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  1. mcrae

    WTB Kroc lures

    That Ebay deal is not bad at all.
  2. mcrae

    Too late to go fishing out of San Diego??

    San Diego is always a good bet,just adjust your expectations.
  3. mcrae

    Powerbait trout?

    I do believe they frequently change the formula.
  4. mcrae

    Beast Striper!

    Bunker spoon. Was this New York?
  5. mcrae

    40lb setup

    I use a LX6/3 and JX6/3. They are both old and preraptor era. My impression is that they were designed for 40lb test. The Raptors were designed for heavier line.
  6. mcrae

    F thieves!

    Sorry about your loss.
  7. mcrae

    Leaving your fish on the boat? Giving away your catch?

    Why not release it? I like to catch my own.
  8. mcrae

    Channel Islands Trip

    The season ends soon. Go this month or tge next. Otherwise you may end up whale watching.
  9. mcrae

    WFO cod

    See you Friday Jer dog.
  10. mcrae

    $5000 Waxwing Lure

    My how Walmart has changed.
  11. mcrae

    LB Super Seekers Blanks and Finished rod value Q's

    My perspective is that people get caught up in the hype surrounding gear. I own and like my Super Seekers. However, at this point my Graphtecs work just as well.
  12. mcrae


    Great gear! I hope your health improves.
  13. mcrae

    Who’s in charge?

    Wow! Politics aside I would be careful in posting pictures of other people's children.
  14. mcrae

    SOLD Penn Fathom 40NLD2 w/ 700XH 40-100.

    How much money do you want for the rod?
  15. mcrae

    For Sale Owner Hooks

    I received them and they are as pictured. It is a great price and set up. They will not go bad and cover my needs for up to a 6 day trip.
  16. mcrae

    So I guess I'll sell?

    Where in the world do you live? If you are near or in a Southern California location you probably can avoid shipping. You can probably profit the most by selling it through the classifieds here on BD.
  17. mcrae

    For Sale Owner Hooks

    If that includes shipping I will take them.
  18. mcrae

    History of Brass Jigs??

    Are they just worn or did they come that way?
  19. mcrae

    Graftech offshore?

    Hard drive posted a report.
  20. mcrae

    Graftech offshore?

    Rodless fishes with one. I use an 80M. While it is a little heavier than the Calstar alternative it's a great deal for the money.
  21. mcrae

    Bass set up advice

    I would use trout tackle. If you use 4lb or 6 lb test line it can be a blast.
  22. mcrae


    WTT means Want To Trade, while WTB means Want To Buy.
  23. mcrae

    Rodless 4.5 dayer on the Marla's El Pescador PV

    I would love to know what you thought of the rod.
  24. mcrae

    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    If you want to completely avoid spectra backlashes use a topshot longer than the length of your cast. Alternatively, you can fish a top shot of 10 feet or less and deal with the risk.
  25. mcrae

    For Sale PROGEAR Wahoo Special- PRICE DROP - $170!

    As stated by Pro Gear the wahoo special has over 25 pounds of drag. It's a nice reel.
  26. mcrae

    What rod to pair with Shimano Speedmaster?

    A graphtech 800m would work.
  27. mcrae

    Bed bugs on boats

    I'm really considering bringing bug spray on my next trip. It would be precautionary like safe sex. I'm not saying she has something but I wrap it up.
  28. mcrae

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    I typically bring my own food and tip the cook anyway. It spares my health and minimizes hurt feelings.
  29. mcrae

    For Sale Sold, no longer for sale

    You could probably sell it to tackle traders in San Diego and come out ahead. Give them a call at 858 204- 1459. You can also Google their email address and contact them. Ok, I'm going to get out of your thread. I wish you and your family the best.
  30. mcrae

    For Sale Sold, no longer for sale

    Good luck with your sale.
  31. mcrae

    For Sale Sold, no longer for sale

    Per the rules you have to post a price. If you stop by your local non chain fishing tackle store they could probably help you price everything. If you wanted to sell the items quickly you would have to sell the reels at a great discount. Based on the pictures I have no idea about the rods.
  32. mcrae

    Bed bugs on boats

    Jason is having way too much fun with this topic. I suspect this will go on....and on...
  33. mcrae

    bnib Lexa 400h

    Posting in the classifieds may get more attention.
  34. mcrae

    SOLD Heavy cod jig heads

    I want them. PM sent.
  35. mcrae

    For Sale Tons of offshore/deep sea gear

    It's tempting but it seems to be a scam.
  36. mcrae

    swim baits

    Ron Z baits on the east coast. On the west coast Big Hammers are fished on the slide.
  37. mcrae

    Daiwa Lexa 400 on sale $124.99

    Just buy a separate handle.
  38. mcrae

    Daiwa Lexa 400 on sale $124.99

  39. mcrae

    For Sale UPDATED Seaguar premier, blue label,threadlock,maxcuatro

    Which Seagar Threadlock spools do you have left?
  40. mcrae

    FREE Box of flakes

    I get your point. However, what is the fight worth? I'm not of the opinion that anyone on this board is inclined to deal with people who engage in these fights.
  41. mcrae

    FREE Box of flakes

    Gentlemen shouldn't this be communicated in private messages. At this point it seems to be nom fishing drama better settled between two people than an audience.
  42. mcrae

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    About 8 years ago Mike, the former captain of the Big Game 90, told me about a shark coming up to the boat unsuccessfully attempting to grab an angler and sliding along the rail for quite a distance before falling back into the ocean. Mike proposed the anglers hoody caused the angler to look...
  43. mcrae

    Seeker (and other) Sponsored Trips

    Your best bet is to communicate with the chartermaster. He or she will be best prepared to make promises about what they can or can't deliver.
  44. mcrae

    Seeker (and other) Sponsored Trips

    There are not always many give a ways. On my Seeker trips I have been given baseball caps.
  45. mcrae

    For Sale Large Halibut and Ling cod Jigs, 8oz & 16oz leadheads

    That's a great price on the leadheads. I wished you shipped. Local folks will do well.
  46. mcrae

    Deals on freezer filler trips out of San Diego?

    It has been a while since I have fished out of San Diego and I would like to do it again. I recall there being freezer specials starting in December and going until February or so.Does anyone have any recommendations on which boats out of San Diego still do these trips?
  47. mcrae

    Just realized I am hopeless..Upper Owens

    Have a great time. Don't worry about the gear.
  48. mcrae

    Advice on 30-40lb 8ft bait rod for tuna

    I like the 800M Calstar for 40lb test when I am fishing for rock cod. In this capacity small fish feel large. However, I don't think the rod is ideal for 40lb test and large fish. I fish 40lb test on a 700 H Grafighter and 6470Super Seeker. The Super Seeker has a softer action and is...
  49. mcrae

    SOLD Avet MXL 6/4 2 spd REDUCED Again

    I own a 540 yet I struggle to gauge the size of the feeling the photo.
  50. mcrae

    SOLD Avet MXL 6/4 2 spd REDUCED Again

    What size is the Albacore special? Is it a 540? Can you compare it in size to an Avet?
  51. mcrae

    “Penn Fathom 15 2 speed review, Why use 2nd gear?”

    I'm glad you get to spend time with your dad and the equipment adds to the joy.
  52. mcrae

    For Sale Mustad Ringed Value Packs

    Great seller. Rob has become a go to seller for me.
  53. mcrae

    SOLD Moved to new post

    Does the 6470H have silver or black guides?
  54. mcrae

    40lb set-up suggestions

    Calstar Grafighter 700H or Super Seeker 6470. I use Avet JX 6/3 and Avet LX 6/3. These combos are now outdated but they have not failed me yet.
  55. mcrae

    carp line sensitivity

    Fish that have been caught and released can be very smart and carp are known to have good memories. If the fish you are targeting have been hooked before stealth will matter.
  56. mcrae

    Bed bugs on boats

    I have read this thread with a mix of concern and fear. Bad things happen to good people. I doubt people intend to spread bed bugs. I think the solution may lay in getting people carrying the bugs educated and comfortable enough to admit there is a problem and treat it before they board a boat.
  57. mcrae

    Bed bugs on boats

    We are all vulnerable. I recall when there was an out break in NYC. Movie theaters and other public spaces were all infested. Simply changing the bedding is not enough to keep people free of bugs. I would love a higher degree of safety. Has any landing addressed the problem?
  58. mcrae

    Looking for multiday trips near Central CA

    Which landings have Multi days trips or which boats?
  59. mcrae

    Looking for multiday trips near Central CA

    I recently moved to Central California near Mammoth Lakes. I am looking to spend some vacation days on the ocean. I don't want to continue to drive to San Diego and while I know and like fishing out of CISCO'S I would love to know about other options. Where all do you sail from for multi day...
  60. mcrae

    8/25/19 Liberty Full Day

    If you froze and then cooked the fish do the worms matter?
  61. mcrae

    SOLD Moved to new post

    That 6470H will fit your needs as a great 50lb stick. It is also a great price.
  62. mcrae

    SOLD Pro Gear 700XH Rod Trade

    If you are willing to ship and decide to trade it for cash please let me know.
  63. mcrae

    Refund for Trips Cancelled by Operator?

    Donna, was it the chartermaster whom acted in a bad manner or the staff employed to run the boat?
  64. mcrae

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    This sport is too expensive for me. I am going to go back to drowning earth worms.
  65. mcrae

    WTB Ultra light spinning reel for trout.

    The reel would have to be shipped. Please pm or text me what you got. 718-496-8237 Thanks, Chad
  66. mcrae

    Even if you hate Just watch

    Dave, please stop rising for the bait. It only draws more trollers.
  67. mcrae

    Rod nomenclature ?

    Spline and other terms if you are building rods.
  68. mcrae

    My gear vs. striped bass? (line strength, reel, and rod)

    If you walk into a local tackle shore they will most likely answer all your questions and suggest gear which will work locally.
  69. mcrae

    WTB Looking for rod to pair with Lexa 400 HD

    I have a Black Steel 6490 I am willing to part with. Please send me a pm if you are intrested.
  70. mcrae

    Does California Offer Temporary Fishing Licenses?

    Thanks Wils, there is a lifetime license. For ages 0-9 it is $533.25. For ages 10-39 $872.25. For ages 40-61$785. People 62 and over are charged $533.25.
  71. mcrae

    Does California Offer Temporary Fishing Licenses?

    They are all temporary. Why else would they need to be renewed?
  72. mcrae

    Docking ethics?

    What is a MC?
  73. mcrae

    SOLD Calstar 700 H - factory

    I have a Black Steel 6490 deck hand rod I am willing to trade if you are interested.
  74. mcrae

    Shop Closing

    The original location will remain open.
  75. mcrae

    SOLD Super Seeker 2x4 medical emergency forces me to sell asap

    Beautiful rod. I hope your wife is not in pain and she heals.
  76. mcrae

    For Sale Ron Z and Flat Fall. Reduced Price

    I'm not quite in recovery. What is your email address?
  77. mcrae

    How do you stop swimbaits from splitting open

    I use Bad Donkey lead heads. They are designed to fish Big Hammer baits on the bottom. I have used up to a 7 ounce head without splitting the plastic.
  78. mcrae

    Catalina Trigger Fish

    Thanks for the report.
  79. mcrae

    SOLD Cosmos, SS6470, BS6490

    Super Seeker sold
  80. mcrae

    For Sale Ron Z and Flat Fall. Reduced Price

    Ron Z tails come in different sizes. What size are the ones you are selling?
  81. mcrae

    TRADE heavy irons trade for surface irons

    I may have a few surface irons.
  82. mcrae

    Oxnard Mirage 2 day trip

    There will always be Rockfish but hopefully there will also be other species as well.
  83. mcrae

    Solid braid to solid braid?

    I have asked and been told spectra to spectra does not make for strong connections.
  84. mcrae

    Man eating shark caught from beach

    You caught them in Ohio? How far did you cast and row?
  85. mcrae

    Spectra color?

