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  1. Capt. G

    Double Dawg SD70XXHP for Big Daddy Don

    何お言うてんねん。。。あんたに全く関係ねやろ。。。 I guess you have forgotten what my homeslicer Bill Havens told you at the show...well, it...
  2. Capt. G

    Side Show Bob Weave

    Sweet Weavness!
  3. Capt. G

    OK Boys Its Amatuer Hour !

    Sir Bill Havens was the first to put No CP garnet over gold....I do believe he posted this technique right on this very board. Regardless of who, or who not to thank, it sure does look sharp.
  4. Capt. G

    Da da da da dat All Folks

    Beautiful work, Doc!
  5. Capt. G

    new full carbon mudhole blank and phenix build

    Very nice. I can not tell those blanks from the K2 Woven (coated) carbon fiber blanks made by Megabass in 1998...
  6. Capt. G

    Fuji CRHG

    Your answer is why nobody bothered to help you. Guess you can say "I got you". That is why many do not bother to help others. I now think that they are right... Good luck with your ridiculous build.
  7. Capt. G

    Fuji CRHG

    Here is the deal. The three leg guides (RB) are still made in the sizes pictured. They are intended for the primary, and secondary stripper guides....then the HB guides are recommend to complete the kitting. So you can search, or build it correct, with an RB stripper, and HB guides to the...
  8. Capt. G

    Phenix UMBX in greens

  9. Capt. G

    2 Batson's

    Word up, Guitar Man. Che says hi...
  10. Capt. G

    Seeker Wicked giant tuna rod

    Evil tuna! Cap'n Richie, there are only two things that taste like tuna, and one of them is tuna...
  11. Capt. G

    Cleaning up Our Image

    I think we should hitch up our boats, and drive around in circles in San Diego (and get a few traffic violations while we are at it) to try and change the laws that are lobbied, and made in Sacramento. Oh, wait, we already did.
  12. Capt. G

    Rainshadow RCLB70M

  13. Capt. G

    Another RCLB70M

    Fancy Pants! Nice branch work, and the colors look fine to me.
  14. Capt. G

    Lamiglas C526 Jigging Rod

    Powerful stuff, Jimmy.
  15. Capt. G

    Reel seat

    Why not ask Mudhole? Tell them that the seat they recommended did not even come close to working, and that you would like them to try for strike two.
  16. Capt. G

    Bullard Brites

    Good job, Godfather. My Godfather (the Catholic type, not a gangsta) was from Sicily , and was such a good mentor to me. He passed away when I was young...and it was not until then that I learned that he never learned English when he came to this country.
  17. Capt. G

    tiger wrap

    Eric, by chance I just finished a tiger with 9358 green metallic, red and black. The bottom layer is Size A, with 9358 green, red, and gold metallic. The top is size A, black, with one sacrificial of 20 lb. mono. Not too gaudy, IMO (this is a customer's choice of color btw).
  18. Capt. G

    No Frills 7/8 wt for the surf

    She's hawt...and I know you were getting some of that sugar on your trips to Western Estates. When her husband Steve finds out, you will have to use your new 7/8 wt. flizzrod to fend him off.
  19. Capt. G

    No Frills 7/8 wt for the surf

    Have you ever hooked a beaver on your backcast? I hooked Mrs. Dooley thru the nose, while giving a fly casting seminar at Western Estates....
  20. Capt. G

    No Frills 7/8 wt for the surf

    That will get the dirty deed done. Next time I am out, we should hit up the surf for corbina, and surf perch. I am really good at getting wind knots in my leader, and dropping my reel in the sand.
  21. Capt. G

    tiger wrap

    Mike, could you please tell us what he is trying to say/ask?
  22. Capt. G

    A few of my latest musky builds

    good stuff, Jeremy.
  23. Capt. G

    tiger wrap

    Welly, Ima frju an goddy old schoolie base pie chart for free. Minx suit ducks in cattleprod with ampersand goddy illy. You are welcome.
  24. Capt. G

    A New, Unique Concept - the 420 Rod

    I know this is an humorous post, but one man's (Bill Colby) tragic, recent death is nothing to joke about . Are you not a Christian?
  25. Capt. G

    Soda Pop Rod 11

    Sharp , Bill. I like the see thru thread.
  26. Capt. G

    Couple tigers

  27. Capt. G

    Project Victory lost its grant for soldiers treatment

    Silvia , you do not have to be a 501 C3 long as Project Victory does not file tax exempt status. Which I am sure you did not intend to. Unless the people ask for the money back, there is not reason to go through this....Simply provide an accounting for all the donations...and you...
  28. Capt. G

    Capt G.-Need Help

    I just saw this...thanks for helping out Eric out, Big P
  29. Capt. G

    Sammie's Flannel Jammies

    Nice pattern and color works well.
  30. Capt. G

    Freebie - Hendrix weave

    Almost as cool as Che.
  31. Capt. G

    the safari

    Very creative!
  32. Capt. G

    The Good The Bad And The Ugly (Part two)

    On a scale of one to ten, ten being best, I would rate this a dirty dozen...a 12.
  33. Capt. G


    Good stuff, Jimmy.
  34. Capt. G

    Curve Up or Curve Down?

    The top builders all agree that you should build on spline. I will add that I have seen firsthand the scientific testing of this, and it DOES make a difference. If you can not build on spline, I would suggest trying to swap for a straighter blank. Most reputable dealers, and mfgs will do this...
  35. Capt. G

    Curve Up or Curve Down?

    Not the straight ones. If anyone thinks that is a smartass answer, you are both dumb, and sorely mistaken.
  36. Capt. G

    Swimbaits don't work

    For over ten years, actually. Nice fish Andrew....more so that you got it on SeaCar Roller Carbon....that is what Tricky Tran (and I ) use. There is a very interesting back story on how the Deps SS baits came to be, but this in not the place, nor the time , to tell it. Let us just say...
  37. Capt. G

    Mixed quiver for Birdsnest Bill

    Bill, we are brothers...heck, I wear one of your special hats. So I hope you can take some straight shoot'n comments. First, why did you put the guide on the correct way? There are too many advantages doing it this way. Third, and last, If I were to build a tunafish spinnner, I would...
  38. Capt. G

    Best guides for braided line?

    That sound's pretty violent. A fisterman touches another fisterman's pole, and you commit assault? I hope you went to prison for throwing a man , who can not swim, into a dangerous river.
  39. Capt. G


    Somebody told me this looks like blood in a liquid matrix. I have no idea what that means.
  40. Capt. G

    Latest Build

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
  41. Capt. G

    A Tiger, a Panther and a Happy Birthday

    A+ for the rod, and being a good dad.
  42. Capt. G

    epoxy ramp

    All good answers above. Or, you can use 5 min epoxy, and do a layered ramp...simply put on a thick coat, and turn (by hand is the way I do it) until you get the general shape you want. Let dry, then sand. Repeat once more, and you should be good to go. The best ramps I have ever seen...
  43. Capt. G

    Old School-iosis part deux

    That looks great..and you kept a part of fishing history alive.
  44. Capt. G

    Winthrop Guides and Braid Power Play Foregrip

    Jeff, you told Salty Dawg that you were not being a smartass, so please do not take my honest response to your inquiry as such: You would have to pay me a lot of money, to put either of the items on one of my rods. You have quality items that are simply not relevant to me, and most rod...
  45. Capt. G

    Got wood?

    Like I told the officer , in charge of my anger management class (better than 90 days in the big house): I DO NOT HAVE A GODDAMN ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUE...AND DON'T FUCKING ASK ME AGAIN
  46. Capt. G

    Guide repair question?

    Really? Why don't you educate us, with pics , how the jewelry sizer is used to put Fuji ceramic rings back into place.
  47. Capt. G

    Got wood?

  48. Capt. G

    United Composites Mega

    Clean clean. Do you know if the dual helix that is wrapped on the mandril is carbon, or glass? I bet that is one powerful rod...
  49. Capt. G

    A case of Old School-iosis

    A Classic, by a classic Spooge Demon! Nice Legs!
  50. Capt. G

    Thanks Doc & Dawg

    Envy, I have. BtW, your wife has a nice grip on the rod.
  51. Capt. G

    UC SideWinder Popping rod

    Looks high power. What are your thoughts on the blank/action/overall feel? How long is this one? Great job again. And again.
  52. Capt. G

    Albacore Fish

    よこそ!とんぼ鮪はよろしおまんな! (Welcome to BD! You albacore looks great!)
  53. Capt. G

    Phenix M1

    Chainsaw! Like the look of the blank...the company that makes that in Japan is very reputable. I have not seen that finish duplicated by any other factory...and it not only looks nice, but it durable.
  54. Capt. G

    Story of the "expert rodbuilder"

    That blows chimps, but I think you handled it better than I would have (I would still be awaiting trial). So kudos to you. Here are some certainties: 1. You should post his name , so we can avoid problems with him. 2. He knows nothing about rod buildiing, or fishing....nobody fishes with the...
  55. Capt. G

    calstar rail rods!

    Sa-weet! Hope you did not get stung gett'n those skins.
  56. Capt. G


    I must be missing something. Looks great to me , especially for a first rod. 6 hrs. wrapping time? Not sure if the is average, slow, are fast for a first attempt at thread work, but it certainly does not seen excessive. On the power wrapper...nice to have , but I beg to differ about the...
  57. Capt. G

    Phenix Black Diamond

  58. Capt. G

    Finally, I Have A...

    Nice! The granite is a good choice for a surface/bench top...smooth, will not warp/bend/catch on fire...and clean up is easy. My rod bench top is made from an industrial steel "theft proof" door. Takes two to lift it, but is is a nice , solid bench top. Why, some may ask? This is the door...
  59. Capt. G

    Finally, I Have A...

    Nice! The granite is a good choice for a surface/bench top...smooth, will not warp/bend/catch on fire...and clean up is easy. My rod bench top is made from an industrial steel "theft proof" door. Takes two to lift it, but is is a nice , solid bench top. Why, some may ask? This is the door...
  60. Capt. G

    Deep diving crank bait rod

    "Friends don't let friends fish factory rods" Sir Randy Search said that. Reputable builders, like the ones on this forum do not fish factory rods, like the one you mentioned, and certainly do not used substandard parts , like you find on that rod.
  61. Capt. G

    Fuji Guide Ratings

    Sure thing. It is in the 2013 Fuji General Catalog, sitting on my desk. It is 99 pages total, and has 35 pages of guide kitting/specs. It lists the spacing, guide type, and guide (ring) size. This a a good place to start, for kitting up various types of rods.
  62. Capt. G

    Fuji Guide Ratings

    You really can not compare two different styles (HB guides are very different from "N" style guides) of guides with a common rating (L, M, H). A medium trout rod, is very different from a medium tuna stick. As for the line rating , it has no correlation whatsoever. I use #100 line for bass...
  63. Capt. G

    2nd Wicked Tuna Seeker for Capt Marciano Italian colors

    Very nice Brent...and luv the mermaids. The JTDS looks spiffy the way you did it...make the scales show up nicely. Sanding down the Dragonscale Wraps will get that effect (I think Salty Dawg came up with this)....or you can take off the coloring of some types of metallic thread by hitting with...
  64. Capt. G

    Phenix Black Diamond 700H w/G-Urushi

    Very nice, Jimmy, especially with the SD accent.
  65. Capt. G

    It's not what you know, it's who you know!

    On da stremph, you come correct.j Oh, and you are exempt from Quad P and FE you have actually made rods and lures. One rod, or one thousand, a women can not get "a little pregnant". Sorry.
  66. Capt. G


    You are a lucky man to be able to hang with the big fish at the FHS. I have diplayed, sold, and just walked the floor at FHS...and I never found it tiring, or uneventful. Pls. take some pics and post up, for us folks that live a bit far (5,000 nautical miles plus) from the venue. Thank you...
  67. Capt. G

    It's not what you know, it's who you know!

    I'm going to call you out on the Cornhole deal...if you really lived there, you would know what a "boilie" was.
  68. Capt. G

    It's not what you know, it's who you know!

    Quit poking the monkeys, Smudge. The FE's and COWK (Casual Observers Without Knowlege) are funny as fuck when they post hate, and look like toolers. Nice score on the shells....plenty of substance for boat loads of G-urushi!
  69. Capt. G

    First spawner of 2013 for me(video)

    Luv your vids. Are you sure that was a bed fish? No burn, as far as I can see.
  70. Capt. G

    Amtackle Bushido Inshore blanks?

    Amtackle Bushido Inshore blanks? Well, you bet, "American Tackle that is made in China, with a Japanese name. It gets no better?
  71. Capt. G

    Daiwa Samurai?

    I have used the Daiwa Samurai for about ten years now, for BIG Swimbaits (up to one kilo in weight but mostly half and one pound size swimbaits)...never have I had issue one with it. All lines have pluses and minuses...but this stuff is above average. #70 is a bit light for general swimbait...
  72. Capt. G

    2 pc. swimbait blank?????

    Twice, I have tried to carry on a soft, 36 inch rod sock with rod, and both airlines said I had to check it. Most airlines do not allow 5.5 ft. rods/with soft cases to be carried on. Here is a simple chart: Remember, even if they allow 55 inches,, that is length x width x height....not...
  73. Capt. G

    Seeker PT75 w/G-Urushi Green Lantern

    Kato... thanks. There is a story behind why I asked, but it is for another place and time. John, is Comedie still on your prostaff (on your web page)? I need to purchased one of his "Great White Shark Toof-Extractors"....he rigs some kind of big tractor tire, filled with skipjack, and when...
  74. Capt. G

    She Swims Again!!

  75. Capt. G

    Seeker PT75 w/G-Urushi Green Lantern

    Like. What was the green hornet's right hand man called? I forget.
  76. Capt. G

    Wicked Tuna Seeker for Capt Marciano

    Great work, Brent!
  77. Capt. G

    Epoxy help

    Unless your are Old School, you will probably not know what a Sturgill Gun is...but Charlie is the Godfather/Grandmaster of speargun making, and one of the best in the world, during his time. I have two Sturgill guns, and one Riffe 72 inch (shaft) teak gun. The Riffe gun has finish on the...
  78. Capt. G

    Ebro Catfish Rod

    Very nice, HCR. The "Wells Catfish" is on my list ...
  79. Capt. G

    United Composites CXJ 602

    Black and white is allright (actually way allright). May I inquire as to what kind of grouper?
  80. Capt. G

    Kayak gaffs/fish draggers

    I think you had better bring a few dozen, each, to the Fred Hall show...these things should sell well.
  81. Capt. G

    World Rod 11 progress

    If you ship thousands of rods/blanks across the will have a few issues with damage. Over the past fifteen years, I have experienced a much lower incidence of damage claims that the statistical average. Way less. And I ship with cardboard shipping parcels. Are you inferring that I...
  82. Capt. G

    Special Guide Suggestion

    I have been downrigger fishing (salmon, albacore, halibut, and SW and FW bass) for over 30 years, and I used rigging that requires that a bead/barrel swivel be wound thru the guides. It has been my experience that this metal part, going each way will pop out or crack inserts...the easiest to...
  83. Capt. G

    CP which one ,

    Really? What is it you "see"? Is that based on internet/behind the keyboard experience, or have you actually used all the CP's mentioned in this thread.
  84. Capt. G

    World Rod 11 progress

    Damn, the pics look better than my G-urushi in real life. Cover my section with masking tape, and if anybody at the show wants to see it, show them the pictures of my G-urushi, and tell them it is still "drying". I was honored to be part of this project.
  85. Capt. G

    World Rod 11 progress

    Damn, the pics look better than my G-urushi in real life. Cover my section with masking tape, and if anybody at the show wants to see it, show them the pictures of my G-urushi, and tell them it is still "drying". I was honored to be part of this project.
  86. Capt. G

    JM 3KS Guide Size Recommendation?

    Mr. Brice, I am not sure if this was a response to my above post, but I can not be right, as I do not know what an OTI rod is. I'm just going to assume that they are fine rods, and if the OTI jigging rods use MN guides, so hundreds of jiggers that I have built (Ie, MN guides are more than...
  87. Capt. G

    CLAG 4's

    I feel for you. I somehow ended up with three little boxes of Fuji TFST 1.8, 2.0, and 2.2 tip tops...each box has 100 tips in it, and retails for $1,100 per box. I don't even use these tips.
  88. Capt. G

    JM 3KS Guide Size Recommendation?

