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  1. stangclassic66

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Guaranteed a bloody decker reading this thread bought that boat.
  2. stangclassic66

    WTB Looking for 1.7 Seastar Helm hh5271

    Looking for 1.7 Seastar Helm hh5271 Please let me know if you have a new or good unit.
  3. stangclassic66

    Good stabilizing binoculars

    I may be selling an extra pair of true gyro Fujinon stabiscopes. Let me know if you’re interested.
  4. stangclassic66

    Considering outboards for slipped boat

    Or better yet you can buy the Racor with the clear fuel bowl at the bottom of the filter so you can clearly see if water is there or not. I'm a bunch more concerned when i'm just guessing if there is water in the filter or not.
  5. stangclassic66

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    Have you tried freezing the paintballs?
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    For Sale Pair ZF 220a Marine transmissions with extras

    That's a perfect transmission for a Farallon 25 diesel conversion. This behind a cummins 6bta is perfect
  7. stangclassic66

    Considering outboards for slipped boat

    there are several. Please find and download your service manual for your motor. Always good to self educate. usually the adjustable tab behind the prop is a zinc, then there is usually a block shaped zinc midway up the lower unit, then there is a zinc near the transom mounting plate. then...
  8. stangclassic66

    Considering outboards for slipped boat

    exactly why I’ll never fuck with an “I/OWE”. Cause you be owing like a muthafucker
  9. stangclassic66

    Considering outboards for slipped boat

    Inboard shafts all the way for a slipped boat! Have a diver scrub it and check zincs once a month, probably change them every 2-4 months. haul out once a year or every other if the diver does a good job. When hauled, check prop, cutlass bearing which usually lasts 10-15 years, and shaft and...
  10. stangclassic66

    Cabo Boat Owners

    perfect thank you!
  11. stangclassic66

    Cabo Boat Owners

    thanks Mike! Any chance you can post a picture?
  12. stangclassic66

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Can anyone with a Cabo t-top or hard kindly provide the height measurement from the helm floor area to the top? My top is too high and i want to lower it to a standard level.
  13. stangclassic66

    43 Donelle

    Wow awesome boat! There are a handful of those up in half moon bay being used to commercial Dungeness crab and they are serious boats that can handle some heavy loads!
  14. stangclassic66

    How To Make Poke Video

    Just about the same way i make mine. Very simple. I’d advise using low sodium soy sauce for a slightly healthier mix.
  15. stangclassic66

    Rejoice! Your Savior was born!

    Merry Christmas BD fam
  16. stangclassic66

    WTB Replacement fiberglass hardtop

    Tuner got it right. It’s not too bad of a job. Just watch a few YouTube videos to gain some confidence.
  17. stangclassic66

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Merry Christmas Jason. Praying you get that donor bud
  18. stangclassic66

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Thank you
  19. stangclassic66

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Can anyone please provide the width of the base of the console on a 216 cuddycon please? I’m out of town but need the measurement on a small project I’m working on. Thanks in advance for any help.
  20. stangclassic66

    WTB Lobster Davit

    Any fabrication shop should be able to make it.
  21. stangclassic66

    Mac Virus and Fake Acrobat Updates

    same here, what's a good mac ad blocker?
  22. stangclassic66

    12/16 - Butts on the Bay

    Nice were you drifting sliding sinker rigs or 3 way?
  23. stangclassic66

    For Sale House and or boat in Baja

    Pictures of both home and boat would be appreciated.
  24. stangclassic66

    For Sale Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    Nope, they took those pics before they offloaded it and gave the trailer back.
  25. stangclassic66

    Mom fell again

    Prayers she heals well!
  26. stangclassic66


    Is it a full RSW system with water weight? You might want to do some research to see how much more water weight an RSW flooded tank adds to a vessel. The owner obviously wants to land or deliver sushi grade albacore. An RSW system is the way to do that, but the trade off is a very heavy boat...
  27. stangclassic66


    Nice boat but the owner should have just sold the boat in its original configuration and built a new one. Jmho You’re now basically converting a large private sport boat into a commercial boat capable of holding 100 albacore with refrigeration powered with triple 300s. He should have had...
  28. stangclassic66

    For Sale Sat Phone

    When do those minutes expire?
  29. stangclassic66

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    I gotta add after reading all these posts about FL boating. I believe our insurance rates inflate based on the abundance of idiot boaters in Florida and all the shit posted on @qualifiedcaptain instagram. Its bad enough our rates go up everytime there's a fucked up FL hurricane. Its even...
  30. stangclassic66

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    Oh and for what it’s worth, no insult intended. A 32’ world cat really ain’t “baller status” in any harbor including blowdega bay, it’d be close though simply because that harbor is pretty derelict. Come down to Dana Point and it’s bottom of the barrel. Again no offense you’ll understand once...
  31. stangclassic66

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    Karl, i was born and raised in the bay. There is money there but the seas fuckin suck donkey dick. It’s not warm year around and the summers are socked in fog banks. Spend a year down in SoCal. There are more high dollar boats down here than you might be led to believe if you’re only going...
  32. stangclassic66

    Private boat sale, large cash transactions? Alternatives?

    Any price over 20k i'd advise to do cashier's check from a verified or legitimate bank. Once check is in hand, call bank to verify funds. Wire transfer for any purchases made over long distances. Cash is ok, as long as you have a way to verify legitimacy of funds (bank counting machine is...
  33. stangclassic66

    Gunnel Rod Holder Drainage Problem

    Sucks that Mako gave you a shitty response like that considering how everyone is suing everyone these days for any little thing. The foam should be closed cell foam so the water doesn’t absorb into the foam. However over time that foam gets brittle and water eventually saturates the area. If...
  34. stangclassic66

    Cabo Boat Owners

    That’s pretty cool. It would be awesome if you could share the cost or PM me please.
  35. stangclassic66

    Talica 12II - Change Line or Switch to a 16II

    Well you’ve got to keep in mind a 50w and a 12 class reel are two different animals. With the 50 W you’re bringing a gun to a gun fight with a 12 class real you are bringing a knife to a gun fight against a big fish. 45 pounds is a lot of drag Compared to 13lb. Upping the challenge is...
  36. stangclassic66

    Talica 12II - Change Line or Switch to a 16II

    Youre either using knots that are tied right and will hold or you’re using knots that will rear it’s ugly head early on. Have you tested your knots at home? My spectra to mono connection is the RP knot and the line breaks before the knot breaks. If you’re trophy hunting you need to bench test...
  37. stangclassic66

    Talica 12II - Change Line or Switch to a 16II

    If you're fishing 40# topshot you're going to set the drag at strike to 13lb. There really should be no reason to put 80lb on there. You should be fishing 65lb braid for maximum capacity. Don't be afraid to push to full. You need to be well aware of pushing to full way ahead of time BEFORE...
  38. stangclassic66

    Ice Machine - for home use

    I sold a commercial one last year that made 300lbs a day. You just have to scour the marketplace.
  39. stangclassic66

    Railrod vs harness

    I can’t fish that under the underarm type shit. Rod belt and private boat only for me.
  40. stangclassic66

    Half moon bay at Christmas

    I highly agree with crash on this. Hope they’re teenagers at least.
  41. stangclassic66

    Need a referral for welding aluminum bayrunner hull

    Good luck. I’m not a welder but a few of my welder buddies say it’s tough to weld “dirty” aluminum. In order to get good welds the aluminum needs to be as clean as possible. Saltwater corroded aluminum is tough from what they all say. Good luck!
  42. stangclassic66

    Small bait tank design

    You look pretty novice based on you’re writeup. No offense intended. My advice is to not build a bait tank but to buy a plastic 12-15 gallon tank. Then buy a transom mounted bait pump and matching hose and plumb it to the tank. This type of pump will take water from the outside and pump it...
  43. stangclassic66

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    There you go! Completed validated my numbers. Thanks Jason!
  44. stangclassic66

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    C'mon dude you wrote that like you were advertising a commercial. :) All in good fun though. I have to admit, I drank the Parker kool aid and I felt like I was in the upper echelon of boat owners when I had one. But i'm over the "prestige" thing and as I get older every year, i'm all about...
  45. stangclassic66

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    You sound like you’re sold on them. Buy one and tell us how you like it in a couple years. You have the option to keep it or sell it either way.
  46. stangclassic66

    Lexa400HD seized drag

    not a good sign to see this happen repetitively with different owners.
  47. stangclassic66

    For Sale 100 gun safe for sale

    Damn that's a Shaq diesel sized safe!
  48. stangclassic66

    Parker upper control recommendation

    Is it just a belly hoop or do you have a fiberglass dash up there?
  49. stangclassic66

    WTB 22 boston whaler guardian

    Post details! I have restored a 27' Farallon myself
  50. stangclassic66

    Wishful thinking

    Wait for the Thursday and Friday fish reports to know.
  51. stangclassic66

    SOLD Trinidad 20DC (cosmetically screwed up)

    Crazy thing is someone is gonna buy it. These things have a crazy following. GLWS
  52. stangclassic66

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    Parker is highly overrated. It’s a rougher ride than a skippy that’s for sure. Not worth your hard earned cash. If you’re hung up on it go for it and live and learn. I’m not a fan of the skippy flybridge models. You might want to look into the skipjack fisherman 25 model as a compromise...
  53. stangclassic66

    crabbing conditions 11/22-24

    Jump on the Hulicat out of half moon and schedule a Monday off.
  54. stangclassic66

    Autopilot choice recommendation

    Not many options. I believe Lowrance makes a unit for smaller cable steered boats. Raymarine made a badass one a few years ago but discontinued it. I had it on my 20' Grady. Spx5 was the model and it mounted between the helm and the actual wheel.
  55. stangclassic66

    Autopilot choice recommendation

    Hydraulic or cable steering?
  56. stangclassic66

    Walmart clearing out all handgun ammo...9mm [email protected]/round

    Damn you bought 10,000 rounds at once?! As a fellow gunner awesome but you probably put yourself on a state or federal “watch” list haha
  57. stangclassic66

    For Sale 6 lug hubs with set of bearings

    Bump. Time to service your trailer or keep spares for the unexpected breakdown
  58. stangclassic66

    Fuel Tank Repair & Rotten Transom

    The biggest cause of fuel tanks leaking on the west coast is the offshore bait tank, pacific edge bait tank, or blue water bait tanks. Any bait tank with a false bottom, there's a STRONG chance that saltwater is leaking into the tubing access through the deck, soaking the tank and foam and...
  59. stangclassic66

    Anyone have any recommendations on boat insurance in SoCal?

    Thank you for sharing. I switched from Boat US to Twin Rivers Marine Insurance 4 years ago and never really looked back. You want an experienced marine underwriter holding your policy.
  60. stangclassic66

    Anyone have any recommendations on boat insurance in SoCal?

    Twin Rivers Marine Insurance based out of Antioch.
  61. stangclassic66

    FREE San Diego Tackle Traders Got Hit Again.

    They need to pull feed from their last warehouse sale and look over every motherfucker that matches that description. Very obvious they have been there before.
  62. stangclassic66

    Limits of Yellowfin and Yellowtail off a Kelp Patty

    Looks like you shoulda had the big boat out. Is that Jon boat aluminum? Hopefully you didn’t split a seam or pop a rivet. Thanks for sharing bud!
  63. stangclassic66

    Bait Tank Install Install it yourself Mike. Here’s my writeup from several years ago. Only thing I would add is a bead of flexible silicone around the bottom edge of the tank to deck to prevent...
  64. stangclassic66

    Dungeness Crab Opening Day Ritual

    It’s gonna be over a week or two after the commercial season starts on Nov 15 unless there is a delay. The commercials vacuum up the ocean floor real fast. (I used to be one)
  65. stangclassic66

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    If the fuel hose is hard and brittle, i'd replace it. If its older that 10 years old i'd replace it. When replacing it, make sure to buy ethanol safe fuel line. Older fuel lines get eaten up by ethanol. No hard lines as salt corrosion will fuck it up.
  66. stangclassic66

    WTB P454 cross bars and frame screws

    You have the tib narrow conversion? I have everything else maybe we can work something out.
  67. stangclassic66


    Day 2: Evan Salvay and team Stella June just weighed a 466lb fish tying with another boat for day 1 also 466lb. Let’s see if he takes it again this year!
  68. stangclassic66

    2003 Black Z06 Corvette $17,500

    The vette makes them wet
  69. stangclassic66

    New daiwa lx hd 400 vs wide open yft

    Good shit bro, i was huffing and puffing with you. Time for a break hahaha!
  70. stangclassic66

    Very Sad. Becarfule out there.

    Fuck diving. I'll stay in the boat. Never had an urge to try that shit
  71. stangclassic66

    For Sale 6 lug hubs with set of bearings

    One brand new set of 6 lug hubs for 5200lb axle with bearings. Goes for $72 on etrailer. And a extra hub. These are for you guys making those long tows north for salmon and albacore or making those long tows to the bay of LA. $40 for it all. San Diego
  72. stangclassic66

    For Sale Pacific trailer parts

    Pacific trailer parts $10 San Diego
  73. stangclassic66

    For Sale Loadrite trailer parts

    loadrite trailer parts $25 San Diego
  74. stangclassic66

    Bisbee tournaments

    Awesome man! Have fun! Is that the Stella June? I saw the video of her pulling past everyone with ease on the shotgun start
  75. stangclassic66

    I see 4ft at 8 sec from the north East

    lumpy but not totally unfishable. 4x4 would be fucked.
  76. stangclassic66

    Condor 1.5 yft limits and hole in my gas tank at the landing

    Damn. Drilling into a tank is so SKETCH dude. Spark from the bit or spark coming from the drill motor......boom. Dumb fuckin tweaker bitches
  77. stangclassic66

    Brakes - stainless vs. Dacromet?

    Stainless if you have the money to burn.
  78. stangclassic66

    For Sale SHIMANO TLD 5

    I looked through all the pages and can't find the price.... oh well
  79. stangclassic66

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    Wow that's the first time i've ever heard of the MX navy camping on the border.
  80. stangclassic66

    Post lobster catch processing...