    Bass Pro shop has spools of Power Pro on sale for half price. I prefer the yellow.
  86. mcrae

    Spectra color?

    As long as you can see it the line will work. I personally prefer to fish an odd color. If I tangle I can tell which line is mine.
  87. mcrae

    Lexa 400 HD Rod

    I use a Graphiter 800M. I would like to sell my Seeker Black steel 6490 probably for $140.
  88. mcrae

    For Sale Brand New Bulk Spools of FINS Braid

    Do you have everything pictured?
  89. mcrae

    For Sale 3 BIG MEGABAITS big are they?
  90. mcrae

    Seeker g6490 blank?

    I have one and have used it. I am not sure how it fits into my collection. It seems to share the same usages as my Calstar 800M and "other",80M
  91. mcrae

    Educate me about braid

    Try not to worry. The rumers about fingers being cut off are greatly exaggerated.
  92. mcrae

    Bait sticks for BFT

    I fish, when I fish, Super Seekers 6470, 6470H, and a 6470XH. I also use Calstar Grafighters 700Hs. All of them have reel seats. I wish I fished more.
  93. mcrae

    It this legal?

    Please call the department of Fish and Game.
  94. mcrae

    Looking for a Navy recruiter

    Why not just go into a recruiters office? You probably won't even have to make an appointment.
  95. mcrae

    Quick Royal Star Three-Day report

    Thanks for the report. The tackle advice is also appreciated.
  96. mcrae

    Slug fishing tips???

    I have used them for Ling cod and rock fish. I think they provide bulk but minimal action making them an easy target for gamefish.
  97. mcrae

    Graftech Rail Rod ? 2.5 day set ups

    I use a 80m with a Lexa400. It is rated for 20 LB test to 40 LB test and I fish 40 LB test with it. I really like it. My understanding is all thier rods fish better at the highest end of thier stated range.
  98. mcrae

    WTB New or used Calstar 700h

    Thanks, it has been a long time since I updated my profile.
  99. mcrae

    WTB New or used Calstar 700h

    Where are you located?
  100. mcrae


    It's a risk. We all have different tolerances for risk.
  101. mcrae

    SOLD Cosmos, SS6470, BS6490

    Rods for Sale in Rancho Cucamonga. Black Steel 6490 rated for 20 to 40pound test line$130.Cosmos700ML wrapped custom rated for 20 to 40 pound test line $130. .
  102. mcrae

    WTB Baby Ulua or SS 6485/CJBF85 - Cash in hand

    I have a Black Steel 6490 I am willing to sell for $125. I'm going to post it today. Factory wrapped.
  103. mcrae

    Hand made jigs

    It's going to be a thrill catching fish on a lure you made.
  104. mcrae

    WTB LB super seekers built rods and blanks

    I have a factory wrapped 6470.
  105. mcrae

    Hand made jigs

    They look nice but they may be a bit light. If you could produce some 5 ounce and 7 ounce lures I think they would be effective in most conditions.
  106. mcrae

    Catalina Island Report 05/11

    Hey Dan, you are looking healthy. I am glad your back has gotten better.
  107. mcrae

    Can Newells fish a higher line rating?

    I thought the reels drag was best suited for 25th test line. So I got rid of my Newells and now fish smaller reels with stronger drags.
  108. mcrae

    When fishing is slow go find the local Ling cod. LB area Sunday 4/28/19

    Thanks for the report. Are wolf eels tasty? They look as pretty as ling cod.
  109. mcrae

    Line color changes at depth

    I don't want my line to disappear. I want to see it to avoid tangles.Somewhat related, I don't believe in matching the hatch. I typically want my lure or bait to stand out like a whore among Nuns. I want it to be visible and everything to want to hit it.
  110. mcrae

    Line color changes at depth

    Who knows what fish think? Line color may not matter in the same way to all fish. The comparisons to human vision may be a mistake.
  111. mcrae

    Fish processing prices?

    Are they more than others?
  112. mcrae

    What are the best methods for catching rockfish,sculpin,lingcod, and other bottom fish?

    The lightest terminal tackle you can get to the bottom. Fight the fish not your tackle.
  113. mcrae

    Long Beach mammals Sunday 3/17

    Thanks for the post Devil Dog.
  114. mcrae

    WTB WTB 6470 Super Seeker 7' 30-50# or 8'. $300

    I got one. I can text pics tonight.
  115. mcrae

    Dropper Loop Weights

    Depending upon current and the tackle you fish you may fish a range from 3 ounces to 3 pounds. The light weights work well for shallow water and light line like you might use for halibut and whitefish. Heavy weights of over a pound work well for 50 LB and heavier lines you might use for Ling cod.
  116. mcrae

    Local Quality Reds

    Please post a picture of the grouper.
  117. mcrae

    Backing for my 50 lb braid

    No backing just a long topshot.
  118. mcrae

    Can you legally sell all that fish?

    You can say no.
  119. mcrae

    A great afternoon on the beach

    I think your oysters look a lot like clams.
  120. mcrae

    Tackle box for 2-3 day trips

    I use an Albackore backpack but any brand will do.
  121. mcrae

    Tackle box for 2-3 day trips

    I am leaving on a 3 day today. I have packed a large duffel with my clothes, reels, spare line, toiletries, drinks,and spare trays. I have a back pack style tackle bag. Finally, I have a tool bag for my sinkers.
  122. mcrae

    PENN "2018" 7-day trip aboard Shogun, December 9-16, 2018

    Sounds like fun. I think there may be more space available.
  123. mcrae

    Multi use rod and reel question

    You are going to want more than one set up.
  124. mcrae

    Multi use rod and reel question

    You are going to want more than one set up.
  125. mcrae

    Spearhead Jig with good hooks (see pict)

    I agree with Robert.
  126. mcrae

    Which open party boats have cabins?

    I am not aware of a open party boat that does not have a cabin.
  127. mcrae

    For Sale CandyBar 150H, Marauders, Popper, Jigs, Salas 6X, Tady 77 and A1/A2

    So I am intrested in the Kroks. What is your PayPal info?
  128. mcrae

    Swimbait rod for lingcod

    I also fish Lexa 400s on my 80m and 800m. What landings are you fishing from?
  129. mcrae

    Swimbait rod for lingcod

    I really like my Calstar 800m and Gaftech 800m. They get the job done for up to a 7 ounce lead head or so. How much lead are you tossing?
  130. mcrae

    question about yo yo rod?

    It's a heavy blue fish set up. Yoyo outfits on the west coast are squiding outfits in the north east.
  131. mcrae

    Major Surf Event - Be Careful

    A couple weeks ago the surf was up to 7 feet of Imperial beach. At Oceanside harbour we were at 6 feet.
  132. mcrae

    Major Surf Event - Be Careful

    I may swim. The big waves thrill me.
  133. mcrae

    9-20 Mussel Farmers

    I am glad you all got out on the water and enjoyed fishing. I'm sorry about where this thread is going.
  134. mcrae

    Smaller profile 2-3 oz jig ?

    Are you using a whip like fiberglass rod? If not you may be missing a beat.
  135. mcrae

    Orca's off of the Coronado Islands - Saturday 9/8

    Let's do the research. You first.
  136. mcrae

    Orca's off of the Coronado Islands - Saturday 9/8

    Thanks but Wikipedia is not a true friend. Meaning I won't trust my life to anything I read there. However, I appreciate you responding.
  137. mcrae

    Orca's off of the Coronado Islands - Saturday 9/8

    I have read and been told Killer whales may attack people in the wild. Is there a credible published source in which it is stated wild Killer whales have never attacked a person?
  138. mcrae

    Knot Strength Testing (Clinch/ImpClinch/S.D.Jam/Palomar)

    Thanks for the post. I like the Palomar knot for tying a single hook to fluoro carbon. In that situation the Palomar has worked well for me.
  139. mcrae

    condolence to the mdr kayaker

    Being run over by a boat has become a concern of mine. I hope there is a way to get out there and decrease the risk.
  140. mcrae

    Green Braid

    If you are good enough at following your line you can fish anything you want including green braided line. If you are that good you are probably going to get bit most times anyway. I have watched a crew member fish green braided line and do very well.
  141. mcrae

    Excel made big bait at home.

    But Buzzy the poster wrote it would be in the food.
  142. mcrae

    Penn Torque 40LD2 wins the battle

    That's a nice fish for anyone.
  143. mcrae

    Love the reaction from the people on the buss!

    It is only audible. No image appears.
  144. mcrae

    SOLD Progear Violator V22

    Did Alan Tani change out the handles?
  145. mcrae

    The San Diego Boat Tuna Report 7/17/18

    Thanks for the report. You did well.
  146. mcrae

    Problems Hookup baits

    Sounds like you got poached.
  147. mcrae

    The Southern California Angler - Brandon Hayward

    I almost always find copies in Turners.However, I hope you can find a used copy.
  148. mcrae


    I want these and sent a pm. Will you sell them to me?
  149. mcrae


    Very tempting...
  150. mcrae

    I Was Almost Killed By Discarded Fishing Line!

    Who can you sue?
  151. mcrae

    WTB Super seeker 6470 “70”

    I have one wrapped by Bad Fish. Great condition but bad pictures on phone. I'll send you a pm so we can chat.
  152. mcrae

    On water report: Tomahawk on COWS now

    Congratulations on the big fish. My understanding is the anglers who were fishing with you got an opportunity to catch large local tuna.
  153. mcrae

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    They seem like great baits to troll on the internet. I don't think size or color matters.
  154. mcrae

    Moving reel handle to last hole??

    I have been told when a reel is maxed in that way you put more wear and tear on its internal mechanisms.
  155. mcrae

    2 Speed Reel with Calstar GF800M

    Penn Fanthom sounds about right.
  156. mcrae

    2 Speed Reel with Calstar GF800M

    Why do you want a two speed reel for 30 lb test line?
  157. mcrae

    For Sale Seeker Rod 660XH

    I will take it for $20. When can we meet?
  158. mcrae


    I bought a used rewrapped rod. It has quickly become one of my favorites for inshore species. The softer action of an older fiberglass rod make it a great choice for the whitefish and white sea bass. I would love to fight a halibut with a Sabre.
  159. mcrae

    For Sale Specialized Allez 52cm Road Bike

    Not a bad bike at all.
  160. mcrae

    Weak wrist position . . . and other common mistakes?

    I think the OP is writing about using good form. I do a few endurance sports and have noticed that when people tire thier form falls apart.
  161. mcrae

    Smaller Reel for small bait.

    A longer lighter rod with a whip like action will help you fling a bait further. With a lighter rod you will have to pair it with a smaller reel. Every rod and reel combo has an ideal range of line class in which it functions best your current setup is probably best for 40 or 50 lb test line...
  162. mcrae

    Be Careful When Throwing Irons

    People get excited and make mistakes. I doubt this will be the last time.
  163. mcrae

    Good fishing Saturday in San Diego..

    Thanks for the report. Did you eat it?
  164. mcrae

    I'm going on Seeker 8day trip on the Indy. Would someone like to ride with me. Seeker trip is 1809 o

    Good grief Charlie Brown! The fellow wants to carpool to his fishing trip. The trip is numbered 1809. The number 1809 is not the number of passangers. Will anyone drive down with him to the landing?
  165. mcrae

    Surfing on a 800 pound SHARK!

    I am trying but I simply don't understand.
  166. mcrae

    Rod reccomendations for newbie

    It is far easier to start out just fishing monofilament line.Braided line is more complicated to use and typically more trouble than it is worth when you are just starting out.
  167. mcrae

    Best knot for braid to braid

    I tie the uni to uni. However, I been informed no knot works combing spectra.
  168. mcrae

    How would you spool these reels

    On my Lexa 40 lb test power pro or 50 lb maxcuarto works well.
  169. mcrae

    Power Pro Maxcuatro Braid

    Use a mono or fluoro leader and you should be fine.
  170. mcrae

    To yoyo or not to yoyo.

