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  1. KimH

    Totally not fishing-related - roof knowledge

    I had a shake roof on my home in Tacoma. Put a metal roof on several years ago which almost looks like shake. The shakes weren't removed. 1" x 2"s were laid from top to gutter over the shakes and then another layer of 1" x 2"s were laid horizontal across the roof. The metal shakes were then...
  2. KimH

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Doesn’t have anything to do with fishing but for supporting the vets don’t forget the doggies. “K-9’s for Warriors” & “America’s Vet Dogs”.
  3. KimH

    Who is the Raymarine go to?

    I’m still shopping for electronics for my build. Autopilot is hanging me up a bit because of the Volvo DPI drive. They really want you to use their Glass cockpit system which is an overpriced Garmin. I’m leaning toward Raymarine or the new Furuno TZT-3 which looks really good. Raymarine does...
  4. KimH

    Short wives, girlfriends or kids. Car question.

    My son in December bought a model 3 Tessla. What you can’t see out the window the screen will probably display it. Supposed to be one of the safer cars out there. Great mileage....🤪
  5. KimH

    Nautical/Fishing Dog Names

    Our first dog we named her Keta. She was such a great dog we won’t use the name again. The name is based off the scientific name of a “dog salmon” (Chum)...“Oncorhynchus Keta”. Also it’s a short name which is supposedly better for a dog to learn and recognize.
  6. KimH

    Electronics @ boat show are you powering your laptop and monitor? Does your boat have a gen-set to get 110v or is everything 24v or 12v? On the boat in Alaska everything is done with Bluetooth trackballs. Like it way better than the touch button knob screen stuff.
  7. KimH

    Electronics @ boat show

    I’ve been working them a bit But kind of small potatoes. Bradburn at Furuno just smiles when i tell him he “needs” to give me a deal. Of course they are the distributor not the dealer.
  8. KimH

    Electronics @ boat show

    I just received an email reply answering some questions from a guy that works at Furuno USA that I have worked with through the years with the commercial stuff. Sharp guy. He said they’ve been working with, tweaking and making refinements for over a year on the TZT3. He didn’t tell me if it’s...
  9. KimH

    Electronics @ boat show

    That’s how we’ve always run on the Alaska commercial boats. This boat has a couple Olex plotter/bottom mappers/plotters, couple ECC Globe plotters, Furuno FCV 1900 (great sounder), Simrad Kongsberg ES 80 sounder with 3 different freq transceivers, Furuno current Doppler, WASSP plus various other...
  10. KimH

    Electronics @ boat show

    So is that TZ 3 Pat? I know that’s supposed to come out soon.
  11. KimH

    Electronics @ boat show

    I’m in Alaska for another month or so, so i can’t attend the shows. I need to fairly soon figure out an electronics package for my Farallon. The big hang up originally was Volvo telling me the only autopilot that would work would be through the Volvo/Garmin glass cockpit system. I wasn’t too...
  12. KimH

    Only turn 40 once…

    My wife and I went to this place in Belize twice. I was fly-fishing everyday for bones and permit, she was snorkeling. At certain times of the year tarpon are around also. I think they do other types of tackle as well. Great fun. I did catch plenty of bones...
  13. KimH


    When I first got my boat I noticed the outboard anode went quickly while the anodes installed by the manufacture didn’t wear much so I assumed they were zinc Which I replaced with aluminum. The wear evened between the engine and hull anodes. I‘m not sure if this tool gives any decent info but...
  14. KimH

    Sportsman Show 2020

    I would love to go to either show especially the Portland one but damn the commute is a bitch today.
  15. KimH

    I got some grinding to do

    Bummer, Curious what you’ll grind with? Won’t a lot of grinding materials introduce/embed a dissimilar metal causing more corrosion possibilities? I could be wrong about that. Sand or shot blast? Big bummer though.
  16. KimH

    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    Who cares if there are/were Master licenses involved? I have Masters but it doesn’t mean I know jack about small boats. Shit does happen with equipment et cetera. The only thing i wonder other than cause, why wasn’t there a daily check or watch on the vessel? I’d think if it was an LE or...
  17. KimH

    Kingfisher 2528 Weekender/Destination search

    Hey Jim, Welcome to BD!!!!! Hopefully you don't need a transfusion after this but a lot of knowledge here. Too bad my boat a 26' Duck doesn't have a head as it will go up for sale in a couple months when I get back home from Alaska. I'm going a different route with a bit bigger and more range...
  18. KimH


    Forget about the fish or the cost of catching fish. It’s the enjoyment that you are paying for. Getting skunked even has enjoyment.
  19. KimH

    Document or Register??

    New. They should be building mine when you are there in February.
  20. KimH

    Document or Register??

  21. KimH

    Document or Register??

    Duoprop...the DPI drive comes with stainless wheels. The DPH drive comes with bronze or whatever. The DPH is hydraulic controlled steering. The DPI drive that I'm getting is all electronic. Throttle and Steering. Also the DPI has the ability to slip the clutch so basically a built in troll...
  22. KimH

    Document or Register??

    I did message him a bit on FB. Sounds like he likes the boat a lot. I thought I’d keep the standard cabin to start with and then go from there. Want to see what the open deck would be like. The engine is 340 hp. Hope it’s enough
  23. KimH

    F/V Scandies Rose

    Sad deal. The area they were traversing is a nasty blow hole. Cold when it’s coming off the land.
  24. KimH

    Document or Register??

    28' Farallon walkaround. Nothing special compared to some of the pretty boats that have been picked up recently but I think it'll give me what I want or what I want to do with it. Range mainly plus it should still fit into my place at Westport.....I hope. That's why I kept at that size...
  25. KimH

    Document or Register??

    No not international. I'm just looking at something that might pay a few of the bills just to have fun.....if I go commercial. Not expecting to make any money. I've run documented commercial vessels for years and years and years (39 I think) but all of that was done with the various companies...
  26. KimH

    Document or Register??

    It won't be financed.
  27. KimH

    Document or Register??

    Sooooo how do I put it??? I'm doing something that should be ready by next June. Actually probably sooner but my rotation in Alaska will push it to June. The builder is suggesting to document it instead of just doing the our normal sport boat state registering that most of of have. Has...
  28. KimH

    Looking for a charter in the Florida keys

    Went with this guy for a couple days several years ago fly-fishing for whatever came along. Actually had a couple shots at tarpon which would have tore me to pieces as I was only flinging an 8 weight. He showed a good time, caught a few seatrout a snook and I see he's still at it. I wanted...
  29. KimH

    Port a Potti

    Funny....There's an old story which is probably 90% BS. Anyway supposedly a large woman on a cruise ship sat on a toilet making a good seal since she was large. Pulled the flush, got stuck and actually pulled some of her intestine out. Like I say it's an old story and probably 90% bs but.....OMG.
  30. KimH

    How to Add a Youtube Video

  31. KimH

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    We call it "Bugs". Boat I skippered in the late 80's was put together in Slidell LA which was a whole different world. I personally crawled every fuel tank after they were blasted, painted and cleaned just to check for any debris mainly rags. The shipyard brought in a barge to fuel. The barge...
  32. KimH

    It is done

    Yeah but you have a thruster....should be easy. Rudder one way with the thruster countering the bow swing you should almost be able to move it sideways except for the forward motion. Everyone is going pretty with their new boats and that thing is gorgeous.
  33. KimH

    It is done

    Pretty.....Really Pretty but why no run and gun?
  34. KimH

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    Fun.... isn’t it? Keeps the brain working.
  35. KimH

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    You're never safe from water. That's why I'd say most of the larger vessels operate with a centrifuge and then Racor filters. A good rack of Racors "should" handle it on a smaller vessel.
  36. KimH

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    Where are your tank pickups? If the fuel sat that long water could have settled out. On the boats I've run in Alaska some of them have a settling tank where fuel sits for a bit. At times if some water is in the fuel we can drain the water away but that's probably something a small boat...
  37. KimH

    Axiom 12 or Axiom Pro 12

    Garmin owns Navionic's now.
  38. KimH

    Winter boat projects...

    Ohhhh Good!!!
  39. KimH

    Winter boat projects...

    Ohhhh it'll be easy then as the fairing block is already fitted. I'm wondering how hard of a job it is fitting the block to the hull. IE the need to have a decent bandsaw (I don't) to cut the angle et cetera. It looks as if you can get a flush mount tilted element CHIRP HW and then a...
  40. KimH

    Winter boat projects...

    Installed yet??? Any pictures of the install if it's done?
  41. KimH

    Neah Bay Moorage

    You can get the Coast Pilot free of charge online now. Great source of info. Might be able to do the same on the Canadian side also, not sure about that though. They call them Sailing Directions instead of Coast Pilots.
  42. KimH

    Neah Bay Moorage

    US Coast Pilot #7 write up on Neah Bay. Read down for the anchorage part. Only problem with anchorage would be the inconvenience of it.. 99) Neah Bay about 5 miles east of Cape Flattery, is used extensively by small vessels as a harbor of refuge in foul weather. Its proximity to Cape Flattery...
  43. KimH

    Garmin G3 worth it?

    Since Garmin bought Navionics does this mean the Vision will be the same as Platinum+ for the other systems? Raymarine et cetera.
  44. KimH


    Thanks Vance. I like the look of that cup. That should be easy to do. I've been using a regular funnel for canning which looks to have about the same opening but it has some flex. The metal one should work better. Sealer program for retorts is very close to yours, might pull for a few more...
  45. KimH


    You know...that might be why I'm having trouble. I have 8oz bags but I've mainly been using 4oz. I actually weigh each load on a scale before stuffing into the bag. The 4oz bags are small enough that it's hard to get the fish in without getting some on the sides of the the bag where the seal...
  46. KimH


    I usually can in retorts. 4oz retort bags sealed in my MiniPack chamber sealer. I like the bags as I take a bunch up with me to Alaska to keep on the boat for a decent healthy snack instead of the "boat food" the cooks put out. I don't want jars getting tossed around in heavy weather. I'm...
  47. KimH

    Seastar kicker cable tie bar question (yamaha)

    I had the system on a previous boat a 22’ Arima Sea Legend. Loved it. The Arima has the motor well so there’s a fair offset main to kicker which this system solved. You could have one motor up, one down...whatever. Always better in my opinion to have the autopilot to the main so you can leave...
  48. KimH

    Boston Whaler 31L Question

    Or pull the engine. Turn the space into more fish hold. Hang an off-shore bracket on the stern. Empty and clean the fuel tanks. Install a couple/three Suzi 350's. It'd have some gitty-up-and-go then. I don't think I'd do that but it'd be interesting. Interesting it's listed as a 42', not...
  49. KimH

    Boston Whaler 31L Question

    Cummings you say?? Delta 42’.
  50. KimH

    Something wicked this way comes

    Robertson is good stuff. Actually the Simrad pilots now a days are actually Robertson since Simrad Yachting (Navico) purchased or assumed Robertson. The technology came from Robertson. If you ever have troubles there is a tech in the Puget Sound area, Rich Barns, there isn't anyone better...
  51. KimH

    Something wicked this way comes

    What Garmin stuff did you got with? Screens, Sounders, ducers, radar... that sort of thing. It starts to get confusing trying to put it all together. Their BlueChart G3 Vision charting looks very interesting. I think they are using NOAA's multibeam data for this.
  52. KimH

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    Fairly certain this is the guy. FB page you can see a pic of the boat.
  53. KimH

    For All You Desk Jockies

    One thing I noticed in your shop. Great lighting. Something I'll strive to have when or if I start putting things together.
  54. KimH

    Something wicked this way comes

    Ehhhh...who cares about fuel flow and fuel usage. Speed baby speed. Great numbers. Shouldn't your flat water speed improve in saltwater. That is if your seatrial was done in fresh.
  55. KimH

    Something wicked this way comes

    Love the lines of that thing. It looks clean, clean, clean. Almost a shame to put blood on it. Do you have any performance numbers. Cruise speed, WOT speed....that sort of thing.
  56. KimH

    Friday razors on Long Beach

    Just goes to show Yah...Us ugly guys can have pretty wives and good looking kids!!! What great times together.
  57. KimH

    Pacific Marine Expo

    I've been over to Hirtshals Denmark three times where they have a large flume tank. We stick model doors and trawls into the tank to test and also learn what various adjustments et cetera does to the gear. Each time has been around this time of year so we were starting to hit some of the early...
  58. KimH


    I think he had problems with one of the three around halibut time this year. Took a while to get it fixed if I heard it correctly.
  59. KimH

    Pacific Marine Expo

    I think it's just kind of a wait and see with the ES stuff for CHIRP to see if the engineers can figure how to make it work right at the bottom easier for us. I think they do it with the scientific stuff. We don't have the license for FM or CHIRP for our 38kHz ducer but do with the 70 and 120...
  60. KimH

    Pacific Marine Expo

    That's why I tossed in there being several seat manufactures with displays. I should have spent some time talking with the refer guys but everything looked a bit too big. I was kind of wondering about the size and capacity of units that would fit in the charters et cetera. There are I think...
  61. KimH

    Pacific Marine Expo

    We deal with Jess a lot but we still have to go through the vendors as I'd classify Jess a manufactures rep now. Did deal with him a lot when he worked for Harris. Of course I work a lot with the genius David B. at Kongsberg. I can almost understand him what he's trying to say but he's so...
  62. KimH

    Pacific Marine Expo

    Oh yeah I forgot....this was on the floor. 350 duo
  63. KimH

    Pacific Marine Expo

    First time in a few years I've been home from Alaska to attend this show. Kind of fun to wander around to look at some of the equipment and meet up with several of the venders we work with on the commercial side. This show while good on the commercial side of electronics is somewhat poor on...
  64. KimH

    42' defiance?

    I know Mark and Defiance are very Honda orientated but it'd be cool to see what triple Suzie 350's with the duoprops would do for the boat. Durability, speed, economy and all that good stuff.
  65. KimH

    Semiahmoo- what to do in Dec?

    Don't go...stay at home.
  66. KimH

    Winter boat projects...

    Finally got out of Alaska a week ago. Decided to go down the place at Westport to hit the clam tides and start some of the boat projects. Nothing is easy on a boat. Nothing. I have a bad shift cable on my kicker. My thought was to unhook the cable, tie some twine to the end, pull it out...
  67. KimH

    Kicker wouldn't start

    Ohhhhhhh. I had the same problem with mine a couple years ago. I was told to whack the starter with a rubber mallet. It worked. Then a year ago I had it in for service. Starter was a mess et cetera. About a grand later it was repaired. Probably dipping water when back trolling and then got...
  68. KimH

    RIP Tunahore

    Oh dang it. He went out with me on my first tuna trip with my Duckworth and was full of questions about the CG license aspect of things. He seemed to have a real desire to make a living on the water. Nice guy. I’m shocked actually and what a bummer. RIP Tuck.
  69. KimH

    Razor clam friday

    Thanks Paul. That’s basically what I do for what I call fried clams, not fritters. My mother for a change up would use ground razors made into a patty and then fried. That’s what we called a fritter. I can never seem to match it. She did grind the clams with a hand crank meat grinder and then...
  70. KimH

    Razor clam friday

    Fritter recipe????
  71. KimH


    Couple of questions.... —How many average everyday tuna do the boxes hold? —Outriggers? —For the six-pac side. Does this include the pole permits?
  72. KimH

    Winter boat projects...

    I’m kicking the idea of selling my boat. Buying or building something somewhat bigger that has more hold capacity. Maybe diesel for more range. Staying away from outboards might allow a bigger boat to still fit in my shop. Retire or get closer to retirement and then day trip commercial tuna...
  73. KimH

    1 Fisherman dead in Unalaska crash of plane flying from Anchorage that injured 10 others

    I think Raven bought Penn Air last year. The Saab is a fairly new addition to the company. If I remember correctly it was purchased a couple years ago. Dutch is a nasty place to land but according to a couple people that I talked to in town it wasn’t a bad day. Several fights had come in before...
  74. KimH

    reel grease, and Oil, bearings

    Yup...good stuff.
  75. KimH

    reel grease, and Oil, bearings

    Crushed bearing? I have one Avet, the rest Finor. The Avet which has seen very little use won’t free-spool. A friend who is an Avet fan said I probably crushed a bearing adjusting the drag incorrectly. Don’t have that problem with Finor’s.
  76. KimH

    1 Fisherman dead in Unalaska crash of plane flying from Anchorage that injured 10 others

    Sad deal. Really sad deal. The fishing job is dangerous enough and then to get killed flying in is beyond sad. We just got in at 0500 this morning. It’s been a shitty 3 or so days with a storm stirring things up. I had 30+ Knots on the beam for about 20 hours steaming in and that was after...
  77. KimH

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    Does a Volvo Penta D6 with an IO fit in that category??
  78. KimH

    Coast Guard Escort

    That thing on the bow would be soooooo much fun on sea lions.
  79. KimH

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    Yup what Patrick said. " Demo/motor/pro staff programs". You can toss in electronics, fishing gear et cetera. It's actually getting somewhat tuff trying to weed through the chafe of reviews on various pieces of equipment. If you're on the pro staff it's always the best, the greatest since shit...
  80. KimH

    Transducer for Westport?