    Just leave em in the sink. hearty fuckers. They'll still be flapping in the morning.
  81. stangclassic66

    Full speed ripper 10/10

    Be careful Steve, 5 years ago i towed my 20’ Grady down here and left it for the summer. Had so much fun I sold it and bought a Parker 25’ and left it for the next summer. Then moved down entirely!
  82. stangclassic66

    Full speed ripper 10/10

    You guys are changing the game and are setting an example of how fishing should be. This is the style of fishing camraderie i'm used to up north in the SF bay.
  83. stangclassic66

    For Sale Aluminum trailer

    Sorry brother for threadjacking. I noticed your boat when I was in the market and then I saw your parting it all out here, was just curious because it was a very good deal. That trailer is badass and i'm sure will sell soon.
  84. stangclassic66

    For Sale Aluminum trailer

    WHOA!! Did his insurance pay for it? I always wondered about that... which is why whenever I sea trial a boat i'm selling, I stay at the helm.
  85. stangclassic66

    For Sale Aluminum trailer

    Didn't you have the whole boat and trailer up for sale recently? Why'd you decide to part it out?
  86. stangclassic66

    For Sale Parker pilothouse stainless handrails

    PM me if you're interested, I come up once or twice a week.
  87. stangclassic66

    For Sale Parker pilothouse stainless handrails

    43” from outer flange to outer flange.
  88. stangclassic66

    For Sale Marinco Solar Day/Night Ventilation Fan

    Marinco Solar Day/Night Ventilation Fan This is a must if you own a boat with an aluminum fuel tank. This keeps the tank compartment dry from condensation. Already rigged for 6” snap in inspection plates. This thing runs 24 hrs a day. Just pull it off when using the boat. Fan itself cost me...
  89. stangclassic66

    For Sale Taylor Made large orange fender

    For you big boat guys. I’ve got a large 21” or 27” Taylor Made round boat fender. West sells them for $200. Holds air fine but i deflated it for easier storage. Yours for $60
  90. stangclassic66

    For Sale NEW Rule Tournament Series 1600 gph dual port livewell baitwell pump

    Bump. This will go good with those tanks listed here.
  91. stangclassic66

    For Sale Suzuki side mount throttle control box

    Any chance you have a top mount binnacle?
  92. stangclassic66

    10/6 Hidden/475/425/south 9

    Great report and glad you were able to get the kids on some fish! MCRD is the best!
  93. stangclassic66

    How not to pull your boat out

    Santa Cruz harbor up north during salmon opener is the best for this! Bring a lawn chair
  94. stangclassic66

    How not to pull your boat out

    Here you go. They used a ton of air bags and a compressors with multiple valves. They’d air up the front, winch it on while backing down the trailer slowly, the release the air in the front bag, then repeat. About 8 vessel assist guys there and maybe 5 harbor PDs. Harbor patrol guy going off...
  95. stangclassic66

    How not to pull your boat out

    I have pictures I will upload shortly
  96. stangclassic66

    How not to pull your boat out

    I was there that Friday evening and harbor patrol said he forgot to raise his outdrives and it was enough to pull the boat off the trailer and break the straps. Boat US had been working on it for a couple hours when I got there.
  97. stangclassic66

    10/3 – Missed Brunch but Made Happy Hour – WFO

    excellent report! man that last picture with the bloody footprints is awesome! Murder scene that nobody wanted to hide ahahaha
  98. stangclassic66

    50 year old ammo safe to shoot?

    If you ever hear a pop no click, don't pull the trigger again until you clear the chamber and verify the barrel is absolutely clear. I had a friend that got high when he reloaded and he squibbed a round and thankfully the next round didn't go into battery otherwise he would have lost a hand.
  99. stangclassic66

    Lobster report, 10/2/2019.

    Agreed John. Guys out there exploiting the bluefin fishery charging $2500 for a 4 pack day boat.
  100. stangclassic66

    What the hell went after my fish!

    Mako would have gouged it.
  101. stangclassic66

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    Brutal you guys dug that up from the grave! Haha let’s see if he sees this thread and comments
  102. stangclassic66

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    Cut that MFer right in half and give it to her. Tell her you want half the boat and she keeps the other half hahahaha
  103. stangclassic66

    For Sale Volvo Penta TAMD63P-A Engine With Transmission

    You should try should sell there no problem.
  104. stangclassic66

    SOLD Ganion Hooks, Long Line

    Real good price for longline hooks
  105. stangclassic66

    10/1 371It

    Awesome Mark! Thanks for sharing your day!
  106. stangclassic66

    Farallon 25 Twin inboard to Outboard conversion

    Nice, how was Armstrong able to calculate the curvature of the transom?
  107. stangclassic66

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Looks a little tall. Other than that it's a badass conversion!
  108. stangclassic66

    A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    That must have been bad... for you go all the way up to the galley to check for smoke or fire must have been really bad. shit.
  109. stangclassic66

    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    Nice! Please let me know what tools you use to scrape off the foam.
  110. stangclassic66

    For Sale Edge Insight CTS Monitor for Ford and Dodge

    Edge Insight CTS Monitor for Ford and Dodge I used this on my 03 Ford 6.0 diesel and my 06 Dodge 5.9 cummins. Worked excellent to monitor my engine and transmission. It caught the egr/coolant delta on my ford as well as transmission overheat on my dodge. Worth it's weight in gold because...
  111. stangclassic66

    So I just bought my second boat. How’d I do?

    lol. I'd say it's a good entry-mid level boat. Perfect for inshore stuff.
  112. stangclassic66

    For Sale Parker 1800 center console with Yamaha 115 fourstroke

    What's up SlayerZ, you a friend of EJs? I think you should shoot up there and pick this boat up. That's a great price if everything checks out upon inspection. Bring it back down and let's tag team the fish!
  113. stangclassic66

    For Sale $18,900 Blackman Center Console- must go!

    Respectively disagree here. If he wants to sell it he should lower the price until it sells.
  114. stangclassic66

    Chest freezer 7 cu ft $50.00

    Got the same one it's excellent!
  115. stangclassic66

    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    Curious what kind of muffs are you guys using? The round muff that only push water on one side or the rear muffs that split the water to both sides? The both side units are no good for new motors. Beware
  116. stangclassic66

    9/21/19 Limits of YFT for 2

    Awesome report and writeup! I love that rod your boy is using! My all time favorite.
  117. stangclassic66

    Conditions for 9/20/19

    The first image is the swell prediction at 5am which to me looks about 3-4'. The second image is the wind prediction at 8am, which is 0-5kt.
  118. stangclassic66

    Conditions for 9/20/19

    Conditions look ideal. Just slow down as required. FRI Wind variable less than 10 kt...becoming W 10 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 3 ft at 7 seconds and SW 1 ft at 13 seconds.
  119. stangclassic66

    Cutting through Coronados when not planning to fish

    You lost me there Rick. If you troll a hook you are theoretically fishing and would need FMM, TIP and Bracelet
  120. stangclassic66

    THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    Friggin Long Beach Greg haha great writeup
  121. stangclassic66

    For Sale NEW Rule Tournament Series 1600 gph dual port livewell baitwell pump

    Rule Tournament Series 1600 gph dual port livewell baitwell pump Brand new. This was my spare that I kept as a backup if the pump on my Parker ever failed. Never had a failure in 5 years with the one I sold with my boat. Very reliable unit imho. You can also run a wash down pump off the...
  122. stangclassic66

    For Sale Parker helm seat

    Just the seat. It’s in really good shape in great condition. Cushion is not all worn out like others. Great replacement for you guys that have worn seats or looking to add more seats. $old
  123. stangclassic66

    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    Hope it runs decent at the ramp, if not watch a few videos and swap the impeller yourself.
  124. stangclassic66

    For Sale Xtratuf 15” Deck Boot Size 9 (new deadstock)

    Xtratuf 15” Deck Boot Size 9 (new deadstock) $old Located in San Diego
  125. stangclassic66

    Parker MPG on 2520

    Wow you all get such horrible mileage. I recently sold a ‘99 2520 mod v with a single 250hp Suzuki 4 stroke and i got 1.8-1.9mpg with 1 or 2 other passengers on board, 65 gallon split tank, 125 gallons of fuel, 150lb of ice in a real cooler, full offshore spread of rods n reels n tackle...
  126. stangclassic66

    For Sale 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Truck 5.9 Cummins

    2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Truck Long Horn (Texas) Edition 5.9 Cummins 195k miles runs great and strong Automatic transmission rebuilt 24k miles ago 2wd Long Bed Tool box Power everything Lots of tread left on tires Recently aligned a month ago along with new upper ball joints Prodigy Brake...
  127. stangclassic66

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    How much are you listing that Larsen CC hull for? Good job
  128. stangclassic66

    Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    He would be fine until CG arrived? He talked to you with the same nonchalant posting he put up on Craigslist. Maybe he smokes a lot of weed. Zero fucks given. I’d have been thankful for your presence and probably begged you to take my passengers and standby to take me if i couldn’t dewater...
  129. stangclassic66

    Is this a sport boat?

    Fuck..... not good
  130. stangclassic66

    Bed bugs on boats

    You’re on a roll with those pictures Jason hahahaha! Fess up with the boat name!
  131. stangclassic66

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    True but the captains you are seeing today are the pinheads of yesteryear.
  132. stangclassic66

    For Sale Simrad 7 eco 2

    Damn i could have used this last Friday
  133. stangclassic66

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Personally, i believe to root cause to be the uneducated captain and crew. Most pinheads are high school dropouts, little education and etiquette. They live life like a harbor rat..... all the while building sea time/hours. Still no further education... then years later get their captains...
  134. stangclassic66

    Farallon or Parker New Build? Pro/Cons

    Yes that's from the Fred Hall show a couple years ago. All I could find, but when I spoke to the LH rep at the show a couple years ago they will customer tailor the boat to your exact specs. They put outboards on this one because that's the way the market has been going. But for a charter, the...
  135. stangclassic66

    Farallon or Parker New Build? Pro/Cons

    If you've got 300k budget you might want to compare the Farallon 3200 to the Little Hoquiam 32. Parker isn't even in the same ballpark. Not for a charter. My vote would be for Little Hoquiam. They are a SHIPYARD. You will be getting big commercial boat quality in a 32' boat. They can built...
  136. stangclassic66

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Very nice! Now we need to just learn from the millennials and pull out the cell phone for every conflict we’re involved in
  137. stangclassic66

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Touché haha Rick, i value my freedom and my family, so I’m not stupid enough to lose it, but you have to remember there are lots of people out there who pull guns on other people for some road rage and don’t think twice about pulling that trigger and ceasing the other guys life. I honestly...
  138. stangclassic66

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    While we’re on the subject. What if these “laws” get broken in Mexican waters. Does that trial happen in a MX court, is there even a court in MX where you can sue someone for their assets in the US? Is that case null in a US court because it happened in NON US waters? Let say 2 US vessels...
  139. stangclassic66

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Haha relax Rick it’s all hypothetical. It’s not illegal for you to rest a shotgun on your thigh. What if you were target shooting out there as they pulled up? That’s not illegal. Discharging firearms for target practice in the open ocean isn’t illegal. While we’re hypothetical, if Multiple...
  140. stangclassic66

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Well say the initial fire colt sniper projectile hit his son in the eye. His son is innocent.... Just sayin... This generation has become a bunch of pussies. If someone pulls up on my bite and i've got my shotgun resting on my thigh, i truly wonder how much balls they have to poach the bite...
  141. stangclassic66

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    So say a projectile is fired into your boat, what does maritime law say if you pull out a slug projecting shotgun and fire it into the hull of said sport boat? Asking for a friend...
  142. stangclassic66

    SOLD 1998 Davis Cortez 22

    Sell me your Cabo and buy this Davis. Andy is a stand up guy and he doesn't half ass anything as you can see in his ad. As for dumbass apogee, go suck a pigs hind tit you dumbass. No class whatsoever.
  143. stangclassic66

    For Sale 18 FT Stringari...Center Console

    Damn nice boat! Shows pride of ownership. Just wish it had an outboard!
  144. stangclassic66

    WTB Skippy W/ Farallon houset

    Hahahahhahahah thanks for the laugh.
  145. stangclassic66

    WTB Skippy W/ Farallon houset

    Do yourself a favor and just buy a Farallon. So much better of a boat than a skippy
  146. stangclassic66

    Friend wants to fillet his own fish; where in S.D. ?

    Being a former SF Bay native, do not cut fish until home back in Fremont. I'm not a fan of cutting fish until its ready to go straight in the freezer. When you get back, stop by San Diego Ice Co and pickup a couple hundred pounds of slush ice, then pickup some rock salt and then add cold water...
  147. stangclassic66

    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    Such a noob. You’ve never seen a deep net?
  148. stangclassic66

    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    None of you started by pier fishing? . Lobster net will land those fish
  149. stangclassic66

    Death by carbon monoxide poisoning

    Usually happens with enclosed pilothouses with no windows or ventilation and the wind on your back coming back to port
  150. stangclassic66

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    Glad i still have my salmon gear down here. Will set some time to troll it on the way in or on the way out.
  151. stangclassic66

    Seal had no chance

    That made my morning! Thanks we need a good shark infestation in CA.
  152. stangclassic66

    So Cal fisherman needs some Nor Cal help

    You need to look up New Huck Finn capt Jay. One of the best in the Bay Area.
  153. stangclassic66

    Dorado 7/30

    Good kill! How come no bait? That should have been dorado limits!
  154. stangclassic66

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    Did they ask for the FMM or did you offer it when they hadn’t asked yet? Just curious. I always have it
  155. stangclassic66

    Bait Tank Pump without a Scoop?

    I’d rather miss a trip and get it fixed than to half ass it. Just me. It will cavitate and suck air.
  156. stangclassic66

    Moving to San Diego, Looking for some Fishing Friends

    Congrats. Rancho del rey (Chula vista) is a cool suburban area.
  157. stangclassic66

    Bait pumps ...

    I'm not a fan of cartridge pumps after hearing about tops popping loose and boats sinking. Get yourself a Rule Tournament series 1600gph pump. Great pump.
  158. stangclassic66

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    Bulletproofed with receipts to prove it would be ideal. Also the shop that did it. It's a big gamble on a verbal because you can't see the internals. Pick yourself up an Edge Insight CTS (if it doesn't already have a monitor) and hook it up to the truck and go for a spin. You want to monitor...
  159. stangclassic66

    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    Always do a battery health test or load test every couple months during the boating season.
  160. stangclassic66

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    autopilot not set correctly and captain asleep at the wheel is my speculation. If i'm right, its good they weren't zero'd in on the jetty as it could have been much worse.
  161. stangclassic66

    MMSI does not give GPS numbers to USCG-Help!

