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  1. FAT CAT

    Rasta US80 Terminator

    Awesome! Love the CTHD.
  2. FAT CAT

    Seeker CJB80H and ESM7660

  3. FAT CAT

    2nd RCJB90XH for FHS Batson Raffle

    Love it! All the people that are lucky enough to win any of these rods (from all the builders) at the show are lucky bastards for sure.
  4. FAT CAT

    Blank painting how to

    It took awhile to find, but here is the Dawg's blank painting tutorial.
  5. FAT CAT

    Seeker CBW810 swimbait rod

    Nice work.
  6. FAT CAT

    Long Beach FHS Raffle Rod for Batson

  7. FAT CAT

    Rod blank paint

    I tried the Krylon on a blank, as I had used it with good success on reel seats, but when I applied a coat of CP-Xtra for a hard finish it was too hot for the paint and lifted it off the blank like paint remover. I don't think the Krylon would hold up as a blank finish for long on it's own...
  8. FAT CAT

    United Composites CE800XF for Josh

    Nice! That STTW rocks!
  9. FAT CAT

    Fred Hall Raffle Rod RCJB96XH

    You are right about that marbling being COOL! Nice work Todd.
  10. FAT CAT

    Varmac 9’ 25-50# - 2 piece

    Nice work. Bet pop's happy.
  11. FAT CAT

    Rod design for a Alvey reel

    Pat - Nick hasn't shown himself here for many years.
  12. FAT CAT

    United Composites GP76 Predator

    You always make color combos work and look awesome when they don't seem like they would work at all. I really like this one. Regarding the BD change - I was not happy about this latest change at first, but I now think it is an actual improvement. The only thing I miss is that the peoples real...
  13. FAT CAT

    AFTCO unibutt question

    The number one is for 30#, that's why there's no bent butt for it. You probably don't need a bent butt for 50# either, but if you want it then get a #2 bent butt and get the ferrule and collet nut and install it in place of the #1 ferrule. It may glue on over the #1, or you may have to remove it.
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    New to BD and New to rod building

    Well, I don't think you're going to find much help here for ice fishing rods, but we can answer some of your other questions. A kit is a great way to start, as all the components will be correct for the build and properly sized. One of the hardest parts of rod building for a newb is selecting...
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    Cal Star 700L Spinner Set-up.

    Teal and black is a great color combo. Looks like your first post to me - hope it's not your last - keep 'em coming.
  16. FAT CAT

    Conolon and a Buda

    Classic and classy! Nicely done.
  17. FAT CAT

    Glass 670 9'

    Nice clean work.
  18. FAT CAT

    Seeker SJ90F Build

    Clean for sure!
  19. FAT CAT

    Punisher Calstar 6460h

    Amigo, that came out great! You're improving with every build - keep it up.
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    Metallic Thread Fade Test

    About four months before doing the fade test I made a jigging rod for myself that used purple, blue and silver metallic, so I thought a comparison from then to now might be of value to someone looking at this thread. First as NEW. This is how it looks today (5 years later) The smudge mark...
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    Rod For Military Event

    Nice work on the grip.
  22. FAT CAT

    Metallic Thread Fade Test

    I noticed the same thing. Maybe Casey will share his results now that the thread is back up. I can add something further also. I found out that the Flex-coat lite I used had UV inhibiter. I hadn't read the label in a long time and didn't realize it had changed. I also tried the 303...
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    Metallic Thread Fade Test

    Here's the fade test.
  24. FAT CAT

    Metallic Thread Color Fail

    Color preserver won't help with fading. Epoxy yellows and thread colors fade (all of them). It's just a fact of life.
  25. FAT CAT

    Metallic Thread Color Fail

    Sorry to say that ALL brands of metallic thread fade. Purple is by far the worst. Search "Metallic fade test" in this forum for more info.
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    Help with length of wrap on a tuna rail rod.

    You'll always get better looking wraps if you start thinking metric.
  27. FAT CAT

    First two piece rod question

    What I do is check the straightness of the butt section and orient any curvature to be facing to the top side. Then spline the top as normal.
  28. FAT CAT

    Los Barriles fishing in March

    I live in Los Barriles. There are many options for charters here, from large operations like Hotel Palmas de Cortes' (largest charter fleet in Mexico) to small one boat operations. Because this will be your first visit, my advice would be to just chill and go with a charter through your hotel...
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    Long Beach Super Seeker Ulua Rewrap

    Looking better already!
  30. FAT CAT

    CUI F100 teal deckhand build

    Nice marble - well done.
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    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    That's a bad-ass build Todd. That grip looks like a whole lotta' work! It looks perfect to me. The photos are gigantic with this newest change. I can see all my errors too. Don't sweat it though, nobody else really will see the things you do - you know where to look.
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    Rainshadow 70M

    Good luck!
  33. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow 70M

    Nice work Hector. What's the raffle for?
  34. FAT CAT

    urushi G urushi

    Now that I can see them - they look killer!
  35. FAT CAT

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I can see the photos on my post (Reg. Pasta), but nobody else's is showing. Every time they "up-date" the site gets worse. Maybe that's why so many don't visit here any longer.
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    Lightening Strikes 3 times

    Yeah, I have. They work well.
  37. FAT CAT

    Lightening Strikes 3 times

    [QUOTE="so lucky to have Steve around every Tuesday." You guys are lucky! I got to meet Steve last month when he and his wife came through Cabo on a cruise. I even got him to be a mule and smuggle down some thread for me! One day I hope to stop by the class myself (at least for the food).
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    Regulation Rasta

    Thanks Jake.
  39. FAT CAT

    Regulation Rasta

    Thanks for your comments everyone.
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    Classic Seeker 196-6

    Very nice.
  41. FAT CAT

    #Squidlife Ulua

    Excellent, as always. I really like the photo wrap on this one.
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    Regulation Rasta

    This is a I.G.F.A. 24KG (50#) chair rod, that my customer is presenting to a charter captain in the Turks and Caicos islands. I guess he's big time Rasta-man.
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    Calstar GF700XL

    Excellent cross-wrap Ron. The scales pattern is not an easy one either. All around nice work.
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    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Let's get back on track.
  45. FAT CAT

    Syndicate build

    Killer colors in that STTW. Nice work.
  46. FAT CAT

    My 2019 builds

    Glad you posted your work Bryan. Sounds like you're fairly new to this addiction. Your wraps look great! Keep 'em coming.
  47. FAT CAT


    I think you meant All glass and not solid glass. Black and white is one of the harder combos to make look good, so you're doing real good.
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    Seeker CEX CLB704

    Welcome to the addiction Robbie.
  49. FAT CAT


    I'm not sure what "too much" means, but 60# is at the bottom of it's rating, so it's likely more than you really need.
  50. FAT CAT

    last couple for 2019

    You done good!
  51. FAT CAT

    2020 Donation Rod

    Thanks gents.
  52. FAT CAT

    GF 875XH

    Well, it looks good.
  53. FAT CAT

    2020 Donation Rod

    I made this one for the Orphanage Fund raiser. Ten foot surf spinning rod, on Am-Tac blank. The STTWs in the split-grip and ahead of the fore grip are a Doc Ski variation of the tiger wrap. It's a double open tiger over a base wrap of Voodoo Flash (a mini-braid). Basically two tiger top...
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    Phenix Black diamond 700ML with formal attire

    Cool rod Mike. Nice work.
  55. FAT CAT

    Varmac Christmas rods

    Welcome to the club.
  56. FAT CAT

    Wood Grain Seeker ESM7650 (pic heavy)

    Did you paint the blank? It really does look like wood. Clean wraps too!
  57. FAT CAT

    Varmac Christmas rods

    Kirk, we all started with the first build. I don't see anything rookie in your work. Good job and keep them coming.
  58. FAT CAT

    Seeker I've been lagging on

    Looks good.
  59. FAT CAT

    Gen 1 WTS Seeker re-wrap (pic heavy).

    Greatly improved.
  60. FAT CAT

    Patriotic Calstar BTG270-H

    Just plain ole' awesome!
  61. FAT CAT

    AT BA build

    Looks good Steve.
  62. FAT CAT

    Another ULUA Unicorn

    Very nice design on the cross-wrap.
  63. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow SB842 USA Theme

    Nice job. I really like the wrap on the guide.
  64. FAT CAT

    First time wrapping...

    So nice for a first rod that I can't wait to see #100. FYI - metallic threads are harder for most to use and metallic black looses it's reflective properties when finish is applied, so you're better off just using nylon black. The Electra "black" really isn't black at all.
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    Coffee grinder

    Now THAT'S how to test rods!!!!
  66. FAT CAT

    Coffee grinder

    Now that's outside the box! Awesome!
  67. FAT CAT

    Starter Set

    I'd go with the Mud Hole wrapper and you should check out their custom rod kits also, as they'll have everything you'll need to build your first rod and the parts will all fit as well. Wrap a couple of rods before investing in a power wrapper - it might not be your thing.
  68. FAT CAT

    Thrasher Albacore Build

    They look good under the tree.
  69. FAT CAT

    Seeker S665H

  70. FAT CAT

    Varmac VCBG 3-7 Seahawks Theme

    Cool looking rod.
  71. FAT CAT

    Calstar 6455L

    It even looks like a Christmas present! Beautiful work, as always Jim.
  72. FAT CAT

    #3 calstar unibutt

    Looks great amigo!
  73. FAT CAT

    Seeker S665H

    Looking good so far Robbie. Show it finished please. I'm sure your dad will be very happy.
  74. FAT CAT

    Experienced rod builder recommendation

    Yep - Grant. He's in Squim at Utmost Enterprises.
  75. FAT CAT

    Rev62ml walleye

    Gotta' call it "Cute." Where do you fish for walleyes?
  76. FAT CAT

    SD 70 XXH Blue flame

    Likin' that one!
  77. FAT CAT

    Update pics cowboys rod

    Looks great Francisco.
  78. FAT CAT


    Another beauty Jake.
  79. FAT CAT

    MHX Cowboys

    Well done!
  80. FAT CAT

    New to building...

    Welcome to the addiction Robbie. Looking forward to watching your skills advance, so keep posting your work. Looking good so far!
  81. FAT CAT

    80 MONSTER

  82. FAT CAT

    RainShadow RX9 2 of 2 done

    They make a nice pair.
  83. FAT CAT

    A couple of builds

    Nice work.
  84. FAT CAT


    That's an awesome looking rod Jake! The fades on the guides really work well.
  85. FAT CAT

    RainShadow Eternity RX9 build

    Pretty cool look.
  86. FAT CAT

    RCJB 84XXH for the Batson Booth

    That's a good lookin' rod!
  87. FAT CAT

    Ralphie (A Christmas Story) weave

    That is SOOOO cool Steve! Excellent work, as always.
  88. FAT CAT

    A few recent builds

    Looks like you've built a lot of rods. I don't see any rookie mistakes on any of them. Nice work.
  89. FAT CAT

    Last of 3 for Cosmo

    Thank you Bill.
  90. FAT CAT

    Last of 3 for Cosmo

    Thanks Steve.
  91. FAT CAT

    Seeker 7X

    Nice work.
  92. FAT CAT

    Last of 3 for Cosmo

    Thanks Ali.
  93. FAT CAT

    Last of 3 for Cosmo

    Thanks guys.
  94. FAT CAT

    Last of 3 for Cosmo

    This last rod has a story. I made Cosmo a popping rod a couple of years ago on a close-out blank (he was aware) and he loved the rod. That was the first popping rod I'd built, so I was happy it turned out so well for him. In the thread for the first rod of this threesome, I mentioned him...
  95. FAT CAT

    OH!! Calcutta!

