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  1. bob12201

    10-12 Liberty in on the action!!

    Hey Erik, thanks for the report! I was out there with you guys (the dude who was admiring your rod collection on the way in LOL). Great trip, but yea like you said still definitely had to work for the bites. I went 4 for 6 (one pulled hook and 1 tackle failure). My biggest YFT was on the 42g...
  2. bob12201

    Need Oceanside Harbor Offshore Dope/sorry

    There's a good amount of fish ~16 miles right off point loma but its 90% skipjack, 10% YF. Other than that its a pretty long run down into Mexico, especially from Oceanside. At least that was the dope this weekend. All the Full days out of SD from today limited but it was a "long run". You could...
  3. bob12201

    Limit Style on the Liberty 9/16!

    Small poppers for sure. I used a halco roosta popper which is about 4 in long. Biggest was 18-20#.
  4. bob12201

    Limit Style on the Liberty 9/16!

    Haha yup! The key is to mix both together and give to coworkers... they won't notice LOL
  5. bob12201

    Limit Style on the Liberty 9/16!

    Sorry for the late report. I've been lazy on my reports this year so I felt the need to post one lol! TLDR: Slayed it... 300+ mixed skipjack and yellowfin at a pretty much 50/50 ratio. YF were around 10-18lbs. Bait: Smaller to Medium Sardines 4-5in What worked: 30lb mono w/ 20lb fluoro and a...
  6. bob12201

    Limits On The Tribute 8/13

    Was on the tribute Tuesday 8/14, YFs were mostly 6-10lbs with a few standouts 20-30#. On a side note some of the skippies are bigger than the YF LOL!
  7. bob12201

    3/4 day Sea Watch 9/20 - ouch - we all have to pay our dues

    Bummer. I was so close to hopping on the Sea Trek yesterday, but decided against it as I read they didn't have an RSW. Luckily someone canceled on the San Diego and I lucked out. If not I would have just waited a day and gone on an overnight. It can be really tempting to just yolo it and go out...
  8. bob12201

    Are we finally going to have a break in the weather?

    Hoping with a couple days of good weather, the Bluefin start playing. Sounds like they are already showing a lot more today.
  9. bob12201

    Thunderbird - Late Report

    They took out the bow bait tank and have a decent sized RSW up there now!
  10. bob12201

    The Fury, SCI, Saturday Wind

    Yea I was on the Tbird out there with you guys. The conditions made it super rough, we must have dragged our anchor more than 6 times. The ride back home was a little entertaining as well... Bummer that we had to leave a couple hours early, but at least we got there in the first place.
  11. bob12201

    Liberty 9/15... Wow!

    Liberty can take 54 people, so idk about deadheads I didn't notice any. Taro is pretty professional I don't believe he would go for any of that. Fishing wise it's totally a luck game, I was on a 2 day last week that was a total boat ride. Just couldn't find a willing school and that's pretty...
  12. bob12201

    Liberty 9/15... Wow!

    Got to try out the Liberty Thursday and was very very impressed! I think we had 32 people and ended up with 3 bluefin (~12-15lbs) and 23ish yf (18-27lbs). I mustered up all my luck from not being able to fish all summer and went 3 for 4 on the 22-25lbers. The Boat: Everything about the Liberty...
  13. bob12201

    9/14 liberty heading out at....

    Sorry been super busy! Writing report now.
  14. bob12201

    9/14 liberty heading out at....

    Was there alot of seiners out there today? Man I was out there Monday and Tuesday and there must have been 6 different seiners out there amongst the fleet. Hopefully they left some for the rest of us.
  15. bob12201

    9/14 liberty heading out at....

    Going tomorrow, stoked! Seems like they just couldn't find the right school today.
  16. bob12201

    Agressor..Newport Landing 9/9

    I had the same experience on that boat. Steer clear!
  17. bob12201

    I only got two bites

    Solid fish and congrats on a nice trip! What was your setup and what brand #2s were you using? Didn't know they made circle hooks that small.
  18. bob12201

    Where to rent Bluefin appropriate tackle?

    Going on a 2-day next week and unfortunately I only have one 40 or 50lb setup, and I really want a backup/extra rig to make life easier. Its a charter out of Helgrens, and they don't have anything useful to rent. Besides spending 500$+ for the only trip I'll be able to go on this season, anyone...
  19. bob12201

    3 Day Fishing Report on the Searcher 80+ lb BFT

    Gotcha, that's what I figured just wanted to be sure!
  20. bob12201

    3 Day Fishing Report on the Searcher 80+ lb BFT

    Awesome, super detailed report! Seems like you had a great trip! So did you find that J hooks were fairing better than the circle hooks?
  21. bob12201


    Wow, I would call that epic to say the least... I'm on the O95 for a 2day next week, hoping for a repeat! First time on the boat for myself as well, how were the sleeping arrangements?
  22. bob12201

    Giant Bluefin Video..