    I have sort of the same problem. It gets noisier as I increase throttle. Didn’t get the time to add ferrite’s to the wires to see if that would suppress the noise. I did talk to an electronic tech about it when I was buying an antenna at J & G in Tacoma. He said the best thing to do is wire your...
  81. KimH


    I’m not confused by his previous posts. This should work great for him especially with the support of everyone around him. Cool, cool, cool. I’ve just been weighing a bunch of options around and the more I weigh the more confused I get. Damn a diesel sounds good mainly because of range...
  82. KimH


    I’m so confused....
  83. KimH

    Pursuit of Tuna!

    White rain pants? White rain pants? :gay: Who would of thunk it? :D:D
  84. KimH

    Saturday Tuna Report

    I was under impression in the past if there is a commercial towing company available the CG would be hands off. If not available they would. Kind of surprised they'd leave a vessel abandoned as it would be a hazard to navigation. Lots of traffic out there in the dark and a small boat doesn't...
  85. KimH

    Saturday Tuna Report

    Ehhhh I don't know if he should be getting bashed. --The boat with its diesels are probably good but from what I read I'm not so sure about his towing points and I think that is a big deal. My aluminum boat has good points "I think" as they're welded on so I could possilbly accomplish it I...
  86. KimH

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    Yup the Coleman really is great. The crappy rules is each individual is supposed to dig their own. WSDF even has a vid of how to dig with small kids. You supposed to have their hands on the gun, you helping push and pull et cetera. If a game warden was a butt head they'd ticket you but at...
  87. KimH

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    CAT was the brand name that you see a lot. I didn't get that. I got this one which I found in my purchase history. Still in Alaska so I can't take a look at it. A bit more expensive but I'm buying just for me. It's bright and you can adjust the harshness..
  88. KimH

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    Old school is a Coleman lantern which works great especially if you have someone holding if for you. New school the CAT style light. I glued a GoPro mount on mine and then use a GoPro chest harness. I like the Clam Hawk. Broke the T on it last spring but he fixed me up quickly so good service...
  89. KimH

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    I don't see the sat phone?? I'm fairly certain the thing on top of the mast is a gps sat compass/heading sensor. We use them as back up to the gyro compass. They work great except you have to glue bird spikes on them to keep the gulls off. Damn sea chickens block the signal.
  90. KimH

    Ice failure

    Ball park of quality of pool salt per tote? Half bag? Full bag? Couple handfuls? I can never seem to get the mixture correct.
  91. KimH

    ACR EPIRB and PLB Battery Replacement?

    Matt, These guys do our life rafts, test our survival suits each year and I’m sure the batteries. They’re a block or two above Fisherman’s terminal. Also I’m fairly certain McKay who used to be Harris Electric or Fusion will do the batteries. Both are above...
  92. KimH

    You Know It's A Crazy Year In The Pacific When You See Things Like This

    My first tuna caught was on a penn 109 spooled with 40 mono and a Browning Siliflex (sp) rod. Went out on a charter as a 2nd CG license since the trip was over 12 hours. Sliced a couple fingers to the bone cleaning a couple knives after carking. Damn that hurt when they put the stitches in. Like...
  93. KimH

    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    Or this..... Not sure of the cost difference between a searchlight sonar and this. Also you’d have to figure how to mount the ducer. I’ve seen some pictures of it on a hoist like the searchlight and...
  94. KimH

    Ice failure

    Yup the Duck fish hold is advertised as insulated.
  95. KimH

    Ice failure

    Good idea actually even if you had custom bags. One thing you could do also is add some rubbing alcohol to the water to bring the freezing temp down a bit making it colder. Just mark the bottles so no one takes a swig
  96. KimH

    Ice failure

    Those forward drains were put in a few years ago kind of after the fact. Mine, 26’ Duckworth at least didn’t drain out the scuppers when at rest. You had to get it on plane to drain which made it a bitch to wash the boat at the dock. They installed those forward drains on mine after me...
  97. KimH

    Big-ish Center consoles

    Eric. I’ve understood the long and narrow concept and its relationship to speed for awhile but not in a planing type of hull. The boat I ran before this one was longish at 297’ and somewhat narrow and was somewhat quick for the horsepower. Great in a head sea but man oh man in a beam sea...
  98. KimH

    1106 or 2106 ???

    I replaced my 1106's with 2106's at the start of ocean salmon this year. The only complaint I have with them is I can't crank fast enough to keep up with them with my single action reels. The tuna cord top shot is a great way to go. The knot trips the stop so no beads and it's really easy on...
  99. KimH

    Bait tank, last minute purchase

    West Marine carries bait tanks of course the big question is if they have them in stock. There's one for $400 that sort of looks like the old Kodiak style tanks.
  100. KimH

    Sonar interference from another vessel?

    I'd say if it's only happening when close to others you might be getting some cross talk of the boats running the same frequency as you. Not sure what you can do about another boat being close causing frequency cross talk. On the bigger units I use we can change the pulse lengths of the freq...
  101. KimH

    Big-ish Center consoles

    Kind of glad I started this thread as several ideas and info has been tossed out there other than our standard pilot house style. It was more of a muse but maybe not either. I was really leaning toward something like the Ocean Master or Hydra-Sport like that seminar guy has but then someone...
  102. KimH

    Big-ish Center consoles

    The True World is interesting and what I’ve read so far it’s supposed to be a good boat. Could be a good compromise between a CC style and something with a bit of comfort. I really like the idea of the inboard diesel with its economy but it would have to take some real thinking to set it up...
  103. KimH

    Big-ish Center consoles

    Cold Hands? Gloves?? Autopilot...push button...put hands in jacket pocket......Problem solved.
  104. KimH

    Big-ish Center consoles

    Ehhh....bait tanks aren’t positioned well.
  105. KimH

    Big-ish Center consoles

    Brain has been working hard lately and has me in research hurts when that happens. Hard to do when you have slow internet at sea. Anyway a bit ago the other Captain that I rotate with went out tuna fishing on Darrells 31’ Ocean Master ”Tunacious”. I’ve always been interested in the...
  106. KimH

    Best fish sealer

    I’ll be darned. I bought a MVS from him several years ago during one of the shows. Bought a standard vacuum packer from him two or three years before that. I remember looking over his web site fairly hard and don’t remember him selling or at least recommending the VP’s but maybe my memory is foggy.
  107. KimH

    What are the big tuna boys doing?

    Who out of the big Westport gang is running searchlights Pat?
  108. KimH

    Mayhem WFO Tuna

    I texted my wife about this story and how bad it was that people didn’t stop. She made the comment that’s a good reason you should ALWAYS have your cell in your pocket, in the house, out in the yard...whatever. I’m always hearing her lecture her mother about this. Since I’m away from home a...
  109. KimH

    6.7 EGR/DPF Delete?

    Had to replace my tank et cetera about a month ago on my Duramax due to something failing and getting faulting emissions codes. They did it under warranty. As good as the Duramax is in my impression they aren’t fault free. Mine is lightly used since I’m gone 2 months at a whack with 2 month on 2...
  110. KimH

    New official world record Redbanded rockfish

    Do you know what they took for the age sample. Otoliths (earbone) or something else. Cool deal!!!
  111. KimH

    What kind of baitfish are these?

    Maybe for you guys doing the overnighters. Bright lights might bring them up to were you could get a bunch with Sabiki rigs. Several years ago, mid 80's when fishing JV hake for the Russians my engineer let the day tank go dry so we went dead ship. Mid-water net on rocky bottom doesn't come...
  112. KimH

    Just a reminder to stay safe and be prepared

    Fairly easy to wear the plb around your neck on s cord and have it tucked in your shirt pocket. I do.
  113. KimH

    Retort tuna canning?

    Retorts are great. As everyone states you gotta pack them in tight. One batch I didn’t have enough so I filled and sealed a few with water to put into the canner to take up space. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and feel somewhat comfortable with it. I’ve been doing 110 minutes @10#. I...
  114. KimH

    WP Tuna Sunday

    Coo Cool! Cool! Cool! Couldn't help to notice, designer boots!! Dang it starts at an early age. I didn't go through that as I have just the one boy.
  115. KimH

    Just another question

    Here's another question. Could you use a laser type temp gun at the dock to set your unit? I'm my case since the transducer is transom mount I could shoot the reading right at the ducer.... Or do you need some water flow to be somewhat accurate? I think the guns are fairly accurate. Where I'm...
  116. KimH

    WTC 2019 Wrap Up

    After all that I bet you said to yourself.....”Self!! Damn I wish I woulda had a pair of ‘Rudes’ hanging off the backend!!” Just Kidding:D:D:D
  117. KimH

    Overnight tuna

    Overnight on the ocean fun??? Really??
  118. KimH

    First Tuna Trip a BUST!

    Weeks in repair??? Are you sure?
  119. KimH

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    Yeah that stack of xraps that I haven't used
  120. KimH

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    Probably Seattle Marine or Englunds. I ordered a bunch of my stuff from Charkbait but had an easier time for hooks at both Englunds and Seattle marine. Crimps, swivels et cetera also
  121. KimH

    WP Slip

    Have you called the port office?
  122. KimH

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    I’m really inexperienced trolling as I’m usually home later in the year so I like to play the run and gun game. Here’s an old article about jig fishing. Might be dated but maybe not. He runs a lot more gear than I...
  123. KimH

    Too Much Tuna

    Kind of just a general statement pointing at no one. It probably doesn't come across in my posts but anyone that knows me well knows I'm a sarcastic bastard. Have my masters in it.
  124. KimH

    Too Much Tuna

    Crimmny sakes. Rules are rules. Reading up on it a bit, as best as possible the commercials are required to keep logbooks. Landings are recorded et cetera. There is some chance at least to get an idea what is caught because of the rules. Fairly certain that's not going happen otherwise. They...
  125. KimH


    Or their ex-wife....if a person is single. Sugar--Mama.
  126. KimH

    That's a good point.

    That's a good point.
  127. KimH

    Too Much Tuna

    Just click through some of the links to be a legal commercial fisher. Didn't read through this but there's also the safety requirements to be a commercial fisher. Fairly certain you need a life raft, not sure about survival suits off the west coast...
  128. KimH

    I was thinking about doing that. I put myself on the waiting list for year round moorage on 17...

    I was thinking about doing that. I put myself on the waiting list for year round moorage on 17. Like that end of things as the parking is easy compared to the charter side. I was planning on setting up dock lines that we'd leave behind.
  129. KimH

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    I'd love to but it'll have to be in October. Flying North Wednesday. Bypassing Dutch for Adak which is ok as a 737 goes out there instead of the prop jobs that go into Dutch.
  130. KimH

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Maneuvering systems just hold a big interest to me. Wasn't too sure if the system applied power automatically or if you told it the maneuver and then had to apply power as needed. Wish I had something like that. I get more nervous docking my Duck than docking the bigger boats which are single...
  131. KimH

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Next question just because things like this interest me. It looks like from observing the prop wash when you were docking a fair amount of thrust or rpm was applied. Is that the system doing that or you? Power scares me a bit... You know if something goes haywire things get out of whack in a hurry.
  132. KimH

    Tuna Saturday

    Is he the better looking one or the smarter one? Or both?
  133. KimH

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Cool. So looking at the prop wash I take it the boat has the joystick positioning steering.
  134. KimH

    Weight Distribution?

    Free surface affect with slush and fuel also.
  135. KimH

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Sounds like all kinds of fun but I'll be meeting the boat in Adak on the 7th for my two month rotation...dang it. Tell you the truth though...when you mentioned edibles I kind of thought nope I can't go near that party with the off chance of ingesting something by mistake. CG license...
  136. KimH

    Quick WP tuna report 7/31

    I had crummy bait Friday also. It was bad enough that just to see I changed out the pump cartridge. Quick and easy the way I have set up. Probably took a minute. Put the cartridge that I pulled back in at the dock. The tank which is a Defiance 45 or whatever it is filled in 3minutes 20...
  137. KimH

    Bananas were on board.

    The ones that give me the Willies are the logs that stand on the vertical, submerge for 20 seconds and longer and then come out of the water 6' or better.
  138. KimH

    Half Tote Capacity

    I've been getting my tote quantity of ice by pulling the boat out of the water, driving over to Kornman's, shoveling the ice out of their tote into the hold, a couple of kill bags and ice chests. The other day while doing this a cop drove by, nice guy but said I couldn't do that as we can't...
  139. KimH

    Quick WP tuna report 7/31

    Got a report from a friend that was out today also. He got both a bluefin and a hamachi today.
  140. KimH

    Westport Wednesday Tuna run

    This is the first time I’ve eaten so much ice in the hold. Water temp was up more than I’ve personally experienced in the past so whatever insulation in the hold isn’t holding the ice so I agree it might be time to get a custom bag made for it. I wonder if they already of the dimensions. Also...
  141. KimH

    Westport Wednesday Tuna run

    I had a full tote on my trip last Friday. The Duckworth is supposed to have an insulated fish hold. Ate through ice hard. The water temp is warm. Everything is warm out there. Ice doesn't like it.
  142. KimH

    Loaded the boat.

    I thought about that when I posted but couldn't help myself. Didn't realize you actually made it to the deck yesterday until I saw MM's post. Looked like a great day. Reading reports seems as if fish have lit up from Oregon North. Hope it continues.
  143. KimH

    Loaded the boat.

    You'd think a Captain that sits up on the throne barking orders all day would have a clicker counter keeping accurate track of the numbers caught.....sheesh....:D:D:D
  144. KimH

    7/26 tuna report

    And that's the last fishing report from me for a couple months as the Alaska boat job calls shortly. I'll fill it with fuel in the morning and pull the boat....dammit. At least I got this trip in. Heard it was a good day out there yesterday. I hope it turns on for the rest of summer lasting...
  145. KimH

    7/26 tuna report

    Ended up being 15....we thought we had a couple buried under the ice that we weren't seeing. Saw two boats yesterday in the distance. Both from Ilwaco I think according to their AIS. Justified and Reel Therapy. Never heard a word and couldn't raise anyone on the radio. It was lonely.
  146. KimH

    7/26 tuna report

    Thanks....I've tried that but it seems rpm related. Clears up down at idle or drifting. Fought the thermocline earlier this year when deeper fishing salmon.
  147. KimH

    7/26 tuna report

    That's the Platinum + chip out deep but the chip is several years old now. Of more concern is my sounder. At the bottom of the screen you can see the noise that appears when I put some rpm to the engine. Not sure if there's a ground fault or what. Blocks some of the water column I want to...
  148. KimH

    7/26 tuna report

    No hard break on the temp. Nor much life to see. Our first 3 came as a triple. We saw 4or5 whales taking a breather so I turned toward them and hooked up the three. Just parked and worked the area as you can see from the tracks. Tough for us getting anything converted to bait as the transition...
  149. KimH

    7/26 tuna report

    Ruby our 13 year old rocked it today. And no we didn't make her eat the heart cause I'm not heartless
  150. KimH

    7/26 tuna report

    Yeah I figured it's early and everyone is on the hunt so what the hell.
  151. KimH

    7/26 tuna report

    15 to 17 nice grade of tuna. Lost count and we're not in yet. 5 or 6 on bait
  152. KimH

    Quick tuna report. 7/25

    Has anyone gone straight West??? I was thinking that tomorrow.
  153. KimH

    Tuna are here!!

    Not the rain on the parade since I'm trying to setup for Friday went dead today....from what I head a bit ago down on the docks.
  154. KimH

    Westport reports

    We worked the South Beach from behind the jetty to the South. A fair amount of bait shallow, I got in to 18' of water chasing pelicans diving on bait. Had one long release silver in there. I did hear of a couple of kings caught behind the jetty the day before but no joy for us. Moved down to...
  155. KimH

    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    Were you having a bad day??
  156. KimH


    Wups I put the lat in wrong on the picture. Too used to thinking 48 degrees. It's 40 degrees.
  157. KimH


    Further to the East on the US side there are some @ 129 15-ish & 126 40-ish
  158. KimH

    Westport 7/12

    I've been out fishing 3 times so far...been busy helping my 98 year old mother get through a couple of hip surgeries and the after affects otherwise I'd of been fishing as much as possible. --First day was last Monday (7/8), good fishing but a ways up the hill. Just for fun we mooched, had a...
  159. KimH

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    Latest commercial report...... July 10, 2019: Since Mid-June there have been scattered boats scouting the grounds off Oregon and Washington from 20-400 miles offshore. Water temps are reported as still cool in many places and fishing has been very slow in all areas.
  160. KimH

    USA/Canada Swiftsure border?

    Regardless, I think the US got screwed. By the looks of it they drew a line perpendicular off of Vancouver instead of the US. What they should have done is also draw one off the US and then have a common zone. Management might have been tougher but doable
  161. KimH

    USA/Canada Swiftsure border?

    Regardless, I think the US got screwed. By the looks of it they drew a line perpendicular off of Vancouver instead of the US. What they should have done is also draw one off the US and then have a common zone. Management might have been tougher but doable
  162. KimH

    Need some knowledge.........

