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    San quintin seabass

    Ron Atwood fished with jaime's son Carlos today and was rewarded for the drive with a personal best 64lb seabass
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    San quintin seabass

    That's my amato wanna be farallon
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    San quintin seabass

    Went out today, Thursday 12, got 16 for 4 guys. Smaller grade .largest about 40lbs. Hope they hang around for anyone else coming down
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    San quintin seabass

    Crocodiles and if we hook a mac. We'd send em down for a ride.
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    San quintin seabass

    Went out with jaime today and went 4 for 6 on white seabass up to 55lbs.water was 65,clean and lots of bait.
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    Where to fish next?

    If you go stay in bahia tortugas.30 miles up a dirt road is punta eugenia. It's still a 7 to 8 hour drive from San quintin
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    Share a boat at San Quintin

    Picked up a 25' pro line that I've been dialing in .hopefully will have it ready to go in service by the time we get there.
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    Share a boat at San Quintin

    Jaime sent me some pics of seabass caught Friday. I'll be there tomorrow
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    Bahía de los Ángeles- March 8

    Nice catch Joel j., but looks like they didn't let you wear shorts and t shirt that day. I'll be out there the last week of March. Hope to see you in the water
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    For Sale New pelagic regulator sunglasses

    I have brand new pelagic regulator glasses in 2 different styles. Comes with hard case and soft pouch.$65. These list at $180 from pelagic
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    For Sale Pelagic sunglasses

    Yes there's still some available. Which ones were you interested in
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    For Sale Pelagic sunglasses

    These are the polycarbonite.l do have a set of razors that are glass. They are 95.pelagic price is 239.
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    For Sale Pelagic sunglasses

    New pelagic sunglasses.these are the fish hook model.have a couple of different colored lenses and frame.$65. These are 180. Glasses from pelagic. Comes with soft pouch and hard case.
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    SOLD Bnib shimano tld 30a

    Bnib shimano tld 30a 2speed $185.
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    For Sale New seeker white tiger 7x and jx4 reel

    Brand new w/tags seeker 7x white tiger and used but in great condition avet jx reel.loaded with almost new 65lb spectra. Rod is 9' 30-50lb.$425.firm on price
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    For Sale Calstar 800m/ avet jx

    Calstar gf800m and avet jx4.1 combo.rod is used but still in good shape.does have a bent guide as shown in pic.Reel is in very good shape other than the light scratches on the plate.Filled with 65lb. braid about a month old. $265.
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    Baja 1000 starting day

    Morning and afternoon might be congested along 5 because the race will be headed south down that direction. At mile 380 they will be heading across towards Highway 1 from Gonzaga. So expect traffic in the afternoon evening down Highway 1. I would say Highway 1 would be the best if you can get...
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    San quintin yellowtail limits

    Jaime took a group out this morning and managed to land limits of yellowtail. He was out last week also and got into some Dorado and tuna. But it's been hit in miss.
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    SOLD Tiagra 30 lrs

    Tiagra 30 lrs loaded with 120 Spectra and 120 flouro topshot.Reel is 10/10 functionally but does have scratches. $250. Sold
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    For Sale Shimano told 30a 2 speed bnib

    Brand new shimano tld 30a 2 speed in box. $195. .
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    For Sale Brand new seeker 7x white tiger

    Brand new seeker 7x white tiger 9' with tags.$300.sold
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    For Sale Shimano tiagra 30wlrs 295

    Shimano tiagra 30wlrs.mechanically 10/10. Does have slight rash on side but still looks good.$295 pending
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    San Quintin fish report?

    Went out with jaime on the 9th looking for tuna.found some kelp patties about 20 miles out holding dorado and yellowtail,but no luck on tuna. Julio mesa was out the day before and managed to get a dozen or so.water is clean and blue, 73 to 75 should be getting better as the days progress.heading...
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    San Quintin 15th report

    Went out with jaime the day before to look for fish. The weather has been getting nicer. Water was clean and getting up in the lower 60s. Not much activity on the high spots yet but the conditions are right. Should go off any day now. We found a school of feeding calicos and managed about a...
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    Murder in Bay of LA

    Just talked to Bill Boyce this morning who has a house just south of town. He told me Ray was one of his best friends for over 40 years.He had to notify the family about the deaths. He says all the high-ranking authorities are now involved including Kiko the governor. I hear they're launching a...
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    Bahia De Los Angeles 5/21, 5/22

    The locals call them awado. An old friend of mine calls it the Don Rickles fish, and they are very tasty.just not much meat when you fillet them, mostly head and mouth, so l guess there is a similarity
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    Nomad Madscad Lures

    Just bought the Sardine and the mackerel at longfin in orange. $35
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    San Quintin general questions ?

    You can also buy your license at Tiburon next to Old Mill Restaurant and by launch ramp. More easier peasier
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    what's normal to expect in BOLA for the week of thanksgiving?

    I was just there last week. We towed a boat from San quintin.whether was mild and surprisingly the fish were very willing to participate in the action. Probably because the water temps are still warm. I was telling Jaime that we seem to have done better this time of year then in the summer...
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    Fires North Of Ensenada

    Have you heard of any roads being closed. I'm heading down through Tecate today
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    Any Results from the San Quintin Tournament?