    I will assume that you have no experience with Fuji K guides, so forgive my bluntness. First the K series guides are not more expensive than the MN guides. An Sic Ring , Size 30 guide, with stainless from is 1450 Yen for the K guide, and 1550 yen for the MN guide. I would assume that...
  89. Capt. G

    Looking for travel blank

    Mr. Brice, I hesitated writing this on the other swimbait rod blank thread, because I did not want you to think I was "picking" on you. But you are a seasoned rod builder, so the truth will be something that you can aptly deal with. Swimbait rods are made are made for casting swimbaits (which...
  90. Capt. G

    Reel seat question

    Only you can answer your own question. I will rephrase it for you: On the (rod types you mentioned above...for Cali style yellowtail to tuna) rod you will build , would you rather fight a fish having your hand grip hard ,uncomfortable Fuji reel seat threads/nut, or would you rather grip the EVA...
  91. Capt. G

    Looking for travel blank

    I made a 23 piece, 8 foot swimbait rod that could fit in your girlfriend's hip pocket. The handle alone was four pieces...the rear grip, split upper, reel seat, and foregrip. Each piece was about 6 inches, with 2 inches of overlap (do the does come out to about 23 pieces). While it...
  92. Capt. G

    Roller Guide Identification

    Fin Nor, Mildrums, and it looks like you may even have a rare Keegan tip top on the far right...
  93. Capt. G

    2 pc. swimbait blank?????

    I will assume that these are fine blanks and rods. Now that we have that out of the way, how is traveling with with a handle and rod (two piece, still several feet long) easier than traveling with a 7 .10 foot rod that is one piece?
  94. Capt. G

    Batson Knife Jig blanks

    Glen, are the "yellows" you get over there in NC the same as the ones we get in California, and Japan (the world record California Yellowtail was caught in Japan) ? What do ya'll use for them in NC? My buddy fisted in South Carolina, and caught amberlynn.
  95. Capt. G

    JM 3KS Guide Size Recommendation?

    Dan, you and I are buds, but I beg to differ. Just because the mfg says the guides can not be reversed, and even prints such in their catalog, does not mean that it can not be done. Proof is , that I have seen it done on here many times. So what if this results in mass tangles, and line...
  96. Capt. G

    JM 3KS Guide Size Recommendation?

    Kevin, since Red34 said you will be fine with a #30, I think you will be fine also. We really should get Zombie's (Sir Randy Search) input on this one though.
  97. Capt. G

    Next Truline project

    Like. New meets Salty Dawg old Restoration...that would be high power.
  98. Capt. G

    Need some Jurassic advice!

    Jesus Christ in a carseat, you guys (well most of you) scare me...
  99. Capt. G

    Fuji EHBSG Guides?

    The E color guides have a more refined look than the chrome, and they are the most durable of all the Fuji guide frame finishes. As for are color, they are very close to Fuji Titanium frame much so that I have to make sure to keep the LN ad MN style guides is very...
  100. Capt. G

    Truline D-8 facelift

    Don't take that to Fred Hall. I'll send you the $225, cash money. Have Murphy guard that for me.
  101. Capt. G

    Adding text to photos

    I will add that the White Shark weave looks badd-azz. I usually don't like loosing yellowfin tuna in the 75 pound they are son nice for sashimi (compared to the little #20 pound fish)...but the few I had lost to great white's next to the boat at 'Lupe were well worth it.
  102. Capt. G

    Pair of "Stream rods"

    Superglue to the rescue! That looks like a fun little rod...I used to hike into Trabuco (sp? creek with a little rod like that, in search of trout.
  103. Capt. G

    Adding text to photos

    There is an easier way that doing this (with the BD watermark). No need for any special need to even go off the page I am typing on now. Simply hit the "paperclip mark", and upload the files . Hit "insert all" Then type where desired. That may be too easy, but that is the...
  104. Capt. G

    Mark's 'informal' rod building class...

    Will this gentleman be there? And if so, why? Teh answer is not that simple.
  105. Capt. G

    How to identify a larch tree from quite a long way away.

    Dope on a rod rope, Spooge Demon. I have tried a half dozen Tiger-Urushi deals now...none nearly as neat at Chad's. I think he may be holding out on some vital info/ setting it on fire, midway thru?
  106. Capt. G

    Saltydawg SD 70XXH Plus

    Not sure what you mean, Mr. Havens. This chick I know has a beaver. For a pet. Weird pets are the rage in ferrets, mongoose, and bobcats. She walks that goddamn thing on a leash....I thought it was a giant rat the first time I saw it. What is your position on beaver?
  107. Capt. G

    Saltydawg SD 70XXH Plus

    William, do you think you could do a "beaver weave" with the new and quicker method?
  108. Capt. G

    My G-Urushi Bloody Mess!

    Great Job Jimmy, and yes, Chad is a good guy for always sharing.
  109. Capt. G

    Shimano rebuild w/"G-Urushi" and Throop tiger

    Beautiful stuff, Brent.
  110. Capt. G

    Thank you LOUARN!!!

    Bill, I am trying to be a better person, and not be so stingy...
  111. Capt. G

    Saltydawg SD 70XXH Plus

    Bad ass...even with the "Pat Helton" gaps. What does the "plus" signify?
  112. Capt. G

    Phenix PSW807ML w/blue/grey tiger

    Another beauty! I don't see why this reel seat (soft touch) finish would come off...they ones I posted about were Fuji seats, and they were recalled, and taken out the Fuji Catalog. This seat looks kewl too.
  113. Capt. G

    Pink/purple tiger, acidwrap for calicos

    Beautiful rod, Brent. How did you kit out, and static test the "Acid Wrap" layout?
  114. Capt. G

    JM 3KS Guide Size Recommendation?

    Hi Kevin, As we say in NC, "There is more than one way to skin a fox". Meaning that there are a myriad of ways to kit out a jigging rod. I am not familiar with the blank you are the kitting may be a bit different, but for my Stella 8000 and 6000, on short jigging rods, I never...
  115. Capt. G

    Split Grip Centerpin Rod

    Nice work! Grips like this are pretty common on longer rods, such as Spey rods. Moving the reel up (from a normal fly fishing grip positon) helps to balance the rod....and it is said that the "split" grip section, having no grip material , saves weight. These types of grips have been around...
  116. Capt. G

    Seeker Hercules "Red"

    Meat cleaver goodness, Ralph.
  117. Capt. G

    UC Wahoo Jr composite

    Rich and vibrant! A question if I may: Why did you put the stripper guide on properly (ie not backward)? R U trying to start a trend of correctness?
  118. Capt. G

    first build :)

    Every rod I have seen posted on BD leaves the "green showing as a band", I can say, without doubt , that I like the way you did it , rather than the "traditional way". That is what "custom" is all about...doing something different....and your method is certainly original.
  119. Capt. G

    A Raptor and a Viper

  120. Capt. G

    Forecast for Nancy Marciano (Wicked Tuna)

    You deserve it, bud. Way cool, this is.
  121. Capt. G

    Phenix trout rod

    Another beautiful rod Brent.
  122. Capt. G

    purple Forecast SWB70H

    Clean, and purple...just the way they should be. The white thread accents on the JTDS looks great, IMO.
  123. Capt. G

    Extremely boring, don't look at it When I see a rod like this, the first thing I do, is look at it. Nice work JC.
  124. Capt. G

    Rainshadows for El Salvador fishing

    Clean set, brutha...
  125. Capt. G

    CFR raffle rod

    Beautiful rod for a good cause.
  126. Capt. G

    CTS inshore

    Another brilliant one, Cap'n Richie.
  127. Capt. G

    Little ripper MK 11

    That looks smart to me. I like the gun grip as well...did you shape that yourself?
  128. Capt. G

    Latest weave

    Dope stuff, Pedro.
  129. Capt. G

    Do you know where your alcohol torch is??

    Sorry for your loss...that sux donkey balls to have that happen to such a nice rod. Oh, and "No" I don't know where my alkie torch is....I went 7 up on that...never had it never will. I don't have an alcohol torch, I don't grind guide feet, I don't have hairnets for my thread spools, and I...
  130. Capt. G

    Army Special Ops and Wisconsin Badgers

    Way cool, Jeremy. Especially the 12.7mm butt-plate!
  131. Capt. G

    Thanks LOUARN!!!

    The French rock. French dressing is second only to Catalina dressing.
  132. Capt. G

    Phenix/little somethin different

    Nice work, Phil. But your guides are going to fall off using that thread. Everybody here in Japan knows that. So, why are the guides I wrapped on with the same thread, still going strong after ten years? I think the Japanese FE's need to take a close look at your rod.
  133. Capt. G

    National thread?

    Capt. Richie, I have warned you about this before. Stop posting correct, factual , useful stuff; you did it thrice on this post. The thing that really gets me is that not only is your info correct, but it comes from firsthand experience.
  134. Capt. G

    Pair of Gladiators

    What he said, X 2! Clean, your work is.
  135. Capt. G

    Red Rooster III cow killa

    Awesome photo-wrap. Cows beware!
  136. Capt. G

    Introducing the Saltydawg SD 70XXH

    I like this. Congrats on your transition from rod wrapper to rod builder. Best to start clearing out your living are going to need room to stack that cabbage to the ceiling...
  137. Capt. G

    What do you guys think?

    What size thread (purple) did you use?
  138. Capt. G

    Introducing the Saltydawg SD 70XXH

    I want to buy one! Congrats on taking it to the next level. And for showing me how to speed load a .45 ACP
  139. Capt. G

    Excited but humble

    Congrats Peter! Your shizzle is the dizzle, with rizzle to dazzle. (your esteemed rod work is top drawer).
  140. Capt. G

    PacBay 9ft jig stick

    Perhaps you can educate me as to what you think the something "new" is ? Brent is one of my closest rod building friends, and is one of the few people people I call and exchange proprietary information/techniques. When he posted that he wanted to quit his former LEO job...and make a go of...
  141. Capt. G

    Made my own WaxWing

    I hear ya, buddy. I did something similar...I copied , exactly a Salas 7X and a Tady 45. Got about ten hours into each of them...when I realized , that to be exact copies, I would need to color them exactly the same. So, what I did is copy , in a Jpeg file, the paint jobs on each of the...
  142. Capt. G

    Phenix PHD700X3H photo wrapped

    A+. Bill's photo wrap, and your execution of it on this rod, is, as we say in Japan: "So fucking technology!"
  143. Capt. G

    Light Japanese Jigging rod/G-Urushii

    That has "C-Bass" written all over it. Is is not about time to 無料Poke?
  144. Capt. G

    Asian mermaid/"G-Urushi" wraps on a 7465L

    That is crazy good stuff, General.
  145. Capt. G

    WAR Crew Killin it

    Justin has a nice ponytail. At the 4:10 mark, he says: "It has its fucking mouth open like a nutsack". That is cool. As is this video. But the rod he is using (4:10 mark) is a bit gay.
  146. Capt. G

    Finish leveling.....

    I am not being sarcastic here (for you FE's that think I am). What Randy and the Dawg wrote comes correct...finish does level do most liquids. Those are simply laws of Newtonian Physics. Take three steps back. Lumpy or wavy finish can be eliminated by one simple (anybody can do...
  147. Capt. G

    Island transplants?

    You guys know that calico bass are open water spawners, right? Relocating one (or few) calico bass from the islands, to the wall will have no effect on the fishery. Relocating thousands, in a controlled manner, most definitely does. If you have been around the block, and especially if you are...
  148. Capt. G

    "New-ed" up Sabre

    What he said. Hey, Salty Dawg does not grind his guide feet either...I do mostly swimbait rods...with L and M thickness guides...but Bill has a dope new method that works for any guide. I would tell you, but Bill said he would shoot me dead, with one of the many weapons he keeps tucked in...
  149. Capt. G

    Scales with barbed wire twist

    I like anything that is not not thread. A+
  150. Capt. G

    UV curing finish

    Pierre, here is the deal. First, many things will "work" as rod building "coating" for thread/guides and such...Elmers Glue...Crazy Glue....probaly even car Bondo. But none of the above work as well as what is currently on the market. And, We are talking here, on this forum, about rod...
  151. Capt. G


    I agree with Owen, that is one cracker of a weave (I hope that means "excellent weave"). Anything with a polar bear on it has my vote.
  152. Capt. G

    Batson FSU56XH Roller Rod

    You sir , are mistaken. I know that the Fuji SiC ring Titanium Turbos are the bomb. The guide frames are injected with Helium, to make them light as a whistle.
  153. Capt. G

    Yo Gaff!

    Awesome gaff!
  154. Capt. G

    Packers weave part 1

    I think this is not an Olive Branch...but rather a hand twist single trim inlay, with borders. The process of the twist is not reversed, as it is in a JTOB. Good to see you back wrapping /working again, John. This paralysis/cripple shit is not for the faint-hearted.... Be well , my brother.
  155. Capt. G

    Homer Simpson/Duff Beer Progression pics.

    Way cool...and madd skillz!
  156. Capt. G

    Hypalon/Rubberized Cork Hybrid Grip

    That makes sense. Can you share with us how you combined hippo head, with unicorn tusk, on that one rod you built, that you really liked? You liked it a lot, right? Me too.
  157. Capt. G

    Vacation is over

    Randy, you need to pick up your blank, or it is going to melt. Bill, are these pics taken with your new camera? Before After... If your Canon came with a disk, you should have some photo-editing software that can easily up the quality of your pics. Not "photoshopping"...or...
  158. Capt. G

    Kigan now holds US Patent

    Why is it that everything Kigan makes looks like a complete, or partial rip off of another mfg's product? I still have the guide/samples that were sent (not at my request) from Korea to my company in Japan a few years ago. The letter claimed that the guides were "the same as Fuji, but at a...
  159. Capt. G

    The Curse

    Very clean...and I like the Voodoo reference naming
  160. Capt. G

    lime green and blues

    Hard to see the blotchy-ness in the aside from that , the set looks clean and mean. Stingray, your work is... What is the street value of something like this?
  161. Capt. G

    Rebuilt Daiwa rod

    That is an awesome Tiger Wrap...the colors really blend well together. That is a pretty incredible first try for a tiger. Terje, I think I speak for many in saying that it is great to have you representing Norway, and the other guys from the EU posting their works on her. It is great to see...
  162. Capt. G

    My halibut rods

    No problem, Derby will educate us all with his catches. Northwestern, do you catch those big codfish on jigs in your area?
  163. Capt. G

    My halibut rods

    Pls. post up some pics of the halibut you have landed there. It is always nice to see big fish pictures, caught on rod and reel (as opposed to caught behind the keyboard). Terje, beautiful rods....and the reels you put on them are pure money....halibut beware!
  164. Capt. G

    New Standup Rod with AFTCO Rollers

    Your Uncle will be proud to own this rod. Go Baylor!
  165. Capt. G


    Wrap the shell(s) in a towell, and get a hammer. The go to work, pounding the package like it was a Muslim Extremist Terrorist's head. No shells are "bad"...glue a few smaller pieces on a blank, shiny side up, and do a test run. From your neck of the woods , blue crab shell is nice. And if...
  166. Capt. G

    Sexy Marge Simpson Weave.

    Awesome weave/skills and Awesome subject matter. Who could possibly not like this?
  167. Capt. G

    30 lb stand up rod detachable storabutt

    Dude, I hope you are joking...that entity is under investigation by both the FBI and DEA. Can you say: "RICO ACT" and "Money Laundering"?
  168. Capt. G

    3M Carbon Fiber Vinyl Decal

    Brice, Here in Japan, in the late 90's , that carbon fiber look was all the rage for FW bass fisherman. Hondex ( a top of the line meter/graph) came out with a fishfinder that was wrapped in this carbon fiber (not real...a vinyl wrap) look...and it was an instant hit. Guys started doing...
  169. Capt. G

    OOPPPS, I screwed up!

    Serious as a muthafuck'n heart attack...and you, sir, are correct...that is F'd up.
  170. Capt. G

    OOPPPS, I screwed up!