    Very cool! We expect to see dead fish with it sometime soon.
  96. FAT CAT

    2nd of 3 for Chef Cosmo

    I really couldn't tell you. When I first met Cosmo (5 years ago) he was in Chicago. He's now got a place at a vineyard outside of Ensenada.
  97. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow RCJB 84 XH

    That's really nice work Bill.
  98. FAT CAT

    2nd of 3 for Chef Cosmo

    Robert, I don't think that's what Cosmo meant in this case. Thanks for the comments guys.
  99. FAT CAT

    Fades galore. Phenix XXH Swimbait Setup

    I'd be happy with that fade too Mike - it's excellent! I also really like the little blue trim on the guide wrap. Nice work all around.
  100. FAT CAT

    Unicorn ULUA build - WTS Blue Glass

    Looks great Steve. Like the reversing chevrons.
  101. FAT CAT

    2nd of 3 for Chef Cosmo

    This one is built on a Calstar GF700M/H, has a gold seat, custom EVA grips, a rubber gimbal and Fuji HD casting guides. Cosmo wants this one for local yellowtail fishing in Ensenada. When I asked him about colors (via e-mail) he said gold, copper and brown -"unless you think that would be...
  102. FAT CAT

    1st of 3 for Chef Cosmo in Ensenada

    Thanks for your comments guys.
  103. FAT CAT

    1st of 3 for Chef Cosmo in Ensenada

    Calstar 6460H shortened 5 inches from the butt. AFTCO seat and gimbal, smooth butt rear grip and EVA fore grip, Am-Tac turbo guides with blue rings. This wrap was inspired by a rod Cosmo had purchased from my tackle store display several years back for his wife and lost while returning to...
  104. FAT CAT

    Varmac VCBG 3-8 build

  105. FAT CAT

    Phenix M1 for my pops

    That should make Pops happy.
  106. FAT CAT


    Well, the workmanship is flawless and the rod is really unique, so gotta' call it a winner!
  107. FAT CAT

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    That's nice clean work Ralph. Excellent for your experience level.
  108. FAT CAT

    US80 Tilefish for JW

    I hope JW kills 'em with all those beauties.
  109. FAT CAT

    Ulua 99

    Nice color choices and clean work.
  110. FAT CAT

    Gods and Warriors rods 5-9

    All look great Patric. Nicely done.
  111. FAT CAT

    CX76 Invictus for JW

    Nice - again.
  112. FAT CAT

    770XH for Neil

  113. FAT CAT

    Patriotic viper

    Awesome job!
  114. FAT CAT

    CX76 Viper for JW

    JW's getting himself a damn nice set of rods!
  115. FAT CAT

    CE800Mega build

    That's pretty cool!
  116. FAT CAT

    CX76 Raptor for JW

    Another beauty. Nobody does theme rods better than you Jim.
  117. FAT CAT

    CX80 Raptor for JW

    Lovin' this one!
  118. FAT CAT


    Lookin' good Victor.
  119. FAT CAT


    Yes, readers will get you back to normal. You'll find you'll have to get more magnification as you age. I'm 72 and am up to 3.5X.
  120. FAT CAT


    Very nice.
  121. FAT CAT

    Seeker ESM painted and marbled

    You marbled the entire blank? Looks great, but how does it hold up to use? Seems like that would affect the rod's action too.
  122. FAT CAT

    Lani "Top Bitch"

    Well, that aught to get him laid! Beautiful.
  123. FAT CAT

    United Composites US76HP for Earl

    I was expecting ALL BLACK, so I was pleasantly surprised. You probably got some snooze time while doing the guides.
  124. FAT CAT

    Gold & Maroon Tiger - Donation Build

    Looks great Steve. Hope it brings good $$.
  125. FAT CAT

    Connollon build

    Yeah, better photos would be good (without your foot). Looks like good work from what I can see.
  126. FAT CAT

    Another Phenix Swimbait rod. 8’, 20-50lb

    Nice work Mike. That's a wild STTW.
  127. FAT CAT

    4 Batson Rainshadows: 3 RCJB84XHs and 1 RCLB70ML

    Awesome rods! You always put a lot of time and effort into your trip rods Brad and they're always top notch. The problem is you don't make enough trips. Seems like we have to wait a year to see your work.
  128. FAT CAT

    Who makes the best Stainless boat guide?

    That does look "simple" - I'll go out and buy a contraption like that right away.
  129. FAT CAT

    Truline D8

    Clean machine.
  130. FAT CAT


    Looks good.
  131. FAT CAT

    Seeker GTS80H

    Another very creative piece of art. Keep 'em coming Steve.
  132. FAT CAT

    Neptuna 527 Beefstick

    Another awesome rod.
  133. FAT CAT

    UC 800 Mega Red White & Blue

    All your work is excellent.
  134. FAT CAT

    CalStar Graphiter 875H Build

    I'm liking' your style.
  135. FAT CAT

    UC76 Viper - Aztec color palette.

    That's beautiful work Steve. Hope you continue to share your work with us.
  136. FAT CAT

    Spinning rod to Conventional Conversion

    Curtis, It doesn't sound as if you've got any rod building experience, so what you're thinking about doing is likely much more than you'll be able to accomplish. However, I don't know you and maybe you can do it. All the questions you're asking have been asked and answered on this board many...
  137. FAT CAT

    Adding a fuji reel plate

    I'm the guy that thinks deckhand style grips are DUMB AS HELL, so the Fuji wrap on seat makes sense to me. Or better yet a real reel seat. It sounds like you want to put a wrap-on seat on a rod that already is made deckhand style, so the Fuji would be a good choice. I don't understand your...
  138. FAT CAT

    Red Sabre 670

    That's a lot of red! Nice work, as always.
  139. FAT CAT

    Cal star 700XXH uncut

    Well done!
  140. FAT CAT

    Super Sayajin Rod

    They don't look too bad for two years of charter use in a panga. Ware looks normal for that use. Are the guides double wrapped or single? If single wrapped you might want to double up. In fact, I'd just do another layer of thread over them to repair them.
  141. FAT CAT

    Purple Progression

    Hey! You're pretty damn good at that shit.
  142. FAT CAT

    Thrift store Calstar build

    Great score! That's an awesome light line blank. Nicely built as well.
  143. FAT CAT

    customizing some factory rods

    Alex, Those are all excellent and way cool. You will never be perfect and no one else is either. You will always know where the errors are, but nobody else will ever notice. I think you've really upped your game with these. Wraps are tight and finish is smooth and clear. That's close enough...
  144. FAT CAT

    White Tiger Ulua for Aaron

    Really nice!
  145. FAT CAT

    Calstar Unlimited for Jeff Clary

    That's an unusual color combo and you did a great job with it. Bravo!
  146. FAT CAT


    I haven't heard of that one. Nice looking stick.
  147. FAT CAT

    Can these be called fishing rods?

    I call these things Poor Man's Center Riggers. Center console boats, like mine, usually have a rocket launcher (rod holders) at the back of the T-Top for storing rods that are not being used at the time. A number of anglers down here actually fish (while trolling) their shotgun rod from the...
  148. FAT CAT

    post your shop

    OK Alex, here's the photos you requested of my thread carriage and such. This has been modified over the years, but the rollers and thread tensioner were from Jann's Netcraft and they still have a similar hand wrapper for sale. The current version does not use rollers - it's just notched to...
  149. FAT CAT

    post your shop

    Why you want to embarres me Alex? I'll try to get a photo for you.
  150. FAT CAT

    Invictus for John N

    Always top notch work.
  151. FAT CAT

    Who makes the best Stainless boat guide?

    Maybe the water is saltier in Montana. If you don't grind the guides, then you'll get cracks at the end of the guide foot and water will penetrate and the guide will rust.
  152. FAT CAT

    Michael Myers (Halloween) weave

    Scares me! - and I ain't afraid nothin.' Nice work, as always, Steve.
  153. FAT CAT

    Conolon 11ft rewrapped

    Very well done Nhan.
  154. FAT CAT

    Tilefish Jr for Romel

    That's simple for you Jim. Simply beautiful!
  155. FAT CAT

    United Composites CP 80HP

    Nice as can be!
  156. FAT CAT

    UC 90 Mega Sarape

    Lots of work, but worth the effort. Top notch.
  157. FAT CAT

    Tan 100j Mag

    Nice work.
  158. FAT CAT

    76 VIPER

    I think this one might be my favorite from you Jake. The marbled reflective tape pumps up the volume.
  159. FAT CAT

    1st dragon scale

    Great first attempt. The dragon scale was conceived by Jim Trelikes (Webspinner), which is why they're often referred to as JTDS.
  160. FAT CAT

    United Composites UC70H Baitcaster

    I'm drooling all over the key board. Love the color combo.
  161. FAT CAT

    RCJB 90XH with new titaniu

    Well, I'm glad you're OK. Rod's beautiful!
  162. FAT CAT

    RCJB 90XH with new titaniu

    Are you OK Steve???
  163. FAT CAT

    Cabo Early October —-Just Good Old Fashion Fun....

    Looks like you're having a lot of fun.
  164. FAT CAT

    Cabo airport to Los Barilles?

    I'd book it ahead of time. Turs Pancho - [email protected] 011-52-624-127-3122 (dialing from the states)
  165. FAT CAT

    Seeker CSL 8030 for Peter

    Awesome, as always
  166. FAT CAT

    Wrapped another for Marcel

    You're doing fine Mike. Doing it for a cause is big bonus points too.
  167. FAT CAT

    Got my 50

    That's a moss-back for sure! WTG.
  168. FAT CAT

    Acid Wrap trolling rod problems

    As long as there's no sharp edges it's the same as rubbing on the guide ring.
  169. FAT CAT

    JTOB Varaition Tutorial revised

    Is this what you're looking for Kerry?
  170. FAT CAT

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    G, Sorry to see you've removed your photo post. That was not my intent at all. We all want to see your work (as well as other's that have posted on this thread), so please show it off. You guys are better than you think you are, so don't be shy. Again, I apologize. I must have sounded like...
  171. FAT CAT

    What do you use to shape foam grips?

    I'm a hand wrapper, so I also shape grips by hand with a vibrating hand sander. Just have to keep turning the grip to keep everything even when sanding. Here's some examples. All are EVA, I'm not a fan of Hypalon.
  172. FAT CAT

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    That's beautiful G. However, it's not a guide wrap. Start a thread to show off your great art.
  173. FAT CAT

    CE800 Del Mar for Todd

    NICE! Like the colors.
  174. FAT CAT

    Regan (The Exorcist) weave

    Amazing work, as always Steve.
  175. FAT CAT

    OSP 1 X 3

    Looks great!
  176. FAT CAT

    Pj 83

    Nicely done! Hope your bendo with it now.
  177. FAT CAT

    Tack cloth pre finish

    X2 on the painter's tape.
  178. FAT CAT


    Another beauty.
  179. FAT CAT

    Rasta tiger wrap

    Nice tiger you got there.
  180. FAT CAT

    Rasta tiger wrap

    Cool one!
  181. FAT CAT

    Live Bait Rod for Joey

    Looks good Francisco.
  182. FAT CAT

    2 for Mile's and Ken's Fall Classic

    Beautiful work Len.
  183. FAT CAT

    Seeker csl270h-8

    Nice work.
  184. FAT CAT

    Extended D7 rework

    You did good Mike. Looks like the guide belongs there.
  185. FAT CAT


    Nice! Great colors.
  186. FAT CAT

    Conventional Rod without trigger grip?