    A swim step should be no problem with this, that is if you have outboards. Worked great on a 22' Arima that I had before my present boat.
  163. KimH

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    Both headed WSW out of the harbor. Svetelana M was almost due W. They turned their AIS's off so can't track them now.
  164. KimH

    Need some knowledge.........

    I haven't looked at your boat model to know if it has outboards or not but..... Have you researched the possibility of tying the kicker in with the main steering. My boat has the kicker connected with a bar to the steering of the main outboard. I had an earlier boat where the kicker set a fair...
  165. KimH

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    I've been watching them via an AIS web site. Most of the guys that have their AIS on are Canadian. They have been really scattered. I gassed the boat up this morning (Westport) and asked the guys if they had any tuna intel from the big guys that have been coming in. He said it's been bad...
  166. KimH

    Westport salmon 7/9

    We did the same (mooching) yesterday 7/8. Six fish with one king pushing 15. Lots and lots of flow-ups.
  167. KimH

    Powertech 4-blade 15.25 x 15 RH

    15.25 x 15 Right hand Power Tech stainless 4 blade propellor with cushion lock hub that fits my Yami 300. Used it on one tuna trip. Didn’t like how it performed on my boat. Got called to Alaska, missed my trade back in timeline so it’s been sitting in my garage for a couple of years. Paid...
  168. KimH


    Right now there's a group of commies off of Oregon 134'ish so way in the hell out there. I've heard it's been slow but that's second hand.
  169. KimH

    Porta porty

    Funny story here that would be much better told by the guy that told it to me. Ed Wood had a charter boat at Westport call the Snoopy or New Snoopy, I forget which. Ed was a fantastic wood boat builder, one of the best I've been told. Anyway before moving to our area they lived in the San...
  170. KimH

    Black Cod recipe?

    We catch a few when fishing POP in the Aleutians which gets us into deeper depths. One of our factory managers has really nailed it for making it tasty. Personally I like the tail section of the fish as it's a thinner chunk of flesh. Deep fry it???? Good lord...the sin, the sin. My...
  171. KimH

    Burnewiin Rod Holders?

    Dang nephew....starts doing things, gets uncle interested, uncle starts to think about spending money....wife rolls eyes. By the way what holder would work best with an Islander mooching single action type of reel?
  172. KimH

    Time for new tabs

    Boaters education card??:D:D Weird for some reason I've always thought you were an old geezer :rofl:
  173. KimH

    Westport Nostalgia

    It was a nice 43’. Finished or built by R & H if I have the builders name correct. Originally it had jimmy v-671's for power. Teak cap rail which looked nice but a pain in the ass to keep up. Ernie Rowley was the original owner with Bob Coles as the skipper. When Bob died of a heart attack I...
  174. KimH

    Nanoos Tuna Fishers Web App

    Wow I’m impressed. I sent a feedback email to Nanoos and received the below back this morning. My comments are at the bottom of the below with his reply above. Hi Kim, Thank you for the great feedback. I will be able to discuss this with some of our data folks later this week. As far as a...
  175. KimH

    Nanoos Tuna Fishers Web App

    Yeah I'm subscribed to RipCharts as well but I've just discovered this. For their SST's it'd be much better if you could just click on a spot and get a temp read like you can on RipCharts. Also being able to adjust the temp scale would be good. From what I read NANOOS is funded by NOAA so...
  176. KimH

    Nanoos Tuna Fishers Web App

    This might be of interest for SST's et cetera. Just click the tuna fishers button and then go from there. I'm just now starting to play with it so who knows how good or bad it is. If you run a search in YouTube I think there are some instructional vids also.
  177. KimH

    Albacore dip

    Albacore dip.....whups I should think over my titles a bit harder.
  178. KimH

    Albacore dip

    I'm not sure if the link will work, it does for me but I subscribe to the magazine. It is kind of an short interesting article regarding albacore. The one statement which is the reason I'm posting this is there is a theory every 30 years the migration "Might" flip from the N Pacific to the S...
  179. KimH

    Make it stop

    Kevin what’s that old charter term that related to my brother....”Hampton up”.
  180. KimH

    Make it stop

  181. KimH

    Del Stephens interview
  182. KimH

    Curmudgeon Reunion

    I miss BV on here.....He had good stuff.
  183. KimH

    26 osprey repower

    My bait tank scoop is forward of the transom mount ducer that I have. One of the 1000w ones. The scoop messes it up. Before installing the scoop the sounder picture was good. Be careful of things forward of your ducer.
  184. KimH

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    Plus the tuna cord is way easier on the hands when lifting the ball aboard.
  185. KimH

    Work For Wood

    Careful with the Alder if they have any size to them. Dangerous to cut down.
  186. KimH


    After getting the jack poles get yourself some of these hooks Then you can practice on black rockfish. My brothers boat was the original Goldrush which is the Freedom now. In the fall after salmon charter business slowed down...
  187. KimH

    Looking for a Navy recruiter

    Several of the younger Electronic Techs we work with have been trained in the Navy. I wonder if marine electrician is something they could get training in the Navy. A good one of those is worth their weight in gold.
  188. KimH

    Looking to borrow a Diawa electric reel cord

    I have a spare here at Westport also. If everything else falls though I have one. I'm in the process of wiring the Scotty plug on my spare which I hadn't done.
  189. KimH

    Will these make my Boats ass look Phat?

    Hmmmm. Did they give you a trade in for the old motors? Will Wa State sales tax be charged? I'd so love to swap out my single 300 for a pair of 200's but.....
  190. KimH

    Yamaha 9.9 tach signal output

    Cool!!! Curious on what NMEA converter you used?
  191. KimH

    Crazy tides in PA

  192. KimH

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    Here's a stupid question that I don't know the answer to. Where do you figure wide open throttle?? The only way I can achieve the manufactures recommended WOT is to trim the engine to the point of the prop almost breaking free. It would break free on a turn at this point. I guess I should be...
  193. KimH

    Its in His blood!

    Cool!!!! And I love the Sou'Wester rain hats on the little ones.
  194. KimH

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    Nope each guy can pay his own to play. I'm not saying I'm happy with the whole situation but it is what it is right at the minute and there's not a lot we can do about it as long as the Seattle L-wingers keep voting these Jack Wagons into office. Halibut is a joke. North Pacific Halibut...
  195. KimH

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    Yeah like I'm going to stop fishing that boat because of an increase of the fishing license. That really doesn't make a lot of sense.
  196. KimH

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    My memory might be getting a bit foggy. But...weren't we predicting two or three years ago Puget Sound would be taking a hit because of The Blob, you know poor ocean conditions that would hurt survival of the fish. Now it's 100% mismanagement blah, blah, blah. Yes due to habitat being messed...
  197. KimH

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    You have two choices. Fish or don't fish. I choose to fish.
  198. KimH

    Misguided commitment

    Interesting read underneath the picture saying there is a higher death rate of the whales in the non pink salmon years. Sooooo they must eat other fish other than King salmon???? Who would have thunk it. Me thinks some of the scientists haven't a clue....I guess they'll need more grant money...
  199. KimH

    ***** RIP *******

    In the early 1970's before I dropped out of college to go fishing (18 credits short of an accounting/business degree) I had a 300 level marketing class. One of the case histories we were studying was about a dog food company that the professor had done come consulting work with. Mighty Dog or...
  200. KimH

    Stainless Steel Sink

    Ohhhh, internet is really slow on the boat so I generally don't look at stuff like this. Trying to spend your uncles money again I see Matt
  201. KimH

    Some Advice on antenna and placement

    Digital is good. On most vessels in the Bering Sea fisheries Morad is used and is very good. The actual antenna is fairly short but is mounted on an aluminum tube to get the height. On their web site ( they do show a fold down mount. If you went that way you could cut...
  202. KimH

    New earrings for your significant other !!

    Don't quit your day job....:D:D
  203. KimH

    Saltwater or freshwater

    Will do. It's seemed to be a good unit. It'd pull the 17' Trophy that I had it mounted to at around 2.5 knots if I wanted to crank it up. The boat side of the mount went with the boat when I sold it. Has a remote.
  204. KimH

    Saltwater or freshwater

    Actually I do. I have a good 24v MinKota saltwater one that I used for a bit when I fly fished for searun cuts in the South Sound. Been sitting in my garage for a few years now. Good strong unit. But....I have another month or so left on my rotation in AK before I come home.
  205. KimH

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Wow. Good advice and even better results. Thank Goodness for the outcome. Now the next question......Did you listen to your Mother when you were growing up?? Were you wearing clean underwear?? Really glad everything turned out good as that is scary shit.
  206. KimH

    Is it just me or my eyes?

    Ehhhh I'd be careful with that. I can't make out any detail the last two or three rows but there's no way in hell I'll be magnifying it. You gotta realize the post came from's probably a dude.....Of course if you like that sort of thing:gay::supergay:
  207. KimH

    Anyone fished out of Chile?

    Never have but would like to if I ever dust off my fly gear again. I get a fair amount of mail and email advertising from these guys. They cover fishing destinations all over the world. The web site might give you an idea where to start looking.
  208. KimH

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    Ehhhhh I think said nets have been there way, way, way before the marketing hype. Way before.
  209. KimH

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Joystick steering???? Oh good lord yes, yes, yes. It'd sure take the stress out of docking that beast when the summer Westport NW is huffing. I'd say a tackle station would actually be a great/important addition. Sure wish I had one instead of the cabin table.
  210. KimH

    Westport thieves

    We have the "Ring" spotlight at our place in Westport. In front there is a covered area where we have some lawn furniture which was covered up. Around a year ago a guy walks through with an axe over his shoulder, he stopped checked under the cover and then kept going. The cops knew who he was...
  211. KimH

    Just waiting and waiting

    Just a little humor about achieving goals to be released from the hospital after surgery. My wife has had a couple of major surgeries over the past couple years. One a Whipple surgery to remove a neuroendrocrine cancerous turmor from the head of her pancreas which was around 6.5 hours, talk...
  212. KimH

    Stopped by ACI today

    Yup that'd be cool to catch a ride on one someday. The reason I asked the question, I was wondering of how well one would handle an inbound crossing on a crappy bar more than anything. I don't think I'd have the balls to stay on the autopilot with our style or size of sport boats regardless...
  213. KimH

    Stopped by ACI today

    My main question regarding a CAT is how well or bad do they handle with a following sea. I've understood but don't know if this has changed with newer models/designs that a CAT can get spooky with a following sea....bow steer.
  214. KimH


    Had one jump alongside of me a couple years ago. I think two or three years ago the trawlers fishing Hake off of Oregon got a couple in their nets. There was a post here on BD 3 or 4 or 5 years ago of a commercial longliner fishing them off of Washington. I think the guy was catching swords...
  215. KimH

    Just waiting and waiting

    Lots a luck to you two Benjamin. Nothing worse than waiting and waiting and waiting. Hoping for the best of best results
  216. KimH

    Clam Digging

    Thought I'd update on my ClamHawg gun. I emailed the builder through his web site explaining what happened. He called a couple days ago wanting my address so he could send out a replacement handle. He was kind of surprised I knew the name of the fitting he was using on some of his...
  217. KimH

    Another moving to Washington thread

    Hunting on the experience. In my mid 20's after college I spent a couple winters working in the woods as a shake rat cutting bolts of cedar and then flying it out by chopper. This was in the Nemah River area which seems to have or had a fair amount elk. My 2nd year I was working...
  218. KimH

    Another moving to Washington thread

    I'm sorry you have to do this. Yup Liberal Wingnut Hell. If you have to commute anywhere it sucks.
  219. KimH

    Clam Digging

    The fun part is the main thing
  220. KimH

    Clam Digging

    The spot where I was digging gave me a slow start. Got them quick in the same spot yesterday. Finished well though with a better grade than yesterday. Probably because I was further out due to the lower tide.
  221. KimH

    Stiches replacement...hmmm

    Electrical tape.......
  222. KimH

    Clam Digging

    The pounder. The galvanized fittings gives it some weight and thump
  223. KimH

    Clam Digging

    Yeah, yeah. I grew up down there. Was a shovel digger forever from a little kid, preferred it. Getting older (66) damn belly got too large so 3 or 4 years ago I switched to guns. It's easier when you don't want go get on a knee to stuff your hand into the hole or slip it behind the blade to...
  224. KimH

    Clam Digging

    The twins are retired I think. I did see one of them in last summer but she said she was just filling in. Their older brother was in the same class as mine at Ocosta. He was lost at sea shortly after we graduated HS. Bummer as he was a nice guy. I think one of the twins husband is the main...
  225. KimH

    Clam Digging

    I've already emailed but he no longer is in Tokeland. Interesting top piece where the handles go into. That's what broke so not an easy fix. I see on a newer one that's at Eglund marine he's used a pipe cap with holes drilled for the handle. Probably a better design. Maybe I should lose...
  226. KimH

    Clam Digging

  227. KimH

    Clam Digging

    Gets a weeeeee bit harder when you bust your handle on your $115 gun on the 2nd clam.....damn. Out of warranty of course. Off to the hardware store.......
  228. KimH

    Truck Questions

    Welp the Stable loads worked well for me but I didn't have squat or a lean problem. Yup. Air Bags will help with that...load leveling or whatever. If the truck has a lot of squat with a camper on it plus the boat that means to truck is loaded well over its load rating. Air Bags and stable...
  229. KimH

    Truck Questions

    Here Yah go... Basically they put the overload spring into to play sooner. On a previous truck, Chevy of course I had both air bags and stable-loads for a fairly heavy camper. After a while I didn't pay attention to the air bags.
  230. KimH

    Truck Questions

    These truck threads are funny. I have this (xxxx) truck and it's the best-est of the best, gets great milage, don't even know the boat is behind it, stops on a dime and, and, and don't even have to change oil it in. Well maybe not that extreme. Blah-ba-blah-ba-blah-ba-blah. The next guy...
  231. KimH

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    Arms, back, legs.....shovel.....Sheesh.
  232. KimH


    Looks great but I bet her smile made it 100% worth it.
  233. KimH

    I need a favor in Westport

    Here's my weather station that's on top of our place at Westport. Click on the web cam tab where you'll be able to see part of my neighbors roof.
  234. KimH

    Tuna Forecast

    You won't need an electric truck and boat. You'll be able to fish off the choo-choo train that goes across the ocean.
  235. KimH

    trailer weight distribution reminder

    I have the same tool at the place in Westport. Anyone is welcome to use it....if I'm there and you're in the area also..
  236. KimH

    When you realize your ISP/TV provider doesn't have the Superbowl on

    Howard??? You bought yourself a Prom Dress??????:oops::gay:
  237. KimH

    Winter fishing....

    We just got a call that the Manta Ray dive is canceled tonight due to the weather. It's windy. Bummer. The wife doesn't want to try tomorrow since we fly home Tuesday. WindyTy makes it look like it will be fairly breezy tomorrow also.
  238. KimH

    Winter fishing....

    Russ Nitta of Lepika Sportfishing... . I highly recommend him as I think he runs a good operation but as you know fishing is fishing. It's just great to be out seeing and learning different techniques. Also I think he does or has given a trip to the WTC. He was...
  239. KimH

    Winter fishing....

  240. KimH

    Winter fishing....

    Not sure how the upside down pic got in there but it is.
  241. KimH

    Winter fishing....

    What does a commercial fisherman do when he has time off? Decided to get some winter fishing in yesterday:D:D:D Fish number 1...Phone was laying in the sun and wouldn't work because it got so hot. Grabbed my GoPro to click a shot so a crummy pic: 2nd fish: Another of the 2nd fish 3rd...
  242. KimH

    Anybody clamming Westport this weekend?

    It was decent for my brother and I at Grayland. Seemed like they were really starting to show well when we were leaving. Size grade could be a lot better.
  243. KimH

    Coasties get paid

    Here we go again. The old liberal guilt trip of something that happened a couple hundred years ago. Oh woe is me....I feel so guilty.
  244. KimH

    Liferaft inspections

    I think most raft manufactures make the cradles for their canisters. PSI lists them on their website.
  245. KimH

    Westport bikers

    Soooooo do you have to actually "pedal" with these things or are the electric driven? Wondering for a friend.
  246. KimH

    New fishing charter in Oregon, check it out!

    I'm fairly certain it was Ocean Charters. Never did get a glimpse and I was looking hard across the water when we were fishing nearby....dang it! I was deck-handing for Ron Tanner on the Thunderbird by then. Must of been 14 or 15 when that operation was running. Ahhhh the good old days.
  247. KimH

    Worst boat names

    Saw a yacht type of boat several years ago in the Everett area called the "Gay-Blade".......hmmmmm
  248. KimH

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    We'll hit 41 in March. Marriage is just plain assed hard work at times. Toughest job you'll ever have. You'll hit rough patches, I'd bet it'd be rare if you don't so just gut through tough shit, don't stray and it should come out good in the long run. Just remember women don't think like...
  249. KimH

    Looking for a Grays Harbor Real estate agent

    David Shea of Washington Coast Real Estate did good for us a few years ago. Worked his butt off. 1st guy we contacted just printed off some listings, handed them to us and said go look. David was the complete opposite. Met and or took us to the different spots so he could answer our...
  250. KimH

    DR Clips...

