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    Still picking away

    You put the simrad on there yet?
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    BD Freezes

    Yes, it's a corrupt or nonresponsive script. Turn OFF allowing Javascript from websites. You'll need to turn it back on to view on other websites. Depending on your browser, you may be able to disable it for just BD.
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    For Sale Tent Trailer $2500

    That's a good deal! I'd be all over this if I still had the space. Yeah Craigslist is charging for everything these days.
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    SOLD Simrad NSS7 EVO 2 and Two Transducers Like New

    *SOLD* Selling my Simrad unit with Airmar TM150-M and Navico LSS-2 Structure Scan Transducers. I bought this new and have the receipt. Everything works and no issues. Nothing missing and have all original parts. Just upgrading. I would like to sell as a set for someone looking for a complete...
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    12-21-2019 Trailer lights HELP!!!!

    Let me Google that for you;)
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    Best rail mount rod holders for trout/striper trolling

    I have the Scotty's that I take on/off depending on season. They're not expensive. You can still use your salt water rod holders as well.
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    Concrete Work - Adding 2 Drains - San Diego

    Found someone. Thanks
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    FREE GONE - Well Maybe for a 6 Pack - 1985? Mercury Thruster Plus Trolling Motor etc

    Moving and realized I'll never use this for my Whaler. Old school but works 1980's trolling motor and Hummingbird eagleeye fish finder with foot pedal. It all works! Want it to go to someone who'll use it. Would be great for a bass boat. Want it gone today! I'm at 92120. PM me.
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    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    That Burb looks like it's in great condition too!
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    Where to buy reel bearings

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    Prowler involved in collision
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    Used boat advice needed

    Pass! You'll spend 8K on a new motor and another 5K on everything else. You're welcome.
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    For Sale 2008 Parker 2120 SC 50K W/ Trailer

    Good luck on your sale Roger! Hope you make it back to SD! Very fishy boat.
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    9/12 - Raging Rapids

    A muscle relaxer last night helped out! Thanks for pleasant ride. One day difference was significant.
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    BW Outrage

    Try to do the wiring yourself! No better experience than learning about your boat. Wiring is simple on these boats and like Harold said, you learn about your boat. Of course you need time but will save a few grand. If you post questions on your build there are some skilled people on here that...
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    Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses...???

    It seems you may have a prescription for glasses or need one! If you have vision insurance, frames and lenses are covered, up to a certain extent. I pay about $60 for sunglasses with polarized, uv. Those were mauai Jim's. Check it out. There is no comparison with quality glasses vs. cheap ones.
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    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    Nice job on the find and upgrades! Now you need fish on that deck!
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    Easy limit 10/9

    Nice job! Giving it a go tomorrow.
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    82 OutRage Rehab

    You try an aggressive compound and buff the paint for gloss? I heard that acetone can mess with gloss as well. It doesn't look bad. Looks like some of the new matte colors out now on cars.
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    YF tomorrow

    Let me know if you decide on another day in the week. I'm off all week. If you go tomorrow, good luck! Also, good boat buy. I looked at that hard but am already finishing up restoring my Montauk.
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    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    Yes, I personally like the layout of these boats. I know someone that is interested in buying one, that's why I asked. I've seen you sell a few boats, so thought I'd give it a shot:-).
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    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    Yes, would like to see the progress and follow along! Great find. Will you keep this boat once you finish it or sell it?
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    Non fishing person on boat need license

    No she does not need one. Just make sure she is REALLY not helping, including maneuvering the boat.
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    Yft u.s waters

    Short and sweet!
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    1970 Bertram 20 Bahia Mar

    Beautiful boat. That is a fun project and looks like you are well on your way.
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    Perris 9/19

    Nice job! I haven't fished Perris since '97! Used to pull 3-4lbers consistently out of that lake on silver flake sluggo's. Might need to pay it a visit soon.
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    Fuck you, fucking fuck Facebook hackers....

    Mine was hacked 10 years ago. Never been on it since. Best thing ever!
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    9/22 Lj with a plot twist

    You couldn't throw anchor when you discovered the issue? That could have been a Pan-Pan instead of a Mayday distress call or saved your life if lifeguards could not make it. Luckily you guys were all right. Nice job on the fish but your safety is more important.
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    Upper Hidden non stop action

    I'm not hating, really they would be fun on a trout pole. Light tackle tuna on those that are closer to 5 pounds. Your day of fishing beats my day at the office.
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    Fishing out of Mission Bay?

    Seems like you should go south and find the fish! Few reports about yellowfin. You have a nice tuna killing machine.
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    Got a few 9/21

    WTG....AGAIN! I'm calling in sick at least one day next week. I need to get out.
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    Upper Hidden non stop action

    Those look fun on a trout rod!
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    Swimming jig does not swim well

    People usually sell them on here as a lot.
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    SOLD 1996 Boston Whaler Montauk

    You happen to see that someone was interested on continuouswave?
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    What should I re-power with?

    What isn't fuel injected anymore in the higher HP models (asking for real)? BTW, mine is the 4 carb 4 stroke F80. It has been an AWESOME motor. Carbs are easy to clean (only dealers will tell you it's a pain so you bring it in) and has been trouble free. No issues yet and it's a 2001. I think...
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    Fishing out of Mission Bay?

    Coronado Islands. Bring your passport, buy a FMM permit and Mexican fishing license.
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    Yeah, we've been dealing with them things too. My cat has got a few but there is one smart rat. The only thing the damn thing eats is the fallen palm tree nuts. It takes them into our car engines and shreds them for beds and shits and pees in the engine bay. I've tried everything, nothing works...
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    82 OutRage Rehab

    Got it. I am fixing couple screws that were pulled from the gelcoat and don't want a void in the non-skid pattern so I was creating a mold as there is not one available in this type of pattern.
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    82 OutRage Rehab

    You happen to have a mold for that non-skid pattern or are you going to leave it as is for the patch job?
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    17' Boston Whaler Montauk owners, step inside please

    1. You are correct. That switch needs to be in "combine" to charge both batteries simultaneously. 2. Not sure exactly what you're explaining but have you turned your switch to off and attempted to start your FF? That should give you your answer. Your bilge pump needs to be directly wired to the...
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    Battery upgrade

    Nice wife stopped asking me how long I'm going to be when I am fixing something on the boat! Always takes 3 times longer than anticipated. For your ease, instead of paying for a Add-a-battery, just buy a Yandina Combiner 100. Almost the exact same thing but very small and a FRACTION...
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    17 montauk stripped center console screw fix

    Mine is a 80hp motor, the Montauks were rated to 100hp. Even the F90 is underrated in weight and HP. There are quite a few guys that have an F90 and a kicker. OP's hull looks dry, so weight should not be an issue as long as the transom is solid.
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    Small jump start batteries

    First one was some crappy one from Amazon for about ~$60.00, then went with a better one - Noco I believe and that could't jump my 3500. I said WTH, and bought the Costco special ($59.99) and it worked for all applications. Figured I'd return it if it craps out with their warranty.
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    17 montauk stripped center console screw fix

    Seastar Hynautic K-6-NI. It has been trouble free and smooth steering. This is the one:
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    Small jump start batteries

    This is a good point. A lot of people get them but never have to use them! I'd recommend making sure it works for your applications. My first one was toast right out of the gate! The second one could start the outboard but not my truck battery (even though it was rated to). Now I have one that...
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    17 montauk stripped center console screw fix

    I think you'll be fine with a F90. Here's how my 365 lb motor sits
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    Small jump start batteries

    Yes, cheap insurance just in case. Don't want to wait for hours for a jump. But, never needed one
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    Anyone else feel the temperature change

    You mean to what it should feel like? Finally a sub-75-degree night.
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    1982 montauk 17 upgrades t-top and fuel tank

    Looks good, it's actually not sticking out too far from the console. I know you fixed the console support screws but did you add any additional screws or supports now that you will have the T-top connected to it? Man I'd like a workshop that size! Looks like you have a center bunk roller to...
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    southern texafornia BIGEYE tuna with video! ;-)

    OMG, the same moron posted this crap? What does it take to ban someone? Maybe he has two accounts....
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    Best Place To Buy Boat Parts Online for Yamaha stuff for anything I can find them to price match (best thing they've done). or Marine Exchanges website: I'll call them after I make an order to get my account discount. Or find what I want and call them for pickup...
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    John McCain..

    While I didn't always agree with all of his points, I admired him and would listen. America lost a good guy.
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    17' Boston Whaler Montauk owners, step inside please

    My quote is based on your starboard experiment. I believe the links I provided you show that people have successfully done this without screwing theirs down. You can just google why that "stern saver" sticks. Arima-Bob is right. That is not 4200/5200, it's epoxy. You can google how it works and...
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    17' Boston Whaler Montauk owners, step inside please

    Remember this quote, "If you don't do it right, when will you have time to do it over?" To do it right, you need to drill holes.
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    POS drivers

    Damn, is Turko still on the news? "It ain't right!"
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    17' Boston Whaler Montauk owners, step inside please

    Here's some good reading. It's a link and has another link in my post there :) Click Here
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    Tundra fuel tank drain plug or ??

    Not necessarily...think about the oil drain plug. Manufacturers are more concerned about you bottoming out and ruining the plug and having liquid pour out than your ability to get every last drop. I'd look at an OEM Toyota parts diagram for your specific year and see if you see it there. If you...
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    Tundra fuel tank drain plug or ??

    Not knowing the year of your Tundra, yes some fuel tanks have a drain plug. The gasket can get worn or torn if it was removed at some point.
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    POS drivers

    And thank you!
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    POS drivers

    Me too. Unfortunately there are so many of them I'll never know who hit my 4runner!
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    17 montauk stripped center console screw fix

    I have an f80 that weighs 353 lbs. F90 is just a few more pounds. My splashwell holes are not under water. That guy probably has a bunch of water in the hull! I'm not arguing with you. If/when I repower I'd go with a f70 for the reaso s you mentioned but some guys that don't load up the stern...
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    Sorry flip flops or ??

    Yep! Ruined my rainbows and got my feet dyed with leather rainbows... They are Beach flops not designed for the beach. Even followed their break-in process.
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    Waterproof VHF Handheld Recommendations below $100?

    You can't get a better antenna on most cheaper VHF's. The HX870 has the ability to remove the internal antenna; just unscrew it. You can then screw it into your regular VHF antenna if you need greater transmit range or are in danger. It also has rechargable batteries but comes with the ability...
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    17 montauk stripped center console screw fix

    LOTS of people have a yamaha F90 or honda 75/90 on their classic Montauks. It is within the weight specs. It just comes down to wanting an extra 100bs on the transom for ~20 HP. Some people do want the extra 3-5mph. I agree that the 115 is too much power.
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    17 montauk stripped center console screw fix

    Yeah, those screws can be a pain. Be sure to rewire your boat/console with the console off! Way easier to complete the wiring in the console with it on its side or raised then attached to the boat. I really should have done that, would have saved time and a lot of frustration!
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    Chevron Introduces Techron® Protection Plus Marine Fuel System Treatment

    Interesting. Looks like and seems just like the STA-BIL 360 I use. I would probably use whatever is cheaper :).
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    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    I did it myself. From the look of your suburban, you have a GMT400 platform. Same SUV version of my 3500, so the same hitch may work. I have a CURT front hitch and it is just six bolts to the frame. Buy one. Even if it doesn't work for this, you can push the boat around elsewhere or have a bike...
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    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    Where is it scraping? Sometimes you can adjust your hitch or bunks. My driveway is similar. I "push" my boat in now with a front hitch on my truck. Makes it super easy and no scraping. BTW, that is not that bad of a driveway!
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    17 montauk fishmaster t-top

    That T-top look nice. Do you have any pictures with the clearance from the side of the console? Is there room to go up to the bow? I agree with everything Mike's said. T-tops are a no-brainer on most boats. I still won't put one on my Montauk nor would I buy a classic Montauk from anyone that...
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    Handheld VHF With integral GPS Killer Deal!

    Yep, I believe that is the one I have. Great two things about it are that the handheld antenna is removable so you could plug in your 8' boat VHF antenna if your boat loses electronics and it can also take external batteries.
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    Faded Gelcoat Restoration - Rustoleum Wipe New - Like Magic!

    No, that is what it looks like. I'm asking because I want to check this product out. Just don't want to buy anything else that can get the same results as a good clean and wax.
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    Faded Gelcoat Restoration - Rustoleum Wipe New - Like Magic!

    Do you have any close-ups? Your two pictures just looks like the boat was cleaned, polished and waxed.
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    Holy Fire, as seen from Catalina.

    We used to off-road at Holy Jim trail and go there to hang out all the time. That was in the 90's. Unfortunately, that land has just gotten too developed and the stakes are too high for the mega complexes that are there now. Hope it doesn't get too close to some of the new developments. My...
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    Whaler Rehab Help

    Yes, and 303 protectant will go a long way with plastic and vinyl. I actually looked at aluminum but the cost to re-engineer along with the time was not worth it... Good luck, whatever you choose!
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    Sonar Question - is TotalScan enough?

    Gt51m is way better than total scan, just FYI. But, you need to have a Garmin unit...
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    Whaler Rehab Help

    I used 1/2" starboard. Still in progress...I like the way the seafoam color looks but I think black would have been better long term. We'll see
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    San Diego. Wash out

    Well, I don't have an answer but at least our launches and parking are free! You get consumer raped up to LA paying for "public" launches and parking.
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    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    Not related...but related. Guess it's about the perspective.
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    Zara spook

    Fishing shore where? Fresh or saltwater? I'm not sure what you mean by sharp teeth. You sure it's not your knots.
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    For Sale Battery switch/ACR, Fuse panel, Battery charger, Rod holders

    I can't tell but is there any angle on those rod holders? Thanks
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    Just purchased my first boat, questions.....

