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  1. clevel

    Filters for New Posts

    Ok prior to the fancy changes made to this Bloodydecks website, i was able to filter out all the “for sale, want to buy” threads in the New Posts forum. Appears like these filters are no longer avaliable! I like to see it back! i am finding this web site more user unfriendly and less visited by...
  2. clevel

    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Add another $400 to the fine for court cost and administrative fees! It's an expensive learning experience!
  3. clevel

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    How do I set the filter on New Posts in Forums? It used to have more filter options like, removing "for sale" "WTB" etc.
  4. clevel

    Forum Filters for New BD web layout

    So how do i filter what i want to see in the forums? I had it set before the change in the web layout but now i can’t figure how to do it.
  5. clevel

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    first is the “What’s New” different from “Recent Posts?”
  6. clevel

    El Sueno new call list!

    You missed reading page two! No peeing, no pooping, no farting, no bad breath!
  7. clevel


    Yes there is a bait runner in the previous Cedros model. Look for it on the web. Some tackle store may still have it available. i have two myself. One just broke after 4 years of service. The weak point where it broke is the plastic piece that holds the end of the spool spindle in the body. The...
  8. clevel

    Rpt.-01-02-20 Bass in 2020!

    Your slow day fishing sounds like my hot day fishing! LOL!
  9. clevel

    Anyone else getting a constant webpage alert?

    I requested the same to my Diners Card. No response yet.
  10. clevel

    Broadbills Exist

    Man that fish just fits nicely in your boat! Congrats!
  11. clevel

    The day after 277 limits

    I think we all have the experience where we could never replicate the great catch in the same spot ever again. Oh well...that’s fishing right?
  12. clevel

    Tragedy at Catalina Today

    He's probably still reeling in that big one in his dreams! Joy! Any equipment to save lives on boats is welcomed!
  13. clevel

    Radio/Antenna, Handheld Radio and Radar

    A mister? Pictures please.
  14. clevel

    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    I can help with your problem! You lay on your couch and I will go to work clearing your garage! No charge! Quid Pro Quo!
  15. clevel

    Dreamer Stolen

    oh no, not that girl! :spank:
  16. clevel

    11.12 Catalina Bluefin

    Awesome! Awesome!
  17. clevel

    Crushed them... again.

    Hello, who got killed on the boat?
  18. clevel

    Leaving your fish on the boat? Giving away your catch?

    If I am not going to eat the fish I catch, then I release my catch. Let the fish grow or procreate and enjoy future days of abundant fishing. Never let the fish be just a kill and waste it.
  19. clevel

    Issues with my Metalloid 12 II two speed

    The issue is the two speed gearing slipping out. I had the exact same issue with rock fishing with my Andros 2 spd. I sent it in to Okuma and got it repaired under warranty. Still paid near $35 for round trip postage. Known issue.
  20. clevel

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Glad everyone was safe and made it back on land to tell the tale. Many valuable lesson learned from Op’s post. Thanks for sharing and see you back on the water!
  21. clevel

    Boat Docking Close Call

    Wow, he was quick...the guy ducking that is!
  22. clevel

    East end/the slide tuna 11.4.19

    Great report. Bummer the tunas are teasing us!
  23. clevel

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    Check the bait barge report before you go out and you could match your tackle accordingly. Check out or everingham brothers bait co. on facebook.
  24. clevel

    WFO cod

    Wow! Envious! Middle Kingdom (Dana Pt) do not have big cods or tuna. :shake:
  25. clevel

    Super Cow 11/1/9

    congrats! weight please!
  26. clevel

    Transom Cracks (pictures) is this okay?

    Those are gel coat stress cracks due to flexing of the transom. You could refinish it but will come back. Best way to handle it is to keep it waxed/water proofed. Permanent solution is to beef up the transom but not necessary at current stage nor would it be a worthwhile investment. Enjoy your...
  27. clevel

    Balloon Question

    Good one! lol
  28. clevel

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    Seriously crazy thieves! They don’t think they will be caught driving around a stolen boat?
  29. clevel

    1st Thresher

    Wow! Great pics. The length of the tail is impressive! Congrats!
  30. clevel

    Long Beach yellowfin

    Great work, i guess they were in warmer 69 degree waters. I was at the 14 mile yesterday and the water was at 66.5 and no tuna.
  31. clevel

    Respectable Bluefin - 10-26-19

    Maybe not the biggest bluefin but still a lot of meat to consume! Congrats on a great day!
  32. clevel

    Dana Pt to 14 Mile 10.26.19

    I tried two days before full moon and two days before new moon: moon phase really does not matter! There are no tuna from Dana Pt. to 14 mile. Water offshore was 66.5 F and it was dirty. Drove by several acres of mini bait. Empty paddies, no bird activity, no dolphin, no life! Save yourself some...
  33. clevel

    WFO YFT 10/24 - 3 Miles North East of 226

    Great day off fun fishing with buddies! Thanks for the report!
  34. clevel

    3.5% service charge on Excel if you use CC?

    The landings should spin it and tell customers that they offer a discount for cash payments but if the customer prefer to pay by credit card then they pay the regular price, which really has the 3.5% added into it. Customer service is not rocket science!
  35. clevel

    14 mile bank bluefin

    Absolutely, use a set-up with #12 or #14 hooks.
  36. clevel

    Noodle this

    Go girl!
  37. clevel

    He learned a good lesson!! Mom says no to the Tattoo

    Big shark bit thru line and 4oz torpedo sinker shot out of the water, whizzed by my head and slammed into the shack at end of Malibu pier. I was very young then and learned to respect them torps! Guess now i should also keep a better eye on snap swivels!
  38. clevel

    How rare is this

    It is colorful/gay! Can’t eat it. Protected! Throw it back and tie it to a string and purple buoy. I will PM you coordinates. 8-):):D:-)>:(
  39. clevel

    10-22-19 full day

    You got them! Awesome!
  40. clevel

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    OMG! Getting ready for Saturday! Congrats and thanks for report!
  41. clevel

    Parker 2820 vs Whaler 285 Conquest

    If you had an albemarle, you should take a look at Pursuits with Yamaha outboards. Similar ride.
  42. clevel

    425 Area Sat and Sunday

    Size of the tuna fish relative to kids make them a humungous catch! LOL. Usually start kids off with mackeral. What a great day!
  43. clevel

    SCI 9/28 - PB BFT x2

    Now that’s a Buick model! Congrats!
  44. clevel

    Young boy catches huge bass...

    Birth of a new Bass Pro!
  45. clevel

    14 mile bank bluefin

    I have yet to find such shallow waters at 14 mile bank. 28.7 ft. to 46.5 ft.?
  46. clevel

    Where do you take your boat to have it regelcoated

    IMO wrap it or paint it?
  47. clevel


    How about the mouth of the sardines? Should they be open/smiling or closed/distressed? LOL.
  48. clevel

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    holy mother of a separation!
  49. clevel

    10/9 YF

    You had a great day!
  50. clevel

    Late, King Harbor Area Bonito, 10-5-19

    It looks like King Harbor is the only location you can find bonito in SoCal this season! Good ol’ days back again there.
  51. clevel

    The San Diego, offshore report 10/05/19

    Limits and plenty to eat. Congrats and thanks for the good read.
  52. clevel

    Quality Yellowfin 10/5

    That’s a great report!
  53. clevel

    Anyone traveling with 9 or 10 foot rods?

    Check out the airline websites for baggage information. Each will tell you the size limitation for oversized baggage, sporting equipment etc..
  54. clevel

    267, 209, 277 and Catalina

    Geez, that’s a big one! Well done!
  55. clevel

    Early morning crawl?

    There are a lot of black/ dark grey lobster buoys out there waiting to tangle someone’s prop! Safe passage!
  56. clevel

    Sat Oct 5th BFT N9

    Nice work! My gaff has been collecting dust and needs a work out!
  57. clevel

    Stinks at 14 mile and 267

    Out this morning Oct. 5, trolling and bait fishing at 14 mile Bank, water is clear but colder at 66F, then went south to 269, temp not much warmer at 67F. Did not see more than one boat at both of these banks. I guess i did not get the memo! Not much going on, birds were bobbing on the water...
  58. clevel

    Cabo rediculousness. Big time Tuna with Jaime Gonzalez

    Stay away from my big to handle! LOL.
  59. clevel

    How To Make Your Boat Shine Like A Perfect 10

    Can someone invent a boat wash and wax station that a skipper can just drive through? Three coats of wax is a mind and body breaker!
  60. clevel

    You have got to see this.

    That's the kind of experience that everyone dreams of! Nice boat maneuvering!
  61. clevel

    Slug yellows, and a bluefin

    Nice! Looks like fish meals for a while.
  62. clevel

    Slug yellows, and a bluefin

    Nice! Looks like fish meals for a while,
  63. clevel

    Casting question would like advice

    Silly! lol
  64. clevel

    9/28 Dana 14-277-181-209

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like the tuna are slowly heading north.
  65. clevel

    9/28 Wide open YFT near 302

    Congrats, looks like you did not have very much deck space left to walk around! It will be a fish story for years to tell!
  66. clevel

    Question about weather forecast

    I would guess the point starting 15-20 mile west from the mainland shoreline to about the back side of the islands would be considered Western portion. So island lobstering in this weather forecast would not be prudent.
  67. clevel

    MDR (Fish ID) what is this???

    Does it glow in the dark?
  68. clevel

    I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Geez. You ate that swordfish fast! Only bones left?
  69. clevel


    Sounds like you were on a roll with exotics! Envious!
  70. clevel

    Beginners Luck 9-19-19

    :worship: Did your friends make reservations for their next trip on your boat before they disembarked?
  71. clevel

    Late report, sorry. 9/17 125/499

    Better luck with your knitting ! lol. Thanks for your report!
  72. clevel

    9/14 bluefin

    Thanks for inviting us to a dinner! i could smell the bacon from my screen! lol
  73. clevel

    Good day on 2 of 3 B's

    Hurray, you finally started the season for us!
  74. clevel


    There was a radio call about two wave runners that ran out of gas south west of Dana Point today.You think it’s the same people? That would be funny!
  75. clevel

    No luck on the tuna

    Went out today to 267 with bait. Fogged in and no takers on troll or soak. Temp was 69F.
  76. clevel

    Vessel assist?

    Pick either one that is based where you have your boat slipped in or launch from.
  77. clevel

    Opah On The AA!!!!

    I think that thing belongs in a aquarium...looks like a goldfish!.
  78. clevel

    Full Moon

    Different fish react differently to the moon phases. I understand it is good for blue fin in So.Cal but not for the grunion run (LOL). Some fish do not react to it at all. So many variables for good fishing conditions. Generally, I would say the morning after full moon phases do not produce good...
  79. clevel

    Interesting video

    Funny...that’s what i thought. No dynamite either right?
  80. clevel

    Interesting video

    Interesting info, does Cali fishing license allow fish to be shot at by a firearm? I never paid attention to firearm and only read about hook/line, spear gun as acceptable means to catch fish.
  81. clevel

    Big Tuna Success In Cabo 9/10 With Jaime

    Holy mother of tunas! How long did it take you to land the big boy? Are you on Jaime's new boat? Congrats! You arm must be hurting, LOL.
  82. clevel

    Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    So that’s what it was? They must be following me this entire summer! lol:Beat_Them
  83. clevel

    Condor 9/9 emergency

    Reminded everyday lately how life can be short. Rather die while fishing than suffering in bed from cancer or something. Enjoy life daily!
  84. clevel

    9–10-19 A.M. + P.M. half day

    A day of fun! You got a variety for a seafood stew!
  85. clevel

    Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    Unfortunate but that’s fishing right? A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work? You need to be a captain to understand the pressure they are under to put passengers on fish. It is their livelihood! So they are going to lay everything out to put you on fish and hope you had a great...
  86. clevel


    I was looking at Oceanside in particular. Huge difference. So the first pic is by tempbreak and the second is by fishtrack. So based upon above comments, fishtrack is composite and is not as accurate as tempbreak correct?
  87. clevel

    150 Report, didn’t try, saw a cool fish.

    Need a bigger boat! Great picture. You got everybody riled up now!
  88. clevel

    catalina 9/6 am

    Looks like you had your cigar! Congrats!
  89. clevel

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Batman and Robin heading back into their lair forgot to hit the cave door switch. :spank:
  90. clevel

    San Clemente

    Holy Lordy! How were each caught? Kite, bait, flat fall etc.?
  91. clevel


    Which chart do you find is more accurate? I looked at sea and Fishtrack, they are quite different reports for the same area. Report is from 9/4/19 taken at 5pm and 6 pm respectively.
  92. clevel

    DP 09.01.19

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!
  93. clevel

    Fishfinders in default mode

    Yes default setting is ready for use, at least I could speak for my Garmin XSV series with chirp transducers. The default auto setting for the new Garmin MFD is very clear and user friendly. There is no reason yet for me to adjust it. A principal criteria to get a clear sonar picture is to...
  94. clevel

    DP 09.01.19

    Nice work on the pump! Now make sure your battery is not sitting in the bilge/lazarette or at the back of the boat deck where it can get swamped and become useless.
  95. clevel

    DP 09.01.19

    Yes, but you should see the water condition right now from these boulders dropped into the water. It's muddy, muddy and muddy. No fish is going near it until the dirt settles down.
  96. clevel

    Issue with braid and casting - brand or carrier possibly?

