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  1. jigfisherman

    For Sale Reels fo sale

    Need some cash so trying to get rid of these. Bantam hg mgl $160 Revo beast 40 $160 Shimano bay game $120 Shimano Chronarch g brand new $180 Calcutta 200gtb. Just back from service and has all conquest bearings in it now. $160 Have some irods for them as well
  2. jigfisherman

    For Sale Shimano bay game

    Looking for a quick sale hopefully. Used Shimano bay game. Jdm reel. Says 300 but more of like a 250 size spool. Good condition a few marks. $120obo
  3. jigfisherman

    For Sale Atd 12 cal’d

    Cal’d atd 12 topless. Older model. Has some marks which I tried to do my best to show in the pics. 3/4 full of 80 izor hollow put on last year and has some fish to it. No reel clamp. NEEDS A SERVICE. Grinds some in low gear and has some play in the handle. If you have anymore questions I will...
  4. jigfisherman

    SOLD Teramar 8ft medium

    New teramar 8 foot medium. Will keep if it doesn’t sell by the weekend. $120
  5. jigfisherman

    SOLD Solds

    And no I haven’t been taking offers or anything like that. The one person to pm got the same price sent to them
  6. jigfisherman

    SOLD Solds

    Sorry guys phone died while writing this up and apparently it posted just the pics. I will re do it later but right $450 or $460 shipped. Once again didn’t mean to
  7. jigfisherman

    SOLD Solds

    Torque 25 n 2 speed. Gone
  8. jigfisherman

    For Sale Shimano and abu

    I was still editing and wanted to see if the pics went through lol
  9. jigfisherman

    For Sale Shimano and abu

    Few reels wanting to unload for some conquests so need the cash somewhat. Didn’t let me add all pics but prices will reflect condition as it is. Just send offers as well. Calcutta 400b $150 Chronarch g 150hg $160 Bantam 150hg mgl $180 Abu beast 40 $200
  10. jigfisherman

    SOLD Newell p322

    Well I guess the 322 fell off the map
  11. jigfisherman

    SOLD Bass reel

    Sent a 200gtb in to Shimano for service and got this back. Have already replaced it with another 200 size so no need to keep this one. Looking or a quick sale hopefully at $140
  12. jigfisherman

    SOLD Newell p322

    I can send pics to each person if needed
  13. jigfisherman

    SOLD Newell p322

    Idk it shows on mine
  14. jigfisherman

    SOLD Newell p322

    Newell p322. Good condition. Got it in a trade and it probably won’t get used. Basically just looking to get my money back so $180 picked up or $190 shipped
  15. jigfisherman

    For Sale Shimano bass reels

    Up let’s make a deal cheap
  16. jigfisherman

    For Sale Avet mxj raptor black

    brand new in box. Got it in a trade and it doesn’t fit the cord handled rod I got it for. Might trade but don’t know what I want instead yet. $280 or $300 shipped. Will add pics soon but black and new in box with all hardware
  17. jigfisherman

    For Sale Cal’d penn vsx 30

    Penn vsx 30 upgraded. Brand new never fished. Have receipt from cal as well. has new tiburon handle. Close to 500yds of seagaur hollow 130lb. $500. Pm for anymore questions
  18. jigfisherman

    For Sale Cal’d atd 30 topless

    Just kind of testing the waters here on this one. I also have a couple more cal’d reels I might list up here soon if these get the interest. Atd 30 top less. Not sure but I’m pretty confident in saying this reel is about 12 years old but still in awesome shape. Has killed quite a few big...
  19. jigfisherman

    SOLD Valiant bv2-600n

    standard red and silver color. No line. Gonna stick with the star drag in this size don’t need a 2 speed to throw the jig personally. Would make a great 40-50 pound bait reel as well. Light as can be. $420 or $440 shipped
  20. jigfisherman

    For Sale Shimano bass reels

    Have several Shimano bass reels forsale. Freshwater sizes but all are capable of fishing salt Bantam mgl 150hg $220 Chronarch g 150hg $180 Chronarch mgl with a g spool so ok for salt 150hg $200 Calcutta 200 gtb $140
  21. jigfisherman

    SOLD Salt

    Let’s get this sold.$320
  22. jigfisherman

    SOLD Salt

    20 sold. $350 for the 35
  23. jigfisherman

    SOLD Salt

    Both for $600
  24. jigfisherman

    SOLD Salt

    I have a couple of saltigas I’m letting go. Both have been used or atleast taken out. The 35ha is basically new. Went out on a boat ride but never made it out of the reel sock. So I guess call it’s condition what you want but it’s spotless and smoothe as can be, just not gonna claim it as brand...
  25. jigfisherman

    Big blow coming 11/20

    More than likely it’ll be the end of the yellowfin with shots still to be had at bluefin. The amount of 15-40 pound bluefin around the border is promising
  26. jigfisherman

    SOLD Torque 15 ld2 silver

    Up will do $400 today
  27. jigfisherman

    SOLD Torque 15 ld2 silver

    New silver torque 15 2 speed. Sick reel I just don’t see myself fishing this over the new narrow. $420 shipped
  28. jigfisherman

    SOLD Tranx 500hg $400

    New tranx 500hg. $420 picked up in Huntington Beach or ship for an extra $10.
  29. jigfisherman

    SOLD done

    If I’m correct I believe the black only came in star drag
  30. jigfisherman

    For Sale Calstar 800xxh 50-100

    Up they are chewing the flat fall
  31. jigfisherman

    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    I feel your “pain.” But hey next year we will see 400’s if they decide to come back and eat
  32. jigfisherman

    For Sale Calstar 800xxh 50-100

    Shipping 8 footers suck
  33. jigfisherman

    For Sale Calstar 800xxh 50-100

    Got a calstar 800xxh 50-100 that’s used. Few marks here and there but no rust on the guides and the hypalon isn’t torn up. Alps reel seat. $300 picked up in Huntington Beach
  34. jigfisherman

    SCI 9/27 Big BFT & a Marlin!! 4K Video

    I believe it could be how you were actually moving the flyer. Just let it lay flat on the surface no need to move it. Use an indicator and don’t wind until that indicator in the water. But hey you were getting a reaction so something was being done right
  35. jigfisherman

    SOLD Torque 25n 2 speed

    Brand new torque 25 narrow 2 speed. Everything still with it in the box. $440 or can ship for an extra $15. Will post pics in a little
  36. jigfisherman

    For Sale Bass gear shimano Phenix irod

    Have some freshwater bass stuff well possibly salt bass stuff for sale. Shimano Stradic ci4 1000 really clean not used much $150 Phenix ultra mbx classic 606l great light jerk bait rod $175 Phenix x-15 crankbait composite. Throws the big deep diving cranks awesome $150 Irod crusher dropshot rod...
  37. jigfisherman

    SOLD Cousins 90m

    I can always take PayPal and hold if needed
  38. jigfisherman

    SOLD Cousins 90m

    cousins 90m 9 foot 25-40 deckhand composite. Used but not abused pics should show well. $160 pick up in Huntington Beach
  39. jigfisherman

    For Sale Shimano bantam mgl

    Brand new still in the box. Light as a feather. Backup spottie reel that’s been sitting a few months so we gonna test to see. $280 pick up in Huntington Beach or ship for an extra $10
  40. jigfisherman

    SOLD Teramar 8ft heavy $120

    Newer style 8 foot heavy shimano teramar. Used but still pretty clean. $120 pick up in Huntington Beach
  41. jigfisherman

    SOLD Tranx 500hg $420

    have a tranx 500hg for sale only used once just not for me. It’s clean and nearly new. Loaded with 300 plus yards of 100 lb max Quattro. $440 picked up in Huntington beach or ship for an extra $10
  42. jigfisherman

    SOLD ..soldd

    I bBrand new makaira 15t gunmetal. Have 2 and love my other just don’t know if I need 2. Am gonna just keep it if all I get are lowball offers. Pick up in Huntington Beach or ship for another $20. $520
  43. jigfisherman

