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    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    Cost of boat ownership in CA is much higher: 1. New Purchase Price (roughly same on both coasts minus shipping costs) 2. Sales Tax, California is higher 3. California has an annual “unsecured property tax” on boats, Florida does not. 4. Fuel taxes higher in California. 5. Slips and boat storage...
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    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    cats definitely bow steer going down swell I’m still amazed every time in wind and chop. see a big wave and trough, brace for the inevitable “slam”, the boat just sets you down nice and soft. The way the hulls compress the air between to cushion never gets old.
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    No, sorry. I haven’t built any in long time.

    No, sorry. I haven’t built any in long time.
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    any other Deuce owners here?

    I was just about to type “bullsh!t” without pics :D
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    For Sale 2006 twin Vee Catamaran Pilothouse

    My 26’ Twin Vee express weighs just under 8000# with fuel and some gear. My boat has twin 150s just like this boat. The boats only have an 8’6” beam, so they tow pretty good with a 3/4 ton.
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    SOLD 2003 GMC 4x4 Duramax Diesel w/Allison

    The new truck was pretty close in cost to my “current” house purchased just 6 years ago LOL
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    The Totoaba being harvested today are hatchery fish from a few years ago. Mexico initiated a hatchery program very similar to our white seabass effort here in SoCal. The giant croakers grow very slowly and live many years. Not commercially viable as a farm fish.
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    It’s pretty sad that men in China need the Totoaba swim bladders to get an erection. The Mexican cartels are making a fortune in trafficking the fishes’ dried bladders. Meanwhile, the poor little Vaquita Porpoise will likely be extinct very soon. <30 left...
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    SOLD 2003 GMC 4x4 Duramax Diesel w/Allison

    Just sold the truck, a lady drove by my house and saw me waxing it in the cool of the morning. She said she wanted it for her son LOL This was a great truck for the 16-years I had it. I honestly wouldn’t have bought a new truck except for the wife. The new truck is nice, but geez, they are...
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    For Sale Shorts: Fishworks, Angler Wear and Aftco

    The two anfler wear sold.
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    For Sale Shorts: Fishworks, Angler Wear and Aftco

    (1) size 40 Fishworks Shorts made in USA (2) size 40 Aftco Board Shorts All three pair for $35 shipped to your door in USA. (2) size 38 Angler Wear shorts made in USA (these are a tight fitting for 38s) Both pair for $25 shipped. All five pair have pliers pockets. All worn, but in decent...
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    SOLD 2003 GMC 4x4 Duramax Diesel w/Allison

    Thank you for the bumps.
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    Box anchor / Slide anchor

    With tide changes and transition from onshore to offshore breezes, the rode can wrap around the anchor as the boat swings. The box anchor needs to be monitored. After a night on the hook, the rode was completely wrapped around the anchor, rendering it nothing more than a “weight”.
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    Suggestions for a fishing vacation

    My wife and I used to go to Loreto at least once a year, and fish a panga or cruiser. We usually fished two days on a four or five day trip. The trips were cheap, relaxing and fun. We were able to book flight, hotel and fishing through a single travel agent (Bluewater Tours). We haven’t done...
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    For Sale 2006 twin Vee Catamaran Pilothouse

    Beautiful boat, if I ever move out of SoCal, going to build a pilot house for my Twin Vee.
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    Box anchor / Slide anchor

    I used a box anchor camping at Catalina once. Nervous night worried the boat wasn’t going to be there in AM. Do yourself a favor and get a Bruce Claw type or Delta equivalent.
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    Affordable EPIRB?

    EPIRB and PLB 406 GPS signals go directly to Coast Guard. The inreach is NOT a substitute. Make sure you register the device properly. For the cost of a tank of fuel you can have a PLB or an EPIRB. My first purchase was a PLB, later I picked up an EPIRB on sale and last year got an InReach...
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    Great Knives From Dexter Outdoors – One For Any Job

    Top quality knives made in USA
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    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    My google seems to be broken, so I can’t find a link. If I remember correctly, it is illegal to photograph police in Mexico, so if you do, be careful. Not to mention it will enrage the corrupt cop. Thanks for the pic of the scumbag cop Cap’n Dan.
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    For Sale Cheap Bino harness and binos

    Sold, thanks. Here is a set of Alpen Apex binoculars in 8x42. The glass is decent, I would compare to Vortex Vipers, I believe they were made in same factory. I have used these binos a couple seasons, they are well used. I can’t see any scratches on the lenses. Alpen is out of business, so the...
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    Killing Skunks...Talk to ‘em like a prom date

    Dead skunks in the crawl space under your house this summer sounds like so much fun :D
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    Boat Market getting soft

    In 2005/06, almost every marina had a wait list for a slip. Getting a boat slip these days is relatively easy in all but the most popular marinas. The number of boat slips in California has not really increased, while the population has. Many middle class people are just not able to afford...
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    Boat Tax no more...

    i’ve probably given too much info on this public site already LOL
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    Killing Skunks...Talk to ‘em like a prom date

    Pre-bait (tie the door so it can’t close) your trap for a couple days so the bugger gets comfortable going in. When it’s trapped, just walk up on the trap holding a tarp in front of you like a shield. Wrap the tarp or cover around the cage. This is the right stuff to neutralize odor...
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    SOLD 2003 GMC 4x4 Duramax Diesel w/Allison

    Saturday Bump. This is a proven reliable tow rig listed below BB value with a lot of quality extras, 5th wheel, gooseneck, EFI Live, etc. Interior and exterior are in great shape, never any body work and original paint.
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    For Sale 2003 Ford F-250 Lariat 7.3 4x4

    :worship: Dang, that is one nice looking and low mileage truck for 16 years old. Kudos to you.
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    Boat Tax no more...

    This year my county assessor informed me that they will not be sending us a tax bill for the boat :D Purchased new in 2008, the assessed value of the boat is no longer worth their while to generate a bill. Some good news for a change is more than welcome.
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    SOLD 2003 GMC 4x4 Duramax Diesel w/Allison

    Saturday bump, somebody must need a clean and reliable tow rig. There are no tears in the interior...
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    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    I just purchase my second Cummins and have owned a Duramax for the last 16 years (it’s for sale in classifieds). Through work, I have driven Powerstrokes. All the big three have their pros and cons. Personally I would not trust a 6.0, two friends have been burned on that Powerstroke. One...
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    SOLD 2003 GMC 4x4 Duramax Diesel w/Allison

    It’s the 6.6 Duramax Diesel engine with Allison transmission.
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    SOLD 2003 GMC 4x4 Duramax Diesel w/Allison

    SOLD is my 2003 GMC Sierra SLE in extracab 4x4. I am the original owner. It has 306,000 miles on the clock. No tears or stains in interior. Synthetic fluids since break in. It’s an old truck but very clean and reliable. This truck gets 17-19 mpg depending on how you put foot. This truck looks...
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    Does anyone have a “how-to” for a boat line?

    Update: i just got a report that my bro’s crew has pulled in a couple tuna on the meat lines. They are way offshore in transit. I’m sure I’ll get some more details when they get to a place to communicate. These are being used on the back of a ship, the fantail is pretty high above water and...
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    Does anyone have a “how-to” for a boat line?

    Thanks everyone, I think I got it.
  34. middleofnowhere

    Does anyone have a “how-to” for a boat line?

    I’m looking to make a boat line (hand line) similar to what a lot of San Diego sport fishers use. Milk crate, rope, flat rubber bungie, leader, swivel, etc. does anyone have a link to a “how-to”? Or maybe post up some pictures.
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    FYI ... Trump & The Endangered Species Act

    Yes I did. Oregon and Washington have been relocating and killing sea lions for years, the new bill only aims to streamline the burdensome regulatory hurdles to protect the endangered salmon runs. The NBC article you posted is fake news, they make reference that sea lions “no longer need the...
  36. middleofnowhere

    FYI ... Trump & The Endangered Species Act

    Sea Lions are protected under the “Marine Mammal Protection Act” This has nothing to do whether the marine mammal is “endangered” or “threatened”. Much like Prop 117 in California...
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    Dog hunting riverside?

    Get the OnX app for your phone or tablet. Check out individual City Limits and Riverside County Ordinances for projectiles. Riverside County also operates an online GIS system you can search for similar info. Some Cities consider any projectile like an arrow or pellet from an air rifle as the...
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    Sorry Split, haven’t been able to make any in a while and I don’t think I will get around to it...

    Sorry Split, haven’t been able to make any in a while and I don’t think I will get around to it before season is over. Scott
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    2120 Radar Pedestal Issue

    This ^^^ Add a backing plate too...
  40. middleofnowhere

    SOLD Woodworking tools

    The band saw has the blade welder too. Very nice of you to post this on BD only.
  41. middleofnowhere

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Medium. I know some progressive vegans, trust me, they hate you and would rather you be dead than a fish die. The militant vegans are well funded and they have an agenda they want to push. If they get their way they will eliminate meat from school food and go after everything else we as...
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    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Whale meat is delicious (Iceland)
  43. middleofnowhere

    Santa Catalina Island

    Nice benefit for island residents.
  44. middleofnowhere

    Lobster hoop net puller davit thingy

    I’m sorry gentlemen, I’ve been off line for a while and only came back on BD After a long hiatus. I haven’t built anything in a while as I don’t have the power to weld aluminum at my place. If I get around to making any more I will post up. Thanks, Scott
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    For Sale 15X56 Binos

    Looks like a good deal.
  46. middleofnowhere

    For Sale 15X56 Binos

    What tripod mount do you have with these?
  47. middleofnowhere

    SOLD 2006 26' Twin Vee Pilothouse Catamaran with twin 2006 150 Suzuki 4 stroke

    The Twin Vees do sip fueland eat up wind chop. Mine has been to the dumping grounds with deck fuel. Nice boat, someone will get a great ride at that price.
  48. middleofnowhere

    Any automotive diesel techs?

    Diesels are no big deal. Google and youtube are your friend.
  49. middleofnowhere

    Seatow or BoatU.S. ?

    I bundle SeaInsure with Sea Tow. I just got a quote from Boat US/GEICO for much more $ and less coverage.
  50. middleofnowhere

    Seakeeper gyros .. anyone?

    I fished a 65’er with a SeaKeeper, I’m sold.
  51. middleofnowhere

    If this back door gun registration passes, ammo back ground check

    Acid and bleach attacks are becoming fairly common in the UK.
  52. middleofnowhere

    To Spray Engine With WD-40, Or Not To Spray....

    The 10% Ethanol (and some other additives) in gasoline is hygroscopic. Once the 10% of ethanol content in gasoline has bonded with water, an inline separator will not pull the water out of ethanol. I think the only real way to separate dissolved water from ethanol is by distillation. The...
  53. middleofnowhere

    Gluing Aluminum to Fiberglass

    The problem is that aluminum has a different themal expansion coefficient. It will break the bond of adhesives. There are not any adhesives that I am aware of that will work for you. I’m pretty sure you will need some sort of mechanical fastener to be permanent. An adhesive that remains...
  54. middleofnowhere

    Which battery for 200HP Optimax?

    Sam’s club has a decent price on Marine AGM batteries.
  55. middleofnowhere

    $190 average Charger ticket price

    chargers are dead to me
  56. middleofnowhere

    Scary attack on hunters in border zone Another source
  57. middleofnowhere

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    That's a silly over simplification of his statement. Unless you run through the woods buck naked and take your meat with your bare hands and teeth, you are excersizing an unfair advantage on the animal. Tree stands, camo, bait, blinds, and any type of projectile take away from the animals...
  58. middleofnowhere

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    Only limited experience here, but I've launched using a 4X4 diesels (dodge and gmc) with 285/75r16 AT tires. Had the truck in up to axles with small waves a couple times, had a buddy standing by with a rope and another truck just in case. I was launching my 14' ridged hull Novurania. For...
  59. middleofnowhere

    Adele and her Sea Lions

    At least she can hunt them in her home country...
  60. middleofnowhere

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    Slippery slope. One more way for antis to turn hunters against each other. Divide and conquer.
  61. middleofnowhere

    2008 Suzuki 150

    I have (2) 08 150's. no issues on mine since new.
  62. middleofnowhere

    Meanwhile: Pirates preying on Venezuelan fishermen as industry unravels

    PUNTA DE ARAYA, Venezuela (AP) — The pirates had killed Flaco Marval's brother and two cousins, and word was they were coming for the rest of the family. So the skinny 17-year-old and the other Marval men ran to grab the guns they'd soldered together from kitchen pipes, smoked an acrid-smelling...
  63. middleofnowhere

    Spotting scope wanted

    I've been very impressed with the binos I purchased from Alpen. This scope is incredibly nice for the price. Very comparable to Vortex.
  64. middleofnowhere

    Chargers beat Super Bowl Champs

    No kidding, sweating bullets in my house. Thought for sure the Chargers were going to find a way to lose, Rivers and HC had that look of imminent defeat on their faces. This was the first NFL game I've watched all season. I was glad to see everyone standing during the National Anthem, even...
  65. middleofnowhere

    Broncos vs Chockers

    I wore some Chargers gear to my local grocery during last Sunday's game 4th quarter and had at least 10 people tell me "Chargers Suck!" One was even a sweet old lady LOL. They were almost all Charger fans too...
  66. middleofnowhere

    Jerry Jones has something to say !

    Over 620,000 Union Troops died during the Civil War. They all followed the Stars & Stripes into battle, successfully abolishing slavery. Everyone owes them the respect of standing for the National Anthem.
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    Openings on Pac Voyager 5-Day leaving Sunday, October 2nd

    Limited load charter departing Seaforth on 10/02/2016 at 8 pm. This trip is set at 15 anglers for $1,375. Includes everything but beverages, fish cleaning & tip. One of the most knowledgable skippers & crew in San Diego. If you don't know a charter master from this boat, you will never fish it...
  68. middleofnowhere

    Bobcat Rental???

    X3 An operated bobcat/truck combo should run you around $120-$140 per hour with a 4-hour minimum. An experienced operator will get 10X the work done in an hour that a novice will. He should have dumping connections, etc. to get rid of the dirt.
  69. middleofnowhere

    Mobil 1 synthetic for my 4 stoke Yamaha 25hp???