    Is your plotter connected to the vhf?
  162. stangclassic66

    For Sale New Freeman Boatworks Build - FOR SALE

    Did you just seriously get on a freeman waiting list just to sell the placeholder once you got closer to your "start" date?
  163. stangclassic66

    Some Advice on antenna and placement

    Hey Bob, 8' on a 20' boat is not bad. Lots of folks put 8' antennas on their 16' skiffs. A little advice, go with the 5225xt. Best bang for your buck. Digital is good, but i've been getting reports back from my supplier that the white paint has been turning yellow after a couple/few years.
  164. stangclassic66

    Auto pilot for 19ft Bayrunner

    autopilot if you can swing it. Just don't think you can take a nap at the wheel or go cut fish with the wheel unattended. I run out of fingers on both hands counting how many vessels i've known to end up on the beach or surf or worst case colliding another boat.
  165. stangclassic66

    San Diego Trailer Storage

    Toy storage Chula Vista.
  166. stangclassic66

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    Ok, I just ask because purchasing a brand new truck solely for towing the boat 60 miles is hard to justify. Will the truck be used as a primary vehicle or just sit until you're ready to take the boat out? Then again if your'e an older gentleman who would rather have the vehicle serviced under...
  167. stangclassic66

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    How far is your tow from home to ramp? How long do you realistically plan on owning the boat?
  168. stangclassic66

    Big bluefin reel bang for the buck

    Used international 30-50 or a Talica 50 if you have the money.
  169. stangclassic66

    Gas vs Diesel

    Arm and a leg in terms of cost. Diesel makes sense if you use the boat enough to justify the cost. Commercial fishing, commercial charter, ferry, tow, work boat, and overall high use and/or heavily loaded. I'm in awe when I see a 50-80 year old crabber with an old detroit engine that has over...
  170. stangclassic66

    Gas vs Diesel

    If you put on a lot of miles and use the boat a lot, I would go with diesel. You get far better mileage and way more hours with a diesel. I've had boats with 2000-6000 hours that ran just as good as the day I bought it. I've had friends with 15,000 hours on the motors. If you're a...
  171. stangclassic66

    For Sale 1 3/8 shaft SS Spurs line cutter $150

    Nice cutter. I ran a shaft shark on my crabber up north. Both good cutters
  172. stangclassic66

    Deck boots?

    xtra tuf w/ a comfortable pair of aftermarket insoles. Make sure to get the whole foot insole not the half foot. Pretty much anything is better than the POS xtra tuf puts in at the factory. I hear the grunden boots aren't too bad either... Regardless put an aftermarket insole in whatever you...
  173. stangclassic66

    3/18 on The "San Diego"

    Thanks for the detailed write up bud.
  174. stangclassic66

    Simrad NMEA2000 question

    Buy a NMEA 2k starter kit, a drop cable and another T. The starter kit comes with one power cable, two terminators, and one T.
  175. stangclassic66

    If you had 3 Avets...

    If I could have 3 avets id get the 3 most expensive reels and sell them for Penn or Shimano reels. lol sorry I had to.
  176. stangclassic66

    WTB Looking for a Newell 332 reel

    Bump, I edited the title. I've been explained the differences and it looks like I need the 332 instead of the 322. Please pm me if you have a graphite 332 for sale.
  177. stangclassic66

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    Thanks for correction. It's a fucked up drug and one that I don't wish on my worst enemy. I have an extended family cousin that is addicted and she's fucked up somewhere in AZ.
  178. stangclassic66

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    You’re kidding me right. Those people that are mentally ill because they did it to themselves. Read up on heroin. I have a friend that works narcotics in the east Bay Area up north. Fact is... If you do H once you might have a chance. You do H twice and it’s over for you. Pretty much no...
  179. stangclassic66

    Torium HG vs Avet SX

    Fly lining is a general term meaning you pinned a live bait on a hook without a weight. You can either flick it into the water or you can get the correct reel and rod combination and cast it as far away from the boat as you can to increase your chances of a hookup over your other fishing...
  180. stangclassic66

    Torium HG vs Avet SX

    The torium is big and bulky. The sx is small and way easier for casting live baits. I'd use the torium to cod fish or halibut fishing inshore and bigger fish offshore. The sx i'd use for live bait casting for anything from yellowtail, yellowfin, and dorado. Also inshore for halibut. I have...
  181. stangclassic66

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    Great, promote drug use and camping inside those bathrooms. Gonna be open season on the addicted homeless that want to pilfer through truck & boat trailer rigs. That was my go to ramp when fishing out of mission
  182. stangclassic66

    WTB Looking for a Newell 332 reel

    Anyone have a graphite 332 they want to sell? PM me please.
  183. stangclassic66

    School Me in SF Bay Halibut and lingcod fishing

    Launch at the rockwall and troll along the wall. Very protected unless a southerly is blowing.
  184. stangclassic66

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    it's all relative. if you never been in it then you might be uncomfortable. I grew up fishing out of the hmb/sf area. We went fishing 6-8' @ 9 seconds and the wind was 10-15kt. Shit we even went when it was 9-11' @ 12-13 seconds. Living down here the last couple years, i've got to admit we...
  185. stangclassic66

    Banging a Fur bag

    It's legal and not too hard to get if you're a commercial. It's federally allowed but there are regs. Where I think he'll get into a grey area is he didn't have any fishing gear in the water and the seals weren't a "threat" at the time. It's one thing to clear them away from your fishing gear...
  186. stangclassic66

    My first and last time buying a Phenix rod

    I'm not a fan of graphite for this reason. Calstar and seeker glass rods all day long over here.
  187. stangclassic66

    1989 Bayrunner 22 transom rebuild

    you should start building boats......or hopefully you still have the master patterns and start refurbing bay runners.
  188. stangclassic66

    SOLD Topless Shimano TLD 30 with Willfish Frame and more

    I have the same exact setup minus the handle and it's a stout reel. It can handle marlin and big tuna no problem.
  189. stangclassic66

    For Sale Good tow rig!

    Just getting broken in at 285k miles. Looks well taken care of. If I didn't have 2 diesels i'd be interested in this one.
  190. stangclassic66

    SOLD 406 MHz EPIRB

    Do you have the mount?
  191. stangclassic66

    Ace line hauler for sale 350 obo

    I’m in San Diego and i got one for you minus the carrying case.
  192. stangclassic66

    Bait jars

    Use BJM jars.
  193. stangclassic66

    Custom Flopper Stoppers

    That’s a commercial salmon flopper stopper. Those are used in almost all commercial salmon trollers with outriggers. They are normally run amidships and about a third of the way from the base of the outrigger. Good to run about 6-8’ deep or more depending on the weather. I wouldn’t suggest...
  194. stangclassic66

    3-5-19 a.m. half day

    Man those are some tiny fish.
  195. stangclassic66

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    Wait so whitefish taste like shit or are they decent table fair?
  196. stangclassic66

    SOLD VHF antenna and Scotty Electric Downrigger Non-op

    I'll take both of those Shad. Test in bound
  197. stangclassic66

    Cooling system . On Cummins vt 555 engines.. Looking for recommendations ! !!

    Mike is right. SCA levels are important to monitor. Also double check with Cummins for the correct coolant for that motor. For my cummins marine and auto i've always used the gold stuff formulated for Cummins diesels.
  198. stangclassic66

    No SoCal love for aluminum PH's?

    I've got nothing against aluminum boats other than they being lighter than fiberglass (sometimes). Just don't drop a penny in the bilge lol.
  199. stangclassic66

    Small fish and big bags of ice...

    Pissed me off that San Diego doesn't have a gas/ice dock somewhere. Half Moon Bay sells 500lb flake ice for $20 at the gas dock. I used to split that ice with a couple boats. Seems like someone could make some real coin with a flake ice machine on the water.
  200. stangclassic66

    Taco Whore

    Dude, either homeboy's shit got hacked or he took on a new drug use hobby. Hismosa has pretty normal/legit posts up until this thread. Lay off the meth if you started using bro.
  201. stangclassic66

    Complete 9mm Ar upper

    That 30rnd mag ain't legal in CA is it? Edit: Nevermind, just noticed you are in WA. Good luck
  202. stangclassic66

    SOLD Raymarine EV100 Autopilot System Complete NEW!!!

    It should be using NMEA 0183. Research the EV100 installation manual to see if it has NMEA0183 connections.
  203. stangclassic66

    Can you legally sell all that fish?

    That's something you talk about before untying lines from the dock.
  204. stangclassic66

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    I agree here. They certainly don't make diesels to be reliable anymore, or to be fuel efficient for that matter. I wouldn't trade your 7.3 for for 6.7 but that's just me. The 7.3 will tow anything up to 12,000 in my opinion.
  205. stangclassic66

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Amazing work. But I have a few questions. Do you have a drain on that rod holder that goes through the upright stand pipe? Water will get in there. Also is that aluminum or stainless painted black, hopefully not plain steel? Have you taken this boat offshore before? I definitely have a bit...
  206. stangclassic66

    Retirement move to socal

    One thing I forgot. Make sure you outfit your boat with a GOOD bait tank. Not a half assed tank, no a mediocre tank, a real good tank along with a good pump. You want to be able to hold a good scoop. Half scoop is really under gunned unless you only plan on fishing inshore. Good live bait...
  207. stangclassic66

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    Yes very much agreed! For that reason I only go to the San Diego show now. Much less congested and easier to just take your time and check stuff out. They should re-open the one at the Cow Palace to relieve the socal congestion at long beach.
  208. stangclassic66

    Retirement move to socal

    Hey Ron, I'm a Bay Area transplant now living in San Diego. I made the move 3 years ago and I live 10 mins from the National City ramp, about 20-25 mins from Shelter Island ramp. Before making the move I kept my boat down here for 2 years and went down a dozen times a year to fish it. Here...
  209. stangclassic66

    Does anyone have a “how-to” for a boat line?

    Tuna cord meat lines. Call Todd over at Bayside Marine in Santa Cruz. He carries commercial gear and can ship. You want a spool of tuna cord 2 snubbers (if you want to make a pair) 150-200lb pack of Jinkai mono Crimps and a crimper I carry a pair on my boat even down here in SD but have yet...
  210. stangclassic66

    NSS12 Ram Mount?

    That's dope! Mind sending more pictures of the top and side? Id like to see how you "extended" the dash to hide the wiring. Badass bro!
  211. stangclassic66

    Boat Insurance- Under 30'

    Give Gary a call at Twin Rivers Marine. he's up in Norcal but i'm insured in waters from SF to SD out to 100 miles.
  212. stangclassic66

    Boat Insurance- Under 30'

    Is that stated value or kbb value?
  213. stangclassic66

    SS Risers

    Tony Athens no brainer.
  214. stangclassic66

    SOLD 1998 Davis Cortez

    Look at what you did Andy! hahaha
  215. stangclassic66

    For Sale Cannon Marlin Downriggers

    Are they spooled with spectra, downrigger wire or mono?
  216. stangclassic66

    For Sale BD should buy this!

    I'd love to see Anthony H buy this. He turns dreams into reality and I can only imagine the crazy shit he'd do to this.
  217. stangclassic66

    Parker 2520 & Offshore Bait Tank Installation Writeup

    Should be good now, I moved all the pictures to a different host.
  218. stangclassic66

    Parker 2520 & Offshore Bait Tank Installation Writeup

    Let me move the pictures to a better 3rd party hosting site. Photobucket got gay
  219. stangclassic66

    Affordable radar?

    What do you have now?
  220. stangclassic66

    Local YT

    Good work that fish is huge!
  221. stangclassic66

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Nice! Care to share the video?
  222. stangclassic66

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Absolutely agree, family first. Sorry you had to go through that. Good luck with the lure, i'm sure it'll be slammer.
  223. stangclassic66

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Boy, I must say, i've seen and heard the anticipation of that lure on this site for a good couple years at least now.... Build the dog gone things and put them in the shelves already. You guys build up the anticipation but then talk like you're only building a couple hundred. Build them by...
  224. stangclassic66

    38' egg harbor 1994

    You'll want to be cruising at hull speed with that boat if you want to be economical. That is probably 1000-1400rpm @ anywhere between 8-9 knots. I believe that engine is rated for a little above 2150rpm. But at that rpm you are likely burning 30+gph.
  225. stangclassic66

    Need Detroit diesel mechanic

    Have you replaced the fuel filters? racor?
  226. stangclassic66

    Cooling system . On Cummins vt 555 engines.. Looking for recommendations ! !!

    Glad you were able to find a mechanic to finish the job. P.s. if your old mechanic vanished he probably died, sadly.
  227. stangclassic66

    Fishing Ethics Question

    Learn how to shuck crab before you actually harvest. Youtube it i'm sure there are lots of videos. If you harvest the crab to eat, cook the entire thing and learn how to shuck. How would you feel if I caught you, cut your legs and arms off and left you a stump on the corner of the street...
  228. stangclassic66

    For Sale Parker 2120 - Partner Wanted

    So on point with this post!
  229. stangclassic66

    For Sale Parker 2120 - Partner Wanted

    I agree with rustman, this is kind of a lopsided partnership. Which is the #1 reason boat partnerships don't work.
  230. stangclassic66

    Need tips for keeping bass alive in bait tank

    Ya they're delicious.
  231. stangclassic66

    WTB Trolling Set ups

    I've got some trolling gear I can part with. I'll send you a message.
  232. stangclassic66

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    That tank "looks" good, but you went through all the trouble of pulling it. I would strong suggest you take it to a good radiator shop and have the tank pressure tested. That will tell you if it needs repair or patching. It looks stainless to me as well but the welder used "cheap" made in...
  233. stangclassic66

    Ventura county..looking for someone to buy a boat with..

    You're in a cycle my friend. But this go around you're looking to throw a wrench into the cogs. Do not go into a partnership with a random.
  234. stangclassic66

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    I would just avoid it altogether. If the smell has become a mental thing, it's safer to just keep looking for a four stroke imo
  235. stangclassic66

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    Damn you tow a 2520 with a half ton? Be careful. For anyone towing heavy boats I highly suggest electric over hydraulic braking system on the trailer. I upgraded to single axle disc brakes and the removed the hydraulic coupler and replace with a solid coupler. Then put in a electric over...
  236. stangclassic66

    For Sale Waterfront FL home, boat lift, private beach access, 60 mile run to Bahamas under 500K!