    Wow just wow, that video is insane. Ate it right at the boat!!! Congrats on a fish of a life time and awesome work on getting it on film. That fish is larger than the California state record (243lbs)!!
  23. bob12201

    Tribute 7/1 Bluefin being Bluefin

    Got a chance to go home for the long weekend from the east coast, and decided to try my luck with these pesky blufers. Hoped on the Tribute overnight, expecting a light load but turned out to be like 29 people on the boat. Not too bad as there was quite a few rent rods and they weren't really...
  24. bob12201

    Skipjack Tuna Good Eating?

    Its good, but MUST be bled and iced if possible. None of the dana boats have an rsw or a way to chill your catch down (there's a stray ice chest here and there, but I wouldn't expect to use it).
  25. bob12201

    9/10 Nautilus ext. 3/4

    Jumped on the Nautilus out of Newport Landing Thursday hoping for a light load (29 people, i'll take it) to try and get some fishies. Left the dock at 6:30, had to motor out to the bait boat which was just north of the harbor. I literally caught 15 bonito on the coltsniper while we were getting...
  26. bob12201

    HH or LB??

    Never launched out of LB, but the run from HH to Nachos is really short 15-20min at the most.
  27. bob12201

    1 out of oside

    Wow, that's crazy! At least you got a decent fish. It was so flat out there today it was insane! I have never seen it so flat, literally no swell what so ever.
  28. bob12201

    Heading Out Thursday (tomorrow)

    Is it going to be that bad? Was thinking of riding a cattle boat tomorrow.
  29. bob12201

    9/9 Dana point WFO

    Wow thats epic. Solo Limits?
  30. bob12201

    9/5-9/6 YFT oside

    Those are some nice quality fish right there. Nice job! Did you try fishing the chunk at all? Its so weird how the bait situation is right now, Oside and DP seem to consistently have nice dines, everywhere else is either straight mack or chovie.
  31. bob12201

    Labor Day 1/2 day yellowtail

    Its either a 90 or 95fter, but still not getting tangled with that many people takes some serious skill and a ton of communication. Nice work on that slug for sure, not easy fighting a submarine and 80+ other people. Glad that other passenger was ok.
  32. bob12201

    sardine vs mackerel

    I was out Saturday and we only got macks. We found a patty loaded with dodos, but they would not bite the fly lined mackerel. However, they would bite the macks if they were slow trolled. Also found a patty with Skipjack (and most likely YF too) but they wouldn't touch the macks.
  33. bob12201

    Labor Day Weekend Report

    Just a good trip? That sounds like a downright awesome trip! Good on your skipper for running to SCI and south of the border. I got a 2 day coming up this weekend, hopefully we won't sit south of the border and catch 5# yf for 2 days.
  34. bob12201

    PV Fishing.. Good, bad, Ugly....

    Danny is hardcore, and although he is very expensive you definitely get your moneys worth. I fished with him in April, we left at 5:00am and got back at 11:30pm and ran over 180 miles out to the tres marias in a super panga (which is pimped out). Fishing was tough as the yf were keyed into super...
  35. bob12201

    Dana Point Dream Come True

    There trying to steal our Bluefin in our own waters!
  36. bob12201

    Dana Point Dream Come True

    Right on! That's a hell of a day. There was tons of Navy traffic out there yesterday, pretty cool. Also, there was 2 mexican navy ships off San Clemente / Oceanside area.
  37. bob12201

    Islander Finds the Bluefin

    That vermilion looks lonely LOL. Looks like you guys had an awesome trip, I know i'm jealous! I'm on a 2 day in a week, hopefully well get a chance at those pesky BF tuners.
  38. bob12201

    9/2 on the 150 Spot

    Good thinking on the bonito distraction. Nice fish!
  39. bob12201

    Noob Questions

    If I were you I would either hit the 14 mile bank (267 is another option but that's farther), or go south and fish west of box canyon like 10-12 miles off the beach. Also with that option, if offshore doesn't pan out, you could always hit the beach and try for those slug yellows. That would be a...
  40. bob12201

    Voyager 9/3

    These 3/4 days trips after 1.5ers are terrible ideas just to make an extra $$. The crew is beat to hell and doesn't want to be there, plus you get out really late. I went on one a couple weeks ago and it was even worse than what you described.
  41. bob12201

