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  1. dweston

    If You Only Had One Jig

    blue and white 6x jr
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    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Whatever happened to Tues?
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    Fishing options in Kauai?? Keep what you want for dinner, be prepared to troll, its not like fishing in So Cal with live bait. Be respectful and you'll have a great time. Capt'n J (Jude) runs a good operation.
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    Clamp for Talica 8ii

    Cork Puppy
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    Headed to BOLA TJ or Mexicali entry?

    Just returned today, had a great day of fishing with Enrique Dagget. 10-15 lb Yellowtail on flylined mackerel. As far as driving down if you are towing a boat definitely go down Highway 1 through TJ. We went down through Highway 5 from Mexicali. The road is great from Mexicali to San Felipe. The...
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    Thanks, just picked up a Yeti knock off for $110 delivered. We'll see how well it works next mont in BOLA.
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    Kauai Fishing Charter Call Capt'n J enjoy
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    Reel Service Needed

    Ken's Custom Reels - Oceanside It's worth the drive.
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    BOLA Boats

    Daggett's Beach Camping & Sportfishing BOLAJoeljunior Do a search they are both on here and reputable! Have fun.
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    For Sale- Boston Whaler RPS seat

    you know this post is from 2015 right...
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    Looking for recommendation for charter in Kauai Call Capt'n J (Jude) good dude he will take care of you.
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    Kauai offshore charter ideas/November

    Check these guys out Capt'n J (Jude) is a good dude. Be prepared to start trolling 2 miles outside the harbor and no live bait. Enjoy
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    2 Speed Reel with Calstar GF800M

    Get what you want. I know a 2 speed is overkill for 30# - 40# but I love fly lining bait with my Talica II 8, and it is matched to my 800m. It really puts the wood to big Yellowtail.
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    need 1 for bola

    Good luck, we are fishing the 29th and 30th with Enrique... we'll try and save some fish for you.
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    14 Livingston max 40 hp???

    I had the 14' with a 40 hp 2 stroke merc, in my opinion it was way too heavy. I think the 25 or 30 would be ideal. I would pm the guys in Hawaii they seem to have the right set up with weight distribution.
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    Loreto questions

    Blue water tours- package airfare, fishing, lodging Arturo's Sport fishing La Mision Inn bring 12oz and 16oz lead Friend of mine just got back good cabrilla fishing right now, might also want to pick up a few Shimano Coltsniper Sinking Stickbait Lures
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    Your beach launch transom wheels

    Baja-Style - Pacific Trailers This is what Don is talking about, I also have a 14' Gregor I keep south of San Felipe , I use an extended galvanized hitch that adds about 8' more length. I can beach launch it by myself with a ATC or our jeep.
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    Punta Mita recommendations Here is another option. I fished with them years ago and its not far from Punta Mita.
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    Talica 12 question

  20. dweston

    Just back from BOLA

    Just got back last night. 2 good days 1 windy. Fishing was decent, 2 WSB the biggest up to 47 lbs. Lots of Bonita, Cabrillo, trigers, sheep head, but few yellow tail. Bait was scarce, so most fishing was yo yoing the iron or using the Bonnies for strip bait. Weather was awesome.
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    Bay of la and san quintin

    Nice Ass! :D
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    14' Klamath w/ 15hp Yamaha $2,500 OBO

    Great boat should go quick, perfect for Baja.
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    Loreto Arturo's Sportfishing...?

    take 40-60lb 2 speed like Talica 12 or 16 also take as much lead as you can cary 12 oz to 16 oz, Have a great time, button down your drag and keep from getting rocked as soon as you get bit. Take some lucky joes for making bait.
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    2002 19' Baja Bayrunner

    You guys are funny, this post stated June 2015 I would bet it has sold!
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    Bisbee ECO teams release a record 107 blues

    Way to go Rick and team Bull Rider!
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    Weather over the next week??

    Brian, Check out
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    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    Ha HA way to resurrect a 4 YEAR OLD post LOL
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    2004 Parker center console

    How many hours lol:D
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    Cobia CC

    Great deal for someone. GLWS
  30. dweston

    Cobia CC

    Where are you located?
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    NEW Arima Boats Summer Sizzling Hot Sale!!!

    2015 its the year of the boat not the length
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    Recommendations for Rods to Pair with Talica 16ii

    If I were you fill it with 80lb braid and fish a top shot. So many choices of rods and depends on what you plan on doing with it,or do like i do buy um all. lol I would suggest Calstar 700H or 765L. Good luck.
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    Kayak Fishing Kauai

    Call Capt'n J and he will hook you up. (808) 634-8589 / [email protected]
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    Baja travel agent If going to Loreto try and stay at the La Mision Inn. Great place to stay and I have always had good luck with Aurturo's Sport fishing.
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    Front Load Tackle Bag Suggestion?

    Bass Pro Shops XPS Stalker Front Loader Bag or Tackle System Not a roller bag but works well for me.
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    BOLA Report

    A buddy of mine has a house toward La Gringa. We will be fishing Saturday - Monday see you on the water.
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    Best SD boat for overnight trip

    New Lo-An
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    BOLA Report

    great report leaving for BOLA on Thursday
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    You really think it's under 20k LOL
  40. dweston

    What do you use or could I make/attach to stabilize the SKB 7200?

    Or do what I do use my SKB for tackle and use the boats rod racks. Its my opinion that there are too many rods on deck and they get in the way. :-)
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    Very nice thanks for the report!
  42. dweston

    San Luis vs Mexicali East for crossing

    The East gate has plenty of room for parking and towing a boat. Geting your permit is not a problem. Be prepared to go to secondary when towing a boat on the way home, I was told by the officials its pretty much mandatory. The east crossing opens at 6 am. Crossed Sunday and it was only 20...
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    Gonzaga bay 5/2 fish report

    Looks like Tyler from Wicked Tuna! :D
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    Manic BFT Monday

    Way to stick it out!
  45. dweston

    Off roading/Jeeping in and around Gonzaga

    Take a day trip: go to Coco's then venture to Bay of La have lunch on the beach and cruise back .
  46. dweston


    x2 Blue Water, La Mision 5 star hotel and service Aurturos Sportfishing Have a great time
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    Talica 12II vs. Trinidad 20

  48. dweston

    Percebu - Just south of San Felipe 4/4/16

    Place is terrible stay away ...:D Chuck Glad you had a good time, best time to fish for corvina is at high tide with Krockadiles. There are two restaurants the cantina has one as you pull in and John has one about a mile north of the camp ground. Be careful where you park at high tide.
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    Shimano at Fred Hall

    or just drop them off at Ken's booth...
  50. dweston

    TV Show "Local Knowledge"?

    Great show and you have some big cajones towing that trailer down Hwy 1 in baja.
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    "GO AZTECS" 800M

    Awesome as usual. Go Aztecs!
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    Recommend a 50# Reel

    Talica II 16
  53. dweston

    Chargers Fine Weddle, Such Douchebags

    You've got to be kidding right? Do you personally know the man?, Do you know what he has done for his teammates and the fans? Give me a break "shunning his team" by supporting his daughter. In the end football is just a game but being a loving supportive father is by far more important. Yes it...
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    Chargers Fine Weddle, Such Douchebags

    And thats why the Chargers will fail in Los Angeles. Spanos family can't leave soon enough.
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    what's with the new look??

  56. dweston

    Merry Xmas from the Marlin Family...

    Feliz Navidad mi amigo, see you in Percebu
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    Gonzaga Bay was fun!

    Thanks for posting!
  58. dweston

    Reel recommendation needed

    Check out an Avet SX
  59. dweston

    17ft BAJA BAYRUNNER FOR SALE price reduced

    Shouldn't last long at that price. Good Luck with your sale.
  60. dweston

    Shimano Vs Avet

    I have both, and it really depends on the fish I am targeting. For smaller fish, than the Calcutta 400 or the Curado, but when fishing 15# to 20# for tuna or bigger yellowtail than the Avet sx has always been my go to reel.
  61. dweston

    Where to stay? Punta Mita Stayed there a few years ago, not far from the marina and check out the Osuna brothers will put you on fish. Also take a short drive to You won't be disappointed.
  62. dweston

    Road from Gonzaga

    We have found it best to drop your tire pressure down to 20 and haul ass. I wouldn't tow anything though.
  63. dweston

    Best rod to pair with my Talica 12ii

    so many options with that reel, depending on what type of trip and boat I will be on, I pair it with the following:Calstar 700H, 800H, 700XH, 765l, I prefer 40 lb. and 50 lb. top shots good luck on your search
  64. dweston

    Is the Oceanside 95 catching fish?

    Saturday, July 25, 2015 Boat Trip Type Anglers Catch OCEANSIDE 95 Overnight 35 1 Dorado, 2 Bluefin Tuna, 4 Yellowfin Tuna, 1 Yellowtail
  65. dweston

    oside report 7/23/thurs

    We were fishing the same general area, bite shut down after 11. All bait fish no troll or jig fish. Pick bite on a paddy, quality YFT and Dodo's with baby yellows mixed. Oh yea NFIO lol Chased a lot of ponies on the way back to Mission Bay saw breaking fish but they wanted nothing to do with...
  66. dweston

    Killed the YFT TUNA, they are HERE. SD 7-21-15

    Nice report, thanks for the intel.
  67. dweston

    Coming to Kauai

    I'll be there the 5th - 13th Check out Capt'n Jude has a great crew. I would be interested in sharing a charter.
  68. dweston

    Happy Birthday Gil Martin...