    The trigger is for a level-wind reel. With a conventional reel the trigger is in the way. For sure, you can re-guide the spinner to conventional. The spline won't be an issue.
  187. FAT CAT

    Super Seeker BH89

    A clean classic.
  188. FAT CAT


    If all your work is this nice, you really do need to show it off here for the dinosaurs, like me, that don't do other social media.
  189. FAT CAT

    Black Hole 761MH re-wrap

    Very well done Barry.
  190. FAT CAT

    Decal in between throop / tiger wrap? Requesting for pics

    If you are asking about text decals between the thread layers, I don't think anyone has done that, as it would likely be hard to read, but I've put fish decals between layers several times.
  191. FAT CAT


    That's a good looking rod!
  192. FAT CAT

    Team Hoo' Terminator

  193. FAT CAT

    UC US76 Predator! All alps! All Business!

    With the thread title, I was expecting all black with no trim. So looking was a nice surprise. CTHD is cool.
  194. FAT CAT

    Seeker SJ90 for Brian

  195. FAT CAT


    WOW! "That's hot."
  196. FAT CAT

    Railrod for Capt. Rob

    Nice work Einar.
  197. FAT CAT

    Rasta'd out Calstar 775XXH

    I'll toke that!
  198. FAT CAT

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Nicely done Jay! Now you can fish it till you're 112.
  199. FAT CAT

    OSP 2X4

    Nice work Jake.
  200. FAT CAT

    Old Harnells... restoration

    Better than new!
  201. FAT CAT

    RCLB70l 15/30

    That's sweet Steve. She'll love it, I'm sure.
  202. FAT CAT

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Jigstickjeff, that white/silver rod is a masterpiece on every level.
  203. FAT CAT

    US80 Tilefish for Karen

    Killer scales wrap Jim!
  204. FAT CAT

    909h I built for myself

    Nice one! Great Throop warp.
  205. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow Jig Stick

    Looks great, but it looks more like a marble job than a but-wrap.
  206. FAT CAT

    A batch of Rainshadows

    You gotta' be way ahead of the deadline with these. Nice selection of fishing rods.
  207. FAT CAT

    Help with tuna jigging rod please

    Joe, what MHX blank are you using? I thought the jigging blanks were "Custom Builder" and those are 6 foot or less.
  208. FAT CAT

    "The Man with the Golden Gun"

  209. FAT CAT

    4 New Seekers for Bob K

    More awesomeness!
  210. FAT CAT

    Found one on the 152.

    Very interesting fish story. Hope you tell us more of them. I also fish marlin solo (in my case it's "old guy extreme sport) and I was afraid for you while reading your story. What would have happened if you'd have fallen in while steering through the window? You might have ended up in your...
  211. FAT CAT

    Turk Head. Looking for feedback

    Better than mine.
  212. FAT CAT

    UC CX80 Raptor by Moon

    Moon does nice work. Hope you catch a monster with it.
  213. FAT CAT

    Casting lures for Marlin?

    You can get bit with just about any casting lure, but you'll lose most marlin due to the hooks. Replace trebbles with a single hook - that will help.
  214. FAT CAT

    Road Trip to BOLA

    Nice Jurel Alex!
  215. FAT CAT

    Finally the movement on my tiger wrap

    Nice Throop wrap you got there.
  216. FAT CAT

    Show off your handles

    Like the Guide Wrap thread, but for handles. OK, here's a few.
  217. FAT CAT

    Flex coat high build Vs. ?

    FYI - It's no longer Bullard D-II, it's Voodoo. Like most things with rod building you'll need to figure out yourself what finish works best for you, but they all work just fine for someone. I use Flex-Coat Lite and D-II.
  218. FAT CAT

    Applying 2nd coat of wrap finish

    If you talking about a second coat on a new build, you don't need to do any sanding, just apply the finish. If it's a second coat over an older finish, you STILL don't need to sand, but you DO need to clean the wraps well with DNA. The alcohol will roughen the surface enough for the new coat...
  219. FAT CAT


    Well done Jake.
  220. FAT CAT

    Calstar 610 for Steve

    You never disappoint Jim. Another beauty.
  221. FAT CAT

    Temporary Import Permit - TIP - Question

    Brian, I live in BCS, so I got my TIP done in La Paz. I started a new one, as there was only about 2 years left on the original and I bought the new engines in the states and was about to bring them down (to be installed down here). When I came across the border with them the motors were then...
  222. FAT CAT

    CX80 Raptor for Barry G

    Nice one!
  223. FAT CAT

    Temporary Import Permit - TIP - Question

    Sorry amigo, but you're wrong about that. If you get checked by the Navy and your engine numbers don't match your paper-work, they will assume the engines are stolen or there is something else not legal happening and they just might confiscate your boat. I've re-powered one boat here already...
  224. FAT CAT

    Three more rods for my EXCEL Charter.

    Nice stuff Brad. The rods, the charter, the anniversary rod - WTG!
  225. FAT CAT

    CX80 Raptor for Anthony

    Another beauty!
  226. FAT CAT

    Gudebrod 9252

    Jim, I also found a hundred yard spool, but figured it wasn't worth the effort to get it to you, but it now sounds like it might be worth it, so I'll get it to you eventually (I have to send it back north with someone).
  227. FAT CAT

    CE1000 Wahoo for Kyle

    Very nice! Those SDPWs really personalize the rod.
  228. FAT CAT

    Black dragon scale

    Black metallic just looks like black nylon once finish is applied, so it won't have the reflective values that other metallic threads have and that's what makes the scales work.
  229. FAT CAT

    Lamiglas GP1022MH

    Very cool build Jim. You know I like the fish. I think the cord grips will work well with cold wet hands.
  230. FAT CAT

    Set of Rainshadow RCLB70MLs

    Unfortunately, The Cops just figure insurance will cover everything, so they don't look very hard.
  231. FAT CAT

    "Bluefin" Viper for Mike

  232. FAT CAT


    I love that! Really a cool marble job Steve.
  233. FAT CAT

    In's and out's for making custom rods

    It sounds like you're just starting to build, so it seems kinda' strange to me that you already want to start a business, but you will need a business license in order to buy blanks wholesale. I'd suggest you get good at building rods before you go pro.
  234. FAT CAT

    Calstar GF-7400M for Richard

    Yes, painting the areas where light threads are to be used will make the light colors brighter.
  235. FAT CAT

    First build

    Outstanding fist build Kirk. Looking forward to the next one.
  236. FAT CAT

    Fuji bmnag and bhnng

    Len that is a perfect description.
  237. FAT CAT

    Marlin Moon

    They call it a marlin moon because they bite better during that moon faze. The blue ones get very aggressive. So, go marlin fishing.
  238. FAT CAT


    Could not be a better match - excellent work Jake.
  239. FAT CAT

    Getting finish down through 2 wraps

    Most rods built have their finish applied after the wraps are complete, so you'll be fine as is. The finish is for protection of the wraps and is not about strength.
  240. FAT CAT

    Star Spangled Monster

    I'd salute that! Awesome work.
  241. FAT CAT

    Guide feet prep tool & 30" belt sander

    You obviously have latent engineering tendencies. Can I send you my guides? Nice build!
  242. FAT CAT

    Kangaroo having a beer weave

    Now THAT'S cool!
  243. FAT CAT


    Very nice and very clean.
  244. FAT CAT

    White over Metallic

    Seems like that should have worked without CP. You likely need to pack the white thread tighter. CP won't cover gaps.
  245. FAT CAT

    Tiger wrap guides

    While I don't think it's right for your build, it is possible to do tiger wraps on the guide (not the under-wrap). Here's a couple I've done.
  246. FAT CAT

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    I have very good results with the acid brushes. Don't use blow dryers, as they introduce contaminates like dust to the finish. Use an alcohol torch or a cig. lighter to bust bubbles. The best advice is to NOT apply too much finish, so that the bubbles can escape faster. Don't use too much...
  247. FAT CAT

    mixed bag

    Like the blue combo.
  248. FAT CAT

    Blue Seeker OSP2x4

    Always perfect!
  249. FAT CAT

    Calstar GF-7400M for Richard

    Your getting better with each build and that's a good thing. You never stop learning with this addiction.
  250. FAT CAT

    Rods 2 & 3 for ME!

    Looks like you're coming along nicely. Give us some closer photos please.
  251. FAT CAT

    Green saber for Jeff Clary

    Clean build. Looks great.
  252. FAT CAT

    Seeker CBW809

  253. FAT CAT

    700mh blue abalone

    Robert, regarding the seam - it hides itself by letting it overlap itself about 1/16." Once finish is applied you won't be able to see it.
  254. FAT CAT

    Winding check question

    No cure for that without the machine shop, except maybe replacing the grip with one with a larger OD.
  255. FAT CAT

    700mh blue abalone

    Very nice work Robert. When you screw up the ab - heat it and peel away the ab and then use Goof-off to remove the adhesive from the blank. Clean the area with alcohol before trying again. I've found that it doesn't take much heat to bend it around the blank and too much heat makes it worse...
  256. FAT CAT

    Last one of three for Jerrett

    Nice work Jake. I'm liking the subtle red inlays against the purple.
  257. FAT CAT

    A bunch for team Rainshadow

    Really nice work Grant. And lucky you - they didn't have to look the same!
  258. FAT CAT

    US80 Predator for Thad

    You da' man!
  259. FAT CAT

    2nd one for Jerrett

    Nice work Jake.
  260. FAT CAT

    CE900 Monster for Robert

  261. FAT CAT


    Very clean and classic looking. Nice work Jake. I usually paint the wrap areas for white (or light) threads.
  262. FAT CAT

    Decal removal

    Yes, wrap over it.
  263. FAT CAT

    Seeker OSP 2x4 twisted Barney

    Real men don't care what others say. I like the colors. Nicely done Barry.
  264. FAT CAT

    CX76 Viper for Brian

    Nice! The CTHD is a winner!
  265. FAT CAT

    CX76 Raptor for Brian

    Beautiful! I'm liking the way you've been finishing the cord grips with thread wraps. Really improves the over-all look.
  266. FAT CAT

    80lb shark/rail rod

    Outside the box for sure, but very interesting. Hope you used a pipe with a heavy wall thickness for the butt.
  267. FAT CAT

    Unlimited rod build

    I hope you don't get hurt Chris.
  268. FAT CAT

    United Composites Phantom

    Unique = good going.
  269. FAT CAT


    Now THAT'S cool!
  270. FAT CAT

    LORETO REPORT (striped marlin) - June 22, 2019

    I wondered where they went! Nice that they weren't picky about color.
  271. FAT CAT

    Phenix Black Diamond "FRANK THE TANK"

    Nice work. Bet dad's proud.
  272. FAT CAT

    Calstar 665 refurb. "Steelers"

    Looks great!
  273. FAT CAT

    Maximum Carnage

    Another masterpiece!
  274. FAT CAT


    WAAAAY Better than black on black would have been. Really nice work Jake.
  275. FAT CAT

    Seeker OSP3X

    Great looking rod!
  276. FAT CAT


  277. FAT CAT

    Black Hole Cape Cod Nano

    Great colors. Nice work.
  278. FAT CAT

    Seeker CJB80H for David

    Awesome - Again!
  279. FAT CAT

    First build coming this looking about right?

