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  1. Uglybones

    Young boy catches huge bass...

    Can’t do that playing video games. Congrats to him!
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    SOLD BNIB Talica 12ii

    Pms replied bump
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    SOLD Tranx 500HG

    Pending to El Taco will update later today.
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    SOLD Tranx 500HG

  5. Uglybones

    SOLD BNIB Talica 12ii

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    You have got to see this.

    4 girls fingerprinting
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    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Happy lookin fish
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  9. Uglybones

    Yellow fin US waters

  10. Uglybones

    Yellow fin US waters

    All around Hawaii
  11. Uglybones

    Taxman sighting at Camp Pendleton

    Looked like a decent yellow to boot
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    I’ve had black seabass at Blue Water Market and Grill here in SD. It was damned delicious if you ask me. Would I keep one? No.
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    For Sale 2 Newell P229-F's P R I C E Reduced

    Such a awesome little reel. Watched a buddy pull in a 45# bluefin in with one of these no problem. Just perfectly simple. Wish you were closer. Free bump.
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    Hobie Outback - how much should I pay???

    Storage would be a huge buying factor for me in this case.
  15. Uglybones

    Albacore in SoCal?!

    He meant to say albatross.
  16. Uglybones

    Deformed BFT

    Must’ve been married at some point
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    Seeker Hysteria?

    Awesome, thanks for the clarification on multiple levels Randy. Btw, I spoke to you a couple years back on ordering some rods when Squidco was still carrying them and I have to say you’re a nice frickin dude! I don’t mind giving my money to nice folks. Thanks for making such a great product(s)...
  18. Uglybones

    washington saltwater post 69 albies for 9 anglers

    I remember albacore hats
  19. Uglybones

    Seeker Hysteria?

    Don’t get me wrong I am not bashing seeker in any way. I think I’ve had a Black Steel 670 in my hands more than any other bait rod fishing 25#-30# and is always a recommendation to friends who are just getting started offshore fishing. Great stick but it seems as if there’s this little flurry...
  20. Uglybones

    Seeker Hysteria?

    If the old Long Beach stuff was the business wouldn’t switching over to the current United Composites products be the most logical move? Or do people just want the “blue” stuff? Seems a bit silly to me but good on the part of the sellers end for capitalizing on the situation and current market...
  21. Uglybones

    Seeker Hysteria?

    Maybe I am just not in the “know”. To me it just seems as if a little trend has recently popped up with these Seekers in the classifieds. Maybe the local fishing just sucks and people want to blow some dough?(That’s cool with me!) I understand the hype around the CEX Blue seekers... But what’s...
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    I got $210 for ya if you change your mind.
  23. Uglybones


    I’ll say it again... Metallica - Seek and Destroy! :rockin:
  24. Uglybones

    8/1 Accurate Sponsored 1.5 Day on the Tomahawk

    RP knot works great. Next month... dove season! I’ll be in your neck of the woods!
  25. Uglybones

    Seal had no chance

    Thought some of you might get some satisfaction out of this. Nature... you crazy!
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    Gold LOL
  27. Uglybones

    YT & Tuna fishing: will cover gas and bait

    Dude, you’re gonna catch a fatty.
  28. Uglybones

    Good Luck Rituals

    Metallica- Seek & Destroy
  29. Uglybones

    SOLD Talica 16 2 speed with United Composite rod

    I’ll take both if you’re headed to San Diego?
  30. Uglybones

    Weather looks good for the S9 mile bank tomorrow?

    Cool man! Put some blood on it and report back!
  31. Uglybones

    Phenix 808 for 25lb?

    The PSX will make a great 20-30# rod especially fishing spectra with short top shots.
  32. Uglybones

    The sardine flicker

    I push the back of the hook into the rail and rotate the hook point to point downward and the bait falls right off. It’s the best when their bait does come off then their hook spins around your line about 32 times.
  33. Uglybones

    LONG SOAK Sardines Vs Constant Bait Changes

    Nothing wrong with when you think you’re too far out. Go a liiiiiittle bit farther.
  34. Uglybones

    The Double D Getting a Face Lift

    Man oh man I learned a lot on that boat. I’ll be more than happy to hop back aboard after she’s all put back together.
  35. Uglybones

    RTIC cooler reviews? Did a little search. Looks like China?
  36. Uglybones

    RTIC cooler reviews?

    Where are they made?
  37. Uglybones

    TRADE UC monster for 90j

    If you put it up for sale and come to SD shoot me a PM. Definitely interested.
  38. Uglybones

    Do you bring a trolling rod on a full day boat?

    Some guys will troll for Bonito while the boat moves and looks around. But don’t expect them to stop to bring that fish in. You’ll have to skipem in.
  39. Uglybones

    ?Rod Restoration Guidance?

    Thanks Jay. Yea I figured it would be that’s why I would rather shell out the cash for someone else to do the work (if it was worth it). I just really dig the blank.
  40. Uglybones

    ?Rod Restoration Guidance?

    Hey thanks for the feedback
  41. Uglybones

    After the right dine is chosen, what’s the proper handling method?

    Scoop from up from underneath (head away from you). Index and thumb GENTLY over the eyes. I like nose and shoulder hooking. When that hook is through let go of them and get them in the water ASAP. Try and cast where the chum is landing.
  42. Uglybones

    ?Rod Restoration Guidance?

    I got this rod in a trade years back and I’ve decided that I wanna do a restore (if it’s worth it?) I’ve never done this before, not sure if I am posting this in the correct place? Also not sure what it will cost or if I can get some feedback, and advice it would be much appreciated. Are the...
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    For Sale 2 Newell 322’s

    I am dumb for not buying this. Awesome reels...
  44. Uglybones

    Kill em' all big and small

    There’s no more wahoo in San Diego we must have caught them all...
  45. Uglybones

    Yeti coolers 30% off

    It’s like they’re targeting a specific demographic huh? Lol
  46. Uglybones

    Yeti coolers 30% off

    Yea because they cut ties with the NRA and scrambling to get their sales back up. Pissed off a lot of people. I love my Pelican!
  47. Uglybones

    Old pics

    Not terribly old but this was from 2013 always liked this pic. I need to dig up the old Albacore photos.
  48. Uglybones

    I need a Jig stick

    UC just came out with a 800 DelMar. Might be worth checking out?
  49. Uglybones

    I need a Jig stick

    No. What did you end up getting?
  50. Uglybones

    Xtra tuff boots kinked

    Clamp the tops and hang them in the sun. Badabing badaboom.
  51. Uglybones

    Liberty 7/11 Touch and Go

    Yea it’s all good. It’s my own darn fault. Makes it tough when the fish are flying in the corner easily within casting distance.:picknose:
  52. Uglybones

    Liberty 7/11 Touch and Go

    It was a good trip. I forgot to mention... did you see that guy go overboard? Sheesh...
  53. Uglybones

    Liberty 7/11 Touch and Go

    Took a buddy out on his first boat trip ever on the Liberty yesterday. I pre rigged everything the night before so we were able to rack the rods do a little debrief then take a nap until I heard enough boots shuffling around to get up. Upon arrival we slowed things down just north of the tuna...
  54. Uglybones

    Dementia linked to scopolamine

    I heard getting married causes you to have to get rid of half your sh!t every 10 years or so?
  55. Uglybones

    Fishing lead ban

    Facts are the new hate speech. Tread lightly my friends.
  56. Uglybones

    FREE Thank You BD- titan05

    I wish you a speedy recovery Jim! The fish can wait...
  57. Uglybones

    Remember your blessings and pass it on.

    It’s funny you mention this. I gave away some old gear to a coworker years ago that was getting started in bay and saltwater fishing. To this day he still keeps me updated on how the reel and tackle bag is doing. Cool shit.
  58. Uglybones

    6" Deck Boots

    And be sure to purchase a size larger than you normally wear. That way if you go overboard you can kickem off easily so you can swim. Water filled boots turn into individual anchors very quickly.
  59. Uglybones

    6" Deck Boots

    Be sure to check out the tread thickness on the different styles as well.
  60. Uglybones

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 12a for Immediate sale

    Well on that note.. free bump bud
  61. Uglybones

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 12a for Immediate sale

    Should’ve lurked around the RULES sticky thread a bit first. On a side note welcome to BD! We’re a nice group of assholes and gentlemen alike. Cheers!
  62. Uglybones

    TRADE S.D. Makaira 10ii SEA

    ::TRADE PENDING:: Willing to trade locally in San Diego a Mak 10ii SEA for a Tranx 500 HG or PG. Shoot me a PM with details
  63. Uglybones

    WTB U.C. RUC 711M or MH

    Looking for one or both of these rods in the San Diego area. Let me know what you have available thanks.
  64. Uglybones

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    But what was the fish count?
  65. Uglybones


    Tell that to the sand bass off IB. Oh wait nvm...
  66. Uglybones

    Bali Nusa Dua

    Nope but be sure to try the pork dumplings at Chandi if you make your way into Seminyak. Superb... I know guys do spearfishing out of Gili Trawangan and Padang Bai. You might be able to find something there. Good luck and drink a Bintang for me.
  67. Uglybones

    Abyss or Black Diamond

    That’s great and all you can cast further than others but I am speaking in terms of fly lining and actually pulling on fish. Tuggin on a tuna that’s 60# - 120# on a 9ft rod vs. a 7ft rod is an entirely different ball game. A 7ft rod will definitely get you in the chum line no problem. Shit I’ve...
  68. Uglybones

    Abyss or Black Diamond

    Fly lining bait on a 9ft rod is nonsensical. Can you do it? Yes... Would I personally recommend this? No. Use mono with the PSW and spectra on PSX as stated above.
  69. Uglybones

    Black Diamond 909 or Abyss 809

    The action of the abyss will forgive the rigidity of the spectra once you hook a fish. It makes the fight much more enjoyable (Less stress on your body parts) and that “give” in the rods action will give you a lot less chances of pulling hooks.
  70. Uglybones

    Black Diamond 909 or Abyss 809

    If you’re gonna fish spectra go with the Abyss. If you’re gonna fish mono go with the black diamond.
  71. Uglybones

    old skool mentality vs...

