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  1. Hewes OP

    Downrigger Rod Holders

    Ok I cant be the only guy running Scotty riggers with a short wife. I'm trying to come up with something that she can reach. She's only 5' 2" with boots on, and she has a very hard time getting the rod out of the holder having to reach over the top of the rigger. I was thinking of going to the...
  2. Hewes OP

    Tuna Off The Hook

    Went out with Coleman on Monday and had an epic day. Plugged the boat and made it back to the dock before noon. On the first stop we slid into some boilers and put 45 fish in the boat. Trolled for a few minutes picked up another one then slid in on another one of his boats to finish it out at 52.
  3. Hewes OP

    This Is A Real Trophy To Me

    Went out for some me time on Saturday to shoot some ducks. I had a high tide in the early morning so my plan was to row out in the morning and try an get a couple of birds before I lost the water, but what I really wanted was the incoming tide. They have been staging out in the bay and as soon...
  4. Hewes OP


    Went out for my first day this year (Saturday) and had a ball. Was all by myself so I grabbed my little sneak boat and headed out. Turned out to be a great day. 6 ducks and 3 geese was the final count.
  5. Hewes OP

    MA 2x(6+10)-29

    We did great on Saturday jigged up some Kings with the wife and daughter, managed a few crab as well. Also since your reading this add 4 to the formula to get the final answer.
  6. Hewes OP

    OK I Keep Hearing All This Tuna Talk

    Where in Westport is this fabled Tuna Town place? Me and a buddy are going out with ARSC on the 23rd. I'm going to haul the boat down as well and try for some salmon the day before. I would love to swing by and say hi to the guys I know and meet some of the other legends i hear about. Who...
  7. Hewes OP


    OK so we all no the bubble has sucked for a while now. I use to fish it with my Jon boat back in the day and had it really dialed in, was almost guaranteed fish every trip. This is back when there were green river fish and the run was a bit later in the year. I noticed some fish caught last...
  8. Hewes OP

    MA ?? Kings

    We did it again. For me this has been an outstanding King year. I didn't go as much as I would like to (have a daughter entering WWU next week...enough said) but have managed to hit the water for at least a few hours every weekend since the end of August and we have put kings in the boat every...
  9. Hewes OP

    Good Morning in Undisclosed MA

    Everybody knows there are no fish in MA?...Me, my Wife, and my daughter slayed them this morning. going in brine tonight and into the smoker in the AM. Nuclear Crush & Green Dragon followed by Coho Killers.
  10. Hewes OP

    Bucket List Trip

    I was blessed a few months ago when I walked into my bosses office because I overheard him talking to a business associate and friend about some fishing adventure they had been on in the past. Turns out they were talking about their next trip up to Alaska. We shot the shit for a bit then one...
  11. Hewes OP

    Anniversary Clam...

    Me and the wife celebrated our 24th this last weekend. We headed up to Open Sores for some calm digging and a little R&R. This was her first time and I haven't done it since I was probably 14 or 15 years old. The weather held out for us on Friday and Saturday. Took me a little while to get in...
  12. Hewes OP

    Day After Crab Opener MA7

    Took the family (mom, dad, wife, and my oldest daughter) crabbing Saturday and cleaned up. Limits for 5 in 4 hours. Crab omelets this morning. New plumbing for my fish box worked great. Mom couldn't wait.
  13. Hewes OP

    Sea Bugs

    Spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday on the hunt for those delicious little critters. 11 limits in all for friends and family. Pretty rough all three days. Didn't take many pictures.
  14. Hewes OP

    Happy B-Day You Old Goat

    Happy Birthday John!!
  15. Hewes OP

    New Family Member

    This last duck season was pretty tough. My current lab (Jinx) is 13 years old now and is pretty wore out from all the duck hunting she has done through her life, she just does not have the strength or stamina to continue hunting. She is now happily retired and spends her days kicked back...
  16. Hewes OP

    Daddy's Little Girl

    I started her when was she was just a baby. She's 20 now and lives on her own works all the time to make ends meet like we all do, but when she gets a day on the weekend she still likes to hit the water with her old man. Weather its with a shotgun or fishing pole she thoroughly loves to be on...
  17. Hewes OP

    Freshwater with a little salt

    Cousin came up from Cali for the holiday weekend. Caught one nice little king in the morning before he arrived in MA 7 on a homade jig. From Friday to Sunday we put the screws to the pinks boated 24 in the Snohomish and 4 in 8-2 while trying for coho. Our limit came so fast in the river on...
  18. Hewes OP