    It's always best to start with the basics. You've built a nice rod for your first and you're going to be stoked when you catch your first fish on it.
  280. FAT CAT


    That's outstanding Jake.
  281. FAT CAT

    Mystery cross wrap

    First off, it sounds like this will be your first closed cross-wrap, but you didn't say if you've done any other cross-wraps (open) or not. If you haven't done a few easier wraps then I wouldn't recommend you attempt one as challenging as the one you show here. Try doing a chevron over a base...
  282. FAT CAT


    A rod that beautiful will most definitely make $$.
  283. FAT CAT

    Mixed quiver

    Those'll work!
  284. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow RPT100MH Tuna Popper

    Love the corn dog graphic.
  285. FAT CAT

    Rctb 70xxxxh

    Nicely done!
  286. FAT CAT

    Hula Girl 775XXH for Michael

    Very nice look.
  287. FAT CAT

    007 Terminator for Chris

    Nobody does theme rods better than you Jim. I like the rifling effect.
  288. FAT CAT

    SIC guide input

    So, where is it that you purchase these Fuji HB guides with SIC inserts?
  289. FAT CAT

    GT Popping Rod Help

    Sorry, I don't have that info.
  290. FAT CAT

    GT Popping Rod Help

    The tuna popping rod is using 80# braid too.
  291. FAT CAT

    GT Popping Rod Help

    You would most likely find the best guidance for this build from the popping experts (like black hole), as that's a very specialized technique and a relatively new one too. I've only built one popping rod in my 40+ years of rod building, so I can't call myself an expert, but I can make a few...
  292. FAT CAT

    8' varmac

    That's a nice looking rod! Is this your first rod post here? Hope it's not your last.
  293. FAT CAT

    550 weave

    Nice work.
  294. FAT CAT

    Super Seeker 6480H for Kenny

    I'm loving this one Jim. Between the extra cool graphic of the wahoo and the very cool STTWs bordering it, you knocked it out of the park.
  295. FAT CAT

    SIC guide input

    Silicone Nitrate. You just think they're SIC.
  296. FAT CAT

    Original Fenwick colors?

    I'm old and my memory sometimes plays tricks with me, but the way I remember it, Fenwick's colors were proprietary. They were similar to the standard Godebrod browns, but just a bit different. Most large manufacturers did that to prevent inferior copies being sold under their name.
  297. FAT CAT

    Epoxying Base Wrap

    As said above - no thread finish for the blank. It won't last and will crack and peel.
  298. FAT CAT

    SIC guide input

    I'm going to have to call them SIN guides and not SIC, because the SIC are only available with a gray frame. The SIN insert pretty much looks like the SIC, but it is not as hard. It is plenty hard though and will do any task the SIC will do.
  299. FAT CAT

    CE900 Wahoo for Jeff

    Awesome work.
  300. FAT CAT

    Epoxying Base Wrap

    NO PROBLEM! In fact your rod will look good longer by applying a light coat of finish on every thread layer. I've been doing them that way for 30 plus years. I also often refresh rods with another coat of finish years after they were built with no "delamination" from the original finish, by...
  301. FAT CAT

    Vendetta Predator

    I'm seeing red - and I like it!
  302. FAT CAT

    Calstar 800ML for Wesley

    Looks good in the shade too!
  303. FAT CAT

    Last one for Adrian

    Killer job Jake. Love the hot colors.
  304. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow unknown

    Very nice work.
  305. FAT CAT

    2 UC's for Jason....

    No doubt about those being custom. Beautiful.
  306. FAT CAT

    Ulua White Tiger

    You can use nylon white thread without color preserver to make a clear (almost) wrap.
  307. FAT CAT

    3 Seekers for Lea Anne

    She did good! Beautiful work, as always Jim.
  308. FAT CAT


  309. FAT CAT

    Varmac VCG 4-8 with metallic tiger

    Excellent work Patrick. Extra points for all metallic too.
  310. FAT CAT

    CX76 Viper for Gail

    LOVE IT!
  311. FAT CAT


    Very nice Ray.
  312. FAT CAT

    Juggernaut Invictus

    Lovin' the blues.
  313. FAT CAT

    UCMC Themed Bass Rod

    Fantastic work Robert!
  314. FAT CAT

    Will this qualify Steve?

    Grant, Thanks for making me feel better about my computer skills. The threads are time stamped you know. Steve, thank you so much for sharing your stash with me. This was a fun build. Thanks to everyone for your comments.
  315. FAT CAT

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    A few recent wraps.
  316. FAT CAT

    Harley colors for a pet rescue silent auction

    Hope it does well and helps the Vets.
  317. FAT CAT

    Skinny ulua

    Nice clean wraps - looks great.
  318. FAT CAT

    Will this qualify Steve?

    Steve Tomiyama (8 Week Wonder) was kind enough to send me a selection of Gudebrod matt finished metallic threads that I had missed when they were available. Steve had only one requirement, which was, to "make something cool with them." So all threads on this rod are from that thread selection...
  319. FAT CAT

    Eric Clapton weave completed

    Always amazing work Steve.
  320. FAT CAT

    HAMACHI weave

    Looks great!
  321. FAT CAT


    Another winner Jake.
  322. FAT CAT


    Very nice.
  323. FAT CAT

    Triple for Adrian

    Nice work Jake.
  324. FAT CAT

    Which Bent Butt?

    Are you going to fishing the rod "stand-up" or from a chair? If stand-up, you need a "short" butt. I'm not sure if Pac-Bay makes a short in anything but a #2, but that's likely what you'll need. I'm not familiar with your blank, so don't know how much you'll need to cut it, or what diameter...
  325. FAT CAT

    Phenix Swimbait Rod, 7-8 mh with carbon fiber galore

    You be stylin' Mike! Very nice looking rod.
  326. FAT CAT

    Matching Rod Sets

    I've done them both ways you mentioned, but I usually make the first one and then match the rest to it. It helps if you keep good track of your measurements on the first rod (guide spacing, wrap lengths etc) so you can lay out the next one correctly.
  327. FAT CAT


    Do the bristles stay attached Steve? The flex coat brushes can be easily flattened with a pair of needle nose pliers, just behind the bristles.
  328. FAT CAT

    Seeker SSR 3X4 with Winthorp Butt

    Looks killer Barry.
  329. FAT CAT


    Beauties both. Excellent work Jake.
  330. FAT CAT

    Seeker 2×4

    Really unique work. Love it!
  331. FAT CAT

    Set of Rainshadow RCLB70MLs

    Excellent work Robert.
  332. FAT CAT

    Vertical Jigger-Spin

    Thanks Jake.
  333. FAT CAT

    Vertical Jigger-Spin

    Thanks Brad.
  334. FAT CAT

    Kyle Kinsinger CX76 Viper memorial rod

    Awesome on every level. Special is an understatement with this rod.
  335. FAT CAT

    ID Fishing Rod Maker

    Doesn't look like you paid too much.
  336. FAT CAT

    Vertical Jigger-Spin

    Thanks for your comments guys.
  337. FAT CAT

    White blank phenix

    Nice work.
  338. FAT CAT

    WT-old thread-Gudebrod.

    Glad I could help Mike.
  339. FAT CAT

    How To Finish End Of Chevron / Daimond Wrap

    Your biggest problem is the lack of taper on the cross-wrap, which causes your tie-off wrap to jump down to the blank, leaving the gap. You can do a safety wrap as described above, or you can start the tie-off wrap and cut and taper the cross-wrap as you go. If you do the method above, you'd...
  340. FAT CAT

    UC CX76Viper

  341. FAT CAT

    Vertical Jigger-Spin

    I started my wrapping season last fall with a build for a new customer. He wanted a 50# stand-up trolling rod. He liked his rod enough to order a second one to match. Below are the pair. He next wanted a vertical jigging rod, but was not sure about just what he needed. So, while he was...
  342. FAT CAT

    Invictus for Keith

    Another beauty.
  343. FAT CAT

    A couple for Sergio

    Awesome, beautiful work Jake.
  344. FAT CAT

    Latest build - this is what happens when a 1y/o picks the colors...

    I'm thinking your son is going to be an artist when he grows up. Excellent color choices. You did a great job putting that together. I really like the spiral.
  345. FAT CAT

    A few pics of a couple of rods built for my fav lure builder!!

    Glad to see you posting your beautiful work here Jim.
  346. FAT CAT

    Old blank restored for rock fishing.

    Really nice work. Hope the blank proves to be worth the effort.
  347. FAT CAT

    Rod Flex coat repair

    From the sound of what you're describing, it would most likely be in need of stripping and re-wrapping.
  348. FAT CAT

    Finish on base wraps

    I coat the base wrap before wrapping the guides.
  349. FAT CAT

    United Composites US800Mag

    Exactly what "custom built" means. WTG Art!
  350. FAT CAT

    For The Kid

    There's nothing wrong with that build and doing together with your son makes it a super build.
  351. FAT CAT


    You should figure the costs involved with building the rod into the final price. Brushes of any kind cost $. So does masking tape, blades, thread, etc, etc.
  352. FAT CAT

    Finished Marine Corp emblem wrap rod

    You nailed it Brad!
  353. FAT CAT


    For years I used sable brushes and cleaned them. When the Internet came along and I could see work from other builders I saw that my finish work could use some improvement. So, I found a guy here on BD, by the name of Randy Search, who's finish just looked better than anybodies and found out...
  354. FAT CAT

    Versa-Blend Fish

    Thanks guys.
  355. FAT CAT

    Another all Batson build

  356. FAT CAT

    Versa-Blend Fish

    It's official, I'm stuck on fish wraps. This time it's a faux tigerfish design over a Pro-Wrap "Versa-Blend" variegated metallic base wrap. This will be the last "future" rod for the tackle shop for this year and is one of my cheaper options. Built on an Am-Tac glass blank, rated for 30-60...
  357. FAT CAT

    Set of 4 Seekers

    Very nice set of rods. Way to go Patrick.
  358. FAT CAT

    A few funny painted seekers

    They are for sure different. Nice looking guide wraps.
  359. FAT CAT

    Roosters - Baja or Costa Rica?

    Yes, the Punta Colorada hotel is closed.
  360. FAT CAT

    Another restore...Chocolate IGFA Uniibutt Sabre

    I would have never thought you could have saved that Uni-butt. Must have took a lot of elbow grease. Nice save Mike.
  361. FAT CAT

    Super Sayajin Rod

    Thanks for the corrosion up-date Alex. Good info.
  362. FAT CAT

    Super Sayajin Rod

    Those tangle proof guides are very popular in Florida and the gulf coast. Let us know how they hold up to the elements (corrode).
  363. FAT CAT

    Latest build - kind of worth sharing.