    Agreed, Times 2. We all know who the asstool 0.01%'s are...the ones that have fake names, hide their IP, and have built very few rods...the very same people that call mfgs....and impersonate stand up people like....Bass Man Dan! That is lowball shit; Dan, why don't you tell them what time...
  171. Capt. G


  172. Capt. G

    OMG, What the F#@K

    Ali, I don't know why you have not banned this piece of shit. He admits his sole purpose is to fuck with BD and its contributors. He also writes insulting shit in Japanese on my threads. So, why the fuck this little butt log with legs is allowed on this site is beyond me. Loose this...
  173. Capt. G

    Brent/YT Addict/Sato rod on TV

    Go Brent, Go!
  174. Capt. G

    Easy to build rod

    Good stuff. Damn straight...the pole don't need no eyeball. Tricky Tran invented these types of rods first in South Nam, before the muthafucking VC came in an trashed his rod shop. So, he moved to San Dimas, Cali, and set up shop. Besides the rods...
  175. Capt. G

    Tarpon Fly Rod

    Super Nova!
  176. Capt. G

    Rod Warnings. Cancer and lightning

    Living simply, is simply living. Shaun Stussy told me to "Live Large" back in 1996, and I have been doing just that, ever since. Do you eat frogs? I like to stop on them. There is a punk rock group called the Vandals, and they have a song and dance called the "Frog Stop".
  177. Capt. G

    Rod Warnings. Cancer and lightning

  178. Capt. G


    NCL (No Cal Lou), based on what you wrote, and equivocal "YES". Since you already have the kit up, you may want to tape the tip on , temporarily, during your static test/guide placement testing, and make sure that the knot/splice you favor goes thru guides, and out the tip smoothly. If so, you...
  179. Capt. G

    Raffle Rod

    Actually , I feel much better now. Pat just sent me an email (via a third party). NO, I am not joking. In it, it said that he "no longer wants to harm Capt. G". Swear to Christ, that is what he wrote this moring. Thank Budda, as I as shivering in my cowboy boots. And I don't even own a...
  180. Capt. G

    Raffle Rod

    Word up on that , Sir John. Well Mr. Pat, I will not resort to name calling with you. But if you want to call me an asshole, or whatever, that is your prerogative. Remember that kiddy thing about sticks stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me? Why don't you tell...
  181. Capt. G

    North Fork Composites Decal

    [SIZE="4"][B][I][COLOR="Red"] Come on , Dan, don't sugar coat things...tell us how you really feel.
  182. Capt. G

    Blue camo/tiger/dragon

    A+ Throop Wrap....that thing is insane. And, I like then name of your rod logo...Outback Rods....that is way cool. I want to visit the Outback some day, and make the long trip to Ayers Rock....before I am dead, or Tom Kirkman kills me...whichever comes first.
  183. Capt. G

    Rod Warnings. Cancer and lightning

    I parked my $125,000 automobile at the Osaka's newest and best steakhous...Ted's of Beverly Hills Steakhous (Beverly Hills, Honolulu, Chicago, NYC, and now Osaka). On the valet sticker, they clearly write that they are not responsible for loss, or damage to my vehical while their staff is...
  184. Capt. G

    North Fork Composites Decal

    My bad...I thought those (NFC blanks) were used in farming, to make the beans grow, and spiral know, bean poles/ garden poles? So, besides gardening applications, these can be used for fisting rods? My bad X 2.
  185. Capt. G

    rod wrapper roller qusetion

    For more reasons than the black rings left behind, the blank should NEVER come in contact with anything, except rod part (grips, etc) thread, and coating. Certainly never rollers on a PB , or any rod rollers. You simply need to take a few wraps with masking tape , over the blank, where it...
  186. Capt. G

    rod wrapper roller qusetion

    For more reasons than the black rings left behind, the blank should NEVER come in contact with anything, except rod part (grips, etc) thread, and coating. Certainly never rollers on a PB , or any rod rollers. You simply need to take a few wraps with masking tape , over the blank, where it...
  187. Capt. G

    Build #3

    Hot Damn! Any rod that needs a forebrace cord wrap for a 12/0 Senator is both old school, and certainly NOT girlyman. Like, all the way around.
  188. Capt. G

    New RCJ is as the printers

    Dan, you are the man, with a plan. What can I say, and who it to say, and when to say it. So, you bet, I just don't know.
  189. Capt. G

    Raffle Rod

    That is nice, especially that tight weave. That looks like the fine weave work of John K. Nonburnesher, if I am not mistaken? Anwhichway, that is one cool looking marlin. That is a marlin's dorsal fin, right? Are there going to be two very different organizations selling identical raffle...
  190. Capt. G

    Pheinx Jigger

    Btw, I want to go fishing with you East Coasters...
  191. Capt. G

    New RCJ is as the printers

    I need some sticker's printed up for my friend's daughter's daughter's birthday party. I have been in the media/print business here in Japan for the past 15 years, but have only worked on projects with magazines...glossy HQ print stuff, 160 to 320 pages per issue. They do not do stickers, or...
  192. Capt. G

    Phenix UMBX blue and gold

    Good stuff Jay!
  193. Capt. G

    Pheinx Jigger

    Are you sure you are really from the East Coast? Because all the anonymous emails state that I hate all of your works on a collective basis...which is simply not the case. I like this one, especially the tails of the fish.
  194. Capt. G

    Texas Custom Rod and Tackle Show

    I think you should re-consider Pat's offer, Chad. I am not saying I don't approve of Silvia and Grady's position,or even his post above. But what Grady says just makes too much goddamn sense. You know, just the facts, truths, empirical data....and get this ...he even has the nerve of...
  195. Capt. G

    replacing old grip with ergonomic one

    I highly recommend that you contact Barret Customs, and have him professionally install one of the grips you said you already like.
  196. Capt. G

    Calstar GF850M rewrap

    What do your cats think about all this?
  197. Capt. G

    Phenix PSW 760ML

    I beg to differ...that is Fancy Pants. Like.
  198. Capt. G

    Bullard Pigment Epoxy Strength

    Could you please post some pictures of the blanks you have coated with the metallic pearls and color shifters, mixed with epoxy? We all strive for a clean, level finish....but that is often difficult to obtain. It is beneficial to all to see examples of clean work, from experienced individuals.
  199. Capt. G

    Fish wraps

    Beautiful , they are. Fish wraps are perhaps my favorite thread wrap. Ventura John and Mary do some nice ones also.
  200. Capt. G


    Thank you for pointing this out. BM Dan told me it was completely safe to snort lines of ab dust, daily. I hope that he is kidding...
  201. Capt. G

    Bullard Pigment Epoxy Strength

    Chris, I have been adding pigments/minerals/metallics to rod epoxy for about 15 years. Prior to Bullard coming out with all those wonderful colors, I was using stuff from Lure Craft...stuff that is added to the plastic that I use to make swimbaits. Whether coating a blank, grip, or guieds...
  202. Capt. G


    What the Spooge Demon said comes correct. I will add that nothing (the pre ground chips) compares to the ab shell that you wrap in a towel, and beat the shit out of with a hammer. One shell will do twenty the expense is minimal. I have been fortunate to get my ab shells from my...
  203. Capt. G

    Reel seat and grip epoxy

    Expensive, at the very least. Why not simply use two part epoxy that is specifically made for rod building? I currently use eight different types of two part epoxy...and while I am not a chemist, it is very easy to see all are different, and all have their specific applications. Not...
  204. Capt. G

    The blog closed

    Bob, don't let the little people bother you. They are anonymous, because reality scares the shit out of them. I will pay five thousand dollars, US Currency, cash, to anyone who can properly identify these anon people...and take one good swing with an aluminum bat right at their kneecap. I...
  205. Capt. G - Should I be treated like this?

    Owen, that seems to come correct. The man in red, on the back of your boat is there to uncloud and clarify. He speaks for all, and for none, all at once. I refer to the picture you sent me, from time to time, for the unvarnished truth and wisdom regarding ordering rod parts. And El...
  206. Capt. G - Should I be treated like this?

    Quit making sense, Owen. That is frowned upon here. I don't buy Fuji parts from Acidrod. I buy them from Fuji Kogyo Kabushikigaisha. That is the entity that makes them. While I am certainly not a Daiwa or Shimano type of buying powerhouse, I would be considered a small , OEM maker of...
  207. Capt. G

    NFC MB739IM BD result

    Great work, L
  208. Capt. G

    Marbling crew, I have a question

    Sir Scold...that is Justice Japan thread, and it is "NCP" type thread. I will be away on a business trip for two weeks..I can send you some when I return.
  209. Capt. G

    Marbling crew, I have a question

    Please excuse me for asking stupid questions...when I have in the past, people jump on my ass, and say: "Capt. G, you are a retard...everybody uses a hair net when they wrap rods...everybody polishes the inside of blanks, and everybody boils EVA and Hypalon in a cauldron with lead sinkers, and...
  210. Capt. G

    Kermit rod

    Strongest post this year on BD. I think many of us could learn from him about what fishing really I am sure that he has more fun on the pier, that we do on a LR trip.
  211. Capt. G

    Show in Texas

    It is nice to be friends. Cali friends, with or without a Cartel. Should I, and my Cali buddy, Sir Bill Havens, pay you a little visit?
  212. Capt. G

    Super Seeker 7' SS-CLBF704....TIGERRR

    Very nice, by the candlelight. And good of Cap'n Richie to step up and help a brutha out...I wish he was a bit closer than 8 thousand miles away...perhaps he could help me with my uneven trim bands, and lumpy finish. Speaking of candlelight, I have a story to share with you. I and three...
  213. Capt. G

    EVA disaster!! Please help me

    You can not be serious? Sounds a bit rude of you to tell me to "put the pipe down". Especially when what you are doing (not by my judgement, but by any top builder in the world) with the boiling of hypalon is just plain fucking stupid. To install grips, you do not need ABS tube, PvC tube...
  214. Capt. G

    Colts vs. Packers

    Is that the same stuff that is used to color spinnerbait blades, and other such nonsense? If so, great idea. I use a Q Tip to color windchecks, and "pop out da eye" for butt caps.
  215. Capt. G

    Stolen Deposit

    Stop making sense Carl, you will confuse people .
  216. Capt. G

    Colts vs. Packers

    I wonder how those windchecks are done?
  217. Capt. G

    Vertical jigger rebuild

    I am hoping you took the butt cap off (and put it back on), as this is where it all started in 2001.
  218. Capt. G

    Stolen Deposit

    Criticizing me? I was criticizing myself. And took responsibility for it. One of my good friends, who had been ripped off told me not to deal with the guy. Yet I did. You are the Grandmaster King Emperor, Doc, and always come correct. Oh, and to the low as whale dung assclowns that are...
  219. Capt. G

    Stolen Deposit

    Well, Doc, I guess you would have to put me in the asshat category, alongside Okie Man. You sell, I got fucked by the yardstrutter, bigtime. And it did not have to be that way. You, see, I was stupid. An owner of a rod parts company got screwed more than once by , he and told...
  220. Capt. G


    WoW, is all I can say.
  221. Capt. G

    Phenix & UC

  222. Capt. G

    Best Jig Stick Seeker SJ90F

    Mean green. Hey, I thought you said the Calstar 90J was your all-time favorite? (I know you hate that blank).
  223. Capt. G

    EVA disaster!! Please help me

    I think you are on to something. What size cauldron do you recommend for the boiling? "Boil that EVA, Boil that EVA down, When you boil that EVA in a cauldron , you're taking it in the %$*(% "
  224. Capt. G

    Calstar 610 w/mermaid wrap

    This one's for real, on da stremph.
  225. Capt. G

    Phenix PHD809XH for wahoo

    Beautiful Bluehouse Blues, on da Stremph.
  226. Capt. G

    Look what I found!

    Spooge Demon! Don't touch it! (the Harnell). Not sure if more than six people on here know about the DAM Quick reels...but they were the shizzle back in the day....I used them when I was in elementary school...until HS. Great post, IMO.
  227. Capt. G

    Stolen Deposit

    Hey, check it, fuckclowns. You have something to say to me, let us do it toe to toe...not in anonymous emails, or fake gmail accounts. Nobody wishes a heart attack on even their worst enemy. I hope Rooster man is alive and well. That way he can pay back the deposit to Solomon, return the...
  228. Capt. G

    Stolen Deposit

    On da Stremph.
  229. Capt. G

    Acid Rod customer service

    fuckin wanker may be a bit harsh. But I do not recall any positive , game changing rod building techniques that you have shared with us here in the past. Your work actually does not impress...
  230. Capt. G

    11/26 Winter Days

    So fucking technology!
  231. Capt. G

    titanium guides

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
  232. Capt. G

    Fuji guide placement software (GPS)

    Martin, there is no one formula , by Fuji Kogyo (the company that makes Fuji Guides) for every type of guide and size. That is ridiculous. Look are the catalog put out by FUJI online...and it will get you very close to where you want to be. If you are having problems still, PM me, and your...
  233. Capt. G

    EVA disaster!! Please help me

    Attach EVA grips first. X-rubber second. Then, put the reel seat on. I am not sure if this is "pretty", but Zombie told me it wast the best way, so this is how I do it. Why don't you post a picture of your "pretty" method.
  234. Capt. G

    Acid Rod customer service

    Thank you for the update: we were waiting for that. What is a "swamp hole" that like the "corn hole". Your whopping 15 negative posts on this forum have been a real plus to BD, and the industry, as a whole. ?
  235. Capt. G

    Man shoots Gil shark in Carlsbad

    Today I posted comments on an aviation board frequented by pilots of both private and commercial airplanes. I am also sincerely glad to find out that it was not Gil Marlin, Gil, or even a marlin that got speared.
  236. Capt. G

    Prison Rodbuilding

    Da li'll guy on the prison cot...who dat?
  237. Capt. G

    Congratulations Randy

    Yeah! Congrats!
  238. Capt. G

    Some stuff...

    Top drawer, Chad.
  239. Capt. G

    Winding checks

    I see what you are attempting to do, but this resulted in a huge gap in between the wrap, and the wind check, on the far right. I would be better to have a snug fit.
  240. Capt. G

    Prison Rodbuilding

    This snap was sent to me in an anonymous email. It said, "Capt. G, the rods you make or OK, but some of the guys behind bars make better ones". Can not argue with that.
  241. Capt. G

    Did you ever have....

    Owen, maybe you are jinxed for sending me that elephant foot umbrella stand. I was just joking....I did not think you would really do it.
  242. Capt. G

    Acid Rod customer service

    Good to know you have both the codes and the gumption. France and USA vs the Hayters....I'm down with that. The French are our brothers, and it was not long ago that we (France, Amerika, and Allies) got together an put a whoop'n on the Hitler freeks back in WW2.
  243. Capt. G

    Acid Rod customer service

    True dat. Some guys like to complain for the sake of complaining. Some guys take it up the cornhole, while others boink foxes in the seclusion of a two story , run down building in High Point. It is the cruelty to animals that gets me... That is...
  244. Capt. G

    EVA disaster!! Please help me

    Shrink / X-Rubber is put on after the EVA is installed on the rod blank.
  245. Capt. G

    Winding checks

    Well, Wise guy, and Dan "Spooge Demon" Troxel use the "Smae" method here, and there. And while I have never heard of it, since these guys smae-out, I a fix'n to learn about this joomla. As a general rule this is the way or wizards: 1. Spline rod 2. glue on tip (if you need to, slide any...
  246. Capt. G

    The "Webspinner Wrap"......

    Randy, the pics of your Northern Lights that you emailed me a few weeks ago is very similar to JT's....I like both of them. I did several variations of your NL, and I after I saw this one, I did a few of the new JT's. So many possibilities...variations. I do not think it would be...
  247. Capt. G

    cp xtra

    How much exactly is that? I'm thinking somewhere between " I have a ton of that" and "I have a whole buttload (boat load) of that".
  248. Capt. G

    Question on weaving jig use

    That is plain and simple bad azz !
  249. Capt. G

    Question on weaving jig use

    Scold, why not just scold yourself, and put a tuna decal inside of a tiger...then it would really look like it is swimming in the water. Doc pioneered this technique, and it looks bad ass. Perhaps Doc can post some of his art. I invented live sardines, and plug cut herring, for salmon (just...
  250. Capt. G

    First Tiger Wrap.

    Looks great to me, especially for a first attempt. Keep moving in this direction.
  251. Capt. G

    Power Wrapper

    Dan, why do you hate me so?
  252. Capt. G

    #2, In Black

    The guides look a little to straight, and the finish a bit too smooth. Other than that, good stuff!
  253. Capt. G

    Guide durability

    If you do not work for TSA, or US Customs, you can indeed put in a claim. Your claim is with the aforementioned, not the Airlines. Learn to pack your rods properly, and even if you fly 1/4 as much as I do , internationally you will not have a problem with guides. Have you tried Keegans?
  254. Capt. G

    Guide train for PSW809H

    There are dozens, if not hundreds of possibilities, especially since you said spinner. It depends on what style of guide you are using, how long the rear grip is, what size reel you intend to use, and so on. Not tiny differences, but huge differences of several inches.
  255. Capt. G

    Soda Pop Rail Dawg

    Power bubbles.
  256. Capt. G

    Guide durability

    I have traveled approximately 500,000 miles with a Plano Bazooka rod case. I wrap my rods together with Saran wrap, tightly, and then with some tee shirts for cushion. I have traveled with Fuji, Pac Bay and other guides, ringed, and not. I have never had a rod broken, or a guide ring or...
  257. Capt. G

    Rail Dawg Viper

    WoW! You make the nicest rods in all the Pacific, and this tuna stick is super-terrific.
  258. Capt. G

    rod i.d. please

    I concur. Alibaba and the 40 thieves.
  259. Capt. G

    EVA disaster!! Please help me

    Show off. How about lubing it up with some Griffin's Red Rocket brand two part doggy goo?
  260. Capt. G

    Big, Bigger, Biggest....