    SOLD Mak 50

    Hopefully the person who bought it realizes it isn’t new... pretty shitty thing to do, flipping a reel and lying that it’s new. I can tell it’s the one I sold you from how the braid is laid down and it’s been fished and hung cows sooooo
  44. jigfisherman

    SOLD Mak 50

    Brand new?
  45. jigfisherman

    SOLD Gons

    Will add pics of the 14a soon
  46. jigfisherman

    SOLD Gons

    Brand new talica 12 2 speed. $420 picked up in Huntington Beach or $440 shipped New trini 14a $370 picked up ke $390 shipped
  47. jigfisherman

    SOLD Nib tranx 400hg

    Tranx 400 hg right handed brand new in box. Can take and post pics if needed. $240 pick up in Huntington beach or can ship for $15
  48. jigfisherman

    SOLD Can delete

  49. jigfisherman

    SOLD Goner

  50. jigfisherman

    For Sale Tranx 300 $200

    mint condition tranx 300 5.8 filled to the top with 65 lb v2 super slick. Box and everything. Will get pictures here soon but it’s pretty spotless. Pick up in Huntington Beach
  51. jigfisherman

    For Sale Phenix bd isa 760l $150

    brand new black diamond inshore assasin. The 760l so 7’6 8-25. A little too light for me for what I thought. Pick up in Huntington Beach $150
  52. jigfisherman

    SOLD No more here

    brand new in box no line $400 firm. Can take pics if needed but box still sealed. Pick up in Huntington Beach or ship for an extra $15
  53. jigfisherman

    Super Seeker 10' Ulua

    Some of you guys are talking pretty big, id be thoroughly impressed watching someone playing tug of war with a 30 plus pound yellow with that heavy of a rod and the inability to use the rail. I know for a fact some of you guys that have talked would get thrown around like a rag doll if that set...
  54. jigfisherman

    WTB WTB Light Swimbait setup

    Where you located bc I’ve got plenty, Phenix and irod and a tranx 200hg
  55. jigfisherman

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    This guy is always spewing out bad info bc I have too seen more reds locally than ever. Shit we can even make long drifts over hard bottom and catch them while they are chasing bait. Sorry things aren’t as easy with the amount of people we have fishing today
  56. jigfisherman

    For Sale Tranx 400hg with paddle handle $220

    Last day at this price and no don’t have the original power handle
  57. jigfisherman

    For Sale Tranx 400hg with paddle handle $220

    Have a tranx 400 hg for sale. Comes with a paddle handle and don’t have the original power handle. Mint condition but still fresh off a service bc it was sitting. $220 pick up in Huntington Beach
  58. jigfisherman

    For Sale Swimbait rods phenix and cousins

    Cousins sold black diamond inshore 760l still available
  59. jigfisherman

    Rockfish Opening day

    Today’s weather at Miguel was awesome so stop being scared and go
  60. jigfisherman

    For Sale Phenix trout rods elixir and dragonfly

    Make offers I hardly trout fish anymore
  61. jigfisherman

    For Sale Swimbait rods phenix and cousins

    Up black diamond inshore 760l still available too
  62. jigfisherman

    SOLD Shimano Conquest 401-Used $350.00

    Would sell on swimbait underground for $420 by this evening
  63. jigfisherman

    WTB Shimano reel covers (New)

    As in the neoprene ones? I have several mediums and larges that are new. I just need to make sure how many I have
  64. jigfisherman

    For Sale Newell p 235

    got a Newell p235 for sale. Graphite bars but everything else aluminum. Just serviced and as smoothe as a Newell can get. Pick up in Huntington Beach for $150 or $160 shipped
  65. jigfisherman

    SOLD 23 grey

    Gone thanks
  66. jigfisherman

    For Sale Swimbait rods phenix and cousins

    I have several swimbait rods for sale. Can be used as calico rods too. All rods are new. Just don’t use phenix anymore. Pick up in Huntington Beach. 800h ultra swimbait classics.The heaviest factory swimbait they make. $220 Cousins raze 807 xx heavy. Same thing heaviest factory cousins...
  67. jigfisherman

    For Sale Phenix trout rods elixir and dragonfly

    Got 2 Phenix trout rods both in really good condition and both are 8ft. One is a 801-2 elixir so it’s a 2 piece. The other is a 801 dragonfly. Both have been used a few times and caught fish but hard to tell they aren’t new. $190 obo for the dragonfly and $170 obo for the elixir. Would like to...
  68. jigfisherman

    For Sale Thinning the Herd. Some Reels for Sale

    Sorry was just a little off on screen names good luck with the sale
  69. jigfisherman

    SOLD New Penn Fathom 25NLD2 with 80# Maxcuatro

    Damn over $100 in just braid great deal
  70. jigfisherman

    For Sale Cousins glass long rod blank

    12 inches not counting the gimbal and butt cap
  71. jigfisherman

    SOLD Not mores

    Brand new in
  72. jigfisherman

    SOLD Tranx 400 w/500 handle and tib clamp

    I have a pretty clean tranx 400 low gear the 5.8 with a few upgrades. Like I said it’s clean, maybe a small mark or two but you’d have to look. I put a tranx 500 handle on it and it comes with a new tiburon clamp. It’s only been used in fresh water and is fresh off a service for the season...
  73. jigfisherman

    For Sale Cousins glass long rod blank

    Wasn’t given a rating and this blank was never listed. Feels like a 20-50
  74. jigfisherman

    For Sale Cousins glass long rod blank

    Bought them like that. One blank sold one still available
  75. jigfisherman

    For Sale Cousins glass long rod blank

    Then lastly I have 2 cousins blanks. They are 8’9 glass blanks. They were painted a dark dark dark grey called the midnight series.i have them next to a composite blank to show the true color. Feels like a 90j just a few inches short. These things are nearly finished already have handles on with...
  76. jigfisherman

    SOLD Saltist bg 40 with tib clamp 140 obo

    In pretty good condition only one season on it. Used as a jig reel. 3/4 full of 80 izor. $140 obo. Pick up in Huntington Beach or add $15 for shipping
  77. jigfisherman

    Wide open bay bass

    Big baits at dvl let’s go
  78. jigfisherman

    For Sale Big bluefin tackle- rigged jigs and flyers

    Didn’t get to use them as much as I’d like and I figure next year will be the same because of work. Got some rigged flatfalls and rigged flyers. Would prefer to sell in lots. Flat fall lot. 2 250 gram Shimano flat falls and I believe a 10 oz glow ahi. I will weigh it to make sure tonight. One...
  79. jigfisherman

    WTB Shimano Stradic ci4+ 1000

    I pm about a new one and am local
  80. jigfisherman

    For Sale Phenix axis 909hj $180

    Still I’m good condition just not gonna get used. Few marks but not many tried to get them in the pics. Pick up in Huntington Beach $180
  81. jigfisherman

    SOLD Calstar 770xxh new $380

    Brand new. With the alps reel seat. Calstar 770xxh. Pick up in Huntington Beach $380 firm
  82. jigfisherman

    SOLD Please delete/

    Still new in box no line. Pick up in Huntington Beach $420 $440 shipped
  83. jigfisherman

    Love notes from Elijah

    I didn’t get my chance with him this time damn. I do kind of feel bad tho because he keeps wanting to come back. This must be his form of friendship
  84. jigfisherman

    For Sale Curados k and dc

    Other bass tackle especially swimbait stuff
  85. jigfisherman

    SOLD uc raptor cx 80

    No but if you come pick it up tonight I’ll do $200 for it all
  86. jigfisherman

    SOLD Fathom 25n star with tib clamp

    Also have a brand new penn fathom 25n star drag. No box tho. Comes full to the brim with 80lb green max cuatro and a new tiburon clamp. $200 obo
  87. jigfisherman