    No issues with any of the synthetics. I personally would take Mobil1 over the outboard branded conventional.
  70. middleofnowhere

    Cheap backpacking stove (beer can alcohol)

    FYI: If you need a fast and cheap stove, you can pretty easily make one from a couple of aluminum beer bottles. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to do this. The aluminum beer bottle version is the best I have used. This one used an ounce of fuel to boil a quart of water in about...
  71. middleofnowhere

    VHF - - - EPIRB Recommendations

    If you can swing it, definitely get a plb and/or epirb. Get one with a built in gps.
  72. middleofnowhere

    VHF - - - EPIRB Recommendations

    If you can possibly spend some more $$, I would recommend getting a handheld VHF with built in GPS/DSC. In an emergency, you can just push the little "red" DSC button and your GPS coordinates are transmitted to the CG via the DSC feature. The DSC feature works like a homing beacon and lets...
  73. middleofnowhere

    No bolts

    Before I bought a slug gun there, they brought me the bolt to try with the gun at the counter. I just asked.
  74. middleofnowhere

    catalina island parson's landing two harbors advice

    The general store at two harbors hasn't had squid for months, but they do have frozen anchovy. Anchovy is great bait for bat rays if you fish at night. We fish lead heads (Big Hammer weed less) and crocodile type spoons with success. The little general store has a great variety of almost...
  75. middleofnowhere

    Going to Catalina and need advice

    They haven't had any frozen squid in months.
  76. middleofnowhere

    Catalina Family Trip Hotel

    There are three houses to rent at two harbors plus the Banning House. Very pricey. You could get a camp site also with a fire pit. There is a general store and one restaurant.
  77. middleofnowhere

    Simrad Nss Evo2 party

    I've got the 12" EVO2 also. Too far for me to do a get together with you guys in SD. I went with a total scan transducer, I'm not even close to figuring that thing out yet. In 2D CHIRP, it paints a much better picture than my B60. I've got 5-days on the water later this week to play with the...
  78. middleofnowhere

    Recommend a Socal Marina/Club/Hotel

    California Yacht Marina has several locations down the coast with reciprocity. The San Pedro location has a hotel that is not affiliated with the marina. I'm not sure of the others. I've used the San Pedro location several times over the years, it's the shortest ride from that Marina to...
  79. middleofnowhere

    Hypalon Glue

    OK, thanks. That's exactly what Kindafishy recommended. If my repairs don't turn out too ugly I'll post results. This is to fix our hypalon zodiac that the whole bottom literally peeled off. I left it inflated at our slip, and I guess the heat affected it. None of the other seams on the...
  80. middleofnowhere

    Hypalon Glue

    Thanks Scott, but I am gluing Hypalon to Hypalon. The label on that product recommends a different product for my needs.
  81. middleofnowhere

    Hypalon Glue

    I have a fairly large repair to make. If I buy the little kits from West Marine, I'll need four of them. Does anyone have any ideas for a slightly larger quantity glue purchase? Maybe a quart? I can't find Bostik2402 anywhere, that seems like it would be best choice if available.
  82. middleofnowhere

    Puertecitos to Gonzaga Bay

    14' inflatable with camping gear and extra fuel. We had a great trip. It was windy, we had a great time and great fishing. My 14' boat was very seaworthy, yet beachable.
  83. middleofnowhere

    Etec 300 G2 Update

  84. middleofnowhere

    FS : Kayak (sitontop) with fish finder

    I had one of those boats, very fast for an SOT.
  85. middleofnowhere

    knock-off Flat Falls
  86. middleofnowhere

    need outboard starter rebuilt, who to take it to in san diego

    Look for your starter on eBay. Buy two to have a spare maybe.
  87. middleofnowhere

    Battery Question

    I am a huge fan of AGM if your batteries share same air space as your cabin, AGMs don't emit hazardous gas to the extent of wet cell batteries. AGMs don't slosh like wet cells, so might be best choice in a smaller center console that will "bash" a lot. I replaced my truck's batteries with...
  88. middleofnowhere

    Hoo Gear

    I've been told that a check is in the mail. I'll give it another day or two and then get to next in line if I don't receive funds.
  89. middleofnowhere

    How are the other brands of kill bags other than reliable? Good killbag, mine is about 5 or 6 years old. I've had as many as 10 schoolie size YFT in it with 80-100# ice. I have the 30X50 with the 6" wide bottom. The nylon webbing is a little sun faded. I carry it in my truck...
  90. middleofnowhere

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    You'll probably never notice during the life of your diesel, but the process of producing ULSD does strip away the natural lubricity of diesel fuel. This is hard on fuel components such as injectors, pumps, etc. especially hard in cold weather climates. All those new trucks and buses in...
  91. middleofnowhere

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    All PEMEX stations have "Low Sulfur Diesel". The "ultra" low stuff mandated in the USA would shorten the life of Diesel engines in Mexico.
  92. middleofnowhere

    Good times NPH

    Nope I think I count 21 people, maybe 22.
  93. middleofnowhere

    Simrad and Lowrance

    Yes, you just need the Navico Ethernet adapter . I'm doing the same thing with my new EVO2
  94. middleofnowhere

    Good times NPH

    from NPH a few minutes ago.
  95. middleofnowhere

    Who Gives a Shit???

    that was the only entertaining part of the forum
  96. middleofnowhere

    Hoo Gear

    I have some new and used Wahoo gear if anyone wants it. I'll ship it for $65 PayPal gift or check. Pick up is possible in Riverside area for $50.
  97. middleofnowhere

    Whats in your ditch bag?

    Handheld VHF W/GPS and DSC built in PLB if I'm not wearing it EPIRB W/GPS Handheld GPS Waterproof flashlight Para cord Mirror and whistle Chem light sticks Knife Some other junk I can't remember right now.
  98. middleofnowhere

    Care of these Epic BFT

    The wicked tuna guys are using fresh water ice. Fresh water will not affect the meat through the gut cavity or the gills. However, not recommended to let water contact the meat directly (fillets).
  99. middleofnowhere

    Avalon mooring #28

    If Cali population keeps growing, the mooring might actually appreciate in value. Of course you have to pay property tax every year on the mooring. City of Avalon will rent it out when you are not using it, owner doesn't get a dime.
  100. middleofnowhere

    Guns are too easy to buy....for some people

    He wrote a book about his alcoholism and violence. He is the victim of a terrible disease, therefore not responsible for his past actions...
  101. middleofnowhere

    Suzuki 300 Outboard Input

    Mauer Marine is in OC. They are the best for Suzuki and Yamaha service in my experience.
  102. middleofnowhere

    I'm ready for them beast !

    You've got to have forearms like Popeye heave that beast...
  103. middleofnowhere

    Christmas in June

    So stoked right now, these just came in the mail :D New hooks and paint. Thanks Gary
  104. middleofnowhere

    300HP Etec G2 or F300UCA

    I own 3-Suzuki OB's right now. Love them. I would go Evinrude G2 if I could. They are the true next generation. Factory in Wisconsin, if they turned out to be lemons you could theoretically go throw rocks at their windows LOL
  105. middleofnowhere

    Need parts for Lewmar pro fish 1000. Where should I look???

    I was able to get parts from West Marine delivered to my house.
  106. middleofnowhere

    Wtb: trolling wahoo lures

    (1) 10" orange and black, never used. No brand or name on it. (3) 8" used Mako Marauder lures as shown. I'll ship for $90 PayPal gift or buyer pay fees.
  107. middleofnowhere

    Riflescopes - Styrka

    Chinese made scopes and binoculars. Same factories in China turn out optics for Vortex, Alpen and others. A lot of guys rave about the Vortex brand and warranty, but you pay a premium for that brand name and their marketing. has some great stuff that is every bit as good as...
  108. middleofnowhere

    Open Water Cert Recommendation

    My kids just did PADI through Sport Challet. They did not get the same level of instruction that I did over 30-years ago.
  109. middleofnowhere

    Hard Top instead of canvas ?

    conductive heat transfer: the top of your skull will feel like you're in an oven on a sunny day under an aluminum top.
  110. middleofnowhere

    WTB: Spear Guns

    Thank you, I'm heading out right now and will shoot some PMs when I get back from diving.
  111. middleofnowhere

    WTB: Spear Guns

    I've got a couple teenagers just starting out in SCUBA and they want to freedive/spear. I just finished setting them up with SCUBA, Anyone have a gun or two laying around they don't want? Also looking for some accessories. I do have some stuff to possibly trade, maybe a Baja Special?? Post...
  112. middleofnowhere

    What to Buy for the "New" Sled

    Same route meaning Simrad version of Smart Pilot.
  113. middleofnowhere

    What to Buy for the "New" Sled

    I am in process of installing Simrad NSS EVO2. If I had a monohull under 30' I would go same route. I'll probably go with an RC42, AC12N and a teleflex pump. My cat oversteers and I'm concerned the little Lowrance/Simrad Pump 1 won't be able to keep up with twin hydraulic Rams and twin keels...
  114. middleofnowhere

    What to Buy for the "New" Sled

    The Simrad version states it will handle twins. Same pump and computer as the Lowrance from what I understand.
  115. middleofnowhere

    When your dog shows no fear !

    Tired dog = good dog = 100% true. She could only sit still in a blind or on the boat after she had run a couple miles or swam quite a bit, too much energy. Our old chocolate would swim out with us while spearfishing in Baja, sometimes hours in the water. She could easily swim down 8' and...
  116. middleofnowhere

    What would be on your "wish list" from PENN?

    An American made bait caster that can handle the salt.
  117. middleofnowhere

    Used HDS-10 Gen 1 Head Unit with Navionics 912P+ SD Card

    This is a used unit that has been flush mounted in my boat since new. It's worked flawlessly since I bought it new. I'll ship it to you with a power cord for $450. I got the bezel off without breaking, which is good. There might be a few decent rockfish and lobster spots near LB and at...
  118. middleofnowhere

    WTB RAIDER 200

    eBay or
  119. middleofnowhere

    Duffel Bag Suggestions

    We have 3 rolling duffles from Club Glove. The bags are made in USA and bullet proof. I have had several rolling duffles fail in the past, not worth it when you are rolling through an airport in Manaus. They made custom colors for us and embroidered our names on the bags. They are not cheap...
  120. middleofnowhere

    Insurance comparisons.......who do you use?

    Seatow and Seainsure
  121. middleofnowhere

    20% Discount -- Good deal?

    Why can't you just say Sport Chalet?
  122. middleofnowhere

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    Sam's Club has a Group 31 AGM pretty cheap with decent warranty. No first hand experience here. I posted pic and pricing in a previous thread on this subject.
  123. middleofnowhere

    New filet knife sheath

    A buddy at work just made this sheath for my Dexter. I'm Super stoaked the way it turned out. It will not dull the knife, has a drip hole in bottom and holds the knife handle in by friction. Kydex?
  124. middleofnowhere

    WTB TRQ25NLD2 or TRQ40NLD2

    You'll get a free Camo Penn drybag and fill up with Berkley spectra if you buy it there new. Great reels.
  125. middleofnowhere

    Driveway Challenges

    You can try using sandbags (HDPE Monofilament). They are strong, last a long time and cheap. Easy to store, but a little heavy.
  126. middleofnowhere

    Flip flops

    Okabashi sandals are decent for price and made in USA.
  127. middleofnowhere

    Fish amounts

    Those rules only apply in the classifieds forum, this is "Fishing Chit Chat". The OP has found a "loophole" in the forum rules and thus exploited the "backdoor" method of selling his wares.
  128. middleofnowhere

    Fiberglass Shop - OC/Long Beach

    40-grit here on BD has a shop (Finco) in Costa Mesa
  129. middleofnowhere

    Do you have a fence around your property?

    Only the godless build walls according to il Pappa and the Gipper...
  130. middleofnowhere

    Federal Trophy Copper

    Very happy with the trophy copper slugs for my 20 gauge.
  131. middleofnowhere

    President creates new National Monuments

    I'm not really happy with this as I feel it will hurt hunting opportunity and other recreation. President Obama designated three new national monuments in the California desert Thursday, expanding federal protection to 1.8...
  132. middleofnowhere

    West coast live aboard questions. They have a free paper in almost every marina. Also an annual marina review. As far as anchoring, most updated electronic charts have the information for every harbor about free anchorages. Navionics has an excellent chart for the west coast depending on what plotter. You can also...
  133. middleofnowhere

    rod advice

    Where and what are you planning to fish for? Great reel btw.
  134. middleofnowhere

    Can you believe it's been 30 years?

    Thanks for bringing this up. I remember that day like it was yesterday. RIP Challenger crew.
  135. middleofnowhere

    Recommend a 50# Reel

    I'm using the 113HN for same purpose. One nice feature is that the US Senator series has reversible lugs for a harness or to hang from trolling straps if you choose. I do have both the 113HN/Baja Special and TRQ40NLD2 set ups though. The torque is one of the finest reels IMO, the Baja/113HN is...
  136. middleofnowhere

    Vortex AO Hog Hunter Rifle Scope

    SOLD ! I am selling a Vortex Crossfire II 3-12x56 AO Hog Hunter Riflescope. This is brand new in unopened package, I ordered this for a 12-gauge slug gun build and am thinking of going another route...
  137. middleofnowhere

    CA harvest reports

    We in Kalifornia have been bitching about a lot of this harvest reporting, fishing bans, etc. I think a lot of it has to do with politics more than actual wildlife management. All of the members on our fish and game commission are avowed HSUS/PETA types. I think the harvest reporting is more of...
  138. middleofnowhere

    What would you buy ??

    I have never been a fan of the smaller fly bridge boats, sitting down in a narrow beam fly bridge is just no fun IMO. I would be leaning towards PH. I have a 26' express style Cat and love it, having good wind and spray protection is a plus. Cats ride great, as do some of the better PH...
  139. middleofnowhere

    UC Wahoo Jr.?

    I have a Charkbait Wahoo Jr., love the rod. Currently paired with a Baja Special, 80# solid braid and short top shots of flouro from 40#-60# mostly. Occasionally I've even tied a short 30# flouro leader for soaking a bait. Long rods don't work well from the cockpit of my boat, so 7'ers are the...
  140. middleofnowhere

    El Chapo

    I just watched the 60-minutes interview, what a narcasistic douche.
  141. middleofnowhere

    Seahawks LOL

    All those TD balls being given to the little kids in the stands is very classy...
  142. middleofnowhere

    Seahawks LOL

    I might have to unblock the entire Washington forum just to chuckle at some of the whining LOL Go Carolina!
  143. middleofnowhere

    SOLD belly hoop. Stainless steel.

    That's a hell of a deal.
  144. middleofnowhere

    Executive Action On Gun Control

    A friend of mine had some guns stolen from his house a couple months ago. A couple weeks after the theft a guy gets stopped driving a stolen car with one of my buddy's guns (loaded), weed and meth. The guy is a skinhead and convicted felon with a long rap sheet. This skinhead lives not far...
  145. middleofnowhere

    WTB - Youth Shotgun - ideally 20 gauge

    I went the 870 youth model route in 20 gauge for our little guys. Amazing how fast they grow, at 16, one of the boys is over 6' now.
  146. middleofnowhere

    RV batteries question

    You can run a 27 and 24 together in parallel with no ill affects, common sense (same brand, etc.). Word on little Honda generator, whisper quiet.
  147. middleofnowhere

    Help with blanks

    Great idea, similar to the method in this post.
  148. middleofnowhere

    what's with the new look??

    It's too bright on my iPhone.
  149. middleofnowhere

    Have you tried pen-raised Seal??

    Alaska has the highest rate of welfare among any state, including Hawaii and the rest of the lower 48. A lot of the Inuit in remote villages hunt/fish for food, but nobody lives in igloos or traditional style digs anymore. Every subsistence hunter has satellite TV, a snow machine, quad or even...
  150. middleofnowhere

    Have you tried pen-raised Seal??

    They want you to pay...
  151. middleofnowhere

    Calstar Jig Sticks - Realistic Full Pull Ratings

    Great idea. Maybe others could post up numbers on on some other jig blanks. I have two of the blanks GClev listed, maybe I'll pull on them one of these days with a spring scale and see if my results are similar. I know that the results from this type of test don't tell you everything you need...
  152. middleofnowhere

    New Ethanol Rules could be a real problem for Boaters!