    I think you will have a better casting experience with the 8 thread braids which has a much smoother (silkier) surface than the 4 thread braids you mention. The only negative with 8 thread is that your line diameter is larger. But it also saves your thumb!
  97. clevel

    lost your boat?

    Your bottom has been cleaned, all barnacles scraped off! :rofl:
  98. clevel

    Okuma cedros 15

    i have a Cedros 12 star drag. It’s smooth, powerful and works like a fine watch! You will love it.You can still find it for sale on the web.
  99. clevel

    Cystal Pier fishing off MB?

    Most piers do not allow over-head casting. Look for signs. Ticket and court fees can run up to $250. Enjoy!
  100. clevel

    Private Boat Report: Mon-Wed, 8/26-8/28 out of DP

    Awesome ! Thanks for the intel! Surprising doggy bed did not get bloodied.
  101. clevel

    Yft limits 15miles from the point.

    Make sure you wash your bloody clothing in cold water! LOL!
  102. clevel

    Wide open 8/28

    Open invitation to "Hardcore" to fish the northern waters between Cat and Dana P. Love to meet and fish along with him!
  103. clevel

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    I am out to have a good time fishing. i give other boats their room and i expect the same courtesy. if anyone threatens to harm me, i will video and call the Coast Guards. Too much going on that is not reported. We need to improve awareness of bad behavior in order to reduce it. Macho me or...
  104. clevel

    YFT 10 miles west.

    Nothing like having an engineer on board! :lux:
  105. clevel

    Marlin Mid Catalina Channel this AM

    Awesome occasion! Absolutely Stoked for you guys! And the cherry on the top is you have a great video of your catch!
  106. clevel

    267/209 8/25

    Very frustrating when they don't chew!
  107. clevel

    8/22 Yellowfin (+ tips for success)

    It's been 40 years for the Sealine.
  108. clevel

    Chase and I

    Wow, wow , wow!
  109. clevel

    Taxman sighting at Camp Pendleton

    About Three Feet.
  110. clevel


    It's all hocus pocus black magic elixir. Substitute with Cal. seal bladder and market to the Chinese with tales of outstanding performance to their manhood!
  111. clevel

    Taxman sighting at Camp Pendleton

    yes, brown smooth hound sharks.
  112. clevel

    209 8/21/19

    Where is the Premier out of? Thanks.
  113. clevel

    Transducer help- airmar B175M

    Have you tried to take bottom lock off and set it to around 300 ft? You may pick up objects better on a mid-frequency transducer you have.
  114. clevel

    Yellowfin Limits - 8/22

    Thanks for the report and tackle recommend!
  115. clevel

    Vagabond Bluefin...another lesson learned

    HHHHHHhhuge catch and win!
  116. clevel

    Saltiga 35 two speed or Makaira 10 (Mak 10)

    I have both. I don’t like Saltiga drag curve, there is no drag until you reach strike position. Makaira has a graduated drag. But Saltiga is lighter and Makaira is heavy from solid machined aircraft alum. Differences in all reels.
  117. clevel

    Taxman sighting at Camp Pendleton

    I think they are liking our green murky water we are having this year. I have already incidentally caught three brown sharks this year between DP and Oceanside.
  118. clevel

    San Clemente 28th 29th

    777 Jackpot ! Winner ! Winner! Winner!
  119. clevel

    Small boat insurance needs

    Get insurance for your boat from agency that deals only with vessel insurance. Contact info below. I have full coverage marine vessel insurance with Markel purchased thru Oversea Insurance Agency with agreed replacement value of $145k for $515 a year. Includes chemical spills and everything you...
  120. clevel

    Elvis caught off San Clemente

    Parking lot this weekend 12 mile off San Onofre Beach! :fighting0061:
  121. clevel

    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    So glad for those pier fishing guys. They have been dry for a long long time!
  122. clevel

    302 YFT! Thanks to Hardcore!!!

    Navy thinks your boat is too fishy! LOL.
  123. clevel

    Need to dispose of old fuel

    Does your local fuel dock not take bad gas for disposal? They may charge you for it. Seems like your are in Ventura but Dana Point fuel dock does take bad gas. FYI for boaters in the area.
  124. clevel

    San Clemente Island Report / Saturday 8/17

    Erik, what's your take on why the local/nearshore fishing has been pretty lousy since June, this year? From Newport to Oceanside, water temp is not too bad in the 65 to 68 range, but water color is pretty green for this time of the year with not much bait. It's been crappy fishing since that...
  125. clevel

    Yellowfin Tuna Bloody Limits ( oediv )

    Madness, madness, madness!!!!! A little more fluency in your dance steps would lead to better ballet show! LOL.
  126. clevel

    Catalina Report and Lucky Rental Skiff 8/18

    You know I think those vacationers are going to come back to the friendly waters for another try at the big one! Way to go! Nice boat too! No ...not the yellow one, the big Whaler! LOL.
  127. clevel

    8/16 Voyager overnight- fun action

    Wow, that's a massive amount of fun! Congrats!
  128. clevel

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    Did you have to get that new beautiful sled all bloody dirty?
  129. clevel

    Torrance/South Bay - Who sells Makaira and PCH rods, please?

    Charkbait, Huntington Beach or Amazon
  130. clevel

    Coastal bass, sharks, sand dabs

    oh he looks so unhappy with the sandab! lol. But hooray your day ended well!
  131. clevel

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    You the man! If i could only catch a legal size sea bass!
  132. clevel

    Grande YFT / BFT 8.13.19

    That’s funny because when we charter multiple pangas and ask the skippers to keep together...they never do!
  133. clevel

    Buddy Boat

    Tight lines, safe travels and look forward to your report. Sounds like a So. Cal offshore tour!
  134. clevel

    8-13-19 A.M. half day

    It's a good day fishing!
  135. clevel

    Grande YFT / BFT 8.13.19

    Looks like a boat show! All crowding each other... be it PB or Sporties. 100 yds clearance would be nice. I hope everyone caught some!
  136. clevel

    8/13 on the Pursuit

    Thanks for the good read and pictures!
  137. clevel

    Dodo day

    Thanks for the report. Now let's hope they start climbing North!
  138. clevel

    Albacore fix

    BloodyDecks three days straight! Wow!
  139. clevel

    So, I went fishing again...

    Wow, what an exciting experience to tell! Well done!
  140. clevel

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    I planted mackeral next to my cherry tomatoe plant. Now my cherry tomatoes tastes like mackeral, no kidding!
  141. clevel

    Dana Point 8-11

    Yup, it has been slooooooow around Dana.
  142. clevel

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    Any friends around or only one salmon? It is beginning to turn into an odd fishing season for SoCal!
  143. clevel

    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    i feel sorry for the deckhand who has to free that tangle of lines! And oh, who’s fish got brought up in that net of lines? :argue::argue::argue:
  144. clevel

    Ice management on Tuna trips

    I can’t read your handwriting, it’s too bouncy :eyepoppin
  145. clevel

    1/2 day success with kids

    Ahhh , the ferocious looking lion fish of the Pacific! My son told me sculpins are too ugly to eat no matter what people say. For kids to have fun fishing, it's more about quantity than quality. Well done!
  146. clevel

    Late report 7/26 - 7/28.

    Good report... consistent with others. Sounds like you had some thrills on the water. Enjoy your vacation.
  147. clevel

    Boat Hull cleaning

    You should read the instructions on the Petit web site as to what is the earliest time you can clean after a fresh application of anti-fouling bottom paint. Some bottom paints say 2 months others can go up to 4 months. Start with the general cleaning frequency of once a month if water temp is...
  148. clevel

    PB BFT Sunday August 4

    Fastest 10 pounder i know off, congrats and many more.
  149. clevel

    Dana Point 8-4 Report

    Dana Point sucks right now. One sculpin is all that came out of the water this past Saturday for me. Of course there are more talented fishermen out there that don't have "skunked" in their vocabulary. :fighting0061:
  150. clevel

    The Four B's at San Clemente Island / Saturday 8/3 Report

    Been waiting for good news from the dynamic duo! :worship:
  151. clevel

    Is the 9 mile inshore or offshore?

    I hear ya! What do you do when you really can't see the shoreline? AKA "offshore?" A dozen Xanax maybe?
  152. clevel

    8/5 Cat on the "Triton"

    Wow, that's a good time!
  153. clevel

    Bluefin fishing with the boys...Madrugador

    Awesome. You were prepared with triple gaffs!
  154. clevel

    Is the 9 mile inshore or offshore?

    Sonar will pick up any object under its cone, fish line, lure, seaweed, rocks, dolphins, seals, rubble, wreck. Does not need swim bladder to show on scope.
  155. clevel

    Mackerel Out Of Oceanside?

    I could not even catch a mackerel today! The area is lifeless. It’s August, or mid summer! Where are the fish?
  156. clevel

    Florida Did It- Maybe CA Should Follow Suit

    California can only ban up to 3 miles offshore. Further out than that is Fed territory. I believe there is a Cali gill net ban effective next year? I am not sure if it is for the entire coast line. There are also areas of California coast where there are hardly any recreational fishing. I don't...
  157. clevel

    Reading marine forecast

    Get a daytime distress signal, ie. a flag. Bolt cutter, duct tape, first aid kit, a bucket, a small set of tools and you are fully rigged for safety.
  158. clevel

    Reading marine forecast

    Get the “ Windy “ app! it will give you conditions of the location you point on your map! For your size boat you want wind less than 10 knot, 3-2 ft waves, 4 ft or less swell at 10 second or greater intervals. The shorter the swell intervals the more a bucking bronco ride you get. Have fun on...
  159. clevel

    Dana Point Action?

    Ok thanks guys. I hope the fishing around Dana Point picks up soon for everyone. I am also thinking it’s the water quality which drove away the bait in the recent months. But where did the bass go? I read that Lal is having a red hot time in the Izors but that is a lot of gas from Dana P. for...
  160. clevel

    Okuma Service TurnAround

    I would have to assume you don’t own an early Andros 5A 2 spd. It is a known issue.
  161. clevel

    Dana Point Action?

    Wow, I have fished from Salt Creek to the Domes for the past two months without much to show. I wish I could post those keeper fish pictures and share some reports. I have searched around a lot of fishy areas. Either nothing on my sonar, just not biting, or not big enough. Last year at this...
  162. clevel

    7-30-19 A.M. half day

    Urgent Memo: Checkered shorts only for today's fishing trip!
  163. clevel

    White sea bass out of Point Loma

    Even better with a little garlic butter and shallots - Bourgignon style!
  164. clevel

    Okuma Service TurnAround

    I sent in my Andros a5II lever drag in for repair because the gears were slipping. Paid $22 for USPS flat rate shipping with insurance and another $7.50 check enclosed for return shipping. Got the reel back within one week. A pretty speedy turnaround for mid-season. Kudos! No note as to what was...
  165. clevel

    Half day boats inflating fish counts

    Looks like a giant perch? What is it? A photoshoperch?
  166. clevel

    Half day boats inflating fish counts

    I went on an offshore trip on Sum Fun out of Dana Point a couple years ago looking for tuna and dorados. My son caught the only fish, a 10 -15 lb dorado. Fish report the next day was accurate to the T. One dorado! Now that deserves a hand! :appl:
  167. clevel

    Little G has The Big D!