    SOLD New Trinidad 20a $380

    New in box still sealed Trinidad 20a. $380 pick up in Huntington Beach
  88. jigfisherman

    For Sale Curados k and dc

    I think it’s like $15
  89. jigfisherman

    For Sale Curados k and dc

    Got a curado 150 hg dc in near mint condition. Has that nice dc sound and once you get it tuned, it does eliminate backlash. Full of 17 lb invisx thats been used once. With box. $220 Also have a curado 200 hg k in pretty nice condition. No rash just been used in the bay some. Full of 40lb...
  90. jigfisherman

    SOLD Calstar 100 mag honey tip

    Am not gonna get to use it as much as I’d like to. No name good condition. Starts with graphite into the honey glass tip. Cord handle. Pick up in Huntington Beach $200
  91. jigfisherman

    SOLD Accurate bv2-400-b **TRADE Shimano 20A or 500hg**

    If deal falls through I have the same I’d be willing to trade. Obviously gonna wait tho that’s why I’m answering here not through your number
  92. jigfisherman

    For Sale Genesis II Cast Rod 7'8" Jr. Swimbait Med Hvy

    Bounced a 7 pounder last night over a 6 foot railing on a hudd 68 with ease. Great rod
  93. jigfisherman

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    I work at sav on tackle and just had a whole lot of jigmasters and Newell’s filled with 15-20lb pink ande today. I might be only 25 but got dang has it been a while since I’ve seen a long fin tuna boil on my light lined long glass rod
  94. jigfisherman

    turn left or turn right

    How does one feel tho after a 7 day produces no fish over 60-70 pounds, then an overnight has 20-30 fish all over 100? It’s not every trip but if you witnessed it last year, then you know what I’m talking about
  95. jigfisherman

    For Sale GOT Lead , New in - line , and 2 lb .Cannon Ball Sinker's in the OC, (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    Best deal on torpedoes there is. Already have bought 80 from 8-12-16oz and am almost ready for more
  96. jigfisherman

    SOLD uc raptor cx 80

    What you got lying around you want to trade?
  97. jigfisherman

    SOLD uc raptor cx 80

    United Composites raptor cx 80. Was going to wrap it and use as my local 80 pound rig with the torque but probably gonna go shorter. Comes with butt cap, alps reel seat, rear and foregrip. Have two lengths of foregrip to choose from. $240
  98. jigfisherman

    Hook Up Baits?

    Ultralight heavyweight jerk tubes.... just sayin. Got them at sav on. Nothing small about these few and that’s just the few I actually took pics with
  99. jigfisherman

    For Sale Sold to my mom

    Bring it into the shop, I want it
  100. jigfisherman

    Tell Me About These Jigs

    Dat bartender and 14a tho. I take it some people have tried to offer you $20-$40 for the bartender? That one jig might possibly be worth $60 plus to the right person. I’d love to take it off your hands but unfortunately couldn’t pay you a truly fair offer
  101. jigfisherman

    For Sale 2 jig stick 9.6ft & 9ft

    Would you take $200 for the roddy? I’m in hb too
  102. jigfisherman

    Gail Force Report

    That’s me and my fish. It looks like it could be a canary in the pic but it for sure was a red
  103. jigfisherman

    Nomad Madscad Lures

    We got em at sav on tackle. Even got back stock too for those who are truly interested...
  104. jigfisherman

    Wham lures

    Yes we have some
  105. jigfisherman

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Sorry everyone. As you can see, I just don’t like that guy. Didn’t mean to get him banned tho. I guess it’ll happen to me soon if I don’t watch myself
  106. jigfisherman

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Siiiiiiick burn dude. I made a linked in for a college class and haven’t worked there for some time. But hey, making 40k a year under the table from 21-25 with no degree worked wonders for me. How’s your shitty life going for you? We all know it’s you ahab cause I got this same killer burn a...
  107. jigfisherman

    Cal Sheets??

    Shimano under powered their talica/terez rail rods for what they claim they are supposed to be built for
  108. jigfisherman

    Cal Sheets??

    Get that low gear down and stop any binding when trying to use it’s full potential of drag. They say 30/45 at strike/full. You start losing the Freespool the talica is known for unfortunately using quite less than that. Watched a guy not be able to turn the handle on a 25 on a bluefin right at...
  109. jigfisherman

    Cal Sheets??

    Then why pay more to wrap a custom rod then just buy a factory wrapped one? Some people like certain handles, handle sizes, guides, butt caps, etc. People have different styles and not all of these big reels are coming out of the box ready for the style of fishing us west coast anglers do. I get...
  110. jigfisherman

    Truline tuna tamer info please

    El Sapo, Steve, had one up for sale. It’s a killer yo yo stick that you can pull as hard as you want on it
  111. jigfisherman

    WTB Kicker 25 Surface Irons

    I know you are probably looking for a bulk deal of used jigs but sav on has tons
  112. jigfisherman

    Rod belt or harness for 80# and above?

    But like you said, a straight back can make a world of difference
  113. jigfisherman

    Rod belt or harness for 80# and above?

    I’m just short enough and know how to use the rail even when the fish are at a 45
  114. jigfisherman

    Rod belt or harness for 80# and above?

    I had to pull on nearly 30 fish on two trips when the big fish were on the banks cause unfortunately it isn’t that easy for everybody. Some people can’t get that fish straight up down pumping a rail rod, too heavy so they get fatigued. Then once the fish is up and down, they have no more left in...
  115. jigfisherman

    New Lo-An bigger grade on day and a half

    Matt went to culinary school initially and the new lo Ann was just an in between job. He is off to bigger and better things. Sometimes people point the rod at the fish when the rod is basically maxed out hoping the reel’s low gear will finish off the tuna
  116. jigfisherman

    WTB Lookin for Accurate Rubber Power Knob......

    Penn knobs work, atleast that’s what I had on all my old boss’
  117. jigfisherman

    WTB Vintage surface irons

    What days do you work? You hooked me up on a Trinidad last year so I’ll brong you down a few Starman and old 45s next time I ride with you guys
  118. jigfisherman


    Lol I guess I’ll take my rod back. I’ll send you a pm, just gonna be out of town for roughly a week
  119. jigfisherman

    Another tranx 400 handle idea

    For those who want a power handle on the 400 low gear. tranx 500 arm with a Stella knob. Very easy just make sure that your knob has its bearings
  120. jigfisherman

    Didn't get away

    So that little dip in sea water is as good as hand sanitizer for the rust on the gaff hook?
  121. jigfisherman

    Plano rod tube extends to 8.5 $20

    I’ll measure tmw cause I’ll be at the show everyday working
  122. jigfisherman

    For Sale 12 foot 2 piece conolon spinner $40

    Send me a pm and I’ll try to drop it off to them cause I still have it. Sorry, didn’t have any interest in shipping a $40 item. I’m just a dick apparently cause I didn’t respond thinking I had no shipping on the ad
  123. jigfisherman

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    I know but it looks like it’s a possibility
  124. jigfisherman

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    I have 6 of them between star drag fathoms, 2 speed fathoms and a torium sitting in my cart waiting for the end of the month. Sounds like a good thing I added them to the cart early instead of wait
  125. jigfisherman

    For Sale 12 foot 2 piece conolon spinner $40

    Offers lookin for some jig money
  126. jigfisherman

    need help identifying this rod

    If it’s over 9 foot then it’s not an 850m. The pics you have don’t really help to give an exact model. If the guides are in good shape and the rod can still be pulled hard on, then yes it’s worth atleast that $100
  127. jigfisherman

    For Sale Big swimbaits Viejo and ceez candy $20

    Got some big plastics and a few heads that don’t get used. I think one rogue and one war head. Gonna throw in a home made underspin and some even older but still oily pearls and a hammer head. Were stored away and still in good condition. Bought about a year ago. No use for them so just looking...
  128. jigfisherman

    For Sale Penn fathom 40NLD 2 speed/ calstar 800xxh

    Which exact tiburon handle did you use? Been wanting to do it to a fathom
  129. jigfisherman

