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  1. pura vida

    Are there any fishing tackle stores in Tijuana?

    Just my $.02, but in all the years I've traveled in and out of Mexico, for almost 50 years and I've found it safer to stay on the main roads in and out of Tijuana. Traveling in Mexico needs to be planned well and here are a few of my safety tips NEVER travel at night No where you are...
  2. pura vida

    Over 8' shipping question

    How about checked baggage with your flight?
  3. pura vida

    Hauling a boat to Los Barilles

    Towing in Baja can be very interesting, but if you are very comfortable towing in the US then you just need to be more cautious, and take your time, no your stopping spots, fuel spots and never drive at night.. I've towed the Baja since the 70's and put 40,000 miles into towing my 10 X 29...
  4. pura vida

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    I had the 262 and it was a great boat. I have been on Parkers, but you are comparing 2 very different boats. If you are going to travel with your family, the Parker isn't the boat as it doesn't have a head. If you want the best boat on the market for $65,000 you better go see Grant at Sea &...
  5. pura vida

    New boat that just came in.

    It depends what you want to do with your boat but the 21 is a bit short for local fishing, and bigger is certainly a bit safer. I went from 23 to 26 to 29, and they all had their good points
  6. pura vida

    Captain/crew fishing during a bite

    I've seen it a few times, but usually they hand the fish off. When things are slow and a Captain does fish, it helps to keep the passenger interested.
  7. pura vida

    Bed bugs on boats

    This is an eye opener, but in 60 years I've never heard of this issue before.
  8. pura vida

    Looking to buy first Aluminum Fishing Boat

    Whats your budget? That may open or close some of your options
  9. pura vida

    For Sale Diesel Transfer Tank

    50 Gallon tank and transfer pump $30 Gene 714-412-9017
  10. pura vida

    For Sale Diesel Transfer Tank

    50 Gallon tank and transfer pump Gene 714-412-9017
  11. pura vida

    Ranger 85 1.5 day (who tf stole my breakfast burrito!?)

    I have an extra and I'll give to you; I don't want you to have a bad trip
  12. pura vida

    WTB Trailer Side Bunks

    Where are you launching?
  13. pura vida

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    While your building it, put a filler port on both sides so you can fill the boat from the same side as your truck, and open up the breather line over stock, as my 262 used to burp.
  14. pura vida

    Need opinions on new trailer

    I recommend AB Trailer 714-329-3030 Why I had Alex build me one in 2006 for my 29 X 10, 11,000 lbs, and I pulled her over 40,000 miles without one roadside brake down. If you want more info TXT me 714-412-9017
  15. pura vida

    Cedros Island 16-18 August

    Did you stay at Zammar or Zamora?
  16. pura vida

    Albacore in SoCal?!

    Water is too hot
  17. pura vida

    Initial Tuna run

    No wonder California doesn't have any Albacore, Washington is catching all of them.
  18. pura vida

    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    I think the Cattle Boats get a bad rap, but I get it. I think most of us started on these boats, and I did matriculate to the short and longer trips. How would we have fit in if we didn't have some experience before moving on. We all needed the experience.
  19. pura vida

    For Sale Parker 2520 SC Suzuki DF250 4 Stroke

    And it has a head... Good Price
  20. pura vida

    Skipjack 262 in rough seas?

    I had the 262 for a few years and it was a great boat, but I didn't like going up the ladder at night, and I ended up with a Pilot House that my crew(s) and I both liked better. The 262 as a Captain you don't feel the same ride that the crew does and when I bought my Pilot House, I found it...
  21. pura vida


    Cedros is one of the best fisheries one can ever experience
  22. pura vida

    For Sale Seeker G6470 30-50# 7’

    Do you get up North towards Murrieta? If so I'll trake it
  23. pura vida

    Let's Talk Hook Up/Sat-Sun Fish Reports?

    I like LTH, but they have too weak a signal to listen in Murrieta.
  24. pura vida

    WTB Wanted a used Parker 2530

    Check out the head mam before you buy one
  25. pura vida

    WTB Friends Volvo outdrive bent

    Check with Grant at Sea N Ski
  26. pura vida

    7/12 3 strikes I'm out

    Better follow the Aztec
  27. pura vida

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    I need to buy a boat after this read.
  28. pura vida

    What do you guys do with coyotes?

    If you shoot all the Coyotes, then the ground Squirrel take over and thats too high a cost
  29. pura vida

    Seeker OSP 2x4 twisted Barney

    Nice, but to nice for fishing
  30. pura vida

    Will these make my Boats ass look Phat?

    How many hours did you get out of the 1st ones Steve?
  31. pura vida

    For Sale Lots of fishing rods and reels

    You need more details on the manufacturer, model & price
  32. pura vida

    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    Thats a nice looking boat
  33. pura vida

    Boat & Trailer parking $75

    I have plenty of room at my ranch in Murrieta $75 per mo m/m Gene 714-412-9017
  34. pura vida

    Albacore 2019

    Typically the Blue Fin are almost a no show then when we get the Albacore, but thats just the way I remember it.
  35. pura vida

    For Sale Fuel Storage Tank & pump

    $35 Gene 714-412-9017
  36. pura vida

    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?

    I used to have a similar problem, and I backed it in, disconnected, and then finished the job with a hitch I put on the front.
  37. pura vida

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    I would buy the D6, but step down in hp to 325, I think, without the turbo. I had the D6 350 and the boat was 13,000 lds loaded and the 350 easily pushed it. At 2900 rpm, the sweet spot, I traveled at 23-24 kts. My $.02
  38. pura vida

    Aluminum Trailer Condition?

    I cannot speak for Seahawk, but I bought an ABTrailer (Alex 714-329-3030) in 2006 and put well over 40,000 miles on my trailer without an serious problems, hence I'm recommending them. I sold my boat in 2017
  39. pura vida

    New name and owners for the Dominator

    The Dominator was a great boat to fish for the last 2 years (captain Joe) , but earlier I'd have to agree it was a pig pen.
  40. pura vida

    Is this a email scam?

    I'll ck it out for $1,000
  41. pura vida

    Tax lien on boat for unsecured property tax??!!

    They also build trains to no where,
  42. pura vida

    The boat dominator

    Yes Joe sold the Dominator
  43. pura vida

    Splashed the North River 29

    Great looking boat and I certainly remember the 1st splashing of my boat
  44. pura vida

    WTB Trailer to rent?

    Cal Grant at Sea & Ski
  45. pura vida

    Queen Charlotte Island

    I've fished Langara Isl several times through Oak Bay Marine Group and its a first class operation, if they are still around. Its one of the best Salmon areas that I've ever fished, but if you don't want to afford that area, go to Prince Rupert.
  46. pura vida

    Remember the "Q-105"

    That harbor looks like Homer Alaska
  47. pura vida

    Salvaging a sunken aluminum boat...

    I would guess that you have to right off all electrical wiring and equipment, or you'll discover at the wrong time that SALT WATER will destroy it.
  48. pura vida

    In-board boat goes boom during re-fuel

    If you own a Gas boat, never forget that exsplosion
  49. pura vida

    Be ready for road side repairs.

    You were lucky you were so close to home.
  50. pura vida

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    How much did he pay you?
  51. pura vida

    Awsum san quintin today

    Winter fishing is here
  52. pura vida

    Diesel mechanic near Temecula

    The Truck Shop seems to be the best in Temecula If you can get to Hemet, Diesel Tech is also good
  53. pura vida

    Need advice on trailering my boat up to BC...

    Unfortunately you leave out a lot of info, such as how much time you have. For several years I fished the Prince Rupert area and got my personal best Salmon in that area, but the fishing has slowed down on that coast and it was down right almost nothing this year. If you have the time Prince...
  54. pura vida

    Dana Landing launch ramp lost wallet

    Karma does come back to those that help others
  55. pura vida

    So, who’s going to pull the trigger on this???

    Pretty big and expensive day boat.
  56. pura vida

    Blocks to stand a boat on

    I have a set in Costa Mesa if that'll work
  57. pura vida

    Learned an Invaluable Anchor Lesson

    You sure don't sound like a normal SO Cal Guy, but thk form everyone for doing the right thing. FYI I have a short cable with pin and still put a short tether on it.
  58. pura vida

    Looking for some advise on a re power

    Somethings wrong if the 43 isn:t doing the job. Talk to Grant at Sea and Ski Get Grant to fix it , and or buy and swap for a new Diesel, but talk to the outboard guys about all their serve and repair costs before considering them.
  59. pura vida

    Need advice, mooring aluminum boat in Everett short term

    What Marina? Some are safe, but like Ensenada, I wouldn't leave my boat there.
  60. pura vida

    Upcoming Ketchikan trip (advice/tips)

    Good luck, but I've been told by the guy that bought my boat that the Salmon fishing is very poor.
  61. pura vida

    Shitty days of fishing is better than a ticket

    Fight the ticket or pay the cost of the ticket, The cost of the ticket is probably less than the value of your time, but maybe a letter of complaint to the DFG defending your position might work.
  62. pura vida

    For Sale 26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    I looked at this boat a couple of weeks ago and its Beautiful
  63. pura vida


    The Border police have always been a challenge, but driving at 0200 is also can invite problems. We have always suggested to have buddy vehicle when ever possible, and never drive at night. Glad there wasn't any other issue Nothing has changed
  64. pura vida

    Report on albacore

    You may have noticed a post about Albacore up North, but that's in Oregon and Washington, but the antagonistic post to your post cannot get up there. Hence the smart ass comments
  65. pura vida

    Trickle charger

    I've had boats for quite a few years and I've also had several different charging system, and most don't do the job that my Xantrex has done for several years. The cheap chargers are just that and they don't hold up my $.02
  66. pura vida

    Slick Bunks Glides?

    If your boat won't float in the stern when the tires touch the water, lengthen the tongue. There's always an issue of the angle of the ramp, but design around the worst condition, and most ramps will not dunk the truck.
  67. pura vida

    Looking for a new boat trailer for my Parker 2310!

    After more than 40,000 miles on my ABTrailer, its the only one I'd ever recommend
  68. pura vida

    WTB Parker 2520 or 2530

    Grant at Sea & Ski9 has a couple for sale
  69. pura vida

    Dominator July 2

    I sold my boat this year and so I'm always looking for the opportunity to get back out with friends or on the SD boats. Monday I got the opportunity to go out on the Dominator and not knowing for sure what to expect, I must say it was a great experience. We departed with a load of bait, 10...
  70. pura vida

    6/30/18 Tuna Report

    Spotter plane is up today looking for the BF but also ALBACORE
  71. pura vida

    New battery or dual batteries???

    I can speak highly for the ACR as I had it on my last 2 boats and also had an LED small light that indicated when both banks were being charged.
  72. pura vida

    Anacortes boat launches

    My normal launching area (was) Bellingham seems to be a great launching area with all the other provisions you might need; restaurants, parts house, plenty of parking, dock space, fuel
  73. pura vida

    Need a part in bola.

    We didn't have the internet in 1972 and one of my friends had a head gasket issue on a 4 banger. We talked to the Diaz and within one hour a new gasket showed up that some local had among-est some boxes of spare parts. The Diaz family and locals have always been a great resource
  74. pura vida

    Who’s owned a 23’ and a 25’?