    Happy Birthday Scott :supergay:
  69. dweston

    7/14 big BFT!

    Awesome job! NFIO ;)
  70. dweston

    Oceanside 95 with captain Rick and crew

    Nice fish its ok to smile ...:D
  71. dweston

    All my Dad's fishing stuff

    You guys know this post was from last year right lol
  72. dweston

    9 Mile epic day

    Way to go Dad creating memories to last a lifetime!
  73. dweston

    Graduation last week. Vista High School Calss of 2015

    Animal House - Fat, drunk and stupid - YouTube
  74. dweston

    Good fishing in Bahia de los Angeles b.c

    Hola Enrique, Just finished lunch with some tasty white seabass. Tell Pancho he needs to start posting pictures. Great pics. Duane
  75. dweston


    Great pics we saw your boat and camper as we were leaving last Tuesday. Thanks for posting. :appl:
  76. dweston

    209 277 area 6-19-15

    Thanks for the intel
  77. dweston

    Need BOLA Visa Requirement Info

    Just got back from there on Tuesday, and another killer yellowtail BBQ for lunch. The entire way down and back we were never asked for it. Same thing with our Mexican fishing license. The thing is it is required and we have them. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to comply with...
  78. dweston

    Fishing in Bahia de Los Angeles on 6-15, 6-16, and 6-17

    Just spent 4 days fishing with Pancho Dagget and 1 day with Joel Jr. Fishing was great. Short report Bait was key, get out early, wind wind, wind and keep them out of the rocks. 40lb. to 60lb., 2 speed, hooks 5/0 -7/0 sabikkis, blue and white jigs. Long report: Just got back from a 6 day...
  79. dweston

    Late bola post

    nice quality!
  80. dweston

    Graduation last week. Vista High School Calss of 2015

    Congrats Go Panthers!
  81. dweston

    bay of LA crazy good

    Sounds good leaving Thursday!
  82. dweston

    Anyone using the Cutco fillet knives

    Had the filet knife for years broke the blade and their warranty is awesome. I contacted them, mailed it in and they sent me a complete brand new knife and sheath. All I had to do was pay for the shipping . :D
  83. dweston

    Prayers for Karl....

    prayers sent.
  84. dweston

    100 + BFT weighed at avalon 6-6-15

    So where are the pics?...
  85. dweston

    40lb and 50lb Setup Feedback

    It all depends on your budget but take a look at the, Talica 12 II for 40lb. -50lb. The nice thing about braid is you can change out your top shot to match your conditions.
  86. dweston

    Any tackle stores that will put on red braid?

    Only "That Guy" uses red braid...:D
  87. dweston


    Cool little laid back town with a nice little long board break. If you want to fish its a short drive, check out the Osuna Brothers - Marla Sport Fishing.
  88. dweston

    Best Place To Get a Bait Tank Installed in Central/North SD

    Welcome ;) They do clean work.
  89. dweston

    Best Place To Get a Bait Tank Installed in Central/North SD

    WOT Marine - Quality Boat Service and Repair Great guys right there in Carlsbad, they have done a lot of work on Whalers.
  90. dweston

    Bitch/complaint to all you guys buying diesel trucks

    Man up and buy a new one the way you want it...:eek:
  91. dweston

    Baja this Saturday ? Think twice ! "Cane" comin !

    Not sure these guys would make it in Baja....:D
  92. dweston

    Any good books about SoCal offshore fishing

    Long Range Sport Fishing "San Diego Style" by Jeff Burroughs
  93. dweston

    Rods for Talica 8ii and 10ii

    All depends. If I am fishing on a sport boat then yes it works great, from a pivate boat I perfer a shorter rod.
  94. dweston

    IO Popper and yellow

    Awesome job.
  95. dweston

    More bay of la

    See you down there we are fishing with Daggets 12-14 on the Heidi
  96. dweston

    sure didn't stop the Mexicans (BFT)

    Just so I'm clear we are talking about fishing in Mexican waters right? not world peace... ;)
  97. dweston

    Sauerfish 5/30 BFT Limits

    Nice job landing fish.
  98. dweston

    Fantastic Fishing with Gordo Banks Pangas

    Nice trip. Gotta love eastcape.
  99. dweston

    Rods for Talica 8ii and 10ii

    I fish my 8II with an 800m or 765XL depending on the situation.
  100. dweston

    My new Baja boat...

    :(Bummer I was hoping to stay at your place, I heard all about your night time turn down service complete :p
  101. dweston

    Kauai Shared Charter

    Get a hold of Captn J with Deep sea fishing Kauai he has 4,6,8 hour charters. DEEP SEA FISHING KAUAI THE ULTIMATE HAWAIIAN ...
  102. dweston

    5/29 Oceanside to 209 for 1 YT

    Tommy nice fish, Thanks for the recon. Next time call me ha ha.
  103. dweston

    What's your go to mono?

    p line or Izor xxx
  104. dweston

    My new Baja boat...

    How about October? I'm in...
  105. dweston

    New Point Break

    The old one is a classic! :D Point Break - Beach Fight Scene - YouTube Go Johnny Utah
  106. dweston

    Passports required to fish in Mexican waters

    You crack me up you really think any government and even the good ole USA cares about anyone being inconvenienced. Its their country and their rules as stated before it has been a requirement for a while. It is your choice to go or not, this arrogance and feeling of entitlement is hilarious.:D
  107. dweston

    Mexico Requires Passports for Anglers Effective Immediately

    Just curious, but what do You actually do for the Mexican nationals? :confused:
  108. dweston

    shimano service

    Ken's Custom Reel in Oceanside
  109. dweston

    Rpt.-Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip 05-25-15

    Great report and nice pic of Mark lol, great boat and crew in the 1-3 day range!
  110. dweston

    East Cape, Hawaii, or...?

    I love baja but we will be spending our 30th anniversary in September in the same place we spent our honeymoon in Kauai. There is plenty to do, and if you want to pay the price you can renew your vows at the fern grotto. I love my wife, she asked me would you like to renew our vows or go fishing...
  111. dweston

    predictions for 3 day in july?????hot???

    Very fishy boat, large platform, hopefully Brad is running the boat. Good luck and report back.
  112. dweston

    San Felipe help!

    Just don't go swiming with him...:cool:
  113. dweston

    WTB: Progear Yellowtail Special

    Rome thanks for your service!
  114. dweston

    Gonzaga 5/14-5/18

    very cool pics thanks for sharing
  115. dweston

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I and my friends have gotten 50,000 plus out of BFG I just don't need that aggressive of a tread design is why I switched. as long as you rotate, align and keep the right air pressure you should be good.
  116. dweston

    Loretta Beach hotels La Pinta (Desert Inn)

    Do yourself a favor and stay at the La Mision Inn. Food and service are 5 star!
  117. dweston

    help! fishing charters in Kauai?
  118. dweston

    New stadium proposal. What do you think?

    Sad but true, it's all about the $$$$$.
  119. dweston

    3 rod quiver for local, what's your go to ?

    850 xL 15 lb. 800 L 20 lb. 800 M 30 lb.
  120. dweston

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    Discount tire switched from BFG to Michelin LTX-A/T. The tread is not as aggresive but better ride and gas milage.
  121. dweston

    Joel's Sportfishing BoLA

    Or you might want to try and email him... [email protected]
  122. dweston

    Salas PL68

    May he rest in peace!
  123. dweston

    Salas PL68

    Way to resurrect a 10 year old post! LOL
  124. dweston

    Flat fall for YT in Cedros?

    That's good to know as I plan to use them next month in BOLA.
  125. dweston

    Saragossa 10k, thunnus ci4 12k, talica 12ii

    How much for the saragosa?
  126. dweston

    Help! Fishing Charters in Kauai Hi.?

    X2 on Captn J. Do a search on here for Kauai and you will find a great deal of info. Good luck and report back.
  127. dweston

    Shimano terez conventional rod

    I know you asked for a Terez but take a look at Calstar GF 800l :D
  128. dweston

    Fishing Radio Channel

    then that's a good thing! ha ha
  129. dweston

    Fishing Radio Channel

    I'm not sure we are talking about the same guy. :D
  130. dweston

    Fishing Radio Channel

    ask for boilermaker he is very helpful...
  131. dweston

    YOUR MOM, 61 Gasspar

    Scott, Thanks for the pictures of "Your Mom"
  132. dweston

    A message from Otto

    Cool we need more young people like you and your bud!
  133. dweston

    Berkley Gulp Chum any feedback?