    Very nice Nick! A vacation house in FL is badass!! Making dreams come true, awesome my brotha. Good luck on your next adventure.
  237. stangclassic66

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    Good luck my friend. I know these guys are happy to spend your money. I can't recommend anything because based on your initial post, you want everything a 42' sportfisher/yacht has to offer in a trailerable boat. Maybe that 32' Little Hoqiuam that was at all the boat shows last year but...
  238. stangclassic66

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    You seem like you're all over the place with your wants my brotha. Towing a wide 32' x 12' 15,000lb load is much more challenging than you might imagine. Regardless of towing a 40' toy hauler. Dually or no dually. Permit or no permit. Then you're saying you don't want to worry about the...
  239. stangclassic66

    SOLD Yamaha F225 V6 Fourstroke Outboard - $6250 (Mira Mesa)

    Great deal should sell quick. And why would Ray part out a good running motor? Go look for your parts on eBay dude.
  240. stangclassic66

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    If anyone that is interested in that, jump on it asap. That is a steal and with the mileage the engine still runs like new. I've got 190-200k last time I looked and it's running great! And for what it's worth, please do not chip the engine. All the ford forums will tell you to get a dp-tuner...
  241. stangclassic66

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    They need to put up signs stating "no docking for more than 5 minutes"
  242. stangclassic66

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    That is a concern of mine also. I can already see fishing line getting tangle in propellers/outdrives and blowing shaft seals.
  243. stangclassic66

    Fiberglassing Tools

    Tyvek is hands down the best protection for your skin and clothes. You will steam in them but you won’t itch afterwards. I learned from my glass guy years ago.... get the largest tyvek suit with a good xxl and reuse it over and over. The large size will have a lot of play so it doesn’t rip...
  244. stangclassic66

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    Bought mine with 87k miles and we now have just under 200k and mechanically it is doing very well. It’s nickel and diming me on the interior out of everything but most of it is our fault. Lots of broken plastic stuff.
  245. stangclassic66

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Tony is the man!
  246. stangclassic66

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    i kinda miss my Farallons. Here's one of them. I added a rear pilothouse wall onto this one. Sold this one a long time ago and I think it's a 6 pack out of Santa Cruz these days.
  247. stangclassic66

    Fiberglassing Tools

    ooh i'm starting to get itchy just talking about glass work hahaha
  248. stangclassic66

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    Thought about a surburban at one time but my diesel excursion 7.3 was my final choice 11 years ago. Gets 16-17mpg unloaded and about 11-12 towing my boat or travel trailer.
  249. stangclassic66

    How much to repower my '25 Skipjack to Diesel?

    Are you mechanically inclined to do it yourself? If so that will save you lots of money. Are you willing to use a good used running diesel? To be honest, a 25' skippy isn't worth putting a brand new diesel in it. Your resale value will never beat the costs it will take to build. Guys that...
  250. stangclassic66

    Fiberglassing Tools

    For whatever reason, glass is much more expensive in SD vs. SF. Fiberlay is the cheapest place though. Use 1708 DBM. CSM provides very little structural integrity. I only like using it for a top layer so that gets faired and not the DBM.
  251. stangclassic66

    The SoCal Bluefin Bite That Wouldn’t Die Finally Did

    They're all up in Morro Bay.
  252. stangclassic66

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    Go for it buddy, sounds like you have a checklist for the making of a law suit ready lol I for one have gotten accustomed to launching at pepper. I live 5-6 miles from that ramp and I'd rather burn a little more fuel than towing my 2520 through downtown SD or through the Liberty...
  253. stangclassic66

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    How about the interlocking or one piece mats that people use in the gym for working out? Those mats take abuse daily.
  254. stangclassic66

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    Hey Doug, i'm in the same vintage boat as you. I'm personally not a fan. I like to remove my mats (wheelhouse) and wash them down. I'm also a hands on type of person so if I have to get under the deck at some point (tanks), then I don't want to have to deal with hacking up a mat job...
  255. stangclassic66

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    Man I remember my first project boat... One good tip for when you get to the fiberglass parts. Troll the boat yards for a guy that does side work. Do it while the yard manager isn't looking and usually those guys bite. Way cheaper. In the SF bay I had a guy that did several of my boats for...
  256. stangclassic66

    Transducer for San Diego

    B175HW like Nate said. Let me know I can get you one
  257. stangclassic66

    Nativity Scene weave

    Wow, you are pretty damn good! Amazing patience and talent.
  258. stangclassic66

    SOLD Outrigger rod holders

    Here are a pair of aluminum outrigger rod holders. This will allow you to run a couple extra rods in your spread when trolling for pelagics or just slow trolling. Worked great for us and definitely helps with multiple hookups. $150 for the pair
  259. stangclassic66

    What's wrong with my handling of fillets?

    Where you go wrong is your 2nd step. Do not filet fish until they are ready to go into the freezer. Keep the fish whole. It's ok to keep them in a live well with a boat in the harbor circulating sea water. If you don't have that option, then depending on the type of fish you can chill the...
  260. stangclassic66

    For Sale 25' Farallon Whaleback

    This boat and owner is legit guys. This boat has made countless runs to the farallon islands and is super reliable. I've owned a couple of these hulls myself and they run circles around any boat the same size. I miss my Farallon. Good luck Scott.
  261. stangclassic66

    25 fb Skippy alternator ?

    What are you running that is going to draw so much current?
  262. stangclassic66

    SOLD Berkeley Line Winder with counter and pedal

    Yep hula girl goes with. PM me for my phone info.
  263. stangclassic66

    SOLD Berkeley Line Winder with counter and pedal

    Berkeley Line Winder This unit will go left and right rotation. Has a foot pedal control just like the tackle shops. It comes with a line stripper attachment and will spool conventional, bait casting and spinning reel spools. Also comes with a line counter. $350
  264. stangclassic66

    SOLD Ice-o-matic ice machine

    Ice-o-matic ice machine. Great working machine that i used for a couple years when i fished heavily. Will make 300# of ice a day. $500 Located in San Diego
  265. stangclassic66

    Diesel or gas.....

    Yes but that’s the best combo to be in the water at all times. Stainless and bronze.
  266. stangclassic66

    Diesel or gas.....

    If you go diesel, go with a transmission, shaft/prop/rudder config. Do not go with an outdrive I don't care what anyone on here says. All that shit sitting in the water fuckin sucks. I/O = I (fuckin) OWE $$$$ If you got money to burn for fuel and want to get there fast, get a boat with twin...
  267. stangclassic66

    West Coast Marine opening another location in San Diego

    Awesome, so we can order parker parts from you?
  268. stangclassic66

    For Sale 2016 Freeman 37VH (Only One On West Coast) - Twin Seven Marine 70+ MPH, Warranty, Simrad Electronics

    Still a little confused I guess. For practicality, I don't understand how 4 motors to maintain is better than 2. I guess those FL guys are stupid rich, not to say these 7s are cheap. I guess that's "rich people problems/dilemmas". Fuck it, i'll stay confused on this subject, don't have 4...
  269. stangclassic66

    We went to Bisbee Black and Blue to view only

    I just saw that Evan Salvay and his team won it! Dude is badass
  270. stangclassic66

    North 9 10/24

    Shortbill spearfish maybe?
  271. stangclassic66

    For Sale 2016 Freeman 37VH (Only One On West Coast) - Twin Seven Marine 70+ MPH, Warranty, Simrad Electronics

    I'm not sure about your last statement, i'm a little confused. These two make 1200+ hp as it is and are pretty fuel efficient given how fast it will go. How would quads be better? (honest question here from a west coast only boater)
  272. stangclassic66


    A fucking fairing block!? C’mon bro that’s some YouTube shit.
  273. stangclassic66

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    If someone ever does that to me, I would handle it on the radio or on the dock but before I left the scene, I would do 25kts all around the hot spot and kill the bite, no rule book on that if he's gonna chuck jigs at me or my boat.
  274. stangclassic66

    Hoop net line management with line hauler

    Weave line weights onto your line to sink it.
  275. stangclassic66

    Just fished the chief

    Nobody called the USCG?
  276. stangclassic66

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Lots of good karma for you on saving the lives there bud. Sorry to hear about what happened, amazing how fast it all went down. I learned this saying many years ago and I still follow it to this day.... "friends don't let friends own Bayliners"
  277. stangclassic66

    For Sale Diesel parker

    My buddy's boat was berthed right next to it last Lobster season. Fine looking vessel and I almost berthed right next to it as well.
  278. stangclassic66

    AIS Transponder Help

    I think you’re reading too much into it Apogee. I have a Garmin AIS 600 with a 4’ AIS antenna and i get picked up from miles away. My fam keep tabs on me on whether I’m 20 miles out or 60 miles out.
  279. stangclassic66

    Gas mileage question!

    Or until you run out of fuel lol
  280. stangclassic66

    Gas mileage question!

    Your floscan needs to be calibrated. Last week we ran from National City to South Island and back for 31 gallons on the floscan. That included idling all day, never shutting down. I told my buddy to put 15.5 gallons in first and I put in 15.5 gallons in at the same time fuel shot out of the vent.
  281. stangclassic66

    For Sale 2006 Parker 2530 Ext Cab

    Very clean! Should sell fast to a 4 pack captain.
  282. stangclassic66

    Thinking of taking my bass boat out of San Diego

    I wouldn't either. You want freeboard when in the ocean.
  283. stangclassic66

    Excalibur 8/21-24 Slayed And Marauded

    I kept skipjack once... even bled and spiked them just like an albacore... Then I opened up the fish.....Never again after seeing this in the belly.
  284. stangclassic66

    8/13/18 At the Islands again

    Nice video, got me excited to head out there. Curious what was his drag set to?
  285. stangclassic66

    A shout out to those that helped my son today.

    Hey Jim, hope you have it under control. Might be time to think about training your son to use the bigger boat or maybe inspire him to start looking as some small skiffs. Kayaks and big fish don't match and based on shit i've experienced out there, kayaks are for the lakes.
  286. stangclassic66

    CBDs in Mexico?

    Are they pill form? Throw them in an advil container with some cotton on top. lol
  287. stangclassic66

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    Buy once, cry once right? I'm with Mike
  288. stangclassic66

    Raymarine Autopilot problems , questions

    Ohm out the compass sensor. Call Raymarine to give you the specs of what they should be. You might be able to google it as well. I mis-placed the specs.
  289. stangclassic66

    LeBron to the Lakers

    We were talking about this last night over dinner Ran. Lebron is clearly going to walk into the organization and establish himself as the Alpha....maybe even side by side next to Magic but clearly above Luke. Which is why Lebron will never win another championship, there is no "I" in team.
  290. stangclassic66

    LeBron to the Lakers

    Some of you guys are funny talking about Klay leaving. He'll be retiring with the dubs.
  291. stangclassic66

    SOLD 2003 Parker 2120 SC with Yamaha f200 4 Stroke Dialed IN!

    Don't do it Frank. Lots of guys make that mistake when a baby is about to come to appease the wife. Keep it and you'll be using it 6 months after the baby is born. Maybe not 100% use but i'm sure you'll figure out a reason to get out on the water. Gosh, how many boats did you go through to...
  292. stangclassic66

    LeBron to the Lakers

    I just wanna see Loudmouth Lavar and Lebron clash.
  293. stangclassic66

    6/30/18 Tuna Report

    Wouldn't that be some breaking news!!?!
  294. stangclassic66

    1960s Glasspar Seafair Sedan

    Check the stringers if you have access. That is where they started off putting them in that era. Generally amidship.
  295. stangclassic66

    San Diego Prop shop advice...

    Eddie at Propellers of San Diego is the bomb! Great work and he'll work with your timeline. Go drive in to see him during business hours. I was there a couple months ago. He's probably in the shop welding something. Pacific Marine propeller is also a good shop and they do small props up to...
  296. stangclassic66

    6/12 Adrift on the west end of Cat with a dead battery

    If you're gonna go and shut off the motor then you have to switch to 1. Then on the next fishing trip, reverse it and run off 2. Always keep a battery for reserve. Also you want to test your batteries before the season starts and also midway through the season. It's all about maintaining...
  297. stangclassic66

    6/12 Adrift on the west end of Cat with a dead battery

    Jo, it puts out 2.5-5 watts at most and then you have to have a good clear path in the direction you're hoping to go. Meaning no island in the way if you're on the other side. Also, i see you have a L/M/H power setting. Were you transmitting in High power? That's basically 1watt/2.5watt/5watt...
  298. stangclassic66

    Speed vrs comfort of a Parker?

    Really? So despite you being comfortable you will beat your boat to death? If I pound my boat it sounds like the hull is going to crack. If I launch my boat off a wind wave/steep swell at 25knots it is not pleasant sounding. The "seat" shouldn't be an excuse to beat your boat to shit....just...
  299. stangclassic66

    Speed vrs comfort of a Parker?

    the house isn't anymore forward than a Farallon. I always hear this but it's an incorrect statement. The shallow dead rise is what causes Parkers to pound at speed, not a "far forward" pilothouse. The positive note is that the mod-v drifts very nice and isn't as rolly as a deep v boat. Trade...
  300. stangclassic66

    Lebron GOAT?

    Tired of the LeBron debate! Hoping the dubs close the finals with a sweep! Only reason they came close is because the support actually hit shots for once. Refs were clearly trying to extend the series but the dubs overcame them with the critical 3s to widen the gap tonight
  301. stangclassic66

    The Build Begins... New Model 2018 Parker 2320 (new transom)

    Simrad discontinued the Bronze model and now only contracts airmar to produce the SS model. If you're dead set on Bronze, you can still get a B175hw garmin model and cut off the plug and splice in the correct simrad connector.
  302. stangclassic66

    SOLD Chest Deep Freezer

    I had the same unit for our crab bait on the old commercial boat. Strong unit and very deep freeze
  303. stangclassic66

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Prayers and well wishes for you Jason! Glad you got on the list. From one gout sufferer to another please try to refer to to track the purines that you eat, and do your best to keep the uric acid down naturally. Things like tart cherry pills work. As much as possible try to...
  304. stangclassic66

    For Sale Global fix eperb

    When is expiration?
  305. stangclassic66

    WTB WTB Garmin 18 xhd or 24 xhd radar

    I’m not sure if it’s an XHD
  306. stangclassic66

    For Sale 25'X9' Open Fisherman, Center Console, 250 Suzuki warranty till 9/19 27,000 (reduced again)

    Now that’s a great idea. Get you along with Steve on and maybe show me some real local SoCal stuff. Your number still the same from the FSF days?
  307. stangclassic66

    WTB WTB Garmin 18 xhd or 24 xhd radar

    I have a garmin GMR 18 i may want sell soon.
  308. stangclassic66

    5/6 the 182

    The lanes were in shambles dude. Needed the work regardless.
  309. stangclassic66

    For Sale 25'X9' Open Fisherman, Center Console, 250 Suzuki warranty till 9/19 27,000 (reduced again)

    Say it ain’t so Chuck! First Steve’s Davis now yours! This is fish catching machine here guys! It’s caught fish all over California!
  310. stangclassic66

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Always a nail biter on long distance transactions but a great honest seller and buyer make things a lot easier.
  311. stangclassic66

    Small hook big fish

    These last few years, we've had to adjust to finicky biting tuna. I've caught 30-40lb schoolers on size 4 hooks.....shit is almost trout like in comparison lol
  312. stangclassic66

    FREE Oceanside Boat Storage (Free)!