    Unfortunately I don't. Mine stays in the garage. Mike, let's not derail this thread. Everyone knows you can add one. You can add one to any boat. That is not the point. If the manufacturer advises against it, I will not add it. I'm sure insurance would question it as well if anything did...
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    Just purchased my first boat, questions.....

    Call Boston Whaler and ask them. Two reasons why: 1. Boat is too light and could possibly make the boat flip. 2. The deck is thin, without appropriate backing plates the T-top will eventually come loose and cause water intrusion to the foam. These are the two reasons when I called BW to see...
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    Just purchased my first boat, questions.....

    I have an '84 and hey are almost identical boats except for the center console. FWIW, a single battery was originally located in the stern of these boats. When the previous owner(s) added another battery they probably wanted to even out the weight in the stern. Most people now place them in...
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    New battery or dual batteries???

    I will always use marine grade wires on everything, especially battery cables. Just rewired the boat and they had regular "Philips" battery wires that were installed in 2000. They were soldered and heat shrunk the connections. Even though it has been 18 years, there was quite a bit of corrosion...
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    New battery or dual batteries???

    Yes it is. You just don't need to buy a switch if you already have one.
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    New battery or dual batteries???

    You have some great information here. Maybe I will post up some more pics when I am done wiring everything up. Remember that you need to think of ALL your electrical needs now and in the future. Your biggest enemy on the skiff is space. Make sure you have room for all electrical components and...
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    Where is the good fiberglass repair guy?

    Yep, he is great. Just make sure he doesn't use my leftover desert tan gel coat on it :)
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    Daiwa Lexa 400 PWR-P Spooling

    Yes you can tie it directly to the reel. I was taught to add your best boat wax to the spool to ensure there is no corrosion. Honestly, 50lb spectra is great for casting, I couldn't imagine a smaller diameter on the reel. BTW, I do not like power pro spectra or any other coated spectra for...
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    Limit by 730 and then some

    Wow, timely report! Guess the wind died down!
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    Cattle Boat Burger

    Thanks, that made me laugh! Another $6 for fries to round it out to $20.
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    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Rick, thanks for these. A near perfect fit.
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    For Sale 1993 Boston Whaler Outrage 19II

    Nice boat, higher quality pre-Brunswick era hull.
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    6/20 - 3Bs at the Knoll (wrong kind of blue)

    Thanks, I have to get me some of those!
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    6/20 - 3Bs at the Knoll (wrong kind of blue)

    Josh, what snap is that in your first pic? What's it rated for?
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    The story of the ghost

    Wonderful! Looks like it was caught on a trusty TLD 20/40 as well.
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    Any automotive diesel techs?

    Every time I work on my truck, I say I'm going to get one of these: I'm getting too old to sit on the engine to work on it!
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    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Those are pretty awesome!
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    WTB Newer Tahoe or Yukon and Out of State Smog Question

    Kurt, Why not just buy a beater dedicated tow rig for now and buy the nice Yukon when you move out of state? You'd save big bucks in the end..
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    Where'd the fish go 6/5?

    Like the high chirp vs. 200hz comparison.
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    100 hr service gone wrong

    At this point, you need to get Yamaha involved. This was a new motor! Second, get your credit card company should not have to pay for ANYTHING at this point. Third, if they can't fix it, they bought the motor!
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    WTB Tacoma or 4Runner

    Lake Michigan Credit Union. One of the banks we use.
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    WTB Tacoma or 4Runner

    Good luck, Travis! We looked for about 6 months before giving up! Toyota offered a 3 year 0% financing a couple years ago and it was a no brainer. The amount people wanted for their trucks was unbelievable. When we factored in the anticipated monthly cost to our resale value when we go to sell...
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    Pond hoppin south OC

    1lb'er. Night time bass fishing is always fun.
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    Stringari Sea Trial

    Oh yeah, saw how much time you spent on that boat! You're right, at least you can run this while you fix 'er up! Good luck and can't wait to see fish on deck!
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    Stringari Sea Trial

    Where's the full pic of the boat? You going to do a build on this one as well? You're last one was built very well.
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    Balloons Blow!

    Damn man! You should link your clean-up post to that story.
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    WTB BW Montauk

    There are at least two for sale in the classified section..
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    Check out my new cat

    Pretty awesome. Any more specs on your builds?
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    FREE Moving to Wyoming

    Darn, which I would have drove the one ton today...don't think I can fit a 55gallon drum in a prius!
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    For Sale 17’

    Very clean whaler! You found a Maritime?
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    San Diego Nurseries??

    Sorry, you are correct. Let me clarify. Most of their fruit trees come from commercial fruit tree producers such as Dave Wilson and Miller nursery. Same ones you will find at novelty places such as Anderson's. I am not saying this is bad, it's just you can find the same trees there as you can...
  112. Unassailable

    San Diego Nurseries??

    I got my black-jack fig tree from these guys: Slightly unorganized but good prices. City farmers is nice, has a great eatery next door on the property but you pay an ARM and a LEG for their trees. Anderson is just...
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    For Sale Costco Generator

    As an FYI, if you are in another disaster (such as the cedar fire) FEMA and they will reimburse you for a FREE generator.
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    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Anyone know what compact hard case to buy for these?
  115. Unassailable

    For Sale Costco Generator

    I saw that too! Nice flippin' marketing by A-IPOWER. It has the 76cc yamaha engine but that's it, not a true Yamaha generator. Twice as loud as the Yamaha one as well. I'm glad I didn't impulse buy. Still a good deal for those needing one around the house or where noise isn't an issue. Also not...
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    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    You should have got a free pair for all the people now buying them because of your post!
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    Zero to Hero

    :appl:. Can't beat a daughter that want's to fish!
  118. Unassailable

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Great score! Have fun customizing it.
  119. Unassailable

    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    Yep, Mario seems like a straight shooter for sure!
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    To Spray Engine With WD-40, Or Not To Spray....

    How exactly do you use it on the bikes? You just rubbing it in with a towel or spraying it? I'm asking because when I tried something similar, dust just stuck to it. What's the trick?
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    Fuel - How full do you leave your tanks ?

    I believe this matters more if you slip your boat, or have it exposed to humid environment. A full tank with stabilizer will act as barrier and inhibit water from wicking into your tank and engine. If it is empty, condensation in the tank is more likely to occur, thus allowing water and...
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    How would you repair this keel damage?

    Call Bob Blesser....really cool guy, great work, and doesn't break the bank. Only downside is he gets really busy as he works on one boat at a time. He's in Bay Park... 619-4one7-124nine Tell him John with the Whaler sent you.
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    LJ 4/21/18

    Very nice! Your kid looks stoked.
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    For Sale 2004 26' Blackman $25,900.00

    You have current pics? When did you beach the boat? Thanks
  125. Unassailable

    WTB king starboard manf

    Yep, check them out. They have fast shipping as well.
  126. Unassailable

    Sonar fish

    Yep, still the case.
  127. Unassailable

    Sonar fish

    Time on Water > DVD
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    Mamas don't let your fishermen buy old Whalers

    Oh, man! What are your plans? Workhorse or spend enough time and money to bring it up to show quality?
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    Fished Redondo King Harbor Bonito No Launch Ramp (video)

    Living the life!! Brings back memories. I haven't fished or even gone back to Redondo since I was a kid. That's where I learned to use bonito feathers to slay them.
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    How to fish the Yummy

    I bet this thread has more views than any other thread that was created around this time. I am sure he knows what he is doing. Good job. Any advertising is good advertising.
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    What's your go-to at Day at the Docks?

    Don't really have a go to...but I load up on cheap sabiki's, talk to a couple reps, stop by for a deal at the Squidco booth, eat and drink at PLSF, and best of all, my kid LOVES it!
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    22'/23' foot backyard build V Hull Dory

    Would love to see the build. You may want to protect those engine battery cables. Looks sweet. Nothing better than reaping the rewards.
  133. Unassailable


    Yeah, that's no good! El Toro is right on that!
  134. Unassailable


    Yours says what my manual says. Start at page 42. It's everything that I said from the ear muffs to the garden hose attachment. In short, you can use earmuffs
  135. Unassailable


    I do the same. My Yamaha manual says you can flush the engine by either submerging it and letting it idle for a few minutes, using the flush port (don't need to start motor), or using recommended ear muffs. The key is to get enough water pressure and do NOT rev your motor, let it idle only. SIM...
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    Big Wind, Big Shoulder YT

    Thanks for the report. Great job!:rockin:
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    Fish Finder - Additional Transducer to use on a rental lake boat

    If you really wanted to, you could buy a portable fish finder for around $200 for a decent one. I had an older one that was great for finding structure, etc. the suction cup kinda sucks but was better than nothing. It was good up to trolling speed. I can't imagine the hassle of trying to rig up...
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    Purr-Sea-Stance Retrofit of a 2013 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

    That is a clean whaler, Will. Looks better in person! I finally started on my electrical upgrades...
  139. Unassailable

    For Sale 17’ Boston whaler

    Nice, that is an interesting place for the vhf.
  140. Unassailable

    Here's one for This Tough Crowd...

    You should have just said, "I know what the f*ck I'm doing!":beerbang:
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    For Sale 2005 Grady White Sailfish 282 - Yamaha 250's, West Coast rigged - PRICE DROP $72.5k

    Update your title to your current asking price. That way people will see the reduced price. Nice looking boat.
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    Please keep up on your maintenance..... pic included

    Yes, too much fuel stabilizer much can do that. Supposedly the new marine 360 formula does not do that.
  143. Unassailable

    Please keep up on your maintenance..... pic included

    Yep, mine as well. Clean as a whistle. Shad looks like he got another bargain boat :-)
  144. Unassailable

    1999 Boston Whaler Montauk 90 hp E-Tec

    Nice looking Montauk. I like the custom bait tank mount and customized railings as well. Maybe more pictures of the entire boat, wiring, etc.
  145. Unassailable

    Somebody stole my trailer Wednesday February 28th

    I hate thieves. That looks like a GMT800 platform truck because of the rounded headlights, turn-lights and taillight design, and what appears to be the more rounded look of the front of the truck. I'd say it's a POS 1999 Silverado 1500 extended cab. If it were the GMT400 platform truck...
  146. Unassailable

    Charging a Recycling fee...... really!!??

    I hear you. When we got our mattress, I posted ours on CL for "Free", but asked to bring some beer. It was in good shape and I showed it didn't have any nasty stuff. It was an old but expensive mattress. Within 5 minutes, one of the guys that run down to Mexico emailed me and came by. He even...
  147. Unassailable

    Charging a Recycling fee...... really!!??

    Guess you could recoup it years later for the same price when you sell it to one of those guys that take 40+ mattresses down on their old trucks down to Mexico...
  148. Unassailable


    Geico has actually been great to me. They are based in California and have REAL people on the line. The few times we had to use them, I chose my body shop that I know does excellent work. No cutting corners or crappy aftermarket parts. Hell, just had my windshield replaced at the dealership and...
  149. Unassailable

    February 3rd 2018 With Phillip

    BS without pictures of the lizard fish :p. Nice job taking the son out, Will.
  150. Unassailable

    2000 ferrari 360 modena (yes it's real!)

    Post this in that bitcoin forum LOL. Not a bad thing for your bro to inherit. GLWS
  151. Unassailable

    Maritime 20D skiff with 2016 Suzuki 200 four stroke for sale...

    Damn, if my whaler wasn't in an electrical overhaul right now, I'd sell it and buy this!
  152. Unassailable

    La Jolla Beach

    Oh, so that was you who yelled at Tiger!
  153. Unassailable

    What size battery for fish finder and bait tank

    I'm not familiar with the old Black Max outboard your boat has, but the stator should be charging your battery when the engine is on. If you plan on keeping the boat for a while and also possibly thinking about a trolling motor, a second battery is key. Redundancy is a good thing. I have two...
  154. Unassailable

    Shoutout to Advanced Marine

    So what was wrong with it? Your carbs not sync'd?
  155. Unassailable

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    Thanks for the informative post. Also like you used the infrared thermometer to check your oil. I've never targeted sand dabs...for those that do, are you simply looking for a large sandy bottom at the 100-350 ft ( I know you fished DEEP)? Do you mark them? I can't imagine they do unless they...
  156. Unassailable

    87 whaler Montauk bait tank help

    Nice closeups. That is similar to the holes on mine but the holes are a little smaller. The key is giving the epoxy something to grab onto.
  157. Unassailable


    Thanks for the additional information. Now if I could only take the boat out more than twice a year!
  158. Unassailable

    87 whaler Montauk bait tank help

    No worries, I've gone through just about everything in mine, so feel free to ask. Be sure to check any and every possible area for water intrusion. Typically occurs at the drain tube for the plug at the stern and anchor locker.
  159. Unassailable

    87 whaler Montauk bait tank help

    You can see how I have mine in my old whaler in this thread: Here You could get away from drilling into the deck by adding one directly on top of a rubber mat as suggested in that thread as well. The problem is, it can move in some semi-rough weather. You'll still need to add a stern mounted...
  160. Unassailable

    1-7-18 Winkles on the Dolphin = Good Fun

    Will, way to go! Looks like your kids had a blast. Hard to beat that $50 deal.
  161. Unassailable

    Aborted Cat Trip Saved by the Bass

    Nice job, Kurt. Nice to see you breaking in the boat so well!
  162. Unassailable

    So I guess Global Warming is Officially Political?