    What the...........? Speechless.
  168. clevel

    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    Ouch, looks like the motors are torn off too!
  169. clevel

    BSB Video - SO 07.26.19

    That is a whole lot of fun!
  170. clevel

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Well done! Next one is going to be much more relaxing!
  171. clevel

    24' boat to Catalina

    If the skipper gives you an inflatable type 2 or 3 pfd to wear, you will fine. If not...then pass on it.
  172. clevel

    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    Aah having one big screen is the way to go! Have you not wished to see a larger chart? Have you seen the screen of a Tesla S? It just blows the little screens of other cars out of the water.
  173. clevel

    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    what real fisherman wears a stiff starched shirt and a three piece suit now? That was in the 1920’s before Columbia wear was founded!
  174. clevel

    Cat 7-13 quick report

    Oh that is f'd! You should have dispersed some bloody chum in the water before you left the area.
  175. clevel

    Cat 7-13 quick report

    My boat is equipped with sets of 5mph "No Wake Zone" buoys that can be deployed around boils and foamers! Just kidding, I am only wishing right?
  176. clevel

    Better Late than Never

    You hung in like a determined bulldog! Congrats! Consider a new nick name "BULLDOG!"
  177. clevel

    Pretty cool pic!

    Creepy alien!
  178. clevel

    The meal from the Catch

    Where is the dinner party!!!!!!!? I am HUNGRY!
  179. clevel

    ***SOLD*** SA-80 3.5day 7/15-19th (2) Tickets PREGNANT WIFE

    Now that is a real nice gesture! Very gallant to set aside personal hobby for familial needs! Lucky wife!
  180. clevel

    7/11 skunk

    Good try! Next time. You weren't working!
  181. clevel

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    Buy used, about 3 years old with still some warranty miles remaining.
  182. clevel

    SoCal (Los Angeles/Ventura)

    LOL. I gave you an excuse to tell your left brain and/or wife that a BD member suggested you get both. :fighting0061:
  183. clevel

    SoCal (Los Angeles/Ventura)

    Get both size!
  184. clevel

    BFT foamers; who, what, when, where, why?

    Maybe try a shiny 2 oz torpedo weight with hook tied to the end?
  185. clevel

    Happy 4th everybody ... better late than never lol

    Deans chewed on the back means the fish is not big enough to swallow it whole, therefore not a keeper you wanted anyway.
  186. clevel

    Wrap or Paint which is it

    How durable is the wrap? Like when rubbing against a slip, would it tear or wrinkle? Does it need waxing?
  187. clevel

    Gail Force 7/8 fishin Cat.

    You experienced a great trip many would envy! Thanks for your report and stocking our itch to get out.
  188. clevel

    Keel rash

    If you want it done right, you need to keep your boat on a trailer for a while to thoroughly dry out the fiberglass before you repair it. Fiberglass wicks water and can rot your hull.
  189. clevel

    Does anyone remember the Bubble Hole in Redondo Beach Ca.??

    i was fishing from the shore in King Harbor, behind a restaurant, i think it was Trader Vic’s or some Polynesian restaurant. Any my wife and i were casting jigs for bonitos. I remember it well because the bonito i caught bit my thumb and had a good bleeding. Lol! It was a cheap...
  190. clevel

    Moshing with bluefin 7/8

    Yah, you sure have something contagious, maybe your measles going to put me out of work for a couple weeks. o_O
  191. clevel

    Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    Damn it’s such a tease! I am clueless on the area! :spank:
  192. clevel

    Wack-a-mole on the BFT 7/8 :)

    Looks more like a crime scene by the chainsaw massacre rather than a BD scene!:Exploding_Smiley:
  193. clevel

    Teach a man to fish...

    Yup ... fishing bug is always catchiest by quantity of fish caught on first trip! Great work!
  194. clevel


    Interesting, it is priced the equivalent of $3 in Japan but is sold in our Fred Hall show for $1.
  195. clevel

    Inshore mako

    oh shit, he likes you!
  196. clevel

    Inshore mako

    Shark whisperer!
  197. clevel

    Local wsb June 28th

    Awesome and great pictures!
  198. clevel

    Dana Point South -- 6/30/19 mediocre

    Same place same experience, plus one short barracuda from tossing iron.
  199. clevel

    Would you eat fish caught inside the harbor?

    You may want to ask your fellow Asian community if they find your comment humorous! i did not think it was funny!
  200. clevel

    Would you eat fish caught inside the harbor?

    Wow really? Time for sensitivity training?
  201. clevel

    6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    Where did you put away your tuna? LOL. Honey it does fit!
  202. clevel

    6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    Color looks good, nice fat content.... $22 per pound!
  203. clevel

    Albino Tuna!

    He is a rarity and such a target. Can we just leave him alone, wish him well and a long life?
  204. clevel

    Boat flipped at SCI

    So it looks like an unsinkable Boston Whaler? Level flotation but too bad it is upside down. Glad the boater got picked up and is safe. It’s a long way home. i hope the boat got returned to the owner without a hefty salvage charge?
  205. clevel

    how to set your drag hands free

    Handy little one! :lux:
  206. clevel

    American Airlines & Alaska Airlines - Rod Tube check? Experience/ Advice?

    Never in my travels have the airline counter rep opened my rod tube to count rods in it. They are not that petty. Not to worry! That goes especially for American and Alaska.
  207. clevel

    Need some recommendations for Reels.

    For your described use, a spinning reel will serve you the best. A 4000 to 5000 sized reel. All major brands are good.
  208. clevel

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    One day i like to have your fishing skills! Welcome back!
  209. clevel

    Thoughts to Admin.

    who that gal? much more entertaining than the rest of this thread,
  210. clevel

    Finding our own grounds, a 24 hour saga

    Sounds like mother nature gave you a splendid adventure and a safe return!
  211. clevel

    Catalina Island - Ful Day - 06/22/19

    That rule applies only if you settled to eat the bait rather than casting it out! LOL
  212. clevel

    old skool mentality vs...

    What is it? :rofl:
  213. clevel

    Catalina Report 6/23 Yellows and Barracudas

    Fish combo and safe return! Well done!
  214. clevel

    Halibut fishing for White Sea Bass, SMB, 6/22/2019.

    Fish is bigger than the fisherman! :beerbang:
  215. clevel

    Random Boat Observation

    There are more boat builders on the East coast than on the West so it is more readily available on the East. Add $10,000+ to the cost of buying a boat from the East and to ship it here to the West, so you see the financial disadvantage for the Westies. Then you have the hurricanes that damage...
  216. clevel

    100 hour service needed help!

    Let us know who you picked and what is cost you. Thanks.
  217. clevel


    Nice coaching. Did the other guy who came tight lose his catch in the crossing?
  218. clevel

    Arizona Folks

    Lived in Scottsdale for five years. I called it “almost paradise” because it did not have a beach. Now i am 20 min. away from my boat “ paradise” found. it is priceless!
  219. clevel

    Bluefin Tuna. On Da POPPER 6/15

    Your friends new Parker is a fish attractant!
  220. clevel

    Father's Day Weekend Fun

    Your son's gonna be a fish slayer and a ladies man in a few short years!
  221. clevel


    Everyone looks spot on! Way to go!
  222. clevel

    New Lo-Ann late report

    Since we live in a society (that means you don't live on an island alone) there are rules to make our lives harmonious. Such rule include forming a line which prevents chaos and fist slinging fights! Let's respect each other and the proper behavior it requires. Kindly educate those who are...
  223. clevel

    Man eating shark caught from beach

    Tell me what beach you caught that shark from. I will make sure my kids don't go there!
  224. clevel

    Okuma Makaira 20 II SEA Anti Reverse Skipping

    So what is the cause of it? I have a new Andros 2A and i noticed the other day when i was winding up some rockfish the gear would slip or skip. I took it apart and did not notice anything wrong with the two anti reverse dogs, i cleaned and lubed the dogs and gears and seems to be working fine.
  225. clevel

    Strange forcast

    Conditions are manageable but not a comfortable ride for small crafts.
  226. clevel

    I'm really beginning to hate...

    I was at Turners and looked at the PCH Custom XXXH rod. Wow, it is a much stiffer rod than I expected. I could see it been used for jigging bluefin but without much rod tip give, I am apprehensive in any attempt to use it to cast a bait out. How are everyone else using this rod? Are you happy...
  227. clevel

    Hook Organizer

    Thanks for sharing another great idea!
  228. clevel


    Very nice catch! I think we should keep the WSB hatchery program alive! It definitely looks like more are being caught because of it. And a halibut hatchery would go well too!
  229. clevel

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    Maybe the launch ramp authorities need to put signs out to prepare the boaters for the launch ramp process like at the airport security lines to make it go smoother? I know there will always be that guy who is not cooperating but if the issue could be minimized for the fishermen who trailer...
  230. clevel

    Dana Point Jetty Fishing

    From DFG Anyone 16 years and older must have a fishing license to take any kind of fish, mollusk, invertebrate or crustacean in California, except for persons angling from a public pier for non-commercial purposes in ocean or bay waters. A public pier is defined in the sport fishing regulations...
  231. clevel

    Catalina 6/11 solo run

    Don't you hate it when you provide someone with a great fishing opportunity and they don't show up. They have no idea the cost of owning a boat and getting on the water. Looks like you did not need anyone to accompany you anyway with your impressive fishing skills! Way to go!
  232. clevel

    Worlds Largest Center Console - Estrella 65

    65 feet and no stateroom? :nopity:
  233. clevel

    Dana Point Jetty Fishing

    No license required if fishing from pier or jetty.
  234. clevel

    Dana Point Jetty Fishing

    I fished the outside of the east jetty many years ago and caught a lot of jack smelt which all had worms. It just was not a pleasant experience between the stench of the bird droppings, the risk of slipping on the rocks, the challenge of not getting your terminal end caught in the rocks and the...
  235. clevel


    Beautiful salt water goldfish! Congrats.
  236. clevel

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    Just can’t get away from those people.They are everywhere...on land... on water! It’s all Trump’s fault!
  237. clevel

    Catalina report and PB

    Awesome fish and video! Thanks for your report!
  238. clevel

    What do you think it weighs???

    Ah yes yes yes, he is a very big beauty....say 110 lbs. So there, big bragging rights conferred!
  239. clevel

    Wood tackle boxes and tackle storage in general

    Yup, they are fine nostalgias! i like the back pack tackle bags that can fit four Plano organizers and room for other necessities. It also frees up a hand and heck of a lot easier with my shitty back!
  240. clevel

    Long Beach 6/4

    Nice mega bass and sheephead!
  241. clevel

    Fish Report May 31-June 3, 2019

    If you ate that whole rack full of tuna, you would probably never want to eat it again! Great report, great catch!
  242. clevel

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Great read! Okay, so when are you going to write episode two of season one? The part about repairs to the brown trout tank and the air brakes of your trailer? LOL!
  243. clevel

    Braid breaking point

    Why not return the J braid? Just unspool it and send it back! Who is the seller? Was it stocked and shipped by Amazon? It is very disturbing to know that there are defective counterfeit braid lines being sold. It could ruin a fishing trip/ catch of a lifetime. Thanks for the heads up! Guess...
  244. clevel

    Register or document

    i believe you need your vessel CG documented if you are going to take it into Mexican waters.
  245. clevel

    South 9-Mile 5/24

    That’s great news and a great blessing! More happy fishing days for both of you. My wife has MS and she always comes fishing with me. She loves catching bait fish for me. I am blessed too!
  246. clevel

    Daiwa Saltist LD 30 2 speed problem

    Yes, the anti-reverse paw had broken and ordered parts to replace it. Daiwa did/does not charge for small inexpensive parts.
  247. clevel

    Tip for the month of June

    Very sensible advice! Thanks!
  248. clevel

    5-26-19 seabiscuit

    Nice catches! Looks like your set for a few dinners!
  249. clevel

    Dana Point 5/25 - P. Herring

    I have not fished for weeks because of work and weather so i snuck out today before the rain forecasted for tomorrow Sunday. The water around Dana Point was murky green and around 59 degrees. Kind of like ideal condition for WSB. Metered fish but they we’re not interested with dead squid. I was...
  250. clevel

    One and Done but Better than None - Nados 5/24

    That’s true So. Cal. hospitality! lol
  251. clevel

    Blind Squirrel syndrome, SMB, SAT, 5/25/2019.

