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  1. okie man

    Reloading Question

    Ok, many will call bullshit on this but you can get real close to finding that optimal load in 15 shots. First look up recommended loads in at least one manual! Pick a powder know for low temp sensitivity. Hodgdon makes some of the best but imr and Alliant both have added similar qualities to...
  2. okie man

    For Sale High end .308

    Free bump for a sweet rifle
  3. okie man

    SOLD Winchester xpr Hunter 308

    Winchester xpr Hunter 308. 8 rounds total. Has leupold 20 moa base installed. $425. Posting for a friend. Interested parties will deal with owner.
  4. okie man

    For Sale Remington 700 sendero 300wm

    Posting for a friend . Remington sendero 300 win mag. Less than 100 rounds. Has 20 moa mounts and timney trigger . Will include factory trigger. Interested parties will deal with owner directly.$1000
  5. okie man

    Careless dog owner and croc

    All fun and games until a croc eats your dog
  6. okie man

    AA jackpot

    only one I don’t understand is kite fish not counting! If you hold the rod, work the baits and hook the fish on your own it should count if everyone gets a rotation. Hell on my trip, I got less time on the kite than anyone! Fought the fish myself and was hooked up to a bait fish before they...
  7. okie man

    Makaira 10 and 15 SEA, do they have a place on a LR tuna trip?

    Jb60 breaks at 90#. I have around 350 yards of it topped with 100 yards of 80# hollow.
  8. okie man


    I’d look more at a 10 and 15/15t for a good pair of reels for the lupe!
  9. okie man


    When you look at some of the guys using them for just what you’re looking to do with them, you’ll be more than happy with them
  10. okie man

    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    16 carriers is a easier weave to splice and some believe one holds better than the other!
  11. okie man

    DIY Indoor Rod Storage, photos?

    I did a post on how to make really nice and easy rod racks some time back! I don’t know how far back search goes.
  12. okie man

    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    Jeff said he got 400 of jb hollow
  13. okie man

    What’s a good drag setting for Okuma Mak 20

    Imagine what it would be like when a 300# tuna grabs your jig with 30#s of drag! Somethings gotta give! Hooks, knots , your grip on rod and reel
  14. okie man

    What’s a good drag setting for Okuma Mak 20

    Set mine at 32 at strike, but put a mark at 20# and use that for working jigs or setting hook with bait!
  15. okie man

    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    i still wish we would of gotten a 16n instead of the 15t. The original 15 was as good as a 60# reel needed to be. A narrow 16 with 500 yard 80# spectra capacity is what I’m wanting
  16. okie man

    Rainshadow RCJB84H vs. Calstar

    I look at them as a calstar 610 and 610h on a graphiter diet! Same action on a graphite diet!
  17. okie man

    Rainshadow RCJB84H vs. Calstar

    It’s close to a 700mh but it’s not quite as fast action as the calstar. I have both the 84h and 84xh. I prefer the xh for 50# as I’m a big guy and pull hard!
  18. okie man

    Small bait hooks

    To me circle hooks become counter productive when the the gap between point and hook shank are smaller than the jaw bone of the fish. I’d rather fish a 2/0-3/0 hoodlum over a 3/0 demon 3x circle at Guadelupe or aljos yellowfin. Even better is a 4/0 vmc tuna tamer
  19. okie man

    105 FOOT BOATS

    The star is 2’ taller than the angler
  20. okie man

    Pumpkin Carving Contest 2019 Is On!

    Saluki back?
  21. okie man

    Mak 15T Questions

    Anyone have a side by side pic of a Makaira 16 and 15t
  22. okie man

    For Sale Any Savage 99 collectors here

    I have a model 99 takedown!
  23. okie man

    How do you measure MOA?

    This is sub moa
  24. okie man

    How do you measure MOA?

    Outside to outside largest distance minus bullet dia gives center to center, anything less than 1.047 is moa.
  25. okie man

    For Sale 18 FT Stringari...Center Console

    That would be so bad ass up here on Lake Michigan for salmon fishing! If I had the cash I’d be on my way to get it!glws
  26. okie man

    No harness Lugs let’s see what you do

    I watched an Avet 80 get dumped so fast they broke it off before the backup could get attached! That fish hit high gear and never slowed down.
  27. okie man

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    Did you see the pics from the Apollo trip? A 15 fish limit of those local yft and one or two jumbo bft would be a nice haul!
  28. okie man

    Islander Charters - 3.5 Day - Video

    The islander is the top short range boat in the fleet as far as quality service, food and fish handling! Not the newest fastest boat but it fishes good.
  29. okie man

    What mono

    jinkai is pretty good also.
  30. okie man

    Long Range Give Aways

    I think a sponsored trip and a charter are 2 different things. A charter is usually a core group filled in with walk ons or friends of friends. Usually some free swag involved , usually paid for by charter master. A sponsored trip is usually has corporate involvement and generally has more swag...
  31. okie man

    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    For you guys screaming about the thrust bearing in the fathom and not one in the Okuma , you do realize the Okuma is a machined 6065 aluminum reel with very nice anodizing vs a cast metal reel with paint on it. The better materials and finish of the Okuma reels a better value as far as I’m...
  32. okie man

    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    Just exactly how did the reel affect the fish chewing through the leader? The Avet lever drag models without thrust bearings have been around quite a while and a very good seller. If Okuma has refined their budget leverdrag reels and omitting the thrust bearing isn’t a deal killer too a lot of...
  33. okie man

    Difference in Maks

    I prefer the low gear on the gold models. Big swell or a squirrelly fish . It’s easier to keep your line tight with a little higher low gear.
  34. okie man

    FG knot tips

    I’m using the no tension method all the way down to 15# braid too 10# floro for steelhead fishing. Easy connection that works!
  35. okie man

    Best hunting rifle/caliber

    If elk are on the hit list a 280ai is a great start. The ability to push 160 grain bullets close too 2900fps makes it a great non magnum deer elk cartridge. If I were gonna get a new rifle with elk in mind a Christensen arms ridgeline in 280ai would be tops on my list
  36. okie man

    Sad news, boat fire.

    There is far more than you know! Funny how the media only shows what they want you to know
  37. okie man

    Sad news, boat fire.

    All for banning larmo say “I”!
  38. okie man

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    I’m tired of the finger pointing, accusations and slander of working people when no one! No one! Knows what happened on that boat! ! Something happened no one was prepared for and people died. That’s what happened! Until people much smarter at finding what happened than the douche bags spouting...
  39. okie man

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    You ever take a good look at the interior of most of the charter fleet? Wood covered in varnish. Seat cushions made of foam covered in plastic cloth, carpet, wires. What isn’t combustible?
  40. okie man

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    My understanding of a Sheriff department statement after interviewing survivors is no explosion prior to fire! I know some have made comments about cell phone chargers having something to do with this. I’m not familiar with what kind of batteries and chargers the underwater cameras divers use...
  41. okie man

    Wide Open Yellowfin Tuna Light Line Limits (video)

    I won’t say anymore about this too you Cory but my grandfather and I will never fish together again because he went solo without a pfd.i have a much younger friend I’ll never duck hunt with again because because he was not wearing a pfd! I’d hate for anyone to have to go through what my family...
  42. okie man

    Braid to Braid & B. To Mono??

    When in doubt on any connection make a couple up and test them first. Think of this though, before you make all those splices and nail knots just take your main line and tie a fg knot directly too your chosen leader and try it
  43. okie man

    Rail Technique... Left or Right Arm?

    I’ll put the rod wherever I get the most leverage depending on where I’m at on the boat and were the fish is.
  44. okie man

    Spectacular Surface Iron Day

    I got 2 over 50 one night at Cedros but they were dropper loop fish
  45. okie man

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I’d still fish with Andrew!
  46. okie man

    Colt Snipers, Hookup and Newell Reels at Bob Sands Tackle

    I’m in Indiana brother! Lol. Guess I can call.
  47. okie man

    Isla Guadalupe '19

    During the holiday week! 6/26-7/2 and 7/2-7/8
  48. okie man

    Line to leader system?

    Take a standard j hook and same size circle hook and lay them side by side. Most j hooks will have almost twice the gap between point and shank as the circle hook. When you look at most small(1/0-3/0) circle hooks, that gap is only 1/4-1/2” . Now look at how thick the jaw bone of a 100# tuna...
  49. okie man

    Any reel suggestions?

    That’s a short 30/40 # rod! A fathom 25n with 50# braid would serve you well
  50. okie man

    RR3 opened up 1.5 day trips in July

    Still a lot of money for a full day fishing
  51. okie man

    At what point?

    Just got done checking out a few of the schedules and pricing for the long range fleet, my last trip was a 14 day at a cost of $3995 in 2014. Same trip now is $4995. Big jump in price . At what point are we going too see more trips go light or not at all? No secret that the people who take a...
  52. okie man

    RR3 opened up 1.5 day trips in July

    Bit steep if you ask me.
  53. okie man

    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Jim is “That Guy” ! That guy that drives too the landing too loan someone he doesn’t know a rod for a trip. That guy who we should all try too be a little more like! Glad too hear he’s doing better!
  54. okie man

    Royal star Crew

    Again, maybe “that guy”!
  55. okie man

    Wahoo fishermen

    Don’t be afraid of fishing up in the bow! Jigs, bombs or even a surface iron
  56. okie man

    Royal star Crew

    I’m sorry but I don’t think Tim, randy or Brisn would ever put someone on their crew that would turn their hard earned customers away! Gotta be more too the story. “That guy” maybe!
  57. okie man

    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    I have both a 308 and 6.5 creedmoor. Both have 26 inch barrels.both shoot 3/4 moa or better. The 6.5 143 grain bullets have a muzzle velocity of 2725 fps. The 308 runs 2850 with 168 grain bullets. Out too 500 yards they are ballistic twins as far as drop and drift. Both are very comfortable too...
  58. okie man

    Okuma 15T 60# Hollow Spectra

    David I’ll do you a favor and keep it at my house! :)
  59. okie man

    BFT charter 7 days plus

    Only thing good about a 7day trip like the team Redondo trip I took on the shogun would be the lupe’ option. Check in at Ensenada first evening, check out the bluefin first morning heading south. If they chew hit them hard. If not wake up too Northside home guard yellows next morning. Could...
  60. okie man

    Feedback needed on Calstar 875H, 700H , 700XH SS6470H or Super Seeker 6470XH

    I have or have had all the rods mentioned and a super seeker 6470 h is my favorite. Bait, yo-yo, wahoo bombs and jigs, it does it all very well I haven’t used the newer uc rods but you won’t hear many negative things about them either
  61. okie man

    Need your help - J Hooks

    I like mustad hoodlums and VMC tuna tamers.
  62. okie man

    BFT charter 7 days plus

    I think 5 days would be plenty of time . 2 travel days and 3 fishing days.
  63. okie man

    AA on the BFT

    If you see one of the AA crew grab a rod out of the rack and start fishing pay attention to what they do, they know how too get bit!
  64. okie man

    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    It’s my belief the ones that don’t bite you right away are the smarter ones. The prefer to cruise you a few times . Get the shit out of you before they eat you!
  65. okie man

    Wahoo on bait

    Sometimes going shorter instead of lighter on the wire helps in a pick bite!
  66. okie man

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    No offense but sounds like you have too many wants in one package! Turn key prs gun. Better budget $1500 minimum for that. Start looking at makers like christensen, fierce etc! Before you decide too go the chassis route on a hunting rifle, beg borrow or steal one and take a long time with it...
  67. okie man

    Wind on leader jig

    Fishy I've been using it too connect 8 pound floro too 10 pound braid on my steelhead tackle with great results!
  68. okie man

    Wind on leader jig

    Learn the fg knot and you don't need too mess with crimps , serves ,insertion or hollow core. I'm using it for every braid too floro/ mono connection I fish now. Life couldn't get any easier!
  69. okie man

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    Wonder how the guys that have worked and lived on these boats for years have survived the water
  70. okie man

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    I always have my fave bubba mug with me on a long range trip. I bring several different flavor crystal lite packs. I've never had a problem with using the boats ice or water supply. The food is usually excellent, no need too salt it up. Like wahoodad my gally tab is none or small. Dang I need to...
  71. okie man


    I buy mine from the craft store. Get like 400 for 5 bucks
  72. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    I’ll tell you this too David . If you buy a new bow, walk out of the store, put it on your tool box and drive away. After it flies of and gets ran over, make sure it’s a Mathews because bowtech and Hoyt don’t cover that under warranty
  73. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    Probably the best one was when a guy about 41/2 feet tall grabbed a 32”draw bow, pulled it back and stuck his head between the riser and string and let go of the bow! The sound he made then the cable guard penetrated his face is one I’ll never forget! You have no idea how hard it is too hold a...
  74. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    I have lots of good stories from that time of my life!
  75. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    The release form we made people sign covered the liability of when another guy removed his thumb when he left it sticking up a little high when he shot it
  76. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    I guess technically speaking killing stuff, the ban came from some guy accidentally putting a bolt through the new $4000 gas heater I had installed too heat the range for our winter indoor league shoots! Owner of store wasn’t too happy
  77. okie man

    Classic Arkansas

    I will say this. If that happened in California, the maker of the vest, gun , ammo company and beer brand they were drinking all would be facing huge lawsuits and fines for the incidents!
  78. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    I've seen more accidents with them than firearms! Including missing fingers! We didn't allow them in our archery range when I ran a bow shop for 4 years
  79. okie man

    Classic Arkansas

    Full set of teeth!lmao
  80. okie man

    Classic Arkansas

    Last one! 3 hillbilly girls walk into a bar! What do you get?
  81. okie man

    Classic Arkansas

    They both lick their paws!
  82. okie man

    Classic Arkansas

    One more! What's a teen age girl and a coon dog in Arkansas have in common?
  83. okie man