    Yep, the guy only posts about sports or political BS. Every once in a while he'll post how rich he is and how superior he is to everyone else as well as talk about his POS broken down boats. He's a typical internet troll that contributes nothing to the website and only hopes to start a ruse. I'm...
  163. Unassailable

    Tilapia at Lake Mission Viejo

    Damn, I thought that was photo shopped. Glad I fished it during its heyday...
  164. Unassailable

    Gel coat paste

    Here is another option, depending on your taste, and the route I'm likely to go. Fill all the holes and forget the exact color match and gel coat. Go and buy some faux teak or talk to the guys at SeaDek to cut you a piece and you can now design the top of the console. Just a thought. As I am...
  165. Unassailable

    Where to mount that big 12 inch MFD

    Gotcha, have you possibly looked at the ram mounts? It may give you more mounting options on top of the console.
  166. Unassailable

    Where to mount that big 12 inch MFD

    Get two 7" displays; problem solved! There is actually a benefit of having two displays rather than one...
  167. Unassailable

    Would you show up at the ramp with this?

    Yep, nothing to do with the hybrid aspect. If it has enough torque, so be it.
  168. Unassailable

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay/SUSPECT PHOTOS

    There was one on the 6'oclock news last night:
  169. Unassailable

    Boston Whaler Seat

    Are the RPS Z legs for the seat 18" or 15"?
  170. Unassailable

    Carrying a Handgun While Fishing

    Could you expand on the restrictions you speak of?
  171. Unassailable

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    Thanks, Will. Next time I get a Mai Tai at Bali Hai I'll take a look.
  172. Unassailable

    9/27 dodo yft

    You're making me want to quit my day job and fish weekdays...
  173. Unassailable


    Todd, no one cares about a smoke screen! I'm mean, c'mon this is a fishing website, I think?
  174. Unassailable

    Boston Whaler Seat

    Yep, that was a good deal.
  175. Unassailable

    Who's coming on the grande this year?

    Ah, I see what you did there! @Blackfish
  176. Unassailable

    La Jolla 9-7-17

    My wife says I get my needs and wants mixed up. I NEED a bigger boat! Thanks for the report.
  177. Unassailable

    Rocky Mountain High

    Fantastic! I try to get my wife to move out of state but I have not been successful.
  178. Unassailable

    Reward - Hit and Run South Shores Boat Launch Parking 9-3-17

    Yep, lot's of people without scruples and it's only getting worse!
  179. Unassailable

    12 month fishing license bill dies

    Flippin' BS!
  180. Unassailable

    My Parker 2120

    Well, Roger, you were right. Great price and a great job. Had it the boat detailed today.
  181. Unassailable

    Reward - Hit and Run South Shores Boat Launch Parking 9-3-17

    Anything's possible. In this case, unlikely. Thanks for the reply.
  182. Unassailable

    Reward - Hit and Run South Shores Boat Launch Parking 9-3-17

    Going out on a limb here but I cant stand hit and run losers. Took some friends out of Mission Bay yesterday. Wife met up separately and parked at South Shores Launch Ramp parking at about 10:30 am. I told her to be sure NOT to park in the trailer parking spots, but of course she does anyway...
  183. Unassailable

    Engine performance hit in freshwater and 3300 feet elevation?

    Not necessarily. If you pick it up, you'll use it a lot more.
  184. Unassailable

    Engine performance hit in freshwater and 3300 feet elevation?

    Well, Kurt, looks like you are deciding on that boat? It does look clean.
  185. Unassailable

    Station Wagon Towing a 25' Whaler?

    That's one nice whaler; can't say the same about the wagon. Wonder if he's had both since new...
  186. Unassailable

    Frigg'n Thief

    That sucks! Unfortunately, the rod may have gone overboard and the reel was the target. A lot easier to carry out a reel in a bag. Guess the crew will now have to take inventory of their gear as well. Hope he finds his stuff.
  187. Unassailable

    Simrad Evo 2 intermittent temp reading

    This was happening to me last year as well. The update last year fixed this problem. LSS-2 is side scan transducer which you already said you don't have. Not an option for you. Did you confirm you have correctly installed the most current software update...
  188. Unassailable

    22' Whaler Guardian

    I do not understand how this is still available. This thread keeps slapping me in the face.
  189. Unassailable

    Bait net repair

    The Walmart ones will now be listed in the classified section for $15 each...
  190. Unassailable

    My Parker 2120

    Looks great, Roger. Hopefully the detailing didn't cost an arm and a leg! Last time I got quotes to detail the skiff, it would have come out to about $120/hour.
  191. Unassailable

    Original daiwa saltiga 15

    The are tanks, true workhorses ahead of their time. I still have my original Saltigas and they work as good as day one.
  192. Unassailable

    Stolen: Garmin 7612 xsv

    Sorry that happened. Can't stand crack/meth heads.
  193. Unassailable

    7/18, 182, Corner, Dorado....

    Thanks for the report. Imagine if you would have kept going and caught a cow in that thing :-).
  194. Unassailable

    7-15-17. La Jolla Exotics!

    Last year there were plenty on the NW corner off of patties!
  195. Unassailable

    Yamaha f50 cranks but wont turn over

    Wonderful. Definitely still recommend the carb sync tool. Even though it's running pretty smooth, you want to be sure you have equal vacuum to each of your carbs and will even out your air/fuel ratio to all the carbs.
  196. Unassailable

    Ass holes on the 209 on a whaler on july 6 2017

    So it wasn't divers? Your lure got stuck with another guys lure while he was rod and reel fishing? You got close enough to tangle up with people already fishing that spot? Then you drove directly over to them in their "small" whaler while in your 26' boat to offer them money? How fast did you...
  197. Unassailable

    Fish Finder HELP

    Do you have a picture of the transducer on the transom?
  198. Unassailable

    Yamaha f50 cranks but wont turn over

    He has a 2003 CARBED F50 so I don't think any of these things apply to his engine.
  199. Unassailable

    Yamaha f50 cranks but wont turn over

    No, I bought off ebay because I didn't want to wait for shipping from Europe but it's legit. I sounds like you may have a clog in your fuel line, gummed up carbs, or air entering the fuel line (maybe a leak through a clamp around the bulb). Since it is having a hard time at idle and not when...
  200. Unassailable

    Yamaha f50 cranks but wont turn over

    This is the one I bought. If you plan on keeping that engine a while, worth the $$. Never seen one available for rent. If you were in SD I'd let you borrow mine. I bought it on ebay for about $100.
  201. Unassailable

    Yamaha f50 cranks but wont turn over

    Do you have a sync tool? If not, you'll want that after you do a carb cleaning. It seems like you need it. It is VERY important to run those motors at least every two weeks even if it's in your driveway to get fresh gas through the carbs. In my experience, just draining the carbs doesn't keep...
  202. Unassailable

    Starnge Lingcod Parasite - Any Idea What it is?

    Yes, it's nicknamed a tongue biter because of where it's usually found. It will eat away at the gills and tongue, therefore looking looking like the tongue of the fish.
  203. Unassailable

    Sea Deck or not?

    Now that is funny!
  204. Unassailable

    Yellow fin 7-1

    You did better than most that day!
  205. Unassailable

    Keeping a log book! Who else keeps one?

    No, not that kind, but now I am going to. I only have an excel spreadsheet of all maintenance that's done on anything boat/trailer related.
  206. Unassailable

    7-1-17 Kite Flying and a Surprise Catch

    Nice try! We went out yesterday and just had a nature show with dolphins and whales. We did catch a Bonito at la jolla though. Slow all around though. Hoperhaps your bay was Betree than mission bay cause it's not even worth the stop.
  207. Unassailable

    1979 Boston Whaler 22 foot Outrage

    It might of been a blessing in disguise...
  208. Unassailable

    6\23 late and short report

    Duramax wasn't even built when my truck was around...and when you commute 100 miles a day, a prius is a no brainer. More money saved for fishing! Now back to the original thread...
  209. Unassailable

    6\23 late and short report

    Don't knock all prius owners. I balance mine out with a 1 ton 454...
  210. Unassailable

    Opinions on Thresher boats
  211. Unassailable

    2x2 YFT 6/17 & 6/18 on the 17' Whaler

    Yes, but more importantly for the redundancy in safety...
  212. Unassailable

    2x2 YFT 6/17 & 6/18 on the 17' Whaler

    Nice job. Waaay to get it done. Now you gotta get the motivation to get some electronics on that thing!
  213. Unassailable

    Foamers Vid, Report 6-13

    My question is why were you not throwing at them?
  214. Unassailable

    lake Skinner

    Haven't been there in years. I actually loved that lake. The again, I fished it before DVL was built. It was the go to lake. Lots of big bass and stripers came outta there...
  215. Unassailable

    Hillbilly tower !

    I tend not to poke fun of other peoples contraptions but you made me clean beer off my laptop when I saw this as I could not hold in the laughter. Hopefully it worked for them and they shot a few YT.
  216. Unassailable

    Sean schools the Old Man at Catalina 6/5 to 6/8 - big yellows!

    Wonderful report, great pictures, and great father-son time. Maybe on father's day he'll let you catch up(pun intended).
  217. Unassailable

    Stoked On Fishing....Whats Going on?

    This, very hillbilly.
  218. Unassailable

    Not Cool shutting down that thread.....

    Dude, I was just replying to it and got the error message..I was like WTF!? Anyway, this was going to be my response since I copied and pasted it to whoever that dude was so maybe he'll read it! Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. A few things you should be aware of. 1) Read this article...
  219. Unassailable

    2017 Yamaha F70 warranty

    Does this need to be installed by a Yamaha dealer for the warranty?
  220. Unassailable

    Free Webinar on Private Boat Offshore Fishing Techniques June 14th

    Nice, if they are just as informative as your posts, then I'm in!
  221. Unassailable

    ASSHOLE ALERT M&M Custom rods

    I didn't read any of the OP's post. I am simply confused whether or not I like the OP's username.
  222. Unassailable

    Call to Action SB 187 - 12 month Fishing License Bill moves forward.

    Call your assembly member's office to state your support. If it passes with ease in the assembly (it probably will), and since it passed unanimously in the senate, it is rare for the Governor to veto a bill. If he had reservations he would simply allow the bill to become law without signing the...
  223. Unassailable

    WTB 18' or so CC

    Yes, they pound, but under 18', you're looking at everything that pounds. This is at least a smirked whaler, so less wet. Plus, you'll sell it for as much, if not more when you sell it...Just my $.02
  224. Unassailable

    WTB 18' or so CC

    FYI: Not mine but this looks clean!
  225. Unassailable

    What's your go to wax for the boat??

    Big White Hi Temp paste wax. The stuff has lasted me a long time. Then again, my boat is garaged, but still good stuff. They have compounds, polishers, etc if you need that stuff. But, since you asked for just the wax, this is a great product. San Diego Marine Exchange has it...
  226. Unassailable


    Damn, if this had a 4 stroke I'd be checking this out...
  227. Unassailable

    Vacation Isle Boat Ramp?

    I agree. What you'll experience is all the bay boaters that take forever at the tiny dock and loading/unloading...
  228. Unassailable

    Stupid People and Sealions

    Well, I guess there are at least two other threads on this before mine. Mods, feel free to delete this dup!
  229. Unassailable

    Stupid People and Sealions

    Yep, I completely agree.
  230. Unassailable

    Stupid People and Sealions

    That family learned a lesson about nature that day.
  231. Unassailable

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    You're stating this information to the wrong crowd; but I know it helps to burn off some steam. The kayakers and others you describe have always been there...
  232. Unassailable

    Insurance Rates

    Do you have all your insurance with them? They were more expensive for us and would not add in all the electronics upgrades to boat worth.
  233. Unassailable

    TLD 15/30s upgrade

    These reels feel great and balanced with the Torium handle, that's what I put on all mine. The larger cranking handle shown is better suited for the LD's or the 20/40S as the larger width of those reels offset the weight of such a large handle. Just my opinion.
  234. Unassailable

    Insurance Rates

    Interesting. I have Geico boat insurance. Forgot the name of the company before Geico bought them out. Mine has stayed the same since I had them and it has the vanishing deductible.
  235. Unassailable

    How do you Store/Save your 4200/5200?

    Yeah, they are definitely the best cost wise but I always strayed from them because I figured the stuff would go bad before using it all. Now that I got the scoop on how to store it, it will stretch that dollar more.
  236. Unassailable

    How do you Store/Save your 4200/5200?

    Ha! Decided against it but will probably do a small piece of the infinity marine vinyl for the surface of the center console. Cheaper to do that than having Bobby patching and fixing the small holes.
  237. Unassailable

    How do you Store/Save your 4200/5200?

    I did look that up and it says recommended storage temps are between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. BUT it has a service temperature of -40 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit, so I don't see how it would have an affect if it's thawed. But, since I've never done it, IDK.
  238. Unassailable

    How do you Store/Save your 4200/5200?

    Thanks for the tips, didn't know about the freezer! I'll start putting it in the garage chest freezer at home.
  239. Unassailable

    How do you Store/Save your 4200/5200?

    So, Anyone have a better way to store/save your unused 4200/5200 sealant? After a short while of the tube being opened, it hardens all over and around the nozzle. The typical "shove a long nail in the nozzle" does not work and I end up just puncturing another section of the tube to make it come...
  240. Unassailable

    Carnage brought to you by the Colorado River....

    Heck ya! My friends parents are all old school river rats so that have all the great toys. I just putt putt around in mine (as they would say).
  241. Unassailable

    Carnage brought to you by the Colorado River....