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    I’m working the salt life boothe so I’ll definitely see you ASAP before the good stuff goes
  130. jigfisherman

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    I think I’m going to have a new favorite jig then for this year
  131. jigfisherman

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    Will that mint/white jri 2 be available at the show?
  132. jigfisherman

    Need some input Calstar 775

    Several places will have the uc’s at 20% off plus I’m sure if you buy multiple then they will knock off a few more bucks. I will fish my sub 50lb rods in Calstars all day over a United Composites, but the rail rods have no comparisons. For your health’s sake go for the 7’6 United Composites
  133. jigfisherman

    Need help identifying this rod if possible

    Put your 60ld on it, tie on a 20-25 pound weight(dumbbell, bucket filled with water, etc) and see how much weight the rod can lift off the ground. If the rod laid on some type of rail can pick up a 25lb weight, then it can fish your 80-100 pound. I know you want a name and number but atleast...
  134. jigfisherman

    WTB Seeker Old School ULUA 93H

    You didn’t find one last year? I’ll keep an eye out cause I remember your search last time
  135. jigfisherman

    New rail rod foregrip ideas

    Hahaha yah you just pay the guys at seeker
  136. jigfisherman

    SOLD Tiburon c

    No it does not. Specific clamp just for the Lexas. Even the Tranx one won’t fit on a lexa
  137. jigfisherman

    SOLD Gone G

    $260 for today only. No pick up tmw
  138. jigfisherman

    SOLD Gone G

    To anybody liking the wrap and or handle on this rod, it all goes to Jeff truitt or scruitt above. Does some really nice work and he might even have some seeker stuff you thought was long gone that can still be wrapped to your liking
  139. jigfisherman

    SOLD Tiburon c

    tiburon clamp size large. Fits toriums, saltigas, talica 12, Trinidad 40 and more. Used but in good condition. Long and short set of screws. Pick up in Huntington Beach. $20
  140. jigfisherman

    SOLD Gone G

    Up make an offer need a little cash
  141. jigfisherman

    SOLD Gone G

    Yah surprised it’s not sold already
  142. jigfisherman

    SOLD Gone G

    Got a clean 10 foot ce Del Mar custom wrapped. Nothing too fancy and no name. Alps guides, olive branch wrap navy blue so not bright. Moon style handle; butt cap epoxied on with olive branch and a section a heat shrink over the cord where the reel goes also tied in with olive branch. Great...
  143. jigfisherman

    Avet Pro EX 30/2 in Blue

    He’s just being nice, he sees you have a quality reel at a great price and is probably wondering why it’s still available. Some people call them free bumps to get your ad back up to the top
  144. jigfisherman

    For Sale 12 foot 2 piece conolon spinner $40

    Got an old 12 foot 2 piece glass spinning rod that just sits and takes up space. I don’t know what it is for sure but it looks like a conolon maybe a roddy but who knows your guess is as good as mine. Pick up in Huntington Beach. $50 obo come with old spinning reel
  145. jigfisherman

    Plano rod tube extends to 8.5 $20

    Pick up in Huntington Beach. $20. Extends to 8 foot 6 inches
  146. jigfisherman

    Batson Enterprises at Fred Hall Long Beach

    Can’t wait to pull on that 4x, do you have a general price range for it when it does eventually come out?
  147. jigfisherman

    Jig lots cheap

    You are correct
  148. jigfisherman

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    I mean the Star was fishing and keeping rockfish well deeper than 120 at tanner/Cortez and at San nic along with cow cod. Was gonna happen sooner or later. No one must like Mike too much anyways. They were on a 3.5 day during that epic November 60 mile bank bite and island hopped never even...
  149. jigfisherman

    Jig lots cheap

    Up, take all for $30
  150. jigfisherman

    Jig lots cheap

    Some old jigs that don’t and won’t get used so I figure someone else might be able to. No shipping pick up in Huntington Beach. Prices are firm unless buying multiple lots. Just about all are used and some hooks have rust so make sure to check pictures before waisting time. Lot #1: Tady 9...
  151. jigfisherman

    WTB: Surf Fishing Rod & Reel

    I got a reel that would be perfect for you for $25. A u.s reel
  152. jigfisherman

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    Yah man I’m just gonna take the loss on this one. I guess there’s nothing I can say to actually get you to act like you talk. Because you are such an intellectual and broke me down to the ground I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight because you are so tough and I’m scared. It’s cool it’s just...
  153. jigfisherman

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    I got about 700 pounds of red snapper ready to be sold commercially, come tell me and show me how your world is
  154. jigfisherman

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    Lol his trip went about 10k, that $200 is like 1/5 the tip he threw on that trip
  155. jigfisherman

    Tn 40N brand new

    ^^^^^ The way life should be lived. 2 minutes to just say fuck it, it’s mine. Turn that want into a have
  156. jigfisherman

    Rail Rod Length for Private Boat

    Luckily my buddies radon has a legit squared off rail that sits above waist high. Other than that you are on your ass or burying both knees into the gunwhale. Tried to sit down with one on my buddies Parker and a 50w and just wasn’t having it. Nearly impossible to move if they get squirrelly...
  157. jigfisherman

    FS: NEW Shimano Torium 16HG with line. - SOLD

    I’ll delete my comment if you would like Jeff I’m sorry there’s just been way too much of this going on lately and a lot of it isn’t even correct info
  158. jigfisherman

    FS: NEW Shimano Torium 16HG with line. - SOLD

    He got lucky, that seller on amazon put up more. Still hard to beat full of spectra
  159. jigfisherman

    Orcas on the chew

    Same kill but on video
  160. jigfisherman

    Dad-E-O surface iron

    I would if I could
  161. jigfisherman

    Dad-E-O surface iron

    Gotta be a copy right since the dad-e-o isn’t stamped in? Swims nicely still so that isn’t a concern, just curious
  162. jigfisherman

    What do I have here

    You sir have just been gifted a holy grail
  163. jigfisherman

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    There’s one point here that you just aren’t getting, this isn’t a tackle store where he can just give you the rod back and everything is set straight with a simple receipt. “Mistake” or not, you are still trying to fix things on your terms and you will only fix the deal on those terms. The fact...
  164. jigfisherman

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    I have to say the funniest part of all of this is this cchris guy calling the classifieds forums moderator an idiot not realizing he is just moments away from getting banned over $50
  165. jigfisherman

    For Sale Really really cheap freshwater gear $25 for all

    Stuff collects dust and most hasn’t been used in several years and probably won’t be anytime soon. Pick up in Huntington Beach. Prices are firm for now except with the combos or multiple items. Can take more pics if needed but all is in good working order unless other wise stated, which 2 rods...
  166. jigfisherman

    Saturday 1/13/18 Palos Verdes area good day for boys and Fish ID please.

    I’m just assuming so I could be wrong but if you are calling that fish in front of the kid with the orange hat a lingcod, that’s a cabezon. 7 inch difference on legal size. Curious too bc if that is the case and you were comparing it to being a legal ling at 22 inches, then that’s a really...
  167. jigfisherman

    Shipping a Rod Tube

    Damn Henry you should’ve said something I had a Plano you could’ve had to be safer
  168. jigfisherman

    Are The Deals at FHS Really Deals?

