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  1. doncatfish

    Pacific Queen January 31

    Nothing like having the yo yo iron stop falling when you’re mid column. Crank like hell and come tight - love it! Congratulations!
  2. doncatfish

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Cory, I'm so sorry to hear this. She must be an amazing woman to put up with all your fishing! I prayed for both of you at mass yesterday and will continue to do so.
  3. doncatfish

    San Diego in April/salt options

    Going out on a limb here. I’m thinking bluefin on an overnight or 1.5 day trip will be happening in April and your best bet for quality fish - book the Pac Queen for your best shot of getting one. Last year they bit really well at the start of the season, as they have for a few years.
  4. doncatfish

    Ensenada 1-12

    Fantastic catch - thanks for posting. What did you catch the yellows on?
  5. doncatfish

    South La Jolla 1/5/20

    Wow - congratulations on a great start to the decade!
  6. doncatfish

    Pac Queen Punta Colnett Jan 4

    That’s actually called a Mexican rockfish, looks pretty similar to a Boccaccio but it is a different fish. A bit darker coloring. There were larger Lings than mine caught, good to see them return to Colnett.
  7. doncatfish

    Pac Queen Punta Colnett Jan 4

    Short version - 22 nice grade yellows for 34 anglers, good variety of fish with quality Lings, a few larger unit bonito, and excellent rock fishing. Long version - Left the dock from Fishermans at 7:00 pm, Captain Gavin already had filled the bait tanks with sardines so we bee lined to Punta...
  8. doncatfish

    For Sale 1989 25' Hydra-Sport Vector walk around

    25' 1989 Hydra-Sport Vector - outstanding, reliable fully loaded fishing machine - $20,500 This boat has one of the best integrated electronics systems you can own: Raymarine Axiom Pro 12 inch Raymarine Transducer RV-100 Raymarine Chirp HD Radar Raymarine EV-15- Hydraulic Autopilot The fish...
  9. doncatfish

    For Sale Hydra-Sport Vector

    I must say, I do love Ozzy. The Boneyard is a regular station on the It's All Good.
  10. doncatfish

    For Sale Hydra-Sport Vector

    Price just reduced to $20,500. Real sweet fishing machine.
  11. doncatfish

    Dana Point 11-10-19

    That doesn't suck - NICE FLATTIE!!!
  12. doncatfish

    For Sale Hydra-Sport Vector

    Josh, thanks for pointing out my conflicting title vs. post. The boat is a 1989, not 1998. Unfortunately it's obvious to me how to edit the post (that has the correct year), but I can't figure out how to edit the title (with the incorrect year).
  13. doncatfish

    For Sale Hydra-Sport Vector

    25' 1989 Hydra-Sport Vector - outstanding, reliable fully loaded fishing boat! $24,000 - now reduced to $20,500 This boat has one of the best integrated electronics systems you can own: Raymarine Axiom Pro 12 inch Raymarine Transducer RV-100 Raymarine Chirp HD Radar Raymarine EV-15-...
  14. doncatfish

    Huge skipjacks East End Catalina

    1998 Albemarle Express - clean and stable, super happy with it.
  15. doncatfish

    Huge skipjacks East End Catalina

    The buckets are a pain in the ass sea lion prevention tool the harbor implemented. They're screwed down to the dock which discourages the sea lions from hopping on, but there's still plenty of spots for them to hop on, lay in the sun and crap all over the place.
  16. doncatfish

    Huge skipjacks East End Catalina

    Plan for the shakedown trip on the new sled was to look in the morning for yellows at some East End spots - 3 V's, Silver Canyon, Salta Verde, etc, then look on the outside come noon time for tuna. No luck on the yellowtail hunt but a lot of voracious seals, did have one ripping bite at Salta...
  17. doncatfish

    Cabo airport to Los Barilles?

    Agree on what Jim says. Homar is based out of Los Barriles, super dependable, very nice taxis and much more cost effective than the circus at the airport. Been using his services for years.
  18. doncatfish

    WTB Bait Receiver for our slip in Dana Point

    Am looking for something to keep 40 - 50 mackerels alive between trips, and must be sea lion proof!
  19. doncatfish

    What's the limit on Pelagic Rays? 7/27 report

    Didn’t see a one. The two chum buckets lasted for 3 hours, non stop life around us though.
  20. doncatfish

    What's the limit on Pelagic Rays? 7/27 report

    Had hopes for some catch and release fishing on makos today so went off of San Mateo Point to about the 1,000 foot depth area. TONS of life - multiple schools of dolphin, deep meter marks, bait puddling, bird rafts and birds working. Put out the chum bucket, thawed bonito and live mackerel...
  21. doncatfish

    Moo Cow

    Nicely done, totally envious!
  22. doncatfish

    Catalina 7/24

    We had a very similar day to yours yesterday, I'm sure we probably passed each other a couple times. Started at Pebbly, worked up to Church Rock, then worked the front side over to Gilbrator. We pulled rapalas or slow trolled sardines for a couple of hours for one short barracuda. Found a...
  23. doncatfish

    San Clemente Kelp and Songs

    I was out there as well Saturday morning not far from the barge and Seal Rock, right next to the kelp. Lack of current didn’t help, we caught one short calico there then moved much closer to the harbor for a few calicos, sand bass and a couple of short white sea bass, but overall was fairly...
  24. doncatfish

    Cat. June 14-16

    Great report - congratulations!!
  25. doncatfish

    Pacific Queen 1.5 ay returning 6/11

    Nice fishing with you again Tony and good job getting your limit again this year! Great trip and write up!
  26. doncatfish

    East Cape Bite picks WAY up May 31, June 1 & 2

    Short version - our group of 19 guys fished out of Palmas de Cortez and Villa de Cortez for 3 days. Really good marlin fishing, wide open tuna fishing, roosters are biting, and a decent amount of dorado as by catch. Longer version - when we arrived I counted a whopping total of 1 marlin flag...
  27. doncatfish

    Catalina 5-9-19

    Great report and pics, congratulations!!!
  28. doncatfish

    Dana Point non-halibut report 5/4 and 5/5

    I prefer to use a sliding sinker carolina rig set up with trap hook, sinker weights vary as per current and depth.
  29. doncatfish

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Cory, good luck on your procedure. Our prayers will counter act the prayers of the many fish you have yet to pull on.
  30. doncatfish

    Dana Point non-halibut report 5/4 and 5/5

    I fished two days this weekend for halibut around Dana Point, tough conditions. The water north of the harbor is filthy with an unusual amount of debris. Tried depths from 15' to 180' at all my usual spots and few new ones. The most interesting bite of the day came when I was reeling my...
  31. doncatfish

    Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    We stopped on a school around 5:00 pm and it yielded the cow along with the other two slugs of 126 and 130. All on flatfalls or Diawa SK jigs. Don’t forget the 200 lb fluro leader at all times.
  32. doncatfish

    Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    My fish were mainly on the sink about 200 - 250 feet deep. Casting down swell, then drifting towards the sinking lure helped, as my bites were coming right as the lure came straight up and down. As soon as it would stop sinking, just wind like hell and keep winding until line was being ripped...
  33. doncatfish

    Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    Yes, pink fluro for abrasion resistance.
  34. doncatfish

    Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    I was on the trip too, absolutely EPIC!!! At 11:00 pm I was still skunked, but by 1:30 am I had gone 7 for 10 helping fill out the boat limits. Regarding the lures, they didn't care if they were glow in the dark or not. I tried using a glow in the dark 250 gram flat fall that I modified with...
  35. doncatfish

    One stop shopping for BFT limits Tomahawk 4/18

    I asked Gavin the Captain of the Pac Queen this question a few years ago, and I've had great success with the knot he recommended. Pretty simple, I cut off 3 feet of fluro and do a triple or quadruple overhand hand knot depending upon the line thickness. Not the prettiest know you'll ever see...
  36. doncatfish

    Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Nicely done Cory and great report once again. There is no shame in handing a fish off at the right moment, it’s shows your wisdom. Congratulations on a great trip!!!!
  37. doncatfish

    CHIEF 04.17-04.19.2019 BLUFLU OUTBREAK!

    Great report and pics! I was on the Tomahawk that day and I completely agreed these fish are punching above their weight - mean brutes and long battles are the norm. Do NOT use light hooks on these fish. Happy Easter!
  38. doncatfish

    One stop shopping for BFT limits Tomahawk 4/18

    Braid, 100’ mono, fluro - good to have a bit of stretch.
  39. doncatfish

    One stop shopping for BFT limits Tomahawk 4/18

    I didn’t see any one throwing a popper. I certainly thought about it, but after I and others tried surface iron, colt snipers, knife jigs and flat falls with no luck, decided to stick with the baits they were constantly boiling on.
  40. doncatfish

    One stop shopping for BFT limits Tomahawk 4/18

    I asked the Captain about what they’ve been seeing in the stomachs and he said a little bit of red crab, but mostly empty or full of their chum. Not the answer I expected I’m so used to seeing fish spit up red crab this year.
  41. doncatfish

    One stop shopping for BFT limits Tomahawk 4/18

    Short version - stopped on a nice school of bluefin at 7:45 am, they stayed with us biting and boiling around the boat until we left with boat limits at 6:45 pm. Range was 30 - 90 pounds, but larger fish were hooked and lost. Longer version - had a full boat of 28 anglers with a lot of...
  42. doncatfish

    Rpt.-Sun.-03-24-19 Fun day at RP, PV and the Shoe!

    Another quality report Cory - hope I don’t have to wait another 4 weeks for your next one!
  43. doncatfish

    3/18 on The "San Diego"

    Nice photos, thanks for posting!
  44. doncatfish

    Dana Point PB Sand Dab 3.16

    Nice job - thanks for the post!
  45. doncatfish

    38lb Halibut Newport Kayak

    You are the man - nicely done!!!!!!
  46. doncatfish

    GREAT DAY at Colonet - Pac Queen 2/23

    I would definitely bring the surface iron in March. I threw it a few times on this trip to have fun on the Bonita, but have had epic times in March on the surface iron at Colonet on yellows. They came up and boiled on the surface at one spot this trip, water temp was only 59, but in a couple of...
  47. doncatfish

    GREAT DAY at Colonet - Pac Queen 2/23

    I’ve never used a knife jig before so I went on you tube and learned. Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks? I think the herky jerky nature of the jig n wind is what made the difference. I didn’t try a straight retrieve as the rocks claimed the jig after quickly landing 2 yellows and a red...
  48. doncatfish

    GREAT DAY at Colonet - Pac Queen 2/23

    Short version - Had my limit of quality yellows by 10:30, 58 yellows for 34 anglers in total. Nice quality reds, large Bonita and a few ling cod filled out the rest of the sacks for all on calm seas. Longer version - we got to the high spot at Punta Colonet at 7:00 am in chilly, calm...
  49. doncatfish

    Catalina Report 01/23 to 01/25

    What’s the limit on Bison? There’s some tasty fillets right there!
  50. doncatfish

    Los Barriles - Jan 16

    We need to get ourselves a local San Clemente bluefin Chuck, hope they stick around after the storms.
  51. doncatfish

    Los Barriles - Jan 16

    Yes the relentless north winds are up, but the dorado are biting quite well right off the beach. Quick trip to LB, booked a 1/2 day panga with Chuy on the Rude Baby out of Palmas today. Bought 10 freshly caught ballyhoo for bait, and literally within one minute was fishing this morning as we...
  52. doncatfish

    Dana Point Halibut Driftin’ 12-8

    Nice job! I was out there as well just south of the SC pier in 100’ - 140’ of water and nothing but sharks for us. Made a move near Barn Kelp drifting mackerel in 80’ of water for a nice big fat BSB, successful release but no butts for us.
  53. doncatfish

    Paddy Hopping 11/17

    Great report - nicely done!
  54. doncatfish

    25' Hydra-Sports Walkaround w/Evinrude E-Tec 250

    Too damn funny! I have been listening to a lot of Clash and Sex Pistols lately, thanks for the video!
  55. doncatfish

    25' Hydra-Sports Walkaround w/Evinrude E-Tec 250

    Of course the burn varies according to how fast I want to go from point A to point B. I cruise comfortably at 5,000 rpm, which is about 25 - 27 knots, and that'll burn 17.5 gallons per hour. At 4,000 rpm the burn drops to 11.5 gallons per hour. With a 195 gallon fuel tank, the range is pretty...
  56. doncatfish

    25' Hydra-Sports Walkaround w/Evinrude E-Tec 250

    It’s allowed in a 25’ slip in Dana West, which is where it is right now. I’ll be back in the colonies Saturday evening if you’d like to check it our in a few days.
  57. doncatfish

    25' Hydra-Sports Walkaround w/Evinrude E-Tec 250

    Motor was rebuilt by Advanced Marine in Costa Mesa in October, runs perfectly.
  58. doncatfish

    25' Hydra-Sports Walkaround w/Evinrude E-Tec 250

    Moving to London for work, must sell, no low ball offers, $24,500 1989 Hydra-Sport Vector, outstanding, fully loaded fishing boat! 2006 Evinrude E-Tec 250, 2 stroke. Rebuilt powerhead 50 hours ago, transmission rebuilt 100 hours ago, everything running fantastic. Furumo FCV fish finder Garmin...
  59. doncatfish

    Pac Queen 1/17-1/19 report

    I’ve fished with Tony and his spinning gear a few times for the larger unit BFT - he is a hell of an angler and good guy. Nice freakin 1.5 day catch, in January no less. No surprise Gavin continues to find the fish.
  60. doncatfish

    PQ Colonet 1/12-1/14

    Love the Punta Colnett trips with Gavin, he is one fishy guy.
  61. doncatfish

    East Cape Bite Me report - Oct. 9 and 10

    Fished the Bite Me earlier this week for a couple of days, apparently the red hot fishing slowed down a bit but we still still had a lot of action. On both days we fished north near Punta Pescadero in about 150' of water. Chuy did a fantastic job as usual putting us on the fish, I highly...
  62. doncatfish

    Weekend halibut 9/2-9/4 Dana Point

    Congratulations on another butt kicking report!
  63. doncatfish

    A yellowfin, lots of bluefin, and a submarine - 8/25 on the Fortune

    Bruce Smith on the Fortune once again put my charter group on the fish - great day! I've chartered him twice a year for many years, always pleased with the crew and the experience. Onto the fishing: Left San Diego rather early for an overnighter, plan was to fish US waters for catchable BFT...
  64. doncatfish

    The one that got away, a fish tale.....