    OH CRAP! Thanks for the information. I'm meeting some friends out there in August at Pirates Cove and was going to trailer the Whaler out there.
  242. Unassailable

    53' Elliott $150,000

    I like that you have a charcoal filter in one of the staterooms, nice to have fresh scrubbed air. Awesome boat!
  243. Unassailable

    Taxman in the House

    Local surfers now have a better way to convince people not to surf their beach. LOL
  244. Unassailable

    Excel Bluefin

    Holy moly! How long was the fight?
  245. Unassailable

    Taxman in the House

    More camera's, Go Pro's, drones = More sightings.
  246. Unassailable

    TLD Star Parts

    Well, you can always get a spare one now for parts SUPER cheap. BUT, I've never had to replace anything in mine except drags and bearings which you can always get aftermarket. I never understood how people break the graphite frames on these reels unless they are fishing them waaaay past their...
  247. Unassailable

    2004 Triumph 170cc

    Yep, got the same thing. Best tool for these engines.
  248. Unassailable

    2004 Triumph 170cc

    It is not NMEA compliant so I think it does not but you can always get the information from Yamaha directly based on the model number. I have the F80 version and it has been great to me. You really need to make sure the carbs are clean, the vacuum is pretty even between all 4 carbs and timing...
  249. Unassailable

    I'm back! First real trip with full limits of quality yellowtail! (Video too)

    You've got sponsors, a camera, a drone, and a willingness to share. You're not just lucky. What next, a show called LOCAL CATCHING? You sir, are killing it.:appl:
  250. Unassailable

    2 Pin Waterproof connectors.

    What he said but amazon is a whole lot cheaper! Those deutsch connectors are great!
  251. Unassailable

    Boston Whaler 17 foot with Yamaha 4 stroke

    Seems like he wants 7K. Non smirked..
  252. Unassailable

    Cabo Cuddycon 216-Long Shot

    Damn, wish this was posting next year! Great boat and those motors will run forever if they've been maintained!
  253. Unassailable

    04 Seaswirl striper 2301cc REDUCED Just drag and drop!
  254. Unassailable

    Day At The Docks -- Well, . . .

    Yep, this is a true statement. My wife likes taking the toddler to the event so we can walk around, eat some food, have a beer, then get the heck outta dodge before the ruckus gets going! It is even better when the ruckus are the people who work on the boats but are obliterated before 11:00. He...
  255. Unassailable

    Looking for a realtor.
  256. Unassailable

    Starting a new project soon

    Definitely not in Laguna Hills! Looking forward to this build.
  257. Unassailable

    Losing bottom on my Garmin 7607xsv and Gt51m-tm transducer

    I do agree with Stefan. But a few things for you to know/check out... 1) No matter the install, most TM transducers will need tweaking. When I installed mine, it took quite a few tries to get it right, so if the dealer installed t and did not fine tune it on the water, you'll need to keep...
  258. Unassailable

    1974 Blackman 20ft Center Console

    Wow, great story and nice job on the boat.
  259. Unassailable

    Yesterday 3-30-17 SI to 371 & 425

    Ahaha, I haven't heard a "The Jerk" movie reference in a long time.
  260. Unassailable

    Yesterday 3-30-17 SI to 371 & 425

    Way to give it a try! Good thing you didn't hook one right before you were going to leave, either. That would have kept you out there at least another 30 min.
  261. Unassailable

    Bait tank mounting on a Whaler

    Eric, I drilled larger holes, then filled them with epoxy. Right before it was fully set, I screwed in stainless steel inserts. The ones I got were specifically for snowboarding. I did not want open hole fittings so these were the best I found: I made sure they were screwed in just slightly...
  262. Unassailable

    Your Future Pizza Delivery Man

    Congratulations!!! YOU have just posted the dumbest post on a FISHING forum. YOU are number one. :appl::appl::appl:
  263. Unassailable


    In. Patriots 34 Falcons 31 Thanks for this again.
  264. Unassailable

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    Yeah, some of that stuff was coming off just with the brush. I'm hoping that the pressure washer will remove more before I apply the CLR.
  265. Unassailable

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    Alright, snuck out to the garage after the kid went to sleep. We're headed to Ramona tomorrow to visit a good friend so I wanted to try the heat gun and possibly the goof off tonight. The heat gun would have worked for the first layer of crap but it was slow going. Unfortunately, time is not on...
  266. Unassailable


    No lots of boats are sold. People are just too lazy/don't care to update the thread. When I was looking, I had a bunch of people tell me "sorry, boat sold two weeks ago"...
  267. Unassailable

    1966 Whaler

    Do you have more current and higher definition pictures of your boat? You'll have a lot of fun with this boat. It's too bad the older whalers didn't have the notorious smirk. With more pictures, it'll give a better picture of where you need to head. You've got a lot of big ticket items that...
  268. Unassailable

    Fucking finally

    Awesome upgrade. In your first picture, is that an external fuel filter followed by two fuel/water separators?
  269. Unassailable

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    Good point. I'm going to hold off and see how it cleans up first this weekend.
  270. Unassailable

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    Thanks for that. There isn't any red rust but some wet storage stains. I'll double check once I pressure wash and apply goof off. I just read an interesting article about using CLR to help with the removal of the wet storage stain. I'll go that route and if I see if there is a need to apply the...
  271. Unassailable

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    True, but I already have my pajamas on and am now going to start pulling some carpet out in the garage!
  272. Unassailable

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    Here's a better picture. Yes, I agree, I am not sure why there is carpeting. This is left over 90's mentality from a previous owner. I want to rip them off. Who knows what the original thought was but this is the original trailer from the 84 whaler and is in great condition other than this crap...
  273. Unassailable

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    Thanks guys, the bunks have the appropriate bunk board carpeting. Yes, the actual step like in the picture. When you say paint, are you talking about the spray bed liner like I suggested or some sort of other paint?
  274. Unassailable

    Removing Carpet from Trailer and Applying Truck Bed Coating?

    I am finally getting around to removing the ugly 90's style outdoor carpet that was placed on the steps of my boat trailer. I don't like the way it looks and always holds salt even after endless wash downs. I would also like to apply some sort of bed liner type spray/paint on them for added...
  275. Unassailable


    Looking good! Do you know if the "heavy duty rubber" bunks will leave streak marks? Are those rubber bunks readily available?
  276. Unassailable

    Looking to buy a Panga Marine 22

    I'm sure all 18inch center cabins are competitive compared to what he's looking for! Now scram spam!
  277. Unassailable

    Old School Saltiga 15

    The new versions have done close to nothing in resale value of the used old "TANKS" as long as they are in good condition. They are still highly sought after since the reels are almost indestructible. Only the market can dictate what the price will be worth. See below :)
  278. Unassailable

    18' Dory

    Oh, yes I understand, and mine is as well. The antenna is an 8' antenna, and the base is still a ratcheting stainless steel base. The difference is that the antenna simply screws on and off at the base. I was just showing you a picture of the base with cap on. I put the antenna away when not in...
  279. Unassailable

    18' Dory

    If you plan on using your boat for lakes and other places that the VHF antenna is not needed, you should look into Pacific Aerials antennas and bases. They make high quality removable antennas so you don't need to lug around the antenna if it's not needed or swap out to a 4' antenna as well. I...
  280. Unassailable

    18' Dory

    :cheers:That looks sweet! Mad skills.
  281. Unassailable

    Rod for Penn Battle II

    Great, thank you. I was looking at the carnage series but was not sure if the 50-100 line rating was too much. I have a couple 4000 series reels for the inshore stuff.
  282. Unassailable

    Rod for Penn Battle II

    I'd like to buy an all around rod for a Penn Battle II 8000. This is going to be a loaner setup for newbies on the boat. It'll be used for the usual species in So Cal. I already have a jigging rod for the reel. Thanks, JB
  283. Unassailable

    Scary attack on hunters in border zone

    That is sad but a poorly written article.
  284. Unassailable

    Oil change drain tool

    Very ingenious and funny. I just use a long piece of tubing attached to a funnel. Cutting the bottom and top of one liter bottle works perfectly for this if your filter is mounted on the side. No more spilling!
  285. Unassailable

    My Parker 2120

    Damn, Roger you just built the cup holders!
  286. Unassailable

    Crimping 100lb & 130 Single barrel or Double

    Yes they do. I don't remember the manufacturer of them though.
  287. Unassailable

    Crimping 100lb & 130 Single barrel or Double

    Get your crimps at squidco. Cheapest place in SD to buy the crimps and they'll help you out!
  288. Unassailable

    Cleaning Intake Valves?

    Thanks, Shad. If I still lived up in OC I'd contact them per your recommendation. I'll probably contact Robby at boating dynamics for the timing belt. I'm already completing the carb cleaning and sync. I am glad I took the whole intake manifold off for this because a well respected north county...
  289. Unassailable

    Badass brickwork!!!

    You have a lot of work to do in your backyard.
  290. Unassailable

    Cleaning Intake Valves?

    I used to use the stuff regularly but to be honest, it didn't seem to do anything, good or bad, so I stopped using it. I looked at the fogging videos but that chit scares me!
  291. Unassailable

    Cleaning Intake Valves?

    I've heard about this trick recently, but i'm not willing to try any water through the carbs. That seems like it can just lead to other issues.
  292. Unassailable

    Cleaning Intake Valves?

    Shad, I have an F80, with a 27 gallon tank. I'd have a hard time going through 50 gallons of fuel. Is this something that can be done over a couple weekends or all at once? I am overdue for a timing belt change, which is not an easy one person job, so I may need to bring the boat in to a service...
  293. Unassailable

    "Killer" day on the water!!!

    Awesome. I was looking at those reels but ended up going with the ballistic 2500. Curious as to what rod you paired it with.
  294. Unassailable

    Need a pool cleaner in Clairmont Mesa

    Text, call, or PM Todd (strackle99 on here). I'll PM you his number.
  295. Unassailable

    Need a pool cleaner in Clairmont Mesa

    Text, call, or PM Todd (strackle99 on here). I'll PM you his number.
  296. Unassailable

    Cleaning Intake Valves?

    Thanks. I run yamaha ring free and fill up at chevron by my house. I was using seafoam prior to ring free. I may need to start using it again. The prior owner trolled a lot and fished a lot of the socal freshwater lakes so he didn't Rev the engine up a lot. I think this may have contribute to...
  297. Unassailable

    Cleaning Intake Valves?

    Thanks, the build up isn't bad, just a few spots. I am just concerned with the crud falling into the chamber if I blasted it with something.
  298. Unassailable

    Cleaning Intake Valves?

    Doing a thorough cleaning of my carburetors and intake manifold. Since my intake manifold is off, I do notice some carbon buildup on a few of the backside of the valves. Is there anything I can do to clean up the backside while they are exposed or just leave them? Thanks!
  299. Unassailable

    Looking for help on where to mount a transom mount transducer

    Don't know about that thing, it seems like the 'ducer will vibrate and not give you good readings ....BUT another option that may work, which did work for me was adjusting the boat on the trailer. My boat was already a little tongue heavy, but not too bad. I was able to move the wince post back...
  300. Unassailable

    12/11/16 - Don't forget your Tow memberships

    Also, through West Marine Advantage, you get a discount that comes out once a year from them in their catalog. With the discount, it comes out to upgrading the package to the gold for free :).
  301. Unassailable

    Helpful hint's from the horrified grammer Nazy in me!

    Will, the grammar Nazi in you forgot to capitalize your thread title:D.
  302. Unassailable

    How to fix gel coat?

    Yep, better to have a pro do this repair. By the time you spend all the money on supplies and the hours attempting to fix it, you could have spent a couple hundred more and had a pro make it look brand new.
  303. Unassailable

    2009 Mako 2201 Inshore

    Great looking boat. You know which sweet center console led light this is? GLWS!
  304. Unassailable

    Anyone use a Drone on there boat? This one already has it wife says I can buy it if it comes down to a grand :)
  305. Unassailable

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    Guys, chill out. It is just a regular drone with a couple of servos and attachments catered towards fisherman. They already sell the wireless fish finders to send images to your phones and all the other attachments can be purchased for most drones. This is not the end all to a quiet day of...
  306. Unassailable

    WTB Tilt/Trim Unit for 2007-08 Yamaha 115 4 Stroke

    I see. Yeah, I would trust his synopsis. Although, it never hurts to call a hydraulic shop just in case. Good Luck.
  307. Unassailable

    WTB Tilt/Trim Unit for 2007-08 Yamaha 115 4 Stroke

    What kind of leak are you talking about? How do you know there is salt water into the unit? If you don't want to take the unit apart yourself, check out San Diego Hydraulics. I used them in the past and they had reasonable rates and did an amazing job. No leaks or issues I've had. It would be...
  308. Unassailable

    my first fishing vide0….from last wide open bluefin trip

    My suggestion would be NOT to stop posting videos! Great job.
  309. Unassailable

    Xtratuf boots quality nowadays

    That's funny. You should let them know to have the factory include this as part of their quality control.
  310. Unassailable

    Xtratuf boots quality nowadays

    These have two seasons of VERY light use. My made in America version were way better. Just my personal experience. For the time being I'll just glue back the top of the liner.
  311. Unassailable

    iBOATS return issue...

    File a case with your credit card company and get your money back. Easy, peasy...then give that website a bad rating! Yeah, some online business suck.
  312. Unassailable

    Pt Loma 10/25: Rockfish Limits for 3 in Two Hours

    Thank you for your VERY informative posts. I do appreciate reading and learning from them.
  313. Unassailable

    Headed to Costa Rica for 2 weeks.

    LOL Please post details of what you discover. Wife and I would like to go to CR next year.
  314. Unassailable

    WTB or Where to Buy Unrigged Cedar Plugs?

    Yep, that's what I'm looking for. American cedar. Plain and simple!
  315. Unassailable

    WTB or Where to Buy Unrigged Cedar Plugs?

    Thanks, guys. I'll start with these recommendations. JB
  316. Unassailable

    WTB or Where to Buy Unrigged Cedar Plugs?