    Not only a potential bummer for gasoline powered boats, but for the economy and climate overall. The price of eggs, milk, chicken, beef, soda, etc. will all skyrocket again. Corn commodity prices will trigger all these higher prices for the consumer. Middle class will be disproportionately...
  153. middleofnowhere

    Venezuelan killed by shark during Aruban Coast Guard helicopter rescue

    A Venezuelan man was attacked by a shark moments before the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard tried to reach him and his crew during a daring rescue operation Saturday after their boat capsized in the waters off Aruba. Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard spokesman Roderick Gouverneur told The Associated...
  154. middleofnowhere

    New Valiant 300 from Accurate

    How's the castability?
  155. middleofnowhere

    Filet knife

    Dexter Russel for me.
  156. middleofnowhere

    BillyV was drinking

    what are you searching for when you find that stuff?
  157. middleofnowhere

    Recommendation yo-yo reel that does not......

    For yo yo fishing line size is not an issue. A fish will bite a jig tied to 50 just as much as 30#. I have both Baja Specials and 40NLD2s on my boat, the two speed has merit for some anglers. My wife won't fish anything but 2-speed anymore, even 20# LOL
  158. middleofnowhere

    Looking to borrow 2 5/16 deep socket wrench

    The anti bond didn't work for me.
  159. middleofnowhere

    Recommendation yo-yo reel that does not......

    I don't see any "bind" with the TRQ40NLD2, easily a 50#-60# yo yo reel. You might even be OK to step down to a 25N if it has enough IPT? You should be fine with the Raptor or Dauntless reels also, all made in USA. We have a bunch of the Torques, really love them. Penn did such a great job...
  160. middleofnowhere

    Looking to borrow 2 5/16 deep socket wrench

    I tried heat and every solvent known to man on that 5200. Only thing that works IMO is cutting or grinding.
  161. middleofnowhere

    Bloodhound Info

    My buddy has two, not sure if they are true "blood hounds". They are fairly large dogs at about 70#s. His property is not fenced, so he keeps them chained a lot. The dogs are older now and former hunters. They seem to love affection and are friendly, but my buddy does not treat them as pets...
  162. middleofnowhere

    Looking to borrow 2 5/16 deep socket wrench

    I cut my nut off with a dremel and then ordered a new nut from Airmar or Lowrance for a little over $10. It took a few calls before I got a positive answers on ordering new nut.
  163. middleofnowhere

    Home Defence

    A good friend from the Bay Area asked what she might need in order to defend her home and family from home invasion, and the like. Isuggested a 9mm, a couple of clips, and a box of shells. A few days later she sent me this picture (below) and asked me how to make it all work.
  164. middleofnowhere

    Furbag Population in Trouble

    Ask Sarah Palin, she used to eat seal. I guess you could extrapolate further and ask Glenn Rice if it tasted fishy?
  165. middleofnowhere

    Tuna spike top ideas

    I've never seen you on my boat o_O
  166. middleofnowhere

    December 9th Fish and Game Commission meeting...

    April is an accomplished angler in her own right. Her husband is a well known BD member and posted on this under Carrie Wilson's DFG thread here on BD.
  167. middleofnowhere

    HX raptor -vs- Pro30EX

    I think the trend is to go with lighter reels like the Raptors, Torques and Dauntless sized reels vs. fishing 30's and 50's. They are more than capable.
  168. middleofnowhere

    Too Light For 60 lb. Rig?

    We currently paired TRQ40NLD2s on our 765L's with 80# braid. We fish 50# and up flouro leader now, typically 6' to 10' in length. The 765L is a decent all around blank that we use for trolling, dropper loop and live bait fishing on our private boat. Have caught 50# class tuna on bait/troll...
  169. middleofnowhere


    I have two Coleman Extreme coolers in 70qt and and two Igloo Marine in 90qt. The igloos act as seats on my boat as they have cushions snap on. In August I took all four coolers deer hunting. Weather was in upper 90's. I filled three coolers completely with ice, the Colemans lasted days longer...
  170. middleofnowhere

    i11s by Hobie?

    im wondering if anyone has tried this new rig yet? I'm intrigued. Most of my use would be front side of Catalina for fishing and fun. Could I possibly take something like this offshore out of La Joya?
  171. middleofnowhere

    deckhand rod with reel seat

    Sport boat deck hands get paid very little. Reel seats and grips cost money, so inovative deckhands, operators and rod builders decided to make less expensive fishing rods by eliminating the reel seat and grips. The term "deckhand" rod evolved from this. There are some inherent benefits to...
  172. middleofnowhere

    Narrow kit?

    I've never seen or heard of a narrow 50, only topless kits from the likes of Tiburon Engineering.
  173. middleofnowhere

    Help!!!! With vhf!!

    If you can possibly spend some more $$, I would recommend getting a handheld with built in GPS/DSC. In an emergency, you can just push the little "red" DSC button and your GPS coordinates are transmitted to the CG via the DSC feature. The DSC feature works like a homing beacon and lets rescuers...
  174. middleofnowhere

    Gun Permits to carry

    I heard the Administration press secretary citing today how much California's gun laws have done towards reducing gun violence. Problem is, "3-strikes" occurred during the same time period. Saying gun control is responsible for reducing violence is just stupid IMO.
  175. middleofnowhere

    Showing proper respect

    The family of a retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant with 37 years in the Corps reluctantly decided that at age 92, he needed more care than theycould provide. The only decent place close to their home was a nursing home for retired soldiers. They approached the facility and were told that...
  176. middleofnowhere

    Bottom Paint Removal-So Cal Recomm. Needed

    Finco in Costa Mesa. The guy goes by 40-grit here on BD. Definitely get a quote from him. He did my epoxy barrier coat and bottom paint. I'm sure he could remove as well.
  177. middleofnowhere

    Penn 16vsx or Mak16

    I'm biased toward Penn's VSX because they are made in USA and I do own the 16VSX. They are ready to fish right out of the box and are a great value. I've never fished a Mak, it definitely feels like a nice reel as well.
  178. middleofnowhere

    Phenix BD vs Calstar GF?

    I agree, but I think Rainshadow is made in China also.
  179. middleofnowhere

    New Bobcat Ban

    What's the moral difference between commercial hunting/trapping than commercial fishing?
  180. middleofnowhere

    China building islands on coral reefs, where's Greenpeace/Sea Shepherd?

    In my simple understanding, China is building islands and destroying several coral reefs. Where are the ecoterrorists?
  181. middleofnowhere

    Local one - Public oinker

    Rabbid squirrels = danger LOL
  182. middleofnowhere

    Sell by owner of pay a realtor ??

    I've sold several properties where the commission was negotiated to 3% (1.5% for buyer and 1.5% seller).
  183. middleofnowhere

    Pacific Warriors

    It's clean for the family better than housewives or kardashians...
  184. middleofnowhere

    Dry Cure/Brine for Fish?

    1-part salt and 2-parts sugar overnight in fridge before smoking. The fish has to be completely covered/submerged on all sides with the sugar/salt mixture. This not a rub. The fish shrinks and the mixture turns to liquid overnight. My family really digs on albacore this way, not so much on YFT...
  185. middleofnowhere

    WTB Binoculars & Spotting Scop

    If you don't have any luck on the used front, check out Alpen. I picked up a pair of the Apex binos and they compare well to Vortex, only at a much lower price. Made in same factory. Killer warranty.
  186. middleofnowhere


    Happy Birthday! Semper fi
  187. middleofnowhere

    illegal to shoot or capture pigeons........WTF

    By that logic it is then illegal to shoot, trap or harvest "roof" and Norway Rats LOL I'm calling the tip line to collect my reward for turning in every pest control company in Kali...
  188. middleofnowhere

    New Batteries

    Group 31 AGM batteries at Sam's Club for $199.
  189. middleofnowhere

    Hunting Backpack

    FYI: Mystery Ranch is having a close-out on packs. Makes a good pack slightly more affordable.
  190. middleofnowhere

    Casualties in SD Bay :/

    Wow! How many times does that weight hit your boat?
  191. middleofnowhere

    Casualties in SD Bay :/

    all of San Diego bay empties and fills each tide change, the current absolutely rips at the mouth of the bay. What works in LB and HB won't work in SD bay on a big tide swing LOL If your net gets hung up on a rock and the float goes under, you have to wait for the slack before the float pops...
  192. middleofnowhere

    Blizzard Camping--Need Campground Recommendations

    Take your camping a step further and put on a pack. San Gorgonio already has snow and should get a lot more with this El Niño. All the back packing trailheads will be plowed, so you can park and pack your stuff to camp. In 1998 my buddy and I parked at the Jenks Lake Trail Head and snow shoe'd...
  193. middleofnowhere

    New Batteries

    I run the Sears Platinum AGM batteries, which are now discontinued :( I like AGM for my application and will probably switch to optimas or go with West Marine's brand of AGMs. I have had leaks from lead acid batteries in the past, so never again in the boat.
  194. middleofnowhere

    Boat stereo recommendations?

    If you use Lowrance or Simrad products, the Sonic Hub is nice.
  195. middleofnowhere

    California Fish Stocks Declined by Over 70% Since 1970

    Could you imagine how great the wahoo fishing must have been 40-years ago, before the big decline in our fishery?
  196. middleofnowhere

    California's new Prop. 47 tax

    Parked my truck at an IE retail location (with a security guard in the lot) to carpool down to SD for some fishing. Get back to my truck and find someone got inside and stole a bunch of stuff (tools, first aid kit, 4x4 recovery stuff, etc.). I used my key chain clicker to lock the truck when I...
  197. middleofnowhere

    FHL deer hunt

    Ft. Hunter Liggett
  198. middleofnowhere

    wtb buy marine battery for boat

    I am no fan of the Costco batteries, I put two in my truck during a moment of weakness. Both have leaked out the vents, no way would I want that in my boat.
  199. middleofnowhere

    Vanguard Optics

    The Vipers.
  200. middleofnowhere

    Hunting Backpack

    I second/third or fourth the Mystery Ranch. I went with the metcalf pack and have used it as a day pack mostly. Earlier this season I used it on a successful backpack hunt for blacktail. My pack initially weighed 50# with sleeping bag, etc. I loaded about 45# of meat and packed out 5-miles with...
  201. middleofnowhere

    Vanguard Optics

    I know this an older thread, but reviving anyway. I went up to Basspro to pull the trigger on a set of Vortex, but also stopped in at Alpen optics in Rancho Cucamonga to compare. The Alpen Apex 8X42 binos had the same specs as the Vortex for $200 less. In fact both the Alpens and Vortex binos...
  202. middleofnowhere


    Hooray for America LOL
  203. middleofnowhere

    Archery bear hunt

    Pictures are great, congrats to you for taking it with the bow. Great accomplishment.
  204. middleofnowhere

    DumbAss kayakers

    [email protected]&? all you private boaters driving fast in the fog. Pretty soon we will have that new Assembly Bill passed, raising the cost of fuel so only kayakers can afford to go offshore LOL
  205. middleofnowhere

    Archery bear hunt

    I believe you, but a little hunting porn would be nice to see ;) I'll be hunting bear starting Saturday, can't wait.
  206. middleofnowhere


    Rai, I'd be happy to help in a couple of weeks, I'm leaving for vacation in a few days so can't right now. I'm pretty far from SD though. Scott PS: yes you were a dick in a few of your posts LOL
  207. middleofnowhere

    Massive failure of Fin Nor Lethal 100

    Made in China?
  208. middleofnowhere

    Any kids life vests/jackets out there??

    Yucca Valley or Riverside area for free. They say 50-90 lbs youth. My smallest is 8 YO and both of these too small. Other than some sun fading they are in good shape.
  209. middleofnowhere

    Finally big Bluefin

    I don't care what anyone says, that is a toad of a fish. Congrats Tim! And thanks for the nice concise report that will do a lot of other fishermen some good (whether they will admit it or not LOL).
  210. middleofnowhere

    Where are the tree-huggers?

    From what I understand, the wastewater contains high concentrations of naturally occurring metals like manganese, aluminum, cadmium, zinc and copper. The water is acidic, which probably most immediately affects aquatic life like fish. The hard rock mine (Gold King mine) where these metals...
  211. middleofnowhere

    A new PB Dodo and our first Great white

    behavior sounds like basking shark?
  212. middleofnowhere

    Otto comes down from the mountan and wants some..

    If there weren't plenty of fresh tuna at that camp, Otto picked the wrong camp LOL
  213. middleofnowhere

    Knife help question

    I'm a huge fan of the Buck 110, simple/cheap/etc. I wear one on my belt all day every day at work and play. I will also be carrying one of these (Dexter-Rusell 1375) in my pack It is very light with the Beachwood handle, holds an edge and perfect for...
  214. middleofnowhere

    WTB Big Bluefin Reel

    I just sold a 16VSX with hollow on it for cheap. While a great real, I am reconfiguring my personal arsenal since I mostly fish private boat. I just picked up a second Baja Special (the new silver one). Both will be filled with solid 80# spectra, that way I can run short flouro top shots from...
  215. middleofnowhere

    A Black Day for Hunters

    I posted that op Ed that from the highest ranking Tanzanian wildlife official begging the U.S. not to ban import of African Lion trophies, because the revenue from American trophy hunters does so much good in his country. While harvesting an animal solely for sustanance is noble, trophy hunting...
  216. middleofnowhere

    A Black Day for Hunters

    This New York Times op Ed pretty much explains the importance trophy hunters play in the role of saving threatened and endangered species in Africa. I am not a trophy hunter, but I do know several very wealthy members of the Safari Club that spend more on taxidermy each year than I probably...
  217. middleofnowhere

    duramax question

    I may be wrong, but KBB values are low for California. Because of our weather, rust is rarely an issue on California vehicles like elsewhere in country. A California vehicle will always sell for a premium compared to other state's vehicles.
  218. middleofnowhere

    How do you have your Fathom 40NLD2 set up?

    I have a TRQ40NLD2 set up this way and change out 10' topshots in seconds using the JC knot. On my private boat this reel is for yo yo, pitching large live baits and I troll with it also. I don't need lugs for trolling on my boat. The 40NLD2 is a very versatile reel whether Torque or Fathom...
  219. middleofnowhere

    Sorry, Costco, but I had to do it!