    MA 7 Jigged One Up

    Sunday morning was good from me. Lost the first one I had on then about an hour later tap tap fish-on. 2-1/4 oz Point Wilson, candle fish pattern, green back, one of my favorites. Also notice salute in the background...:finger:
  19. Hewes OP

    Hull Anodes

    After watching all the threads about these hull corrosion issues I decided to take a look at mine a bit closer. I noticed that the ones on my hull were barley touched and the one on my outboard bracket is not gone but there is a big difference between it and the hull anodes. I don't moor my...
  20. Hewes OP

    MA 7 Not a Bad Day

    Me and 'bout time (Paul) hit the water pretty early Saturday Morning (7/18) trolled for a couple hours off San Juan Island had one take down that didn't stick at 165 on the cable. Marked bait at 150' numerous times. The pinks are thick out there so we decided to switch gears and have a little...
  21. Hewes OP

    2015 MA 4 Halibut

    The Everett Herald posted May 14th, 16th, 21st, and 23rd can anyone confirm this? Seems like it's awfully early for seasons to be set in stone already. Don't we normally get those set about 12 hours before we have to
  22. Hewes OP

    Some Great Hunting With My Boy!!

    I'm a bit late posting this. Went out last Saturday hunted out in Skagit Bay with my son we shot some ducks, some geese, and watched a great show. Bad hair day!! (damn sideways pictures) Now for the show. This raft of birds swam almost all the way into our decoys. Never got closer than...
  23. Hewes OP

    Last Saturday Ducks

    looks like that last little cold snap finally moved some birds down. Kid decided to stay home this trip so i went solo. He should have went. Sorry about the sideways pic.
  24. Hewes OP

    MA 9 Coho

    Me and dad went out Saturday and it was slow but we banged out 3 long line released a couple.
  25. Hewes OP

    Bicsi Conference

    Just wondering if anyone else is here.
  26. Hewes OP

    Youth Duck Hunt This Weekend!!

    I love doing this with my kids...only one problem, I don't get to enter the coho derby...again. I always give them the choice to fish the derby or hunt and they have always picked hunt. One of my life goals was to put all of my kids through hunter education weather they wanted to hunt or not...
  27. Hewes OP

    Tuna Gear...Will These Work??

    Hey guys, just wanted some opinions on these. I'm slowly but surely getting geared up for tuna. I've been listening to all you pro's out there and asking questions and reading up on as much stuff as I can. I also like to build my own tackle. These are about 6' long, the heads in the main are...
  28. Hewes OP

    A7 King 8/23

    Went out last Saturday with 'Bout Time (Paul & son Wyatt) and managed one. Couple cool points was the first salmon fishing trip in his new to him boat and I caught it on a jig I built, that's a cool feeling. Nice to get the skunk off the boat on the first trip.
  29. Hewes OP

    We Got Crabs

    Went out family and buddy 'Bout Time (Paul) and his family for some crabbing this this last Saturday. Weather was not the greatest but we manged to boat 34 out of a possible 35 between the 7 of us. Got some shots of the boats as well. Sunday morning was crab omelets Sunday night was grilled...
  30. Hewes OP

    Small Upgrades

    So I had some crappy switches hanging off the bottom of my helm in a stupid little plastic bracket running my Lowrance, It was one of those get it in with what I had so I could get out on the water deals that lasted longer than I expected. I also didn't have enough switch spots in my existing...
  31. Hewes OP

    Prop Questions

    Guys, need a little help. I have an idea of what I need to do but was hoping someone could tell me either I'm crazy or I'm on the right track. I don't think my prop is quite right. I have a Honda 150 on a Hewes Ocean Pro 200 the current prop is the stock aluminum 15.25 x 15p it does OK when I...
  32. Hewes OP

    Jigging Rods Tuna, Sea Bass, Lingcod

    I just bought a Fin-Nor OFC16H I plan on using it for tuna, sea bass, and the occasional ling cod that takes the sea bass jig. I have been looking at jigging rods for awhile and I wanted to get some opinions. I'm not a rich guy so the $100.00 range is about where I can be. I've looked at the...
  33. Hewes OP

    Last Saturday of the Season

    Was a great closing day for us, even with the weather as nice as it was we managed a few birds. Total was 11 for the party, these are the ones me and my son got. The other birds shot by friend and his son not in picture was 1 Greenhead, 1 Bufflehead, 1 Pintail, and 4 Ringnecks. Until next...
  34. Hewes OP

    My Son Nailed His First Goose

    Went out Friday with my dad and put down a limit of ducks in the snow. Took the boy out on Saturday and he dropped his first goose...great weekend.
  35. Hewes OP