    Start heavy then work your way down.
  72. Uglybones

    Dolphin hooked on cedar plug trolling

    No but Flipper ( The actual movie star Flipper) committed suicide. Real shit...
  73. Uglybones

    Arizona Folks

    Yea I am in the Casino business here in San Diego. From what I gathered same job starts at $22.50 out there which would be a significant pay cut. That being said I think it would be worth the move in the long run. On the other hand I wouldn’t mind getting out of the smoking environment into...
  74. Uglybones

    Which UC rod for Talica 12?

    RCE 700XH or XXH depends on what kind of line setup you’re using
  75. Uglybones

    I need a Jig stick

    Save yourself the time trouble and money 900 DelMar. Next vote would be for a 9’3” Baby Ulua.
  76. Uglybones

    Arizona Folks

    All good information guys thanks. I visited AZ probably close to 10 times in the last year just to scope things out and a couple hunting trips thrown in as well. Each time driving back west I always asked myself why!? Lol! I totally get treating CA like an amusement park and will be happy to...
  77. Uglybones

    Arizona Folks

    This is what I love hearing. Thanks!!!
  78. Uglybones

    Gerber knife add sucks

  79. Uglybones

    Arizona Folks

    What are we moderating?
  80. Uglybones

    Arizona Folks

    The mainstream media are asshats spreading this leftist propaganda and the ideology is being spread through the education systems to the newer generations from kindergarten to colleges here. I won’t be raising my children here... no way.
  81. Uglybones

    Arizona Folks

    No gents I enjoy freedom. I did an all beef diet last October if that tells you anything haha cheers!
  82. Uglybones

    Arizona Folks

    Javelina hunting is definitely on my todo list. I am sure that’ll be much more realistic living out that way. I drove the Apache Trail our past Canyon And Apache Lake how is the fishing out in those areas? I love the terrain out there, it’s gorgeous.
  83. Uglybones

    Arizona Folks

    Yea the twice the house for half the price is a huge selling point for me. Ya that’s what I figured doing the longer trips would definitely make the traveling worth it.
  84. Uglybones

    New Lo-Ann late report

    I was taught to respect my elders. But then again chivalry is dead. Strange world we live in sometimes.
  85. Uglybones

    Arizona Folks

    I am currently looking to move out to the Phoenix area from San Diego by the end of the year. I was wondering out of curiosity how often you Arizona fishermen make it out to the Pacific and fish. I love the Ocean but the rising costs around San Diego/ California just don’t seem to be worth it...
  86. Uglybones

    Albacore season

    They usually school with the midshipmen.
  87. Uglybones

    WTB S.D. Spinning Rod

    Sent you a text bump
  88. Uglybones

    At San Clemente Island, and this happened...

    Ahhh the 90’s when everything was better
  89. Uglybones

    Worth of a Rod

    In my experience thumbs to the eye sockets has always had a way of swooning folks.
  90. Uglybones

    For Sale United Composites 7" Raptor Rail Rod

    $5 gut and gill job comin your way pal
  91. Uglybones

    Crazy Ass Charter Capt

    Antifa member
  92. Uglybones

    WTB S.D. Spinning Rod

    Looking for a medium action 20#-50# Spinning Rod in San Diego. Shimano, Seeker, Phenix, open to most brands. Let me know what you got. Thanks.
  93. Uglybones

    FREE San Diego Tackle Traders break in

    Eyes peeled. Hopefully John can put out a list of unique items.
  94. Uglybones

    SOLD Seeker Black Steel...$old

    Pm sent. I have a buddy that’s interested.
  95. Uglybones

    What is this??? Need ID help!!

    Bat ray no tail
  96. Uglybones

    SOLD Okuma metaloid 5N

    I’ll come by tomorrow and pick it up
  97. Uglybones

    For Sale Talica 10ii And Phenix psw-908mh
  98. Uglybones

    For Sale $0LD

    Texts replied
  99. Uglybones

    For Sale $0LD

    Selling for a friend. The rod is in good used condition. First guide has some chipping clearly displayed in photos. $soldFIRM Text or PM me here
  100. Uglybones

    SOLD United Composite Elite RCE700 XXH-C

    Son of a biscuit. If it falls through let me know.
  101. Uglybones

    San Diego full day boats...

    The bunks for the ride out and in is a wonderful thing!
  102. Uglybones

    WTB Talica 12ll San Diego

    I got $420 for a BNIB Talica 12ll PM me here if you got one your are willing to part with. Tight lines...
  103. Uglybones

    For Sale 10' CEX Jig Stick -Brand New

    FYI I purchased Trinidad 40N from Al awhile back. Reel was flawless and transaction was smooth. Buy with confidence. Thanks again Al that reel got me a few wahoo.
  104. Uglybones

    Lobster Diver attacked by shark at Beacons

    I was out diving the afternoon before this happened. Been diving plenty of times but that day in particular it just felt sharky for some reason like you were being watched? Closely... Hope him to a quick recovery. Thoughts and prayers.
  105. Uglybones

    Yuma Opener 2018

    I was out for the opener on Friday. Hunted Saturday Sunday and came home. Got a limit opening morning and only 1 bird then next morning. Went back out for this Wednesday Thursday Friday then headed back home today after the morning hunt. Let me tell ya... midweek after the opener was much more...
  106. Uglybones

    Mitch's Seafood is ridiculous!

    Best shrimp tacos and crab cakes. Their blue cheese burger is even delicious!!!
  107. Uglybones

    Yuma Dove Scout

    What I saw in Yuma last Thursday was still more than I would have seen from El Centro I am sure. Just a matter of finding “the spot” For me Yuma has always been worth the extra drive. Good luck out there! Report back though I want to hear how it goes.
  108. Uglybones

    Yuma Dove Scout

    Oh awesome. Yea they looked pretty healthy from the distance we were at around (500 yards) also seen a ton of quail, road runners, a couple toads hoppin along the road, vultures, rabbits, surprised the snakes weren’t out.
  109. Uglybones

    Yuma Dove Scout

    So I headed down to Yuma Thursday 8/23 morning to take a look around at things. Started off in Dome Valley on the Gila River at the usual spot. Arrived at 6am and it was 70* out!!! Quite a bit cooler than previous years. Upon arrival I noticed a lack of flyers. Just 4 deer walking along the...
  110. Uglybones

    For Sale All Gone

    Del Mar sold
  111. Uglybones

    For Sale All Gone

    Newell and Ulua gone. Thanks Jim. Bump
  112. Uglybones

    For Sale All Gone

    PMs replied on Trinidad
  113. Uglybones

    For Sale All Gone

    Ulua and Newell $SPF
  114. Uglybones

    For Sale All Gone

  115. Uglybones

    Reel for Jig Stick

    If that’s the case get a used Tranx 500 hg or pg. either or will be awesome. $.02
  116. Uglybones

    Reel for Jig Stick

    Fathom 25n
  117. Uglybones

    La Jolla Mako Release.

    Same guy that keeps'em will be the first to complain about sea lion overpopulation. Good job on releasing. :worship:
  118. Uglybones

    Xtratuf size 5 $40 used once

    Got a pair of Xtratufs worn on one half day trip. The sea just isn't for some folks. Lol. Excellent condition soles look brand new. $40 Pm here or text Ian~ 6196770607 Local transactions only
  119. Uglybones

    Shimano Tranx PG-SOLD

    San Diego SOLD
  120. Uglybones

    Shimano Tranx PG-SOLD

    Forgot to mention no shipping local transactions only
  121. Uglybones

    Shimano Tranx PG-SOLD

    I have a used Tranx PG in mint condition with box for sale. Has spectra and clamp ready to catch fish. I can't remember what kind of spectra is on the reel it was put on a couple years ago but it's still ready to rock. $380 firm No shipping Text or Pm me here Ian 6196770607
  122. Uglybones

    300+lb Bluefin Landed

    These are great days we're living bros. ~ Crazy Earl
  123. Uglybones

    Snowflakes are among us

    The snowflakes are amongst so bad that my comment got deleted lol.
  124. Uglybones

    Snowflakes are among us

    What in the literal fuck?
  125. Uglybones


    Fwiw I was jazzed on the idea of using a Tranx HG last year on an 8day long story short I stuck with the two Trinidad 20"s and 40N I brought.
  126. Uglybones

    Gold Trinidad 40n for sale SOLD

    This reel in particular is worth every bit of $500 easy. The 40N is simply just another animal.
  127. Uglybones

    3 Hours for Tuna/Yellowtail

    Go to Mitch's eat a sandwich and drink a beer.
  128. Uglybones

    Surface iron reels

    Tranx 500 is hard to beat.
  129. Uglybones

    If you could only have 6 Jigs to throw this summer?

    I never leave the dock without a Salas 7x
  130. Uglybones

    What to replace my junk Phenix rods with?

    I went from Phenix to UC.
  131. Uglybones

    Stoked On Fishing....Whats Going on?

    Spitting tobacco into the mouth of a bass is pretty disrespectful in my opinion. There's no reason for that. Drinkin while operating a motor vehicle I can't comment on :cheers:
  132. Uglybones

    How far out are the tuna biteing

    A 3/4 or overnight will get you into the zone.
  133. Uglybones

    Expensive reel purchase debate

    If you don't have a Talica 12ii ide start there. Second choice would be the 16ii. Stella would be at the bottom of my list.
  134. Uglybones

    Good yellowtail rod?

