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  1. BornFisher

    Cory And His Wife Update

    A ray of light that hopefully will lead to a full recovery. Prayers and good thoughts to Cory and Sheryl
  2. BornFisher

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Best to you and Sheryl Cory. With what modern medicine and therapy can do these days, let`s pray for a full recovery. I know one thing--- she has a very devoted husband!
  3. BornFisher

    1-28-20 3/4 day

    What was in the ling`s stomach? Octopus?
  4. BornFisher

    Looking for a few good Ensenada ho's

    I know Derek! Would love to join you!
  5. BornFisher

    Rpt.-01-02-20 Bass in 2020!

    So glad you guys got out. Looking forward to a great 2020 and lots of Cory reports!!
  6. BornFisher

    Really late Sea of Cortez cruising report

    Wow, just a great write up. Something we all dream about but few actually do. Good luck in Texas!!
  7. BornFisher

    What do you think snapped my line?

    Hummmmmm................ something big and strong with sharp teeth. Sharks and BSB take care of the big and strong. I know sharks can bite you off clean, don`t know if a BSB can.
  8. BornFisher

    Bola 11/24th & 25th

    Glad you got some. That damn border is a bitch!!
  9. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Tuesday 11-19-19 O-95 1.5 day tuna limits!

    Great call. And then a close call!! Hopefully, the fish will stay in the area. Congrats!!!
  10. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Sun. 11-10-19 Tuna! Tuna!

    Damn Cory, that was epic! CONGRATS!!! A long ride, long fights, long time cleaning fish and boat, then taking a nap and going to work!! Superman???
  11. BornFisher

    REMEMBERING SURFDOC in Bahia Asuncion

    Hope you guys do this again. Keeping Stan`s spirit alive and telling Stan stories while drinking a Tecate! Exactly what he would want!! Gracias for the tribute.
  12. BornFisher

    Asuncion en Fuego

    Well did you hear about the accident between the worm and the snail? They asked the turtle what happened. Turtle says "Gosh, I don`t know. It happened so fast!".
  13. BornFisher

    Asuncion en Fuego

    Snappy!! Congrats Rossman! Did that turtle dart out in front of you? Amazing solo fishing, gotta love this time of year!
  14. BornFisher

    Gonna be in Cabo Oct 29th - Nov 4th ... anyone else?

    So it`s Cabo Wabo on Oct. 28th. Southern Avenue goes 12:30 PM till 2:00. Then Rick Estrim goes from 2:30 PM till 4:00. I`d suggest seeing Rick Estrim--- but it`s gonna be packed!!! So try to elbow in and hope someone leaves so you can sit down. All acts on this cruise are amazing and Rick Estrim...
  15. BornFisher

    Gonna be in Cabo Oct 29th - Nov 4th ... anyone else?

    Blues Cruise comes to town the 28th. Everyone is invited to the shore party!!!
  16. BornFisher

    Ho hum, just a bass report 10-20

    A fine report and a beautiful new stick! Good luck with the tuna!
  17. BornFisher

    Rpt.-10-16-19 A Ducky of a Tail!

    Batting .500 on the home boys! I think we would all take that!! CONGRATS!!!!
  18. BornFisher

    Amazing 2 day on the Endeavor

    I can see why the capt was filleting fish! WTG!!!!
  19. BornFisher

    SQ 9/24/25 Jaime Garcia

    Great report and great job on the goodies for the grandpas!!
  20. BornFisher

    whiteseabass with mr ron gomez hoff,sq.

    Dos biscuits!!! Beautiful pics!! WTG captain Juan and Ron!!
  21. BornFisher

    9 day Excel adventure 09-10 to 09-19-19!

    Great trip Cory! I enjoyed it at 30,000 ' getting back to SoCal!!
  22. BornFisher


    What a great day! Love to see SQ going off! Great pics, great report, thanks for that!!
  23. BornFisher

    San quintin seabass

    Damn. Slob. CONGRATS!!!
  24. BornFisher

    6 miles west of La Salina marina

    I`m at K-38 relaxing. About 7:30 tonight (9-5) I see a huge footprint just offshore. Got the binos out and saw fins 4' out of the water. Almost dark, but I think there were 3 of whatever they were. Pretty sure orcas. Going from left to right. Watch out Rosarito Beach!!!
  25. BornFisher

    BOLA 8-25-8-26

    Reminds me of a lady I know. She went fishing and came home with a red snapper!
  26. BornFisher

    Around the 226 8-28. Only got two, but one was a biggun5#

    Beauty, WTG, congrats!! Great write up and pics!
  27. BornFisher

    Hook and Hand

    Got handed a 30lb WSB last week. I took it. No regrets, we split the meat. YUM!!!
  28. BornFisher

    6 miles west of La Salina marina

    Nice work on the video!! Fished down there a lot, never saw that!
  29. BornFisher

    Camalu White Sea Bass

    Great report thanks. Would you have a number for the shop? Thanks
  30. BornFisher

    on the water with,'bottom line',sq.

    Great report, great pics. Now let`s hope those WSB heat up again!!
  31. BornFisher

    BOOYAA! 2 day aboard Chief!

    Someone needs to move to the left.
  32. BornFisher

    Seal had no chance

    Damn! What an attack! One happy shark!!
  33. BornFisher

    Going to san quintin august 8

    Just call them before you leave. Or spend the first day dialing things in. Good luck, hope the WSB go off.
  34. BornFisher

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    I like the pics. Bummer about the shakedowns.
  35. BornFisher

    Ensenada 7/23: Tried to Do My Share

    Ouch, but thanks for the info.
  36. BornFisher

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures July 19-22

    Very well written report. Love how you targeted WSB! Now if you want to trade a bag of BSB for WSB, I`m in Encinitas! Fresh from Cedros, got it last month.
  37. BornFisher

    Ensenada 7/20

    Where in Ensenada is he out of? How much? Thanks
  38. BornFisher

    Cedros Advice

    Avoid the full moon.
  39. BornFisher

    Bassin at the Pipe

    Any ducky that goes 25mph has some good webs or wings!! Sounds like the repairs worked!! YAY!!
  40. BornFisher

    Prayers needed - Been very ill the last 17 mos

    So bummed for you Mike. Take care, hope you`re back out there soon!
  41. BornFisher

    the end of my summer season in bola.

    That was awesome. Beautiful pics, beautiful family!!
  42. BornFisher

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    Hard to say who is luckier, the man or the fish!
  43. BornFisher

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    Love reports like this. CONGRATS!!!
  44. BornFisher

    Rossman Wins at Asunción

    Great write up, report! WTG Rossman!! Congrats!!
  45. BornFisher

    Lots of gas for no ass!

    I gave you a like just for the title!
  46. BornFisher

    Bait Tank as Fish Hold?

    Used mine all the time. Fish was great!! A few on here will vouch for that!!!
  47. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.-07-03-19 Cat. where I violated my Doctor's orders!

    But it`s the perfect prescription for yellow fever!! Hey when you`re our age, the way we sin is to violate doctor`s orders!!! Nice one, CONGRATS!!!
  48. BornFisher

    For Sale VALCO U12-4 wide body with deep V

    Maybe, just maybe. Let me think this thru!!
  49. BornFisher

    Local wsb June 28th

    Great job and report. Congrats!!
  50. BornFisher

    BOLA 6-22 TO 6-29

    Great report! Thanks!
  51. BornFisher

    Chiflo does it again.

    Nice yellow and ling. How big was the WSB?
  52. BornFisher

    Strange catch

    Look at the motor on that thing. Must have been quite a battle!! I`m going with amberjack.
  53. BornFisher

    Tribute overnight 6/27

    Great job cooking the collar! Nice report and pics!
  54. BornFisher

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Let`s Talk Hookup should be VERY interesting Sunday!! Special guest for Sunday 6/30---- Andrew Viola from the Pacifica
  55. BornFisher

    Looking for new friends to fish Ensenada

    I could go July 3rd. How much dinero we talking?
  56. BornFisher

    Tuna Wars V Completed!

    That`s great! Congrats to the winning team and the lucky kids who are going fishing!!
  57. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Just a little tune up under the hood then it`s back in the saddle again!! Those bass are in big trouble now!! CONGRATS!!!
  58. BornFisher

    Cedros WSB Sat. 6/22

    Went with Cedros Sportfishing. Rosie and Jeff are great, it is really a great trip and so easy. Fishing had slowed from previous trips, but sometimes one fish can make a trip. Hope I can post a few pics here, the WSB went 54.8 lbs after bleeding. The yt was 25lbs. Caught with a Tranx 400 with 40...
  59. BornFisher

    Late run outta Dana

    "The boys wanted to take me fishing". That`s great!!
  60. BornFisher

    El Capital 1.5 day 6-7 to 6-9

    I like old mechanics, old doctors and old skippers.
  61. BornFisher


    Damn! Great job on those home boys!!
  62. BornFisher

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    Hey Cory--- That report brought back some memories. Hope neither of us has to do a re-do!! Keep fighting on!! Best to you!!
  63. BornFisher

    BOLA 5/27-29/19

    WOW!!! Thanks for the great report!!
  64. BornFisher

    Understanding a woman

    What color does the #7 smell like? My wife asked me that once. I think she has asked me every question there is to ask!! And said everything there is to say!!
  65. BornFisher

    5-26-19 seabiscuit

    Nice! WSB, YT, rock fish and a bonus halibut!!
  66. BornFisher

    Cory update Thursday

    Best wishes to you and your family. You`re in our thoughts even more these days. Good luck Cory, HOOK-UP!!!!!!!
  67. BornFisher

    Cory update Thursday

    Remember-- no sneezing for 2 weeks after surgery!! Wishing you the best, hope you get a great team of doctors and the best after care. Please keep the updates coming.
  68. BornFisher

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Best wishes Cory. Fight on!!
  69. BornFisher

    Joe Bonamassa goes Sport Fishing with his Dad

    Joe seems like such a mellow guy on and off stage. WTG Joe!!!
  70. BornFisher

    Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Cory`s game has got no shame!! Great job on the write up and pics! Love to join you on a similar trip if you could use another!
  71. BornFisher

    GREAT DAY at Colonet - Pac Queen 2/23

    Beautiful fish, great report. Also love the snow in the background!
  72. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Sun. 01-27-19 Relentless 1.5 day to Colonet.

    Damn you`re a warrior Cory. Great report, great fish, CONGRATS!!!!!!
  73. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    Damn Cory, that was a painful read! Hope you heal up, great January fishing there.
  74. BornFisher

    Need family camping ideas for Spring Break

    Organ Pipe Arizona. Do a side trip to Pinacate Park in Mexico and see these crazy craters. Or-- Spring training in the Phoenix area.
  75. BornFisher

    Sea Shepherd Attacked off San Felipe

    Hope the Vaquita and fishermen come out of this OK. The bad ass poachers--- screw `em!!
  76. BornFisher

    BOLA january 5 & 6

    Muy bueno!! Congrats!!!
  77. BornFisher

    Bahia Asuncion Report YT and YFT

    Happy New Year Rossman! Great start!!
  78. BornFisher

    Oceanside 1-4-19 BFT

    WTG!!! Love the FF screen shots too!!
  79. BornFisher

    Snow in BoLA!

    Often wondered if it snowed up there. I think those are 4,000 feet or so.
  80. BornFisher

    Rpt.-12-09-18 2 Day Castro Camp Adventure

    Cory you are crazy haha!! Great report, border is crazy this time of year too!! My boat is messed up now, but we`ll get them again!!
  81. BornFisher

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    Wow, love the otter tail! Is he an English Lab?
  82. BornFisher

    Game Cam TX

    Kittens? Looks like she is nursing.
  83. BornFisher

    The San Diego 11/20-"Hell Yella !"

    Thanks---- I needed that!! And CONGRATS!!!
  84. BornFisher

    Cheif vs Rams.....