    Sweet! Luv those Rail Dawg foregrips...I really want to fish a rod with the real deal someday...maybe the man himself (Bill Havens) will let me borrow a stick for my next tuna adventure.
  261. Capt. G

    EVA disaster!! Please help me

    WOW. I have never heard of anyone having a problem with the JT method, so perhaps you simply need to try it again? There was some crazy fuck on here that was actually putting EVA grips on with NO glue or epoxy whatsoever. This assclown simply dripped some EVA down the blank, and slid the EVA...
  262. Capt. G

    Phenix Black Biamond

    As we say in Japan: "So fucking technology!"
  263. Capt. G

    Melton's Movember Mustache Contest - Ends Movember 30th, 2012

    That is a very handsome shirt.
  264. Capt. G

    CTS inshore jigger

    Sir Richie, what blank did you use ? If that is proprietary info, no need to answer. I wanted to build a rod from my buddy who lives on the right coast...for jigging bass, and I really have no experiences with these types of rods.
  265. Capt. G

    Tigers on the way?

    The red one looks cool with two hundred. I bet it would be the bomb with some 60 lb...
  266. Capt. G

    Tigers on the way?

    1. Are all the threads size A? 2. Did you burnish the threads before coating with epoxy? Pierre, pls. do me a favor. Wrap some 60 lb test (or heavier) on both of the wraps, and then post pictures.
  267. Capt. G

    Happy Turkey Day

    Same to you, but more of it.
  268. Capt. G

    Gudebrod #524 ncp "C" Sunburst

    Mike, my homeslice S.Dawg got u covered like a lid, which is extra cheap (that means fucking bitchen), but I just wanted you to know, that , you know, ....I'm shipping keys, from overseas, that cost a Jigger 3 G's. You know what time it is. I won't post that shit on here because a very small...
  269. Capt. G

    blue/silver tiger

    Man, that is stingray good.
  270. Capt. G

    Nice Wahoo in Okinawa, Japan

  271. Capt. G


    I finished gluing two reel seats on a Horseshoe blank, and a blank (no name) blank. I used two part Flex Coat epoxy. One clear bottle is labeled "A" and one is labeled "B". I am not sure what that stands for...does anybody know? Anyway, it worked really nice. Flex Coat has been a great...
  272. Capt. G

    Blue mirror plunger, paua eyes.

    Niceness! I bought some Paua eye 12 inch trollers back in the 90's, and could nevah find them again. I like the natural look of your lures.
  273. Capt. G

    United Composites CP70HP Mega customers are salivating over know how much the Japanese like their 919 Purple (me too). Cap'n Richie, I have a contract for domestic purchase/use of the Justice I can not sell it , but if you are having trouble sourcing it, I can give you some 919 for...
  274. Capt. G

    Saltydawg Bill H.

    Bill is correct that Nemo and Scold are precisely right. However, I am not sure of the amount of double entendre stuffing that comes with JT turkey icon.
  275. Capt. G

    tiger trick?

    I really like that! Especially because it is commons sense that you need to apply different tensions to properly wrap different sizes, and types of thread at the same time. My CPW has a unified thread tensioner, and I can not use it when I am running four different types of threads. Today I ran...
  276. Capt. G


    I see where you are going with this... and it is brilliant. I have not thought of using the new K guides on a spiral before. The KWM guides are put on spendy factory rods here in Japan , and I have heard problem zero with the durability. I assume that this is what perked your...
  277. Capt. G

    Power Wrappers

    Word. If you had not mentioned the need for speed (sanding / Urushi, etc), I would have said that you could get by....but if you have budget for the ALPS, then drop the cabbage.
  278. Capt. G

    Charger Viper

    Good, I thought you might be pissed at me because I sold them for cash money to that Star Wars dude....
  279. Capt. G

    Roddy Built Custom Fly Rod?

    I will assume you are going to restore, and fish the rod. You are going to need to strip down the rod, and refinish the blank...CPXtra would be a good choice. Also, four guides will not cut can static test it, and kit out with 7 or 8 guides. I have made a few Roddy Fly rods, but...
  280. Capt. G

    Phenix UMBX for my grandfather

    Looks great , orphaned up. The abalone pic looks fine, but if you want to get something that looks closer to how the human eye would view it, I would: 1. shoot it without a flash 2. Shot it with a 50 mm lens, from an arms lenght distance 3. Have a secondary light source (not a flash) on the...
  281. Capt. G


    Ron Parker, and Acid Wrapped rods made me 3.7 million dollars, so I would have to say I am down as well.
  282. Capt. G

    Charger Viper

    Funny you say that, because I also think it is a clean build. Hey Randy, did you ever get your set of trolling lures you got as a gift, for helping out the military program? Or, did they get sold before you received them?
  283. Capt. G

    Still No Journal

    Randy you pick this up, one two, one two?
  284. Capt. G

    No name bass stick

    That looks great....and the fish certainly don't know that it is not a branded or expensive blank...
  285. Capt. G

    American Tackle Titanium Guides

    You have a poor memory. You insisted you were correct, and called me out , more than once. I never saw a correction, or apology by you. And why did I bring this up again? You honestly can not be that dumb. The answer is simply because you continually post incorrect, and deliberately false...
  286. Capt. G

    Gaji REAL Malolo Fish Heads

    Sweet...I am digging your rigging of the top one...big bad black hooks on cable for da ono.
  287. Capt. G

    Some G-urushi action and some flash

    Every G-Urushi I have done uses some superglue (for shells) and 5 min epoxy (filler/color). You need to be careful that you do not get discoloring/ bubbles with the 5 min epoxy or superglue...and the top layers should definitely be with rod finish only.
  288. Capt. G

    American Tackle Titanium Guides

    Quite appropriate; it is becoming painfully evident that you are one of the few bright enough to get it. The sad thing is, people like Dirty Larry the Stooge , and 126 other people think the Fuji Titanium Turbos are not imaginary guides. Gotta luv the BD Rod Forum. And when I point out that 2...
  289. Capt. G

    Here's 2 rods i built for me

    Very nice, Mr. Tiedemann--that JTDS really looks prominent and refined. Oh, and while I seldom build on factory blanks, I do have some (a whole 10 rods!)experience with the Amtac blanks. I purchased the blanks, and made up for some donation rods I did a few years back. I was confident , after...
  290. Capt. G

    American Tackle Titanium Guides

    I was not aware that the Fuji Titanium Turbos are not made anymore. Or , were ever made, for that matter. When did the imaginary production run, that was never started, stop? Now I am really confused, Scold...could you help a Jigger out?
  291. Capt. G

    American Tackle Titanium Guides

    The Fuji Titanium Turbos, according to "Son", are the fucking shit....but who is to say, and what is to say, regarding the Amtacs being a faster guide. Yes, perhaps faster are the Amtacs, like a solid microwave wall unit, but no Titanium Turbo can match the BTU of a Fuji. That is solid info...
  292. Capt. G

    United Composites CE70M

    Super dope rice crispy good! I sincerely hope you, your family and friends are getting on with the devastation from Sandy....why the hell is it taking them so long to restore power?
  293. Capt. G

    Shikari Ultralight

    Very nice! Shikari used to build blanks for my rod program a dozen years ago, when Brian owned the company. I had an agent handle my PO's, and QC control in the I did not meet Brian until the third year we did business. And when I was quite was at Fred...
  294. Capt. G

    Phenix X9 in Chronarch colors

    First, your rod looks bitchen....I really like that "one point" abalone deal...would you be OK with it if I put the same on my next rod? And, On grinding guide feet. I have never recommended that anyone do as I do; I have simply stated that I do not grind my guide feet down. I started...
  295. Capt. G

    Some G-urushi action and some flash

    Out of sight, man bass man dan. Oh, and I see right through the "Coworkers boyfriend" bait and switch will no doubt be able to upswell the dude, and take the girl for you very own. They don't call you "Spooge Demon" for nothing...
  296. Capt. G

    Murder in Downey

    Very nice! I am really liking the sanded down butt caps by Ceaser. BtW, we have been marketing a series of labeled merchandise for the past six years called "Death Stick". If that is for a personal rod, I can send you a dripping blood "Death Stick" logo, if you wish.
  297. Capt. G

    Cork Rings/Parrafin Wax

    I have made hundreds of cork grips, from rings, and I know not what you are speaking of...simply glue the rings , one at a time, on your blank, and coat each ring to ring contact surface, and clamp it down need for Saluki Oil, or butt grease. Or is that too easy?
  298. Capt. G

    Rail Dawg season has begun

    Best beware of the may just come around to bite you in the ass. Karma is a sick bitch...
  299. Capt. G

    Hippo Head Tuna Rod

    I just wanted to say I really luv this rod. A lot. Again.
  300. Capt. G

    Bay area fresh water fishermen/women

    I need to "get rid" of something your front lawn available? I willl put thirty 100 dollar bills in an unmarked envelope, for your trouble.
  301. Capt. G

    Blank extension

    Let us state your mission: To make a rod that casts lures from 1 to 3 ounces, that is much longer than the 7.3 blank you currently have . The chance that you could cut off the tip, and extend the blank with a different material AND come up with a better rod than a different , one piece blank...
  302. Capt. G

    carp skin surf rod

    That looks freek'n awesome!
  303. Capt. G

    Double Dawg for Big Daddy Don

    How you do dat?
  304. Capt. G

    one for me, less is more

    I like the top pic/marbling...looks like the surf/foam where you will search for your surfperch.
  305. Capt. G

    Repair cracks in flex-coat at feet of rollers?

    Can you say: "Flexcoat!" I am not sure how much of a "fix" you want...and how cosmetic it has to be. The ultimate would be to sand down/take off all the finish and re-coat. But here is a quick fix that works well. I use extremely viscous (the opposite of "gel" type) waterproof superglue. If...
  306. Capt. G

    For those using Madeira Thread

    I sent them Bill Colby's birth certificate, and I am still waiting....
  307. Capt. G

    Thank god tHe enviro-nazi's are there to save the bass world...

    I thought that the fishing for calico and sand bass has been getting better and better the past years, as evidenced by the numerous 30 pound plus (5 fish) stringers in the SW bass tournaments? Or are these tournament pros really Godlike, as they claim? If we must blame sportfishing for the...
  308. Capt. G

    Double Dawg for Big Daddy Don

    Get Ignit! Lots of luv coming down from da new pinstripe Salty Dawg logo...
  309. Capt. G

    Clear thread look question.

    You might want to check on RBO, like you usually do with the same question.
  310. Capt. G

    Tres' Abyss

    Nice set, Bill.
  311. Capt. G

    Sorry I have been absent.

    That is why you are the Grandmaster Godfather Big Daddy Rabbit of Rod Building.
  312. Capt. G

    Supercow on a Raildawg

    Strong as new rope...Congrats David.
  313. Capt. G

    LSU (the sequel) & a pair of Fleur De Lis

    Nice touch (adding the FDL)!
  314. Capt. G

    Some G-Urushi for FLT

    I am not sure that would be a wise thing for you to do?
  315. Capt. G

    are the fish still around?

    Buttnutt, they are biting pretty well at the 34.10 N line. A guy a 205 lb. yellowfin tuna there, on a spinning rod. Lots of school size bigeye tuna as well, and the dorado are wide. Fingers are crossed on the albies....last year the season started in December. The magic number is 5643. Do...
  316. Capt. G

    Turnin' and burnin'

    Beautiful stuff, Bubba....I like the grip on the "Tanner" rod...that looks perfect for pitch'n a beetle spin out. Not sure if the Cali boys know of them (Beetle Spins) , but I used them for crappie and even largemouth back in the day, in Cali lakes and ponds.
  317. Capt. G

    United Composites Zeus-3

    Mr. Tuttle, perhaps you could settle a bet Scold and I have (for one real vanilla bean ice cream , cone or cup). Which has more parts?: 1. Stella 18K (Capt. G) 2. Accurate 665N (Scold, and Roland Martin) Inquiring minds want to know. Oops, another question, if I may: If you source apples in...
  318. Capt. G


    You know I like that JTDS with 9245 or 9250!
  319. Capt. G

    Pro Staff Needed

    What is the compensation package detail, and is there a back end for any PP / publishing?
  320. Capt. G

    Finally Done

    All the colors really compliment one another. (does that makes sense? AKA I really like the entire set of items).
  321. Capt. G

    Utter newbie looking for help getting started

    Don is a great man. He was re-doing his front lawn, and let me dispose of a cryptic "stone in my shoe" there. Even let me use the backhoe he had rented, so I could get down to proper depth. Lots of talent at the class, and great brisket to boot. Winning is what Orca's rod class is.
  322. Capt. G

    United Composites Zeus-3

    Not sure if this is a joke or not, so if it is, then you got me. Fourteen years ago was when we first started using vertical jigging blanks made in the USA. We built these rods in the USA, and in Japan, to Japan standards (where the vertical jigging boom started). In the late 90's , the...
  323. Capt. G

    Batson Rainshadow RCJB84XH

    Very nice Randy. The tiger looked much different in the pics you emailed me.
  324. Capt. G


    You mean Che's cousin, Owen? That man is high power.
  325. Capt. G

    Congrats to Brent!!!!

    It is a good thing that Brent is on my side. Congrats, Brent, for playing the entire field, and always keeping it real-er, and stacking mad paper like trunk.
  326. Capt. G

    Rainshadow 822.5

    Beautiful Urushi....the shell and colors are match in one synchronic resonance.
  327. Capt. G


    Wow, I had no idea. What is the BTU on that?
  328. Capt. G


    We luv you right back. Hey, if that guy who PM'd you has any Fuji Titanium Turbo SiC ring guides, please let me know via the Sacramento Bee.
  329. Capt. G


    Scold, you can get your jig from Doc...Rodcrafter knows this to be fact.
  330. Capt. G


    Good lordy, I trust you are not going to put any weaves on your customer's rods?
  331. Capt. G

    And with this I bid you adeau

    I thought you were going too? Lucky, you guys are!
  332. Capt. G

    Special order discontinued FUJI guides?

    I use wire line for largemouth bass fishing. I have caught quite a few , but no small ones. I use regular stainless guides, and have had problem nil for the past 15 years. I like to use 135 pound stainless wire, with a #40 SeaCar Roller Carbon learder, on a CT 700 She-mano reel.
  333. Capt. G

    Question for you Old Timer Experts:Sabre Blank

    Glad life is good for you. That is what matter most to all of us here.
  334. Capt. G

    Guide Wrap Question !

    It depends.
  335. Capt. G

    And with this I bid you adeau

    Be nice to the fish, Bill.
  336. Capt. G

    Tiger Wrap FAIL!

    First, I am glad DeucesWild got the result he was the Rod Forum for another success. There are many ways to make a Throop Wrap...most of them excellent. Doc's method of burnishing produces consistent, controllable results for the bottom layer. Like Randy, I try to keep the...
  337. Capt. G

    New Rod

    I am not sure your title is appropriate. Should it not read: "New Weapon" ?
  338. Capt. G

    New Rail Dawg shirts

    Gorilla pimp'n in the fast lane.
  339. Capt. G

    JT rubber cement foam grip installation method

    What size cauldron do you recommend for the nonbelievers? Wasn't there crazy song about boiling cabbage and Hypalon grips? I saw it on the radio. Scold, you are my hero.
  340. Capt. G

    Hippo Head Tuna Rod

    I stand corrected. That whole NC inbreeding thing leaves me baffled. They all look the same, yet so different....all at the same time. The stingrays are only sold a kits here , but yes, I can get you on. Would you like to start building at the tip of the tail, or the wing tips? I suggest...
  341. Capt. G

    Special order discontinued FUJI guides?

