. That sucke...
  545. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    What Scott said times infinity.:rofl: I would rather never win a championship than ever be one of the butthole gang and support teams I live 3000 miles...
  546. drseiler

    How do you come from behind and beat a 6 point lead.

    You play the Chicago Cubs.:rofl:
  547. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    Your wasting oxygen.
  548. drseiler

    Chula Vista LL

    Normally San Diego despises mercerm but not today since you are going for the Eastlake LL team.:rofl: Good luck to the boys of the west. looking forward to a great game.
  549. drseiler

    Blue Marlin jumps in Cockpit

    Holy Mackerel.
  550. drseiler

    Paddy Hopping @ 181

    Was it lock jaw like Tues on Salukis fleshlight? Hey at least you got on the pond for a day. To bad it was slim pickins. Better luck next time.
  551. drseiler

    Cawks VS GB Packers

  552. drseiler

    Eastern Sierra Cutthroat Fishing with the Family (pics/video)

    it looked like rock creek at first but I am guessing horseshoe lake? Anyway nice job and cool video.
  553. drseiler

    Patriots vs Lions highlights...

    There are some hot chicks from Denver. I married one of them. The other 3 moved to Texas.
  554. drseiler

    Cawks VS GB Packers

    Yeah we know the 6. They are most likely the butthole gang trying to come up with an intelligent response.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  555. drseiler

    La Jolla YT Sunday morning

    Witness protection program? Either way congrats.
  556. drseiler

    Cawks VS GB Packers

    Got it. Sorry for the misunderstanding on my behalf. - - - Updated - - - Got it. Sorry for the misunderstanding on my behalf.
  557. drseiler

    Cawks VS GB Packers

    he is??? check some of the other threads. Seems to me like he is not a bolts fan. or is this a so cal vs wash thing? if he is then my bad and I was wrong. But not wrong about Tues coming out.
  558. drseiler

    Cawks VS GB Packers

    So are you coming out Willy? or just hoping Tues is?
  559. drseiler

    Patriots vs Lions highlights...

    OK that was funny.
  560. drseiler

    Cawks VS GB Packers

    I heard Aaron Rodgers was asking Phillip Rivers on how to throw a football.:D
  561. drseiler

    Fishing SUCKS!!

    All the fish heard about the MAW so they split town for a few days.:rofl:
  562. drseiler

    Patriots vs Lions highlights...

    you would like a Fat Willy.
  563. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    We all thought he was attached to your cornhole. - - - Updated - - - We all thought he was attached to your cornhole.
  564. drseiler

    Patriots vs Lions highlights...

    The gay sexting bill to each other from this group must be astronomical.:rofl: Oh wait, BD is free.
  565. drseiler


    I never really fish it in the summer time but in early spring lots of trout. It's a very shallow lake maybe 16-20 ft deep. As for bass, catfish and crappies, lol I am sure there are plenty of those there. It's a fun little lake but the afternoon winds suck. It's always fun to go up fish the...
  566. drseiler

    Something I have been waiting to see happened last night.

    Hey Scott, have a safe and great trip with your dad. Don't worry about Filner, he is on his way out. I also cannot wait to hear this deal that has been struck. I just wonder if Saluki has 17 guys he has sexually assaulted/harassed. I know Tues does.:rofl:
  567. drseiler

    Little league World Series -Chula Vistas Eastlake plays this evening.

    I heard they kicked the shit out of France.
  568. drseiler

    class act.

    I think that being a fan of GreenBay living in Arizona is about as gay as one could get. Other than meeting up in L.A. Ca. with a Bears fan for some light fisting. Just saying. Now I will go to sleep so I can pee my bed.
  569. drseiler

    Little league World Series -Chula Vistas Eastlake plays this evening.

    That was one of the best baseball games I have ever seen. I gave up on baseball years ago but seeing these kids play brings me back to my youth when I actually cared about the game. WTG Eastlake.
  570. drseiler

    Little league World Series -Chula Vistas Eastlake plays this evening.