    Go to squidcos day before Father's Day sale buy a $200 gift card then pull on a few rods and purchase.
  135. Uglybones

    Good yellowtail rod?

    Seeker black steel 670 Seeker black classic 870 United composites 700m Depends on what you want to spend?
  136. Uglybones

    ASSHOLE ALERT M&M Custom rods

    I like giving my money to squidco. :cool:
  137. Uglybones

    JRI jigs contact

    Mine don't get wet enough :(
  138. Uglybones


    Fishing gloves Super glue New skin Aloe Vera Trash bags for dirty clothes (keeps the smell in) And car air fresheners for the room
  139. Uglybones

    Best 3/4 Day Boat In SD For Offshore Fishing?

    Liberty mission belle
  140. Uglybones

    Surface Iron Leader # Class...?

    Wired baby 5x :)
  141. Uglybones

    Shimano Tranx 400 for Light Surface Iron/Jigs...?

    I've heard attempting to make long casts with the maxcuatro (50#) is not the business...
  142. Uglybones

    Day At The Docks -- Well, . . .

    I wouldn't bring my dogs. Too concerned about them burning their paws on that assault.
  143. Uglybones

    Surface Iron Rod Shoot-out..!! UC vs. Calstar

    The 900 delmar is just somethin else.. love it.
  144. Uglybones

    Caivo Jigs

    They swim best slow. The action is great.This is after a single 3/4 trip with no fish caught. Paint didn't hold well for me. I'll keepem for calico. Your mileage may vary. Same trip ended with 5 YT on a mint/white 7x.
  145. Uglybones

    Where to fish in Bangkok

    In all seriousness check out amazon fishing park in Bangkok and Pattaya
  146. Uglybones

    Where to fish in Bangkok

    Nana plaza
  147. Uglybones

    You Can't Fish, Now What?

    Shooting range. Day trips to the desert. Working on different cooking techniques for next years catch. Have you ever Sous Vide a steak fish pork or chicken? If not look it up and your welcome in advance. Cheers.
  148. Uglybones

    Surface Iron Confusion...?

    I hope you never discover wahoo bombs.
  149. Uglybones

    FS Shimano Trinidad 12 and 14

    looks like you fish Thailand from the looks of your avatar? Nice reels btw...
  150. Uglybones

    Trinidad 14a San Diego

    Pms responded to
  151. Uglybones

    Trinidad 14a San Diego

    all texts responded to. bump
  152. Uglybones

    Shimano Talica 16 and 12 for sale

    How many times have you turned the handle? Are they heavy? Can they catch big fish? Free bump ;)
  153. Uglybones

    Trinidad 14a San Diego

  154. Uglybones

    Mantis Shrimp in San Diego Bay...

    Looks cold. Should've gave him a cuddle.
  155. Uglybones


    Holidays were good. Work kept me pretty busy. Hope all is well can't wait to see what this season has in store for us.
  156. Uglybones


    50# JB
  157. Uglybones


  158. Uglybones

    WTB ar 10 has plenty in their long gun classifieds
  159. Uglybones

    10' rod suggestion?

    Also if you don't go with a UC rod I would look real hard at those new Phenix Axis jigsticks.
  160. Uglybones

    10' rod suggestion?

    United Composites Del Mar 1000 But I REALLY do enjoy my Del Mar 900. Second choice 10' choice would be a Calstar GFDH 100j.
  161. Uglybones

    San Diego Bait Situation

    Screw the bait buy bombs
  162. Uglybones

    Trinidad TN20a

    I like spectra on my Tranx for iron but mono on my trinidads for iron casting. I am weird.
  163. Uglybones

    Wtb any blue ex seekers

    Still got mine if you're interested:D
  164. Uglybones


    How is this not sold?
  165. Uglybones

    New Lo-An. MIA???

    130 miles on an overnight and you complain. Sounds like the captain went the distance for his passengers.
  166. Uglybones

    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    United composites would be a great lateral move.
  167. Uglybones

    Don't be this guy!

    It doesn't have a pistol grip and doesn't look like it holds more than 10 rounds.
  168. Uglybones

    better here than the jokes forum

    Sounds like an ear necklace kind of time.
  169. Uglybones

    Where's all the Sandbass?

    They're schooling with the albacore.
  170. Uglybones

    10' Seeker CEX Composite Extreme Ulua

    Free bump for a great seller. Al I don't think you'll be shipping this one!
  171. Uglybones

    Seeker New w/ tags

    Thanks Jim & thanks Mark.
  172. Uglybones

    Seeker New w/ tags

    Seeker STL 8030 $140 Brand new Local San Diego pickup only Prices are firm Text or Pm Ian ~ 6196770607
  173. Uglybones

    Modern jig slinger

    I've got a tranx HG on a ulua ex if you want to try chuckin it a few times. I love the tranx.
  174. Uglybones

    26 Seaswirl....sinking near 9 mile bank currently 10:35 am

    What brand of boats were they?
  175. Uglybones

    Butt Cap Stuck To Gimbal... cure?

    Use PB blaster or just give it a good old fashioned man grip and pull.
  176. Uglybones

    Seaguar blue label

    Segura, as in Tom Segura? He's funny.
  177. Uglybones

    Front Load Tackle Bag Suggestion?

    Just don't get the Outkast roller bag. Too much sag on the tray storage.
  178. Uglybones

    Talica 10 ll

    No go on the jigstick. And if you want 80# use the maxcuatro.
  179. Uglybones

    Mission bay marina boats being robbed.

    I love when scumbags get caught.
  180. Uglybones

    Liberty 3/4 Day 07/21

    Yes the yellows were hungry all day. 7x mint n'white, JRI 3 mint n'white, 30# for bait and it was on... There wasn't a single rat amongst all the fish. good fishing with ya!
  181. Uglybones

    ICAST 2016

    Next year a Talica 30ii, Tranx 400, and Trinidad 40N. All will be available in left handed reels. :D
  182. Uglybones

    ICAST 2016 IS HERE!!!

    New Shimano saltwater reels
  183. Uglybones

    ICAST 2016 IS HERE!!!

    Some new Hooicide Bombs :D
  184. Uglybones

    Testing Knots, Knot Pullers & I’ll Test Your Knots

    Awesome can't wait to see more of this!
  185. Uglybones


    Try out a UC 1000 Del Mar. They're factory wrapping them now :)
  186. Uglybones

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    Yep just got a email from Charles saying both the 900 &1000 Del Mars are being manufactured with factory wraps.
  187. Uglybones

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    Are the 900 & 1000 Del Mar available in a factory wrap?
  188. Uglybones

    Next Gen Getting it done on the AA.

    This is awesome. I remember my uncle taking me out when I was 4 years old on twilight trips. Who knew that would be the spark that ignited the blaze? Here I am 30 and headed out on an 8 day. Next year will be a 10 day. He will remember that fish forever! Props!!!
  189. Uglybones

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    Gas is always down election year. Don't know why but that's the way it is? Next year it'll be back up. But the real question is will we have wahoo next year or albacore? :D
  190. Uglybones

    Trinidad 40N *Not Mine* For anyone who's looking for one! Decently priced. Just passin it along.
  191. Uglybones

    Black sea bass caught in CA legally for sale!!!!

    Is that Morro Rock in the background?
  192. Uglybones

    The Case for Spinning Gear

    I love Shimano stuff but bangin a $600+ spinning reel on the rail makes me cringe.
  193. Uglybones

    Gear checklist for 8 day trip?

    Even a small chair like this is awesome preferably one with a drink holder.
  194. Uglybones

    Gear checklist for 8 day trip?

    Trash bags for dirty laundry. And car air freshener for your room.
  195. Uglybones

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    what shop in SoCal has the greatest selection of these rods and blanks on display? Looking to replace my arsenal.
  196. Uglybones

    We need more of this!

    I like dogs. Sea lions are like dogs with superior swimming capabilities. I've had fish taken by them in the past sure... Just can't bring myself to hate the fury bastards.
  197. Uglybones

    Shimano Trinidad 40N For Sale

    How about that left side plate?
  198. Uglybones

    Quick Video of PB White Seabass 65+lbs + Yellowtail

    Nice!!! What kind of rods are you fishing?
  199. Uglybones

    Poppers & Stick Baits

    res ipsa loquitur
  200. Uglybones

    Pacific Queen Trip Report - Pair of 200 lb. Bluefin from 6/2 Overnighter - Joe Sarmiento Article

    What an assumptuous convolution of simple words. Arrogance you say? Possibly also ignorance if you will. Sensitive? Quite the contrary. Again simple words from simple people. Good luck out there pal. :cheers:
  201. Uglybones

    Calstar / Phenix rod for a Tranx 500PG?

    I'de check out the new Phenix Axis jigsticks. But I do love my gfdh 100j.
  202. Uglybones

    Pacific Queen Trip Report - Pair of 200 lb. Bluefin from 6/2 Overnighter - Joe Sarmiento Article

    Read the article. Don't know why homeboy felt it was imperative to point out that the two gentlemen were deaf. Relevance to fishing? Kyle gets titled as a union electrician. The two other anglers get the title as deaf guys. I wouldn't want to reel somebody else's fish in either. Call it ego...
  203. Uglybones

    Shimano Trinidad 40N For Sale

    You gotta put up a picture of the left side plate. It'll probably help your add.
  204. Uglybones

    Best jig rod to match with Trinidad 20 DC?