    Was hoping for OT!!
  85. BornFisher

    Guadalupe YouTube video

    Thanks for that!
  86. BornFisher

    MAG BAY REPORT - 11/10/18

    So awesome! Congrats to all!!
  87. BornFisher

    Summer’s Over and, Man, Was it Good

    Awesome!! Agree with your color choices!!
  88. BornFisher

    BOLA October 19-20

    Great report and pics, thanks!
  89. BornFisher

    RP 10/2-12 Finale

    Loved every word and every pic. Thanks much.
  90. BornFisher

    My girls first yellowfin

    That`s a beauty!!
  91. BornFisher

    10/12 San Pedro to PV and Personal Best Homeguard Yellows

    WTG!! CONGRATS!!! Great report, beautiful pics!
  92. BornFisher

    Broke down but got a couple

    I think this is a very late report. Like years late!
  93. BornFisher

    Dana Landing launch ramp lost wallet

    I bet they get some lobsters!! Great kids and quite creative!!
  94. BornFisher

    Rpt. 09-26-18 O-95 1.5 Day, YFT Limits, A DoDo, JP!

    I`v been waiting for this report! I knew it was coming. Great write up, congrats guys!!!
  95. BornFisher

    San Quintin, 9-1 & 2 , yellowfins

    WTG!! Nice fish, love SQ reports!!
  96. BornFisher

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    That was great. Worth 20 minutes any day! Your dad is smiling!
  97. BornFisher

    First time EVER.....

    Getting bad as the airport!!
  98. BornFisher

    Dorado dorado and more dorado

    That`s awesome! Was wondering what time is 230.
  99. BornFisher

    Pacific Quest is on the rocks

    Bummer, sad day for the fleet.
  100. BornFisher


    Great report-- thanks!
  101. BornFisher

    Road trip for Coos Bay Albi's,

    Damn! Thanks, that is styling!!
  102. BornFisher

    BOLA August August 3-4 HOT!

    Thanks for the write up. Brutal heat!!
  103. BornFisher


    Don`t know how you can do what you do and take such great pics while doing it! Thanks for the report and pics!
  104. BornFisher

    Spend the night at the Coronados?

    Can you still anchor up and spend the night in the lee of South Island? Did this many years ago, before tuna pens and all the crap that is happening now.
  105. BornFisher

    Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    Nothing like a jumbo and a beer before sun up!!! CONGRATS!!!
  106. BornFisher

    National BEER day

    Every day is domestic beer day! This Bud`s for you!!
  107. BornFisher

    Rpt-Liberty 08-01-18 Tuna and Tails.

    WTG Cory! Beats what I was catching!!
  108. BornFisher

    Sugar Cured Mackerel Bait

    Old post here but I did this many years ago and was impressed. Everything from corbina to leopard sharks jumped on it. Sardines worked too!!
  109. BornFisher

    Smelt for YT?

    Got a yellow slow trolling a big jack smelt once. Yellows eat just about everything!
  110. BornFisher

    Pacific Queen 7/13-7/15 Trip

    Great report and huge heartbreak! Thanks!
  111. BornFisher

    Ramp Monsters

    Well that was impressive!!! Congrats to those guys!!
  112. BornFisher

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    We lost our Toby last September. A few weeks ago, a friend said his English lab was available! We are stoked-- 7 years young and 72 lbs of LOVE!!! Edit-- His name is Troy AKA Otter Tail!!
  113. BornFisher

    Our Puerto Vallarta Adventure 7-6-18

    Thanks for that. CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  114. BornFisher

    How best to spool braid.

    I use a screwdriver and my feet, Wear a glove or just protect your thumb with a rag.
  115. BornFisher

    Marine refrigerator

    Might try a mobil RV repair guy. Also look on youtube for a possible fix.
  116. BornFisher

    WTB Newer Tahoe or Yukon and Out of State Smog Question

    Kurt--Make sure the ACC will operate in a traffic jam and completely come to a stop when the car in front of you stopped. Love my Honda in traffic jams!! Wish it could tow something!!
  117. BornFisher

    Murder in BOLA?

    From Baja Nomad----
  118. BornFisher

    Puerto Lobos Sonora 4/25-4-30

    Great report! WTG guys, congrats!!
  119. BornFisher

    Mystery fish making bait..

    Sand dabs make great bait. Just sayin`
  120. BornFisher

    What ever happened to Bruce Carter?

    Great question! Glad to hear he is doing good. Hello Bruce if you read this!!
  121. BornFisher

    Rpt-05-19-18 The good Old Days 100+ Bass Today!

    Great report! I love hungry fat bass and lazy rivers!!
  122. BornFisher

    Doorbell security camera

    I`ve got a ring motion activated camera on my garage. $200 plus $30 a year. I love the thing, not so much for security but to see what`s going on out there after dark. I now know we have a bobcat that cruises the hood!!
  123. BornFisher

    Who's going to Fred Hall DM on Sunday?

    I plan to go, but who knows? :hali_olutta:
  124. BornFisher

    4 Year Old GSP Needs New Home

    Would you let a non-hunter have him?
  125. BornFisher

    Sick Yellowtail Video!

    WOW!! Loved the yellows chasing the jig!! Great job filming too!!!
  126. BornFisher

    Grunion Runs - San Diego

    Probably. Grunion don`t like getting wet.
  127. BornFisher

    Fish fry time again 3-17-18

    St. Patty`s Day with green lingcod! Perfect!!!
  128. BornFisher

    Cost of fish fileting

    Not where I come from!!
  129. BornFisher

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    Whoa.................AWESOME STUFF----------THANKS!!!!!!
  130. BornFisher

    Credit card fraud

    Bummer!! On the cards I rarely use (2) I set a limit of $95 a day for purchases, So far, the Mex and Calif license has worked out fine. Hopefully your bank will credit you the false charges.
  131. BornFisher

    What the hell?

    Loved it! Thanks!
  132. BornFisher

    Cutting the cable cord! Anyone know what’s the best way to stream tv?

    I need a tech coach!! Great subject, thanks!!
  133. BornFisher

    1-7-18 Winkles on the Dolphin = Good Fun

    Yup, they are ready for LA Bay!! CONGRATS, great report!!
  134. BornFisher

    Boccaccio Worms

    Not a good sashimi fish.
  135. BornFisher

    Tarter sauce ideas ?

    Try cilantro sauce. Just chopped cilantro with sour cream or mayo or combo of both. Delicious on any fish!!
  136. BornFisher

    12/30 O'95 year end bluefin trip

    Great report--- CONGRATS!! Sorry for the big one that got away!
  137. BornFisher

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    Tekota 700LC. The LC stands for line counter. Very handy for targeting fish 50' off the bottom. Also great for slowing your rig as you approach bottom, so you hang up less. Holds a ton of line and is fast.
  138. BornFisher

    Combat fishing in Africa

    "When you catch a fish, the door of happiness opens" Very cool!!
  139. BornFisher

    Rpt.-12-19-17 SCI Lings, Reds, Coppers w/Pic's.

    Great day! Great report!!! Congrats to all!!
  140. BornFisher

    Maiden at PV, Shoe 12-12

    Congrats Kurt! Way to shake it down and that first fish is an indication of what`s coming!!
  141. BornFisher

    Winter camping spots needed - family friendly

    70 degrees at the beach is too cold? Yesterday at 6:45 AM I was sitting by the ocean with a cup of coffee and it was perfect. And Beautiful. Maybe San Felipe way?
  142. BornFisher

    The 14 Mile Bank, 10 Hook Gangions and Grandpa….

    That was awesome--- thanks!
  143. BornFisher

    !st Trip after the Pacemaker Thur12-7

    Way to go Capt.. Wishing you and the rest of us old guys a healthy 2018!!
  144. BornFisher

    quick earthquake or tremor....around 4 pm anyone else feel it ?

    House went "CRACK". Thought here we go, then nothing. Encinitas
  145. BornFisher

    Need a FF to ID a YT!!

    Thanks Capt.-- Heard some good things about those units. Need to get down to the basics --- if I were on your boat, could you look at your fish finder and say with some degree of confidence (80 percent) that the marks on your FF were yellows? Thanks again
  146. BornFisher

    Need a FF to ID a YT!!

    My 17 year old fish finder is more of a bottom finder. I see marks, drop down and have no idea if I`m going to get a salmon grouper or a yellowtail. Would sure like a FF that gives me some kind of confidence in what I`m seeing. Any suggestions for a fish finder that could separate the yellows...
  147. BornFisher

    Asuncion Wahoo, Solo in a tin boat.

    Yipppeee and wahoooo!! Gonna call you Rossuperman!!! CONGRATS!!! WT geterdone!!!
  148. BornFisher

    More CI Lings

    WTG dad and daughter!!
  149. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Thur.-10-26-17 SCI Tails!

    Great report Cory-- congrats guys on a great day. Darn colt snipers!! At least when it happened to Dave happened with a fish of dignity and honor, a calico bass!!! When it happened to me, it was a salmon grouper, the lowest of the low fish!! It added insult to injury and pain!!!
  150. BornFisher

    Good bluefin 10/17

    As my dad would say "not too shabby"!!
  151. BornFisher


    Buddy of mine went thru one of those sex changing operations. Said the breast enhancement wasn`t too bad. Getting new plumbing hurt but wasn`t that painful. But what really hurt was the brain shrinking machine!!!
  152. BornFisher


    Good luck Chuck!! Sweet reel, sweeter wife!!
  153. BornFisher

    19' Valco BAYRUNNER BAJA center console.SOLD :)

    Location? Leaks? 4 stroke? Thanks
  154. BornFisher

    Yellowtail Tuna is for real!

    Once you get far enough east, try the Rocky Mountain oysters! They are better than any San Diego oysters, hands down!!!
  155. BornFisher

    Full moon.......notta problem!

    F-----g AWESOME!! Congrats to all! Hasta Joe!!
  156. BornFisher

    Rpt.-10-03-17 Tanner Brute Tails+Bluefin.

    AWESOME!!! WTG guys! Loved the report and pics!!
  157. BornFisher

    Rpt.-09-27&28 Day 1 Catalina Tails, Day 2 YFT Limits.

    AWESOME Cory, Lal and fishermen! Falling asleep at the keyboard and getting back up to fish again is beyond the call of duty!!
  158. BornFisher

    WFO dorado y Tuna

    Beautiful!! CONGRATS!!!!!
  159. BornFisher

    Go Aztecs!

    That game was bizarre! Looked liked hurricane coverage on the weather station! Never seen a game where they canceled half time! Wound up being a good game with about 3 people left in the stands!!
  160. BornFisher

    Best eating----- Calico Bass or Lingcod?

    Just wondering what your opinion may be. I favor the 15 to 17 inch Calico Bass, but the Ling is right there!
  161. BornFisher

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    I expected to hear both sides of the event. Common sense tells me if the crew of the Legend knew what was going on, they would have shot over there and helped in any way possible.
  162. BornFisher

    9/16 - Never made it to the spot... Limits

    Danm, WTG guys!!! Looks like you had a few brewskis too!!!
  163. BornFisher

    BFT @ SKR 9/1

    WTG!! Great report, great catch!!
  164. BornFisher

    Deal fell through because seller would not allow a sea trial

    I bet he call you back. Boats are hard to sell.
  165. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Sun.-08-13-17 Dorados on the Ducky!

    You were really in the Sea of Cortez, right? Congrats, great plan and work!!
  166. BornFisher

    Why you wont get bit on that paddy

    Nice work! Hey how did he get the selfie???
  167. BornFisher

    Sue & Carl's 7th annual Serf Perch Derby, San Quintin, Baja CA

    AWESOME!!! Great work, way to get it done!!
  168. BornFisher

    Late Report Sat 8/4/17 Coronado Islands YT Report - Limits

    Go get them Nick------- hey would you teach your dad how to fish!! JK!! Great job guys, CONGRATS!!!!
  169. BornFisher


    Over the rail and into the pail!!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  170. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed. 08-02-17 SCI, another big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    AWESOME!! CONGRATS!! Always love a good Cory report, been some great ones lately!!
  171. BornFisher

    30 BELOW- 6 Days on the INDEPENDENCE 2017

  172. BornFisher

    Asuncion Tuna

    great job, hope you find them today.
  173. BornFisher

    Rpt.Tues.-07-25-17 Big Bluefin at SCI-Desperation Reef!

    Now that is what I call a report!! Great pics, great report, CONGRATS CORY!!!!!
  174. BornFisher

    3.5 Day Report (July 13-16) on the Success

    What a great report, and you guys are in your own league on the hamachi!!!
  175. BornFisher

    Monday - July 17 The Southern Cal half day

    Whao---- awesome!! No sculpin pics???
  176. BornFisher

    So-So Halibut 7/15/2017, FN sick.