    This game is killing me. What a great freekin game. Come on west. These kids on both teams can play.
  571. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    You sir are my new hero. That shit was is funny.
  572. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    I do? Huh. I have? hmmm, I would never do such a thing.:rofl:What size shirt should I have made for you thaluki?
  573. drseiler

    class act.

    Well Bruce Boach and Tim Flannery were from San Diego and you know the saying, "Stay classy San Diego." To bad the current mayor didn't. They are a class team those SF Giants. I'll give you that.
  574. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    LIKE button please. The butthole gang:rofl: Hey Ali I need to place an order for some shirts to be made.:rofl:
  575. drseiler

    NRA Built a Massive Secret Database of Gun Owners

    I joined many years ago for the sticker. Since then I save my money for more ammo.
  576. drseiler

    It's about time!

    Keep on with the keepin on. Congrats
  577. drseiler

    Got weak today and bought a Penn Torque 25N 2speed. Lets vote on correct Graphiter.

    Hey Corndoogie, my vote would be to send out the reel, let me try it out for you first on both rods then I'll let you know what I think. Since I am out here and you are out there it make perfect sense. BTW how's the Girlfriend doing? I would say go 700H. But what do I know.
  578. drseiler


    Most unions suck ass. Sorry to all the union workers out there or on here but I have been on both sides of that coin and MOST (NOT ALL) of the unions are criminal. Not the workers but the reps. They take and don't do shit, then when they protest the use non- union workers and illegal aliens to...
  579. drseiler

    Traitor got off easy

    Holy shit!!! I actually agree with Max.
  580. drseiler

    Chargers @ AZ Cardinals Saturday 8/24

    This thread was started by and has several Fagnato posters to it. The same old fat, gay and lonesome posters as always. The penis gallery, I mean peanut gallery.:rofl:
  581. drseiler

    bronc's & cawks whos going?

    I think the players on both these teams will have orange fingers.
  582. drseiler

    Donko's & Drugs.........

    :rofl:Playoff's??? Don't talk about the playoffs.
  583. drseiler

    The best part about dating a Charger fan is....

    How is it that it's always the same gays bashing the bolts? Don't they have anything better to do like shine up each others butt plugs. Nothing but a bunch of, well never mind. I guess if I can't say anything nice then I guess I just have to say blow me.:rofl:
  584. drseiler

    Donko's & Drugs.........

  585. drseiler

    New QB for the Chargers???

    I would switch o-lines with The Pats any day. They could make anyone look good. Not taking anything from Brady, he is a great QB but he always has enough time to make a sandwich back there. Just saying. Now don't get me wrong I hate every team in the NFL but the Bolts. Boy am I looking forward...
  586. drseiler


    I think it was about 135#'s it's took 37 hours to reel in and it was snowing up hill both ways. Congrats on a great catch. Very nice Rooster.
  587. drseiler

    The best part about dating a Charger fan is....

    Well put sir, well put.
  588. drseiler

    Than-Dee-ego, thuper-chargers....

    True, but only when they get to the playoffs.
  589. drseiler

    Little league World Series - Chula Vistas Easlake plays today!

    Pitcher for Delaware-How the hell is a 13 year old 6'-4"? that's insane. Umm make that 6-2 Eastlake.
  590. drseiler


    LIKE button please.
  591. drseiler

    Little league World Series - Chula Vistas Easlake plays today!

    5-2 Eastlake/Chula Vista btm 2nd. Go Ca.
  592. drseiler

    1986 20.5 Tean Baja Terminator rebuild

    Steve, you did an amazing job and I am stoked to hear you are enjoying all the hard work and love that was put into your boat. Tight lines and smooth seas to you and your wife. This is inspiring to me. I looked at all the photo's and wow you did a great job. Congrats.
  593. drseiler

    Tuna Pens 8/7/2013

    Congrats. Great report.
  594. drseiler

    beer in boat while fishing

    There is no law that says you can't drink and shoot guns in California. If that is legal then why not a beer on a boat. As long as you don't get slapped up drunk I think staying within legal limit is ok. But I get the logic of thought the poster was getting at. Why is it ok with one and not the...
  595. drseiler

    36 Contender Fisharound for CA?

    You will know the coastguard, Navy and the department of homeland security up close and real quick with that boat in so cal. Also different waters here in so cal. I think Ali had some sound advice for what to look for out here. Good luck.
  596. drseiler


    now that's funny.:rofl:l
  597. drseiler

    Steeler fans.............