    Classic Arkansas

    Either one someone is getting screwed out of a trailer house
  84. okie man

    Classic Arkansas

    Here's one! What do a divorce, flood and tornado in Arkansas have in common?
  85. okie man

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    If the creedmore isn't enough for you the next best 6.5 for long range shooting is the 6.5sst. Look up elkaholic on 3200fps in a short remmy action, head stamped brass , reamers and load data all from one source. Soon as I roast my creedmore barrel I'm sending my mesa long...
  86. okie man

    Classic Arkansas

    I lived in Arkansas for 8 years.that's not the dumbest thing I've seen there! I have some great Arkansas jokes! Lol
  87. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    A bowie knife would make you so much tougher! Lmao
  88. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    I tried that stuff when I had a squirrel problem in my attic. Didn't work so good! 22 with subsonic loads did the trick though!!
  89. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

  90. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    Not really a waste of time! I’ve killed thousands of squirrels and other critters with them in my bolt action 22. I use them too kill all kinds of stuff running traps! Coons, possums, skunks. Never had a problem killing with them and like I said before, they are quieter than my gammo air rifle!
  91. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    That 1000-1200 is with a much lighter projectile in the pellet rifle! Its also much louder than the subsonic 22 load! And I have 10 rounds available I can shoot faster than you can cock and load a couple shots in the air rifle. I like them so much they are the only thing I use for squirrel...
  92. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    I have a brick of them. Shoot them in my little loads but not quite as powerful as the cci loads
  93. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    No, cb longs make almost no noise! You can hear the click of the firing pin over the report! About like the sound of a cheap kids cap gun.
  94. okie man

    I need a 22 handgun

    Get a cheap single shot 22 rifle and some cci cb longs! My gammo makes twice the noise as these
  95. okie man

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    My choice would be cape town south Africa or ascension island
  96. okie man

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    If you're a reloader rl-26 will give you 6.5-284 velocities safely in the creedmoore cartridge. A 140 grain high bc. Bullet at 2950+ fps in a true short action rifle is a dream hunting package
  97. okie man

    New Wahoo Reel

    Pro gear Wahoo special!
  98. okie man

    The RP is getting them

    Sounds like a fun trip! Ho's and cows
  99. okie man

    New rod for Steve

    I have one Steve, bends more like the classic cal star 610. You’ll like it for wahoo
  100. okie man

    The Last Tough Guy

    I watched captain Eddie on the pacific queen grab a rod and reel out of a deckhands grip back in the 80’s. A 125# bigeye was kicking the kids ass and there was a foamer about a 1/4 mile farther ahead. Ed grabbed the rod and put a clinic on! 6/0 filled with 80# mono, pump and grind! Killed that...
  101. okie man

    Mak 8 sea

    If you shop around you can still find the Cedros leverdrag 8 with 6.0/1 ratio. Great reels
  102. okie man

    Wahoo bomb colors

    Great thing about Wahoo is the guy with a $100 reel on a cheap rod with a $5 homemade lure has just as good of chance as the guy with $1200 reel latest rod and Gucci lure
  103. okie man

    Apollo question

    Soon as I win mega millions I’m buying her and taking all my friends fishing! Plenty of storage for all their rods and they have an amazing amount of tackle! Lol
  104. okie man

    What angle are you working on?

    I watched a guy lose 3 big fish on one trip. He didn’t put a long smooth taper on his floro before inserting it into the spectra. When I first started messing with using hollow spectra the quickest way too make a connection fail was not making at least a 2”” smooth taper on leader material...
  105. okie man

    Casting Clinic

    Book a trip on the liberty when taro is onboard and have you show you the way he does it! !
  106. okie man

    Anyone with experience with VMC 8386PS circle hook

    The 7262 live bait hooks are as good as a hook needs too be if you’re not into circle hooks!
  107. okie man

    Mile's and Kens Fall Classic / Open 8 Day / 09/21-10/01

    I’ve seen pics of him on deck in his pj’s
  108. okie man

    How to make wahoo bomb heads bite resistant?

    Use lug nuts filled with lead! Super hard chrome finish and work good
  109. okie man

    The American Angler Captains

    If anyone follows the American Angler on Facebook, looks like one of the prodigal sons has made a return in grand fashion! Congrats Cam!
  110. okie man

    The American Angler Captains

    Brian and Ray are both unique individuals who excel at what they do! They are a team as well as the whole operation! Sam will be missed, but still part of the family
  111. okie man

    Sharpening Big Game Hooks

    Needle point, no cutting edges
  112. okie man


    Wonder of the jumbo jack smelt we used too catch by the receivers would work? I know some marlin guys that swore by them for pitch baits
  113. okie man

    Mile's and Kens Fall Classic / Open

    Go ahead, ask him how much stuff he has!
  114. okie man

    Mile's and Kens Fall Classic / Open

    You guys need too realize fishybuzz isn’t the most economical angler in the world! Lmao
  115. okie man

    Mile's and Kens Fall Classic / Open

    Wish I was on that trip! Ken and Miles are awesome guys and know how too do a trip! Looks like I gotta make some jerky for them!
  116. okie man

    Bait fishing with a coffee grinder

    My mom fished with a Diawa black gold series spinning reel for years without a problem. Albacore, yellowtail Bass, Bonita barracuda. She just used the tip of her finger against the edge of the spool too control her bait! She also tripped the bail by hand, never by reeling too close it when bit!
  117. okie man

    Best 80 -100 lb reel

    You could find a nice hot rodded penn 30 for under $400 with line if you shopped around
  118. okie man

    Can someone please post actual trip results etc?

    Here’s my take on all of San Diego long range fishing. It’s a privilege! If you have a destination you’ve always wanted too go fish, a island, bank or whatever. Don’t wait ! 2 of the places ive had the privilege too fish are closed and I don’t know if I’ll ever fish them again! If you judge your...
  119. okie man

    wahoo fly?

    here’s another cool wahoo story. At the island, typical mid day wahoo fishing there. Troll , hit a pack, 15 minutes of pure excitement, repeat! In the excitement I get tangled up with another guy. Bubbles grabs my rod too remedy the situation . He works his magic , frees me up and starts too...
  120. okie man

    wahoo fly?

    I caught one at the bank while tuna fishing! Brian was up top watching me fish, talking about all the cool stuff Brian talks about. A wahoo flies out of the water 150’ away , Brian says did you see that! I said yeah, he landed on my bait ! Couple minutes later Brian gaffs my first wahoo! Cool...
  121. okie man

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    You could use it for a kite rod!
  122. okie man

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    Well considering there’s another thread about the rp claiming to have 203 yf in the holds 130# pound bait rig wouldn’t hurt
  123. okie man

    Looks Like The Angler Is Going To Guadalupe On A,Five Day

    Even if they are going too the lupe between Ensenada and the island is some very fishable banks holding tuna
  124. okie man

    Help me with FG knot please

    What’s the lightest line you fg gurus have used it successfully on?
  125. okie man

    Help me with FG knot please

    Everyone knows if you can’t tie the latest greatest knots in the latest greatest tackle you can’t catch fish!
  126. okie man

    Help me with FG knot please

    Spent the better part of the afternoon tying the fog knot in everything from 20-130 pound braid and never had it break like yours did! Gotta be your braid or technique!
  127. okie man

    Looks Like The Angler Is Going To Guadalupe On A,Five Day

    Think choate is on the boat right now too!
  128. okie man

    Looks Like The Angler Is Going To Guadalupe On A,Five Day

    Be interesting too see the pics when they post them! First boat there in the spring should mean great yellowtail fishing at the very least
  129. okie man

    Remember the day you got your first hypalon handled rod?

    My dad had a harnell blank. Don't remember the number but it was 8 foot with great action. One of the first rods I ever built. Built the grips with a bunch of cork rings, varmack reel seat, and perfection guides. Put a newell'd out Jr squirrel on it. That setup fished anchovies so good. I can't...
  130. okie man

    60lb outfit choice

    What feels good too you? If you dial up max drag on both which gives you the best feel? My personal 60# rod can fish 80# if I wanna max it out! How hard do you pull? Have you fished 30# of drag on 60# gear
  131. okie man

    Man Bait Rig

    Sardine fishing for cows is no different than any other finesse fishing! Dry flies for big trout, 3 inch worms for double digit bass , it’s about presentation! 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish! Kite, chunk, man bait! It’s the guy presenting the bait! Not the bait
  132. okie man

    FG tested to failure

    Fishy, 28-30#? You don’t pull hard enough! I fish that kind of drag on 60# line
  133. okie man

    New okuma pch railrods

    I wonder who’s making the blanks for them?
  134. okie man

    Best Raider Jig Color

    I like gold! The bigger sizes too! If you fish them right they fall pretty fast with a darting motion that gets a lot of bites! I like about 24”” of 60#single strand too avoid bite offs on the fall
  135. okie man

    Learning to work with hollow spectra

    You can cut your doubled up spectra length in half be eliminating the loops and in line splicing on your topshot instead!
  136. okie man

    Excellent promotion

    Ray is a super guy! Knows that boat inside and out, I figured he would not only run the boat but own it some day! Congrats too the whole operation!
  137. okie man

    Spinners on the Rail?

    Fishordie has it down
  138. okie man

    VMC 7360R hooks

    Little trick wit the uni is burn a ball on the tag end after cinching up knot and trimming it
  139. okie man

    VMC 7360R hooks

    Just snip the rings off and use a uni with a little loop
  140. okie man

    VMC 7360R hooks

    I’ve used them before! Good strong hooks
  141. okie man

    Marijuana on LR boats

    I’d say 1 out of 5 people on a San Diego based fishing boat has and will smoke pot during a trip! Get over it or find another hobby!
  142. okie man

    Vintage Wahoo Jig?

    I’ll give trade you some killer wahoo bombs for them!
  143. okie man

    For the tackle whore in you

    I’m a big guy ,know how too pull hard on fish, and build custom fishing rods. Without trying too be a dick, there isn’t a handful of people that could properly use , handle and have the need for a 100-130 pound class 8’ rod for cow tuna on a long range boat
  144. okie man

    On a positive note!

    Seems everyone likes too feed off the negative threads here. On a more positive note let’s hear about fishing with people that have made your trips the best . I’ve never had anyone really ruin a trip. But I have made lots of friends. It’s a long list but these guys are what make long range...
  145. okie man

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    I have too much respect for my fellow anglers to let any of my vices effect their time on the boat. We all are there too have a good time. I don't get drunk, try too be courteous with my smoking and am mostly courteous and mindful of my actions at the rail. Luckily I've never had another angler...
  146. okie man

    Hardwood “Cedar”Plugs

    Bet some with polished brass heads would look cool
  147. okie man


    So the guy pays bd money too offer bd members smoking deals and all he gets is a bunch of crap about using all caps ?
  148. okie man

    holy crapola

    some of these bigger better boats are gonna be in trouble when their clientele can no longer fish! I’m all for meat and potatoes instead of fancy buffets if it lowers cost and allows me too fish more
  149. okie man

    best way to get bubbles out of epoxy

    Best way is too use several very thin coats of finish! Keep it warm, I use small glass bowls warmed with s heat gun. Put it on the rod quickly, hit it with a bit of heat, and don’t monkey with it!
  150. okie man

    Polaris Supreme Bunk Layout?

    I booked a 14 day trip with 18 passengers 18 months in advance and somehow ended up number 21! Just sayin
  151. okie man

    American Angler Question

    Let them do their job too get underway,safety speech, load bait and prep the boat then they will answer any questions and help prep any tackle you will need! Great guys on that boat
  152. okie man

    Meat preservation advice from Wicked Tuna

    While you’re fucking with your fish boatside mine will be getting spiked and bleed as in pinning another bait on! On my trip too clarion my cow wasn’t even tagged and weighed before I had another hooked! As I was shagging ass across the stern ray asked if I wanted to know what my first fish weighed!
  153. okie man

    Okuma question

    i like the standard gold makaira gear ratios better. id just pull the spool bearings clean and oil and fish it as is
  154. okie man

    Mak 20 SEa 100# line amount?

    i dont know why people still let someone else spool their reels with spectra!
  155. okie man

    Islander Accommodations?

    pretty much a long range boat quality boat. great food, great crew, good fishing platform .
  156. okie man

    Need some input Calstar 775

    If it’s cows you’re after XXh and xxxh on those. The extra 6” gives you a little more tip for casting
  157. okie man

    Is the Mak 16 SEa enough for a 7 day trip?

    if you havent already bought it get the 15 size makaira instead of the 10. little more capacity.
  158. okie man

    Joyous News in Our House

    You'll be closer too Ken, I see the rodless one getting some new sticks
  159. okie man

    Joyous News in Our House

    Good deal buddy, congrats
  160. okie man

    Inserting & Glueing

    I do like the fg knot, use it a lot for bass and steelhead fishing, just need more confidence in it before I use it on bigger stuff!
  161. okie man

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    I’m pretty sure the Bimini would be the weak link in that application
  162. okie man

    Inserting & Glueing

    I’ve only seen a failure a few times, same person twice on the same trip and after watching him make the connection I’m pretty sure why!
  163. okie man

    Inserting & Glueing

    Quick question! When a hollow too Floro connection fails on a fish, how often can you see why it failed?
  164. okie man

    Inserting & Glueing

    I've used and tested Cortland,12 and 16 strand ,izor, jerry Brown and power pro hollow spectra and all work. I haven't had a failure while actually fishing. The biggest cause of failure while testing was not getting a long polished bullet point on the leader material.
  165. okie man

    Grundens for multi-day trips?