    I've owned a 23 fot, io, a 26 2602 Skipjack, and I just sold my 29 X 10 Alumiinum Pilot house. Your choice of boat has to fit your needs and your budget. I loved each of my boats and I traveled with all 3 from Baja to Alaskaq.
  75. pura vida

    Skipjack 24 open Wiring Issues!!!

    After seeing the wire nuts, I'd say there are other issues as well. With boats it best to try and fix it before its broken.
  76. pura vida

    100 hr service gone wrong

    Give Yamaha 1 week and then get an attorney. Regardless of all the attempts, its not right and Yamaha needs to make right.
  77. pura vida

    Can you run 2 bait pumps and raw water wash down off one thru hull?

    My boat I had one p/u that fed a Sea Chest, and I ran 2 1100 bait pumps, 1 wash-down pump, toilet water supply , and never had a supply issue.
  78. pura vida

    Today is a good day.

    We all need to be very thankful and thanks for your time
  79. pura vida

    Increased crime in Baja?

    Although there is crime from time to time in Baja, there are some general rules to avoid the potential issues Don't drive at night Mind your p's and Q's while passing thru the border cities Try and travel with a buddy vehicle I've been driving the Baja since the 70's and other than the Border...
  80. pura vida

    Passport required

    I emailed a copy of my passport to myself, and then saved it in my files. I always have a copy
  81. pura vida

    Check out my new cat

    Nice looking
  82. pura vida

    California boat trailer dealers

    After more than 40,000 miles on my ABT, my opinion is they are the best.
  83. pura vida

    Need to Borrow Trailer for 24' Skipjack

    Call Grant at Sea & Ski; he has my 26
  84. pura vida

    Trailer revamp- pacific trailer - Cabo 216

    Everyone has the same issues, but its very expensive if we ignore all of the issues that bring us failures. I've always told others the same thing....I don't work on my trailer and boat to save money today but the ultimate failure if I don't. My trailer has gone over 40,000 miles without any...
  85. pura vida

    Bathroom remodel cost?

    One of the biggest issues is that all the good contractors are busy right now, and the the prices are up. We just finished remodeling a small house in Long Beach and the price quotes were all over the board and so we did the complete job our selves, but we spent about 30 days doing the re...
  86. pura vida

    Can't make this shit up!

    Some stupid things shouldn't be shared
  87. pura vida

    Fake Distress Calls to Coast Guard Arrest

    Shark Bait thats all he's good for
  88. pura vida

    Cedros late June?

    Excellent time The commercials fish the Blue Fin all of May around Cedros, but there's usually BF there in June as well. The Bass and Yellowtail are also good thru most of the summer.
  89. pura vida

    Recommended trailer boat for SoCal offshore

    Lots in the classified, but few with a head.
  90. pura vida

    Autopilot Frustration

    When we are fishing Salmon, its a constant vigil when you are trying to go so slow. My AP cannot keep up with the course changes of the wind and you just have to keep one person on the job.
  91. pura vida


    Great job dad and that is about the way I got hooked
  92. pura vida

    Just installed what dfo you think?

    I think some one will enjoy the Grout job
  93. pura vida

    Trailer Hit and Run - Insurance Advice

    Give the issue to one of the Tow companies and they'll get it done.
  94. pura vida

    Seeker black steel 6470H

    PM'd but no answer
  95. pura vida

    New trailer for saltwater advice

    The number I gave you is the owner. During the years he sold me brake parts at his cost.
  96. pura vida

    New trailer for saltwater advice

    I would recommend AB Trailer (714-329-3030) and they do have an outlet in the NW. I've pulled mine in excess of 40,000 miles thru Mexico, the NW, and Canada and I'd buy one of theirs again if I needed one.
  97. pura vida

    us-mexico pacific ocean border coordinates

    The easiest way is to have a gps and the border is noted. Sorry about the ignorant ones that responded.
  98. pura vida


    Makes me want to get back to PV
  99. pura vida

    High speed pickup

    I made the decision to make a sea chest when I made my boat to save all the many pick ups for toilets, 2 bait tanks, and wash-down, and it worked perfectly for 11 years.
  100. pura vida

    aluminum pilothouse offshore boats

    I just sold my boat shown in my Avatar a 29 X 10 and will miss it, but it was time to move on. The heat some have mentioned was noticeable on the cockpit deck, but after boating around So Cal, around the Baja, Canada I'd build the same or similar boat if I was doing it over.
  101. pura vida

    Upgrades to my Viking

    Very nice upgrade and craftsmanship
  102. pura vida

    Financing an engine rebuild?

    If you own your house, take out another loan...I do hard $ loans.
  103. pura vida

    Reel Dilemma - Avet SX Raptor.. or move up to JX?

    I have most of the Avets and my favorite is the SX and the MXJ raptor, but each reel is better suited at various fish weights. This year I had a great trip catching the 75-85 pound BFT on the MXJ Raptor, but I like the SX, and SX Raptor as the size of fish size goes down.
  104. pura vida

    Cerveza Pacifico

    I like the color combinations
  105. pura vida

    Lewmar Claw anchor 22 lb.

    Still available All buyers no show
  106. pura vida

    Lobster Nets

    S O L D for all nets plus a box of lights, rope and weights. I believe their are 4 conical and 3 flat style Gene 714-412-9017 phone or txt
  107. pura vida

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    I am one of the lucky boat owners because in 11 years I only had one NEWBIE that I wouldn't have back... He Smoked. Shame on me for not inquiring.
  108. pura vida

    aluminum boats and anchor lockers

    I don't rinse or wash my line and never have and I have never seen any issue by not rinsing it.
  109. pura vida

    Volvo D6 & D4 Props Cadium Bronze

    Reduced one more time
  110. pura vida

    HXW raptor vs HXW raptor 3 speed?

    I have the HX Raptor but opted to stay away from the 3 speed as to me it sticks out too much and it looks like an issue ready to happen.
  111. pura vida

    Volvo D6 & D4 Props Cadium Bronze

    Good deal reduced to $800
  112. pura vida

    Which reel?

  113. pura vida

    TL;DR 3.5 days of EPIC on the PAC VOY

    I enjoyed reading your story again Great job
  114. pura vida

    reel confused

    HX Raptor
  115. pura vida

    Avet MXL 2 Speed lock up

    I just read about your loss. I use the MXL, MXL Raptor, MXJ Raptor, and the HX, HX Raptor, but I've never experienced your issue. I do service all of my reels every year, and it sounds like your reel just needs to be serviced....Oil or Grease
  116. pura vida


    Ck with Point Loma as the Dominator is scheduled to start going every week end
  117. pura vida

    Broken zirc fitting

    Not enough details and a pic would help
  118. pura vida

    Transfer pump & drum

    Due more fishing on the 1 1/2 days to the 15 days trips
  119. pura vida

    D4 D6 Starter

    Pic to follow S O L D Gene 714-412-9017i
  120. pura vida

    D4 D6 Alternator

    S O L D Gene 714-412-9017
  121. pura vida

    Lewmar Claw anchor 22 lb.

    S O L D to Scott Gene 714-412-9017
  122. pura vida

    Transfer pump & drum

    Buy it thats what I'll take. Sold my boat and support items are going
  123. pura vida

    Volvo D6 & D4 Props Cadium Bronze

    I've carried them for 10 years and they are needing a good cleaning, but not pitted $700 Gene 714-412-9017
  124. pura vida

    Transfer pump & drum

    S O L D Gene 714-412-9017
  125. pura vida

    Adding a Bow Thruster

    North Harbor is the best in your area
  126. pura vida

    Massive Rod sale

    I just sent them a PM and they responded within 10 minutes with very good prices.
  127. pura vida

    Tribute 1.5 day

    I just gave up a Monday night reservation on the Aztec because of some arthritus
  128. pura vida

    HX Raptor

    Bought a HX Raptor yesterday for a future trip
  129. pura vida

    100# setup that wont break the bank?

    I caught 100 pound BFT on the MXL Raptor last year and 75-85 pound BFT recently on the MXJ Raptor and the Seeker Black Steel G6470-7 rod recently. New you can buy the rod and reel for less than $1000. If you are going bigger, the rods and reels will go up.
  130. pura vida

    SHOGUN trip coming/ Wind forecast, when do LR trips get canceled

    Way too much wind to go Sell me your spot at a discount...I'm ready
  131. pura vida

    Tribute 1.5 day

    When I fished the Holiday (Original Name with a story) it leaked then but Steve found and caught the fish. I'm glad I passed on Monday.
  132. pura vida

    ROD recommendations for BFT (Trinidad 20a + Talica 16ii)

    SEEKER 2 X 4 IF WE ARE TALKING THE BIG BFT, 100+++ but leave the 20 at home. Two weeks ago I caught 4 75-85 on a 6470 & MJX Raptor and that is a comfortable rig to 100.
  133. pura vida

    HX Raptor

    I caught the 100 lber on the MXJ & MXL, and so the HX is a good reel to step up to
  134. pura vida

    29 people on a 65 foot boat should not be called limited load

    In the rest of the world its called gouging
  135. pura vida

    Removing cast iron drain pipe through 3' tall by 10' Concrete?

    I just did a bathroom remodel and had a similar issue, and I finally cut the floor and replaced the cast iron with ABS.
  136. pura vida

    Avet reels 10% off

    Ordered a MXJ Raptor, needed one more
  137. pura vida

    Tree Buck!

    Great job
  138. pura vida

    Shop Build

    I've had my boat in the garage for 11 years and its the best thing I've ever done for myself. Pallet racking for storage and everything stays organized and within reach of the boat Good Luck
  139. pura vida

    What's a good new boat trailer to buy?

    I just sold my boat and my 11 year old trailer, an AB Trailer, was the best I've ever owned. Aluminum, electric over hydraulic brakes, and great prices on brake parts. over 40,000 miles not one bearing went bad brakes were the cats meow very easy on tires Alex 818-780-1594
  140. pura vida

    Need amigos for voyage

    You had better explain yourself
  141. pura vida

    Help planning a Pacific Baja itinerary

    The size of your boat and range makes a difference and the water can turn on you any where along the way causing delays. I did SD to as San Felipe in my boat in 2008 and I took 6 days to get to Cabo stopping at Ensenada for paperwork, San Martin, Cedros, Asuncion, Mag Bay, and then but then we...
  142. pura vida

    Front windshield help

    A word of warning Don't use a glass shop that doesn't have experience with boats. I had a Temecula company replace a front windshield, and discovered on a trip he under cut the glass leaving an open gap when the glass moved just a bit in the molding.
  143. pura vida

    2530 Parker - Long Cabin - Dialed in

    I have also fished on this boat and it is a very fishy boat.
  144. pura vida

    The Climate Change Mordida

    The only way to stop the non sense is to fire all of the Democrats from the top down in Sacramento
  145. pura vida

    Arimar P66 transducer

    When I tried to sell mine, I gave up and gave it away as there just wasn't a market.
  146. pura vida

    Making a Trailer "Baja Ready"

    I've traveled Baja since the road was finished and maintenance is the key other than defensive driving. Yes I lost the brakes on my 262 Trailer (15,000 + miles) and that was exciting coming home from Loreto, and that's it other than a couple of flats and I've towed the current trailer over...
  147. pura vida

    Self Bailing Bow drain hole size

    The two drains in my cock pit are about 2x4 and when the cock pit catch's a wave, it fills to a scary level, and its a slow drain. On my old Skipjack 262, we used two buckets to help get it dry along with the small drains provided on one of my trips.
  148. pura vida

    Rampage Yacht PNW style....