    I heard that the kids real dad was a Bears fan from Long Beach or was it Torrance. I can't remember.
  598. drseiler

    Albacores on there way???

    That one fish was lost trying to find it's way north saw a corn dog and took the bait. That's my guess anyway. The last Albie I caught was in 2006. Then again that's the last time I wasn't married.:rofl:
  599. drseiler

    Please Watch Out When Fishing The Long Beach/Los Angeles Break Wall

    ATTENTION ALL SPEAR-FISHERMAN..... It's shark week and every week is shark week. Have fun, be safe and mark yourself ie: USE A FLAG so no boat runs your ass over by accident. That's my 2 cents.
  600. drseiler

    Chargers 2013 OFFICIAL Football thread!

    In the Denver Post.:rofl:
  601. drseiler

    Chargers 2013 OFFICIAL Football thread!

    I expected more from this thread.
  602. drseiler

    8-03 bigger yellowtail 20 miles out!!!

    Super cool getting the boy out and y.t's. Congrats.
  603. drseiler

    March 8th... Today is International Women's Day.

    I am sure she's/Tues is having a great day giving classes on how to be a certified cocksmith.:rofl: So now the real question is, do we have to get our women somekind of gift or flowers or something? I mean us men don't need to be in the dog house more than we already are.
  604. drseiler

    my son attacked

    My prayers are sent to your son, you and your family. Trust in God and talk to him.
  605. drseiler

    Back up / Portable Bilge Pump........

    Saluki I though youwould do the old suck and spit method?.Now if you could set that up as a man-ranch bildge for the fleshlight you would be super rich.
  606. drseiler

    For those who have money to blow Some cool stuff. I like the orca boat/sub :rofl:
  607. drseiler

    Wife goes to the doctor

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I like this one.
  608. drseiler

    Fiji 2013 ** Pic Heavy **

    Wow, great report and pics. FIJI does not suck that's for sure. Congrats on a great trip.
  609. drseiler

    Which Saltiga is this

    The 35 2 speed is or sounds like what you were looking at. They are hard to find right now, well for a deal at least. Good luck. Keep looking they are out there.
  610. drseiler

    after dinner meeting

  611. drseiler

    For my good friend @-EZ.

  612. drseiler

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    Japan hasn't done anything yet because they know Americans are on that ship. Once the USA says pull the trigger, Kauh f-ing boom goes the clowns:rofl:
  613. drseiler

    Kansas City has a new QB...

    That will not matter. That O-line will let him get killed also look at the new coach. Like he ever made an o line good.
  614. drseiler

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    Same here and when we tried to call them on the radio (since they blocked us for 30 min before talking to us) no answere. We then started to move and over the loud speker we here stop or we will shoot your vessel. Needless to say it went on for about an hour to then be let go. That was a mess...
  615. drseiler

    Neighbors dog broke through the fence and attacked mine

    Raw ground turkey meat with peanut butter mash into a ball and give it to the dog next door. Everytime it barks it will shit itself, along with days of the runs and if they let it into the house the house will get shit in. Sorry this happened to your dog. Happy B-day a day late.
  616. drseiler

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    Bottom line is these clowns are using harmfull tactics and they need to put in prison.
  617. drseiler

    Clearlake Day 6..... Epic, epic, epic!

    You look younger with a hat on. I didn't say much younger but younger. Looks like you had a great trip and killed it. Congrats.
  618. drseiler

    I saw this today...