    3/4 day on the Outer Limits

    Sweet!! There so much striped marlin out there right now its insane, we hooked one on the malihini 3/4 on Sunday. Yea those dodo's have surprisingly sharp teeth. Fluoro really makes a difference with that extra abrasion resistance when fishing those dorado or bluefin with their teeth.
  42. bob12201

    Going out Friday out of Dana Landing Mission Bay

    Hey Thomas, I'd love get out and slay some fish with you. I can't do this Friday unfortunately, but i'm available a lot in the next two weeks. I'll PM you. Tight Lines, Matt
  43. bob12201

    9/1/15 Between the 182 and the Upper 9

    Two confirmed albies have been caught this year. One by the Tribute, and one by the Thunderbird. But I agree doesn't look like one or a big eye, but ya never know!
  44. bob12201

    9-1-15 WFO Bite Coronado Canyons with Video

    I've had enough with the fish toying with us this season, im glad someone gave them a taste of their own medicine LOL. Sick video, and nice dodos!
  45. bob12201

    Dodo at the 150

    Dorado on a half day... that just about sums up this year.
  46. bob12201

    Adrianna Going to hunt the Bluefin

    I think some boats have been catching the 50-70lb models on anchor at Clemente.
  47. bob12201

    Squidco Front Page!

    HAHAHA you made that sea lion your profile pic, fucking perfect LOL
  48. bob12201

    Dodo Weekend (Gopro Video)

    Epic video! That school of Dorado just cruisin by made my mouth water.
  49. bob12201

    BD Outdoors Sponsored 2 Day Charter Aboard The Dominator
  50. bob12201

    Fished LJ today (8/31)

    I bet he gets all the ass (or is it bass?) he wants with that bling LOL
  51. bob12201

    Short Bill Spearfish

    Crazy indeed. Was listening to Lets Talk hookup and they mentioned an Almaco Jack was caught on a kelp this past week too, never even heard of that fish before.
  52. bob12201

    Short Bill Spearfish

    Sweet!! Another exotic checked off the list :D. Let us know how it tastes!
  53. bob12201

    8-30 Malihini 3/4 day - The Magic Paddy

    Short version: Found a paddy loaded with ~10lb yf and skipjack, and 10-20lb dorado that was WFO. Ended the day with just over 200 mixed fish, and a lot of bruises haha. Long version: Hopped on the Malihini Sunday to kill some tuna. Headed out southwest to the kelp paddy land. Started fishing...
  54. bob12201

    Commander Reporting 3 Big Eye

    First actual pics of a "big eye" and they look legit.
  55. bob12201

    Dana Point 8/27

    Still tons of red crab, but the situation is definitely improving. Good effort out there, ya never know unless you get out and try. Thanks for the report.
  56. bob12201

    Where did all the tuna go?????

    No they werent?
  57. bob12201

    Where did all the tuna go?????

  58. bob12201

    If I hear "chunk" one more time...

    Sick!!! What popper is that? I keep seeing people with the HUGE Orca poppers... don't know how people expect to get bit on a lure that's 2-3x the size of the bait. I just got a halco roosta 4.5" popper, the action is insane just need to get into a good bite! Do you do a steady retrieve, stop n'...
  59. bob12201

    Fuel prices at all time low!

    Funny you say that. The same twilight I was talking about earlier, I only hoped on because he (Freelance) called into 976 saying they had 14 reservations (this was at 4:30 boat leaves at 7:00). So I thought that would be a good time to take my 10 y/o brother out. Showed up and there was 72...
  60. bob12201

    Holy crap......

    Most insane count I have seen for sure. The Malihini doesn't really have that much fish storage room... and thats like 7000lbs of fish! Must of been putting tuna in the bait tanks :D!
  61. bob12201

    Fuel prices at all time low!

    I went on a twilight out of Davey's locker with my bro on Sunday and they charged a 5$ "fuel surcharge" per person. We drove for 10 minutes...
  62. bob12201

    Hammerhead eats a tuna and Yamaha

    That's funny, had the same thing happen to us a couple weeks ago. Huge hammerhead literally gnawing on our outboard.
  63. bob12201

    8-23-15 Mexican Navy Boarding Boats on the 302?