    Wow, the beast must have been feeding on the escapees from the receiver! Outstanding!
  252. clevel

    Hand held vhf and hand held gps

    I have a Standard Horizon HX870. 3 channel scanner, Gps coordinates, DSC, floats. Works very well!
  253. clevel

    Sabiki PIA

    That is a great idea! Pool noodle! Thanks for sharing!
  254. clevel

    Tomorrow’s Weather

    small craft warning !
  255. clevel

    5/15 371

    Does it fly and glow in the dark?
  256. clevel

    Which VHF Channel?

    Thanks all! Looks like 72 is the popular chat channel. It has been a little quiet out there, probably because of a late starting season for many. Tight lines to you all, start your engines!
  257. clevel

    Which VHF Channel?

    Yup...that is another annoying issue. If anything they need to play Santana!
  258. clevel

    DIY spooling hollow core on big reels

    You can but when you mix different brands, even with the same rated lb test, you will not get a uniform breaking strength. Some 100 lbs lines may break right at 100 lbs but most break above that. So you loose consistency, reliability, and peace of mind.
  259. clevel

    Which VHF Channel?

    Naughty naughty... are you the reason Coast Guard blasts “Do not use CH 16 for radio checks every five minutes?:Beat_Them
  260. clevel

    Stocked Trout Main and Leader Line

    2 to 4 lb flouro isn’t that much heavier than mono and therefore you definitely have an advantage using flouro leader. If you are using mice tail make sure you are using light weight hooks in 12 to 14 size to prevent bait from sinking. Always verify your floating bait is floating in shallow...
  261. clevel

    Which VHF Channel?

    What is your preferred VHF channel for boat to boat hailing?
  262. clevel

    Fishing in Newport Bay, CA got Stung by Stingray

    Well thank you for alerting us the stingrays are in the shallows again. So sorry to know that you got stung. i am feeling your pain vicariously!
  263. clevel

    5/13 Catalina/Oil platforms

    Seems like the half-moon phase is not getting the fish to bite?
  264. clevel

    A Tribute To My Dad – A Message From Joe

    Very thoughtful and heartfelt tribute!
  265. clevel

    The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    That is TALENT and good equipment!
  266. clevel

    R.I.P. Fatty

    Sounds like he had good company and a great time fishing. That's a huge YT he's got hanging. All the best!
  267. clevel

    why do people put 150# braid on a cow reel if #30 drag is all a person able to handle

    Yes, the line strength should be much greater than the drag force. Drag force is typically set to 25% to 33.3% of the line strength to prevent the line from snapping at maximum drag setting. Should you hook up to a 200 lb tuna and you are using a 30lb line and a 30 lb reel drag force, the...
  268. clevel

    Live White Croaker

    Use the smaller ones for near shore fishing for halibut and bass. Not sure how effective they are in deeper waters.
  269. clevel

    89 and counting...

    Wow, that’s just wrong. Landing should not have exceeded capacity if they want repeat customers. Greedy and short sighted! Not safe too!
  270. clevel

    Seaswirl 2300 live well question

    If it is a factory built in livewell, yes there should be a through hull valve. Check the bilge?
  271. clevel

    Upgrade G2 to G3 garmin maps?

    Garmin G3 map include Navionics fishing contour map. If you bought a new Garmin Unit that came loaded with a map, you can get one map update for free within a year. This is because the Garmin factory recognizes the consumer may have bought an older stock chartplotter without the lastest map...
  272. clevel

    Student Of Slay – An Epic Keys Odyssea

    What kind of budget do I need for a similar trip? I think most of us would want to go!
  273. clevel

    For Sale Nomad DTX 165, DTX 200, DTX 220 Minnows!!!

    In this posting you have the Dtx 165 priced at $24.99 but your web has it at $27.99?
  274. clevel

    Springtime Halibut

    For cast and retrieve use Gulp 4” Minnow. For soaking bait use queen fish, sardine or chovy ! I have caught a few on all of the above. Find a spot close to rocks.
  275. clevel

    P-Line RockFish Lure - Works Great!

    I de-scale, clean out the guts and bake it headless. Then you can apply any dressing you like when it is done. i like to dip it in Tapatio, malt vinegar, or tartar sauce. It is such an easy fish to pair with any kind of seasoning or sauce.
  276. clevel

    Good Yellowtail Fishing Spots around Dana Point?

    10mile Bank :confused:
  277. clevel

    We found them!

    That is awesome! US or Mexican waters?
  278. clevel

    P-Line RockFish Lure - Works Great!

    Tried out the PLine RockCod Rig today, it’s about 2 1/2 inches long, pink soft plastic body with clear tentacles. It outfished the PLine Lingcod Rig at a ratio of 3 to 1. The Lingcod Rig has bigger white soft plastic squids, about 3inch long. Fished Box Canyon area today and got some yummy...
  279. clevel

    Tuna grounds Saturday 4-27

    Looks like your heading to where Ali went,Lol.
  280. clevel

    Chunky Monkey Sand Bass

    Wow, is the record for a sand bass? Is it close? Well done!
  281. clevel

    Help Understanding wood stringers

    Stay away from boat sellers who will not allow sea trial! You won’t be able to test the steering, the motors, the sea cocks, the balance of the boat, the electronic toys and so much more! Would you buy a car without driving it around the block?
  282. clevel

    Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Happy Easter! Just in time for church! Did your fellow worshipper get a whiff of your bluefin cologne? Amen!
  283. clevel

    4/20 Poseidon full moon bluefin bite

    Great report with insight to improve the catch!
  284. clevel

    Dana Point Bass Bight 4-14-19

    i tell you, when i am anchored and i see these cruisers come straight at me, i do get ready to sound my horn and poise to jump! They typically are so late in making the turn away from a head on collision!
  285. clevel

    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    As the emperor in the Last Samurai movie asked "tell me how it died" ...line weight, type of bait, dropper loop, ,Carolina rig, rod and reel? Awesome catch need to be memorialized!
  286. clevel

    Plug for Ernesto

  287. clevel

    Picking up my new 2004 Glacier Bay 2240 Renegade tomorrow

    Awesome, congrats! She is sharp!
  288. clevel

    Dana Point Bass Bight 4-14-19

    Exactly Right?? Funny clip!
  289. clevel

    San jose del cabo amberjacks

    whoooow! bet you had fun yanking that big one from the depth!
  290. clevel

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

    Who is “they”... your partners in crime? Come on, you cannot honestly say you are being an upright citizen?
  291. clevel

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

    Reason honest Joe has to pay higher prices !
  292. clevel

    How long of a top shot?

    For “top shots”, I tie enough so that the mono to braid knot does not go thru the guides in my cast, about fifty yards. For jigging, or lobbing live bait, I just use 3-4 feet of “leader.”
  293. clevel

    Dana Point Bass Bight 4-14-19

    Near shore water temp. about 59 degrees, plenty of bait balls and dolphin in the Dana Point area. We fished from 7:30 am to noon. Used homemade Sabiki rigged with Mustad size 14 kirby hooks and caught sardines as needed. Kelps are growing back in, i would say about 60% height before it reaches...
  294. clevel

    Yamaha 150 fuel filter

    There is a Yamaha or aftermarket fuel filter wrench. Check Amazon, i bought mine there.
  295. clevel

    Rockpile CA donkeys 4.7

    I wish them big swimmers would come further up North soon!
  296. clevel

    Birdschool Yellowtail. 4/5

    Whooooo Wow! You were certainly dressed for the anticipated battle!
  297. clevel

    WFO tails - 04/05

    It appears like the yellowtail population has really improved over the last several years! What does everyone think?
  298. clevel

    2 boats for Bach Party

    San Jose Del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas?
  299. clevel

    For Sale PDF type IV throwable

    You know you could buy the same new at Walmart for $8 each?
  300. clevel

    Extreme paddy hopping?

    In addition to the lifevest, I'll take a parachute to play on this contraption. Looks fun to rent!
  301. clevel

    Alaska Air "tackle box"

    Any container would qualify as a tackle box by Alaska Airlines as long as the content majority is obviously tackle when inspected.
  302. clevel

    I'm Being Internet Blackmailed

    Yah, almost everyone at my office got that same email. Marked it as junk mail and deleted it. It is just a scam. Nothing happened.
  303. clevel

    Two Douchebags Hunting!

    The most egregious scums on earth. Karma will come around!
  304. clevel

    Handheld vhf Uniden or Icom

    HX870 by Standard Horizon - fully loaded, you won’t regret this buy. Gps, Ais, 3 channel scan, Sos, Floats. 3 power selection. It will keep you current for years to come.
  305. clevel

    Environment Marine Anyone ever order from them?

    Thanks for the heads up.
  306. clevel

    Puerto Vallarta Cow Fishing Trip

    Is this 30 minute stand up fishing or fighting chair? I love catching tuna as much anyone else and I know they put up a hell of a beating. You guys are incredible to put a fish that size away in 30 minutes...and in any style!
  307. clevel

    3/21/19 - 3 hours and 60 ft of vacuum seal

    Contact info for Loreto pangas please.
  308. clevel

    Puerto Vallarta Cow Fishing Trip

    Young jocks! lol! i am going to spare myself the agony of pulling on a 400lb tuna. i know my arms will be in useless pain for many days.
  309. clevel

    3/21/19 - 3 hours and 60 ft of vacuum seal

    Can you tell what VRBO stands for?
  310. clevel

    35.7 Homeguard

    There lies the conundrum, do you set the hook hard in hopes of burying the hook deep or you don’t in fear of tearing the hook out! It helps when you know what you are hooked on to make this split decision.
  311. clevel

    35.7 Homeguard

    So sweet! Careful with the gaff on your inflatable! lol
  312. clevel

    Cabo airport return - do reels need to be checked?

    Been going to Baja and Cabo almost every year for 20 yrs and never had problem carrying on board reels with line. I too had Tsa break my rod when they inspected it in my rod holder tube. i also had belongings stolen from my bag so i never check valuables.
  313. clevel

    Big bluefin reel bang for the buck

    You can’t beat Okuma prices, at least for now. As they get more popular, i am sure prices will start rising. Reason i am stocking up on them now.
  314. clevel

    2018/2019 Lobster Season Recap

    They are huge bugs! You know what happens when you eat too much bugs right? :ele:
  315. clevel

    The Wall - 3/17

    Great night fishing!
  316. clevel

    Box Canyon 3.18 and warning to private boaters

    Holy mackerel...! I saw one large log south of Dana Point Harbor, so I did not see, and miraculously missed, at least 39 more logs! Can this be the result of the rains? Hard to believe our flood channels carried these logs.
  317. clevel

    Found oil on floor .What do you think

    You are not kidding about being a savings robber! Most additional leisure activities are gone too! If the boating industry wants to bloom, everyone is going to have to pitch in to reduce ownership and service costs which will in turn increase boat ownership. Bigger volume = lower cost or visa...
  318. clevel

    PB big butt

    Monster Butt! Congrats!
  319. clevel

    Leon Todd of CalStar Rods Passed Away?