    I usually take a lightweight rain gear. I wouldn’t want too wear grudens in the tropics!
  166. okie man

    Indy - Any recommendations

    Best people in the business, just with they had a bigger boat
  167. okie man

    Indy - Any recommendations

    The current boat is a little on the small size!
  168. okie man

    Indy - Any recommendations

    I wish the American Angler team would buy the shogun!
  169. okie man

    Akc chocolate labs

    What kind of titles are in the bloodline?
  170. okie man

    Do deckhand style rods have a place in the Long Range scene?

    My only complaint about deckhand style rods is on the newer thin diameter blanks even 2 layers of cork tape leaves a very tough rod too get a grip on.
  171. okie man

    Do deckhand style rods have a place in the Long Range scene?

    a 3''' section of aluminum tube epoxied where the reel goes works wonders for deckhand rods
  172. okie man

    30 VISX

    I have most of my bigger reels set up like that. Fill them with the same pound test spectra as leader I plan too fish plus s hundred yards of the next size up spectra. Example is makaira 15. I put 60# hollow topped with 100 yards 80# hollow.capacity for long soaks and a little extra insurance...
  173. okie man

    doing research would like your help

    Look at any of the tackle company sponsored trips! Cal star, penn , accurate. Talk too the boat and or sponsor and arrange for some help with your equipment! I suggest you talk too Lori with the American angler and tuna north(Steve Carson) penn rep and get on his trip ! Both are very good...
  174. okie man

    Tesoro 12 Reel Clamp?

    Is the spacing wider on the 12?
  175. okie man

    Anybody Fished the Apollo

    I win the lotto I’m buying it and turning it into my private boat
  176. okie man

    Best meal on a LR boat

    I’ve had some great food on the standard long range boats but I did a 3 day trip on the islander several years ago, the chef, a fine young man, turned out some humongous pork chops one night that were the best I’ve ever had. If that guy isn’t on a top tier boat now he needs too be.
  177. okie man

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    tell me again why we cant fish the the islands again!
  178. okie man

    blue makaira 20sea low gear

    i like the higher low gear of the gold version
  179. okie man

    What's your favorite way to prep/serve raw yellowtail?

    I like too slice it paper thin sheets with my meat slicer. Wrap it around avocado, green onion cucumber and cream cheese, make a dipping sauce out of mayo cilantro lime and purée jalapeño. It’s freaking awesome that way
  180. okie man

    Gearing up for Colonet

    If you got it bring it! Strange things happen! Or as Bruce would say, big fish happen!
  181. okie man

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    Wahoo are easy! 6.6-7foot rod rated for 50# progear wahoo special for reel. When troll rods get bit, wait for everyone to cast out too early and end up in a cluster in the corner, run too the bow. Cast about 50 feet out, freespool for 30 seconds reel like crazy until bit ! Keep reeling and keep...
  182. okie man

    Long Range Art

    Beautiful work! Must be east coast though,the hook is snelled! Everyone knows west coast guys only use ringed hooks Lmao
  183. okie man

    Whats in your LR box?

    MP3 player and mini speaker for travel days!
  184. okie man

    Question, 775XXXH butt

    If he doesn’t want a gimbal back on it get a crutch type cap on it. Bigger the better for the rail!
  185. okie man

    Jet Head Wahoo Bombs!!!!

    Those are nice.
  186. okie man

    SoCal sheepshead....

    Razor clams ! Shell and all! Used to catch them off the Dana harbor breakwall from an inflatable boat . I like them cooked in a hot cast iron skillet with a little olive oil and butter, salt pepper and a little garlic powder
  187. okie man

    Help choosing a trip

    The ten day for sure! That 100# tunacould be a 300#tuna
  188. okie man

    Shogun Penn Reels 6 Day 12/8-12/14

    I wanna fish with Steve one of these days! Guy always has a smile on his face!
  189. okie man

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    You can, but on my 14 day trip there was 3 cows caught the whole trip. 2 were on the kite! I’m sure glad I didn’t say no because I caught one of the 2 on the last full day of fishing! And I was 2nd to last on the rotation
  190. okie man

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    I melt a little ball on the tag end of my knots as an extra measure against it pulling through
  191. okie man

    Reels that don’t but SHOULD exist

    I remember long long ago in a land far far away people begging for higher gear ratio reels! Then the internet happened!
  192. okie man

    what makaira do you have, and hows it rigged.

    The last 100 yards is typically when things get ugly on a sport boat. Tangles, anchor line and extra drag come into play then.
  193. okie man

    Reels that don’t but SHOULD exist

    I would even let them call it the okie man special
  194. okie man

    Reels that don’t but SHOULD exist

    That would that would be the makairas 16n I so badly wish they would make! The regular 16 and the 20 are too close in size and capacity that you can use them in the same roles! The 15 is a super 60# reel , but lacks capacity for true 80# long range work. The 16n would be my next reel if they made it
  195. okie man

    Nub Nail Knot Connections

    couple tips for you. sand then polish a long thin bullet point on mono/floro. i use fingernail files and buffers i get from beauty supply stores. next tip is insert a needle in the spectra and burn athe end like you would rope then remove needle.
  196. okie man

    The Bank is Paying Out

    My guess is they are putting some quality fish in the holds then heading down south for a trophy hunt! Smart fellows on the AA! Besides, the whole fleet can’t sit on the bank!
  197. okie man

    Reel covers?

    Okuma makairas come with covers, penn makes good ones.
  198. okie man

    Shogun... Arron??

    Bobby, aka giggles, talk about a energetic young man. Great kid!
  199. okie man

    Those 3/0 circle hooks

    Yes, glade i bought a lifetime supply of the ones i use most before the change
  200. okie man

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?

    One trick for cutting the plastic tubes is use an abrasive blade in s miter saw snd wrap masking tape around the tube befor cutting
  201. okie man

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?

    I like the square or rectangle buckets better than round. Cut your clear tubes , fill the bottom of the bucket and then you can stack several Plano type boxes on top and . Add a couple rod holders or more . Mine has 2 on 3 sides . You can even add a nice cushion to the lid to make a seat when...
  202. okie man

    Those 3/0 circle hooks

    I’ve never been an owner hook fan! I️ fish for everything, bass , steelhead saltwater and never have i been impressed with owner hooks.i have about $400 worth of hooks in my boxes and most of them are mustard and vmc. Hooks and line are the most important connections to a fish , i use what i...
  203. okie man

    Those 3/0 circle hooks

    Get them from guy with the wire rings if you want rings! I use them with a uni knot and no ring!
  204. okie man

    Those 3/0 circle hooks

    I’m a big fan of the 4/0 VMC tuna tamers for small hook heavy drag applications
  205. okie man

    Best Casting Mono??

    try some jinkai and you'll never use anything else on the long rod
  206. okie man

    Any word on the lower banks?

    The excel is busting some big ones right now
  207. okie man

    Open Spot on Merritt EXCEL 10-Day trip

    I'd like to see the entire fleet convert their boats too solar power. Diesel fumes really put my too they are fishing boats for crying out loud. People come to have a good time. Eat , drink, fish. Smoke. I smoke, try to be courteous. But I usually get more irritated by the no ettique...
  208. okie man

    Big Fish

    Wahoodad is on the excel and they are heading too the banks, can't wait for his next FB report
  209. okie man

    Top Gun 80 2.5 Day Oct 16th

    I don’t step on a boat without 10!
  210. okie man

    Modern Rail Rod?

    Calstar and seeker make rods that have proven the test of time,rods like the 770 series ,2x4 . Uc has some great rods. Go to a tackle store and put them in your hands, pull on them and see what you like!
  211. okie man

    Another one bites the dust

    one thing ive seen with high modulous graphite is you cant let it vibrate against solid edges. truck tailgates. pilot house rod racks have claimed many of rods
  212. okie man

    donkey? is it the right term

    you call it awsome!lol nice one
  213. okie man

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    did you get rid of all your calstars seekers and what other brands you have?
  214. okie man

    Mission Belle or San Diego

    not many long range skippers working the deck of their own 3/4 day boat, taro on the liberty for sure
  215. okie man

    Andros 5n11a vs Makiera 8-2se

    My go to 30/40# rigs are a first generation torques. Tq100 on a calstar 700m and a tq200 on a ss6470. Perfect combos as far as I'm concerned!
  216. okie man

    Andros 5n11a vs Makiera 8-2se

    If you're looking for a great do all 30/40#reel forget the 2 speed lever drag and get a star drag reel! Better casting, you get a higher gear ratio for burning jigs.
  217. okie man

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    Title says best bang! A told is not the best bang!
  218. okie man

    Which reels?

    I don't personally use 2 speeds for 40# and under!
  219. okie man

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    In my humble opinion tld's are crap! All of them! Stock , hotrodded! Get a machined aluminum 2 speed ! i used one of the shoguns tricked out tlds and it sucked compared to a modern 2 speed reel!
  220. okie man

    6xJr for wahoo?

    Get away from the crowd, wind as fast as you can, don't stop winding until they gaff it!
  221. okie man

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    Here's the tough part of answering that ? You never know what conditions are gonna be like. It could be tough fishing, no current, small baits and few fish in the area. Makaira 16 with 80-100#leaders for that. Lots of fish, tough conditions, bad bait. Maybe a 20 with 100# leaders. Great...
  222. okie man

    Advice on terminal tackle for Guadalupe

    My hook selection of the same on any trip. 1/0-6/0 mustad hoodlum j hooks. Mustad 4x circles in 5/0-8/0 . Toss in a few 2-24 oz torpedo sinkers . That covers most all bait fishing. A 1/2 dozen 6x jrs in the standard colors .a few surface irons and you have all you "need"!
  223. okie man

    Izorline sponsored trip???

    I did a izorline trip and got a hat 5 hooks and free mono, 30-40 fillups
  224. okie man

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    you do know the royal star did tagging trips for several years down at the islands right? hundreds of tuna, all sizes were caught by anglers , tagged and released. biologist, experts on fish and generaly smarter people than you were very sucessful at releasing yellowfin tuna. if you come home...
  225. okie man

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    greed and chest pounding gets you nowhere around here! i always watch what i tag based on how much i can use . i budget around $300 for the fine folks at fivestar when i go fishing. that puts about 300 pounds of fish in the freezer, about all my family can use in the time it stays good in the...
  226. okie man

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    Simple rule with any resource is take what you can use and release the rest! If you like canned tuna, can your own. The exchange rate is ridiculous with the scanners. I always smoke a bunch and make tuna sandwiches with that. It freezes well.
  227. okie man

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    2 speeds will cost you more wahoo than they catch! No time to push buttons when you should be cranking!
  228. okie man

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    cant beat a progear wahoo special! they are..... special!
  229. okie man

    Blue hollow spectra/braid

    I'd probably mark the line every 50 feet but that's just me
  230. okie man

    Blue hollow spectra/braid

    Momoi has a good colored hollow spectra Steve! You can also use spike it worm dyes to color it! A trick we used to use to camouflage line was to run a couple lines of color across the reel spool before stringing up the rod!
  231. okie man

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    To be honest there's several good levelwind reels perfect for fishing bottom fish ! Lot less than 300 bucks too
  232. okie man


    If you fish for them on the bottom you can't have too much drag! Try David's method of fly lining a bait if you want to eat one! Other wise you just pick a fight with a heavyweight
  233. okie man

    What is your favorite 80-100# set up?

    100 # is a makaira 20 full of 100 pound spectra! 80 # depends! Either the makaira 20 , big fish zone or makaira 15 for yellowtail or big local tuna
  234. okie man

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    I'm thinking 300 yards of 50# spectra topped with 40# mono for the 10 and 300 yards of 65# spectra topped with 50# mono on the 12. Surface iron, bombs , yo yo and bait! Serious star drag reels for all those applications for sure! I may have some progear wahoo specials up for sale soon!
  235. okie man

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    With those huge helical gears I'm thinking 6:0 will be fine!
  236. okie man

    What's your favorite 30# fly line sardine set up?

    Penn torque 100 on a calstar700m
  237. okie man

    Preferred rigging of Wahoo Bombs

    I'll keep all my wahoo gear rigged with wire until I see a need to change!
  238. okie man

    andros 5ii

    I'd use a makaira 10 for what you want to do! If you can get 2 reels get a andros 5 and a makaira 15! With the exception of cow size tuna you can fish for anything you'll find within so cal range with those 2 reels
  239. okie man

    Just One More Reel is All I Need

    Get another 20 or even 16 size reel and move the 50w to the odd rod out
  240. okie man

    How many outfits for 4 days?

    These days 4 rods and reels will cover 20-100# line. A reel with 30, 50,65 and 80#spectra and appropriate leaders will cover most anglers on a San Diego sport boat . Toss in a jig stick and you have "all" you need.the rest is just being a tackle ho''. Some take it epic levels! Fishy!lol
  241. okie man

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    Star drag doesn't need one
  242. okie man

    Best Okuma rod and reel for kite/yummie fishing?

    A 30w and a good 100# rod would be fine
  243. okie man

    New Cortez rod- is this normal?

    If it's brand new and a trip back is no big deal take it back! It won't hurt any to fish it
  244. okie man

    New 60lb rig??

    Put 400 yards of 60# hollow topped off with 150 yards of 80# hollow to increase capacity on a makaira 15
  245. okie man

    Best 7Foot Rod for throwing Surface iron

    You'll love the jri's, like pick of the litter good!
  246. okie man

    Andros single speed?