    Great job and I really like your roof/handrail support.
  149. pura vida

    The turd is almost polished

    What a great rehab
  150. pura vida

    Seeking a Cow on the Kite

    What kind of kite is that?
  151. pura vida

    Trade Halibut fishing(in my 29' at Homer AK) for fishing in your boat in Vancouver B.C.

    I fished Homer for years, and you are right, it has to be the Halibut Capital. Stop at Prince Rupert on your way North and nail some Salmon
  152. pura vida

    Boats no longer exemp from new fuel taxes...

    Fuel Tax?????????? Taxes are certainly a necessity to keep a State running, but for the voter to approve or reject is the problem because we don't vote for taxes for one issue. The Liberals and Conservatives use Pork Barrelling" adding taxes to fund their favorite train to no where".
  153. pura vida

    My vent thread...... don't do this to people!!!

    Put the AH's name out on the internet to help everyone else
  154. pura vida

    Non-skid for tin can gunnels

    We used Floor Grip manufactured by Farwest Paint in Tukwila and we are just now redoing it after 9 1/2 years
  155. pura vida

    27' Seasport

    i have a friend that sold the Diesel version of this boat on Vancouver for $70,000 (US) six months ago and it was a very clean boat. I don't recall if he had a trailer. Very nice boat but he wanted to get away from the engine box
  156. pura vida

    Trailer Issue

    I also had to replace my bow stop with 1/2 inch material to keep the boat from bending it. I use 20,000 +or- straps around the bow and the stern not to just stop potential sliding but to also give me some insurance the boat will still be on the trailer should it ever drop over any nasty road...
  157. pura vida

    Need fishing reel covers?

    I bought 6 and they are good value
  158. pura vida

    Looking for a 30 Grady for a Friend

    My friend is in Wa looking for 30 + or - Marlin. Give me a call or txt if you have one. Gene 714-412-9017
  159. pura vida

    What's you biggest tuna on 40lb?

    96 BFT last year
  160. pura vida

    Non-diesel trucks

    There's a lot of issues when you pick one truck over another for pulling a boat and the major one I'd consider first, is the rated capacity for the truck, and how far you are going to be towing. I have always used Diesel trucks but my lightest boat was 4,500 pound loaded and my current load is...
  161. pura vida

    Tow, Tow, Tow, Tow, Your Boat

    These are all good questions and it seems to me that Maintenance and knowing your boat very well is the basic answer to all of the questions. Changing oil, filters and doing the normal maintenance gets you exposed to a lot of potential issues, and that's why I do my maintenance, not to save a...
  162. pura vida

    Trailer repair

    Why don't you start with the trailer manufacturer as not all axles will necessarily bolt up without some modification.
  163. pura vida

    Kodiak PF-22 repair sugestions

    I'd probably drill it out and re-tap it. I know what you are up against and I keep mine loaded with anti seize.
  164. pura vida

    Kodiak PF-22 repair sugestions

    4200 inside and out should hold them.
  165. pura vida

    Baja Boat Trip April 29th to May30th from Sta Rosalia to Del Cabo

    I've traveled all of those miles on the water and the road and its a trill of a life time each time. Good luck and send reports
  166. pura vida

    Pacific Boats V2325 Hardtop Center Console

    Have you ever seen a fiberglass boat burn? Have you ever seen what a boat on the rocks looks like in 5 minutes? These are my answers to Glass and I've owned both
  167. pura vida

    Trailor Jack 1500lb

    Send me $20 and I'll pick it up
  168. pura vida

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    I considered everything when I brought my new boat home to my new Boat Garage, and ended up adding 10 feet more to the garage to make everything work.
  169. pura vida

    On line boaters garage sale.

    Where are you located?
  170. pura vida

    Tribute 4/9 Offshore

    Personally I think fisherman do need to stand up and be counted for good choices even if its slow. Thanks for standing up for whats right
  171. pura vida

    1974 Blackman 20ft Center Console

    What a beautiful CC
  172. pura vida

    The Goat Ranch!

    Very Nice
  173. pura vida

    Tyronos 8 and torium 20

    If you like it, its a good deal
  174. pura vida

    Engine help please

    If you stay close to the dock, clean the filter, if you want to go off shore, take all of the advise. Thats a 1990 motor and risk off shore doesn't mix well with minimal maintenance.
  175. pura vida

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    It is a great experience you are living.....remember it well
  176. pura vida

    Fuel pick-up extension...(fuel tanks in backwards)

    You'll always be sorry if you don't do it the right way and a trip to sea is the wrong place to discover it.
  177. pura vida

    Fuel pick-up extension...(fuel tanks in backwards)

    So many questions Do you have access to the opposite end for the potential addition of another p/u? What are the two large holes for?
  178. pura vida

    2014 DodgeRam Mold Issues

    But the Cummins is Great
  179. pura vida

    Inexpensive boat stoarge wanted... anywhere in so cal

    How's $50/mo in Murrieta Gene 714-412-9017
  180. pura vida

    Boat Recommendations

    When I started looking at boats years ago, I mentioned a Bayliner to avid boating friend, and he said if I bought one he'd never be on my boat. There are other boats for the money that will be a better investment...just my 2 cents
  181. pura vida

    5 Baja Books $20

    FREE Gene 714-412-9017
  182. pura vida

    FREE 14'x53' mobile home. Clear title

    What city will let you install a unit that old?
  183. pura vida

    Anyone know this lucky SOB. 40 hour castaway

    Thats one excuse I haven't used with my wife....just saying Happy Holidays to all
  184. pura vida

    Amazon goofed and sent me two Penn FTH40NLD2, keep or sell on ebay?

    You did the right thing by telling them, but did they tell you to keep the second one in writing?
  185. pura vida

    baja paper charts

    The paper charts aren't accurate, and hence the digital may not be accurate as well. They may be close but numerous times my chart-plotter suggested we were on and Island when it was a 200 yds away
  186. pura vida

    John Deere on Portland CL

    The Scammers on BD....Don't bite
  187. pura vida

    Steaming A Sportfisher From Cabo to San Diego: Looking for Insight

    Its 700 miles from SD to Cabo, and 165 miles from Cabo to Mag Bay, and about 200 from Mag to Turtle. You don't have a fuel issue and I am available to ride back.
  188. pura vida

    Nootka advice, leaving Thursday.

    Call Mark at 587-785-1022 He can hook you up
  189. pura vida

    Tiagra 50W with Calstar 46XH

    Price drop Anyone looking?
  190. pura vida

    Why so many rod holders?

    I have 22 rocket launchers and often fill all of them with 3 of us fishing. Keep in mind I carry 1 wash-down brush, at least 2 gaff's and the rest are filled with rods.
  191. pura vida

    Aluminum Boat in California

    Like all boats the power is a big part of the value or liability in the purchase and I would be completely satisfied with the power before worrying about the aluminum. I built an aluminum because I could have the layout I wanted and the ability to make changes without much effort and it is...
  192. pura vida

    Xtaero Boats New XT28DV w/ 9'6" beam

    What kind of feed back do you get from the Wives and Girlfriends with a porta potty? I know my wife's opinion, but whats the rest of the feed back. I know how Parker does it, but I still don't get it.
  193. pura vida

    Tiagra 50W with Calstar 46XH

    This rod and reel were made for Wicked Tuna and caught one 200 lb-er and hasn't been used since. Asking $500 Gene 714-412-9017
  194. pura vida

    Seeker SS 6463XXH-61/2, & SS270-7

    I guess no one is looking...what a buy
  195. pura vida

    Inverter question

    If you tell her what a good inverter costs, a Butane Stove will do the job. If that doesn't work, buy a Xantrex; the best.
  196. pura vida

    I'll try over here (Australia related)

    Just short of Coff's Harbour is SW Rocks where you'll find some great diving and a spot the Aussies say is a must dive spot. Stop in at S W Rocks Dive Center and talk to Kevin or Peter (our nephews) and they can show you a good time. July is our February and so the weather is a bit rainy but...
  197. pura vida

    I'll try over here (Australia related)

    You should stop in SW rocks and do some diving. Its on the Asusies must do in your life to dive and go thru fish rock cave. Stop in at SW Rocks Dive Center and see Peter and Kevin and tell them Gene Miller (Our Nephews)sent you. Keep in mind, July is like our February and so your going in...
  198. pura vida

    Tony Reyes: A trip that internet fishermen dream about

    Good write up Queso Hope I'm on the trip next year
  199. pura vida

    Seeker SS 6463XXH-61/2, & SS270-7

    Price Drop This rod is like new
  200. pura vida

    Seeker SS 6463XXH-61/2, & SS270-7

    Both rods are like new SS 6463XXH-61/2 Sold to Bob Gudger SS 270-7 SOLD Gene TXT or Call 714-412-9017
  201. pura vida

    Parker 2520 Repower With D4-225

    The D4 is a great engine and very low maintenance.
  202. pura vida

    5/29 Offshore Report - Stupid BFT Bite

    Beautiful fish and I'm heading North
  203. pura vida

    HX Raptor for Heavy Jigs -- Line Coming Off the Spool

    Should fall better after the first drop gets the line wet
  204. pura vida

    Live bait is available!!!

    How much are they getting for a scoop now?
  205. pura vida

    New Xtaero Long Cabin with Cannon Downriggers Heads to Homer

    Nice Travis When I get mine sold, we'll talk about a bigger boat
  206. pura vida

    How many of you tow with a 1/2 ton truck?

    If you don't care about Liability, tow what feels good. If you care about liability, read your owners manual and look at the placard on the hitch.
  207. pura vida

    Looking for welder

    I personally spend a lot of time in the NW and Canada, and my boat is in Anacortes now, and I'm leaving on the 1st to head back North.
  208. pura vida

    Looking for welder

    Call Mike Ord He's great and is the best Aluminum welder I've seen 253-303-1143
  209. pura vida

    1928 Clarke Outboard

    Does anyone know the value of this 1928 Clark outboard? My brother has Parkinson and is selling things off. Gene
  210. pura vida


    AAA covers it if you have an RV package.
  211. pura vida

    My Crane ride to LaPush...Mr. Happy ;-)

    You NW guys are Great
  212. pura vida

    Towing a 2520 to Baja

    I've pulled mine over 40,000 miles and I feel younger on my way to Canada, and Baja
  213. pura vida

    Towing a 2520 to Baja

    Pura Vida Ii by pura vida posted Mar 27, 2011 at 8:24 Just another day in Baja
  214. pura vida

    Towing a 2520 to Baja

    I carry 2 spares, brake lines, brake fluid, calipers and pads, chains and tie down straps, blocks and I've only changed a couple of tires. Yes you may get white knuckles, and pilot cars are good, but its still about your defensive driving.
  215. pura vida

    Towing a 2520 to Baja

    The Baja is do-able with your boat but you really have to love Baja for that experience. I've towed my 10 X 29 to Turtle Bay, Santa Rosalia, San Quintin, Ensenada, Punta Chivato, and yes there are lots of Pucker up moments. I pull 14,000 lbs and its just another great day in Baja.
  216. pura vida

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Your patience to stay up with this forum amazes me. Your experience is what I'd stay with, and 5200 has worked for me.
  217. pura vida

    Boy Scouts need to park a couple of trailers

    Free Parking if they want to come to Murrieta
  218. pura vida

    Punta Chivato?