    My apologies...I thought we were talking about HN guides, with SiC rings. But, there has been a market for micro guides (that means really tiny guides...down to 1.5 rings) since the were first offered by Fuji , in 1973. They have been marketed in several styles and rings. All seem to be...
  342. Capt. G

    Hippo Head Tuna Rod

    Barry Kneller, second cousin to John Sams, can often be found sipping a glass of red wine, on his hippo infested porch, in South Africa. He is a great rod builder. In fact, on of the best. I really love this rod, btw. It is so different, yet so familiar, all at the same time.
  343. Capt. G

    g-loomis rebuild guide help

    I don't have any opinions , only hard facts. In the 1990's until 2008, I sold G Loomis Rods. Bass, trout , steelhead, and various saltwater rods. I sold every grade, with the IMX,, GLX and GL2 being the most popular, in that order. I was also an authorized G.Loomis Japan (from Tifa Co., Ltd)...
  344. Capt. G

    Bubble Buster

    Randy does have a way with photoshop, no doubt. Randy, could you please post the Rainman Adams and Wild Turkey pic?
  345. Capt. G

    Bubble Buster

    I am a waterman...I swim, bodysurf, freedive, fish, surf, and have a 100 ton Masters (captain's licence). I more than have of my life has been spent on the water/fishing. I started surfing when I was seven, and got my first custom board when I was ten. Simpy put, I have surfed quite a...
  346. Capt. G

    Bubble Buster

    This looks pretty smooth, and bubble free, to me, from up here in a tree, in Bumfuck , Tennesse. I would never consider adding Bubble-Butt Burster into my finish. I put my finish on with a disposable Flex Coat brush, and spin the rod quickly on a rod lathe...and bubbles seldom (once every...
  347. Capt. G

    JT rubber cement foam grip installation method

    So are you saying that you will be joining JT and me?
  348. Capt. G

    Calstar "750"H

    Bitchen dog! (and rod).
  349. Capt. G

    Shikari Ultra Light

    Just like your avatar?
  350. Capt. G

    Special order discontinued FUJI guides?

    Here is what I can tell with 100% certainty: The Fuji did not stop production on the HNSG guides because the consumer demand was so high that it increased their corporate earnings to the point where they simply had too much cash , and the bank could no longer hold it all. Simply put, if a...
  351. Capt. G

    Rail Rod for the Batson Collection

    Nice, but what the Bob Saget did you drop on your toe? Any chance you will still have that rod next time I visit so I can wave my magic want over it?
  352. Capt. G

    JT rubber cement foam grip installation method

    Well, everone , from the beginners, to the Playas, to the FE's all agree that Jim Trelikes's hypalon grip install method is a game changer. So, I propose that each time you use his method, you put a quarter in a jar, marked "JT's gratitude fund". If anyone does not think this method is worth a...
  353. Capt. G

    LSU rods, and VFW donation rod

    Voodoo Nitro!
  354. Capt. G

    JAWS 7' 20-50LB

    If you put up a poll Jimmy, I will vote "really like". and then you can say: "This rod I love very much" and "It is better and different than anything on the market".
  355. Capt. G

    Something I've been playing around with

    Did somebody say: "Pannies"? If you got Skrilla, then I'm Gorilla.
  356. Capt. G


    I second that. Boobie Dooley had me refit all her husband's (Steve says hell, David, btw) poles with ALPS components.
  357. Capt. G

    What Blank should I get for this Reel?

    Dude, get grip, like a baby on a tit. At the bottom of your post, it reads: Last edited by Laws4ct; Yesterday at 01:21 PM. Reason: spelling Which means that there were even more mistakes the first time. still are all fucked up. Unless North Nork is a new...
  358. Capt. G

    Dream Reamer Question ?

    What Bob said is correct. Just in case, a real pro like Randy Search should weigh in.
  359. Capt. G

    Excel gets a Rail Dawg

    High Velocity. 'Nuff Said (as Kevin Greyprick would say). And a question, if I may? this one for the Excel, Kite rail rod. United composites Gladiator blank that I colored white with a pure white shellac based primer I though a "shellac" was on of those little bitch slapping clubs, that...
  360. Capt. G

    Phenix swimbait

    As they say in Japan: "So f**king technology!" (That is really , really nice!) That blank is indeed a "classic" is made from a mandril/design that we used in 2001. And it was well received by our clients.
  361. Capt. G

    What kind of paper for peel and stick decals

    Kevin, Did you also post this, worded the same, on RBO?
  362. Capt. G


  363. Capt. G

    JT rubber cement

    My customers seldom order Hypalon for grips...but the JT method is what I use when they do. It is hands down the best installation method for hypalon, IMO. BtW, Jim, what does "sqwuelched" mean/refer to?
  364. Capt. G

    United Composites US 78 Mega

    Damn, Bill, that rod's insane...what is the street value of something like that? I don't think I could come up with a rod like that in two life sentences...
  365. Capt. G

    Dichro Maui Plunger

    Beautiful Fish Killing Art of Lures. (does that make sense?). The first time I say Dichroic glass used in trolling heads was about ten years ago, in 紀伊勝浦南, Japan. I got into a friendly argument with the owner of a commercial jiggy tuna boat that made the...
  366. Capt. G

    Got my 1st roller...

    You guys do know that many of the most highy regarded rods are made exclusively on hand wrappers, right? Didn't think so.
  367. Capt. G

    ALPS 17 Trigger

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Dan, I buy hard EVA pipe that I use for base material for the grips I do...the 28 MM material is a cunt hair larger than the Alps you speak of, which is good, as I sand down the edge of the eva, and it matches the OD of the Alps seat. So, if you are 27 mm or...
  368. Capt. G

    Stingray Grips

    That explains why you sometimes omit entire words, or make sentences that make little, if any sense. Fucking keyboards. Actually, it is a disease, called " Tourette's Key-Stroke"...It makes you type stuff "I can not type very with mom in fox" Fuck Salt! I did not mean...
  369. Capt. G

    Guide query

    Simply us the Titanium K guides....the SV guides and MN guides are certainly not better than the K guides.
  370. Capt. G

    ALPS 17 Trigger

    BMD, never trust a lawyer with a funky, cheap ass suit.
  371. Capt. G

    Guide query

    I can't help you on the "expert" part, but the "standard SVSG" and the T-SVSG guides are one in the same, sans that fact that the "T" designates the material is titanium. Although the guides would be plenty strong enough for your jigging rod, the "K" guides would be a much better choice. When...
  372. Capt. G

    Calstar 800XH photo wrap

    I like it William, but where are the snake heads, beaver bottoms, and hippo lips?
  373. Capt. G

    A visit to C&M.

    Many on this forum are a bit slow; you , obviously , are not.
  374. Capt. G

    Stingray Grips

    Butting a stingray, in some states is a crime. Dude, you write like a drunk child. You need to be reported to the CT BAR for you nonprofessional demeanor in a public (forum) place. Quote: <table border="0" cellSpacing="0" cellPadding="6" width="100%"> <tbody><tr> <td style="border: 1px...
  375. Capt. G

    Hippo Head Tuna Rod

    I can see that. Do you love this rod? If , after landing several tuna, and swords, would you consider selling it to a xustemer? (That is how Kratter spells it) Mark, could you do something with this? Your rod skills are amazing. I am surprised you did not have a "Super Amazing"...
  376. Capt. G

    Phenix Black Diamond

    Sessy! That would be a great color scheme for one of your infamous spider wraps.
  377. Capt. G

    Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod

    ] They are with all the unanswered questions that I posed. The truth, while it hurts sometimes (Mark Kratter) is still our bitch, Owen. By the way, meet Mr. Mark Kratter: Besides being an accomplished pole maker, he is also a TV and Movie Star-Fish. He co-stared in his own show in...
  378. Capt. G

    Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod

    Aside from the incomplete sentences, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, grammar mistakes, and overall poor writing, I would say you write very much like a lawyer. You are dismissed.
  379. Capt. G

    Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod

    Laws4CT, you have it all wrong. I like your pole, and I think everyone on this forum has it wrong. Could it be that it is Armbreaker that copied you? I want to offer you an olive branch...not a Kevin Knox poison ivy-pearl necklace. It is Halloween, yeah, and I have four tickets to Hartford's...
  380. Capt. G

    Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod

    "Even" is the "new crooked", is seems. Also, you are a fucking lier. You wrote* "Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod <hr style="color: transparent; background-color: transparent;" SIZE="1"> I just built this rod over the weekend. Let me know what you think." I...
  381. Capt. G

    Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod

    So this rod looks nothing like yours? Let me refresh your bong: So the above piece of shit ( bubbles in finish, uneven coating, uneven black&#12288;pigment line on your guide wraps...and on and on till the break of your mom) looks nothing like Armbreaker rods? Are you serious, stupid, or...
  382. Capt. G

    Check out these grips.

    A question, if I may. I keep a law firm on retainer, have to "pay up , sucker" each month. Then every time I meet, it is $450 per hour. Sometimes I only get legal advice for forty nine minutes, yet it is still $450. Is that legal?
  383. Capt. G

    Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod

    I beg to differ. This is the best rod posted on BD this year. You people don't know what you are talking about. 2 plus 2 equals six, exactly. I read this on the internet, below the six paragraphs explaining how Black 'Ho rods are used by humans with superhuman strength, to deadlift 100...
  384. Capt. G

    Stingray Grip Abalone and Shark Tooth Inlay Tuna Rod

    Overall, based on pics alone, I would give the rod a "Like". Different is what "custom" is all about. From a rod crafting standpoint, there are a tremendous amount of bubbles in your finish, especially around the shark teeth and ab ...but that is an easy fix with some practice. Dan...
  385. Capt. G

    Color Preserver Wrap Strength

    Agreed, the Carpenter MH is a broom stick...with "no" taper...a bitch to cast, and no fun to fish with. The Predator especially if you cut it, is going to just a stiff, or stiffer, but it has a nice taper (for GT) and is worlds lighter--ie fun to cast, and fish. You are only throwing 6...
  386. Capt. G

    Color Preserver Wrap Strength

    Brian, the Preditor is a great blank..but not one I would choose for GT popping...very stiff, and there are other UC blanks that cast and "pop" better. All the GT rods we build have single wraps...and nary a one has come back with a "loose" guide.
  387. Capt. G

    Phenix vertical jigger

    Fast as my 2012 GTR...2.9 second to go Zero to 60 Mph?
  388. Capt. G

    "FUSION" With 1st Phase Dichroic Glass. By Gaji Lures

    Rad stuff...but I expect no less from you. There are only a few lure builders that use the D-glass...and it looks really dope.
  389. Capt. G

    Phenix vertical jigger

    Are they fast, as in Atascadero fast?
  390. Capt. G

    Phenix vertical jigger

    Absolutely bad ass spiral/marlbing -- A+ Hey, are those the Fuji Titanium Turbo, SiC guides I hear about? If so, how do you like them? Where can I get my hands on some? Which company makes them? When were they discontinued? Did they ever really make them? Sorry for all the questions...
  391. Capt. G

    Rail Rods!!! Got a question.

    Scold, rail rods for "rail" style fishing would be in the "specialty blank" category. Specialty or "senmon" (JDM term) rods are made for a specific type of fishing, and are distinctly different from other "types" of rods. You are an accomplished green bass guy, so I will hit you up with a...
  392. Capt. G

    Help with these 5 rod blank weights...

    May I ask why you are inquiring as to the blank weights on these types of rod?
  393. Capt. G

    Boobies and scales

    Whoa there buddy, be careful with your choice of words. Pop could refer to "old man".
  394. Capt. G

    A visit to C&M.

    I had a great time when I visited Acidpole. As we were leaving, I took a pic of Mark's computer screen... I'm telling you, that man is prone to violence.
  395. Capt. G

    Rail Dawgs headed south to the Maximus

    The Pac Bay guides are stronger than the Fuji HB guides...could you please provide the test data on that? The Pac Bay guides are bridged...and do not flex...and yet the guide/ring is more durable?
  396. Capt. G

    A visit to C&M.

    Doc, you have fun anywhere you go; I bet you would have fun going to a car wash. When Colleen was "cracking the whip" , was she dressed in her all black leather outfit, with strap on cat ears?
  397. Capt. G

    Farrah's "Butt" Stick

    Beautiful, "butt" to tit (tip). The purple makes it ...lookes like Nine-One-Nine, but the weave pattern on the thread is a bit different.
  398. Capt. G

    Boobies and scales

    Boobies are a good thing. How do you get away with the "no nips" rule on BD?
  399. Capt. G

    Sorry, Off Topic

    I am very sorry to hear that.
  400. Capt. G

    Rail Dawgs headed south to the Maximus

    I belive these are some proto OEM Rail (Dawg) Blanks Bill has been working with. It does make sense for someone like Bill, with both fishing and rod building skills , to pair up with a Mfg to produce a unique product (blank) exclusive to SDR.
  401. Capt. G

    Sharkathon 2012 Rods

    That is powerful stuff, Gary.
  402. Capt. G

    Rail Dawgs headed south to the Maximus

    WOW. Is all I have to say. And another thing, I like the colors. And, I like the new Salty Dawg Rods logo on the bottom rod pic. And, I like beaver. I use their pelts for making garments, tying flies, and flossing my teeth.
  403. Capt. G

    questions about sprots teams rods

    Rich, why not sell the rod without the logos? If it will only sell with Dolphin logos, then that should answer your question about if it is right or wrong. I think I , and other are a bit confused if you are asking us if it is legal...or can you get away with it. I can say with confidence...
  404. Capt. G

    Grump Rod Nears Completion.

  405. Capt. G

    questions about sprots teams rods

    Why are you always picking on me? I will see your ass, on the Owens, on the 16th, and we can settle this man to man--how about a sword fight?
  406. Capt. G

    Offshore rods, UC and PHENIX

    What Esquire Richie said above...the Mag, Mega Mag, and Moster Mag can cover so many basis...but I would seriously re-thing the 8 feet and under thing. Especially for fishing the iron/plastics. I would def have an 85 Mega Mag for your Trinny 14.. and the Trinny 12 would be a great live bait...
  407. Capt. G

    Spinning rod as a casting rod?

    I am pretty sure he does, Randy; why else would he pose such a question on the rod building forum? Thank you for answering this gentleman's question, with descriptive image, to boot. Carry on....
  408. Capt. G

    Do shakers count in your total fish count?

    I guess I have to agree with you and Franky... I was under the impression that "are" a verb, and "area" a noun, were different words. Do you actually think I knew that you meant "area" instead of something else (bare, aret, care, stare, or...)? Actually , "pole" and "poll", while close in...
  409. Capt. G

    questions about sprots teams rods

    I actually answered the gentleman's question, metaphorically speaking. I will re-vamp, for the perverts wearing pirate suites. Copyright laws are very clear, and easy to understand. 1. read the fine print--you may NOT reproduce the likeness, or image of any (Sprots, or other)...
  410. Capt. G

    questions about sprots teams rods

    Thank you for the legal advice. I am going to purchase a thousand San Diego Chargers decals, and market my rods for five hundred bux apiece, as "Official SD Chargers Rods". Should not be a problem, right?
  411. Capt. G

    Couple of latest projects

    Beautiful, as usual. How do you like the TourStar grips? I was taking to Doc Ski on the phone, and he said the work you did on the project rod is awesome...he will be handing it off to me for some work...I can't wait to see your work, and the rest of the guys stuff as well.
  412. Capt. G

    Crazy wraps

    Pedro, Bill and I were just speaking about you on the phone (or was it a different Pedro, Bill?)...anyway, you do nice work.
  413. Capt. G

    Crazy wraps

    As Kevin Graybootie would say: Car-Razy! That stick looks more powerful than a suicide car bomb!
  414. Capt. G

    Line path on a spiral

    You are an accomplished builder so this would really be a simple task to build. I actually think a beginner could pull it off. Here is what you need to do: 1. Place the stripper guide at the top (12 Oclock, zero degree) position. The next guide is placed at the nadir point, 6 o clock, or...
  415. Capt. G

    Do shakers count in your total fish count?