    Looks good KC. I'm sure your daughter is happy. Is the handle pink came EVA? Hard to tell what it is in the photos. Please keep posting you work here for all of us to enjoy.
  364. FAT CAT

    First Rod Build - Rainshadow RCLB 70M

    Well, from what I can tell from the photo and the vids, I'd say it looks like you've built more than one. I'm a little confused about the videos though. Are those the same tiger wrap? Looks very different in each video.
  365. FAT CAT

    DIY Travel Rods

    Mud Hole has them.
  366. FAT CAT

    Question about travel rods

    It's doable, but not really a good idea, unless you're an old guy with lots of experience doing that sort of thing. You can buy travel blanks (or rods) today.
  367. FAT CAT

    Make Your Own Decals

    You can make your own water slide decals with a ink-jet printer. There are some limitations, but as long as you use dark colors over a lighter thread base they look good. You can get a kit from C&M Tackle (Acid Rod) with everything you need to do them and also the decal paper.
  368. FAT CAT

    DIY Travel Rods

    There is another option. The chrome seat is an old Lakeland ferruled seat, that like the ferrules above, are no longer made. However, the Pac Bay seat is currently made.
  369. FAT CAT

    Super Sayajin Rod

    Theme rods are always fun to build. As Grant said, you're coming along nicely Alex. Keep 'em coming.
  370. FAT CAT

    My kids new stick

    Great tiger.
  371. FAT CAT


    Thanks guys.
  372. FAT CAT


    I got some more to load. ?????
  373. FAT CAT


    Calstar Grafighter 7465M/L, Pac-Bay seat and gimbal, Fuji SIN guides. At least it's a different kind of fish wrap this time. Sorry, there's something different going on here. I'm being told my photo files are too large and I've cut them down several times, but they're still too large. Never...
  374. FAT CAT

    Love restoring!!!

    Like brand new.
  375. FAT CAT

    Heading to the east cape

    You didn't happen to loose a rod last summer near Costa Azul, did you? I have a nice tip section of what looks to be a Cousins travel rod that a Mexican friend of mine found while snorkeling last year. It's in perfect condition, so it wasn't in the water long.
  376. FAT CAT

    Súper Panga abailable in Loreto?

    Yes, there are super pandas in Loreto and larger gringo type boats as well. I've fished there a few times with a captain who uses his own boat. His name is Alejo and his house is about a block from the marina. I have his contact info somewhere and will look for it and get it to you. He's a...
  377. FAT CAT

    WT-old thread-Gudebrod.

    I probably have most of what you want Mike, but you're going to have to wait till I die to get it. I'll let my wife know you you're interested.
  378. FAT CAT

    Great Community

    Rod looks great Kevin - GO GET 'EM!
  379. FAT CAT

    Heading to the east cape

    Soriana's and most of the larger markets usually have squid slabs and they're much cheaper than buying locally from the tackle store or the bait sellers on the beach. They also sell market squid which would probably work as well or better for the yellowtail and snappers, as you won't be...
  380. FAT CAT

    Help needed: rod build for Broncos fan. Stuck.

    I believe those reel seats require a special rear grip (it's made for it) and Winn doesn't make one. You could get a regular painted seat and that should work with the grips.
  381. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow RCJB86H

    Very nice!
  382. FAT CAT

    Grim Reaper weave completed

    That's awesome Steve! Good choice doing the Throop borders.
  383. FAT CAT

    Seeker SS-CJBF80H

    Looks great, but needs a reel seat.
  384. FAT CAT

    Lightening Strikes 3 times

    Sorry buddy, but that's art!
  385. FAT CAT

    East Cape Report 3/2 & 3/3

    Where were you fishing? Pesdcadero, La Rebera, Muetros?
  386. FAT CAT


    Yeah - "kinda' pretty." Nice work Jake.
  387. FAT CAT

    Lightening Strikes 3 times

    Those are all masterpieces. You really make unique art.
  388. FAT CAT

    Seeker CLB806

    Looks as good as the last one!
  389. FAT CAT

    Ultimate Road Warrior?

    Great idea to use the two piece reel seat in your application. Versatility is important in a travel rod.
  390. FAT CAT

    Seeker ESM 7650

    Another beauty.
  391. FAT CAT

    Need some pointers on the fish scale pattern?

    OK,I looked around and found the instructions. This should help. I don't have a scanner, so just took photos.
  392. FAT CAT

    Need some pointers on the fish scale pattern?

    Everyone seems to be on the right track, but explaining it in writing is difficult to understand (even for me). As mentioned, your wrapping on a cone, so there is less space to fill with threads on the tip end than on the butt end, so basically you need to allow for that fact. A simple way to...
  393. FAT CAT

    More fishies

    Thanks for your comments gents.
  394. FAT CAT

    More fishies

    You'll have to talk to your local rod builder for that info. I'm not a "real" rod builder - I just make art you can fish with.
  395. FAT CAT


    Really nice Jake. I'm liking all your tape creations.
  396. FAT CAT

    Roosters - Baja or Costa Rica?

    With regard to your time frame, you need to know that the closer to September it gets the more likely you could have to deal with a hurricane. If you're wanting the rooster/billfish combo, I recommend the last 2 weeks of July and the first 2 weeks of August. The blues normally peak in that...
  397. FAT CAT

    More fishies

    I think about half the cross-wraps I've done over the years have been fish wraps. They have always seemed appropriate for a fishing rod. This is my latest version, done on a Calstar 6465H blank, with Fuji Hardloy guides, Pac-Bay seat and gimbal and EVA grips.
  398. FAT CAT

    Roosters - Baja or Costa Rica?

    Well, it would most likely be cheaper to fish Baja. Costa Rica and Panama charters are generally more expensive. From where you are time to get there would favor Costa Rica. I live in southern Baja and time of year is important if you're looking for "Bubba class" fish, but there are small...
  399. FAT CAT

    Roosters - Baja or Costa Rica?

    I've caught them in both locations. Probably the most important issue for your decision would be time of year you're looking to fish.
  400. FAT CAT

    For some creative inspiration....

    They look to be color preserved. I agree Casey, they do make great unique under-wraps. Here's a couple I've done.
  401. FAT CAT

    Fire plait

    I'm trying to figure out how to convert it to a thread wrap. One pattern would have been a lot of work and taken a lot of thought - but two! You da' man Todd!
  402. FAT CAT

    "Ursula" Invictus

    Beautiful work, as always. That is a nice blue. So, what kind of thread is it?
  403. FAT CAT

    Epoxy Cracking At Foot

    Another way that happens is from not wrapping tight enough as you climb the guide foot. Some guys try to move the thread forward at the start of the foot and push it back as they wrap up the foot. That results in a too loose wrap that shows up just like you are showing here. It looks like just...
  404. FAT CAT

    another one for the '19 Batson booth

    WOW! Stunning work Len.
  405. FAT CAT


  406. FAT CAT

    Batson Fred Hall Rod

    Likin' that!
  407. FAT CAT

    another one for the '19 Batson booth

    First off, I'm loving the look of the build. The finish progression photos and write-up are great. That's almost the way I do them too. One thing I do different is before wrapping the guide on I apply a coat of finish to the area between the guide feet, which helps everything even up with the...
  408. FAT CAT

    Last for the rack

    Thanks for your comments guys.
  409. FAT CAT

    Last for the rack

    Steve, I don't think it's appropriate to answer that here, as MHX is not a sponsor of this site and there is another fine blank maker that is. I'll PM you. But I can say that I build on everyone's blanks.
  410. FAT CAT

    Last for the rack

    These two rods will be the last for the tackle store for a while. These are my cheaper options, so nothing too fancy or time consuming in the builds, but they still have to look good. Both are built on the same MHX Power Tip blank. Six footers, rated for 50 -80 pound line.
  411. FAT CAT

    Marine Corp Weave

    Awesome work Brad!
  412. FAT CAT

    another one for the '19 Batson booth

    I love your sense of humor Len. Nice tutorial too.
  413. FAT CAT

    Mudhole blanks question

    The label has both the logo and rod specs on one label and also a serial number of the blank for the warranty. You apply it to the rod.
  414. FAT CAT

    HXW Raptor Trolling Blank.

    I think we need more information before we can make an informed recommendation. What will you be fishing for with these rods? Are you stand-up fishing or using a fighting chair? You mention weight, which is not normally a factor with a trolling rod, as they spend most of their time in a rod...
  415. FAT CAT


    I just wish All businesses were as good as Voodoo.
  416. FAT CAT

    What kind of Fuji

    Well, it's an old one that hasn't been made for awhile. Their designs change and that guide was replaced with a better, lighter "turbo" style guide. I think those used aluminum oxide rings.
  417. FAT CAT

    Some rods in the works

    Maybe I can help a bit. You're talking about what we call the "tells." It's where each wrap starts and stops. Some builders pride themselves on making them perfectly straight and that sounds like what you are trying to achieve. So the answer is you just gotta' practice. I'm not one to worry...
  418. FAT CAT

    Some rods in the works

    Looks to me like they were made by a pro. If you can master that fade, you'll do just fine with everything else.
  419. FAT CAT

    Varmac VCBG 6-7’ 40-80 lbs.

    I thought it might be. It will get down to me next month. Hope I can make something worthy with it.
  420. FAT CAT

    Super Seeker SS-CJBF80H

    Even the STTW says wahoo! Just awesome Jim.
  421. FAT CAT

    Varmac VCBG 6-7’ 40-80 lbs.

    WOW! I love this one Steve. Beautiful color.
  422. FAT CAT

    Swimbait rod in the process

    Coming along nicely.
  423. FAT CAT

    Batson FHS Raffle Rod Rainshadow RCJB 84XXH with all Alps/Batson components

    Nice work Einar. The Throop wrap is real "tiger-ee."
  424. FAT CAT

    Sometimes you just want to do something simple

    You're a better man than me Steve.
  425. FAT CAT

    Unbaweavable 540

    That really looks nice. Great work.
  426. FAT CAT

    New bass rod

    Custom rods are always special. She'll love it I'm sure, as it was made "special" for her. Keep up the nice clean work.
  427. FAT CAT

    Grim Reaper weave

    Scares me and I aint afraid of nothing. Awesome work, as always Steve.
  428. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow 10’ tuna popper

    Nice clean work Freddy. You have the right to be proud of it.
  429. FAT CAT

    Viper and Centaur for Don

    You nailed it!
  430. FAT CAT

    Great Community

    You're welcome Kevin. They needed a job.
  431. FAT CAT

    OOPS! I spilled my Crayons.

    Thanks for your comments guys.
  432. FAT CAT

    OOPS! I spilled my Crayons.

    This one is a MHX graphite blank that I'm going to keep for "testing" purposes (that's what I told my wife). It's rated for 30-80 pound line, got some tri-color Clemens grips, AFTCO seat and gimbal and Fuji Alconite guides. I decided to have some fun with color.
  433. FAT CAT

    Batson Raffle Rods for 2019 LB FHS

    WOW! WOW! WOW!
  434. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow ‘s for Fred Hall Long Beach

    Well said brother.
  435. FAT CAT

    Tilefish for Mike...