    Thanks, last time I was there they did not have any stock of unrigged plugs. Who is that by chance? Trying to get a good deal on a few of each...
  317. Unassailable

    WTB or Where to Buy Unrigged Cedar Plugs?

    I'm looking to buy some 4 and 6 inch cedar plugs to make some stand alone and daisy chain cedar plug rigs. Just looking for plain old American cedar plugs. I've looked and also bought some on ebay but they were junk (wrong kind of cedar). Anyone know where I can find some for a decent price? Not...
  318. Unassailable

    Tuesday 10/17 YFT

    Very nice! This damn work thing is getting in the way of fishing.
  319. Unassailable

    why is there no daiwa forum like

    The first generation are still the industry standard IMHO. I'll never get rid of mine.
  320. Unassailable

    My Parker 2120

    Cup holders are good :-). Room for a couple energy drinks and a cerveza!
  321. Unassailable

    My Parker 2120

    Looking good, Roger. Did you end up getting rid of the other filet table?
  322. Unassailable

    Wanted: Realtor with scruples.

    Good luck....redfin is the shit though. Realtors will go the way of the lamplighter for populated urban areas.
  323. Unassailable

    1966 Bertram 20 Bahia Mar repower

    That is a gorgeous boat!
  324. Unassailable


    Wow, awesome! I think every time you post, "Need one more tomorrow, last minute cancellation" you follow up with a stellar day on the water.
  325. Unassailable

    Smart fish!

    You caught a lobster poaching diver...
  326. Unassailable

    Fishing Charters Keeping the Catch ???

    Who knows, maybe that's why the awesome poke is cheap and plentiful there! Not like this new fad in southern California...
  327. Unassailable

    Drywall texture work - looking for referrals

    X2...Great guy, great work, great prices...
  328. Unassailable

    2015 Parker 2320 winter projects

    Thanks, found them and just ordered a couple!
  329. Unassailable

    Which fuel stabilizer?

    Yep, I use the 360 version. If you can't run a tank through, I've just ran the engine for 10 minutes in the driveway after filling up and it seems to work. I have an engine that is notorious for carb blockage and I have not had a problem after using this stuff (knock on wood)...
  330. Unassailable

    2015 Parker 2320 winter projects

    Sweet boat and professional installs. Quick question for you...which connector is this? That is a great idea I need to incorporate!
  331. Unassailable

    My Parker 2120

    Nice, Roger. You got that squared away fast!
  332. Unassailable

    How to test a new spinning reel? (Penn Battle II 4000)

    Yeah, no questions asked, and they sent me out a new one instantly.
  333. Unassailable

    How to test a new spinning reel? (Penn Battle II 4000)

    I ordered one on Amazon as well but an 8000 was also opened and there were a couple scratches on it and no schematics paperwork in the box. I sent it back. Seems like this is not an isolated instance..
  334. Unassailable

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    I'll shoot you a PM so we're no longer jacking this thread..
  335. Unassailable

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    Bobby Blesser.... 619-417-1249 He's in Bay Park. Tell him John with the whaler sent you. Willdoggy on here gave me his referral. You can see some of his work in one of my threads looking for glass work repair. Why do you think you have water in your hull?
  336. Unassailable

    Diesel fuel 3,000 gallons road legal

    Henry, I have a friend who may be interested in a bulk amount. He owns a small tree trimming company. If you have any available, you mind sending me a PM with your info and I can have him call you tomorrow if it works out? Thanks
  337. Unassailable

    San Diego parking

    Seaforth. The others suck big time and you need to pay. Did I say it sucks?
  338. Unassailable

    Finally got them 9/24

    Did you try using hooked cut bait in your chum line by chance or was it all the live dines?
  339. Unassailable

    HO Sarcasm

    This single phrase is the sole evidence needed to know you don't know what you are talking about! :smoking33:
  340. Unassailable


    I was thinking of going this rout but was always wondered about the signal loss from antennas that are removable...
  341. Unassailable

    Rpt.-Sun.-09-25-16 to the 209-181 and back again.

    Thanks for the report. Glad you had a great experience on such short notice!
  342. Unassailable

    1967 SilverLine upgrades

    Nice job. Has that diamond plate been on there a while? You should get this on the starboard side:
  343. Unassailable

    26ft Bertram Sport Convertable For Sale

    :boobies::boobies:....That boat is sweet too!
  344. Unassailable

    Knife Trick for Removing Bait from Sabiki's

    Thanks, guys. Lots of great info!
  345. Unassailable

    Knife Trick for Removing Bait from Sabiki's

    Ha! That's exactly what I was typing and thinking about.
  346. Unassailable

    Knife Trick for Removing Bait from Sabiki's

    Thanks, Will. I didn't even know that existed. Just looked it up and looks like I can just make one with a wire hanger and dowel! May have to give it a go. Great advice! I think that's what I've been missing, the part about lifting the hook upside down.
  347. Unassailable

    Knife Trick for Removing Bait from Sabiki's

    Anyone have a video or explicit information on how to consistently and effectively remove bait from your sabiki's this way? I've seen it done, but when I've tried, I have failed! It looks simple so I'm sure there is something I'm missing. Thanks
  348. Unassailable

    Tackle box compartments that don't suck

    I have not, but do apply silicone to the bottom of my hook compartments where I have loose hooks. These are usually my good hooks that have been used while fishing so I can rinse them later and not contaminate my other hooks. Otherwise, I typically keep them in their package.
  349. Unassailable

    And the fish gods laugh at me!

    Thanks for the report. Your number will come.
  350. Unassailable

    Saltiga 2 Speed Reviews

    Sure you could fish that....I will change my topshot out to 60 if need be on the 50. I love the star drags as well. . The 30T is my favorite. I have the first generation series of these; fantastic bulletproof reels. You don't hear much about them because they don't advertise here ;).
  351. Unassailable

    Saltiga 2 Speed Reviews

    Yes, they are great reels! You will not be disappointed. I have both the 40 and 50. You can fish 50 on the 40 but it is more of a solid 40 lb setup. Here are the schematics for the reels..they do have a bearing by the pinion gear...
  352. Unassailable

    Liberty 3/4 Day (10SEP16) Offshore + Sunday Old Glory Report

    Yes, very sad...there was a WA whaler that came crashing in on us on Sunday, on the Dominator literately full throttle off the bow. Captain was cool; he went on the intercom and told him to stop and fish as there were fish all around. Guess all the considerate whaler owners were on sport boats...
  353. Unassailable

    182 9/8

    Damn! :appl:
  354. Unassailable

    Toronado 8/30/16

    These are when bragging sessions backfire...
  355. Unassailable

    Saltiga reel clamp question. ????

    Yeah, a little pricey for one but you can find them on ebay or here for a discount. AND, you can use the 30T on a deckhand style rod with confidence.
  356. Unassailable

    Saltiga reel clamp question. ????

    That looks like the clamp for the 30T? I hate that clamp, just buy their aftermarket ARSC1 reel clamp. WAY better. Sorry for not answering your question, though!
  357. Unassailable

    Mobil 1 synthetic for my 4 stoke Yamaha 25hp???

    I use Mobil 1 in my outboard. No problems so far. I'm by no means an expert but I believe changing your oil at the appropriate intervals is more important than the brand/type. That said, you can always just get oil samples done at labs to find out the optimum time to change the oil or see what...
  358. Unassailable

    Why not use straight braid to fluoro?

    If I only fished on sportboats and could get everyone else to fish with mono while I fished with braid and short topshot, it'd be a big win for me and the crew of the boat ;). Just make sure your drag is set accordingly or you may have more pulled hooks...
  359. Unassailable

    A few Interactions

    I wonder if the inter-fish relationship between the bat ray and the halibut would have worked outLOL
  360. Unassailable

    18' Dory

    This is coming along nicely. I'm impressed at your skills! The motor also has the whale tail; certainly helps with the hole shot! I have the 2001 F80; it's been bullet proof thus far. Just remember to use sta-bil or other fuel stabilizer. Those carbs will get gummed up if you don't run the motor...
  361. Unassailable

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    Dang, way to reap the rewards of your own install as well! You guys killed it!
  362. Unassailable

    Lower unit on my Mercury 90hp wont come apart..

    I believe there are two bolts under the to hold the anode and one that also bolts into the unit. Did you get both of those?
  363. Unassailable

    Cleveland National Forest (Ortega Highway) Dove Hunting

    Yep, had a classmate dragged by one when she was younger at Caspers in the 80's...
  364. Unassailable

    Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    Wonderful read. Big tuna are no joke! Panama is on my bucket list for sure.
  365. Unassailable

    8/23 Success at the grounds

    You guys enjoy that broke back mountain stuff, huh?:gay: How was the ride out and back? It's been pretty bumpy each time I've gone out. How long did it take you to get there? You take the rails off your Montauk? That helped us when we were fighting a BIG fish. The first time I went out this...
  366. Unassailable

    Mission Bay SoShores ramp marshal

    So you barked back at him because you were doing something you weren't supposed to? C'mon man, you're at fault. Who cares if he yelled at you; you didn't get a ticket and you still yelled back. You should have left it alone and drove off. From your story, he only threatened to call the SDPD...
  367. Unassailable

    Anyone try a bubble and fly?

    Hmmm...great idea! I took that idea with streamers for striped bass and it worked, so I assume it would work for the bluefin since it is all reaction bite. The great thing is you can cast it a mile as well when you find the right type of ball. Back in the day K-mart had the best dense super...
  368. Unassailable


    Oh I see...
  369. Unassailable


    Smart phone or flip? You can track down your smart phone remotely as long it is still on...
  370. Unassailable

    Update on My G2 Update

    I agree...but I now realize that they are also carry yammy's so it's a moot point....figured he would have had to go to a different place but guess the same shop would have rigged those as well.
  371. Unassailable

    Update on My G2 Update

    At any point did you wonder what if you went with the yamaha's?
  372. Unassailable

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    What is the year of hull and motor? Also, is that salt or wax around the cowl seal of the outboard?
  373. Unassailable

    More Patience

    Or any Asian market...
  374. Unassailable

    Fishing the chunk bait.

    We tried a few weeks ago with the dead bait I had. No luck on some marks but we couldn't invest enough time to really see as the water was getting snotty in a small skiff.
  375. Unassailable

    Low Profile LED Lights to attach to Center Console?

    Thanks for the idea. That is what I'm looking for but those may not be with the style of the boat. I'm gong to install a LED light facing the bow and see if that is enough. If not, I'll keep hunting.
  376. Unassailable

    In Regards to BD for sale ads..... I have an idea!!

    There are some good sellers and bad sellers. Same with people who buy. Funny thing is, I've bought a few things shipped from 390tuna and they've been in the exact condition as described. I've bought a few things shipped from here and it's been hit or miss with the description when I received the...
  377. Unassailable


    I think these are the same except the 8000 series is branded for West Marine. I could be wrong though. Either way both are just fine for your needs.
  378. Unassailable

    Catalina Mahi - 8/6

    Very nice! BTW, what camera do you use? Your pictures in your threads always seem to bring out the best vibrant colors.
  379. Unassailable

    CAD, 3D printing and lure making

    This would be best. Keep us posted. Once the fall term opens up for students I'll head over to the design department and make some new faculty friends 8-).
  380. Unassailable

    CAD, 3D printing and lure making

    Very nice! My college is hosting a "create your own phone case" workshop with a 3D printer. I'm going to ask the teacher about making some replica surface irons but out of a hard plastic. I think the technology is almost there; by that I mean the cost!
  381. Unassailable

    Beware of pay wash down machines at Dana Point, Etc.

    I'm not sure this is completely true. It's just another recommended way as opposed to running the engine. Personally, I only do this when the motor has been run in fresh water. I really cannot trust that this method will completely remove all salt deposits when run in saltwater. Although...
  382. Unassailable


    Yep, this is the best approach if you are going to do it. I replaced my bunk carpets at Lake Murray on a weekday. Only a few boaters out. Depends, of course how big your boat is. Let the staff know I needed an hour and I just paid the launch fee. Just clean up your mess if you have any. Bring...
  383. Unassailable

    East Coast Fishing Off the Beaten Path

    Awesome. I loved growing up on the east coast. Used to frequent R.I a couple times a year. The winters can be brutal and the reason I could never go back. Hope you got to get some pics of all the fireflies. Nothing quite like an east coast summer night with fireflies everywhere...
  384. Unassailable

    stolen rods

    Yes, I got out of it because I had a great expensive lawyer. A LOT of community service and nothing on the record, which, of course, should not of been. But I was stupid and thought I could go after a thief that ran out of my home. Stupid me... I learned to STFU under all circumstances and only...
  385. Unassailable

    First local super cow bluefin

    Awesome! Would like to see the some of that footage!
  386. Unassailable

    First local super cow bluefin

    Very nice! So this is the same fish as Svue's post. Nonetheless, great job...regardless of who gets credit for the fish8-) Here is the report:
  387. Unassailable

    Got one 8/3

    Funny chit! Nice job guys! Way to work as a team and land the beast. You are very correct about the tug-o-war! But realistically, how many people have the opportunity to fish 130-200 on the kite? You guys are coming into some unreal opportunities..
  388. Unassailable

    stolen rods

    Believe me, I had to pay for a lawyer..that was the learning experience. That and...............
  389. Unassailable

    Okay so where are the fishing reports....?????

    Let me guess what you posted..."Just caught a 10lbr" :D
  390. Unassailable

    stolen rods

    The unfortunate thing about this is that in California, YOU will be the one charged with aggravated assault. Yes they may also prosecute the thief, but the DA can and sometimes will prosecute you. I am talking from a personal REAL first hand experience. You need to be in danger to protect...
  391. Unassailable

    Okay so where are the fishing reports....?????