    Nice pad Derek. Very cool offer you're throwing out there.
  313. stangclassic66

    TLD 30 conversion question

    Dude, you really should think about learning how to service your own reels. It's very gratifying to do any even more so after you've landed a big fish on it. It'll make you a better rounded fisherman. It's like going drag racing, much better to wrench on your own shit so you know what went...
  314. stangclassic66

    First Radon 15 Custom Pilothouse

    Great job! Blown away at what people are doing with small boats. Should have talked the customer into a 3' hull extension too.
  315. stangclassic66

    First Time Buyer Gun Shy - Need Advice

    RUUUUUUUUUN! Bad deal brother.
  316. stangclassic66

    Shimano, Avet, Penn, Accurate. Are you faithful or a whore?

    Nothing wrong with the Newell’s brother. You just have to know their limit. They’re definitely not a talica type reel.
  317. stangclassic66

    Shimano, Avet, Penn, Accurate. Are you faithful or a whore?

    I like to try different brands and i tend to weed them out as i figure out their weeknesses. I service my own reels and use Alan Tani’s site like it’s the encyclopedia of reel repair. No frills get er done, Penn by far. If serviced correctly it can be used day in and day out for the season...
  318. stangclassic66

    3/30 - Mixed Limits & Mylar Too

    Good going Josh! Any chance you grabbed water temps?
  319. stangclassic66

    Where do you purchase your fishing gear for the salt?

    Squidco hands down for SD area. Being from NorCal I’ve been to outdoor pro and squidco beats them by a long shot. OPS has good selection but it’s all overpriced and their sales guys are full of themselves, bragging about pro staff this, pro staff that. Not what a customer wants to hear...
  320. stangclassic66

    WTB Question: Arimar 1kw Transom Mount Transducer

    night and day difference brother. Follow the directions exactly and you'll be happy.
  321. stangclassic66

    SOLD Auto pilot 1/2 off retail

    Why you pulling a comnav Eric? One of the best out there
  322. stangclassic66

    Suzuki DF 350-300

    Let those guys in Florida buy the first set of 350s. They seem to upgrade their motors every couple years lol
  323. stangclassic66

    LynDeva could you some positives vibes and prayers

    Prayers for a successful procedure and recovery. Stay positive.
  324. stangclassic66

    Early 2000's Ford 7.3 help

    Oh and whatever you do, no matter how much the mod gods whisper in your ear at night while you lay in bed, no matter how much you read about it on the net, do not put any sort of mod chip in it. You will pay for it bad in the long run. If you’re gonna be victim to it, you might as well get a...
  325. stangclassic66

    Early 2000's Ford 7.3 help

    You want a babied super duty only so you can beat on it in the sand, snow and mud? I have a 2wd 7.3 excursion with 190k miles with the original e4od auto trans and original turbo and injectors. Take care of it and stay on top of the maintenance and it will take care of you. That means change...
  326. stangclassic66

    Early 2000's Ford 7.3 help

    I briefly had one at 385k miles. The engine ran good but i did have to fix an exhaust up-pipe leak. The suspension was also pretty shot but i sold it before i did any of that work. Tie rods/ball joints usually need replacement. Hold out and look on Craigslist across the state, don’t rush...
  327. stangclassic66

    Autopilot Frustration

    You need a hydraulic unit that is compass course driven preferably with a rudder feedback sensor. Talk to aamarine if you know him he’s also in Clovis and is a pro with autopilots. You have to understand that slow trolling a boat in some sporty weather will knock the boat off course every now...
  328. stangclassic66

    Skipjack 262 Autopilot options

    Best thing to do is convert to hydraulic steering. You will open yourself up to every autopilot option out there.
  329. stangclassic66

    Recommended trailer boat for SoCal offshore

    I like the comfort of wheelhouses so I'd go Parker or Farallon. Farallon is a comfier boat in the slop but will roll while it drifts. Parker will pound in the slop but won't roll as heavily as a Farallon. I think Davis is in the middle if you can find one in that price range. My buddy has a...
  330. stangclassic66

    Parker 2520 & Offshore Bait Tank Installation Writeup

    Bump since it was brought to my attention that the pictures weren't loading. The only other thing i'd change is the plastic fittings should be bronze when possible. I plan to make these changes before the season gets going.
  331. stangclassic66

    2120 baittank install

    Hey Sage, just updated my tutorial to show the pictures. Hopefully this paints a better picture for you. Go non-cartridge. I took the advice of the other members here and never looked back. The added flow helps the bait swim in a better direction, consistently. Also, use bronze fittings...
  332. stangclassic66

    2120 baittank install

    FOUND it I’ll try to fix the pictures tomorrow.
  333. stangclassic66

    2120 baittank install

    Easy stuff dude Just tedious. Look for my tutorial on here.
  334. stangclassic66

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Very nice work so far. Question, any reason why your fuel pickups are in the front vs the aft part of the tank?
  335. stangclassic66

    Fred Hall worth!?!

    Bring lots of cash lol.
  336. stangclassic66

    SOLD Penn Squidder W/ Tiburon Frame

    Plastic or graphite spool?
  337. stangclassic66

    removing sardine scales from Avet rubber handles

    Fuck it leave that shit on there and fish it
  338. stangclassic66

    removing sardine scales from Avet rubber handles

    pick at it with an edge of a razor blade.
  339. stangclassic66

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    Small claims court. Fuck em. Her insurance company is hoping you don't go to small claims
  340. stangclassic66

    Spring Cleaning!!

    Someone got a deal on flashers considering they're probably $14/ea new nowadays.
  341. stangclassic66

    For Sale 8-Foot Livingston Skiff - $500

    By the way you did a really good job on the restoration of that hull. Very good
  342. stangclassic66

    For Sale 8-Foot Livingston Skiff - $500

    File it as a new registration. As far as I can tell, it's a row boat until you attach a motor to it.
  343. stangclassic66

    These risers and manifolds look ok?

    Good insurance to replace to be honest. Repowers suck due to a bad riser.
  344. stangclassic66

    Prop repair?

    I brought Eddie a mildly dinged prop with no major damage and he added material by welding stainless to it and then polished it better than new. $150 was money well spent. 16" stainless prop.
  345. stangclassic66

    For Sale PowerTech LFS3 - 3x16x18 Prop for Sale

    How pub like this one compared to a suzy prop?
  346. stangclassic66

    Boat US help put the boat on the trailer?

    I've seen them trailer a boat in the handicapped 2 lane shelter island ramp this past summer. I was amazed and blown away at the captains skills. He had the boat side tied until the last second then, with a little forward momentum, untied the disabled boat and shoe horned the boat halfway onto...
  347. stangclassic66

    Sturgeon Fishing in NorCal

    lol, what's that supposed to mean "if you just want to catch fish". That's the end game goal isn't it? But on top of that if you jump on with John, you have a sturgeon encyclopedia in front of you for the day. That in itself is money well spent. I've never chartered John for sturgeon because...
  348. stangclassic66

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    After you guys have fulfilled Doug's order, send me a PM with price. I'm in SD and would like a few.
  349. stangclassic66

    Sturgeon Fishing in NorCal

    Jump on one of the Barbarian boats. Look for Capt John Badger. His charter fleet is over 100 sturgeon for the season
  350. stangclassic66

    Prop repair?

    Just had Eddie repair and tune my backup Suzuki prop and I was blown away. Came out better than new and polished and turned it around in 1 day. Propellers of San Diego in Spring Valley.
  351. stangclassic66

    For Sale 9000-20B-1 FloScan Fuel Monitoring Computer

    Good unit well worth the money especially if you split gas with your buddies.
  352. stangclassic66

    Anybody fish with "vintage" gear?

    The old stuff goes on the boat with me with a handful of new stuff on almost every trip. My bottom line goal is this: I want to bring home fish and it doesn't matter how I catch it as long as it's legal. Having a commercial background, you fish with gear that doesn't have a "talica" cult...
  353. stangclassic66

    Creating deck storage hatches?

    Nice how much that hatch cost? spendy item.
  354. stangclassic66

    Seakeeper 2 Hits The Under 30′ Boat Mark

    That's quite a draw so motor(s) would have to be running.
  355. stangclassic66

    Fred Hall - Long Beach or Del Mar?

    I’m gonna go against the grain and say F the Long Beach show. Having been from the SF Bay and going to the Long Beach show for several years, initially i enjoyed it but after dealing with shoulder to shoulder People in aisles i finally said F it last year and since moving down to SD went to the...
  356. stangclassic66

    Boat Chit

    2nd on case.
  357. stangclassic66

    Silver Avet SX 5:1

    Great condition silver Avet SX 5:1 ratio. Comes with box, reel clamp and lube. $135 in SD
  358. stangclassic66

    Looking for some trolling gear

    What are you trolling for Chris? Lots of variance in trolling gear
  359. stangclassic66

    WTB: Avet SX / MXJ

    Andrew, i've got a Silver SX for you, very good condition, excellent free spool and smooth. Sending you a PM.
  360. stangclassic66

    DMV Registration

    Haha damn you gotta stop buying motor vehicle toys in December lol
  361. stangclassic66

    10 Gallon Mako Matt Marine Bait Tank

    How much bait does this tank hold?
  362. stangclassic66

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    To me it says he's not pressured to mass produce boats. Call him to find out.
  363. stangclassic66

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    Having been to the Farallon factory, it's not as production as you might think. Boats are only built to order on a custom basis. I don't even think they kick out more than a dozen or two boats a year compared to back in the 80's. The current owner has a whole nother business where majority of...
  364. stangclassic66

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    Norcal: Farallon Socal: Radon I grew up fishing norcal, I just recently moved to SD. The Farallon can fish both seas. I've owned a 25' Whaleback and a 27' Fisherman. I've NEVER had an issue with a following sea and broaching. But I was trained to always quarter an significant sea. The...
  365. stangclassic66

    cummins 6bt 12 valve

    Looks like it was a spare automotive/tractor engine that could have been slated for conversion if the one on the boat ever went bad. It's easy to transfer all the marinizing parts over to that one. The turbo on the marine engines are usually on the back part of the engine slightly above the...
  366. stangclassic66

    Premium Coolers- Yeti, Grizzly, etc. Are They Worth It?

    bonar plastics 1/2 totes are better than the Yeti by far. Daco plastics is another good brand. Proven commercial grade.
  367. stangclassic66

    diesel for my 26 Anderson

    Get a cummins 370hp and call it a day. FUCK VOLVO. Unless you like bending over and taking it deep like Volvo likes to do it, FUCK them. Parts are through the roof for diesel parts. Volvo diesel service guys think they are in a league of their own and they piss gold. Cummins goes in, you...
  368. stangclassic66

    Cod fishing MX waters and then fishing for halibut in SD Bay?

    Thought about that, but i'd probably come back to an empty fish box. Or i'd end up just putting the boat back on the trailer and head home. I called F&G and i'm still waiting on a call back.
  369. stangclassic66

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    Thanks for confirming my guess of $40-50k. :) My uncle did a repower back in '05 with twin yamaha 200s and by the time it was all said and done it was $80k. Open check book. You really have to look at this project economically now. Is it worth it?
  370. stangclassic66

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    I hate to say it but sounds like this project is starting to snowball on you. You have to catch that before you get way too deep which is what it's potentially sounding like. A twin outboard project is going to cost you upwards of $40-50k. Have you thought about what kind of boats you can buy...
  371. stangclassic66

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    You need to look into the konrad outdrives. Cheaper than converting to twin outboards. Fuel burn will be better than twin diesel. Another option I would look into, since your already have a TAMD41 Diesel, is to see how much it would be to convert it to a single screw straight shaft or...
  372. stangclassic66

    Cod fishing MX waters and then fishing for halibut in SD Bay?

    Friendly FYI for guys that don't know about the declaration page.
  373. stangclassic66

    Cod fishing MX waters and then fishing for halibut in SD Bay?

    Thanks Todd, I definitely have the MX/US DFG declaration page ready to fill out. For MX we're good for 5 of any one fish up to 10 total right? So 5 vermillion and 5 bank rockfish/perch for example would limit us out right?
  374. stangclassic66

    Cod fishing MX waters and then fishing for halibut in SD Bay?

    Thinking about slamming the cod in MX and then running into the SD Bay for some halibut. Is this legal? We have all our MX licenses but I just don't want to run into trouble if we get stopped in the bay. Just looking to stay legal. Thanks in advance.
  375. stangclassic66

    bypass kommifornia's internet ammo ban in 2018

    Good luck let us know how it works out for you.
  376. stangclassic66


    Twin rivers marine insurance. Look for Gary. Boat US pulled that same shit with me a couple years ago, said adios after that.
  377. stangclassic66

    I heard they sued after this accident...

    $350k is low, id be shooting for a million
  378. stangclassic66

    Are anodes that important?

    Run it the saltwater will keep it cool and lubed
  379. stangclassic66

    any one got these deck lights on their Parker 2320 SL

    Hahaha that’s hydrated! If i was dehydrated it would be 400 lumens hahaha
  380. stangclassic66

    any one got these deck lights on their Parker 2320 SL

    200 lumens ain't shit, my piss puts out 200 lumens ahahaha.
  381. stangclassic66

    Is light tackle really ethical when there is kelp involved?

    What Gary said, cept i don’t break out light gear.
  382. stangclassic66

    Wet Foam, But Bad Stringer?

    First off that's not a stringer, that's the keel of the hull. Secondly, even if this is just a grind and re-glass job, it's a big job. You're talking about removing all the foam in the way as well as all the bulkheads that run along that crack. From what it looks like you're in the v-berth...
  383. stangclassic66

    Not just in Dana Pt.

    Nice you get that inside the bay or outside?
  384. stangclassic66

    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    Hey Harry, the easiest way to share a digital copy would be through Dropbox. I have that same manual and it has helped me a bunch.
  385. stangclassic66

    Best way to prep a Yellowtail?

    Well said Rick, you keep it much more diplomatic than I could have. I just don't jive with someone who flat out says i'm wrong while i've been able to deliver sushi grade fish for years along with the rest of the commercial fleet just using saltwater and flake ice. Again, I still don't...
  386. stangclassic66

    Best way to prep a Yellowtail?