    I have to ask...don't take it personal, but do you go to school? What does "I fished are 10 shilshole WA" mean? And, which "pole" is just for fun...your fishing rod, or your personal unit? I really can not understand what our are trying to convey here, but I think you should be able to...
  416. Capt. G

    Couple of "Redheads"

    The f**king finish on these sticks is unreal...level, and smooth transitions...A+ If you were to add some dirt to the finish, and make your straight inlays crooked, then your work could be like mine (according to the anon emails).
  417. Capt. G

    Line path on a spiral

    The real important part of this thread is that the threadstarter had a problem, posted about it, and many chimed in....and the person came up with a solution that worked for him...that is "Custom", and why this forum (can be) so powerful, and useful. Ken, I have already explained, in detail...
  418. Capt. G

    Black Hole Jigger

    Dude, a black hole can deadlift 450 pounds...that is some strong stuff. I saw it on Korean TV, back in the day. Your branch work goes well with the diamonds in the ruff...
  419. Capt. G

    How long should it take to make 2 custom rods

    And, still, the opposite happens yet again....and besides the money, JDM parts that were donated to charity disappear as well.
  420. Capt. G

    Random acts of wrapping

    That dude sent me two with a random EVA inlay grip, similar to the one below, and this: He wrote: "Do you wish you were are pickle, capt. G" I guess he thought that was funny....I know he is not a full time builder...and does not do rod building for a living like some of us...
  421. Capt. G

    RCJ Update

    Just got this hot in the mail....can those fucktards really be that stupid...answer...yes. From: Anonymous <[email protected]> Date: Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 6:41 PM Subject: Captain G and Rodmaker To: [email protected] CC: Kevin G. Sam H. Tom Kirkman...
  422. Capt. G

    How long should it take to make 2 custom rods

    Winner winner, Big Bird Dinner! But I will break it down for you. 1. It should take as long as the builder told you it would take. If you did not ask, then ask, and get an update. 2. There are two elements to the delivery date: a. Sourcing of components. The could be as soon as "now"...
  423. Capt. G


    Hey, if you don't want that, I have dibs on it. Will you trade for a hunk of ivory?
  424. Capt. G

    Couple of "Redheads"

    The coating looks a little bit too smooth and perfect. Besides that , top knotch in the cherry tree.
  425. Capt. G

    RCJ Update

    Word up on that. Truth be known, the Silvia to Bill era of transition transformed the Journal into a completely different periodical...which is not to say the "before" was bad...all magazines go&#12288;through growth phases...and some , like the RCJ change for the better. Yes, Dan, Bill (well...
  426. Capt. G

    Old school lamiglass

    Nice work, C.Richie...what are the specs on that blank? What will the recepient use it for?
  427. Capt. G


    I guess the real question is : Do you own land in Dangriga, or Stan Creek? I have been down there three times, and it has , hands down, been my fav place I have visited on planet earth. As far people to talk to about the "etc", I found the people friendly and the official language is English...
  428. Capt. G

    Line path on a spiral

    Never thought about that. But who would be qualified to write it?
  429. Capt. G

    Line path on a spiral

    Good lord, do people really put the butt-bumper guide on the 90 degree axis? The point of my sliding stainless rail guide is that it starts much higher up on the axis...and then spirals down (ie the stainless wire is NOT parallesl to the spirals on.)...a "movable guide" if you...
  430. Capt. G

    Selling tuna?

    I am no internet surfer, and I can only speak from experience (commercial fishing, selling fish). This may make my answer unpopular with the resident FE's , who have experience not, have never and probably never will do it...yet they are authorities on the subject. So, please excuse the facts...
  431. Capt. G

    Line path on a spiral

    Dat true on the may see the guide actually get ripped right off...but that would be problem not..simply take off the "butt-bumper" guide, and let the line slide over the blank...sorta like a Comedie "Lost" system...without the funky guide sizing toward the tip. And the answer is "NO"...
  432. Capt. G

    Dos Mas Railio Dawgitos

    What are the reasons behind the two different guide styles for these types of rods? I do like the Mexican-eske reminds me of my favorite , authentic Mexican food dishes....the Enchirito, and the Bellbeefer.
  433. Capt. G

    Line path on a spiral

    You can do what Mark suggested, or kit out with the way we do it...#25, #20, #16, #12..and so on. The key is the spacing from the stripper (#25) of the size 20 guide, as well as the angle (or O'clock position) of the #20 guide. There all literally dozens of ways to do a spiral... and we do ours...
  434. Capt. G

    couple of things I've been playing with

    Agreed ...and that is def "constructive criticism" (not a bad thing!) by Scold. Black really is the most difficult of colors to use...even down to the fact that dust/specs show up so "badly". I like the star wrap, of the above pictured.
  435. Capt. G

    Tres negros' Rail Dawgitos

    Hope you don't take offence...but these black on black RD's are my fav of all you have done...they look so goddamn sinister...
  436. Capt. G

    Phenix swimbait

    In Japan they would say: "So f**king technology!", which means really sweet.
  437. Capt. G

    Fuji 20 reel seat with a Trinidad 16a?

    Both the 20 and 22 Fuji will fit a Trinny 16 fine...but I would not consider using them. Simply put, for heavy use, a Fuji #20 will not lock your Trinny down as snuggly as a metal seat....I recommend the Alps aluminum seats. If you lock your 16 down on a Fuji #20 mounted on a will...
  438. Capt. G

    RCJ Update

    I do believe that in the very near future RCJ will discover that is is next to impossible to produce a professional rag without paying for professional editorial and manuscript content... That all said, all your hard work that you do to put this publication together is neither lost, nor goes...
  439. Capt. G

    Little bait came to life

    Like. Big P, if you plan on fishing (or marketing) them for green bass, a belly / harness rigged treble hook would be the way to go.
  440. Capt. G

    fish eye in finish what do you mean ???

    I guess this would make sense, if he was using solvents to entrap. However, I can not even begin to imagine that he is.
  441. Capt. G

    Batson Rainshadow Spinner

    Very nice, Randy. K-guide rods are usually kitted up with an "MN" tip...any special reason this one is not?
  442. Capt. G

    Rail dawg & a couple Rainshadows

    Clean and simple, Bill. Like.
  443. Capt. G

    9 New Hot Rods to add to this yachts arsenal

    Superfine, strong set right there. A+
  444. Capt. G


    Simply said , it looks way better than something that you were "still playing with/learning". That yet again proves that Bill and JT's Video, and products used therein are easy to understand, and repeat, with good results.....And that does not happen often with instructional vids....and the...
  445. Capt. G


    I am going to assume the the frames are the problems ...they look a bit rough...and that they still perform / roll fine. If that is the case , use 'em..... But like Bill said Powder coating them will be the most expensive/difficult option ...and I don't recommend it. But , you can take the...
  446. Capt. G

    A gaggle of IGFA 180s

    Strong as new rope...
  447. Capt. G

    Anyone want to play a game?

    Cale Yarborough? (my favorite nascar driver to watch at the races...)
  448. Capt. G

    Anyone want to play a game?

    Arnold Palmer?
  449. Capt. G

    Phenix Black diamond

    Outstanding rod art.
  450. Capt. G

    I can't be the first to have done this...

    No, what I am saying is ....that sometimes the the eyeball just pop out, and there is little that reading glasses will do to protect one from the malice of the Spooge Demon.
  451. Capt. G

    Sealing cord wrap

    Coat blank liberally with epoxy (you can score the blank with sandpaper, after polishing the inside of the blank, but it is really not necessary). Wrap on seine twine, moderately tight. Wipe off any excess that seeps thru. Done. This not only seals it, but the twine will NEVER twist, and you...
  452. Capt. G

    Anyone want to play a game?

    At this point, it is either Mitt Romney, or the Loch Ness Monster.
  453. Capt. G

    Wahoo Jr Composite Heavy

    Greatness in all around building is what you do. The Wahoo Jr. big bro, the Wahoo also makes a great heavy class (200 to 500 gram jigs) trimmed spinner/vertical jigger. You may wonder what this pic has to do with this discussion...but this was taken in October, of 2004, on the Q 105. This...
  454. Capt. G

    Sabre FL1670C7FT

    Mr. Bigeasy, I will say both that "Sometimes that happens" and "We've seen this before". What side of the river were you on when this happend?
  455. Capt. G

    Rail Dawg 770XXH

    Everyone should make the switch to Rail Dawgs...for the future. You are cranking out more than a rod a day, like a mad man. You have me beat...I have only done four in the past seven days.
  456. Capt. G

    Is fluro needed for shimano butterfly jigging?

  457. Capt. G

    Is fluro needed when shimano butterfly jigging?

    Certainly within the BD rules is asking questions, and this one is certainly a valid one (about vertical/butterfly jigging). What I do find less than proper is FE's, or people with limited or zero experience acting like authorities on a given subject that most on this site are very new (less...
  458. Capt. G

    Rod repair???

    If da eye(ball) pop off, I suggest you take to Trans Rod Shop. All joking aside, what the video displays is one of the most experienced builders on the West Coast...along with a shop set up (24 dryers, two rod stations) that turn out some of the...
  459. Capt. G

    Grumpy Yellowtail rods.

    You are the true grandmaster, Doc. Grumpy yellowtail fit for a King-Weave. Grumpy , tough California yellowtail (Seriola lalandi) can be a tough fish....I have run across tuff ones in So Cal, down to Chester Rocks, and out to Allijos Stones, down to Cabo, and throughout the sea of cortez, and...
  460. Capt. G

    Anyone ever have an image be ghosted on a blank?

    Word up on the thread thing leaving ghost images. This year, I have been messing around with deliberate creating ghost images as decorative rod art. I have not succeeded on a bare blank, but have got some decent images on thread base, and also on wood inserts (like the one I put on Doc's...
  461. Capt. G

    Short video on refinishing a rod blank

    Nice, William. I await part two...which will show the "other" way to put on CPXtra/Permagloss...with your little gadget, or the one I use in Japan.... Oh, and this vid shows all your just wanted to let you know that both you and I would not be allowed in any gyms in Japan.
  462. Capt. G

    Catalina Classic, something new from Alps

    Don't sweat it William, even if you did put them on backwards, a large contingent of FE's on this forum would swear that that is the "best" way to do it. Of course, they would not have even tried doing it....yet they know what the best way is. The only way you could one up this, is by posting...
  463. Capt. G

    Guide spacings for GF700XH spin

    Welcome, Mr. Masai, to the asylum. There are literally dozens of ways, perhaps hundreds, of kitting and spacing based on the info you provided... This is due to the wide range of styles of guide shapes, sizes, and heights (much more to deal with than a conventional build). That all said, we...
  464. Capt. G

    been awhile but think i still got it

    Most cross wraps do not impress, nor perk my interest..but yours is top drawer good. Perhaps it is the little "+" on the side view; anything different from the norm is generally a good thing.
  465. Capt. G

    cracked epoxy on guide foot

    Even without seeing the pics, I would expect that you should be fine for the upcoming summer of Oz--you can always clean the surface, and hit with a Scotchbrite pad...and re-coat. Should be good to go! The builder/factory may have ground down the guide foot before wrapping....that can...
  466. Capt. G

    Guide selection for spiral wrapped rail rod

    That does not seem to stop some people from posting about them... What we really need to see is some close-ups of sections of the ink on your back. I am thinking we can be inspired by them. Aren't people with tacs a bit shady?
  467. Capt. G

    Noob question

    Randy, you have to be fucking kidding me, right? I thought we were friends, and mutual friends of Ponch and John? What did I tell you about posting stuff that is easy to follow, and comes correct, every time? Do you want to change the demeanor of this forum? It is so true, that if you...
  468. Capt. G

    Doc , Salty And J.T.

  469. Capt. G

    This rod will NEVER be stolen

    I like&#12288;it. "Scold-&#28422;&#12540;Urushi" is an appropriate name....because , even though yours does not contain urushi-paint^lacquer, the tobacco contained within is poisonous, just like urushi is.
  470. Capt. G

    4 Marlin Casters from FLT to the I.L.T.T. 2012

    Top Drawer! The JTDS reminds me of the first few you showedl me...I was blown away.
  471. Capt. G

    Another Synit softbait L

    Very nice Jay. I have several of the bBurgundycolor Scorpions...the best mid-level priced reels on the market, IMO. The first ones (1990's) were labeled "Bantam"...and the first ones with the whiffle spool was the "1500 Scorpion (burgandy color)", which came out in the late 90's. We sold...
  472. Capt. G

    SuperSeeker 80XH

    Simply beautiful...A+
  473. Capt. G

    Free Journals

    Do you have any of the ones with lots of pie charts, and graphs, that really do not pertain much to rod building, or fishing? Good form, btw.
  474. Capt. G

    Guide selection for spiral wrapped rail rod

    Jon, I concur with the Fuji HB guides...can not go wrong with these. But Scold, what about the Fuji Titanium Turbos---would these be worth considering?
  475. Capt. G

    Shout out to Acidrod!

    Colleen is both as tough, and honorable as a Marine.
  476. Capt. G

    What is this rod worth

    For the memories of his father and him fishing...priceless. Have him proudly display it on his mantle, in honor of his father. That looks like a premium split bamboo rod...judging by the agate ring guides, and hardware....and resale for rods like these is a very limited market,,,,and dependent...
  477. Capt. G

    NINJA STYLE___Palm Valley

    Quit picking on Carl. He is only looking out for our underwater allies. Not everybody hunts for largemouth bass with a Kimber, and leaves a trail of sheet covered bodies on curvy mountainous roads.
  478. Capt. G

    summer night swimbaiting (green bass)

    Matt, you are a stud among even the most diehard Ninja Basser's. Epic post, as usual.
  479. Capt. G

    Calstar GF800L

    You have the nicest rods in all the Pacific, and this one, like always, is super-terrific!
  480. Capt. G

    Shout out to Acidrod!

    I beg to differ. Last time I was at Acidrod, my family was attacked by a vile creature and we barely escaped with our integrity intact.
  481. Capt. G

    Acidrod site down

    Working fine on the West Coast, and in Japan. I think the problem may be inversely related to previous BD posts of dubious concerns and abutments.
  482. Capt. G


    Clean work as the grovy grips!
  483. Capt. G

    Old Dogs learn new tricks.

    WtG Doc! That yellow must have been fun on that little rod. As for this style of fishing, I think most people "overthink" the concept...there really is no "wrong" way to do it...and if you are having are doing it correctly. About 99.99% of the conventional (not spinning) rods we...
  484. Capt. G

    Fishing rod, or Fairy wand

    You built what the customer wanted, professionally, so I would say "success".
  485. Capt. G

    Zane Grey #2

    Love that .45 pinstriping detail.
  486. Capt. G

    Zane Grey Raffle Rod

    I think they chose the right man to get this job done...A+
  487. Capt. G


    Looks great...I really like the spider-tiger. I think we have Doc Ski to thank for showing us how to put decals inside of tiger wraps a few years back...
  488. Capt. G

    first build - a 10 y/o's dream

    "Stoked beyond description"...that is what really matters. WtG, dad.
  489. Capt. G

    Herrrre tiger, tiger, tiger..........

    Beautiful tiger...and what a difference from the flash pic to the natural light one.
  490. Capt. G

    AllStar BAT845 micro spiral bass rod

    Chainsaw tight. Nine on the Richter.
  491. Capt. G

    Eva grip CAMO

    The above pic is from a rod I posted on BD a couple of years ago...but the thread, Gudebrod, is something I purchased in the 90's...and have not seen since. Maybe somebody on here as an extra spool?
  492. Capt. G

    My first Abalone G-Urushi Calstar

    Beautiful build, all the way around. True, sanding down large chunks of abalone is a PITA, but the end result justifies it all.
  493. Capt. G

    UC CAJ601 Coffee Grinder configuration :)

    Top drawer ...those colors match well, and the JT Olive Branch stands out ,&#12288;proudly.
  494. Capt. G

    Will Someone make me a Badass 12' TENKARA rod?

    I did not see any BD rule violations in you post so why delete it? I did not understand your comparison...that was it. If tyi9
  495. Capt. G

    Will Someone make me a Badass 12' TENKARA rod?

    Glen, could you please explain that statement? I see the joking icons...but I still don't get what you tried to communicate.
  496. Capt. G

    howdy girls

    Hey William, Could you please catch a wahoo, for me, and beat the fish with an aluminum bat? Be safe, have fun, and kill shit.
  497. Capt. G

    Will Someone make me a Badass 12' TENKARA rod?

    Jesse, have you tried Tenkara yet? It is a very specific presentation / application that is intended for smaller mountain streams with pansize wild/native trout. A custom Tenkara rod is a bit of an there are not guides...only a small canvas for a decorative wrap. Were are...
  498. Capt. G

    Why waste practice/test wraps?