    My most prized rod is still the Calstar i bought 30years ago. Thank you for the joy you provided and rest in heavenly peace!
  320. clevel

    Found oil on floor .What do you think

    Thanks for sharing the info!
  321. clevel Free for a week....

    Thanks Dave! Very informative, covers a lot of topics from boat handling, kite flying, to rock fishing.
  322. clevel

    Box Canyon - 3.16 - Mini Rockfish

    Looked for rockfish around Box Canyon today from 200 ft. to 400 ft. and found only one spot at 270 ft. that produced the tiniest specimens. I started cleaning the fish and remembered to take a pic for BD forum, therefore you don't see heads on some. Water was calm, 57.5 degrees. Using shrimp fly...
  323. clevel

    Dana Point PB Sand Dab 3.16

    Wow, it’s a beauty! Certainly keeps our hopes up that one day we all can get lucky too!
  324. clevel

    What happened to the Shimano forum?

    :smash::spank: Try again on a new spring scale?:spank:
  325. clevel

    Salt x spray. Who uses it?

    x2...i don’t like using Corrosion X and similar products on reels as they leave a film and get on your hands and everywhere. I do exactly what Yaktout does.
  326. clevel

    local LB bugging & Fish ID

    Send your picture to Sportfishing Magazine. It has a column for identifying fish species.
  327. clevel

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    Just went out today in same conditions, it’s just a little bumpy and a little more gas, that is all.
  328. clevel

    What is the best way to go to have a boat shipped across the country?

    If are getting a used boat from a broker, he/she should handle the title transfer and provide you with a bill of sale and FL state paperwork. If the boat is coast guard documented, you should be able to get the broker to provide you with a title search and a bill of sale and have a local CG...
  329. clevel

    38lb Halibut Newport Kayak

    dang! dang! #metoowantbigbut
  330. clevel

    Small fish and big bags of ice...

    Nothing like having big bags of ice in anticipation of that trophy size fish! Be prepared :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv
  331. clevel

    Where are the center console dealers in Southern California?

    Cobia center console dealer in San Diego, Big Bay Yachts. Advertises in BD. There is also a Edgewater dealer in Newport Beach, Pursuit in Newport Beach, Robalo in Seal Beach etc etc. Just google search and you will find many dealers in So. Cal.
  332. clevel

    Anyone have a Kia Soul?

    Honda's are know for providing more interior space than other comparable sized cars. You should see my Pilot! It's a man cave!
  333. clevel

    Taco Whore

    Mmmm mouth watering! It is not good to tease hungry people at dinner hour!
  334. clevel

    Funny looking halibut. Feb 24

    Wow, wow. wow! Seriously wow!
  335. clevel

    Horseshoe Bass wide open Friday 2/22/2019

    Great to hear bass is active in such cold temps! Sounds like you had a great time in salt water.
  336. clevel

    Boat Wax Recommendation

    Wow, thank you all! Colonite is the winner! Heading out to get it!
  337. clevel

    Broken rod

    Big 5 has a $10 off coupon if you spend over $30 on a new rod. :smash::spank:
  338. clevel

    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    With a similar charitable thought, I will trade your experience with my experience of a lifetime washing and waxing my fine boat with the best materials money can buy! Only for an additional $599.99! Did I mention this is a 60 ft experience?
  339. clevel

    Cobia 220CC – Meat And Potatoes

    I have a 2018 Cobia bang for the buck! Sweet ride and looks amazing!
  340. clevel

    Boat Wax Recommendation

    Hello Boaters, do you have a boat wax that works well for you? I am using Macquires Carnuba wax but it does not seem to shed water after one wash with boat soap. I don't think my West Marine boat soap is very hard on the wax. Just want to know if there is a better product I could use. Thanks in...
  341. clevel

    Local YT

    Awesome fisherman, handsome fish!
  342. clevel

    Ixtapa fishing help

    Congrats on a well fished trip!
  343. clevel

    White Seabass hatchery a failure

    DFG should post signs at all piers showing pic of juvenile white sea bass and notices to release them. They are been caught and kept because of lack of information and enforcement. Of the millions spent, how much would some signs cost!
  344. clevel

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival ?

    If i had to pay for parking and entry fee, i rather go to the FHS.
  345. clevel

    Looking for a good fishing guide in La Paz

    Not sure why Tailhunter charges double the charter rates compared to Cabo or other areas. My first fishing trip to Mexico was in La Paz in 1982, pangas prices then were comparable to anywhere else on the Cabo peninsula.
  346. clevel

    Salting 2 speed Reels

    You mean “Saltiga.” Minimal lubricant from factory. Definitely need to give it additional oil and grease after one season.
  347. clevel

    Lat/long on Navionics app

    you got it buddy !
  348. clevel

    Lat/long on Navionics app

    there are 60 minutes to one degree there are 60 seconds to one minute so to convert your 27 seconds into minutes, you divide 27 by 60. Answer is 45 but you ad another zero and make it .450 to get the three decimal places Navionics allows.
  349. clevel

    Lat/long on Navionics app

    what you have is traditional coordinates described in degrees, minutes and seconds. There are 359 degrees, 59 minutes, and 60 seconds on the compass or 360 degrees, 0 minutes and 0 seconds as an equivalent reading for North. 33 degrees 37 minutes 27 seconds. Navionics uses only degrees, and...
  350. clevel

    Fishing Ethics Question

    I caught a huge spider crab of the San Clemente pier a few years ago. Took it home and cooked it. The leg shell was about 1/8th inch thick and I had to use a steel hammer against concrete to crack it open, otherwise I would have ruined my kitchen counter! After all the trouble, the meat was...
  351. clevel

    1/29/2019 at IZOR's

    I could relate to your confusion about the fish finder possibly gone bad. There are such large and dense schools of bait in the area now, it's hard to figure initially the frame full of red on the sonar screen.
  352. clevel

    Bodies in the cockpit

    3 ideal 4 max
  353. clevel

    Sea Shepherd Attacked off San Felipe

    Good to know Sea Shepherd is helping with conservation in Gulf of California!
  354. clevel

    Oregon Killing Sea Lions

    I guess the great white sharks or orca whales have not done their jobs so we have to step in.
  355. clevel

    Oside Halibut 1/7

    Good trade, halibut for BFT!
  356. clevel

    First stupid question of the year!!

    Brutally funny!
  357. clevel

    Spotted Bay Bass Part 2 ( video )

    Such a nice assist to the nesting pair of Osprey!
  358. clevel

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-09-19 PV, RP and the Shoe!

    well written and entertaining reports as always, thanks.
  359. clevel

    Local bluefin 1/4 & 1/6

    Jeez you were so close to them BFT! You had your thrills and fun.
  360. clevel

    9jan19 small craft advisory live edition point lloma

    All right, not too many people can claim their line got cut by a WHALE!
  361. clevel

    Newport 1-5-19

    Wow, congrats. Hardcore to go out in the cold and wet weather yesterday.
  362. clevel

    $3.1 million tuna

    At that kind of profit, no wonder blue fins are over fished! Funny New Englanders used to sell it for cat food!
  363. clevel

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    Not asking for your honey hole coordinates, just curious with approximate area, what BD forum is all about. Sharing knowledge.
  364. clevel

    Boat Capsize

    Ah. Thanks.
  365. clevel

    Boat Capsize

    What is with all those floats in the area?
  366. clevel

    Where to do outboard maintenance (diy)

    How does keeping the gear in forward make it easier when re-installing? I am trying to learn. Also your comment about changing gear oil, I have a similar reservation. Is it really necessary to change the lower end gear oil at every 100 hr. service interval, or is this like the need to change...
  367. clevel

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    :fighting0061:For this coming weekend, I am tossed between going after a fresh stocking of trout at Lake Laguna versus stocking of bluefin tuna off Dana Point/Newport Beach! Tough decision ...may be rained out according to weather forecast.
  368. clevel

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Melania is ready with her fork and knife to eat the bunny rabbit Donald is boiling!
  369. clevel

    Dana Point 12/27

    Great report. Sand Dabs are huuuuuge! Great battered and served with lemon butter caper sauce! The rock fish on the other hand look live starving third world population, LOL.
  370. clevel

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Japan as an island nation subsisted mainly on seafood and vegetables until Western influence brought in meat. They have been on very limited whaling for the last 30 years and according to data the whale population is now abundant and stable. We do not ask Alaskan natives that they cannot fish...
  371. clevel

    Dana Point 12/22

    It pays to be diligent! What time is dinner?
  372. clevel

    stolen boats

    I hope the local law enf. catches the thieves real quickly and not ruin Christmas for the victims.
  373. clevel

    New Yamaha Service Center Dealership in Pacific Beach?

    My Cobia boat dealer in San Diego uses him to prep new yamaha motors and issue warranty certificates.
  374. clevel

    Went rokfishing off L J Need a fish ID

    Who new? Looks so different! Thank you.
  375. clevel

    Dana Point Halibut Driftin’ 12-8

    Beautiful Trio, they look like siblings!
  376. clevel

    12/9 PV/Redondo

    Great quality time with family! Thanks for the pics and report!
  377. clevel

    Rpt.-Tues.12-04-18 BRRRRR, but decent Bass'n!

    Thanks for the wake up report! Between the holidays, wind, rain and muddy shoreline, not many people out fishing or reporting.
  378. clevel

    Caribbean December 2018: HELP ME

    I was snorkeling at St. John and all of a sudden there is this huge barracuda staring me down. So I know there are 'cudas and all the usual colorful tropical fishes. Never been fishing there myself.:imdumb:
  379. clevel

    Dana Point Harbor - New Slip Fee Schedule! 2nd Increase for most?

    So I am getting charged another 4 ft for trimming my outboards up. Do the boaters with 4 ft wide dingies behind their boats in the slip having to pay for their dingy or is that free?
  380. clevel

    best small reel

    Okuma Andros 5aII - small and powerful. 20 to 40 lb leader with 60lb braid
  381. clevel

    La Jolla 11/27/18 in the chest :imdumb:
  382. clevel


  383. clevel

    11-27-18 p.m. half day

    Fish tacos and awesome view!
  384. clevel


    would you tip by the hour or by the number of happy endings?
  385. clevel


    How about a girlfriends our wives won't find out about?
  386. clevel


    X3 That's XXX
  387. clevel

    Dana Point Harbor - New Slip Fee Schedule! 2nd Increase for most?

    my new rate is $15.35 per ft in tip to tip loa.
  388. clevel

    Favorite Saltwater Fishing Mag

    sign up at a discount plus a gift when you are at the Fred Hall Show. Frugal is acceptable. lol.
  389. clevel

    Dana Point Harbor - New Slip Fee Schedule! 2nd Increase for most?

    Email your protests to OC Board of Director [email protected] This is the second increase in 6 months! While I don't have issue with linear ft. pricing, they need to keep the rates the same by including the 3 ft allowance they gave for each slip size.
  390. clevel

    What's wrong with my handling of fillets?

    All sound advice! I was a detail/clean freak and washed my filets with fresh water before freezing and this destroyed the meat! Expensive lesson learned.
  391. clevel

    Favorite Saltwater Fishing Mag

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing
  392. clevel

    Dana Point Halibut 11/27

    Awesome news! Dinner is on!
  393. clevel


    excellent choice
  394. clevel

    Giving Thanks ( video )

    That's right! Mass slaughter pics are not cool! Preserve sportfishing!
  395. clevel

    Dana Point 11-25

    Those BSB do give an adrenalin rush! Like hooking up to a moving ocean floor! LOL. Thanks for the report.
  396. clevel

    Dana Point Harbor - New Slip Fee Schedule! 2nd Increase for most?

    Dana Point Marina (East and West) has changed its slip fee rates from a fixed schedule based upon slip size to boat length per linear foot rate. All boats which were taking advantage of the 3 ft allowance over the slip size now have to pay the actual boat length. This is now a second increase...
  397. clevel

    Boaters Safety Course Online free - $10 for the card.

    Biggest tall ship under sail, that is not passing any boat has the right of way?
  398. clevel

    Rough weather for a 21 ft. Center console?