    I gave up on Scotty's several years ago. Pro Release Downrigger clips are the way to go in my opinion of course. Braid, mono it doesn't matter. Once you get used to using them they are fairly easy.
  251. KimH

    Getting to them thar tuna grounds

    The one I'm on now doesn't get on plane. Wish it did as 10 knots, 11 on a good day is painfully slow especially when a short hop for us is 50, 60 miles.
  252. KimH

    Getting to them thar tuna grounds

    May need a lot of speed to stay on plane.
  253. KimH

    Makaria 16 sheared reel seat screw

    Good excuse to buy another reel. Then you have two....sheesh...
  254. KimH

    Boat Pictures

    That's what I heard a while back. Hope I'm not spreading incorrect rumors
  255. KimH

    Boat Pictures

    Worked there one winter swinging hammers, drilling holes, cutting holes, installing things et cetera. It was a weird feeling making a few measurements, punch a couple holes in the bottom of the boat with a hole saw, snapping a chalk line between them and then cutting a slot out for the shaft...
  256. KimH

    Battlefish review

    Language on a commercial fishing vessel is "Salty". I can turn off the spigot fairly easy when back at home which is a.....whew!!
  257. KimH

    Boat Pictures

    And the boat that pays the wages so I can put gas in the toy boat.
  258. KimH

    Boat Pictures

  259. KimH

    Kevin and Cyndi Lanier Live in Mexico Beach Fl In The Eye Of Cat 4 Hurricane Today

    One of the Seattle seafood companies was having a new boat built at the shipyard in Panama City. It was due to come around late November...bummer seeing this happen to a new boat.
  260. KimH

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    Works good. There is an youtube video showing how to tie it without the tension. Works good and an easy tie. Just sort through the video on youtube till you find it.
  261. KimH

    Cost of New Outboards?

    Even without paying sales tax in Oregon the money saved is marginal??? Yeah, yeah I know you're supposed to pay the tax regardless but......
  262. KimH

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    A lot of salmon. Last part of July and most of August. Probably used my boat more this year than any other year. Just didn't take it out on a tuna trip.
  263. KimH

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Straight West or WSW for about 80, 85 miles...warm water......but I'm headed for colder waters Saturday morning.
  264. KimH

    Image Stabilizing Binocs

    Mine are the Fugi technostabis. I think they are made in the same factory which isn't either Nikon or Fugi. The point I was trying to make as I understand from our local Seattle optic guru's (Captains Nautical) you get better service from Nikon in case of a problem versus Fugi which are the...
  265. KimH

    Image Stabilizing Binocs

    I'm not so sure about the Fuji's. I have a pair that I've treated like a baby. They crapped on me, sent them in for repair, hardly used them after that and are now showing symptoms of crapping again. Captains Nautical which is very knowledgable of optics doesn't really want to deal with Fugi...
  266. KimH

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    46N 125W.....65-ish from Westport.
  267. KimH

    New bottom blue kao

    Yup mine sits on a trailer also but I left it in the water at Westport for close to a month this year. When I hauled I really wished it had bottom paint....took a lot of scrubbing especially the sun side. Anodes did their job well....They still have some life left but I'll replace them this...
  268. KimH

    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    I'd assume the extra 3' would help slightly with the speed also. For fishing especially tuna you'd think the the extension would add a degree of difficulty.
  269. KimH

    Kicker causing interference

    Yup and make sure all your kicker wires have a good connection, not loose et cetera at the switch, battery and where ever else.
  270. KimH

    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    I just googled it. 660 hp each, 1320 total. They list it at 53' so an extension was added. Wonder why?
  271. KimH

    Diesel 31 Boston Whaler $28K

    What's the extension on the stern or is it an extension? What's the HP to be able to push that thing at 30?
  272. KimH

    hydraulic steering with autopilot

    Shadow drive feature????
  273. KimH

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    It wouldn't of been recovered if it knew anything about the hill-monster.:D
  274. KimH

    WorkSharp sharpener

    Worksharp's Ken Onion version is nice or better as it has wider belts, variable speed which is less heat on your knife and adjustable angle from 15° to 30°.
  275. KimH

    Salmon Jerky recipe's

    I'm looking for salmon jerky recipe's. I've done a couple three different recipe's which I've liked but always looking for something better. I've used a couple different marinades with liquid smoke in a dehydrator but I also brined a batch putting it in my Masterbuilt smoker letting it run on...
  276. KimH

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I went on the Aqua web site to snoop around. There are several bilge pump and high water alarms options. Away from the safety side I noticed they have a bait tank alarm which detects flow coming out of the pump.....good idea!!!
  277. KimH

    Southern Orca task force draft recommendation doc

    Yes nailed it!!! Follow the money. Several years ago since we were going to be fishing in the area we took a couple of scientists and dropped them off on Buldir Island which is a small Island in the Western area of the Aleutians. They were studying the Crested Auklet. I asked the lead...
  278. KimH

    The Choice

    Careful with comments like that. His dog might chew on your ankle.
  279. KimH

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    That's what I'm wondering. Are those from the factory....for some reason I kind of doubt it.
  280. KimH

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Bump... Sorry....couldn't help myself :D:D:D:D:D
  281. KimH

    WorkSharp sharpener

    That's the wire edge Matt. You take that off with a leather strop after running it on the fine belt. You can actually strop it on newspaper. Then the knife is really sharp.
  282. KimH

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Just curious. It looks like from the show editing when you are jack-poling you guys are using straight bait. Have you tried squid hooks which might be a bit quicker when the fish are really munching. Might need a designated chummer though. Fun to watch your operation as it pertains more to...
  283. KimH

    WorkSharp sharpener

    I have the Ken Onion version of it which I like a bit better as the angle adjustment is more variable. Does a great job. Now if you want to spend some money the Tormek T4 would be really, really nice or if you want to spend a butt load the T8 would be even better.
  284. KimH

    The Choice

    Self baling deck. Smart woman that wife of yours.
  285. KimH

    Battlefish on Netflix

    That's funny...but I agree
  286. KimH


    You keep the wilds the season doesn't last as long. After attending the PSA meeting in Westport it seemed as if WDF recognized this fact....IE they want the season to last so are willing to accept the dead loss or I misunderstood him. I'm with Patrick. Short gaff/dehooker works well as you...
  287. KimH

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    I can't say for 100% sure but if the raft is a canister self deployed type I think the sinking vessel has to get far enough down for the painter to come tight to make the raft inflate. Could be wrong on that as I've never asked the question. On a mounted canister type of raft there is a...
  288. KimH

    Question on Boat Electronics

    Couple things for you to think about. I think the bar tie between the motors is kind of old school anymore. On my Duckworth the main and the kicker are tied together yes with a bar at the steering linkage but it's done to where you don't even think about it. Raise one engine with the other...
  289. KimH

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Wow lucky them you were close by. Sure hope that thing sank as I'd hate to hear about someone smashing into that thing at 25 knots or even a comie boat hitting it in the dark.
  290. KimH

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    Takes longer to text........
  291. KimH

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    Goat said on a different post last week "Weather took a shit. I bailed. Word on the street was 10 to 12 fish for the big boys. Forecast was wrong. Blowing with whitecaps and not Wide Open Bite made me rethink my trip. A four hour run for 60 miles + for 12 fish or less." He mentioned the 'W'...
  292. KimH

    Electronics Question (Garmin Yamaha Command Link)

    I forget what I was doing but I was going between one NMEA 2000 to another so each had it's own power. For the cable between two I cut into the covering and then clip the power wire which just left the data wires connected. Not sure if it was needed but it did eliminate the possibility of any...
  293. KimH

    Electronics Question (Garmin Yamaha Command Link)

    Raymarine and Standard Horizon w/ais...I went with NMEA 183 which works well and was fairly easy to hook up 183. Both units should have the 183 wires to connect or mine did. My Raymarine would show fuel tank level et cetera until I updated firmware. This was a bummer as I like to use my aft...
  294. KimH

    Guess what fish

    Hmmm the top side with the pointed snout looks like an English sole to me but with the flip side I can see some striping in the fins which would make me say a Starry Flounder. Can't see the outside fins in the top pictures. Is the skin really course almost like a sandpaper? If so it's...
  295. KimH

    Guess what fish

    Looking at the picture I'd say with that pointed snout it'd be an English Sole. Was the flip side fairly white? Interesting side not for me. About a week and half ago off of Westport I caught a silver that was full of small sand dabs. Never saw that before.
  296. KimH

    My Wife! Your Wife?

    Smart woman your wife. One to one reels are a blast and that's what it's about
  297. KimH

    Where can I get a 15 amp 250v fuse?

    Westmarine has a fair selection.
  298. KimH

    Westport Coho Rodeo!!

    The past couple of days I've been a bit North. Quick fishing. This morning we messed around on the beach off the casino anywhere from 30' to 45' just to see but no joy so we shifted down and out a bit and were quite busy. Quality was a bit better sized than yesterday, nice silvers actually...
  299. KimH

    Westport Coho Rodeo!!

    Kind of startling getting the line ripped out of your hand when hooking up the downrigger release.
  300. KimH

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    Talk about missed opportunities .Due to my rotations North I've missed the past couple of ocean salmon seasons. This is the 1st year I've got to fish for a while so I've been making the most of every day. Gawd I'm tired, I'm sore, I'm beat but I'm having fun and I'm sleeping really...
  301. KimH

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    Blah, blah, blah. This is still one of the few states that doesn't have an income tax even with the wack-hoooos that run it.
  302. KimH

    Buoy 8 Sunken Jetty

    Wonder what happened to it. Break loose? Out of all of them 8 is probably the most critical. I'm sure most of the commercial fleet doesn't check or have the capability while at sea to check the "Local Notice to Mariners" publications. Same goes for the sports fleet. Accident waiting to happen.
  303. KimH

    Best boat for weekends?

    My older brother had this one for three years until he passed from cancer. Kathy sold it in 1999. . Lord Nelson Victory tug which isn't made anymore. It didn't go fast, 7 or 8 knots but on a couple of trips they made with the boat he said the only reason they...
  304. KimH

    Safeway hiring

    Break him in hard now which will allow him to appreciate all other normal jobs in the future. Send him to Alaska as a processor on one of the factory trawlers. 16 hours on 8 hours off 7 days a week for a couple three months. Big problem is he might get hooked. Make a bit of money, come home...
  305. KimH

    New guy from the midwest.

    Naaaah just go for a Coldwater or Allied walk-around.
  306. KimH

    WP & Willipa report

    I fished Sunday thru Wednesday. It's been somewhat slow. Monday I got them fairly early around GH. Tuesday I went quite a ways NW to deep water just to try something different. Fair amount of feed, high flyers picking the water et cetera....thought I was going to get skunked. Several...
  307. KimH

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    Freeway Trailer Sales on Pacific Hwy Milton???? Had them install brakes on a small trailer a few years ago which seemed to work well for me at the time. They did it with the boat on the trailer but it was a small 17' center console Trophy. Not sure if they carry the stainless stuff but I...
  308. KimH

    Brad’s Super Baits and Coho

    Gray-ish or kind of natural and also green-ish. They were behind a flasher. I hate divers which a lot of people were using so I was using a downrigger fished shallow 15' to 20'.
  309. KimH

    Brad’s Super Baits and Coho

    Last Thursday after messing around on the beach off of Grayland I moved out to the area (outside) where Genie Aye was fishing. I had lost my last helmet to bait anchovies so I switched to Brad's bait. I just couldn't get it right trying bait an anchovy without the helmet. I rigged the Brad's...
  310. KimH

    Spending the night offshore

    White intense strobe light flashing at around 60 times a minute is considered a distress signal. Probably not a good thing to use.
  311. KimH

    Paint my Yamaha?

    Bondo or Splashzone sanded and then painted
  312. KimH

    Paint my Yamaha?

    What's the cost of a new cowling?
  313. KimH

    Westport Tuna 7/30

    Looking at the commercial boats that have AIS. They're off shore a fair amount. South off Oregon and West as far as127 20. What's interesting I see a group of Canadian boats about due West of La Push around 127 20. I'm assuming they're jig boats.
  314. KimH

    Too Close

    The "precautionary area" up there is the area where the Traffic Lanes merge. There are two set of lanes where the ships are entering or leaving from the main lanes in the Straits. The Precautionary Area is where it can get all mixed up. Good idea on getting the radio with a AIS receiver built...
  315. KimH

    Too Close

    The sport boats are hard to see as they get lost in the sea clutter. If the large deep sea vessels don't have a smaller close range radar on the bow there is a fair dead zone before the radar is striking anything in front of them. My present vessel that I run is 240' with the largest @ 340'...
  316. KimH

    New place to drink in San Juan Islands

    After a night of boozing at Cease & Desist stop by my niece's coffee shop by the Ferry Terminal for a cup of coffee. Salty Fox Coffee. Tell Andrea Uncle Kim sent you.
  317. KimH

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    I know people want to place the blame of poor salmon seasons on the WDF, charters, sealions, orcas, America natives et cetera but....If in my opinion if you really think about it there are thousands of miles of waterfront, river and Puget Sound that is developed, hydro dams, chopped down...
  318. KimH

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    Shit Dave. Growing up down there I remember the town having that attitude toward the Charters back in the day.
  319. KimH

    First albacore run

    Good start for the year but...... Your hat is on backwards:D:D:D
  320. KimH

    Sugar-free smoked salmon

    My deck boss is married to an Alaskan Native from a village called Scammon Bay which is way the hell up there on the mainland. About 100 miles above Nunivak Island. What they've been doing for years and years and years for a brine is just straight sea water. Nothing else. Of course their...
  321. KimH

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    So what you guys are saying is I might get a chance to actually fish for some salmon this year for a change. Flying out of Adak on the 1st, home early the 2nd. Flights are Saturday and Wednesday. I just can't make it in soon enough to get the Saturday flight so it's a few days of boredom in a...
  322. KimH

    The good, the bad, the ugly

    Hey Pat, Kind of curious on how the CG was contacted from out there. Distances are starting to get on the far range with a VHF unless the CG has their antennas high in the hills. Was it done via VHF? Sat phone? Et cetera?
  323. KimH

    When is your Albacore season really going up there?

    I'd rather PM him for a good quality steak.
  324. KimH


    Yup, maybe the Canadians are required to have AIS. I don't remember what size you need to be in the U.S. before it's a requirement, maybe over 200 GT. There could be a bunch of U.S. boats without AIS also.
  325. KimH


    90 to 100 miles from Newport.
  326. KimH

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    I've used tuna cord for several years now since reading about it on a BC sports fishing forum. Works good. Soooo I've crunched a couple of spools with supposedly too much braid on the spool. I want the length for the deep water King fishery. From what I'm reading here the trick is to put some...
  327. KimH

    Halibut season, huge Lings, and a State Record Arrowtooth Flounder

    We fish for arrow when allowed up North. NMFS divides the quota between two different fish. Arrowtooth and Kamchatka both flounders. I can't tell the difference between the two but supposedly on one you can see both eyes when laid flat, the other you can't. The NMFS observers aboard have a...
  328. KimH

    Salt ice

    Couple years ago I filled the hold in my Duck with ice and dumped a bunch of salt on it. The next morning before leaving to go tuna fishing I tossed in more ice since a fair amount melted, more salt and then hosed in some seawater to slush it. Yes a lot of the ice melted and yes the tuna that...
  329. KimH

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Red Vines, Grape vines, black licorice, Good and Plenty. Crunchy Cheetos.
  330. KimH

    Tuna will be hitting Ilwaco later today

    Westport. I'm still up North but I did a quick look see on one of my plotters for distance.
  331. KimH

    Tuna will be hitting Ilwaco later today

    09/01 which is around 56 miles from the harbor mouth.
  332. KimH

    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    What see AIS wise of the jig boats.....A bit North of Newport and then South from there. These are Canadian jig boats that I see. Don't know the names of the U.S. ones or if they even have AIS installed.
  333. KimH

    Looking for a Tanner team

    I only have one King Crab season under my belt so don't know a lot about chasing crab. Tanners are either bairdi or opillio. Most of the Bering Sea fishermen use a square pot that they use for kings but I think put in different tunnel devices so the crab can't crawl back out. The guy that I...
  334. KimH

    Anybody here to do security camera systems?

    Zombies???? No problem. I don't have this but it sure looks like fun.
  335. KimH

    Anybody here to do security camera systems?