    Catching 'em with style!
  436. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow ‘s for Fred Hall Long Beach

    Awesome looking rods! Someone's going to be very happy.
  437. FAT CAT

    Rail Rod for the Batson Booth

    That's going to draw a lot of interest at the show. Looks like you've done SDPWs before (oh yeah, I guess you have).
  438. FAT CAT

    Fanatastic Trip In Panama

    Looks like fun. I love that area.
  439. FAT CAT

    Resin got really thick

    For your resin 60 degrees is cold. The microwave trick works, but I'd suggest you just stick it somewhere above 70 degrees for awhile and see if it thins. Finish is the one place where I won't take short-cuts or use anything that doesn't look right. Not worth the trouble to save a few bucks.
  440. FAT CAT

    Resin got really thick

    Was it cold where you stored it?
  441. FAT CAT

    Tilefish for Mike...

    You nailed it!
  442. FAT CAT

    Permission To Enter The Dojo

    Welcome to the addiction Art. The story was great and your work is very impressive for your experience level. Hope we see a lot more from you in the future.
  443. FAT CAT

    Phenix PHD760H

    Another beauty.
  444. FAT CAT


    Very nice Jake.
  445. FAT CAT

    Seeker ESM 7660 for Brian

    Awesome colors and perfectly composed.
  446. FAT CAT

    Seeker ESM 80M for David

    Well done, as always.
  447. FAT CAT

    Guides for 130lb rod?

    I don't feel the roller bearing guides are worth the extra cost, as I've never actually seen a AFTCO roller fail (they use bushings). And yes, I'm experienced with big fish (not bluefin -blue marlin - yellowfin tuna). You'll need either the Wind-On rollers (stand-up rod) or the Big Foot for...
  448. FAT CAT

    Guides for 130lb rod?

    That would not work. The frame would need to designed to hold the bearing race.
  449. FAT CAT

    WTB Gudebrod ncp thread

    Did you look at the "thread about thread?"
  450. FAT CAT

    CALSTAR 660H for the rack

    Twice the fun actually, as I had to cut off the first cross-wrap and do it again.
  451. FAT CAT

    A thread about thread...

    Looks like I need to check out the Gudebrod source too. As far as a replacement thread goes, in my opinion the Pro Wrap colorfast is a better thread than the Gudibrod NCPs where. No where near as much dust and fuzzies as the Gudebrod.
  452. FAT CAT

    Bahia Asuncion Report YT and YFT

    Well, that was nice surprise. Good for you.
  453. FAT CAT

    CALSTAR 660H for the rack

    Thanks for your comments guys.
  454. FAT CAT

    RCLB80M Sea Chicken themed

    Glad you're back at it Bill. Doesn't look like you lost anything in your absence. Nice clean wrapping. Poly thread is much harder for me to work with too.
  455. FAT CAT

    Tiger wrap question for the experts (or novices)

    Your color combo does not have enough contrast for the bottom wrap. You can always get good results with Throop wraps with simple black and white on the bottom and what ever color you desire on the top. If you want it to be blue then use blue on top. If you want light blue use light blue etc...
  456. FAT CAT

    CALSTAR 660H for the rack

    Nick, You'll probably have a hard time finding that thread, as it's Clemens and has not been available for decades. It's more turquoise than teal.
  457. FAT CAT

    CALSTAR 660H for the rack

    This one is for the tackle shop rack once they've sold one that's already there. I don't have much on the books right now and no looming deadlines, so thought I'd build a couple future rods. Basic E-glass with Pac-Bay seat and gimbal, Fuji SIN guides, Smooth butt rear and EVA fore grips.
  458. FAT CAT

    Gods and Warriors

    OK Patrick, give us a tutorial on focus stacking please. Your photos are amazing and mine always suck.
  459. FAT CAT

    Calstar 700MH for Adrian

    Adrian had a very merry Christmas. Beautiful work.
  460. FAT CAT

    Gods and Warriors

    Really well done Patrick.
  461. FAT CAT

    Dreaming of a rasta Christmas...

    Excellent work Len. Love the marble look.
  462. FAT CAT

    Viper for Tony

  463. FAT CAT

    A couple of retro-wraps

    Thanks CR.
  464. FAT CAT

    A couple of retro-wraps

    Thanks for your comments guys.
  465. FAT CAT

    A couple of retro-wraps

    Well, "cold" is a relative term. Morning temps have been mid-sixties with afternoons mid to upper seventies, but after 30 years in Alaska my minimum comfort level is 70 degrees, so it's cold to me. I feel even colder when I see all the tourists running around in shorts and no shirts. It is...
  466. FAT CAT

    A couple of retro-wraps

    I don't know why the system double posted the photos on the blue rod, but it was most likely operator error (mine).
  467. FAT CAT

    A couple of retro-wraps

    These two rods will fill up the rack at the tackle shop and are my more moderately priced selections, so I wanted something quick, but they still need to look good, so did old school open cross-wraps with only two thread colors in each wrap. First rod is made on a MHX Power Tip Blank (solid...
  468. FAT CAT

    my first rod built, Steelman by Steelfish

    I think it was just my monitor. You really did good on the build amigo.
  469. FAT CAT

    A couple of recent builds

    I think that's the coolest predator wrap I've seen.
  470. FAT CAT

    Back to Washi tape

    Man that's sharp! Really like it Steve. I think maybe the matt thread wasn't available for very long, so not many builders have it. I only have a little and use it sparingly.
  471. FAT CAT

    my first rod built, Steelman by Steelfish

    Well, you're totally addicted now Alex. Welcome to the club. Rod looks great. I'm not sure if it's the photos, but the JTDS's are hard for me to see. Did you use metallic thread on them?
  472. FAT CAT

    Elvira Weave Completed

    Awesome work Steve.
  473. FAT CAT

    United Composites CE900 Monster for Kyle

    Really like this one - and it even has a reel seat.
  474. FAT CAT


    Yes, it's pretty bright.
  475. FAT CAT

    integrating a fabric in rod wrap

    I'm sure he'll be happy with that. Nice work.
  476. FAT CAT


    Thanks Grant.
  477. FAT CAT

    CX76 Viper for Thad

    Lovin' the gunmetal.
  478. FAT CAT

    I need help with colors for a fenwick PJ 83

    Em' Aaron, you have a bunch of answers on your previous post already.
  479. FAT CAT

    2nd one of 2 for Pietro

    It's beautiful! Really well done Jake.
  480. FAT CAT


    Thanks for your comments guys.
  481. FAT CAT

    One eyed one horned flying purple... Calstar 800XLH

    Likin' me some purple! Very nice work Einar.
  482. FAT CAT


    Guacamaya is a popular lure color combo here on the East Cape. It's a combo of neon yellow, orange and green. I've been wanting to build a rod with those colors for awhile and decided to build it for the tackle store. It might be on the shelf for awhile, as it's not everybody's cup of tea...
  483. FAT CAT

    Need help figuring out colors.

    If you don't know what colors you like, how can anyone else? Because the blank is brown, all earth tones will work well with it.
  484. FAT CAT

    how do add an adjustible Winthrop butt to Skeer 3x5

    It's a pretty basic procedure, but it sounds to me like you'd be better off having a rod builder do it for you.
  485. FAT CAT

    CP70H-F for William

    Amazing work, as always.
  486. FAT CAT

    This rod will NEVER be stolen

    Any of you guys notice how old this thread is? Jon doesn't even visit us any any longer.
  487. FAT CAT

    CE900 Monster for Mike

    WOW! Lovin' this one.
  488. FAT CAT

    Spinning Rod Reel Seat Advice

    Although an aluminum seat is heavier than a plastic one the weight of the reel will be all you'll really feel. As long as your build is properly balanced fatigue should not be an issue.
  489. FAT CAT

    Picked up 2 blanks...need a little guidance

    I agree with Chuck. The blank can be built either way with no issues. The popping blanks I've seen are ferruled close to where the handle ends and not mid-way as are most traditional blanks.
  490. FAT CAT

    Need advice on a 5'9 blank

    You should talk to whom ever is going to build the rod, but unless it's a IGFA blank, it's not designed to just slap a aluminum butt on.
  491. FAT CAT

    A Flashy Murder

    Thanks Steve. This was the first time I've used the Electra. I've got some other ideas for it now.
  492. FAT CAT

    A Flashy Murder

    Thanks guys.
  493. FAT CAT

    Bill Batson talks about AB1 Roller Guides

    They look awesome! Hope someone orders a set of trolling rods soon, so I can try them out. I really like the color options with the lighter guides.
  494. FAT CAT

    A Flashy Murder

    Naw - in order to be cheating I'd have had to break a rule.
  495. FAT CAT

    A Flashy Murder

    I really can't build a totally black fishing rod. When I've been asked to do so in the past I've just told the customer they needed to find another builder or just build it themselves. However, there are folks that like that look, so I thought I'd build a dark rod for the tackle shop. This is...
  496. FAT CAT

    New btg690j

    Very nice and clean work.
  497. FAT CAT

    Nativity Scene weave

    Another masterpiece Steve. Beautiful.
  498. FAT CAT

    Broken Rainshadow - Input/Advice Needed

    High sticking breaks are pretty much always 12-14 inches down from the tip. This rod is broken in several places, so I don't believe it was from high sticking. My guess would be that he was hung up on the bottom and tried to pull it loose with the rod and the rod broke before the line did.
  499. FAT CAT


    Another beauty Jake.
  500. FAT CAT

    Elvira weave

    Looks awesome Steve. Bill's been wanting that for quite awhile.
  501. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow ISWB Trio

    Not boring at all. I like the sexy wet shot.
  502. FAT CAT


    Very nice.
  503. FAT CAT

    "Can you make it plain brown???"

    Well, you did get some brown in there. Not too sure about the "not fancy" part though. Nice work amigo.
  504. FAT CAT

    Calstar GF775XH for Doug

    That rod just looks RIGHT!
  505. FAT CAT

    2.5 Day with Danny Gomez on the Dhamar II 11-14 thru 11-17 In No Particular Order

    That was a great fish story! Thanks for taking me along for the ride.
  506. FAT CAT

    United Composite Elite RCE 700MC

    There's a lot going on there for "nothing special." Nice work.
  507. FAT CAT

    CX76 Viper "Hulkbuster"

    That one shines! Love the color combo.
  508. FAT CAT

    All red Varmac

    That pops! Nice work Steve.
  509. FAT CAT

    Thanksgiving Day Invictus

  510. FAT CAT

    United Composites CE900 Del Mar Ironman

    WOW! The fade over the dragon scales really kicks it up a notch. Bill's not a quitter - he'll never be done.
  511. FAT CAT

    Tackle Shop Trollers

    Thanks again guys. Steve - My tigers don't always come out like I'd like them to either, but it's always fun to see what's there when removing the sacrifice threads.
  512. FAT CAT

    Tackle Shop Trollers

    Thanks guys.
  513. FAT CAT

    Back to building

    Thanks Mike.
  514. FAT CAT

    Metallic Tiger question..?