    Went out saturday, and there was a Coast Guard clipper working up and down the border couple miles outside the bay. No doubt just making sure any boats close to the border had the proper documents to prevent any "situations".
  64. bob12201

    Condor 3/4 - 8/22 - Limits of Skunk

    That was the count for the saturday night overnight trip. They didn't bother to post the count for the 3/4.
  65. bob12201

    Condor 3/4 - 8/22 - Limits of Skunk

    Yea you said it, this year its all about the dice
  66. bob12201

    Condor 3/4 - 8/22 - Limits of Skunk

    Yea it is hit or miss and I'm never one to complain about a tough day of fishing as I've had many this year, but when 99% of the fleet gets fish and you don't it really makes you second guess certain things.
  67. bob12201

    Condor 3/4 - 8/22 - Limits of Skunk

    Obviously that was my first choice. But this was the only trip south of point conception with ANY spots on it, so regardless a day on the water is better than sitting at home. I know they don't do 3/4 days, but right now there's no difference between a 3/4 and an overnight.
  68. bob12201

    Condor 3/4 - 8/22 - Limits of Skunk

    yea... at least 1 person had a good day :D
  69. bob12201

    Condor 3/4 - 8/22 - Limits of Skunk

    Don't really know why im writing a report... 1 13lb yft for 50 anglers. Started 20 miles from the point, saw some life and a couple schools that didn't want to play (this is where the fleet was). We had one hookup on the flat fall that came unbuttoned immediately. Took a road trip driving away...
  70. bob12201

    Headed to the Osborn

    Nice fish! Would be sick to see that thing jumpin around. Does a Mako that size have any problems with heavy metals?
  71. bob12201

    Condor 3/4 Saturday Aug 22

    Did you end up going? I was on there... worst day of fishing I have had in a long time. 1 13lb yf for 50 people (5min before we headed home) and only 3 10-15min stops the whole day.
  72. bob12201

    Sat Aug 22 YFT Report plugged the boat

    Wow you guys frickin slayed it! Wish I could have gone haha... maybe next time. What was your total?
  73. bob12201

    Dana Point Friday Washing Machine

    Dana ran out of bait, so thats probably why there was so many boats waiting. Maybe waiting for the bait boat to come back in. Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow.
  74. bob12201

    Condor 3/4 Saturday Aug 22

    If I can't get a ride, I will probably hop on there. Do you know if Scott or Mike is driving?
  75. bob12201

    Fishing Sat 8-22-15 for Tuna, may need 1 or 2

    Sent you a PM earlier today as well. Lets slay some!
  76. bob12201

    Advice on kayak fishing

    You can find them pretty much anywhere where there's kelp. Bring some dogfood/catfood and just throw a handful and they will find you.
  77. bob12201

    O'side 8/15 - 8/17

    Oh I know right... someone just had their radio stuck on all fricking day it was ridiculous and unsafe if someone actually needed help. Nice job with the fishies, that fog sure made it interesting on Sunday.
  78. bob12201

    Condor 1.5 8/19-20

    I was on the overnight friday-saturday. We chased yf and all the trips after ours having been targeting yf. My trip was terrible, but I lucked out and got one of the 15 tuna on the boat. Condor's counts have really been lackluster recently, hopefully it will change for you. The yf are biting...
  79. bob12201

    Dodos on the Slide! 8-16-15

    Those are some real dodos! I'm sick of looking at all these Doritos. I know what you mean about parking on top of patties, we saw a cc tied off to a piece of kelp yesterday...
  80. bob12201

    Oside 8/16 - Foggy With a Chance of Tuna

    Well the first gaff was a cheap two piece extendable one, and it striped out where the threaded joint was. And the second one was a homemade gaff, basically just a 1-2" diameter pipe with a hook and zero grip. When Brandon stuck the fish it freaked the fuck out and the gaff slipped out of his...
  81. bob12201

    Need a ho tomorrow 8-16 Thanks again Mat, maybe we should have 3 gaffs next time hahaha.
  82. bob12201

    Oside 8/16 - Foggy With a Chance of Tuna

    Was driving back from SD Saturday night after a terrible overnight trip on the Condor (15 tuna 5 Doritos for 37 people), hoping for redemption. Saw abserd's post about needing a boat ho for Sunday, and I jumped on the opportunity. Got to oside around 4:45 and met up with Matt, Jack, Josh, and...
  83. bob12201

    The one that didn't get away... mb

    HAHAHA thats fricking gold! Nice job on the tunas as well.
  84. bob12201

    Dana Wharf Landing

    This year? I'm pretty sure they're all chartered out as far as the eye can see. They're so booked up they barely even have open parties on the weekends...Hopefully they have some openings though, good luck! If I had to choose, it would be the Helena as well (says it fishes 35, but might be a...
  85. bob12201