    Flouro spools and bargain bin rod blanks
  169. jigfisherman

    Tackle shop needed in Orange County

    Fisherman’s hardware has quite a bit of freshwater selection
  170. jigfisherman

    Penn VISX vs. Okuma Mak SEa

    Well it looks like you already own a tried and true cow killer so why fix what’s not broken? You’ll get a better response for this in the long range section
  171. jigfisherman

    Dropper loop vs 3x for White Seabass

    Caught a 50 pounder on a bait o matic and 200 lb leader going 2.5 knots
  172. jigfisherman

    'Sexy' Marge Simpson weave pattern & left list

    I’d put that on a rod forsure
  173. jigfisherman


    That comment was more so towards some of the other comments in this post and other reports going up as of late. Haha I felt I was still somewhat general in that location throwing out a 10 or so mile stretch
  174. jigfisherman


    And just so we don’t have a parking lot every single day drifting halibut from salt creek to San Clemente pier, that same depth zone Brett shared is literally biting from the tj bull ring all the way to Santa Monica bay. Our whole coast up and down to smb is holding incredible halibut fishing...
  175. jigfisherman

    Rent My Boat

    At $400 a day you have a good idea seeing as you know how to handle your business dealing with renting your rv
  176. jigfisherman

    RADON 15 Im sure he has that much into it
  177. jigfisherman

    WTB lb made ss 6463xxxxh blank uncut

    Will consider lb made 3x5 blank too
  178. jigfisherman

    WTB lb made ss 6463xxxxh blank uncut

    I know it’s a long shot but it’s what I want. Let me know if you have exactly what the title says. I’m in Orange County but will travel for right price. Might consider the 3x blank too 6463xxxh. No factory wrap but will consider an uncut custom, 6’8-6’9. Send me price and contact info. Have no...
  179. jigfisherman

    Chaos at the Ridge!!! 2017 "Redneck Rodeo" | 7-Day | Royal Star

    Ahhhhh I miss those days when I was still a kid and got to join in on the deckhand wars of the royal Polaris. When Paul snips that dudes first fish off, his look of disbelief is priceless
  180. jigfisherman

    Jerry "Jerry Jig" Esten passes

    I might only be 25 but I’ve caught a lot of fish on his jigs that are twice as old as me. He might no longer be here but his mark on the passion we all share and enjoy will forever live on. Will always have a Jerry jig in the box on the boat so he can forever be on the water. Thank you Sir
  181. jigfisherman

    What makaira sea for 2x4

    Luckily I’m smart enough to know that your advice is one to take so thank you
  182. jigfisherman

    What makaira sea for 2x4

    Because I had a couple bluefin on the kite last year that were full of piss and vinegar at the end game so it gives me just a little more confidence if one gets a little squirrelly in his circles and heads towards the outboard/trim tabs. I know this isn’t a true kite set up but it’s a lot easier...
  183. jigfisherman

    What makaira sea for 2x4

    16,20, or 30. I don’t know about the 16 because I want to put some 130 on top of some 100. I figure the 20 but figured I’d ask if some of you prefer the 30 on a 2x4 over the 20
  184. jigfisherman

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    What if I used a 50 or 50w atd with 130 or 150 spectra on a 4x, would you still recommend rollers?
  185. jigfisherman

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    What are you guys using for kite set ups? 80’s and 4x’s?
  186. jigfisherman

    Is anyone having a Custom Rod made by Fisherman's Supply

    She does good work, got a jigstick done earlier this year and was thinking of having her do my 1x3. Nice and clean wraps
  187. jigfisherman

    Hearing Aids

    I have a buddy who has worn them basically his whole life too. We worked for an event staff company and as you can guess did concerts, sporting events, basically anything with big crowds. What he did in those times was only wear one and had it turned down somewhat low. Said it kind of helps so...
  188. jigfisherman

    12/1 SCI Report

    just cause the poster said to
  189. jigfisherman

    WTB radon/Anderson skiff

    Shoot me a pm, im rebuilding a 15 foot radon as we speak. What's your budget, I can still lay it out how you want, and other questions like that just give me a quick answer and we might be able to get you the boat you want the way you want it
  190. jigfisherman

    Guides for ss 1x3 and 2x4

    How many and of what sizes have you guys used in the past?
  191. jigfisherman

    100# setup that wont break the bank?

    Been several penn 30's and 7ft rail rods over just the last week that would fit your budget
  192. jigfisherman

    60 MILE BANK 11-18 to 11-19

    Right hard to say it was a bad call limiting out on bluefin on a private boat a week from thanksgiving
  193. jigfisherman

    60 MILE BANK 11-18 to 11-19

    And you didn't see the sporties out that way on the big fish? Hmmmm changes my plan for tmw a little
  194. jigfisherman

    1.5 day trip on..... The Liberty or Old Glory???

    The two boats you have picked are both really good. The old glory has been on a constant tear when the bluefin are chewing. Some emphasis on when. Like they said, the liberty is also good bc taro has many many friends in this industry. Just bc he a 3/4 day doesn't mean he isn't getting up to the...
  195. jigfisherman

    Horseshoe hot again 11/6 early

    Daisy chain on a 30lb 8 foot rod to keep it up at 6 knots and just circle the green bouy at the shoe. Watch them do back flips on the hoochies behind you for some great fun. On Monday we were getting the 4-7 pounders doubled up with constant bait fish after doing this
  196. jigfisherman


    lol you should wrangle up like 10 bd members who haven't had a shot at the the big fish as like a last chance try incase they don't come back
  197. jigfisherman

    Yellowtail (well, one) at Horseshoe 11/2

    How big were the bonito and did you see the sport boats at all today
  198. jigfisherman

    Better jigstick....for beginner

    My calstar 6480 throws a 7x and starman 112 just as far for me as these newer 9 foot composites just bc I haven't gotten the hang of maximizing their potential. What I do know tho it's I've caught tuna to nearly 100 pounds on the 6480 here's a couple on the 6480 and a sport boat so there wasn't...
  199. jigfisherman

    WTB Rail Rod with roller tip

    Where you located? I have something with all rollers that's 6.5 I might be able to let go for $120 and it is a calstar graphiter. I know it's a little higher than your cap but it's better quality than what you'll probably find
  200. jigfisherman

    10/24 Big some big BFT on the Aztec...

    I see you said green stick. Are you guys skipping flyers or those mold craft squids from it if that's what you actually mean? I know in the area you guys are fishing them that they are on some squid. Atleast that's what the yellowfin and bluefin were full of a couple of weeks ago. They wouldn't...
  201. jigfisherman

    Aztec-Super Cow

    Sell your personal hoard of d8's only and I'm sure you could fish long enough straight to get a few
  202. jigfisherman

    1978 13'9 Gregor aluminum pick up tonight only for $1300

    Have to update that the motor runs nice and quiet. Fires right up this evening. Please don't waste my time. I'm sitting here soaking wet over $100 after doing what was asked even when I said no multiple times
  203. jigfisherman

    1978 13'9 Gregor aluminum pick up tonight only for $1300

    Has been sitting out front and probably not started for close to a year until today. Cranked asap. But it comes with a 2009 9.8 4 stroke tiller tohatsu. Has built in decks with dry storage. Have a 3 and 5 gallon tank to choose from. Bow mounted trolling motor with swivel set for bass fishing...
  204. jigfisherman

    Rods and reels(truline,u.c.,more) new prices

    Let's get this stuff sold. Real deal prices must be picked up by end of the day Friday. Bh89- $280 Uc mega 100- $180 Curado 300ej- $130 Firm on these prices won't go lower
  205. jigfisherman

    Rods and reels(truline,u.c.,more) new prices

    Pick up in Huntington Beach. Pm for more info. Would like the stuff to be sold by the weekend. Truline bh89. Great condition. Full length. 20-30 pound rod. Cord handle. $280 United composites us100 mega 20-40. This is the gusa blank. Has a reel seat in between a cord handle, no trigger. 10...
  206. jigfisherman

    150 YFT?

    Probably got flashed up by a school of big yellows
  207. jigfisherman

    Oceanside 95 1 1/2 day trip 10/10/2017

    I still can't believe we stopped that thing on the 40. He wanted to stay right on the bow too and those spinners are so much harder getting around since the line is coming off the bottom and the rod can't just slide across. Would've been crazy to catch a cow on 40 without any backing down on it
  208. jigfisherman

    9/29 - Two Miles Shy of The 182

    I wanna release a thresher or Marlin with you hardcor, I feel like that would be a killer experience. I'm a big fan of Bruce root of the sport king and you remind me of him. I commercial rod and reel on my boat so a trip like that would be a vacation to me. Your bonefish look fun but we have too...
  209. jigfisherman

    Farnsworth Bank Report Sunday 9/24

    It's ok we got humbled at sci on that same grade of fish all in less than 100 feet over nasty structure on Monday. Let's just say we should've had close to 400 pounds headed to buyer but I had to cut the one single fish we got to the boat instead
  210. jigfisherman

    The Reel Brothers calls in the Legend (video)

    Love it. Had dorado charge the boat and eat the popper just north of the border yesterday so we still have a month and a half of killer fishing. Kind of ashame tho he can see you wave a hand to call him in but he can't see a boat sinking with guys waving their hands
  211. jigfisherman

    So, What's Working?