    It's almost as cool as the Family Truckster from the movie Vacation. Almost as cool. And for the guy who said it needs a Raider nation sticker. Nice work You win.:rofl:
  619. drseiler

    Help Name Goat Tram's Boat

    The Goat Tram.
  620. drseiler

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    He is the Ex lurker.... Now he's out of the closet. BD closet that is. He makes great points. Maybe it will fly. I doubt it but I'll try to clean up my act on here.
  621. drseiler

    Gil names advantages of mothers milk....

    I think Gils jokes are better. Just sayin.
  622. drseiler

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Saluki, care to comment????
  623. drseiler

    Spa Tech S.D. broke into my yard

    The tech my wife spoke to and told not to go to the house is the same tech that didn't listen and went to the house. I know, I spoke to him. He admitted to me he was told not to go. His number was the only number we had to call So I guess I am wrong then right? :finger: This is why I was so...
  624. drseiler

    Spa Tech S.D. broke into my yard

    :rofl:That's the next step. I could use some landmines,(:shithappens:) can I have your QB and head coach? They'll bomb the important things.:rofl:
  625. drseiler

    Spa Tech S.D. broke into my yard

    I'm not going to shoot anyone. My issue is they had to break ie remove a pin and take gate off to get into my yard. BTW my wife spoke to the actual tech who called and he was told to not go there. So why did he anyway? That is what I am so mad about. If my dog bit him I would be paying out money...
  626. drseiler

    Fred Hall, over blown, or ??? Poll

    I agree. I have gone a few time because friends wanted to but that's it. It is a great show and I have always had a good time but it's not really all that worth it. IMHO
  627. drseiler

    Another good fisherman is gone out to sea.

    He's going home now. R.I.P. James.
  628. drseiler

    Spa Tech S.D. broke into my yard

    Well the tech called back and needles to say he is shitting himself. He also was very sorry several times. he said "Well there wasn't a lock on it", when there was he really had no comebacks after I called him out on everything wrong he did. Idiots. I am going into their office to speak to the...
  629. drseiler

    Roads in and out of Big Bear closed

    Don't forget Amywinehouse. She's been clean for spell now.
  630. drseiler

    Spa Tech S.D. broke into my yard

    I am going to shortly. I may just let the cops handel it. I have the provings they did it. I really don't need to get into a gun fight or a hands on fight. I have a son who I would like to see grow up and not from behind bars. I am talking to an officer who is a close friend about it. he is...
  631. drseiler

    Spa Tech S.D. broke into my yard

    yes and one of them says Nevermind the dog beware of owner" and has a gun printed on it. Seriously. These guys are fucking idiots.
  632. drseiler

    Let's talk uppers

    I have an sks that shoots that round. Killer gun. I am currently having an A.R. custome built for 30-06. Yes it can be done, I had no clue. long barrell. I am using it for people watching.:rofl:
  633. drseiler

    Spa Tech S.D. broke into my yard

    Ok long story short. Spatech in san diego was called to my house. We had to cancel the call due to a work emergency. They call my wife and say we are on our way, she tells them nobody is home so DO NOT come out. She then calls me and said they called. I am like WTF??? 5 min later my nieghbors...
  634. drseiler

    hey goatram

    That rules.
  635. drseiler

    Extremely boring, don't look at it

    I think it brings home that classic look with today's penache if that's how you spell it. Nice work and very clean.
  636. drseiler

    Roads in and out of Big Bear closed

    I tried on VBRO to rent that cabin but some dude was in it held up and now they burned it down. I wonder if I'll get a refund from the owner:rofl:
  637. drseiler


    Looks more like Salukis fish market.
  638. drseiler

    Roads in and out of Big Bear closed

    Good it's over. I'll be on my way up this Thursday night for 2 days with the family.
  639. drseiler

    high school teachers?

    You caught on. Nice work.:rofl:
  640. drseiler

    1st annual Valentine's Day Poem Contest............

    LIKE. Roses are red, Max is a queer holy shit, it's time for a beer.:rofl:
  641. drseiler

    high school teachers?

    Get a hold of Tues and @ez, they seem to think they can correct everyone when they wright something. So you'll be in good hands ith them.
  642. drseiler

    NFL Looking at make field wider.