    Looking to see if anyone has any experience using Gulp Chum in Baja for Macs thanks
  134. dweston

    BOLA REPÒRT... 05- 1-2-2015

    Looks like you also caught one from shore, what type of jig were you throwing? I'll be down in one month. thanks
  135. dweston

    Sea Lion Boards Boat at SD Yacht Club

    Humane not human society just busting your balls bro...:eek:
  136. dweston

    Sea Lion Boards Boat at SD Yacht Club

    Humane society...
  137. dweston

    Talica Owners

    x2 I have the 8,12 and 16 2 speeds and the free spool is great for live bait. Enjoy!
  138. dweston

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    California YellowtailSeriola lalandi Species: Seriola lalandi; from the Italian wordseriola (for amberjack) and dorsalis (the long dorsal fin). Alternate Names: Yellowtail, amberjack, forktail, mossback, and white salmon. Identification: Typical jack shape with the body olive-brown to brown...
  139. dweston

    Charter recommendations for PV I have had good luck with the Osuna brothers.
  140. dweston

    deckhand job

    420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is a code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis and by extension, as a way to identify oneself with cannabis subculture or simply cannabis itself. Observances based on the number 420 include smoking cannabis around the time 4:20 p.m. and a.m...
  141. dweston

    Rods for sale

    pm sent
  142. dweston

    SX 5.3 MC vs Yellow tail

    Sx matched with an 800l is my go to 20lb. rig. From yellowtail to local tuna. Check out the pick in my avatar. Nice video.
  143. dweston

    First 40lb Set Up

    I have that same exact set up for 40lb. and it works well for me.
  144. dweston

    Reel for Surface Iron

    New Torium 16 or 20 done...
  145. dweston

    New low ann

    It is in my opinion The New Lo-An is one of the fishiest boats in the over night to day 1.5 in the fleet. Markus is not afraid to go the extra mile or 60 if that is where the fish are. I have been on plenty of trips where we were well out of the 1.5 day zone in order to be on the bite. He is not...
  146. dweston

    14' Livingston vs 16' alluminum skiff?

    I have both and currently keep my 14' Livingston in baja. The Livingston is way mor stable in the sea of cortez chop than an aluminum. I have the center console with a 40 hp. Merc. Its a little ass heavier than I would like and the only draw back is beach launching is a little more difficult...
  147. dweston

    Pacific Voyager JRI Custom Lure trip to SCI

    Thanks for the report, great boat and crew.
  148. dweston

    One of ours need some support

    prayers sent
  149. dweston

    Private boaters in Kawaii

    Well if you are interested in sharing a charter let me know. I will be on Kauai the 5th -13th. Check out Deep Sea Fishing Kauai. Thanks
  150. dweston

    My Son with the greatest catch of his life

    Congrats to all of you.
  151. dweston

    Padres beat the snot out of the Dodgers thread

    Anyone else going to the game tonight to the Padres whoop up on them Doyers? Should be a good one!
  152. dweston

    How to keep reel from slipping on deckhand rod?

    Check out Charbait. Cork Puppy A lot of West Coast fishermen use deckhand style rods, rods with a corktape grip wrap instead of making use of a more typical reel seat with a hypolon or cork handle. The corktape deckhand rods are preferred by long-cast guys - jig fishermen, and those desiring a...
  153. dweston

    How to keep reel from slipping on deckhand rod?

    Get a cork puppy and be done. I like the option to seat the reel where ever I want. Being 6'3' its nice to be able to tuck the rod butt under my arm and have the reel in a comfortabel position. Plus chicks dig the long rod with the deck haned grip...:D
  154. dweston

    Rivers making a statement?

    Spanos and the NFL want the move. Its all about the $$$. The Chargers could care less about their fan base. Good on Philip.
  155. dweston

    Shimano Talica 8

    Well it all depends on your budget and what you are planning on using it for. Do what I did and get the Talica II 12 for bait and Trinidad 20dc for tossing the iron. Since the new Trinidads and Toriums are out take a look at both good luck and you are on your way as the addiction begins ha ha;)
  156. dweston

    RIP LR Brother Sam Lewis 4/20/2015

    Sorry for your loss, prayers sent.
  157. dweston

    Gregor 17 - new to me. Suggestions welcome.

    recycle? Seriousluy if you decide to sell the hull let me know thanks
  158. dweston

    bahia de los angeles current conditions/report?

    Like how to spell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
  159. dweston

    WTB 70-75hp outboard...

    I might have a way for you to launch in Percebu ;)
  160. dweston

    3/4 Day Advice for Newbie

    Check out the Torium 16 for sale it will fit your needs for a 3/4 day with out breaking the bank.
  161. dweston

    Talica 16ii Overkill ?

    If you are considering tossing the iron take a look at a star drag like the Trinidad 20 or the new Torium :D.
  162. dweston

    Talica 16ii Overkill ?

    I have both the 12II and the 16II and you are correct I use the 12II much more than the 16II. Since you do not want to buy another reel at this time spool the 16II full with spectra and just change out your top shots from 40lb on up depending on what you are fishing for.
  163. dweston

    Tideline 190

    Might want to check out a Livingston 19'...
  164. dweston

    What's your go to 30lb rod??

    800m matched to talica II 8
  165. dweston

    Contest-Show us your Bloodydecks Sticker

    It's been a long time since Simon has heard that! :eek:
  166. dweston

    Davidson Albi 19

    Awesome looking boat. Good luck with your sale.
  167. dweston

    NFIO 4/11/15....But South....?

    No Fish in Oceanside ... which is true ha ha Nice catch boys!
  168. dweston

    South Nine Yellows 4-11-15

    Way to go!,nice pics and thanks for the report!
  169. dweston

    How I spent my Easter vacation...

    Scott, Thanks for the shade it will help when I bury my fish :D!
  170. dweston

    WTB Good Condition Avet SX in Silver or Gold

    Great reel for 20# good luck
  171. dweston

    2015 Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge

    Great cause, team Trinidad will be there again this year,
  172. dweston

    It's hell gettin' old...

    He should have given him a pair of his underwear and take care of a stool sample at the same time....
  173. dweston

    Ideal go to, first rod??

    800l matched to Avet sx will more than cover most of all your local fishing. It is my go to rod for yellows to local tuna. It is a great for flylining bait. My .02
  174. dweston

    Padres beat the snot out of the Dodgers thread

    Damn just got home from the home opener, Tough loss but the new HD TV rocks!:git: I'm cool with the Giants but the Dodgers will always suck. It's a long season boys we'll see who ends up on top.
  175. dweston

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    You dont need a 2 speed for 30# but it sure comes in handy on a looong soak keeping the fish away from the dogs. I have no problem fishing 30# with my Talica II 8. You guys are all so cute with your macho BS.:D In the end its all personal preference.
  176. dweston

    1998 Boston Whaler Outrage 21' Restoration

    Way to "pimp your ride".
  177. dweston

    Jesus and a drunk blonde.........

    It's ok God still loves you..
  178. dweston

    Coronado Islands 4/2/15

    Nice fish and report! White boots gotta go though...:D
  179. dweston

    Bluefin Tuna Heartbreak (video)

    To hell with the naysayers thanks for posting. You want intell go find your own fish lol...
  180. dweston

    A day I won't forget. Guess the weight, win a BD Tee!

    Ah I know its Easter and all but way to resurrect a post from last year the contest is over rover....
  181. dweston

    Yeti Coolers Take it up a Notch

    and a ball washer to boot....
  182. dweston

    San Onofre Dodo

    nice try
  183. dweston

    South of San Felipe and Puertocitos

    Was down to our place in Percebu last week weather was good as well as the usual bass and the orange mouth corvina are begining to show up. Roads are good, check out sailflow as of now the weather looks great for your trip. Have fun and report back.
  184. dweston

    Always on the way in!!

    Nice Bull!
  185. dweston

    Bahia de Los Angeles

    Cool thanks for the report.
  186. dweston

    WTB 16'-18' Aluminum Hull only

    The Livingston is not for sale, ha ha but I am looking for a friend who has a place in BOLA. Let me if you happen to see anything while you are down.
  187. dweston

    Shimano Talica 8

    It will, some guys fish 40 with the 8 I prefer 30lb. on the 8 and 40lb. on the 12. It all depends on what type of fishing you are planning on using it for. If it is in the budget get the 2 speeds. You never know this may be the year you run into a big blue fin ;)
  188. dweston

    WTB 16'-18' Aluminum Hull only

    Posting this for a friend : Looking for a 16' Klamath or Gregor Welded preferred. No need for trailer or motor. PM what you have thanks
  189. dweston

    Talica 8 braid capacity

    3 to 5 feet
  190. dweston

    Kauai Charter

    Second on Captn J This was from a few years ago in June. Good luck and post a report when you get back. I will be there in September.
  191. dweston

    Passport Renewal

    Spend a little more $ and time and get your Sentri Pass/ Trusted traveler! :D
  192. dweston

    pacific voyager this friday 3-20-15

    Fishing on the Tortuga... Uh I'm pleading the 5th. Ha Ha
  193. dweston

    pacific voyager this friday 3-20-15

    Very fishy boat and crew, good luck.
  194. dweston

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    Just curious you state you live in Carlsbad how are you going to "get screwed again" when you do not even get a chance to vote on this issue???? Go Sherm and the city of San Diego it is a win win for all!
  195. dweston

    Carlsbad Canon Cod

    Thanks for the report..
  196. dweston

    Reel for Throwing 7x's on a 10 Footer

    BTG90j Trinidad 16 or 20 Gold series or the old school Torium if you are on a budget
  197. dweston

    Catching shrimp for human consumption in SoCal?