    Check out the Ring brand of things. At the place in Tacoma I have the doorbell and a couple of their motion activated spotlights. At Westport I replace the spotlight at the door with a Ring one. Video quality is great. You can subscribe to store the recordings on their website. If you do...
  336. KimH

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Wups July.
  337. KimH

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    The wheels and tires from Rickson give you a shorter sidewall height for less flex or sway. They are heavy as you can hardly pick a wheel/tire up. I do have a set of them that were on my old truck that I'll never use that I'd let go for cheap just to get rid of them. Not sure if they'd fit on...
  338. KimH

    canning tuna - BD column

    I guess you could call my Mother a Grayland old timer, she's 97 now. For years and years she also did it like this. She always claimed it was overcooked at 90 minutes. I myself cook it for 90 minutes in the retort pouches as I'm a bit nervous how well the stuff gets cooked jammed in so tight...
  339. KimH

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Actually I take it back with my recommendation for the stabiloads. Just head over to your local Chevy dealer and get the dually. Best thing you can do. One nice thing about a dually you find yourself parking further away from wherever you want to go, Home Depot or wherever. You get more...
  340. KimH

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    In my opinion the stable loads over air bags. They put the overload spring into play much quicker. I kind of forgot that I even had airbags on that particular truck which was a 3500 SRW. I did put different wheels (Rickson) and tires on which had less sidewall flex. Then we got a dually...
  341. KimH

    This won’t end well.

    Off shore wind. Wind Turbines are supposed to be some bird eating sum-bitches. Be tough to get the enviros to let those through. Be a hell of a place to fish around with all the shearwater and gull chum filtering down from the surface. Plus they'd create structure which is good.
  342. KimH

    Breaking News, High Seal Numbers Decrease Salmon Populations!

    I'm kind of a skeptic based off of what I've seen take place through the years regarding the enviro groups trying everything they can do to shut down various fisheries. Science means coin to someone. It's a business to someone (scientist). trying to separate the agenda driven scientist to...
  343. KimH

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    The only comment I have on this is you have your 9mm handy? REALLY. Are you actually ready to take out some lowlife and the after affect shit show that'll take place for a fucking kicker motor? Or is this all internet keyboard bullshit. 9mm in a home defense especially if you go outside to...
  344. KimH

    Sables out of Westport

    They're over you head. At times they'll wash up the edge to a bit over 100 fathom but I'd start at 150 fathom and then deeper say out to 300 or even more. This is all Alaska experience but ehhhh probably the same in WA for depth.
  345. KimH

    A little morning wood for you guys.

    Interesting Charlie titled the thread "LITTLE" morning wood instead of just morning wood.
  346. KimH

    A little morning wood for you guys.

    My dog thinks they're steak.
  347. KimH

    Tarpon- not Washington!!!

    Did you bow to the King during the fight? Fly rod or standard tackle?
  348. KimH

    72 Square Coords question

    Oh I get it. Been a hundred years since I've thought in loran td's.
  349. KimH

    72 Square Coords question

    72 square???? Is that a typo? I'm either drawing a mental blank on "cords" lingo or something is off. 60 minutes in a degree. Can't get above 60 minutes or you move to the next degree. If you're talking degrees 72 latitude is in the Arctic. Of course my cord lingo might be off or I don't...
  350. KimH

    Mail Box Theft

    I don't have the bandwidth to post a video from the boats sat system but.... On Facebook go to the "South Beach Neighborhood Watch" group page. This is for the Westport/Grayland area I think, maybe more. Look at the video that says "This was recorded this morning off of Chopaka Lane". It's a...
  351. KimH

    Hot Bite, better gas up though

    I zoomed in to the CF. It's about a 35-ish X 30-ish mile area.
  352. KimH

    Hot Bite, better gas up though

    Wonder what they're fishing. NW of Hawaii around 1400 miles. 39° 35'N 173° 38'W
  353. KimH

    Replacement siding/install NE Tacoma or Federal Way area

    We've been lucky with the Flicker damage till this year. They've done some fairly major damage to a couple of the neighbors though. A couple of years ago one was trying to poke out the vents under eaves of our house. We read if you install a so called flicker bird house you might have the...
  354. KimH

    Replacement siding/install NE Tacoma or Federal Way area

    Thanks Jay, That's good info. I'll let the wife know. I like the idea of going over the T1-11. The house is old enough to have tar paper under, not the stuff they use now. We did the same with our roof several years ago. It was wood shake. They laid 1"x2"s vertical on the shakes and the...
  355. KimH

    Replacement siding/install NE Tacoma or Federal Way area

    Hardi Plank that's the plan. She does have a good referral that will come by the house Tuesday. She'd rather have me home but as busy as most are it's probably best to get moving instead of waiting to the middle of July.
  356. KimH

    Replacement siding/install NE Tacoma or Federal Way area

    We're wanting to replace our old T111 siding on the house soon. A flicker drilling a hole is the straw that broke to want to replace the old stuff. Does any of you experts have any suggestions for product and installers. It's all on the wife since I'm up North till the middle of July so we...
  357. KimH

    Fun stuff!

    Sad thing here after listening to enforcement talk at the last PSA oceans meeting is they are really undermanned. Hard for them to go through all the investigative work needed to make a case. The subject of charters or rules of what would be a charter was brought up which I think most are ok...
  358. KimH

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    Good Luck up there...back to farming fish I take it. I'm a couple bays over, about 150 miles straight West as the crow flies. Savage today with NNW 15, 6 inch chop and maybe a 2' swell.
  359. KimH

    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    There used to be a smoker in the Ballard area that had been around for many years. Old time movie stars et cetera used to reserve cases of their product. They would scrape the bones of all the salmon and then make a big sheet of it to smoke into a sort of salmon jerky. Great stuff.
  360. KimH

    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    P-cod has a muscle under the mouth, the so called codfish tongue. It's good pan fried. Norwegians love them. I've never checked a ling for the same.
  361. KimH

    Who left this behind at Dutch

    Soooo I see you list Makay Marine. Makay I understand bought Harris Electric which has/had a service center in Dutch. Are you up doing a rotation as an electronic tech or electrician for Harris or are you doing something fun like a sat comm install/repair. It wasn't me that did the sticker. I...
  362. KimH

    San Juan island boating ban

    Noise schmoise what a bunch horse shit. I've had the things parked off the side of the boat 24 hours a day for many days at a time feeding off the heads et cetera as we processed fish. It's a H & G operation. Fish finders clicking away, big diesel main engine, diesel generators, compressors...
  363. KimH


    With that windage you'd have at least a 10 knot drift. Might back-troll easy
  364. KimH


    Been using this app since my 1st smart phone which equates to several years. It's one of the better ones.
  365. KimH

    Sad Reminder

    Read an article that it was a 12' aluminum boat that was found about 10' up on the rocks. Figured it happened around 1000 but was reported around 1200. Both guys were wearing lifejackets but must have been in the water for a while.
  366. KimH

    This isn't good...

    So if the fish boxes backfilled to the point where the plastic hatch on top of the off shore bracket was under water........ Yup info on this would be great for the learning process and prevention. I'm thinking of my boat with the gulper pump that's used to drain the fish hold. Even though...
  367. KimH

    NOAA word of the day

    Guess I should have said "Lunar Day"
  368. KimH

    NOAA word of the day

    I didn't have to Google. Diurnal Tide....One high and one low tide in a 24 hour period.
  369. KimH

    auto pilot question

    Garmin has a well
  370. KimH

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    Regarding keeping at a safe distance. The car we bought last September has "adaptive cruise control". This is really good as you can bump the cruise up to 70 or whatever but it'll slow the car down keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Sometimes it's so subtle you don't...
  371. KimH

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    Sheesh Pat......What's the matter did you run out of frozen peas???:D:D
  372. KimH

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    Here I am with questions again but it doesn't really matter all that much to me anyway as about all the towing I do is from the place in Westport to the boat launch. I do have a 3500HD dually so that's good. But: How much percentage of stopping should the actual trailer brakes be in this...
  373. KimH

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    Also reminds me of my older brother Tom's boat which I think was being towed up from Texas. 37' Lord Nelson Victory Tug which was similar to a Nordic Tug style of boat. He and his family with video camera in hand were waiting for the boat to arrive at a small yard on Lake Union where they...
  374. KimH

    Transducer.... another thread

    Supposedly a heat gun really helps with the 5200 removal/release.
  375. KimH

    Kicker theft prevention?????

    "Ring" floodlights. Ring has a doorbell that is really cool that we have here in Tacoma but the floodlights are the shit. --Easy to install basically replacing your existing floodlight. Three wires and hang it. --Hooks up easily to your home wifi. For 3 bucks a camera I think it'll record to...
  376. KimH

    What shop does best Lowrance and Simrad set ups?

    So here's another question. I'm kind of thinking of the Simrad pilots I've used on the big boats and how it would relate down to the smaller stuff. John I'm assuming the SIMNet Plug and Play is a NMEA 2000 or CanBus system. Can you go old school from your plotter to the pilot via NMEA 183...
  377. KimH

    What shop does best Lowrance and Simrad set ups?

    Isn't Simrad and Lowrance the same company....Navico. You would think the difference between single & twins would be the size of the hydraulic pump, rams and lines not the fricken software.
  378. KimH

    Permatrim or Not?

    Even with the tabs trimmed all the way up????
  379. KimH

    What shop does best Lowrance and Simrad set ups?

    I was just thinking if it isn't receiving data from the plotter he'd still be able to use the pilot to hold a course. It wouldn't be able to follow a track to a waypoint but it "should" be able to steer a course. He'd just have to adjust once in awhile as the boats drifts away from the track...
  380. KimH

    What shop does best Lowrance and Simrad set ups?

    Won't the pilot at least operate on its own off the head unit? Weird if it doesn't.
  381. KimH

    Transducer.... another thread

    Most of if not all of your noise is from air. If a thru hull is in-line with the trolling motor you are back trolling with the bubbles have a chance to block the signal. My transom ducer did very well at speed until I stuck the high speed pickup for the bait tank which is in-line with the...
  382. KimH

    Best Cancer Center Who

    Yup I'd be pissed also. Interesting that our doctor (surgeon) down here in Tacoma orders both CT's and MRI's. Not sure what different kinds of detail he gets but he orders both. I get the idea but I may be wrong about this but it seems as if the CT takes slices on the scan and a small spot...
  383. KimH

    Barbless hooks for Hali?

    I'm confused a bit for area 2. It probably won't matter for me this year as I think I'll have to rotate back North before halibut season. Anyway I started using a chunk of tuna cord with a dropper loop tied into it for a spreader if spreader is the proper term. Off the dropper I had a leader...
  384. KimH

    Best Cancer Center Who

    I'll be following this thread like a hawk. The CT stuff is great but can be weird if that's the proper term. Almost two years ago my wife had a gall stone that triggered a pancreatitis attack. In the process of trying to figure out what was happening the ultrasound spotted something at the head...
  385. KimH

    Selling tuna bellies off charter/sport caught fish.. legal?

    And then back in the day, late 60's early 70's all of us were selling the salmon eggs that the customers didn't want. I suppose that doesn't happen anymore.
  386. KimH

    Learning from my stupidity...if you want

    Thanks. I'm lucky enough to be able to store the boat inside but out of habit I've always dropped the motors down in run position when storing.
  387. KimH

    Learning from my stupidity...if you want

    Well dang and interesting. Personally I don't think it's an dealer thing but could be a design problem with either the kicker or the boat or both. I feel with the single 300 the boat needs some weight in the stern as the deck doesn't drain well while at rest but adding weight one would think...
  388. KimH

    Learning from my stupidity...if you want

    With my job having me in AK 2 months at a whack the motor just doesn't have that many hours on it. --The dealer thought the same about a water leak but didn't find any indication of where if there is one. --Didn't scope the cylinders but the compressions checked good. 1-220, 2-210. --One big...
  389. KimH

    Learning from my stupidity...if you want

    I made an expensive mistake on my kicker....Yamaha 9.9. Got a call from Three Rivers before I left for Alaska earlier this year for a warranty issue on my main. Took the boat in a while ago after I got home for my time off. Since I had it there for the warranty work I had them do all the...
  390. KimH

    Autopilot Help Please

    Probably. Like Laurence suggested take a handheld compass and look for the least amount of needle swing at the various areas you want to mount the sensor. Also turn things on and off that might create an electrical field. You'll love the pilot wondering how you ever got by without one.
  391. KimH

    Autopilot Help Please

    Of course you could drop a couple grand and install a GPS SAT compass. No worry about magnetic interference. The only problem with those things are birds using the antennas as a perch. We end up gluing bird spikes
  392. KimH

    Autopilot Help Please

    Isn't most of the heading sensors that we use on our sport boats magnetic? On the Arima that I used to have I installed a Raymarine autopilot putting the heading sensor forward under one of the bunks. Never could get the thing to work all that well. After I sold the boat I refused to put a...
  393. KimH

    Way to go Hollywood!

    Petrale are great. Offer me a meal of halibut or Petrale I'll take Petrale every time. I'd take codfish over halibut, I'd take almost any fish over halibut. Petrale are deeper but I don't remember how deep, it's been many years since I fished for them. Had Dabs in the restaurant at the...
  394. KimH

    2018 ocean fisheries

    .223, 30-30, single ought buckshot....lets see what else
  395. KimH

    2018 ocean fisheries

    Sounds great but.....The very well funded opposition to this sort of thing will make it extremely difficult.
  396. KimH

    Need a kill bag stitched up

    You might try George Broom & Sons. They do all of our off load cargo slings, skiff covers, anchor winch covers et cetera. They're just a bit West of Fishermans Terminal.
  397. KimH


    I bet what Airmar and Gemeco told you will work. I do know how you handle the ground or shield going through the junction box can get a bit tricky. We had a 120kHz that gave us fits for a year until a tech discovered an improper ground in the junction box.
  398. KimH

    Lowrance AP questions

    I want to learn something here as I don't understand the slow speed performance that everyone talks about. --I've used various pilots through the years starting with a Wood Freeman aka "Iron Mike". It was a chain drive unit which was activated by sticking your hand through the spokes of the...
  399. KimH

    Coastguard Cocktail

    Here's some seasick results from a myth buster show. You can fast forward through the show to get through all the seasick stuff. Ginger.
  400. KimH

    Lowrance AP questions

    Turn the pilot off when going across a rough bar especially when coming in.....
  401. KimH

    Coastguard Cocktail

    I've never been seasick but have been around a lot of people that get sick. The best way to conquer it is just go fishing everyday. Unless you are one of the rare chronic types you'll get used to it.
  402. KimH

    Coastguard Cocktail

    We used to give it to crew that were having a tough time with seasickness but generally most people will get used to it after a couple/three days. In the past I have had crew that had chronic seasickness, IE they wouldn't get used to it. The CG cocktail did work well. Probably better than...
  403. KimH

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Just curious. With the larger steel vessels that are "Classed" it is required at times to ultrasound various areas of the hull which shows the thickness of the steel plating. Would ultra sounding an aluminum hull give you decent results to tell if it's good or bad or is the pitting a whole...
  404. KimH

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    I sat in the back and just listened. I understand and I'm sympathetic to both sides. The charters need to extend the season and the private boats want for the weekend. Personally I've missed the past two years of salmon as my rotation North had me away during the season but when I'm home, I'm...
  405. KimH

    Long shot on furuno 1623 Radar

    Does the motor have brushes. On the bigger open array scanners it's one of the regular maintenance items for us....replacing the motor brushes. You'd have to open the dome to see.
  406. KimH

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    I wonder if Elon Musk would donate a high-tech battery and drive units for the wheels.
  407. KimH

    New Truck Detailing home from Alaska. Ran by Benjamin's work place (Metropolitan Detail) 3 days later with them setting me up for an appointment and a loaner car to use. Got the super duper coatings for the outside and inside. We had bought the car at the end of September and had never washed it...
  408. KimH

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    It used to be doctors and the hospital in Aberdeen were wellllll if you could make it to Olympia alive bypass Aberdeen. Not sure if it's the same now but.......
  409. KimH

    T-mobile coverage

    I've been a Verizon user forever but since Westport/Grayland T-Mobile has improved I'm considering them. The biggest beef I have with T-Mobile is they stopped using the girl in the pink sundress Carly Foulkes as their spokesperson. Good Lord why on earth would the do something stupid like that.
  410. KimH

    T-mobile coverage

    Yes Verizon has been the only carrier that has covered the coast decently. A guy I work with had T-Mobile that was useless at Westport. I think it was a year ago they put up a tower on the hill behind Grayland. He said it works very well for him now.
  411. KimH

    Which ACR unit?

    Yup that's why I asked. I know one guy that's never registered. I've chewed his ass
  412. KimH

    Which ACR unit?

    Do you have both registered?
  413. KimH

    Painting a Fiberglass Boat?