    The red one in my post (Trollers) has a metallic red top. It is also in the base on this one, but I've used NCP on the bottom also. When you have a tiger idea, it's best to do a test to see how it works before trying it on the rod. I usually do a base wrap with several different top threads...
  515. FAT CAT

    Tackle Shop Trollers

    These two rods are for my display at East Cape Tackle. Both are built on Calstar GF7455XH blanks and have Pac-Bay aluminum butts and AFTCO HD roller guides. Made as 80# stand-up trolling rods. One rod features a STTW and the other a JTDS. My display holds 12 rods, but is currently only half...
  516. FAT CAT

    Worst thread ever

    Yeah, Voodoo metallics are the best! Almost as easy to work with as nylon thread. One problem is they only come in size A.
  517. FAT CAT

    Back to building

    Thanks Alex.
  518. FAT CAT

    Back to building

    Thank you.
  519. FAT CAT


    I've done very little marbling, so I'm for sure no expert, but I think I read somewhere that when using Testors paint for marbling you should pour out the thinner and just use the pigment. So, I'm thinking you got the cool effect by not taking out the thinner and that's what is giving the...
  520. FAT CAT

    Foghorn Leghorn pattern and left list

    Thanks for sharing Steve.
  521. FAT CAT

    Different pt.II- purple giraffe - RCJB84H

    FANTASTIC! That's beautiful Steve and it's always extra credit for different.
  522. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow RCLB70L for Rosie

    She's going to be very happy. Top notch work, as always.
  523. FAT CAT

    Decals and licensing.

    You'll need to make them yourself.
  524. FAT CAT

    CX76 Centaur Punisher....

    It looks like it's going to punish something.
  525. FAT CAT

    integrating a fabric in rod wrap

    TEST! Before you try it on the rod. Master it on a test piece. I think it might be easier than you think. Most likely it will need color preserved and then applied to the rod. The idea above about making it into a ribbon seems like a good one to me.
  526. FAT CAT


    Beautiful! The spaced over-wrap really bumps it up a notch.
  527. FAT CAT


    I had some sticky skirts on some lures a few years ago (I think they were Moldcraft) and gave them to my wife for a garage sale, because I didn't want to mess with them. She washed them with Simple Green and the were no longer sticky.
  528. FAT CAT

    my 6th rod I believe ulua

    Looks good.
  529. FAT CAT

    UC US 85XF for Chris

    Really nice.
  530. FAT CAT

    Back to building

    Thanks for your comments guys. The customer liked it enough to order another one just like it.
  531. FAT CAT

    Seeker OSP 2x4 "Venom"

  532. FAT CAT

    Back to building

    Yes, lot of scales. They're under all the guides. Missed posting a photo of the tip section of the rod.
  533. FAT CAT

    Back to building

    The season is changing down here and it's been cool enough to do a little rod building. Only working for a few hours in the morning, before the temps are too hot, but got the first build finished for a new customer that's only here for a month and wanted to fish his new rod while he's here...
  534. FAT CAT

    Calstar 770XXH and XXXXH

    Those will work!
  535. FAT CAT

    Compilation of more Tiger work

    You put a lot of time into these wrap experiments Doc. Thanks for sharing them. I've now got about a million ideas floating around in my head. Most involving Holland twist and Tri=Mar thread.
  536. FAT CAT

    Grafighter 50-80lb

    That's beautiful Mark. Thanks for showing it here.
  537. FAT CAT

    Deckhand grip solution.(?)

    I don't know how to post a link here, sorry. Check Specials.
  538. FAT CAT

    Deckhand grip solution.(?)

    Hey guys, I'm bringing this thread back up to let anyone interested know that Mud Hole currently has a similar adjustable seat listed in their close-out section for $6. It's a large diameter seat for 28-30mm and looks like it would fit a deckhand grip. Might be worth a try.
  539. FAT CAT

    180# leader for Wahoo?

    Your guide is wrong about "getting between the teeth" as their teeth interlock top and bottom, like seriated scissors. I'd stick with the single strand wire on a fly.
  540. FAT CAT


    Really nice work Jake.
  541. FAT CAT

    An old guy's black and gold

    YOU CHEATED! There's red in there too. Looks really nice Grant.
  542. FAT CAT

    180# leader for Wahoo?

    So, you want to use mono for trolled flies? They can bite through 180# as easily as 50#. You'd be better off with single strand wire on flies. Mono does get bit better on rapalas though and 100# is enough. The pull point is farther ahead on a rapala, so they don't get bit off too often, as...
  543. FAT CAT

    Calstar 800L for Kyle

    Great colors. Beautiful work, as always Jim.
  544. FAT CAT

    Similar Blanks

    Because we all build rods from scratch, we don't know much about factory rods to make the comparison. I was trying to find a blank that compared to the TEREZ a few years ago and really didn't find anything close enough, so I just bought the TEREZ that I wanted and re-built it. It cost me about...
  545. FAT CAT

    Best place to buy thread?

    I did a test a number of years ago (when I found I couldn't get Godebrod any more) with Godebrod, Pro Wrap and Pac Bay black. They all looked to my eye to be different on the spool, but with finish, I could see no difference in them. NOTE: no CP used.
  546. FAT CAT

    Best place to buy thread?

    swami805 basically answered this question right below your post Jim. The poly thread is stretchier and doesn't burnish well (using the same technique as with nylon). Also, it seems to accept finish differently (even when CPd). The best thing about the poly threads are the color selections and...
  547. FAT CAT

    Best place to buy thread?

    I have to agree with Grant. I haven't had any issues with PacBay thread either. It should be mentioned that Madeira, Fuji and Voodoo Selects are poly threads. They have different properties than nylon.
  548. FAT CAT

    Best place to buy thread?

    I've found knots in every brand of thread I've ever used.
  549. FAT CAT

    High Stick..... oops.

    Sorry Barry. That hurts. I had one come in recently too. A Phenix. Gotta' keep the graphites away from the nimrods.
  550. FAT CAT

    Los Barriles Oct 12-15

    OK guys, I feel like I need to set the record straight (or at least straighter). You guys that come down once or twice a year and fish for a few days are not experts on the area. I've been fishing the East Cape since 1996 and I've lived here since 2003 full time. I fish 3-5 times a week and...
  551. FAT CAT

    SS OSP 2X4

    Love it!
  552. FAT CAT

    Last Rod for a while.

    That's another masterpiece Doc. You need to do a tutorial on water slide decals next.
  553. FAT CAT

    Aluminum Reel Seats?

    Yeah, that's me - the old fat guy.
  554. FAT CAT

    Expanding the family

    OK old man, you failed to notice that this was an old thread and it was for the same guy that I made the 4 rod set for last spring. You saw those rods when you were here. I stand by my statement, but you gotta' build what the customer wants.
  555. FAT CAT

    Aluminum Reel Seats?

    Alex, The rod in the photo belonged to the charter boat and it was the frame of the reel that failed (it's a lot thicker than any reel seat). You can see the remainder still attached to the seat. The seat itself looks like aluminum. The reel was a Shimano TLD50W Long Range Special (LRS) which...
  556. FAT CAT

    Aluminum Reel Seats?

    Hi Robert, The jigging rods like the Black Hole are parabolic actions and they bend all the way to the seat, which is why most of those type of rods are being made with graphite seats (they're not really graphite). Most of the Black Hole rods I've seen in action (in videos) have been made as...
  557. FAT CAT

    Phenix PHD700X2H for Daniel

    Classic and classy. I really like this one Jim.
  558. FAT CAT

    Aluminum Reel Seats?

    This goes with the question above about a reel seat for an 60-80# spin rod. Plastic is not a good choice for heavy drag pressures. If your build is for 50 pound or less then the graphite seats are fine. In the photo below the frame on the plastic reel broke before the 80# line parted.
  559. FAT CAT

    Heavy Duty Spinning Rod

    For that heavy of line I'd use an aluminum seat.
  560. FAT CAT

    More tips on Throop Tigers

    You told me that before Doc. Seems funny to me as there are a whole lot more people killed in auto accidents up there than down here. Also, it's only a 2 hour flight.
  561. FAT CAT

    More tips on Throop Tigers

    Another Oscar worthy production Cecil. My favorite thing about STTWs is the "not knowing for sure what you're going to get" until you pull the sacrifice threads. As you said in the video, there's just so many variables that can affect the outcome. The wrap with the tan, red, blue and black...
  562. FAT CAT

    Expanding the family

    For trolling rods they're about all I use. Makes the rod much easier to remove from the rod holder with a big fish pulling on the line.
  563. FAT CAT

    Calstar Grafighter 755H or 755XH blank?

    With a 91/2 inch cut your build should end up right at 6 foot with a #2 short butt.
  564. FAT CAT

    A gaggle of faux baloney

    You put the second photo in just in time Bill. I was going to give you shit for showing only one. That yacht be stylin'
  565. FAT CAT

    Phenix M1 Inshore...Double VS Single Foot Guides???

    Line rating is the important factor. If the rod is for less than 20# line, the single footers are fine, but if more then I'd use the double foot guides. Plus, your less likely to damage the double foot guides. Only advantage to the single foot guides is less weight and that usually isn't a...
  566. FAT CAT

    Calstar Grafighter 755H or 755XH blank?

    With your blank options I'm assuming this will be a stand-up rod and your choices are both good for that application. The blanks are designed to be built "blank through" so you'll need to cut more than 4 inches from the blank for the aluminum butt, or the fulcrum point will be too far forward...
  567. FAT CAT

    310 rodworks hits homer for me

    You wanted "custom" and you got it.
  568. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow RCJB84H. Different

    Well I like it a lot! That's beautiful Steve.
  569. FAT CAT

    Thought I scored a Harnell, scored some history instead.

    I'd say you had a worth while walk (hope the cramp departed). Cool story. Thanks for sharing it.
  570. FAT CAT

    New SSclbf708, just a little colorful

    Nice fade. Thanks for posting and keep 'em coming.
  571. FAT CAT

    Jim Trelikes weave completed

    FANTASTIC! Beautiful work Steve.
  572. FAT CAT

    Feathers .

    Beautiful work on all Mark. Good to see your work here - it's been awhile.
  573. FAT CAT


    Black/white and beautiful.
  574. FAT CAT

    Calstar BTG90J Mag for Joel

    WOW! Really liking the JTDS variation.
  575. FAT CAT

    SuperSeeker OSP 1x3 Blue

    Your thread work looks great Tanner.
  576. FAT CAT

    Seeker 6465XH for Steve

    Very nice. Like the scales wrap.
  577. FAT CAT

    Phenix hybrid for a friend

    Super STTW and everything else looks good too. I don't understand why you'd cover the cool tiger with the company logo though. Do they pay you?
  578. FAT CAT

    My 4th and final rod for a while uc 10ft mega

    Sad that I have nothing else to wrap at the moment A true rod building addict will find a way. You're doing really well.
  579. FAT CAT


    An attention grabber for sure.
  580. FAT CAT

    Best way to paint a rod

    Saltydawg has a video in the tutorial section here that has a better option than the rustoleum mentioned above.
  581. FAT CAT

    My third rod built

    Very nice for your experience level. Keep 'em coming.
  582. FAT CAT


    Fantastic! I really like the marble job on this one Jake.
  583. FAT CAT

    Calstar GF875XXH

    Perfect - as always.
  584. FAT CAT

    Stills of Mike Pritchard Rainshadow 80M

    Yeah - what Chuck said! It's OK for you to post all those views of the tiger, but please lets not make it a requirement. Taking pictures is the hardest part for me. With regard to the term "movement," I really don't think that what you show here is movement. I call that the patterns and...
  585. FAT CAT

    United Composites US85 Phantom

    Nice looking rod - like THAT'S a surprise.
  586. FAT CAT

    The Verdict is in -------------------Eagle gets Pardon.