    Well right now might be the worst time to ask and the hardest time to answer that question. With that length of trip, you will more than likely have shots at 5-250 pound fish. Day 1 if it holds will likely be the schoolie yellowfin. Keep it simple for them: 15-20 pound bait rig incase they are...
  212. jigfisherman

    O95 9/15 - Limits of YFT - home run in the bottom of the 9th!

    For the price, small state rooms with ac, huge deck space, and a nice riding boat in the trough, the O95 is very hard to beat especially when he gets to fish the same exact areas as the sd fleet
  213. jigfisherman

    Mustang 9-15-17 Never Give Up

    Did you deliberately make an example out of the guys running their mouths? At the end of that stop with them only a few feet away, I would've looked at Steve and told him he had a few guys running their mouths and then look right at the guys and ask what they think of Steve now. I personally...
  214. jigfisherman

    FS: 2 NEW Seeker White Tiger (Custom Color Red) D 8's-SOLD

    Yah the market is everyone is looking for cow gear. If you had that thing in November then you would've forsure got your asking price for someone to gift it
  215. jigfisherman

    Guess everything went nanners today

    Oh yah I'm sure that one banana was the reason for a 4 degree temp drop over night and a ripping current going against the wind on Monday right?
  216. jigfisherman

    8.27 LBC - thank you Bloody Decks

    The counts plummeted along with the water temp Monday. 4 degrees over night puts any fish off the bite
  217. jigfisherman

    Yellow madness !!8-25 Friday

    Saw taxfree and the kolomona but never had a confirmation of a ducky sighting. Oh well maybe next time. That was fun fishing. With the amount of barracuda and solid size bass around, we used every single piece of bait in a scoop that had maybe 5 or 6 die off. Glad we stayed local instead of run...
  218. jigfisherman

    Catalina 8/22 - The Tradition-the good and the bad

    You were just a day late. We had it wide for an hour Monday
  219. jigfisherman

    10 foot yellow fenwick blank 25-30#

    10 foot fenwick/fenglass 25-30#- $100 firm Have a set of alps guides that will probably work with these so add like $20 if you want them. Have a butt cap and tip for the fenwick. The fenwick had previously been wrapped. Don't feel like getting it wrapped. Pick up in Huntington Beach
  220. jigfisherman

    WTB: Cow tuna setup ($500-600)

    Just don't go over to the general tackle classifieds for your 250g flat falls
  221. jigfisherman

    8/5/17 at the 277

    How did the rest of the day go?
  222. jigfisherman

    Coolest thing-but what is it?

    It's the same concept. It's basically a downrigger that you can turn into a lure
  223. jigfisherman

    Coolest thing-but what is it?

    Search bait o matic
  224. jigfisherman

    New Lo-An 1.5 Day (7/31-8/02)

    That was a fun trip man glad to share it with you
  225. jigfisherman

    Looking to go to Bluefin grounds

    Ez_sportfishing. His name is Eric and is live2fish here on bd. He runs 3-4 pack trips and usually has a spot or two open
  226. jigfisherman

    Party on the 43

    Counted 7 boats bent at once Monday afternoon in an area looking like that
  227. jigfisherman

    Party on the 43

    If only you knew how good it's been for a week now
  228. jigfisherman

    Skip... Skip... They bite - SD Offshore BFT - 7.16.17

    Were you guys out by the 43 yesterday? If you were I gave you my bare ass salute around 5pm bc I knew you wouldn't see my finger. If not I mooned a random boat but oh well it was so wide. Feels a little like wicked tuna, you can watch these big tuna streak up on your meter then turn around and...
  229. jigfisherman

    Shoe 7/12 Kman style

    Killer day. Afternoons locally can be really fun once most boats get off the water, but now you see why they do. You can almost bet the wind and swell is gonna get pretty nasty almost every afternoon in that shallow water. It almost always comes out the north there so you get pounded coming in...
  230. jigfisherman

    WTB: Tranx 400 or 300 PG w/ power handle

    Yah I was right next to tony at the moment. Had really curly blonde hair and a balck hat on
  231. jigfisherman

    WTB: Tranx 400 or 300 PG w/ power handle

    Well I guess it was kind of nice to meet you luckyj, I was there as you were walking off the Monte Friday when you said that and someone asked what you guys caught
  232. jigfisherman

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    Don't give up on the tuna search
  233. jigfisherman

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    If you were looking for foamers then you probably drove by many schools of fish. I get everyone's gripe but holy shit, it's mid July and our local waters are pretty jugged with tuna right now. Was out there yesterday and couldn't go 10 minutes in the 209 area without coming across a breezer...
  234. jigfisherman


    I commercially rod and reel threshers and only drag and snag. I've killed a many of 30-40 pounders bc they sell for the same price. Anyone wanna come tell me I'm doing something wrong? I'll even keep one to eat for me and my whole family bc I don't make a killing in work. Why didn't you release...
  235. jigfisherman

    Gold ulua???

    It's 9'9 uncut
  236. jigfisherman

    Gold ulua???

    Well damn tony if I would've known that I would've asked more about it while on the Monte Friday bc I sold it to him
  237. jigfisherman

    Daiwa saltiga clamp system/tiburon style

    You can come check it out tonight if you'd like
  238. jigfisherman

    Fishing out of LB

    Put atleast a limit of straight logs on the surface iron on the Monte Carlo yesterday afternoon. The captain gave us a little info that was kind of part of a fish report a couple weeks back. The mornings off lb aren't looking to good, cooler off color water and more skiffs buzzing around. It's...
  239. jigfisherman

    Daiwa saltiga clamp system/tiburon style

    Ended up not having a use for it, missing a screw. Pretty good condition, $30 pick up in Huntington Beach
  240. jigfisherman

    Newell 338j $125 and p447 $175 take both for $265

    No letter Newell 338j-5. Side plates in great condition. The base, bars and handle have been changed to p series parts so they are now aluminum not graphite. There was nothing wrong i just wanted to do it. Also have a stock aluminum clamp for it with longer screws if using on an ulua. $125 today...
  241. jigfisherman

    Kicker 25 jigs and shinano jig bag

    That's a come up, please let me know if it falls through to the probably 5 or 6 in front of me
  242. jigfisherman

    7/3. 9 mile bank 182

    You would've been undergunned with a 50 wide on that one. Thats easily a 400 plus
  243. jigfisherman

    Fished Catalina 6/28 on the Sportking w/ 60 other people

    Everyone of the local boats gets out a day or two a week with a light load. If those days don't fit your schedule, then guess what I'm sure you have heard this before but sometimes life sucks. These guys struggle hard during the winter months and some of them had a really rough few year stretch...
  244. jigfisherman

    Bass, Bycatch and Upwelling - Long Beach Report Saturday 6/24

    You are right about the amount of seabass in that area. Probably one of the biggest concentrations I've ever marked locally. And they were really aggressive on that big chovie. We had one eat the damn bait o matic
  245. jigfisherman

    Deleting posts on classifieds

    There is an edit title, click on that and put the title as delete
  246. jigfisherman

    WTB: Kite Rod

    Any 7 foot 50-60 pound setup handles a kite just fine
  247. jigfisherman

    Rpt-Thur.-06-08-17 Cuda Time?