    Ho available tomorrow 8/18 go get em!
  86. bob12201

    Need a ho tomorrow 8-16

    Spoke to Matt, were gunna slay it tomorrow for sure!
  87. bob12201

    Condor tries a new tactic

    Nice going, glad to see the skipper trying something new. I'll be on the big bird tomorrow night! Hopefully we'll slay it.
  88. bob12201

    My boys first 50+Lb yellowfin tuna

    Simply Awesome! The color on fish that grade is simply amazing.
  89. bob12201

    Pelagic Stingray off LA Jolla today

    The water dropped ~ 2 degrees overnight in some areas.
  90. bob12201

    Dominator Sat Phone Report

    Good to see the water turning over didn't have much of an impact.
  91. bob12201

    Bluefin vs Yellowfin ID

    Not always that easy, from what I have seen the smaller ones can have yellow on the anal fins similar to a yft so its not instantly apparent by looks. Much better to look at the pec fins, and also I believe the butt holes on the YFT are round while on the BFT they are oval.
  92. bob12201

    181 fish market!! Truck stop paddy w/all day Yellow-fin, Yellowtail, and Dorado

    Hahaha that last picture is awesome, looks like a bouquet of Tuna! Job well done :D
  93. bob12201

    Near the 267 Sunday 8-9-15

    So actually putting multiple chovies on a hook worked? Interesting....
  94. bob12201

    Fish Hard!!! La Niña predicted for 2016

    The strong La Nina of 1988-1989 brought Bluefin over 1000lbs to California waters... all bets are off really. Shits gunna be crazy.
  95. bob12201

    Real decent day for us....finally!

    All that Kool-Aid is making me thirsty!!!
  96. bob12201

    8-9 Fun off the domes

    Man those are quality fish for sure! Nice going. That foul hook is sick! Had the exact same thing happen to me in the exact spot, its a bitch to get them in for sure. I think you hook them in the mouth then the hook slides down (you can see the line) and just luckily grabs their skin right...
  97. bob12201

    Another nice day 8/9/15

    Nice fish! Be careful identifying your fish, you have some BFT in there. The one your holding up in the first photo is a BFT. The bottom fish in the last photo might be a BFT as well based on the pec fin...
  98. bob12201

    400 something lb bluefin confirmation?

    Crazy indeed. They are still a subspecies or whatever you want to call it. The ones we catch are Pacific Bluefin (versus Atlantic Bluefin) that come over from the Eastern Pacific / Japan area.
  99. bob12201

    Dana bait bust 8-9

    Glad you made some lemonade at least! Might have to stock up on the small ass hooks if the chovie start to become a thing. We left at 5:00am and the bait boat hadn't come in yet, they were out all night trying to make bait (they go out every night I believe). Hopefully they were able to find...
  100. bob12201

    DP 8/9

    Nice Fish! The bait situation was tough today for sure, we had some success with the flat fall. I was on the Clemente, we came in around 3:00pm and saw just the bottom of the hull poking above the water on a mooring near the bait barge, it had one of those oil booms around it too. So I guess...
  101. bob12201

    Out of Oside. 8//09/15 Trial run report. Tuna 5 to 10 miles out

    Fish were down today. I was on the Clemente out of Dana only had 5 tuna for the boat, and I got lucky on the flat fall. All our stops were sonar marks pretty much, saw a splash here and there in the morning but the tuna didn't really show today.
  102. bob12201

    Dana Point 8-6-15 / YFT in the rain

    Sweet!!! Were you guys just long soaking?
  103. bob12201

    Dana Point 8/7

    Quality! Looks like a lake out there.
  104. bob12201

    boat ho wanted dp 8/7 & 8/8

    Nice! I'll give it a read.
  105. bob12201

    Ocean Odyssey- Accuracy in Fishing Reports?

    Wide Open? What counts have you been looking at? If you go into a trip EXPECTING to catch a shit ton of fish, your doing it wrong. Your paying to have the chance to catch fish.
  106. bob12201

    Dana Point to the 209 8/5/15

    Sick!!! All amazing grade. Had the exact same thing last weekend... fishy area + lots o chunk. Definitely a recipe for success.
  107. bob12201

    trip of a lifetime on the Pacific Quest

    Been wanting to try out the Pac Quest for awhile now... this might have pushed me over the edge haha. Awesome job! How are the bunk accommodations on that boat?
  108. bob12201

    22 pound fish

    Nice fish!! If I had to guess i'd say 35-40lbs. That's the first I have heard of them actually biting a Spanish so far this year. Guess they're getting hungry.
  109. bob12201

    400 something lb bluefin confirmation?