    I don't fish with shitty ass fish bags like you sport only guys do. I fish with commercial half totes and bonners that will hold ice or slush brine for 3-4 days or more. I've also commercial fished salmon and have retained 32 degree slush/water in said half totes for 5 days. yes at sea for 5...
  387. stangclassic66

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Are you a politician or legislator? I think you're barking up the wrong tree. Maybe all will converse with you better
  388. stangclassic66

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Leave the fuckin laws alone and set your own damn limits. Fuckin state already has too many fricken laws. Self police yourself and let others make their own decision.
  389. stangclassic66

    Selling Old Boat buying New Boat... Need Help

    Check out for a good sized center console. They are mainly an east coast, FL site and most of the boats in FL are twins or trips sometimes quad setups. All are center console.
  390. stangclassic66

    Penn 113HLW

    Great trolling reel. I've got 80lb wahoo with mine, a close friend has a newer chinese senator 4/0 that he caught a 150lb marlin with. Melted grease was coming down the side plate and it really took a beating but they landed the fish after 2.5 hrs or so. You may not be able to turn a big...
  391. stangclassic66

    Xtratuf Ankle Deck Boots Size 11

    Purchased these last year and I only wore them once inside the house. Don't need them since I have two other 12" boots that I have yet to really use up. Located in San Diego but will be heading up to the SF bay in about 7 days. $old
  392. stangclassic66

    Brand New Rod Holders

    $100, down from $125 for the pair
  393. stangclassic66

    Brand New Rod Holders

    Bump and price drop.
  394. stangclassic66

    Shimano Reels, TLD, TR, Calcutta, Curado, Torium

    Hey All, I need to downsize my gear a little bit and will be adding to this post as I go through it all. Here's what I have so far. All items located in San Diego but I will be making a trip to the Bay within the next 7 days or so. I can bring them up with me if needed. Any items that need...
  395. stangclassic66

    Furuno and Echotec with charts. New in 1997

    That echotec plotter was the bomb about 10-15 years ago.
  396. stangclassic66

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    Amazed at the type of reels some of you use for cod fishing, might as well buy it at the market for $3.00/lb. Economically its the smarter choice. I use a Penn GTI 330 with a bicycle handle for the reel handle. Usually use 16oz to get down deep fast. It gives me a nice easy retrieve and...
  397. stangclassic66

    Best way to prep a Yellowtail?

    Salt water brine without a chiller will still get down to 32 degrees and that is better than just ice alone. Commercial salmon fishermen that don't have refrigeration still do it this way and deliver sashimi grade salmon. We do the same for Albacore up north after spiking, bleeding, and...
  398. stangclassic66

    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    Hey Mike, Sounds like you should at least have a 3500 dually. Especially with the tongue weight of a 27' Farallon. I had one before on a pacific trailer and the damn tongue weight was at or just over 1200lb. Did you upgrade to the 19.5" "semi" style truck wheels? I wonder if the weight and...
  399. stangclassic66

    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    I had it rebuilt up the the SF Bay prior to making the move down here. But from what I researched there are several shops that will do it here in SD too. Just know that there are multiple stages that a 48re can be rebuilt to. Mine was rebuilt just for tow so I bought the heavy duty rebuild...
  400. stangclassic66

    Help finding those Rat Firecracker yellows?

    Russell, here's what i would do if I were to take my 10 year old out tomorrow... Pack a couple x-rap 30 divers, get bait and head to whistler area. I'd put the x-raps in the water and set the boat in a westerly tack at about 6-7(KNOTS). If you don't have autopilot, let the kid drive the boat...
  401. stangclassic66

    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    I have a '02 7.3 Ford and an '06 5.9 Cummins/Dodge. They are both beasts. The ford will tow great but you have to watch the trans temp when climbing up long steep grades like the grapevine. Only downshift when it start to lug and try to keep the speed steady but shift to overdrive so you...
  402. stangclassic66

    2320 Head

    I have one on my 2520 and the y-valve is on the port side of the head. Opposite side of the bulkhead accessible through a hatch in the v-berth. Never used the head so I always keep the valve closed on the discharge port. Only tested it once and i'm not sure how the head will chew up a big...
  403. stangclassic66

    Water therapy 12/26

    rest in peace to your fam brotha. Good way to celebrate his life though. Those released fish were for him brotha. Much respect
  404. stangclassic66

    WTB - Farallon 26-28' Walkaround or whaleback

    James I don't think you're gonna find a newer model direct drive as I don't believe they have made a direct drive model in some time. There may be some one offs but all the newer ones i've seen either have an "I/Owe" or an outboard.
  405. stangclassic66

    What’s the theory behind this?....

    Ya that'll be real nice when it makes contact with something solid while underway at sea. Kind of like a boat version of the back to the future delorean heading back to 1985 except it'll take you to the reef
  406. stangclassic66

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    I have a question for some of you boat owners. Do you run the boat at 25-40kt+ even if conditions tell you otherwise? In other words, do you pound the shit out of your hull just to hold that speed to get to the grounds?? I have the 2520 mod-v and in any wind chop more then 2-3' feet that is...
  407. stangclassic66

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    Your guys' problem is you don't disclose your expectations. You're just content to have a fishing partner until you expect payment. Before the thought of even going, my crew all know the amount that is required to jump on my boat at the very minimum the ballpark. I even have a floscan so that...
  408. stangclassic66

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    Fuckin Volvo i hate that POS company! You may want to pickup a few of those if they only last 60 miles lol.
  409. stangclassic66

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    You only need to carry the parts that can be relatively easy to replace on the water. Obviously you don't want to carry a spare set of risers, but as far as extra plugs, wires, points, rotor, cap and fuel filters; weight is minimal and can go into the tool box. I'm interested to see where you...
  410. stangclassic66

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    Icom, Icom or Icom. 504 or 506
  411. stangclassic66

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    Add a new VHF and Antenna to your list. Might want to also carry all the tools for a carb breakdown, spare plugs and wires, When was the last time you did the exhaust and risers? I used to do those every 2-3 years regardless when I used to own an "I Owe"
  412. stangclassic66

    Late Report LJ Thanksgiving Hali (Video)

    Great song selection! "you're dragging it out...." hahaha great job given the circumstances
  413. stangclassic66

    What’s it cost to own this?? 42ft Sportfisher?

    Well, I was saying you were spot on in your monthly budget. As for having or not having a few hundred grand in the bank, i was referring to the majority of boat owners that own 40'+ sport fishing yachts. Sure there are exceptions like yourself or myself. It's all about achieving the goal and...
  414. stangclassic66

    What’s it cost to own this?? 42ft Sportfisher?

    AF Dreamer is dead on. Might be a little on the low side. If you have to ask, it's too much. Guys that own boats like this usually have a few hundred thousand liquid cash always available, if not more. Meaning the dollars spent do not hurt or are not a concern.
  415. stangclassic66

    Transfer pump & drum

    I'll take it Gene, sent you a PM bud.
  416. stangclassic66

    2001 Excursion 7.3 4x4 - Upgraded to TOW

    Awesome! I have an ‘02 7.3 EX and I’m amazed that i can list it for sale now for more than i bought it 10 years ago! Good luck with sale! Still hard for me to give mine up considering all the emissions bullshit all the new diesels have to deal with.
  417. stangclassic66

    Is Yeti worth the cost ?

    Not a fan of yeti, or masaratti, Ferrari or anything not practical. I don’t like leaving the dock with less than 200lb of ice and when i start catching fish i add saltwater to my ice to create a saltwater brine to bring temps down to 32 degrees. I can keep my fish in this brine in the summer...
  418. stangclassic66

    hunting urban coyotes

    Well, it has been recently been brought to my attention from neighbors that there are a few coyotes on the prowl here in San Diego. My neighbor across the street had their dog killed and eaten out of their backyard. My other neighbor said she seen one hop their 5' fence in their backyard, down...
  419. stangclassic66

    Dungeness Crab Season Opener and Tips

    I just posted this in another thread but figured I could copy and paste it in yours too. Crash also gave some good info, he's a good guy and he's in my fishing club up north. Click that above link for NWS marine forecasts. Forecasts of...
  420. stangclassic66

    Noob Tips for Fishing/Crabbing Outside the Gate Click that above link for NWS marine forecasts. Forecasts of 5-15kt or less is good but always be aware of the afternoon forecast because that can come up earlier in the day. Forecasts 10-20kt is starting to get a bit sporty/nautical...
  421. stangclassic66

    Noob Tips for Fishing/Crabbing Outside the Gate

    Crabbing out the gate sucks. Crabbing out of Half Moon Bay is stellar. I speak from commercial experience. Unless you go out to 27-30fathoms which is a ways out for going out the gate, the shallow water crabbing 11-22 fathoms has historically sucked.
  422. stangclassic66

    Livingston 14 weight distribution

    Your configuration is off. Move the console forward some and move everything you can into the console, battery, fuel, tackle etc. based on your posting you have a 12-13 gallon tank. That coupled with your 200lb engine is a whole nother person and a child. That 300lb needs to be counter...
  423. stangclassic66

    Sea Sport / Osprey purchase

    You know what they say about I/O right? "I Owe".... Don't do it....(Bust Out Another Thousand) applies here in every way and more.
  424. stangclassic66

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Got it. My 2520 will "cut" right through it at 18kt if I have the tabs all the way down. It won't "cut" through it at 24kt.
  425. stangclassic66

    17 lobsters to go please

    Sand fleas work their way into bait tubes and make quick work of the bait
  426. stangclassic66

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Now does it cut through it? And if so at what speed?
  427. stangclassic66

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Having owned over 18 boats (grady, farallon, skipjack, uniflite, luhrs, etc) and my current boat a 2520 mv, I have to say at a speed you want to run 20-25kt and in any sea other than flat, you have a choice to either pound your way out (head seas) or slow down to 16-18kt for a much smoother ride...
  428. stangclassic66

    Brand New Rod Holders

    Brand New Stainless Rod Holders for 3/4 rails. They are adjustable in any direction and also have a white rubber insert. $100 for the pair Here is the link to the rod holders on the west marine website...
  429. stangclassic66

    Livingston Build

    Nice build, what size is this livingston?
  430. stangclassic66

    Rpt.-Tues. 09-19-17 At the 371,302,226 and 9!

    Low pressure weather front could be causing it...
  431. stangclassic66

    Where are all the good deals on Parkers?

    get on the net and call every possible shipper and find the one you have the most confidence in along with a matching price. I called about a dozen spots before I settled on the shipper I used to ship my 2520 from NJ to CA. He sat outside the guy's house while I wired the cash to the seller...
  432. stangclassic66

    Where are all the good deals on Parkers?

    $65k for a fuckin chevy powered 350 gasser? he's trippin' big time and needs a reality check. Maybe for a cherry diesel powered one....maybe.
  433. stangclassic66

    Pacific galvanized 10k trailer

    What's the deadrise on your Davis? Trying to see if my Parker 2520 will sit right on it.
  434. stangclassic66

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    Did anyone notice the obvious? If the boat's batteries were submerged as one of the passengers here noted, then they were speaking into a dead microphone. I will never rent a boat of inshore or offshore fishing. Boat rentals are made for lakes and reservoirs. It pays to know your boat like...
  435. stangclassic66

    Best 7 Inch Fishfinder/Chart Combo

    i'm running garmin 741xs and it's fuckin awesome. Easy to use even in shitty weather when you need to input coordinates or adjust the gain or whatever. Here's a tip since i've used many different types of electronics, when going to the store to look at units, imagine yourself in a rolling or...
  436. stangclassic66

    private boat multi day fishing trip overnight in MX

    Bumping this for anyone that might know the answer.
  437. stangclassic66

    No love out there...

    Mike took the words right out of my mouth. Meth is a scary drug, killing this country day by day as it consumes more and more. Please take advantage of the positive time he spends with you to give him those "pep talks" about keeping away from drugs... they're still listening at 10...
  438. stangclassic66

    private boat multi day fishing trip overnight in MX

    Question for you long time San Diegans. Say I wanted to fish offshore MX waters on a Friday and decided I want anchor up on the lee side of south or north island and wake up and fish MX waters again on Saturday morning. What are the MX and California regs in regards to multi day fishing...
  439. stangclassic66

    3 days that lasted forever

    Bingo! I do this shit for fun. If I wanted to fish sporty conditions, i'd still be commercial fishing crab up north.
  440. stangclassic66

    Securing Lures While Underway - Tuna

    pull the lure all the way down to the reel handle and wrap the end of the line around the reel handle several times.... no issues with feathers this way. For cedar plugs I secure them to the reel lugs and reel the line tight. no issues this way either.
  441. stangclassic66

    9-6-17 offshore victory at Sea!

    Thanks Doug, that's what I was afraid of. My boat pounds in heavy chop above 16kts, i hate it. Shitty part is fuel economy sucks as that speed.
  442. stangclassic66

    Powertech Prop LFS4 4x16x17 Hubbed for Suzuki DF250

    Very good condition 4 blade 16x17pitch prop. Powertech Propellers. Comes with a matching thrust washer for Suzuki DF250. Used it for a few trips on my boat and it's a spare prop for me that I don't need. $OLD
  443. stangclassic66

    Albi fishing tips?

    Dan, do they want to go out of half moon or all the way up? Out of half moon you want to give Tom Mattusch on the hulicat a try. Tell him Erik on the old Alyssa D sent them. I personally think he's the most hardcore outgoing charter in that harbor and he knows his boat's limits and can fish...
  444. stangclassic66

    9-6-17 offshore victory at Sea!

    Nice going Doug and thanks for the report. What kind of speed were you guys able to cruise out to the grounds in? Debating if pounding my 25' out to the grounds is worth it...
  445. stangclassic66

    Albi fishing tips?

    Terrafin for the paid stuff. for the free shots. Since you are starting off I'd would buy a set of bright zukers in either Mexican flag colors, zucchini, or dolphin colors, then a dark set for overcast and night time situations like black and purple. If you got extra funds, get...
  446. stangclassic66

    Albi fishing tips?

    Launch of out half moon. Watch temp breaks and chlorophyll charts the night before and look for the hard breaks. Start trolling a couple miles before the break and into the break. Once you get a takedown, focus your efforts in that section. Also once you get a takedown, give it a good 15-20...
  447. stangclassic66


    Fifty fuckin percent? better be a girl deckhand along with a blowjob
  448. stangclassic66

    1989 Radoncraft 22'

    Give it a little more time, someone serious enough won't be afraid of taking a drive down there to seatrial and buy it. Question, when the engine was rebuilt were the exhaust manifold and risers also replaced? Good luck with sale. Very nice boat.
  449. stangclassic66

    Sold 1986 Grady White Seafarer 226

    Very clean and good job on the renovation.
  450. stangclassic66

    Clueless at the Island 8/26-8/27

    The dude has a boat. Nothing more fun than hunting them yourself after doing some due diligence research. To me it would be pretty embarrassing to have relatives come down knowing I have a boat only to tell them I don't know shit let's go on a cattle boat. I'd rather say, hey I'm still...
  451. stangclassic66

    Remember That Boat Someone Posted Pictures of Flipped on the Freeway?

    someone trying to make a buck out of nothing. stupid muthafuckers like this piss me off! The only thing you can do with this is shave the top and rebuild a top house and rebuild the layout, all of which will cost thousands of dollars. If it was $free.99 then maybe someone would take it and...
  452. stangclassic66

    What is the best brand of Trailer Bunk Carpet?