    Wow, way to Hijack the thread...J/K beautiful boat!!! Very envious.
  392. Unassailable

    Oceanside harbor/launch ramp

    South shores sucks! DO NOT LAUNCH FROM THERE. Gonzo25 - STFU;)
  393. Unassailable

    Frozen BFT Going Bad

    I simply remember certain no-no's when I had my food handlers card and used to make sushi ages ago while in college. This was one of them...but, since you asked, here is the info you can peruse: Click Here
  394. Unassailable

    Frozen BFT Going Bad

    Thawing food in water can be risky and could lead to foodborne illness from contaminates. Be sure that you always use cold water and you need to constantly change the water to make sure it does not get lukewarm because you can invite some nasty bacteria. Food needs to be cooked immediately once...
  395. Unassailable

    fish on north 9

    I hear ya, it seemed like a super fishy spot, that's why we started our morning there rather than heading north like everyone else. We found one giant pod of dolphin working bait with nothing else around. Also, no other boats! It seems we should have stayed and hung out rather than doing 100...
  396. Unassailable

    fish on north 9

    Damn, yesterday the 9 was a ghost town minus dolphin working bait.
  397. Unassailable

    Skiff Needs a Detail - Recommendations in SD

    Thanks guys, didn't know he details as well. I'll hit him up.
  398. Unassailable

    Skiff Needs a Detail - Recommendations in SD

    I don't have the time right now with a little rugrat at home to compound and wax the boat. Anyone have a recommendation of a mobile person in SD? Not looking for an amateur; looking for someone that knows what they are doing. Hopefully this Sunday (I know it's short notice). It's a 17' so not a...
  399. Unassailable

    BD dating site ads

    Nevermind, one just popped upo_O
  400. Unassailable

    BD dating site ads

    Next time you look up porn, make sure to go incognito! I'm not getting those ads 8-)
  401. Unassailable

    stop posting Foamer Numbers

    Do you know how fast spotter planes can cover an area? This isn't a mystery to them.
  402. Unassailable

    Saturday Bay blindness

    Pretty sure I saw you out there yesterday while the wife and I were having a Mai Tai at Bali Hai. I was joking to her that the panga should just dock up and have a drink with the fast drift with the wind...
  403. Unassailable

    Daiwa Lexa 400HD no freespool.

    Also, was it really brand new? Stay away from anything that doesn't look "brand spanking new" or used one time. Once I see someone says that they are selling something that was used "one time" I know they are full of shit.
  404. Unassailable

    How long vacuumed in freezer?

    Yes, cook it and eat it!
  405. Unassailable

    Low Profile LED Lights to attach to Center Console?

    Hi guys, I don't have an area for mounting LED strips on the gunnels as I have a Montauk, so I was inquiring about placing some low profile flush mounted LED lights on the side of my console to help light up the sides of the boat. I'm already installing a small floodlight for the bow, but not...
  406. Unassailable

    Today's Report - Fog! 7/23

    Not to mention look kind of funny building a radar dome for a montauk :) . Can't have that radar shooting at your head.
  407. Unassailable

    BOLA 7-17-16 to 7-20-16

    You know Will, if your wife posted, she'd get a lot more hits :p. Nice job out there. I'm envious.
  408. Unassailable

    My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    Yep, exactly what we saw. Big guys! Nice job landing the fish!
  409. Unassailable

    Rpt.-07-20-16 Bass, Cuda and a Ghost!

    I'd take that trip over bluefin chasing any day! Nice job.
  410. Unassailable

    Yamaha Trim Sender Cam Replacement

    Ah, I was hoping I would not have to do that! Thanks
  411. Unassailable


    BIG bluefin:
  412. Unassailable

    Yamaha Trim Sender Cam Replacement

    The crappy piece of plastic trim sender cam finally broke so I purchased a new improved metal one from Yamaha. This seemed like a piece of cake. Just adjust and tighten the screw, right? Well the flipping clearance to get in to tighten the screw is almost non-existent. Is there an easier way to...
  413. Unassailable

    O`side late report from 7-17

    Nice job. You need a brush on the boat to clean off FRESH blood. Never good to let it bake.
  414. Unassailable

    7/16 - BFT Foamers All Alone

    Great write up! These fish will get your blood pumping.
  415. Unassailable

    7/15/16 16.4 NM TRUE WEST PT LAJOLLA

    Great attempt, you have GRIT! Your position is the one reason I didn't want to head out solo myself and I'm almost half your age. Next time you'll land one...incremental improvements:D
  416. Unassailable

    Baffling Breezing Bruiser Bluefin 7/16

    I bet! I heard there has been a decent afternoon bite. Absolutely! We'll make it work. Work-life balance, right? Simrad NSS Evo2. This was with the TM150 transducer. It is a VERY finicky transducer but works well once the perfect location for the boat is found.
  417. Unassailable

    7-16 Skunked @ the 14

    Gotcha, yeah those standard tanks get crowded with 1/2 scoop. Mine is a 14 gallon kodiak tank. I have the pre-Brunswick whaler with the smirk.
  418. Unassailable

    7-16 Skunked @ the 14

    What's your bait tank setup? Is it just the one that comes with the newer 170's? Most of my bait doesn't roll on my Montauk if it's decent bait. I think it's a 14 gallon tank?
  419. Unassailable

    Apparently you can still get tuna in a can

    Very nice! Bet that made you arrive home a little late.
  420. Unassailable

    Baffling Breezing Bruiser Bluefin 7/16

    Agreed! That was the only 40 lb outfit on the skiff and of course it got hit. With only one mac, no way would have this batch of 5" dines swim with a 4/0 hookLOL.
  421. Unassailable

    Baffling Breezing Bruiser Bluefin 7/16

    Yep, saw your awesome report. Wish we ran into those that would eat the heavy gear. Had the heavy gear ready. Think that we need to make time to make macs in the future.
  422. Unassailable

    Baffling Breezing Bruiser Bluefin 7/16

    We had our only large mac rigged on the 80lb with a 8/0 with a 4 oz sinker connected by a rubber band a few feet up slow trolled way back. After 30 minutes and no marks, we had to abandon the little fella. Wondering if down riggers would work?
  423. Unassailable

    Baffling Breezing Bruiser Bluefin 7/16

    I've been itching to go out for a chance at some bluefin and today was the only day that would work out for the next couple weeks. Conditions called for little wind and long interval swell, perfect for the skiff. Called and texted 8 different people and everyone had plans! Sheet, another solo...
  424. Unassailable

    My pb on the New Lo An 235lbs

    Awesome! 130lb Opah and two cows (almost) is considered a slow day on a half boat? Man the times have changed.:D
  425. Unassailable


    F'n crazy! I'll be out tomorrow with 5000 other boats. Nice job. Was the wind down yesterday when you were out?
  426. Unassailable

    19 ft. Center Console with 115 E-Tec Power

    Nice, skiff and priced right! Is that a self made transom saver or one from the guy that actually manufactures it? How has that transducer fared for you if you don't mind me asking? GLWS
  427. Unassailable

    Nighttime Green Bass....Swimbaits only?

    When bass are active at dusk and after sunset, poppers, spooks, or slug-go's always work for me. Texas, carolina, or dropshot rigged plastics work all the time as well.
  428. Unassailable

    Opinions on a Good fishfinder/Gps

    Maps are on most units, just not as well detailed as NAVIONICS. The Simrad unit has maps already installed with MLPA zones outlined. I don't know how someone says they can CHIRP better than the other unless you are comparing transducers as well? Watts don't always matter..I've been down the path...
  429. Unassailable

    Insane foamer action

    Damn! Right place, right time!
  430. Unassailable

    7/9 North 9

    Thanks for the report. Yeah, dolphins, bonito, and bait have been abundant.
  431. Unassailable

    Giant Bluefin Video..

    Oh my! I just realized I have no plan for bringing in a 100 plus tuna solo! Great videos.
  432. Unassailable

    A Little Road Trip

    Making memories, not wishes; love it! Public safety CalPERS is better than CalSTRS or regular CalPERS employees, that's for sure!
  433. Unassailable

    Lit Up & Today's Catch

    Bad ass! Would you mind showing the unfinished work in progress?
  434. Unassailable

    Some people really suck!!

    Yeah that totally sucks. BUT, the first video was posted on the internet before and that may have prompted some hooligans to figure out what was over there. Believe it or not, some people that peruse this website are poachers as well.
  435. Unassailable

    Opinions on a Good fishfinder/Gps

    I am really digging my simrad NSS 7 evo 2. You can add a network, NMEA, radar,and basically all the new stuff...BUT where navico/simrad/airmar (not sure who to blame!) has dropped the ball big time is the transom mount transducers for smaller boats like ours. You either have to go to a 300watt...
  436. Unassailable

    WTB Calstar 765ML or 765M

    What, no one wants to depart with a great rod to buy a Korean or Chinese made popping rod? C'mon these rods are so last year!
  437. Unassailable

    Sleeping Tuna 7/5 @43 -226

    Thanks for the report. Hope to head out soon and find some sleeping tuna! It's the norm for the new millennial tuna generation!
  438. Unassailable

    WTB Calstar 765ML or 765M

    Thanks guys, I'm looking to buy in the next couple weeks, so that wouldn't work as I can't make it up to LA.
  439. Unassailable

    WTB Calstar 765ML or 765M

    Must be in good condition at a decent price. Face to face only in SD or north county SD. Please PM with price. Thanks, JB
  440. Unassailable

    Boat went down right next to us.

    Damn, way to go. I saw vessel assist out there in full force on Saturday. Did you happen to change plans and fish LJ on Saturday afternoon? I think you were on the anchor.
  441. Unassailable

    Between 302 and 371 7/03/2016

    Very nice! That is one hell of an accomplishment.
  442. Unassailable

    ***SOLD*** 19' Proline With New Engine (under warranty til 2019)

    If it would fit at my house, I'd be taking a look :-)
  443. Unassailable

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    Now, now, Fleet, you should not be fishing there:p
  444. Unassailable

    ***SOLD*** 19' Proline With New Engine (under warranty til 2019)

    If this boat is exactly as advertised, then this is a hell of a weekend deal.
  445. Unassailable


    Ah, gotcha!
  446. Unassailable


    What clamp did you use to attach them? They are bright!
  447. Unassailable

    Stolen truck from Shelter Island

    Damn! Easy truck to spot. I'll keep an eye out but it's most likely in a garage. I'll stop complaining that someone stole my wiring harness extension now.
  448. Unassailable

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    That's pretty awesome! You happen to have a screenshot of the birds on the radar?
  449. Unassailable

    Take out 4 people for around ~$600?

    Maybe look at renting a boat? I think you'll be hard pressed on a 4 pack right now for $600 in the summer! Try or something similar.
  450. Unassailable


    Wife's going to get mad if I have more bait in the chest freezer LOL.
  451. Unassailable

    Mission Bay or SD Bay?

    If you go to MB, you'll be a lot closer to La Jolla.
  452. Unassailable

    Halco Roosta Poppers on sale at Cabela's

    Throwing poppers is just fun! Maybe it's the freshwater fisher in me? Never did get into the flatfall/colt sniper deal. Still use megabaits...
  453. Unassailable

    Halco Roosta Poppers on sale at Cabela's

    My order said by the 21st.
  454. Unassailable

    6/11 Catalina Recap

    Forget the yellow, that is a sweet wrap; a piece of art.
  455. Unassailable


    Thanks for the timely report and way to bring 2 to the boat! Now I just have to make it out in a timely manner. I feel like I may be a little sick for work!
  456. Unassailable

    2002 striper 1851 CC

    Claudio, boat looks clean. I'm sure there'll be a new happy owner soon.
  457. Unassailable

    Rapala CD14 popper mod

    Let's see a video of it in the pool!:-)
  458. Unassailable

    2002 striper 1851 CC

    Hours on the motor? Any more pics?
  459. Unassailable

    18' Outrage $11,700

    Not affiliated, but this may be a good deal for someone. If the engine has good compression and tank is in good condition,just move the batteries in the console and new electronics, you'd be set. I recall these were great engines for their time...
  460. Unassailable

    1970 Honda CT70

    This brings back memories from when I was a kid.
  461. Unassailable

    Really West Marine??? PFD sale fail

    Just got mine to, but I read the instructions. You need to arm it as Ed said above.LOL
  462. Unassailable

    Tiny Conventional Reels

    Saltiga 10 or 15...enough said!
  463. Unassailable


    Which servo did you use? Happen to have a pic?
  464. Unassailable


    Did you happen to look at any servo based applications? It seems safer to drop from a far distance than attempting to have the clip get stuck. Here is an example: I was there last year, but have since changed my...
  465. Unassailable


    Are you working on a remote deploy clip or a tension clip? Interested in your results.
  466. Unassailable

    First trophy Bluefin this season...

    That.....Does NOT suck! Way to go!
  467. Unassailable

    55lbs BFT popped on the Sea Hag

    Ah, thanks. I thought maybe they weren't screwed in. I have one I need to mount as well.
  468. Unassailable

    55lbs BFT popped on the Sea Hag

    Very nice! BTW, how do you have the three rod holder connected to your bait tank?
  469. Unassailable

    ethanol question, Problems , Problems

    My plastic tank was clean as a whistle when I changed out my fuel lines. BUT...I did find this in the line, which may be what you are experiencing? Luckily the crap never made it to the carbs but did make it into the fuel/water separator.
  470. Unassailable

    Estate sale MDR

    I've been to an estate sale....once. It attracts the scum of our society; leaches. Won't do it again. Seems like you got to experience some of that. Start time never means the start time and the early birds will show up in their hoopties and attempt to get in early any way they can. As...
  471. Unassailable

    Went to Laguna Lake 5/19/16

    Ah, thanks!
  472. Unassailable

    Went to Laguna Lake 5/19/16

    Nice LM. What rod is in the second picture?
  473. Unassailable

    Best Credit Card ?