    Really nice write up, thanks for posting, I feel your pain. It is always better to have fought and lost rather than never have fought at all. Good luck on landing your "redemption fish", this story will haunt you until you get one of the toads on board.
  65. doncatfish

    Going one for 3 never felt better

    Finally!!! After a number of trips targeting the big boys it came together yesterday. When the big boys popped up they wanted to bite for a change. All of our hook ups were on flylined mackeral. My first hook up of the day was on 60 lb. test, 80 lb. leader, on a Accurate two speed and I...
  66. doncatfish

    8/14 & 15 O95 ocean side

    You need some blood on that shirt - nice report!
  67. doncatfish

    Rpt.-Wed. 08-02-17 SCI, another big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    You are one fishy guy Cory - congratulations on the limit and great post as usual!
  68. doncatfish

    Mahilini - 3/4 day - July 25

    Looked like a great time, excellent post!
  69. doncatfish

    Coronado Islands 7-26-17

    I am inspired by your 89 year old uncle, how cool to still be pulling on nice sized fish at that age. I bet he has a lot of good stories to tell from his years of experience. Great post!!
  70. doncatfish

    Do you break the line at 1 hour 20 minutes?

    No butts. One small shark only and a couple of rakes.
  71. doncatfish

    Do you break the line at 1 hour 20 minutes?

    More on that question later. First for the story. I took my 2nd cousin from Chicago out on his first ocean fishing trip. In the afternoon we were fishing halibut using sardines on trap hook rigs in about 100 feet of water off South Laguna, a solid mile below the MPA boundry. He's using 20...
  72. doncatfish

    7/14 Cow BFT

    Mark, I am totally envious! For 3 seasons now I have been thinking these are the fish of a lifetime, but now I'm wondering if this is the new normal? Regardless - what a freakin' trophy!!!!!!!!
  73. doncatfish

    Sardines over live squid - frontside Catalina 7/1

    I had fished on Thursday locally and had some leftover sardines, so I kept them live in the bait tank a couple of nights for today's Catalina trip. Left Dana Harbor at 4:45 this morning, bought a scoop of healthy live squid from the Carnage in front of Avalon. So we started the day with about...
  74. doncatfish

    Rpt.- Sun.-06-04-17 Pig Catalina Tails and 2 Butts!

    Cory, you are a stud - congrats on the toads! Totally envious!!!!
  75. doncatfish

    Opah Madness

    What's the pay like?
  76. doncatfish

    Opah Madness

    The Pac Queen runs out of Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, the O 95 runs out of Helgren's Sportfishing in Oceanside.
  77. doncatfish

    Catalina Croaker ! 5-4-17

    That is one impressive catch - congrats!!!!!
  78. doncatfish

    Opah Madness

    Twice in the last week I have gone bluefin hunting. First on the Pac Queen, then the O 95 yesterday. On both trips the angler immediately to the left of me has been grinding in a flat fall at medium to high speed, with both guys hooking and landing trophy opahs. I believe the first opah was...
  79. doncatfish

    Rpt.-Wed.-05-03-17 SCI Tails, Lings, Reds and Coppers!

    What a great day on the water - congrats and thanks for another excellent write up!
  80. doncatfish

    Late report, Pacific Queen, monday 4/24

    I was on that trip too. The trophy bluefin will certainly exploit any weakness anywhere. Whether it's connector knots, drags not set properly, a slight nick in the line, rod/reel not beefy enough, or just plain biting through the heavier line after an hour or two fight, the hookup to landing...
  81. doncatfish

    Pelagic Ray report - 4/15, Dana Point

    You aren't kidding about whipping it's tail around, I quickly gave it more line to keep it submerged. I just read that it's sting is so venomous it can be fatal, with document cases of fisherman deaths from it. Wow!
  82. doncatfish

    Pelagic Ray report - 4/15, Dana Point

    Didn't have much time to fish today so decided to drift for Makos for 2 hours. Left Dana Point this morning and headed offshore to get away from the cold 56.5 degree, dirty green/brown water near the harbor. My boat partner, and a friend and I keep going offshore until the water was clean, 60...
  83. doncatfish

    Catalina Grand Slam & Someone's 1st Cbass!!!

    Fantasy report and love the pics! Congrats on the slam, I aspire for one of those!
  84. doncatfish

    Do you throw your brother overboard for tuna? Tribute 4/1-4/2 17

    Congratulations and nice job on the very well written report! You may have a great future ahead of you in fishing journalism - that's how I hear some get paid to fish. Nicely done!
  85. doncatfish

    No April Fool, Bluefin go off on the Liberty! - 3/29

    Dozer, I'm not trying to be a dick, but if I had found those fish myself on my own boat, I'd share that dope. But out of respect for the captain, I'll pass on that answer right now.
  86. doncatfish

    No April Fool, Bluefin go off on the Liberty! - 3/29

    Made a last minute decision to hop on the 3/4 day Liberty out of Fisherman's, light load of only 18 guys. Day started a bit slow, the first bite was a blind Bluefin jig strike on a zucchini tuna clone. Then we started stopping on kelps with some reasonably sized yellows in the mix, I had a...
  87. doncatfish

    Box Canyon rockfish limits but no butts for us 3/25

    The only sign of topwater activity I saw all day was one spot of about a dozen cormorants in a tight formation with about 4 terns flying low above them. Could have been bonito pushing something up, that was near the San Mateo kelp area.
  88. doncatfish

    Box Canyon rockfish limits but no butts for us 3/25

    Thought we'd do a relaxing combo rockfish/halibut trip today. Started by drifting cured sardines for an hour not too far from the San Clemente pier, all we got were a couple of small sand bass in about 65' of water. Water was cold, 58.5 degrees. After the tide change, we headed to a stone we...
  89. doncatfish

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    Incredible footage - thanks for posting! Would love to see them react to an iron dropped in their midst!
  90. doncatfish

    Trailer storage recommendations in South Orange County

    Thanks Keith, they were the first place I checked but they are full, however I am number 61 on their waiting list.
  91. doncatfish

    Trailer storage recommendations in South Orange County

    I'm just 3 down in the waitlist to put the boat in a wet slip at Dana Point Harbor, will be looking for a place to store a 30' end to end empty boat trailer. Any recommendations, doesn't necessarily need to be in a traditional storage facility.
  92. doncatfish

    Pacific Queen...Yellowtail Limits ! ! !

    Absolutely awesome trip, flat calm the entire time. Great job by Gavin and crew as usual. One items of note, Gavin said they saw 50 - 80 lb bluefin jumping clear out of the water on their last Saturday Colonett trip, though we didn't see any they're out there.
  93. doncatfish

    Epic Dana Halibut 01-18-17

    I am totally impressed - nicely done and thanks for posting!
  94. doncatfish

    Quality on the Pac Queen - 1/9 Punta Colonet

    Mike, Would love to fish next to you and tangle you again! Mandatory family commitment this weekend though, I will enjoy this trip through you vicariously, kill 'em all!
  95. doncatfish

    Quality on the Pac Queen - 1/9 Punta Colonet

    Actually,I caught that octopus and another last week while halibut fishing off Dana Point. I put both of them in a baggie and brought those on this trip. First drop down I caught the red that spit up all those crabs, second drop down I was absolutely hammered by a Ling, then bam it was off. Bit...
  96. doncatfish

    Quality on the Pac Queen - 1/9 Punta Colonet

    Hopped on light load Sunday night trip on the Pac Queen, only 15 anglers. Drew was at the helm, and suggested we use the heavier yo yo irons such as the Sales 6x or 7x, or Tady 4/0, as they seemed to be doing better than the Jr. sizes. He also said that color didn't seem to make much...
  97. doncatfish

    100+ Nice grade yellowtail on Pac Queen at 9:00 am 1/7

    Good luck Mike! Can't go wrong on the Vag - looks like everyone got them good yesterday. Pac Queen ended up with 161 yellows, not a bad way to start the year.
  98. doncatfish

    100+ Nice grade yellowtail on Pac Queen at 9:00 am 1/7

    Good thing they're not fishing LA, chance of rain down there is less than 20% on Monday with light winds. Should be a very nice day pulling on yellers!
  99. doncatfish

    100+ Nice grade yellowtail on Pac Queen at 9:00 am 1/7

    Looks like the Punta Colnett bite is full speed - can't believe there's only one reservation for Sunday night's trip - mine! Good to see this is the third year in a row of great yellowtail fishing down there.
  100. doncatfish

    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    That's good action - must have had a lot of bites. Species list?
  101. doncatfish

    X-Ray at the TJ border

    Went I went through they pointed out an issue with my knee.
  102. doncatfish

    Rpt.-Wed.-12-07-16 a 1.5 day on the O-95 No skunk this time!

    Congratulations Cory! I had a feeling you'd be getting right back out again, no one wants the last trip of the season to end on a skunk. Sure is nice getting that fish right off the bat and taking the pressure off, isn't it?
  103. doncatfish

    Rpt-Thur.- 1.5 day 12-01-16 aboard the O-95!

    Cory, It was great finally meeting and fishing with you after reading so many of your excellent posts. Felt like I knew you for a long time. We'll get 'em next time - I'm thinking about jumping on a boat with the next decent weather window. My favorite part of the trip was when my buddy Les...
  104. doncatfish

    Tanner run with the SB boys

    Great report and good observation. It does amaze me how some bluefin will come to the boat relatively easily for their size and then the next one of the same size is a freakin ass kicker and will take at least twice as long. Must be like people where some have the stamina and some don't.
  105. doncatfish

    Tribute 1.5 Day Tanner Bank Trip

    The comment of 120 to 240 feet bite zone is just referring to the Tanner Bank bite over the last couple of weeks. That's where the captains keep calling out where they're marking fish, didn't see a single boil in two trips this week.
  106. doncatfish

    Tribute 1.5 Day Tanner Bank Trip

    Lots of good advice in this string of posts, thought I'd weigh in with a couple of suggestions. It's been an interesting Bluefin season as the methods have changed month to month - we've gone from poppers to yumi flyers to sardines with size 2 (not 2/0) hooks and now to fishing the nice sized...
  107. doncatfish

    Slayin in the rain 10/23

    Nicely done - great father and son moment!
  108. doncatfish

    Yellowfin finally acting like yellowfin - 267 to 209 October 22

    Left Dana Point at 6:15 with 2 scoops of decent sardines, absolutely gorgeous clear morning. As we got closer to the 209, about 8 miles north of it, the fog bank loomed and I questioned whether we should head into the fog with crappy visibility or stay in the clear and be able to look for tuna...
  109. doncatfish

    Variety at the East Cape Oct 9,10, 11 & 14

    Got lucky enough to win the random drawing to buy tickets to see Sammy Hagar's Birthday Bash at Cabo Wabo this year, so decided to sandwich some time on the water around it. Fished for 2 days before the concert with Juan and Joe on the La Migra out of Palmas, and a half day on a panga. We ran...
  110. doncatfish

    Bought a boat Monday, caught a Marlin Saturday, 10/1

    Sound good Paul, but it's going to cost you more than a couple of sandwiches!
  111. doncatfish

    Bought a boat Monday, caught a Marlin Saturday, 10/1

    Joe, I'm by no means an expert on this, but it is my 3rd boat partnership in the last 25 years. Having a boat partner you can have clear, honest communications with is key. For example, my previous boat was kept at the East Cape for 5 years. I wanted a kicker motor (as there are no towing...
  112. doncatfish