    Created 12 nice fillets and meals for weeks!! CONGRATS!!!!
  177. BornFisher

    BOLA Report 06/20-06/25

    Very cool!! Thanks!!
  178. BornFisher

    Trouble in NOLA invlolving Bloodydecks LLC

    Whoa---- where is the don`t like button?
  179. BornFisher

    Memorable Memorial Day...2017

    That is some great bay fishing. Congrats!!
  180. BornFisher

    Bluefin Redemption

    You guys are so ahead of the game! CONGRATS!!!
  181. BornFisher

    Memorial Day Cow Tipping

    Right on! Great work, great fish, great vid!!
  182. BornFisher

    big bluefin

    Over the rail and into the pail!!! CONGRATS!!!
  183. BornFisher

    La Salina--- YT, Ling Cod, Fish n chips

    Fished Thursday in dirty water down La Salina way. Got lucky and got a pole holder 19lb yellow in 50' on a squid tipped plastic. Released several nice lings, kept one that went 28". Took the ling into Bahia Cantiles and had Santos fry it up with his special batter, DELICIOUS!!!
  184. BornFisher

    Doing what I do in La Jolla

    Congrats! For once a fish looks bigger than the weight! I`d say 25#!
  185. BornFisher

    La Jolla Canyon 5-12-17

    Nice fish! Tomorrow you should call into Lets Talk Hookup and give a report!! And then I`ll call and give my Calico bass reports and best recipes!!
  186. BornFisher

    May 1-6

    Great plan, great job!!
  187. BornFisher

    Excel Bluefin

    Holy Shit!! Congrats!!!
  188. BornFisher

    Boccaccio: Trash Fish or Not?

    Hate it when a big calico has worms!!
  189. BornFisher

    La Salina

    WTG El Capitan and crew!!!
  190. BornFisher

    Scopolamine, tablet form

    Thanks, perfect!!!. I`ve been using the pill but would like to try the spray. Nice to know what to ask for!!
  191. BornFisher

    "Mother of all bombs" dropped on ISIS

    Mother Fucker of All Bombs, I`d say!!
  192. BornFisher

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    Toby--- female, pit mix. She is 13 now so I`m giving her even more hugs!
  193. BornFisher

    209lb on the Oceanside 95 WoW

  194. BornFisher

    Do you throw your brother overboard for tuna? Tribute 4/1-4/2 17

    Boy o boy o boy!!!! What a great fishing trip!!! Man o man o man, what a great write up and great fish!!!
  195. BornFisher

    Izor's, 150 and 105 on 4-1

    Kurt-- sorry about your mom. Glad you`re getting out there, hope Lal teaches you how to fish haha!! Does the taking a piss technique still work??? Does for me!!
  196. BornFisher

    Rpt- 2 day trip on the Chief ending 03-26-17.

    Nice YT Cory!! Thanks for the read!
  197. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Sat. 03-04-17 Local Bass Fising.

    Way to go you three!! A March 4 bass right there!! Note to Kurt-- STOP SHOWING OFF!!!!!
  198. BornFisher

    SMB Lings and Bass 2/25

    Nice ling! Chip off the old block your son is!!!!
  199. BornFisher


    Put me in if there is room. NE 34 Alt 20
  200. BornFisher

    beautiful weather in sq,fishing,catching ok 2.

    Muy bueno. Tough to beat that, love San Martin in green finery!! Thanks for the report!!
  201. BornFisher

    Rrt-Tues-01-17-17 Winter Bass and a Butt!

    Batting 1000 for 2017!!! Hope you keep it going!
  202. BornFisher

    Santos Tomas

    La Bocana has a few sites for camping. Under trees, grassy area, don`t know about out houses. The ramp is a few miles north of these sites.
  203. BornFisher

    San Quintin Yellows

    Mucho jellows!! CONGRATS!!!
  204. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.-12-07-16 a 1.5 day on the O-95 No skunk this time!

    Congrats Cory---Way to kill that skunk!! Now go put up some lights!!!
  205. BornFisher

    Rpt-Thur.- 1.5 day 12-01-16 aboard the O-95!

    Great report Cory, your ship is coming in, just outside of the harbor I bet!!!
  206. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed. 11-23-16 Local Bass, Reds, Christmas Prep!

    Congrats Cory and Cheryl! 47 years of wedded bliss!! Go Troy!!!
  207. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.-11-16-16 Bass and Buitt.

    That`s a beauty, congrats!! Next time I fish for YT, I`m going to button my shirt the way Lal does!!!
  208. BornFisher

    Mercury fuel question

    My old one was 50 to 1. Quite rich and smoky but was OK
  209. BornFisher

    want to buy--- boat trailer

    I think about 1600 lbs
  210. BornFisher

    Rpt-Sun.-11-06-16 Local Bass fishing.

    Cory-- thanks for the report. Lal-- sorry for the boat problems, dang things!!
  211. BornFisher

    want to buy--- boat trailer

    CRAP!!!! Wrong number!!! Should be 619-925-6775
  212. BornFisher

    17-18ft galv pacific trailer need sold this weekend $1k

    Few more pics please, like the back and just more complete views, thanks
  213. BornFisher

    Lobster Ceviche...

    That made my mouth water!!
  214. BornFisher

    want to buy--- boat trailer

    Phone man-- let me know when I can see your trailer. I emailed you, thanks Edit-- email didn`t get thru. Please contact me-- 619-915-6775
  215. BornFisher

    1998 Mercury 115 offshore

    Where is the engine located?
  216. BornFisher

    want to buy--- boat trailer

    Thanks for the pics guys. Will be in touch!
  217. BornFisher

    want to buy--- boat trailer

    Thanks Steve-- could you send me some pics and give me a price?
  218. BornFisher

    want to buy--- boat trailer

    Thanks, it`s an 18' bayliner with a v hull, 7 1/2' beam, I`ll check what you have soon. Don`t need much, will be used for maintenance
  219. BornFisher


    Forget the hooks, take more pics!! Thanks!!
  220. BornFisher


    A fatty flatty!! CONGRATS!!!
  221. BornFisher

    want to buy--- boat trailer

    for an 18' boat with a "V" hull. Budget is $1,000. Must have all paperwork. Thanks
  222. BornFisher

    Two Firsts in Gonzaga!!

    AWESOME!! Thanks Roberto!!
  223. BornFisher

    La Bocana BCS

    Nice report. Did you tow your boat or is it stored?
  224. BornFisher

    SURFDOC Remembered

    Reminds me of the last time I saw Stan. He was laughing because he had just tagged Earl`s boat in La Salina with BD stickers!!! Tried to get him a beer, but he was on his way home. Sounds like he tagged some trucks too!!!
  225. BornFisher

    Edible hammerhead

    Love the belly meat!
  226. BornFisher

    Who like's Crawfish?

    Is Farm Girl cooking?-------
  227. BornFisher

    Sea Of Cortez Panguero Shot by Mexico Navy

    Interesting, but sounds like a huge mess. If innocent, hopes he makes it OK. If guilty of something, then I hope the message is loud and clear!!
  228. BornFisher

    Official Chargers Post

    Me very happy!! Bet $10 on the moneyline at +190!! Yep-- made a total of $19, but at least didn`t lose $10. BTW a straight bet was Chargers +6 1/2 but minus 120!! So my $10 bet would have won only $8!!! Love the action, GREAT game!!
  229. BornFisher

    10-22 Ducky New Motor Break In Trip

    Thanks for the report Kurt! Lal-- looks sweet, best to you and crew
  230. BornFisher

    Rpt.-10-13-16 SCI Bluefin Tuna or Bust!

    :appl::appl::appl:WTG, great report, looking forward to the pics!!
  231. BornFisher

    For You 1 Ola Mas

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! You`re killing me!!!!!
  232. BornFisher

    Chargers the Worst 4th Quarter Team in NFL History

    At least they are good at being bad!!
  233. BornFisher


    Muy bueno, mucho tacos!! Good times!!
  234. BornFisher


  235. BornFisher


    Beautiful fish, love the golden and China Mero!!
  236. BornFisher

    YT @ MG's 10/1

    WTG!! You`re killing it lately!!
  237. BornFisher

    heads up, for us old guys

    You can get rid of it for $100 (or $120 can`t remember). Best money I ever spent!!! Suffered 8 days of terrible pain, couldn`t sleep for more than 30 minutes. Went to an acupuncturist, took my shirt off, he did his thing for about 2 minutes (could barely feel anything), I layed there for 20...
  238. BornFisher

    Solid Yellowtail Action La Salina

    WTG guys, best report out of that area in a LONG time!!!
  239. BornFisher

    Cell phones in Baja

    When I`m in Mexico, and want to dial a Mex number, I just dial it. Add area code if needed. BTW, I`v had my T-mobil for a year now. Love it!! My ATT bill was close to $120 when I changed. Now my bill is $55 every month and that gets me unlimited data. As long as I can get Telcel, I can connect...
  240. BornFisher

    9/18 Sunday - Voyager out of Seaforth

    Great report. Like how you complimented the crew and how they handled these situations. Great job on the catching too!!
  241. BornFisher


    That was awesome!! Gracias!!
  242. BornFisher

    Rpt.-09-11-16 Sun. SCI Missed On the targeted species, but!

    Great report Cory! Bummer about that dang dog, beautiful yellows!
  243. BornFisher

    Lake Powell tent camping -- and trip fish report

    Awesome! Good luck!!
  244. BornFisher

    9-9-16 offshore tuna trip!

    Awesome!! Thanks!! Love the pics!
  245. BornFisher

    182 9/8

    great grade, WTG, CONGRATS!!!!
  246. BornFisher

    Have to Brag - Corey, ride for you...bought a new boat

    Ain`t bragging if you can do it!! Congrats!!
  247. BornFisher

    Oldman hooksup in san quintin

    WTG!!! And I thought you had a new girlfriend!!
  248. BornFisher

    2010 Mako 184 CC sold!

    where is the boat located?
  249. BornFisher

    Lower unit on my Mercury 90hp wont come apart..

    Watch some you tubes
  250. BornFisher

    SO....who knows how to download videos from youtube ? Works PERFECT!!!!
  251. BornFisher

    Rpt.-08-28-16 Bass fishing and incredible Bycatch!

    WTG guys!! Damn Kurt, that is a special day!!! Very happy for you guys, CONGRATS!!!!
  252. BornFisher

    Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    CONGRATS GUYS!!!!! Very happy for you!!!
  253. BornFisher

    Yellowfin in Newport harbor

    WTG!! I almost didn`t read this. Figured you were talking about croaker!!!
  254. BornFisher

    SMB BEAST 8-15

    Slob, home boy, toad, hog, barn door!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  255. BornFisher

    Tony Reyes.

    Awesome, thanks!
  256. BornFisher

    Got. Two

    What took so long? CONGRATS!!!
  257. BornFisher

    Magdelana Bay Limits Wahoo Again

    You have it going on!! CONGRATS!!!
  258. BornFisher

    More Patience

    Some beach, some where..............
  259. BornFisher

    Sold 2003 klamath center console

    where are you located??
  260. BornFisher

    Suprize at the Hotel Coral in Ensenada

    Love to hear about a few seabass. Traffic in Baja sucks in Aug. abd Dec!!!
  261. BornFisher

    Chris Dunn WX

    We want you back Chris!!!
  262. BornFisher

    Rpt.- 2 day Salsapuedes, 08-0416 Tails, Reds, Lings, Big Caicos.

    Hey Amigo--- great having you back to Baja. I have to mention the awesome action we had for a long drift that was wide open on calicos, a cabezon, and a barracuda. Tails chewed in half by bass that thought they were triggerfish. Next drift, almost nothing!! And dinner at Charly`s----- two orders...
  263. BornFisher

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    Thanks for the info on the nasal spray. Never heard of it and almost didn`t bother reading this thread because I thought I knew everything haha!! I also use Stephens RX and have for years, ever since the tabs became unavailable. Their capsules work perfect for me except for dry mouth. Their...
  264. BornFisher

    Loreto trip report 6/30 to 7/20/16

    Perfecto!! What a great trip, thanks for the report!
  265. BornFisher

    Rpt.-07-20-16 Bass, Cuda and a Ghost!