    Wow, just wow after reading that article im completely humbled. The fish that are being caught now are tiny compared so those in that article. "The largest fish (Figure 2) was caught at ca. 0200 h on 18 December 1988, at San Nicolas Island, by the 21-m purse seiner SEA QUEEN. It weighed 457.7 kg...
  110. bob12201

    Best Month of El Nino 2015?

    That got me thinking about lobster... How will the stupidly warm water affect them? Will they be pre-cooked when you pull them up ;)? But seriously, im interested.
  111. bob12201

    Do it Again on 08-08

    That is a great photo, love the colors. Good luck! Let us know how you do.
  112. bob12201

    7/30-8/2 Big BFTs and a marlin

    Best report hands down. It will be hard to beat that trip for sure! Nice job!
  113. bob12201

    Slow start to our Catalina week!! One dodo!

    If your in a really fishy area, I don't think its completely necessary to run and gun every bird school you see especially if they just sink out. Just shut down and chunk chunk chunk and let the fish come to you.
  114. bob12201

    8/3 Dorado on the popper!

    Good question lol, were getting to the point where people are actually getting close haha which is pretty awesome. Its 10 by the way.
  115. bob12201

    8/3 Dorado on the popper!

    Thats fricking rad, awesome job! What kind of popper was that and what kind of setup were you throwing with it? Is a jig stick too stiff for working poppers? I really want to try one out.
  116. bob12201


    Nice dodo, I hope you like fish tacos... like alot! That bottom YF looks like a butterball!
  117. bob12201

    Local dorado

    Dam nice dodos! I'm amazed by the volume of dorado so close to home right now its awesome, and i'm sure there will be more in the coming months. Fish tacos for days!!!!!!
  118. bob12201

    Once in a Blue Moon - Slayed em DP 8/1

    Ah, thanks for your service! Maybe you should look into the fish detective field...
  119. bob12201

    Once in a Blue Moon - Slayed em DP 8/1

    Hahahaha this is some CSI shit. Well noted detective :D... I guess well never know for sure. I just had the rod on the holder and was scrubbing so the fish could have been running with it for awhile before I noticed and put it in gear. Crazy to say the least, I almost wish he was alive so I...
  120. bob12201

    Once in a Blue Moon - Slayed em DP 8/1

    Yea no clue how thats possible, crazy how you can see where the hook slid down. I'm just glad we got it in haha.
  121. bob12201

    Once in a Blue Moon - Slayed em DP 8/1

    Short version: 6 ~25-30lb YFT 1 dodo all on the long soak after chunking. 3' 25lb fluro top shot with a 3/0 owner ringed circle hook was the bomb! Hooked up with a buddy Rob and his son Blake who have a 20' Hydrasport dry docked at Dana. They had never fished offshore, and were hoping I could...
  122. bob12201

    Headed out tomorrow 8/1 DP

    Hoping for the best, not sure how the moon will affect the "bite". Seems like the fishing off the domes/Oside/Dana is pretty much hit or miss, you either find the magic patty or you don't. Plan is to head down outside of the Domes and look for patties and signs of life, and probably swing out to...
  123. bob12201


    Does it make a difference if the chunk is sardines or macks?
  124. bob12201

    Big bfts

    I wonder what the biggest fish caught on a float tube is... seem easy... haha. Apparently some guy raked in 169lb catfish from a float tube and it almost pulled him under. I'd be more scared that I look like a big roundish sea lion.
  125. bob12201

    Big bfts

    Avalon Bank what I heard
  126. bob12201

    Any Advice?

    Dana has been mostly dead since friday, looks like its heating up down south 181/182/9 area. Of course anything could change in an instant. Haven't heard any reports from Cortez or Tanner but im sure there's some fish out there.
  127. bob12201

    Half Day Dolphin- Quality Yellows On the Iron!!

    Awesome job! Man that cuda looks massive! What iron were you throwing?
  128. bob12201

    Relentless overnight 7/25/15

    I've had absolute shit "luck" this entire season. I've spent a ton of money and don't have that much to show for it. Its crappy, but fishing is not all about the catching. Sometimes you just have to make the best out of the situation, talk to the deckhands on a slow day, make new friends, learn...
  129. bob12201

    204# Bluefin landed on the fortune 50# test

    Just heard on 976, Fortune landed 204# Bluefer on 50#. Wonder how long that took. I feel a record coming!!
  130. bob12201

    Dana point slowed down?