    Bought a boat Monday, caught a Marlin Saturday, 10/1

    Today was pretty much the most fun you could have with your clothes on. On Monday I bought 50% of my buddy Brad's 25' Hydra-sport, so we decided to go marlin/tuna fishing today. The strategy was to troll marlin jigs, but if we saw signals of tuna, be ready to invest time for some tuna. We...
  113. doncatfish

    9/19-9/20/16, DP to 209,312,181,182,43, corner, 289, avalon bank, to HH

    Really good report - thanks for posting. It's a big ocean out here, sometimes we're not at the right place at the right time, but the more we go out, the better our chances of an epic trip. I'll be heading out in the morning myself for next 72 hours with the expected small craft advisories and...
  114. doncatfish

    SCI 9/19

    Excellent report - hard work, perseverance and lack of sleep pays off again. Damn, that makes me want to get one more shot on the larger units - too much ain't enough.
  115. doncatfish

    Liberty 3/4 (9-9)

    Great job and report. Going 12 for 13 with 41 tanglers on board isn't easy to do, you've got some skills. Congrats!!
  116. doncatfish

    I only got two bites

    If you check out the first photo closely, you'll see the tiny circle hook sticking up out of the corner of the mouth, just like advertised.
  117. doncatfish

    I only got two bites

    The reel itself worked great, I cranked the 200 gram flatfall on that bad boy all morning long until I thought my arm was going to fall off. No bites on it, next time, thanks again for selling me your mint condition TN 40.
  118. doncatfish

    I only got two bites

    I don't think the brand of hook is as important as ensuring it's a strong enough hook to handle 15 pounds of drag for extended periods of time. With that said, I was using Owner hooks, stay away from the thin wire hooks fishing these tuna. The rod was a custom Calstar 765ML, 6', with a...
  119. doncatfish

    I only got two bites

    I like to use about a 50 yard top shot of mono for the stretch. Weather was absolutely gorgeous. What a change from last Friday when we'd be holding onto the rails as the rollers would hit us, it was flat calm yesterday, 1 to 3 foot long period swells.
  120. doncatfish

    I only got two bites

    Only got two bites, but made them both count for my limit on the Aztec overnighter 9/8. Key to getting a bite was flyling 40 lb. fluro tied to a size 2 circle hook. Not 2/0, size two. Bait was 5" - 6" sardines, as usual bait selection was super important. JP fish taped out at 94 pounds, my...
  121. doncatfish

    Squirters got the BFT biting on the Fortune 9/2

    Headed out on my Fortune charter with our group of 16 on Thursday night at 7:30, Bruce wanted to leave early for SCI to make squid, really appreciated the extra effort from him. We arrived at 3:00 am set up with the rest of the fleet with the lights on and crowder ready. Unfortunately not much...
  122. doncatfish

    Looking to buy Shimano Trinidad TN 40

    Shimano has had the reel for 2 weeks - they cannot get parts. Another bluefin related bearing death. This reel has been used so often on so many big fish it's about time it be given a proper burial. My cost per fish was actually pretty low.
  123. doncatfish

    Looking to buy Shimano Trinidad TN 40

    My old one just gave up the ghost, can't get parts. Looking to replace it.
  124. doncatfish

    Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    Cory, you are one hard core bad ass!!! I'm envious of your ability to give it your all every trip - keep up the great fishing and reports!!!
  125. doncatfish

    Never giving up paid off - 8/25 Catalina and Dana

    Headed over to the east end of Catalina this morning on my buddy's boat in sloppier than expected seas. Short period swell beat the hell out of the bait by the time we reached the east end. Planned to fish the 3V's area for yellows, but when we came around the backside the swell and wind were...
  126. doncatfish

    Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    Great report, congrats!!!
  127. doncatfish

    My pb on the New Lo An 235lbs

    Now that's a quality fish right there - congrats! How long did the fight take, and what pound test was on the kite rod? I agree, Marcus runs a great operation.
  128. doncatfish


    Great report - felt like I was there! When I was seeing the anchovies hurling themselves out of the water on Monday's trip, their shimmering sides looked like fireworks going off. This is a truly special thing going on right now, glad you finally got one in the boat!
  129. doncatfish

    BFT Limits on the Pac Queen - 7/11

    The line is not tied to the hook end, but rather the end without the hook. Regarding boat limits, not only are you legally allowed to fish until all anglers have their limits, ie. 19 anglers = 38 Bluefin, you can also fish until all crew members have their limits, as long as they have fishing...
  130. doncatfish

    BFT Limits on the Pac Queen - 7/11

    For a 250 gram flat fall, I swap the stock hooks with an 11/0 2x strength owner J hook, with an 11/0 owner split ring. I'm amazed Shimano doesn't sell flat falls designed for 30 pounds of drag to be put on the lure, must have seen 10 nice tuna come unbuttoned or have the thread that holds the...
  131. doncatfish

    BFT Limits on the Pac Queen - 7/11

    In the early morning you needed something with weight to get down 300 feet. Even without much wind a 160 gram or more was needed, and the glow in the dark color was doing well. In the daytime once the fish were higher in the water column some guys were using flat falls as small as 80 grams and...
  132. doncatfish

    BFT Limits on the Pac Queen - 7/11

    Mostly on the drop, but a number were hooked on the grind as well.
  133. doncatfish

    BFT Limits on the Pac Queen - 7/11

    Short story - 19 anglers, 2 fish limits around for all on the Pac Queen with very nice quality Bluefin - action all day long. Sure was nice to chase Bluefin and actually have them bite well for a change. Long Story - always thought fishing on 7/11 should be good luck - and boy was it. Before...
  134. doncatfish

    Vagabond 1.5 day 6/17-6/19

    Nicely done - good adjustment leaving the popper in the zone longer.
  135. doncatfish

    Blue Fin Trolling Rant

    I completely agree that a trolled lure way back can save the day, Monday was an excellent example of that. I was on the Malihini, we had been pulling up to school after school after school of BFT that would not bite a thing. I thought with all the scattered fish in the area, I would drop a...
  136. doncatfish


    Excellent report - that's a national geo moment right there. Looks like a nice volume of fish are building, interesting to hear they wanted the smaller lures. I will now be taking even the kitchen sink on my upcoming trip this week. Poppers, Orcas, flat falls (small, medium and large), megabits...
  137. doncatfish

    Tuna Grounds Tues & Wed (June 7/8)

    Really good report, those two farmed fish will haunt you until you get a local 100 lber. Better luck on your next trip!!
  138. doncatfish

    Rpt.-Wed.- 06-08-16 Chasing Big Blue!

    Thanks for another great report Cory, felt like I was there with you.
  139. doncatfish

    East Cape Bite Me report - May 29 and 30

    There was plenty of ballyhoo available, so there was no need to bring any. I put the ballyhoo in my ice chest on the way down from John Wayne airport, it was rock solid when I arrived at my condo. As a matter of fact, I had to leave them out on the counter for a few hours so I could break the...
  140. doncatfish

    East Cape Bite Me report - May 29 and 30

    Went to the East Cape with a group of guys for a tournament, we had 5 boats for 2 days then some of us went out for a third. First couple of days I fished on the Bite Me. I asked the captain Chuy the night before if we could target wahoo, he said sure, but let's get an early start as he wanted...
  141. doncatfish

    La Jolla 5/23 same day - PB Hali

    Congratulations! Grabbing a super slimy fish that is pissed off is extremely difficult, nicely done. Last year I was fishing on a buddies boat for tuna and one of the anglers slipped and dropped our only gaff overboard. Trying to wrestle a tuna into the boat without a gaff was incredibly...
  142. doncatfish

    San Diego YT counts dropped over the weekend, so it's time to go again!

    Brad, this goes against conventional wisdom (pun intended), but I was using spinning gear. There's a bit of a story to this one. I bought a heavy duty Shimano reel for fishing 20 - 30 pound test in the surf, and the bail mechanism broke. I purchased the part on line, and couldn't get it to...
  143. doncatfish

    Mako Friday - DP 5/20

    Some would say I have a problem.
  144. doncatfish

    Mako Friday - DP 5/20

    My buddy Bob just got a new outboard for his rig last week, thought we'd take it out for a couple of hours and fart around fishing for local sharks. Had a gentlemen's start out of Dana Point at 8:30 this morning, we were surprised about the washing machine conditions from the moment of leaving...
  145. doncatfish

    I only got one bite - 5/16 on the Eclipse

    Rick, most folks reading this post have probably never heard of Sabre rods. Yes, my old school rod of 30 years is still killing fish. It's a custom made, cut 700 blank, 7 feet in length. Stout and perfect for the yo yo. I've caught 100 lb+ bluefin and 250 lb blue marlin on the rod, and too many...
  146. doncatfish

    I only got one bite - 5/16 on the Eclipse

    I personally don't think size or color made much of a difference given the variety of colors and sizes people hooked up with. I think being in the right part of the water column at the right time was key. But to answer your question, I was using a 160 gram.
  147. doncatfish

    I only got one bite - 5/16 on the Eclipse

    That's not the standard split ring either, I swapped it for a larger, heavy duty one.
  148. doncatfish

    I only got one bite - 5/16 on the Eclipse

    The reasons for the high loss rate varied - I know of a couple of fish where the hook just pulled out, but I believe most losses were due to bad connector knots - either mono to fluro or the braid connector knot. Another guy was just chewed through after a while, disappointing as some of the...
  149. doncatfish

    I only got one bite - 5/16 on the Eclipse

    Short story - bring the heavy string Long story - Went on the Avet sponsored overnight trip fishing 5/16. The Avet rep was generous enough to raffle off 2 very nice reels and give hats to all 28 anglers, nice start to the trip. As we were exiting Mission Bay, holy cow was it washing machine...
  150. doncatfish

    San Diego YT counts dropped over the weekend, so it's time to go again!

    For the second time in the last week, I saw the counts dropped and thought - loads will be light, weather will be decent, got to go regardless of yesterday's news. For the second time in the last week, stoked I decided to go. Unfortunately all the overnight boards for tuna canceled due to lack...
  151. doncatfish

    Brought a knife to a gunfight - Saturday, May 7th

    I was wondering about thresher myself. I've only caught one before, but I remember it was very acrobatic during the fight, about a 115 lb. fish. This fish never came to the surface, never saw a fin or even a swirl in the water. Would a big thresher stay down like that?
  152. doncatfish

    Late video report from the 425

    Could we get some Metallica next time?
  153. doncatfish

    Brought a knife to a gunfight - Saturday, May 7th

    Good point and I totally agree with your setting, the reel is rated to a max of 36 pounds, it was my bad not having the drag set higher prior to hook up. Didn't realize it until the drag was pushed to full, pays to have the expectation that a fish of a lifetime could be happening on that next...
  154. doncatfish

    Brought a knife to a gunfight - Saturday, May 7th

    Wanted to get out and fish on Saturday, but due to various commitments only had a 4 hour window. Left Dana Point on my buddy Brad's boat late afternoon, thought we'd make a few mackerel and see if any makos were around. I've only targeted sharks once, but have caught a number of 100 pound...
  155. doncatfish

    To go or not to go when the counts are down??

    I was thinking about fishing Wednesday on the Pac Queen, saw their count on Monday sucked at 2 BFT and 6 yellows. So I thought who cares about yesterday's count, those fish are dead. I care about tomorrow's count - Wednesday looked like a great weather window was still open, strong tidal...
  156. doncatfish

    3-5-2016 Dominator Colonet Report

    Nice report and catch - good job!
  157. doncatfish

    The butts before the storm - 3/5

    Gabe, I fished some deep water halibut spots a couple of weeks ago for nada, so this trip focused on the shallows, nothing deeper than 40'. No big girls biting, still wondering what depths they're hanging at right now.
  158. doncatfish

    The butts before the storm - 3/5

    Gabe, I fished some deep water halibut spots a couple of weeks ago for nada, so this trip focused on the shallows, nothing deeper than 40'. No big girls biting, still wondering what depths they're hanging at right now.
  159. doncatfish

    The butts before the storm - 3/5

    Fished with my buddy Brad and his son today, we caught 9 halibut between the 3 of us, only two keepers. 4 of our releases were fish measuring between 21 and 21 3/4 inches, next time I'll need to remember to bring the halibut stretcher. All on nice fat sardines, good day.
  160. doncatfish

    Apollo Puerta Vallarta

    Congrats on the cow! Makes all the hours of grinding the PL 68's worth it!
  161. doncatfish

    Apollo Puerta Vallarta

    Congrats on the cow! Makes all the hours of grinding the PL 68's worth it!
  162. doncatfish

    Flying Southwest Airlines to PV

    Alex, I just flew to PV from John Wayne last month on Southwest. I didn't take any gear this trip, but on all my Cabo flights I've taken the bazooka rod case with 10 rods, which I do a few times each year with no hassles from Southwest. They charge $75 each way for the rod case, and Mexico will...
  163. doncatfish

    Day and half trip on the Vagabond

    Nick, Nice post. I was down there as well on one of the boats that didn't have the fish to angler ratio as high as yours. We had tiny sardines and anchovies, our only option was the jigs. My right arm looks like Popeye's arm about now, it was a lot of work but managed a few nice yellers. Tough...
  164. doncatfish

    3.5 Days on the "Success", AMAZING!

    Excellent report, stoked you guys got them. Right after our trip (during yours), I kept waking up at 4:00 am wishing I was cranking a PL 68 at full speed, wondering how your trip went. Congratulations on the personal bests, the PV experience is really a pretty cool deal. On a different note...
  165. doncatfish

    Coronados 17 Jan

    Were the Mexican's checking for TIP (temporary import permit) or just FMM? Thanks for the report!
  166. doncatfish

    Advice on bringing tackle to PV

    Nick, I'm by no means an expert fishing down there, having just returned from my first PV trip, but I've fished other areas of Mexico extensively. On the Success we fished the PL 68's on 130 lb test exclusively, always at night. Even during the day we never fished the tuna with anything less...
  167. doncatfish

    Advice on bringing tackle to PV

    Andre, I fish in Mexico about 3 times per year for the last 30 years and the times have changed a bit as of late. Customs has been enforcing the "4 rods and reels per angler" rule which is on the back of their customs declaration sheet. If you bring more than 4, they will look to tax you at...
  168. doncatfish

    Trip of a lifetime on the Success - Jan 2016

    Six of us headed out on the Success the night of January 11th with high hopes for personal bests on tuna. We're not long range fishermen, didn't really know what to expect when fishing for the larger units, but the fishing outcome could not have been scripted better. We left Monday night and...
  169. doncatfish

    Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Hopes were running high when us 31 anglers left on January 1st for Punta Colnett on the Chief. Word was a long range boat had whacked nice grade yellows there a few days earlier, and the weather forecast was for light, variable winds and flat seas. We weren't disappointed. We rolled up to the...
  170. doncatfish

    Random Frigate question!