    Is the hotel completely shut down?
  219. pura vida

    430lb Yellowfin!

    In Loreto No less
  220. pura vida

    Fisherman's Depot in Bellflower CLOSED with my UC rod!!!

    Did you use a CC? If so, deny the payment
  221. pura vida

    If you can figure this out, let me know!

    Send me $50 and I'll tell you how its done
  222. pura vida

    Bluefin carnage commences..

    Who is the eye in the sky...another boat?
  223. pura vida

    Looking for Avet SXJ

    I have a like new Blue One Txt me if interested 7144129017
  224. pura vida

    Funny shit said at the docks

    Their boat is a Condo
  225. pura vida

    Misc Boat Items

    Designing a new one in Wa
  226. pura vida

    Drone fishing

    It looks like a spot between Sydney and Brisbane called SW Rocks
  227. pura vida

    Misc Boat Items

    Selling my boat and cleaning out the garage 3 inch Anchor Roller $20 Big 300 Spot Light sold Pro Sport 30 3 Bank new charger sold Pro Sport 12 2 Bank sold 2 Volvo Dual Prop Wrench sold...
  228. pura vida

    Need a couple 55 Gallon Drums

    Where the So End? I'm in Murrieta and have one you could use and a pump
  229. pura vida

    What Is Your Opinion on This Type of Boat ?

    I bought a large Proline center console and sold it in one month. If you like to travel at night, center consoles just don't work well, and most don't have a head.
  230. pura vida

    Cielito Lindo Info

    I did it with a Skipjack one time but its a bit risky. I used a local to launch, but he got another vehicle to help get us out of the water.
  231. pura vida

    Help me find a piece of hardware

    Try Hanks Hardware in Temecula
  232. pura vida

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    No one wants to be treated poorly, but on the other hand a little courtesy on your part could diffuse a problem for you.
  233. pura vida

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    Is the bottom of your tank flat or does it have an angle? Reason being is that the gauge won't read correctly with an angled bottom without correction to the input.
  234. pura vida

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    I still don't understand why anyone shoots Coyotes unless they are truly predators taking a ranchers animals. Where I live the Coyotes are getting fewer and fewer but the Ground Squirrels have tried to take over in Coyotes absence. If you haven't seen the squirrel holes and erosion caused by...
  235. pura vida

    Yes we are changing over the theme of the forums

    Some one was bored and just had to brake it.
  236. pura vida

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Looks similar to my boat before I had them lengthen it. Great looking boat
  237. pura vida

    Bait tank plumbing?

    I wouldn't do it as you'll probably put a positive pressure on the outlet when under way.
  238. pura vida

    Do you still have the pellet stove? Gene 714-412-9017

    Do you still have the pellet stove? Gene 714-412-9017
  239. pura vida

    I/O or outboard

    To me part of the equation is Gas or Diesel? If you've ever owned or been involved with a Gas boat that caught fire, you'd never consider a Gas motor again and so that leads me to my conclusion: IO or Direct drive, but no Gas.
  240. pura vida

    Newport To Cabo

    I'll go and show you, but there's too many to list. Its a very productive 700 miles.
  241. pura vida

    Lucky Dog is for Sale

    Is there a head in the 2820?
  242. pura vida

    Fire Trucks for Mulege and Lopez Mateos funding help needed.

    Who's handling the paper work to get them into Mexico?
  243. pura vida

    Big Lingcod Vancouver Island

    Looks like its up around Hardy? Beautiful fish
  244. pura vida

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    I don't know if its been said yet, but your truck isn't good for 12,500 without a distribution hitch. Do you have one?
  245. pura vida

    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    And what happens when it happens in Mexico?
  246. pura vida

    R&R New Motor

    I have plenty of room and will help if anyone wants to give a hand. I also have the tools and a hoist (Skiploader) I've done my 26 skippy and had to remove and replace my D6 as the oroginal had some issues Gene
  247. pura vida

    Trailer boats to baja.

    They decided I had a commercial boat and sent me to Otay Mesa commercial entrance after closing all in bound traffic.. Missed the commercial entrance and went on through the normal entrances. Only in Mexico
  248. pura vida

    Trailer Extention

    I have to share first my first attempt at making an extension (very similar to the one shown) in 1980. My dad backed me in and about the time the trailer/boat hit the water the extension folded in half. That night over a few beers we reengineered the extension.
  249. pura vida

    How to fix a wrapped prop from lobster buoy

    You do what ever it takes including diving in and cutting to remove if necessary. All entanglements are different.
  250. pura vida

    Center Cut full story

    One thing you learn from an accident is who your real friends are, and I also so know from experience. Thanks for sharing; one more place to check
  251. pura vida

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    He just wanted to announce he cleaned his boat
  252. pura vida

    my dad needs your help

  253. pura vida

    my dad needs your help

    52 votes short now
  254. pura vida

    my dad needs your help

    Done and I'll guarantee 20 votes ...from Au 1,2,3,4
  255. pura vida

    Another kicker question

    I travel with the kicker installed, but add security ties to keep it from bouncing.
  256. pura vida

    Ocean Fishing Boat & Trailer

    Used boat value is generally centered around the engine and the life left in it. I'd also look at the quality of work that the owner put into the electrical additions that he made. I think that if he did a great job on electrical additions it will speak of the quality of workmanship that you...
  257. pura vida

    Archery Elk opener Colorado Report - Rocking R Ranch

    What a beautiful spot to hunt. Please keep up the great post
  258. pura vida

    Disabled trailer question

    AAA in California offers an RV insurance policy that will cover the truck and boat (I have a 29 X10). I've had it towed 30 miles one year and 100 miles the next...can you say 6.0, and the destination was Bellingham.
  259. pura vida

    San Quintin shore fishing???

    If you go to the Oyster farmers area across the bay, there is a road that goes out to the Pacific and its good fishing along the rocks.
  260. pura vida

    Gold & Silver LX

    Gold is pending
  261. pura vida

    Gold & Silver LX

    Bump to add ratio....6.0:1
  262. pura vida

    Overnight or 1.5 day leaving Aug 21 or 22 from San Diego?

    You cannot go wrong now, but I'd book the 1.5
  263. pura vida

    Gold & Silver LX

    Bump for pic
  264. pura vida


    Not Most of us selling are just selling to get rid of the excess or upgrading
  265. pura vida

    Gold & Silver LX

    Both reels have braid and mono top shot, great shape, single speed Gold $195- Gold $182.50-Silver Both are 6.0:1 Gold is Pending Please text ?'s Gene 714-412-9017
  266. pura vida

    Chunking Questions

    We returned yesterday and chucking is mandatory if you want success: the last fish, 65 pound yft was 65 pounds and was stuffed with our chunk .
  267. pura vida

    Custom Rod Socks for Sale

    I bought 10 and he did a good job
  268. pura vida

    FS: New MXJ Raptor in Black

    New Price good luck
  269. pura vida

    Rod / Reel Repairs - Temecula?

    Give Jim Akumed a call 951-240-8308 He's done a few for me and he has two right now; He does nice work
  270. pura vida

    True Dual Sport Bike...

    Some dream and some just do it
  271. pura vida

    Santa Rosaliita 7/25-7-30

    Tony you are suppose to be working; Nice catch
  272. pura vida

    If you buy fuel....

    Can you say Entitled?
  273. pura vida

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    Don't do it. If one has a problem you may lose both of them.
  274. pura vida

    Reels F/S

    Will be SD tonight if anyone down So wants one of these reels
  275. pura vida


    What a flaky seller
  276. pura vida

    Tuna tubes mounting

    I have some tuna tubes I'd sell if interested
  277. pura vida


    No Response ?????????
  278. pura vida

    Mon. O-side got em

    Post a pic of the idiots
  279. pura vida


    PM'd you a while ago about the SS
  280. pura vida

    Reels F/S

    Some sold but still have a couple
  281. pura vida

    Forum Changed? Pop Up Ads

    Who else will pay for this Free Site? If you want annual fee's th4 pop ups will go away
  282. pura vida

    Reels F/S

    I think its a 20-30 pound test reel
  283. pura vida

    Reels F/S

    Diawa SLD 30 II 2 spd very clean $SOLD Thank you Brian Shimaono TLD Star 15/30S $75 MXJ 6/4 Silver Sold SX Gold no clamp mono $ 90 SX Silver w/clamp mono...
  284. pura vida

    Airmar P66 Mount

    They are made to pop that the issue?
  285. pura vida

    Online Mexican Fishing Licenses 2017

    The Fonmar site isn't working
  286. pura vida

    Looking at $8,000 repair or new 175 HP outboard

    And they say Diesels are expensive to work on.
  287. pura vida

    volvo or yanmar

    I haven't owned the Yanmar, but I did have the KAD 42 in my Skipjack 26 and it was a great engine but the belts took a little getting use to the adjustment system. The D6 has been a great engine(1600 hours), with very minor issues. I get 1.7 to 1.9 mpg running up on plane and about 3 mpg...
  288. pura vida

    Running South Thursday the 16th

    We are leaving tonight and we'll be out there for two days on 72 on board the Xtreme
  289. pura vida

    Converting 20' North River Rubber Plug to Threaded Plug

    Call Mike Ord at 253-1143 and he can help you put a female threaded piece in and then you can use a stainless plug.
  290. pura vida

    DANA BUMMER 7.1.15

    We did the same thing yesterday for nada
  291. pura vida

    Looking for a boat named Dawson Ann

    File a police report and that will get him to respond
  292. pura vida

    windlass recommendation

    What size boat are you putting it on?
  293. pura vida

    Looking for lat lon of mexico border off shore

    The border is typically noted on all gps's
  294. pura vida

    Australia / New Zealand

    I'll be fishing in N Brisbane with a friend in late September if you are still looking.
  295. pura vida

    So what ever happened to the albacore?

    They are still there....that is up North in Washington. I got tired of waiting for them down So and trailer-ed to Washington and had a ball.
  296. pura vida

    Well the deal is done and the boat is mine.

    Nice looking boat and I hope to see you in August
  297. pura vida

    My big tuna with the Penn Spinfisher SSV 8500

    Great Job Where were you?
  298. pura vida

    Interesting "panga"

    Its a Pilot Hose version
  299. pura vida

    Splitting the catch

    Everyone does it differently, splits of catch and expenses, but most generally do things equally and are not focused on the expenses and catch. I focus more on the having a good time with friends and those that think differently don't fish more than once on my boat.
  300. pura vida


    Yellow-Fin on their way North
  301. pura vida

    PrimeTime gets blasted...