    More Ducks

    Me and my boy went out last Saturday managed to drop a few more (4) shovelers, (3) Mallards, and (3) wigeon. He's learnin!!
  36. Hewes OP

    First Ducks For The Kids

    Did the youth hunt with my son (Chase), long time friend (Paul), his son (Wyatt), and Jinx my 11 year old duck retrieving lab machine this weekend. What a blast we all had. The boys lit up the sky and managed 11 birds for the weekend. Saturday was a little bit different than the weatherman...
  37. Hewes OP

    Fishing With Family

    My cousin decided to fly up from Cali for some fishing. We keep in touch but have not seen each other in 15+ years. He loves to fish and hunt but has not caught a lot of salmon. I decided to get him on some pinks because of the fast action. He flew in on Friday while me and my dad were smoking...
  38. Hewes OP

    Snohomish River water Clarity

    Anyone live around the river that can tell me if it is all muddy now from the rain. I have family coming in from out of state and I was planning on hitting the river on Sunday to get him some pinks. May have to change my plan and hit the salt both days now. Wanted to give him some variety.
  39. Hewes OP

    Area 7

    Got a good early start this morning. Decided to take the kids out and let them have a run at some fish. Started out wonderful me and wife worked really hard to try and get all four rods down at one time took us 1 1/2 hours to accomplish our goal. It was a mad house. Nothing was sticking very...
  40. Hewes OP

    Haven't Done This In A While

    Got a wild hair so me and a buddy headed for the river for a nice little four hour float for steelhead on Friday. It has been three years since I've done that, had to pull my pontoon boat out of the mothballs but it was worth it. I had one good solid hit that didn't stick buddy managed a nice...
  41. Hewes OP

    Sno-Creek to the SW Coner

    We did well on the second opener. Day 1: Weather was great the run out was pretty good (19 - 24 mph). We put three butt's in the boat pretty quickly nothing of real size but as I'm fairly new to catching them I was pretty happy. We made the run in to the shore and got into the largest...
  42. Hewes OP

    New Home Made Smoker

    Me and my dad have been working on a smoker for awhile now. We had and old aluminum locker that is 24" x 24" x 60". We built a frame around it, insulated it, installed a smoke stack, built a roof, installed a electric element in the bottom, installed a PID temperature control, put some locking...
  43. Hewes OP

    MA 7 Shrimp

    After getting the family up at 4:00am, and out the door by 5:00am. Stopping to get fuel, fighting the crowds at the launch. Then making the run to the secret shimping spot that only a few million others know about. We managed to get there only 30 mins behind schedule which I was pretty happy...
  44. Hewes OP

    Masthead All Around Light

    I have been searching for an all around masthead light that will screw onto a 1/2" NPT pipe thread. The only one I have found is this one and its expensive you think there would be more than one...
  45. Hewes OP

    Fishing Arch

    Just wanted to send a thank you out to Steve (Ugly Bayliner) and John (Goatram). You guys have been a huge help to me. I'm on my way to having my arch complete. I have all of my plate pieces cut out and all of the rocket launchers built. Steve bent my tubing for me on Sunday and it turned...
  46. Hewes OP

    Par 36 Style Lights

    Has anyone used the Par 36 style rubber lights from there arch to light up your fishing cockpit. I have used these on my trucks in the past and they are very tough and weather resistant. Just wondering because they are pretty cheap. You can even get replacement LED bulbs for them now.
  47. Hewes OP

    Late Season Ducks

    We'll I finally made it out for another trip. Decided to go up north (almost Canada) and see if there were some birds up there. Was a good call found some willing to decoy Mallards, Wigeon, and Pintail.
  48. Hewes OP least for me

    Had a great day 16 ducks and one goose yesterday. Shot two birds that you don't see every day. My first Speckle Belly in my 26 years of waterfowl hunting and some kind of weird mallard looking duck but very big almost the size of a small goose.
  49. Hewes OP

    Getting Ready For The Ducks

    Just added another weapon to my duck hunting arsenal. Me and one of my buddies made a deal he buy's the materials and I build them. I just finished his. Second one is about 1/2 way done or so. Look out ducks and geese!!!
  50. Hewes OP

    MA7 Nookie

    Had a great day with some friends (two other boats - 6 guys) on Saturday. Our group managed 9 fish on Saturday (7 kings, 2 Coho). This is the only one I got but it was the biggest right on the 20lb mark he turned out to be a white. This is the shortest 20lb fish I have ever caught total...
  51. Hewes OP