    Good on you Jon. It's tough to do, but buying American made clothing is possible. Every pair of footwear, pants, shorts and socks I own are made in U.S.A. About 3/4 of my shirts and 1/2 my skivvies are imported. is where I get my jeans and work boots. For fishing and...
  220. middleofnowhere

    Berkley vanish Fluro 40#

    It's good. I am actually rotating away from Seagur to All Berkely flouro.
  221. middleofnowhere

    Kill Bags Worth a look, used to be a BD sponsor. I've got their 60", one of the best in quality.
  222. middleofnowhere

    duramax question

    I have the LB7 and still love the truck. Great economy and power. Just beware that injectors are an issue from 2002 to 2004. Cost can be $2500-$5000 for a dealer to replace. Newly re-manufactured injectors supposedly have a "hardened" seat which should last longer. Do a google search on...
  223. middleofnowhere

    Savage 220 Slug Gun

    I finally got a chance to shoot something with the slug gun, and quite happy. Definitely not a "copper bullet failure". as the slug was found in the meat after breaking spine (lower left). 275 grain advertised at 1900 fps I think the projectile is approximately 0.41
  224. middleofnowhere

    What size perm torque star reel

    It might just be the best reel in the world for that application.
  225. middleofnowhere

    Penn Bluewater Carnage vs Ugly Stik Tiger vs Penn Rampage Boat rods

    Also consider Accurate rods in same cost category, very good for the buck and imported just like all the others mentioned.
  226. middleofnowhere

    Penn 16 VSX reel with JB Hollow 100#

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Well used topless reel with lugs removed for the rail. Boat Rash from use, see photos. No corrosion on aluminum, some flaws on chrome handle that you can see in photo. Serviced since last use, ready to fish. 300+ yds JB Line One hollow braid. Free spool is perfect. Clicker is...
  227. middleofnowhere

    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices

    If you have the time, let the processor freeze your fish before you pick-up. Their freezers are very cold, they put the fish on racks and the freezing process is very fast compared to loading your freezer at home. A while ago I put about 200# of unfrozen vacuum packed fillets into our...
  228. middleofnowhere

    Another Terrorist Joke

    I kind of like it :)
  229. middleofnowhere

    Application process for county of Riverside

    I can't speak specifically about Riverside, but government hiring in general can be slooooow. I know of a small City within Riverside Co. that interviewed and ultimately chose 5-candidates back in February. Three of them start work on Monday, July 13. Two of the guys found other employment...
  230. middleofnowhere

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    Look at the pick I posted earlier in the thread showing the coopers. Those are on a dmax that is probably close to 9K empty.
  231. middleofnowhere

    Safe and Sane

    You have to have proper PPE for such a trick.
  232. middleofnowhere

    1st time staying at Catalina, Lava Wall?

    Adding a stern anchor is a good idea, your boat will stay closer to shore when it wants to swing towards the mainland. BParker's advice above is solid. No shore boat service to any of the boat in campsites. You will have to take your boat to Avalon or Two Harbors. Avalon/Descanso will charge...
  233. middleofnowhere

    5-seals released in Laguna

    They were actually elephant seals. Whether they are pests like sealions or not, let Mother Nature do what she has to do without human influence.
  234. middleofnowhere

    scoop thru hull

    Interesting, my strainer faces aft, never had and issue. I didn't install it. I will defer to others knowledge on this subject. Thanks
  235. middleofnowhere

    scoop thru hull

    Yes, you likely won't need to run your pump motor even.
  236. middleofnowhere

    scoop thru hull

    If you are using a strainer like this, the slots should be facing the back of the boat. Install a ball valve threaded directly to the strainer before your pumps. If installed correctly, the head pressure should not be enough to damage most bait or wash down pumps.
  237. middleofnowhere

    If you were going to buy 6 accurate reels for trollers...

    I must have the best luck with Accurates, my one ATD 30 has been flawless for at least a decade and lives on my boat. Basically rinse with fresh water and repeat. If money isn't the issue, Accurate ATDs will be the best reel. My 30 is used in the trolling spread for everything, and...
  238. middleofnowhere

    Protect yourself from civil litigation

    This could get very complicated for employers LOL
  239. middleofnowhere

    United Composites?

    If you buy a rod in "Charkbait's colors", it's a Saltydawg wrap. Components (guides, seat, etc.) are Batson. It's good to know UC is factory wrapping also. They are similarly priced to a Phenix and at least the blank is made in USA and not China.
  240. middleofnowhere

    United Composites?

    I believe Saltydawg here on BD wraps all the UC rods for Charkbait. I have one of the Wahoo Jr. rods in Charkbait colors, sweet rod for sure.
  241. middleofnowhere

    Boat Loans?

    So just buy the boat and a life insurance policy. This is a true story, a few years ago I wanted to buy some more expensive safety equipment for the boat. My wife insisted I buy another life insurance policy before I spent a dime on new safety gear. When I croak, my wife's standard of living...
  242. middleofnowhere

    Lake fire

    From my house the scope of this fire looks huge. Lots of prime deer and bear habitat temporarily lost for sure.
  243. middleofnowhere

    Eyebrow Witness News....

    Eagle fan...
  244. middleofnowhere

    Boat Loans?

    My home is paid for, my boat is not LOL It's the only interest deduction I have.
  245. middleofnowhere

    To rinse or not to rinse filets

    My filets only feel the steel from my blade before going into packaging. No water, slime or scales ever comes into contact with the meat after its cut.
  246. middleofnowhere

    There back.... and this one is a safe one now.....

    I have no problem with you or anyone else killing a snake, just don't hate on me if I let one live ;). I thought the video was cool and first video I've ever posted. My snake was at least 1/4 mile from nearest home. I don't flail dogs against fences either LOL. I liked your post and glad your...
  247. middleofnowhere

    There back.... and this one is a safe one now.....

    This one got to live.
  248. middleofnowhere

    There back.... and this one is a safe one now.....

    LOL, one of our Yorkers cornered a pissed off gopher snake yesterday morning, never seen a chubby little dog jump so far/fast backwards when the snake took a swing. We had one of our dogs get bit by a red diamond some years ago, very ugly long recovery.
  249. middleofnowhere

    Cold Air Intake Opinions for Eco Boost

    I only stated my experience with AFE and clearly stated Duramax (diesel). My tires are always inflated properly. I don't pay for a mod unless there is a ROI, so far I am happy with what the AFE system has done for me. For instance, premium paper air filters cost about $30. So in well over...
  250. middleofnowhere

    Cold Air Intake Opinions for Eco Boost

    My 03 Duramax was used as a prototype for that year's AFE cold air intake. They gave me a loaner truck (souped up powerstroke) for weeks at a time while they tried different intake designs and ran my truck on the dyno over and over. Repeated oil analysis was done over the next year and I...
  251. middleofnowhere

    Greenies all irritated over Steven Spielberg pic with "dead" Triceratops LOL Joyce Carol Oats has several Pullitzer prize nominations LOL
  252. middleofnowhere

    Haywire Help...

    I'm not familiar with "tooth proof", but maybe it is not an ideal wire for the haywire twist?
  253. middleofnowhere

    Need a concrete table top built

    I have the forms to make these tables and benches, my late father in law did the tile work, extremely time consuming and does require an artistic touch.
  254. middleofnowhere

    Charter master and/or sponsored trips.

    Steve is a class act, he handed off a nice wahoo to my wife after she had just lost one at gaff. He is truly selfless as a charter master. Penn is very generous as a sponsor. They have lots of demo gear, you could almost get away not bringing your own.
  255. middleofnowhere

    Man Bites....err Thrashes Dog

    One man's family, er I mean dog, is another man's dinner... In Vietnamese cooking, there are seven ways to cook a dog. In a culture of grass-fed milk and hardcore food provenance, could one of these recipes ever make an eco-hero's menu? Or is this a dog's breakfast of food ethics? Thit...
  256. middleofnowhere

    Man Bites....err Thrashes Dog

    At least 6-tough guys on this thread have said they would kill this guy or anyone that does the same.
  257. middleofnowhere

    Man Bites....err Thrashes Dog

    Little girl finds missing dog.
  258. middleofnowhere

    Man Bites....err Thrashes Dog

    I wouldn't have flung the dog repeatedly against the fence. I will not "internet" lynch the guy for losing his temper, when seconds earlier, the dog was biting his smaller dog. George, I'm glad you are not my neighbor. You are way out of line calling names over some stupid video. Get a life.
  259. middleofnowhere

    4-Stroke, Best Fuel Choice??

    Ninj is correct, all gas (other than race/aviation) has ethanol. If you use your boat often, no additives needed. I know Verados like 91 octane, other 4-strokes like my Suzukis are very happy with cheaper 87 octane.
  260. middleofnowhere

    Man Bites....err Thrashes Dog

    LOL, you guys are funny. Man or beast enters my castle uninvited, prepare to get thrashed :D
  261. middleofnowhere


    Congrats on your rig and continued adventures. The wife and I lived off grid for two years in a 38' 5th wheel. It was cool. Learned a lot while trying to piece together an Outback inverter system and get it to work flawlessly between the batteries, solar and generator. We had all the modern...
  262. middleofnowhere

    What not to do with a baby swordy

    disrespectful. Some BD members knew this captain.
  263. middleofnowhere

    So, the story goes...

    Big time Washi FailCOCK
  264. middleofnowhere

    reel help

    Solid advise.
  265. middleofnowhere

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    When I google Suzuki corrosion issues results for Yamaha keep popping up mostly. Any known issues with DF150s? I don't have many hours on mine, but they have been slipped for months at a time, rinsed thoroughly after each use. The motors are immaculate with no sign of wear or corrosion.
  266. middleofnowhere


    Go Lowrance HDS and get their new pilot.
  267. middleofnowhere

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    My 08 DF150s have been flawless. Thanks for posting the info, I will be checking mine regularly.
  268. middleofnowhere

    Ass hole diver of the week!

    It figures the Washitard would inject a "mechanophilia" sex video into the thread. They just don't have sun, attractive women or fishing worth a shit up north to take their minds off of sex with wierd objects.
  269. middleofnowhere

    Ass hole diver of the week!

    Plenty of sport boats put hundreds of dink YT in their fish counts.
  270. middleofnowhere

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    On my old truck a set of tires costs nearly 10% of the vehicle's value. This is a worthwhile discussion, hopefully it saves someone enough money so they can spend more time doing something they want vs. paying for another set of tires. :)
  271. middleofnowhere

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    BFG has pretty much been the Biggest name in tires for Baja racing since before I started chasing and pitting in the late 80's. I have been given several free or heavily discounted sets of BFGs over the years because of the BFG sponsorship of our team. A lot of the locals in Baja are given...
  272. middleofnowhere

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    X2, I'm still pissed at my dealer and Suzuki for not honoring their promise to give me a 6-year warranty when I purchased new in 2008, but the engines have been absolutely flawless. Not one mechanical issue, quiet and efficient. I'm over 6-years ownership now, so no biggie on warranty anymore.
  273. middleofnowhere

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I am getting close to 40K with my first set of Cooper ATP tires with the E Load rating. Photo from today, note that I rotate my spare with every rotation.
  274. middleofnowhere

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I've been real happy with Cooper ATP tires from America's Tire or Discount Tire. Much better than BFG. How are you liking your Twin Vee?
  275. middleofnowhere

    Calico or Sandies on restaurant menus

    Black Sea Bass is not a bass, but a grouper. Large Mouth Bass is a perch LOL
  276. middleofnowhere

    Just replaced all our Izing Glass with...

    LOL, hope it holds up. If you wouldn't mind, share some more details like cost compared to isengl
  277. middleofnowhere

    On the beach in NoCal

    I rate abalone in the top 5 meats that I have ever tried. It is absolutely delicious.
  278. middleofnowhere

    Fishing from a sailboat- Catalina

    Nice job and welcome to BD. It's good to see a blow boater on the board. A lot of guys will envy your fuel economy while fishing. Looking forward to more reports.
  279. middleofnowhere

    WTB weedless lead heads

    im looking for the kind with the bristles. I'm also interested in baits to go with. Shoot me a PM. Thanks, Scott
  280. middleofnowhere

    On the beach in NoCal

    Made the 10-hour drive to and from Gualala, stayed at my cousin's house near the beach. I took a dip in the water, the wind, waves and surge had there way with me. Visibility at less than a few feet also took me out of my comfort zone with the strong surge. My Cousin, who is a few notches the...
  281. middleofnowhere

    our new $20 dollar bill

    Salmon Chase (not a President or founder), who's face is on the $10,000 bill, was probably one of the people most responsible for ending slavery. As much as Sakajawea and Susan B Anthony deserve to be on a piece of US currency, why not put Harriet Tubman? She was a hero who risked her life to...
  282. middleofnowhere

    our new $20 dollar bill

    Kill a rattlesnake, black sea bass or spear some schooling "opah" and there will be plenty of comments LOL
  283. middleofnowhere

    Dolphin T Tops

    If you want a cheap Chinese t-top, just go on alibaba like Stryker and Dolphin did LOL
  284. middleofnowhere

    2 escort boats needed for Catalina Classic

    Shad is a class act and will take care of you. If you haven't done the Catalina Classic before, it is a great event, very well run. Your escort boats will take you to the island the day before, they will have to attend the captain's meeting and will have to get a mooring overnight. Make...
  285. middleofnowhere

    Fishin' chick or whatever...

    I'm happy with the "Fishin Chicks" forum. My wife actually reads the articles and I would be happy if my granddaughter read the articles. You can go eat a dick for all I care Widgeon, worthless post.
  286. middleofnowhere

    More Surface Iron

    Those are beautiful.
  287. middleofnowhere


    Look harder, on the floor right between the skeleton and the scooter to the right of the blue tote LOL
  288. middleofnowhere

    Baja Special (US 113N) Vs Fathom

    On my fall 8-day last year I fished 50# yo with my TRQ40NLD2 primarily. It is a Cadillac, less fatigue after multiple fish. I had the Baja Special set up mostly for the bomb, but I ended up using it a lot with the yo yo. It's a great reel and certainly kills, the two speed of the TRQ LD just...
  289. middleofnowhere

    new farallon

    Congrats on your future boat. Look forward to seeing some pics.
  290. middleofnowhere

    Penn torque 25nlever drag 2 speed or talica 12II

    All I can say is that those Torque lever drags are nice reels, I have 3 now. It's made in America, so at least a few more of your dollars stay in the country.
  291. middleofnowhere

    Bottom paint

    In my research it appeared Petit's "Vivid" bottom paint was one of the best paints for a trailer boat. I ended up going with the Vivid paint on my Twin Vee. You will definitely loose some speed and economy with the paint, but not much imo. you can google search reviews on Vivid paint for...
  292. middleofnowhere

    Morrissey, Always Hated His Music

    Gore is a liar, no way that dude is a vegan LOL
  293. middleofnowhere

    Meals on Wheels - Montana Style....

    Good job Randy, Paul and Russel. LOL Three responses in unison, very funny. BTW A-Holes, that is a real photo taken by my cousin's best friend's aunt who happens to be his sister LOL. The bicycle rider was not fortunate in that race.
  294. middleofnowhere


    Who would want to be a cop in BMore now?
  295. middleofnowhere


    In 23 years nobody will have to drive anywhere... Construction began today on a $200 million dollar retail and entertainment center in South Los Angeles on the site of a former indoor swap meet destroyed by fire 23 years ago...
  296. middleofnowhere


    Since World War II, $22-Trillion has been spent to reduce poverty and the conditions that foster unrest. That is 5-times more than what the U.S. has spent on every war since the founding of this nation, combined.
  297. middleofnowhere


    The whole situatiation is very sad. I am so grateful I did not live in a neighborhood where something like this happens. I work very hard to make sure my family doesn't get exposed to this kind of violence, despair, etc., so far we have been successful. I pay a lot in taxes, apparently those $$...
  298. middleofnowhere

    Want to Charter or Partner Fast Fishing Boat

    Because there are a lot of Internet "know-it-alls" on this site LOL. I have had partners in multiple boats for many years, they have worked out well for us. There are downsides of course, but overall the positives have more than outweighed negatives. My insurance co. insures partnerships all...
  299. middleofnowhere

    I upgraded to a new boat!

