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  1. Reginald Laranang

    For Sale Seeker 8ft Rods

    EX 270H-8 blue EX Glass wrapped by Johnny and has reel seat PH D8 with Pinhead Boy Factory $1000 Selling as a pair, not looking to sell separate. Only trade interested in is New to Close to New Condition Shimano Tranx500pg and Talica 25 2speed (or similar reel Trq, Accurate). Picture is the...
  2. Reginald Laranang

    SOLD Seeker WTS Reverse SB Ulua Blank

    Seeker WTS Reverse (Aka Black Tip)SB Ulua Blank Uncut- $175 Its an all glass blank. No composite material. Pulls like a CUI/Tady F100. Pick up in Wildomar Area Text 7602670467 for picture.
  3. Reginald Laranang

    SOLD Seeker Rod and Blank

    LB F90 painted puple with USC/OG Super Seeker Wrap- SOLD Uncut Reverse WTS Skinny Butt Ulua Blank- PENDING Wrapped Skinny Butt Ulua painted Blue- SOLD Factory 7x OC Gen- Traded Trades welcome- Trinidad 20a/16a/16na, Penn Fathom 2 speeds, Penn Torques Star or 2 Speed. But Cash is always...
  4. Reginald Laranang

    WTB Seeker Blank/Rod

    Looking for Seeker SJ100h and or SJ100xh. Thank You and Happy Holidays.
  5. Reginald Laranang

    For Sale Seeker, Rainshadow, Calstar Blank

    Seeker WTS D8 Blank (OC edition) SOLD Rainshadow RCTB80xxh Blank- $100 Calstar 670xh Honey Blank- PENDING PM pls.
  6. Reginald Laranang


    Please see new thread with updates
  7. Reginald Laranang

    SOLD Accurate Tern 500x Blue/Black

    Accurate Tern 500x, 6:1, Blue/Black edition, has half spool of white 50lb braid, has box and reel clamp hardware. SOLD Will be shipping from Clarksville, TN. If interested, pls PM Me.
  8. Reginald Laranang

    SOLD Penn TRQ15LD2 (Gold)

    Selling BNIB Penn TRQ15LD2 (Gold). SOLD
  9. Reginald Laranang

    Help Identify Seeker Series

    Asking for a friend who has a Seeker Ulua 9’3 but doesn’t what series/line (ss, bs, ph, ect) it is. Hope you guys can help with this.Thanks
  10. Reginald Laranang

    SOLD Seeker EX 270H-8

    Trade only, unless you want to offer $1200 (this was a sarcastic number as im just looking for a trade, but if you offer that, i may bite). 4x Albino Only 7-8 ft Seekers Blanks (TNT, 70H, 70XH D8, 80, 80h, 80xh, etc). Limited to 7-8 ft due to shipping purposes. Just heads up, will take this...
  11. Reginald Laranang

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 20a

    For Sale: Shimano Trinidad 20a with stock clamp and accessories in sealed bag. No box included $380 Call or text 7602670467 Located in Wildomar Reggie
  12. Reginald Laranang

    For Sale TN16 and TN40N

    Selling Shimano Trinidad (Gold) TN16 with half spool of 50lb braid with tib clamp TRADED TN40N Cal Sheet, Carbon Drags, Dogs (see video) Tib Clamp, box and Cal Sheet work done. No stock clamp. Will mail Cal Sheet Paperwork once i get back to TN $650 Few scratches, nothing crazy gouges from my...
  13. Reginald Laranang

    SOLD EX 270H-8

  14. Reginald Laranang

    For Sale Calstar 540

    2 Calstar 540 for sale $200 each Located in Wildomar 7602670467 Reggie
  15. Reginald Laranang

    WTB Greenie Baby Ulua or Skinny Butt Ulua

    Seeing whats out there. Also willing to trade. I have WTS F100 and Ulua (not 1st Gens). PM or Text at 7602670467 Reggie
  16. Reginald Laranang

    For Sale UC, Seeker, Cousins, FS, Phenix, Calstar

    UC GUSA 8ft Predator Newish SOLD Seeker PH 9’3 Ulua (will confirm when i get home if E-Glass or S-Glass) Newish $200 Cousins CJB80H with reel Seat Newish $275 Fishing Syndicate 909J Newish $275 Phenix Megladon MPX608-C Newish $240 Calstar 690J West Coast Honey w/WINN Grip Red Camo $100 pending...
  17. Reginald Laranang

    For Sale Platero’s Custom Wrapped Seeker WTS F100 and Ulua

    Platero Custom Wrapped WTS F100 $325 Platero Custom Wrapped WTS 10ft ULUA (red tinted by Sergio) $325 Not 1st generations. Rods are in NorCal and will bring down to SoCal and SD 30-31 May if there is a buyer before i get on my trip. F100 in SoCal. Will let go for $300 text me 7602670467.
  18. Reginald Laranang

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad DC20

    Selling my Shimano Trinidad DC20 with clamp, no box. $950, buyer pays shipping.
  19. Reginald Laranang

    WTB White Rods/Blanks (UC and Seeker)