    Sex or food answers all behavioral questions. That goes for the birds too.
  171. doncatfish

    10/27 Wahoo near the 14

    Perfect execution, congratulations!!!!
  172. doncatfish

    A Couple Firsts... A Day I'll Never Forget - DP Wahoo and Marlin 10/24

    Excellent report and congratulations! You should have left directly for Vegas last night after cleaning the boat.
  173. doncatfish

    Overnight on the Cortez 10/22

    Small circle hooks help a lot in the light line, big fish situations too. Nothing more frustrating than having a fish at gaff bite the line and find it's freedom. Doesn't take much of a nick to fray and break the 20 or 15.
  174. doncatfish

    70 lb. Wahoo

    Congrats - these are the good old days right now.
  175. doncatfish

    no ono - u know - O'side

    Stuman, I was on one of those other 8 boats doing the same thing today. Left Dana Point at 6:30, made about a dozen large mackerel at the southern most barber pole. We fished from San Mateo Point to Las Pulgas, focusing on the 400 to 600 foot depth area. Right off the domes it was looking...
  176. doncatfish

    Wahoo Report 9-26

    I nominate you for video and wahoo of the year! Great job on both!!!
  177. doncatfish

    Marlin 9/4

    Just about impossible to tell whether it's a blue or striper from the posted photos. Do you have any other photos of it, especially one showing it's dorsal fin erect? A striped marlin's fin will be equal to the depth of the body, while a blue marlin's dorsal fin will only be 1/2 to 3/4 the...
  178. doncatfish

    Dana Point Dream Come True

    Nicely done, congratulations and good decision on the release of the marlin! Too bad your friend didn't get your whole face in the photo with the marlin, guess both of you had adrenaline overload!
  179. doncatfish

    9/5 Dana report- Happy, happy, happy

    That's the type of trip that makes all the money and time invested worth it, nicely done and great report!
  180. doncatfish

    Paying the taxman on the 267 - hammered me!!

    Headed to the 267 on my buddy Bob's boat and had an fantastic drift on straight yellowfin. We drifted for about 20 minutes near the high spot with a steady chunk line before the YFT came up, but when they came up they bit pretty good. After we had boated two fish, I hooked into a very nice one...
  181. doncatfish

    Thurs 9th and Sat the 11th. Couple of fun days of fishing.

    Another excellent report as usual, love the Halco with the paint chewed off it, looks exactly like the one in my box.
  182. doncatfish

    Reels with line in Carry on luggage ???

    I fly to Cabo a few times each year, and have for 32 years. Never had an issue carrying on reels with line ever, and I always have reels with line in my carry on. I have a friend who is a TSA agent at the American Air terminal at LAX, he said the decision to allow line is at the discretion of...
  183. doncatfish

    What's in a 65 lb Bluefin stomach caught at the 9 on July 3

    Great comments, and I stand corrected. I used a tape measure and applied the standard formula length x girth squared divided by 800, but I punched a wrong number in the calculator yesterday. This fish tapes out at 73, not 65. Flat fall was the large 160G model, but a buddy was using the 130 and...
  184. doncatfish

    What's in a 65 lb Bluefin stomach caught at the 9 on July 3

    Launched at 6:40 at Shelter Island this Friday morning, bait line was 45 minutes long, guess summer is here again. Nice mix of large sardines and mackeral. Saw our first diving terns at 3.7 miles past the point, threw some bait but no love. My son in his boat behind me stayed on the birds...
  185. doncatfish

    They're snapping at SCI - Fortune 6/19 - pics heavy

    Short Story - 43 yellows up to 34 lbs, limits of calicos all the way around - non stop action on another great charter on the Fortune with 17 anglers. We left 22nd Street landing early at 8:30 pm to go make squid at Catalina on our way to San Clemente Island. Stopped at the receiver for bait...
  186. doncatfish

    Started poorly and ended great...not from the 150

    That is a trip of a lifetime, thanks for the outstanding post! Congrats!!!!
  187. doncatfish

    A nice consolation prize - toad yellow at the 209 June 6

    Left Dana Point at 5:00 am this morning in hopes of Bluefin. Short wait for bait, which were killer large sardines. Went to the barber poles for instant action on 9 mackerel and we were good to go. Super calm seas, headed towards the 209, then saw a couple of small paddies as we neared the...
  188. doncatfish

    East Cape Memorial Weekend Report

    Just returned from our 32nd annual Donco Invitational tournament, we had 6 boats fishing out of Palmas for 3 days. Overall fishing was ok, but a fantastic time was had by all as usual. There were a few stripers for us each day, some football sized tunas, one sail, and one 31 pound wahoo...
  189. doncatfish

    NOAA public comment on Bluefin limits and fillet regulations ACTION ALERT

    Just posted, blown away there aren't even 200 comments yet, and who know how many comments came from the enviros. Comments close on May 6th, there is no reason there shouldn't be a few thousand comments from BDer's. Also, if you print your receipt you receive after the comment, Newport...
  190. doncatfish

    Safe handling of Billfish

    Jim, I share your concern for sustainable fisheries, and have taken the time to read the actual thesis that was conducted, which was done by a student at the school. Comparing survival rates between captains who take photos of billfish on deck with the study you brought forth is an apples to...
  191. doncatfish

    Rpt-Wed. 02-25-15 Some Local Critter and Bass Fishing!

    Another very nice blow by blow report, thanks for sharing.
  192. doncatfish

    Colnett just keeps going and going and going... Aztec 2/21

    Mike, it was great fishing with you and the Outcasts, thanks for the invite. I thought we all worked very well together, even during the mayhem! Paddyman, I was using 30 lb test, never had any issues with a fish heading towards any structure either, no break offs on the bottom. I used a...
  193. doncatfish

    Colnett just keeps going and going and going... Aztec 2/21

    Short version - flat calm seas, great limit style yellowtail fishing again for 15 - 29 lbers, what's not to like? Long Version - Jumped on an Outcasts charter on the Aztec with Captain Greg Gawitt. Loaded up with nice sardines and a handful of mackeral, arrived at the high spot just before 8...
  194. doncatfish

    Wahoo Slayer

    That girl has a strong stomach to handle that sloppy water, not to mention she can fish!!! Great report.
  195. doncatfish

    1/28 Fishing meter marks on the hard bottom

    Outstanding photos, congrats on the ass whooping you delivered on those mossbacks!
  196. doncatfish

    Commander Clobbers at Colnett 1/24/15

    Bob, great fishing with you and your group. Thought you'd enjoy this father/son bonding photo of you guys - thanks again for the advice on fishing PV. BTW - it was quite the stack of empty soldiers left on the galley table at 2:00 am on the way in, I was highly impressed!!
  197. doncatfish

    Commander Clobbers at Colnett 1/24/15

    Most of the time for yellows you're fishing 200 to 300 feet deep, so I use a short top short of 50 lb. tied to 65 lb. spectra, as you need to eliminate as much stretch as possible. Not to mention the abrasion of the rocks down deep, really need to get the head turned fast when they're hooked...
  198. doncatfish

    Commander Clobbers at Colnett 1/24/15

    Short version - 75 nice grade yellows for 19 anglers, reds, lings and rockfish fill the rest of the sacks. Long version - Another flat calm ride down to Punta Colnett, slept for over 10 hours, haven't done that since the third grade. We neared the high spot at 8:00 am, as the Vagabond, the...
  199. doncatfish

    pacific queen 1/17

    Nice job Mike and thanks for the report. Next time, please ask the angler behind you to put his shirt on before you snap the photo.
  200. doncatfish

    Box canyon free gaff 1/15

    Sorry to hear you missed the seal and got the fish. Nice job and story!!!
  201. doncatfish

    San Diego coastal 1/10/15 - Another Grande Halibut

    Sweet! Great report, and I agree, got to keep a positive attitude at all times!
  202. doncatfish

    YFT within 200 miles from San Diego

    Wow - that is a very nice grade of fish - Congrats to Soda Pop and hats off to Kevin for stopping and fishing that school rather than just running south for the cows, very nice way to break up a long run to the lower banks. All signs continue to point to the best year in 50+ years, nice...
  203. doncatfish

    Yellows Still Here 1/9

    Love the photo of the puke! And the beat goes on, and on, and on, and on....Congrats!
  204. doncatfish

    1st Bluefin Tuna - PROSPECTOR January 1st 2015 6:42am Tanner Bank

    Congratulations!!!! Great report, felt like I was there! Looks like the rest of us can still aspire for the first yellowfin tuna and albacore.
  205. doncatfish

    WFO Yellowtail, Lings, Reds at Colnett - Pac Queen 1/3/15

    Regarding the lings, I got my first two on the orange Ahi jig in the photo, I think it's 12 oz. I got two more on a piece of a small slabbed rockfish, with the tail section intact. My son and my buddies son each got a couple on sardines, and another on a white PDQ jig.
  206. doncatfish

    WFO Yellowtail, Lings, Reds at Colnett - Pac Queen 1/3/15

    Short version - Great quality yellowtail at Punta Colnett, we landed 90 of the toads, plus easily filled out limits with quality reds, lings, goats and assorted rockfish. Long version - Captain Rick Podolack was at the helm of the Pacific Queen, we left Friday night with high hopes the...
  207. doncatfish

    I'll trade hundreds of pounds of carcasses for some bugs

    Carcasses have found a home, thanks guys.
  208. doncatfish

    I'll trade hundreds of pounds of carcasses for some bugs

    Ok, didn't realize barter was no bueno. Anybody want to pick up a whole bunch of carcasses so I don't have to deal with them?
  209. doncatfish

    I'll trade hundreds of pounds of carcasses for some bugs

    I'm about to leave on a 10 day long range trip, returning on Monday, December 8th. I'm going to clean whatever fish I keep that Monday, anyone interested in picking up the carcasses for some bugs? Pick up place is San Clemente either Monday evening the 8th or Tuesday the 9th.
  210. doncatfish

    2 Keeper Butts - DP 11/22

    Launched at Dana Point with a cold wind blowing from the east at 6:30 am, mercifully it backed off an hour or so later and warmed into a beautiful day. Headed out on my buddy's boat down to San O, where he picked up a nice 23.5 inch halibut on a sardine. Fishing in about 20 feet of water...
  211. doncatfish

    Tailhunter La Paz/Las Arenas November 16th Fleet Reports

    Excellent photos and report Jilly, wishing I was there having a margarita upstairs at your place!
  212. doncatfish

    Legal 'but and More 11/10-13

    Really nice report! What city are you fishing?
  213. doncatfish

    *Yearbook* Jan 1st - Dec. 31st 2014 Bring it!

    Geez, what a year it was. They were even biting well in the surf, this 23' butt inhaled my luckycraft down at my favorite surf fishing spot in July. Just so happens a Russian model was in a photo shoot a few yards away and asked to have her photo taken with my butt, so I obliged solely in the...
  214. doncatfish

    Angler 8-Day report with pics

    Great report, felt like I was there!
  215. doncatfish

    10 day Intrepid Nov 2-12 report

    Now I'm getting concerned. I'll be fishing this boat for the first time on the upcoming 11/28 10 day trip, hopefully we'll have a different experience than you describe. Did any of the anglers have a talk with Captain Jesus to let him know of your feedback? You'd be doing him and the guys on...
  216. doncatfish

    Rpt.-Sat.-11-08-14 SCI Reds on the chew!