    Great Job Your detail makes me want to get busy and paint my hull
  302. pura vida

    Looking for a RED AVET for the GF.

    How about a new Red SX
  303. pura vida

    Monster from the beach

    Great catch and you are one of the few trying
  304. pura vida

    Webasto Heater

    Give Mike a call at 253-303-1143 He can make what ever you want
  305. pura vida

    FS: New Avet MXL MC - Red

    Thanks for the fast shipping, and clean reel
  306. pura vida

    osprey went under the knife. #completed#

    Osprey certainly has some issues in the tank area. Looking at the the keel area, the issues probably goes further.
  307. pura vida

    Wide Load signage on an outboard boat

    I have two large bait tanks on my swim steps and I just tie the banner around the two tanks , tying to each sign and I have never had a complain from the HWP of other state police,
  308. pura vida

    Towing a boat with a 10' beam around SoCal...your thoughts?

    I have been pulling my 29 X 10 for 9 (13-14,000 lbs)years and last summer calculated that I've gone at least 35,000 miles including Baja, but wouldn't necessarily recommend Baja to everyone. If you haven't pulled large boats for a while before you start with an over-width boat, it will give you...
  309. pura vida

    FS: New Avet MXL MC - Red

    I'll take it CK PM
  310. pura vida

    Lets see your boat storage place!

    This is a picture of my previous boat taken about the time of the completion of the Boat Garage, 1 week before delivery of the Pura Vida II.
  311. pura vida

    Anchors ?

    I use the CQR and it has held in some very sever storms, where the plow failed me at SQ.
  312. pura vida

    Looking for flushing bag

    I'm presuming that you are talking a flush bag for your out-drive. I use a plastic horse feed bin and its great for this task. I let the engine runn for a while and use the same water for cleaning my fishing gear.
  313. pura vida

    Big Bluefin in Okinawa

    Just 3/4's of a mile
  314. pura vida

    Anyone rebuild there windlass ? Looking for tips

    Certainly its worth taking a look at what the issue(s) are and then the cost for the parts verses a new Windlass. I just replaced a gear for less that $75 making sense to rebuild mine. Take a look first before you throw it a way.
  315. pura vida

    plastic or aluminum fuel tank

    Call Mike at 253-303-1143 He does great work
  316. pura vida

    FS reels and rod

    Which 6480?
  317. pura vida

    aluminum welding

    Call Mike Ord 253-303-1143
  318. pura vida


    Great offer, but its normally tough to find help that close
  319. pura vida


    Go to a close by rental yard and rent the tools, and then buy some banding.
  320. pura vida

    Pacific Voyager Questions

    Great crew and the Captain, Mark, really knows his stuff
  321. pura vida

    Hot Waitresses and Great Food = Shooters

    There's a restaurant that I need to visit
  322. pura vida

    Last nights swap meet find ( Schnabel orca 1,2,3 3n1 etc ) 11 total

    I believe the bottom one with the black stripe is a Straggler
  323. pura vida

    Need a boat mechanic near Garden Grove

    Call Sean 714-493-1173
  324. pura vida

    Campbell river info.

    Ditto Port Hardy as Campbell River was very disappointing to me the last three years.
  325. pura vida

    Snow in Murrieta

    I was supposed to go fishing, but I've had to move snow and broken tree's We awoke to the power going out on Wednesday morning at 0100 and just got it back last night at 2200. Almost every tree on the property has had major damage form the 12-18 inches of snow we received. Normal is maybe...
  326. pura vida

    organizing jigs

    I had so many jigs that I've hung 4- small link chains and have them organized by weight and color.
  327. pura vida


    That looks like its right on the Thetis Bank
  328. pura vida

    WTB 5/8" anchor rope

    I have 300 feet of new 3 strand with 100 feet of HT chain also. I also have a new windlass H2 should need one. New Give me call Gene 714-412-9017
  329. pura vida

    Homecoming Halibut

    Marines don't kill for fun and that's a terrible thing to suggest.
  330. pura vida

    Anchor Line Rigging companies?

    I used Westmarine in Gig Harbor
  331. pura vida

    More work on the old Skipjack

    I like your work but not until the windows were cut out. Great Job
  332. pura vida

    OSPREY 30 diesel, WHATTA THINK

    Take a look at this rebuild It would scare me looking at an Osprey after looking at this rebuild.
  333. pura vida

    Old Harbor Slabs!

    That's the first Salmon I've seen gaffed and always wondered why more didn't use one.
  334. pura vida

    Flush mount or on bracket on dash?

    From your picture I'd say leave it flush mounted, and that will also slow the thieves down.
  335. pura vida

    Restoring Tourism in Baja

    I have been enjoying Baja since 1971 by sea, road and air and I will continue to as I accept the minor challenges to be part of the adventure. If you go to Baja to just "Kill some Fish", you are missing out on so much. The journey is so important to pay attention to and just accept the minor...
  336. pura vida

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 4

    No need for FB
  337. pura vida

    Need Boat Trailer

    Call Westcoast ABT, he builds a great trailer. Call Alex @ 714-329-3030 He built mine in 2006 and I have about 35,000 miles on it with only small normal maintenance. One set of tires, but I replace brakes every 2 years as I don't need issues on the long hauls.
  338. pura vida

    "Bamf"izing the osprey

    Great Job, but I'm soooo lucky I didn't buy an Osprey when I was looking for a new boat in 2006.
  339. pura vida

    2006 Ford E350 Diesel Van

    Its only $5,000 to bullet proof
  340. pura vida

    My November Baja 1000 Trip

    Great video and it makes me want to leave for Baja again very soon
  341. pura vida

    WTB SX & MXL Raptor

    Where can you get the b est deal on a SX & MXL Raptor?
  342. pura vida

    Albacore WTF

    I found them this summer......but I had to go to Washington.
  343. pura vida

    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    there's a radiator shop in Murrieta on the West side and the owner does Aluminum welding at a reasonable price. I'll try and find his number for you.
  344. pura vida

    WTB SX & MXL Raptor

    Looking for a deal on a SX & MXL Raptor Blue or Gold Please PM me if you have one
  345. pura vida

    Cortez on the Freedom Tonight

    Take your foul weather gear.
  346. pura vida

    Seeker Black Classic question

    Those are the classics and sell from $50 ea to $100. I sold 12 of them this past summer for $50 ea.
  347. pura vida

    Pilothouse boat wanted

    I know where there is the cleanest 28ft Skippy you'll ever find with twin diesels if that interests you. PM me and I'll give you his number. Gene
  348. pura vida

    Police Revenge-Video

    They have enough issues without this type of piss poor jokes
  349. pura vida

    WTS - AVET HX2 speed SOLD

    Something doesn't smell right here
  350. pura vida

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    Why I just don't get it
  351. pura vida

    sold please delete

    Can you still get parts for this model?
  352. pura vida

    I have 3 custom seeker 2 x 4 .. $300 each

    I bet those will sell fast with everything you've told us about them.
  353. pura vida

    Is this not the AWESOMEST boat ever!

    8 - 6 w/o permit
  354. pura vida

    Pilothouse boat wanted

    Check with Grant at Sea & Ski. He just bought a Skipjack pilot house he might sell.
  355. pura vida

    Home Electrical Question

    Dito what El Toro said
  356. pura vida

    16 Penney Nails $5

    sold to Peter
  357. pura vida

    Reconfiguring a P66 Transducer

    Transducer is sold to Peter
  358. pura vida

    Furuno P66 Transducer $5

    While you are checking things out the transducer sold
  359. pura vida

    Reel screw driver

    I carry two of the Craftsman; one I slotted for the clamp nuts.
  360. pura vida

    My #1000 post New horse in the stable

    They were built in Kingston and that is a great boat, built to last. Congratulations Steve
  361. pura vida

    16 Penney Nails $5

    About 20 lb box Gene 714-412-9017
  362. pura vida

    Furuno P66 Transducer $5

    What else is there to say
  363. pura vida

    Guest Battery Sw's

    They belong to Dennis now
  364. pura vida

    Guest Battery Sw's

    Price dropped
  365. pura vida

    FREE 6 gallon tank

    Peter is picking up
  366. pura vida

    Bow Roller Mount

    Steve is picking up Friday
  367. pura vida

    FREE 6 gallon tank

  368. pura vida

    Bow Roller Mount

    19 1/2 X 3 1/8 w 2 rollers cost $135 new $30 G O N E to Steve
  369. pura vida

    Hey Pura Vida check your inbox

    Response sent
  370. pura vida

    Galvanized vs Aluminum trailers

    I doubt that many pull their boat as many miles as I do, but after owning one of the OC trailer mfg trailers, I went with aluminum in 2006 for my new boat. I recently sent an AT A Boy letter to West Coast ABT Trailers as I calculated that I pulled my 14,000 lbs about 35,000 miles with out any...
  371. pura vida

    Guest Battery Sw's

    2 - 2100 Switches 230 AMP continuous, 345 AMP monetary $20 for 1 $25 for 2
  372. pura vida

    wtb: trout setup

    Better get two extra back ups
  373. pura vida

    Avet JX 6/3 2-Speed Reel Service Video

    Nice Demo
  374. pura vida

    Large Boat Problem crossing at Tijuana

    I always get a permit in Washington, but I believe that a permit is required for everything over 8 1/2 feet.
  375. pura vida

    Large Boat Problem crossing at Tijuana

    Send me your e mail and I'll send you a summary of our challenges,
  376. pura vida

    Large Boat Problem crossing at Tijuana

    I attempted to cross the Tijuana Border on the 7th with my 29 X 10 Pilothouse, and two Mexican inspectors decided that my boat was a commercial boat and had to cross at Otay Mesa. They literally closed the border to all incoming traffic so that they could escort me back to the US where the US...
  377. pura vida

    Skipjack 262 Towing truck recommendation? or similar sized boat

    I used to tow my 262 with a2002, & 2005 F250, Diesel, long bed and it was never a problem.
  378. pura vida

    Mexico Charging A Fee To Cross The Border

    BS I just returned from a trip to Turtle Bay and there wasn't a fee at Tijuana or Otay Mesa.
  379. pura vida

    I was off the shore 11/3

    Dennis go to Turtle Bay Friday with us
  380. pura vida

    Which boat has the best tipping process?

    Pura Vida II Crew pays for the fuel, and no Tip is Required, just a that's and see you soon
  381. pura vida

    TIP OF THIS WEEK-dont tell me what to tip on bloody decks

    Tipping has gotten out of hand, and should be treated as a reward for great service. I personally tip relative to service. If the crew doesn't seem to care about the customers, they get nothing; if they bust ass and seem to take care of each and every customer, I'll pay up to 20% but my norm...
  382. pura vida

    Turtule bay fuel

    Its 300 miles to Cedros and about 40 miles further to Turtle bay. FYI its 535 to Mag Bay and 700 to Cabo....On the water
  383. pura vida

    Enjoy off road racing???