    Sir, you mostly own rock cod jigs. They are designed to get down fast but they have little action. Buy a few jojo jigs in 6x and 6x Jr size and you should be fine.
  171. mcrae

    For Sale Super seeker 2x4 and black steel 6470h

    I'm intrested but mulling it over.
  172. mcrae

    For Sale Bulk Maxima Mono

    Great stuff and often hard to find.
  173. mcrae

    Kids 1/2 day?

    Depends on the child but with most 6 year olds one rod and two people is about right.
  174. mcrae

    Close call today...

    He looks so cuuuuuuuute!
  175. mcrae

    To the Tranx guys with the Long rods

    That 900H may be a bit stiff for casting the lighter jigs. Perhaps, you could try lobbing a few cast with various weights to find out what will work well for you.
  176. mcrae

    Yo-yo's for the surface?

    Skip jig...
  177. mcrae

    Hook Up Baits?

    Perhaps, you all should let the managment at your favorite shops know and then boycott until there is change.
  178. mcrae

    Hook Up Baits?

    At some point the guy should be forgiven. He is not the first one to have a moral lapse.
  179. mcrae

    What is a PinHead?

    Perhaps the pin head understood his role differently. Since he is the captain's "person" your best recourse would have been with the caption.
  180. mcrae

    How Many is Too Many?

    The Ranger is in Ventura.
  181. mcrae

    How Many is Too Many?

    The big bite on rock cod is not something any of us should be irrational about. Breath through your nose and leave some gear home.
  182. mcrae

    First 3 day on the Excel booked, what to expect and tackle opinions?

    Blue fin will often only bite on the light line 25lb test is nice at those times.
  183. mcrae

    SOLD Pro Gear V22 $165

    Is Pro gear making reels these days?
  184. mcrae

    How Many is Too Many?

    Try to think of others and be courteous. Gear not in use can be kept on the upper deck , bundeled out of the way, and stowed in bags. A consequence of having gear everywhere is that it will be taken by others or disappear in other ways. You are going to have to draw your line in the sand between...
  185. mcrae

    How Many is Too Many?

    Jet dog and I did a 3 day on the Ranger last year. The current was ripping and we needed 2 lbs of lead or more to hold bottom. We did well on white sea bass. We then went down south and targeted Blue fin. Fluoro carbon and circle hooks were needed. The landing did not have enough tackle. Bring...
  186. mcrae

    How Many is Too Many?

    I am spooling my reels with 25 through 50 lb test. The anticipation can be the best part.
  187. mcrae

    How Many is Too Many?

    I am packing my gear tonight. There are a lot of choices.
  188. mcrae

    How Many is Too Many?

    I am bringing 5 set ups. We are not tuna fishing. A light set up for whitefish and halibut. A few medium setups to toss swimbaits for rock fish and ling cod. A heavy setup for if the current is ripping. In reality all I need is 3. However, back ups are lovely...
  189. mcrae

    How Many is Too Many?

    I will see you there. Please make sure I have enough room for my rods.
  190. mcrae

    SOLD 2 speed lever drag reels-proto type

    I'm interested if you get more.
  191. mcrae

    Catching BFT on glow sliders, thing of the past?

    Fish rarely change much. I doubt all the ones willing to be enticed by a sliding sinker have been caught. Fishing styles go out of vogue. The fish rarely change what they are willing to bite.
  192. mcrae

    Best value on Fluro

    Casting fluoro carbon when it is on the spool of the reel is tough and not necessarily needed. Fluoro tends to be stiffer and not manageable. On a jig stick the topshot is typically monofilament. If you tie fluoro directly to spectra you will probably want the knot to be outside of your guides.
  193. mcrae

    Best value on Fluro

    Chark bait sells some spools of Sunline at a great price.
  194. mcrae

    Re-gearing up, from scratch.

    How do you carry, watch, and store all that gear on a trip? I would think it would get heavy and hard to keep an eye on.
  195. mcrae

    Penn Baja Special Line

    65 lb or 80 lb test braided line with a topshot of 50 lb or 60lb test mono. Fish the yoyo jig.
  196. mcrae

    For Sale New Pro Gear V50

    Very nice reel at a great price.
  197. mcrae

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    I am amazed. If policing continues this will will be a great thing for fish stocks.
  198. mcrae

    How Many adding a #100 or a #130 rig this year.

    I bought a 100 lb rod. Now I wish I had time to fish wish it.
  199. mcrae

    SOLD Big hammer 7"

    I have tried to buy them.
  200. mcrae

    SOLD ALBACKORE Reel Bags New Rare

    How do they work? Do I put one reel in each bag? How do I prevent my reels from being scratched?
  201. mcrae

    WTB : Penn Baja Special

    What number do I text pictures to or call?
  202. mcrae

    Trinidad 14a 40 pound spectra??

    I have both 50 lb test maxcuarto and 40 lb test power pro on my reels. I have yet to notice a difference that matters to me.
  203. mcrae

    20# Class Reel

    Maxcuarto on my Pro Gear CS 500, 501,or 551s. All of them work with 50lb Maxcuarto or 40 lb test Power pro.
  204. mcrae

    20# Class Reel

    You don't need much drag for 20 lb test. You could probably stop at Wal-Mart and find a reel up for the task.
  205. mcrae

    SOLD Big hammer 7"

    I can pick them up tonight.
  206. mcrae

    SOLD Big hammer 7"

    So did they sell?
  207. mcrae

    30# socal set up

    Unless something has changed the sx and mx have the same drag capabilities. With braided line as an option choosing between them is a matter of personal preference. The SX will fish 30 lb test fine.
  208. mcrae

    What reel for yoyo iron setup and what lb line?

    My Avet JX 6/3 is now old and reliable. I use it with 40lb test and can't justify replacement. It is still my first choice.
  209. mcrae


    Using the lead head makes sense. I have used them with sluggo and optimum baits plastics. I don't really think it matters what plastics you use as long as you have confidence in them. Match the action of your lure to what the fish will bite.
  210. mcrae


    That doesn't sound safe.
  211. mcrae

    Swimbaits for Lingcods and Rockfish

    I like to use Bad Donkey lead heads. They are large enough to hold bottom and they do not split my plastic swim baits.
  212. mcrae

    Mono specs - my Ande is too thick!

    There is always a tradeoff with lines. Thicker lines have greater abrasion resistance than thinner lines typically. Thinner lines may cost more. If they all get bit it might not matter.
  213. mcrae

    For sale; Make an Offer.

    How about you post this in the classifieds and include a price?
  214. mcrae

    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

    Thanks for the report. I'm sure it was a great trip.
  215. mcrae

    SOLD Assortment of HEAVY jigs

    How many lures is it?
  216. mcrae

    Jig splurge.

    Fish them with confidence. They will all get bit.
  217. mcrae

    How do i prove my residency when I don't have a driver license?

    Non drivers ID available through the DMV.
  218. mcrae

    Swell shark VAFB 4-19-18

    Do they ever bite people?
  219. mcrae

    Need help with fishing

    Selling sport caught fish is not legal.
  220. mcrae

    Capt. G stickbait

    I have not read anything from Captain G in many years. I know he stopped posting .
  221. mcrae

    Reel Recomendation

    I might upgrade. Newer rods far surpass the one you own.
  222. mcrae

    Best beginning LR trip?

    For the money I think the trips out of channel islands are a great deal.
  223. mcrae

    Talica 8 for WSB and Yellowtail?

    There are a lot of options. What pound test line do you plan to fish and how much will you spend?
  224. mcrae

    For Sale Super Seeker - 6470 & Hercules 70XH - - PRICE DROP

    Is your 6470 a Black Steel or a Super Seeker?
  225. mcrae

    Old swimbaits - use em or trash em?

    Fish them until you can't.
  226. mcrae

    black seabass in the bay had bugs

    It would probably hurt if you pull them off.
  227. mcrae

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Wouldn't it take a lot to get banned?
  228. mcrae

    Calstar GF 900 H

    I found the tip to be too stiff to toss a surface jig. It was also too stiff for most other applications. I eventually sold it.
  229. mcrae

    Small hook big fish

    Small bait can't carry large hooks.
  230. mcrae

    Orcas kill their own!

    LOL, when I go dark someone on BD always goes darker.
  231. mcrae

    Orcas kill their own!

    My understanding is that non biologicaly related males are one of the largest risk to the physical safety of offspring. Single mothers have it hard.
  232. mcrae

    1st Trip to Channel Islands=Limits

    Nice ling cod. Thanks for the report.
  233. mcrae

    SOLD 8' 30lb rod

    They are sold by Turners and it is rated for up to 40 lb test. It does have a reel seat.
  234. mcrae

    SOLD 8' 30lb rod

    Chovyman has some great deals.However, if you want something different and you are in or near San Bernardino I have a fairly new 80m graphtech I would let go of for $80. I also have a 7 foot Cosmo wrapped graphite rod I would sell for $90.
  235. mcrae

    How's the bait lately?

    Bring some light lead heads with strong hooks. There are some yellowtail out there.
  236. mcrae

    How's the bait lately?

    The crew has been catching squid.
  237. mcrae

    Hollow Core for deep bottom jigging?

    I use shimano products on my bike and fishing. The lighter products wear out faster but are some of the best products in thier class when new. Maxcuarto is a shimano product. You can have durability, lightweight, or economy but you are unlikely to get them all.
  238. mcrae

    Offshore,Inshore,? How about a lil of both!

    Is it normally so warm? It seems it would feel like you are swimming in a pool.
  239. mcrae

    Anyone Read Brandon Hayward's New Book "The Southern California Angler"?

    I often see the book in Turners.
  240. mcrae

    Dana Point Halibut or White Sea Bass

    Partnering with one of the guides on your own boat may be a quick way to learn locations and tactics. A related note is that when you fish the shallows you may catch both.
  241. mcrae

    Anybody know this a$$hol3?

    This has already been posted.
  242. mcrae

    Fake Distress Calls to Coast Guard Arrest

    Some are sicker than others. I hope this guy can be dealt with in a compassionate humane way.
  243. mcrae

    Accurate BCX rod tip HELP!!! O-ring?

    It's fairly cheap and easy.
  244. mcrae

    CHIEF out of 22nd st

    Stopping addicts seems to be bit beyond the abilities of most captains. Please don't judge the captain to harshly for his lack of effort.
  245. mcrae

    And the insanity continues !

    I am thinking about buying one though I don't have a use for it. I feel for the guys trying to sell used ones, they will be hard pressed to get much money back.
  246. mcrae

    Looking for advice, Calstar.

    I use a 800m for lures up to 5 ounces.
  247. mcrae

    Best braid

    As long as it is not green it is worth at least thinking about.
  248. mcrae

    Best 2-3 day No-Passport Needed boat?

    Then CISCO is an option.
  249. mcrae

    Best 2-3 day No-Passport Needed boat?

    Mirage does up to 2 day. Somtimes the Pacific Islander will do up to 2 day trips. The Ranger does 2 and 3 day trips. If you book a 2 or 3 day trip on the Ranger before March 25th there is a $50 discount. However, you have to call in for the discount.
  250. mcrae

    Ronz Lures for Bluefin

    I think they are too pricy when compared to the other choices. However, they make a great alternative to what everyone else is fishing here on the west coast.
  251. mcrae

    Best 2-3 day No-Passport Needed boat?

    Get a passport or get on the Ranger when it sails out of CISCO.
  252. mcrae

    Ventura Sport Fishing Question

    Fish don't care about rain. Buy rain gear. Fish hard!
  253. mcrae

    I got yo-yo problems...