    Unless you have a unsinkable level flotation boat such as a Whaler, with a typically low freeboard height of a 21 footer, you may lose your boat from 6 ft waves. Stay home, live another day and save your hard earned boat and equipment from a loss.
  399. clevel

    Live baitwell pump help

    Same thing happened to me, grass got pulled in and wound around the impeller. After cleaning out the grass, the pump would not push enough water and had to replace it, I have the Tournament Series Rule 800 which is easy to replace the pump cartridge. Cost around $30. It's a cheap pump and...
  400. clevel

    11/15 yft and yt still here go fishing

    OMG what a Gift! Happy Thanksgiving!
  401. clevel

    Box Canyon ?

    A thanks for the info!
  402. clevel

    Box Canyon ?

    Thanks all! I could not find any reference to Box Canyon on my maps and in looking at the bathy charts around the Dome it does not really look like there is any kind of canyon feature. I wonder how the area got this name as it does not appear to be referencing any landmark also. I am searching...
  403. clevel

    Box Canyon ?

    Where is Box Canyon? Is it close to Carlsbad Canyon?
  404. clevel

    Best Reel

    Andros 2 spd.
  405. clevel

    FINALLY for Pops 11/3

    Now you need to buy your Pop the embroidered Cow jacket! what a sport!
  406. clevel

    I Think I'm Going To Need a Bigger Boat

    Wow, that is really nice! What is the material for the cover? It brings in filtered light to make it open and airy below.
  407. clevel

    Weird Lobster Question

    You know the rules are if you take a lobster, you have to consume it before you could take more. LOL. Those octopus pods are life sucking!
  408. clevel

    Big Red Rock Cod in San Diego

    This thread is just a funny as at a comedy club! LOL.
  409. clevel

    Rpt.-Thur.-11-01-18 A beautiful Day, PLenty of Bass!

    The bass looks relaxed knowing he was getting released by you! LOL!
  410. clevel

    11/1: Dana Point 1/2 Day on the Clemente

    Great report. Sounds like you all have a great adventure! November and we are enjoying skipjacks...what a wonderful world!
  411. clevel

    Fishing SJDel Cabo Oct 26-28

    Why did you not release the Marlin?
  412. clevel

    Mak 30/PCH 741 XXXH issue

    I had similar issue fitting a Mak SEA 20 on a Calstar rod. I used a 1/4 in thick rubber washer and placed it between the reel and the rod.
  413. clevel

    Is my boat ready for Bluefin?

    Blue fins are far away! Your girlfriend will not join you until you get the head!
  414. clevel

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    Did you catch it near the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant? Glow in the dark? When in doubt, throw it out! Now worth getting sick on it!
  415. clevel

    Rpt-Thur.-10-25-18 Local Bass'n!

    Your slow day of fishing is a great day of fishing for most of us! LOL. Thanks for your report and great pics.
  416. clevel

    I caught an Octopus on a jig

    I am not sure if you wanted to dehook the octopus with your hand and get a few suction marks. LOL! besides, they have a nasty hook bill to clamp onto you too! Nice release!
  417. clevel

    Landing net for pier

    Turner's or most tackle shops have crab nets on sale right now. Get the 36'' diameter nets to fit your skates, rays, halibuts etc. Get the heaviest wire hoop, 3/8" diam.
  418. clevel

    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    Catalina Express runs at about 30 mph
  419. clevel

    Getting fish back

    Are you asking the hotel where you are staying in Cabo to put your catch in their freezer and to spread out your bags of fish filet so it freezes through the core overnight? All bags labeled with your name and numbered of course? You should not have a problem with defrosting if you pack it a...
  420. clevel

    Radio issues

    You could also test your fixed mount radio with your handheld radio.Put both radios on the same channel for a radio check.
  421. clevel

    Radio issues

    Channel 27 is the SeaTow automated radio check station and may not be available to all areas. Remember Vhf radio is line of sight reception so if there is any hill or obstruction in between, you won't get any reception. Do you know if there is a SeaTow radio tower up in your area?
  422. clevel


    Where did you take it too?
  423. clevel

    Amazon deal on Makaira 20 and 50

    Charkbait will give $50 (10 %) off plus $20 gift card during Fred Hall Show dates each year! The gift card is if you don't need the reel spooled with line.
  424. clevel

    Starboard and caulking

    5200 is a permanent adhesive. I don't think you want to use it for your temp radio location. Yes 5200 will glue starboard and fiberglass together.
  425. clevel

    RP 10/2-12 part 4

    Great report, like the positive tone! Thank you for the great read.
  426. clevel

    Possible theft at H&M Landing this morning.

    Thank goodness you found it! That was a lot of tackle to replace!
  427. clevel

    Skipjack Everywhere

    You know the skipjack tuna you are holding is the same Chicken in the Sea cans of tuna you buy in the store right? Good stuff. Highly sought after by commercial fisherman!
  428. clevel

    Best way to secure rods when trolling

    Unless your rod is near horizontal or less than a 30 degree angle, the law of physics will keep your rod in the holder.
  429. clevel

    Old Glory Yellow Fin Blood Bath 10/4

    Great video editing and sound track. Love the fast motion sections.
  430. clevel

    Broke down but got a couple

    Yup, the one and only!
  431. clevel

    Airmar SS175HW POS?

    I empathise with your issue of expensive and complex equipment not working. For many people who have their boats kept in a slip, it further compounds the issue with having to resolve the problem with techs on a cell phone and having to take time off work to be on their boat. We would all like to...
  432. clevel

    Lobster, 9/29 and 9/30, pretty good fishin'.

    :idiot: That's Oklahoma only! :imdumb:
  433. clevel

    Yellowfin Report 9/28 101 & 425

    I would not mind getting stuck in boat traffic for the catch you got! Awesome!
  434. clevel

    Yft u.s waters

    How far right for those sashimi?
  435. clevel

    29sept fishing and lobster opener festivities

    Yup, the water was a minefield of lobster bouys yesterday. Many did not account for tide swing and the bouys were hidden just under the surface waiting to wreck someone's prop. Great catch!
  436. clevel

    Now that is a big Bluefin Tuna

    It is simply awesome big regardless of weight. Congrats! Did you catch it on a kite?
  437. clevel

    Dana Point to 14 mile bank Sat 9/29

    Picked up some great 3-5 inch sardines at the bait barge in Dana Pount and headed out to 14 mile bank with my 25 yr. old son. We saw a sunning Marlin but sunk as I approached it to fly line a sardine at it. Spotty presence of skipjack tuna at 14 mile bank, clean navy blue water, 71.5 deg. F...
  438. clevel

    30/40 # mono help

    Ande Berkeley Big Game
  439. clevel

    Short video from solo trip this weekend

    Thanks for the entertainment!
  440. clevel

    $200 Okuma Credit to Spend, Need some advice

    That ray hardly fit in the net!
  441. clevel


    I watched three episodes of this series. I was laughing at how one of the fisherman was winding a convention reel up side down. Also on the boat Opor-tuna-ty, did they buy a batch of leftie conventional reels on sale? I also noticed some boat can't make up their mind as to whether they...
  442. clevel

    9/23 Dana Point local

    Thanks for the report. Good to hear of some local action!
  443. clevel

    Skippies and a surprise

    Yowza, put a marlin stripe on your tackle or boat for the unexpected catch and release! Very few percentage of fisherman are able to hook onto a marlin and release it properly!
  444. clevel

    9/23 South Island Yellowfin

    A successful day for the family!
  445. clevel

    Garmin False Temperature Reading

    Well I went to my boat after finishing work today to check if there was any wiring loose but they were on as tight as it can be. I turned the unit on and the temp was accurate at 69.8F. I am not sure what caused it to spike up to 115F degrees but makes me worry about the dependability of these...
  446. clevel

    Private Boat Out of Oceanside

    This is the month for tuna!
  447. clevel

    SW of Lower 9

    I hope you get a salmon up your way this season!
  448. clevel

    Got a few 9/21

    Great catch, great mpg with your sled!
  449. clevel

    My Break-It Machine

    Looks like a lot of fun testing out your equipment.
  450. clevel

    Love it When a Plan Comes Together - Solo Sesh 9/19

    If you want to loan your kid I could teach him how to be detailed in his work! And if you need someone to taste your catch, I am willing for that also!
  451. clevel

    9-18 9- hidden to hide me

    Nice dodo in exchange for the rough seas!
  452. clevel

    Late Report 9/16 Dana Point Marlin with the teens

    Simply A M A Z I N G!!!! Lord of the Marlins!
  453. clevel

    Sad News - Punta Colorada

    Have you guys watched El Chapo series on Netflix? It was a riveting series. True story dramatized for entertainment! The Mexican government is so corrupt from the president down to the local police it has disrupted my annual fishing trip to Gordo Banks! Last year there was a gun battle on the...
  454. clevel

    DP 209 no fish report

    We are all in the same boat! But the next trip may be the amazing one right?
  455. clevel

    Sushi interest? Dragon roll! Poke Nachos! Pic heavy!

    Do you need an opinion on the authenticity of flavor? :-):-):-)
  456. clevel

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    It looks like a zoo! Are there always that many boats there?
  457. clevel

    Garmin False Temperature Reading

    I have two connected to the MFD, a thru hull Airmar and a transom mount Garmin ClearVu /SideVu. Both are capable of taking temp readings but I don't know which is the one providing the data.
  458. clevel

    Garmin False Temperature Reading

    So my Garmin 7612 XSV was showing incorrect water temperatures readings yesterday, 115.3F! It worked fine on the previous trips and nothing was changed in between. Turning the MFD off and back on did not help. Any ideas how this could have happened? Can anyone help me with a troubleshooting...
  459. clevel

    I ate butt last night

    Way to go on 8lb line!
  460. clevel

    Larger grade Bonita off Newport

    Very nice! What speed were you trolling are?
  461. clevel

    Rule 1100 Bait Pumps problems again!

    Yesterday I was reading this thread where many of you had complaints about Rule pumps, today my Rule 800 GPH dies. I only used it maybe 4 times. Is this a spell? I placed my raw water wash down hose in the bait tank and it worked as a bandaid. What are the better quality pumps? Sureflo?
  462. clevel

    Dodo Thursday Oceanside

    Awesome. I want one of those sparkling golden boy!
  463. clevel

    Japan does not get there way on the tuna quota

    Thanks for the great news!
  464. clevel

    What are the important channels to place on scan mode??

    I scan channels 9, 16, 69 and 72. I don't believe I have heard any chatter on channel 9. Anyone else have the same experience? I was told Ch. 9 is for official communication with local authorities.
  465. clevel

    Dana Point / OC banks 9-13

    Thanks for the report, good to know water was calm. Tight lines next time!
  466. clevel

    What the heck do people do with Skipjack?

    Skipjack tuna is the same as the cans of tuna you buy in the grocery store! You can bake it, boil it, pan sear it, or sashimi if you bled and iced it properly!
  467. clevel

    Ever have a battery explode?

    Holy mackerel! what caused the battery to explode?
  468. clevel

    Rule 1100 Bait Pumps problems again!

    We're the chovies oblivious to the current?
  469. clevel

    Curious, marina questions PV

    Armor protected divers? LOL
  470. clevel

    Ever have a battery explode?

    Wow, never experienced a battery explode on its own. Was it on a charger?
  471. clevel

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    We all should simply be considerate of others as we live in a society and not on an island. If done in a civilized and considerate fashion, all parties could have had a good time. We all share the natural resources of this world and need to be good custodians for the generations after us. Tight...
  472. clevel

    Be....the fish.

    The CA registration tag is going to spoil the Orca wrap art!
  473. clevel

    More Brownfin Tuna, no paddies, 9/8.

    Very nice, you got the halibut farming to a weekly routine! Guess you don't buy seafood too often huh?
  474. clevel

    Catalina Calicos on wild in sac 101

    That was a lot of work. You need another deck hand. lol.
  475. clevel

    Scallops with little crabs inside

    Cook it. Avoid eating flesh eating parasites!
  476. clevel

    Cortez 5, first time using it

    My okuma collection has surpassed my Daiwa and Shimano collection! I am buying Okumas now before they get as popular as the other big name brands with their very big price tags.
  477. clevel

    Sport Boat Insurance??????