    Thats some crazy driveing
  384. pura vida

    Turtule bay fuel

    When will you get there, as we'll get there the 8th and we can send you an e mail.
  385. pura vida

    ALUMINATOR finds the trash fish again

    sounds like a good day on the water
  386. pura vida

    Everingham SD Bay needs a customer service lesson

    Every company has employees that make mistakes or aren't the best communicators, but your time to object is when you bought them, not at a later time. You may have had a legit complaint, but you blew it by going back later. On a positive note they have always treated us well.
  387. pura vida

    If Tomorrow Is Like Today This Party's Over

    I fished West on Tuesday and so I feel your disappointment, but we should have gone South where the fish are now being caught. Everyday on the water is a day of fishing and some days are about the catching, but most importantly, it was a day with friends.
  388. pura vida

    Baja trip planning w/ 17ft. Alum. CC

    I have been boating the Baja for many years and have circumnavigated it as well. I've boated several time to Cedros and Turtle Bay as well, but this is the first time towing to Turtle.
  389. pura vida

    Anybody trailering a 14-15K pound boat?

    Do It I tow a long range trailer boat 29 X 10, that weighs about 14,000 lbs (Trailer and Boat)and I've towed it about 35,000 miles. Most of my miles are from So Cal to Washington, and Canada but I also take it down to Baja. I have a three axle trailer with disc brakes on each axle and a...
  390. pura vida

    Turtle Bay Accomodations?

    Going to be in Turtle Bay for a week starting November 8th. Anyone know of some accommodations?
  391. pura vida

    Baja trip planning w/ 17ft. Alum. CC

    Leaving for Turtle Bay on November 7th....join us
  392. pura vida

    25 skipjack sportcruiser- icebox and stove question

    Your description of how the refrigerator is hooked up leaves some questions as too what you meant. You'll just have to track down the electrical supply. The original refrigerator was a 12 Volt. The Alcohol stove in my opinion should be removed as they are very dangerous and the space is...
  393. pura vida

    N 9 to 182 to 302 - Seemed empty

    Heading out tonight and I'll report back
  394. pura vida

    What would you do?

    Poke a hole and let the floor drain take care of it.
  395. pura vida

    Which boat?

    Whats your budget?
  396. pura vida

    32ft La Conner Boat Works

    It has a very similar interior to mine.
  397. pura vida

    (Captain) Mike Berry - I Found Your Stuff

    This is exactly how we should communicate
  398. pura vida

    84 # Wahoo on the Star

    16 Days till Mag Bay.....Maybe one for me
  399. pura vida

    IBEW 77 question

    Unions are great as they limit the amount employees have be paid
  400. pura vida

    Mystery Bracket?

    Kicker Bracket
  401. pura vida

    Santa Monica Baycatch (Video)

    Thanks for the great pic and for being a GREAT SPORTSMAN
  402. pura vida

    Westport boat launch

    West Port does get some of the most interesting characters, but they don't beat Shelter Isl, Calif.
  403. pura vida

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    He's an ass hole and you may win and save the citation fee, but you'll spend many, many hours trying to win. Been there and done that
  404. pura vida

    recent plasma cut projects

    Thats some very nice work
  405. pura vida


    I have 4 SX's and until this summer they didn't get used much, but this summer I've caught lots of YFT and I now use it on everything, till I have to move up in size. Spent 3 hours on a large BF and was definitely under gunned.
  406. pura vida

    Loreto thru the Hurricane (Video and Pics)

    Thank goodness everything went well for you and thanks for the story If you know Fredrico, tell him Gene Miller said ola
  407. pura vida

    2005 PARKER 2820 xl

    Do any of the Parkers have an Enclosed Head?
  408. pura vida

    Trailer boat verses in the water boat

    One of the major costs, is that you are stuck within a small distance from the marina where you moor; 100 + or - miles, and that is why I have a 29 X 10 trailer boat. I trailer as much as 2500 miles North and as much as 1500 miles South. To me that is the cost of mooring as you are limited to...
  409. pura vida

    Volvo Raw Water Pump Not Priming From Drive

    Years ago I gave up on the ear muff's and switched to a horse feeding tank, and have never had an issue since. I once burnt up an impeller on a 290 out drive using ear muffs, and never again since the switch to a tank. Like the other suggestions, I'd disconnect the p/u line inside the boat...
  410. pura vida

    Fishing next to sport boats

    Great Story with a very good outcome for the private boater and the Party Boats
  411. pura vida

    Hope none of you have an osprey or a sea sport on order..

    Maybe Lighting...with Insurance?
  412. pura vida

    Epic day west of the 302 and surrounding area

    What a great catch.....and she fishes as well.
  413. pura vida

    Poppin for YFT and Cortes Bluefin - Pacific Voyager 3 day Video.

    I have fished the Pacific Voyager three times this year and Mark runs a class act.
  414. pura vida

    New fish cleaning requirements for the Sporties?

    sounds like the smart thing will be to have the fish gutted on board, and filleted on shore.
  415. pura vida

    Whats the odds? Your story....

    I've towed my boat about 40,000 miles and never restrained the out-drive, including many trips to Bellingham and Prince Rupert from so Cal. I've found over the years that I'm trusting "my mechanic" less and less, but sometimes they are necessary for technical work. I turn wrench to better...
  416. pura vida

    Boat Storage Options in So cal?

    I have lots of space in Murrieta if anyone needs a place to store.
  417. pura vida

    Heading to 209 tomorrow

    Oceanside has limited parking and it will be a Zoo this week end
  418. pura vida

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    I feel your pain, but who payed the deck hands on the many days that there wasn't any filet charges? You did the correct thing by confronting the Captain, but I also feel their pain of bad fishing years. We have the best party boats in the world and it does take $ to make the system work
  419. pura vida

    Dall Sheep NWT 2014

    Thanks for sharing your a very special hunt
  420. pura vida

    Flat fall jigs

    Its my understanding that its the White & Glow that seem to work best
  421. pura vida


    If I didn't have a commitment in late Sept, I'd be heading back on the 1st. That was my second trip this year.
  422. pura vida

    Wiring schematic for 1969 skipjack open

    When I bought my 2602 in 2004, I was told by Skip Jack that there wasn't any wiring schematics. You'll have more luck just tracing the wires that are associated with the issues and then correcting what ever issues you find. Its probably just corrosion
  423. pura vida

    WP Tuna Cannery

    Merlino's is it and they are expensive
  424. pura vida


    The Pic's tell part of the story but not where we found them. Like all good fisherman, you do what you have to, to find fish, and that's what I did. I got tired of not catching Albacore and so I took my boat to Westport Washington, just 1300 miles North. Some will say Wrong Forum, but too...
  425. pura vida

    Check out this 2016 Super Duty prototype burning to the ground!

    GASOLINE If this were a fiberglass boat, it would have burned twice as fast.
  426. pura vida

    Fun day close to home

    Too many small ones but a great day
  427. pura vida

    Local bluefin tuna (We need Help)

    I love to fish and have since I was 9 years old, but I remember the absence of the White Sea Bass and the Black Sea Bass. I also want to continue fishing, but managing our resources does work. Lets try and work with them
  428. pura vida

    blue Mxl 6/4, raptor sx

    Terrible Service Bought it yesterday at 1400 and didn't receive it till 1500 today... Thanks again
  429. pura vida

    Transporting fish home by plane?

    I didn't read the suggestion; But you should check with the airline.
  430. pura vida

    blue Mxl 6/4, raptor sx

    The Best Part is the seller has all ready mailed to me......Great Seller
  431. pura vida

    blue Mxl 6/4, raptor sx

    Look forward to the new reel for a trip this Saturday Gene
  432. pura vida

    Smitty Belt & Harness

    This was carried on one trip, but never used. Perfect shape with a bit of dust. $150 Gene 714-412-9017
  433. pura vida

    Taking the CA Bar Tomorrow

    Get it done so that you can find some fish
  434. pura vida

    Wood stove

    Buy it and I'll bring it to you in August on my return.
  435. pura vida

    Night time driving in Baja

    The correct answer is No Driving at Night time. The problems in Baja, if any, are typically associated with night time. Yes you can do it but be very defensive and keep the speed down.
  436. pura vida

    Charkbait four day on the RR III

    What Jigs was Brandon handing out?
  437. pura vida

    7/26 Tuna Cluster

    How big are the live bait?
  438. pura vida

    Any roofers/handymen in Lake Elsinore?

    Dans Roofing is a good company and they are close by.
  439. pura vida

    Saturday's Trip to the 209

    I don't get it. Post the name of the boat and maybe some shame will stop the next time.
  440. pura vida

    WestPort question?

    Whats a Boaters Card in Wa.?
  441. pura vida

    Tuna Processor

    Where's the best place to get Tuna processed and vacuum packed in Westport? Gene 714-412-9017
  442. pura vida

    Don't know where I am going with this quite yet!

    I Voted...but not for him
  443. pura vida

    BOAT FIRE !!

    I lost most of my gear in a fire....No more Gas Boats for me
  444. pura vida

    New Boat

    Very Sweet Boat does she have an enclosed head?
  445. pura vida

    24 Packs of Hoohs

    Owner, Hayabusa, Eagleclaw 1 - 7/0 + 4 Large Circle Hooks SOLD ALL 48 packs and leaders ATTACH=full]530261[/ATTACH] Gene 714-412-9017
  446. pura vida

    Need to replace brake lines on trailer...where should I get them?

    Give Alex a call at AB Trailer 714-329-3030
  447. pura vida

    Learned something on my cummins might save you

    I have the Edge Insight and I also experience a similar issue on the way to Seattle in June. The dealers try and get $100 to just clear the codes.i
  448. pura vida

    Westport Tuna Slam 7/20/2014

    I cannot wait to catch albies again...I'll be there on the 12th
  449. pura vida

    18 Packs of Hooks

    Sizes 1 - 6/0 7 Pac's Owner, 7 Pac's Eagle Claw, 4 Pac's Misc SOLD Gene 714-412-9017
  450. pura vida

    New Seeker BSC 660H-6' C 30-80

    Bump for better pic's
  451. pura vida


    BUMP will pay $10 Gas
  452. pura vida

    Towing Boat to Cabo

    I read most of the postings and I'll summarize: I've towed a 10 X 29,(33 overall) to Santa Rosalia, and it is everything most have said, an I'd trailer if you think you have to, but just don't get in a hurry and think you have to pass the semi's. Going down on the water is a very easy and...
  453. pura vida

    For Sale: ATD 50W, Super Seeker 2x4

    Is it a production 2 X 4?
  454. pura vida

    New Seeker BSC 660H-6' C 30-80

    $ 130 Never Used still has $189 tag on it Gene 714-412-9017
  455. pura vida


    Bottom Pic
  456. pura vida


    $90 No Clamp Has Braid & Top Shot $110 w/clamp, Braid, Top shot Gene 714-412-9017
  457. pura vida

    Tuna Stick

    Model BGCA56130 5-6" 50 -130 lbs Very Good Condition $100 Gene 714-412-9017
  458. pura vida

    TLD 30 & Tuna Troller

    Rod is 6 ft and rated 30-80 TLD 30 2 Speed has Braid and top shot $150 Gene 714-412-9017
  459. pura vida

    cancellations due to bluefin closure

    Don't Go I'll buy your trip...for a little discount
  460. pura vida

    Washington is Killing Albacore.