    I'm with you. I used to be a cash only guy. Now I use my discover card for all...I think it's 1% for all but they have 5% quarterly on different stuff. The largest money back I get is when it is 5% cash back on gas! Plus, you can use the money back for anything, unlike the tricky mileage cards...
  474. Unassailable

    Help reading fish finder!

    1st two pictures have too much interference but depending on where you are looks like bait.
  475. Unassailable

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Thanks for the quick responses, guys.
  476. Unassailable

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    I've got a few questions for either Michael or Todd. 1) What's the hull weight alone? 2) What's the hull warranty? 3) Option to put yamaha 90 on it? 4) Option to have folding T-top or discount without it so we can have one installed? Thanks.
  477. Unassailable

    Daiwa sealine for yellowtails?

    My 20 is used as my anchovie rig but you will see a lot of people love these reels for their freespool.
  478. Unassailable

    Daiwa sealine for yellowtails?

    50lb braid and whatever topshot you want.
  479. Unassailable

    Daiwa sealine for yellowtails?

    No problem. Caught many yellowtail on my 20.
  480. Unassailable

    Policy Question Re: BD Advertisers

    I wasn't suggesting them. I've used them in the past with great success.
  481. Unassailable

    Policy Question Re: BD Advertisers

    So does t he answer lie in this response? Minds will start to wander. Having some experience, I may be able to relate, but not in your exact scenario. Sorry for previous posts, wifi was acting up...
  482. Unassailable

    WTB 17' Whaler Outrage

    Sorry, just explaining...
  483. Unassailable

    WTB 17' Whaler Outrage

    Convenience. Show me a 17' 15K outrage that is in great condition and I will buy it from you. We are not taking a POS or water intrusive rig, here. The original poster is in the same supply and demand dilemma as the cult following is for these boats. Have you seen what the recent 17' Montauks...
  484. Unassailable

    Seasickness question????

    Do you have medical reimbursement? Motion sickness is covered for an expense. Buy some chew-able Bonine; problem solved. No flipping home made recipes and other BS that people will tell you. The shit works. As saltwaterfish mentioned, go 1.5 day at least. Go mid august to September for the...
  485. Unassailable

    WTB 17' Whaler Outrage

    I have not seen one in good condition at that price on one on the west coast since the recession (with a good motor, too). There have been a couple in the bible belt and east coast. People are back to borrowing against all the equity in their home again, so it has driven prices high. If you...
  486. Unassailable

    WTB 17' Whaler Outrage

    Good luck! BTW, what's your price range? You may want to post on continouswave and whaler central and haul one from another state. Boatgrotto has 17' guardian with new motor. Check out CL 27K, though
  487. Unassailable

    New 1st time Boat Owner - What should I do to better be prepared?

    You bought that Parker that was listed here? This was super helpful for me to go out and buy all the necessary safety equipment and a few other odds and ends:
  488. Unassailable

    How Much Should I Ask For My Boat?

    That is a sweet whaler. One of the nicer ones I have seen in a long time. I guess you made up your mind?
  489. Unassailable

    Island Sheepshead Jackpot

    Damn, and I thought I had an understanding wife!
  490. Unassailable

    Island Sheepshead Jackpot

    I'd be divorced if I kept crawdads in one of the bathrooms! Thanks for the report and great pics.
  491. Unassailable

    Is this water in the lower unit ?

    Yep, have it properly pressure tested. The water pump seal is really easy, but the prop shaft seal is a little tricky but you can do it yourself...
  492. Unassailable

    todays project

    Pretty sick. I was a Punisher comic book fan growing up and that skull looks pretty close.
  493. Unassailable

    Drone fishing for Blue fin

    These guys will get a million hits just from the 18 posts on this. It is a cool video though.
  494. Unassailable

    Best fishfinder??

    Wow, your downscan is impressive at 25knts...
  495. Unassailable

    Sunday Ling for Chica Dulce!

    Nice job! Now that I can't fish for the next couple of weeks, it'll probably go WFO.
  496. Unassailable

    Mako 256 Center Console

    Thanks, that restoration looks great!
  497. Unassailable

    Mako 256 Center Console

    So, how many hours has Diego lived and what year was Diego born?
  498. Unassailable

    1999 Ford F-250 7.3

    Damn, if this was 4X4 I would have bought it in a heartbeat; clean truck. GLWS!
  499. Unassailable

    WTB or rent a carb sync

    FYI: be sure to hit them up for the correct adapters. I believe my yamaha had a 6mm...
  500. Unassailable

    It's Official...

    Because so many people want to be him; duh!
  501. Unassailable

    It's Official...

    Maybe because I deal with fraud and security of public records, I might be a little critical, but you may want to redact your personally identifiable information...
  502. Unassailable

    WTB or rent a carb sync

    If you don't find someone, buy this: It worked great on mine but I already sold it.
  503. Unassailable

    Bonefish San Diego Bay 4-26 ( Video )

    Appreciate the full moon. Just had to sneak it in there... :supergay:
  504. Unassailable

    WTF is this in my Fuel Line?

    Thanks, I am covered! Thanks, Dennis. Wonder what the difference between that and the trident marine fuel line I got at San Diego Marine exchange. Trident does offer a 5 year warranty, too!
  505. Unassailable

    Everingham price increase.

    Don't think he was crying, seems that he was passing on valuable information for those of us that don't check the website often.
  506. Unassailable

    Everingham price increase.

    Wait until $15 minimum wage.
  507. Unassailable

    Anyone pop off the deck of a Parker 2310 to see under the deck and inspect gas tanks and lines?

    Oh my, looks like you had your work cut out for you (no pun intended).
  508. Unassailable

    19' Baja Bayrunner

    Very nice, the garage too...wish mine was that size...
  509. Unassailable

    WTF is this in my Fuel Line?

    Just reading about this crap on another site when I was trying to determine what type of line it was.
  510. Unassailable

    WTF is this in my Fuel Line?

    Yes, the original fuel line was marine grade, but there was a 2 ft section that connected from the tank to the main fuel line for some reason; a patch job I presume. Nonetheless, it's all been changed out to an appropriate fuel line. You can use teflon tape but it's notorious for bits going in...
  511. Unassailable

    WTF is this in my Fuel Line?

    Thanks, guys. Yeah, it was all in a single piece of fuel line about two feet long from the tank.
  512. Unassailable

    WTF is this in my Fuel Line?

    Wanted to change out the OMC fuel filter base, that had a two way valve to an OEM Yamaha stainless base as the thing had seen better days and was not up to par. I figured since I was going to get rid of this, might as well add all new 3/8" line. I never really had any fuel related symptoms...
  513. Unassailable


    You have specs? It looks gigantic. I was holding out for the illusive TM160..
  514. Unassailable


    Absolutely, I do know this. I use it to mark rockpiles, mainly. But I think it is a good reference point to pay attention to the differences if you are not using both simultaneously. Please tell me what is a better transom mount transducer for a 17' boat? I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but it does...
  515. Unassailable


    OK, but they might not be exactly what you want...freshwater... Played some more with the LSS2 this winter. Finally had it down and decided to change up the whole location on the transom. EARTH TO NAVICO...COME UP WITH A DEEP WATER TRANSOM MOUNT TRANSDUCER THAT IS NOT THE SIZE OF A DINNER...
  516. Unassailable

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Got the call to pickup yesterday. Thanks for the intel!
  517. Unassailable

    best way to get old gas out?

    Yeah, premix, you'll need to dispose of that another way! Although, I am now realizing that your tank is probably not above deck like mine, so you'll probably have anti-siphon issues. Another easy way is just to get some extra fuel line and hook it up to the engine side of your bulb after you...
  518. Unassailable

    best way to get old gas out?

    A gas siphon pump and hose. Less than $5.00. You just build pressure by keeping your hand over the hose while pumping. Gravity will do the rest. How old is the gas? You could have your truck eat the gas if it's not too old, otherwise recycle it the correct way!
  519. Unassailable

    Simrad GO series any thoughts or reviews

    Ryan, I believe there are a few other least there were when I was looking. If I recall correctly, you cannot add radar, or fully network the unit as there is no ethernet port, so that means some of the other transducers may not be accommodated. It is a great option as a second...
  520. Unassailable

    Boat Buying Input

    ^^This. The 170 is different than the the smirked Montauks so many of us love. It is a drier ride (supposedly) and handles chop better as it is 500lbs more. You are comparing apples to oranges here, but from just the description you are giving, the Montauk would still be my choice.Super...
  521. Unassailable

    Need fishing reel covers?

    Sorry, typo, the reel in question is the tld 30/2 which is roughly 6" wide including the handle gear, 4.0" length by 4.5" tall. The others are either similar or smaller in dimensions.
  522. Unassailable

    Need fishing reel covers?

    John, so the larges will not fit TLD 20 2 speeds or the avet 4/02? What about the Penn Baja special? I will still like to get a few from you otherwise but need to find a time to make it down that way.
  523. Unassailable

    Handheld VHF Marine Radio

    It does, and has a battery tray to hold 5 AAA batteries. This is what I carry rather than a $50 replaceable battery.
  524. Unassailable

    Chasing bluefin on New Seaforth PM 1/2 day 4-12

    Very nice! Looks like it could be a Shimano sponsored trip with all those flat falls and colt snipers. Funny how lure selection has changed in just the last couple years.
  525. Unassailable


    Did you call the company that issues the gift card, not Lowrance? Lowrance has nothing to do with it as you most likely mailed your rebate info to a third party card servicer. When I lost my wallet, I had a simrad gift card in there. I called Simrad and they didn't know anything about it...
  526. Unassailable

    what bait/ lure is good for trout

    No need to know what lures work for trout since you're going to that man made pond. Just bring regular power bait and night crawlers. But if you want to get fancy instead of the wait and bait, you can try rooster tails, mini jigs, and Kastmasters.
  527. Unassailable

    New Skipjack 20 open owner: does my truck tow?

    Just be sure to change transmission fluid twice as recommended if you'll tow a lot. Easy preventative maintenance. May want to look at airbags for the rear if you have a lot of sag as well.
  528. Unassailable

    Trump Your Face!

    Just download the MSQRD app. You can look like any boso. Not sure how legit your advertisement is, but I sure wouldn't click on it.
  529. Unassailable

    Simrad GO series any thoughts or reviews

    I am hesitant against a full touch screen for saltwater purposes. Think about the NSS7 Evo2 instead.
  530. Unassailable

    New Skipjack 20 open owner: does my truck tow?

    What year? Maybe you have a banana in the tailpipe stuck in there from a while back:rolleyes:. My 4Runner tows the whaler like it's not even there.
  531. Unassailable

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    Yep, I have a whaler that can't accommodate thru-hull and don't want a dinner plate sized ducer on my transom.
  532. Unassailable

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    Thanks, Mario. You do raise some interesting points. I also have the LSS2 and enjoy it for certain purposes as you've described. I've watched the youtube video and do not think it could replace a traditional transducer at this point. Seems like it would in the future. My regular ducer will show...
  533. Unassailable

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    Yes, but can you see suspended fish or a thermocline? I still think it's an accessory transducer, not to replace your main sonar. - I'd want to see arches and worms. offshore Where did you get this information? I called them last week and the tech had no clue. I am interested in this. I have...
  534. Unassailable

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175 This should get you down a research rabbit hole...I have found simrad tech support to be helpful, but best to find people who have used them in our waters.
  535. Unassailable

    Lowrance portable sonar/ice fishing kit 2 transducer mounts.

    Fyi, check out amazon to sell it on. I sold my similar model in a week while had nothing but flakes here. It's a hard sell on this website; IMHO.
  536. Unassailable

    High Desert Private Lake

    Glad you found a community that fits you. Does the lake have any new water restrictions because of the drought?
  537. Unassailable

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    Go on the simrad website and see if there are any active rebates. Last year they had offered $100 credit, free wifi module, free transducer...I don't believe they could be combined though. Mine did not come with one, though. I'd recommend a dual frequency thru hull transducer. Then add the 3d...
  538. Unassailable

    SIMRAD 3d structurescan vs B175

    Do you have another transducer? You can't rely on just the 3D structure scan as your only 'ducer.
  539. Unassailable


    Here you go douceboggle:
  540. Unassailable


    bieberThis is also illegal; FYI. Worse even over the internet. Hopefully someone doesn't fall for this.
  541. Unassailable

    Spring is here

    Love stripes on the topwater!
  542. Unassailable

    Will & Ed-na's Excellent Adventure!