    Thank you for the painted Fugi ACS Size 16 reel seat I received at Doc's BBQ!
  499. Capt. G

    CHP Raffle Spinner

    Exceptional work, as always ..
  500. Capt. G

    A School of 7" and 9" "REAL" Sardine Heads! By Gaji Lures

    Works of art for fish. Top Drawer.
  501. Capt. G

    Great rod finish explained

    Great write up. And it will help many...several times a month there is a thread titled "epoxy not drying" or "fisheyes". Perhaps a few members can add some alternate methods to this already sound turtorial....with pics would be nice...
  502. Capt. G

    good morning guys

    Word. Kill stuff dead, and have a great trip.
  503. Capt. G

    NEW Winston Rod

    Love the Jungle Cock (?) starburst pattern, with grisly hackle trim!
  504. Capt. G

    Need Ferrule How To

    I have never heard of a Fuji Graphite (ferrule) reel seat, so I can not comment on that, but machined aluminum double lock nut , with locking ferrule nuts reel seats are very strong. This is an , unmarked reels seat, size 20, that was used to extend a 8 1/2 foot rod to 11 feet (spinning...
  505. Capt. G


    Very nice, Cap'n Richie. Green gold and white is classy snazzy, IMHNFEO.
  506. Capt. G

    Need Ferrule How To

    I hear you on the travel thing, so I can see why you would want to check in a five foot rod case , instead of a seven foot one. 24 inches is a game changer. That is why I cut the tips off my 8 1/2 foot rods. They now fit snugly into a 6 1/2 foot rod case.
  507. Capt. G

    Need Ferrule How To

    Fact: a one piece rod is always better (stronger, lighter, more sensitive) that a multiple piece rod. Since your rod is only 7 feet max...and you already have the blank you like....why would you want to build a two piece rod?
  508. Capt. G

    Slat wall for rod room

    That is straigh up good , Greg. I think Keith Poe did his swordfish boat out of that stuff (diamond plate particle board).
  509. Capt. G

    Catfish rod

    Dat true, about Kenny (Flamekeeper). A couple of days ago, he said he is having some health issues recently, and he said he is not on BD these days. But he be the catfish man with a plan. For guides, Fugi "K" or MN guides would work just fine.
  510. Capt. G

    Batson TS66MH Halibut Stik

    Very nice guide wrap...I think I can see a reflection of Jesus, and his diciples in your rod is probably blessed as of both worlds.
  511. Capt. G

    Eva grip CAMO

    Eva Camo! <hr style="color: transparent; background-color: transparent;" SIZE="1"> Hello, good evening! I have a curiosity, these camo handles are matagi Shop? Esque not find that color on any site, if you would kindly tell me where I can buy greatly appreciate it...
  512. Capt. G

    First OTI OceanXtreme Custom

    I beg to differ; I like the marbling. Different is a good thing, IMO.
  513. Capt. G

    Batson 781

    Bad-azz ! sums it up. Love those guide wraps as well.
  514. Capt. G

    A Cycling Tour of North Cornwall

    You told me you lived in North Cornhole, Florida...or did I hear your wrong when you whispered that on the "dead body" Road in Kyushu, Japan? I really like the twisted cistern thread wrap...that is dope soap on a rope. Oh, and it is not "ripping off" a technique, when you utilize a...
  515. Capt. G

    Need blank same as MHX

    That blank is rolled on an excellent mandril, that is used by several mfgs to produce 7 and 7 1/2 foot , 12-25 lb. rated "bass" rods (or "inshore" rods). So, I can see why your customer wants that design. Back in the day, Loomis made a blank like this, and I do believe that Phenix still does...
  516. Capt. G

    Rod blank finish?

    Ed, contact Bill Havens...he is in your area, and carries CPxtra, with is a urethane based finish (like Randy said...this is the best type, IMEO), that is user friendly, and comes in small 1 oz. bottles. Buying a large (8 or more ounces) bottle of Permagloss is futile, as it will dry up before...
  517. Capt. G

    United Composites US 80 Mega

    Mr. Chillo, In Japan, land of the rising heat, people do not use reel seat clamps, like they do in the USA. When you buy a Shimano Trinidad (called a "Jigger" here), it does not come with a clamp, like it does in the USA. Why? Because in Japan, they do indeed use those Fuji Plate Reel Seats...
  518. Capt. G

    Pretty In Pink & Death Spin

    Awesome job...pretty and pink are the best of both worlds , rodly speaking. And I dig your Voodoo theme. Back in 1993, I denounced my previous religion (I found out that Jim Jones was full of shit, and had passed the chalice of Kool Aid to Dirk Dorkman), and went straight VooDoo. I...
  519. Capt. G

    Cracking Flex Coat

    I was looking for an explanation of step by step theory. And that is exactly what you wrote. If there was indeed a "gap" for the threads to slide into, like Randy wrote, that would indeed lead to an internal compression (cracking from the inside out) , much like a right/left lateral strike...
  520. Capt. G

    Cracking Flex Coat

    Originally Posted by Zombie I personally don't think the finish type has much to do with the cracking issue. Maybe it does I don't know as I've never experimented to see but most of the cracking issues I've seem stem from either guide feet not properly prepped or the guides just not flexing...
  521. Capt. G

    United Composites US 80 Mega

    We have a saying, Mr. Chiller: "Sweet Lover of a Car Seat!", which basically means that , "why cut the cord finish the ends" when you can double up twice on those things?
  522. Capt. G

    Super Seeker

    Hey, is that a tatog (fish) weave? Looks bitchen...anything but the norm. I caught a fish that looked like that in you know if they get down that far? I was fishing with live shrimp, around some dock pilings, and caught snook, and some wrasse like fish that kinda looked like a tatog.
  523. Capt. G

    Super Seeker

    Very spiffy top drawer, Ralph.
  524. Capt. G

    Help on an idea.

    Wafflejaw, you are not supposed to start threads like this, that will initiate good rod building discussion, and give others ideas for future projects. TK hates that. I will say, that I know the reason you got the anon email...and Dirk is just too predictable, and he has several minions on...
  525. Capt. G

    Vertical jigging - Japanese style

    John, have you heard of the Runbou? I prefer the Caribou pattern Runbou. What Kevan wrote above comes correct, regarding the jigging rods/specs/experience. I have only been doing the vertical jigging thing for about 15 years, so I do not claim to be an expert...but you might want to consider...
  526. Capt. G

    Phenix K2

    More, as in just enough, or too much? As I have not seen them in person, I can not say about Bob's dipped reel seats, but they look professionally done, and if so, there in not a problem with the reel seat threads binding , or the finish coming off. The first reel seats that I saw with...
  527. Capt. G

    Phenix K2

    What does the "K2" mean or signify? I was thinking it may be the second generation of K1 woven rod materials?
  528. Capt. G


    It is all relative, tis true. One man's "clean" is another man's dirty pervy. My clean room was deemed "cleaner" than a hospital operating room by people that keep tabs on such things (no, unfortunately NOT joking). However, both mine and yours put together does not equal a "clean environment"...
  529. Capt. G


    I will play FE for just a bit. It must be fun, as so many do it on here. Well, Tim, I know you did not ask me, but I will answer anyway. One of the great misnomers is that you need a "dust" enclosure/cover encapsulating your dryers. Not true, not necessary. A clean room is just...
  530. Capt. G

    Help on an idea.

    Three days before this thread, I just took a butt cap with folding D ring apart. This is on rod for Sir Terry Henson, and I did not think he needed it. Here is how they work: The screw in piece can be fitted to a sleeve pipe, which you slide inside the blank, or your can fashion your own...
  531. Capt. G

    Just gotta move in

  532. Capt. G

    Help on an idea.

    Please forgive my ignorance, but how about a buttcap, with a built in , folding "D" ring....standard factory boat (and other) rods made by the majors (Daiwa, Shimano, Smith, Gamakatsu...etc...). Or, am I missing something, Mr. Chainsaw?
  533. Capt. G

    A pair of Monster Mags

    I will let them know your concerns, but they do not listen to me anymore...ever since Kirkman sent them that anon email, on CRIBE letterhead, saying that I "misrepresent Fugi Products that he sells in the USA". (Uh...I don't sell Fugi in the USA). But on a serious note, Fugi does not have a...
  534. Capt. G

    Cracking Flex Coat

    I wonder what would happen if you did not grind the guide feet?
  535. Capt. G

    orange shark rod

    Fuck'n Triple A Stingray. You're a monster in the industry, man , and I luv ya as a brutha, from a different mutha.
  536. Capt. G

    A pair of Monster Mags

    The bottom one is the best marbling I have seen on a rod. As you know , I have connections with Corporate Fuji execs, and know one person that sits on the Board of Directors. I am going to suggest , at the next BOD (Board of Directors) meeting, that they change the company name to "Fugi", the...
  537. Capt. G

    Rainshadow XSB842 Spinner

    Besides the Japanese logo being on backward, very clean build--I'm sure the gentleman will be able to land some feisty stripers at Havasu with that bad boy. I am a bit saddened that you did not take my suggestion to put the stripper guide on upside down (or the fact that you did not use a...
  538. Capt. G

    Marbling under guide wraps

    I am having a hard time understanding what "stout epoxy" and "marble cost" means. Or what your concern is. But , let us assume that you did the marble underwraps , and coated with thread epoxy. The you left for a time, and now want to wrap guides on. Is that correct? If so, simply clean...
  539. Capt. G

    East Coast Style

    That is what the Nazi operators of the death camps said. They convinced themselves that what they were doing was in the best interests of humanity. They had a clear conscience,&#12288;based of lies, and false premise. A characteristic you seem to share as well. Go back and read my previous...
  540. Capt. G

    Makes me wonder - BSB poached

    I shot a fluffy animal, with curly horns (BHS) , on the canyon rim of Flaming Gorge in Utah. I had no permit; I did it in the name of science.
  541. Capt. G

    East Coast Style

    Really? Simply "inserting" yourself into a an issue on BD will NOT get you banned. Defending a friend will not get you banned either. So, based on your answer, I have a hard time believing you (I am being kind with my choice of words). Honesty goes a long way. Just say'n. Again.
  542. Capt. G

    Spinning Rod Guide Layout

    What is the "NGC" you refer to above, and what is the 27X method?
  543. Capt. G

    gusa vrs phenix

    'Tis sitting in my driveway, as we speak. It is our family car...and I have to say, I think you did right by bying a boat! Can't fish out of a GTR!
  544. Capt. G

    Spinning Rod Guide Layout

    The 83 H blank is made on a tried and tested mandril...and it is a great blank. I agree with can not get better (for a first time , or even 100 time) than the Fuji New Concept Guide chart number. It lists guide / frame type, size, and will get you very close to...
  545. Capt. G

    gusa vrs phenix

    Neither. And both. My new GTR goes zero to 60mph in 2.9 seconds (I have not got below 3.23 seconds, but I suck at driving land vehicles). I will challenge anybody on this forum that can drive a car. But, if you must ask, I do like Chevy, specifically the 1963 lowered Chevy Biscayne ...
  546. Capt. G


    That can get you in trouble. Nice feesh!
  547. Capt. G

    Looking for a saltwater blank to us for musky

    Mr. Wagner, you do indeed know your stuff. The St. Croix blanks are not well liked by any serious anglers that chuck bigbaits. It is all about the taper...and these things, are simply stiff, with not much in the way of casting design/taper. Simply put, there are dozens of blanks that could...
  548. Capt. G

    East Coast Style

    Why were you banned?
  549. Capt. G

    I want to catch Albacore. how far north do I have to go?

    You can stay at your present N Latitude, and go no further north than that...Head due west. I will hook you up with everything your need here in Japan. Are you proficient with the squidpole? If not, rod and reel is fine. Thunnus alalunga we get here at the 34N line are not the little 30 to...
  550. Capt. G

    New Here/Question regarding classes

    More talent under one roof than your will find anywhere withing a 600 nautical miles. Don even let me tether my pet to his front lawn during the class. Dolly ate most of Don's flowers...but he was not upset at all.
  551. Capt. G

    Fuji power oval guides?

    JFYI, the WBD (Power Oval) guides pictured in this old (2010) thread have been discontinued. There are a few still around, but I would not want to put them on a rod, then have to find replacements in the future. Something to do with baby ass wipes....
  552. Capt. G

    C&M/AcidRod Closed Wednesday 7/25

    X2. I spoke with Colleen on the phone, and she said that by the BBQ, she&#12288;would "be able to kick both our asses, with one hand tied behind Julie's horse"
  553. Capt. G

    What's better than catching fish on a rod you built?

    Technically it is high-sticking only when you have your hand on the will notice that she slid her hand up to almost the stripper the bass pros do when landing a delicious bass. Tim, by any chance, did you mom fish the Bassmaster Classic? Good job, Tim, Mums looks...
  554. Capt. G

    Getting close

    Congrats, William....expansion is the key to the universe of business. It does look a little plain for my tastes, so I will bring my crayons This is Crayola on Papyrus Paper, titled "Fox Fiend" I will bring my tagging kit as well this one is untitled, but dedicated to you, and me, for our...
  555. Capt. G

    My first wrap

    Well done.
  556. Capt. G

    Looking for a saltwater blank to us for musky

    More than half of my rod program is dedicated to "Giant Bait" rods...which we first started selling in 2000\2001. These rods are for chucking baits that average a pound in weight...specifically for largemouth bass. Phenix does indeed make excellent blanks, and I am familiar with the ones...
  557. Capt. G

    Looking for a saltwater blank to us for musky

    Largemouth bass lures, 24 to 32 ounces. and 16 to 24 ounces. Largemouth black bass can easily eat 1/4 their body the math, and the "match the bait" makes perfect sense.
  558. Capt. G

    United Composites US 80 Wahoo

    Very bright and nice, William.
  559. Capt. G

    large vessel question

    I know nothing of which you speak, and I am nonplussed with your elitist demeanor. (Our Kento Screen's spin at 1200 rpm...)
  560. Capt. G

    large vessel question

    Matt, even the smaller vessel we went jigging on in the Sea of Japan had this device...people really don't know what it is, and it's application?
  561. Capt. G

    Questions on G-Urushi

    It might be fun, and helpful, if you can take a pic of each step, so others can see how not difficult a G-urushi is. Tyler, could you please put of a pic of: 1. your crushed and prepped shell 2. The night sky Bullard / epoxy on the blank 3. the shell that you "push" into the matrix (#2). That...
  562. Capt. G

    Questions on G-Urushi

    PM Sent. I sent Tyler a step by step template for the materials he currently has. This will work, and look bitchen, or my name isn't Capt. D.
  563. Capt. G

    Polished Rubber Butt Forgive my ignorance, but what is the material of the one you turned on your lathe?
  564. Capt. G

    Simple wrap

    Great joint effort...I am digging the Snoopy artwork...right down to the footprints.
  565. Capt. G

    Phenix PHX C804 & United Composites Mega

    Bullard purple pigments rock! My clients order purple as primary, and secondary colors often, so I use several variations and personal favorite is mixing Lavender with Blue Dragon. I bought mine at Bill, the kid is gonna luv those rods....and he is going going to be...
  566. Capt. G

    Purple Heart

    Purple Heart, by Doc Ski, Esq.
  567. Capt. G

    Rod Dryer RPM

  568. Capt. G

    Stckbaits for Tuna

    Not sure if you are joking or not, but these look more like Bass Pro Shop $4.99 light saltwater evidenced by the thin wire Mustad hook. I have only been doing the Popping / Jigging thing for 20 years or so, but I would have to say: Go with the Mr. J. Tuttle selection of...
  569. Capt. G

    Lamiglas SSB 136 2M

    That JTDS looks top drawer...I would have never guessed it to be a "save". Thanks for the shout out on the ab inlay...may I suggest that you carefully dab some thread epoxy over the ab...and it will fill in the long oval in the reel seat. I guarantee you will be most pleased by the results--it...
  570. Capt. G

    Purple Heart

    I must concur...Doc's Purple Heart weave is not only the best representation that I have seen, but it has special meaning to Doc, as it was awarded to his father. When I interviewed Doc via long distance phone, there was a very heart felt, moving story associated with the weave he did. I wrote...
  571. Capt. G

    Venue nears completion-BBQ Fest 2012 aka House Warming.

    I know a guy, named Tricky Tran, that hangs out at Performance Tickle (Tackle). He heard Capt. D on the radio, and now Mr. Tran uses the D. Loomis...DLX model, with SeaCar Roller Carbon, and chunked Phat Free Sad. He gets the catfist, and if you insist, some "tool shed fat wrist", as he calls...
  572. Capt. G

    2012 Ika Shibi Kona

    Ika-shibi, Ika-ahi, Palu-ahi...any which way you slice 'em, two beautiful fish. Hope the market was kind to you on the price, for all your hard prep, and work.
  573. Capt. G

    Rock Fishing Poll

    Rock fishing, or "Isotsuri", as it is called in Japan, is alive and well. One of the fastest growing market segments in the JDM fishing industry is "Shore Jigging and Popping". Japanese yellowtail, amberjack, dorado, yellowfin tuna ...
  574. Capt. G

    Four new baits

    I like them all , Big P, especially the one at the bottom. Years ago, I made a swimbait body,m with a curly tail, and called it the "Swimcurl"...and it worked great in SW and FW. The bait has a gill line that can be cut, for use with a jig head, but I liked to fish it with an 11/0...
  575. Capt. G

    11th hour reprieve...

    Epic run.
  576. Capt. G

    Venue nears completion-BBQ Fest 2012 aka House Warming.