    Back to this comment. The Axis jigsticks are out :D
  205. Uglybones

    Phenix BD PSW 809xhj vs UC CE 80 Monster

    I am getting rid of all my Phenix rods for UC rods if that tells you anything.
  206. Uglybones


    Will United Composites be at this event?
  207. Uglybones

    Editor edit delete

    I don't regret getting rid of either of the 20 & 16 I had. Hype hype hype.
  208. Uglybones

    Losing irons during cast

    What part of SD are you in?
  209. Uglybones

    Useful websites
  210. Uglybones

    Brand new Purple factory super seeker set 1x3, 2X4, and 3x5

    Ya they come with assless chaps and a nipple ring.
  211. Uglybones

    TranX PG. Effective applications?

    Did you get it for $225 on CL?
  212. Uglybones

    Best jig rod to match with Trinidad 20 DC?

    I second the 7x. I had one then sold it after one trip. Just didn't dig it. The Calstar gfdh 100j and Ulua are quite wonderful. Just picked up a seeker black steel 6500 10' that I haven't used yet but we'll see..
  213. Uglybones

    WTB 8' calstar or seeker

    looking for a 6480 in a seeker/ SS or Calstar GG, gfdh, 800m, or bwc. Local San Diego face to face transaction only. Thanks in advance.
  214. Uglybones

    Best jig rod to match with Trinidad 20 DC?

    They had an HAX 909hj prototype at the Fred hall shows rumored to be out this spring they were lovely. Didn't see them when I was at day at the docks though. Still keeping an eye out!
  215. Uglybones

    Best jig rod to match with Trinidad 20 DC?

    Baby ulua has a thinner blank walls and is rated 20-40# the regular Ulua is rated 30-60# beefier stick. But again I would highly recommend checking out the UC rods. The 9' monster or wahoo might be up your alley.
  216. Uglybones

    Seeker ssr ulua reel seat or not?

    Every time I tighten my reels on my rods I cringe. Lol
  217. Uglybones

    Best jig rod to match with Trinidad 20 DC?

    Check out the united composites. I've heard good things. I personally have an Ulua 93h, baby Ulua 93h, and calstar gfdh 100J. I really like the rods I have. To each their own.
  218. Uglybones

    Calstar 100 mag / Seeker Blue Lightning / Fathom 25n

    Free bump I like the Trinidad :rockin:
  219. Uglybones

    WTB penn fathom 40nld2

    $208.98 on Amazon
  220. Uglybones

    Surface iron gear

    Straight 40# Izor works just fine. On the Fathom make sure it's a star drag not a lever drag.
  221. Uglybones

    Surface iron gear

    Fathom 25n with a seeker pinhead ulua. Cheap and perfect.
  222. Uglybones

    Newell p322

    Did Igor help you build this?
  223. Uglybones

    Have you ever trolled a surface iron?

    When the boat does circles at Cedros. :jig:
  224. Uglybones

    Looking for ocean fishing guide

    It's all about that insurance.
  225. Uglybones

    penn 3/0 gold accurate

    Beautiful reel. Gotta appreciate it!
  226. Uglybones

    Drone fishing

    It's just a matter of time until every boat has one. Thumbs up to these dudes.
  227. Uglybones

    Mako 256 Center Console

    Is the dog included? Beautiful boat!
  228. Uglybones

    Free Used Tackle bag *READ*

    No rod no reel no fish? Looks like a boat ride! Download them photos!
  229. Uglybones

    Talica 25ii speed BNB

    Nice reel also nice first post. Welcome to BD.
  230. Uglybones

    New to crimping

    What size crimp do you use with the 175# fluoro?
  231. Uglybones

    F/S F/T Phenix M1 Inshore 90H

    I used this as a popper rod last year with a Tranx HG it was awesome! Free bump
  232. Uglybones

    3 Shimano Trinidad 40N, 16 DC and 20 DC

    I'll trade you a Unicorn? Let me know bro...
  233. Uglybones

    New to crimping

    Awesome man I love it. I'll just have to give it a try!
  234. Uglybones

    New to crimping

    Awesome Jim thanks for the info. As for the fluoro leader (my original plan) I talked to the folks at the seaguar booth in long beach and asked their thoughts on the heavy fluoro rig in the 130-150# for raiders and wahoo fishing. They kinda laughed and said don't waste the money and just use...
  235. Uglybones

    New to crimping

    Alright Richard I'll keep an eye out for ya! Thanks again.
  236. Uglybones

    New to crimping

    So I am taking a 8 day in October on the RR3 and have never needed to rig wire for wahoo before. I've searched and read quite a bit of the threads here, YouTube, and other online posts and have learned a lot but haven't made any terminal tackle purchases yet with the exception of the Nicopress...
  237. Uglybones

    WTB Curado EJ

    Looking for a mint condition Curado EJ local in SD. Shoot me a PM if you have an extra on your hands.
  238. Uglybones


    Rule # 1. We do not talk about BD.
  239. Uglybones

    670 vs 6470

    Either way get both. If you need one you'll need the other.
  240. Uglybones

    popping set up for pelagics

    Tranx HG w/ phenix m1 90H. It'll cast those little halcos a mile.
  241. Uglybones


    What a fool. Oh wait a sec...
  242. Uglybones

    Please wear your life vests

    The dad is a hero and payed with his life. Godspeed.
  243. Uglybones

    Selling my Newells...

    Popcorn is hot
  244. Uglybones

    Trinidad 30a and trinidad 14a fair deal?

    Yes it's a good deal
  245. Uglybones

    FS Shimano Trinidad,talica,phenix

    I sent you a PM asking your location and you PMed me back but never told me your location.
  246. Uglybones


    I'll say it. This is horse shit!
  247. Uglybones

    Seeker ULUA (CEX) Composite Extreme Blue 10’ – Brand New

    Comes in original plastic bag!!![ How much for just the plastic bag?
  248. Uglybones

    Anybody Else Not Fishing Guadalupe This Year?

    Absolutely epic. Thanks for the story.
  249. Uglybones

    Anybody Else Not Fishing Guadalupe This Year?

    Spearfishing the Lupe? That must have been awesome. I hear the Calicos are prehistoric down there. What was your experience spearfishing the Lupe like?
  250. Uglybones

    A different approach (video)

    From the looks of it that wasn't his first rodeo. That rod he had stuck it to that tuna pretty good. He pulled on that fish with a lot of confidence haha.
  251. Uglybones

    A different approach (video)

    I came across this video on YouTube. Thought it was interesting the setup and technique this angler took on this big yellowfin. Thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy.
  252. Uglybones

    10' Seeker ULUA (CEX) Composite Extreme Blue - Jig Stick

    Thought you said it was sold?
  253. Uglybones

    Shimano reel cost going up?

    Wasn't in the market for a reel. Was just curious on the new pricing.
  254. Uglybones

    Shimano reel cost going up?

    Was wondering if anybody else had noticed the cost of Shimano reels going up recently? Maybe it's old news? Maybe I am tripin? And if it's true does anyone know as to the reasoning why cost is going up? Just curious... Thanks.
  255. Uglybones

    Proud Dad!

    He will never be the same! I can still remember catching my first largemouth bass as a kid at the river on my own. I was about the same age. I still haven't forgotten it. Awesome video!
  256. Uglybones

    50# bluefin tuna on Pacific Queen at Colonett

    Please take one step left.
  257. Uglybones

    Rod suggestions for Trini16a?

    Phenix Axis 720h or 780h
  258. Uglybones

    Trinidad 14A brand new in box never used $380

    Welcome to BD :finger:
  259. Uglybones

    Custom cal star 850m 20-40 $180

    This is where you usually advertise the info. Just sayin.
  260. Uglybones

    Rod for talica 12ii

    Depends on which models you're comparing. Go to the shop or Fred hall show next month and pull on all of them.
  261. Uglybones

    Rod for talica 12ii

    Choosing a rod highly depends on your line setup. Will you be fishing short 6 ft fluoro leaders connected to your spectra? Or 100 yard mono leaders? I fish spectra on my axis rods and mono on my hybrid rods. The bend in the axis rods eats up the rigidness in the spectra when fighting a fish. I...
  262. Uglybones


    Pm sent. I got a Talica 8ii for you. Also in San Diego.
  263. Uglybones

    8 Day on the Red Rooster

    Yea I'll be on with ya. I did a 6 day on the rooster a few years back and enjoyed every moment of it. This will be my first 8 day. Needless to say I am excited and anxious.
  264. Uglybones

    8 Day on the Red Rooster

    You on trip #22 October, 7th?
  265. Uglybones

    Mission Bay

    Mariners Basin. Use squid or ghost shrimp. Fish the incoming tide and have fun.
  266. Uglybones


    Lost or stolen?
  267. Uglybones

    WTB Makaira 16 SEa

    Got a tac20ii for $489.99 shipped
  268. Uglybones

    WTB Makaira 16 SEa

    Also 20% off
  269. Uglybones

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid w/ Mak 10 sea

    I would go with the xh and a 150 yards of 40# mono. I got a Phd 700xh. Love it.
  270. Uglybones


    There is one for sale in the San Diego craigslist ads. Or you can go to and use their promo code "Thank You" at checkout for a 20% discount. Your welcome.
  271. Uglybones

    How do ppl like phenix m1 inshore

    I used the 90h paired with a tranx for casting smaller poppers for YFT and dodos over the summer. Love it.
  272. Uglybones

    BNIB Trinidad 16A~ $400

    Back from vacation. Still for sale.
  273. Uglybones

    check this out

    I'll stick with the Banjo Minnow thank you very much.
  274. Uglybones

    Another of "the greatest generation" passes

    Wow a hero and a total hardcore badass. RIP
  275. Uglybones

    Newell P220F

    Sent you a pm back
  276. Uglybones

    BNIB Trinidad 16A~ $400

    Pms and texts replied to
  277. Uglybones

    BNIB Trinidad 16A~ $400

    Buy a Trinidad they said, it'll catch fish they said.
  278. Uglybones

    BNIB Trinidad 16A~ $400

    Bump pics added
  279. Uglybones

    BNIB Trinidad 16A~ $400

    BNIB Shimano Trinidad 16A $400 firm. Never spooled never been mounted on a rod. Local pickup in San Diego only that means no shipping. Shoot me a PM or text if interested. Ian 6196770607
  280. Uglybones

    Tribute have bunks or staterooms ???