    I think the boat traffic just completely f'd the bite. Friday was pretty much WFO from what I heard. I think it will pick back up, the fish aren't moving any time soon.
  131. bob12201

    Long Beach offshore Saturday 7/25

    I was out looking around Avalon bank yesterday, saw a ton of life coming back around 2pm right inside Cat. Absolutely huge bird schools working massive chovie balls but never saw one tuna crashing. Made it a little hard to run and gun bird schools with only one engine and a top speed of like 6...
  132. bob12201

    Last minute trip tomorrow

    PM'd. Call me at 949-633-6463.
  133. bob12201

    Capt. Markus

    Yea its for spearfishing and fricking awesome too. That makes me wonder, have tuna this big been caught before in CA? Especially yellow fin... usually have to go way south for a 60/70/80#.
  134. bob12201

    Capt. Markus

    CA record is 243, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's the largest Bluefin (or tuna all together) caught from a CA sport boat in US waters.
  135. bob12201

    Tuna Breakdown Dana Point 7/22/15

    wow must have taken so long to get towed 4 full miles! LOL That's just some stupidly insane fishing. Nice job on the tunas, I hope Johnson is ok!
  136. bob12201

    Everything changed on 7/22 – Big Tuna are now possible. Two new Personal Bests* on the day.

    Epic fish, its always nice to get a pb... but two in one day? Get outta here haha! Congrats indeed. I hope that's not a thumb on the spool I see...... ;)
  137. bob12201

    WFO tuna Dana 7/22

    Red crabs aint saving your asses anymore tunas! Epic score you guys, well done!
  138. bob12201

    Local OC Charter

    Rampage out of Dana Wharf Sport fishing (Dana Point) is good
  139. bob12201

    What trolling lures are hot?

    Got a yft on the x-rap 15 purple mac on sat, that seems to be a hot jig / color, as well as the halcos and cedar plugs. Had a Marlin sniffing a purple / black feather two weeks ago as well.
  140. bob12201

    Midweek six pack

    If its a charter, they should provide all the gear. Guess it couldn't hurt if you brought some also.
  141. bob12201

    San O Dodo

    Nice dodo! I was out on the Dana Pride yesterday, we hit 4-5 paddies off sano and all were holding dodo. Couldn't get any to bite probably because of all the boat traffic, but still pretty sweet.
  142. bob12201

    7/18 Wet and not so wild

    Didn't wanna fish a parking lot. We tried finding our own fish and went exploring :) Think I misread your statement at first, but that's where my ride was at so had to go down there.
  143. bob12201

    7/18 Wet and not so wild

    Went on reelyhooked's beast of a boat along with paddler and Lucas (couldn't find you on here). After a beautiful 3 hour drive from Laguna beach to SD, we left about 2:45am and headed out to the 43. Beautiful water temp all 71-73 when crossing the 9, water temp dropped to ~69 in the area we...
  144. bob12201

    Large(er) Dana Yellowfin

    Guess I better cut a guide off my pole, must be good luck.
  145. bob12201

    7-16 More Dana Pt. Fish!

    That's a great attitude, and an even greater haul! Congrats on the fish, you deserve it.
  146. bob12201

    Drone footage of BFT 1-2 miles off Crystal Cove

    That video is fricking amazing, great work with the drone! Now you can say you've been inshore fishing for BFT!!
  147. bob12201

    Coronados Bust

    Was on the SD 3/4 day. Caught Only 36 yellows total for a full boat, all rats too :(. Only found small schools of much smaller grade fish and they wouldn't react very well. I Ended up with 1 rat and 1 cuda both on the iron. Hopefully today is just a down day, but from what I saw and heard the...
  148. bob12201

    Bluefin Go stupid WFO in OC

    Epic Report! Shit is going off right now in OC... my friend just texted me from the Dana Pride 3/4 day. He has 3 BFT 1 YFT and his brother had 5 hookups. INSANE! I'm wondering if I should cancel my trip on the SD tomorrow...
  149. bob12201

    Bluefin go wide open- Dana Point

    That's insane! GJ!! I'm feeling some 1/2 day tuna this weekend...
  150. bob12201

    YF on the nine

    You can see the "v" notch in the tail, so im pretty confident its a yellowfin. Awesome fish nonetheless!
  151. bob12201

    Question, San Diego 3/4 day yellows, mossbacks, firecrackers?