    Yes they are fished commercially and the handfull of guys do well...
  198. dweston

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    From what I understand you are not allowed to make multiple entries with the same visa. You must get a new one each time you enter Mexico.
  199. dweston

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    Home >> Before You Go to Mexico >> Entry and Exit Information >> Mexican Tourist Cards/Visas (FMM) Mexican Tourist Cards/Visas (FMM) Tourist Card (FMM) Facts: The FMM is a document issued by Mexico's INM (Instituto Nacional de Migración aka INAMI) Casually called a tourist card or tourist...
  200. dweston

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    This should get interesting ...:cool:
  201. dweston

    Magnetic Fish finder mount Kit w/ Battery $100.00

    bump... Will work on any aluminum boat no need for drilling for the transducer.
  202. dweston

    12' Klamath SOLD!

    Thanks another great transaction SOLD!
  203. dweston

    I got beat up on Sunday

    Holy shit nice fish... let's hear the rest of the story.
  204. dweston

    Stop raining!!!!

    Bring on the rain! We need it and its good for business. :D
  205. dweston

    Talica 8 braid capacity

    I fish mine with a full spool of 50lb. spectra and a top shot of 30lb. flouro. matched to a Calstar 800m. Great set up for local yellowtail and tuna. Do I need a 2 speed for 30lb. of course not but if I need it its there. Same as Derek with yellowtail in the 30lb. range. Great reel, I use the...
  206. dweston

    12' Klamath SOLD!

    Sunday bump
  207. dweston

    14' Gregor upgrade

    No foam in the seats?
  208. dweston

    WTB 14' Livingston with remote steering

    Good luck with your search I had to drive to San Jose to find mine. Great little boats, very stable in the chop.
  209. dweston

    Magnetic Fish finder mount Kit w/ Battery $100.00

    No need for drilling check out the web site.
  210. dweston

    12' Klamath SOLD!

    Thanks for the bump, Bought another so this one needs to go. Weekend bump before it goes on craigs list.
  211. dweston

    Saragosa 18000 / Terez TZS-78H Combo SOLD !!

    Combo sold to Rick pending funds thanks all
  212. dweston

    Saragosa 18000 / Terez TZS-78H Combo SOLD !!

    How about we meet in Orange County
  213. dweston

    12' Klamath SOLD!

    bump lowered price
  214. dweston

    Saragosa 18000 / Terez TZS-78H Combo SOLD !!

    Sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Rick
  215. dweston

    Magnetic Fish finder mount Kit w/ Battery $100.00

    Foat tube fanatics fish finder kit with battery used 1 time $100.00 For use on an aluminum hull. pick up in San Marcos
  216. dweston

    Misc. Boat and tackle

    Nice Camaro!
  217. dweston

    12' Klamath SOLD!

    Dry weight 150 lbs. Beam 64"
  218. dweston

    12' Klamath SOLD!

  219. dweston

    Chargers and Raiders perfect marriage

    Born and raised in San Diego County, If they leave San Diego that to hell with them, Spanos' is just looking to make more $. True Charger Fans have lived the good and the bad years. We have stuck by the team thick and thin. This tactic of not being upfront with the City of San Diego is complete...
  220. dweston

    Any recommendation for Charterboat out of Cancun Area?

    good luck that time of year can be very very windy...........
  221. dweston

    Chargers to Mayor....Oh it's on for reals

    R E L A X ... Chargers are not going anywhere
  222. dweston

    TheCortez Bank is a Pandora box

    great report thanks for sharing.
  223. dweston

    Reel Reccomendations

    Talica II 8 30 lb. Talica II 12 40 lb. Talica II 16 50 lb.
  224. dweston

    Are your dogs safe?

    So what we you looking for when you found this lol...
  225. dweston

    2015 San Felipe 250...

  226. dweston

    2015 San Felipe 250...

    Nice 4 seater Scott. Welcome home.
  227. dweston

    NOAA looking for input on how to best deter sea lions

    How about we quit rescuing them and let survival of the fittest and nature run its course.
  228. dweston

    Shark Attack or..........

    Hello, Hello ha ha
  229. dweston

    San Felipe prohibits consumption of local seafood.

    Thought I would pass this information along. Daily Report High Doses of Saxitoxin by ReporterTeam • January 19, 2015 10:32 pm After the finding of 550 death birds and 4 marine mamals in the beaches of San Felipe, the Mexican government agency in charge of the environment “Profepa” sponsored the...
  230. dweston

    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    Prayers for you and your entire family.
  231. dweston

    Came home early from a trip

    Sounds like poor
  232. dweston

    WOW! seahawks!

    Well it was the Packers game to loose which they did....
  233. dweston

    check out my homeguard

    Nice Work!
  234. dweston

    Charger Fans

    ► 0:14
  235. dweston

    Reports of good fishing with no real numbers?

    Date: Today Boat Name: Kontiki Captain: Thor Port: I perfer Ripple Weather: Sunny, sometimes cloudy, possible wind Quality of boat: floats Intended species: fish Results: WFO, off the hook...
  236. dweston

    check out my homeguard

    You must not be married lol:D
  237. dweston

    NEWS FLASH-John Fox, Denver Broncos part ways

    Peyton's next...
  238. dweston

    Dallas got screwed!

    Go Colts!
  239. dweston

    Dallas got screwed!

    They didnt belong playing there anyway after last week when Detroit got screwed. Karma she can be a bitch lol:D
  240. dweston

    Scotch triples and limits for 4 at club freeze our ass off 12/31/14

    they look so cute while they are sleeping.....
  241. dweston

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 4

    facebook is the devil ha ha.......
  242. dweston

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    Where's the fuel dock?
  243. dweston

    Xmas in Kauai...

    Check out Captn J with Deep Sea Fishing Kauai...
  244. dweston

    baja 1000 ?

    Check with Gil Marlin
  245. dweston

    Billfish Team Member Requirments?

    Fat wallet and a positive attitude...
  246. dweston

    San Felipe/Gonzaga fishing

    obviously lol............................
  247. dweston

    Who is eligible for jackpots?

    I would say chartermaster sure but a sales rep or sponsor that is trying to promote his business I am with you on not entering them.
  248. dweston

    San Felipe/Gonzaga fishing

    Where abouts is your house? We are in Percebu and also will be down around Thanksgiving. Corvina may still be around fish an hour before and an hour after high tide from shore. Bring plenty od krockadiles.....
  249. dweston

    If you were leaving San Diego

    [quote="Vermonster, post: 3598702, You are welcome to leave anytime you want! Nobody is forcing you to stay in Paradise. :frehya2: Maybe if you weren't on Obama care you might be able to go to a decent Hospital.:eek: PS dont go to baja cause you might loose your head. Stay on the porch and...
  250. dweston

    Go Chargers...

    I feel your pain! lol
  251. dweston

    If you were leaving San Diego

    Born and raised in San Diego County and do not plan on going anywhere. Those of you that want to leave, good and take "that guy" with you. Where else can you go to the mountains, deserts, and the beach the same day?. We have great beaches, fishing, close to baja, sports, schools , theaters. Top...
  252. dweston

    Front loading tackle bag

    Bass Pro XPS Stalker front loading tackle bag
  253. dweston

    Recommendation for panga and captain in Loreto

    Captain Lionel with Aurturo's
  254. dweston

    Chargers vs Raiders...

    Guy to the left kinda looks like you lol..........
  255. dweston


    Great reports and pics, thanks for sharing.
  256. dweston

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    Let me just say whatever size you get Daryl does an excellant job. Excellant craftsmanship and very easy to purchase. You wont be dissapointed.
  257. dweston


    Find yourself a good used Trinidad 20.
  258. dweston


    Now I know where all my $ is going :D
  259. dweston

    Anyone know what this floating blob is?

    If you spike it and chill it right away it tastes just like bonito!:D
  260. dweston

    BS fish count reports

    How about we just take advantage of the epic conditions and go fishing while the season is still here.... Y'all can do all the bitching you want this winter.......... Just saying8-)
  261. dweston

    BS fish count reports

    How silly, fish dont move and the bait never changes, its called fishing not catching......:rolleyes:
  262. dweston

    Fishing Fighting Technique

    Ditch the belt, it is my opinion that more fish are lost from just what you are saying. By switching to the belt right away you loose pressure on the fish, also these tuna are small and really no need for a belt. (although I wear one basically to carry my dikes). It has been my experience it is...
  263. dweston

    Gregor 15’ Baja Boat (2006) COMPLETE PACKAGE

    very nice set up if only you posted this 6 months ago lol........... good luck with sale
  264. dweston

    Accurate BX2-500 vs Talica 12 II

    X2 Fill it full of 65 lb Spectra and change out your top shot for 40# or 50#, great for fly lining bait.
  265. dweston


    Scott Thank You love Sancho.......................
  266. dweston

    $7 fish cleaning?!!?!?

    Make arrangements a head of time with 5 star $.75 per pound, vacuumed packed lasts all winter!
  267. dweston

    Thank You San Diego!