    This isn't about painting but be of good use for you. Also a lot of good info on the web site regarding glass. If you dig they might have something about painting.
  414. KimH

    Westport-Ocean Shores Ferry

    Funny.....I grew up on the Harbor...Grayland/Westport. Dad was a cranberry farmer and taught school in Aberdeen. I've been to Ocean Shores I think 3 times in my life. I'm 65 now and still have no desire to go there.
  415. KimH

    Seastar Kicker Tiebar

    It's been a while so it's kind of foggy on the install and I don't have access to my photobucket pictures here on the boat since this KVH sat system isn't the best. I would say you are probably fine. On the Arima the kicker was a fair distance aft so if I remember correctly I had to use a...
  416. KimH

    6 Pack Near Coastal capt license?

    "Map Portion" come on, come on. It's "Chart" portion. Sorry I just had to give you shit on that one...couldn't help myself. Since I'm licensed I never, ever touch a drop of booze when sport fishing in my boat....never.
  417. KimH

    New Truck Detailing

    Wash it???? I thought you were supposed to take it back to the shop so they can wash it properly. Of course there is the 3 bucket method that you are supposed to do. We bought a new car late last year. It came with what they call the NW package which for some reason I don't trust. I had to...
  418. KimH

    Boat/Sportsman those life vests

    Long ways, we are in the Bering. A few years ago we were about 18 20 miles from the center of one in the Aleutians. It was weird. Boat sounded like it hit a gravel bar or something as well as shaking and twisting. We were over 200 fathoms. It was a flat calm day and the water never changed...
  419. KimH

    Boat/Sportsman those life vests

    124' or 128' I forget what it is. I think a slack line or door leg went tight on a surge when they were setting and flipped the 1st guy over. I'm not sure what happened when the 2nd went over but they were trying to recover the 1st when it happened. It was a shitty morning and has stayed...
  420. KimH

    Boat/Sportsman those life vests

    Last I heard he was coherent and talking but I'm sure hypothermic. They were going through the procedures to warm him plus on the way to Akutan or Dutch.
  421. KimH

    Boat/Sportsman those life vests

    By the way no one thinks to call the cg just in case they have an asset in the area so I called on the SAT phone to get things rolling for the guys. Even though the government is shut down they answered. Way to go CG!!!!
  422. KimH

    Boat/Sportsman those life vests

    Not really following the timing of things since I'm in AK right now but I think it's about time for the shows to start. I'd say it's time to stock up on the work vest, inflatable life vest et cetera. LumaCat Larry should be chiming in now. This morning we received a vhf radio call from one of...
  423. KimH

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden Deck Bo

    I have both. Grundens are far easier to get on and off vs the Tuff's. I think the Tuff's have a slight advantage of grip. I also have a pair of the ankle high Tuff's that I'm trying on the boat up North. I bought those thinking I could quickly slip in and out of them so I could run out on...
  424. KimH

    Looking for help - licensed captain

    I also have a license thingy and I don’t know shit of what’s good or bad. Or to take the guess work out of a Coldwater
  425. KimH

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    Sad but.....Olson owners took a business risk. Why should WE THE TAXPAYER take the beating? I really feel for the owners but I don't see why WE should have to bale them out. Did I make myself clear....the STATE taking the hit just means you and me who pump the tax dollar into the coffer.
  426. KimH

    My kids got new boats for Christmas!

    Matt's dad my brother in-law has built several wood toys for my son through the years. A wood train set with several cars, Cargo Airplane, a rocking horse and this replica of a trawler I ran 30+ some years ago in Alaska. This tor is at least 25 years old. Originally it had a net on one of the...
  427. KimH

    2019 Chevy truck reveiled.

    Yup!!!! Also might as will make it a dually. If you ever stick a camper on the back of a truck the dually makes a huge difference in feel plus you get a lot more exercise as you'll end up parking further out in the lots.
  428. KimH

    Help me name this girl

    How about "Sage"? I'm assuming some of her hunting will be around sage bush and of course there's our local high end fly rod maker Sage. Simple name that a dog will will take to quickly.
  429. KimH

    2019 Chevy truck reveiled.

    I get it....Young wife, no wonder you can't afford a new truck.
  430. KimH

    2019 Chevy truck reveiled.

    Fix Or Repair Daily :D:D:D:D:D
  431. KimH

    2019 Chevy truck reveiled. haters.....I've owned nothing but Chevy's through the years. Looks like a Chevy to me.
  432. KimH

    Dupont Derailment

    Sounds horrible. I was at the hospital all day with the wife. St. Joe's in Tacoma. She had developed an infection from a surgery last week which requires another hospital stay and another small surgery to install a drain. Or took a long time for them to do the procedure since they went into a...
  433. KimH

    Stabilizied Binoculars

    I have had a pair of Fugi's for several years that I bought to use up North but I no longer pack them back and forth so just use them down here. They work well enough on our smaller boats. On my Duck when I'm pounding at cruse I can't use them all that well but they work good enough when...
  434. KimH

    Southwest passengers are so friendly

    Yeah me too. Last week the company sent some of us over to Hirtshals Denmark to the flume tank to test some of our gear. 1st leg from Seattle to Amsterdam was of someone farting in my seating area. 10 hours trapped in a stinky flying pipe can put most anyone into a killing rage.
  435. KimH

    Shout Out to Metropolitan Detail & Reel Hooker

    How long did the job take? Where's your shop? The dealer had already installed their NW Package whatever that is so I don't know if the car needs anything else but I'd like to keep it looking good.
  436. KimH

    Westport kids need our help

    My Alma Mater. Growing up in a fishing community I turned into a......fisherman. Check will be in the mail.
  437. KimH

    Adding a Bow Thruster

    I'd say you don't need a stern thruster if it's a twin screw. One in forward, one in reverse using the thruster to counteract the twist. You can move a boat sideways without any forward a reverse movement if you want, just sideways. Easier than parallel parking a car.
  438. KimH

    Did you thing our seasons were bad before?

    Habitat and conditions.................
  439. KimH

    Another tragic example - wear a PFD.

    Don't drink and drive while on the water
  440. KimH

    Pacific marine expo

    Haven't a clue on that. I would imagine if the safety outfits are offering deals you could probably find one. Or you might have to wait for the Seattle Boat show.
  441. KimH

    Pacific marine expo

    Wish I could go, there is soooo many toys to look at but I'm up North fishing. The fun part of Expo is to get invited to the evening parties or find out where they're at and crash them. I'm fairly certain the company I work for has a booth (US Seafoods), stop by and tell them hi for me.
  442. KimH

    Wallis Heater

    Mine had been a pain in the ass since I bought the boat (new). Took it to Scanmarine last September. They told me it was all gummed up. I'd never filled the tank so whatever was put into it before I bought the boat caused the problem. They said use diesel not kerosene. I did pull it apart...
  443. KimH

    Northriver vs. Duckworth Offshore

    They'd probably need to upgrade their meter system which could be expensive. I wonder what the EPA marine fueling facilities requirements are to do this. Probably a fair amount of hoops. Then I would imagine there would be a substantial insurance cost increase. Not sure why or how LaPush can...
  444. KimH

    Northriver vs. Duckworth Offshore

    Oh yeah I forgot. The Allied. Like I said if I had the big bucks I'd look at the Coldwater. Walk around I think is a big deal. I've fished a total of 4, once with 5 on my boat. I don't see how guys do 6 without having a cluster but most of the time the people that I take out are fairly...
  445. KimH

    Razors - Nov 3-5

    You got a long way to go to follow me. Left Captains Bay, Dutch Harbor at 0315 this morning (there went my beauty sleep). 225-ish mile steam before I'm fishing tomorrow morning. No clams involved.
  446. KimH

    Northriver vs. Duckworth Offshore

    I have the 26' Duck. I felt Duck was the better purchase at the time I bought mine but that might have or probably has swung back to NR. If I had the big bucks I'd go Coldwater. I really, really wish I had twin 200's versus the single 300 I have. Really wish. Duck when I bought mine had an...
  447. KimH

    First time pressure canning

    Electric burner with a cast iron plate works well in the garage or shop. Easy to regulate the heat. You can find them on Amazon from $15 to the Cadco which is around $130. The wife can't stand the smell of fried razor clams or fish so I end up cooking what I eat in the shop on the hot plate...
  448. KimH

    Coyote's and Pets

    Amen to that. They make leashes and collars for a reason. If the dog is chasing other animals and the owner doesn't have it leashed they are an irresponsible owner. Same goes for the owner that lets the dog run free letting it get hit by the's not the driver that is at fault it's the...
  449. KimH

    OP Pole Barn Kit / Builder

    Are you planning to have windows??:D:D
  450. KimH

    Coyote's and Pets

    So how long did it take you to get the suppressor after purchase? One of the guys I work with ordered one last spring. It was delivered to the gun shop but he still wasn't allowed to pick it up several months later. Not sure if he has it yet or not.
  451. KimH

    Paulsbo Marina is a Joke

    And you know
  452. KimH

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Yup Ken really zeroed in on the problem. Mark is shooting up on last piece of flashing for one corner.
  453. KimH

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Here's a BIG BIG BIG shoutout to Ken and Mark for the expert help on my leaky window. They got a course of action going which ended up involving the original contractor due to some rot in a header that was discovered. Non weight bearing header. After he replaced the window and repaired the...
  454. KimH

    cool weather site

    In Alaska the company I work for subscribes to a weather/ship routing service for us. It's generally right on. Windy is right there with it for wind speeds at least.
  455. KimH

    PSA Ocean Anglers Oct 22nd meeting

    Hey Paul, The 22nd is Sunday. Is this correct or did you mean Saturday the 21st?
  456. KimH

    Tuna Gear help

    Hand line set up for albacore. Yup it will work.
  457. KimH

    SeaSport Tuna

    Or a Coldwater or maybe that Allied. I'm not sure about the money ahead part. I'd need to retire out of the Alaska game so I could get more time in but then I probably couldn't afford the fuel.
  458. KimH

    SeaSport Tuna

    Peddler (Matt) has many offers on various boats to chase tuna and has been several times. He was with me a few years ago on my maiden tuna trip so he knows the drill. Poor guy as the years seem to go by he just gets busier and busier with other things in life. I'm a proud Uncle. You have...
  459. KimH

    10/4 Wedensday tuna run

    I have a couple/three pairs of the cut resistant gloves. The pair I have with the rubber coating isn't good for tuna as it's too slippery. The other ones give you a decent grip when pulling the skin. The biggest problem is getting the smell out of them after cleaning tuna. The Oxiclean soak...
  460. KimH

    10/4 Wedensday tuna run
  461. KimH

    Razor clams.....yum

    Different story tonight...done with limits and back to the place before dark.
  462. KimH

    Razor clams.....yum

    The County Line approach (the one by The Local) had a bunch of stuck people also. Soft, soft, soft sand at the approach.
  463. KimH

    Canning - Retort style..

    I guess you're talking about inside the canner. My pressure cooker is an All American which has a spacer plate that goes in the bottom. That's all I use. I also stand the bags on edge packed tight.
  464. KimH

    Razor clams.....yum

    My brother and I started on the North Spit (Very South end of the Grayland area) where I usually do well. Tough go. We moved further North after not a lot of success. Ended up with 12 between us. The only shows were from hard pounding with my pound stick. Even then the shows were subtle...
  465. KimH

    Canning - Retort style..

    cycling through the various setting--"s" button --99.9 -- Vacum --E20 -- I don't have the manual here to refer to but I think this is extra time of vacuum after it reaches the 99.9. --00.0 not sure what this is --03.6 -- this is seal time. I'm thinking about bumping this up a bit. 3.8 or...
  466. KimH

    I think this Blue Friday business has gone too far!

    I'm wearing a blue T today as it was the T that was on top of the pile in the drawer. The front says Wear...Grundens. The back says "Eat Tuna". F the NFL.
  467. KimH charts for 10/3

    No....that's a good influence. The other day on the way back from fishing a boat passed me fairly close. After he was ahead he was to my starboard and then port and then starboard, all over the place actually. I said to myself "Self...he needs an autopilot." Then if you have it plugged into...
  468. KimH

    Razor clams.....yum

    Funny....Mom never wrote the Fritter recipe down as there probably wasn't one. She's still very sharp mentally but just tells me a little bit of this and a little bit of that which I haven't been able to match. Of course she used the clams she canned, I used fresh ground clams...maybe that's...
  469. KimH

    Razor clams.....yum

    My mother who is pushing 97 now used to use a hand meat grinder to the clams and then can juice and all. Ground made the best chowder versus chopped. Great Fritters also.
  470. KimH

    I’ll just leave this here...

    I wonder if they have a Puddy Bear?
  471. KimH


    Some of the State is sane but the greater Seattle/Tacoma metro area especially Seattle.....Lord help us.
  472. KimH

    Non-ethonol Aberdeen area do use the Hungry Whale's gas. Be careful pulling in there. I saw a guy tear off his radar as he pulled in under the overhang.
  473. KimH

    Swapping out bait pump

    I use these for a quick connect & disconnect. A 2 conductor plug should be all you need. I did buy the crimper.
  474. KimH

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    I subscribe to Terrafin and actually I'm almost liking NOAA's Coastwatch better. It's just not as quick and convenient as the pay for services, I've subscribed to both in the past. Running the curser for Lat/Long is easier with the pay for but it seems as if I'm getting a better picture on...
  475. KimH

    The new Raymarine M-232 FLIR on the Lumacat

    Just curious how it actually is working for you if you can say. We had one of their earlier models on one of the vessels I ran in Alaska. The idea was for a man overboard situation and for working in the pancake ice flows. I don't see this model listed anymore so maybe there has been some...
  476. KimH

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    For a PC use the snipping tool to get the screen shot. Or maybe printscreen functions For a Mac: --To take a screenshot of the entire screen, press Cmd+Shift+3 together. --To take a screenshot of a selected portion, press Cmd+Shift+4 together. Then, using your mouse, click at a corner of the...
  477. KimH

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    I can what I catch but #2...Top off with broth????? I just slap 4 oz of tuna in a 4 oz retort bag The broth thing has me wondering. I did try some liquid smoke on a batch the other day which I haven't tried yet.
  478. KimH

    Westport Weather forecast report?

    Didn't Patrick talk Wx before the WTC? And, wasn't jinxed was it? I wasn't here so I don't really know if it was good or bad. Maybe you should start talking wx.
  479. KimH


    I've always felt Canada got the better deal off of Flattery.
  480. KimH

    Kodak's First Trip of 2017

    Yeah same here Greg. I had an extra net but like John when I'm on the deck which is most of the time I don't hear the radio very well. I've also been planning on hanging an external speaker aft but that's has far as I've got with that project. Actually I want to hang a 2nd vhf to 16 on 100%...
  481. KimH

    Window install or construction problem advice

    I'm overwhelmed with all the response but I did know there was a lot of knowledge sitting on this forum. The leak in the building has just been a pain in the ass. Appreciate all the advice. Thanks for all the good thoughts et cetera regarding my wife. Yup the cancer deal sucks. Lost my dad...
  482. KimH


    Had a surgical tubing slingshot war with another boat one time. Bigger boats where we had one leg of the slingshot hooked up to a hook-line so we could aim better. The other leg was on a mast or boom. We won the battle....grease gun, water balloons....really make a mess when they splatter...
  483. KimH


    Just tell them you are in the EEZ....Exclusive Economic Zone.
  484. KimH

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Yup that's pretty much by plan on using a different contractor.
  485. KimH

    Window install or construction problem advice

    I think they did pull the panels all the way to the roof line. The very 1st picture on at the start of this thread is a different window on the ground floor NW corner of the building which is how all the windows are installed. The problem window is ground floor SW corner. All the black foam...
  486. KimH

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Thanks this is good information regarding how to deal with him. We have gone over and above working with him and will probably try to continue one last time. He's been trying to fix this leak for 2 years and has admitted he's stumped. I think the last attempt was sometime during the summer...
  487. KimH

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Oh by the way guys. I really appreciate all the responses and replies including PM's which I haven't answered all yet but will get to it. I figured there was a lot of knowledge sitting in the forum. Kim
  488. KimH

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Above the window which I think is what you are looking at would be the floor of the tower. Then the wood post you see is support for the tower. The tower wasn't planned originally but then my wife figured out we could get a view so it was a change order or an add on. Getting that window out...
  489. KimH

    Beautiful Boat

    I wonder if the mold for that hull is still around?
  490. KimH

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Here's some pictures she took of the construction in that area of the building. The window is partly below the deck and the tower. The tower was a change order which might have screwed the pooch for us. Lower right is the troublesome window
  491. KimH

    WP sat 16th. Omg it's full of tuna!

    We had a tunny come up tailless Saturday. Poor thing had a tough demise. Lost it's tail and then my brother decided to try gaffing and belly gaffed it....sheesh.
  492. KimH

    Window install or construction problem advice

    I didn't know Ken was in the business but we've already been PM'ing. Diane asked the guys putting up the neighbors building said but they are too busy with new construction to do this type of work. Looks like a very good outfit (F & L). Ken also said they were. Wish we had done a bit more...
  493. KimH

    Window install or construction problem advice

    I know this is a fishing forum but what the hell there is a huge diverse group here with tons of knowledge and I need some knowledge. We started using our new building here at Westport in the spring 2 1/2 years ago. Later in the year after a good heavy rain we noticed a leak at one of the...
  494. KimH

    Beautiful Boat

    Huge deck, huge hold & and walk around. What more would a person want? Perfect!!!!
  495. KimH

    GenesisMaps ...Seems pretty cool

    The 50k hardware is to have a multi beam such as a WASSP supplying data. It can take any depth input but yeah it's expensive. The multi beam just maps quicker. The main needs for good bottom mapping would be something to correct for pitch, roll et cetera. A Furuno GPS heading sensor...
  496. KimH

    GenesisMaps ...Seems pretty cool

    Olex.. 3D view of an area we mapped. I'm hanging off the edge getting ready to shoot alongside the high spot and then will continue on top along the edge from there. Here's another area we've mapped called the Velcro spot. We didn't quite understand why we...
  497. KimH

    Saturday TUNA Run ??