    Yea like they said, mostly 15-20lbers but I think it just depends on the school you get on. They're are definitely bigger ones out there, I got a 25lber a week ago fishing the same area. Regardless, that bite is just plain stupid and I plan on getting out there this weekend.
  152. bob12201

    looking for a six pack charter out of Dana or Newport

    Rampage out of Dana is great. Since your going in August... I don't think you can go wrong. The offshore scene should be pretty consistent by then.
  153. bob12201

    Wife and kids have been away. 6/27, 6/28, 7/3, 7/5 LJ Fishing

    Awesome fish! Looks like a blast! Did you get most of them on slow trolled macks?
  154. bob12201


    I was out on Friday around the 43 area... saw two large hammerheads as well. On top of that saw two turtles and one of them was holding tuna! Also had a marlin sniffing one of our feathers only about 30 feet behind our boat! Looking promising out there.
  155. bob12201

    7/2-7/3 Overnight on the Old Glory

    Woke up at 4:30am to a parking lot of lights anchored right on top of the 43. I counted around 12 boats. We had about 10 kids on board plus another 15 people who didn't know how to fish, on top of that the boat had lost its anchor the day before. So fishing on the anchor like the rest of the...
  156. bob12201


    I have the Spy Discord Polarized glasses and like them a lot. They were about 65$ on amazon, not super cheapo but not expensive either. Solid construction and materials and cuts out all the glare. They also have several different lens colors for different lighting conditions / and or more...
  157. bob12201

    what's wrong with the fish count

    I was on the malihini today... mostly fish in the mid teens with a few better grade. I lucked out and got a 25-27lber :D (too bad they don't do jackpot). Weather was a complete shit show though. I really wish the San Diego wasn't chartered today, I don't know what they're doing but holy shit...
  158. bob12201

    Still can't get them to eat live bait.

    I'm still unsure how to fish these jigs... the sleek profile make me think fast retrieve, however all the success stories I have heard were with bites on the drop. Any pointers?
  159. bob12201

    Boat ho needed

    What day? Sent PM
  160. bob12201

    Northern 9 Mile / Middle 9 / La Jolla & Tiniest Yellow Tail!

    We worked the area between San Onofre and Dana point anywhere from 5-12 miles from the beach. Their in close.
  161. bob12201

    Northern 9 Mile / Middle 9 / La Jolla & Tiniest Yellow Tail!

    Was out yesterday. We pulled up to a spot of breaking bluefin. After they sunk out there was a pretty good size baitball taking refuge under our boat. One of the deckhands snagged one on a sabiki... low and behold tiny spanish mack about 3/4s the size of an anchovy.
  162. bob12201

    BFT bite super cold!!!

    I was on there yesterday with ya. It was more of a tuna watching trip haha. So weird tuna fishing within cell phone range :D. Super boat shy all day, but we did have one stop in the late afternoon where they didn't sink out till we were literally on top of them. It seems that the bluefin are a...
  163. bob12201

    SOCIAL MEDIA expectations!! O-side, 209, Mackeral bank, Nothing.

    Seems like this weekend was pretty much dead with one exception... somehow the El Capitan managed 18 fins for 18 people on a 1.5day. I'm very curious to see how they pulled that one off.
  164. bob12201

    oPah 150

    socalsalty on instagram has a pic of it. Supposedly 5 miles out of long beach so im guessing thats the one your talking about.
  165. bob12201

    BFT where did they go

    Just got back from a 1.5 day on the Condor, we fished the area between the San Clemente Canyon and South of the 81. The whole san diego fleet was fishing that area yesterday, lots of fish nothing would bite. We got 5 fish all the 30-40lbs, saw some bigger ones later in the day. Got two fish in...
  166. bob12201

    Here is what the tuna were feeding on.

    Hmm interesting... Don't know what those Tuna are thinking, last I checked red crab and fish fry look nothing like huge mackerel that they have been biting lol.
  167. bob12201

    Here is what the tuna were feeding on.

    There was a ton of really small fish fry swimming around out there, not sure what it was or if the tuna were chewing on it, but was definitely interesting. The two we got on the tbird on Sunday also were stuffed with crab though.
  168. bob12201

    Close but no cigar.

    I mean is there a such thing as a wide open bluefin bite? Isn't being picky just the bluefin way? Thunderbird did pretty decent today as well I think they got 13 but lost plenty. Capt said most bluefin hes ever seen.
  169. bob12201

    My Mexican woes...

    Thunderbird has an overnight targeting bluefin leaving sat fishing sunday 160$, they had 8 spots when I called last night at 8pm. Oceanside 95 has an offshore 5-5 trip targeting bluefin / yellowtail on Sunday for 100$ not sure about the availability on that one though. I'll be on the Tbird sat...