    Insured under your homeowner policy if you have one.
  478. clevel

    Spun Hub on my prop

    Would love to see before and after pictures of your prop!
  479. clevel

    What tool to cut off welded rings from jigs?

    That will work.
  480. clevel

    What tool to cut off welded rings from jigs?

    x2 small bolt cutter
  481. clevel

    Cow baby- live report, SCI , 9-4-2018

    Wow, look at u guys! Did you bring enough wasabi for your filet de sashimi?
  482. clevel

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    SUP and kayaks are not mechanically powered but are human powered and thus have greater ability to maneuver. I have not read in any Fed or state regulations giving SUP or kayaks the right of way against sail or powered vessels. By regulations all parties need to act to avoid collision...
  483. clevel

    Stuff I've learned

    He/she is the more persistent will catch the most fish!
  484. clevel

    Brownfin Tuna off a paddy.

    Shoot ... and all this time I was paddy hopping for dodos and never thought about butt-butts!
  485. clevel

    Catalina Offshore - Limits of Dorado and some Yellowfin

    Beauty bulls and beasty yellows! Congrats on your shake down trip!
  486. clevel

    Slaybor Day

    Your lucky charm deserves another day of fishing with you! LOL.
  487. clevel

    9/3 LJ Dodo

    Those that ventured out into the winds are rewarded! Well done and thanks for the info.
  488. clevel

    Dorado out of Newport Beach

    Great news! Thank you for sharing!
  489. clevel

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    Bound to happen. I had an idiot lady sunning herself on her back on a paddle board right in the main channel of Dana Point Marina. I have never seen so many dumb paddle boarders and where are the Harbor Patrol who gets millions in annual funds to manage safety in Dana Harbor?
  490. clevel

    SCI Big Boy Grounds 8/31 9/1 9/2

    Way to go. 90lbs is a lot of sashimi to eat! Time for a party!
  491. clevel

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    I am at a loss for pleasant words. Sorry.
  492. clevel

    Oceanside Dodos

    Sure made your Summer! Wow, hard to believe the Dodos are being caught off Oceanside, I hope they stick around and come a little further north. More reported on Dodos than tunas! When are the schooly tunas going to swing near shore?
  493. clevel

    Break Out Another Thousand

    Sorry for the additional $1000! I don't see how this sport can be gentler on our wallets. Sometimes I am in deep thought trying to weigh the cost against benefits. Auto maintenance is like a drop of water in a bucket compared to boats!
  494. clevel

    Andros 12nsiia 65lb Braid Capacity?

    Turners had a sale on Andros. I bought the 5Il and only got 200 yds of Jbrand 80lb braid on it.
  495. clevel

    08/25 La Jolla

    The address for your plated food is?
  496. clevel

    Myth debunked, Pride 8/24/18

    Food looks great! What time is dinner?
  497. clevel

    Full Moon - Effects

    I am reading about the condition of Full Moon having good effects in catching some fish and bad on others. I like to have a Good and Bad to fish for list on Full Moon days. Can you experienced fisherman on BD help with this topic? Thanks all! Good to Fish on Full Moon days: Bad to Fish on...
  498. clevel

    Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    Tuna madness! What an awesome experience you had!
  499. clevel

    Dana Point 8/27 - Dorado or Bust

    Wow, that really sucks! No fishing and lighter wallet. Did you find out what was wrong with your motor?
  500. clevel

    Shade from T Top

    Yes, for sure a must have. By the time the sun is low enough to shine below the T-top, it is not that hot anymore or your back in home port.
  501. clevel

    Killer Day out of Killer Dana 8-23

    Way to go! Congrats on landing prized fish!
  502. clevel

    Took a Toothpick to a WAR

    Wow, you got a story that you will be telling for years to come. Happy Fishing!
  503. clevel

    August Kelp Fishing

    42.2 knots according to your MFD. A rocket ship!
  504. clevel

    Garmin 742XS issue

    I was told by Garmin techs not to install MFD update version 12.0 if you have an Airmar transducer because it disables the transducer. Tech said to wait for next update be it 12.1 or 13.0
  505. clevel

    Dorado Dana Pt. 8/18

    I guess they were biting real early for you. When did it end?
  506. clevel

    267/279 to the 181 and inb between 8/19

    I had the same experience yesterday.
  507. clevel

    Used Boat Manf to stay away from??

    If you care about how much 2-strokes polute the water, you will go 4-stroke.
  508. clevel

    Sorry flip flops or ??

    Try Teva. Very comfortable. Around $45.
  509. clevel

    What are we doing with the SkipJacks???

    skipjack is what you find in tuna cans at the grocery store.
  510. clevel

    267-279 Aug 18, 2018

    Left Dana Point this morning for 267 & 279. No fish, no birds, occasionally saw small schools of bait on the surface. Trolled for several hours, fly lined sardines at a couple paddies and nobody home. Water was a dirty blue, temp at 73, seas were about 1 ft. It was a beautiful day, cooler from...
  511. clevel

    Tips for Newport Harbor?

    Use Gulp 4" minnows on a 0.5 lead head. Cast it out let it sink to bottom and slow retrieve it back. Deadly!
  512. clevel

    267 Dorados 8/16

    Happy meals!
  513. clevel

    Never thought I'd whine about fish being too big.

    If you get tired after hooking a cow just pass the rod to your buddy and everyone gets to play and be involved in the catch!
  514. clevel

    Can You Identify This Shrimp?

    Did you eat it? If yes, was it good? My experience with the other local shrimp sold along the road side in Ventura is that it is mealy.
  515. clevel

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    Well, well, well, you hold the record for the first albacore caught in So. Cal for 2018 and you may have awaken the rockin chair salties! Congratulations! May the long fins come closer to shore!
  516. clevel

    Leaning post build...after many other tasks

    Looking forward to your progress pics !
  517. clevel

    Dana Point 8/12

    A great day of fishing is invaluable ...priceless! Frame does happy face pictures and up it goes on your trophy wall!
  518. clevel

    Making Flying Fish?

    Same way you catch a snipe. lol
  519. clevel

    Looking for some direction - newbie

    If you have the budget the new center console with center cabins are nice, they start at 28 feet and bigger. Look at Belzona...great for fishing and leisure.
  520. clevel

    Handheld VHF With integral GPS Killer Deal!

    I got one and it is the best handheld. Floats, strobes, GPS, DSC, All handhelds could use higher watts like fixed units though. Maybe some day soon!
  521. clevel

    Where can I find a stick on measuring tape with so cal regs on it?

    DFG still hands out measure tapes but they no longer indicate fish species and min. size anymore. Guess they did not want to print tapes that may go out of style.
  522. clevel

    Zilch - 277 to Cat, 8-12-18

    It's mid August, we are all hoping the pelagics will appear any day. Thanks for the report. Tomorrow, tomorrow, they will be!
  523. clevel

    The 302

    Beautiful fish!
  524. clevel

    14 mile / 267 8/11

    Did you go to 277, or 267 which is south southwest of SCI?
  525. clevel

    So I got this old rod... crap or keep?

    I have a similar Penn is a keeper!
  526. clevel

    Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    Wow, your jumbo and cow trios look gorgeous. How are your arms and back? Got to be soar and hurting?
  527. clevel

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    My choice...not going on the Poseidon. The End.
  528. clevel

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Most customers do not like confrontation, especially in this case where the customer is captive on a boat for three days. Never the less the PO shared his experience in this forum and the boss woman gave not one but numerous poor responses in defense of her son while she admits she does not know...
  529. clevel

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Thin profit margins is not an excuse for poor customer experience. Just reading boat captain's wife arguing on this thread is a poor representation of their attitude, and brand.
  530. clevel

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Wow, not a great response from a seasoned charter captain's wife. I would take criticism with thanks and improve your business with it. Try turning a lemon into lemonade. Sorry, I have been in hospitality business my entire life and your response just did not hit the mark.
  531. clevel

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    If it was a private charter, there would not be any dead heads period. What are you trying to say?
  532. clevel

    Mak20 braid capacity: reg braid vs hollowcore?

    I recently bought a Mak SEA 20 also and researched what kind of braid to put on it. It seems like once you are looking over 100 lbs line, it is all hollow core. Tackle shops wanted $20 to $22 per 100 yards for all the name brands SO I WAS LOOKING AT $120 for 600 yds. I then found J brand by...
  533. clevel

    Zero to Hero in one drift

    Winner, winner...halibut dinner!
  534. clevel

    14 Mile Bank Aug. 4, 2018

    Navy blue water color.
  535. clevel

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Sorry to hear of your poor experience and thanks for the heads-up. In this digital age if customers are not treated right, it's a suicide mission for the business. Hope they make it right for you. Ten hour drive from New Mexico deserves a better experience!
  536. clevel

    Big YFT

    Mouth watering Awesome!
  537. clevel

    14 Mile Bank Aug. 4, 2018

    Headed out from Dana Point with 1/2 scoop of chovy and dine. 2 foot seas going out at 7 am. and reached 17 Mile to find less than half dozen other private boats in area. No sign of life at all! Trolled with tuna clones and sardines. Only metered a couple bait schools at 400 ft. Headed back in...
  538. clevel

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    The creature is definitely over 200lbs! I wonder if it was caught on the front side of SCI and landed at Catalina? If it was caught near Catalina that would be awesome! Need Intel!
  539. clevel

    Socal crabbing locations

    Local crabs and especially spider crabs are not very tasty!
  540. clevel

    Max Cuatro breaking

    I posted a same issue with my 80lb Power Pro Max Q last week, it snapped at about half the rated strength.
  541. clevel

    Honda VS Evinrude

    It is a pain if you have to trailer your boat for 50 miles to get to a warranty service center. Pick a motor with a close-by service shop.
  542. clevel

    They're out there! Any day now!

    Let's hope it starts in August and stretches into late Fall!
  543. clevel

    Who carries these on their boat?

    Good grief, looks painfull. Did you push the hook thru or did you have to pull it out?
  544. clevel

    DP to 267 its a desert - 7/29

    I hope your engine is okay! Thanks for your report.
  545. clevel

    Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    You sound like you got the value for your money! You are stoked with your bloody decks!
  546. clevel

    A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    Someone can get rich inventing a maintenance free boat! It would be nice if a boater can drive into a multi-bay in water garage and get serviced like a car.
  547. clevel

    Sportboat fish pictures

    Everyone has their own "Fish Ruler and Fish Sories." Part of the fun!
  548. clevel

    Braided Line - Replacement

    Rough estimate based upon repetitive training in the amount of pull required to set 8lbs of drag on my reels.
  549. clevel

    Braided Line - Replacement

    Great idea. Thanks.
  550. clevel

    Live Bait at Catalina

    I was afraid of that answer. Thought perhaps somebody enterprising may have started this service at Cat.
  551. clevel

    Live Bait at Catalina

    ah, I will need to play some Valkiri music with the Sabiki effort!
  552. clevel

    Braided Line - Replacement

    The ends look like it was stretched apart, not a clean or sharp cut.
  553. clevel

    Braided Line - Replacement

    I had my 80 lbs Power Pro Super 8 wrapped around my anchor rope. When I pulled on my braided line with about 40 lbs of effort (give or take) it snapped! I have had this braided line on my real for about 2-3 years. How often does everyone change out their braided line? Is there a tell tale sign...
  554. clevel

    Big Catalina Yellow Tail

    Now that's a nice outing!
  555. clevel

    Oceanside to the Barn Kelp

    Holy mackerel! Heck of a swell there!
  556. clevel

    Proof of Yellowtail Tuna

    Love those boneless snipes. Great eats! Yup a huh!
  557. clevel is BonitA or BonitO

    Correction...back stripes.
  558. clevel

    Proof of Yellowtail Tuna

    Right...a Hum!
  559. clevel is BonitA or BonitO

    If I see a tuna shaped fish with belly stripes, I call it Bonito. When I see a pretty girl I call her mui Bonita!
  560. clevel

    Live Bait at Catalina

    I am planning to fish Catalina for two or three days and staying overnight. Aside from getting live squid from Carnage is there any other live chovy or sardine bait vendor in Catalina?
  561. clevel

    La Jolla 7/21/18

    Your grilled fish look great! Do you season it with anything!
  562. clevel

    JUL 21 - Skiff Life

    Wow, you had a exciting day! Great catches!
  563. clevel

    Top Shot Vs. Leader?? Please Educate this Noob...