    Cory-- Great report!! Lal-- Congrats on the WSB. Cory--Beautiful pics of that YT. Love to hear the details. Me-- stressed out from driving home from Bishop today. Very happy to kick back and read this report!!
  266. BornFisher

    Lake Sabrina - Bishop Creek Canyon

    Thanks, I`m going up there either tomorrow or Monday. Going to be checking out Coyote Flats, don`t know if I`m fishing yet, not much trout gear for me haha!!
  267. BornFisher

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    Yup it`s a yellowtail. Put it in the count!
  268. BornFisher

    Horsing Around...

  269. BornFisher

    Anchor w/ chain

    I`ll buy the oil
  270. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Sat.- 1.5 day trip on the Relentless.

    Good try Cory and great report. Gotta get that X off your back!!!
  271. BornFisher


    I did the CBX last April and loved it. I read on Trip Adviser about it being tricky coming back so went very slowly and read all the signs. Also I almost threw out my boarding pass which would have had the same results and sent me outside to the cabs. So---- go slow, and keep your boarding pass...
  272. BornFisher

    Tough day 209 to 181 7/1... Then stuff got real BADDDD

    Tough day X 100!! Hope your ins covers your loss. This was painful just to read!!
  273. BornFisher


    That yellow inhaled that Rapala!! Thanks for the report!
  274. BornFisher

    Last minute Bluefin.

    WTG guys............ CONGRATS to all!!!!!!
  275. BornFisher

    A.M 6/27 Dolphin report. TANKER & 2 40lb Flatties

    What a great half day!! But on those 40# butts.............. well they are nice fish. Thanks for the report and pics!!
  276. BornFisher

    Overnight Out of Oceanside Late Report

    Unreal!! Awesome!! HUGE CONGRATS!!!!!
  277. BornFisher

    Need a Bigger Cooler for Pt Loma Halibut 6/25

    Beautiful butt..... WTG!!! Hate it when you can`t get through the halibut to get a ling!!
  278. BornFisher

    2 of 5 major detours in bola

    Cool vid. My favorite view in Baja, thanks. Suggestion--- Sirius radio!!!
  279. BornFisher

    Tony Reyes: A trip that internet fishermen dream about

    Great read, great report, great pics... Thanks
  280. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Sat.-06-25-16 A Dandy Day of Bass'n!

    Sounds like a blast, good luck on your 2 day Cory!!
  281. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.-06-22-16 312,209,181,182 and the corner!

    Good try guys, at least you had a good day to work with, Tues. was blowing 15 k out of the south, totally messed up with crossed up white capping wind swells. Cory--I predict after your next trip, you`ll be batting 200!!!
  282. BornFisher

    172.45 bluefin Best Father's Day gift ever!!

  283. BornFisher

    They are still here if you don't mind choppy seas

    Bad ass morning yesterday (Tues) bur actually laid down nicely by late afternoon. We were on one of those boats 5 miles out bottom fishing (Outer Limits).
  284. BornFisher

    WGO Gonzaga Triggerfish and Wind

    Looks awesome! Thanks for the report and pics..
  285. BornFisher

    New Lo-An 1.5 Day (11JUN16), Fished: Colonet

    Way to get them. Sounds like you held up your end of the fish count!!!
  286. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.- 06-08-16 Chasing Big Blue!

    Great effort Cory and guys. That has to be a huge rush!!! Was hoping you were getting in on the action Cory, I predict you will score next time!!!
  287. BornFisher

    Congratulations Sherm!

    That`s great!! CONGRATS Scott!!!!
  288. BornFisher

    The new ride

    Congrats Scott. Heard you today on LTHU. Sounds like you`re joining the party big time!! Probably ought to take Rock Cod out for a shake down!!
  289. BornFisher

    bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    Yep, that`s a mentionable one!!! CONGRAS!!!!!
  290. BornFisher

    Juance Upon a Time in Gonzaga

    Awesome report guys!!! Really a fun read, CONGRATS!!!!!
  291. BornFisher

    Rpt-Wed. 05-18-16 Catalina Tails and Hali's!

    Cory--Great report! Always love morning tail haha!!
  292. BornFisher


  293. BornFisher

    Just Another Day in SQ

    WTG guys, Good luck for the rest of your trip!!!
  294. BornFisher

    Yellowtail Tuna Fishing

    Beautiful fish. WTG guys!!!!! Hey, who needs bait anyway????
  295. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Thur. 05-05-16 Tuna and Tail on the Eclipse.

    Boy those are fat fish. I bet mean and strong too!!! Great report Cory, maybe we`ll have to give chase soon!!!
  296. BornFisher

    La Jolla 5-2

    Mr Yellowtail got owned!!! Beautiful fish, congrats!!
  297. BornFisher

    Gonzaga Panga Needed

    Good luck down there. My wheels are spinning haha!!!
  298. BornFisher

    Rpt-04-20-16 SCI Tails, Reds and other Critters!

    Nice catching. WTG guys. Cory-- thanks for the report!
  299. BornFisher


    Muy bueno! Thanks for the report!
  300. BornFisher


    You`re killing me! Awesome report!!!!!
  301. BornFisher

    The San Diego got em today!

    Congrats for the San Diego and fishermen!!!
  302. BornFisher

    50lb Blue Fin Tuna Ensenada

    CRAZY!!! WTG guys and thanks for the report!!
  303. BornFisher

    Cedros 3-30

    Great adventure, great fishing! Thanks for the report!
  304. BornFisher

    Cedros 3-31

    OUTSTANDING!!!! Love it, thanks for the report and pics!!!
  305. BornFisher

    Rpt.-04-03-16 Seeing Red and Mixed Bass Locally.

    Nice job guys!! Cory-- see you soon. Can you bring squid?
  306. BornFisher

    San quintin fish report

    Great news about the paving !!!!
  307. BornFisher

    Halibut Now?

    Probably chasing grunion!
  308. BornFisher

    T-mobile service in baja

    I was in SQ about 3 weeks ago. T-mobile worked perfect for a hot spot. $55 a month!!! As I write this, I`m in Rosarito Beach again using the phone for a hot spot. For some reason, Moviestar is bad for internet, but you can change carriers in your settings (IPhone 6).
  309. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Thur. 03-17-16 SCI Rockfish and a big Tail.

    WTG guys, great report and nice home boy!!!
  310. BornFisher

    7 Amigos and Georges Ghost

    WTG guys!! Loved the report and pics senior Bob!!!!
  311. BornFisher

    Will & Ed-na's Excellent Adventure!

    Excelelte adventure!!! Thanks for the fun vid/post!!
  312. BornFisher

    I have a bulging disc, now what?

    Mike-- I recently had shingles and was experiencing nerve pain like your 2-7 pain. This went on for 8 days, and I did nothing because I thought it would go away on its own. Finally saw an accupunturist who relieved the nerve pain almost instantly. I couldn`t believe it and expected the pain to...
  313. BornFisher

    Rpt.-02-13-16 Izor's Reef Bass'n in the Fog!

    Looks like you guys found some toads. Thanks for the report and pics. For the young kids just starting out, get a GPS and mark the harbor entrance. That fog can get you before you know it!!! And when you do know it, you will be so turned around, you won`t know east from south to west to...
  314. BornFisher


    Great report, had me going there (was hoping it was an opah) . I`ve seen it at the Fish market in Ensenada and thought it looked horrible, although the piece you bought looks great, and from what others have said, it is really good.
  315. BornFisher

    Another big seabass

    Beautiful fish,WTG and congrats!!!
  316. BornFisher

    Mag Bay : Tuna and Wahoo Slayfest !

    Sounds awesome, love the mangrove report.Thanks for the pics. and report!
  317. BornFisher

    Rpt.-WFO Local Bass'n!

    Great way to start 2016. Let`s hope 2016 is as good as was 2015!! Congrats and a great report!!
  318. BornFisher


    Thanks for another great report!
  319. BornFisher

    Your favorite yellowtail jig?

    My favorite changes. Was a raider 125. Then a megabait. Then a Salas 6x jr. Currently a Colt Sniper (pink/blue). Nice thing about the Colt Sniper is it is easier to fish the yo-yo so your arm will last a bit longer.
  320. BornFisher

    Outboard grinding when put in reverse

    It`s normal. There is no clutch.
  321. BornFisher

    mr larry"hansome"hansen,la bocana,

    That was awesome, thanks. Not only are the seals eating rockfish, they are going down with them and breaking off some expensive jigs!!
  322. BornFisher


    Rod doesn`t matter much. It`s the reel, your lures, and you and how you work your shit.
  323. BornFisher

    Bahía de los Ángeles---03-january-2016

    Right on-- thanks for the pics and report!!
  324. BornFisher

    Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    Great pics and report! Yikeeeeeees.......... must be one graby bottom there!
  325. BornFisher


    Nice yt`s there on the last day of the year. Now it`s time to start 2016. Who will get the first one of the year??? Congrats on those fine yellows. Ugliest gig strikes again!!!!
  326. BornFisher

    Rpt-12-30-15 SCI Reds, Coppers and more critters!

    That is getting it done before the closure. Congrats guys!!
  327. BornFisher

    Lots o'Lings 12-29-15

    Awesome, congrats guys!!
  328. BornFisher

    New Year's Resolutions ??

    I resolve to stop lying about fishing (yeah, right)!!!!
  329. BornFisher


    You`re the best. Hope one day to fish with you! Thanks for the reports and beautiful pics!!
  330. BornFisher

    Rpt.-12-19-15 Salsapuedes Lings, Critters and a Tail!

    WTG guys! Cory-- great report and pics, congrats on the yellow!! Strange about those seals. They have a new MO, taking rock fish down and breaking you off. I have lost some $20 lures lately to them. Tried to free spool and still got cut off! It`s a real problem, they need some re-education and...
  331. BornFisher

    Last min trip to Fish La Salina Sat 12-19, Need one

    Good luck guys!! Hope you find some YT`s, or lings, or reds, or calicos, or anything else that makes the trip great. And Nick--- teach those guys how to fish!!!
  332. BornFisher

    Rpt.-12-17-15 Ice Bass'n and a Tail!

    WTG Cory and guys. That tail has some big shoulders!!!
  333. BornFisher

    oldman baboom san quintin..

    That one pic is a crack-up!!!!
  334. BornFisher

    What's on your phone?

    bank app to deposit checks, do transfers, check balances
  335. BornFisher

    12-6-15 Big But

    The halibut weighed 44 pounds. The bait was 8 inches.
  336. BornFisher


    Whoa....... that got the old wheels spinning again!!! Thanks!!
  337. BornFisher

    Rpt.-12-03-15 A Tale of Tuna plus Tails!

    Way to give it a shot guys. Nice pics and report Cory--- now get some sleep haha!!!
  338. BornFisher

    Fishing La Salina Friday 11-27 & maybe Sat 11-28, Need two

    Wish I could but have a memorial service to go to Sat.. Good luck, look forward to a report!!
  339. BornFisher

    The Chargettes suck so bad...

    I kept myself amused by betting $10 on under (46pts). It was a pathetic performance all around!!
  340. BornFisher

    Monster Amber Jack

    CONGRATS!!! That is awesome!! What a fish!!!
  341. BornFisher


    What great pics. Thanks for the report!! And CONGRATS!!!!
  342. BornFisher

    Rpt.-11-19-15 The 150 Spot

    Nice work guys, hopefully those yellows go on the chew for you soon. Cory-- tough down here too. Got 1 but it wasn`t easy!!!
  343. BornFisher

    A fueler and his dock are soon parted

    Good old school read right there. All it needed was for the gas attendent to be Flomar and the VA guy be Tuna Commander!!! Great memories, glad you and Sparks are still going strong!!!
  344. BornFisher

    Ballast Point Brewing Sold

    Billion dollars buys lots of beer!!! WTG Yuseff!!!!!!!!!!
  345. BornFisher

    BOLA 11/12-11/15 speed run to drop off Baja runner to Martin Diaz

    Nice report--- where are you watching the race??
  346. BornFisher

    Long Beach/Newport Bassing 11-13

    Great report Kurt and good luck on your upcoming chores!!
  347. BornFisher

    Rpt-11-12-15 2 day Salsapuedes Tale of Tails!

    Hey Cory, that was a great couple of 1/2 days!! Thanks for the report, always a pleasure to have a good first mate who is so helpful on Toad Hall. Loved the pics, loved the report. had leftover fish and chips for breakfast today!!! Last evenings sunset-----
  348. BornFisher

    AIR HORNS!!!!!!!!