    Speed is really about the inches returned per revolution of the handle. The gear ratios are not a a great measure of speed. If the people around you are getting bit and you are not adjust your retrieve to match theirs. One of the benefits of fishing with others is you can interact and learn from...
  254. mcrae

    Ronz Lures for Bluefin

    Charkbait carries them and has a review. They are big in the North East.
  255. mcrae

    Ranger 85 - 3 Day Islands Trip

    I have a three day on the Ranger that month and I am standby for the other trips. We may sail together.
  256. mcrae

    Lingcod and rockfish migration

    Sometimes they will not bite other times the current will move them of structure. Still other times they will be fished out. I have not learned of rock fish migrating as adults.
  257. mcrae

    Ranger 85 - 3 Day Islands Trip

    On my last fall 3 day on the Ranger 85 we left from Oxnard and went to San Diego to chase large Blue fin tuna. We were told to bring everything. All the tuna were hooked on 30 lb test outfits so your listed gear will work. I wish I had brought fluoro carbon leaders and small circle hooks. On my...
  258. mcrae

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    Mike has definitely had his brushes with problems. I hope the guy can get to right. Despite our mistakes we all deserve some happiness.
  259. mcrae

    Ventura Sport Fishing Question

    Probably, a yellow tail. They are related to Amberjack, wreck donkeys.
  260. mcrae

    sweet spot for 700H?

    I'll fish 40 and 50. I really like it for 50lb test and a yoyo jig. It is light enough rod to cast the lure yet heavy enough it has not bottomed out on me yet. I will fish 50 lb test on it at Guadulope.
  261. mcrae

    BEST SPORTFISHING WEBSITE Tackle Recommendations San Diego

    Just the other day I was thinking I had not seen anything by David Choate in a while. Thanks for the Video.
  262. mcrae

    BEST SPORTFISHING WEBSITE Tackle Recommendations San Diego

    I think we are headed in the direction of Spam. However, we have not arrived as yet.
  263. mcrae

    For Sale Big swimbaits Viejo and ceez candy $20

    What all is included? Do you take PayPal? Will you ship?
  264. mcrae

    Gear Care

    Which outfit are writing about?
  265. mcrae

    WTB WTB rod in the 10’ or more range

    The cost of shipping a rod over 7 feet makes it less likely some one in California will sell you a rod. Many of us are in California.
  266. mcrae

    Cost of fish fileting

    They charge what people will pay. It's still less costly than doing it myself,then cleaning my kitchen, then getting rid of the waste, then cleaning my tackle. It is always a discount.
  267. mcrae

    I am Back......

    Welcome back. I wish you serenity. BD can get interesting...
  268. mcrae

    For Sale MC Slugs, New / Rigged

    How many and how much?
  269. mcrae

    Anyone recognize this POS?

    Petty theft, unless it is your stuff.
  270. mcrae

    I hate thieves!!!

    Would it be better to post this in the classifieds? I suspect the reel will be sold.
  271. mcrae

    Need help with spectra colors..

    Even if he is right spectra color is unlikely to reduce the number of fish willing to bite.
  272. mcrae

    Need help with spectra colors..

    Who told you this?
  273. mcrae


    The Seeker Hercules are too whip like for me. I found I had trouble setting the hook when bottom fishing.
  274. mcrae

    Connecting Maxcuarto

    Thanks Adrian. I didn't spool it myself but I do have a lot of room left.
  275. mcrae

    Connecting Maxcuarto

    I have 500 yards of MaxCuatro on an Avet LX. I think I can fit on at least another 300. I need a method of connection.
  276. mcrae

    Connecting Maxcuarto

    Maxcuarto is solid. I would like to add more of it to a reel. Splicing in a piece of hollow line to connect two solid lengths of line is a option in my mind. However, if it can not be done with a high probability of holding together I may simply be better of tying a knot to connect solid to...
  277. mcrae

    Connecting Maxcuarto

    I am thinking of tying a uni to uni. I don't know how to splice or have the gear. The splice would be an expensive connection which I can't be assured will hold. Thanks for the insights everyone.
  278. mcrae

    Connecting Maxcuarto

    Is it possible to splice the 50lb test into hollow spectra? If so how would it be done? Am I better of simply tying it ? What line to line knots work best?
  279. mcrae

    Ocean Shores surf perch.

    Looks like fun. Thanks for the report.
  280. mcrae


    You might get a faster response if you traded them for money.
  281. mcrae

    Your favorite 7ft 40lb bait Rig

    I like my 6470 Super Seekers paired with Avet 6/3 JX and Avet 6/3LX reels. My Calstar 700Hs are a close second.
  282. mcrae

    Fred Hall - Long Beach or Del Mar?

    I get my best deals on tackle here. I would go to the show to see all the stuff I did not know I needed.
  283. mcrae

    Maxing Out Avet LX 6.0

    If buying a different reel is not a best option perhaps you might think about changing the gearing on the reel. The Avet LX 4:1 used to be considered a great Guadulope tuna reel when 40lb test was all that would get bit. The LX will still work. However, there are now more options available.
  284. mcrae

    Maxing Out Avet LX 6.0

    A 6.0 with 50 lb test is going to be tough to turn the handle on after you hook up.
  285. mcrae

    Rod Question: Seeker Hercules (Seeker SHS-80H-8)

    I have owned the shorter ones and found them to fish a lot like fiberglass rods. Anything you can do with fiber glass you can use the Hercules for in application. However, I do find them to be whip like.
  286. mcrae

    Calstar Warranty Question

    Try thier Facebook page after you call them at 310 538-0535
  287. mcrae

    Graphite Rod Qiestions?

    Those bass guys are Cray Cray...However, I would stop fishing.
  288. mcrae

    Healthiest Meals on a LR Boat

    Jeff, you are probably right.
  289. mcrae

    Hey Jerry, how are you? Are you around to sell sinkers? Text may be better than calling. 718...

    Hey Jerry, how are you? Are you around to sell sinkers? Text may be better than calling. 718 496-8237
  290. mcrae

    Rust removal recommendations.

    Let it be. When the rod bends the epoxy cracks and water seeps in when you get the rods wet. It won't effect more than the cosmetics of the rod. If and when you choose to rewrap the process will begin again.
  291. mcrae

    Opinions on my Albie gear for a LR trip out of SD

    You can run 50lb test but with few exceptions you will recieve little gain as the reels drags will not put out enough resistance to benefit from the higher lb test. You are going to want some heavier tackle. A 50 lb and 80 lb test outfit will probably be the minimum.
  292. mcrae

    Opinions on my Albie gear for a LR trip out of SD

    There are no Albacore here!
  293. mcrae

    Healthiest Meals on a LR Boat

    I'm a vegetarian with the exception of fish. On my trips I just request a fish or vegetarian alternative. I have never been disappointed.
  294. mcrae

    Albackore reel bag

    I you will ship I will take it.
  295. mcrae

    Oxnard 3 Day Questions

    The Ranger 85 does those trips. Rockcod, white seabass, yellowtail, and halibut are common targets. There may also be some whitefish. The blue fin last fall were a treat.
  296. mcrae

    SOLD .........

    How was it reconnected to form one line?
  297. mcrae

    Fall Trip advice-Guadalupe

    I am on the December trip. As I have been told you pays your monies you takes your chances. It is always a gamble but at some point you have to let go of the dice. Let's roll.
  298. mcrae

    Any Graftech users?

    Great rods. A lot like a Grafighter but it weighs a bit more. Alin you are right.
  299. mcrae

    Proper rod length for 40# line

    For most applications a 7 foot rod is considered standard. I personally don't see the benefits of a shorter rod. An 8 foot rod is typically fine. However, it ultimately becomes an issue of personal preference.
  300. mcrae

    WTB Sinkers...and some advice

    Great prices. The stuff looks good.
  301. mcrae

    Striped Bass on Surface Iron

    Flat falls might be worth trying.
  302. mcrae

    FS: Plastic squid bodies

    I have seen them used as teasers for summer flounder on the east coast. They would probably work for halibut and rockcod in the west.
  303. mcrae

    Good 30/40 pound star drag reel for baitfishing/iron?

    Bearings will fail on all reels, buying a different reel will not stop this. Perhaps, you should invest in more frequent professional maintenance. If not I favor ProGear reels.
  304. mcrae

    Long Beach/Huntington beach conditions

    I swam Bayshore on Monday. I had no problems.
  305. mcrae


    Soooo, what are you selling?
  306. mcrae


    Congratulations! Those are monsters.
  307. mcrae

    For Sale Avet EX 30/2, Cousins CPX and Abu Garcia

    Congratulations on the pregnancy.
  308. mcrae

    Something cool...

    Really nice.
  309. mcrae

    Spooling question

    Power pro comes in 500 yard spools.
  310. mcrae

    The best fishing rod and reel

    Intresting first post. Intresting place.
  311. mcrae

    WTB: Accurate 665 / Avet LX

    My Accurate is 4:1 as we discussed. However, I do have a 6/3 Avet LX for sale. Are you intrested?
  312. mcrae

    Line test: how high is too high?

    I have broken 50 lb test mono before. Is your question how hard can you pull?
  313. mcrae


    Eric, it is a fishing forum. Please try to relax.
  314. mcrae

    Reel Dilemma - Avet SX Raptor.. or move up to JX?

    I have owned a standard sx and jx 6/3. I fished 30 lb test on the sx and 40 lb test on the jx6/3. The sx has the same drag capacity as the mx. I have never had a problem with either reel.
  315. mcrae

    Anybody fish with "vintage" gear?

    If I spend enough time on BD all my gear seems to be antique.
  316. mcrae

    Monofilament question

    I like Big Game for most uses. When I feel fancy I use Izor. For the pricey days I use Maxima.
  317. mcrae

    Combat fishing in Africa

    I am not aware of a link between eating fish and HIV. However, I wish you the safest fishing possible.
  318. mcrae

    Combat fishing in Africa

    I think people make do with what they have. If it is eat fish or starve they eat fish.
  319. mcrae


    This is a $30 swim bait if you find a bargain. It may be difficult to find some one whom regularly uses them.
  320. mcrae

    Combat fishing in Africa

    I feel very fortunate to live in the United States.
  321. mcrae

    maxcuatro vs original power pro

    It is Christmas time.
  322. mcrae

    maxcuatro vs original power pro

  323. mcrae


    Bad donkey lures jig heads attached to large big hammer swimbaits will probably be your most economical option into fishing large swim baits of this ilk.
  324. mcrae


    Happy Birthday!
  325. mcrae


    Like a Ron Z ?
  326. mcrae

    Albacore bag WFO fanny pack

    Bump, as the albackore bag seems functional I think it will be a great deal for someone who can see the practicality over aesthetics.
  327. mcrae

    Voyager Cod Trip

    You can get bit with heavy tackle so if ya got it bring it. I would go with up to a 60lb test outfit with a low gear ratio reel and longer rod.
  328. mcrae

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    On average Is it cheaper to sail on an open party trip rather than pay a fair share on some one else's boat?
  329. mcrae

    WTB Duckbill Pliers - Found

    Is there a sears nearby?
  330. mcrae

    SoCal sheepshead....

    Squid works well.
  331. mcrae

    Seeker Hercules Rods real rating?

    They are whip like.
  332. mcrae

    Shogun Penn Reels 6 Day 12/8-12/14

    Thanks, I want to do a Penn trip.
  333. mcrae

    Off the Market: Pro Gear Oceanus 30 set of 4

    I like Pro gear reels. However, at the price you post there are too many other better options. Your best bet is probably to keep them.
  334. mcrae

    Simple question

    Matt, what you wrote makes sense.
  335. mcrae

    Selling tackle

    I find it easy to own too much gear. However, sometimes I have moments of clarity at these times I sell.
  336. mcrae

    WTB Traeger or green egg

    The OP is attempting to buy one. He might appreciate a seller over a reviewer.
  337. mcrae

    WTB Traeger or green egg

    So, is anyone selling one? Please pm the op.
  338. mcrae

    Lexa 400

    Go buy the power handle.
  339. mcrae

    Daiwa Lexa 400

    I bought the 7.1. I plan to fish rock fish with it as well as other species. How hard can rock fish fight anyway?
  340. mcrae

    Are you still selling braided line. If you are I am interested in the 50 lb test.