    Pretty good again today but on a 24 foot radon. We had a scoop and a half tho and they stuck with us twice
  248. jigfisherman

    Rpt-Thur.-06-08-17 Cuda Time?

    That's unfortunate to hear, a few of us did some pretty good damage on the bow of the Monte Carlo on those 7-9 pound logs Must be a chum thing bc they bit well, lots of short bites but they were up knocking the tady c and j pot out of the water. For an hour every cast was at the least followed...
  249. jigfisherman

    Wanted broken rod

    Forsure, there's still abut 6 feet of rod and I still have the other 2 feet of tip. I'm in Huntington so come grab it whenever.
  250. jigfisherman

    Wanted broken rod

    For a gaff or custom made kite rod?
  251. jigfisherman

    Wanted broken rod

    I've got a calstar 800xlh broken about 2/3 the way up. I just need to strip my $100 worth of alps off
  252. jigfisherman

    Wtb: starman 112s and 200s

    That old lead based paint doesn't have a gloss coat over it, some re paint them with it but most leave them polished at that point. The stamp on the back looks a little different. Easier to tell looking at them
  253. jigfisherman

    Wtb: starman 112s and 200s

    Black and white, wounded soldier
  254. jigfisherman

    Wtb: starman 112s and 200s

    Looking for older 112s and 200s in greens, yellows, browns, mint, blue and white. Not really looking for polished or quickly spray painted jigs. Might consider some 150s or 101s. Looking to pay around $10 for the 200 and $12-$13 for the 112. Pm me or text at 714-403-5210. Would like to pick up...
  255. jigfisherman

    Why aren't these fish moving up the line?

    These fish are doing nothing different then bluefin of years past. Someone last year called them the neighborhood bullies and he was right. The fish don't just show up then start moving our way. They just made a journey across the ocean so they are sitting in a feeding rich zone fattening back...
  256. jigfisherman

    Trinidad TN-40N Narrow Jigging Special

    This makes me happy and sad at the same time this is going quickly. I love my 40 narrow but it sure is hard to hold on to knowing what they go for.
  257. jigfisherman

    Cord Help

    Look up salty dawgs video, it's interesting but very effective and fairly easy. This is only for a rod
  258. jigfisherman

    Truline - Calstar - Seeker WT 6463XXXXH - Pro Gear - Satiga 20 - Curado 200

    That 454 has caught a many of yellows bluefin and even several sheephead over 20 pounds, by chance did you clean it or get it serviced Michael?
  259. jigfisherman


    What's the status on both of these reels?
  260. jigfisherman

    209lb on the Oceanside 95 WoW

    I don't think Rick was given the credit he deserves for what he did last year. Not saying they wouldn't have been found but Rick was the only one to stay on those bluefin all year last year. Glad he got the first reported cow
  261. jigfisherman

    WTT/WTB for Newell 220/322 camp

    I have one for another 322 so I will check in the morning, thank you for the reply. It will be pretty small tho. It is the narrowest Newell clamp made
  262. jigfisherman

    WTT/WTB for Newell 220/322 camp

    Looking to trade for a 220/322 clamp. I have a og clamp to trade, looks to be for a 338
  263. jigfisherman

    Surface iron reels

    I've killed a many of yellows on 9 and 10 foot jig sticks with that same saltist 40h you have. I would try that first before buying anything. I personally think you have what you need sitting on that shelf
  264. jigfisherman

    Lami 528

    Where are you located? And trade wise, more looking for reels? If you are somewhat close I have a 4 stack p322 that I might be willing to trade if that's the kind of stuff you are looking for
  265. jigfisherman

    Newell P322-F and Phenix Ultimate Swimbait combo

    Text me at 714-403-5210 if you have any interest in my proposed trade. I will drive to you. If not thank you for your time and quick location response
  266. jigfisherman

    Newell P322-F and Phenix Ultimate Swimbait combo

    Where are you located? What about for a brand new in box 16na and $80 more on your side. I'm in Huntington Beach
  267. jigfisherman

    Dana Pt 4/1/2017

    I lost my dad at 15 and am now 24. I have made sure to fish every one of his birthdays bc that's what we did those first 15. It's the most bittersweet thing because it seems like it's always a killer day when I know he's "out there" with me. I have a feeling April fools day will turn into a...
  268. jigfisherman

    For Sale sabre 540 full length orange

    I have no clue about the guides but I will do my best to cross reference some pics of others to see if I can figure it out for you. They are carboloys but no idea on brand. F100h is a seeker
  269. jigfisherman

    Halibut, Bonefish, Corbina, Spotted Bay Bass and Turbot (video)

    Thanks for the extra info and the video was a great way to kill 35 minutes at work
  270. jigfisherman

    Halibut, Bonefish, Corbina, Spotted Bay Bass and Turbot (video)

    Good enough for me, I don't even want to know a general area. I'm just curious if it was only one spot of fish, if you could tell possible size
  271. jigfisherman

    'anyone making/selling lead weights?

    I will probably be needing a third order in the next week or two. Stocking up for years to come at these prices
  272. jigfisherman

    Phenix 909xhj vs Calstar 900H

    I'm curious as to what makes you think you could "pull harder" on that phenix compared to the 90j. Anyone who knows how to fish a long rod doesn't "pull" on a hooked fish. I've seen more big bluefin caught on the seeker pinhead ulua over all the other uluas and the pinhead is the lightest ulua...
  273. jigfisherman

    For Sale sabre 540 full length orange

    Need gone today. Sabre 540-$140. F100h-$125. Ss ulua-$200.
  274. jigfisherman

    Graphite newell parts: 338 base bars and handle

    Like title says I have the base bars and handle that came off a no letter 338j. They were just replaced with p series parts. Pm if interested. $30
  275. jigfisherman

    Want to buy: tranx hg w/ tiburon clamp

    Or trade if that's what you prefer. I've got plenty of jigsticks and Newells
  276. jigfisherman

    Want to buy: tranx hg w/ tiburon clamp

    Looking for anyone interested in selling a 500hg with a tib clamp for around $370. Orange county preferred but open to all offers. Please it must come with the clamp. I figure someone might have an extra they would be willing to sell with the new ones about to be demoed here in the next month...
  277. jigfisherman

    For Sale sabre 540 full length orange

    got a full length sabre 540 that was wrapped probably 30 plus years ago. Older boat guides(9 plus tip) with a rubber shrink wrap handle that's probably around 4 foot long. It's ready for a hot rodded penn. it's in more than fishable condition or could use a re wrap if you want it pristine again...
  278. jigfisherman

    Cheap OC / LA Trailer Storage Options

    You just might be in luck, when I had a second boat a year or so back my neighbor let me keep it in his yard. I'm in huntington right by the Westminster mall. I will ask him when I get home tonight and let you know.
  279. jigfisherman

    I need color ideas for 2 yellow glass rods

    I had the same question but I got to try something that hit a little closer to home. Had a buddy who passed away that was a steelers fan. I can't stand the steelers but that yellow white and black looks good on my 30 year old ten foot femwick
  280. jigfisherman

    Need Newell P 338 clamps... trade?

    Pm reel man then he will ship to you
  281. jigfisherman

    'anyone making/selling lead weights?

    More than likely it'll be Monday when I can pick them up if it's ok with you. Ill try for Saturday but I'm going to be a little busy
  282. jigfisherman

    Need Newell P 338 clamps... trade?