    Me also. Been home from AK for a couple of weeks so it's time to get off my ass and do something fun.
  498. KimH

    Fleet of Commercials

    Oh yeah I forgot about the shrimpers. If they have the long outrigger poles off of each side they are shrimpers.
  499. KimH

    Fleet of Commercials

    If they're trawlers they are more than likely fishing hake
  500. KimH

    Interesting tuna area

    I've been snooping around on an AIS site I have access to that reads AIS through satellites. Spotted a spread out group of fishing boats US & Canadian fishing in the middle of nowhere. Probably centers around 46 10N 157 20W. All the vessels that are dark green are fishing. Whole different...
  501. KimH

    Securing Lures While Underway - Tuna

    I gotta give credit to the zip tie idea to Chasin'tail Mike. He went out on my boat on its maiden tuna run a couple/three years ago and showed me that trick.
  502. KimH

    Securing Lures While Underway - Tuna

    For a hook keeper you can use a zip wire tie with an eye>
  503. KimH

    Chine Protection?

    This worked well for a 17' Trophy I had a few years ago. Drop an anchor or weight off the stern that is attached to the "Buddy". Pull up to the beach with a Keel Guard protected keel. Get out of the boat, let the "Buddy" pull the boat...
  504. KimH

    Tuna 9-1

    Good report....Yikes!!! Question. Your wind direction has me confused. "Then the fun started. That northerly wind turned a 180 on us and we ran back against a southerly wind and we were caught way south." How are you reporting direction? "From" the direction it is coming from or "to" the...
  505. KimH

    Theft on Float 12

    Yup it is. Not even funny to read anymore. BD "used" to be a halfway fun and informative fishing/boating forum to participate in. It's starting to slide......
  506. KimH

    Overnight Tuna Run

    Running somewhat larger vessels the past 30+ years with the largest being 360' you would be surprised how blind the radars are to small targets. I'm not sure but I'd think the big deep sea guys, container ships et cetera have a fair blind area in front of them due to the radar scanner being so...
  507. KimH

    Overnight Tuna Run

    But, but, but it's scary out there at night..............:D:D
  508. KimH

    Close Marine Areas 1 (Ilwaco) and 2 (Westport) to salmon fishing.

    Commercial trollers gave the sport sector 2600 of their silver quota so the sport season could be extended a bit. "Cattle Boats" is a crappy name. They provide a service to people that can't afford or aren't able to own their own boat. People that pay taxes to maintain what little fishery we...
  509. KimH

    Team Allied Boats WTC Report

    Thanks....I was just trying to some teasing. Love the walk-around. Only way to go in my opinion but I guess you need some size to it. Wanna trade straight across for my Duck???
  510. KimH

    Team Allied Boats WTC Report

    Cool boat......Sooooooo is that the proper way to break in a pair of new engines??
  511. KimH


    Ohhhhh a walk around. I really like that idea. Maybe I should sell the Duck but I'm hardly using it anyway as it seems as if my schedule keeps me in Ak quite a bit of the summer. 2nd year in a row I've missed salmon fishing off the coast.
  512. KimH


    :hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha: Hey Patrick, Just curious if the Allied is a walk-around? I feel that's one of the things your CW has over most of the other boats that you are competing against.
  513. KimH

    Roaming Westport

    Ride your bike down to Twin Harbors State Park. We used to do it as kids. There should be some of the "Most Dangerous Animals" known to man (girls) to find.
  514. KimH

    Almost sank me boat

    pvc piping and boats....ehhhh. Especially for a thru-hull connection. Years ago I spent the off season working in a small shipyard that was putting together Delta hulls for charter boats. We were using pvc piping for bilge systems et cetera. We always had a section of hose, hose clamped...
  515. KimH

    Adding extra cable or braid on downrigger.

    Yup I crunched two spools on my Scotty's.
  516. KimH

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    You forgot to add "Saint" to Kelly's name.
  517. KimH

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    What??? You prefer limp? What planet are you from....oh wait I see...California.
  518. KimH

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    That's funny. Reminds me of an old saying my Mother used to use to warn us away from loose women. "If you sleep with dogs you'll end up with fleas."
  519. KimH

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    This is new news?????
  520. KimH

    Who reads USCG's Notice to Mariners?

    And of course this is the source info of the unending task of Chart Corrections, Coast Pilot corrections & Light List corrections.
  521. KimH


    If you are high grading grabbing by the tail and lifting even if you don't bring it aboard but are trying to get the hook out increases the mortality of the fish. And of course the tail is the easiest thing to grab.
  522. KimH

    Lower Unit oil dribble from vent screw

    I think you need a new motor Matt. Just kidding.....
  523. KimH

    Floating Gaff

    I got mine from Get-The-Gaff also as well as a bait net. There's something about the traditional look of bamboo I like. They have a store on Ebay as well as a web site. Mine was fairly slick so I did wrap some twine on it in a couple of places for a bit of traction.
  524. KimH

    Shopping for Handheld VHF

    Wear a PLB???
  525. KimH

    Happy Birthday Drangonballs

    Happy Birthday Vance, Saw your fishing mentor (I think) yesterday (Tower Todd). He jumped on the boat as we were swapping gear to fish in the Aleutians. He only had about 30 minutes so I didn't get to give him much of tour, just the wheelhouse. They were headed out of the bay headed for...
  526. KimH

    Raymarine problem/question

    Yeah the gain thing is just a shot in the dark. What freq are you using? High or low (50kHz or 200kHz???)? It looks like you are running on the internal sounder unit so I'm assuming 600-ish power. Regardless of freq you should be boinking bottom at that depth to trigger a read out. If you...
  527. KimH

    Raymarine problem/question

    Looks to me you are painting bottom in the sounder screen but the bottom return echo isn't strong enough to trigger the digital depth read out in either screen. Have you tried tuning down gain a bit just to see if the unit is getting confused by all the noise.
  528. KimH

    New Electronics ???

    Since Navico owns both Simrad and Lowrance isn't Simrad just an upgraded Lowrance with more features or is Lowrance a downgraded Simrad with less features. Don't really know since I haven't researched either brand. I guess the main question is, how is Navico's support?
  529. KimH

    It beginning to look like x mas

    Nice!!!! Now you'll have your head glued into the sounder screen not paying attention to all the surface sign that you need to pay attention to. Catch will drop................... :D:D:D
  530. KimH


    Regardless of the various arguments regarding what the State requires for charter permits et cetera the Feds require a CG license, six-pac and up depending on the size of the vessel. Also there are certain requirements for charter vessels regarding safety which have nothing to do with money...
  531. KimH

    Tactical Strike upgrade

    Good deal Pat. I dropped a bit over 20 last summer when this boat was being built. I was eating good plus there are several flights of stairs to climb especially during the construction phase and then we went fishing. Boat food, nerves plus sitting and pacing in the wheelhouse....ugh. The...
  532. KimH

    Tactical Strike upgrade

    He's a bit chunky for a young guy so sweating off a few pounds won't hurt him. You don't want him looking like me in a few years.
  533. KimH

    Tactical Strike upgrade

    Oh that looks so empty under the wheel. I have so many wires under there from my install it's almost impossible to troubleshoot or trace anything. I like the install of the units in the seat box
  534. KimH


    Yup a monitored security system. Also, I installed the "Ring" doorbells at the house and at the place in Westport. Really like them. The wife even have me a big thumbs up. Doorbell, video that detects motion even if they don't ring the bell and you can talk over it even if you aren't home all...
  535. KimH

    Need battery system advice

    Just for double back up, just in case sort of thing I always carry this, charged up of course.
  536. KimH

    Need battery system advice

  537. KimH

    Organizing and Storing Tools Onboard

    If you have an autopilot with a heading sensor don't store your tools too close to the sensor........
  538. KimH

    Time to boat shop!!

    28' to 33'......ohhhhhhhh. I love my Duckworth but......28' to 33'.....walk-around, walk-around, walk-around.
  539. KimH

    Ready to fish

    I'd say TefGel but I'm not 100% on that. Was there any coating on the bolts when you pulled them? I've been wondering if 5200 is wise mainly because it'd be so hard to pull a deck panel if the need would come up in the future. I know heat is your friend when trying to pull something that is...
  540. KimH

    Careful who you throw water balloons at....

    Grease gun, water balloons, surgical tubing balloon win.
  541. KimH

    Ready to fish

    No I don't. I'm almost afraid to see how hard it would be to pull the deck panels. Three Rivers where I bought my boat I think does use some sort of corrosion blocker with the work they do. I think the heater install is done by Duckworth. After the tread a bit ago about corrosion under paint...
  542. KimH

    Ready to fish

    Did you use TefGel on the screws so you don't get corrosion?
  543. KimH

    Victorinox Knife set

    Seattle Marine also has the sheaths.
  544. KimH

    Victorinox Knife set

    Up North we use the serrated Vicky's for deck knifes. The serrated chew through web and line a bit better than a smooth blade. I remember the 1st time I used a Vicky. I was in the habit when trimming web or cutting a taper by placing my thumb over a bar of mesh as I cut it with the blade if...
  545. KimH

    Polishing Da Boat

    Yup I'm sure a lot of things have changed since the article was written. The main thing I got out of it was the steps and tools to get to the point of sealing it. Of course this doesn't help me since I have painted tin.
  546. KimH

    Polishing Da Boat

    For you fiberglass guys here's a good article about restoring your finish. It includes most everything including tools. There are several other informative articles in this web site if you look in the "Research" section.
  547. KimH

    Anchoring in shipping lanes

    Yup you'd be surprised how blind the bigger vessels are with their radars especially if there is any sort of sea. I used to run with one radar on a 12 mile range and the other generally at 6. Anymore I operate with one on 6 and the other at 1.5 if not closer depending on the traffic. If I...
  548. KimH

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    Have the Green Mountain. Like FishBoy82 the sensor went out on mine but it is still usable. To me it doesn't smoke very well. For the place in Westport I bought a Vision Grill which is a Green Egg copy or Kamato style grill. I like that thing. Good tasting stuff comes out of it using the...
  549. KimH

    Anchoring in shipping lanes

    At PA they take a "Ships Pilot" aboard to take them the rest of the way in but the Captain is ultimately responsible. As far a braking, depending on size and load I've read they take around 14/15 minutes to come to a complete stop. Probably a mile or two or three.
  550. KimH

    Sharing Fishing Expenses

    I must be doing something wrong.
  551. KimH

    Well, I bought a Duckworth...

    AND.....we're not pricks.
  552. KimH

    My attempt at a boat porn music video

    Advice when flying a drone. Make sure you click the battery in secure. Don't ask me how I know this........:mad::mad:
  553. KimH

    The Juice is getting evicted!!

    Montesanso/Brady??? Country RV & storage that you drive by on the way to Westport. I kept my Arima and Duck there before we built the place here in Westport. Covered and the price was decent.
  554. KimH

    Captain Chat

    As a general rule for stability regardless of hull, displacement, planing et cetera (not sure about cats) the most unstable position to have a sea is on the stern quarter. Sea lifts the stern, bow digs, sea pushes the stern causing bow steer (broach). When in a following sea are your trim tabs...
  555. KimH

    Small Boat Check

    Float Plan with the wife....Good. How's the life insurance policy...paid up?
  556. KimH

    Raymarine & Yamaha gage glitchs

    Thanks. Done that but still no go. I'll do it over again though
  557. KimH

    Raymarine & Yamaha gage glitchs

    Here Ya go Brian, I figured the trim indication problem out with the help of youtube. There is a black plastic lever arm which you can see in the picture. This was frozen with salt build up which is weird as I hose the boat down with Salt Away but may have missed this area. Anyway work the...
  558. KimH

    Raymarine & Yamaha gage glitchs

    Last January I updated my Raymarine Lighthouse software in my units. Saved all the data et cetera but the new version wouldn't read the saved. I think I jumped over too many versions but no big deal as I had my areas of interest written down. I plugged in the areas as waypoints so I can figure...
  559. KimH

    Capt. job

    Or showing your mistress your house on the waterfront and then running aground. Been years ago but I seem to remember that incident. Good career move if it's true. Not such a good family move either.
  560. KimH

    Capt. job

    They narrow it down fairly hard with their requirements. 1 year as a Master in Puget Sound on small passenger ferry vessels. So someone such as myself (I'm not looking) with a 1600 ton Master of Oceans (I have my celestial endorsement) wouldn't be qualified. Looks to me they already have the...
  561. KimH

    Self-Inflating vests? Yes or no? What exact ones if yes

    60 seconds Bubba, 60 seconds. You should be able to get into the suit in 60 seconds. One trick to get into the suit with your shoes on is store a couple of plastic bags in the suit or bag. Slip the bags over your shoes which allows them to slide into the suit easily. No hats. If you are...
  562. KimH

    Tracking Commercial Fishing - Global Fishing Watch!

    The GA is a mothership operation. All the cv's will be using pelagic gear (midwater). By the looks of it they're off the edge in the deep. Target specie is hake (Pacific Whiting). I'm not sure anymore as I haven't kept track of what they're doing but a few years ago I think Greenies...
  563. KimH

    26' Duckworth Offshore, school me.

    You could be correct about the deck panels Mike. I haven't pulled any of my panels but I do think there is a bit of seepage. I have stuck my head under in the stern area looking forward, the top of the fuel tank looks good. I'm not sure about boats with twin 150's or 200's or a single 350 but...
  564. KimH

    26' Duckworth Offshore, school me.

    Ehhhhh....just look at the boat to make sure there isn't any of the pitting that you see in that particular thread. Also going forward make sure you're using the aluminum anodes instead of zinc.
  565. KimH

    Patrick Walker - Speaks on Tuna

    Won't he be fishing tuna by then? :D:D:D
  566. KimH

    Rocna anchors

    What type of bottom are you anchoring in? Would it give you any advantage if you were anchoring on rocky bottom?
  567. KimH

    Westport Halibut Thursday????

    Arrrrrgh.....I'm soooo embarrassed.
  568. KimH

    Westport Halibut Thursday????

    I meant the minus tide in the morning but yeah even though I don't have a superstitious bone in my body, I'll even leave on a Friday, I went out of my way not to use the other word pertaining to the "Sporty" afternoon. Looks like Thursday will be the last day for area 2 if I'm reading it...
  569. KimH

    Westport Halibut Thursday????

    Sooooo anyone giving it a try???? Tide is nasty in the morning at departure time. Afternoon "looks" to be "sporty" for coming in.
  570. KimH

    Bottom fish descender

    It's 10 bucks more if you go direct to their web site. Get it from Amazon. Not sure of the Sportco price
  571. KimH

    Lapush roll call

    So much anger. You should learn to sit in the Lotus Position, hands resting on knees, palms upwards, eyes closed and then chant UhhhhhhAmmmmm, UhhhhhhAmmmmm and so on.
  572. KimH


    Westport....maybe Thursday if I can get home from AK quick enough. Maybe fly out of Dutch on the 1st so I have to bust ass to get the boat ready. No crew set up yet.
  573. KimH


    I used it for a bit on my boat. Ehhhhh I didn't really care for it that much. Google Windyty. It's a decent wind prediction site that is actually very good.
  574. KimH

    Safe t puller

    I guess a guy can learn to cable coil if you have stiff line and doing it by hand.
  575. KimH

    Advice on smoking

    Is your lube oil consumption more on the smoky side versus the good side?
  576. KimH

    Westport July 21 trip

    Forget converting.....just use bait
  577. KimH

    La push bar

    Ahhhh Bull Shit. The CG makes a judgement call, sometimes they might get it wrong. Just keep in mind when your sorry ass goes out and gets into trouble they come out regardless and try to help which in turn puts their guys lives at risk. It ain't all about you.
  578. KimH

    GH bouy....ouch

    The wife said our weather station at the place in Westport topped out at 66 knots. She also said today the Velella Velella jelly fish were on the beach. Seems early for those.
  579. KimH

    New shop for the boat... a story of frustration.....

    Yeah too many Californians have moved up here and have fucked it all up.
  580. KimH

    Radar overlay question from Fng!

    Yup I'm a guy that doesn't like radar on the chart overlay. But....I'm also a North up type of person. On the bigger boats we've had gyros or in recent years GPS heading sensors which supply heading data that allowed us have North up. I almost get confused when the radar is in head up mode...
  581. KimH

    Well We have jumped in with both feet!!

    Yeah they talk funny down there.
  582. KimH

    Radar overlay question from Fng!

    This is my opinion only so I'll probably get shot down on it. I have the overlay on my Raymarine stuff mainly because I have a heading sensor for my autopilot (Garmin). Never use the overlay. Don't like it. I think the chart plotter screen tends to hide the targets. I'm not sure if your...
  583. KimH

    Glenwood Springs Hatchery Funding Cuts

    Just do an end around to the governor...that should fix it...well maybe...someone would have to read it to him though, then someone would have to dumb it down to 2nd grade level....ahhhh maybe not do the end around.:D:D:D:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  584. KimH

    Electrical Connectors

    I don't know....maybe cause it's DC. play with this for a bit and wire size.
  585. KimH

    Electrical Connectors

    Or make your own with whatever wire you want to use. I do have the crimper....somewhere....I think it's on the boat....maybe.
  586. KimH

    Post op check in

    Hope everything progresses to the positive for her which I'm sure it will.
  587. KimH

    New ride... project w/ repower - Poll QUESTION?