    Are you still selling braided line. If you are I am interested in the 50 lb test.
  341. mcrae

    Wavy Seaguar Premier after fight?

    Yup, on mono and fluoro.
  342. mcrae

    Rocky Point Black Sea Bass (Released) 11/18/17

    If he is on BD this may get interesting.
  343. mcrae

    Best Star Drag Reel for Launching Diamond jigs and Swim baits

    I am using Pro Gear reels. The ability to cast a long distance upswell allows me to get smaller lighter lures to the bottom before the current sweeps them away.
  344. mcrae

    Yo yo rod.....

    I would not go for a rod much shorter or longer than 7 feet. The yoyo set up traditionally is a 40lb to 60lb line deal. A longer rod can be a pain in this application.
  345. mcrae

    Yo yo rod.....

    I like a rod with fast action and a lot of backbone. The fish is not hooked on the initial strike but doing the fight. Thus, I am trying to sink the hook during the fight and with a stiff rod this can be more easily achieved. An added bonus is a rod tip which will load and facilitate casting the...
  346. mcrae

    Multi colored braid?

    Multi colored line will not cause more tangles. However, when you are tangled it will be more noticeable than other lines and easier to untangle your line.
  347. mcrae

    To damn funny not to share!

    There is no accounting for taste.
  348. mcrae

    Eldorado and Mirage info

    I like fishing on the Mirage. Unfortunately, the sleeping quarters are reminicent of the Amistad.
  349. mcrae


    That looks like a hard release. I they were fun to catch.
  350. mcrae

    27 assorted jigs

    Great deal.
  351. mcrae


    Don't let the bastards get you down. You seem like a cool guy. Why not stay Black?
  352. mcrae

    Coyote's and Pets

    I feel like this should not be funny but I am very amused.
  353. mcrae

    Advice on terminal tackle for Guadalupe

    Storing extra tackle in your room is probably your best bet. It is less likely to wind up adrift.
  354. mcrae

    Fenwick question

    Sorry big guy but Fenwick rods, as far as I understand, simply are what they are. If you like it fish it. If not lend it to others or leave it at home. I doubt you will recieve much feedback on them or interest if you try to sell one.
  355. mcrae

    Scammer Alert!

    This could go badly very quickly. I hope it can be settled amicably.
  356. mcrae

    Advice on terminal tackle for Guadalupe

    I have seen others use a tool bag to carry their lead. It at least seems like a good idea and I have seen no problems yet.
  357. mcrae

    Royal Polaris General Info.

    I fished on it once on an introduction to long range trip. The boat seemed a tad crowded.
  358. mcrae


    I want to do a Long range trip now. Thanks for the report.
  359. mcrae

    Shady overnight trip

    When I was in grade school I ate a lot of moist cookies...good times.
  360. mcrae

    rock fishing

    That would be great for swim baits.
  361. mcrae

    Line Over Run

    I have read of people adding magnets.
  362. mcrae

    I'm about to post a few trinidads

    My favorite Avet is a JX 6/3. I have had it for a while and always fished 40lb test on it. While I know there have been improvements this old reel has yet to fail so I keep fishing it. In my opinion the mc appears to work like a governor on a sports car. If you use it the chance of going to fast...
  363. mcrae

    Best Long Range Boat

    I will follow this advice. Thanks everyone.
  364. mcrae

    Old Sea Bass last day

    I have decided not to debate the matter with you sir. Good day.
  365. mcrae

    Old Sea Bass last day

    How does anyone know what happens to released black sea bass? Do we just assume that those who submerge live and those we do not see submerge die soon?
  366. mcrae

    Newbie, still?

    The post test.
  367. mcrae

    Can this really be true

    Please stop.
  368. mcrae

    10-5 Newport no fish report

  369. mcrae

    10-5 Newport no fish report

    Was it a good day anyway?
  370. mcrae

    Rpt.-10-03-17 Tanner Brute Tails+Bluefin.

    Great catching Corey. Thanks for the report.
  371. mcrae

    favorite 40-50# bait stick

    I have met the owner of Calstar. While I like the product I can understand not buying the rods based upon the service.
  372. mcrae

    favorite 40-50# bait stick

    I own a few Super Seekers and Calstar Grafighters. In the range the original poster asked about my Super Seekers and Calstars are as follows; SS 6470,SS6470H, and SS 6470XH. My Calstars are a pair of 700Hs. If I could only bring one rod it would be a 700H. If I could only bring 2 I would bring...
  373. mcrae

    San Diego Bay Sheephead

    Nice catch. Lobsters and the things which eat them tend to go together.
  374. mcrae

    donkey? is it the right term

    I originally wanted to know what the fish bit and what pound test line she was using.
  375. mcrae

    Long beach lobster opener

    Strong sleuth work there LJ.
  376. mcrae

    Hunting out of season

    Yes, discretion is used. Hopefully, with a small d. However, there are always individuals inclined to go above and beyond while doing there jobs. It may not be fair to focus on the law enforcement personnel who focus on doing the least possible.
  377. mcrae

    Hunting out of season

    It is probably not possible to catch all the lawbreakers all the time. However, I am sure law enforcement does the best they can.
  378. mcrae

    Old guy fishing again query ?

    It is a very early model composed of Penn internal parts .
  379. mcrae

    Old guy fishing again query ?

    Please post pictures of the reel.
  380. mcrae

    Calstar "Warranty"/customer service

    The only way to know is to talk to the people who work there.
  381. mcrae

    First overnight on the Mirage, what tackle should I bring?

    Calling the landing will get you the most up to date information.
  382. mcrae

    SoCal Halibut

    The halibut catch out of channel islands has been really low this year.
  383. mcrae

    Redondo Beach Pier (Mackeral ?).

    The preferred rig seemed to be a sabiki rig tipped with squid set a drift about 5 feet below a large float. The bites seemed occasional at best.
  384. mcrae

    SoCal Halibut

    I have been told Channel Islands at June. However, a chartered trip guided by the captain is your best bet.
  385. mcrae

    jigstick (s) SOLD

    No problem. We all make them.
  386. mcrae

    jigstick (s) SOLD

    Your seeker might be a calstar.
  387. mcrae

    What Not to do when you loose a fish

    Funny! I am glad you can see the humor now.
  388. mcrae

    Rodless Again

    I hope you can focus on the positive enough to truly enjoy your trip. However, I feel your pain.
  389. mcrae

    Phenix Jersey

    Road bike ?
  390. mcrae

    Green Mono ruined my trip

    I fish green Big Game.
  391. mcrae

    Wisdom comes with age

    Funny story.
  392. mcrae

    3/4 day Sea Watch 9/20 - ouch - we all have to pay our dues

    Thank you for the advice a word to the wise is sufficient.
  393. mcrae

    Green Mono ruined my trip

    I have seen deckhands follow their lines and do really well with green braided line.
  394. mcrae

    Green Mono ruined my trip

    At least you learned. Try bringing multiple small spools of line on a multi day trip. You can change topshot far more often and experiment to see what works.
  395. mcrae

    Glass vs Graphite Composite

    That would depend upon the qualities of the mono leader. Questions that come to mind are how long is the leader? How much line is off the reel and how much does the mono stretch?
  396. mcrae

    3 Grand days on the Grande 9/15-9/17

    Thanks for the report. I'm glad you had a good time.
  397. mcrae

    Jackpot Etiquette

    Do what you find to be normal for you.
  398. mcrae

    What price are you thinking about?

    What price are you thinking about?
  399. mcrae

    Avet lx bring loud

    Send it to Avets.
  400. mcrae

    Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    I have fished with Sheki. He knows a lot, is kind, generous, and polite. I truly enjoy fishing with him. Dave you would miss out if you never fished with him.
  401. mcrae

    Gummy Worms For Wahoo

    How heavy will your lead head be?
  402. mcrae

    Gummy Worms For Wahoo

    Would you rig it on heavy fluoro?
  403. mcrae

    Misc Iron, Wahoo Bombs, Trolling Jigs For Sale

    How many heavy irons? Will you make a deal for just those?
  404. mcrae

    Avet question

    The sx and mx have the same drag capabilities. Both work well up to 30 lb test line. Deciding between them is a matter of preference.
  405. mcrae

    Are certain areas in Marinas off limits to fish?

    I get tired simply hearing his voice.
  406. mcrae

    Are certain areas in Marinas off limits to fish?

    I don't ever want to be this guy. I hope my friends would help me if I become this guy.
  407. mcrae

    Anyone on the Chief 1.5 leaving 9/3/17?

    It seems to be sold out.
  408. mcrae


    Thanks it does. I want a few more now.
  409. mcrae

    Ugly Stik Tiger Vs Jigging Elite

    Ugly sticks seem to last forever.It gets hard to justify replacing them.
  410. mcrae

    Tragedy: Hurricane Harvey Ruins Couple's Honeymoon Cruise

    I will venture true folks in Utah live largely serene lives.
  411. mcrae


    I think I want at least one to cast jigs with. Please compare them in size to my cs series or my Avets? I'm finding it difficult to understand the size of these reels.
  412. mcrae

    Reel Size for Fly Line/Egg Sinker Setup...?

    I fish an Avet sx sized reel for 25 and 30 pound test line. My favorite 40 pound test reel is a Avet JX 6/3. The range is broad and your options are many.
  413. mcrae

    Reel Size for Fly Line/Egg Sinker Setup...?

    What pound test line? What size fish? Where are you fishing? How long are your trips?
  414. mcrae

    Catalina Tradition 8/22 Part 2-Get the pop corn

    Buyer beware. Perhaps, you should do your own math in the future.
  415. mcrae

    Wait until he meets his first sea lion. Great video.

    I love how children can be re directed.
  416. mcrae

    DOJ and US Marshall in my driveway and informed that the Sheriff is in route CHP over head??WTF

    I'm glad it worked out and I believe it was way more nerve racking in person than it could be conveyed to a 911 operator.
  417. mcrae

    Lingcod, yellowtail, reds, blues, and white fish at Anacapa island

    I am trying to ask if you have enough stretch in your set up. Braided line and fluoro do not stretch much before they break. A carbon rod, braid to fluoro connection, tight drag or hard hook set could be the culprit.
  418. mcrae

    Lingcod, yellowtail, reds, blues, and white fish at Anacapa island

    From the reel. Are you tying braided line to fluoro then to the hook?
  419. mcrae

    Lingcod, yellowtail, reds, blues, and white fish at Anacapa island

    Thanks for the report. Are you connecting braided line directly to fluoro ?
  420. mcrae

    Striped Bass on Surface Iron

    Thanks for the report. I have had great days fishing Big Hammer swim baits and Optimum swim baits of the boats sailing out of Brooklyn. West coast tactics on East coast bass can be a lot of fun.
  421. mcrae

    My greatest day as a captain.

    It seems like a great time for everyone.
  422. mcrae

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    I'm amazed fish that size work so well as trolling bait.
  423. mcrae

    Chance for a really special deep drop trip

    If only I lived closer...
  424. mcrae

    Lots of weedless and leaded swimbaits for sale!!

    I have not heard back from you but if you are willing to sell your large baits for $2.00 each as advertised I will buy in bulk.
  425. mcrae

    Ranger 85

    This may not end well.
  426. mcrae

    Wanna buy my son a ticket

    Dan he is a grown man.
  427. mcrae

    Boat limits

    I am of the perspective the crew and captain will attempt to please the majority of the common anglers. If the social contract does not work for you perhaps private charters will allow you to choose more of the rules.
  428. mcrae

    Boat limits

    I have never had that problem. While I have never thought to much about it,when most folks are catching I am as well. I have never had to throw back a trophy because someone else caught my limit. However, if you have the ability to only catch larger fish while those around you catch fry then...
  429. mcrae

    YoYo 113N #50-#60 colored Braid?