    Yes the bunks are loud.
  281. Uglybones

    Thresher vs. Sea Lion

    Sometimes nature is a bitch.
  282. Uglybones

    How to fish Guadalupe island

    Shogun is running to the Lupe all November
  283. Uglybones

    What is an Outfit?

    Hey bro I actually enjoyed the read. Nothing wrong with typing down your analysis/ thoughts/ feelings online and wanting to help people save money and time in picking gear for an introductory saltwater fisherman. I switched over from bass fishing in local lakes some years ago and my first...
  284. Uglybones

    Sick of the awesome reports!

    Every year somebody will say "this is the best year ever"
  285. Uglybones

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    One day things will change against our will and all the people keeping these tiny fish will be the first to bitch about new regs lol you watch...
  286. Uglybones

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    I found it peculiar with so many fishermen keeping such small fish this year, especially seeing what has recently happened to the BFT limiting in the US and full closure in Mexico. We should be proactive in our keeping habits before our habits are changed for us. Before you say keeping these...
  287. Uglybones

    New Trick For Cleaning Fish

    Unfortunately I only catch small fish.
  288. Uglybones

    662 Blue Marlin landed in socal today

    Holy shit J! It's feckin flounda!
  289. Uglybones

    Its a turtle... no its a baby whale... no its a flounder... its a TUNA

    I can't wait for my next trip to yell out "Oh my gawd J!!!" And see how many people know what I am talking about.
  290. Uglybones

    Dead whale

    I hope somebody snags some ambergris.
  291. Uglybones

    Shimano Talica 20II...only 1 boat ride

    Not to get off topic but they "lost" your gear? Was it ever recovered?
  292. Uglybones

    phenix black diamond vs hybrid vs axis.

    I fish mono with my hybrids and scectra with my axis rods
  293. Uglybones

    Poppers ???

    Phenix m1 90h w/ tranx hg
  294. Uglybones

    Limit fishing on Yt. ""Who did it"""???? PATHETIC!!!

    All these "limit" style yellowfin aren't much bigger.
  295. Uglybones

    This season really THAT good

    Apparently you and I must be the spoiled ones of the group? The exotics are cool. Surprised nobody mentioned the obscene amount of Big Eye we seen this year :frehya2:
  296. Uglybones

    This season really THAT good

    Hey Caitlyn Jenner unruffle them panties. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one. Relax you'll be ok.
  297. Uglybones

    This season really THAT good

    Mhmm better?
  298. Uglybones

    This season really THAT good

    A big one that got away story? How tragic and cliche. You must be a real individual.
  299. Uglybones

    This season really THAT good

    Local wahoo are cool and all but yes catching 1 wahoo per 4,000 yellowfin is what I would consider hype. Just sayin...
  300. Uglybones

    How big are those yellowfin???

    if the size of YFT are not specified by the landings or other various online reports when they're having these full on ripper bites usually means they're tiny. But I recently heard there is a new wave of "better grade YFT" in town, but again... Size wasn't specified lol! Just go fish!!!
  301. Uglybones

    Anybody baiting/chunking the mini yellows?

    Chunking rats for rats. Seems logical. :frehya2:
  302. Uglybones

    Anyone heard of catch and release

    I don't usually catch 400lb marlin, but when I do... I offer it a dos equis then release it. Stay fishy my friends.
  303. Uglybones

    My first 6 day leaves in a few weeks.

    Bring some car air fresheners to hang on the back of your door in your room. You'll get funky. Liquid skin, a small chair, bags for bloody clothes, small note pad for writing tips down, bring the deckhands a gift as you board. Cigarettes? Energy drinks? They'll enjoy that.
  304. Uglybones

    Killer whales off Domes today

    Must have been an awesome experience.
  305. Uglybones

    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    So you caught tiny tuna? How many did you release? :)
  306. Uglybones

    Super Seeker Baby ULUA Blank For Sale (---SOLD---)

    I offer you to post this on EBay.
  307. Uglybones

    Looking for fishing boat advice

    I've fished 3 out of the 4 mentioned. I'de go with the big bird. I like the spacious bunk situation they got goin.
  308. Uglybones


    Hopefully they'll be catching lobster poachers soon enough.
  309. Uglybones

    Shimano NIB telica 10 2 speed for sale

    It's a Talica that's been lubed with tequila
  310. Uglybones

    WTT BNIB Trinidad 16A

    ^ this is your brain on drugs
  311. Uglybones

    What combo do you pick up first...

    Sure but first negotiate the bait situation. Had all SMALL macks my last trip
  312. Uglybones

    Dorado meat

    Yes low heat for 30 minutes skin down on tin foil skin will come right off
  313. Uglybones

    What combo do you pick up first...

    Listen to what they the crew recommends.
  314. Uglybones

    Dorado meat

    Keep the skin on
  315. Uglybones

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    ^ this googan wants $500+ for the rod! Lol guess the last two I've bought for $200 & $250 were a steal lol. Jesse don't let anyone try and eBay your ass lol
  316. Uglybones

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    What did you end up finding? You really love those things lol.
  317. Uglybones

    Giant Gators

    Wonder how old a gator like that is?
  318. Uglybones

    Which one

    Talicas are on sale. Just sayin...
  319. Uglybones

    Where did all the tuna go?????

    Moon phase people. It's just the calm before the tuna storm... relax.
  320. Uglybones

    Shimano Calcutta 400's

    looks like we got a new whipping boy on our hands here... that's how you become part of the community. post a fishing report then trying getting rid of your gear here.
  321. Uglybones

    Condor, Grande, or Eclipse 1.5 day?

    Call and ask for the 90' condor!
  322. Uglybones

    October 5 day

    99% of the time you'll get away using your overnight gear for a 5 day. 25-40# setups. Also not all advice you get on the internet is good advice. Just sayin...
  323. Uglybones


    I love my Axis rods.
  324. Uglybones

    Tribute overnight 8/20

    Yea some boats are still scoring decent grade fish though. Sounds like the Aztec is out right now putting together a pretty epic trip.
  325. Uglybones

    Anyone have info on this? (fishing "accident")

    If I were a deckhand I'de make all kinds of shit up for my own self amusement. Who is this deckhand you speak of? I like him.
  326. Uglybones

    WTB tranx

    Your dad just has good taste in gear that's all. Retired my p332 for a tranx. Don't knock it till you try it.
  327. Uglybones

    Tribute overnight 8/20

    Who knows man. It seems this season things have been changing from week to week.
  328. Uglybones

    Tribute overnight 8/20

    Fished the Tribute Thursday on an overnighter. Went just south of the Coronados. Paddy hoppin style of fishing for limits of yellowfin, some dorado, and a few yellowtail mixed in. Bait, heavy jigs, and poppers were all getting bit. Weather was good fishing was good. I fished the popper most of...
  329. Uglybones

    Calstar GFJ100

    No man this is the other one with dried fish scales on it.
  330. Uglybones

    Calstar or Phenix rods?

    My go to is a PHD 700xh. But I do fish both Calstar and Phenix.
  331. Uglybones

    Right Boat, Wrong Captain

    Ok, what landing?
  332. Uglybones

    U.C. Elite Composite Series 10' Monster Jig Stick

    These rods are AWESOME!!! free bump
  333. Uglybones

    Rod question..

    Seeker Black Steel 670 or 6470 If you want to get fancy a Phenix PHD 700xh
  334. Uglybones

    Fred Hall LB vs. DM

    No need to hit the deal mar show. LB is the beez neez
  335. Uglybones

    So this guy was fishing tuna next to us yesterday with his spinning gear...

    Different strokes for different folks. It's what I learned on. Gotta give it to him for even being out there.
  336. Uglybones

    Spear fishing at the Coronados?

    I am gonna go with no
  337. Uglybones

    Need Advice
  338. Uglybones

    Was Sunday Chinese day?

    I am not sure but I know if my grandpa heard it he wouldn't have been a happy camper. Merican he says..
  339. Uglybones


    Albacore the other wimpy white meat.
  340. Uglybones

    Need Advice

    Looks a little windy and bumpy for a green angler Thursday. Just a heads up.
  341. Uglybones

    Phenix Rods

    Thanks Mike rod is perfect bump for a good BDer
  342. Uglybones

    Want to trade shimano telica 20 2 speed for

    He's looking for a Telica. Duh stoopid.
  343. Uglybones

    Emergency Sale

    Hope everything turns out ok.
  344. Uglybones

    Which one, Phenix PSW 700H or Phenix HAX-720H to match Andros 5ii ?