    Well that one is a blaster for sure. Just thinking of something to put on the boat or carry when 4 wheeling.
  349. BornFisher

    AIR HORNS!!!!!!!!

    Any recommendations????
  350. BornFisher

    3/4-day San Diego - 52 Yellows and 2 Wahoo

    Heck with the yellows--- what grade were the Wahoos???? Thanks for the report!!
  351. BornFisher

    Rpt.-10-28-15 Tails, Bonito and Bass!

    WTG guys. Cory-- Thanks for the report and pics, enjoyed it very much.
  352. BornFisher

    Sat 24th Rubber Ducky goes Long !!

    Nice effort Lal. Are you sure you want a Wahoo on the Rubber Ducky?
  353. BornFisher

    Wahoo Selfie! Solo Thursday.

    now that is a selfie! CONGRATS!!
  354. BornFisher

    Fucking Stan......

    Hey Day of the Dead is coming up Nov. 2nd. Hopefully someone can get Stan an offering or 6!!
  355. BornFisher

    Binoculars, several pair from $25 - $50

    Watched a seagull take a shit 200' away tonight. Love my new wide angel 7x35!! Thanks Jack!!
  356. BornFisher

    Rpt.-10-18-15 Invasion of Skipjack, Bonito and Yellowtail in our Bass hole!

    Way to go boys!! Getting that old yeller on a slow day is worth some high fives!!:cheers:
  357. BornFisher

    OC Wahoo on a bass setup!

    Darn Wahoo, getting in the way!!! WTG, CONGRATS, AWESOME!!!!!
  358. BornFisher

    2015 "West Coast Wahoo Challenge" Results!!

    Congrats to all. Much respect to you guys, WTG!!
  359. BornFisher

    And the next thing I know...

    Jeds` a millionaire???
  360. BornFisher


    Post season has been amazing this year. High drama and emotion especially yesterday. Now if the Cubs go all the way............ that will be dessert!!
  361. BornFisher

    Binoculars, several pair from $25 - $50

    I`ll take a pair or two! Thanks, Bill
  362. BornFisher

    Two months in baja

    Good luck, sounds like you`re going to have a blast!!
  363. BornFisher

    Mucho Take it Easy -- LB to BOLA (pic heavy)

    Baja trip of a lifetime!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  364. BornFisher

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    Looks like paradise!! Love LA Bay in Oct!! Thanks for the report (fish and road)!!
  365. BornFisher

    This whoo is for you dad! Hell yeah!

    wahoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  366. BornFisher

    Wed on the Taxfree

    That is 40 lbs. of great fish!! Especially that first 26!! CONGRATS!!!
  367. BornFisher

    New Seaforth first wahoo ever!

    Pretty good fish to add to the new species list!!
  368. BornFisher

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    That Mako looks delicious! Mako is almost swordfish!!! Congrats, awesome once in a lifetime experience!!!
  369. BornFisher

    wahoo tri-fecta 9/26

    Very stoked for you and crew! CONGRATS, great report and pics!!
  370. BornFisher

    Father & Daughter Double Wahoo at the 14!

    Double trouble!! That is great! CONGRATS!!!!! Thanks for the report and pics!
  371. BornFisher

    9/19 Wahoo

    Great fishing! CONGRATS!!!!
  372. BornFisher

    09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

  373. BornFisher


    Bummed for you. I know I changed my plans for next week, cloud to sea lighting is too serious to not change. Hope you can get on it next tournament!!
  374. BornFisher

    Cheapest place to buy Sabiki rigs?

    Last week I went out to make bait. Brown macs were everywhere. Water 75. The macs were coming to the top to get air. I was using a cheap rig and in 20 minutes had 1 bait. Then I got the rig hung up on kelp and it broke off. I tried a different rig and WOW what a difference!! Five minutes later I...
  375. BornFisher

    Hog yellowtail caught off Mission Beach jetty!!

    I love it when stuff like this happens. So often they get away before a visual, not this time!! Congrats to the angler!!
  376. BornFisher

    Marlin Monday GetAway Video

    IT was Saturdays show about 8:06. Go to the shows archives, and you can hear Marks` report. Link to show-- Marks` report starts about 4 mins into the report. Your report is talked about around 630...
  377. BornFisher

    PV 9/12. Trash Fish Interrupt a Bass Outing

    There goes that table getting another workout!! WTG guys!!
  378. BornFisher

    Marlin Monday GetAway Video

    Heard Mark Wisch talk about your video on LTHU today. He said it was great and he was sure right. What an experience and what a setting for it. CONGRATS!!!
  379. BornFisher

    epic trip copout 9/06/15

    That`s meat right there!!! Congrats!!!
  380. BornFisher

    MAG BAY REPORT, Sept. 8 - Wahoo Limits Early

    Way to get done. Keep those reports coming por favor!!
  381. BornFisher

    Rpt.-09-03-15 The Ducky Roars Again!

    Congrats guys----- getting it done with the dream patty!!! That table full of fish is impressive!!!
  382. BornFisher

    Bonita LL Allstars----- CRAZY GOOD!!!

    The Bonita Bombers, AKA California Cookie Crushers came from behind a great team to take it. Way to go boys, represent, we are proud of you all!!!!
  383. BornFisher

    Bonita LL Allstars----- CRAZY GOOD!!!

    Boys will play today, 5:00 our time.
  384. BornFisher

    Bonita LL Allstars----- CRAZY GOOD!!!

    What a hitting machine. Homered 6 times including 5 in the 3rd inning!! Hope they go all the way!!!
  385. BornFisher

    73 lb White Sea Bass in San Quintin

    that was a great report. thanks
  386. BornFisher

    Sue & Carl's Surf Perch Derby in San Quintin!!

    Looks like a great time. Love the Baja Bonitas!!! Thanks for the report!
  387. BornFisher

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    It`s what you call a hydro-shit!!! Classic photo!!
  388. BornFisher

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    "instinct" Maybe end stinks!!!
  389. BornFisher

    It's Hot Everywhere...

    I heard it was so hot in New York that Bill Clinton had to get in bed with his wife just to cool down!!!
  390. BornFisher

    Driving to Ensenada Tips

    Need more info. Where are you driving from, where will you cross the border southbound?
  391. BornFisher

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    Toby is a girl------
  392. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.-08-12-15 Took one on the chin!

    Cory----Same down south Wed.. White caps by 9, finished by 11, just some bottom stuff!! Today looked the same.
  393. BornFisher

    Rpt.-08-09-15 Tuna off Oceanside!

    Beautiful day, beautiful report. CONGRATS guys!!!
  394. BornFisher

    A little good news...

    Very cool, congrats!! Good stuff for sure!!
  395. BornFisher

    Epic Yellowtail run out of Ensenada

    Great report, congrats. Were these fish caught on bait? Thanks
  396. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Thur.-08-06-15 Barries and Bass, missed on the Tails again.

    A Cory report is always great, wtg back to back days!!
  397. BornFisher


    All boats are perfect for a mechanic!! Good luck whatever you do!
  398. BornFisher

    Mexican Fishing License

    I got one at Fishermans`a few years back. Give them a call.
  399. BornFisher

    Took a shot at the big boys

    Could have been a Mako!!
  400. BornFisher

    Punta Mita - 6/26 to 7/3

    Was there at the same time with a family group of 11 adults and 1 3 year old. Stayed at the Marriott near the marina. The house looks like the way to go!! BTW we flew out of TJ for around $250 round trip, saving some money to spend later! Thanks for the report!
  401. BornFisher

    Weekday twilight crew needed, Oceanside.

    Hey Simon---keep me in mind, I know you said Fri., but if you want to go Tues, I`m there!
  402. BornFisher

    Bloodied the Ducky Oside to SD 7/31

    Looks like a lucky ducky!! CONGRATS gents!!
  403. BornFisher


    Nappa auto parts, 5 gallon. I bought one and got 20% off anything I could put in it!!!
  404. BornFisher


    COWABUNGA DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!
  405. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-30-15 Do Do's and kick ass Tuna fishing!

    Congrats gents!! What an incredible day and great report!!
  406. BornFisher

    6 bft from 120-175 lbs on New Lo Ann today

    WOW!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!
  407. BornFisher

    My trip to Alaska - Cracker Jack reviews

    Thanks for that. Heading up there in a month!!
  408. BornFisher

    YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    Way to get it done early. Hope someone finds that paddy, great job putting the numbers out!!
  409. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.-07-22-15 Dana Point A tale of Two Half's!

    Now that`s what I call a re-ride!! Great effort, great fish, congrats!!
  410. BornFisher


    Badass madness!! Thanks for the excitement, a classic vid!!
  411. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Sun. 07-19-15 Ensenada Tails!

    Right on Cory, glad you made it down. Sounds like a trip I had a few weeks ago down there. Yellows chasing the small chovies and a no go on iron. Mike is taking good care of everyone here, bummer about the no shows!
  412. BornFisher

    What are the best stops/gas stations on the way to San Quintin?

    The station south of Rosarito Beach also has a 7-11 with GREAT doughnuts!!!
  413. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.-07-15-15 Offshore Slam on the Kolo.

    Holy mackerel!!! Long range fishing within cell phone range!!! Congrats everyone, and as always, great report Cory!!!
  414. BornFisher


    Submarine!!! Like your style, going big!!
  415. BornFisher

    Ensenada over the weekend

    That`s crazy good! CONGRATS!!
  416. BornFisher

    Rpt.-3 day trip on the First String ending 07-05-15.

    Cory--- was looking forward to your report and and once again you did not disappoint!! Another great report, congrats!!!
  417. BornFisher

    Fourth of July off of Ensenada

    Muy bueno!! Hope the bite continues, will be there next week. Thanks for the report!
  418. BornFisher

    Today part 2

    Huge CONGRATS!!! That is how it is supposed to go down! Bet the fights were epic!!
  419. BornFisher

    Passport Card for Mexico?

    vg You do need the book to fly from Mex back to US. But the card is fine for Mex domestic. Last week I got my Mex visa in Ensenada. The poster on the immigration office had a picture of a USA Passport card, saying it was good to get a visa. I got the visa showing only the card. The card number...
  420. BornFisher

    Passport Card for Mexico?

    Actually for a domestic flight in Mex. a card will do. You just need a tourist visa and a card works for that.
  421. BornFisher

    Rpt.-06-25-15 Tuna chasing, 302,226 and all over the 9.

    The old "all show" and "no go" fish strike again!!!! You`ll get em next time!!
  422. BornFisher

    Rpt-06-20-15 Went Bass fishing and Caught Tails and Bass.

    whoooooooooooppppppppppiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!! Great time pulling on some toads!! CONGRATS!!!!
  423. BornFisher

    Rpt.-06-15-15 My first C-Bass in 2015.

    That`s a beauty---- WTG and CONGRATS!!!
  424. BornFisher

    Las Salinas Fishing Report Sat 6-13 & Sun 6-14

    WTG guys---- fished last week and went 1 for 2 on the YT. Found them under birds about 3 miles outside the harbor.
  425. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Thur.-06-11-15 Hard work for the Tails at the 150.

    WTG guys. Great report Cory! 10 hours of fishing make me sore just reading about it!! Great to see so much action up there and really most everywhere. Hope it continues forever!!!!
  426. BornFisher

    Scopoline, for Sea sicknes

    Found these guys a few years ago. I am a sea sicky, big time. These capsules work as good as the patch but with few side effects (drink water). Also their service is fast and easy. Less than $2 a pill.
  427. BornFisher

    6-1-15 Dana Point Swordfish

    :appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl: CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  428. BornFisher

    Rpt.-06-03-15 Run & Gun Tails at the 150!

    WTG Cory and Lal!! That will cure what ails ya, like yellow fever!!! Pics and report are great, what`s next, giant BFT?????
  429. BornFisher

    Fri. & Sat on the Ducky

    Sounds like a bloody ducky!! Congrats!!
  430. BornFisher

    Badass triple play!!

    Or badass base running!!
  431. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed. Big local Calico Bass on the chew.

    Remember?????? I`m still in tears remembering that YT I had to release!!!! Good luck Sunday, I hear Lal doesn`t let you keep fish either hahaha!!! Cory----- hoping to get out down south maybe even this afternoon for a few hours. Hope I can get you a good report!
  432. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed. Big local Calico Bass on the chew.