    I like 50lb test green big game about 50 yards. For a knot I go with the Big Sands.
  430. mcrae

    Please school me on braided line #

    65 is marginally thicker and you may be able to pick tangles out a bit easier than 50. However, you will lose line capacity. It's a very slight trade off. Your logic seems fine.
  431. mcrae

    Please school me on braided line #

    You may be over thinking this choice. There are benefits and drawbacks to most options. However, as long as your braided line is heavier than your topshot you are in the ball park. The rest is personal preference.
  432. mcrae

    Braid to floro

    It will work.
  433. mcrae

    Best 2-Speed for Flylining?

    Gear won't buy you skill but time spent practicing can be priceless.
  434. mcrae


    My people, my people!
  435. mcrae

    Best 2-Speed for Flylining?

    Are you selling your JX and if so for how much?
  436. mcrae

    Do you break the line at 1 hour 20 minutes?

    If I have to engage in a legal battle I think damage has already been done. At that point I would be trying to suffer as little more as possible. Avoiding the battle would be something I would strongly consider.
  437. mcrae

    Cheap reel for sabiki rod?

    Whatever is on sale at Wal-Mart.
  438. mcrae

    Lots of weedless and leaded swimbaits for sale!!

    What is the largest size you have?
  439. mcrae

    Big game, PLine, or Izor line

    Life is short, the cost difference is small enough that I fish whatever I prefer.
  440. mcrae

    Big game, PLine, or Izor line

    I fish them all. However, I prefer Izor line for most applications. That is with the exception of my yoyo outfit. Big game 50lb test in green is a favorite of mine. Few people seem to fish the green line as a result it is often easier to get out tangles.
  441. mcrae


    New York, New Jersey, or Boston accents?
  442. mcrae

    Leopard sharks w.o.

    Nice catch. I find them tasty but supposedly a bit high on their retained mercury levels. I have never had one jump.
  443. mcrae

    WTB: the so cal angler by Brandon Heyward

    The Local Angler is the latest book. I sense it is more geared towards boat owners.
  444. mcrae

    WTB: the so cal angler by Brandon Heyward

    I have seen them for sale in Turners located in San Bernardino. You should probably call before you go.
  445. mcrae

    When It Happens

    My reading of post on this site indicates to me the big blue fin caught on sport boats are cut up and divided among the passangers. If I am comprehending correctly doesn't this mean passangers on sport boats don't take home a lot of fish?
  446. mcrae

    Channel Islands Madness

    See you there Wils.
  447. mcrae

    I sent the money.

    I sent the money.
  448. mcrae

    So, what is G2

    I liked it when I could just buy any Avet and believe I got the best reel in that size.
  449. mcrae

    You posted you have a 6480 for sale. Could you please send me a picture 718 496-8237

    You posted you have a 6480 for sale. Could you please send me a picture 718 496-8237
  450. mcrae

    22nd Landing Freedom 1.5 day voucher $280

    Yes and no. It expires next year.
  451. mcrae

    Anyone know what this "iron" is?

    I hope it is the one that gets bit.
  452. mcrae

    Freedom 1.5 day Tuna reel limits

    I do think the Hercules 70h is too much of a whip to use for tuna.
  453. mcrae

    Freedom 1.5 day Tuna reel limits

    Sir, you have a lot of gear.
  454. mcrae

    Shogun 10/6-15. This dog is still waiting for his day.

    Great report! I now want to go fishing again.
  455. mcrae

    Wife's Cancer and the Gerson Clinic

    I am praying for us all. I'm glad you and your family are strong and in the fight.
  456. mcrae

    No bolts

    Thanks Ray. I understand.
  457. mcrae

    No bolts

    If he was not up to anything negative should he have known? Meaning would it have been common sense?
  458. mcrae

    "Go-To" Lingcod Rig

    I like a long plastic swim bait on a BadDonkey leadhead. Typically,I use a bass plastic.
  459. mcrae

    SXJ does it again!

    It's a nice reel but I strongly suspect the original poster has a skill set that will work with any set of tools.
  460. mcrae

    Ethics In Fish Count Reporting

    They want to make money. Someone has to pay the cost.
  461. mcrae

    Stop Wasting Time Snagging

    A snagged bunker is allowed to swim until a game fish eats it.
  462. mcrae

    2 Day Ranger 85 Veterans Day Charter

    I think it will be a great trip.
  463. mcrae

    Rod suggestion for swimbaits with 4-8oz heads for Lingcod/Rockfish

    The Calstar 700H is one rod I have used for this task but the 800m is the rod I want to use. My last trip out I used a 700mh, 700l and super seeker 6470. I fished narrow reels on all the rods I owned and had a blast. There are a lot of great options most work well. Enjoy the hunt.
  464. mcrae

    Into the darkness

    Nice catch!
  465. mcrae

    Best Long Range Boat

    Which ever boat fits your schedule and your budget.
  466. mcrae

    Torpedo Sinker Lot

    Great deal. These should go quickly.
  467. mcrae

    Santa Barbara Coastal Rockfish Report

    I just love rock coding with light tackle. Thanks for the report.
  468. mcrae

    Bring a Sharpie next time you Go Hooping!!!

    That's how I took it.
  469. mcrae

    Bring a Sharpie next time you Go Hooping!!!

    That will get you in hot water.
  470. mcrae

    Seeker rods

    Thanks Justin.
  471. mcrae

    Thunderbird broke down

    Great attitude. It was nice of you to offer a ride. I am glad it worked out.
  472. mcrae

    New to Blood Decks forum. Hello!

    On the troll you might want to tighten the drag.
  473. mcrae

    Was my rod/reel combo outclassed?

    Times have changed. A few years ago the 40lb outfit was the standard for fishing the Lupe. Based upon the reports 50 or 60 is now the minimum. I perceive this as a good thing.
  474. mcrae

    Putting the Tackle Box on a Diet

    I put less used tackle in with my clothes. It all does not need to be on deck.
  475. mcrae

    Overnight tonight... Dominator, Producer or Tribute?

    Not to drift too far from the point but I doubt people from PETA will like anything posted on this site. Perhaps, it might not be worthwhile to worry about their perspectives.
  476. mcrae

    Replacing top shot with braid

    It is not a problem. Many people will splice in new sections of braided line as needed.
  477. mcrae

    Dinosaurs do exist - New Mexico Elk 2016

    Great write up. I don't even like hunting but after reading this I am reconsidering.
  478. mcrae


    How much does each buck tail weigh?
  479. mcrae

    hi guys i need your opinion about

    The regular sx works well for that line class.
  480. mcrae

    Avet JX 4.1.1

    It will work.
  481. mcrae

    which reel?

    There are a lot of great choices in the 25lb class you are looking into. There has been some great advice posted so far. I'm sure you will do well with any one of them.
  482. mcrae

    which reel?

    The differences between braided line and mono as related to your fishing include durability, diameter, and other factors. Your questions are too vague to yield answers that will benefit you.
  483. mcrae

    which reel?

    Are you fishing for them on 25lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb or 80lb test line? I have used all. It has always been dependent upon the conditions. What conditions will you be fishing?
  484. mcrae

    who makes the softest/limpest 40-60lb mono?

    I like Izor xxx.
  485. mcrae


    Elreytut, you may become my first stop for lures.
  486. mcrae

    Reel repair Dana point?

    Seems to be a warranty issue. Perhaps, you could mail it to them.
  487. mcrae

    Over $125,000 in fines handed down to two poachers

    But would you actually say that to all Asians?
  488. mcrae

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    Please keep in mind this is a fishing forum. Expecting simple answers for complex world problems may be a mistake.
  489. mcrae

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    I used to love fishing but now I find the fights on online forums so much more fulfilling....Plus, I do not nor have I ever liked football.
  490. mcrae

    Find what is missing in this picture

    Very clever Mr. Lake. Today, you win the internet. It is not yet 8:00am...
  491. mcrae

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    There have been so many objectionable actions by athletes. If I ruled out athletes who beat women, fought dogs, earned DUIs, and generally acted the fool there would be no sports to watch.
  492. mcrae

    White Seabass

    I really like the Mirage. Is the channel islands in your range?
  493. mcrae


    It's a charter the charter master gets a vote in the plan. What did you as a group agree to with the charter master?
  494. mcrae

    NW Ho available

    I'm glad you are mending but sorry about your pain. I wish you a full recovery.
  495. mcrae

    Don't be this guy!

    I personally would have a difficult time attempting to verbally counsel a man with no shoes and a spear in his hand. However, I wish the person who attempts it the best of luck.
  496. mcrae

    Truth Reels

    The search feature will give you some reviews.
  497. mcrae

    Sportys anchoring for tuna vs drifting

    You might need to buy your own boat.
  498. mcrae

    1st trip: borrow or buy?

    I really like getting new gear so it's hard for me to say no...
  499. mcrae

    Line Recommendations

    You will want your backing to be of higher pound test than your top shot.
  500. mcrae

    I got yelled at for breaking the law S Shores ramp

    Is it a fair statement to say you knowingly did the wrong thing, got caught, and don't care for the punishment?
  501. mcrae

    Recomendation on mono fishing line

    I like most if not all of the brand name lines. Some last longer than others. When they are new most are great.Take your pick.
  502. mcrae

    Heavy lead heads for small plastics?

    BadDonkey used to make some but I can't find him.
  503. mcrae

    Heavy lead heads for small plastics?

    I want to use bass swim baits for ling cod and rockfish. Where can I find a supplier for lead heads that won't split the plastic? Thanks folks.
  504. mcrae

    Recomendation on mono fishing line

    Are you using line that was manufactured a while ago? Your description of the line leads me to believe the product has been exposed to the elements or is old.
  505. mcrae

    SMB BEAST 8-15

    I can't.I just can't....
  506. mcrae

    Forkies at Seal Beach warm water jetty

    Thanks for the report.
  507. mcrae

    10' Rainshadow popping rod

    Thanks, Danny is old and tough as leather.
  508. mcrae

    10' Rainshadow popping rod

    It's a beauty that would probably treat me like a beast. How big and strong does someone fishing that length rod have to be to avoid hurting themselves? With good techniques can the average anglers use it?
  509. mcrae

    Question about dropper loop and two-speed reels

    I'm suggesting you start high and then go low.
  510. mcrae

    Question about dropper loop and two-speed reels

    With smaller fish I can often set the hook and move the fish 10 or more feet the instant I hook up. Once the fish decides to fight I revert to low gear. If you only plan to use low gear why spend the money on an expensive two speed...
  511. mcrae

    Question about dropper loop and two-speed reels

    I use high speed until I can't .
  512. mcrae

    Broke a Black Hole 801h on 200 pound plus.

    What rod will you use in the future?
  513. mcrae

    Avet Light Setup - Yellowtail

    Thanks Mark. I thought the SX and MX were identical in drag capabilities. However, I'm trying to be less argumentative....even on social media.
  514. mcrae

    Avet Light Setup - Yellowtail

    You might want to consider fishing 25lb test line on the Avet SX. The reel will handle up to 30lb test well. Typically, if fish will bite 20lb test they will bite 25lb. The pulling difference between 20lb and 25lb test feels huge. An additional benefit is the abrasion resistance of 25lb test.
  515. mcrae

    YOYO/Surface Iron techniques

    Typically, the yoyo jig will get the most bites. However, catching fish on the surface is probably more fun.
  516. mcrae

    Rust on guide feet

    With use the epoxy around the guides cracks and water seeps in, rust occurs. Typically it causes no problems. Your best bet is to let it be.Replacing the guides starts the cycle all over again.
  517. mcrae

    Hello, I would like to buy some jig heads from you. I live near Rialto. How much are the 4 and 6...