    Yes they have the dual drag. If I'm not mistaken the don't have the thrust bearing in the drag system like the makaira reels!
  247. okie man

    NEW Penn 50 VISX

    Some nice reel porn there!
  248. okie man

    Risky Business

    That is a good time to drop the rod tip and grab a few cranks on the reel handle in preparation for Lifting the fish. Kind of a rythem thing!
  249. okie man

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    You can swim all you want at the lupe, just better be fast
  250. okie man

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    i can see it now, richard simmons sweating to the oldies during breakfast
  251. okie man

    Favorite Hook Knot

    You can tie all kinds of razzle dazzle knots but you can always count on a good old uni! If I'm tying it in heavy line with a little loop I always burn a little ball on the tag end for extra insurance
  252. okie man

    As requested, Okuma updates...

    What I like is the spool is slmost same diameter as the side plates. Max line capacity for the reel size
  253. okie man

    Vitamins and Supplements for 10 y/o Lab?

    My vet had me giving my dog glucosamine and malox coated regular strength aspirin. As always talk to your vet first
  254. okie man

    Risky Business

    sorry but if I'm only gonna get bit a few times because conditions suck, fishing is slow and it's sharks as hell. I'm sticking to the big guns! They don't give out tshirts and jackets for heartbreakers and you can't eat almost!
  255. okie man

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    That's the smartest post in this site all day!lol
  256. okie man

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    I've been telling him that's not the part you want too eat! Lol
  257. okie man

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    I had a guy, one of the special people move my tackle box from the nice on the corner spots to the middle of the engine cover , 2 rows back so he could put his huge box in its place! He never said a word to me when I used his atd 30 to hold my hook as I snugged my knots up!
  258. okie man

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    A reasonable limit is 10! I have 4 on my assigned numbers, 1 on the bow and the rest up top. I don't use the rocket launchers on my box for anything but rigging.
  259. okie man

    Risky Business

    David is not s big guy and shows technique and skill in killing fish! I'm a big guy and the under the arm technique doesn't work for me in the stern. I have to put the butt on my waist and lean over and down on it when in the stern!
  260. okie man


    What's next, they didn't have transgender bathrooms or oatmeal for breakfast! Oh wait one of those has been covered in another thread! Lol
  261. okie man


    maybe be some numbing butt cream and vagasil for all the ass hurt , sore pussies that seem to be riding on the boats now a days! lol
  262. okie man

    Sebile Knot versus John Collins vs ???? Fluoro / Mono to braid ?

    Sorry but any knot that takes that kind of effort and tools doesn't belong on my line!
  263. okie man

    New 60lb rig??

    I use a makaira 15 on a super seeker 6465xh,
  264. okie man

    Okuma service!

    This should be a sticky!if for any reason you have a problem with a okuma fishing product please contact them first! They will tell you where and how to get it to them in order for them to take care of the problem the fastest way possible!
  265. okie man

    mexican waters closures ??

    Long drive to clarion
  266. okie man


    I agree with others! Quality star drag reels have gotten shunned for lever drags! Shimano has some star drags but I'll wait for a okuma or get a pro gear before I buy shitmano! I'd love to see a okuma wahoo special and a tall narrow surface iron reel from okuma!
  267. okie man

    Options at Guadalupe Island?

    Incredible fishing all around the island! Big homeguard yellows , bass, bottom grabbers! I'd love to spend a ten day trip fishing around the whole island
  268. okie man

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Hell no jon, I'm a poor boy!
  269. okie man

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Pays to have a good attorney! Lmao
  270. okie man

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Lost just about everything, except my guns and fishing tackle!
  271. okie man

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    The biggest expense after my last 14 day trip was the divorce I went through after I told my ex I wanted to go on a 17 dayer the next year!
  272. okie man

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    sorry, all these extra $20 here and fuel surcharge there is gonna put some boats out of business when all the old rich guys are dead1 just sayin! take a look around and the long range clientele aint getting any younger!lol
  273. okie man

    Lengths of fluorocarbon topshots

    The reason I quit pre making top shots is every extra connection is another place things can fail and it's extra baggage for the bait to pull around! I might be a little backwards, ok a lot , but I think when you have clouds , current, wind low light and such you can get away with less Floro ...
  274. okie man

    "That Guy" roll call

    was it a handoff from the captain? lmao
  275. okie man

    Oceanside 95 reports 200# bluefin caught

    Just read on fb the Oceanside 95 got a 200# bluefin in the greylight bite this morning! Better break out the grown up tackle !
  276. okie man

    Makaira 10 and 15 SEA, do they have a place on a LR tuna trip?

    I was tempted several time to use my makaira 15 at the island . Long lulls, no bites! Changed my mind when the only fish that day was a 265!
  277. okie man

    Lengths of fluorocarbon topshots

    I don't pre make top shots ! The mono/ Florida is tapered ready to insert. I keep my crimps on doubled over wire! 10 per piece. When time to install a leader, just slide 2 crimps up spectra, open the end of it w
  278. okie man

    Lengths of fluorocarbon topshots

    i typically cut 25 yard spools into 3 25 foot pieces and taper one end.i have a worm dinder with clear bags marked for 20-130# leaders
  279. okie man

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    I searched eBay and found a few cal'ed penns 12,20 models for around $400 good dependable stuff! Probably get a makaira 16 used for about $400 on the forums. A makaira 16n would be priceless! 500 yards 80# pound spectra with a top shot of 80#
  280. okie man

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    I thing I hear most from the crew members is wind wind wind!
  281. okie man

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    1:1 is just too low for me! Closer to 2:1 is what I like!
  282. okie man

    Early June Trip. What can I expect

    id pack gear for anything from school size yellowtail and tuna to cow gear !big bluefin , bruiser yellowtail , albacore(we wish) , you just never know! no b.s. id bring a 20# 30# 2-40# 2-50# 60# 80/100# and a jig stick outfits. an asortment of surface and yoyo jigs and hooks in size 2/0, 4/0,6/0...
  283. okie man

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    do you have the sea version? All my makairas are gold because I like the higher ratio's
  284. okie man

    Braid, what are the differences.

    not a bad deal. have you spooled it up yet
  285. okie man

    Braid, what are the differences.

    how much was 1000 meters?
  286. okie man

    show time at Fred Hall Show by Black Hole USA

    looke like 2 more guides would fix that!
  287. okie man

    "That Guy" roll call

    those chilli dogs on the angler can tear up a toilet
  288. okie man

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    let me ask you all this? how much differece is there in a makaira 16 and 20 when flylining a sardine ? which reel would you rather have when you hang a 200# plus tuna in shark infested water.
  289. okie man

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    I'd get another makaira 20
  290. okie man


    Maybe a 770xxx and a makaira 30 with 130# spectra
  291. okie man

    "That Guy" roll call

    did he want to wash his balls in that sink? lol
  292. okie man

    "That Guy" roll call

    if you had all green avets you would get banned on a certain charter group and boat jim!
  293. okie man

    "That Guy" roll call

    why do you have a problem with the guys green gear? that alone makes you seem like that guy! what boat charged you 3 times more for a limited load overnighter? its the boats fault he was never told that his trip, which he booked several months in advance, had been booked by your group who knows...
  294. okie man

    "That Guy" roll call

    i will say ive never really been on a trip where "that guy" was a problem. i'm usually so happy to be fishing i dont let other people bring me down!
  295. okie man

    "That Guy" roll call

    heres how to not be'"that guy""! sorry you made a reservation and got here to find the boat sold your spot. youre more than welcome to join us! thats not ""that guy""! wow thats some nice gear, just get it? yes i did, just starting out, guy that sold it to me said its all great equipment? oh ...
  296. okie man

    "That Guy" roll call

    so he booked a trip in what appears to be months in advance on a paticuar boat? he didnt contact the boat to make sure his advanced resevation hadnt been taken by a charter group.then he showed up with new quality gear. when he showed up for his trip he didnt just walk away and say ok. then he...
  297. okie man

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    just call lori in the office, sarah at five star and they will answer just about every question except how much too tip!
  298. okie man

    Looking for Definitions of Terms to Screen Rods

    The trend of longer rods stems from the use of laying the rod on the rail and abandoning the use of standup gear! Short rods, rod plates and harnesses!
  299. okie man


    i do know this, when fishing with lever drag reels i pay as much attention to how much,or little , drag i have at full as i do at strike.
  300. okie man


    I landed my cow in 20 minutes , never made a long screaming run . Watched another anglers fish never stop. Day before watched a 21/2 hr battle between a 265 tuna and an angler and several crew members! They are all different! I still think it's equally important how you pull and how hard you...
  301. okie man

    How many wahoo rigs for 15/16 dayer?

    Wahoo are pussies! Show them who's boss and you'll own them! Don't let get their heads turned and they can't take drag! I like to have several rigs ready as I fish short wire and you will get bites but will also lose a lure or 2 on the drop. If you know how to fish Albies on the slide run and...
  302. okie man

    How many wahoo rigs for 15/16 dayer?

    Set it so it doesn't slip at all! Just straight grind them skinny bastards too the boat!
  303. okie man

    How many wahoo rigs for 15/16 dayer?

    i have 3 progear wahoo specials, raiders, bombs ,6xjrs on them depending on whats working. a penn torque 200/ss6470 40# bait outfit and some sort of a surface iron outfit.
  304. okie man


    heres a silly question! does anyone have a reel thats capable of actually breaking the line its designed to fish using only the drag? a cow reel that will break 100-130# without adding additional drag with thumbs,fingers palm of hand.
  305. okie man

    Skippy hook and other man bait questions for Wahoodad

    David is a very good angler and a hell of a nice guy! If you ask, he will reply. I think he truly enjoys sharing information with fellow anglers. He won't steer you wrong! If he says don't do it, don't! Lol
  306. okie man

    Hook brand for 100lb to 300lb fish flyline sardine

    J hooks deep in the throat, waiting too long before engaging drag!
  307. okie man

    Suffix Superior 60lb

    I like it, use it all the time!
  308. okie man

    Hooks for guadalupe

    Bingo! Laws of physics don't change with the addition of a little metal ring! You look in my hook box you won't find many hooks with rings on them
  309. okie man

    Amazon goofed and sent me two Penn FTH40NLD2, keep or sell on ebay?

    Keep both! You have plenty of time too bargain shop for rods for them! Perfect time of year , lots of guys will be selling their old good tackle for the latest greatest new stuff with Fred hall and I cast coming up!
  310. okie man

    Wahoo question

    I've found wahoo like the boat! Don't over cast them. Short cast line about a 45degree angle and wind like hell and don't stop until the gaff is in it!
  311. okie man

    Please Okuma

    I absolutely love my makaira 15 . What id like to see is a 16 narrow!
  312. okie man

    Recipes for long range Species

    You can even do this one soda! Brush a nice thick tuna steak with mayo, shake some pepper and salt on it! Toss on hot grill for 5 minutes each side, should be a little rare in middle, place tuna on toasted bread with lettuce and tomato! Promise you'll love it!
  313. okie man

    Catching flying fish on the Excel

    Looked a little sporty weather wise also
  314. okie man

    80lb hollow or solid on a Mak15sea?

    Mines filled with 100 yards or so of 80# hollow on Top of 60# hollow! More capacity with a little security for the end game
  315. okie man

    Arm and hand cramps

    Just bring a couple bottles of pedialyte. It's the stuff you give kids when they are sick so they don't get dehydrated. Drink a glass every morning and night. I work outside in extreme heat and it's a life saver
  316. okie man

    Two Weeks and a day its Bushman time on the Intrepid.

    That's a trip I want to go on soon! Ken and miles are great guys!
  317. okie man

    All Swivels ARE NOT Created Equal... or are they?

    If you're talking about swivels for wahoo bombs, jigs and such I really like spro power swivels in 80 and 120 pound sizes. Very small, stealthy for strength! I use them for up to 60# mono/floro
  318. okie man

    You have to kill em' guys...... Big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    Keep your thumb off the spool,press your line against the for grip if you need more pressure
  319. okie man

    Straggler jigs?

    I used to have about 50 of them but they all cracked and broke around the holes for rings! I use jri iron now!:)
  320. okie man

    Want to fish Guadalupe?

    So that's how the big dog is paying for the lupe permits!
  321. okie man

    30# Rig

    I use a torque 100 on a cals tar 700m
  322. okie man

    Boat guides

    I know saltydawg uses them quite a bit. You might pm him and see what kind of feed back his customers are giving him!
  323. okie man

    Wire for Wahoo?

    If you're gonna use 130# floro for wahoo jigs a simple 3 turn uni on each end to the jig and swivel/ring is more than adequate and very simple to tie!I I'm still not convinces it's the best way to rig jigs! On my 14 day trip a few years ago , every time guys bitched about getting hoo'd on their...
  324. okie man

    BFT combo

    With the class of fish off the coast right now makaira 15 with a rod capable of fishing 60-80# line would be a great addition to your arsenal! 300 yards of 65# topped with 80# hollow braid and a 20' piece of 60 or 80# floro!
  325. okie man

    Crew treats?

    I always make the guys venison jerky! 2 or3 pounds of it and the guys seem to like it!
  326. okie man


    When they feel and treat you like family! It goes from a fishing trip to a reunion ! I have a favorite captain ! Not because he puts you on more fish, has the biggest boat or biggest ego! He knows how to entertain you, keep you positive in tough bites, tells you about the ecosystems your...
  327. okie man

    Best drag setting and how to do it

    Depends on the fish, location and conditions! Big yellows around structure! 50% or more , offshore , paddy fishing! 30% , cow fishing 30-35% , I don't pussyfoot around with fish, soon as they make their run I go up to full or crank down on the star and wind!
  328. okie man

    Can it work ??