    I'de take a close look at the HAX780h
  345. Uglybones

    Which one, Phenix PSW 700H or Phenix HAX-720H to match Andros 5ii ?

    spectra rig I'de go with the HAX mono rig I'de go with the PSW
  346. Uglybones


    Did the price of single speeds sky rocket recently?
  347. Uglybones

    Smoking Section on Sport Boats

    So in the past 3,396 days of being a member on BD you never learned?
  348. Uglybones

    FS Terez Rod

    Killer deal Steve should go quick!
  349. Uglybones

    some yellow pus under the bluefin skin

    Hit the logout button and don't ever come back. You're easily replaceable...
  350. Uglybones

    SD Old Glory

    The name of the boat speaks for itself. It was once glorified, but it no longer is.
  351. Uglybones

    Phenix~ Hybrid, Axis, M1, Abyss

    All texts responded to
  352. Uglybones

    Phenix~ Hybrid, Axis, M1, Abyss

    He didn't realize it was a local deal you're up. Shoot me a text
  353. Uglybones

    Phenix~ Hybrid, Axis, M1, Abyss

    All rods are factory wrapped in excellent condition with the exception of the m1 has a few scratches is all. PSX 808 white cord Sold HAX 820MH Sold HAX 780H Sold PHD 700XH Sold PHD 760H Sold M1 SMX 711MH Sold No trades, no offers, no flakes...
  354. Uglybones

    Opah video

    Opah Achievement Award!. Seen opah $23 a pound yesterday at the market. Enjoy.
  355. Uglybones

    Gas prices at Dana Landin - San Diego - Yikes!!

    Sooooooo what point are you making in relation to my comment? Go pound one out. You'll have a better day.
  356. Uglybones

    Gas prices at Dana Landin - San Diego - Yikes!!

    Gas gouging tourists in San Diego over summer is what it's always felt like to me.
  357. Uglybones

    Gas prices at Dana Landin - San Diego - Yikes!!

    Gas in general has gone up in the last week.
  358. Uglybones

    Newell 229

    I have one with a tiburon frame. Caught BFT up to 40# on it with no problems. Would this be the first reel I'de grab if this grade of fish are regularly coming over the rail? No... Can it handle it? Most definitely.
  359. Uglybones

    Need help deciding what blank to get

    I would highly consider the cjbf70m. What's the application?
  360. Uglybones


    Love the Frenchie!
  361. Uglybones

    Shimano Tranx HG and Phenix Abyss 809 SOLD

    What's mechanically wrong with the reel?
  362. Uglybones


    Did you find the camera?
  363. Uglybones

    WTB Talica 8

    Jigging world 15% off July 4th sale ~$407.99
  364. Uglybones

    Producer or Old Glory

    Condor has a overnight sunday
  365. Uglybones

    Producer or Old Glory

    Do yourself a favor and fish the Tribute.
  366. Uglybones

    Talica 12 2 speed F.S.

    Common sense is not common.
  367. Uglybones

    Looking at inshore rods

    Phenix m1 inshore
  368. Uglybones

    YT Irons

    Salas 6x jr dorado (heavy)
  369. Uglybones

    Opinions on the Grande???

    Crew put us on the fish every time I've been out. Narrow boat, rocks quite a bit even in small swell which to me got annoying quick. Gotta take the good with the bad. Here's the Grande.
  370. Uglybones

    WTB Talica 8

    eBay $419 shipped BNIB
  371. Uglybones

    FS: Okuma Cedros 12s

    On a serious note how did you like this reel?
  372. Uglybones

    FS: Okuma Cedros 12s

    Hey Kevin catch bigger fish
  373. Uglybones

    what's wrong with the fish count

    You're right. People bitch no matter what. Imagine if a 1.5 dayer stayed in the bay for a wide open Spottie bite. Oh the gripes and groans. Lol
  374. Uglybones

    WTS Talica 8 II

    Damn welcome to BD
  375. Uglybones

    Calling all bad backs, what rod profile is easiest to use ?

    Using mono vs spectra in general will save a lot of back fatigue. I used a Talica 10ii w/ 50# spectra paired with a graphiter 700m and it was a total spine killer on school sized yellowfin. It was pretty embarrassing actually. If you do like using a stealth style rig go with the bendy rods...
  376. Uglybones

    Drones for fishing? Let's discuss...

    I hate technology I am actually going to throw this phone away after writing this and going to start texting my friends via pigeon messages. I can see a dead horse on the horizon using my stabilizing binoculars. Drone idea... Sure knock yourself out. Personally seems like a pain in the ass.
  377. Uglybones

    Starting to get concerned.

    Shogun is on a 6 day skiff trip doing a lot of calico fishing. Seen a few photos online of some fish they've caught. Looks fun. They're at Benitos right now. Don't be concerned just listen to 976 get excited and fish.
  378. Uglybones

    FS Trinidad 14A

    Offer? thought the add said price is firm?
  379. Uglybones


  380. Uglybones


  381. Uglybones

    YFT Speared off the dock in Dana Point

    I can't believe it that you can't believe it.
  382. Uglybones

    Seiner boats off Newport right now, getting all these pesky tuna out of our water

    Dude you're an idiot. Your actions have proved that.
  383. Uglybones

    Favorite big bluefin iron

    What did you have luck on?
  384. Uglybones

    Favorite big bluefin iron

    Did everyone forget about the megabaits or what?
  385. Uglybones

    Favorite big bluefin iron

  386. Uglybones

    How come the Mexican are still fishing for bluefin Tuna?

    Can't make logic from an illogical situation
  387. Uglybones

    WTB: Talica 8ii

    Yea I hit the jiggingworld sale for a 16a and some other goodies. Went back on Sunday night "pacific standard time" and my transaction wouldn't go through with the coupon? No biggy.
  388. Uglybones

    WTB: Talica 8ii

    As the title states I am looking for a Talica 8ii that's new or in new condition located in SD face to face transaction only. Shoot me a PM let me know what ya got. Thanks.
  389. Uglybones

    Deal at jigging world

    I ordered Saturday they called me and said the 16a they ran out of and will be shipped out on Thursday.
  390. Uglybones

    Another Big Bluefin speared

    I'de be a liar if I said that didn't give me a boner.
  391. Uglybones

    Point Loma Kelp beds

    Checkout for kayak fishing info. A lot of seasoned yakers there.
  392. Uglybones

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    Legal or illegal this is awesome
  393. Uglybones

    Deal at jigging world

    Anyone know how frequently they do a sale like this? I was only aware of two times they did this sale. "Cabinfever" and the " grand opening " sale.
  394. Uglybones

    Okuma Metaloid 5ii

    Awesome man. The reel seems solid as can be.
  395. Uglybones

    Okuma Metaloid 5ii

  396. Uglybones

    Whats this look like to you??

    Looks like a dude holding a fish that he caught off some kelp on a sabiki
  397. Uglybones

    Trinidad 14 mint w/clamp,box,papers

    Again texts and pms replied. Price adjusted.
  398. Uglybones

    Trinidad 14 mint w/clamp,box,papers

    Few nibbles no biters.
  399. Uglybones

    Trinidad 14 mint w/clamp,box,papers

    Pms and texts responded to.
  400. Uglybones

    Trinidad 14 mint w/clamp,box,papers

    FYI it fits perfectly. Thank you. Now go about your business. I love you.
  401. Uglybones

    Trinidad 14 mint w/clamp,box,papers

    Thanks guys she is super clean!
  402. Uglybones

    Deal at jigging world

    I've purchased from their site 100% legit.
  403. Uglybones

    Kid friendly sportie

    New Lo-An
  404. Uglybones

    SOLD -- Rods and reels

    No they are here. But he says somebody miraculously purchased aaaaaalllll the gear.
  405. Uglybones

    Trinidad 30DC Whack
  406. Uglybones

    Trinidad 30 for trade

    Sent you a text
  407. Uglybones

    What am I doing wrong with this knot?

    Try the RP knot fast easy and very strong see if that breaks....
  408. Uglybones

    6/2 big whale and big tuna

    Hardcore bro ... Btw whales are awesome
  409. Uglybones

    SOLD -- Rods and reels

    After all the mumbo jumbo text and no asking price? put up an asking price. What's reasonable for you might be absurd to another. Just sayin.
  410. Uglybones

    SOLD -- Rods and reels

    Dude you've gotta have the most confusing adds. Lol good luck with all that.
  411. Uglybones

    super seeker 2x4, avets, accurate for sale

    And that coming from a French dude... Ouch!
  412. Uglybones

    6-1-15 Dana Point Swordfish

    Frame that first photo awesome!
  413. Uglybones

    Seeker, Calstar, Shimano gear

    Bump, couple rods and reels still available
  414. Uglybones

    WTB 9ft Jigstick

    I have a seeker white tiger 7x pm me if interested
  415. Uglybones

    Reels that fit Alua Jig Sticks

    I use a p332 on my baby ulua and use a cork puppy clamp Here
  416. Uglybones

    Cool Aerial Shot Of A Local Bluefin Tuna School...

    ::Anticipation building::
  417. Uglybones

    Bites On?

    Live painted turtles
  418. Uglybones

    Anyone Else Shove A..

    I think she may be my current girlfriend now?
  419. Uglybones

    FS: Seeker 7x

    Thank you And no thanks on the trade
  420. Uglybones

    New guy

    Book trips here They keep daily fish counts on their sites. The Southern California sport fishery is highly dependent on using live bait. (Sardines and anchovies) Although you don't have to use live bait, it's...
  421. Uglybones

    30# spinner reel

    Stradic 8000
  422. Uglybones

    Okuma Cedros or Penn Fathom?

    How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking?
  423. Uglybones

    To build or not to build? SS Hercules GTS 80xh

    Use mono. Straight spectra will beat you up.
  424. Uglybones


    This is awesome glws
  425. Uglybones


    Sending pm
  426. Uglybones

    Ass hole diver of the week!

    I am guessing you speared nothing that day?
  427. Uglybones

    average price for trinidad 16n

    You can buy a brand new 16a on eBay for $400~$410
  428. Uglybones

    Shimano tranx hg for sale

    Connor consider it sold will pick up when you're ready
  429. Uglybones

    3 rod quiver for local, what's your go to ?