    The votes were tallied before I saw it, but the decision was the correct one. Looking forward to seeing the final product.
  587. FAT CAT

    Jim Trelikes weave.

  588. FAT CAT

    Rooster Locations

    June is normally a great month for big roosters. We have good numbers of them here in the Los Barriles area at that time. However, if you want to target them with poppers and other artificials, I say you'd have better luck down around Cabo, as there's wave action there that we don't have here...
  589. FAT CAT

    Think Mikey will like it? Rainshadow 80M

    Beautiful rod Doc. I'm sure Mike will love it.
  590. FAT CAT

    Seeker WTS 6465XXXH build

    Looks great.
  591. FAT CAT

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    I like that this thread has inspired some new blood to post their work. Hope you all will continue to share your work here. Here's a few more of mine, just to keep the thread alive.
  592. FAT CAT

    Seeker TSF60XXH or Calstar 760H blank recomendation

    I think I'll start ordering mine from you Alex.
  593. FAT CAT

    Seeker TSF60XXH or Calstar 760H blank recomendation

    I'd have bought both too Alex. It's going to be a custom rod - you don't get paid to advertise for the manufacturer, so why put their name on it? Get a custom decal with your name on it instead. Looking forward to seeing what you make.
  594. FAT CAT

    Rainshadow surf striper rod

    Nicely done.
  595. FAT CAT

    Seeker - CJB70

    I like your fade. What will you fish for with this rod and what line size?
  596. FAT CAT

    Seeker - CJB70

    The photos are not coming up for me.
  597. FAT CAT

    Any one know these guides

    I don't really know about monel. Didn't even know it was used any longer.
  598. FAT CAT

    Hercules 80H - Vikings

    That's a cool looking rod Barry. I like the two color branch work.
  599. FAT CAT

    A couple of UC for Thanh

    Looking good.
  600. FAT CAT

    US100 Monster Deadpool "X-Force"

    Another masterpiece in Bill's art collection.
  601. FAT CAT

    Any one know these guides

    Yes, they look like Hardloy rings. And yes, they'll hold up just fine for your application.
  602. FAT CAT


    When a Urishi isn't a Urishi! I like Different.
  603. FAT CAT

    CX76 Centaur Joker

    WOW! Colors match the theme perfectly.
  604. FAT CAT

    Mono wrapped tigers

    That's pretty much the same as I've done them. Didn't want a big bump with a pull under.
  605. FAT CAT

    Seeker OSP 1x3

    Extra nice! The mono over-wrap looks really cool.
  606. FAT CAT


    That one shines! LIKE!
  607. FAT CAT

    Old fenwick blanks

    The fly blank is for 8 weight line. Can you give some more details on the 51/2 footer? Tip size and butt size. The number seems to be for a E-glass stand-up saltwater rod.
  608. FAT CAT

    Mono wrapped tigers

    That thing is wild!
  609. FAT CAT

    How bout pics of bright rods

    Just start surfing these pages.
  610. FAT CAT


    More nice work Jake. I'm liking the different colors and marbling style you used.
  611. FAT CAT

    Batson 80L with 49ers colors

    I don't see anything wrong Patrick. I'd have failed several times with a decal that long - so you did good. As Doc says - progress not perfection.
  612. FAT CAT

    ...with flying colors

  613. FAT CAT

    2nd superseeker ctsf63xxh

    Looks like a Pro made it to me. Nice and clean.
  614. FAT CAT

    United Composites UC 70LXF

    Well that's a bit of a different build for you Jim. Size wise that is. Really nicely done.
  615. FAT CAT

    Latest Weave - The Tribute - 150 x 271 - 6 layer

    I'm sure Mike will think it was worth the 20 year wait. Awesome work Doc.
  616. FAT CAT

    CX76 Centaur for Peter Lupo

    Yet another beauty!
  617. FAT CAT

    You know you are hooked wrapping rods when:

    OMG! I think I might have a problem.
  618. FAT CAT

    Wahoo Tournament Tactics - Prefish or Not

    Robert, the X-Raps get bit much better on mono. You'll loose one now and then, but mostly you won't loose them. You'll need the wire for the MAX though, as they're shorter and will get bit off.
  619. FAT CAT

    UC 80 RAPTOR

  620. FAT CAT

    Calstar 6490

    A lot better than my first one. Now catch something with it.
  621. FAT CAT

    Seeker 2x4 OSP

    Looks like you mastered the fade in the end, so worth the effort. Beautiful rod.
  622. FAT CAT

    "Tug is the Drug"

    Very nice.
  623. FAT CAT

    Patriotic Centaur "Tuna Tugger"

    Beautiful - again!
  624. FAT CAT

    white hot g-urushi

    That's just superb!
  625. FAT CAT

    "Killer" US80 Wahoo...

    I think your "stab" hit the mark.
  626. FAT CAT

    Calstar 6870T

    Love the color pallet.
  627. FAT CAT

    Seeker Hercules GTS80H

    Nice work on the fade.
  628. FAT CAT

    Seeker CBW709 "The Disco Stick"

    Yep, I can see them now. Very different and I'm sure blingy in the sun. What type of thread did you use?
  629. FAT CAT

    US80 Tilefish for the Bubba Jean 28

    Lovin' dat one mon!
  630. FAT CAT

    Seeker CBW709 "The Disco Stick"

    I've just got question marks where the photos should be.
  631. FAT CAT

    "The Tree"

    Nice tribute - beautiful rod.
  632. FAT CAT

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    Looks like pay backs are a bitch. Still wrong though.
  633. FAT CAT

    New Again Rod Builder with Questions

    OK, where did the guide train suggestion come from? Is the suggestion a general one or was it for a specific blank/type of fishing? Was it for a graphite blank, composite or glass rod? What kind of blank is yours? I don't usually give much advice about guide trains, as there are too many...
  634. FAT CAT

    Raiders US80 Wahoo

    Of course, I don't like the theme (GO BRONCOS), but this rod is cool! Like the alternating guides (they're crooked though).
  635. FAT CAT

    scratch, twist, repeat...

    Very nice!
  636. FAT CAT

    Is a Jig Stick for a First Build a Bad Idea?

    My advice would be to practice wrapping some guides on an old rod or piece of dowel before actually working on a rod. You can also practice finish etc at the same time. Once you feel comfortable with your techniques then you can build whatever rod you'd like.
  637. FAT CAT

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    First time I've seen that under a guide. Looks killer Len.
  638. FAT CAT

    New Again Rod Builder with Questions

    If you already knew the answer, why did you ask the question and waste my time. Build your rod as you like.
  639. FAT CAT

    New Again Rod Builder with Questions

    The guide train they gave you was for a conventional rod.
  640. FAT CAT

    Question about guide wraps

    Double wraps of size A is all you needs. In fact, wrapping with A thread has been shown to be stronger than C or D, due to more wraps on the guide foot and smaller valleys between the wraps.
  641. FAT CAT

    Spinning Guides.

    I'd agree with Chuck.
  642. FAT CAT

    New Again Rod Builder with Questions

    Chris, the first thing I see that could be a problem is using 40# line on a blank rated for 20-30#. Next issue is you don't need that many guides on a spinning rod and maybe not such small sizes either. I've never fished in Florida and never caught a tarpon or snook, but I'd say that a 8mm...
  643. FAT CAT


    Liking this one Jake. Nice work.
  644. FAT CAT

    Inshore Fluke Rod, silent auction

    Lucky winner! Nice tiger.
  645. FAT CAT

    Question about reel seat placement

    I think your formula was intended for a fresh water spinning rod. For offshore rods I generally use a 10 inch rear grip, which comes out about 111/2 inches with the gimbal. You need to be able to stand up straight. Of course, rail rods use longer rear grips, but it doesn't sound like you were...
  646. FAT CAT

    Dodos for Darren ll

    I really like the marble style - works perfectly with the dodo theme.
  647. FAT CAT

    Purple people eater for gary

    Nice work Tim.
  648. FAT CAT


    Nicely done Bill. You've got that place nailed!
  649. FAT CAT

    United Composites US 80HP "Silver Surfer"

    Yep - what Len said.
  650. FAT CAT


    Very nice!
  651. FAT CAT

    United Composites CX80 Raptor "Daredevil"

    I'm starting to think that maybe Bill needs an intervention. Beautiful work, as always Jim.
  652. FAT CAT

    Shikari 1088 9ft

    Nice clean work - BRAVO!
  653. FAT CAT

    UC CE80XF for Jack

    Nice work Tim. I'm a big fan of that HOT fade myself.
  654. FAT CAT

    Video attempt to explain Mono Variation of Throops Tigers

    OK Doc, I watched these videos again and except for the hat on the giant tuna and the tarpon with a gators head, I couldn't find anything unusual. This wrap looks like some kind of exotic trout's skin. I like the Holland thread a lot myself.
  655. FAT CAT

    Rasta 800ML for Joe

  656. FAT CAT

    Tiger Experiment stick 3 all 6 tests.

    You got some really pretty wraps there Doc. In regard to the video, we were all just paying attention to what you were doing. If we'd have been bored, we'd have looked around. I'm going to watch again.
  657. FAT CAT


    Another beauty Jake.
  658. FAT CAT

    Video attempt to explain Mono Variation of Throops Tigers

    Doc, I suspect that any builders that weren't on Bloodydecks years ago when Comidie (Dave Houser) was posting his CKW (comedies' kaleidoscope wrap) could easily be confused by what your doing in these tests. Hasn't been a problem for me though and I've still managed to learn a lot from your...
  659. FAT CAT

    Washi Tape

    Really cool Steve. It's always fun to be creative. I think the tape will hold up fine to the sun. Even thread fades in time. I'd put a coat of finish on your test piece.
  660. FAT CAT

    Tiger Experiment #3 on the Second Stick

    I like these colors.
  661. FAT CAT

    Tiger Experiment #2 of Stick Two.

    How was the "catching?"
  662. FAT CAT

    Tiger Experiment #2 of Stick Two.

    No blotchy CP on this one Doc?
  663. FAT CAT

    East Cape Deep Charters

    OK, I'm familiar with the boats and the captain and mate. I just didn't realize they were charter boats.
  664. FAT CAT


    Looks great Jake. I've used the tape as a base and wrapped over it with thread, sans CP, for a interesting effect. You can also do a double open STTW over it for a cool look.
  665. FAT CAT

    East Cape Deep Charters

    I've never heard of them and I live here. Who is it?
  666. FAT CAT

    Favorite Finish

    Bill - try it on a test wrap first. Try everything on a test wrap first.
  667. FAT CAT

    Olive Branch Nightmare.....

    After seeing Jim's work, we ALL suck! Just gotta' get used to it.
  668. FAT CAT

    Glo-White CE1000 Del Mar for David

    Love this one.
  669. FAT CAT

    Sorry just found these. The go with the last several Tiger Posts.

    Glad you found these Doc, as they do show the blotchy CP effect better.
  670. FAT CAT


    Looks great!
  671. FAT CAT

    Last Tigers from first sample stick.

    The mono side almost looks like abalone. Tell Rocky I hope he recovers soon.