    Every entry was given written rules upon registration. They offered it in English or Spanish .Also there was a captains meeting the night before for all boats. Rules state that winners of the biggest placed fish top and bottom must be present between 4 and 4:30 to show proof of catch with a 25...
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    Any Results from the San Quintin Tournament?

    Sorry, l should have clarified.prizes go to the top 3 on bottom fish, and top three on surface. Jaime and javier's were surface.
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    Any Results from the San Quintin Tournament?

    Fished with captain Jaime as a team along with his wife Esmeralda and his cousin javier in the tournament.javier placed 1st with a 14.9 yellowtail. Jaime placed 2nd with a 14.9 white seabass. When theres a tie the 1st one to the scales gets the top spot. Esmeralda placed 1st in women's both...
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    Need a charter in Ensenada August 26th.

    Government sponsored fishing tournament is going on that weekend. Might be tuff to get a boat unless you already have one reserved
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    San quintin yellowfin

    Captain Jaime and his wife went out this morning looking for yellowfin and loaded up by 10.He was 12 miles out from the point of the bay. Dorado and yellowtail are also there if you can find a kelp patty. He's still got some dates available between now and the 11th if your looking to get in...
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    San Quintin.

    Just talked to Jaime. Wide open . Limits for everyone
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    Bola tournament and sq stop

    I talked to an official for sport fishing while I was in Bola and showed him video of bait boats in San quintin. He said we have to start with a formal complaint and take it to the Fed government level. So far no one is willing to do it.I suspect the decline in white seabass in Sq over the last...
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    Bola tournament and sq stop

    Invited my friend Stevo from Pelagic on a trip to sq and bola. He managed to round up 3 duffle bags full of wear to give to the locals. If your ever wondering why the locals in Sq and Bola are always wearing Pelagic this is probably the reason. Took the boat out with Jaime on the 20th to look...
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    San Quintin report 7/2-3

    Great report and I agree poblanos is the best. I pass by all the others to get there
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    Tow boat to Gonzaga, launch, then boat to BOLA?

    You might try pedro at cangejos. He has lots of space, Close to ramp and is safe as they live on the property. Or Eddie just north of the military base. He has a large building for indoor storage
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    My trip from HELL to bola & back

    I quit carrying my fillet knife that I would store in my tackle box in the bed of my truck. Don't even want to give them cause for any reason to question or delay me, but I hear . it's OK to carry a machete because it's considered a tool not a knife. Go figure! Also last year when I went to...
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    L a bay tournament

    Definitely released!!
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    L a bay tournament

    Jaime is there also. I just got back from Bahia yesterday. Killed them. Big yellowtail a to 30 lbs and big sardinera to 20lbs.My friend got a nice golden grouper also.
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    L a bay tournament

    There is a vagabundos padre lucas fishing tournament this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.You might have to be a member if you want to enter.Government Gonzaga tournament is going on today .
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    Fished Bay of LA June 4th and 5th

    Just picked up an extra hub with bearing for you. Will bring it on the 13
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    Fished Bay of LA June 4th and 5th

    I'll be down there on the 13th. Checked with Napa in Stanton said they had the part. Will let you know. Say hello to chava Ted
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    Bahia de los. Angeles fish report. May 23 and 24.

    Headed down to la Bay from Sq. With captain Jaime and a couple of friends Road condition were good up to Catalina. A few potholes before and after. The worst was between chapala and the turn off to la bay.Saw a few vehicles pulled over with trailer problems. Weather was beautiful. Fished with...
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    Bola trip March 18

    He told me that Pedro was going to pick it up for him. Didn't think it would be that soon. That's great
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    Bola trip March 18

    That's still joel sr. Old panga. He's having a new one built in Ensenada by Rodriguez. Joel Jr. Already has his new boat in his yard. I think it's 28', but he still needs to rig it. Should be ready for the season
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    Bola trip March 18

    Don't forget to pick up a micky sweater before coming down! It's rhe one where he's not eating bananas
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    Bola trip March 18

    Internet showed that the weather was good in Bola, so I called up captain Jaime in San quintin and told him I would be by to pick him up for a quick trip.Drove down on Thursday to a Beautiful blooming desert from the current rains. Stayed at my friends house in daggets and woke up to a...
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    headed to bola in June

    Convert dollars to pesos at border, bank or Ensenada The rate of exchange isn't very good in Bahia.
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    Don't think most people caught it, but as I was zooming in to see what was in your sister in laws hand I saw the person on the hill looking as if it was in her palm. Did you make them climb all the way up the hill to get the pics.ha ha. Good to see you in Gonzaga. 5 minutes earlier and we could...
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    Pismo clam digging in the San Quintin area

    Don't know why, but from what I've heard that unless your a national it's illegal.Dont know it its ever been enforced. Might want to check into it
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    Been a while

    Documents for trailer and boat, fmm tourist card, passport, TIP boat permit and Mexico fishing license.also insurance
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    T-mobile service in baja