    Oh yeah, one other thing, outstanding report and pics as usual!
  217. doncatfish

    Rpt.-Sat.-11-08-14 SCI Reds on the chew!

    Cory, I was on the Oceanside 95 that day fishing Pyramid Head and other areas near it. I totally understand what you mean about the San Clemente micro climates that day - I swear it was like 3 different days between the heat and flatness of the morning, the cold howling wind late morning, and...
  218. doncatfish

    A Great Day On The East Cape

    Epic day, amazing variety! Congrats!!!
  219. doncatfish

    Chief rock cod special 1.5 day trip

    I've ridden with Captain Randle many many times over the last 20 years, never experienced any of the bullshit that Kevina refers to. He's a class act.
  220. doncatfish

    Chief rock cod special 1.5 day trip

    There's always a shot at toad yellows at the high spots on Punta Colnett, so if you go bring a stick for working yo yo iron with 50 lb test. Those yellows are really good getting back to the rocks. Most probably there won't be any around, but the boats on this run normally give it a try. The...
  221. doncatfish

    San Diego coastline - Halibut limit

    Very impressive, a limit of butts is still on my bucket list, GREAT report!
  222. doncatfish

    Oceanside 95 - Helgrens Sportfishing Oceanside

    I was on that trip too. The yellowfin were mostly in the 10 - 14 lb class, though I did see one about 20 lbs. The Bluefin were legitimate, ranging from 20 to 25. Yellowtail ranged from 15 to 30, taking the JP. We had a shitload of jig strikes with both yellowfin and Bluefin hitting the...
  223. doncatfish

    Fortune 10/11, Magic Kelp, Wahoo, Limits in an hour (video)

    Definitely the video of the year, thought I was there!!!!!
  224. doncatfish

    10-12 Today was an even better day, Marlin GoPro4 video

    Fantastic underwater shots! Congrats on a day you will remember for your entire life!
  225. doncatfish

    PL report (10/3), PB Yellowtail and slightly lost Yellowfin

    I was about a mile off Point Loma last week and was amazed at how blue the water was. Not surprised you got a tuna there, and Jason has it right, that is a bluefin. With yellowfin, if you were to pull the pectoral fin over the eye, the eye would be covered. With bluefin, the eye would not be...
  226. doncatfish


    Too much detail in my opinion.
  227. doncatfish

    marlin , dorado , yellowfin 371 , 302

    Keep posting Madrugador, really enjoyed your post and congratulations on a day we all aspire to have.
  228. doncatfish

    1.5 day trip report- 10/02/15

    We stopped on that same paddy yesterday, it now has a flag on it and a big blue trash bag on it. There were 7 partyboats on it, we were all bendo from the moment we slid up at 6:10 am. We had easy limits for all 16 guys on the Fortune, drove away from biting fish to find dorado. Given the...
  229. doncatfish

    "Lively One" 2 More Marlin Released

    Congratulations on the double, that is what makes all the fuel and hours worthwhile right there. We trolled for 3 days last weekend without a marlin strike, but saw a couple. Given the warm water this year, I was expected more in the way of striped marlin fishing, good to see someone is...
  230. doncatfish

    Blind squirrel steps on a fatty acorn - need a fish ID

    Headed down to my favorite halibut spot in San Clemente tonight, most of the sand there was stolen by the swells from hurricane Marie and Odile. Really crappy wind, poor visibility and rocks slamming my bare feet. Worked down the beach to a sandy area and hooked into this fatty. Given my...
  231. doncatfish

    Dana Point OPAH!!!

    I aspire to be you one day!!! Nicely done mate!
  232. doncatfish

    late Post Friday 9-19-2014 Wahoo

    That is the SoCal fish of a lifetime, congratulations!!!!!
  233. doncatfish

    fighting on the radio

    I agree the guy on Saturday was a complete idiot, the type of person you read about in a road rage incident. Amazing how anonymity can affect one's brain. Or half a brain.
  234. doncatfish

    209 Yellowfin and Hammerhead *Video added of hammerhead attack

    Great photos! We baited a hammerhead for about 10 minutes off of Oceanside on Saturday, couldn't get it to take the yellowtail, looks like we should have used tuna for bait!
  235. doncatfish

    Family time, Oceanside, 267 & There about on Sticky Business III

    Good job on the fish, we had a similar day out of Oceanside as well. Wide open on the local kelp yellows, then had just a couple of tuna bites off the terns. My goodness was the harbor entry and exit sketchy yesterday. The waves were cresting into the harbor on our way out, and we surfed them...
  236. doncatfish

    209 Magic Paddy 9/4

    Sweet report and photos, congrats!
  237. doncatfish

    Late Report but Epic Drone Video - WFO on Impulse 7/21

    Really nice job on the video, thanks for posting. You're going to need a larger kill sack next time!
  238. doncatfish

    Labor day weekend halibut - San Diego Bay

    Two keeper for the two little men, fantastic! Now all they need are two front teeth, great job Dad!!
  239. doncatfish

    Rpt-09-01-14 Tough Tuna fishing out of Dana Point!

    Thanks for the report Cory, regardless of the count, I always enjoy your posts, thank you.
  240. doncatfish

    1/2 day PM trip - 08/26/14 The Dolphin - USA Limits and Popper mania!

    Dude, awesome report! I don't think in all my years I've ever heard of US limits of tuna on the half day - so cool! How far off the beach do you think you were, couldn't have been very far? I totally agree with your attitude, never go based upon yesterday's count, tomorrow's potential is what...
  241. doncatfish

    8/24 Below the Corner - YFT

    Really nice report, congrats on the excellent variety of action.
  242. doncatfish

    8/21 Oside 10 miles

    Dang, that is a very nice tuna, well done and congrats!
  243. doncatfish

    Yellowfin Wide 182-43 Friday 22 Aug

    That's a tough bait line that early, nice job. Seas looked beautiful.
  244. doncatfish

    Great White chewing on an Opah at the South Nine

    Strange as it seems, I like taking a few ballyhoo with me. I trolled a rigged dead ballyhoo for marlin for a while on Friday, no luck. I've done well on local marlin on the ballyhoo, seems to out fish standard marlin lures. The other lures that got some tuna were a black/purple halco, and a...
  245. doncatfish

    Great White chewing on an Opah at the South Nine

    Left Shelter Island at 4:30 Friday morning 8/15 to head out for tuna. Line for bait wasn't too bad, only 30 minutes to wait for a scoop of very healthy sardines. Headed south to the 425 in sloppy conditions. Really difficult to see jumpers or boils in the whitecaps. Stopped on a few nice big...
  246. doncatfish

    Tern, Tern, Tern 8-12

    That's how to get it done, good job Dad!
  247. doncatfish

    BFT Still Around

    Did you weight that bad boy? 60 maybe? Yes, my avatar allows me to post on this thread.
  248. doncatfish

    Bloody Decks..a Tuna Jihad and a Happy Wife

    Heard you guys on the radio, Saturday was a fantastic day! We'll be talking about the YFT bite of 2014 for years to come, congrats on getting it done early!
  249. doncatfish

    Got 'em good 8/2 - close to home and away from the fleet

    Bill, for ice for the bag, we line the bottom with crushed, then throw frozen gallon bottles on the top, then zip up. That way the top stays cold as well, our catch yesterday was in amazing condition, even the dorado. Kill sacks are definitely worth the money.
  250. doncatfish

    Got 'em good 8/2 - close to home and away from the fleet

    Headed out of San Diego harbor at 6:00 am with a half a scoop of decent sardines, spent over an hour in the cluster waiting to get bait - what a mess! Was on my son's 21' Trophy, we decided to head towards the 425 and work our way back from there. At about 14 miles from the point heading south...
  251. doncatfish

    Keeper Halibut and a Russian Model

    I suck at surf fishing. 99% of the time I go down to the beach, huck my luckycraft or crocodile, and don't catch anything but have a great time down at the surf. Today after work I made the quick trip down to the beach and managed a couple of halibut, releasing one and keeping this girl for...
  252. doncatfish

    Vessel Assist / 14ft RIB / BFT!!

    Now that's a story you will retell for years to come! Congrats on making the most of what you were dealt!
  253. doncatfish

    BSA troop Twilight run Monday on Chubasco II

    Teach 'em while they're young, nicely done dads!
  254. doncatfish

    Some kind of slam on 7/22!! Afternoon run yields surprise from the deep!!

    Sweet! I bet you could fish everyday for the rest of your life and never replicate that slam, NICELY DONE!
  255. doncatfish

    East Cape Report - Los Barriles 6-11 to 6-15

    Nicely done! I had heard about those larger unit tunas caught that day, we fished in the overcast muggy conditions by the far north shark buoys near Cervallo and could only find small dorado and bonito. No porpoise or tuna for us, congrats on those beasts! I just returned from 5 days on the...
  256. doncatfish

    East Cape in June - w/underwater video of Hammerhead and Marlin!

    Another OUTSTANDING trip happening at the Cape! Got here a couple of days ago to prefish before the prestigious Donco Invitational tournament. Fished the last 2 days with Juan on the La Migra, lots of marlin to be found, a lot of dorado being caught, and the tuna went off today, though mostly...
  257. doncatfish

    Bringing gear to Rancho Leonero...issues?

    If you do decide to take your rods, keep in mind the Mexican immigration form states that you are limited to fours rods and reels, and immigration has been enforcing this rule lately. Anything over that you will be asked to pay a 15% tax on, which is a royal rip off and pain in the ass. They...
  258. doncatfish

    Catalina Yellows - Memorial Weekend Report

    Dude, I am in awe of your ability to find the fish on your own, great photos and report once again, thanks for sharing.
  259. doncatfish

    Shogun 2.5 day blood bath

    Great way to start the season, congrats on the pig!
  260. doncatfish

    50 miles and need a fish ID

    Spanish Jack - caught them a number of times on the outside, up to about 4 or 5 pounds, they get a bit larger than Spanish Mackeral.
  261. doncatfish

    SCI Yellows vs. seal and a big butt

    There were only a couple of yellows caught near the surface, so even if we were using a 3/8 ounce egg sinker, we generally weren't hooking up until we were just off the bottom. There was a couple of times the fish came up and boiled, but for the most part they were down about 100 feet.
  262. doncatfish

    SCI Yellows vs. seal and a big butt

    Fished 8 folks on a charter on the Ultra 5/23 at San Clemente, must say the crew worked their asses off to make us squid that night. From 2:00 am to 4:30 am they crowded 4 - 5 pieces at a time to get about 200 live ones on board, that made all the difference. Seals are out of control. We...
  263. doncatfish

    It's a beautiful day at sea ,sir !!!

    Great report and nice video too!
  264. doncatfish

    182 181 209 report

    Always appreciate the non-fish reports too, just means you're one trip closer to a WFO bite. Can't catch a thing at home, looks like it was a great day to be on the water regardless.
  265. doncatfish

    Best place to make bait out of SD bay?

    I've been making mackerel for bait in San Diego Harbor regularly for the last 2 months, the last time was Friday night. It is WFO on perfect bait sized mackerel literally right next to the bait receiver at the new location. Get your chovies at the receiver if you want any, untie, and drift...
  266. doncatfish

    Top Gun 80 1.5 day

    Great photos all! Here's how to get 'er done on a overnight trip in September 2012. A 102, 95, and 86 lber, all on 50 lb. test on the old school Sabre jig stick. Best overnighter of my life on the old Dolphin II. Going head out in a week and a half from now on an exploratory, time to get...
  267. doncatfish

    Looking to buy Penn Intl 16 or 20

    I'm looking for a dependable trolling reel, fishing marlin/dorado at the East Cape. I'm located in San Clemente, work in Diamond Bar. Send me a PM if you'd like to sell an International 16 or 20 that's in good mechanical shape. Don't need two speed, only looking to spend about $100.
  268. doncatfish

    Is this a spear fish?

    Clearly a young striped marlin. Here's what a short bill spearfish looks like, we got this one last summer halfway between Catalina and San Clemente during the Pesky tournament in September. We had a double jig strike, this one stuck.
  269. doncatfish

    Old School style get's 'er done at the East Cape - Jan 18

    Needed to make a quick trip down to the Cape to handle some paperwork stuff at the immigration office, so my buddy and I decided to take the panga Rude Baby out with Chuey on Saturday for a short half day of fishing. I didn't bring any fishing gear down this time, so my buddy and I rummaged...
  270. doncatfish

    Quick Trip to the Pile Sat 1/11/14

    Great job and nice haul! You can rest in your grave, that's the way to pack it all in!
  271. doncatfish

    Eclipse 1.5 Lingasourous - Jan 11, 2014 fishing

    Those are Alaska sized lings - good job!! Any sign of yellows?
  272. doncatfish

    Mission Belle 1.7.14

    I'm still trying to figure out why I haven't called in sick and chased the tails. Congrats on a great day on the water and an early CHECK!!!
  273. doncatfish

    Flattie new year SD bay

    Now THAT is how you start the New Year off properly! Nicely done - love fishing the butts in the bay.
  274. doncatfish

    Catalina Two Day Report

    Outstanding report! Felt like I was there - congrats on a picture perfect trip!
  275. doncatfish

    No Chrismas YT this year

    Thanks for the report, thinking about heading over their myself and trying to find some yellows. You mentioned backside west end, is that where the bite was? Any other areas scouted or water temps to report?
  276. doncatfish

    Rpt-Sun-12-15-13 Another fun day at San Clemente Island!