    Pacific trailers has quality bunk carpet. FE trailers in Lakeside has good shit too. Very thick. Note: you will have to buy long staples for your staple gun
  453. stangclassic66

    My Parker 2120

    How come the horns are facing the rear? Also, what are you doing with the old trumpets? I'm interested. :)
  454. stangclassic66

    Oceanside to Mag Bay

    Do you have breakers on that outlet?
  455. stangclassic66

    2015 Garmin 1000KW Transom Mount Transducer + SideScan

    Do you have the complete mounting hardware for the ducer?
  456. stangclassic66

    PARKER 2320 2006 SUPER CLEAN LOW HOURS $60K Better Hurry!

    Without a doubt bud. Gave me a good laugh there! GLWS, i'm sure it'll sell pretty quick, tire kickers aside.
  457. stangclassic66

    PARKER 2320 2006 SUPER CLEAN LOW HOURS $60K Better Hurry!

    Haha this is all you need to say for some buyers hahaha "get your 2320 now and you too can catch 25 cow bluefin today!" hahahaha
  458. stangclassic66

    182 WFO Dodo

    So glad you know the limit. I kind of cringe when guys pull off a pair each thinking they got US limits. 10 US 2 MX
  459. stangclassic66

    Friday 08/18 - Relentless Charter - H&M

    I'm always learning but have never felt the need that I should pay X amount of money to learn off a cattle boat. To me, fuck that shit. There are days I learn the bullshit that goes on on the cattle boats just from them driving through my lines and them barreling down on a patty I'm fishing...
  460. stangclassic66

    Friday 08/18 - Relentless Charter - H&M

    So glad I own a boat and don't have to deal with bullshit like this. I go out when I want and I fish wherever the fuck I please and go home whenever the fuck I feel like it. sorry some of you gotta deal with shit like this.
  461. stangclassic66

    Dorados all you want

    1200hp like "c'mon bitch try me"
  462. stangclassic66

    FS Fiberglass Dock Box

    They definitely need a dredge. I struggled to get my boat onto the trailer this past Saturday, very shallow ramp.
  463. stangclassic66

    Fishing Coranados

    So your Visa is different from an FMM? If so, i'd much rather do what you're doing especially if the gunboat guys say its cool. You don't have to present a passenger manifest?
  464. stangclassic66

    Siphoning gas from a below deck gas tank......

    Mike, try this... try to be quick about it. Squeeze the bulb real tight but before releasing the bulb, cap the exit line with your finger and let the bulb go, it should suck fuel from the tank. Once the bulb is back to normal, release your finger from the exit line and repeat the procedure...
  465. stangclassic66

    Limits yellowtail and yellowfin 8/12/17

    We ran into you at that kelp west of the islands. We were late to the party, should have kept heading west with you. Thanks for putting the info out there
  466. stangclassic66

    Fishing Coranados

    Do you just print out a new manifest everytime you go?
  467. stangclassic66

    Is the Shelter Island Boat Launch Open or Not?

    Must have been due to the tournament.
  468. stangclassic66

    Bluefin set up without breaking the bank

    Jump on eBay and pickup an old penn international 50w
  469. stangclassic66

    Any SF Bay Area commercial contacts? Need tugboat!

    Question is why? I have a few tug boat friends and I wouldn't point him to them. Why? Does he have any terrorist ties? Why? Why August 7th? Is there a specific container ship they are targeting? Don't be offended, with your oddest question on BD comes my most obvious reply. He's not...
  470. stangclassic66

    7/28 shakedown

    All the way to the upper 500? You should have been in the zone. Wonder what happened to the bite?
  471. stangclassic66

    Stupid Salmon

    Half moon bay deep reef
  472. stangclassic66


    What is this a bitch rant?
  473. stangclassic66

    TLD 20 Capabilities/Limits?

    65 power pro white. More line capacity and it makes no sense to use 80lb you can never fish it with 24lb of drag anyway unless you just want to take up space on the spool.
  474. stangclassic66

    TLD 20 Capabilities/Limits?

    I caught my very first marlin (150lb) in La Paz on a TLD20 single speed. 65lb braid topped with 40lb mono top shot of maybe 80yards. Clipped to a heavy leadered mexican flag clone. Landed the bastard in 20 minutes. Set the drag up on a scale to 13lbs of drag. If the fish is dumping the line...
  475. stangclassic66

    Coronado Islands 7-26-17

    Awesome! How have the lines been when retrieving the boat in the afternoons? Does everyone just stack up and stage outside the break wall until the trailers back down?
  476. stangclassic66

    Where to Purchase Red Dye Diesel???

    $2.30 is friggin great dude
  477. stangclassic66

    Stay Positive it's just gas and $

    John, i'd tow your boat down to Mission Bay and head south about 50 miles. You'll be burning fuel but as least you'll have something to show for it.
  478. stangclassic66

    Kelping - 7/23

    Hell yes bud! After burning a couple hundred gallons of fuel chasing BFT I'm over it. I could have bought a shit ton of BFt for that amount of money. Fuck the sport I'm all about the meat!
  479. stangclassic66

    Do you break the line at 1 hour 20 minutes?

    I think the answer to your final question should remain unspoken
  480. stangclassic66

    7-19-17 Coronado Islands

    Tried calico bass last week for the first time. Pretty damn good if you ask me!
  481. stangclassic66

    We totally suck so don't get any ideas!

    Hahaha that was a funny as fuck writeup!! Good shit brother! If the kite is about to nose dive you need to crank like hell on the kite reel to get some air in front of it, then adjust the boat speed and direction.
  482. stangclassic66


    catch and kill. but you throw it in the dumpster, shame on you. marlin is fuckin delicious.
  483. stangclassic66

    Worked hard and made a day if it.

    I think you may have figured them out Chad. How many lines were you trolling in your spread?
  484. stangclassic66

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 Day Sat. 6/17

    Don't feel bad Matt. We hit a few schools on Thursday and we put the bow to and got within 50 feet of them. I threw a tiny 2" megabait right into the foaming boil several times for nada, hell I was hopeful to just snag one at least but nada. Threw the flat falls, stick baits, poppers...
  485. stangclassic66

    Heart Break 6-10-17

    I wouldn't have buttoned the drag, but I would have buttoned it a little bit. Next time, think to yourself.... I made all this effort to get out here, we finally hooked a nice fish, the brother is already sick and another hour or so isn't going to kill him.
  486. stangclassic66

    Drifiting For Halibut SF Bay Question

    270 class rod should suffice with pretty much any reel with 15-25lb test. I'd even bring a 197 class rod to make it a lil more interesting but that's just me. I think it's more important to tie the right leaders and bring various weights depending on wind and drift. Easy fishing just hope...
  487. stangclassic66

    Sharing Fishing Expenses

    U should see some of the craigslist ads I've seen. Illegal charters like a muthafucker.
  488. stangclassic66

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Good on you for leaving the hood that is oakland!
  489. stangclassic66

    Doing what I do in La Jolla

    Damn with all the GW sharks in the water, you guys have some brass cajones being out there in something that looks like a seal from below haha
  490. stangclassic66

    Insurance Rates

    You all need to check out twin rivers marine insurance. Always get a valuable boat insured with a marine specific company and underwriter. I'm insured to a stated value up to 100nm offshore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  491. stangclassic66

    GOD was watching over me on this day

    I don't let anyone back my truck down unless we have a clear understanding that he is not to get out of the truck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  492. stangclassic66

    Nikon 12x32 StabilEyes VR Binoculars

    wow good price! better than a fish finder down here in SD.
  493. stangclassic66

    Wtb rod holders

    What size are your rails? I have some for 3/4" rails. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  494. stangclassic66

    30 year old corroding aluminum fuel tank

    Scrap it man Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  495. stangclassic66

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    Only if we are allowed to bring shotguns and are allowed to pop one coming in and pop another one going out would that sand island be useful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  496. stangclassic66

    Carcass Disposal?

    That doesn't make any sense. When I used to sell fish in San Francisco the buyers at the wharf would just let the cat food companies pick all that shit up for cat food processing.... barely any waste... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  497. stangclassic66

    First try at Thresher Sharks 5/13

    A tail hooked one is a muthafucker! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  498. stangclassic66

    Carcass Disposal?

    Bag, freeze and into the basura the night before trash pickup, or a short trip to a local harbor trash can. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  499. stangclassic66

    Looking for TLD 30II Tib frame.

    Do you have any for a TLD 50ii? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  500. stangclassic66

    2510 Parker Bait Tank

    Not really because it's not insulated to keep it at 30-33 degrees but I get what you're saying! [emoji1417] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  501. stangclassic66

    2510 Parker Bait Tank

    Jeff, also take into account how much gear and people you'll be taking with you on avg. also take into consideration the weight of the cooler and how many hundreds of pounds of ice you'll be taking. I'm a fish quality snob and on my boat I demand sushi grade especially after all the time...
  502. stangclassic66

    Wsb and lots of them

    Look at that Milky Way behind you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  503. stangclassic66

    What is a Ford Excursion 7.3 Diesel 4x4 Really Worth?

    Wow that's fuckin crazy. I've actually thought about selling mine recently but it's such a safe family vehicle that gets great fuel mileage for a 3/4 ton SUV that weighs 8000lbs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  504. stangclassic66

    2510 Parker Bait Tank

    Jeff I wouldn't go more than 65 gallon. I have a 65 split offshore, 2520 with a single Suzuki 250 4stroke and a 126 gallon tank, and while it doesn't struggle I wouldn't want anymore water weight. What prop are you running now? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  505. stangclassic66

    ***Sold***2007 Defiance Yellowtail $21,500

    Wow shouldn't last long Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  506. stangclassic66


    I don't fish seabass but it's the same up in Monterey as it is down here. Not talked about Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  507. stangclassic66


    I noticed that when I moved down here... it's not just on this site it's everywhere. All ego driven fishing. Lots of chest pumping ego fishermen out in SoCal. They like to show off their fish for their social stranger followers. Up in NorCal you will get called into a bite whether it be...
  508. stangclassic66

    425 - 5/5

    Good effort! I have one trip in myself for the season Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  509. stangclassic66

    Bait Tanks

    Self contained is for the pier and shore fisherman. Do not buy for a boat Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  510. stangclassic66

    Rod limit inside and outside of SD bay

    Ok cool so the same inside or outside of the bays? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  511. stangclassic66

    Rod limit inside and outside of SD bay

    Hey guys, what's the rod limit inside of SD Bay and Mission Bay as well as outside on the ocean. I understand there isn't a rod limit on the ocean when targeting pelagics but want to be sure. I know there is a rod and hook limit for cod.
  512. stangclassic66

    Livingston Cab.. help me find

    Just make one Robert, you've done decent glasswork in the past on your old skippy 20' Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  513. stangclassic66

    Thinking about Relocating From San diego to Rio Vista (age 55+) - Fishing Tips??

    That rating is about accurate and my reasoning is because the fish u catch up there is questionable on being safe to eat. Anything in the delta I wouldn't touch that includes black bass, stripers, sturgeon, catfish, etc. In the bay, maybe halibut since they only come into the bay to spawn or...
  514. stangclassic66

    Sardine Fishery Closure

    Quit talking about it and stirring the pot unnecessarily. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  515. stangclassic66

    Halibut in SF Bay

    Troll is the way to go, cover way more ground Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  516. stangclassic66

    Thinking about Relocating From San diego to Rio Vista (age 55+) - Fishing Tips??

    You'd be downgrading the quality of fish you catch thats for sure. Other than ocean salmon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  517. stangclassic66

    Best mono to flouro leeder knots

    PR or RP? If PR, what's it stand for? I know the RP knot is the Royal Polaris/John Collins knot and it's a legit spectra to fluorocarbon/mono knot Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  518. stangclassic66

    Rods and reels for sale

    Those xtratufs should be sold by tonight lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  519. stangclassic66

    Best mono to flouro leeder knots

    You tie the RP knot from mono to fluorocarbon? I've done it once or twice but haven't tested it on big fish. Curious to hear feedback. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  520. stangclassic66

    Steiger Craft or Farallon?

    If you've never had a direct drive single screw it's a lil tough to understand until you experience it. If you have any forward momentum and you decide u want to reverse the boat will predominantly back to the left or to the right depending on if you have a LH or RH prop. A bow thruster will...
  521. stangclassic66

    Does a saltist 50 have enough balls for these local bluefin?

    When you catch that fish make sure to come back to this thread and post up a picture! Additionally I'd bring your 6/0 filled with braid for flat fall fishing. Looks like they're pulling them up from the deep and that 6/0 would have capacity. Just set the drags up correctly so you're not...
  522. stangclassic66

    One Big Tuna Yesterday - That's It?!

    That's why they call it fishin' Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  523. stangclassic66

    Lexa 400 *used once*

    I'll take this. Check your PMs bro.
  524. stangclassic66

    Reminder - bring boat registration !

    No offense intended but boat/trailer registration should be something that's packed before any rods/reels/tackle/food is packed onboard. Keep it sealed in a gallon zip lock bag and in your briefcase or backpack where you should also have a TIP permit if you're going into MX along with your...
  525. stangclassic66

    Wife's Cancer and the Gerson Clinic

    Continued positive thoughts and thanks for sharing the updates! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  526. stangclassic66

    Day At The Docks -- Well, . . .

    Most of them are down for maintenance. At least the big slammers had tarps and paint cans scattered throughout. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  527. stangclassic66

    Day At The Docks -- Well, . . .

    What time did you get there bud? I took my 9 yr old with me and we got there at 7:45-8:00 and we were done with the place by 9:45. Toured about 4-5 boats just cause my son wanted to see the inside of some of them and we walked the booths twice. I don't see the need to be there all day or...
  528. stangclassic66

    100 gallon Offshore fiberglass bait tank for sale

    Nice tank! If my boat could only take the weight Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  529. stangclassic66

    WTB: Lexa 400 w/ power handle

    Looking for a Lexa 400 with a power handle. Prefer good condition but also any condition as long as still serviceable and price matches its condition. San Diego area please. PM me and i'll respond right away.
  530. stangclassic66

    Chatillon hanging scale 40lb legal for trade model

    Up for sale is a Chatillon hanging scale. It's a 40lb capacity model that is legal for trade. It was once certified but will need to be recertified again to use legally. Very accurate scale that I used years ago when I sold Dungeness crab at my farmers markets. $120 in San Diego. Cost is...
  531. stangclassic66

    OFFSHORE 65 Gallon Oval 2 Side Bait Tank

    I have the same tank on my 2520 and it's badass. I've had a couple scoops and almost zero dead at the end of day. It needs a 1600gph pump though especially if the pump is in the stern.
  532. stangclassic66

    28' Skipjack control cable lengths?