    I've fished my makaira 15 with straight 80 solid and got a little over 400 yards on it! I used it for Guadalupe tuna with 60# topshot a and dropper loop yellows with 80 # topshot. Worked fine for both! It now has 400 yards of 60# hollow topped with150 yards of 80# hollow for more capacity! I...
  329. okie man

    catching skippies?

    Choate has some good videos on YouTube for fishing man baits! Worth the time to watch them all
  330. okie man

    Taros" Boat:

    Taro is one hell of a fisherman, captain and person. I'd love to join the rest of the aa gang for a trip or two!
  331. okie man

    Wahoo Reel.

    Good old progear wahoo special! Hard to find but so worth it!
  332. okie man

    Most Useful Freebies?

    Most of the trips I've been on the swag is great! Some floro, hooks ,jigs hat or tee! But what last the longest is the dvds that I've been given at the end of the trip! David made a great video of our lupe trip, rick on our sports chalet trip and berry and Jack on the shaker tour. Years have...
  333. okie man

    Spooling up

    I never have someone spool my reels for me! I am way to obsessive with making sure my tackle is absolutely perfect! I build my own rods, service my own reels, make my own top shots and tie my own knots!
  334. okie man

    Fishing pliers, which one?

    $300 pliers! For 5 bucks I would have sold you a magnifying glass to make your dick look bigger! Lol
  335. okie man

    sato crimps or not

    There's lots of good ways to secure the hollow to floro/ mono connection! Nub and nail knots work fine! I've used them with no problem! Serving it works fine! Used it no problem! Used the sato crimp per David's instructions several years ago and it's my go to method now! Crimps to me are the...
  336. okie man

    sato crimps or not

    I like the Sato crimps because it's so easy and fast! Plus it goes through the guide better than any other connection!
  337. okie man

    Wahoo Bomb Heads

    Chrome lug nuts work good! Just drill a 1/8 hole in them and add mylar
  338. okie man

    scopes for sale

    I'm cleaning out some excess stuff. I have a good condition burris fulfill ll 3x9x40 ballistplex reticle , good condition! $125 shipped. Bushnell ar optics 4x18 x42 bdc retical, like new! $150 shipped. Redfield partner ll 3x12x42 plex retical good condition $100 shipped! No boxes, all have...
  339. okie man

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    I checked out the Trokars and that cutting point is a deal killer for me! I prefer cone type points on all my hooks! Just look at the different size and shape hole each type of hooks make in the mouth and then there's the damage cutting points can do to leaders and main line .
  340. okie man

    Sunline Fluorocarbon leader

    Use lots of it in fresh water! Popular in most parts of world,
  341. okie man

    Seaguar premier Q's

    Depends on the conditions also! If it's real sharky or the current is ripping it's just stacking the odds against you by dropping down just to get bites! If bites are tough to come by I say tough it out and make them count! I seen a poor guy have 3 heartbreakers in a row and it didn't look fun!
  342. okie man

    Seaguar premier Q's

    Smart shoppers can find the seagar on sale for buy 2 get 1 free on a regular basis! I use a lot of ande floro , good stuff also, and have a source to get it fairly cheap to!
  343. okie man

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    Sarah and the rest of the five star crew has always taken good care of me! Like others have said! Call ahead, and they will do what ever it takes to get you fixed up!
  344. okie man

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    I don't know about that Steve! I rode the "gun" and enough people chose 5star that someone's panties got all Ruffles up! Lol
  345. okie man

    Seaguar premier Q's

    That's because them eagle claw hooks straighten out first! Lol I'm just kidding you my chicken feet eating friend!
  346. okie man

    makaira 20 and cortland 100lb hollow

    Cortland 100# "solid" is actually a 12 strand hollow and is a bit thinner than the c16 hollow! I got close to 700 yards on my makaira 20!
  347. okie man

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    Pro gear wahoo special! It's called the wahoo special for a reason!
  348. okie man

    The Long Range Character thread.

    I co-sponsored a 31/2 on the holiday several years ago! Some fellows from Phoenix were on the boat all very cool guys! One of the guys wore nothing but red board shorts and a straw hat the whole trip! the weather was nothing but sunshine and warn temps! We drank plenty of beers and had...
  349. okie man

    Hard question???? One rod for an 8.

    If your hx is a raptor and you want a 7'6"" rod look at a 775h
  350. okie man

    Can't make up my mind Guadalupe 80/100lb reel

    I have my makaira 15 spooled with 400 yards of 60# jb hollow topped off with 80# jb hollow! I fish it with 60-80# leaders!
  351. okie man

    Bob and Jamie's very preliminary Tac Glue testing

    If mr choate is doing it and says it works that's good enough for me! I just put the taper on several pre cut lengths of leader and store them in a bag. Put several sato crimps on a doubled up piece of 27# wire. When it's time to change a leader I grab the proper sized crimps. Slide one or two...
  352. okie man

    possibly over booked

    What irritated me was I figured either 2 guys in a 3 bunk room or 1 in a 2 bunk room and there would still be plenty of room for 14 days worth of personal items. The fuel surcharge discount wasn't worth being shoehorned into a tiny room with not enough storage! Sleeping with your clothes for 2...
  353. okie man

    possibly over booked

    One is one, 3 on a small boat is bs! One guy in a 3 bunk while 2 share a double has me shopping a new boat!
  354. okie man

    Here's you're sign....

    I've had boats "regular" passengers move my modest sized tackle box and put their enormous custom boxes in my place before! That won't happen again because I bought the biggest skb box I could find and put all the heavy iron , jigs and 16oz torpedo sinkers it will hold in it and added 8 rod...
  355. okie man

    Perfect starter hook pack by trip?

    I don't buy the whole freedom to swim better thing with ringed hooks! I usually hook my bait close to the head and the head don't wiggle when it swims!
  356. okie man

    Perfect starter hook pack by trip?

    Not including trips to cow country I always have a box with at least 25 each of, 1/0,3/0,5/0,7/0 non ringed mustad hoodlum j hooks! Add 5/0,6/0,7/0 ringed mustad 4x demons for sardines, 7/0 and 12/0 7691's for big baits and you're good for just about anything you'll fish for on any long range trip!
  357. okie man

    Okuma Andros 16iia

    I'm not a fan of the sea versions of the makaira! The low gear is just too low! You just can't keep up with the fish if it gets squirrelly and that's where you'll lose a fish! It takes no time to pull the side plate off and remove the shields off the spool bearings. You can add what ever lube...
  358. okie man

    Solid to Hollow spectra

    I double up about 3' of the solid and tie a nail knot as a nub. Pull it into the hollow so the nub is just inside the hollow and tie a nail knot to hold the nub inside the hollow! A drop of glue on both nail knots is plenty for a near 100% connection!
  359. okie man

    opinion on the wingman thread

    I know for a fact that there would be a lot less triple digit shirts and jackets given away without the crews assistance !
  360. okie man

    80w and 130's

    I watched the deck hand put the butt on deck and fore grip on the rail,push the drag to full . Don't know what gave but a 220 was landed on it a little later same afternoon!
  361. okie man

    80w and 130's

    It had enough drag for me to deck a 202# in 20 minutes and bust off the crazy fish after It dumped 700 yards of line in a minute or less!
  362. okie man

    80w and 130's

    Too some $1000 is nothing, too others it's a deal breaker on a trip! 3 of the 4 cows on my trip were taken on the boats kite rods. Only one big fish was lost on the boats kite gear and it was because the crazy bastard took off for midway and never stopped. The crew decided against a backup rig...
  363. okie man

    80w and 130's

    A dedicated kite rig will run well over $1000 including rod reel and spectra! On my cow trip I used the kite rig once for about an hour including landing my only cow! These of the time I used 1 of 2 wahoo rigs or 1 of 3 tuna rods! If you have one or your budget can afford a kite rig bring it! If...
  364. okie man

    Best 100lb Hollow?

    Yeah it's master braid Steve! I used on my makaira 20 and 2 penn 30's . Filled the 20 and 30s with it and used sato crimps and 100# floro. Put 600 yards of it on my 30sw topped with 200 yards 130# c16 . Had no problems with splicing spectra or floro/mono ! It's good line and the price makes it a...
  365. okie man

    Best 100lb Hollow?

    I like cortland spectra! I use the 100# solid which is really 12 strand hollow!
  366. okie man

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    I've also noticed offset hooks tend to twist up your spectra when you continualy wind in after long soaks ! I had to replace the first 100 yards several times because of line twist on my trip down south a couple years ago!
  367. okie man

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    Here's my thoughts on hooks! In all my years fishing live bait on sport boats for tuna yellowtail and such, I don't think I've seen a hand full of fish that weren't hooked somewhere near the corner of the mouth! I can't say if it's the way I keep my line semi tight and keep contact with my bait...
  368. okie man

    Conditions for Yo-Zuri pink fluoro

    I've used it a couple times ! I hang a torpedo sinker on my hook and let out a long soaks length to wet and lay my spectra nice and even and straighten out my leader!
  369. okie man

    What knot do you use for 100# - 150#

    Uni knots works as good for 2# as it does for 130#! Just doesn't need as many twist as diameter increases!
  370. okie man

    Shogun tackle storage question

    Unless you get a spot on the top shelf you're better off with a soft bag you can access easy from the lower shelf or go up top!
  371. okie man

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    Great bites are just that, great bites ! It's the people you meet that leave the greatest memories!
  372. okie man

    What do you do?

    Top of the swell, standing upright, rod under armpit, tip pointed down palm on spool. As the bow goes down turn the handle . bend your knees and raise rod tip keeping steady ,even pressure on fish, as bow rises stand back up and lower tip palm spool!
  373. okie man

    BIG Hooks....

    I'm picky about things like hooks and swivels! Brands like mustad and spro that have proven to preform are really the only bargain to me! We had really tough fishing on my 14 day trip. I only hooked 3 large tuna. Would of sucked to lost them to cheap hooks or swivels!
  374. okie man

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    I quit pre making top shots! All I do now is pre taper the ends of the leader material I'm using ! I can slide a crimp or 2 up my spectra, insert leader , crimp and glue plenty fast ! Save on having a splice that can fail and extra double line for your bait to drag around!
  375. okie man

    Spirit of Adventure - 8 Day

    Wish I could go with you buddy! Catch a couple for me!
  376. okie man

    Dedicated Wahoo Reel

    I'm partial to the progear wahoo special. Have 3 of them!
  377. okie man

    Wahoo Live Bait rigs

    What crimps are you using fishy? I used knots with it but just didn't like the looks of them!
  378. okie man

    wahoo iron for 10 day end of sept

    I like the bigger 200 size raiders, sink faster and get more hits on the drop! Keep a little pressure on the spool and they flutter less and drop straighter! I like 3' of 50-60# titanium wire! Don't let them turn their heads and you can crank a skinny right to the boat! Wind wind wind!
  379. okie man

    Knots for heavy fluorocarbon

    Uni knot works absolutely perfect for 90% of all my fishing! Trout to tuna, Alaska to Mexico . Tie it with my eyes closed!
  380. okie man

    Like Ultra Ultra limited load?

    15 day trip, 4 there, 4 back, 18 hr run from hb to clarion plus check in time! Jeff math is pretty much money!
  381. okie man

    Cedros 10s

    Put some pressure on the spool with your thumb and turn the handle at a nice even cadence! Should be a nice constant sound! A little trick I learned a long time ago! Take some Colgate toothpaste and apply it to the gears of a new reel! Sit down in front of the TV and turn the handle for a hour...
  382. okie man

    what test lb should i spool for mk15 ?

    400 yards of jb 60 hollow then filled rest of the way with jb 80 hollow, top shots of 60-80 floro
  383. okie man

    What is the max line the Mak10ii can fish?

    I'd do it! I'd rather have the capacity of my mak 15 over the 10 but 480 yards of 80 should work!
  384. okie man

    Creating your own Wahoo Jigs

    Crome lug nuts will work!
  385. okie man

    Which reel for 40lb live bait

    What's the difference between a porcupine and a Lexus?
  386. okie man

    Which reel for 40lb live bait

    You can get 2 of the okuma metaloids for the price of one shimano!
  387. okie man

    Window Leader Jig

    Jon I can send you mine if you want! I don't use it anymore!
  388. okie man

    Rod touching the rail

    i thought the rod couldn't touch from the center of the reel forward to the tip
  389. okie man

    Wahoo iron/bomb setups

    pro gear wahoo specials are my reel of choice. rod doesn't matter. keep the tip pointed at fish and don't stop winding!
  390. okie man

    American angler

    can't go wrong fishing with the American Angler family! show up, relax, have fun. repeat when needed!
  391. okie man

    W A R N I N G !

    tear them up buddy
  392. okie man


    I wear my wyle x's every day at work and fishing and after 2 years they are in great shape! never get sore eyes and fit great.
  393. okie man

    Reel for Jig Fishing

    pro gear wahoo special is a nice reel . may have to look a little harder but worth it if you can find a good one.
  394. okie man

    Advice on 100lb reel

    I got twice the monyy in a tricked out penn 30s 2 speed as a regular makaira 20 and the makaira is twice the reel ! if you're a desk jockey get the seaii but I like the higher gear ratio on the regular version because that's where it is during most of the fight and most important to keep the...
  395. okie man

    beach rental

    thanks guys!
  396. okie man

    beach rental

    thanks buddy! got him hooked up! he said his little girl wants to look for sea shells! any place you can recommend!
  397. okie man

    beach rental

    i have a buddy bringing his family to do the seaworld / zoo and beach thing in july. any ideas for a nice area to rent a condo or something close to all the above?
  398. okie man


    jerry makes world class lures. when I get my current situation straightened out I plan on spending a lot more time fishing with his products!
  399. okie man