    Congrats Cory and Lal---- And Lal, great job rescuing Kurt from the bridal shower!! Those things can be brutal on a guy!!!!
  433. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip 05-25-15

    Hey Cory--- thanks for the report alert!!! Too bad about the wind and tuna, but congrats on the YT and great trip!!
  434. BornFisher


    Some kind of San Quentin nice right there!! CONGRATS!!
  435. BornFisher

    Rpt.-05-10-15 to 05-16 Puerto Penesco Limits of Wind.

    Cory-- Bummer about the wind, glad you had a great trip!
  436. BornFisher

    Last Cast sportfishing Ensenada 5/2

    Love Sergios too but this boat sounds like a winner!! Thanks for the report!
  437. BornFisher

    Boat songs, need play list suggestions

    Bell Bottom Trousers, by Kay Kyser <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  438. BornFisher

    the bay is full

    Looks great, pero........ que bahia???
  439. BornFisher

    Yellows on the Ultra on Friday

    Some beauties, congrats, and great report!!
  440. BornFisher

    Simon learns to fly

    I got ripped off for mine at the Fred Hall Show. Paid $45, came home and saw the real price!! :mad: Big learning curve YouTube vids help, showing how to recalibrate it-- put on level surface and then go to bottom left with throttle and upper left with tilt. Wait till the blue light stops...
  441. BornFisher

    Pacific Voyager 5/01 1.5 day trip 2015

    i`ll check my calender, would love to get on it!!
  442. BornFisher

    Rockfish - Caught on video

    Serious work there, thanks for the effort, great job!!:appl:
  443. BornFisher

    Rpt-Sat.-03-28-15 Tough day on the Ducky!

    Spring transition time??? I think you guys are just setting up those fish for a future harvest!!!
  444. BornFisher

    March Madness Yellowtails

    WTG Alex y Alex. Great to know those tails are still there. Sooooooooooo is the dredge working???? Congrats, hasta, Bill
  445. BornFisher

    3/22 Coronado Report

    Beautiful, CONGRATS!!!
  446. BornFisher


    Saw a gaff lost when a mako was gaffed too fresh! WTG on the fishing and weather!
  447. BornFisher

    Bahia Asuncion Yellow

    Steroids for sure!! Congrats on the fish, and your new home and playground!!
  448. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Sat.-03-21-15 Catalina Tails on the Ducky!

    Congrats Lal and Cory, thanks for the report!!
  449. BornFisher

    Finally yellow limits!

    Awesome Alex y Alex!!! Hope the dredging rumors are true. Glad you got them, those are two "Big Loads" for sure!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  450. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed. 03-18-15 Tail Limits before 9am.

    Go get em Alex! Hoping you get a "Big Load" haha!! Looking forward to your report!!
  451. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed. 03-18-15 Tail Limits before 9am.

    Talk about a 3 hour cruise!! Another great fishing trip for this amazing year! And with some fine eats too!!
  452. BornFisher

    LORETO REPORT, March 19 - Turnabout is fair play

    WTG Mr Bill!! Ya gotta be pooped catching 5 of those toads! CONGRATS!!
  453. BornFisher

    Rpt.- 03-05-15 Two more days of chasing Tails!

    Cory-- this report is great, just read it again. Don`t know how you remember everything. Fun times out there, hope it continues!!
  454. BornFisher

    Rock Fishing north county

    Looks like plenty of fish sticks for dinner! Thanks for the report and pics!!
  455. BornFisher

    Third try is always a charm! Hamachi style.

    Very happy for you guys, Alex y Alex. Let`s hope that dredge gets up and working so we can fish all day!!!
  456. BornFisher

    Googins Go to PV and Kill It..........!

    Great report, loved it!! PS to JJ-- got the jigs, thanks much!!
  457. BornFisher

    17 trophy. new rail upgrade

    Nice upgrade! Congrats, looks great!
  458. BornFisher


    Gracias sir--- what a great report and pics!!!
  459. BornFisher

    Sea Lion bitten fish

    Well I have eaten some chewed on fish and I`m still alive. Most times the seal grabs the YT by the tail. If you can get it back, the fish has scratches on its tail and nothing more. Seams harmless to me. Recently one seal took the breast/stomach off a fish that I got back. I never had second...
  460. BornFisher

    Collnet 2/21

    Beautiful!!! Bet Jack showed you young rascals how to get it done!!!
  461. BornFisher

    Limits of tails of Fri 2-20 and near limits on Sat 2-21 North of Ensenada

    It`s just crazy off the charts fishing now. I thought it was good 2 weeks ago with the moon full, but kick it up 2 weeks to the new moon, and kick the water temp up 2 degrees and it just gets better!! No one saw this coming, so who can say what the spring will bring? Mike-- great fishing with...
  462. BornFisher

    Colnett just keeps going and going and going... Aztec 2/21

    Great post, great pics, thanks and congrats!!
  463. BornFisher

    Rpt.-02-19-15 A 2 day Yellowtail Frenzy!

    Hey Cory-- great report, felt like I was there haha!!!! Great to relive those days and fishing sessions through your text and photos. The fishing is CRAZY off the charts now! Let`s hope it continues and we kill some more. BTW went to Paradise Cove and they cooked up some fish and chips with the...
  464. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.-02-11-15 Izor's, Shoe, PV, 150

    Sounds like a great day out there. WTG Cory and Lal!!
  465. BornFisher


    Whoooppppiiiii!!! Some kind of catching there partner!! Congrats!!
  466. BornFisher

    On the board for 2015 with the right kind!

    Thanks for the report. That harbor is a bitch. Look forward to the video.
  467. BornFisher

    Late Report 2-4-15 They bit!

    Yup happened to me last week. 5 yellows Monday (done at 9:30), none Tues and one on Wed.. Thanks for the report and pics!!
  468. BornFisher

    YT End Game

    Nice!! Going to my garage to check out my speedmasters now!!! Great vid!!
  469. BornFisher


    Hey thanks so much. I didn`t check my numbers so had no idea I won and then won again!! Lots of happy people across the country who drew that 4/4 score!!! Again thanks so much, I have no idea what I won, but promise to put it to good use!!! Hasta, Bill Fisher, aka Bornfisher
  470. BornFisher

    Biggest bone head play in NFL history?

    I thought not kicking a field goal with 6 seconds left in the half was a terrible call. But it turned out to be genius. I saw them line up for that last (pick) play and thought what are they doing. Empty backfield, 2 receives on right side oh nooooooooooooooo................. don`t throw the...
  471. BornFisher


    Seattle--20 Pats--17
  472. BornFisher

    Stuck Selonoid?

    My engine did the same thing. My mechanic came to the boat, pulled a plug and all that. Then when I was turning the engine over for him, he says "Hear that? It`s the ignition". What he heard I don`t know, it sounded the same to me. The ignition had 6 wires and he pulled one and I turned it over...
  473. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-28-15 Limits++ of Calico and Sand Bass!

    Great to know you`re back in the saddle Cory! Lal--good going getting the Human Fishing Machine out there again!!
  474. BornFisher

    Rainy day

    I think they are bigger!! One and done, congrats!
  475. BornFisher


    Love those grey days too!! Thanks for the report!
  476. BornFisher

    Finally Got My First (2) Legit Yellowtail!!

    Congrats--- looks like you now have a bad case of "Yellow Fever"!!!
  477. BornFisher

    Yo yo speed

    Yeah but it also depends on how much line is off your spool. When you are in 250' with a bunch of current, grind baby grind!!!! 125' and not so much current, vary it and see what happens.
  478. BornFisher

    Dallas got screwed!

    The call was correct. But he did catch the ball. The rule is incorrect.
  479. BornFisher

    Yellows Still Here 1/9

    Congrats!! Great report!! Toads there and DAMN the seals!!!
  480. BornFisher

    Men vs yellowtail vs seal

    Loved the vid. Nice yellow and big knothead. Had a day maybe 3 weeks ago where I won three fights with the seals with no damage to the fish. Since, the seals have beat me about 10 to 1. What I hate is not only losing the fish, but the $10 Salas!!! Oh--- Tues. a seal grabbed one and I chased it...
  481. BornFisher

    Best Christmas Ever!

    Cheers to Grandpas, Grandmas, Mom and Dad!!!!! CONGRATS to all!!!
  482. BornFisher

    Restoring Tourism in Baja

    Put shoulders one highway 1, and wherever possible, the highway should skirt the coast.
  483. BornFisher

    Kids Dec 23rd Yellows at Box Canyon

    What a great report! Awesome job on those toads!!!
  484. BornFisher

    large weird looking rock cod

    Great report!! You have just expanded my horizons. Got some on 250', going to try deeper!!! WTG and CONGRATS!!!!
  485. BornFisher

    Rpt-Sun-12-07-14 Heartbreak chasing Tails in Box Canyon.

    Let`s hope they stick around all winter. Thanks for the report, my recent fishing trips have been seal feeding trips!!!
  486. BornFisher

    Irons!! Lots of them

    Are these yo-yo jigs or light surface irons?
  487. BornFisher

    Irons!! Lots of them

    I could use some 6x. Details??
  488. BornFisher

    Erendira fishing 11-7 and 11-8

    Great report, great trip, thanks!!
  489. BornFisher

    Owens River gives em up, Big Time!

    Just beautiful, congrats!!
  490. BornFisher

    ALUMINATOR finds the trash fish again

    Hey Dennis---Yipee for the cookout!! The old trash fish story had you and Kurt on a patty with lots of yellows on it. Kurt is loving it until you ruin it and say"we`re leaving these trash fish to go get tuna". Got some fish stories for you Dennis, some involving Kurt who I think about all the...
  491. BornFisher

    Taking outboard down to baja

    Put it on the back of a boat. Brought a used one down about 6 years ago. Got pulled into Mex secondary, tipped the guy $20 and all was good.
  492. BornFisher

    BOLA Update

    Great job and report, thanks for doing that!
  493. BornFisher

    8/21 Oside 10 miles

    Awesome! Jumping in to save the fish is too cool. WTG and congrats!
  494. BornFisher

    Fun in SQ

    Great trip and report-----thanks for that!
  495. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Sat.-Tuna and Tails!

    Congrats to everyone!! Great report Cory!!
  496. BornFisher

    WFO tuna in Ensenada

    Congrats and thanks for the info. If you need someone to go with, I`ll be around tomorrow, the 3rd. Gas money, help with boat and I have gear! Thanks, Bill
  497. BornFisher

    Adrianna 2for2 offshore trip

    You`re batting 1,000!!!! Congrats, great report and info!!
  498. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Sun.-06-29-14 Wide Open Calico Bass fishing!

    Thanks for the report Cory and good luck on the Condor!!
  499. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Wed.-06-25-14 Bass and Barracuda go off!

    Cory, Lal, that was great. Thanks for the report!!
  500. BornFisher

    PB'er 3 for 3 on YFT 6/23

    That is awesome! Thanks for the effort and the report! CONGRATS!!!!!!
  501. BornFisher

    Polar Bear Burns

    So sorry for your family`s loss. Bums me out any time I see a boat loss. But a beauty like this one, well it`s just a shame!!
  502. BornFisher

    Rpt. Wed.-06-18-14 Catalina Calicos!

    Great report Cory-- hope you`re 100% soon!!
  503. BornFisher

    Rpt-Sun.-06-15-14 Bass and Barracuda!