    You are welcome, but the Dodgers still suck!:D
  268. dweston

    San Felipe Road Conditions

    Roads are fine have a great trip.
  269. dweston

    Hurricane Odile Relief

    I am just passing along the information that was given to me. I will be donating as well. Please direct your questions to :Email questions, ideas etc to: [email protected] thanks
  270. dweston

    Need 3/4 boat recommendation for next week

    Get on "The San Diego" out of Seaforth. The best 3/4 day boat in my opinion.
  271. dweston

    BoLA pics

    pm sent
  272. dweston

    BoLA pics

    I have a friend that has a house up that way and all reports are good, no structural damage. Some erosion and water undermining 1 slab.
  273. dweston

    Hurricane Odile Relief

    I do not know if this is the appropriate forum to post but move if you feel necessary. Here is an opportunity for all to help those suffering from the damage from Odile. Fellow Baja Racers and enthusiasts NOW IS THE TIME to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters who desperately need our...
  274. dweston

    BoLA pics

    You know damn well where it is since you are the unofficial Mayor!:lux:
  275. dweston

    BoLA pics

    Talked to my neighbor in Percebu today all is well little wind,rain but no damage.
  276. dweston

    New lo-an

    nice quality fish !
  277. dweston

    gonzaga baY ? ODILE ????

    That's good news for us Scott but maybe not so good for Tues..............
  278. dweston

    Bull Dodo 9-14-14

    Damn that's a huge bull!
  279. dweston

    Go Chargers...

    Raised in CV but reared Washington Go Chargers!!!!!!!!!!
  280. dweston

    209 WFO Yellowfin

    Nice job and close to home!
  281. dweston

    Chargers vs Seahawks who's going to the game?

    Yea Scott that was a tough call, all you can eat, drink and A/C but we sat out in da shade. Great game!
  282. dweston

    Chargers vs Seahawks who's going to the game?

    It's going to be a hot one in Mission Valley, but i'll be there with the rest of the San Diego hopefull. We will have our hands full with the Seahawks, but anything can happen at home. Just look at last year we lost the games we should have won and won the games we should have lost. Anyway it...
  283. dweston

    Go Chargers...

  284. dweston

    Go Chargers...

    Go Philip, you can do it!
  285. dweston

    Go Chargers...

    Go Chargers!
  286. dweston

    Poppin for YFT and Cortes Bluefin - Pacific Voyager 3 day Video.

    Yep agreed, leaving tomorrow night for another 2 day on the PV!
  287. dweston

    Mountain Lion Attacks Child in Cupertino

    That 'll teach him not to run off lol..........................
  288. dweston


    Yes Sir!
  289. dweston

    New fish cleaning requirements for the Sporties?

    "keep up to limits not more" really, what a concept lol............
  290. dweston

    Jig Reel Recommendations

    Trinidad 20 or 40n
  291. dweston

    Best Shimano Reel for 40lb?

    Or do like I did and get both Trinidad 20 and Talica II 12. As stated before it all depends on what type of fishing you will be doing. Tossing the iron, jigs on the bottom or looong soak with a dine. Good luck.
  292. dweston

    The End of an Era...

    Scott, Sorry for your loss. Your Dad was an inspiration to us all. Prayers go out to you and your family. Remember he will always be with you. Duane
  293. dweston

    6'x16' Dog Kennel free

    pm sent
  294. dweston

    8/23 MAW

    So was he the nut on the radio "Boilermaker" Congrtats and nice qualty fish. We had limits for 5 guys but only 1 of any size. Great day on the water
  295. dweston

    6 day Sept vs. 8 day November trip - pros and cons?

    it is my opinion that any chance I get to spend more days on the water is better. It gives the captain more options, weather, opportunities to fish and relax.
  296. dweston

    Best Trinidad for 30lb

    TN16 fill with 50lb. Spectra top shot of 30# flouro. Plenty of line capacity and the same drags as the 20 I also use the 16n for throwing jigs with a tiop shot of 40lb. The narrow spool works well for me.
  297. dweston

    Rod abuse

    At least poached lol............................
  298. dweston

    It was 100lbs when I hooked it!

    Nice fish.... details please
  299. dweston

    Removable Boat seats

    Look at the picture and the slide mount is on the left. The mount was screwed in and the seat would slide in and out. It has a small wedge keeps it tight.
  300. dweston

    Removable Boat seats

    I have 2 seats great condition with a custom made sliding bracket for easy removal. $25.00 each
  301. dweston

    Scotty & Cannon easy troll Down Riggers

    I have 2 down riggers with mounting brackets Cannon easi trol model 1901010 complete with rod holder $75.00 Scotty Down Rigger with rod Holder $75.00 Will Ship Your Dime!
  302. dweston

    First String 2 day Monday 8/25...anyone else going or have experience on this boat?

    Did a 3 day a couple of years ago on the First String. Fishy boat and captain Brad and crew kick ass. Not the most luxurious but you will definitely find fish.
  303. dweston


    Sorry to hear that Lou, that sucks and I feel for you. Six months ago my wife pulled into the garage ran over something, felt the crunch and backed up over it again. I get home and she tells me" honey we've had a little accident" and proceeds to show me my new Taylor made driver was shorn off at...
  304. dweston

    San Felipe Great White nursery?

    That's great news my wife and children will be happy to know that!
  305. dweston

    13AUG14 3/4 Offshore on the Mission Belle!

    What up Rome? nice job on the hand offs. Rods you built still perform flawlessly!
  306. dweston

    The new I'M OFF

    Way to go Tommy!
  307. dweston

    recommendation for princeville Kauai

    No misunderstandings, the boat keeps the catch and sends you off with enough for dinner. No drama just relax and have a good time!
  308. dweston

    recommendation for princeville Kauai

    Check out It is an hour to an hour and a half drive from Princville to Port Allen, but in my opinion well worth it here is a couple of Yellowfin from 2 years ago. I was there for the Forth of July this year,but missed the bite by a week, thats fishing. Any way check...
  309. dweston

    300lb boar and a $3000 dollar vet bill

    Hogzilla things crazy
  310. dweston

    filets or whole

    Once you've had professionally prepared vacumed packed fish you will never want freezer burned zip lock tuna ever again;)
  311. dweston

    1.5 day boat recommendation

    New Lo -An
  312. dweston

    Just got back from Loreto Baja ( A few pics now )

    Glad you survived and Leonel is my favorite captain on Arturo's fleet. Must have been pretty crazy out there.
  313. dweston

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    As long as he is a taxpayer in the US then yes he does can you say Obama care lol:D
  314. dweston

    Julio Mesa's 39' See Vee Spanish Fly totaled by fire

    That's a shame, it was an awesome boat. At least no one was injured.
  315. dweston


    I have 2 but only fish one. It is my go to reel for 15 -20lb. matched to and 800l. It is a great set up for local yellowtail if they are line shy. jmo
  316. dweston

    tuna bens

    whats a tuna ben? :D
  317. dweston

    "Any word on that big tuna being caught"

    Nice fish and story to tell your grandkids someday!
  318. dweston

    San Diego July 18th

    Good job nice boat!
  319. dweston

    Corvina or White Sea Bass

    looks like a torvinaLOL
  320. dweston

    Dirt Bike Hack

    Is that you Tues? ..........................
  321. dweston

    Any Reports From The 181, The Ridge, and The 182?

    Launch out of Point Loma head west and north to the upper 9 look for the other 150 googins and crash the paddy oh that was yesterday, in all honesty look at temp break, terra fin find the cleanest water south of the 182 and look for birds working. Top secrete tip, black and purple feathers and...
  322. dweston

    I'm stumped... Stupid Id question on an 9.9 Kicker

    let me know when you are ready to sell it that's the perfect kicker
  323. dweston

    Independence 5 day july 5th bad weather!

    a little breezy, no problem
  324. dweston

    Broken Ice Chest With Pissed Off Baggage Handler

    That's no ice chest lol ..........................
  325. dweston

    First multi-day offshore trip ... any last minute advice?

    Positive attitude and have fun.........................
  326. dweston

    Bola report 6/25-27

    Thanks for the report LAz, bait has been an issue this season. Good job on the iron and yea stop by with some fillets....:D
  327. dweston

    Need a reel for deckhand Calstar 800m

    Just a thought, why not sell the rod and buy one with a reel seat..............;)
  328. dweston

    One of my Bucket list Checked off:)

    Congrats on the family team effort!
  329. dweston

    Sport boat on fire?

    that sucks..........
  330. dweston

    Sick and tired of bad sellers and buyers

    I cant wait for the bite to pick back up.......................
  331. dweston

    BoLA Reports?

    Shouldn't you be working LAz lol I have some friends leaving tomorrow. Call me before your trip Laz and I let you know what's up.
  332. dweston

    Looking for a 1/4 day boat to take 30-50 people

    Call Seaforth and book "The San Diego" for a 3/4 day you can rent your gear from the boat. There are no fish in Oceanside lol..........
  333. dweston

    R.I.P. Tony Gwynn

    He will be missed Aztec and Padre a like.
  334. dweston

    CONDOR weekend 2.5 day yawner

    nice blah blah blah report
  335. dweston

    To the Asshole driver...