    Incredible Video from recent American Angler trip

    rick is a great guy and takes time away from the rail to film and spends a considerable amount of time editing his videos. just an example of the type of guys you spend time with on the angler! sure wish I could have been on that trip this year!
  400. okie man

    Varmit Calibers

    step up to 69 grain plus bullets and it don't
  401. okie man

    Effective rod angle when fighting fish

    I know this, when checking my drag with a scale my cofe'd 30s will only put out 30# of drag straight pull but if I put a nice bend in the rod it goes up to 34-35#.
  402. okie man

    Effective rod angle when fighting fish

    I saw a show by mark sosin and they tested rod angles and pressure at the hook. 90 degrees had the most pressure at the hook.
  403. okie man

    Varmit Calibers

    I say go 223. 204 is fine until the wind blows. same with the 17's
  404. okie man

    Pink Fluoro

    a smart angler will choose his line dia/color by conditions. flat calm, not a cloud in the sky type conditions, better do every thing you can to reduce the visibility of your leader. got some wind, little chop, cloudy, dusk or dawn, step up the size of it. seldom do the great ones say " all I...
  405. okie man

    if you had 250K to spend on a wet-slipped fishing vessel in San Diego..

    you have the budget for something over 40', 500 mile plus range, large bait capacity. opens up the opportunity to fish past the small private boat fleet and over night at the farther banks and islands in comfort.
  406. okie man

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    mine's sometimes called " the [email protected]#king piece of shit". no need to explain!
  407. okie man

    From the Outhouse to the Penthouse - Live Mackeral Style

    just a little info for anyone wanting try the san diego for a trip. taro takeuchi , a very accomplished long range captain and crew member is now working on the boat.
  408. okie man

    Wahoo bombs and jigs

    sorry but unless I was getting smoked by the guys using floro instead of wire my 130 floro is only going on my tuna rod!
  409. okie man

    Crimp Set - Sato

    regardless if you use a needle or not, putting a nice smooth taper on the leader is very important! I find it just as easy to skip the needle on 60#line and up.
  410. okie man

    Crimp Set - Sato

    I don't even pre make topshots anymore with the sato crimps. cut your mono/floro to desired lengths , shape one end into a long smooth taper and store them in a worm binder type tackle bag. I put my crimps on a doubled up pull wire and store them in a little plano box. when it's time to change...
  411. okie man

    Which Okuma for Wahoo??

    I like the high gear just the way it is on the makaira's. not so high that you have to drop into low until it's time to get nasty . my vote is a star and lever drag version of the 16n cedros. maybe even put a cool wahoo pattern finish on it!:)
  412. okie man

    Seaguar Threadlock

    for the price vs performance I still don't think you can beat Cortland 12 strand in 100-130# class.
  413. okie man

    HXJ Raptor for 'hoo bobmbs?

    65# braid and 50# topshot. make a good 50# tuna setup also
  414. okie man


    I did that every nite after dinner last year! sharks, birds, crossed lines, twist from reeling offset circle hooks in all day all took a toll on the first hundred yards or so!
  415. okie man

    Wahoo bombs---part 2---for adults

    here's a good one! been standing at the rail for a couple hours, fishing bait for cows. not a hook up all morning. couple guys get hoo'ed on their bait rigs. grab your wahoo rig and pitch a jig out and let it sink out. reel like hell and hook up and land your fish with the whole boat looking on...
  416. okie man

    Wahoo bombs---part 2---for adults

    wahoo are funny creatures. I saw 20 guys, myself included, throwing various shiny this and that's get schooled by a single fellow tossing brightly painted pieces of steel with a hook on the end. key was he fished on the bow alone and his bait was the lost bait away from the herd of others in...
  417. okie man

    Which trip would you choose of these for your very first long long range trip?

    I did my first 14 day on the angler. had bait left when we left for home. made some bait. not the biggest boat but never felt crowded. great food, a+ fish care and a outstanding family hosting you.
  418. okie man

    Which Okuma for Wahoo??

    fill the mk8 with 40# spectra and 25-40# leaders , mk10 fill with 50# spectra and 40-50 leaders, mk15 60# spectra and 50-60# leaders. Andros 5 will work for wahoo . still wish the would make a cedros 16n star drag for fishing the skinnies!
  419. okie man

    50/60 lb rod

    i'll take my ss6465xh over the calstars anyday.
  420. okie man

    12's, 10's and 8's

    couple things to look at. first one bill covered. is the guide foot gonna fit rod dia. second is will the larger guide's weight gonna effect the action of the rod. most of my rods for line weights up to 60# have #8 guides on tip section and never been a issue. I've even built a few lighter...
  421. okie man

    First of 3 Harnells

    not just clean, oxyclean!
  422. okie man

    Guess the Weight - Contest Ends September 3rd, 2013 - Win an AFTCO Ninja Shirt

    throw one's and two's, there biting pretty good!!!!!
  423. okie man

    Bear meat what to do with it?

    you have to cook it well done just like pork. grind it for chili, summer sausage , chorizo. then give it away and keep the elk!:-)
  424. okie man


    worst nightmare is being stuck 1200 miles from san diego , got all the time in the world but not enough $$$$$. I've been on some "tough" trips but always seem to have a great time and have some fresh fish to boot!
  425. okie man

    Solid to Hollow... Tested? Worked?

    you forgot this one. double 4' solid , insert into hollow, crimp with sato crimp.
  426. okie man

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    day or night , it works great. just better at night when it's just you and a buddy !
  427. okie man

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    if anyone wants my opinion, i say piss on cranking a jig up all day and drop a mac or couple deans on a 80# dropper loop rig and get you a trophy!
  428. okie man

    Spooling Mac's

    I had a mak 15 filled with 60 jb topped with 50' 80 jb when I was at the bank . almost used it until I saw a guy get worked on a atd 30!
  429. okie man

    Bellevile Washer Stack configuration for Mak 20 SEA

    you can put them in like #2 but be very very carefull when going going to full drag!:-)
  430. okie man

    Excel on the way to Clipperton

    I heard the crabs decimated everything he had, right down to the leather straps on his sandals !
  431. okie man

    Fishing the Anchovie

    yeah,but not like carl! no offense:-)
  432. okie man

    Fishing the Anchovie

    it wouldn't be a lie to say more so cal tuna, yellowtail , bass , cuda's and such have been caught on standard penn reels , glass rods, mono line and chrome #6 hooks and anchovies than anything else . just like now, some guys just knew how to use that tackle better than the rest.
  433. okie man

    Makaira 50W SEa? 80W SEa?

    way too big!
  434. okie man

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    someone told lefty to go ahead and fill a small cooler!
  435. okie man

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    story of my life! can't get it all in.
  436. okie man

    Rail fishing question

    that all goes out the window on a wahoo jig strike, every man for himself!:-)
  437. okie man

    Rail fishing question

    I'm a big tall guy and the rail on some boats is just too low . I found that by putting the rod on the rail and on my hip like normal then lean my upper body over the reel and squat down a little is good for fish that are straight out or straight up and down. you have much more cranking power if...
  438. okie man

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    nice teeth, wide jaws, strong grip , and almost as pretty as my accurate pliers !
  439. okie man

    Need advise on spectra for Mak SEA 20

    I make a 4' loop on solid with a nail knot, pull it into hollow and secure with a couple nail knots , one on either side of knot in solid. glue it and good to go.
  440. okie man

    Hook size?

    just get them on the boat! I don't like them bastards in my box!
  441. okie man

    Hook size?

    I like mustad hoodlum's in size 2/0 thru 5/0. you'll get a bunch of ''you have to have circle hooks bla bla bla'' but unless you have hooking a bait on them down to a art you'll murder a bait pinning it on. when you get bit on a j hook immediately point the rod at the fish ,put the reel in gear...
  442. okie man

    2-Fold Question (Spectra @ Fred Hall)

    yup steve and you can get 1200 yards of 100# for 149 bucks as were izor will run close to 400 bucks for 1500 yards. I was very pleased with it last year down south.
  443. okie man

    2-Fold Question (Spectra @ Fred Hall)

    I like the Cortland master braid. the 12 strand solid is hollow and priced right.
  444. okie man

    Are hollow/hollow splices and loops 100%

    I'm the kind of guy that watches what the guys getting bit are doing . the last 3 trips I've been on have been pick bites and a guy had to work hard to hook up. not once did I see a person have a definitive advantage fishing a leader shorter than 15-20 feet. I don't think it's a apples to apples...
  445. okie man

    Are hollow/hollow splices and loops 100%

    my deal with knots is you either have to fish a short leader,5' or less , or long enough allowing you to cast a bait without a knot going through the guides causing a backlash or the bait to fly off the hook. my other problem with knots in heavy line is sooner or later that big knot will pop a...
  446. okie man

    Go to Wahoo Bomb Rig

    progear wahoo special and a ss70h!
  447. okie man

    Are hollow/hollow splices and loops 100%

    I make the taper about a inch or so. I use a pin vise and a couple different nail buffers. set the taper with a course grit, then work down to a buffer for a shiny ,smooth finish. the spectra works back and forth over this area and any roughness saws right through the spectra.
  448. okie man

    Are hollow/hollow splices and loops 100%

    I found in my testing before my trip last year that a long taper on the end of the leader inserted into hollow is very important . also found that the taper can't be sanded to smooth either. this is were the spectra failed most often when subjected to pulling and relaxing of the system. i...
  449. okie man

    What connecting knot to use for 100lb solid spectra to flouro

    are any of the knots discussed here stronger than a inline splice? are any of them any faster to tie than a splice ? do any go through the guides better than a splice? what are the benefits to a knot vs a spliced connection ? if I want to put 5' of 100# floro on the end of my 100# solid spectra...
  450. okie man

    What connecting knot to use for 100lb solid spectra to flouro

    don't need a bobbin or any other fancy tools for the p r knot. a 1 oz sinker on end of main line , swing it around!
  451. okie man

    What connecting knot to use for 100lb solid spectra to flouro

    how well does that overhand knot in 130 go through the guides when casting a bait? how does it feel coming back through with 40# of drag on it? i'll stick with sato crimps and hollow spectra for the working end of my line.
  452. okie man

    Whats a Custom Rod Costs Nowadays?

    show up with a box of parts from someone else , I charge you double!
  453. okie man

    Best Cow Reel

    I have no problem with penn. have more of them in my reel bags than any other brand. I see reels as tools. when I wanted to buy a new tool, I looked at them all and bought what fit my my needs . price, features and ergonomics and made an educated decision. to be called a fucking stupid son of a...
  454. okie man

    Best Cow Reel

    I have 2 professionally modified penns. have way more money in them I should. either performs as well as my okuma. I tried to sell them, cheap! still sitting in my closet! go look on ebay. how many used penns do you see selling for under 300 bucks ? I bought what fit my needs. as far as being...
  455. okie man

    Best Cow Reel

    wow! let me tell you why I bought a foreign made reel fuck head! see, I had a budget of 500 bucks for a new reel. that tossed out the over priced, high maintenance accurate, looked at a penn . but besides the price of the reel, a trip to cofe' or cal put it right up there with a accurate...
  456. okie man


    what is the points thing on my stats? how did I get them and how many do I need to win!
  457. okie man

    One Less White Tail In Sinaloa

    nice score! classic sporting rifle in the best caliber. now you need to make a trip over to Sonora for a big mulie buck!something on my bucket list for sure!
  458. okie man

    One Less White Tail In Sinaloa

    seeing you had to borrow a gun ,do we call you rifleless jim now!
  459. okie man

    Rubberized cork rail grips

    not the same material !
  460. okie man

    Light line rig for wahoo bait fishing?

    30# line ,27# wire. if the sharks are present leave that rig in the rack unless you like watching them eat your fish!
  461. okie man

    One Less White Tail In Sinaloa

    nice buck jim! I might have a jerky recipe if you need one! some guy named ken in el cajon seems to think it's a good one. lol
  462. okie man


    if your fish don't go into a tank filled with refrigerated sea water your not getting a top quality product at the dock. dented flesh, broken skin and tuna popsicles just don't cut it anymore!
  463. okie man

    Thoughts on the Ruger .308 scout rifle?

    you'll lose 200-300 fps with a short (18'') barrel in a scout rifle. accuracy really doesn't change. short barrels are stiffer than longer ones of same dia. I just got done working up a load for my model 7 with a 18'' barrel. 1'' groups at 200 yards. scout rifles do have a tendency to recoil...
  464. okie man


    they put a wax type treatment on it. I would think it would wear like iron as tough as it was.
  465. okie man

    Sirius XM Radio

    I told them I wouldn't pay full price for the service a couple times and now get it half off!
  466. okie man


    used it on a big custom deck in Oklahoma. very heavy and dense. so dense it wont float! you have to pre drill hole for screws, it will strip screw heads before you get screws through it. saw blades don't last a long time cutting it either. good looking wood.
  467. okie man

    looking at a new factory rifle..any suggestions

    the model 70 featherweight is what I would get . Winchester is still one of the better bolt guns made right now.
  468. okie man

    Cedros 20S

    I would be happy if it was in the star drag series! the Trinidad 40n is no more. same as the newell 533 and pro gear wahoo special.
  469. okie man

    Cedros 20S

    the cedros 20 is a waste of a reel. now if they made the cedros in a 16 narrow size with a 5:1 ratio it would be a perfect yoyo/ wahoo reel.
  470. okie man

    Looks like a good place for a ground blind...

    stupid mule deer!
  471. okie man

    UFC Fights started....

    great fights. like her or not, rousey is tough! tate didn't wait to tap this time. weidman figured out a way to defend silva's leg kicks.
  472. okie man

    Is this Brandon's kid?
  473. okie man

    1K rounds .223 Brass $349.95 Free shipping

    a good buy!
  474. okie man

    A&E Suspends "indefinitely" Phil Robertson

    the Robertson family is worth a est $80 million. add a couple more after this holiday season. they live in a swamp and hunt ducks. not like they will piss a fortune away on shit like drugs,plastic surgery and lawyers to keep them out of jail or rehab! fuck a&e!!!
  475. okie man

    Georges St-Pierre announces indefinite leave of absence

    he doesn't want Hendricks beating his face to a pulp again. afraid of getting micky ward syndrome!
  476. okie man

    Saluki Avatar suggestions....