    The Yami mainly because of the extra HP.
  588. KimH

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    Question....Mounting the rod holders. Do you just thru bolt? I have the Defiance top on mine, I was thinking of making a table that would have PVC pipe as legs that would drop into the cup holders with the table extending to the back work station. It would make fillet time much easier.
  589. KimH

    Destination details

    Well Damn....
  590. KimH

    Destination details

    Chris, I watched the CG cutter on the AIS site that the company I work for subscribes to. Yesterday they worked a fairly tight grid and then late afternoon I got excited as they steamed to the SW at over 20 knots. I really don't think anything came of it or at least I didn't read anything in...
  591. KimH

    Building without GC savings

    What I'd like to know what happens after using a GC if something goes wrong. Bonded doesn't mean shit unless it's a big item as far as I can tell. My brother had a problem but the repair would have been less than the court filing fees et cetera. I have a couple of problems that I don't...
  592. KimH

    Rockfish and Deepwater Lingcod Season

    It was just a thought as I know they have mortality rates for other fish. Pounding a pip jig with big assed treble hooks hooking the fish in the gut probably reduces its chance of survival. As I said, just I thought as I really don't know their reasoning.
  593. KimH

    Rockfish and Deepwater Lingcod Season

    Mortality??? I'm sure they have a mortality rate of caught and released figured so maybe they're hoping to decrease the kill rate.
  594. KimH

    Razor clams

    Growing up down there as kids we used to plink with our .22's behind Grayland all the time. No one thought anything of us riding our bikes down the road with a .22, my how things have changed. In the Grayland area where we used to go all the logging roads are all gated so it might tough to...
  595. KimH

    Razor clams

    I dug Tuesday, Wednesday & yesterday just a hair South of the County Line....I usually go a lot further South but it wasn't crowded so I stopped. Easy 20 minute limits Tuesday & Wednesday but yesterday I really had to work for the limit. With the onshore weather and rain nothing was showing so...
  596. KimH

    And yet another reason to catch and can your own tuna

    Fake news.......Run it by Snopes.
  597. KimH

    SB Food Photos

    Yuck, avocados are Kali liberal yuppy food.
  598. KimH

    Canning tuna newbie

    Cast iron style of hot plate works well in the garage.
  599. KimH

    Anyone know when this started ??

    Just so we stay away from the income tax on top of the sales tax.
  600. KimH

    Short distance two-way headsets

    Check out the Kenwood brand of business type of radios. We use these for our bridge to deck comms but there are several other options which includes headsets, ear pieces et cetera. I gave up on loud hailers years ago. In the Bering sea fishing since there isn't a huge range we just use the...
  601. KimH

    Battery question

    I have the same problem Norm but I don't have the 3rd battery. Kicker just doesn't do it. And then being the nervous type for backup I've carried this for a few years. Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter Couldn't post the Amazon link for some reason so you'll have to google it.
  602. KimH

    Building Plans

    Pm'd you
  603. KimH

    Building Plans

    To give you some ideas. Ours is 40' x 60'. Living area is stick built, garage area is pole. The area required living on the ground floor otherwise we would have had living just in the upper area. Had to toss in a drone shot of the finished product. You're more than welcome to stop by and...
  604. KimH

    Boat insurance heads up

    The Yacht policy covers you off shore for things like tuna and halibut. I don't think the others do.
  605. KimH

    Nisqually Closed to all

    Yeah the lowest priced fish they won't fish. Wasn't a lot of the chum market just for roe? Looks good for their propaganda to the public.
  606. KimH

    46029 Gone Rogue

    Bringing the boat home for shipyard this past December "Traffic" called us and asked if we would be willing to try to locate and recover a buoy of the UW's that had come loose. They also gave us a contact number of one of the lead scientists for the project. If I remember correctly he offered...
  607. KimH

    frozen fish learnings

    Commercially....We pack H & G fish in a 20kg pan, we don't do fillet. Pop the pan of fish in a plate freezer and freeze as quick as the system will freeze it. I forget what our target core temperature is but it typically takes 4 hours-ish. From there the block of fish is busted out of the pan...
  608. KimH

    Seastar Kicker Cable Tie Bar

    I had a Arima SL where I installed this system. I felt it was an easy install. Traded the boat in for my Duck so I can't take any current pictures. These are the only one I could find which might not give you the angle you need to answer your questions but maybe they'll help. Great system...
  609. KimH

    Dowrrigger/mooching rod is it possible!

    In my opinion you will want something that has enough backbone to handle at least a 6 ounce weight. It all depends on wind and tide conditions plus depth of how much weight you'll use. Maybe even 8 ounce but.....ugh...time to switch back to a down-rigger if you need to go that heavy.
  610. KimH

    What would you do?

    I had a 17' Trophy, kept it when I bought my 22' Arima intending to continue using it in Puget Sound to fly fish searun cutts, never used the Trophy, traded both in for my Duckworth. Sell it. Of course I never fished Kokanee or some of the smaller boat fisheries.
  611. KimH

    New Year's Eve party

  612. KimH

    New Year's Eve party

    Tribute to WHAM???
  613. KimH

    Hitting Kauai this week. Help fill my day

    We have a time share there so have been many times. They say Kauai is for "The Newlyweds or Nearly Dead" so it's somewhat of a quiet Island. We're not the tour types so tend to try to find some shade and make heavy use of the Kindle. --I've been out once on the "The Big To Do" out of Port...
  614. KimH

    Anybody hiring?

    Maybe. Seems like to me we're a bit short on factory techs which work with the factory equipment. Need fab skills, TIG and stick, hydraulics, electrical, conveyors et cetera so just all around mechanical ability. If you don't have the skill it shows quickly. One important skill I feel is to...
  615. KimH

    Anybody hiring?

    There's always the fishing industry. Long hours. Couple months away from home. No booze et cetera.....ever or at least while you are on contract. Sometimes good money, sometimes not.
  616. KimH

    Wallace Heater issue

    I have the same thing going on with mine. It would get going, heat and then shut down. I've discovered a corroded fuel line vent (I think). I replaced the fitting but I haven't had the time or haven't been near the boat to go from there to see if I can get it going. I'd check the outlet for...
  617. KimH

    Helping "Santa" choose an Electric Reel for Christmas

    I have a pair of the 750's or they are the Tanacom Bull 750's I think, maybe. There might of been a change in the reels a couple of years ago when the price dropped some. Good reel and seems tough. Isn't the Seaborg a two speed? Personally I feel you don't need the two speed. When I was...
  618. KimH

    Small pilothouse, rod storage?

    What's the deck like and what's under your deck in the cabin. Chop a long,as long as you can hole to make a hatch. The Duckworths though bigger boats have this but it might be something you could pull off if you were really ambitious. I wouldn't but it might be possible.
  619. KimH

    Family traditions and secret recipes.

    Wow I'm feeling guilty. Mom also made one of the better pie crusts. My favorite was her from scratch lemon meringue, always done to perfection with the meringue dollop-ed and baked to a light brown. Of course the crust was light and flaky. Probably not the healthiest as I think Crisco was an...
  620. KimH

    Winter boat projects. guys. And here I was thinking about "eventually" mounting a tool holder on the bait tank. I'm embarrassed.
  621. KimH

    Green Mountain vs Traeger

    I have the Green Moutain. Works ok but the damn thing is always beeping at me. Pellet level sensor or something. For the place at Westport we got a Vision Grill which is a Green Egg or Kamado style of grill. Love that thing. Easy to control the temp, gets up over 600° if you want. The wood...
  622. KimH

    Salmon fillet video

    Cool I'll have to try it from the belly side. What I want to know is how to easily to remove the pin bones. I struggle with it. Do you age the fish before pulling? Seems like I bust a lot of them when pulling.
  623. KimH

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    I've never been sick but have been around a lot who do. The best cure is just go out several days in a row. You'll get used to it.....simple
  624. KimH

    gone to the dark side...tin

    Yup same with mine until I had a high speed pick-up welded to the bottom for my bait tank which is inline and forward of the ducer. Eventually I'll get another pick-up installed on the other side of the boat and remove the one that is messing up the ducer.
  625. KimH

    Liferaft inspections

    Commercially we use Marine Safety for our rafts and survival suit testing. Never had a complaint. I'm sure they are very busy in December and early January.
  626. KimH

    Help Wanted

    You're a hustler Patrick.....It's good to see.
  627. KimH

    It has been an Honor and a Pleasure

    Best wishes Kevin. Flip Flops being the footwear of choice will be great.
  628. KimH

    Show me your way of securing the boat to the trailer..

    "Chain kind small"???? Here's a table for a very good alloy chain.....
  629. KimH

    Questions on bilge and bait tank pumps?

    I have an older version of this stashed somewhere. Works good. Water circulates through copper coils under a propane burner, leave the shower head in the plastic box that's full of water as it cycles until you get to the temp you want. Take your shower. I was always looking for a better camp...
  630. KimH

    Accidents happen!

    Patrick...are you ok?? dumb shit!!!
  631. KimH

    Comparing deadrise between a Duckworth OS and a North River OS

    That's my opinion for any boat in a following sea. Get the tabs up. You don't want to be driving the bow down with a sea pushing the ass. When running against it I do mash the bow down hard.
  632. KimH

    Comparing deadrise between a Duckworth OS and a North River OS

    I can't really give you any comparison between a NR and a Duck. You would think the NR would be a bit better when smashing into the weather due to a steeper dead rise. Anyway: You get up around 18 to 20 knots with my Duck you start to bounce but like I said I really don't have anything to...
  633. KimH

    Morad VHF 156HD antenna
  634. KimH

    Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest is Back!

    That's one I won't show the wife but damn....that's funny.
  635. KimH

    Salt, ice, slush

    For the first time for me yesterday I tried an ice, salt, seawater mixture to keep the tuna catch cold. Holy Crap!!! The 10 fish we caught were almost frozen by the time we hit the dock in the afternoon. Just curious....what kind of mixture or ratio of salt should one be using? I'm...
  636. KimH

    Good Deal in CALI

    The reason I asked the question about the adversity to single screw shaft driven boat is: Personally I have a bit of a tough time handling (docking) my Duck with its outboard hanging on the stern since basically I'm a stick and rudder guy so my muscle memory is different from operating with an...
  637. KimH

    Back at it...the TUNA season continues with ease!!!

    Nice weather day yesterday (Monday). We ended up with 10 for 3 of us. I just couldn't seem to hold them with just 3 of us fishing. Had them boiling a couple of times. Also the two with me were green so we ended up cracker-ing about 10. Good day though. Midday it went dead on us so I was...
  638. KimH

    Good Deal in CALI

    I gotta ask....Why the adversity to inboard single shaft? Handling?? Redundancy??
  639. KimH

    Thursday tuna run?

    Monday...I think
  640. KimH


    Clown Lives Matter........
  641. KimH

    Anybody interested in Furuno radar developments?

    Do you know who the demonstrator is?
  642. KimH

    Trailer weight distribution

    I have the same tool at my place in Westport so if anyone wants to use it you are more than welcome. I just have to be there and not in AK.
  643. KimH

    Thursday tuna run?

    Thought about it a couple of days ago. Think I'll wait till next week after this system goes through.
  644. KimH

    Trailer weight distribution

    I came across this video. Thought it might be of interest....
  645. KimH

    Who needs Raymarine Software Updates and general tune-up?

    Thanks, I figured it. For some reason Raymarine's Voyage Planner software wasn't working for me probably because I'm running Windows through a virtual disk on my Mac....maybe. Anyway I found a conversion program that is doing it for me. It just took a bit of head banging to get it right.
  646. KimH

    Who needs Raymarine Software Updates and general tune-up?

    Careful with that upgrade. I backed up all my waypoints et cetera. The version I was using before the update saves all your data as *.fsh. The new Lighthouse software reads only *.gpx so it won't read my data. There are ways around it which I'm trying to figure out but what a pain in the ass...
  647. KimH

    Taller portable cleaning table

    Probably the 1st time you've heard this....I hope.....Spread your legs which will get you down to the proper height.:D:D:D
  648. KimH

    Burlington shooting

    Cal of carry??? My 45 is a bit uncomfortable but of course I need to lose more weight....about 20lbs down.
  649. KimH

    Sunday tuna?

    It's nasty down here this morning.
  650. KimH

    Cool weather site

    Just click on the map where you want a report. It'll show you the current wind et cetera for that area. Emailed my friend that is crossing the Gulf right now. He said the site is matching our subscription wx service which generally is spot on.
  651. KimH

    Cool weather site

    Yup I don't see why not
  652. KimH

    Cool weather site

    Up North we use this subscription service which tends to be very accurate I got home Sunday morning so I can't compare the two. Got an email from a buddy that is bringing a boat across the Gulf right at the minute. Yesterday or last night...
  653. KimH

    Cool weather site

    Haven't spent too much time on this site yet but it seems fairly cool.,-130.188,6 Kim
  654. KimH

    You are responsible for your wake

    Cool. Must have a strong bow thruster to hold against that amount of stern thrust or at least it doesn't look like the bow is swinging to port as he's blowing the stern away from the marina.
  655. KimH

    PSA Ocean Anglers September 24

    Oh good I should be able to make that one
  656. KimH

    gone to the dark side...tin

    One thing for you to look out for. When I got my 26' I kept straightening out the hooks on the back trailer straps. I ended up double strapping the stern with one strap hooked to the top eye and the second to the eye that's in the gusset on the off shore bracket. Plus I put an extra strap...
  657. KimH

    gone to the dark side...tin

    Nice!!! If I had it to do all over again I'd go with the 28' instead of 26'.
  658. KimH

    Tuna blood stains

    "Woody Wax"??????????
  659. KimH

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    Nope....I don't think this is a freedom of speech thing. They work for a private employer. The employer (NFL) has the right to demand a certain conduct. Lynch was getting fined because he wouldn't talk to the media and grabbing his crotch, they have to wear certain logos, only show Bose...
  660. KimH

    Raymarine tuna help

    I see rust....tsk, tsk, tsk.....
  661. KimH

    Superbowl 2/5/2017 Winner Prediction Contest

  662. KimH

    seattle tonight!

    The surrounding Seattle area is very casual. Non of the stuffy coat and tie bull shit that I know of. Yup Chinook's is good.
  663. KimH

    Avet EXW 30 2 speed or equivalent???????

    Check with my nephew Kevin....
  664. KimH

    Overnight Tuna Who's Coming?

    Spending the night out on the ocean is overrated.....unless you "have" to.:D:D
  665. KimH

    Anniversary in Friday Harbor | Hotel Recommendation

    My niece Andrea just purchased the coffee shop close to the ferry terminal at Friday Harbor. The Far North Cafe I think it's called. Stop in and get a cup of coffee or whatever else she sells. Tell her Kim sent you.
  666. KimH

    VHF help

    Westport while a busy fishing port doesn't have an electronic shop. The two or three good ones in the Seattle area (Harris, Lunde & Fusion) their rates are probably over $100/hr. It would be cheaper to buy a new radio and antenna. From what Vance described the antenna is probably broke.
  667. KimH

    What's really going on

    My Westport weather station if you guys don't already have the link.
  668. KimH

    What's really going on

    Late September and October will be good because.....that's when I rotate home from AK. The Bering was savage today.
  669. KimH

    Need aluminum welding help

    I'd say bolt it back on. When the thieves come to steal your kicker they'll just cut the bolts. If it's welded they'll cut a hole in your off shore bracket.
  670. KimH

    Not Pissin' on Muffs yamaha 250

    I use my kill bag with a hose feeding into it. If you try the muffs you need to tape off the high speed pickups. I got it to pee that way but you still don't get enough cooling to keep the engine from alarming. My outside hose bib has hot water which I think should be enough to get more flow...
  671. KimH

    Defiance comes thru!

    By the symptoms if it wasn't new I'd say the magnetron was going bad. Good you got going with a replacement though.
  672. KimH

    Kicker problems!

    Whups....I missed a couple of steps with my instructions. I was just waking up, sitting at my desk in my stateroom with a cup of coffee when I typed out the instructions so was a bit foggy. I saw this method used years ago by my uncle. Dad was dying of cancer so my Uncle came out from...
  673. KimH

    Kicker problems!

    Pull plug, leave spark plug wire attached, put thumb over the tip of the plug, crank engine....if arm involuntarily jumps you have spark. No need for that cheap Harbor Freight Chinese shit.
  674. KimH

    Endless fish bags

    How about the plastic temporary ducting that painters, welders and construction use to vent various areas.
  675. KimH

    Tuna canning

    Works for me in the garage
  676. KimH

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    I've been around a lot of seasick people through my career. We carry the patches aboard to give the people if needed. Google Coast Guard cocktail which I have seen work on the chronic guys. Basically an upper and a downer. Hydration is really important so sip water even though you are...