    Cory-- so glad you`re back and scratching that itch!! Going to be some bummed out fish soon I hope! Nice report and congrats!!
  504. BornFisher

    La Salinas charter

    Last Friday they actually had old #7 tractor working. The operator swings out a huge heavy bucket, lets it sink and drags it back. Probably gets 5 wheelbarrows a round, but he was at least doing something. Worked up a big sand pile in 3 hours. Now I just hope the tractor doesn`t break down or...
  505. BornFisher

    R.I.P. Tony Gwynn

    Everyone`s favorite Padre. Loved that man.
  506. BornFisher

    A little off topic but FREE ICE

    Hey Will, I`ll call tomorrow for a bag or two!! Thanks much!!
  507. BornFisher


    The Budweiser can looks huge!!! WTG....................CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  508. BornFisher

    And hot off the presses

    Reminds me of a Jimmy Buffet song!!
  509. BornFisher

    Ghosts on video

    Whooooppppiii!!!!!!! That was awesome, thanks!!
  510. BornFisher

    California Chrome, Harris Farm employees watch K. Derby-- vid

    Hoping for a triple crown tomorrow. This vid is awesome, what a party that must have followed!! "//"
  511. BornFisher


    Sunday on LTHU----------- 1090 am radio, 7am to 9am!!! Join Pete Gray, “Rock Cod” Rick Maxa and their special expert guests each week for the latest fishing information. This weekend…… Saturday 5/31- Dan Ostrosky from Yamaha Outboards Sunday 6/1- Captain Mark Gillette from the Eclipse
  512. BornFisher

    Big Calico

    Ya gotta love the trolls! Some of the best threads on BD!!!!
  513. BornFisher

    24" and 25" tanker corbina for Brandon N.OC report 5-23-14

    Those are beautiful............... congrats!!!!
  514. BornFisher

    Mexico Fishing trip opportunty anglers needed( with boat even better)

    Best of luck to you Derek................. hope the seas are calm and the fish are biting!!
  515. BornFisher

    Ensenada 5-2-14 - Barracuda and a Great White Shark

    Thanks for the report Louie! Congrats on the great catches, hope to see you soon!!
  516. BornFisher

    Looking into getting scopace compounded

    I use compounded scopace and it is great. Way less side effects than the patch. Here`s where I get it---- Cost less than $2 a pill. They shipped it and it was fast!!
  517. BornFisher

    San Quintin 4-12-14: Tough fishing but plenty of fish

    Thanks for the great report and pics. The week before Easter is a bitch at the border, but Easter morning is a great time to cross.
  518. BornFisher

    Interstate marine battery / Anchor with 175 ft of rope

    Good deals................. I`ll take the battery. Tell me when and where to pick it up. I`m in Encinitas.
  519. BornFisher

    Enormous tuna could shatter world record

    They should put her on "Wicked Tuna"!!!! That pig could get 20K!!
  520. BornFisher

    fishing San Quintin 3 -22-23 -14

    Great reports and pics-------- thanks!!
  521. BornFisher

    Rpt.-Sat.-03-15-14 Reds at SCI!

    Hey "Back in the Saddle Again" Cory---- So glad you got out there and I hope things heal up for you. Congrats to all for another great trip!! Loved the report and pics, thanks!!
  522. BornFisher

    Ensenada 3-9 and 3-11-14-Good Yellowtail Fishing in the Bay

    WTG Louie!! Congrats to all and thanks for reporting!!
  523. BornFisher

    Ensenada 2-26-14 - Yellowtail bite takes off

    Awesome Louie-- way to get it done! Congrats!! Thanks for the report!
  524. BornFisher


    Another awesome trip, WTG guys!!
  525. BornFisher

    Los Coronados Feb 20th

    That works fine.............. congrats!!
  526. BornFisher

    Ensenada 2-12-14 - Great lingcod fishing

    Thanks for the report, hope those were yellows you saw!!
  527. BornFisher

    Safety steps if engine failure in open water?

    Some times such a minor thing will get you, and you never see it coming. I had to get towed in a few weeks ago. Engine would start, but stall after about 2 seconds. Brought my mechanic down to the boat. He began fooling around (pulled the plugs and stuff), then one time when he turned over the...
  528. BornFisher

    La Salina freezer filler

    Victor is a great captain who knows the area and how to fish it. Conditions have to be right at La Salina just to exit the harbor and return, but it sure can be great fishing. Congrats, and thanks for the report and pics!!
  529. BornFisher

    We Lost a good one today RIP Jerry

    Oh this hurts. My deepest sympathies to his immediate family, and all of San Diego. You can hang a star on his life, what a great human being!
  530. BornFisher

    Catalina Two Day Report

    Outstanding, congrats!! Love reports like this, great pics and write-up!!
  531. BornFisher

    How To Clean a Frozen Spanish Mackarel

    Cool vid---- that guy has a great future at Fisherman`s Processing!!
  532. BornFisher

    This is why I love Baja!

    That was awesome! Great job, great trip, great report!!! Thanks!!
  533. BornFisher

    Rpt-Sun. 12-22-13 More year end Reds and Lings!

    Always love a good Cory report, congrats guys!!!
  534. BornFisher

    San Diego Bay Bass

    Loving it--- WTG!!! Thanks for the report!!
  535. BornFisher

    Puerto Penasco no passport

    Actually if you have a DL and BC, you will be fine. Take it from someone who has been there done that!! Have a great trip, and NO worries!!
  536. BornFisher

    Funny fish Story....the PB Harbor Halibut that got away

    Great story, thanks for posting. Something similar happened to me, 25lb yellow went bye-bye by accident!!
  537. BornFisher

    Rpt-11-14-13 Reds, Santa Marias and a big Lingcod at SCI.

    Great job guys and a beauty of a ling, Cory! TFTReport
  538. BornFisher

    Dollars to pesos

    Looking at my bank statement, on Nov. 1st, I pulled 6000 pesos out of Santnder (sp?), and was debited $461.39. Divide 6000 by 461.39 and you get 13.004183!!!!! Or about 13 to 1, with no commision!!! :hali_olutta:
  539. BornFisher


    That is pretty cool! Congrats to all, and great report!!
  540. BornFisher

    Rpt-10-28-13-Once upon a 10 day Long Range Trip aboard the Royal Polaris!

    Cory-- your report was above and beyond the call of duty!! Congrats on a fine trip, the JP, and thanks for the fish!! :appl:
  541. BornFisher

    Asuncion Fishing Report...& Surfdoc's grave update.

    Great job Chuck and crew. Stan was loved by so many, thanks all for what you have done for Stan!
  542. BornFisher


    Great report and new info! Thanks!! Hope Kirt and Marshall make it down there this year and do another UTube but sin problemos!! They went down there this time last year, a classic UTube!!
  543. BornFisher

    Father n Son/San Quintin/Captain Juan

    Thanks for the great report, glad Pops is OK with Mex again!!
  544. BornFisher

    Wandering in the Eastern Sierra

    Beautiful, thanks
  545. BornFisher

    Anybody selling transderm scop (seasick patch)?

    Mine cost about $80 for 50 capsules. Got them compounded by Steven`s Pharmacy in Costa Mesa-- 714-540-8911 Recently refilled with a phone call, no problem. BTW, they work really well.
  546. BornFisher

    9/21 302-371-425

    Thanks for the report, glad you got on them!!
  547. BornFisher

    Ensenada Offshore Report 9.15.13

    Congrats, and thanks for the great report!!
  548. BornFisher

    What ever happened to this guy ???

    Tuna Commander and HD
  549. BornFisher

    Rpt-Wed-09-18-13 The Kolamona strikes again, limits of Yellowfin Tuna, Do Dos!

    Geeeeeese Cory, when you break a slump, you REALLY break it!! Congrats guys, awesome report!!
  550. BornFisher

    Rpt-Wed-09-11-13 Albacore on the chew in Half Moon Bay!

    Crazy/great report!!! Congrats guys!!
  551. BornFisher

    Ensenada-8-16-13 to 9-9-13 2013 Ensenada Report

    You`re killing mucho fish Louie!! Congrats and looking forward to your next report!!
  552. BornFisher

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 9/11

    Best of luck to you Chris-- hope you get a jumbo or two!! And thanks for all you do!!
  553. BornFisher

    boat "lucky dog" missing off Oceanside

    This is just horrible. Could happen to anyone, anytime! Prayers to the family.
  554. BornFisher

    Fish Camp/ hotel for Bachelor Party

    Call Louie Prieto---- 626-226-7908 6-pack charter out of Ensenada--- good fishing and a great venue for the party! - - - Updated - - - Call Louie Prieto---- 626-226-7908 6-pack charter out of Ensenada--- good fishing and a great venue for the party!
  555. BornFisher

    K&M Takes 1st place in Govs Cup!!!! Bluefin-Yellowfin-Yellowtail

    Beautiful--- great report-- CONGRATS to all!!!!!
  556. BornFisher

    Texting while driving..................................

    As long as you were wearing your seatbelt, you are allowed to throw beer!!
  557. BornFisher


    HUGE congrats to Eastlake, Chula Vista. Best in the country, lets hope best in the World!!!
  558. BornFisher

    "FIBers" Christian Fishing Club in San Quintin......Yellowtail

    Nice fish-- congrats to all, and thanks for the report!!
  559. BornFisher

    137lb on the pride!

    Beautiful, awesome, crazy................. CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  560. BornFisher

    Mirage Sportfishing 2 day July 30-31 2013 Halibut Destruction!!! 75 Halibut!!

    Best halibut report I`ve ever seen on BD!!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  561. BornFisher

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    Jeeeesh Sherm---- hope you have been reading the Drudge Report lately--- the "Weiner" headlines are just classic, and your "try to work it in" would be a riot!! Wish the best for you, give `em Hell, screw the press, and just go 1 term!!
  562. BornFisher

    White Seabass really do exist!!!!

    AWESOME!!!! Great report, congrats!!
  563. BornFisher

    "That Guy" (or girl)

    Forget the fish......... just turn around!!!!
  564. BornFisher

    Tony Reyes report June 9-14 2013

    Thanks for the great report! And I even love your signature (go Padres)!!
  565. BornFisher

    Panamas "Lost Coast" with Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club- Lots of pics!

    Whoaaaa........... looks like an amazing fishery. Thanks for taking us there. Great report!!
  566. BornFisher

    Rpt-Sat-06-15-13 Catalina-a few more Ghosts!

    Damn dogs!!! WTG on the WSB (and squid). Cory-- have a great time in Costa Rica!
  567. BornFisher

    Rpt-Wed-06-12-13 My Catalina Curse is over-a Trifecta+1

    Amazing way to end a slump!! Very happy for you guys, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  568. BornFisher

    Death at La Salina

    Earl- thanks for the news about Kurt, thank God he made it. I talked to Doug Monday and as usual he warned me about the danger and told me to be safe. I`m in shock, mad as Hell but numb. Hoist a few Coors lights for Doug, a great friend and fisherman.
  569. BornFisher

    Death at La Salina

    Got a phone call today and heard a friend was exiting the "harbor", capsized his boat and drowned. Two others are in a hospital in Ensenada. I got this info. second hand so I don`t want to give any details until I verify. But I do know this---- Don`t even think about fishing down there. There is...
  570. BornFisher


    thanks for the great report, looking forward to the next one. Beautiful pics!!
  571. BornFisher

    First drop TANKERS

    Outstanding!! Great report, great pics!!! CONGRATS!!!
  572. BornFisher

    What do you eat when you're fishing?

    Doughnut and milk, followed by granola bar and trail mix, and either a sandwich or shrimp ceviche. Cut oranges are good and in Aug., watermelon. I don`t know why, but it always seems like a dilemma. Oh and gatorade because scopace dries me out.
  573. BornFisher

    Scopase; Scopalimine Tablets for Seasickness

    Get a prescription and mail it in to a compound pharmacy. You`ll have it in a few days, or if you live near Costa Mesa, just pick up. These guys were great on the phone and their scopace capsules are the real deal---- Steven's Pharmacy
  574. BornFisher


    Holy crap!!! That was awesome, looking forward to the vid!!
  575. BornFisher

    Gator by The Bay--- live stream

    Gator by the Bay 2013 on Livestream Don`t miss Elvin Bishop-- 4:50 to 6:10 (SAT)
  576. BornFisher

    Take a look...Pads 9 and 3 in their last 12

    It was the fight!!!! Ever since, Dodgers been going down, the Pads up!! Great to see SD out of the basement!!
  577. BornFisher


    Thanks for the info. I`ll read it just to hear his stories. And the best to Sean, a great person and ball player!!
  578. BornFisher

    Seaforth rescues 3 out of the water in LJ

    AWESOME--- WTG NSF!!! Sounds like a miracle those guys made it to see another day. Bet the next trip is on the NSF!!!
  579. BornFisher

    Go Padres...

    Two good things last night--- one was Baker showing how Alonso caught a fowl ball and fell over the railing in slow motion. The other was switching to the Dodgers Giants game---- what a game!!! About Baker, he described the catch like this-- " Yonder caught the ball, stopped and looked over the...
  580. BornFisher

    Rpt-05-04-13-24 minute turnaround?