    Yes when I cross over either .movie star or telcel takeover whichever signal is strongest. I just checked again with AT&T for other plans and they tell me that on a mobile share plan I can get free texting and phone while in Mexico and and 1 gig of data. Something they never offered before. And...
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    T-mobile service in baja

    Checking to see if anyone has used T- mobile as their service while in baja and how good it is.They offer a share plan that offers free data and phone within baja and to the US.Looking for service mainly around the San Quintin area. I'm with att right now on a viva mex plan but it only offers...
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    Fishing in San Quintin?

    if you want to watch the race you need to be there on Friday the 20th.Trucks will be passing through about 3 o'clock.I talked to Jaime from Jaimes pangas who scouted out a location to watch them yesterday.He says a good location is by san ramon. When you get into San Quintin make a turn at hotel...
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    December 6th-10th BCN Mexico

    From the border bola is about 8 - 9 hour drive depending on how fast you drive. it's 400 miles south of the border.Fishing for yellowtail might still be good in close around the islands, but most have been caught at the 17 mile reef. from there it's another hour drive back to Santa Rosalallita...
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    Jaime from the states, 0115216161019056 Loacated by the ramp at the old mill restaurant in Sq, Or you can call me at 562 8 24 7717 and I can set you up.lots of dates still available for sept.
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    Any San Quintin fish reports?

    Jaime from jaimes pangas went 15 miles out from the point on friday,found some kelp patties and loaded up on yellowfin, yellowtail, and dorado. He went out today again and found them but the winds were brutal.Other pangas went south towards socorro and found yellowtail and a few white sea...
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    Need panga advice for punta Eugenia

    I was there about 2 years ago and a friend from abreojos connected me with another friend in bahia tortuga who was part of the co-op. He was able to get me a boat at punta eugenia. Punta eugenia is just a small fish camp and it would be a hit or miss to get a boat out of there. its about 30...
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    tankers in Sq with jaimes pangas

    Jaime just came in this afternoon with 4 white sea bass up to 60 lbs.It was an early bite and he had to come back early because there was no way to put them in the cooler to keep them fresh.hopefully it will stay consistent because it's been off and on
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    La Bay 7/16 - 7/20 * warning on Los Venitos

    I will be there this weekend and planning on staying there
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    La Bay 7/16 - 7/20 * warning on Los Venitos

    I just spoke to the owner and he said that it was operating right now under new lease. he said that he would make all the deposits right for the time it was closed. get ahold of me if you have a deposit will try and get it back
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    Help! Heading to BOLA

    the tournament is the third of the 5 government sponsored tournaments. it's going to be held on Saturday. if you're still there you can participate as well
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    El Socorro

    Jaime from us. 011521 616 1019056.tell him Ted gave you this number.if you can't get ahold of him you can call me at 562 8247 717 and let me know what dates you're looking for
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    El Socorro

    If you want to fish sac. Reef or geronimo you will probably have to drive to El rosario and grab a commercial panga to take you out.Its too far too travel by boat . About 30 - 35 miles south from El socorro.santa Maria is a nice place, but I'd suggest you go to Molino in san quintin.there is...
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    Fishing San Quintin

    also you might want to pick up a Mexican tourist visa, available at the border. the law requires you to have one when you enter Mexico but hasn't been enforced. better to be safe
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    Fishing San Quintin

    for the rest of the days after Juan you can call my partner captain jaime. We have pangas starting at 225. Jaime is a very good captain. From us 0115216161019056. he still has dates available in early August.
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    Gonzaga Tournament??

    My partner and captain Jaime from San quintin participated in the tournament. It was the 2nd of the 5 tournaments sponsored by the gov. In baja norte.He said that there were about 140 participants in the event.He said all the surface fish winners were yellowtail, the largest being about 25lbs...
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    Hi Everyone...looking for some BOLA advice

    Dorado should be in by then, yellowtail, and leopard grouper.I would bring feathers like Mexican flag and purple and black, Rapala lures for trolling, mackerel and purple seems to work really good. Jigs like Salas 6x juniors in scrambled egg, mint, blue and white, and baby poop for leopard...
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    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    We were also fishing there on tuesday.probably saw you out on the water.Our original plan was to take a boat here from San quintin and fish a couple of days for sardinera.Checked the weather report,but showed winds picking up and getting stronger thru the week. So my partner jaime and i decided...
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    Road closure

    I just talked to my partner captain Jaime in San Quintin and he says the field workers have closed highway 1 all the way from Maneadero to the San quintin valley.they are asking for a wage increase from 120 pesos a day to at least 200.I can understand the frustration, that's only about nine...
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    TIP question at SY border

    make sure you bring your boat registration and trailer registration with you. They seem to check that at the crossing
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    TIP question at SY border

    I think the regulations are if you have a boat 15 feet or under it's not necessary but check for sure
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    cangrejos in BOLA

    He is located at the north end of the bay by the lighthouse in town.he had nice accomodations but unfortunately the hurricane in September caused a lot of damage to this place, including taking his boat away. I was just there a month ago and he was using a 32 foot Boston Whaler for the time being