    Check out the aftermarket tiburon clamps if you don't have luck, not the whole clamp system with the bracket that goes on the reel also but just the regular clamp. I have a couple and love them. Let's me fish my 338 and 332 on an ulua much easier
  283. jigfisherman

    Braid to Florida connection

    Yah it's really the only spectra knot ive used the last few years. When the yellows were on the 150 I brought my Trinidad 40 narrow with the cals drag plate out. It was my first time really fishing the surface iron with straight spectra. I thought I would be hot shit so i basically locked my...
  284. jigfisherman

    Braid to Florida connection

    This year im going to try a Bimini twist with a somewhat small loop for the braid then a worm not with the flouro, I want to see if this creates another pivot point possibly making the jig swim better
  285. jigfisherman

    Braid to Florida connection

    Damn that sucks you lost confidence in the RP bc it hasn't let me down yet. Handed off a few 60-70 pound tuna last year to rookies with 5-7 foot pieces of flouro, when I got my set up back the drag was nearly locked so they could finish the tuna in its circles. Same with fishing surface iron...
  286. jigfisherman

    San Clemente Island Report Sunday 1/29/17

    We are going to try desperation after scouting for black cod and black gill next week so thank you for a starting point
  287. jigfisherman

    Newell 322-5 Graphite Reel, Brand New, Never Used!!!

    This is why a lot of us are lucky to have you around Jerry. Once it's in my possession I will bring it by your place so you can give me a synopsis of the reel
  288. jigfisherman

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Have you always been the guy standing in the back talking shit when it doesn't pertain to you?
  289. jigfisherman

    20# setup for yellowtail

    So bad
  290. jigfisherman

    20# setup for yellowtail

    You know, that just hurts so bad. If I give you my address will you come and say that face to face?
  291. jigfisherman

    Newell 322-5 Graphite Reel, Brand New, Never Used!!!

    I will be on a plane from 2-7pm pacific time so anytime around that works
  292. jigfisherman

    Newell 322-5 Graphite Reel, Brand New, Never Used!!!

    That's perfect for me, I will look up a good halfway point where a Starbucks is
  293. jigfisherman

    Newell 322-5 Graphite Reel, Brand New, Never Used!!!

    You can reach me at 714-403-5210 if needed
  294. jigfisherman

    Newell 322-5 Graphite Reel, Brand New, Never Used!!!

    I'll give you $180 if you can wait til Friday bc I'm out of town
  295. jigfisherman

    I'm gonna be "that guy" once because I just can't help it

    Well boys it's time to really start getting ready to get back into the swing of things. I know this isn't a report but it's plenty to give quite a bit of us those winter time stiffies. Sounds like the tribute down at colonet is reporting signs of bluefin today. Apologies if i should've put this...
  296. jigfisherman

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Just want you to succeed big dog
  297. jigfisherman

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Atta boy, way to be a douche and put words into other peoples' mouths. Quote one comment on here saying anything close to needing a thousand dollar setup. The rod with that lexa and bluefin was probably rated 20-50. Once again way to be a douche and say that when we are talking about a rod not...
  298. jigfisherman

    Thoughts on a Old School Rod

    He also posted a pic of a nice big fresh batch of honeys but I can't tell what models
  299. jigfisherman

    Thoughts on a Old School Rod

    I know its not close but Sam at island tackle posted a pick on Facebook yesterday with a couple in it they were black 610h
  300. jigfisherman

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Yellows aren't a line shy fish. if you consider yourself a part of that 10% of the fisherman that catch fish on sport boats, there will be hardly any difference in getting bit on 30 compared to the 20. Yellowtail wise dropping in line size is more to get a better cast with a flylined bait and to...
  301. jigfisherman

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Heavy inshore rod aren't rated 12-25, heavy freshwater rods are and they just aren't the same even with the line rating as it is
  302. jigfisherman

    20# setup for yellowtail

    No it sounds like it is a freshwater bass rod, a flipping stick or something like that. These guys are saying yes thinking it is an inshore rod. For bass and bonito it'll be fun but a yellow over 8 pounds will get taken by a seal
  303. jigfisherman

    Will the Albies come

    Was more talking about how "our" albacore have all made a migration that skips us and goes north. Our fish have just been several hundred miles off our coast
  304. jigfisherman

    Will the Albies come

    Those aren't the same albacore....
  305. jigfisherman

    'anyone making/selling lead weights?

    I get back into town February 2 and will need a order of 20 of all three sizes, 8 12 and 16s. At 2 dollars a piece for a 16 oz torpedo, these are perfect for you private boater guys. Im fishing 180-220 foot cod spots with 16s now and getting that bait down so much quicker I can make 2 drops on...
  306. jigfisherman

    Will the Albies come

    Lol sounds like a terrible trip nowadays. Sold out boat with 32-35 people trying to flyline chovies on 15 pound with 8-9 foot rods. After watching people struggle and blame near thousand dollar setups for not being able to get these firecracker sardines that we have had these last couple years...
  307. jigfisherman

    Harnell 724

    Good luck finding your unicorn, a 724 is hard enough to find let alone a blank. If you do find one you are a lucky man, that would be like hitting the lottery for some of us
  308. jigfisherman

    Epic Dana Halibut 01-18-17

    Plus the loss of the big one is what truly keeps some of us coming back, that what if factor. Any cast or drop could potentially be that fish of a lifetime
  309. jigfisherman

    WTB Accurate 600NN 2 speed

    I knew someone was gonna be lame and sneak their way into that deal. I hate when people do that. If someone makes a thread asking for something and another person responds with having what they need, don't try to get in on the deal first, it's classless
  310. jigfisherman

    Santa Cruz Island 1/5/17

    I've heard from many up there that Miguel is just different. Some captains have never even seen a calico from there
  311. jigfisherman

    'anyone making/selling lead weights?

    For all you hb, garden grove, Anaheim area guys, I just went to charkbait yesterday and they were completely sold out of 16oz torpedoes. Only catch was they get 5.99 a piece. Really hard to beat this deal, they look good too. I will be buying more soon
  312. jigfisherman

    WTS/WTT Shimano Trinidad 30A

    I've got an all roller calstar, it's 6.5 foot with aftco rollers. Simple wrap all black on the graphiter blank. I'll get the exact model in a little. It's in good condition but I'll add a few bucks
  313. jigfisherman

    WTB Accurate 600NN 2 speed

    Silver, it's in my post a few down
  314. jigfisherman

    Reel for uc del mar?

    I'm used to thick butted rods and am not quite into the straight spectra game so what reels are you guys pairing your del mar's with(both 900 and 1000). It looks like I'm going to put two layers of cord for the handle to thicken them up. I've got a Trinidad 40 narrow and Newell 500 narrowed but...
  315. jigfisherman

    2016 The Fishing Year in Pictures

    full speed 60-80 pound yellowfin on the 43 after fishing bluefin in the grey. Mixed local tuna bite of dreams. Handing off even more. Many boats reported yellowfin from 80-100 but I don't know how many really were in that class. Oceanside 95 fish killer
  316. jigfisherman

    rockfish fishfinder images

    This year has been particularly good for me on the Reds and I think it's because of all the red crab and ridgeback shrimp they have been eating. Used to be able to make a drop or two on a rock then be off the spot. Now it seems like every spot is holding that much more fish. You can drift off...
  317. jigfisherman

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    It'll probably turn into another whoever can pay, can play type of deal
  318. jigfisherman

    Bluefin on the Aztec 12-1-16 NOT!

    You are largely mistaken about their risks paying off big. More times then not they don't even post a fish count when they explore because they strike out on those trips. If they always seems to find fish in these new zones, why do they always fish with the fleet. It's only been a select few...
  319. jigfisherman

    Spectra to flouro and spectra to wire

    By using hollow braid you are kind of defeating the purpose of being able to rip through kelp. Hollow is pretty usless on any structure. If it's really more for calicos than yellows then you want something rough like power pro
  320. jigfisherman

    FS: Harnell 724

    I hope whoever buys it actually fishes it. Sweet rod I wish I could be in it for $600 just not right now
  321. jigfisherman

    Black Friday bluefin in paradise

    Well I'm pretty sure I have finally experienced the last of El Niño. Due to work I don't think I will get out anymore until around February but oh well. These last 3 years have truely been something amazing. At 24 years old I was always hearing the stories of what they used to do in "the good...