    Hey Capt. Lal and Cory----------- Great call. Mother Wind has been a little tough this spring, coming from all directions. Can`t change it, just gotta take it and hope one of these days, the predictions will be right on!
  581. BornFisher

    KENTUCKY DERBY who you pickin ???

  582. BornFisher

    Heap Big WSB on Bass outfit

    That is just great! WTG Lal!! And Jay, I hate to say it, but while Lal was getting a heap big WSB, it sounds like you just got a big heap!!!
  583. BornFisher

    A Tanker for the first of the year !!!

    Yikeeeeesss!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS Lal, that is great!! Now please teach Cory how to do that!!! ;)
  584. BornFisher

    Fishing report 4/21/13

    Mucho reds---- Great report, hoping to get out tomorrow!!
  585. BornFisher

    Local fun! Cbass-Lings-Calicos!

    WOW!!! Great call, beautiful fish, thanks for the report!!
  586. BornFisher

    Mission Belle 4/12 report

    Thanks for the report and effort---- Hope you get them next time-----Love your style, the pre-report and then the report!!
  587. BornFisher

    Rpt-Sat.-1.5 day trip-Aztec-04-07-13 Freezer Special!

    Hey Cory-- Glad you got out there, that itch to fish has to be scratched!! Great report, hope for better next time!!
  588. BornFisher

    San Diego 4/6 coronados

    Man-- that is beautiful!! CONGRATS!!!
  589. BornFisher

    My wife better STFU for the next 7 months!!!

    YIIIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! It`s baseball season!!!:hali_olutta:
  590. BornFisher

    San Miguel /Santa Rosa Island Report

    Beautiful pics---- the boys, the fish, the island, the water! Thanks for the report.
  591. BornFisher

    Rpt-Sat-03-30-13 Local Bass and Critter Fishing.

    Hey guys-- Thanks for the report, seems the bite is slow this week. Them old fish know when it`s transition time!!!
  592. BornFisher

    1 o'clock and all is not well...

    sleep never comes until 5 minutes before the alarm goes off. Good luck, looks like a great day.
  593. BornFisher

    2-26 jello

    Awesome, thanks for the report!
  594. BornFisher

    Renegademike gets a Swordfish

    beautiful fish, congrats!! Fat Elvis, about 275!
  595. BornFisher

    Rpt-Wed-03-27-13 Rockpile Yellowtail Strikeout!

    That`s a bitch, sorry you guys didn`t score. The bite is such a roller coaster, so hope next time you get to the top!
  596. BornFisher

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    I don`t know what to make of this............. but it`s a great post!!! BD at it`s best!!!
  597. BornFisher

    From Pat McDonell on the Eric sinking and recovery of remains

    First-- to the victims of this tragic accident, RIP. Pat McDonell had done some great reporting here---- First part--- And the next page---
  598. BornFisher

    Ensenada 3-24 & 3-25-13-Kids, Yellowtails, Lings and Reds

    Love it congrats!! Great report and pics!!
  599. BornFisher

    3/23/13 La Salina White Sea Bass

    Welcome to BD and congrats!! Beautiful fish!!
  600. BornFisher

    catalina new pb calico

    You da man kid!!! Congrats!!
  601. BornFisher

    what border crossing?

    Going south, go to San Ysidro. The new crossing is wonderful, the visa process is simple. The roads are well signed, just stay to the right. North bound, pick your poison! Do not cross Sunday and try to avoid Monday. But don`t sweat it too much-- the wait is worth the trip. Have a great time!!
  602. BornFisher


    WOW!!!! I was loving this report when it was just perch and food!!! Those pics are amazing, beautiful fish, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  603. BornFisher


    Whoopieeee, Pride is going back to Mex.!!! Hope you schedule some middle of the week days, good luck down there!!
  604. BornFisher

    Really Bad news

    Shocking and horrible. Hope there was a security camera nearby. RIP
  605. BornFisher

    New Ballast Point Beer garden for Padres @ Petco

    Things just got better at Petco Park! A new Ballast Point beer garden is opening and not only that, The Padres will win the West and go on to win the WS!!! Bummer about Headley and Grandal, but great for Ballast Point!!
  606. BornFisher

    Ensenada 3-15 to 3-21-13-Bottomfish and a 17 lb King Salmon

    That`s radical Louie!! Bet it was delicious, congrats!!
  607. BornFisher

    California Yellowtail raw?

    I`m slowly coming to the realization that the best way to ruin YT is to cook it! 4 days on ice is the best. Gets a "B" when caught, but an "A" after 4 days!
  608. BornFisher

    For Making Another Drinking Holiday

    The Gaslamp was going off-- huge street party but it cost $40 to get in. The Field had a long line, wound up at the Blarney Stone for green beers and Irish stew. Lots of very short green skirts down there and some very tipsy lasses.
  609. BornFisher

    FRI 3/15/13 Superb Lingcod Fishing off of Las Salinas S

    Mucho pescas, mucho tacos, muy bueno!!! You guys ripped! Congrats everyone!!
  610. BornFisher

    Rpt-Wed-03-13-13 Coronado Tails!

    Cory and Lal---- Stoked for you guys. Huge CONGRATS!!!!
  611. BornFisher

    Pac Star rockfishing as SBI 3/10/13

    Right on!! Awesome fish, congrats!!
  612. BornFisher

    3/2-- punta bunda fishing with Vonny's Fleet

    You sure picked a great day. Nice fish, congrats and thanks for the report!
  613. BornFisher

    Rpt-03-03-13 A 2-day Catalina adventure.

    Cory and John-- Glad you had some decent fishing weather (unlike our recent Mex trips). Let`s hope those YT and Whites make a showing soon!
  614. BornFisher

    Ensenada Report, Feb 28th

    Mucho bonita rojos there!!! Thanks for the report!
  615. BornFisher

    cool rockfish video

    Great one! Even beyond cool, thanks!!
  616. BornFisher

    1 1/2 day on The Voyager 2-27-13

    Sounds like a great trip, boat, and crew. Thanks for the report!!
  617. BornFisher

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Feb. 23 Stolen Boat

    That`s horrible. Honest people trying to make an honest living getting ripped off and no one is ever caught it seems! Very sorry!
  618. BornFisher

    Rpt-02-23-13 Local Bass and Critters!

    Oh those ones that get away!!! Congrats on a fun trip, and cool report!!
  619. BornFisher

    Ensenada 2-16 & 2-17-13-Lings and Bass

    Thanks for the report Louie. Let`s hope those yellers get back there and stick around all spring!!
  620. BornFisher

    Yellows at La Jolla for Triple Limits! Feb 18, 2013

    GREAT pics and report!! Congrats to all!!!
  621. BornFisher

    Rpt-Wed.-02-13-13 Winter Tail Hunting and too much Wind!

    Hey Fisher3, wish we would have cruised by and said "Hi". Cory- The next day (Thurs.), I was at my casa watching the conditions. At 9;45 all was calm. Fifteen minutes later, it was a mini gale with some bad whitecaps. Now today, about 1PM when I was at Del Mar, it was glass to La Jolla...
  622. BornFisher

    Scott Sherman is Pretty Cool!

    Two very cools!! One for Scott and one for Cindy!!! GREAT post!!
  623. BornFisher

    Ensenada 2-7-13-Wide Open Yellowtail Gets Even Better

    Bet you`re grilling up lots of YT at the bar these days!! Thanks for the report and CONGRATS on the great day!!
  624. BornFisher

    rock fishing reel?

    I love my Tekota with a line counter. Hooked some BIG shit (WSB, BSB, and YT) and the reel handles it great. Plus you can see stuff on the meter and just drop your jig right on them. And it`s really fun to see how much line you have out when reeling in a fish.
  625. BornFisher

    Prostate exam

    CLASSIC!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I`m using that one!! And welcome to BD Chris!!
  626. BornFisher

    ensenada 2/8 YELLOWS

    Outstanding, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  627. BornFisher

    Ensenada 1-31-13-More Yellows and Reds

    Louie-- Great seeing you out on the water. I want to acknowledge your information and sharing it so others can pull on some beautiful fish. Keep those reports coming, and I`ll be stumbling in the bar soon (I hope). Again, thanks for the info, so Cory and I could score.
  628. BornFisher

    Rpt-Thur.-01-31-13 Winter Yellowtail go on the chew!

    Wow, that trip was awesome! And now I`m enjoying the fruits of our labor with sticky rice, soy, and wasabi. Forgot about the beating coming home, only remember the mono on my reel being stretched and loading up. And then fighting a fish in deep water(138') with NO structure!! Perfect! Great...
  629. BornFisher

    Royal Polaris 5 day 12/26-12/31

    Great read. Thanks for the post and pics.
  630. BornFisher

    Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors

    I think that`s the song that was playing when I finger banged some sweetie. ;) Ahhhhh............... great memories!!
  631. BornFisher

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Great work, must have been a blast. Home boys for sure!! Congrats and thanks for the report!
  632. BornFisher

    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    Great vid, thank you! Sorry about your truck, hope you can get it fixed or sell it. I`m voting for Marshall to be BD`s Man of the Year!!!
  633. BornFisher

    New Border Crossing Issues (Southbound, San Ysidro)

    I love it. Better than the old one, easier to the Ensenada road, well sighed. Stay far right for visa, in declaration lane. Very helpful people, don`t sweat it.
  634. BornFisher

    Trip of a lifetime in Alaska *Pic Heavy!!*

    Loved the report and pics, thanks.
  635. BornFisher

    Abreojos report nov 3-9

    VERY cool report!!! Thanks for the report and pics!!
  636. BornFisher


    Unbelievable pics! You take amazing photos, thank you for them!!
  637. BornFisher


    Beautiful shots there. Thanks for the pics and report!
  638. BornFisher

    Search for the ERIK, Remains discovered.

    Amazing job and ongoing recovering operation.
  639. BornFisher

    Remember the movie "Perfect Storm" based off of a true storm? This one could be worse

    Read the book and there were so many people out to sea that had no idea what was coming. Coast Guard rescue is soooo prepared, but in these conditions, they are at their limit, and sometimes over it. But they respond and some die trying to do their duty. Wishing everyone on the east coast the...
  640. BornFisher

    Remembering Stan "SurfDoc" Stutzka ** Picture/Story Thread

    Hey Earl-- Last time I saw Stan was many years ago. It was down at La Salina and he told me " I just tagged Jo Mama with BD stickers". Than he laughed, and we laughed. Tried to get him to have a brew, but he was heading north. Dang what a wonderful person. I bet he died from an enlarged heart...
  641. BornFisher

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    RIP Stan, you were one very loved man.
  642. BornFisher

    Here comes the BIG wind...

    Chris-- thanks for the clarification on the "offshore" winds, Us old surfers still perk up when we see the words "offshore winds"! ;)
  643. BornFisher

    Here comes the BIG wind...

    Hey Chris-- Was wondering what area will get the offshore wind Tues. This forecast has the offshore starting on Thurs. evening---- COOLER CONDITIONS TO CONTINUE TO PREVAIL ACROSS THE REGION FOR BOTH TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY...WITH GUSTY WEST WINDS CONTINUING ACROSS THE MOUNTAINS AND...
  644. BornFisher

    Local Lings - Big'uns - 10/20/12

    Beautiful fish.............. WTG guys! Hey are you sure you weren`t in Alaska?
  645. BornFisher

    Eastern Sierra's 9 / 15~21 Trip Report

    Great report!! I was up there last week, not fishing, just cruising for a change of scenery! Cheapest gas in Bishop- $4.59 at the Piute casino! Always beautiful up there, thanks for the report!
  646. BornFisher

    Seasickies------ Possible Great News!!

    Looks like scopace and the patch might be coming in a nasal form soon. Whoooopeee.........let`s hope so--- NASA will work with privately owned Epiomed Therapeutics of Irvine, California, on the nasal spray, which has been shown to be a fast-acting treatment for motion sickness. About half...
  647. BornFisher

    Offshore Weather Forecast as of 10/10

    Very deserving of the award, congrats, and thanks!!
  648. BornFisher

    La Paz all wet

    Hey Gary-- Great photos!! What is the estimate of total rain down there this last 5 weeks or so? Also is there a site with radar images (not satellite) of southern Baja? Thanks!