    I am suprised he didn't have a Raiders Sticker!:D
  336. dweston

    Slow in Loreto

    Still pretty slow in Loreto. Just got back yesterday. Game fish were ok but very little in the way of table fare. Fished 2 days out of a friends 60' Hatteras. 6 sail fish 5 amberjacks 4 Skippy's 1 stripped marlin no dorado or yellowtail. Water 82 degrees , clear and very little Saragossa. Wind...
  337. dweston

    Just got back from Cabo San Lucas ... Killed em

    Glad you had a great day, not sure how many were on the boat, but you might want to check your bag limits on the dodos 2 per angler.................
  338. dweston

    New Lo-An 1.5 Day

    Seems about right definitely football size maybe a little larger but perfect seared on the grill!
  339. dweston

    New Lo-An 1.5 Day

    My daughters boyfriend and I were on the same trip. He was a newbie to fishing offshore and was in for a great trip. He managed to get one of the first YFT and it was great to see his excitement, as well as eating the heart. He also managed to score the jack pot. 98% of all the YFT were caught...
  340. dweston

    Top Gun 80 limits out on BFT on a 2.5 day

    Hope the bite picks back up tomorrow , leaving this evening on the New Lo Ann!
  341. dweston

    Top Gun 80, Sea Adventure 80 Reviews???

    You missed my point lol bad joke and now I have to explain it..... "Sea Adventure jerked my friend off"" get it? lol
  342. dweston

    Top Gun 80, Sea Adventure 80 Reviews???

    Now that's customer service!
  343. dweston

    Where to get pallets in SD

    pm sent
  344. dweston

    How do you properly bleed a fish in a panga boat in Baja?

    As stated before it is your fish bring an ice chest or a kill bag and take care of it yourself. As far as your last statement poor taste in my opinion.
  345. dweston

    "Dude, don't over think it, just go fish"

    Yea but what's the fun in that lol start buying now and he will soon be a tackle whore like the rest of us
  346. dweston

    Where to get pallets in SD

    pm sent
  347. dweston

    What is the best setup (Rod & Reel) for Bluefin Tuna? off San Diego

    Just my opinion and experience get the 12 unless you are planning on doing a lot of multiple day trips. Fill the 12 with spectra and you can always change out your top shot and fish 50 if needed. The 12 is not as wide and will not wear you out fishing all day as compared to the 16. You will fish...
  348. dweston

    What is the best setup (Rod & Reel) for Bluefin Tuna? off San Diego

    I'm pretty sure most of the people working for Shimano in Irvine are Americans...............
  349. dweston

    Spectra color

    Just my opinion but it really doesn't matter what color spectra as so much as the guy operating the reel. If you don't follow your line or it gets too slack, you are going to wrap up everyone else.
  350. dweston


    Nice job on the BFT, What were you guys fishing 30lb-40lb ? Flouro? thanks
  351. dweston

    What is the best setup (Rod & Reel) for Bluefin Tuna? off San Diego

    Tlica II 8 30# Talica II 12 40# Talica II 16 50# This has worked well for me, it all depends on the size of fish, finicky blue fin have been known to be caught on 15lb to 30lb
  352. dweston

    FMM Gonzaga/San Felipe

    $$$ would be my guess
  353. dweston

    Must watch!! Top Water Yellowfin Tuna Video!!

    Cool video, wieird looking structure in the water LOL and how come you guys don't bleed your fish before puting them in the box? Nice boat!
  354. dweston

    2007 Polaris Ranger For Sale...

    Sounds like you are planning a trip to club mira mar LOL
  355. dweston

    Question which Trinidad should i buy?

    I don't know about the 'A" series but the gold 16n is my preferred reel on overnighters to 1 1/2 days trip. 30lb. works well for me.
  356. dweston

    2007 Polaris Ranger For Sale...

    Scott, If you want I can store it for you lol...................... Killer set up, and I can vouch for it, it is very clean! Good luck with your sale.
  357. dweston

    Talica 8ii or 10ii?

    I had both and sold the 10. It was too wide for my liking, the 8 will handle 30 and 40 just fine. Unless you are targeting big fish on a long soak the 8 has plenty of line capacity in my experience. Now if you jump up to a 5 or 7 day trip get the 12 II for 40 to 50 lb. Good luck and report back.
  358. dweston

    WINN Grips

    Great work as usual Jim.
  359. dweston

    182 181 209 report

    thanks for the re con.................
  360. dweston

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    agreed you might want to call the captain, coast guard, harbor police............
  361. dweston

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    What you do with your winning's is your business. I personally donate mine to the boat, if I win which is few and far between. If something shady is going on I wouldn't fish that boat again.
  362. dweston

    San Felipe Advice....

    [quote="Big A's, post: plenty of hook and release of them funny looking WSB ;) at the Islands. Not only at the islands ...............:D
  363. dweston

    Loreto panga outfitter suggestions?

    I have always had a good fishing experience with Lionel of Arturo's fleet! Gotta love the sunrise. I will be there the same weekend fishing a private boat, hopefully the dodo's show up!
  364. dweston

    Kauai Fishing Charter recommendations

    Check out Kauai Deep Sea Fishing Captn Jude will hook you up I will be there the same time frame send me a pm if you want to share a charter. I am planning on fishing the 6th if you are still there.
  365. dweston

    San Felipe Advice....

    Dam looks like he beat me to it lol
  366. dweston

    San Felipe Advice....

    Hit up Gil Marlin, the unofficial mayor of Percebu. He will have up to date info for you. Good luck and have fun.
  367. dweston

    Congratulations team I'm Off

    Nice Job on Mr. T!
  368. dweston

    14' Livingston Center Console

    Thanks for the responses, we will see how well it beach launches.:)
  369. dweston

    14' Livingston Center Console

    I have been looking to upgrade my 12' Aluminum boat down in baja, and found this gem in Santa Clara. I had a friend of mine check out the engine and hull and he could tell it has been well taken care of and spent most of its life in the garage. Well the wife and I left North County at 3 am on...
  370. dweston

    Sick drone footage of our boat

    Just the last part doing donuts, the rest of the video was cool Ali,Did you ever get your bait tank?
  371. dweston

    34# Monster

    Nice homeguard!
  372. dweston

    New Panga from Ensenada, Mexico

    Great looking Panga, but the boots gotta
  373. dweston

    Line recommendation for Talica 12 ii & 16ii

    Talica 12 II 65 lb solid spectra with a top shot of 40lb. Flouro Talica 16 II 80 lb. solid spectra with a top shot of 50lb. flouro Thats how mine are rigged good luck report back
  374. dweston

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    Nice fish thanks for the report
  375. dweston

    That was a close call:

    Damn, almost became Jonah.
  376. dweston

    mexican insurance Lorenz Insurance I have used them for over 30 years They can e mail, fax or mail you your policy. Fast reliable and affordable.
  377. dweston

    66' Whaler - New Motor and Trailer - Make Offer

    You say "the hull is the worst part of the boat" what exactly is wrong with it, what type of repairs have been done, what size,year and hours on the motor? Do you know the approximate weight of the boat? thanks
  378. dweston

    Rod recommend for Talica 16ii

    Depends on what I am usung it for but 700h,700xh or 765l
  379. dweston


    let me guess Raider fan lol
  380. dweston


    Haters I''ll buy it. PM Sent
  381. dweston

    Happy Easter...

    OMG funny Glad to see you shaved this morning!
  382. dweston

    late video report: August 2013 in Bahia de los Angeles

    Cool video how hot and humid is it in August?
  383. dweston

    BNIB Avets, Used LX 2 speed, SX, TN 20,

    In the future a text or a call back would be appreciated
  384. dweston

    This is a joke right??!!

    It's gotta be real its on the internet........bonjour lol
  385. dweston

    Worlds Best Wife...

    You're not right lol.............................
  386. dweston


    Is Ramona in East county??????????? lol
  387. dweston

    BNIB Avets, Used LX 2 speed, SX, TN 20,

    pm sent on the Trinidad 20
  388. dweston

    need recommendations for two rod/reel rigs for first 3-day

    The 700s is a littile suspect in August for tuna but others will chime in, If I were you I would look at the Calstar WC670 and a Torium 20 or 30. Both good reels and the set up shouldn't break the bank. In any event get out here and have fun and report back.
  389. dweston

    4/11/14 Oceanside 95 Overnight report

  390. dweston

    need recommendations for two rod/reel rigs for first 3-day

    Right now you really need to think this through. I have seen many people do real well with the boats rental rods. The fact that you are on this site and already asking the right questions you are on your way to being a tackle whore. Sure you innocently suggest you are only buying two rods and...
  391. dweston

    friday night quickee

    Looks like a "hit n run"...........
  392. dweston

    Another "which reel" thread.

    Here is what I use and it has worked out well for me. Get them spooled with spectra and change out your top shot according to what you plan to be fishing. Talica 8 II 30-40lb. Talica 12 II 40 -50lb This is my go to 40lb. reel. Nice size and plenty of line capacity for a long soak. Talica 16 II...
  393. dweston

    windshield repair/replace person?

    Hey Laz tell her not to follow so close to our trucks lol In all honesty I have had good luck with Allstar Glass they will do on site repairs.
  394. dweston

    Kauai Visit and Charter with Captain J (Pic heavy)

    Nice pics, Looking forward to fishing with Jude in July.
  395. dweston

    Heading to Mexico

    Scott thanks for taking this issue to the next level.
  396. dweston

    Chickens at 120 miles

  397. dweston

    Pads DOMINATE Dodgers

  398. dweston

    chest freezer

    What are the dimensions?
  399. dweston


  400. dweston

    San Felipe Spring break

    Just spent the past week at our place in Rancho Percebu, a little south of San Felipe. Weather was nice, water is warming up 69-70 degrees. Spring and fall are some of the best surf fishing for orange mouth corvina. Fishing off shore was a little slow, but my neighbor was able to manage a nice...
  401. dweston

    Arizona vs SDSU

    What he said!
  402. dweston

    I need a referral for a great sportfishing charter in Kauai

    Do a search there are a few recommendations, but I have my favorite Captn J at Kauai deep sea sport fishing out of Port Allen will take good care of you. I will be there for 4th of July This pic was from 2 years ago in June. Enjoy Kauai is our favorite Island.
  403. dweston

    San Diego State.......