    I'll be back up with my boat to chase the Albies on in August
  461. pura vida

    Seeker SC655XH & Okuma 50 Wide

    Clean rod and good reel $150 Rod & Reek covers SOLD Gene 714-412-9017 SOLD
  462. pura vida

    Avet Pro EXW 4/02

    Very good condition with a couple small boat cks $300 Gene 714-412-9017 SOLD
  463. pura vida

    SXB Tackle Box

    2nd one Sold
  464. pura vida

    SXB Tackle Box

    One Sold to SeaHunt
  465. pura vida

    SXB Tackle Box

    They are both 7200 and one is new and the other is like new.
  466. pura vida

    Pro EXW 4/02

    In perfect shape with 100 lb. Braid and some 100 lb top shot, Reel cover $310 SOLD Gene 714-412-9017 SOLD
  467. pura vida

    SXB Tackle Box

    2 SKB Tackle Box's 1 New with some Tackle $220 1 Like New with some tackle $210
  468. pura vida

    Tuna Pen Location?

    Made the run on the Voyager Thur - Sat and the pens were about 50 miles So. and about 15 miles off shore. We didn't find any Tag a longs
  469. pura vida

    Yellow Fin

    I just returned from 4 days on the Pacific Voyager and had a great trip. Thursday I hooked 12 YF the largest a 30 pounder and the rest were 15 to 20 pounds, although I handed off most of my fish. One half were on the troll, Chrome Headed Mexican Flag and the rest on Sardines. On Thursday...
  470. pura vida

    CONDOR July4th 350+ Yellowfin,Yellowtail Trainwreck2

    Counting down to Wednesday..leaving on a 4 dayer
  471. pura vida

    San Quintin Tiburon Pedros review and Report 6/30-31

    Thanks for the report, and I wouldn't tie the room to the boat when making a reservation. I would always attempt to use K&M before moving on.
  472. pura vida

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Anal Post
  473. pura vida

    Towing from Cali to Wa.

    I'm still towing my 14,000 with out the Class A, but I do get the over-width permits, in California and Oregon and Washington Leaving for Bellingham June 4th
  474. pura vida


    Good Job Mark See you soon
  475. pura vida

    SAN QUINTIN Pre - Memorial Weekend trip

    Lorenzo Leave the Babies a loan
  476. pura vida

    My new baby!

    That is a very nice Skippy
  477. pura vida

    Upcoming 8-Day Trips - What's the Scuttlebutt?

    Things don't look good, but I'll buy your spot
  478. pura vida

    Distance casting video

    Whats the point. Casting a pound of weight or heavy jig isn't the same as casting a Bait where most of our issues are.
  479. pura vida

    HELP!! Winch Post Too far away from boat...Is this fixed the RIGHT way?

    From the looks of things, he built you a trailer that is too long; looks like 3 -4 feet too long. Personally, I wouldn't accept it, and I'd get an attorney if needed. You will also have problems getting enough tongue load (about 7-10% of gross is normal), and you'll find it that much harder...
  480. pura vida

    Hotel Coral Ramp

    Call the hotel and get the latest and the $. Its a bit steep but you can launch anything there.
  481. pura vida

    New Boat---finally

    What a Beauty I bet you are on Cloud 9
  482. pura vida

    avet mxl 2spd mc model

    I stand corrected..Tonight MXL 6/4 MC on E Bay is $313....w/o Braid
  483. pura vida

    What else does a bear do in the woods.

    I can't believe he didn't yell.
  484. pura vida

    Beware of the Post Office

    Not any help to you, but I also had issues with them as 2 new saws didn't arrive and tracking showed where it disappeared from their facility, but the price or value became an issue and they wanted to pay me 25% and settled at 50%. I gave up the fight
  485. pura vida

    avet mxl 2spd mc model

    Someone asked the other day; Do used ones cost more? New ones are $279 with shipping on E Bay
  486. pura vida

    Marlin Jigs F/S

    Give away at $30
  487. pura vida


    Cal Alex Xtreme 714-390-3250 He does a good job, reasonable cost and he's a licensed contractor
  488. pura vida

    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    I've owned the soft bags that deteriorate in a couple of years, with 4 to 6 trays and recently switched to the SKB 7200 and I couldn't be happier. They are twice as much money, but they'll last almost for ever. I keep numerous matching trays that I swap in and out to fit the fishing I'm doing...
  489. pura vida

    fishing cedros

    I launched my 26 Spipjack there several times at Guerro Negro and the ramp is a good one, but its about 70 miles then to the "Marina", if thats your destination. Its a great trip in the summer, but the paddies are a big distraction as there is bait or yellows under most.
  490. pura vida

    Ford F250 F350 questions

    Its all about which engine you will get: If its the 6.0 the trucks are worth about $15,000 if the engine hasn't been bullet proofed. Google and check out the additional; items needed and it will cost about $8,000 for this fix depending on the additions. I've had the heads off my 6.0...
  491. pura vida

    when to start looking offshore?

    We caught Yellows just North of Todo Santos yesterday in the 20 to 25 pound range, but they kept moving all day. We are going to do an Albacore run in May to see what we can find and the water is about 3 degrees warmer than the last few years so we are keeping our fingers crossed.
  492. pura vida

    Sunk Boat, suggestions?

    Try and get your boat written off by the insurance company as you'll fight the sunken boat issues for ever, should you try and salvage it. Let the insurance company fight the battle. I am talking from experience
  493. pura vida

    EXCEL Video - Trip Compilation

    At least I'm leaving on a four dayer tomorrow
  494. pura vida

    San Quintin Still Producing

    Lorenzo Leave some for us we'll be there Thursday morning.
  495. pura vida

    WTB MXL 6/4

    Thanks for the offers, but I'm looking for a near new or very good quality MXL. Thanks
  496. pura vida

    RIP Lady....good dog...

    If you care about animals, it hurts when they are gone.
  497. pura vida

    Marlin Jigs F/S

    Price reduced to $40
  498. pura vida

    SOLD Remote kicker hydraulic steering system

    I have had similar problems with an electric kicker control.
  499. pura vida

    Charter Recommendations out of Homer AK

    Give Charley Huff a call at 907-227-3839 I used him for years and he does a great job for you. Tell him Gene Miller gave you his number
  500. pura vida

    Rod Repair in Temecula

    Who does Rod Repair in the Temecula Murrieta Area Gene 714-412-9017
  501. pura vida

    WTB MXL 6/4

    No Body?
  502. pura vida

    Wtb avet sx or sxj

    I have a like new Blue SX with braid and top shot for $130
  503. pura vida

    5200 removal

    Use some heat to soften it and then it is more workable.
  504. pura vida

    WTB MXL 6/4

    Will also consider LX 6/3 What do you have.
  505. pura vida

    Fireball and my buddy in Missoula!

    I love Missoula and they don't put up with stupid.
  506. pura vida

    Project boat anyone?

    Looks like a good project.
  507. pura vida

    Marlin Jigs F/S

    Lot two - largest jig is 16 inches & smallest is 6 inches $35
  508. pura vida

    Marlin Jigs

    This lot is sold
  509. pura vida


    He's probably the F Head that screwed me before....I'll almost fell for this. Thanks for heads up and please help watch for him
  510. pura vida

    Seeker Sc & Garcia Rods

    Bump for Garcia Sale
  511. pura vida

    Super Seeker Rods plus

    Grant Thank you for the 6 Clean Rods
  512. pura vida

    Buyer backed out: seeker 6465h black steel graphite

    Post the flakes name......He needs recognition
  513. pura vida

    Super Seeker Rods plus

    Dump for the Dumped
  514. pura vida

    FS Calstar GFGR-765L

    Like New $200 SOLD Will be at FH Show Saturday
  515. pura vida

    Super Seeker Rods plus

    Be careful with this guy...You have to buy all the rods to get one. Just kidding..I have know resistance to clean rods
  516. pura vida

    Calstar Rods

    All Sold
  517. pura vida


    Give Shawn a call at 714-493-1173 and he can help you with the Diesel
  518. pura vida

    Seeker Sc & Garcia Rods

    Bump for price reduction
  519. pura vida

    Super Seeker Rods plus

    Bump for a Gentleman
  520. pura vida

    Baja Driving Question

    Have you driven it before? Its not a great road, but not to be afraid of. Certainly going right down Hwy 1 is better, except for the detour.
  521. pura vida

    Baja Driving Question

    Although it may be a bit longer, you can stay in San Felipe (talk to your friends and they'll confirm the route) , and then head south to Gonzaga, and then there's a decent gravel road that will take you out to Hwy 1. Its not that bad of a drive and you also get to see your friends. Go for it
  522. pura vida

    Informative Tuna Trolling Article

    Very good article and I'm always ready to learn
  523. pura vida

    Seeker Sc & Garcia Rods

    Bump for some clean rods
  524. pura vida

    Marlin Jigs

    For Sale I have a large box of these and need to sell them. SOLD to Puffin1 watch for another lot $40 for this batch
  525. pura vida

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    Here's my F350 Crew Cab, Larriat, 4WD, getting a Bullet Proofing to the 6.0
  526. pura vida

    Calstar Rods

    The CFDH 850 is an H, and I have one more 800M
  527. pura vida

    Calstar Rods

    Changed the CFDH850 to note it is an H Clean Rods
  528. pura vida

    Calstar Rods

    One more 800M
  529. pura vida

    Bella Coola June & July

    I'm going to be leaving PH just before you; probably June 8th and will fish the Rivers Inlet area and we may also look at the Bella Cola area. Has anyone trailered a large boat down the pass to Bella Cola. Gene
  530. pura vida

    Seeker Sc & Garcia Rods

    Yes I can ship for actual USPO cost
  531. pura vida

    Seeker Sc & Garcia Rods

    Someone buy these so I can sell some others Great rods for limited budget $175 for all
  532. pura vida

    HELP! Fred Hall Long Beach BD Booth Setup

    Give me a PM I'll be there
  533. pura vida

    Calstar Rods

    30 to 80
  534. pura vida

    Calstar Rods

    the GFDH N950 is what I call a long Jig rod and some would use it for the surf. How long did you want?
  535. pura vida

    Seeker Sc & Garcia Rods

    Nice clean rods
  536. pura vida

    Calstar Rods

    All PM's answered
  537. pura vida

    Shimano Calcutta 400

    Sold to JTJ
  538. pura vida

    Shimano Calcutta 400

    Reel is sold
  539. pura vida

    Shimano Calcutta 400

    Lots of activity and so first confirmation gets it. Gene 714-412-9017
  540. pura vida

    Seeker Sc & Garcia Rods

    Garcia SS-2 $20 SOLD SC 270-7 $65 SC 196-7 $ 60 SC865H 6 1/2 20-50 $75 Buy all for $150
  541. pura vida

    Calstar Rods

    GFDH 850 H Graphite $135 Sold to Ben CF 800M $ $120 Sold to Ben CF 700F $120 Sold to Ben 700H $135 Sold
  542. pura vida

    Calstar Rods

    GFDH 850H Graphite $135 SOLD CF 800M $ $120 SOLD GF 700F $120 SOLD 700H $135 Sold
  543. pura vida

    Shimano Calcutta 400

    Used about 4 times $125 S O L D pending receipt of payment
  544. pura vida

    Super Seeker Rods plus

    PM'd re the 2 6470's & Tackle Box
  545. pura vida

    Baja Buddy Boat Cruise

    How long will you be gone?
  546. pura vida

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    Thats true, but I haven't heard of eating Coyote's
  547. pura vida

    Avet SX 5.3

    Thanks for the clean reel
  548. pura vida

    Need help from you predator killers

    Why would you shoot a Coyote?
  549. pura vida

    Alaskan Grizzly Hunt-first movie by a fellow North Idaho girl.