    Great report and great eats! Congrats on another excellent day
  277. doncatfish

    Rpt-Wed.-12-11-13 Another great Red day at San Clemente Island!

    Cory, always enjoy your reports, even if you aren't smiling in all the photos! Nicely done, wish I was I there harvesting some fish tacos with you!
  278. doncatfish

    SOOO MANY ridiculously large lings at Colnett on the Pac Voyager - 11/29

    No yellow eyes down this far south. It's a red snapper in the photo, but from that angle with the light it does look very similar. We have cow cods down here which looks almost like a yellow eye, except of course for the yellow eyes.
  279. doncatfish

    SOOO MANY ridiculously large lings at Colnett on the Pac Voyager - 11/29

    Yessokk, Yup, it was a rare open party on the Pac Voyager, I was shocked it didn't sell out. Looking forward to fishing Colnett again soon!
  280. doncatfish

    SOOO MANY ridiculously large lings at Colnett on the Pac Voyager - 11/29

    Short story - Never seen so many 10 - 20 pounds lings caught on one trip in my life. Long version - Left Mission Bay at 6:00 pm on the Pac Voyager the Friday after Thanksgiving with 20 anglers. We had an excellent squid float right off of Point Loma on our way down, nice to go to sleep with...
  281. doncatfish


    What a spectacular show on the Eldorado today on the way back from San Nicholas Island. After we had limit style fishing for lings, reds and sheepshead, we were treated to watching nature in action. 2 adult killer whales and 1 baby killer whale were pummeling a seal. When we came on it, the...
  282. doncatfish

    A straightened hook and some pouring rain at the Cape

    Larry, I take an ice chest down with me, and stick my tackle box in it for the trip down. I lay a few packages of ballyhoo on top of the tackle box, inside the ice chest, and by the time I get to Los Barriles they're usually thawed but still cold. I'm coming from SoCal, so door to door it's...
  283. doncatfish

    A straightened hook and some pouring rain at the Cape

    It was the tale of two weather patterns, flat calm and fair fishing, then pouring rain and tough conditions. We got a few days fishing in on the La Migra with Juan before tropical storm Octave had it's way with us. On day one we started by pulling on some nice Humboldt squid about 1/2 mile off...
  284. doncatfish


    That's how you get 'er done Dick - nice job. I'm heading back to the Cape in the morning for 10 glorious days, good to hear you're still pulling on some quality fish! Any more 'hoo out in front of Playa del Sol like the one we got last October?
  285. doncatfish

    Another great trip on El Regalo out of the East Cape

    Great report - funny how much fun it is catching a dorado off a dingy, even after pulling on a big blue earlier in the day. Just something about getting it right off the beach that makes it special. Really nice looking blue, nicely done!
  286. doncatfish

    Close to Home Bluefin and a Surprise - 9/21

    Really nice report and pics! Congrats on the harvest!
  287. doncatfish

    Pacific Queen 2.5 day August 27th

    With nice Bluefin like that, who needs albacore? Great report!
  288. doncatfish

    YELLOWFIN! Late report.

    There's toad Bluefin around all summer and you're hoping something is going to happen? Really? Get out there now and catch some large units, no need to wait for football YFT to arrive, BFT tuna fishing is on NOW!!
  289. doncatfish

    Pacific Queen BlueFin BloodBath

    That's how you get 'er done! With quality BFT like this, I'm not missing the albacore!
  290. doncatfish

    Caught bft and yellow on the Outer Limits

    Ok, so now you're forcing me to give up the halibut photo. On a dead sardine at the dock no less.
  291. doncatfish

    Caught bft and yellow on the Outer Limits

    John, it was good fishing with you yesterday. Thought I'd add a couple of photos to your post: me with my 66 lb jackpot bluefin, at least that's what it taped out at, plus the kid from Utah with the 55 pound Bluefin caught on the rental spinner. I would have bet the farm that fish wasn't going...
  292. doncatfish

    425 and the 101 Sunday great day

    It's nice flat days with biting fish like that which makes all the hassles of boat ownership worth it. Nicely done!
  293. doncatfish

    BFT 36 NM from PL

    That's how you get 'er done! Great report!
  294. doncatfish


    Great first post, congrats on the beast! Hope you were in the JP!
  295. doncatfish

    SwordFISHING and CbassFISHING

    Nice report Ali, no doubt you will get one (or more) this year with some persistence and gas money.
  296. doncatfish

    7/13/13 Halibut report with some bycatch (Lots of Pics)

    One of the best posts of year, now that's getting the job done!
  297. doncatfish

    Shogun Bluefin Rain!

    Damn, great score on the BFT!!! Must have been something to see the crew jump overboard for a rod, unbelievable. I hope Cole got a good tip!
  298. doncatfish

    Slaughter on the El Capitan 1.5 day - July 8, yellowtail galore and a few BFT

    I don't think Allen was too happy about the bait situation, he said they were rationing bait. Turns out we had enough to last through the day, and we certainly burned through a lot with all the stops and fishing time we had.
  299. doncatfish

    Slaughter on the El Capitan 1.5 day - July 8, yellowtail galore and a few BFT

    Short version - limits all around on yellows from 10 to 23 pounds, plus 4 nice BFT, fishing 100 miles+ south of the point. Long version - left on Sunday night with 18 anglers, knew it would be a long ride to the grounds. Got up at 5:00 am to get a trolling rod in the water in the hopes of a...
  300. doncatfish

    Boat Recommendations for Los Barriles??

    The good boats book up real quickly in October at the Cape. I've not fished on the Jen Wren but Mark has an impeccable reputation, agree with the comments above. A couple of my favorite boats out of Palmas are the El Loco Dos with Julio, and the La Migra with Juan. I've been fishing with...
  301. doncatfish

    What a way to kick off my summer

    NICELY DONE! Congrats on your tanker, I'm envious! And yes, Greg is certainly a passionate captain, that guy can find fish.
  302. doncatfish

    Pacific Queen 1.5 Day Bluefin and Yellow Tail.

    Nicely done, what a great tuna to start the season with. Glad to hear they're biting on the heavy stuff too.
  303. doncatfish

    Marlin Madness - on a kayak at the East Cape!!

    We just finished up our 30th annual Donco Invitational Tournament fishing out of Palmas de Cortez, staying at the Villa de Cortez condos at the East Cape over Memorial Day weekend. Fishing varied greatly boat by boat, but was improving by the end of the 3 day tournament. On the day after the...
  304. doncatfish

    East Cape 5/1 Wahoo

    Great to see the Salty Pleasure is still kicking ass and taking names! Nice 'hoo, congrats to Bill!
  305. doncatfish

    24' Skipjack 1978 $15K obo

    Mikey, not sure why it has two battery switches, other than it runs off two batteries. It was wired like that upon purchase 7 years ago. I also keep 2 extra batteries on board.
  306. doncatfish

    7 halibut, 2 nice keepers, 4 hours fishing

    I just got my 24' Skipjack back from having a 350 Mercruiser installed, had to take her out for the shake down run. She ran perfectly! Fished four hours on Wednesday, April 10th, at my favorite halibut spot with my son. Got up early, wanted to be off the water before the wind started to blow...
  307. doncatfish

    24' Skipjack 1978 $15K obo

    1978 24’ Skipjack, $15,000 obo Hate to sell this boat, fish catching machine! Ready to fish, runs perfectly! 300 hours on Mercruiser 350, Raymarine A50D sonar, Large Capacity bait tank, 2 VHF Radios, Furuno GPS, Jensen Marine Stereo w/ipod hookup, padded railings, isinglass, custom boat...
  308. doncatfish

    4/6 Nados

    Cody, so is the Salty Pleasure in MB now and not Los Barriles? I've been out a couple times for yellows in the last few weeks, the fish had moved a bit south to the Rockpile and South Kelp Ridge. Keep at it!
  309. doncatfish

    cell reception on MEX 1

    I just did that drive a few weeks ago, and you will have miles of road between towns with zero coverage. I have an AT&T phone and a prepaid mex Telecel phone. Since no US carrier has any cell sites in Mexico, they all roam onto the Mexican networks. AT&T roams onto Telecell, so there will be...
  310. doncatfish

    Bottlenose dolphins with WSB- 3/15/2013- Eclipse

    That is the photo of the year right there, awesome job Mark!
  311. doncatfish

    T.I.P. Question??

    Where are you going to store your boat in LB? Until 2 weeks ago, I had mine at Alex Verdugo's storage, just up the road from Tio's, for the last 5 years. Never had a single issue and the price was great.
  312. doncatfish

    Decision help.. Colnett or Santa Rosa

    I fish both areas multiple times each year, love the Mirage and love going down to Colnett, you literally cannot make a bad choice with either one. With that said, some things to consider is the drive, going through LA on a Friday night can be rather brutal unless you live up that way. I find...
  313. doncatfish

    Fished Los Barriles and towed the boat 1,058 miles home!

    Sam, the service truck was actually owned by a different buddy, so we had no identification matching the name on the registration at all. We were never asked a single question around the truck ownership, or asked to see the registration. No questions on the boat either, I was loaded with...
  314. doncatfish

    Fished Los Barriles and towed the boat 1,058 miles home!

    Short version - fished a panga out of Palmas on 2/27 for one dorado, then towed my 24' Skipjack back to the states from Los Barriles. Long version - I keep a 24' Skipjack down in Los Barriles, but unfortunately back in October I had a major engine failure. Finally pulled the logistics...
  315. doncatfish

    What a joy to fish on the "Pacific Voyager" 2.23.13

    Glad to hear you had a good trip, any signs of yellows on the high spot?
  316. doncatfish

    Massive Boners, Reds and Lings Pac Voyager, Colnett, 2/16

    I need to correct one item in my report, just heard the offcial bonito count and it was 60 for the boat. We had a lot of lost fish, but it was pretty wide open when we were on them.
  317. doncatfish

    Massive Boners, Reds and Lings Pac Voyager, Colnett, 2/16

    Wide open fishing, both for cod and 10 - 14 pound bonito at Colnett with Captain Mark on the Pacific Voyager. Headed out at 6 pm Friday night, woke up to flat calm seas and warm weather Saturday morning. We made a beeline to the high spot to yo yo for yellows, no luck this time. Lots of big...
  318. doncatfish

    Repower Skipjack 24 with O/B??

    I have a 1978 Skipjack 24 at the East Cape, and I need to repower it. Due to the lack of parts and gasoline mechanics there, considering repowering with an outboard. Any opinions and experience here would be appreciated, not sure I want to spend the money on a diesel repower. Worst case may...
  319. doncatfish

    Slaughter at Santa Rosa - Mirage 12/9, lots of pics

    Short report - abundant lings, limits of rockfish, chamber of commerce day on the Mirage fishing Santa Rosa Island on 12/9. Full report - got to the landing a couple of hours before departure, stoked to see people have already boarded and the bait tanks are full of live squid. I immediately...
  320. doncatfish

    Rpt-Wed-11-14-12 Lings, Reds and Coppers.

    Nice haul and great report as usual, another beautiful fall day on the water!
  321. doncatfish

    Mexican Cell Phones

    Just got back from a month in Los Barriles, good but expensive coverage from Nextel, Sprint, and AT&T, zero coverage with Verizon or T-Mobile. (Most of the US carriers are roaming on the Telcel network) Bought a prepaid Telcel phone from Oxxo in LB for $25 which included $10 worth of airtime...
  322. doncatfish

    East Cape 10/2 - 10/5 Wahoo, Roosters, Marlin, etc.