    You hit it right on the nail. You can also use a longer flouro to your braid to serve both top shot and leader to allow casting distance and one less knot connection.
  564. clevel

    7/18 NW of the 43

    The numbers refer to the water depth in fathoms for some of the offshore banks. Fish congregate above the banks due to plankton upwelling from deep and becomes area of food chain. You can search for Navionics So. Cal fishing chart in BD or on Internet and the maps will show the name and location.
  565. clevel

    Good App for MPAs?

    Thanks I was looking for the same info!
  566. clevel

    Man cave is a mess!

    ooooh ouch what tidiness, so painfull to look at.
  567. clevel

    Man cave is a mess!

    Mo chips and Rum!
  568. clevel

    sightseeing 7/14 - YT breezer bruise

    Looks like a mint colored Salas!
  569. clevel

    Catching bluefin under fire from Canadian warship

    I thought Trump only started a trade war with Canada. Not a real war!
  570. clevel

    Boat Shipping east to west coast

    If you have never trailered a boat, then don't do it yourself. Hire a pro for piece of mind and safety of your investment and yourself. Make sure you get insurance. If you are still looking for a trucker call the boat manufacturers in the East Coast or dealers here in the West and they will tell...
  571. clevel

    7/14-7/15 Tuna Watching

    I am reminded to bring a search light on overnight trips! Great reading!
  572. clevel

    2 islands 1 weekend tradegy

    My wife and I always wear life vests when boating. Wife does not like her waist belt life vest, but I tell her, " no vest on... no go" Life is more important than looks! I make all my friends wear it when they are on my boat too! I hope they appreciate my concern for their safety. I sure as hell...
  573. clevel

    Garmin 7612 XSV - Help w/Chart Map

    Got my answer from Garmin today. The SD Card with the updated map needs to be plugged in the MFD to work. The original built-in U.S. map is still in the machine and so there is not enough memory to hold both U.S. maps. By pulling out the SD card, the device which had defaulted to read the SD...
  574. clevel

    Nice surprise

    Seriously? Pics?
  575. clevel

    Trickle charger

    My boat is in water all the time so I only plug in my charger the day before I go out. My trim tab zincs get eating up real fast when I have the charger on all the time. Either producing or receiving stray current when I am plugged in.
  576. clevel

    Expensive Tuna

    I got the soy sauce and wasabi! Where is the sashimi? Well done!
  577. clevel

    When life gives you lemons...

    When I caught my first Black Sea Bass in the kelps, I thought I snagged the bottom, but then I realized the bottom was moving away against the drift of my boat. When I finally landed this heavy weight it was a smaller BSB about 15 lbs. It was fun! You get to know the difference in its pull from...
  578. clevel

    Garmin 7612 XSV - Help w/Chart Map

    Thanks SeaHawk. My chart plotter came preloaded with the BlueChart maps but disappeared after uploading the latest updates. Do you still have your initial loaded map or have you updated your map with a SD card and it is functioning without the SD card in the slot of the MFD?
  579. clevel

    Garmin 7612 XSV - Help w/Chart Map

    I recently uploaded an updated chart map (v2018) onto my Garmin XSV 7612. The Upload went well and chart functioning. I pulled the SD card with the downloaded map out of my device and left it at home. Next time I turned on my chart plotter, there is not map showing on the chart screen. Do I need...
  580. clevel

    Salmon in July

    Envious! Now please herd those salmon down to So. Cal.
  581. clevel

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    I think regulating purse seining to 100 miles offshore may be the way to go. I don't know the volume of fish the commercial guys take but I can certainly say that sportfishing volume is at an all time low. Maybe the commercial guys will die first for the same lack of volume. But I also see...
  582. clevel

    Boat on fire at the 226....... I thought?

    North Korean ICBM tip that got hot in re-entry! :D
  583. clevel

    Catalina 7/9 to 7/11 – The Island of NOmance

    Your report is in line with other fishermen reports for Catalina lately. Green water and abundance of bait. Thanks for helping a lot of us in deciding to give a little more time for condition change at Cat island before spending big gas money.
  584. clevel


    Shimano TLD reels are pretty good reels. Still in use by charter boats all around the world. If you have confidence in your reel maintenance and you have used it long enough whereas it is now an extension of your body, then it is really a matter of your skill more than this reel to land a 200lb...
  585. clevel

    Skipjack On the bare hook

    That is what I thought. I have never before heard of skipjacks been caught near shore in So. Cal. Truly newsworthy! Well then Dave you will go in the record books as the first fisherman to make acquaintance with little Skipjack! Congrats!
  586. clevel

    Skipjack On the bare hook

    Absolutely cool to see skipjack near our shores. Is this normal or is it due to warm waters like the last two years? They are great eats.
  587. clevel

    7/9 181-182 corner 43 La Jolla back to Dana Point

    Thanks for sharing. Not many people would feel good about using 100 gal of fuel for a day on the water. It is an expensive hobby. I bet your next trip will be a tale to tell! Tight lines!
  588. clevel

    Where's the money ?

    I would be fretting if I did not get my refund within a week! No excuse! If Intrepid owners are as good as many say, customer service should be a priority via a swift refund.
  589. clevel

    YFT Real close

    Young tuna pros!
  590. clevel

    YFT Real close

    Are senders still allowed within the three mile line?
  591. clevel

    Rpt.-Sun-07-08-18 Bass'n the Good Ole Days!

    Good to hear of your conservation practice and also great to hear about the bass willing to play.
  592. clevel

    7/7 30 + paddys

    Ay them gougens!
  593. clevel

    4th of July at Catalina

    Great all american fish!
  594. clevel

    Mary got a good one

    A beauty and the butt!
  595. clevel

    Catalina Calicos...National Geographic Style 7/3/18

    Very neat video! Did you cast some plastic into the boils? Talking about abundance of bait, I was at the kelp beds by San Mateo on July 1 and these tiny anchovy fingerlings were seeking refuge around my boat engines from marauding mackerels, smelt, bass etc. We were using our bait tank net and...
  596. clevel

    Search a shop for rod repair?

    Hogans in Dana Point did a terrible job replacing one of my rod guide about 6 yrs ago. They did not match the guide size and installed a guide of smaller ring size than the two adjacent guides. Wtf!
  597. clevel

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    If the Mexican Government is unable to protect both its own citizens and tourist, then why should I go and put myself, my friends and family at risk? I would think that the Mexican government would have an incentive to protect the tourist since it is a major income for them. I have travelled to...
  598. clevel

    Pacific Eagle 7/2

    Great pictures and report!
  599. clevel

    Dana Point - Sunday, July 1 - Wow!

    Started out around 7 am with anchovies from bait barge and headed south from Dana Point, caught one legal sand bass in 6 hrs. of fishing. Last stop north of Dana Pt. around 2:30 pm about 2 hrs after high tide, water temp at 70deg, calico bass busted wide open and lasted 1.5 hrs. until I was...
  600. clevel

    Won tuna shoot out / New Lo-an

    Awesome when you get great eating fish plus enough cash that pays for the trip! You are the master!
  601. clevel

    FISH DOPE Pros & Cons?

    This is going to be my first summer season as a private boater and would like to hear from you about the pros and cons on the services of Fish Dope. Thanks all!
  602. clevel

    Big Bay Halibut...

    Awesome...where did the filets go?
  603. clevel

    Wide open YT

    :cussing: I do have a job! Darned! Leave some fish for me!
  604. clevel

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    Geez, the cost of crew and maintenance... I will stick to my little sled. Congrats to Andrew!
  605. clevel

    How to clean your bait tank

    chlorine tabs are hard on the gel coat or poly and bait.
  606. clevel

    6/27 on the Tribute

    Looks like you are set for tuna sashimi for a while and had a lot of thrill. Thanks for the report!
  607. clevel

    Boat tax due soon!

    Good one! I am making an appt. with my doc and have him write a script for a stress relief vessel. Are there handicap plates for boats?
  608. clevel

    Rodless Jim Charter On the Marla IV

    Amazing story, thanks for sharing!
  609. clevel

    You All Have Exhausted Me

    My head hurts reading this thread!
  610. clevel

    Boat tax due soon!

    Is this for Cal registered boats only or also Coast Guard documented vessels?
  611. clevel

    Why No Clicker?

    Clickers can tell you whether you have a newbie on board or you have a torpedo fish hooked while taking a quick nap. lol. Invaluable!
  612. clevel

    Boat tax due soon!

    "Possessory Tax" from County Assessor's Office for use of the slip. Bugers right?
  613. clevel

    Underway in the dark off Point Loma

    He is watching his FLIR screen when he's going 20 mph? If you can't see and avoid any object on water at the speed your buddy is travelling, then it is toooooooooo fast.
  614. clevel

    You All Have Exhausted Me

    Will you be bringing Penn Senators and Newells or ... Shimano's, Accurate, Avet, Daiwa and Okumas? LOL.! Oh by the way, don't forget to bring finger wraps for the braid lines. :rofl:
  615. clevel

    Boat tax due soon!

    Got mine this week, "possessory use tax" for the slip in OC.
  616. clevel

    San Jose del Cabo, next week.

    Yes, it is the Angels Fleet. Relative new and trying real hard to grow his business by providing refreshing service attitude. I have been on Viviana 1 for two years. I believe Capt. name is Carlos and they provide a captains mate/deck hand....on a 23' panga! The entire staff is friendly and...
  617. clevel

    East Cape - 06/20 - 06/22

    That's a huge AJ! Awesome excursion!
  618. clevel

    San Jose del Cabo, next week.

    I have been with Gustavo Ku and his Viviana for the last two years. He will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off. Real service oriented and puts you on fish. I have used Eric/ Gordo Banks for about a decade but many of his skippers are getting old, lazy and / or arrogant, or too young...
  619. clevel

    Wash, rinse, repeat... good day

    Same day, same place...what is with all those shorty calico bass?
  620. clevel

    Long Beach 6-24-18

    I know ... what is with this wind that targets to blow on weekends? Washing machine yesterday out by Dana Pount too! Got back in by 11 a.m.
  621. clevel

    Rigging Advice

    You are right about how light the Okuma Cortez is and when combined with a size 5 or 8 Okuma reel or Daiwa Saltist 30 is just a lot of fun and power. I ended with Five Cortez rods! The finish is not fancy but can't beat the performance for the price. LOL.
  622. clevel

    Advice with setup.

    Old school. Shorter rod, better leverage against brutus! Longer rods if you need to cast your bait out to reach the BFT.
  623. clevel

    Power Pro Maxcuatro Braid

    Personally I like the Power Pro Super Slick 8 over the Maxcuatro even though it is thicker line because it casts better and saves my finger. I have had too many braid line burns.
  624. clevel

    La Paz Charter

    Tailhunters is double the price of the average for Baja. However, when I asked them about their price at Fred Hall, the owner quickly offered a 50% discount. So don't be afraid to call and discuss competitive pricing.
  625. clevel

    Cabo resort question

    If you want ample dining options and club visits, stay in Cabo San Lucas. Villa Del Palmar is a modern and clean hotel with better rates, about $120 per night. If you want to relax at the hotel at night after fishing consider all inclusive hotels such as Holiday Inn Resort or the Grand Faro in...
  626. clevel

    Pacific Dawn halibut

    I am so jealous, JT caught a halibut that is broader than he who caught it! It's just wrong!:waglleybooty:
  627. clevel

    How do you guys transport the fish (Whole) to your house from a 8 dayer?

    I have a tiny veggie garden in my backyard that I bury all my fish remains. Great fertilizer!