    Yellowtail fishing Seeker 670 for bait Phenix 700xh yoyo & heavy bait Ulua for jigs Tuna fishing I would switch out the jigstick for a light bait rod to fish 20#
  430. Uglybones

    First true jigstick

    Look into a graphite 332. You can find them for cheap.
  431. Uglybones

    First true jigstick

    Newell p332f, torque 25n, and a Trinidad 20a
  432. Uglybones

    First true jigstick

    I personally have a Baby Ulua, Ulua 93h, and a 100j. If I were you I would go with the pinhead 100% use it for a few years then move on. You won't be making a mistake buying this rod. Don't get discouraged casting. Practice practice practice practice...
  433. Uglybones

    FS - Long Range Reels. Prices reduced

    Killer deal on the p229f... You ever come to SD?
  434. Uglybones

    Seeker, Calstar, Shimano gear

    Pms and texts replied
  435. Uglybones

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    All the new members voted for Obama.
  436. Uglybones

    Seeker, Calstar, Shimano gear

    Thanks Gilbert good luck out there.
  437. Uglybones

    Seeker, Calstar, Shimano gear

    660xh sold to Gilbert, pending
  438. Uglybones

    Seeker, Calstar, Shimano gear

    6470 back up for grabs.
  439. Uglybones

    Seeker, Calstar, Shimano gear

    you and I both know her words mean nothing Hahahah. Just don't show her this post lol!
  440. Uglybones

    Seeker, Calstar, Shimano gear

    1,2,3 sold pending payment
  441. Uglybones

    Seeker, Calstar, Shimano gear

    6470 on hold till tomorrow. Good talkin to ya Kevin.
  442. Uglybones

    Seeker, Calstar, Shimano gear

    1. Super Seeker SD8 SOLD 2. Super Seeker S36 SOLD 3. Seeker Black Steel 980 titanium guides SOLD 4. Seeker Black Steel 6470 titanium guides SOLD 5. Seeker Black Steel r/s r/t G6460h $200 6. Seeker American Series A660xh r/s r/t SOLD 7. Shimano Tallus (spinning) TLS-7' 8-20# $60 8. Calstar...
  443. Uglybones

    Marlin thrashes in the surf

    Fukushima Marlin o_O
  444. Uglybones

    h m landing new website

    Fishing was great yesterday. First good weather we had and it picked right back up.
  445. Uglybones

    h m landing new website

    I thought BD weeded out all the Divas last year? The end II
  446. Uglybones

    h m landing new website

    In my experience people always hate change. The end.
  447. Uglybones


    You ever come to SD?
  448. Uglybones

    Brand New Phenix PHD700XH Hybrid $350.00 OBO

    You're priced right. I already have one of these rods. If you were in SD I'de buy another. Glws
  449. Uglybones


    Hey Tony I replied to your PM saying I'de pick up the rod tomorrow near Poway and for you to shoot me a text. Not sure if you got the response?
  450. Uglybones

    Brand New Phenix PHD700XH Hybrid $350.00 OBO

    For buyers looking at this rod it's $420 brand new those titanium guides will last forever. I also have this same rod and it's never going anywhere. I have no affiliation with the seller. Simply a badass stick.
  451. Uglybones

    SOLD - NIB Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ25N

    You're A dick because you have me in your icon. Psshhh I love that wig.
  452. Uglybones

    SOLD - NIB Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ25N

    Calm down quickdraw McGraw you're not the only cowboy around these parts meow.
  453. Uglybones

    SOLD - NIB Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ25N

    Just pmed you I'll take both. Don't sale to Danny ^ he's a dick :)
  454. Uglybones


    Does the Rod say m&m rods on it?
  455. Uglybones

    Need jig stick

    Charkbait SD had one 9ft $149 if I recall? Call and ask.
  456. Uglybones

    Need jig stick

    You could ask this guy what he would sale the ulua for?
  457. Uglybones

    Phenix USB-790H-C Ultra Swimbait Classic Rod

    Another new seller... Made arrangements (through text message) to pick up a rod the next day. Next day came and received a text stating it was sold. Whack....
  458. Uglybones


    Add title says NIB. Description says LNIB?
  459. Uglybones

    50 lb YFT caught in LA Harbor ?

    Where's Agent Skully and Mulder?
  460. Uglybones

    New Talica 25II,New Penn 975, Used GFDH 800-xl,Seeker BS G980eel

    Good deals. I have both of these rods and they're awesome.
  461. Uglybones

    What's your go to 30lb rod??

    Seeker 670
  462. Uglybones

    WTB penn torque 25n black.

    I just picked one up haven't used it yet but I can't wait! Seems bulletproof and frees pools like no other!
  463. Uglybones

    WTS/WTT Newell 229, Terez 80h and Gloomis GL2

    I think gtw7983 is looking for a new g loomis? :)
  464. Uglybones

    Bluefin jigs for fishing deep?

    If you caught a 110# fish why change?
  465. Uglybones

    Sardine Fishery Closing

    Did Helen Keller update you in this info?
  466. Uglybones

    Do not deal with "gtw7983"

    If you're honest I'd tell him to kick rocks.
  467. Uglybones

    Seeker Black classic vs Seeker Pinhead vs Calstar West Coast

    From back left of the car out the passenger window
  468. Uglybones

    Seeker Black classic vs Seeker Pinhead vs Calstar West Coast

    I put a 100j in my friends Mini Cooper. You shouldn't have a problem.
  469. Uglybones

    How was your Day At The Docks?

    Fishermans landing had SS 93h factory wrap for $199 awesome deal
  470. Uglybones

    OK, who was the idiot

    They were throwing cinder blocks at them? Give me a fuckin break...
  471. Uglybones

    FS: Calstar GG-670C 20-40

    Bump for a honest BDer
  472. Uglybones

    Sea Lion Morons

    yea sea lions can suck. But either way respect the ocean and the creatures that have to call it home. And no I am not a hippy.
  473. Uglybones


    Pm sent
  474. Uglybones


    Come to day at the docks I'll buy it :D
  475. Uglybones

    fs seeker black steel

    Gold or titanium guides?
  476. Uglybones

    FS: Seeker 7x

    Don't know I got these a few years back just don't use them.
  477. Uglybones

    WTT / WTS Trini 16 / Super Seeker SS 665f

    It's a mythical creature that people only manage to take fuzzy and shaky pictures of the prove its existence.
  478. Uglybones

    WTT / WTS Trini 16 / Super Seeker SS 665f

    You must be the guy taking all those photos of Sasquatch.
  479. Uglybones

    FS: Seeker 7x

    Bump again
  480. Uglybones

    FS: Seeker 7x

    Are you coming to San Diego?
  481. Uglybones

    FS: Seeker 7x

  482. Uglybones

    looking for reviews on phx axis rods

    Got a 780h paired with a Talica 10ii fishing with spectra on live bait. Nothing but good things
  483. Uglybones

    Top shot

    A short stiff rod isn't ideal for a spectra rig. The stiff rod and the non stretch of the spectra will make for a rigid fight. Total back breaker... A longer very parabolic rod is what you want. I just got a new Phenix Axis HAX 780h this seemed to do well last week against the yellowtail with a...
  484. Uglybones

    Top shot

    Spectra with a short fluorocarbon leader will let your bait swim more naturally away from the boat.
  485. Uglybones

    Can we fight back???

    Guess it happens like this
  486. Uglybones

    Another fish thief bites fisherman

    This is a direct act caused from a lack of sardines :rolleyes:. Hope the dude is alright. Scary shit.
  487. Uglybones

    Tip of the month

    fish kelp in the paddy caught noises loud opha big big
  488. Uglybones

    Setup for learning to fish the surface iron?

    Yea I had the seeker 7x rod with the white tip. You're the rod wrapper right?
  489. Uglybones

    Setup for learning to fish the surface iron?

    Pretty sure he got 10YT on the the plug 10% of the fish on the boat... His setup was a 93h with a Trinidad 30a 40# mono medium retrieve with the good ol'7x
  490. Uglybones

    San Onofre Dodo

    I knew a girl named April. She was a fool and smelled like a dorado.
  491. Uglybones

    Avets and Metaloid

    Jesse thanks again the reel was better than I expected. Bump for a straight up honest seller. Tight lines bro. We gotta go fish for some calicos, it's about that time...
  492. Uglybones

    free spectra from turners @ the FHS?

    I was curious also. Never heard of the stuff. Forgot the name. Any feedback on the spectra?
  493. Uglybones


    More popcorn bump :jig:
  494. Uglybones

    Avets and Metaloid

    Pm on okuma
  495. Uglybones


    An andros was built for 80-200# braid???
  496. Uglybones


    Popcorn anyone?
  497. Uglybones

    Wanted p332

  498. Uglybones

    bft between cat and sci

    If you go left you'll find them
  499. Uglybones

    Did it bust loose today in San Diego???? Click that ^
  500. Uglybones

    Wtb talica 12 ii Use the promo code and get 20% off. It's at the top of the page. I just got a Talica 10ii. Cheers.
  501. Uglybones

    Wanted p332

    lookin for a p332 in clean condition that is 10/10 mechanically. San Diego deals only let me know what you got.
  502. Uglybones


    2 hours of anticipation then 2 hours of celebration
  503. Uglybones

    Tasty Paddlefish!

    He probably took that thing back to Uncle Andys pleasure cave and made it his sister- wife. Just sayin...
  504. Uglybones

    Brand New Shimano Tld 30A 2 speed $200.00 or trade for???????

    Sorry about your pops bro. Hope he gets well.
  505. Uglybones

    Calcutta 400f & 800f

    Awesome thanks for the info.
  506. Uglybones

    Calcutta 400f & 800f

    Power handle Gold spool metal star drag Metal level wind guide But all the guts are the same? Would they come out with another "te" model for the 400 or is that where the new conquest steps in?
  507. Uglybones

    Accident waiting to happen!