    Congratulations Lynndeva. You and your family will create many new great memories with that rig. I love your posts, keep them up.
  300. middleofnowhere

    Looking for San Diego boat dealer?? It's a little drive from San Diego but they have a pretty good inventory and are now a Defiance Dealer.
  301. middleofnowhere

    Want to Charter or Partner Fast Fishing Boat

    LOL, bunch of Internet know-it-alls. Sniper, good luck in your quest. There aren't that many boats with the specs you are looking for on West Coast. Bare charters are even more uncommon.
  302. middleofnowhere

    Seaguar Premier vs Blue Label Floro

    I had almost exclusively been using premier due to diameter, but have noticed some losses. I have switched over to Berkely ProSpec. I think it has a slightly larger diameter than Blue Label. Pricing can be favorable compared to seagaur and it is a top quality US made fluorocarbon.
  303. middleofnowhere

    Boat songs, need play list suggestions

    Ancient mariner by iron maiden
  304. middleofnowhere

    Phase Separation..Ethanol....Important Read

    The whole premise of government mandated ethanol is outdated. Modern vehicles don't need the additive anymore to cut smog. The cost of corn and other commodities is now so artificially high that certain foods have doubled or tripled in cost because ethanol production steals all the food grains...
  305. middleofnowhere

    Non-Long range fishing related question: Maruader

    @EZ, I'm kind of curious why you didn't post this question in the LR forum. I'm sure there would have been quite a few more responses...
  306. middleofnowhere

    Check this out! never get stopped by Mexican Navy!

    you guys are reading way too much into this...
  307. middleofnowhere

    Check this out! never get stopped by Mexican Navy!

    So you're calling him a liar? LOL Nice set up BTW Rob.
  308. middleofnowhere

    Catalina boat size

    There are also some very capable 17', 19' and 21' boats. Brand names like Arima, Striper, Whaler, etc. For wife and kid, a cuddy cabin would be a high priority. What's the boat buying budget?
  309. middleofnowhere

    Is Population Control is The Solution to California's Water Problems?

    I live in the desert, and don't have a lawn. My yard is all native plants: Joshua Trees, Juniper and cactus. I still pay $80/month for a gardener to rake my yard LOL This should be our new drought slogan: If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down...
  310. middleofnowhere

    FaralloN BOATS catching salmon in HMB with a DRONE video

    You're a slandering bitch. I see you you "liked" that post too teamfarallon, I guess this shows how classless you are as well.
  311. middleofnowhere

    California luxury tax.

    You will have both a sales/use tax at time of boat purchase and a property tax. Every year after purchase, you will be assessed a "vessel property tax". The property tax is similar to the property tax you would pay on a home. The rate varies by county, in San Bernardino County where I live, I...
  312. middleofnowhere


    I was thinking same thing, very nice looking boat I might add.
  313. middleofnowhere

    Horrible - 10,000 Sea Lions Found Dead on California Island

    If Hannah would share her hair coloring secret, all those seal pups would look just like Harp seals and be ripe for the club LOL
  314. middleofnowhere

    Horrible - 10,000 Sea Lions Found Dead on California Island

    Hannah Mullins? Here is an early photo of the news babe LOL
  315. middleofnowhere

    Playing around with a 282 mako

    I've fished on one, great boat. Congrats!
  316. middleofnowhere

    suzuki 150 with fly by wire

    I have two 2008 150's that came with my boat when we purchased new. They have been flawless. I purchased a service manual and have done all the service myself, the engines have never been in the shop. Easy to work on, quiet and efficient. If you need a dealer, Suzuki's network is not as good...
  317. middleofnowhere

    looking for catalina advice my first time

    If you are trailering boat, launch out of Cabrillo. From Cabrillo to west end is the shortest run to the island. Get bait at San Pedro bait. You can get a mooring at two harbors at least one night, it will cost a few bucks, but you can have access to restaurant and general store...
  318. middleofnowhere

    Desert Wildflowers in bloom now

    Barrel cactus are now starting to pop at 4000'.
  319. middleofnowhere

    Why Don’t Licenses Run Annually from Date of Purchase?

    Bullshit comment garlicsalt. She answered the question honestly at least. It shows California's greed, I get it. No reason to personally attack Carrie, she did not make the decision. I wish all government would be this honest even when it shows them in a bad light.
  320. middleofnowhere

    On this day, April 4th, 1933: USS Akron Crashes Some really cool/tragic history involving the US Airship program.
  321. middleofnowhere

    My dog figured out what to do with the seals!

    They are darlings of the left and anti gun, of course no one was prosecuted LOL
  322. middleofnowhere

    My dog figured out what to do with the seals!

    That is Congress Woman Gabby Gifford's husband (the astronaught) pulling the dog off the sea lion pup. Happened a while ago.
  323. middleofnowhere

    My dog figured out what to do with the seals!

    Just let the otters rape and kill all the sea lion pups that they want...
  324. middleofnowhere

    Desert Wildflowers in bloom now

    took the wifey on a walk through Joshua Tree on Sunday. Weather was good and the blooms were some of the best we've seen in a few years. San Gorgonio in background. Barrel cactus ready to bloom. Yucca ready to bloom. Lots of butterflies... Quail could be heard everywhere.
  325. middleofnowhere


    If I wanted that type of entertainment I would "un-ignore" the WashiTard forum.
  326. middleofnowhere

    Snow Play Garbage (sad)

    At least most of the trash generated was probably purchase with EBT or some other form of government welfare LOL
  327. middleofnowhere

    Another Anchor discussion,, really,,

    If adding a windlass, step up to a 22# plow or claw for your size Skippy. It's easy to pull a heavier anchor with a windlass LOL. Get a roller specifically designed for the new anchor, it will store much better in the roller than any Danforth. Either the claw or plow will hold you fine at the...
  328. middleofnowhere

    Anyone have 2015 Dodge p/u with the new turbo 6cyl Diesel?

    I'm re-reading this post. My cousin bought the 2500, with the 6 cylinder Cummins, not the 1500 with the Fiat diesel. My bad for chiming in on an unrelated subject. The issues he has had relate to stupid stuff like the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) and some other minor glitches...
  329. middleofnowhere

    Anyone have 2015 Dodge p/u with the new turbo 6cyl Diesel?

    My cousin just bought a 2015 4x4 8-9 days ago. It's been in the shop twice for minor stuff and goes back on Tuesday. He is not happy with Ram QC right now.
  330. middleofnowhere

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    I like reading the Oregon forum now, good dope about giant bluefin fishery about to blow-up off their inlet LOL
  331. middleofnowhere

    Free healthcare for Americans - OOPS, I mean seals

    Given enough time, wolves will not only alter rivers, but cure man made global warming LOL
  332. middleofnowhere

    USS Ranger on Her Final Voyage

    Cool photo.
  333. middleofnowhere

    What do you use your fish finder for?

    For a low cost unit that would work for you island guys,look at something like this You can go bigger with 9" screen or get a full function plotter. Money is only object. Right now there are a lot of brands...
  334. middleofnowhere

    Free healthcare for Americans - OOPS, I mean seals

    Geez, don't bring "wolves" up on BD.
  335. middleofnowhere

    Problem with fuel expansion/venting

    Do you know if the vent is off the "fill" hose or directly off the tank? Basically what is happening is that there is no head space at the vent pick-up location. You have a vapor pocket elsewhere in the tank that expands and pushes fuel out the vent. Playing with the level of your boat...
  336. middleofnowhere

    Boating to Catalina to camp and fish?

    Little Harbor is an anchor only location, no mooring buoys. Buy a cheap raft if you don't have a dinghy or swim your gear to shore. Many times we just use plastic totes with our gear (they float lots of weight) and just swim them to shore. You just keep it balanced upright. Easy breezy You...
  337. middleofnowhere

    Boating to Catalina to camp and fish?

    Here is a thread to start you out Here is the link to the "boat in" camping sites. And another great link.
  338. middleofnowhere

    Oregon Bluefin tuna, big ones....

    LOL The Wash-Tards might have fallen for it if Bondrvr would have kept his trap shut. LOL
  339. middleofnowhere

    Kill bag reviews?

    I've had success with KoneZone and Reliable.
  340. middleofnowhere

    Skateboarding Cat...

    C'mon Raimond, posting cat videos on BD? More is expected from a hard charging Marine LOL
  341. middleofnowhere

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    :worship: Definitely a much better experience.
  342. middleofnowhere

    Petraeus pleads guilty

    Petraeus pleads guilty, is this because of what the Washi guys refer to as, "Fireball Bitches"?
  343. middleofnowhere

    Rec's needed on Penn reels/rods for local So Cal

    Hi Carlos, just giving you a hard time about the boat and back aches. My back was the primary reason for getting a new boat a few years ago. I am only familiar with your Calstar GF800XL, great rod to pair up with Penn TRQ15LD2 (or Fathom equivalent if Made in USA isn't important to you) You...
  344. middleofnowhere

    thoughts on rebuilding SoCal tackle bag

    I stopped at the Morongo travel center for diesel and In-n-out. That's where I think it grew legs, or I left it on the ground like an idiot at the Marina. I just can't find it at home or on the boat. Actually a good list. I am trying to avoid piecing together a tackle bag like I did last...
  345. middleofnowhere

    Rec's needed on Penn reels/rods for local So Cal

    I recommend a different boat than that aluminum CC LOL
  346. middleofnowhere

    thoughts on rebuilding SoCal tackle bag

    My tackle bag disappeared out of the bed of my truck on the way home from the boat. 5-Trays of tackle are gone, plus a lot of other stuff that has taken years to acquire. I had a lot of duplicate stuff and wasted space. I had bought what was available over the years, not necessarily what I...
  347. middleofnowhere

    Windlass for 21 foot boat?

    I love having a windlass. I anchor a lot. The free fall feature is also great for safety. When hooping, I can drop the anchor in a couple seconds without leaving the helm. If a rope is wrapped around a prop, those seconds can mean the difference between being in the rocks or not. Like grump...
  348. middleofnowhere

    Advise on a rod building kit

    I went with the flex coat kit from No regrets on my part, built only 4-rods so far. Plenty of supplies still left to build more. A lot of the parts could be added to a power wrapper later.
  349. middleofnowhere


    The sealion problem is just like the bear problem in certain national parks. "Do Not Feed the Bears" I mean "Sealions". Many problem Bears are killed by F&W/Park Rangers each year. The same needs to start taking place with Sealions. They are equally dangerous. Or just repeal/modify the...
  350. middleofnowhere


    I question why Harold was badmouthing Davidson before they ever even started. He had no problem taking the money, doesn't seem very high character. SFjakey and 5150, you are a special kind of little bitches. The slander and lies in this thread are so very thick from some bittermen "know-it-alls".
  351. middleofnowhere

    Going to hoop Catalina for the first time...need help please

    Miss Fitz gave excellent advice. Bug info is very different than fish info. The below picture is from last Tuesday night. We also fished this same spot a few weeks ago and only got one barely legal. I hope the yellows bite and bugs crawl for us all this weekend. Especially hope there isn't a...
  352. middleofnowhere

    Big tuna caught off of or around H.B pier.

    I thought your self imposed ban was still in effect?
  353. middleofnowhere

    Hooks for Sardine Fishing

    Wow, that pinched eye looks like a week point.
  354. middleofnowhere

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    You might as well be talking to the wall now LOL
  355. middleofnowhere

    Painted Trailers

    Where did I ever say "bare steel"? You must have ridden the short bus as a kid, your reading comprehension is lacking. The OP said his trailer was painted black from the factory in the first post. The zinc in the galvanizing on steel prevents corrosion (rust) on the steel by sacrificing...
  356. middleofnowhere

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    The only thing that pisses me off about the WashiTards are posts in the Washi forum that could fall in any number of other categories already available on BD like boating discussion, etc. they are arrogant fucks, that think laws of physics, etc. are different once north of Oregon border.:frehya2:
  357. middleofnowhere

    Painted Trailers

    I do apologize for posting in Washi forum, like I said, my bad. I use the "new post" button at the top of forum page, so unfortunately see your forum's posts. Jason was kind enough to let us ignore your forum for a while...
  358. middleofnowhere

    Painted Trailers

    Just like galvanic corrosion, rust is caused by an electrochemical reaction LOL. And No, galvanizing is a sacrificial coating. Paint or epoxy would be "protective" in nature. Sorry I waisted my time posting in the Washi forum. It sucks since we lost the ability to ignore the entire forum. I...
  359. middleofnowhere

    Painted Trailers

    Salt air and damp air all act as electrolyte, just like salt water (only slower). The principal is the same. Heavy construction machinery that is dipped in salt water (but not immersed for extended periods of time) utilize corrosion protection systems that rely on the coating along with a...
  360. middleofnowhere

    Painted Trailers

    Put sacrificial (zinc) anodes on it, it will last as long as a galvanized trailer. Disconnect your lights before dunking the boat.
  361. middleofnowhere


    I have 1/2" and 3/4" 316 SS banding and Bandit tool. You are welcome to it.
  362. middleofnowhere

    What is the deal with Hawaiian Marlin? Steroids?

    They have plenty of skill, they just don't know what is going to jump on the line. One day I was out and two other boats working same area, we caught bunches of skipjack and small bigeye. Other boats hooked 200# ahi and 1/4 ton marlin fishing same gear as us and within eyesight. Not our day...
  363. middleofnowhere

    Transducer for Simrad NSS7 evo2

    When you buy your NSS7 EVO2, make sure you also buy the cheap 83/200 HDI skimmer transducer for about $100. Apply for the $100 rebate card and get the free RS35 radio. The HDI skimmer would be a nice back-up for your CHIRP xducer and give you downscan also.
  364. middleofnowhere

    Reel Reccomendations

    I like to keep my $$ in the US as much as possible, so not a fan of Okima. I have almost all the Penn Torque lever drags and am looking at one or two Accurate Dauntless reels to purchase during Fred Hall time this year. The Penn TRQ40NLD2 is a great reel for 50-60# yo yo.
  365. middleofnowhere

    How do you record the no take areas on your plotter?

    Updated charts should show the areas.
  366. middleofnowhere

    Simrad Gear Up event As I understand this, if you buy an NSS7 EVO2 + 83/200 HDI Skimmer Transducer you get the $100 gift card and your choice of go free wifi or the RE35 VHF.
  367. middleofnowhere


    The 25' Davis boats I have been on compared favorably to my catamaran when sideways in a swell, very little rock. I would say one of the best boats at drift for size due to the hull. There is a guy here on BD (Ratboy) that owns a Davidson, you can try dropping him a private message or maybe he...
  368. middleofnowhere

    Simrad Gear Up event

    Just noticed that if you buy a new Simrad NSS7 EVO2 combo unit with a transducer you can get a $100 rebate (gift card) and a Simrad RS35 VHF Radio. Seems like a lot for only $1300 spent. + + +
  369. middleofnowhere

    brade questions

    For my 40 size reels I fish 80# solid and use a short top shot of Flouro (6'-10'). I pretty much have solid Power Pro on most of my smaller reels and JB Hollow for my larger reels. I use a John Collins knot (). My kids and I can change out our short flouro leaders using the JC knot as fast as...
  370. middleofnowhere

    What is the deal with Hawaiian Marlin? Steroids?