    What a comeback!
  404. dweston

    San Diego State.......

    Go Aztecs!
  405. dweston

    The Sexy Wife...

  406. dweston

    1987 Cabo 216 For Sale

    sounds like somebody scored.
  407. dweston

    Passport card or SENTRI

    Everyones results will vary but, I just returned from San Felipe in my crew cab 4x4 loaded with gas cans, coolers, wife, dog and it took us 1 minute to cross. If you get the sentri pass you get the best of both worlds. Air travel foreign and domestic as Ali stated, and if you need to tow you can...
  408. dweston

    New Panga from Ensenada, Mexico

    Congrats on a great looking panga.
  409. dweston

    Longboard & Butts.

  410. dweston

    Passport card or SENTRI

    Get the sentri pass it is a little more involved but there is no comparison.
  411. dweston


  412. dweston

    5 day recoomendations

    It is well worth the $ and Art and Aaron will put you on fish.
  413. dweston

    San Diego State.......

    2nd half baby!
  414. dweston

    San Diego State.......

    Destiny Goooo Aztecs!
  415. dweston

    Please advise on 2 speed reel.

    You may not need a 2 speed but my Tallica II 12 came in very handy last season fishing the pens for some quality BFT. Spend the extra now cause your 2 day trips will soon turn into 5 day ,7-10 day................
  416. dweston

    China's Ruthless Shark Massacre!!!

    Someone should turn them on to seal meat..........................
  417. dweston

    Commander Fishermans Landing

    When will the white sea bass trips start?
  418. dweston

    Sentri Pass Decal?

    You can have multiple cars but they need to be inspected,
  419. dweston

    Remember duct tape when you travel

    I'm calling BS with out pics....................................
  420. dweston

    El Nino Coming in 2014

    Bring it on we need the rain!
  421. dweston

    Teaser Pics - Maximus 1/23 to 1/26

    Damn that's some quality fish right there.
  422. dweston

    Favorite 100lb reel?

    Topless ATD 12 with 30 size gears!
  423. dweston

    Sentri Pass Decal?

    I have the decal, but from what I understand they were having issues with cars with the decal being targeted so now they use your license plate, and yes all people in the car MUST have a sentry pass.
  424. dweston

    16 Months Adrift at Sea

    That would be one hell of a story...............
  425. dweston

    Simon pulls it off.

    PM sent with info
  426. dweston

    Rod warranty w/o receipt.

    Sounds like user error to me......................
  427. dweston

    Rod warranty w/o receipt.

    Yep, I have had the same experience with a g loomis rod, mine was out of production so they upgraded me to the new one and only charged for shipping. Excellent customer service!
  428. dweston

    All those questions about how far your boat can go....

    Guys insane where is the mother ship? lol
  429. dweston

    Maximus Finale ...Part 2..Trip 5 of 5

    Great report and pics thanks for posting!
  430. dweston

    Reward for stolen XP900 Polaris RZR

    might also want to check out race dezert if you haven't already. Hopefully you find him soon.
  431. dweston

    Weekend Throw Down....

    Insane! Thanks for sharing.
  432. dweston

    Rancho Leonero - 1st Annual Yellowtail Tournament - March 21&22

    Yes did that and called them no package deals at this time thanks yhough
  433. dweston

    Shimano Trinidad 14

    Sweet BD transaction easy and fast................ Thanks again
  434. dweston

    Rancho Leonero - 1st Annual Yellowtail Tournament - March 21&22

    What kind of package deals can you offer on airfare and lodging?
  435. dweston

    Shimano Trinidad 14

    Payment sent Thanks!
  436. dweston

    Simon pulls it off.

    I agree post the names of those that didnt pay!
  437. dweston

    San Diego 3/4 day - Sat 1/18 w/ Booger

    Great report, you guys hit it just right. I was looking forward to getting out today but to no avail. Hopefully the landings get this sorted out soon. Still no 3/4 day trips to the islands tomorrow.
  438. dweston

    Islands shut down for Sunday for local 3/4 day boats!

    Apparently everyone was kicked out today anyone have the real scoop?
  439. dweston

    Islands shut down for Sunday for local 3/4 day boats!

    Just got a call a 1/2 hour ago from the landing and no fishing from the Cornados from either landings. I am bummed was looking forward to getting out tomorrow on "The San Diego" especially after Booger boated something like 68 yellers today. Hopefully this all gets sorted out soon regarding the...
  440. dweston

    Sirius XM Radio

    Well worth the money, especially traveling in Baja!
  441. dweston


    Isn't it enough to be a Dodger fan? Really Raiders I had you pegged for a decent
  442. dweston

    Mission Belle 1/15/14

    quote="gnehekul, post: 3323454, member: 148726"]what's up with the marines wanting to kill everything? I have only met one gunny who told me I killed for my country and I hope she never asks me to do it again.... We're talking about fish..........C'mon man...............
  443. dweston


    Oh its you again the Texas transplant . Shouldn't you be a Ranger or Astros fan by now? Shit with that payroll who would expect less! Plus Tanaka's going to New York. Good luck the season hasn't even started yet and you're already winning the series.
  444. dweston


    Dodgers & Giants suck ! GO PADRES!
  445. dweston

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Be careful what you bet, now I have to wear this ELGAY jersey all day.
  446. dweston

    The record setting, America's team vs the San Diego Chargers.

    Congrats to The Broncos, looks like I'll be fishing next Sunday lol
  447. dweston

    Prayers needed for Capt. Trevor Rodgers

    Prayers for all the families involved.........
  448. dweston

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Nice thawing some quality blue fin along with some San Felipe jumbo shrimp we will be ready by game time. Go Boltz!
  449. dweston

    17'6" glasspar seafair restore/pilot house build

    Nice project keep the pics coming!
  450. dweston

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Sorry already done.
  451. dweston

    The record setting, America's team vs the San Diego Chargers.

    Since Mr. Ed started running the team!
  452. dweston

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    I hope not, we saw how well we did against KC's second team .................:rofl:
  453. dweston

    seal shirts for sale

    Checks in the mail:)
  454. dweston

    seal shirts for sale

    I find your shirts offensive and insensitive to the plight of the seals.....................:D I'll take 5 of them, pm me your address..
  455. dweston

    Mexican Rockfishing Outside 12 Mile Zone

    Just a tad further than 30 miles from Point Loma...............:rofl:
  456. dweston

    No God is Welcome in San Diego.......per U.S. District Judge Larry Burns

    Do you know the meaning of "Merry Christmas"? ........... ps. You should use there, not their and guess what God still loves you! Have a great day
  457. dweston

    No God is Welcome in San Diego.......per U.S. District Judge Larry Burns

    So why is it so hard to accept the fact that our country, The United States of America was founded on God fearing people with Christian morals and values. Be it right or wrong that is our history. One points out slavery and raping and pillaging of the Indians land. If we look through out history...
  458. dweston

    No God is Welcome in San Diego.......per U.S. District Judge Larry Burns

    Regardless of what any of us think or say God will prevail and yes he loves you confused liberals as well. Merry Christmas! :waglleybooty:
  459. dweston

    1988 Scorpion CC LEVIATHAN

    Eric it was great meeting you in your wife, thanks for hooking my buddy up! Duane
  460. dweston

    Just a vintage SD photo...........

    Thanks for sharing. Cool pic
  461. dweston

    Rod match for a Talica 12 II

    I have mine matched to a Calstar GF 700h and 765l depending on what I am planning on using it for. Good luck with your search.
  462. dweston

    CONDOR 2.5Day Oct12-13th Big Bluefin, Limits YT, YF, Dorado TRAINWRECK

    Nice grade of fish looks like you and Norm have been killing it all season congrats.
  463. dweston

    Steady Picks on Larger Model BFT

    Nice report and pics way to go!
  464. dweston

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    :Dynamite:Houston we have a problem......
  465. dweston

    For those who fly: Plano 6508 Jumbo Airline Telescope Rod Case on sale

    I fly Alaska/ Horzion and my PVC tube is 9'6" and have never been questioned about the length of my tube.. lol so traveling donestic might be an issue but it has not been an issue for me traveling baja. I would check with Soutwest first though.
  466. dweston

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    Jets took out a few this week....
  467. dweston

    Chargers at Raiders

    No problem if you have the NFL network lol..............
  468. dweston

    Chargers at Raiders

    you gotta be kidding
  469. dweston

    Chargers at Raiders

    Best team money can buy> Go Yankees west - - - Updated - - -
  470. dweston

    Chargers at Raiders

    No baseball season is over go start your own thread. Raiders will self destruct. Fans will be quiet after half time since they cut off crack sales in the third quarter. PS Dodgers still suck
  471. dweston

    Stolen Panga!!