    Very nice, Will! I'd love to make it down there once my kid is no longer a baby (literally).
  543. Unassailable

    Water pump replacement question

    This is specific to my yammy:
  544. Unassailable

    Water pump replacement question

    Do what your official manual tells you. It will have a key that you need to be aware of.
  545. Unassailable

    Lake Murray 2/25/16

    Yeah, lived in Lake Forest growing up and we had a membership to LMV - used to be the best freshwater fishing. San Juan Capistrano has a a townhouse development called "The Village" that has (or had) two little ponds that had LARGE bass. We used to spend a few hours fishing there in the 90's.
  546. Unassailable

    Lake Murray 2/25/16

    Damn, you live in OC and first time fishing SD lakes? Check out Barrett when it opens, but it is kind of expensive to fish.
  547. Unassailable

    Irvine Lake FREE fishing admission on Sunday, Feb28, 2016

    What will orange county do with the lake? I know they are making an open space preserve, but what about the lake specifically?
  548. Unassailable

    Irvine Lake FREE fishing admission on Sunday, Feb28, 2016

    I feel so nostalgic. It used to be a good place to fish...
  549. Unassailable

    SDSU 700H

    That's purdddy!
  550. Unassailable

    Fish amounts

    I bought my boat from a poster on here with 1 post. Turned out his son, who always posts on the Washington forums, recommended it to him. Glad I a killer deal guy was legit....go figure. Why not let the MODERATORS determine what posts to flag as inappropriate? FYI, I've encountered...
  551. Unassailable

    Yamaha outboard one stop tune up parts needed

    Yep, it'll be super easy then. Never had anything missing on my orders. Confirmation as well as Fedex tracking makes it nice.
  552. Unassailable

    Yamaha outboard one stop tune up parts needed

    I like Sim Yamaha. They're the cheapest with no sales tax. $10 shipping, so I try to buy in bulk. Comes from Wisconsin to my house in 3 days. If you need any fluids, it can only be shipped ground which takes 5 business days. You may want to look at their schematics and/or their maintenance...
  553. Unassailable

    Gel Coat Work Recommendation

    Thanks, Will. I am now eager to get all the stuff hooked up to the transom so I can get back to fishing!
  554. Unassailable

    1975 Boston Whaler Montauk 17' Rebuild (ongoing)

    Yes, both the guys that were recommended in my thread were great. I do know Bobby is about to start a project so not sure what his schedule is. Also, BD member Hoops on here just had his whole boat sprayed and his boat looks great. This guy is in OC though...
  555. Unassailable

    Gel Coat Work Recommendation

    Finally got the work done on the boat. I appreciate the recommendations and both of the guys recommended are top notch. I ended up going with Bobby because of the scheduling and his close proximity to me just worked out. Discussing my boat with Mark, I can tell he knows his stuff and will...
  556. Unassailable

    What would you pay for the perfect Surface Iron???

    Same as the surface irons I buy now.
  557. Unassailable

    1975 Boston Whaler Montauk 17' Rebuild (ongoing)

    Did you ever consider just gelcoating the boat?You've done all the prep work. Should cost less than $1500 for the whole underside.
  558. Unassailable

    Expired Flares ?

    That is interesting because you can have expired flares on board as long as you have the other required pyrotechnic equipment. This comes directly from the Coast Guard. Maybe carry this current pamphlet released from the USCG and mark page 17: No point...
  559. Unassailable

    ISIS in Monte

    You guys sure it's not a sex toy flag? Saw this in another post. LOL
  560. Unassailable

    What jigging rod to pair with Lexa 400

    Now that is one way to sell the rod!
  561. Unassailable

    Teach Me the Secret Handshake !!!!!!

    I wish I had that deck space...
  562. Unassailable

    Improved Clinch Knots??

    Still my favorite freshwater knot just because I've been tying it my whole life. Never had a problem with doubling up the line, either. I go six turns up. That's how I was taught.
  563. Unassailable


    Maybe Tommy will offer a special??
  564. Unassailable

    2011 GMC 2500HD Crew Cab 4x4 - DMax/Allison

    Have you tried Mr. Clean magic eraser on the dash? If not, those scratches don't look too deep and should come right out, or look 90% better. Just try it on an inconspicuous part of your dash first. It may even work on your glove box. More likely, just a real light sanding would do the trick...
  565. Unassailable

    Anyone have a Yamaha trim cap spanner wrench in San Diego?

    Mine came off super easy but then again there was no rust on it. Took little force with a breaker rod. Heard all sorts of horror stories, but not for me. Looks like yours was easy as well. Was the dust cap leaking?
  566. Unassailable

    Anyone have a Yamaha trim cap spanner wrench in San Diego?

    If no one does, you may want to contact San Diego Hydraulics and see if they will lend you one.
  567. Unassailable

    *SOLD* Adjustable Winch Post Assembly

    Upgraded my winch and winch post. Selling my old one. Includes all hardware. Fit's 3" wide trailer tongues. I's say it adjusts from about 19" to 25". Not exactly sure. This is the exact product plus the mounting hardware and bow stop...
  568. Unassailable

    *Sold* $25 Standard Horizon VHF and Free 8ft Antenna

    Upgraded my VHF and antenna a while back so I don't need these older ones anymore. Standard Horizon Eclipse GX1250SA. -Used but in perfect working condition. I upgraded to another Standard Horizon so I was able to use my old wiring and flush mount kit. So you get all the NEW mounting and wires...
  569. Unassailable

    Remove wire/cables from below deck?

    I just went through some of this crap! Nothing wrong with lubing with soap and water from a spray bottle! Helps to have another person help, but start slowly as some of the wires will be easier than others depending on the tangles. If you have your new wires already, don't forget to connect...
  570. Unassailable

    Talk is Chargers to LA and Raiders to San Diego!

    Anyone watch the movie Idiocracy? I think this is the beginning. Pro Football became boring years ago and politics became comedy in 2001. Rugby, now that's entertainment!
  571. Unassailable

    fish and game damaged my boat

    You can and should file a formal complaint against the officer. The officer may already have complaints against him and may be reprimanded.
  572. Unassailable

    Anyone successfully install a bow mount trolling motor on a Skipjack 20?

    Have you seen Nardo's build thread? He has one on his build thread and give's some additional details in another thread. He has a 25' Anderson, so I don't think it'd be a problem for you.
  573. Unassailable

    What’s Local Knowledge? – BD’s New TV Fishing Show

    Damn, I cancelled cable TV. Once of the best things I did. You guys going to post on episodes on YouTube and charge like Dan Hernandez? I won't pay for those but I'd be willing to pay for some good HD footage:-).
  574. Unassailable

    Executive Action On Gun Control

    Glock 22 40 cal?
  575. Unassailable

    Executive Action On Gun Control

    Smith and Wesson stock was a good buy a few weeks ago.
  576. Unassailable

    Freshwater swimbait id?

    Castaic Rock Hard trout - 10"
  577. Unassailable

    im trying to buy a gps/fishfinder can anyone tell me a good one?

    Lucas, I have a Simrad Evo NSS7 Evo 2 and love it. BUT when I first upgraded to it I had all sorts of problems with the markings, getting bottom lock, and temperature reading issues. It took time for me to sort the issues out. It seems like the newer CHIRP transducers (transom mounts anyway) are...
  578. Unassailable

    im trying to buy a gps/fishfinder can anyone tell me a good one?

    You shouldn't have bought the knockoff brand. In all seriousness it was either your: 1) Transducer installation 2) wrong settings 3) Faulty head unit or transducer (rare) Took me the whole summer to fine tune the new electronics and still figuring it out!
  579. Unassailable


    Sooooooooo, it's not 40% off everything* Sorry but this kind of advertising peeves me. *Seems like there will still be good tackle deals.
  580. Unassailable

    Lifetime Fishing License For kid(s)?

    Crap! Have there been discussions about this? My kid is only 7 months old, so too much of a gamble this early..I think!
  581. Unassailable

    Lifetime Fishing License For kid(s)?

    Thanks, guys. Good point about the stamps. I think I'll pull the trigger in a few years as I can't imagine it dropping to the point that it's not worth it.
  582. Unassailable

    Lifetime Fishing License For kid(s)?

    Have any of you pulled the trigger on buying the lifetime fishing license in CA for your kids? While looking at renewing my license I notice it's $517 for kids 0-9. This seems like a great deal as the prices keep going up! So are there any downsides besides the upfront fee and why you wouldn't...
  583. Unassailable

    Remember When You Could Use Waterdogs for Bait?

    Ha! I remember reading about using them for bass in "The Hunting and Fishing Library", circa 1982. Always wanted to catch a monster bass with one but couldn't afford them. Bought a lame plastic replica that I didn't catch anything but weeds.
  584. Unassailable

    Best vhf antenna for 100-150?

    I agree about the connections! I switched to a Shakespeare Mariner 8500 and it is awesome. I know part of it is the direct solder connection. When I bought my boat, there was a crappy splitter to my connection to my old radio. Even with my low position on the water, it is crystal clear.
  585. Unassailable

    1994 Boston Whaler Outrage 21 Sold

    Damn, this is a beauty. A couple more years until I move up to something like this. GLWS!
  586. Unassailable

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild - finally done...

    Very nice! What electronics package you go with?
  587. Unassailable

    Yesterday Afternoon Mission Bay Jetty

    I hope you at least had some excitement and used your foam filled boat as a surf board and caught a couple waves on the way back in :beerbang:.
  588. Unassailable

    Where to Buy Boat Trailer Parts In San Diego

    Thanks, Vince. Yeah, All the random stuff I'm buying online but some of the other items I am either not finding free shipping, free return shipping, and I am worried about direct fit and having to return something.
  589. Unassailable

    Where to Buy Boat Trailer Parts In San Diego

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Tank, looks like SD trailer supply has mainly camper trailer replacement parts and they didn't carry much for boat trailers. I'm gonna head to FE trailers in Santee this Friday as they said if they don't have correct stuff in stock they could probably manufacture...
  590. Unassailable

    Where to Buy Boat Trailer Parts In San Diego

    Thanks, That's also why I want the brick and mortar shop. Previous owner had an adjustable winch post that is not a good fit for this boat. I'll call up the recommended spots and see if they carry parts.
  591. Unassailable

    Where to Buy Boat Trailer Parts In San Diego

    I'd like to purchase a new trailer winch post sometime this week or weekend and wondering where is a good brick and mortar place to go? Possibly leaf springs and other stuff in the future. I don't want to go the online route because of shipping costs and difficulty of returns. Any quality...
  592. Unassailable

    11/29/15 YFT on the SAN DIEGO

    Are you the dude in the black sweater staring at her ass?LOL
  593. Unassailable

    Is it me? Yes, it must be me....

    Wow, just wow!
  594. Unassailable

    1970 17ft Boston Whaler - Hoping for advice!

    Thanks, Eric. It's still a work in progress and probably always will! The placement has not been an issue with bumping it; it extends about an inch further than the hand rail. Couple things to note is that I have not extended it with the bimini up but I suspect it will hit if straight up. Also...
  595. Unassailable

    Gel Coat Work Recommendation

    Thanks! I'll call both these guys once I get back from Vegas..
  596. Unassailable

    1970 17ft Boston Whaler - Hoping for advice!

    The cooler should go in front of the console and the gas tanks where you have them. Do NOT put the tanks under or in the console. that's where all your electrical components are and you know that live wires and gas do NOT mix! Did your boat come with a cooler chocks to hold down the cooler...
  597. Unassailable

    1970 17ft Boston Whaler - Hoping for advice!

    Here's a picture of the West Marine HD rod holders. The 4 screws and rubber insert hold these small rails well. Way better than the crappy two screw system. My VHF is flush mounted in the console for extra space. I highly recommend this route. My VHF antenna is also mounted to the center...
  598. Unassailable

    Black Friday Sales- Who's got the best prices

    As well as 15% off non-sale items on a lot of their stuff on Thanksgiving, rather than Friday!
  599. Unassailable

    Whaler Montauk bait pump set up

    That's probably why. It needs to be along the bottom edge of the transom so it can "scoop" water. If it's parallel on an angle of the transom, that means it is not fully cooping the water. The hose outlet also should be facing up as in his picture. At least, that's what it was for me when I had...
  600. Unassailable

    Gel Coat Work Recommendation

    Thanks, guys. I'll get a quote from those guys.
  601. Unassailable

    Gel Coat Work Recommendation

    Does anyone have a recommendation of a quality gel work repair/paint in SD? I need a couple larger holes (where a kicker used to be) sealed and would like to sand and respray either the whole transom or a few sections. Thanks! JB
  602. Unassailable

    Whaler Montauk bait pump set up

    Are you sure it's not the transducer? Pictures will help. I get a rooster from my side scanning transducer. I've decided to live with it and just clean the boat when I get home as I finally have all the transducers and bait pumps working as good as ever.
  603. Unassailable

    1970 17ft Boston Whaler - Hoping for advice!

    Guess your computer is smarter than mine!
  604. Unassailable

    1970 17ft Boston Whaler - Hoping for advice!

    Yes, this is correct and accurate, the key word is fasteners. FYI, I had a piece of starboard on the transom, and I got WAY better results from my sonar afterwards. Got rid of that POS and I'll just re drill if I need to change transducers.
  605. Unassailable

    1970 17ft Boston Whaler - Hoping for advice!

    You need to drill into the boat. That's why you need to think three times before doing it. I guess I should have also said to measure three times. You also need to ask yourself it will be a permanent bait tank or not. Are you ever just going to cruise around in the boat and possibly remove the...
  606. Unassailable

    1970 17ft Boston Whaler - Hoping for advice!

    No, I was confused as well! Where your drain plug on the transom is the bilge area for the boat. You'll want to wiggle in the bilge pump in that trough area. That is going to be the lowest point on your boat where water collects. It is going to be a tight fit for any bilge pump in that area. You...
  607. Unassailable

    1970 17ft Boston Whaler - Hoping for advice!

    You don't exactly have a's more of a trough LOL. It is also the same place you run all your wires through to the center console. The pump I recommended fits tightly in there with a hose shooting over the transom. Run it to an auto/on/off switch on your console and straight to the battery.
  608. Unassailable

    1970 17ft Boston Whaler - Hoping for advice!

    Sweet little skiff! I'm sure you'll get lots of recommendations from other whaler owners on this site. 1. For mandatory requirements for safety, read this: 2. Looks like your boat is from Arizona. Has it ever seen saltwater? If not, you'll want to make...
  609. Unassailable

    Need Boat Insurance recommendation

    Yep, I just received notice that GEICO is buying them out. I'm actually happy as everything will now be handled together. Great. Hope it works out. When I upgraded my electronics this summer, I just sent them am email with my receipts and an underwriter approved the increase in insurance...