    Hello, I would like to buy some jig heads from you. I live near Rialto. How much are the 4 and 6 ounce heads?
  518. mcrae

    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    When I find myself getting upset about what other people write on the internet I realize I am spending too much time and effort thinking about what they wrote. It also necessitates I take a break from forums.
  519. mcrae

    Terminal tackle for Sept - Oct 10 dayer

    Go with a bit of both ringed and non ringed. A pulled back Uni or San Diego jam works a lot like a ringed hook. However, if you can't get bit on a non ringed hook it is nice to have other options.
  520. mcrae

    Wahoo at the sculpin hold off Newport. Wtf?!

    These are unusual times. Everything from salmon to cow tuna may be local.
  521. mcrae

    Terminal tackle for Sept - Oct 10 dayer

    You are likely to wind up with far more gear than you need. However, that is a great thing. Hooks don't go bad.
  522. mcrae

    Not a Westport report...

    Thanks for the report. BD seems to have a lot of fishing and fighting.
  523. mcrae

    Terminal tackle for Sept - Oct 10 dayer

    Some of the long range boats have gear list you can Google. Why not try there?
  524. mcrae

    Dana to 181+dick move

    What did you say to them when you were face to face?
  525. mcrae

    Spirit 5 day 30 WSB

    I like you all and your ability to focus on small errors. Unrelated to that, thanks for the fishing report.
  526. mcrae

    Line recommendation for MXL

    I use 40lb test power pro on smaller reels. I think I have over 450yards. I doubt I will ever be spooled.
  527. mcrae

    Estate sale find

    If it will catch striped bass it will probably work for yellow tail.
  528. mcrae

    Okuma Cedros Jigging Rod Question

    I think the higher rated braid ratings are often just marketing hype. Hopefully, one of the manufacturers will chime in.
  529. mcrae

    Dropper loop set up

    When using thinner line such as "spectra" you will have to double and sometimes even triple the number of turns you put in the knot.
  530. mcrae

    BFT Friday and yesterday

    Strongest of moves Clyde! Great catch!
  531. mcrae

    Dropper loop set up

    The spider hitch and the surgeons knot are the same. I tie either one and have a double line going to the hook.
  532. mcrae

    HX Raptor for Heavy Jigs -- Line Coming Off the Spool

    Avets have heavy spools. The bigger the reel the heavier the spool. This is not a bad thing just something that takes adjustment. That said I prefer my JX for most applications and definitely for the smaller jigs.
  533. mcrae

    HX Raptor for Heavy Jigs -- Line Coming Off the Spool

    Your heavy iron is not very heavy. Try a heavy 7X with that reel.
  534. mcrae

    Welding Base of Reel to the Frame

    Pro Gear is in business now. Contact them about a repair. The worse they can say is no. However, if they refuse to assist you in correcting the problem a lot will be said about them.
  535. mcrae

    It's Official...

    Dave, please remain above the fray. Internet fights rarely seem to have winners. Instead they just drag more people down.
  536. mcrae

    Judge Judy show today

    In Southern California the standard is to over hand cast. Other places do other things. The rules of Northern California have little influence on the case in question.
  537. mcrae

    amazing power of light Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch rod for 100 lb yft

    Well written John. "..No one is obligated to educate you at their expense". Great quote, I will use it.
  538. mcrae

    Closed Thread

    So you started another one in the same vein. Why do you now expect a different outcome?
  539. mcrae

    Policy Question Re: BD Advertisers

    If you want the managements perspective perhaps you should write a moderator directly. If you want the perspectives of random people online you are already headed in the right direction. I sincerely hope you get what you want.
  540. mcrae


    My biggest concern with a small bait is being able to cast it well. Light line and long rods are most likely to be used because the line is light I won't be fishing heavy drag. I'm unlikely to need more than 8 lbs of drag or so.
  541. mcrae


    I fish 40lb test power pro on some very small reels and I think there is very little danger I will be spooled. On my Avet SX sized reel I think I have a little over 450 yards of 40lb test pro gear and then a 8 foot leader. You should be more than fine with 40lb test.
  542. mcrae

    Swibait weights for Lingcod.

    Bob Sands in Van Nuys or CISCOs are some places to pick up gear. Call either one. Where do you plan to fish from?
  543. mcrae

    Swibait weights for Lingcod.

    One additional note. I typically fish a mono leader shorter than the length of the rod I am using. I also fish fairly light braided line. This combination allows me to cast farther and hold bottom with less weight.
  544. mcrae

    ultimate 30 pound outfit for 1 - 3 day trips

    There are a lot of options at this pound test. Like Sigmund said a 25lb outfit may be a better choice.
  545. mcrae

    Have you ever trolled a surface iron?

    It used to be the standard.
  546. mcrae

    Swibait weights for Lingcod.

    I use the lightest jig head I can get away with. Most often I can get away with less than 5 ounces if I fish the bow and cast upswell of the boat. I bounce the lure until I am almost vertical. At that point I retrieve and then cast again. The key is unleashing long cast with the wind at your...
  547. mcrae

    Seeker Hercules rod or black hole ccs

    That is really nice of you Jaime.
  548. mcrae

    Massachusetts to San Diego

    You can buy gear at the shops at the landing.Your striped bass gear will work well for yellow tail.
  549. mcrae

    Reel for 3/4 to 1.5 day trips?

    I like the idea of an Avet as well. It's in the middle price range and has a solid resale market. A single speed MX would be a great starting point for 25/30 pound test. An alternative would be a JX Raptor you can fish 40 and 50 lb test OK it. The JX would be your go to on up to a 6 day trip...
  550. mcrae

    Misc iron.

    Surface jigs aren't worth much to me. If they are heavy I will take them.
  551. mcrae

    Misc iron.

    If they are heavy I will take them.
  552. mcrae

    Misc iron.

    I'm trying to determine if they are surface lures or will they work for rock cod.
  553. mcrae

    Misc iron.

    How much do they each weigh?
  554. mcrae

    5/7/16 La Jolla 1/2 day!

    Thanks for the report. I love the before and after pictures.
  555. mcrae

    Massachusetts to San Diego

    Big soft plastic baits work well for rock cod and ling cod but everything works well for them. It's like enticing Bluefish to bite.
  556. mcrae

    Seeker Hercules rod or black hole ccs

    Ksong, who carries your rods on the west coast?
  557. mcrae

    Reel for 3/4 to 1.5 day trips?

    I don't think one reel will do it all well. Pick a 25/30 or 40/50 pound test outfit. Catching tuna and calico bass can be done on the same outfit.However, it becomes more difficult and less enjoyable.
  558. mcrae


    Extremely hard to find.
  559. mcrae

    Channel island lings

    I prefer to fish a spectra loaded reel with a leader about as long as the rod. My leaders vary in lb test. My lightest are 25lb. My heaviest are 50lb. With heavy line I can often get back stuck gear by pulling until the hooks straighten.
  560. mcrae

    Channel island lings

    I would bring the heavier gear as a back up for the days when the current is really ripping. The added abrasion resistance of 50lb test is nice as well.
  561. mcrae

    Seeker Hercules rod or black hole ccs

    The Hercules are whip like. I can not recommend them as yoyo rods.
  562. mcrae

    A new 40 and 30 pounds outfit for fishing 1-3 day SD trips plus islands

    I fish ProGear reels for 25 and 30lb test line. I'm still using the new classic series (cs). Most days that is the cs500 or cs501. On days I want more capacity I use the wider cs551. In the past I used an Avet sx. The Avet worked fine. Most manufacturers make a reel that will work well in this...
  563. mcrae

    Massachusetts to San Diego

    Conventional rods are available at most landings. Please call the landing and make arrangements. If you want a spectra loaded reel bring a few of your own.
  564. mcrae

    Braid line test

    My Google searches of power pro reviews indicate that low breaking strength is not uncommon. I personally have never had a problem but I proceed with caution.
  565. mcrae

    Topshot and Leader Thoughts

    I find fluoro to be hard to cast when my leader is so long that it is within the guides. If I fish a short topshot no longer than the length of the rod my ease of use is increased. Done this way I don't need mono.
  566. mcrae

    Need Help With Cedros Gear

    I'm sorry. I didn't realize you already owned all the equipment you wanted for the trip. Have a great time.
  567. mcrae

    Need Help With Cedros Gear

    I know it's a matter of personal preference but I'm not a fan of Shimano products. The reels and rods I own are rapidly becoming outdated, as such I'll let other folks chime in on the latest and greatest. However, I hope you consider California brands such as Seeker and Calstar.
  568. mcrae

    Topshot and Leader Thoughts

    Spectra to fluoro connections don't offer much give. Also, when I backlash spectra I'm almost ready to cry. Untangling thin spectra takes forever. Cutting spectra feels like cutting dollar bills.
  569. mcrae

    Reel Suggestions for Calstar GFDH-800XLH

    Interesting position to be in. Many of the premium reels in that size class will fish 30lb test line equally as well. I would fish one of the bass level winds if not an Avet sx or the smallest ProGear reel .
  570. mcrae

    Need Help With Cedros Gear

    Which outfits do you already own?
  571. mcrae

    Need Help With Cedros Gear

    Your jx raptor will fish heavier line fine. Perhaps, you should bring a few outfits you can fish 40 and 50lb line on.
  572. mcrae

    tuna, mahi and shark, Japan!

    I am glad you get out there and enjoy the resource.
  573. mcrae

    WTF!! Damn junk rods...

    Rewrapping the rods with high quality guides should solve your problem. You will save money and have custom rods.
  574. mcrae

    tuna, mahi and shark, Japan!

    Great catch! I was on Schwab when I was there. I worked a lot of hours. Dusk till dawn days were common.
  575. mcrae

    WTF!! Damn junk rods...

    How do guides break off when rods are cleaned after each use and then safely stored?
  576. mcrae

    WTF!! Damn junk rods...

    I have good vision and no idea what you are writing about.
  577. mcrae

    Makaira 30 and 600 yds of JB 65... how many yards of 80 mono behind braid?

    On the West Coast people used to put mono on first. Most of us stopped doing it years ago. I'm sorry we haven't been of much help.
  578. mcrae

    It's Official...

    I'm of the perspective that Dave Hanson provides a coaching service. He gets people better on their own equipment. Customers can pay to improve themselves on their own boats. Is that so bad?
  579. mcrae

    It's Official...

    Tough crowd on the internet. Seemingly,nothing is forgotten or forgiven. I won't pile on. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.
  580. mcrae

    Best tackle box or tackle bag?

    I use a backpack style tackle organizing system. On trips over 3 days the extra tackle is put in trays and stored in the duffle bag I use for clothes, reels, and everything else. My rationale is that the fewer containers I take the less likely I am to forget things or have them stolen...
  581. mcrae

    Oxnard fishing conditions

    You might want to call the landing.
  582. mcrae

    6 Pack charter for Channel Islands recommendation

    Seems like you had a good fishing trip. Hopefully,you do better catching next time.
  583. mcrae

    SHOGUN 1.5 Day Great Times!

    Congratulations! Thanks for the report.
  584. mcrae

    Sheapshead regs

    If you fillet the fish the DFG agents cannot determine the size of the fish it came from. The conclusion will be that they came from a short fish.
  585. mcrae

    FREE, electric wheelchair

    Thank you. I am sure that someone really can use it and I doubt they are cheap.
  586. mcrae

    Shogun 1/12 day returning 4/14

    Thanks for the report. Somewhat related to the report are boat limits. My experience has been that catching boat limits benefits anglers who can't catch. If the boat has limits the crew assures that anglers only leave the boat with their legal take. The people who caught few or none also leave...
  587. mcrae

    Recommendation yo-yo reel that does not......

    I am simply amazed by some of the newer reel companies that now promote thier reels on Bloody Decks.There are other words that can be used but I will stick with amazed.
  588. mcrae

    F/S Ultimate Jigging 45mm Power Knob (Blue/Silver) (NEW)

    I read this the other day and thought about the responses to your post. I would like to sincerely thank you for what I think is military service. As far as selling things online,I am of the perspective that if the membership didn't appreciate people selling things they would stop buying. That...
  589. mcrae

    JX Raptor or HXJ for local 50lb yoyo/dropper loop setup?