    That is the best explanation and same one I got from a skipper that was a SoCal transplant to Hawaii. His boat fished 80s for everything, water was thousands of feet deep, current, swell and wind was often opposite the way the fish would run. Every fish was $$, so sport was secondary. Live...
  371. middleofnowhere

    Hey Central Cali people...eyes wide shut?

    The people of Hollister Ranch are tired of the trashy surfers and fishermen who frequent the view in front of their estates. What does a 1/3 interest in 100 acres of oceanfront property go for??? The residents of Hollister Ranch voluntarily assessed...
  372. middleofnowhere

    HEY HOMEOWNERS........

    Why would you pay a third party (escrow) to write a check for your taxes and insurance?
  373. middleofnowhere

    Best Sonar charts for BaJa / East cape

    The details will show up automatically with the default settings when you insert the card and select from the menu. For your NSS I think I would start with the Navionics Platinum +. Mine has excellent detail for northern Baja on pacific side. The detail down in Loreto was lacking for me...
  374. middleofnowhere

    Hot Waitresses and Great Food = Shooters Armed and Delicious :boobies:
  375. middleofnowhere

    L.A. Teacher jailed...

    How many spunk cookies would you eat for $139-million taxpayer dollars?
  376. middleofnowhere

    White bottom paint?

    I have white Petit Vivid over epoxy barrier. My boat has been slipped off and on for a while and will come out of the water again in two weeks. Very happy. Paint is very "hard", unlike other paints. When burnished, very slick and I have noticed very little difference in speed/efficiency over...
  377. middleofnowhere

    Good dropper loop reel

    I gave my TLD to a guy in Mexico LOL. That thing frustrated me so many times and on so many fish it's funny now.
  378. middleofnowhere

    fight against closures, what is happening?

    We just did our 2014 taxes and noticed no donations to fight MLPA or protect fishing rights. We had donated "significantly" (for our financial situation) the previous two years. Where can we put our resources in the future to protect our rights? While the MLPA process was devastating, I think...
  379. middleofnowhere

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    I think San Diegans should pony up for a new stadium :D
  380. middleofnowhere

    Sewer Pipe Reline (San Diego area) help please

    I have seen many sewer lining jobs fail, where the roots actually push in and deform the fiberglass and cause a clog. If the sewer line is difficult to access, it will be effective for decades. My first choice would be to replace the entire line if it is easily accessible, but I own a backhoe...
  381. middleofnowhere

    First spiral / acid wrap questions

    At the end of the video I hear a voice say the rod is mangled and will never catch another fish? That rod looked like it had no back bone, like a willow wand. With bend like that, could explain "no roll"?
  382. middleofnowhere

    Looking for a roommate to come live in HB by the harbor with us

    Why? Are you rooting for someone to loose their livelihood over a dumb post? Jig Strike is a good guy that made a lame post, big deal. Move along.
  383. middleofnowhere

    Tuna north-question

    Also consider one of our great Califonia rod/blank manufacturers instead of an overseas rod? Calstar, Seeker, Cousins or United Composites. Sorry Steve...
  384. middleofnowhere

    Oceanside.... That's four trips in a row.

    I'm with you brother LOL I go out on the water and it shuts down all the fish and bugs in the immediate vicinity.
  385. middleofnowhere

    Seeker Rod Company

    This internet bashing is so transparent, what is the agenda with you guys against Seeker?
  386. middleofnowhere

    Looking for a roommate to come live in HB by the harbor with us

    My assumptions are the OP is young because a. renting and b. still a girlfriend and not a wife. Women in HB are generally more attractive than where I live in the IE, so I humbly still request pics :)
  387. middleofnowhere

    First spiral / acid wrap questions

    My first rod builds were four identical 7-1/2' jig sticks. I chose to acid wrap all four of them. I initially used a guide I found on, but I ended up using Scold's method to fine tune the guide spacing and spiral. First: I used a deckhand basketweave pattern for the grip...
  388. middleofnowhere

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    I am seeing washi forum :finger: posts again, did we lose the ability to ignore that whole :shithappens: forum? Or am I just :deadhorse
  389. middleofnowhere

    Anyone got numbers for a Dogtooth spot off SoCal?

    Palos Verdes LOL
  390. middleofnowhere

    Deflate Gate

    It's all about money for the league, those balls cost like $82.27 each. The owners are billionaires, so they can afford it. If the league had to pay for the balls, they would go broke8-)
  391. middleofnowhere

    wtb dinghy cover

    I have one, it's too small for my dinghy. PM me contact info and I'll pull it out to measure tonight. Blue sunbrella in good used condition.
  392. middleofnowhere

    New Greenhouse NO I'm not growing weed

    We've been gardening for the past few years now. We can and freeze quite a bit of stuff. I don't know if it cuts down on the grocery bill, but it's fun and rewarding. Produce grown at home is just like meat caught or killed, the best imo.
  393. middleofnowhere

    Need fiberglass repair help on deck lids

    You would have to "thru-bolt" the starboard in many places to the existing glass. Not the right fix for this application imho. Go with a new core material and glass properly as others have said. Wood can be done properly to last a lifetime if it is sealed properly. If the manufacturer had...
  394. middleofnowhere

    Charger Fans

    LOL Exactly! Last weekend I spent three days on the boat with no TV. HoopedTuesday night after work. This is my first saturday home in a while, but we are hiking Joshua Tree tomorrow AM and may go riding in Johnson Valley on Monday. Tuesday night back out for some hoops and bass in LB...
  395. middleofnowhere

    Bilge Pump help please.

    Most small boat bilge pumps are plastic cartridge type units. If you can reach a hand under your engine and get a grip on the pump, it should release from the mounting with some squeeze tabs on the side of the pump. There should be enough slack on the discharge hose and wire for you to slide...
  396. middleofnowhere

    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    I always wondered why I don't see SoCal bass guys using catamarans? There are a few 22' center console Twin Vees that have been for sale on this board, they have a lot flat deck space for casting. The T-Top could be removed if you had too. Very fuel efficient. The cats ride up on a...
  397. middleofnowhere

    Snake Proof! LOL
  398. middleofnowhere

    Found this Cool Photo on the Web

    Give it up, you had one funny line, move along LOL
  399. middleofnowhere

    Found this Cool Photo on the Web

    I think it is supposed to be Gojira. Sea Shepherd named one of their boats Gojira to strike fear in the hearts of the Japanese whalers they are terrorizing in the southern seas.
  400. middleofnowhere

    Found this Cool Photo on the Web

    That is the true... Do you have a response for that one DoubleTrouble? LOL
  401. middleofnowhere

    Trolling reel what to buy?

    The Avet HX is a great way to go. You can also pick up a used Penn 16VSX for under $400 with spectra probably already on the reel. I think I paid $325 for mine with 100# hollow. In the single speed world, look at the new Penn US Senators. Around $250. They have phenomenal drag/freespool and...
  402. middleofnowhere

    Catching a blue shark with a slingshot

    "Simply Delicious" LOL
  403. middleofnowhere

    1-10-2015 rain hoopin Long Beach

    LOL, we started at Catalina Friday, moved to the 150 to try for yellows, and came inside harbor last night for slow hooping. Everything was slow for us too, but beautiful weather at the island and in LB if you didn't mind getting a little damp.
  404. middleofnowhere

    want to add a radar dome to my lowrance hds7 2gen

    You can only use a lowrance 3G or 4G with an HDS. It is really one of the best small boat radars anyway. Add a point1 antenna and you can overlay the radar over your chart. You should see some sales around boat show time coming up in March.
  405. middleofnowhere

    Anyone other than SWBA guys fishing Catalina this Weekend?

    I will be monitoring 72 and will be there Friday AM to Sunday. Give a shout to share/get any info. I most likely will be front side.
  406. middleofnowhere

    Has anyone made a list of fishing gear you should have on your boat?

    Like Simon, I always have the following on my boat and bring additional trays out when I'm targeting something specific: Net Gaff Flying gaff Tray of bass goodies (swim baits and lead heads) Tray of lead (12oz down to 1/4oz sliders) Tray of hooks Tray of iron Tray of misc. casting spoons/buck...
  407. middleofnowhere

    Anyone know what happened on the American Angler?

    It means nobody is complaining here on Bloodydecks LOL AA is definitely a family operation, customers are part of that family too. There are reasons you never here bad internet gossip about that boat and crew. I hope you have a great 8-day, my wife and I sure had a good one last fall.
  408. middleofnowhere

    Calstar Rail Rods - custom acid wrapped

    they actually sold some time ago, forgot to edit the post. Shajcl, the rods got a lot of comments on my 8-day. I ended up with a nice wahoo on the H. Other than that, the rods were not used. I don't think I will be doing any long range fishing anymore. They were definitely quality works...
  409. middleofnowhere

    Idaho Wolf Derby?!? I'm in!

    The Antis ultimate goal is to ban us from eating meat[.] Whether hunted or domestically raised, it's all the same to them. The Antis have been successful at banning predator derbies, hunting of mountain lion and fishing in Marine Protected Areas in California. There are also a whole slew of...
  410. middleofnowhere

    How big is this Sea Bass?

    Nice fish regardless of exact weight.
  411. middleofnowhere

    2 way radio help!!!!! is another source.
  412. middleofnowhere

    yet another dumb transducer question......

    B175 is an airmar transducer. Make sure you get the one for your plotter, simrad has its own proprietary plug. Airmar makes the same transducer with Garmin and Raymarine plugs, so make sure you get the Simrad for your new unit that you scored :D
  413. middleofnowhere

    Chargers are playoff bound...

    Karma's a cold bitch some times, celebrate an injury to an opponent and look what happens. Chargers were doomed as soon as Mr. Marlin made that ill-fated post that cost the season:zelfmoord
  414. middleofnowhere

    Donated Purple Heart Veteran Build

    Reading all that chokes me up a bit. Thanks for posting and building the rod.
  415. middleofnowhere

    just for Maggie,The Best Eli Manning Faces

    Agreed, that dude reminds me of Mondale
  416. middleofnowhere

    Free rods for someone worthy

    Dan Hernandez is in LB, he goes by name TVDan here on BD I think
  417. middleofnowhere

    Vietnam vet wants to fish

    You are a good man Duckbutter. How did those lobsters taste?
  418. middleofnowhere

    Biggest POS in the NFL?

    The players are only OK to do those things if they aren't on video.
  419. middleofnowhere

    My Gonna Be Surf/Fish/F-Around Skiff

    Have the hose running when you clean the boat with acidic cleaners, keep it off your trailer metal.
  420. middleofnowhere

    Opinion on Transmission Shift Kit

    Sounds like good advice. I've put "kits" in two past trucks and never regretted the extra $$, they were fords though. Trannys on those 90's F250s really sucked when stock LOL.
  421. middleofnowhere

    WTB 5/8" anchor rope

    I've got 200' or so, used but good condition.
  422. middleofnowhere

    Chargers are playoff bound...

    Still Charger fan, however rooting for chaos/mayhem now that Charger season is over. Therefore, go Raiders and whomever plays the Broncos from now on. Pats and their fan can go eat dicks also :D
  423. middleofnowhere

    Chargers are playoff bound...

    Maybe someone can share a recipe or two from last week, crow is on the menu for a couple nights in my house. LOL
  424. middleofnowhere

    Chargers are playoff bound...

    San Diego is just resting for the first round game. Go Browns LOL
  425. middleofnowhere

    Raider Nation

    Go Raiders They may get to know Stiff Neck real well. If the Broncos treat this game like a "gimme" they will be playing in the first round :D
  426. middleofnowhere

    2014 Annoying Sport Fan Contest

    Washi Boyz are just annoying, not necessarily in the sports fan category though.
  427. middleofnowhere

    Chargers are playoff bound...

    Oh yeah, go Chargers.
  428. middleofnowhere

    Chargers are playoff bound...

    As usual Mr. Marlin, your posts in the sports forum are as eloquent and timely as your posts are funny in the "Jokes" forum. LOL
  429. middleofnowhere

    Best Christmas Ever!

    Congratulations Simon. It is way more fun being a grandparent than a parent :D
  430. middleofnowhere

    Chargers are playoff bound...

    Hopefully he has a speedy recovery, a lacerated spleen, wow!
  431. middleofnowhere

    OSPREY 30 diesel, WHATTA THINK

    You should consider posting your question in the Washington forum. Lots of those guys don't look outside their forum. I think Osprey might be a more popular boat up there.
  432. middleofnowhere

    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

    Don't feed the troll. The stuff the washi-troll is posting is just HSUS/PETA propaganda. The commercial fishing lobby has jumped on their band wagon merely to slander a competitor of theirs in the fish industry.
  433. middleofnowhere

    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

    You troll/post outside your forum, I will see your post. Post on the washi board and you will be invisible to me. Please leave.
  434. middleofnowhere

    Cali Lobster thought for sustained fishery

    J Woodman nailed it. Any forthcoming regulations will not be based on science. PETA and their kin the HSUS will likely be driving any regulation agenda. They have to be fought and defeated.
  435. middleofnowhere

    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

    Stay the hell in your own forum Washi-troll. Thanks BD for the ability to put your whole state on ignore. My family won't eat any farmed fish or any Washi-caught fish processed in China anyway. Farmed fish are for the masses. The more farmed fish, the less pressure on wild stocks maybe...
  436. middleofnowhere

    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

    The FDA hasn't acted because farm raised fish are as safe as wild caught. Show an actual study stating elevated Mercury over wild caught LOL
  437. middleofnowhere

    We're on the board tonight

    Only 2 LOL It was exciting for the little guy with the shorts and by-catch.
  438. middleofnowhere

    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

    A lot of US wild caught salmon are are shipped to China and then retuned to the U.S. for sale. I had to show my wife the labels stating such at Costco recently to stop her from buying fish anymore. We have freezers full of fish, no reason to buy anyway. Walt, that so called health food site...
  439. middleofnowhere

    Rod touching the rail

    It's a valid discussion subject, no pity party warranted.
  440. middleofnowhere

    Sure is quiet in here.

    That would be LOL, But I don't think so.
  441. middleofnowhere

    Sure is quiet in here.

    Is there a game going on? If so, does it matter?
  442. middleofnowhere

    Rod touching the rail

    Agree 100%. An "IGFA record" is only an "IGFA record", not a world record. Guinness is the only true authority for world records imho :D I respect anyone who chooses to pursue an IGFA record by the rules, if they choose. It is a fair standard that has published rules that everyone Should...
  443. middleofnowhere

    My Gonna Be Surf/Fish/F-Around Skiff

    That looks like the same railing install that Davidson is using, very stout and clean. Better than what I have seen on any custom sportfisher.
  444. middleofnowhere

    My Gonna Be Surf/Fish/F-Around Skiff

    Nice skiff, congrats. That railing looks like you could almost use it for a pick point on a pier lift, it's so beefy.
  445. middleofnowhere

    Cardinals Crush Seacawks

    NGSD and @EZ need to post their favorite crow recipes, they have to be experts at the birds preparation by now LOL
  446. middleofnowhere

    We're on the board tonight

    1st pull 1 legal and 4 shorts. Couple other boats out here working same area.
  447. middleofnowhere

    Chargettes scheduled to play this Saturday.