    Looking to buy or trade for White/Albino Blanks or Finished rods. Preferably UC or Seeker, but will entertain others. Looking for 10ft, 9ft, 8ft. No Uluas as i have a few already. Please let know what your have. 7602670467 Reggie
  20. Reginald Laranang

    WTB Calstar 550 9ft Rod

    Looking for Calstar 550. Let me know what you have.
  21. Reginald Laranang

    WTB Seeker 7x

    Looking for either a factory or custom built 7x and or 7x Lite. You can text me at (760)267-0467 Reggie
  22. Reginald Laranang

    TRADE Reels for CEX or EX Blanks/Rods

    Looking to trade some reels for either Seeker CEX or EX blanks or finished Rods: I have Penn TRQ 25N2LD, Shimano TN40N, and a Torsa 16 with the LRS cam. You can text me at 7602670467 Reggie
  23. Reginald Laranang

    For Sale CUI Blanks (Black)

    0- F1-120 12ft ALL SOLD 4- F1-100 10ft $115 Pick up only at Platero Custom Rods in Long Beach. These blanks are not his, please don’t contact Sergio directly about these blanks. If you are interested in one or more, you can reach me by messaging me or texting me at (760)267-0467. Reggie
  24. Reginald Laranang

    WTB Or Trade for a Skinny Butt Ulua or comparable Seeker

    Looking to buy or trade for a Skinny Butt Ulua or a comparable Seeker Rod. Emphasis is Skinny Butt. Thanks. You can text me at 7602670467. Reggie
  25. Reginald Laranang

    WTB Or TRADE for Rods or Blanks

    Looking for CUI rods or blanks in the length of 10.6 or taller, seeker D8, LM9, TNT. Shoot me a text at 7602670467 Reggie
  26. Reginald Laranang

    Seeker SD8-8 CT

    Just seeking info on this blank. Just picked it up and what caught my eye on it was the honey, green, and graphite look. Just wantes to get more knowledge on it. Thanks
  27. Reginald Laranang

    For Sale Shimano, Penn, Seigler

    Penn Fathom 25N Star Drag- $125 SOLD Shimano Trinidad TN30- $230 Seigler SS (Truth Version)- $200 SOLD Seigler LGN with Billfish Handle (Truth Version)- $225 Shipping included Text 7602670467 Reggie
  28. Reginald Laranang

    WTB Surface Irons and Yoyo Jigs

    Looking for OCT10, ZBAR, Salas, Candy Bar, JRI etc. Please let me know what you have. Seen the ones with sets, looking to pick and choos if possible.
  29. Reginald Laranang

    WTB Gold Trinidad 16N Spool

    Looking to see if anyone has a spare Gold Trini 16N spool they would like to sell and or spare parts. Thanks
  30. Reginald Laranang

    Trini TN16N Spool

    Are there still replacement part for this reel available?
  31. Reginald Laranang

    For Sale Penn, Okuma, and Seigler Reels, UC RCE Rods

    Reels: Penn TRQ25 (has 50lb braid backing, box, and all hardware, and taken on 1 trip) Star Drag $300 Penn TRQ402LD (3/4 80lb braid, box, and all hardware, taken on 2 trips) SOLD Penn US Senator 113N (3/4 80lb Braid, taken on 2 trips) SOLD Okuma: Makaira 8II 2speed (Gold) PENDING Seigler Reels...
  32. Reginald Laranang

    Good Deals on the Web

    Does anyone know of any good deals or discounts for Penn Reels during the holidays?
  33. Reginald Laranang

    Gold Trini30 Clamp Help

    Will the Torsa 30 Clamp screw and nut components fit the Trini 30. I have the base for the trini, just neet the screww and nut.
  34. Reginald Laranang

    Help identify blank

    Wanted to see based on the picture what possible blank it could be. Its a 9ft rod. Will remove cork once picked up to see if there are any markings. Thanks
  35. Reginald Laranang

    WTB Lexa 400 Tiburon Clamp

    WTB Tiburon Clamp for Daiwa Lexa 400
  36. Reginald Laranang

    Penn US Senator 113N Castability

    For those who own the 113N, how is casting a surface iron jig using this reel? Or is just best to yoyo, live bait, deep drop/jig reel?
  37. Reginald Laranang

    SOLD Penn TRQ25 Star Drag (Gold BNIB)

    Looking to trade BNIB Penn TRQ25 Star Drag for: TRQ 25N or TRQ 30 Plus cash on top on my end and will pay for shipping. Or 2 BNIB TRQ 25 Star Drags for: TRQ25 2speed or TRQ30 2speed in very good to exellent condition Please PM or text me at+1760267zerofoursixseven
  38. Reginald Laranang

    SOLD Penn TRQ25 Star Drag (Gold)

    2 BNIB Penn Torque 25 Star Drag for sale or trade. 6.0:1 Gear Ratio and in Gold. One box was open for picture. $310 Shipped per reel OBO $600 Shipped for both OBO Just being up front, shipping will be from Ft. Campbell, KY as the Army has sent me this way. Will provide tracking. Willing to...