    The fish have been going off pretty well for the last few days on the Cape. I wanted to pick my wife up at the airport in the afternoon, so I went out with one of the locals for 4 hours in the morning just trolling right off the mooring lines in front of Palmas and Playa del Sol. Very...
  323. doncatfish

    Need a Mercruiser Mechanic in La Paz

    I have a 24' Skipjack with a Mercruiser 454 engine in Los Barriles, just broke down today, think it's either an electronics or value issue. Anyway, looking for a competent mechanic that can come to Los Barriles to work on it. Any referrals would be appreciated!
  324. doncatfish

    East Cape Report, post Stormin' Norman, 10/1

    So the tropical storm Norman has come and gone, leaving lots of green landscape and rain in it's path. Thought I'd leave a fish report now that I was finally able to launch. Got in the water on Saturday, 9/29, launched at Palmas, after they launched all the hotel boats that were pulled out of...
  325. doncatfish

    Caution bringing rods and reels into San Jose del Cabo airport, & Los Barriles report

    I do have a tip permit, but wasn't aware of the port captain's endorsement easing the pain. Any advice on where to find this guy would be appreciated, especially regarding boat parts. The immigration officer did give me a paper and receipt which stated I am now cleared for brining 10 rods and...
  326. doncatfish

    Caution bringing rods and reels into San Jose del Cabo airport, & Los Barriles report

    We brought the Skipjack down here 4 years ago, which is great for fishing, but terrible to find parts for. Drove to San Jose del Cabo yesterday for a hose as there's few options in Los Barriles, the water was literally 18 deep in multiple sections of the road, really happy the rental truck...
  327. doncatfish

    Caution bringing rods and reels into San Jose del Cabo airport, & Los Barriles report

    I don't want this thread to degenerate into a "F*** Mexico", that why I don't fish there commentary. This thread is for those of us who know the great times in Baja outweighs the hassles and ridiculous rules they seem to keep coming up with. So, here's the latest story on rods/reels at the San...
  328. doncatfish

    New All Tackle World Record Tuna Caught Off of Cabo

    Only 55 minutes to land that beast!!!??? Congratulations on the catch of the decade!
  329. doncatfish

    Pride 9/6-9/8

    Great report, those look like nice size albacore as well. Congrats!
  330. doncatfish

    Monster 60 - 102 lb. Bluefin on Dolphin II overnight

    So my estimate on the general area we were fishing was about 70 miles south of the point, as we slowed down to trolling speed at 6:30 am, kept heading south, and then found the big boys at 7:45 am.
  331. doncatfish

    Cabo to San Diego with Captain Dave Hansen

    Great report, you've got me squirming in my seat! Beautiful hoo!
  332. doncatfish

    Monster 60 - 102 lb. Bluefin on Dolphin II overnight

    Let me answer the tackle questions - The rod is an old school 7' Sabre 700. Nice and stout, I've even caught blue marlin on it. Reel is a Shimano Trinidad TN 40, with spectra and a 50 yard topshot of Triline Big Game 50 pound test, no fluro at all. I'm a believer in fluro, just didn't have...
  333. doncatfish

    Monster 60 - 102 lb. Bluefin on Dolphin II overnight

    As far as location goes, we were a ways south. We were still running south when we got into the bluefin at 7:45 am. No clue what the numbers were, you'd have to ask the captain. Took us about 8 hours to get back to the harbor, so it was a bit of a haul. Never saw any pens at all. I...
  334. doncatfish

    Monster 60 - 102 lb. Bluefin on Dolphin II overnight

    Short version - 31 BFT total, 16 in the 60 - 100 pound class on overnight trip fishing September 5th, absolutely the trip of a lifetime. 5 hour drift with boiling and jumping bluefin entertaining everyone. Long version - Thought it was a good sign when I pulled into the Fisherman's Landing...
  335. doncatfish

    Dana Point 8-25

    Mike, Very cool of you to pick up someone else's garbage like that, where do you think it came from? A cruise ship? You've earned some good karma for your next trip, hope you get 'em next time.
  336. doncatfish

    A bluefin, a dorado, and a halibut walk into a bar...

    Actually, they all walked into my line. Left Tuesday 8/21 on a overnight trip on the Cortez, got a nice 13 lb. halibut at the Mission Bay receiver as we were loading up on bait, can't believe I got him in right next to a couple of 400 pound knot heads. Credit the skipper for his quick gaff...
  337. doncatfish

    throwing artificials at Mahi

    Fish traps are highly effective for Dorado when you don't have bait, I would troll one if I were you.
  338. doncatfish

    Endeavor July 6th

    No question it's a YFT. The pec fin tells it all - if you could fold it over and it would touch the eye, it's a YFT. A BFT's pec fin wouldn't come close to the eye.
  339. doncatfish

    Happy Fathers Day To Me!

    Eric, Congrats to you and Macy! You may have just set yourself up for a lifetime of taking her fishing on each of your trips - start saving money now!
  340. doncatfish

    5 Crazy East Cape Days! Pics Attached

    Congrats on the nice dodo's - great report! Good to hear there's more folks visiting down there, their economy sure could use the business.
  341. doncatfish


    I drove to the San Jose del Cabo airport last Friday, and the sight of jeep after jeep with mounted machine guns with hooded Federales was rather intimidating. I wisely gave them the right of way.
  342. doncatfish

    East Cape Report - double marlin hookup!

    Cody, yes I did see Bill by the pool, he's kind of hard to miss!
  343. doncatfish

    East Cape Report - double marlin hookup!

    Another incredible East Cape trip just wrapped up. Returned from a week at the Cape with a number of friends for our 29th annual tournament, staying at the Villa de Cortez on the Palmas property. Fished both on my boat, Predator Dos, with my boat partner, and alternated with a hotel boat, Juan...
  344. doncatfish

    Pacific Star 2 day May 4 to May 6

    Bob, just PM'd you, let me know if the spot's still available.
  345. doncatfish

    SD SPORTFISH "SWEET TERESA" report for 4/9/12 Michael gets his personal best!!!!

    Great trip Rod, my son and his buddy had a great time. I especially enjoyed the early morning Pink Floyd as well - good day on the water. Here's a couple more photos from the trip - one with a short halibut and lizard fish both caught on the one sardine via the trap hook, never seen that one...
  346. doncatfish

    Slaughter on the Apollo 2/24 -rockfish and HUGE boneheads

    19 hardy anglers headed out on the Apollo's 1.5 trip down to Colnett Friday night. Good group of anglers, we put quite the variety on board - Reds, lings, a few cows, floridas, some fat starries, chucklehead, mexican rockfish, browns, whitefish and a warthog on board. The weather was nice...
  347. doncatfish

    Rpt-Sat.-1.5 day trip-Aztec-01-27-12

    Nicely done Cory, way to hang with the weather and slay the rockfish again! I always enjoy your reports and your story telling ability. I do have one question, isn't the max hooks one's allowed in Mexico 3?
  348. doncatfish

    Will it be windy Saturday?

    Here's 3 great sites that I have found to be fairly accurate within 48 hours of the trip. If you're looking more than 2 days out, the accuracy suffers.
  349. doncatfish

    Wide Open Colnett - Lings, Reds, and a BIG bonito 1/21 - Apollo

    The jigs in the photo are a P-Line Diamond Jig, 16 oz. It's got a funky silverish coating on it. We also did well on a Salas Yo Yo 3, in the squid colored glow in the dark coating, about 16 oz as well.
  350. doncatfish

    Wide Open Colnett - Lings, Reds, and a BIG bonito 1/21 - Apollo

    Didn't let the threat of a major storm keep us from heading on the Apollo down to Colnett. Stopped at the high spot at 7:00 am for yellows, 59 degree water, but nothing seen or hooked. A few whitecaps, but plenty fishable. The rockfishing was outstanding as usual. Great quality reds, 10...
  351. doncatfish

    YT's show up in EastCape

    TOADS!!! Nicely done, congrats on the boy's first fish, you've probably hooked him for life. What did you get them on - the yo yo or bait?
  352. doncatfish

    South Island Trout Fishing Advice - Need a guide

    I will traveling to South Island New Zealand in April with my wife, flying into Christchurch, and am looking to book a guide for a day or two of trout fishing. I'm an avid treker, don't mind hiking to get off the beaten path. Above all, looking for a great guide who will go the extra mile. Any...
  353. doncatfish

    INDIAN 2day Carnage at Colonett 12/17-18

    Ron, nicely done - I'm so envious. I haven't caught a yellow at Colnett in a few years now, checked this trip out but work schedule didn't allow for it. Congrats!
  354. doncatfish

    QUALITY Lingasaurus, Goats and Reds on the Mirage

    No, what you see in the photo is my hand/arm, not goat guts. But now that I inspected my photo closer, does kind of look like a set of balls/penis, doesn't it?
  355. doncatfish

    INDIAN 2day Carnage at Colonett 12/17-18

    Nicely done, congrats on a great trip. Any yellows in the hood? What was the water temp, did you guys check out the high spot?
  356. doncatfish

    QUALITY Lingasaurus, Goats and Reds on the Mirage

    We were slaying the lings on the P-Line diamond jigs. Got a few on black jax jigs too, but the diamond jig was definitely the ticket.
  357. doncatfish

    QUALITY Lingasaurus, Goats and Reds on the Mirage

    The rock fishing was as good as it gets on the Mirage. Headed to San Miguel Island Friday night, 12/16. Woke up to perfectly flat calm seas on the windward side of the island, with a full tank of live squid crowded at Anacapa. Captain Tucker quickly put on a wide open bite, that lasted all...
  358. doncatfish

    Humboldt Hell at Banda Banks - 11/19

    Jeff, Glad to hear you guys did good, I was wondering how it was down there. Any signs of yellowtail?
  359. doncatfish

    Humboldt Hell at Banda Banks - 11/19

    Headed out on the Dominator Friday night on a day and a half trip. Must say, was a bit disappointed when Captain Randy said there were a lot of Humboldt squid at Colnett, so we'd be heading to the Banda Banks outside of Ensenada instead. When we rolled up to the banks at 5:00 am, there were a...
  360. doncatfish

    East Cape 10/18-10/19

    Any news on when the new marina will open? I look forward to the day when I don't have to schlep gas cans in the dingy out to my boat.
  361. doncatfish

    Fiishing the tuna Pens in sloppy weather 9/4

    Tough trip. Left Saturday night on the Ultra, headed with the fleet to the tuna pens about 50 miles from the point. Sloppy, windy conditions, blowing 20 knots, bait beat to shit by the time we arrived, 50% were dead at the bottom of the tanks from the get go, the other half were wishing they...
  362. doncatfish

    INDIAN 1-1/2 Dan Hernandez trip 6/22/11

    Chris, Are you saying the BFT are in legitimate range of the 1.5 day fleet now?
  363. doncatfish

    Dues paid in full, solo limit at Cat 6-22

    NICELY DONE, great report and congrats! Nothing like fresh seabass on the grill.
  364. doncatfish

    EPIC TRIP - 3 WSB for EVERY angler!!! - 6/17

    Big Steve, Were your friends on the Tres Amigos?
  365. doncatfish

    EPIC TRIP - 3 WSB for EVERY angler!!! - 6/17

    Headed out on the Ultra from 22nd Street Landing Thursday night. Love it when the captain calls the charter master and asks everyone to arrive early. Tanks were already full of squid, nice. We headed to Catalina Island, setting up at 10:00 pm for seabass. It would be our only fishing spot...
  366. doncatfish

    Chupacabra East Cape Tuna

    I'm squirming in my chair reading this, NICELY DONE!!!
  367. doncatfish

    Fishing in los barriles

    Lots of great captains to choose from down there. Two of my favorites are Julio Cota on the El Loco Dos, he books well in advance out of Palmas de Cortez. Very nice Blackfin boat, great english and people skills, the man can fish and catch huge tuna like no other. For a less expensive...
  368. doncatfish

    ECA report

    Sweet Dodo - looks like you could have used a little more blood on the deck though. How many boats fished the tournament - good to see some 'hoo in the counts.
  369. doncatfish

    5/27 East Cape EPIC tuna battle - 7.5 hours - how large is this tuna?

    Doc, thanks for the pics of your two tuna. Based upon the length of the allison fins, I'm betting my fish is closer to the 180 lb. mark rather than the 137 estimate. BTW - I'm in OPA as well.
  370. doncatfish

    5/27 East Cape EPIC tuna battle - 7.5 hours - how large is this tuna?

    Unfortunately we didn't tape it, which is a big regret. There was nothing special about this fight, other than we didn't have any quality rod belts, using ones meant for albacore fishing. I've caught yellowfin over 100 pounds at the Cape before, I've caught 350 pound blue marlin, but nothing...
  371. doncatfish

    5/27 East Cape EPIC tuna battle - 7.5 hours - how large is this tuna?

    Headed to Los Barriles with 14 buddies for our 28th annual tournament, fishing 4 boats for 3 days in the tournament. My boat partner and I keep a 24' skipjack, Predator Dos, at the Cape. I fished both the Dos and hotel boats, hopping on the La Migra with the captain Juan on 5/27. We hooked...
  372. doncatfish

    I love Los Barriles - 4/30

    The kicker motor is a 15 hp Mercury. Nice to have a back up system with so many single points of failure on a boat built in 1978. I hope I never use it.
  373. doncatfish

    I love Los Barriles - 4/30

    Headed down to Los Barriles for the weekend with a buddy in preparation of a nine day trip at the end of this month. Needed to make sure the beer was cold and tequila smooth before our group arrives, and do some boat work and install a kick motor before we launch our Skipjack again later this...
  374. doncatfish

    Dominator or Apollo this weekened?

    You can't go wrong with either boat, I ride both regularly down to Colnett. Frank on the Dominator and JJ on the Apollo will both get you in the fish, both are really good guys. The Dominator has nice double bunks on the sides for the first few folks who board, very spacious. Be sure to bring...
  375. doncatfish

    Rpt-Wed-Finger Bank-Too Much Wind!