    My brain hurts enough already.
  448. middleofnowhere

    Baja beer battered fish n shrimp taco recipes

    Dorado grills so darn nice, I would hesitate to put batter on it. Our go to beer battered taco meat has been yellowtail. Wahoo, however, is the best of what we have in the freezer right now for fish tacos. Rockfish and cod have always been a fish we bake or batter for fish & chips, just hasn't...
  449. middleofnowhere

    Chargettes scheduled to play this Saturday.

    Ravens need to lose today or next week. KC needs to lose next week. That is all I ask for Christmas. The rest of the games, meh...
  450. middleofnowhere

    Chargettes scheduled to play this Saturday.

    LOL, a junior member of the "Butthole Gang" making a "he she" reference. LOL Are you eating your Sunday morning dick warm or in a bowl with milk and sugar? Oh yeah, go donkies :D
  451. middleofnowhere

    they crawling again 12-20

    Outstanding job for you and your crew. Nice size/quality too. Congrats.
  452. middleofnowhere

    Chargettes scheduled to play this Saturday.

    OK haters, how'd that dick and crow taste? I never thought I'd hear of Rivers referred to as a "clutch" player LOL
  453. middleofnowhere

    Chargettes scheduled to play this Saturday.

    Best QB in the league LOL. Even through injuries, he still put the bolts in a position to win.
  454. middleofnowhere

    Chargettes scheduled to play this Saturday.

    When does the game start?
  455. middleofnowhere

    Fathom FTH15LD 2 Spd

    I can't say for 40#, but the TRQ15LD2 perfectly held a 300yd spool of 50# power pro solid with short top shots of flouro. I would imagine 350-375 yds of 40# would be safe guess. It's a beast for a small reel and perfectly capable of winching mossbacks off the bottom with heavier line. The...
  456. middleofnowhere

    A little decorating while wifey is out!

    I hate you for that comment, but it was LOL
  457. middleofnowhere

    Tip for you old Farts with bad eyes

    You guys are obviously too old for this tip LOL
  458. middleofnowhere

    New Ride- IMP rebuild

    No, those seats are on another Twin Vee down in Mag Bay now.
  459. middleofnowhere

    New Ride- IMP rebuild

    Nice build Raimond. I've got a spare/stern anchor with rode if you need it.
  460. middleofnowhere

    Tip for you old Farts with bad eyes

    Smartphone tip of the day: instead of reading glasses or magnifying glass, use your smartphone or iPhone to magnify. Simply select the camera mode and use your fingers on the screen the zoom in on what you are trying to read. Read the magnified image right from your screen. A co-worker who...
  461. middleofnowhere

    2014 Annoying Sport Fan Contest

    Now leading by one, Semper fi
  462. middleofnowhere

    Long Beach shorts

    I think we had well over a dozen shorts, a couple were clickers.
  463. middleofnowhere

    5 - 9 still possible playoffs?

    Can someone put up that link again for most "annoying" thread? I can't seem to find it right now. When I type "annoying" into search, I get a couple different user profile pages, you can guess which ones. :cool:
  464. middleofnowhere

    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    I hate those things. I heard about a guy that got in a tug of war with a sea lion in LB and ended up in the drink. He was dumping bait out if his tubes on the side of the boat when a sealion grabbed the tube in his hand and pulled him overboard. He was able to climb out, dry off and had dry...
  465. middleofnowhere

    Long Beach shorts

    Wrapped up hooping by 11:00 pm. Ended with just two keepers. We had lots of shorts tonight, almost every other net. This is unusual for this spot, as it is most often big bugs.
  466. middleofnowhere

    Black sea bass

    I was not impressed with bsb as table fare. Almost every other SoCal fish is better eating imo.
  467. middleofnowhere

    Chargettes scheduled to play this Saturday.

    Go Chargers! You haters can all go eat dick now.
  468. middleofnowhere

    Looking to buy new Davidson boat?

    You are a piece of work. Your posts have been nothing but negative and borderline slanderous from the beginning imo. Davidson Boats has sponsored this website for some time now, only to have dicks like you slamming them from the beginning. As far as I know, you don't own a Davidson nor have...
  469. middleofnowhere

    Airborn Beer: the story

    Watch this video, cool story on so many levels.
  470. middleofnowhere

    How To Deal With Sea Lions Stealing Your Catch?

    I have your whole board on ignore, please stay out of the Cali forums :D
  471. middleofnowhere

    2014 Annoying Sport Fan Contest

    Vic Lagina?
  472. middleofnowhere

    Inflatable Life vest Questions

    We have had a couple on the boat for a couple years and have changed cartridges. They are manual inflate. Seem OK, hope we never need them.
  473. middleofnowhere

    Hey Santa! Here's the new PENN reel I want under the tree.

    Bad ass reel right there. My wife's new fav for local and beyond. I want a trq25nld2, then we will have them all
  474. middleofnowhere

    Chargers vs Patriettes...

    Oh no..
  475. middleofnowhere

    ORION Splashdown off Baja

    LOL you are Soooooooo popular!!!***###???&&&..... I am honored to be on the same planet as you
  476. middleofnowhere

    sold please delete

    Allen Tani's site has a great tutorial on these reels. These are good SoCal/Baja trolling or dropper loop reels, my wife has one. My wife rocked more than a few decent yellowtail recently using the 4/02 on a 765L. They are heavy and the old clicker is awkward are cons. Pros are the smooth...
  477. middleofnowhere

    ORION Splashdown off Baja

    Look at America's education system and the Billions that have been wasted on political correctness, unions and educating illegals: "...the list of WASTE is ENDLESS!!!" LOL Seriously it would have been cool to be on the deck of a LR boat south of Alijos and see American navy ships and...
  478. middleofnowhere

    Hate your nasty I/O exhaust housing? Delete it!!!!

    The boat name at least besuits the use of closet flanges.:hali_olutta::smoking33:
  479. middleofnowhere

    ORION Splashdown off Baja

    LOL, what's your point? I admire those who would try and fail over those who wouldn't out of fear of failure.
  480. middleofnowhere

    ORION Splashdown off Baja

    Very cool. I wish we had a target date for the Mars mission.
  481. middleofnowhere

    Moral of the Qatar Story

  482. middleofnowhere

    Moral of the Qatar Story

    The only "funny" thing about this is how invested the Administration is in getting the Huangs home vs. the disinterest shown when the US Marine was in a Mexican Prison.
  483. middleofnowhere

    Boltz vs Ravens

    Rivers = best QB in the league right now.
  484. middleofnowhere

    Boltz vs Ravens

    Yup :D
  485. middleofnowhere

    Boltz vs Ravens

    3-point game haters.
  486. middleofnowhere

    Need a handheld VHF...

    We love it, the wife is still asleep in the berth and I am making some coffee right now on the boat. We are on the ball at Two Harbors :D. Hope to get a bigger boat soon though. From 91 to 08, we ran 14' Novurania to Catalina and made a few Ranch trips, loved that boat too. My back can't...
  487. middleofnowhere

    Need a handheld VHF...

    Maybe youtube? My 15-year old read the destructions and gave me the basics. The first thing you need to do is read the directions and establish an mmsi number. It took about 20-minutes for me to doit online. You'll need your vessel registration info handy. Congrats. Personally I doubt I...
  488. middleofnowhere

    "Raider" Wahoo Jigs

    I am a wahoo newb and own a bunch of "old" Raiders that I assume are "original". I recently purchased a bunch of Spanyids from I can't tell any difference between the old and new. I have seen the Toro Tamer knock-offs and others, but haven't compared side by side. My guess...
  489. middleofnowhere

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    LOL perfect graphic for illustration. Hopefully "they" choose to put all the rest of BD on ignore (except their forum of course :D). I'm sick of trolls
  490. middleofnowhere

    What kind of Jacket for fishing

    Fishworks has some decent light weight jackets. My son-in-law is a competitive bass fisherman, he has just about every article of clothing BassPro makes for their 100mph line. I also see a lot of guys wearing Grundens Gage soft shell clothing.
  491. middleofnowhere

    Lowrance HDS-10 Gen 2...your thoughts?

    I am still using an HDS10 Gen1. I have a B60 tilted element transducer, 3G radar and Sonic Hub attached to mine. With a heading sensor, you can have chart overlay of your radar which is nice. You would need a NMEA starter kit at a minimum also. If you step up and get one of newer models, you...
  492. middleofnowhere

    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    Spool guns are difficult with tubing. It is a little unwieldy and heavy pushing the bead around the tubes to be joined. My machine starts cold and finishes hot, it does not allow you to vary current like you can with a TIG. Not impossible, just a little more challenging.
  493. middleofnowhere

    Thank you Raiders

    Where is that Kia Soul driving Raider fan anyway?
  494. middleofnowhere

    So, with the price of gas/diesel going down.....

    62.5% + 30%-50% tip + 10% fuel surcharge = I'm in the wrong business ;)
  495. middleofnowhere

    So, with the price of gas/diesel going down.....

    Fuel surcharges are/were more complicated than just the price of fuel. Boats don't pay for their bait by the number of scoops like a private boater, they pay as a percentage of their total fare. Likewise, the landings took a piece of the fares as well for wharfage, etc. For example, a boat...
  496. middleofnowhere

    Bluefin Tuna limited to 2 fish discussion (merged threads)

    Essentially, the entire commercial take of Pacific Bluefin ends up in Japan. Also the bulk of Atlantic and Southern Bluefin end up in Japan. If the Japanese cut their consumption by just a little, we would see a worldwide improvement in Bluefin stock. Easy...
  497. middleofnowhere


    that is a great jacket. the shoulders are fleece. The sleeves, chest and back are pvc coated fleece. I have used the Guy Cotten version of that jacket for years, it is my favorite. I can dip my arm into the water past my elbow and cuff keeps all the water out. If that was a smaller, I would...
  498. middleofnowhere

    SALAS jigs with boat names

    I don't have any, but would love to see you guys post some pics :)
  499. middleofnowhere

    Bluefin Tuna limited to 2 fish discussion (merged threads)

    The whole premise on US commercial vs. US recreational harvest is false. We get juvenile fish, which are not sought after by commercials. 20# - 30# BFT have little commercial value. 500 tons of commercial take is nothing, like just a couple of seiners worth of fish. Mexico harvests 5,000...
  500. middleofnowhere

    Need a handheld VHF...

    You would be losing transmit power/range, fixed marine VHF radios have 25W maximum transmit power while handhelds have a max of 6W transmit power.
  501. middleofnowhere

    chinese made craftsman tools : (

    First toys and household junk, now tools, and soon stealth fighters: J-31 vs. F-35 My grandfather's war was with Germany and Japan. My father's war was in Vietnam. My war was in the Mideast. Your...
  502. middleofnowhere

    Need a handheld VHF...

    LOL, 6W is all you get from a handheld.
  503. middleofnowhere

    chinese made craftsman tools : (

    I found the last couple of USA made tool sets on the clearance shelf at Sears last year before Christmas for the two oldest grandsons. It's a shame that not much is made here any more.
  504. middleofnowhere

    Need a handheld VHF...

    I would recommend getting a handheld with built in GPS/DSC. In an emergency, you can just push the little "red" DSC button and your GPS coordinates are transmitted to the CG via the DSC feature. Below are the models I am aware of that offer this feature. Battery life, price and transmit power...
  505. middleofnowhere

    is deep dropping for swordfish legal??

    Swordfish do not have depth restrictions, however other fish do (rockfish). Just don't have any of the other restricted fish species on board while you are fishing deep.
  506. middleofnowhere

    Anyone running Toyo AT II tires on their truck?

    I had two sets of BFG tires that I was less than happy with after running them for over 25-years on 3/4 ton 4x4 trucks. I made the switch to Cooper ATP tires from Americas/Discount Tire a little over a year ago. They were cheaper and so far have performed great with aover 30K highway and...
  507. middleofnowhere

    Calstar Rail Rods - custom acid wrapped

    Make an offer, I will be at tackle days on November 8th.
  508. middleofnowhere

    Calstar Rail Rods - custom acid wrapped

    Make me an offer on the combos ATD30 nearly filled with 130# hollow mounted to Calstar 6465XH acid wrapped rail rod. Penn 16VSX half full with 100#JB Hollow Spectra and 80# mono top shot mounted to Calstar 6465H acid wrapped rail rod.
  509. middleofnowhere

    Kipu Kai Ranch Questions

    The Nomad travel rod is fine, but I personally prefer a spinner for fishing from shore with the shorter travel rod. Your typical casting lures such as Krokadiles and leadhead swimbaits will work. A lot of the locals fish long rods with heavy weight for ulua at night, but that is more...
  510. middleofnowhere

    Calstar Rail Rods - custom acid wrapped

    I am looking for $500 for the pair of rods. $350 for the 16vsx and $600 for the ATD30. Both the ATD and VSX need to be serviced, they were only rinsed after last trip. I'll post pics later. I would consider a Baja Special for partial trade. I would also consider Graphiter blanks like 700ML...
  511. middleofnowhere

    Calstar Rail Rods - custom acid wrapped

    SOLD. I have a set of two rail rods in great condition. They both have been on an 8-day trip. One of the rods caught a 40# class wahoo, the other is a virgin. They both use fuji tubo guides and have shrink on the foregrip. Niether rod has a gimble, they are for the rail. Both are 6-1/2...
  512. middleofnowhere

    Recommendations for Handheld VHF Radio?

    I can't help you in the used front, but I would recommend getting a handheld with built in GPS/DSC. In an emergency, you can just push the little "red" button and your GPS coordinates are transmitted to the CG via the DSC feature. Below are the models I am aware of that offer this feature...
  513. middleofnowhere

    Two Sheriff Deputies killed in Sacramento area.

    Amazing! Doesn't Obamacare pay to fix that kind of thing?
  514. middleofnowhere

    New toy

    You'll love the reel. My wife fished the TRQ15LD2 on her GF700 ML with 50# power pro and short topshots of 30 and 40# Flouro. It was her go to reel on our recent 8-day and killed lots of YT and YFT to 30#. The set-up could easily handle the larger models if needed. It casts nice too. Congrats.
  515. middleofnowhere

    Two Sheriff Deputies killed in Sacramento area.

    Very sad. One of the slain deputies has been named as Michael David Davis, Jr. His father (Michael David Davis, Sr.) died in the line of duty 26 years ago to the day.
  516. middleofnowhere

    Roll call american angler ten day october 23

    We will be at the rocks in the morning (Penn 8-Day). Hopefully it is productive for us and will be again when you guys are there.
  517. middleofnowhere

    Any Math Magicians Out There?

    This website link pretty much supports what you are saying kindafishy.
  518. middleofnowhere

    Any Math Magicians Out There?

    Interesting on longevity of SS vs. Ti. I have only been fishing the heavier wire/cable for SoCal sharks. Single strand seems to worked better for our purposes than multi-strand. We have had 400# multi-strand chewed through on long fights. This upcoming week will be my first attempt with...
  519. middleofnowhere

    Any Math Magicians Out There?

    I don't know much about titanium, but can you do a haywire twist like with Stainless Steel wire?
  520. middleofnowhere

    Commercial Lobster boats?

    There is no "law" or "rule" in California regarding distance commercial/recreational boats must stay from a diver down flag (as your link says). Most commercial guys tend their gear during the daylight hours. If you are diving on a reef with commercial pots during the day, you may be viewed a...
  521. middleofnowhere

    If you were leaving San Diego

    We are liking the idea of Washington or Alaska. Westport area or Sitka to be exact. Fairly mild weather and plenty of stuff that we like to do. Tax advantages are a plus for our situation. The less we see the kids and grandkids, the more we enjoy seeing them (if that makes sense).
  522. middleofnowhere

    Chargers vs Raiders...