    I don't think you need that much reel. However, when you do longer trips and do want/need it the extra drag will be nice. I own a HX. If I were to shop again the JX Raptor would be a better choice.
  590. mcrae

    WTB Shimano Trinidad (Gold Series)

    I have a 16 I may have used 3 or 4 times. No rash. I have the box. I take PayPal. Send me your number through pm and I will text pictures to you.
  591. mcrae

    If You Could Only Use 1 Reel

    I fish an Avet jx6\3. It may not be the best but it is what I own and like. That said I often leave it at home on my rock cod trips....I own a lot more than one reel.
  592. mcrae

    If you can only have 5 rods

    "The Southern California Angler" by Brandon Hayward is a great reference to guide what you want and why you want it. The text will also give you some great tips on to use the equipment. Any suggestions I would give you are based upon the equipment I already own. There are always improvements...
  593. mcrae

    Favorite old school reel u still use

    I just picked up a Baja Special. However, I really like my Pro Gear reels. My Wahoo Special is preferred over my yellow tail special. In the new classic series I like my cs500, cs501,cs551,and cs625. I also fish a 545 when conditions are right. On a light line and jig fishing trip they are all I...
  594. mcrae

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    You might be right. I don't want to be part of this mess. I find it odd that someone thinks they are above reproach.
  595. mcrae

    First overnight trip on the Excel, what to bring?

    If at all possible practice casting conventional outfits like the ones you will be using. Wet the line and cast them of the dock or pier for a few hours. The reduction in backlashes will be appreciated by you and everyone around you.
  596. mcrae

    First overnight trip on the Excel, what to bring?

    I think you are all set. Keep in mind that you may not have much down time as a three day trip probably will not include much travel time. Sleep when you can and have a great time.
  597. mcrae

    First overnight trip on the Excel, what to bring?

    Know how to tie at least a few knots for heavy line. A surgeons loop, Palomar, San Diego jam and fluoro to mono connection are the ones you will probably use the most. If you can tie these on your own you will do well in a hot bite.
  598. mcrae

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    I . I am a person of color. This happens all the time. Welcome to Blackness.
  599. mcrae

    My Experience to Hunt First Time

    I have read your other post. This may become interesting.
  600. mcrae

    Yellowtail in May?

    I grew up fishing out of Brooklyn and I occasionally go back.If you can find a willing school you may find that fishing for yellow tail is a lot like fishing for Bluefish. A heavy jig squided/yoyoed in the zone will give you all the action you can handle. I find the main...
  601. mcrae

    Yellowtail in May?

    Mik Spinning gear will work as well. It has taken awhile but people are switching over.
  602. mcrae

    Channel Island Sportfishing bottom fish thursday ! great trip

    Bryan, thanks for the report. I have been told that shallow water rock cod will often not take a large jig. I have had my most success fishing a jig of 3 ounces or less when in shallow. Braided line and a short topshot of 25 to 30 pound mono have been my goto.
  603. mcrae

    Xtream Braid

    I don't mean to be a troll so please forgive me if I come across that way. So I respectfully ask; When did postings on Facebook become worthwhile reviews? For a review to be worthwhile doesn't it have to come from a more credible source.
  604. mcrae

    Broken Rod Protocol

    High sticking also known as lifting too high does break rods.
  605. mcrae

    Broken Rod Protocol

    In the future include the cost of tackle loss into your trips. Eventually all of your tackle will fail. If you collect money to be put towards replacement the sudden loss will not be so upsetting.
  606. mcrae

    Last Rockfishing session of the year

    Good for you Jeff. This holiday season has left me grumpy. I am spending many moments rethinking things before I state them. You are much better than I in reassessing personal actions and taking positive steps.
  607. mcrae

    Last Rockfishing session of the year

    Pgnracr/ Jeff, I hope your holidays are full of good cheer and leave you with a sense of kindness towards others.
  608. mcrae

    How Should I Fish Krocs?

    I have used the heavier ones for stripers and bluefish in New York.
  609. mcrae

    Line for Avet JX 6.0 for yoyo

    Repeated message on my part.
  610. mcrae

    Line for Avet JX 6.0 for yoyo

    Check your spectra for frays as you are returning from trips. However, I suspect you will get 10 or more years out of your spectra.
  611. mcrae

    How Should I Fish Krocs?

    I don't believe color matters much. They often work on the drop or with a medium retrieve. If you retrieve them too fast they will flip over and cease to be as effective. I personally don't jig them or use them for lingcod as I think they are too expensive to risk on the bottom.However, anywhere...
  612. mcrae

    Coral sea, Santa Barbara

    Sounds like a great trip.
  613. mcrae

    2.5 day trip out of oxnard need some help

    Prepare to make bait. Bring squid jigs and ganglions( candy catchers) bring sabiki rigs to catch mackerel. Also bring the standard gear for an overnight rock cod trip.
  614. mcrae

    September 8 day; Hooks for bait?

    I hope you make bait. If you do and you probably will you will need all the same hook sizes you typically do.
  615. mcrae

    Saltiga vs Saragosa?

    It has been a long time since I surf fished in New York. However, when I was doing it the understanding was that anything with moving parts that had contact with the sand would not last long. Things may have changed but do you really want to pay a lot for a reel that may not last long?
  616. mcrae

    Question 1.5 day for 8yr old son?

    Try a midweek trip out of Oxnard. Right now you have a good shot at White Sea bass and flatfish. The Mirage or any other boat would be great.
  617. mcrae

    In general which is better for saltwater bass?

    Striped bass, Calico bass, Sand bass, White sea bass, or Black sea bass? What conditions? Which coast?
  618. mcrae

    power pro or Izorline Strong Spectra for bft fishing ??

    I use them both. The newer Power Pro without the waxy covering works great. Izor line is an old standby. The fish don't seem to care and they both handle fine. What pound test will you fish?
  619. mcrae

    Need help! 2 Pro Gears need rods

    Pick your poison.The cs500, cs625 and all other cs reels all have the same drags. As a result I will often fish the same pound test lines on them. With the CS500 I fish a Seeker Hercules 70l, a Calstar 700l and 700ml. I have also fished Calstar 270, Calstar 270H, and Graphtech rod from Turners...
  620. mcrae

    50# jerry brown to flouro/mono

    Go back to the tackle store and have them teach you some knots.
  621. mcrae

    How To Bathe Your Girlfriends Stanky Cat

    My guess is that if the girlfriend finds out her pussy will never get wet around you again.
  622. mcrae

    Jig stick rod and reel recommendations

    An economical rod which you can handle makes the most sense. I would go with a used rod from the classified section. Try to get something at least 9 feet long and rated to handle up to 50 lb test. You will probably fish 40lb test on it and will have a much better time if you practice casting...
  623. mcrae

    lots of ammo for sale

    I text and called. I want some of the 9mm ammo. Please text, call or email me back. Thanks
  624. mcrae

    over night on the Apollo 4-12-13

    Why do you get to keep 20 rock fish? For everyone else the limit is 10.
  625. mcrae

    just cause you're paranoid

    I hope this will not influence people with mental disorders to not seek treatment. However, I think these legal actions may increase public safety. People suffering from severe depression may experience hallucinations and a range of extreme feelings that make them health risk to themselves and...
  626. mcrae

    how much would tackle shop charge to spool spectra on my reels

    Kennys in Upland Bobbys in Pasadena
  627. mcrae

    Need help finfing a nice tackle bag/backpack

    Steve you might be right. To the OP, If you decide to shop local try Day at the docks this month. You will find way more tackle than you ever new you needed.
  628. mcrae

    Need help finfing a nice tackle bag/backpack

    Steve, do you expect him to drive up from San Diego?
  629. mcrae

    That Guy

    I am sometimes "that guy". I caught myself being an Ass today. Am I the only person here to ever have caught themselves?
  630. mcrae

    Pick an ultra light spinning reel

    Gents I bought the reel.
  631. mcrae

    calstar rail rods!

    One of a kind and really nice.
  632. mcrae


    Great deals on very nice rods.
  633. mcrae

    New bluefin setup

    Tunanorth, can you get him some kind of military discount or loaner that might entice him to try Penn again? I doubt that the px on base sells the latest and greatest in tackle and supporting veterans would probably be good press for Penn.
  634. mcrae

    New bluefin setup

    Hey Will, You are in good hands. Thanks for the back and forth. I now understand. I think you will get exactly what you want. Oh and thanks for your service.
  635. mcrae

    New bluefin setup

    Even on the 6 day trips the 25lb test line is often needed. On the stops where 40lb test ona Avet 6/3 jx on a Calstar 700H or Super Seeker 6470 will not get bit I pull out the light line. The light line has resulted in more than a few pool winning fish for me. Bring the elephant gun by all...
  636. mcrae

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    I agree. That and some people in this country are often treated this way. Why is it considered unjust by the OP when stop and frisk are routine for other folks? I really wish peoples mothers would stop telling them that they are special and exempt from the rules.
  637. mcrae

    New bluefin setup

    More often than not when fishing for bluefin light lines and long rods are the call of the day. While it nice to have a 40lb test oufit a 25lb test oufit will be used a lot more. There is no need for a 2 speed with 25 lb test line. Most of the middle range reels in this line size cost about $150...
  638. mcrae

    Seabas & Porgies

    Very nice.
  639. mcrae

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    A stop and frisk on the water? With the exception of the water it sounds like the norm.
  640. mcrae

    Severe abdominal pain

    It is not my intent to be mean but if you are going to keep smoking does your health really matter to you?
  641. mcrae

    Hip Replacement.......

    Good luck Frank. As scary as it may seem I'm starting to agree with you on things so please stay around and making sense.
  642. mcrae


    How many of them are surface irons?
  643. mcrae

    Please help. Wahoo fishing

    When I lived on the east coast I used to squid a jig for bluefish. Now that I am here on the west I yoyo jigs for yellowtail. There truly is no difference other than the name.
  644. mcrae

    Why would someone need more than 10 round clips?

    Hey Carl, I think the problem is that the outspoken people on any side are often not the most rational. This thread may be an example of that.
  645. mcrae

    Reel for a new Rod

    The Hercules rods are very whippy and designed to be used with a short topshot. I have owned the 70l and 70h and found that a fast retrieve reel worked best. Setting the hook with those rods is an adventure as the rods don't provide the backbone for a good hook set. Instead of swinging the rod I...
  646. mcrae

    Tips for flyline Sardine?

    I'll speak Jive to you. Are you fluent?
  647. mcrae

    California Sheepshead charter boats

    I grew up fishing out of the Brooklyn ports. You are in for a real treat. Sheapshead are easy to hook and they get big. We often catch them around kelp forrest. Most captains don't target them but I'm sure you can arrange a charter.
  648. mcrae

    Accurate vs Avet

    The thread search feature will answer your question. Have you thought about Okuma reels as well?
  649. mcrae

    high school teachers?

    If you think the history of women during that era will fit within 20 pages you will learn something new. The best way to learn something is to explain it to someone else. When you write you learn and explain.
  650. mcrae

    Fishing 30lb braid for tuna versus 50lb?

    Not all of the braided lines are the same. Some of the lines are much thinner than others. My experiences indicate that the Power Pro of today is much better than the line the company used to make. Perhaps you could try a few different brands. I have ben using 40lb test Power pro on my Progear...
  651. mcrae

    Avet Lineup Wish List

    Try using 40lb test spectra on the sx. I get over 500 yards of line on a like sized reel.
  652. mcrae

    rock fishing reel?

    I use everything from an sx sized reel to a hx sized reel. It depends upon the conditions. If I can get away with it I use 25lb test but if the current is ripping and I need to use over a pound of lead I'll use 50lb test an a HX sized reel.
  653. mcrae

    not a good day to be driving around in dark Nissan truck

    I am going to move slow,announce myself, and be prepared to be groped(frisked) without even being offered a drink.