    I always enjoy your detailed reports. You still had a better day than 99% of the folks reading your post. Fishing on a Wednesday has a nice ring to it.
  376. doncatfish

    Apollo 1.5 Colnett 1-22-11

    Nice job on the yellers, about what time did you catch them? I was on the Dominator that day, and worked the yo yo iron until I thought my arm was going to fall off, unfortunately no yellow hook ups for us. We too had a great day, excellent quality on the reds and lings. Sounded like the...
  377. doncatfish

    Dominating 1.5 day on the Dominator 11/27

    For the squid, we pulled up to a private boat, I'd say a 22' boat, about 1/2 mile north of Mission Bay entrance. They had one green underwater light in the water, with a mass of squid under their boat. They'd take a long handled net from us, sweep it under their light, and hand us 10 - 30...
  378. doncatfish

    Dominating 1.5 day on the Dominator 11/27

    Left Friday night heading to Colnett with hopes of yellows and rockfish. Made a quick stop right out of Mission Bay for a few scoops of live squid, nice bonus to have it on board. FLAT CALM night heading down, couldn't even tell you were on a boat. We reached Punta Colnett about 7:30 am, the...
  379. doncatfish


    Geoff, I was using size 4 circle hooks on the 20 lb outfit, and size 2 J hooks on the 25 lb. I'm a big believer in small, light hooks allowing your bait to swim more naturally, even with nice 6" - 7" sardines.
  380. doncatfish


    Sheki, how did your buddy do on the Pegasus, ran into him at the dock Saturday night?
  381. doncatfish


    It started off right and was how tuna fishing should be on Sunday morning, 9/5. On the Ultra with 7 other guys, fishing the Hidden Bank with the fleet, 4 trollers out and 2 of them go off at 6:15 am in the grey. My it's been a long time since I've heard a jig strike! One is a short bite, the...
  382. doncatfish

    1.5 Day Ultra Limited Load on the Ultra - Labor Day Weekend

    The Ultra can hold ten, they added 2 more bunks this season in their remodel.
  383. doncatfish

    1.5 Day Ultra Limited Load on the Ultra - Labor Day Weekend

    I have a few spots open on a super limited load - 8 anglers max on the Ultra out of Fisherman's Landing. I've taken the charter price and divided by 8, so it's $440 per person, leaving Saturday night, September 4th from Fisherman's Landing, fishing Sunday the 5th, returning Labor day morning...
  384. doncatfish

    Question about some Boats @ Palmas De Cortez

    I've been fishing the cape for 27 years now, and have fished with Julio on the El Loco II many times. I don't think there's a better captain down there - and he is a master of finding the larger unit tuna which are normally around in October. He speaks excellent English, the boat is top notch...
  385. doncatfish

    boat/Capitan recommendations for Los Barriles 8/13-8/16

    Julio on the El Loco II is one of the best, if not the best captain at the Cape. Great boat, perfect english, the man finds fish every time. Runs out of Palmas, I think he's currently at about $550 per day, and is booked most of the time. Another great option is Juan and Remy on the La Migra...
  386. doncatfish

    Kicker motor on Skipjack 24 swimstep?

    I keep a 1978 Skipjack down in Los Barriles, and would love to mount a 15 HP kicker motor on it, given the number of single points of failure on the boat. We put a Skipjack factory swim step on it a couple of years ago, which adds a new layer of complexity to the kicker motor fantasy. I...
  387. doncatfish

    Fuel in Los Barriles

    The gasoline in Los Barriles is at the Pemex station on the road. Bring your truck, a few 5 gallon containers, and a dingy for transport. Prepare to have your hands smell like gas all night. It's a pain in the ass, but worth it, good luck.
  388. doncatfish

    East Cape - good times and photos

    BTW - in photo #1, that's the yellowfin's heart sticking out of my buddy's mouth.
  389. doncatfish

    East Cape - good times and photos

    Took the Predator Dos back down to Los Barriles last week, fished for 6 days. The tuna are biting fairly well just south of Frailes, we caught most of them on the chunked squid, did catch one on a mackeral and heard of a couple radio fish on the iron. Big fish went 36 pounds. Interesting what...
  390. doncatfish

    24 Skipjack PREDATOR II

    Kevin, send me a private message. The Predator Dos heads back down from Orange to Los Barriles early Thursday morning, would love to hear the history. Small world, isn't it?
  391. doncatfish

    How to check the weather in LB or La Paz?

    Interesting. is clearly the same company that provides the forecasts, just packaged differently. Maybe they should start
  392. doncatfish

    East Cape Dodo..... Maybe 60lbs

    Nicely done! I love fishing the ballyhoo on the stinger down there. Be there in a week and a half!
  393. doncatfish

    How to check the weather in LB or La Paz? is excellent. 6 day forecast at no charge. I learned about it from the locals in LB.
  394. doncatfish

    Dominator scores at Colnett 3/27

    Left Friday night from the old Islandia Sportfishing dock with a very light load of 9 anglers plus a couple of deadheads, tons of room to fish. Very happy that Frank ran the boat with such a light load. Woke up to flat calm seas as we made our way to the high mark. Unfortunately, no yellows...
  395. doncatfish

    2 Days onboard the Pacific Voyager

    Great report, congrats on kicking ass on day 2. I had booked on the Top Gun last weekend, and after they canceled (again), I checked the wind forecast on and decided to fish Diamond Valley for largemouth instead. It was pretty much whitecaps all day at DVL, can't imagine how sloppy...
  396. doncatfish

    Constitution Colonet Trip 11/21

    Nice job taking your boy out, looks like he wasn't puking either. Did you guys look around for yellows on the high spots? I'll be jumping on that boat on Friday and I'm hoping we spend some time in search of the toad yellows that typically are there this time of year.
  397. doncatfish

    Book with Cast tour

    I've been booking with Ronna at Cass tours for years. Palmas Cortez is my choice for hotels, I stay at the Villa de Cortez condos on the hotel property. Julio on the El Loco II is my favorite captain - good english, great boat, nice guy - he'll put you on fish for sure. Good luck.
  398. doncatfish

    Trailering Baja, need advice

    I did the drive from Orange County to Los Barriles 2 years ago, all 1,040 miles of it pulling a 24' Skipjack in 2 days. I highly recommend purchasing Zack Thomas' book - Angler's Guide to Trailer Boating Baja - well woth the $30 for a topa by topa description, places to stay, eat, gas, turn by...
  399. doncatfish

    Day and a half on the Constitutuion, Captain Ron's Friends and Family

    Did you guys try the high spot for yellows? Did the Captain meter any?
  400. doncatfish


    You guys got me squirming in my seat. Returning for a week in October, hope the brutes are still around.
  401. doncatfish

    7-27 E-fly BFT

    Nice quality - congrats. Looked like a nice day out there too.
  402. doncatfish

    ULTRA Debut at Fisherman's Landing 1.5 day (July 24-26)

    Nice post. Here's a couple of more photos to add to the Ultra trip, great crew. Here's the 27 lb. fat ablie caught on the bonito colored X-rap 20, and the JP yellow on the blue and white Salas 6x Jr, hit it on the sink. Been eating smoked yellow and smoked ablie tonight, my fingers still...
  403. doncatfish


    Wow, I can only aspire to take photos as good as these. What type of camera are you using?
  404. doncatfish

    East Cape report and Highway 1 drive

    The shakedown was in El Rosario, not Rosarito. But yes, the toll road between Ensenada and TJ is clearly the way to go.
  405. doncatfish

    East Cape report and Highway 1 drive

    Headed down to the Cape on May 23rd to fish for the week on my buddy and my 24' Skipjack that we keep at the Cape. He drove his truck down to haul gear and haul boat gas at the Cape. Uneventful drive down for him with the exception of being pulled over for allegedly speeding in El Rosario...
  406. doncatfish

    COWABUNGA!! 25 lb COW COD at Colnett

    I've never seen a yellow eye this far south before, keep in mind this fish was caught 110 miles south of the border. Yellow eye have black tips on their anal and pelvic fins, this is definitely a Cow Cod. They're in the same family, but different species.
  407. doncatfish

    COWABUNGA!! 25 lb COW COD at Colnett

    "Originally Posted by GregAndrew I hope you ate that bugger on the boat. According to the anchored post about rockfish caught in Mexico, they cannot be brought back into the U.S.I hope you ate that bugger on the boat. " Okay, I just want to be sure I understand the law stated in the...
  408. doncatfish

    COWABUNGA!! 25 lb COW COD at Colnett

    Haven't seen a beast like this one in years! My son nailed a 25 lb. Cow Cod at Punta Colnett on the Apollo's 1.5 day trip. He was using a one pound slab from a horse mackeral I had caught earlier in the morning. We were only fishing in 300 feet of water when he caught it, what a toad! The...
  409. doncatfish

    Sierra are in LB

    Nice job, wish I was down there!
  410. doncatfish

    TOAD Yellows & rockfish at Colnett 1.5 day

    Quality yellows on the Pacific Voyager, 11/29, at Colnett. Total yellow count for the 20 anglers was 30 fish, jackpot was 32 lbs. The yellowtail in the photos ranged from 21 - 24 pounds. We started the morning arriving on a day and a half trip at the high spot at 7:15 am, where we anchored...
  411. doncatfish

    SFO San Nicholas Lings!!!

    Limits of lings and rockfish for all anglers on 11/15, fishing San Nicholas on the Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing. Jackpot, caught by Jackpot Johnny, was 18 pounds on a megabait with a rockfish tail section attached. He's the guy holding the two nice lings in the photo with the 3 guys, the...
  412. doncatfish

    6-24-08 Pair of YFT, quite close.

    Definitely yellowfin, looks like the waters warming up quickly.
  413. doncatfish

    34 lb yellow at Catalina 6/21

    My buddy and I were entered in the BAC tournament, but not the BD tournament. Is it too late to get in? We arrived at Catalina Friday evening, setting up at Silver Canyon in 69 degree water, 75 feet deep, just inside of the light boats. Purchased a scoop of squid, fished hard until dark and...
  414. doncatfish

    Drive to Cape w/boat & fish report

    So here's a little more info on the trip. We crossed into Tijuana at first light the morning of April 28th. We immediately made a wrong turn, and found ourselves lost in downtown TJ, in heavy traffic, and a heavy police presence. I counted 6 police vehicles during our TJ drive. At the time I...
  415. doncatfish

    Drive to Cape w/boat & fish report

    Zack, your book was our bible on the drive down, can't imagine navigating Baja without it! It really helped knowing the location of those bastard Topas! We had Herman at Palmas launch us with his skiploader, couldn't have possible have launched the boat without that type of help. We simply...
  416. doncatfish

    Drive to Cape w/boat & fish report

    Frank, we stayed in San Ignacio, at the Ricardo Hotel, right off the main road. Nice large lot, with 24 hour security guard. The hotel has a great place to eat called "Rice and Beans". $50 per night for a clean room, quiet, pretty area. Good luck on your trip.
  417. doncatfish

    Drive to Cape w/boat & fish report

    1,035 miles from OC to Los Barriles pulling a 24 foot skipjack. Quite the adventure. No hassles, no issues, diesel at $2.25/gal, not a bad deal. Left on Saturday morning, 4/26, arrived at the Cape on Sunday evening, 4/27. Talk about a great white knuckle experience. We used the book "The...
  418. doncatfish

    QUALITY Reds, Lings, Cows on Apollo 2/2

    The mexican limits are 10 fish total, no more than 5 of any one species. The boat keeps fishing until they have boat limits of 10 fish per angler, and redistributes during the cleaning process to make sure everyone gets 10 fish. Also, JJ took the day off, but Rick Podalack did a great job...
  419. doncatfish

    QUALITY Reds, Lings, Cows on Apollo 2/2

    We were fishing 250 - 300 feet deep, so we started with the smaller Jax jigs, then moved up to their largest size as the winds started howling.
  420. doncatfish

    QUALITY Reds, Lings, Cows on Apollo 2/2

    We headed out on the Apollo about 105 miles south of the border to Punta Colnett on 2/1. We awoke to nice seas, chilly 57 degree water, and no other boats on the high spots. No yellows were found, as we worked the yo yo iron for over an hour for just a handful of 3 - 8 lb. bonito. Then we...
  421. doncatfish

    Wide open East Cape 11/23 & 11/24

    looks like they added a jacuzzi to the main pool after hurricane John. The pool in the photo is the infiniti pool in front of the new condos, so now the hotel has two infiniti pools. Very nice.
  422. doncatfish

    Wide open East Cape 11/23 & 11/24

    Took the family down to the East Cape for Thanksgiving weekend, booking the El Loco II for two days. We stayed at the Villa de Cortez condos, located on the Palmas de Cortez Hotel property. We had heard the small tuna were wide open about 30+ miles south near San Jose del Cabo, but we also...
  423. doncatfish

    1st Thresher ever - NB!!!

    I've never fished for Threshers before, thought I'd give it a try today. My buddy and my son and I headed out of Newport at 7:00 am this morning in search of our first one. The mackeral bite was wide open at the harbor entrance, the seas were as flat as a lake, and in 15 minutes we were on our...