    Isn't the kia soul the car they use gophers to advertise? No offense, but that LOL
  523. middleofnowhere

    Chargers vs Raiders...

    And we have a game so far.
  524. middleofnowhere

    Melton Tackle

    I really didn't have any ill intent when I started this thread. I was just happy with price on Seaguar Premier and the shipping time to my door. I really didn't expect the order to go as well as it did and thought I would post to maybe help another.
  525. middleofnowhere

    Melton Tackle

    I look forward to meeting you in person Steve and maybe continuing this conversation over an adult beverage :). Hopefully the fishing is good and there are better things to talk about. Tracy makes reference to Charkbait having a history of copying American/Japanese fishing innovations with...
  526. middleofnowhere

    can i get my name back?

    Welcome back whether you get your old name or not.
  527. middleofnowhere

    People who run P.E.T.A.

    That's a Kennedy LOL. Putting it's grand daddy's billions to work telling other people how to live their lives. Have another cigarette lady, LOL.
  528. middleofnowhere

    Fish Smoking Question !

    My buddy turned me on to something similar. He layers his fish in a mixture of salt/sugar. Places in a refrigerator over nite. The fish shrinks/dehydrates and the sugar/salt mix turns to liquid. The fish is rinsed and smoked. It turns out awesome, not salty at all.
  529. middleofnowhere

    Melton Tackle I personally don't get why people are upset about Melton...
  530. middleofnowhere

    People who run P.E.T.A.

    LOL, that one whackjob in the wetsuit full on assaulted the angler when she pushed him out of the way and tried to steel his batray LOL
  531. middleofnowhere

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    These are great gauges, much better than the POS Chinese made 3.1875 aluminum ones.
  532. middleofnowhere

    Fish Smoking Question !

    The salt will pull the moisture out of the fish, make it dryer, like jerky with the longer exposure. I saw on another thread that Bill Martin has some yft brining right now, he is well respected and maybe he will chime in with a better answer :D
  533. middleofnowhere

    Sauerfish Lobster And Football Charters

    That sounds like so much fun.
  534. middleofnowhere

    Buy your kid a $250k donut shop or send them to Harvard??

    Unfortunately not. These kid's families are already so well connected that they will have the inside track at cake careers where they will never actually have to produce anything. Unfortunately, many will be in government jobs where these idealistic idiots will make middle class Americans'...
  535. middleofnowhere

    Melton Tackle

    LOL, I needed some last minute stuff and wanted to support an advertiser on BD. I've been in their store before and picked up a few things, but never mail ordered. I gave them a shot and worked for me.
  536. middleofnowhere

    Melton Tackle

    Just wanted to say thanks to Melton's, they had a great price on Seaguar Premier so I ordered the flouro some other goodies on Sunday evening. Everything arrived to my door today in perfect condition. I don't often shop there, so I was surprised at the pricing and happy with essentially next...
  537. middleofnowhere

    Cabo Killer in East Cape

    I only have experience with leadheads/swimbaits and crocs. I like the new weedless style of leadhead the SoCal bass guys use with variety of colors for the bait.
  538. middleofnowhere

    47 years ago today The fastest manned flight ever.
  539. middleofnowhere

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    LOL, I'll call you dumb though, in fun. 315
  540. middleofnowhere

    california wins again...

    Fox News Poll: Voters reveal which state they want kicked out of the union There’s lots of talk about it. Last month, Scotland voted against it. In 2013, some residents in California, Colorado and Maryland signed petitions to do it. And Texas has toyed with the idea off and on for years. What...
  541. middleofnowhere

    Catch ID and Weight estimate

    LOL, I'm going to say 14#. yorkie pitch bait, since the thread has already been hijacked once, make it twice.
  542. middleofnowhere

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    LOL 311 I'm not going to call you dumb. The picture is bad and no help to Ultimate Catch, he is screwed and he will pay the ticket. Rob has experience, he should have been more aggressive with the camera to get a better picture showing the entire gauge on the bug, bad on him. In fact, the...
  543. middleofnowhere

    Trip Report: RR3 Calstar 6 day 09/26-10/2 - Hero or Zero

    Great report Andre, I left the page open on the computer and my wife read your whole report with interest :). Usually I get the look of disgust and a comment whenever she sees BD open LOL.
  544. middleofnowhere

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    The photo is misleading, as UltimateCatch said the other end of the gauge wasn't seated properly between the eyes. Unfortunately, the photo he posted doesn't help him, as it only shows the gauge on the back of the carapice. I've seen a lot of guys measure bugs incorrectly. This one is going...
  545. middleofnowhere

    5 Star Fish Processing

    How is the color and firmness of the fish after you thaw (assuming vacuum packed)? The reason I ask is that the stuff I have done at home with my crappy little foodsaver comes out of the freezer much better than some "processed" (not 5-star) fish from last season. The processed stuff has been...
  546. middleofnowhere

    Lobster Hunting Fail!

    That was a great video, thanks for sharing. I hope she had fun.
  547. middleofnowhere

    Go Chargers... Week 5

  548. middleofnowhere

    Factory Calstar GFGR765ML 40#-80# non-roller

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Barely used in great condition. I am willing to drive after work to meet buyer (within reason). I work in Inland Empire and Temecula areas. Sorry, no butt cap.
  549. middleofnowhere

    Fathom 40NLD

    They will have the torque lever drags in the custom shop soon.
  550. middleofnowhere

    Penn "2014" 8-day aboard the American Angler, October 15-23, 2014

    Looking forward to this trip also. I am curious if any ladies will be on this trip, as I am bringing my bride. It will be her first trip longer than 2-1/2 days.
  551. middleofnowhere

    Tired of idiots fishing Spectra / Braid

    We have no problems with spectra, love it on a limited load or private boat. I feel for the guys fishing with the crowds.
  552. middleofnowhere

    Looks like the 1st Lobster season fatality

    That sucks. SoCal lobstering is dangerous, hopefully the rest of the season will go without any more stories like this.
  553. middleofnowhere

    Spectra rigging preferences

    I'm pretty much set on using a knot myself. I hope I am not making a mistake. I've always had the tackle shop tie the mono topshot directly to my spectra when they spooled me up, so I have been lazy. This year on my little boat, I have been tying short flouro leader lengths to my spectra on...
  554. middleofnowhere

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    That is the actress from Jango Unchained that was in the press recently for "making-out" with her boyfriend in a parked car.
  555. middleofnowhere

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    My boat partner got searched in a similar situation. I store rods in the cuddy, he pulled them out and stored in the launcher while his family went on a cruise (his little kids like to color and watch movies below deck). He was stopped and searched pretty good, even though he said he wasn't...
  556. middleofnowhere

    Cousins Tackle is legit!!!

    Pics would have been nice...
  557. middleofnowhere

    Most Helpful

    That's why Ali and Jason always kiss so much Washington ass, those Washi drama queens paid for the Tuna Jihad
  558. middleofnowhere

    Most Helpful

    The "Bull Sh!t Lobster Ticket" and "BD Biggest A-Hole" threads are at 10 pages now and counting. They have many thousands of views. BD has got to be happy with the traffic count/views those threads have generated. Drama serves a purpose on BD, fishermen get to blow off some steam and this site...
  559. middleofnowhere

    What Fillet knife do you use?

    They do have a couple of "low end" knives that are imported. 99% are made in USA. Best places to buy are online.
  560. middleofnowhere

    Iphone GPS APP?

    For Baja, this is the best there is on a GPS I've been using his beta map for years on my Lowrance. The guy is technical geek, contact him and tell him you want it for your iPhone/tablet. I'd bet he would get it for you. The maps are primarily designed for...
  561. middleofnowhere

    BD biggest asshole poll

    He's been a member since January 2014, probably just a kid, but who cares. In a couple weeks or months this guy won't even be a memory for most of us LOL.
  562. middleofnowhere

    What's a solid 26ft WA fishing boat, used 2000+ less than 50k?

    Ratboy, I have been on quite a few different makes of power catamaran and own a 26' twin vee since 08. "Rock[ing] a ton at drift" would not be a characteristic of any cat I know of. In fact, it is the opposite, catamarans drift better than any monohull boat I have ever been on. They stick to...
  563. middleofnowhere

    Penn Baja Special

    Thank you Hoss, all your gear shows pride of ownership.
  564. middleofnowhere

    BD biggest asshole poll

    That is the true.
  565. middleofnowhere

    BD biggest asshole poll

    I don't know Steve K, but the guy does have a picture of himself in his avatar. He also at least identifies the town where he lives. I also know from another post, which boat he will be fishing in a couple weeks (I'll be on the same trip btw), so he is anything but anonymous or cowardly. If he...
  566. middleofnowhere

    BD biggest asshole poll

    LOL, in all fairness, you did post this in the long range forum, but your subject ("BD biggest asshole poll") leaves it open as a free-for-all. Eat a dick Washi-Trolls, stay in your own forum or quit bitching about us coming up there ...
  567. middleofnowhere

    WTB: Avet SXJ/JX/HXJ Raptor and Penn Torques in 15LD2/25NLD2/40NLD2

    I'm looking to fill a couple voids. Used gear that functions, boat rash OK. Post up or PM me with what you got. Pics would be helpful. Will you ship and accept paypal? etc. Thanks, Scott I'm not interested in Shimano, Okuma or Daiwa
  568. middleofnowhere

    BD biggest asshole poll

    I'm marking Steve K, purely because his poll didn't list enough BD Asshole candidates. For recent asshole posts that were exclusively in the "Long Range Forum" though, Alex gets my vote.
  569. middleofnowhere

    They are here but not hungry

    Thank you for the report. The wind was howling at 2:00 and the waves were big at Pt. Fermin yesterday. I figured it would be miserable offshore. You'll catch them next time.
  570. middleofnowhere

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    The picture you posted doesn't look like it will help you. I think you are just going to have to eat the fine :(
  571. middleofnowhere

    LB to Catalina

    Just came in, swells are large and close. Wind started about 13:30, flags are horizontal. If you are going, go early and come back early.
  572. middleofnowhere

    Well that didn't take long

    No, your OP was good, the rest of the thread just deteriorated in classic "Long Range/Washi/Rod Building" forum fashion.
  573. middleofnowhere

    Well that didn't take long

    Congrats on the booking Chris, I am jealous. Nice threadjack Alex and David :rolleyes:
  574. middleofnowhere

    Best Jigging Rod

    I'll be using a Wahoo Jr. paired with a TRQ30LD2 filled with 65# braid and short 40#-50# topshots for this very application ;)
  575. middleofnowhere

    Small anchors and rope

    I'll be in Long Beach on Saturday (9/27/2014). PM me if interested.
  576. middleofnowhere

    Full Box

    That sickle shot is blurry but badass, congrats
  577. middleofnowhere

    Running Without Twins or Kicker-an incoherent rant

    They are probably transplants from my state. It is the years of being spoiled with calm waters, weather and good service from Vessel Assist. The need for redundancy gets taken for granted.
  578. middleofnowhere

    Megalodon captured?

    This one may be a hoax, but I still believe megaladon LOL
  579. middleofnowhere

    Megalodon captured?

    I believe!
  580. middleofnowhere

    Is this you?

    One of these days I'm going to roll on a crowded patty, break out the gaffs, pull the patty in my boat and take it. I'd like to see my picture posted on BD
  581. middleofnowhere

    GAS DOCK LONG BEACH????? OPENS AT......?????

    07:30 it opens. Bring an empty cooler or bucket and the guy will load you directly with ice, cheaper than by the bag.
  582. middleofnowhere

    impeccable form

    What "sitonmyface" said was funny and seems like it could be true based on the condescending tone of your post LOL. When I read your first post in this thread, my first thought was "why"? No, confrontation may lead to worse. Posting here is better, no threats or hurt feelings on the water...
  583. middleofnowhere

    What Penn Torques fit on a SS Ulua 10'?

    It's a bummer, because the torque is such a bitchen reel. You'll probably have to go another route unless you use some sort of hoakey hose clamp.
  584. middleofnowhere

    What Penn Torques fit on a SS Ulua 10'?

    To add to what J.AkuHed says above, this thread may be helpful. I believe the star drags are same width as the levers. I have a TRQ30LD2 and a TRQ40NLD2, if you have the rod and...
  585. middleofnowhere

    WTB 870 Rifled deer barrel

    If you have a choice, get the cantilever barrel with scope is pretty nice.
  586. middleofnowhere

    Go Broncos

    Go back and stay in your Washi Forum Looooosers. You were River's bitch last week and you will be Peyton's bitch today. Waterdog is one of your own lol
  587. middleofnowhere

    We're coming to get you Seattle

    Who's the underdog considering last weeks losses?
  588. middleofnowhere

    Need some info on a new truck

    All I know is my son in law just traded in his 2011 Dodge for a 2015 Duramax. Glad you are allright.
  589. middleofnowhere

    Classified > Rod And Reel Board, Need Your Input !

    I would never link to my primary checking, open a new account or just link it to a real credit card.
  590. middleofnowhere

    We're coming to get you Seattle

    The Broncos and even most of their fans are actually pretty decent. Bubba, Aggro and Lone Shark are the only homos as far as I know :D
  591. middleofnowhere

    Penn Jigmaster 500L Reel...User Tips and Advice?

    My grandson killed a few local tuna the other day on a Penn 501 that is probably my age :D
  592. middleofnowhere

    Trailer boat verses in the water boat

    I live in Yucca Valley and my boat is in Long Beach. Cost for a slip is about same as trailering down once or twice a month for me. I find myself using the boat more when it is slipped. Prep to go out and clean-up are much easier when slipped. We often just go down to the boat and hang out...
  593. middleofnowhere

    Deer Hunting From My Porch?

    Click on the "Continue reading →", it works fine.
  594. middleofnowhere

    Activists Plan to Stalk Wolf Hunters

    ^^^ this and... I'm sure they wouldn't mind getting/fabricating some compromising photos for propaganda, to further their agenda.
  595. middleofnowhere

    Activists Plan to Stalk Wolf Hunters

    If you are a hunter with a rifle, I don't understand why you would be afraid of wolves? How many people, much less hunters, do wolves actually kill each year? You guys that advocate for the extinction of a species bug me almost as much as these animal rights freaks. This Rodney Coronado guy...
  596. middleofnowhere

    40 short white sea bass

    That's where I saw it first. More people need to post insults on their Facebook page.
  597. middleofnowhere

    40 short white sea bass

    I left a couple comments on their facebook page, got called a "Hater Asshole" LOL
  598. middleofnowhere

    Stainless tubing

    Industrial Metal Supply in Riverside had a bunch of 316L in 3/4"X6' remnants recently.
  599. middleofnowhere

    What Fillet knife do you use?

    Dexter Russel knives are the way to go imo. They are affordable, hold an edge and are the #1 commercially used blade for a reason. Made in USA since 1818. The combo below is perfect for cutting up our local tunas...
  600. middleofnowhere

    Penn Senator 9/0 115L Made in USA

    I still have it. Edit: SOLD!