    What a great experience with the outdoors. The Bear wasn't the reward, being there was.
  550. pura vida

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    W H Y Coyotes also do good and it seems quite a wast to kill them unless you are helping a farmer. I know as the Coyotes have been reduced in our area, and now we have loads of Ground Squirrels and Gophers. Just my $.02
  551. pura vida

    Things Changed

    Very nice catch
  552. pura vida

    Where are you located? I want it if you aren't vary far from Murrieta. Gene Miller 714-412-9017f

    Where are you located? I want it if you aren't vary far from Murrieta. Gene Miller 714-412-9017f
  553. pura vida

    Story Unfolding for the Man Lost at Sea

    Thats a story that I'd love to hear more about
  554. pura vida

    Tagged Bluefin At Large for 16 Years

    Thats crazy growth
  555. pura vida

    Uh oh, what happened ???

    Soon you will get used to it, and they'll fix it again. Oh it wasn't broken, but they need to fix it anyway.
  556. pura vida

    Pilot house builder???

    Call Mike at 253-303-1143 He's good and fair on the $
  557. pura vida

    What YO YO Jig colors for San Martin Island Yellows

    Typically the Salas 6X, Blue & White is the best go to, but scrambled egg works well...sometimes
  558. pura vida

    25' Skipjack Flybridge - Diesel - 1988

    Isn't the 262 a 26, and his is a 25 foot??
  559. pura vida

    mission belle 9/7

    Heading out Thursday
  560. pura vida

    Wtb: 2 Avets

    Like new in box with line...Mono with I believe braid backing. $145
  561. pura vida

    Boeing vote today

    Vote no, Long Beach needs the work
  562. pura vida

    Hunters Save The Survivor of Horn-locked Bucks From Coyotes

    What a great release Video.
  563. pura vida

    Boating down to Cabo

    I did the trip in 2008 and I still remember the miles, of our wonderful trip(700): SD to Ensenada 63 Ensenada to San Martin 87 San Martin to Cedros 150 Cedros to Tortuga 30 Tortuga to Asuncion 50 Asuncion to Hipolito 20 Hipolito to Santa Maria (Mag Bay ) 166 Mag Bay to Cabo...
  564. pura vida

    fun times on the Apollo around mag bay 12-17-22-13

    Where did you fly into to fish Mag Bay on the Apollo?
  565. pura vida


    Call Alex. Xtreme at 714-390-3250
  566. pura vida


    Try Sea and Ski, as I sold him one built for a 26 foot skipjack that he uses as a yard trailer.
  567. pura vida

    56 Gal Aluminum Fuel Tank

    What is the spec on the aluminum 6061????, and the thickness.
  568. pura vida

    Question: what do you do with your yotes?

    Why take them at all unless a farmer is having problems. The Yotes are getting eliminated in my area and the Ground Squirrels and Gophers are coming back. Not a very good trade off.
  569. pura vida


    FYI The dimensions work out to 28.6 Gallons, and at $100 that is $3.49 per gallon
  570. pura vida

    My 3 hour bighorn sheep hunt

    Thanks for taking the time to make such a great write up.
  571. pura vida

    Need new rubber on the trailer.....

    I used to drive Baja a lot, and I always carried 2 spares, and I always bought the best, although the Baja is less Challenging than it was for years, the extra cost saves you a lot of potential troubles.
  572. pura vida

    $300 Stringari Skiff

    Terrible Deal.....I'll take you out of it for $400
  573. pura vida

    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    They look antiquated, but there was also a lot more fish then. At that time the Tuna fishing boat Captain would make his own bait just out of the harbor and then proceed to take the fisherman out into the channel for some Tuna fishing.
  574. pura vida

    Pretty pissed with Shimano customer service right now...

    I think you better listen to the response as I think they are spot on. Simano will take care of the issue, but they do need it in their possession and anything else wouldn't work for you either if you were in their business.
  575. pura vida

    switchs ???

    Marine switches will hold up longer in the elements and household switches will - can cause sparks.
  576. pura vida

    Need some legal advice. I sold a boat, getting sued....

    Why don't you treat him the way you would want to be treated. I would either make the deal correct with him by absorbing the costs, tickets, ect and then either take the boat back or license the trailer for him. Thats what I'd do.
  577. pura vida


    I pull a 10 foot wide X 34 long, and I NEVER go over 61 on the Fwy, because I don't buy a permit, but I do run the Wide Load Signs and flags at the wide point.. I actually buy one about every 3 years when ever I'm going between states and Canada. I get a lot of looks, but no ticket yet
  578. pura vida

    HELP!...I've Run Out of Ideas!!!

    I have a wife that's tolerated everything and years ago I had a small complaint about my fishing trips and I suggested buying a boat. She said that's a good idea until I started taking 2 - 4 week trips with the boat. It worked for a while. Try it, she may like it
  579. pura vida

    wtf, gout

    I have it and changing your diet is the correct choice, and should you delay the change, you'll end up on pills for life. I made the change, and seldom have any more issues.
  580. pura vida

    West Marine Opens Their Newport Beach, CA Flagship Store - Caption Contest - Win $150

    I guess that bilge pump from West Marine wasn't too much
  581. pura vida

    Mountain Goat Down

    Great once in a life time shot. Where is that at?
  582. pura vida

    Eclipse 2.5 9-22/9-23 the storm before the calm

    You are a friend that we would all like to have. Very nice report
  583. pura vida

    the elk hunt that almost wasn't

    Very good story and great ending
  584. pura vida

    Top Gun 80, building confidence one angler at a time!!!!!

    I would have got off at the receiver. What an asshole. The internet will certainly help his business.
  585. pura vida

    Metal fab expert

    Call Mike Ord, he's the best, and located in Gig Harbor 253-303-1143
  586. pura vida

    I Have Been Given A Mandate!

    In joy the days on the water and Catch and Release.
  587. pura vida

    Blue Marlin jumps in Cockpit

    Dangerous stuff
  588. pura vida

    Something I have been waiting to see happened last night.

    What a piece of work, and like everyone else, lets hope he didn't cost the city too much.
  589. pura vida

    Mexican fishing licenses

    I get in thru the front door, and I'm registered, but I don't see a way to select the license. Any thought?
  590. pura vida

    Boat CPT's Opinion on expenses?

    Years ago I split everything evenly, but I now have the crew take care of the boat fuel and 25 gallons for the truck, we split the food and bait evenly.
  591. pura vida

    Hooking Tuna

    What would snelling have to do with a circle-hook not getting hooked.?
  592. pura vida

    8-7='13, Just past the 9, YT and a patty poacher

    Why not post the boat name, and then maybe they'll stop that S......
  593. pura vida

    Sport boats Charging (renting) a burlap sack

    We used to buy them from the landing, and most were thrown away. Now we just pay $1 to rent them. Not all boats charge for this service, but the $1 isn't very much in the scheme of things.
  594. pura vida

    Pacific Voyager

    We left Saturday night about 8:30 and the then headed south after picking up a nice load of Sardines. Our goal was 100 miles South to an area that Captain Mark had been picking up nice fish in previous trips. Sunday morning we started trolling and sopped on several Paddies throughout the day...
  595. pura vida

    Countdown to Nevada - Backpack List

    You'll need a pack animal if you shoot one. I shot a deer many years ago above Mammoth, and thought we'd carry it out. No Way; not with full packs as well. We got a mule and horse.
  596. pura vida

    FS Trinadad TN 20

    No, I didn't really use it, before buying another reel that I use.
  597. pura vida

    Bayrunner Baja Transom Corrosion?

    Either cut it out and re weld a piece in or weld up the holes and grind it down depending on the hole
  598. pura vida

    sea adventure 80

    Terrible Boat How much for your spot?
  599. pura vida

    WTB: Calstar rod

    Tell me what line size you are looking for? I should have one that will fit you
  600. pura vida

    FS Trinadad TN 20

    Like new $ Small scratch on LH side at 7 o'clock Text 714-412-9017 or PM, I'll be gone Sat - Tues Sold to Stingray55
  601. pura vida

    FS Trinadad TN 30

    Used about 4 times since new Small scratch on LH side at 7 o'clock PM or text 714-412-9017 SOLD to Stingray55
  602. pura vida

    Countdown to Nevada - Backpack List

    Do you like Pudding? I used to buy Jello Pudding, empty the ingredients into a bag, and also add Milk Man dry milk to the bag. Pack it away, pull it out when you make camp, by a stream, add water, knead it, and leave in water to congeal while fixing and eating dinner. When you are ready...
  603. pura vida

    Prowler Overnight Trip 7/29 - Excellent fishing

    This is got to be the best year for Blue Fin that I can remember.......Just 3 more days
  604. pura vida

    Want to buy Avet

    New SX $150
  605. pura vida


    I'll be there Saturday night.
  606. pura vida

    Man armed with bat attempts to rob gun store

    I'll bet he profiled him
  607. pura vida

    SA80 3 dayer 7/25-7/28 REPORT/TIPS/VIDEO

    Thanks Andrew for the tips. Did you try the jigs?
  608. pura vida

    Intrepid got em good today

    200 BFT in one day is great. 6 days to go.i
  609. pura vida

    Rods for Sale

    Wayne Thanks for nice Seeker
  610. pura vida

    Okuma Cedros CSD-10S or Shimano Trinidad 16A

    Which manufacturer has the best service ? Shimano
  611. pura vida

    Fenders 22X 6 With Line

    Bump I need space
  612. pura vida

    FS Diawa 50H

    Shipping Tomorrow - Thanks
  613. pura vida

    FS TN 16N Very Clean

    Bump for lower price
  614. pura vida

    FS Shimano TLD 25

    Thanks Ed for being prompt
  615. pura vida

    FS TN 16N Very Clean

    Back on Market....Buyer was no show
  616. pura vida

    FS Diawa 50H

    Older reel but solid $45
  617. pura vida

    FS Shimano TLD 25

    Clean single speed reel, braid 65lbs,75% full $ 50 Sold to Storm1...subject to receipt of $ at5:01Sun
  618. pura vida

    FS TLD Star

    Clean reel $40 [SIZE=5]SOLD Subject to receipt of $[/SIZE]