    Looking awesome, Doc. It was good talking to you on the phone yesterday...and I will do my best to bring enough whale for appetizers. If I fall short, Randy tells me there are plenty of whales in Temecula. Jim Akuhed...I think you and I should team up to make some Aku can...
  577. Capt. G

    Rail Dawgs, weaves and chevrons

    It is a short rod to begin with..why do you suppose they need a joint there?
  578. Capt. G

    Rail Dawgs, weaves and chevrons

    Sweet, William (no pun intended) do you like that joint system on the Black Hole, and what is your overall impression of it?
  579. Capt. G

    My Experience (Acidrod )

    You make too much sense , Cesar...the drinkers of hayterate are not going to like you. Much. Pretty simple, really. Oil and Water. Not all customers and not all business are going to be a good fit. Sealtacos expressed his dissatisfaction with AR. Fine. Why he does it on EVERY thread ...
  580. Capt. G

    Identifing wrap colors

    That would work fine to choose some colors. I think it is of paramount importance to then take those colors, wrap samples, and coat with finish...then let the customer decide, in this instance. It is all about making the customer happy....
  581. Capt. G

    So easy, hawt chicks can do it

    Not sure if you guys caught it , but a 0:28, there was a Black Majic Red Fangle Plier sighting.
  582. Capt. G

    Identifing wrap colors

    Buddy, re-wraps should be treated like "new builds" you can NEVER exactly match the aged , sun faded look of an old(er) rod. Here is what I suggest: On a piece of blank (not his rod) wrap on several choices of the thread colors that most closely match what you see. CP/Coat the samples...
  583. Capt. G

    Reason for reversing stripper on an Acid wrap?

    Unless you know something about a 5 figure debacle that happened in 1996, which I don't see how you, or anybody else on this forum possibly could, then it is without doubt that you will have no idea at how close to the truth your statement is.
  584. Capt. G

    House Warming BBQ update/head count.

    I want to see the stingrays, goddamnit! Oh, and Doc, I think you better cross conch fritters off the menu, now that Randy is coming. Just say'n...
  585. Capt. G

    Wonderful Surprise

    Well, not many would take the time, and spend the money for an international phone call to me, to say they are sorry....that takes some cojones... He said: "I am sorry for saying that your work sucked, Capt. G....most will agree that it is not that bad at all. I still think you are an asshole...
  586. Capt. G


    That does make perfect sense.
  587. Capt. G

    Here is a hair raiser with a Great White

    Good thing that guy had his steak knife with him... All joking aside , I think they handled that pretty well.
  588. Capt. G


    Not that kind of Spam. Bob, I wish you would have posted this yesterday, before I paid $60, bi-anally to Mature Black Assmasters, the porn site for elderly gay men. Not saying I got ripped off . Yet. Saluki and I will issue a double (bi) report in thirty days time. Again.
  589. Capt. G

    Might have created a MONSTER

    That right there is stronger than new rope...way to go, dad.
  590. Capt. G

    Alabama Rig

    Cool. Could you post a pic of the Mann's rig you caught the halibut on? In the late 90's , I stared fishing a MultiCali (I just made that up) Rig with three swimbaits for halibut in the LBC area. And it worked great...I am mostly a plastics guy, but I often took out friends that liked to fish...
  591. Capt. G

    CALSTAR GF700M for Joe Galindo "ala 3rd grader style"

    Really? Nobody asked you to read, or comment on this post. JT is justified to post what he did. As for you, we have a saying: &#12354;&#12435;&#12383;&#12395;&#20840;&#12367;&#65398;&#65437;&#65401;&#65416;&#65392;&#12420;&#12429;&#12290;
  592. Capt. G

    CALSTAR GF700M for Joe Galindo "ala 3rd grader style"

    I see you have some 2nd Grader "G-Urushi" in there as well. The whole thing looks splendid, down to the OB JT. Hey, I did a little digging, and found out what Bill A's last name is. He goes by the moniker of William "Bill" Assgheylicker. Go figger.
  593. Capt. G

    For you popping hoes.

  594. Capt. G

    Need a bit of direction, advice or opinions

    I don't think you can go wrong with either...why not build both? I think it depends on what you intend to use the rod for (mostly)...the Wahoo has some kickass beef to it...I personally like the 80 Monster Mag for an all around tuna/wahoo/offshore stick. I put a #22 reel seat on
  595. Capt. G

    2012 Bass Contest: July

    Actually, it is seldom the case when the fish is EXACTLY on the "ground ZERO" most photos have to be adjusted for this anyway. I have software, and use calipers to adjust , and give measurements base on photo images. I am not a judge here...that is up to the big daddy rabbit (Mo)...
  596. Capt. G

    Best 10 foot Jig Stick??

    True dat. The threadstarter will undoubtedly like his Harnell choice....but how can you possibly have just one? Add a honey glass Sabre (or CS) the very least.
  597. Capt. G

    Awesome, My FIRST Personal Anon

    Doc, you must be mistaken. Clamkinn and other say these anon emails don't exist...and that Dick Cockman and his fuck followers have nothing to do with it. Or nothing to do with contacting my vendors in Japan, as "Representatives of the NC Rod EXPO". That is all a coincidence, according to...
  598. Capt. G

    Git yer CPXtra right here!

    I am in need of some blank&#12288;clear coating!
  599. Capt. G

    Diamond Valley Lake

    Dude, that sounds sweet! Will they let a brother lauch a Bateau on the lake?
  600. Capt. G

    Shaving foam handles

    Don't change the house, change the door knob... I don't feel comfortable posting on this topic, as I have actually done this before. More than once. But here goes. Change the rod holders, not the rods. Any rods you buy in the future may not fit your current rod holders as well. So, buy...
  601. Capt. G

    Green Bass

    Church. or should I say, double church. Nice Bizzle, from the DP Hizzle.
  602. Capt. G

    More heavy gear for CharkBait

    Damn straight! Sweet colors and fancy pants for a store\custom. People would have to be mentally ill not to purchase those weapons. Hey, the second pic is waaaay out of focus...
  603. Capt. G

    Need a reel seat for this rod

    That he did.... And why change it? It looks like is has history, and memories...I would just get a reel clamp...or, do as your father did (and I still do) use hose clamps.
  604. Capt. G

    JTrelikes style Musky Rod

    Very nice , all the way around. This is only my opinion, but I think it shows character to take the time to mention the origin/inspiration for the olive branch (ie JT). More should follow your good example.
  605. Capt. G

    Performance Tackle Los Alamitos..??

    Well thank you for that. Truth be known, I have been a professional (that does not mean "good", only that I get paid for it) writer for the past dozen years. I put Marc on the cover, as he is a stud. 99% of my published articles have been in Japanese, as Engrish is my second...
  606. Capt. G

    Guides notification

    He is looking for a "claw" Mark, did you not read his post? Mr. Ing, I see your concern, and desire for a standardized guide lingo. But the truth is, nobody would follow it , if it was set in place. Hell, in 1983, Fuji came up with a guide called a "Turbo Guide"...which is clearly a...
  607. Capt. G

    A Few Biggens

    Really an odd question for your 23 post. Some would say that perhaps it is really none of your business. Congrats on your PB calico bass, Mr. Jazz. And kudos plus extra credit for releasing the beast.
  608. Capt. G

    color wrap 2

    Nice execution and colors...that is a $400 cross-wrap.
  609. Capt. G

    Re-condition EVA form grips

    We a lacking a good conspiracy theory lateley...are you sure you are really not a Fed X driver in discuise? Post up pics of your grips, and I will tell you how to fix them up sweet.
  610. Capt. G

    Gulf of Mexico action

    That is better than Abdullah Fatta'ai driving his VW bug from the back seat! Congrats!
  611. Capt. G

    Performance Tackle Los Alamitos..??

    Church. Blanks are OEM, Like this "G", Fancy Pants JDM, and Mitsubishi controlled Toray elite fibers, mas ton con fabulabante...hight tech, hard hitt'n stealth....all rolled into one catastrophic event. If you want to build on a name brand blank, D.Loomis, and the others mentioned are fine...
  612. Capt. G

    Changing a reel seat

    Ignorance is not a "bad" term, it simply means lacking in knowledge. I am ignorant when it comes to open heart surgery. Yet, following many of the FE's on this board's lead, I have no problem logging on to medical boards and giving my two cents on the latest surgical procedures. That said...
  613. Capt. G

    Looking for some guides.

    Here you go: These are Fuji "R" guides, and the black ones are "RSG-" guides. They come in size 20 ring, down to size 10 ring. The "H" in Size 20FH designates a "high" frame, and an "L" in 16FL is for a low frame. Hope that helps.
  614. Capt. G

    Looking for someone to make me a rod please

    That is an excellent suggustion...lot's of extreme talent under one roof..and good food to boot. They should charge for that class... I may be the odd jigger man out, but I would never let anyone who is not part of my company, in my wrapping, or finishing work space. For too many reasons...
  615. Capt. G

    Inspired by another thread...

    What Jimmy said above basically sums it up. Especially with rods with lots of custom, metal parts...the chance that everything fits perfectly is slim, to none. I will also add that my corporation does not do assembly of customers parts. Nothing wrong with doings is business, and...
  616. Capt. G

    Fixing aged rod guides

    Are you the original owner? Only reason I ask, is it seems like someone has tried to repair the coating already...and was very sloppy...even got some way up the guide frame on the left side. I find it hard to believe that this is original work from even a beginner. If it is original work....I...
  617. Capt. G

    Jerks on the water in SD Bay!

    I am quite astounded that you are the only one that caught this...duh...there is a rodeo in we should have surmised that Sneekee is in the neighborhood, and he's up to no good. As Sneekee once told me at the Tokyo Rodeo (he placed 7th, out of a field of six hundred) "It aint...
  618. Capt. G

    Latest Issue of Rod Crafters Journal

    Here are some stone cold, hard facts from somebody that is the antithesis of a FE can (tool) shed light on. Even a lover of Polesmoker (the Least Coast mag for gay rodmakers) would have to agree that this issue looks worlds better than the same period issued RCJ of two years ago. Truth be...
  619. Capt. G

    B'n'B "Deathtrap" by Happy Ending Lures

  620. Capt. G

    Buzz buzz!

    Killer, bee! Can you please explain the guide spaceing on the 2nd, and 3rd guide from the tip?
  621. Capt. G

    Good Read for Bass Anglers fishing the LB Break-Wall

    Unfortunately not. There are many instances where you can navigate the waters, and will be in loads of trouble if you start&#12288;fishing, and be taking into custody if you try to tell them that the Cali Constitution says you can.... Here is but one may navigate the channel from...
  622. Capt. G

    Cord or no cord under Xflock

    I would not recommend this. The inside is way slick, and it does not wear as well as the intended (outside) surface. Yes, FE's , I have done this. Many times. Again.
  623. Capt. G

    Cord or no cord under Xflock

    That will work fine. I won't say I invented this (but I did invent live sardines) , but I have been offering shrink tube over for the past ten years. I have posted many on this forum over the past years...with a variety of materials, such as tuna cord, rope, and cork strips, cover in X and non...
  624. Capt. G

    Internal size of guides

    Well, that has surprised many, so you are not alone. Also suprising is that fact that some people have purchased shit from mudhole...and then had their credit card scammed soon after. But, if they claim to be offering guides from #8 and up, then I would have to say: "Well, you bet, but I just...
  625. Capt. G

    Japan kayak fishing

    Hey , I have been looking at they make this one in a non-gay style/color too?
  626. Capt. G

    Im not sure about the Stripper guide

    I just think it may be a case of some of the redneck white supremacist racist rod builders that are so prevalent in some parts of the USA. IE..I think they are fucking with you. And that sucks.
  627. Capt. G

    Rod cut down

    Jimmy, we feel for you, but we have seen this before. And in most, but not all cases, the afflicted have had more than ample opportunity to set elements in a new, if not regressing light. All we can say is : "Well , you bet, we just don't know".
  628. Capt. G

    paint a blank

    This process has been around for 15 years or so, and I have looked at many examples, from the cheap, to the extremely expensive. All look cheap, and not fit for custom rods. Take a close up , view of the snake looks nothing like real snakeskin....and the scale lines are not sharp...
  629. Capt. G

    Im not sure about the Stripper guide

    Farid, Jesus muthafuck'n Christ in a car seat....sombody is gank'n you, big time. The stripper guide is NEVER measured from the tip...and it is different on every rod length, type, and taper. Misinformation is just so fucking lame some times. No, you should never have line slap against the...
  630. Capt. G

    Next Rod & Weave Tease

    Double wow.
  631. Capt. G

    A Chevron Fest

    Those&#12288;look tight, William. I really like the&#12288;pinstripe accents.
  632. Capt. G

    First Fly Rod

    Looks like a clean build...I really like those Batson cork grips..they are classy for a standard , epoxy on grip.
  633. Capt. G


    My metaphor is deep...and I doubt that Google can translate the Kawachi dilect of Japanese, but the real meaning, nuance aside, is "very properly made is your rod". If I wanted to say something "bad" about someone on this forum,&#12288;make no mistake about it, I would write it in English, to...
  634. Capt. G

    Gator Bait

  635. Capt. G


  636. Capt. G

    An Alternate Method to Find Angles to Lay out Acid Wrapped Guides

    &#65336;2... Also, his guide layout formula (another anchored thread) is spot on...if more people are not using this...they should be...
  637. Capt. G

    Cajun Greenie

    Beautiful rod! Hey, somebody had posted a song about the Tackle outlet..."I see some Swampland Gas rising....I see some trouble on ...."
  638. Capt. G

    guide selections

    Welcome! We throw the the Forty Five (Made by Tady) almost exclusively with casting rods. I hear so much recently about Micro Guides (tm) and it seems to be a quite recent (last five years) trend in the USA, and I was wondering if you could shed some light as to why? What year did micro...
  639. Capt. G

    I like big 'buts and I cannot lie.

    Oh, I can not source my stuff anywhere...and I am running low...
  640. Capt. G

    Latest Issue of Rod Crafters Journal

    I have never seen that magazine (nor have I seen Polesmoker, the mag for gay rod builders of High Point). I think I will check out RCJ one day.
  641. Capt. G

    I like big 'buts and I cannot lie.
  642. Capt. G

    Vertical jig rods & grip design

    Stop making so much sense, Owen, or the FE's may get butt-hurt. The bass guys especially say that a split grip reduces weight. Um....does it really? Cutting a four inch section of EVA that weighs little does not make a ddifference Not that an angler can "feel". Now, lets look at...
  643. Capt. G

    I like big 'buts and I cannot lie.

    Supah dupah! Can you see the individual "pieces" in the Peruv flake stuff...or is it like mettalics/minerals (can't see individual pieces) that Bullard sells?
  644. Capt. G

    Small ribbed swimbait

    Very nice bait, Big P. Please bring that mold to the Aug 12 BBQ party we are having. John, have you ever heard of a "Ribbed Runbou"? Neither have I...
  645. Capt. G

    Rods and guides of the future

    Wow, small world. I got a friend in Japan, Osaka specifically, that knows of this. And, it (this technology, style, placement, and kitting) has been around for a while. Some of you will notice that the single foot guides , made from carbon frames (the guide actually weighs MORE than a titanium...
  646. Capt. G

    Nice Old Rod

    Call me stoopied, but I really like the old Roddy's , and the way they feel. And, you will not find a cooler, two tone logo anywhere. Nizzle Nice!
  647. Capt. G

    Ratboy's cheese pole.

    More "classy", than "cheezy", but what the fuck do I know?
  648. Capt. G

    Static Test =Involuntary Acid Wrap?

    Well fuck, Peter, I was waiting for you to chime in. Mr. Nemo, listen up to what Mr. Barrett has to say about beach shark fishing ...what he says, and does , comes correct. Peter has been around the block. A few times. Again.
  649. Capt. G

    This One Looks Special.........

    JT, I do believe that is old school garnet...I now more of the geology, than the rod building on this one....garnet is a nesosilicate mineral..and comes in many colors....crystaline "red" garnet is a gemstone. This looks like "hessonite", which is a cinnamon red colored variation... Ever...
  650. Capt. G


    Dude, that's Champin!
  651. Capt. G

    First Rod. Simple Inshore Rod

    You are off to a stellar start...
  652. Capt. G

    Capt. Jim Putters Jig

    Yo&#27663; made some sweet custom rods 'fo sure. Back in the 80's I was captain on the Freedom, and nearly all the captains I knew (including legendary Jimmy Peterson on the SSport king hucked iron from that era, including the Putter. I can only remember owning one or two, that were in the...
  653. Capt. G

    Synit Banshee M softbait

    Looks sharp!
  654. Capt. G

    A Belated Fathers Day Gift....... :-\

    Beautiful work, Jimbo. PITA is an understatement for the sanding process, but you, sir, are comes out looking purdy ass nice! My biggest sanding PITA to date was sanding down the white C-bass stones. I am hoping that someone will come up with a way to sand this stuff down more...
  655. Capt. G

    06.24.12 ~ I'm Back!!

  656. Capt. G

    Universe Marble

    That looks cool, Jimmy. I like to use heat to blend, and mix colors in my G-urushi give it a subtle blend. I like the big sweeps of silver you put in...kinda like stellar clouds. Back in Jan, I started doing something that is a