    I am a better fisherman when I drink
  508. Uglybones


  509. Uglybones

    credit card info stolen. I got one of these
  510. Uglybones


  511. Uglybones

    Calcutta 400f & 800f

  512. Uglybones

    rod for My talica 12 2speed

    Straight spectra rig? Or long mono topshot? Phenix PHD 700XH or PHD 760h
  513. Uglybones

    Why not make a Trinidad 40NA

    If you want a 40na just make one yourself :D
  514. Uglybones

    Calcutta 400f & 800f

    Has anyone had any experience or feedback from these reels? They look better than the 400d. Was wondering how the F models would compare to the old te design?
  515. Uglybones

    New torium 16

    $383.99 for a Talica 10ii
  516. Uglybones


  517. Uglybones

    WTB: Colored Newells

    That black ones are my favorite :lux:
  518. Uglybones

    Phenix psw 808 mh 15-40lb. casting rod any good?

    Good for bass and smaller tuna on light line. I slapped a p220 on the rod with straight spectra on it. The bend absorbs the shock of the spectra really well when fighting fish.
  519. Uglybones

    Shimano Trinidad TN 14 Gold in near new condition

    Perfect as described. Thanks Steve tight lines!
  520. Uglybones

    Shimano Trinidad TN 14 Gold in near new condition

    I'll take it, I'll call you just after 10am
  521. Uglybones

    Reel for Throwing 7x's on a 10 Footer

    Don't waste your time Newell p332 or p338
  522. Uglybones

    Sold - Trinidad 20 with Cal Plate/Carbonex Drag/20 DC Dog Upgrade

    Sooooo I guess I am no longer picking the reel up at noon from point loma sport fishing? Got it.... Thanks Pal
  523. Uglybones

    1991 toyota pickup

    What kinda muffler bearings?
  524. Uglybones


    Coming to SD again any time soon?
  525. Uglybones


    Pm sent
  526. Uglybones

    Restoring Tourism in Baja

    No need to go to Mexico. America is #1! Always has been, always will be.
  527. Uglybones

    Cedros Island Adventures?

    Look out on airplane luggage weight charges. My dad did one of these trips this year and was charged way more than originally expected. He didn't find out these unexpected extra charges until he was actually at the airport down south. Which was contradictory to what was originally advertised by...
  528. Uglybones

    Which one of you was it?

    Seaworld is a joke
  529. Uglybones

    What kind of Jacket for fishing

    Save yourself time and go with Gage.
  530. Uglybones

    Green Baby Ulua's Skinny and Reg

    Free bump. I got myself a one of these rods and absolutely love it!!! Had it cut down to 9'3". So light so right. I'll never get rid of mine. Killed em at cedros.
  531. Uglybones

    Cressi speargun?

    Get a 90 with a float line and dive float. Good starter. Try
  532. Uglybones

    Shimano Trinidad 12 and 14

    X3 Havem both... Not the same
  533. Uglybones

    Another wahoo and more blue marlin

    We had out wire bit in half yesterday on our wahoobomb
  534. Uglybones

    Playboy dorado!

    Imagine what that nugget looks like now!
  535. Uglybones

    Shimano flat fall and Halco max 130

    Did everyone forget about mega baits?
  536. Uglybones

    WTB Seeker Black Steel 270-8 or 270h-8

    I think they look pretty cool paired up with the gold trinidads
  537. Uglybones

    FrontPage Reddit picture of Condor Jackpot fish!!!!

    If it ain't it's wrong
  538. Uglybones

    Condor Jackpot YFT

    I like Asians
  539. Uglybones

    Black Steel JG 6470

    Thanks Jim! Nice meeting you and good luck out there!
  540. Uglybones

    fs phenix phd 700xh

    Sent you a text, again :D
  541. Uglybones

    Wt: shimano talica 10ii
  542. Uglybones

    Pacific Star

    Good luck having them keep bait in the hand wells. I had this issue with them about 4 years ago. Went out with them again this year the issue was still there. Never had this problem in any other boat. Other than that everything was great!
  543. Uglybones

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    My landlord raised my rent by 43% yesterday try that on... :zelfmoord
  544. Uglybones

    Pressure Cooker

    What else do you out in the jar when pressure cooking? I am new to this...
  545. Uglybones

    Seeker Black Steel

    I've had two gold guides break. It's pretty whack...
  546. Uglybones

    Am I too greedy?

    I remember on a 1.5 trip last year we ran out of bait and that was it... Back to the barn @ 2pm without limits. I remember thinking on the way back "Why the hell did I bring all these megabaits, irons, and trolling lures for? And why did I come on a 1.5 if we're not fishing till dark?" We ended...
  547. Uglybones

    Seeker Black Steel Graphite for sale

    Black, gold, or titanium guides? Condition?
  548. Uglybones

    using owners flyliner hooks

    If tying fluoro to mono use a seaguar knot, doesn't get any easier. Loop loop loop done...
  549. Uglybones

    Aerial Photography/Videography

    Stabilizing binoculars are pretty expensive...
  550. Uglybones

    Aerial Photography/Videography

    Or do a live feed from camera to a laptop on the boat. It would make looking for kelps a lot easier!
  551. Uglybones

    Aerial Photography/Videography

    I likes
  552. Uglybones

    Newell P220F

  553. Uglybones

    which seaguar fluoro

    I was using 40# blackwater on Thursday and had no problem getting bit... I think it was more of a hook size thing. (More likely because of bait presentation). Guys with the bigger hooks were having a hard time getting bit. Or maybe I am just cray cray? Total 3bft,5yft,1yt Out of 22 other donkeys...
  554. Uglybones

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Super glueing someone's spool. Sometimes it just needs to be done...
  555. Uglybones

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    I am glad you know you're scotch. Unfortunately what I have heard is exactly this.
  556. Uglybones

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    I am confused as well Mr. Unknownfisherman
  557. Uglybones

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    Why would anyone get married?
  558. Uglybones

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    I believe that I believe.... n'stuff
  559. Uglybones

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    It's ok I don't know how to fish I probably wouldn't have caught anything anyways.
  560. Uglybones

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    At seaforth right now boarding an overnighter. Crew from the Tribute claims pens are closed again.... Fuck my life.... Hope this Glenlivet 18 takes the pain away :(
  561. Uglybones

    Torium 16 or Torium 20?

    20 it'll cover anything from rockfish to big tuna. Jig reel with 40#, to dropper loop, to flylining bait.
  562. Uglybones

    shops in SD open sundays?

    The Landing shops are my library
  563. Uglybones

    Favorite San Diego overnight boat?

    The ann she's new and sits low
  564. Uglybones

    DFG at Mission Bay Checking Sportsboats

    They're looking for the little tag on bluefin fillets that say "made in Mexico"
  565. Uglybones

    Rail traffic, googins, and open party trips

    Check out the bow of the boat next time. It's pretty nice up there...
  566. Uglybones

    xtratuff, this just in.

  567. Uglybones

    San Diego RV parking ordinance begins August 1

    America, home of manipulated free will.
  568. Uglybones

    I wonder if...

    Damn commies
  569. Uglybones

    Don't spool up your braid/Spectra by yourself

    Swivel + weight + boat movement = problem solved
  570. Uglybones

    Video: 90+ Pound Tuna Free Gaffed off FL Dock

    Imagine if it was an opah :)
  571. Uglybones

    Shimano Trinidad 14a and 16a for sale

    That's what she said :ele:
  572. Uglybones

    Sam lands a Tuna all by himself

    Awesome! I remember being in the 6th grade had to be 1997? Took my first overnight with my dad on the Legend out of Seaforth and caught limits of Albacore. Some things you just never forget.
  573. Uglybones

    Condor - Fishermans Landing

    Somebody always has to be the scapegoat to deflect their own incompetence, right? On a side note I fished the condor last year and was happy with the service and food. Better than most boats I've been on. If you're fishing on a Thursday make sure you stay away from Ron.
  574. Uglybones

    San Diego RV parking ordinance begins August 1

    Hopefully this keeps all the tourists away :lux:
  575. Uglybones

    Boat Crash on El Capitan Reservoir, 1 dead, 1 missing

    I stopped bass fishing these lakes years ago because of the amount of boats on the water (insane). This isn't the first time this has happened. Let the souls of the young fishermen rest in paradise.
  576. Uglybones

    fs: okuma makaira 10 sea 2 spd gunmental

    This is an awesome real at a GREAT price!
  577. Uglybones

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    I was on that trip with you. And was surprised at what was being told by the deckies... I kinda felt dooped. But I probably would have been more pissed if I had woke up in Mexico at the tuna pens knowing the current situation. I thought something was fishy when the captains on 976 were reporting...
  578. Uglybones

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    And BINGO was his nameO
  579. Uglybones

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    This where I put my face into the palm of my hand. You win I am a liar. You've figured me all out. Cheers pal here a beer :hali_olutta:
  580. Uglybones

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    I never ratted anyone in particular out and the bluefin I've caught have been in US waters so get off the rag little fella
  581. Uglybones

    Still In Love With The Tuna Pens?

    Like I said 15lbs of sardines for a bluefin in a pen to gain 1lb. But they are experimenting with feeding "pelets" in Australia that I know of. Pellets are made from plants, Mexico needs to adopt this feeding procedure if it isn't being done already.
  582. Uglybones

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    It's not fuel on the fire. Captains fishing bluefin illegally is fuel on a blaze. Its the truth. That flurry of yellowfin reported caught on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd were bluefin. Many people have very skewed perspectives on this subject. Some don't want to hear the truth. But for a captain to pull...
  583. Uglybones

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    No they were Bluefin, ya know like a Thunnus Orientalis Bluefin you googan
  584. Uglybones

    Xtratuf boots

    Pmed local in santee