    Brandon and carl after the last x-mas party!
  477. okie man

    Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon top shot for sale

    heck of a deal on top shots right there.
  478. okie man

    when does

    couple things to keep in mind when judging other hunters for their way of hunting . people hunt different ways in different places. they hunt pigs in texas lots of ways that most other states would never allow. helicopters, trucks with flying bridges, spiral fences with feeders in the middle...
  479. okie man


    those colors combined with how well that jig swims. you knocked it out of the park this time! for those who have not tried some of jerry's jigs, get some! top quality ,fish catching lures!
  480. okie man

    Timing of 2-3 day trips for 2014

    nothing against the boats listed but i'd look at some of the short trips on the true long range boats. state room accommodations, great food, bigger bait capacity, better fish holds. cost a bit more but worth it!
  481. okie man

    What's your favorite thing about long range?

    walking on a boat with a bunch of strangers and walking off with a bunch of friends! the people make the trip, not the fish!
  482. okie man

    Okuma Cedros CDS10s

    that's a solid 30-40# reel. i'd use a 700mh blank myself. figure 2'' for butt cap,12'' grip and about 2'' of threads and your reel will sit 16'' up from butt. only you can say if that's to long or not. try a size 20 seat and see if it will work. some of the okumas have narrow feet!
  483. okie man

    UFC on now!........

    tate better practice putting here make up on with one arm because rousey is gonna tear the other one off and beat her with it.
  484. okie man

    Connecting hollow to solid spectra

    double up solid and pull 3-4' up into hollow. secure with a crimp, nail knot or serve!
  485. okie man

    Rifle Rest for sighting in

    i bought a couple Caldwell sand bags for like 25 bucks and carry some 2x6 blocks.
  486. okie man

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    its been a week! how often does a guy from Arkansas get to call that many people a dumb ass in one week?
  487. okie man

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    just the guys that can't figure out this contest ended in 2010!
  488. okie man

    Best Value in a Rifle Scope?

    bought a pair of pentax bino's from camera land over 10 years ago. got a smoking deal and they have held up great on all kinds of adventures!
  489. okie man

    Perfect fit gun for hunting the Florida wild boar hog

    it doesn't matter because you typically are putting the gun up to a hog and dispatching it after catching it! they do lots of different things when hog hunting. one guy I knew only used a knife! in Oklahoma lots of guys catch them with dogs and sell them to pay to kill game farms.
  490. okie man

    pulled the hook....

    I think this has lots to do with it with both circles and j hooks. a fish swimming away will almost always have the line in the corner of the mouth, the best place for a hook,and pull the hook to that spot when the line comes tight. usually less slack in your line when a fish is going straight...
  491. okie man

    Perfect fit gun for hunting the Florida wild boar hog

    I've used a few different guns for hogs. if your going into thick cover for them it's tough to beat a big bore lever action or shotgun slug combo. here in Arkansas if you hunt them on national forest you can only carry a 22lr or smaller unless there is a season open that permits anything bigger...
  492. okie man

    American Angler gets a Super..

    good fishing with good people is what the American Angler family needed . someone is looking down and smiling with them!
  493. okie man

    For Saluki - I don't even know where to start

    I thought this was his new gig ! the flesh light wasn't doing it for him anymore!
  494. okie man

    Greg Mueller of the AA:

    sad for sure! the entire American angler family has lost a great friend. greg will missed by all who knew him. r.i.p buddy!
  495. okie man

    Different perspective on wind-ons

    I don't even pre make them anymore. I just keep a few pieces of each size leader stored with a taper on one end. need a new leader, pull a couple crimps up line, slide leader up into spectra, slide crimps down . squeeze and glue! I store my crimps on a wire ready to slide up spectra. no more...
  496. okie man

    Different perspective on wind-ons

    sounds like if you want to insert leader 12'' or less into spectra then the pre tension method is something to look into. if your a 3'+ plus kinda guy carry on as before with what ever serve, knot or crimp . I still like 2 sato crimps and glue .
  497. okie man

    Kansas whitetail

    I'm sitting in a tree stand in unit 17 right now! Hope one that big comes by before dark
  498. okie man

    HELP! 1999 Evinrude Ficht 150 seized

    oh yeah! hear about it every time we have a tournament and they have to borrow a boat !
  499. okie man

    Royal Polaris

    yup! you'll be fishing with a full load. 30+ guys in the stern, bait tank, showers, meals.
  500. okie man

    HELP! 1999 Evinrude Ficht 150 seized

    know 3 guys that have etecs on their bass boats and they hate them. one year motors!
  501. okie man

    Can you guess?

    scrotum lantern!
  502. okie man

    Caption Contest - Tackle Day at Fisherman's Landing - Nov 2, 2013

    gotta love a woman that's not afraid to take on a big one !
  503. okie man

    Hey Max..... what's you take on the USMC looking like girly men?

    guess ali has been losing weight!
  504. okie man

    The Salty Dawg is in the shop

    they say the older models are much easier to work on than the new hi tech stuff. he should be running like a old carburated v8 in no time. take care bill!
  505. okie man

    Starter wrapper

    this is what I wrap on.
  506. okie man

    Starter wrapper

    I have always wrapped with a hand wrapper. started with a cardboard box and have since moved on to the wrapper I use now. if your not into production wrapping a hand wrapper is a good start that doesn't cost much. as far as quality of rods built on a hand wrapper, these were all wrapped on a...
  507. okie man

    WOW...the safest sling shot ever. !!!!!! Check it out.

    that's what I was waiting for! look at his shirt from the start. looks like blood on it before the ballistic metal ball smacking him in the cranium!
  508. okie man

    wtf, gout

    well i'm a trim/cabinet builder by trade in mid America. it gets hot and humid and we sweat! I probably don't get enough water but do drink 2 or 3 32 0z jugs of water a day. don't drink beer often but when I do it's the better part of a box:)
  509. okie man

    wtf, gout

    now that I know what it is , it appears I've had it before. worse was after a 7 day long range trip! am I going to be "that guy" who has to ask for less of this and none of that?:(
  510. okie man

    wtf, gout

    you mean something other than wanting to f#$% that 6' super model he's married too?
  511. okie man

    wtf, gout

    wow, I have received lots of good information from you guys. i'm not a big drinker. put a few away when i'm with my buds but not daily. now red meat and fish, I eat it often. I have to see my regular doctor to talk about what actions I need to take. i'm not a meds guy so diet is a good start...
  512. okie man

    wtf, gout

    woke up Friday morning with my right big toe sore as hell. had to be in Kansas that afternoon so I just figured I stubbed it and it would get better. spent 2 days limping around while setting deer stands and getting things ready for my bow hunt in nov. woke up Monday and my foot was swelled up...
  513. okie man

    Introducing the Saltydawg SD70.5 XXH

    i'm gonna have to get one bill!
  514. okie man

    Wahoo Stick...Which one?

    who uses the rail when tossing jigs for wahoo? I like a rod with a nice sized fore grip so I can keep the rod from twisting back and forth while grinding a jig. once hooked up I put the butt under my arm and grind as hard as I can. if the fish goes left or right i'm ready to go with it. wahoo...
  515. okie man

    Wear a life jacket.........!!!

    I had a bad habit of not wearing a pfd. did a lot of night fishing and fishing in sub freezing temps. then I bought a mustang survival self inflating pfd. now I wear it when ever I have the motor started or i'm on the water alone. best 250 bucks I've ever spent!
  516. okie man

    #1 Raider jig for Wahoo?

    I lost 3 in a row on 3 cast fishing with 12'' of wire. they were eating the 200g on the sink and i'd feel a bump then nothing. switched to 30'' of wire and put 5 in the hold.
  517. okie man

    HELP - Potty / crate training a puppy!!!

    A 15 week old puppy can only hold it so long! My lab pup can go about 4 hours max! We, ok my wife , gets up and let's her out in the nite . Teaching them to use any puppy pads or paper in the house is teaching them to go in the house! When we're home she goes out every hour! This is our forth...
  518. okie man

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat

    that's not cuda slime on the grip either!
  519. okie man

    Wahoo Stick...Which one?

    the reel is way more important than the rod in wahoo fishing. I hooked more of them close to the boat than way out there! once on just keep turning the handle !
  520. okie man

    the elk hunt that almost wasn't

    outstanding !!! turned a bad draw into a winning hand!
  521. okie man

    Wahoo Stick...Which one?

    ss70h is a really nice wahoo rod and fishes bait just as good. if you cant cast a 4-5 oz bomb or jig far enough with a 7' rod a longer one is not the answer.
  522. okie man

    Loading up on the boat questions

    I put my rods in fleece socks and reels in a heavy reel bag. sooner or later they'll make you break your gear down and put all the rods in a big pile on the ride home.
  523. okie man

    My Latest Surface Iron

    very nice jerry. rounds out a nice selection of top quality jigs.
  524. okie man

    Gar rod recommendation

    most people in this part of the world use bowfishing gear for them. a few people fish for them with cheap surf rods and heavy line.
  525. okie man

    penn 30sw

    price reduced! $300 bucks shipped
  526. okie man

    New "That Guy"..... His name is Weasel

    bad idea, probably get pictures of half the asshats that posted a smart ass comment about the long range or Washington forums.
  527. okie man

    Is there a good wahoo reel with 60+ inches retrieve?

    pro gear wahoo special works great for me. I own 3 now!
  528. okie man

    FishyBuzz Special

    needs a rubber chicken foot on the hook!
  529. okie man

    Raiders "away" themed Phenix PHD809XH

    killed it dude! sweet!
  530. okie man

    Alps Center Lock Reel Seat?

    you may have to ream the 22 out a little to get it that far down.
  531. okie man

    ONE WEEK TO GO....

    10 days with the fishing like it is right now could be a true ''epic'' trip. 100+pound Bluefin, wahoo, yellowfin , yellowtail and dorado depending on the location. toss in ken and mile's and all they do. not a trip to miss if you're looking to go and don't have a trip booked! good luck guys!
  532. okie man

    16 narrow

    looking for something bigger than that. I have a makaira 10,15 and 20and would like to add a 16 size ,just want it narrower .
  533. okie man

    Penn 30vsx opinions

    put it on a 770xxh and fish it or you can send it to cal's and they can shave the spool down, trim up frame and make it a cow killing machine with added line capacity and much better freespool.
  534. okie man


    hell jim, I still build silver and black rods and how long has it been since that team was good! nice build jim!
  535. okie man

    16 narrow

    any plans to make the 16 size makaira or Andros a narrow version? yoyo, wahoo special ,vertical jigging type fishing. i'd buy one.
  536. okie man

    penn 30sw

    hey joe! all's well here in the hills. trying to get another trip paid for. great reel, just want a tall narrow reel. thought i'd try a 30w and would rather have another makaira 20. also built me a nice wood tackle box. thought I would upgrade from the plastic bucket! lol! you doing good?
  537. okie man

    JB or Power Pro slick 8???

    Cortland makes some very good braided line also.
  538. okie man

    penn 30sw

    its been sleeved for freespool. no other mods.
  539. okie man

    penn 30sw

    penn international ll 30sw. like new. aluminum rod clamp. $300 shipped usps insured. paypal ok
  540. okie man

    My task

    sell it on flea bay and have one of the many talented builders here on bd build you a properly constructed rod.
  541. okie man

    RSW on a 10 day

    think about how much fish you can use! 200# of cut and wrapped fish is a lot! fish stowed in hold and sprayed with sea water are not as good as fish floating in a tank filled with sea water to me! if fishing is good, be picky and only drop what you want. donate a few dinner fish. if it's slow...
  542. okie man

    09/06/13 They said go big, but did we listen? Hell no...

    the ones getting landed are in the 125# class . they have landed at least one 200# fish. no telling how big some of the ones that are spooling trolling rigs would be . couple reports of guys losing them after 5 hour fights and never seeing the fish! 60# is ok, 80# tackle would be better! these...
  543. okie man

    Ruger's new .22

    any rifle with the term American in it's name should have a wood stock option! deal killer for me.
  544. okie man

    How Bad is the Infection at BD?

    if it got some funky foreign shit my money says it came from one of Brandon's asian porn sites!
  545. okie man

    Storing loaded mag?

    I've only had 2 mags that the springs got soft after long term storage. both were cheap ass 9mm 17 rounder's. good mags have good springs and don't worry about it!
  546. okie man

    Pin up girl Hiram

    ahhhhhhhh, guess sexy describes them best! nice bill!
  547. okie man

    Phenix Blank for Wahoo Iron Anyone?

    I took 3 rods for wahoo in may. by far I liked the ss70h best. I need to order another blank for the new pro gear wahoo special I just picked up.
  548. okie man

    rp knot

    sato crimps! learn to use them and be knot free!
  549. okie man

    Experience with Toro Tamer Hollow Braid?

    the cortland 12 strand is great line and can't beat as far as price!
  550. okie man

    Makaira 15II worthy of 60#?

    I have a ss6465xh for mine . love it!
  551. okie man

    FS or Trade Pro Gear/ Shimano

    black! have the box, clamp, paper work. bearings have been cleaned and lubed, drag prepped. no scratches. do you have pics of the pro gear?
  552. okie man

    Makaira 15II worthy of 60#?