    MA9 Mid Channel Bank 8/11

    After a couple of trips up to Baker trying to get me a sockeye I decided to grab my dad and head out to Mid Channel and try our luck at something I'm a little better at doing. Launched the boat in Everett at about 6:30 started the trip in some pretty nice water, passed a big bunch of boats on...
  52. Hewes OP

    That's a Big One

    Took some friends out yesterday to MA 7. They are pretty new to fishing and crabbing we managed to pull 16 nice keepers threw back 4 or 5 that were nice and big but very soft. Lets see how long it takes them to get their own boat now...I love spending other peoples money...LOL.
  53. Hewes OP

    Not Bad for a 2 hour soak

    Took the family out for a nice easy day of crabbing on Saturday in MA 7 didn't have much bait on hand but went anyway dropped the pots at about 9:30 and pulled them about 11:30 bait all gone and 12 Dungeness and one Red Rock. The kids got to mark their cards and we all pigged out on crab for...
  54. Hewes OP

    Halibut Area 7

    Just a quick report. Me and my dad pounded Eastern Bank on Monday and came up empty handed. Made what I thought were some very good drifts right down the top edges of the bank in areas where I have caught fish before. I'm still learning so maybe next time. I got to spend a great day on the...
  55. Hewes OP

    More Neah Bay Fish Killin'

    Just a quick report Thursday: Up at 5:00 load up the crock pot with a nice beef chuck roast some potatoes, carrots, onion, and a beer. Down to the launch drop the boat in head out into some pretty crappy water. Fished the dump, and the east side of Tatoosh with nothing to show. Decided to...
  56. Hewes OP

    Leader Length

    I'm not sure if this is a stupid question or not. When someone says for instance "use a 42" leader" is that measured to the back of the bait or the front of the bait ?
  57. Hewes OP

    Back Yard Birds

    Well I haven't done much hunting this year. Moving into a new place and work have kept me very busy. I did manage to walk out my back door and smack a few green heads let all the wigeon, teal, Pins, and hens fly off wanted green heads only. My house is on the left in the distance. Have also...
  58. Hewes OP

    Duck Opener

    Had a great duck opener!! 4 guys we downed our 28 by about noon. Managed to take these pictures before my lens fogged up:
  59. Hewes OP

    Everett Coho Derby

    Saturday, Managed to boat two small keeper fish 6.83 and 6.01 one fish at 65' and the other at 100' both on 8" green Hotspot 24" leader to a Ace Hi Fly at about 3mph. My dad ended up catching 2 ling cod as well kinda funny one nice one about 32"-34" the other was about 26"-28". Saw Tin Lizzie...
  60. Hewes OP

    Sno Creek Resort

    Hey everybody. I had two spots resereved at Sno Creek Resort (109 & 110) for Friday July 22nd through Tuesday July 26th. The other Group of guys that was going with me backed out so I will only need one spot If anyone is interrested before I let them know PM me and the spot is yours. Not sure...
  61. Hewes OP

    MA7 Shrimp with the kids

    Just thought I'd show off a little this is the second limit with the family. I forgot the camera the opener. Any way managed to get the kids out of bed and on the road by 8:00am after stops to get fuel, gallon zip loc bags, and pop & snacks we arrived at the Coronet Bay Launch about 10:00am...
  62. Hewes OP

    BD Decals

    Thanks TT got the decals in the mail and here they are on the boat and the back of the truck. I expect some :finger: from you guys.
  63. Hewes OP

    Ok so this isnt about fishing

    This Saturday and Sunday was the youth duck hunting weekend so no fishing for me. She is 15 now so this will be the last time she will be able to take advantage of the youth part of the season. This is her 3rd hunting season and she is doing pretty well. As long as the temp. is above 55 and it's...
  64. Hewes OP

    Tulalip Terminal Fishery Question

    Just Wondering if anyone fishes the Tulalip Terminal fishery anymore? I heard the run is earlier now. I use to do pretty well in August.
  65. Hewes OP

    Neah Bay 7/18

    Just a quick report. Me my dad and 2 other friends went to Neah on the 17th. Traffic was terrible on the way over so we didn't get on the water until Sunday 18th. Day 1 Went outside and down towards strawberry rock and caught a mess of bottom fish 40 Sea bass, 2 Cabazon, and a 28" Ling...
  66. Hewes OP

    MA7 first official Halibut trip in my boat

    Just wanted to thank everybody on this site. You guys led me to my first halibut this weekend and we managed to boat these two. I read alot of the halibut posts on this site as well as a little reserch on Team Defiance web site. Thanks again to all that provided the info.
  67. Hewes OP

    2010-2011 posted on WDFW Web site

    Here is the Link