    Go flame someone elses thread gaytard.:finger:
  643. drseiler

    NFL Looking at make field wider. Not sure that's a great idea. JMHO
  644. drseiler


    Tues, please start drinking again.:rofl::hali_olutta:
  645. drseiler


    She will have no worries about getting a guy to back off when she says no. that is when she is of dating age.
  646. drseiler

    Radon versus Radoncraft

    Great read. Thanks for sharing.
  647. drseiler

    You're in the Army now...

    Scott you have done it again...... You made me laugh. Thank you. Good joke.
  648. drseiler


    Sure, if your paying for it. Remeber I'll still have the internet.:rofl:
  649. drseiler

    San Diego fly fishing areas.

    I know Lake Cuyamaca near Julian has stocked trout and you can fly fish there, but it will have to be from a rental boat since your not allowed to be in the water, or you can try from shore. As for SD that's all I know. Maybe lake Murry in Lamesa or lake Dixon in Escondildo. Good luck.
  650. drseiler

    Smoked Tuna

    Then try it with 2 cold beers. I swear it will taste even better. Dammit that sounds good, smoked tuna and beer. Nice work.
  651. drseiler


    YES... SRV is my #1 favorite of all time. I was lucky enough to see him play live 4 months before he died in that helli crash. Mofo could play. He is the best period. Now back to fuck paying taxes.:rofl:
  652. drseiler

    Most epic video ever

    Kai from Dogtown may be a bit crazy but he did the right thing in saving others from getting killed. Just my 2 cents.
  653. drseiler

    Mild Politics in Gun Talk ONLY!

    LIEFO???? is this you again?:rofl:
  654. drseiler

    I'm on my way back to San Diego, Mofos

    Did you wake up from the mini-box wine????
  655. drseiler

    Ex LAPD/Ex Navy Christopher Dorner

    My security that works in my building just got a an alert he is in point loma. Not sure if he is but keep a look out.
  656. drseiler


    :rofl: Oh good, I thought that just was only for 1/2-3/4 day boats. :rofl: I guess I need to send 50% of my checks to my 401K to slow the hands of freedome down from fisting me in the rearend.:rofl: But hey I love being free so I guess I should just shut it.
  657. drseiler

    Mexican Navy Coronados Report PASSPORTS

    Thanks for the heads up, Also bring the papers for your dog you have on the boat. Seriously. They almost didn't let me 15 years ago bring my dog back home ( i was driving not boating). I doubt that the mxican navyu would take a dog since it was US BP that didn't want to let me but I have been...
  658. drseiler


    OK, I am tired of taking it in the shorts from this State (CA.) and our good old crook Uncle Sam. I am seriously thinking of a way to not pay taxes at all and not go to jail over it. I use to work with a guy who became what is called an American Nationalyst. he did have several court dates with...
  659. drseiler

    Driving straight to Cabo

    Driving in Baja is no joke amigo. if you do it, make sure you have the mexican insurance #1. #2 make sure you have at least 1 gal of water each person. #3 no guns or drugs at all in the car. #4 drive only in the day and break it up into 2-3 days each direction. Cabo is a cool place but...
  660. drseiler

    Good business or bad business?

    Service and low price together is a hard thing to find. I have always had great service and good price from discount tire. I feel no reason to change. I do find it odd that Evans is putting more than 1 store next to discount stores. To me that says that Evans might be hurting and now going after...
  661. drseiler

    Gun Nutz

    Sweet so in CA. I am only a tad bit crazy. Nice. Things are looking up
  662. drseiler

    Fart killing underwear???

    Unless your in church or on a flight. Why would you not share a fart? Just asking 1 simple question.
  663. drseiler

    Shimano Tranx Review

    I want to fish one before I buy one. That being said I guess good luck to me doing that.:rofl: I would have to know someone who had one and also who would let me try it. I don't know either. They look, as far as the video I have seen and what I have read to be a great reel. Heck it's a shimano...