    I fish mine with 60-80# top shots. put 400 yards of 60#hollow then topped it with 80# hollow. the reel has the guts to fish cows, just short on line capacity!
  553. okie man

    FS or Trade Pro Gear/ Shimano

    i'll trade you a like new sx for the pro gear!
  554. okie man

    Boat vs. Top Shot ???

    on my last couple trips with tough fishing the guys that got bit best were fishing topshots 20' plus!
  555. okie man

    The Capt G

    found out someone else invented sardines and won't come out of his room!
  556. okie man

    Got weak today and bought a Penn Torque 25N 2speed. Lets vote on correct Graphiter.

    for a 6 day in sept i'd want the mh. rather have a 40# rod that will fish 30# than a 30# rod and have to fish 40 on it!
  557. okie man

    gear check for upcoming trip...

    put 65# spectra on the jx and fish it with 40-50# floro . 65# spectra cuts capacity on sx, maybe 40-50# spectra .
  558. okie man

    Ken Bush Custom Rods... Intrepid 10 day Sept 23, Spots Available..

    this isn't your typical pack of hooks and cheap hat sponsored trip. ken and miles go all out! my doctor said even if I did sell my kidney so I could go I wouldn't be healthy in time to enjoy it! good luck guys!
  559. okie man

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    jill fell down, jack went to town, they then served frank a court order! this is cali isn't it?
  560. okie man

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    hickory slippery dock, this chick was sucking my.......
  561. okie man

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    in all honesty you can fish the man that owns the dock in questions boats and his processing company will drive a tub to the boat and unload your fish for you. but only his boat and processing company are allowed to do that for it's customers! other wise you push carts up a slick ramp! get it!
  562. okie man

    Albacores on there way???

    this is so funny! when i was growing up we didn't even get excited until the dock total for albies reached 1000! now one makes people get all crazy!
  563. okie man

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    the ramp at point loma is not steep. now the ramp at homer Alaska is steep. i can see it now. frank will add another dock charge for more red shirts which will end up a surcharge on us because the geriatrics can't push a cart up the big slick ramp. if you're so fucking old you cant help unload...
  564. okie man

    Knot for hook to 80# Floro

    by far the easiest good knot you can tie on a boat!
  565. okie man

    Reel Torque for larger YFT

    on reels like the makaira 10 and 15 the low gear make any difference so slight one would have a hard time telling it. base which one you need by line size and capacity needs and go kill fish!
  566. okie man


    it's worth the extra hundred bucks for no side load,14# more drag and a lower gear ratio.
  567. okie man

    Reel Torque for larger YFT

    the advantage goes to the narrow reel when equal amounts of line are pulled off the reel. wide spool loses less dia and therefor harder to crank.
  568. okie man


    no comparison between the avet and okuma. the makaira is everything the avet wished it was!
  569. okie man

    Marlin on the Nine

    being this is on the internet, this is how it really went down. I had sex with a seal on the beach last nite, kept thinking about Heidi Klum !
  570. okie man

    spool and frame

    frame is more. don't think you can get either right now.i sold my tn40 and got a wahoo special instead!
  571. okie man

    Question on 775XH reel seat

    you'd have to glue a piece of aluminum tubing on the blank where the reel goes. other wise you'll crush the blank before you get the clamp tight enough. I've done this on jig sticks with good results
  572. okie man

    Accurate vs avet vs release sg

    why don't you look at the okuma cedros line of reels. the 8,10,15 size reels put out over 30# of drag and come in 2 gear ratios. spend a little more money and you can get them in 2 speed as well.
  573. okie man

    We got spooled!

    I talked to a guy in Alaska who trolled marauders for salmon sharks and got spooled several times on accurate atd 12's full of 80# spectra. sometimes they just don't stop!
  574. okie man

    why not bring back 501?

    just get one of the upgraded reels in the 501 size from penn. it comes in the squall ,fathom, torque single and 2 speed series .
  575. okie man

    Lemon pledge on your boat

    I wipe my bass boat boat down with pam cooking spray when fishing in the timber. helps cut down on scratches
  576. okie man

    Best Cow Reel

    20 years ago!
  577. okie man

    First Long Range Trip Gear Questions

    when it comes to your 40-50# bait reels you'll be in long soak situations for tuna and will need to fill them for maximum capacity! 400+ yards.
  578. okie man

    Quarter bores, aka....25 calibers

    I love my 257 weatherby! speed without the kick! I have a model 7 Remington that will be a 257/08 some day also
  579. okie man

    Snake Skin Calstar

    cool looking snake! nice build!
  580. okie man

    fs or trade. shimano trini 40.

    it's gone! thanks guys!
  581. okie man

    7mm / .270 Debate

    7mm rsum necked down to 257. model seven with weatherby power.
  582. okie man

    fs or trade. shimano trini 40.

    looking for a nice pro gear yt special,540 albacore special or wahoo special. $225 shipped! trini has some rash on left side plate ,rest of reel is clean! 8.5 /10 condition
  583. okie man

    Yoyo rod for long range island trips

    a ss70h paired with a wahoo special is what I use! just keep winding!
  584. okie man


  585. okie man

    OK, I Think I am Going To Need A Plan "B"

    after several years of reading what the experts say and going to the big fish zone myself ,why a 80# set up? I believe fishy said it himself, a makaira 16 isn't a dedicated cow reel by long range standards. from what I saw the next fish could be a 50 pounder or a 250 pounder. I racked my tricked...
  586. okie man

    need cow rod opinions...

    I played with a 775xxh on my trip. plan on building one before I go south again.
  587. okie man

    Which Makira

    i'd add 2 makaira 20's filled with 100#spectra on a seeker 2x4 or calstar 770xxh. state the art cow gear!the makaira 30 is just too wide for my taste. if i'm gonna fill a reel with 130# it will be a 50
  588. okie man


    true that! I took several of jerry's jigs on my trip and they are works of art. the big surface iron drew the attention of the skin also!
  589. okie man

    Late Report? Is 4 weeks late?

    great report steve! love it when you get to fish almost everyday of a trip. bet that Bluefin from the aa is some good stuff!
  590. okie man

    (Help) Tuff Butt Casting Seam.

    you can take a razor and shave it down carefully !
  591. okie man

    pro gear question

    I never really paid much attention to them until I got a wahoo special for my 14 day trip. I really liked it and am looking for a iron reel! I want a tall narrow reel but not as tall as the wahoo special. what models would fit that need? 440, 625 , yt special?
  592. okie man

    New Stalker strikes!

    one of the best rewards in hunting is watching a arrow fly off the shelf and hit where your looking! nice job nate!
  593. okie man

    100 lb. BFT - Bring the right equipment

    you're on a 8 day, bet you end up some place you can use the 50. dropper loop for big yellowtail! kite rod if you end up at alijos. if you leave it at home it's not gonna get used at all!
  594. okie man

    Kite rod,80 or 50wide

    i was gonna do the same thing to a makaira 50. put 600 yards 100# and top it off with 130#. put it on a 770xxxh and could use it for kite, chunk, salamis and pl68s. that and 2 or 3 20's and i'm good!
  595. okie man

    Seeker Blue extreme

    I built myself a ex6470. kind of a fugly color blank to work with. I like the super seekers better!
  596. okie man

    Best Deck Hands!!

    you forgot bubbles! talk about energy!
  597. okie man

    Red Rooster on the water report

    good luck bill! hope you get in on some big Bluefin!
  598. okie man

    50 vs 30 cranking test

    how come there isn't any talk about how much effort to crank in high gear? I felt it was more important than low gear! as long as you can gain line high was better when the fish was acting all crazy. you can put a lot of line on the reel when they run at you with high gear also. I didn't go into...
  599. okie man

    How fat is too fat?

    I've never been on a boat with a person that was large enough to bother me. on the other hand if you smell bad enough to bother me i'll tell you!
  600. okie man

    Rail Rods...which one?

    when you start comparing actions on 2x-5x rods remember the drag rating starts at 30+ pounds of drag and go up from there. put 45 pounds of drag on a calstar 2xh and 3xh and you'll see a difference.
  601. okie man

    That guy!

    I saw the sink, you're a sick fuck Brandon :)
  602. okie man

    That guy!

  603. okie man

    That guy!

    my buddy cris has a story for you ! how about it cris, wanna share?
  604. okie man

    Rail Rods...which one?

    I took a pair of calstar 770's,2x and 3x, plus one of bills rods. plan on getting one of bills blanks plus a calstar 775xxh or 2 when I go back. the 71/2 footer was nice for pitching baits when the birds weren't on us!
  605. okie man

    Cortez and Tanner Banks

    there's usually some yellowtail,white sea bass, big sheeps heads plus rockfish if the tuna are a no show.
  606. okie man

    100 lb. BFT - Bring the right equipment

    I did it on a accurate 197 full of 50# spectra . hook up! oh shit! pop, out of line! it was over quick!
  607. okie man

    100 lb. BFT - Bring the right equipment

    it sucks to watch several people land schoolie size tuna on light gear while you're hangin' tough with the big gear hoping some big ones come through. you get greedy and grab the light stuff and get ripped by a jumbo!
  608. okie man

    Posting with a heavy heart

    sorry to hear this! always hard to say good bye to a friend.
  609. okie man

    MAK 16 vs 20

    what pound line you using to fish these marlin? the 15 size reel holds plenty of 60# hollow and has the drag to land any marlin in so cal!
  610. okie man

    Happy Fathers Day!!!

    in honor of fathers day lets hear about your favorite memories with your father. mine are all the sunrise and sunsets while fishing in remote places like Alaska and british Columbia as well as standing next to me as best man when I married my wife 20 years ago. thanks dad!
  611. okie man

    Brine issue! please help.

    12-16 hrs is how long I brine my fish.
  612. okie man

    Ho Made Raiders

    little update for mr hightide sportfishing. cris caught wahoo on all his home made jigs. eat shit fucker!
  613. okie man

    The Wedge

    that's were I used to take my cousins from out of state to body surf. the looks on their faces when a big set broke on the beach was priceless!
  614. okie man

    100 lb. BFT - Bring the right equipment

    the problem with our Bluefin is they can be 20-30# line shy little fuckers or 100-150# chew the paint off the corner brutes. me being me! I start off with 40 or 50# and go from there. how many chances do you get to roll up on a school of 100# plus tuna . a picture with one of them is cool. a...
  615. okie man

    Okuma Makaira 16II-SEa

    can we call it a cow reel ?
  616. okie man

    Cattle Boat Quotes

    oh shit! i'm sorry dude!
  617. okie man

    Long Range trip info/recommendation?

    I travel from nw Arkansas to san diego for long range fishing about every 12- 18 months . driving works out best! by time you figure airfare , extra cost for your tackle, shipping fish home, taxi's it cost less to drive and the drive time lets you go from work mode to vacation mode before you...
  618. okie man


    just flip the truck over and all's good!
  619. okie man

    anyone ever use cortland masterbraid spectra?

    used it on 3 reels last month on a 14 day trip. liked it better than izor . 12 strand solid is really hollow and can be spliced and sato crimped/ served. about a 150 bucks for a 1200 yard spool of 100#.
  620. okie man

    Planning a short trip...need advice

    on 3 day trips or less they fish the same zones for the most part. it's more fishing time the longer trip you do!if you have the money and time add as many days you can. sucks to find the fish and then have to leave because you didn't go the extra day or 2.
  621. okie man

    using Shimano Trinidad 20 to throw Iron

    if you throw iron on 30# at cedros bring lots of jigs!
  622. okie man

    build talent or build tackle first?

    depends on where your fishing. if your offshore fishing school size tuna and yellows and they are biting. any good rod and reel holding enough line with adequate drag will work. getting bites is on the angler. go to a place like guadalupe island ,alijos rocks or the islands farther south and...
  623. okie man

    How do you take a dump in a little skiff surrounded by big boats ?

    they'll turn their heads sooner or later!!!
  624. okie man

    Looking 4 The perfect live bait reel..!!

    i use a torque 100 .
  625. okie man

    Intrepid Loftus Martin Short Report

    once is not enough brother! you know you want to do it again. i didn't even get home before i was putting a list of next time i'll do this and take more of that!
  626. okie man

    Rod Maintenance

    some waxes and polymer products just don't come off! makes life tough for a rod builder doing repairs or refinish job.
  627. okie man

    suggestions for smoker

    i have a $140 propane smoker that's the bomb. do up to 50# of meat and is super easy to use. couldn't see spending any more money for how well it works.
  628. okie man

    Rod Maintenance

    salt x and water for rod, little dish soap and scrub brush for eva/hypalon. save all the effort for your reels.
  629. okie man


    next long trip i do i'll bring plenty of extra spectra and floro. after half a day of winding in long soaks with offset circles the first 100 yards of spectra and topshot get really twisted up. fish or no fish i was changing out my topshot once a day. replaced the twisted spectra every nite!
  630. okie man


    i used the 6/0 mustads on 100#, 7/0 for 130#! bought 35 each, have twice as many 6/0's now. sharks were bad on our trip. lazy baits got sharks, good ones didn't.
  631. okie man

    kansas draw results!

    long bow season! first or second week is generally best. i like pre rut or early rut for bowhunting out there. bucks tend to run does out into big pastures during peak rut. hard to hunt them in the open. lots of mulies but getting a non resident tag is hard. no prefrence points. get a tag and...
  632. okie man

    kansas draw results!

    the draw results for kansas are now available online. i got a archery either sex tag for units 17 and 5. taking a week or so off in november!
  633. okie man

    Long Range photos, lets see them