    Your best bet is it measure with a flimsy tape measure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  533. stangclassic66

    Does a saltist 50 have enough balls for these local bluefin?

    People need to stop downplaying the older shit. Bring what you got, it'll work, maybe not as light and nice as the new shit, but they'll get the job done. At the end of the day, all that matters is will it put food on your plate. It's a fuckin 50 class reel.....think about it. Last but not...
  534. stangclassic66

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    saltwaterfish said: ↑ what did you tell him on the boat I'm with this guy, next time tell him on the boat not here on BD. If you man enough to tell the guy that on the boat, man up and be ready to fist fight. Spouting off your feelings here is bullshit.
  535. stangclassic66

    Problems With My Avets -- Serviced with Greased Drags

    I've had my SX reels service by Alan Tani himself while I watched him. My reels perform much smoother and better than when it came from the factory. He greases the drags and wipes the excess grease off. I get 10lbs of drag at strike no problem but I'd say that is about the max that reel...
  536. stangclassic66

    Fuel pick-up extension...(fuel tanks in backwards)

    Great find! If that hose will lay flat with no memory/bend then you're in business! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  537. stangclassic66

    Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland

    I was born n raised in the bay. Fuck the raiders. Hope the organization dies a miserable death to the corruption of LV gambling! I wonder how many fans will fly to Vegas and bet against them haha and how many oddsmakers will pay the players off....just a matter of time. Sent from my iPhone...
  538. stangclassic66

    Fuel pick-up extension...(fuel tanks in backwards)

    Actually 5200 is not hard to work with at all. Get you a couple $15 heat guns from harbor freight and go at it. It'll take some time but once it's nice and soft hit it with a box cutter and it's not early as hard as some people fear 5200 to be. Cut as much of it away as you can and then while...
  539. stangclassic66

    Fuel pick-up extension...(fuel tanks in backwards)

    Do it the right way brother and get the custom tank built up correctly. The problem you'll see if you flip your current tank is potentially a full fuel tank sloshing fuel out of your vent if it's at the transom. Show pride of ownership and do it right so you have full potential range of your...
  540. stangclassic66

    Avet MXL 6.3

    Price drop $130 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  541. stangclassic66

    Avet MXL 6.3

    Bump Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  542. stangclassic66

    Autopilot Install

    I've put a few in on my boats, what do you need help with?
  543. stangclassic66

    Water trapped between layers of Reliable Killbag

    Junk! I'll stick to my insulated bonars Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  544. stangclassic66

    Avet MXL 6.3

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  545. stangclassic66

    Avet MXL 6.3

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  546. stangclassic66

    Avet MXL 6.3

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  547. stangclassic66

    Pilot house in front of Dana Landing

    It's funny how people with no knowledge of the builder will just make ignorant claims of it being balsa wood. They make some of the toughest commercial boats out there, charter boats included. Mike, those twin 200s may be fine out of the factory but after you load it with 6 + crew, flood the...
  548. stangclassic66

    Avet MXL 6.3

    Avet MXL 6:3 silver reel. Some light scratches but in great condition mechanically with excellent freespool. Pics coming later. Price drop $130 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  549. stangclassic66

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    Great footage! Glad you didn't snag it with all those pinnacles and rocks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  550. stangclassic66

    Steiger Craft or Farallon?

    Farallon 27' with a straight shaft diesel. Cuts the wind waves like a savage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  551. stangclassic66

    "That Guy" roll call

    On Friday, I actually heard about that same story about the 4 runner sitting at the launch ramp while he went fishing... hahahha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  552. stangclassic66

    Looking for a fiberglass storage seat for my 2520

    Hello all, I'm looking for a fiberglass storage seat for my 2520. If anyone has one they're no longer using I'd happily buy it from you. PM is preferred. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  553. stangclassic66

    For sale...Seat...Anchor...Pole Holders...Pump...ect

    I'll take the seats and filet table per our conversation Jeff. Thanks
  554. stangclassic66

    How much usable Fuel in Gas Tank

    30% out, 30% in, 10-12% fishing, 25% reserve for when you're engine is gonna need it for sloppy seas. The goal is to never need that 20-25%. Nobody likes a captain that runs out of fuel. Billy, you may want to consider a 29-30gallon above deck fuel tank and plumb in a 3 way selector switch...
  555. stangclassic66

    1994 Robalo 18.20 CC price reduced

    Agreed. I just sold my 1983 Robalo 1820 with a 2004 130hp Honda 4 stroke for $9000 and it had a nice t-top too. Hulls are solid though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  556. stangclassic66

    Fred Hall Roll Call

    Anyone know where to get entry fee coupons?
  557. stangclassic66

    27 Foot Farallon Whale Back 350 Horse Volvo Diesel

    Damn I thought I had it bad at one point owning two at two different time, but three at one time.... farallon addiction. The 27' is a completely different animal! Slices windchop like a true deep v. Been commercial crabbing with one I used to own in 25knot winds and 11' by 10 sec...
  558. stangclassic66

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    Spent a fair amount of time commercial fishing and course up on a commercial crabber or salmon trolling is foolish. It's all about tacking and following contour lines or circling the school. North up for me. It's how the older guys taught me. I can see my boat going through nav buoys at night...
  559. stangclassic66

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    Very nice! Any chance you have a picture of the underside of the lid?
  560. stangclassic66

    I Simrad Halo 4 radar too big for Parker 2320 ?

    ASk yourself if you are EVER going to put a tower above your wheelhouse... that should answer your question.
  561. stangclassic66

    San Diego fish market

    This! Be there at 8am on Saturdays.
  562. stangclassic66

    Need binocular advice

    You looking for gyros or just good regular binoculars? Fujinon Polaris 7x50 are prob one of the best standard binoculars i've ever looked through, for the price. Fujinon stabiscopes are the best gyrostabilized binoculars imho.
  563. stangclassic66

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    I concur! That's why I sold my 6.0! I spent two years driving that truck with a CTS insight gauge holding my breath every time I towed. Always watching the delta between the engine oil temp and the coolant temp... fuck that stress and fuck redoing a flawed setup for $6000.
  564. stangclassic66

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    No kidding brother. I don't understand how the big three thinks middle class can justify pulling the triggers on 70-80k class 1 ton trucks. You pretty much have to be a businessman/contractor to justify it as a writeoff. Not spending that much to pull my boat to the launch ramp. I'd rather...
  565. stangclassic66

    Raymarine S1000 Autopilot

    Raymarine S1000 Autopilot w/S100 wireless controller. Pulled from my 20' Grady White before I sold it. It's a great autopilot for smaller boats under 25' Everything included minus the hydraulic hoses and a toggle switch. I believe you can purchase a seastar "add a station" kit for this as well...
  566. stangclassic66

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    I stated that because they all fall apart at some point. Would you rather have the motor or interior fall apart on you? I personally would rather deal with a vent or a window issue vs having to spend thousands on a motor repair. I had a ford 6.0 with a bomb ass interior but a ticking time...
  567. stangclassic66

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    I am a Ford guy, had tons of 7.3L trucks. All solid. Then went to a 6.0L power stroke, lots of power when empty and it was a nail biter when loaded. Sucks to own a truck like that. I now own a 5.9 dodge cummins and it's the shit! Way more towing power when loaded than either the 7.3 or 6.0...
  568. stangclassic66

    Trailer for parker

    Pacific Trailers in Chino just released an aluminum I-bean line of trailers, you might want to call them with Shad's specs. The Tundra motor should be able to tow but i'd trick your trailer out with electric of hydraulic brakes on every axle because that would be my concern with a Tundra. It's...
  569. stangclassic66

    Is There a Reason Most LR Captains Tell Everyone to Fish 130?

    Damn throwing a few grand into the water in an effort to not lose a fish must be adrenaline intensifying! Shit.....
  570. stangclassic66

    Need some advice picking out an autopilot setup for my boat.

    You should be able to connect them using nmea wiring.
  571. stangclassic66

    El Nino vs La Nina...

    Hoping albacore are on the menu this season
  572. stangclassic66

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    Honest question, why don't all you hardcore guys process your own fish? I take a lot of pride in handling and processing my fish from the moment they hit the deck to the time they get vacuum sealed and frozen.
  573. stangclassic66

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    I have some experience in the commercial industry and all the fish in the sushi restaurants have been previously frozen. Guaranteed. Those long range boats are not sushi restaurants. I always chuckle when someone boasts about sushi restaurants serving never frozen fish. How else do you think...
  574. stangclassic66

    Rigging Tube on a Tuna Tower for electrical wiring and shift cables

    Hey fellas, I've decided I want to put controls up on the tuna tower of my Parker 2520. I've already run a few cables through the aluminum pipe and it's a very tight fit for what's already been run. So with that being said, i've decided I want to install a rigging tube from the tower to the...
  575. stangclassic66

    Autopilot Fix???

    What's wrong with it and what model?
  576. stangclassic66

    NorCal saltwater Jan,Feb,Mar

    Generally, Jan-Mar is sturgeon season after big storms, the south bay below dumbarton produces. Crab from a boat with crab pots out of half moon is also a good bet, fish for sand dabs and maybe tack on a shrimp pot to your crab pot.
  577. stangclassic66

    fresh tuna in an ice slush

    Once the tuna have been cut they should be processed completely and frozen. Frozen tuna that has changed color should not change in grade or flavor. Most commercially caught and processed tuna is treated with carbon monoxide to retain a deep red color. As for a saltwater slush brine, uncut...
  578. stangclassic66

    Raymarine CHIRP Sonar Screenshots!

    Wow, let's see a shot of the ducer mounted if you can pls
  579. stangclassic66

    Survey provided by broker

    I agree with Tom and G, if you get hit with 2 foot-itis and you end up selling it, it may be sitting a while before it moves. The best way for me to deal with purchases like these is to NEVER fall in love with something you don't own yet. This purchase should be pleasurable not stressful and...
  580. stangclassic66

    Parker and garmin 741xs transducer help

    Shoot thru should be ok on our parkers Frank but u might want to call Parker support and confirm for yourself that we have solid glass hulls. I don't think there is any wood or foam in the hull but don't take my word for it as I have yet to confirm. I think the thru hull will be more accurate...
  581. stangclassic66

    Boat sinks video

    No bueno Art, no knocking on wood out there. You know it's not safe, make adjustments, like you said all it takes is one second sometimes. Even in my Parker skiff, if I gotta adjust the wipers or some shit, the boat goes in neutral or best case, into idle if someone is with me. As for the...
  582. stangclassic66

    Boat sinks video

    I think the third guy went to reach in to check if the plug was in the boat. In all my years of crabbing I never backed down on a buoy in the ocean if we missed it. Just go back around and try again. Even regular fishing. I rarely back down in the ocean. Reverse is for docking the boat or...
  583. stangclassic66

    Toronado fishing Tanner Tuesday

    Why didn't you just fish the senators?? They have the capacity and decent drag too. I'm all about new technology but i'm not EVER going to knock the correct tools even if they are old tech.
  584. stangclassic66

    Norcal to Socal Lobster

    Awesome Frank! The keyboard fishermen are out in full force on this one. Get off the haterade folks, he's legal. Go fishing dumbshits
  585. stangclassic66

    Want to buy a few things: 13" tires, 6-8lb anchor, seats, etc

    Hey All, I have a 16' skiff that i'm rigging up and need a few things. Need 2 - 13" tires/rims 6-8lb anchor and rode type 1 life vests any kind of small boat seats, nothing huge. fire extinguisher 8' vhf antenna 14-16 gauge black/red wiring p66 garmin transducer I'm not looking for any high...
  586. stangclassic66

    Sea Lion bodysurfing behind boat

    One of these days one of those seals will kill someone.
  587. stangclassic66

    Taking youth to fish MX coronados

    Hey all, does anyone know what's needed to bring kids along on a trip to the coronados? Do they need fishing licenses? My son has a US passport but my friend's son only has a birth certificate. Will that be ok? I assume they all need to be on the FMM? Thanks in advance.
  588. stangclassic66

    F300 Pair, 25 inch

    Is that the trick with keeping your boat with the latest and greatest engine? Keep it for two years and cycle them our when they're still relatively new so you get high resale value for them and take the cash and buy new ones for a little bit more? Not bashing, just curious because I notice...
  589. stangclassic66

    Bait Tank Sales & Installation

    I found my writeup of my bait tank install from a couple years ago in case you want to install it yourself.
  590. stangclassic66

    Lobster Report - SD Bay 11/3

    Wow! Someone needs to shoot these seals, getting out of hand.
  591. stangclassic66

    Bait Tank Sales & Installation

    Blue water bait tanks. You can find their website via google. [emoji1417]
  592. stangclassic66

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    Nice lobster boat! What fishery is he getting into?
  593. stangclassic66

    Raymarine S1000 Autopilot w/Hydraulic Pump And Wireless Controller

    Raymarine S1000 Autopilot w/S100 wireless controller. Purchased this system a while ago but sold my Robalo before getting a chance to install this. Everything included minus the hydraulic hoses and a toggle switch. I believe you can purchase a seastar "add a station" kit for this as well as...
  594. stangclassic66

    Commander Sinking

    Wood boat, i'd guess it probably popped a plank.
  595. stangclassic66

    10-1-16 rockpile & islands

    Nice man!! What are Mexican rockfish limits?
  596. stangclassic66

    Liberty 9/27

    I think it's the bait size if you ask me. The boils we've seen pretty much had pinner chovies
  597. stangclassic66

    Coos Bay Albacore - WFO iron bite

    damn fine job Marc!
  598. stangclassic66

    Upper nine still wide open

    We seen the same thing yesterday above the 9 by about 5 miles. They are honed in on pinner chove baits. Good luck, we had a solid chance at them and threw bait, irons and poppers and they didn't even look at our offerings.
  599. stangclassic66

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    what a stupid fuckin internet fight
  600. stangclassic66

    Holy Jumpin Sardines

    We all have our opinions, i hear what you're saying and it seems like you hear what everyone else is saying. At the end of the day, you're either going to pay it or you're not. For a chance at a grey light bite, time is valuable and some would rather just pay it than make bait. Some have the...
  601. stangclassic66

    Reliable, economical 50lb class 2-speed reel?

    Tld50 2spd. Is prob the only economical true 50 class reel on the market. It will do 25lb of drag easy.
  602. stangclassic66

    Gotta love owning a heavy trailerable boat.

    Might as well upgrade the brake system to electric over hydraulic while you're at it. I've owned and towed several heavy boats and I finally spent the money on this trailer for an upgrade. Very worth it and I especially like not having any more surges when hitting the brakes.