    That sucks good luck to your captain.
  472. dweston

    Stand up Tuna rods for sale...

    Is that just the tip? bump for a quality rod
  473. dweston

    Philip Rivers single handedly bukakkied the Cowboys

    Lets hang in there Chargers!
  474. dweston

    Philip Rivers single handedly bukakkied the Cowboys

    It would be nice if the defense would show up!
  475. dweston

    2.5 Day on the Maximus

    Way to go, congrats!
  476. dweston

    What size are the tuna?

    By the look of those shorts thats an old photo:rofl:
  477. dweston

    CALSTAR GF700L "Pinkie"

    Great work as usual Jim.
  478. dweston


    Nice where were you Lake Tempe?
  479. dweston

    fish report 9/24/13 371 to 302

    Thanks for the report, going out tomorrow as long as the weather cooperates.
  480. dweston

    Swimming with Dodos, video

    Cool video, nice bull!
  481. dweston

    Bad day turn Good! 9/20/13

    Nice feesh!
  482. dweston

    Go Chargers!!!

  483. dweston

    Go Chargers!!!

  484. dweston

    Go Chargers!!!

    Lets Go Defense!
  485. dweston

    Go Chargers!!!

    Go Chargers!
  486. dweston

    Bluefin tacos!

    You are joking right? BFT for me is dakine
  487. dweston

    9/14-15 2 dayer aboard the PacVoy

    nice slay fest, great boat and crew!
  488. dweston

    All Aboard................Go Padres!

    What ever... congratulations los doyers , would we expect anything less from the highest priced team in major league baseball?:finger: Go Padres ! Go Chargers!
  489. dweston

    This joke is not about Frank.......

  490. dweston

    SX or SXJ "limits"

    I fish a 800l with avet sx with 50lb. braid and change my top shot according to what I need. The nice thing about this reel is I can fish 15 to 30 lb. flouro depending on the conditions. It is my go to reel for local fishing. That little reel is a beast. Smooth drags and casts as well as my...
  491. dweston

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    pay up bitches!
  492. dweston

    Awfully Loud...

    Can they be in your parade?
  493. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

  494. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    lets be friends okay :loverz:
  495. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    Scott, Can you tell me how to change my screen name to Mr. Fantasy Jack Ass thanks:D
  496. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

  497. dweston

    Manning Bowl Today - Which team are you picking to win the game?

    Wow sensitive are we? its all in good fun...... With a mouth like that you can make a few bucks down on hill and tremont lol Love you too peaches
  498. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    You go girl!
  499. dweston

    Manning Bowl Today - Which team are you picking to win the game?

    says the man who wants points:rofl:
  500. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    you funny
  501. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    oh no :shithappens:
  502. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    THe key will be for the Chargers not to turnover the ball!
  503. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    Bring it back biaaatch lol - - - Updated - - - You just wish someone would brush up against you........
  504. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    Oops he scored! Wishing all the best to Malcom.
  505. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    We are deep at receiver plus I need Royal to score again for my fantasy team:Exploding_Smiley: Nite nite
  506. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    Drag his ass off the field lets go!!!!!!!!!!!
  507. dweston

    Manning Bowl Today - Which team are you picking to win the game?

    Giants are at home and you want points gimme a break........
  508. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    Relax it's all good!
  509. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

  510. dweston

    Chargers VS Eagles

    Go Boltz!
  511. dweston

    Which reel for 50lb?

    Fill it full of either 65 or 80 lb spectra and change out your top shot, I use a 12 II for 40lb. and a 16 II for 50lb.
  512. dweston

    Manning Bowl Today - Which team are you picking to win the game?

    Big brother will outshine today! Go Chargers
  513. dweston

    Bluefin tacos!

    Save the recipe for the mahi I prefer my blue fin seared or sashimi style
  514. dweston

    Which reel for 50lb?

  515. dweston

    Kauai Fishing Charter Recommendation?

    Do a search, I am biased but check out kauai deep sea fishing. Captn J is the man. Fishing is right outside the harbor, I prefer 8 hour charter cause I like being on the water and it increases your chances. With that said you can get it done with a 4 hour in the afternoon. Have fun and good luck.
  516. dweston

    "Bloody" Decks and Blue fin mayhem on the First String

    Hats off to Brad for re loading on bait, great job helping others and thanks for the report.
  517. dweston

    New Lo-An deck space

    you will be fine, report back after your trip and go get em!
  518. dweston

    New Lo-An deck space

    How long is your trip ? No need to bring an skb. Plenty of room great boat and crew. Have a great time.
  519. dweston

    Wedsday at the 302

    Way to go, was out Friday found paddy's holding fish but they had lock jaw
  520. dweston

    Go Chargers!!!

    thats funny
  521. dweston

    Go Chargers!!!

    My Bolt On! Tues bolt in!
  522. dweston

    Go Chargers!!!

    Its going to be a tough one, but I like your enthusiasm!
  523. dweston

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    "A that be in the butt Bob"
  524. dweston

    RANGER 85 trip (9/2-5) Not a good one:(

    Thanks for the report very informative from your perspective.
  525. dweston

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    So whats the prize ?
  526. dweston

    Bolts vs 49ers...

    Looks like you in the Rivers Jersey...................
  527. dweston

    Tues on Ignore!

    Im sure a Packer fan would hit that!
  528. dweston

    Dearest Tues.

    Tues. after seeing your avatar I just threw up a bit....... That's a whole lotta woman
  529. dweston

    BD has been hacked

    Or just buy a Mac lol..........................
  530. dweston

    August 2013 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    Avet sx 20lb. p line fishing with live squid south of the bull ring June 2013
  531. dweston

    18 Albacore in Santa Cruz 8/21

    Nice I forgot what they looked like................:rofl:
  532. dweston

    10" table saw!

    Yea thanks Ray guess I should have installed that safety guard!
  533. dweston

    Something I have been waiting to see happened last night.

    There goes our new stadium.............:rofl:
  534. dweston

    New Lo An 2Day Report Aug 16-18th, Drew Ford Charter

    Great report Rob, Nice pics and some quality BFT. Markus runs a great operation. Congrats
  535. dweston

    10" table saw!

    PM sent
  536. dweston

    Local Blue Marlin

    Damn... How old are you?
  537. dweston

    LIMTS of BFT on the Pride 08/14/13

    Awesome! Glad you were on it.
  538. dweston

    Where are the Yellowfin?

  539. dweston

    Help! Setup for 2 Day trip?

    2 day is no different that a day 1.5 day. Bring 30, 40# some flouro 2/0 and 3/0 hooks, ask the crew and they will help you out. Report back and go get'em............
  540. dweston

    Heading to Loreto for the 1st time - September 20th - 27th

    What he said.............. Check out Arturo's Sport Fishing a lot of guys talk crap but we have been well taken care of.
  541. dweston

    LORETO, Catfish and Spanking Dodos Report

    Nice pics and report how hot is it right now?
  542. dweston

    Listen to the Crew

    Lets eat!
  543. dweston

    Free - Sago Palms

    I' sorry ................. Just Kidding if I were close I would come get them.
  544. dweston

    tuna pens

  545. dweston

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    I'm in again send me an email when you get it set up.
  546. dweston

    A little late, but better than never - FirstString Sportfishing - I was the IT GIRL.

    First String is a very fishy boat and the crew kicks ass. Congrats we were out around the same time on another boat. We made arrangements with 5 Star ahead of time. Dropped our fish off Thursday night and picked it up Saturday morning.
  547. dweston

    Pacific Voyager 2 day 8-9-13

    Thanks Harry Yes a great bunch of guys to fish with Thanks
  548. dweston

    Which reel/rod for 40?

    Make sure what ever reel you decide on has enough capacity for a longer soak. I personally like the Talica 12 II matched with either the 765xl or the 700h. I recently was using the Talica II 8 and it was a little dicey getting to the end of the spool at times.
  549. dweston

    Fishing Spectra for the first time???

    Sounds like your good to go. Just remember to follow your line and keep in touch with your bait. No slack line.
  550. dweston

    Albacore Caught

    Its nice to have a little variety years back we had a trifecta all in one day within 20 miles of Point Loma, Blue Fin, Yellow Fin and Albacore. Personally I like smoked albacore as well as the others fresh.
  551. dweston

    Pacific Voyager 2 day 8-9-13

    It's well worth the extra $ .
  552. dweston

    Pacific Voyager 2 day 8-9-13

    I was fortunate to be invited back by my friend Phil on a private charter aboard the Pacific Voyager. It was a 2 day trip limited to 14. We left Tuesday night with high hopes since the counts for Monday and Tuesday came back up after a dismal weekend. We knew the weather was was going to be...
  553. dweston

    Hey San Diego..............

  554. dweston

    Tuna Pens 8/7/2013

    Nice grade on the BFT yea it was a bit snotty out there as I was on the Pacific Voyager on a 2 day and it was definitely a pick bite. We managed a few and have fresh bft today for lunch!
  555. dweston

    Monday, August 5 th. on the PRIDE

    Way to go, nice report! I'll be out there tonight can't wait.
  556. dweston

    Bluefin Counts Getting Smaller

    Thats awesome leaving Tuesday night for a 2 day.