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    Radon hands down. Way more stable and versatile. The ultimate dream for Hawaii fisherman.
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    7-8-13 Dark Side of the Moon.

    Good going! What a day!
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    Lunar lunacy w/ the Captain.

    Good going Pat and crew!
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    3/20 Gaji Strikes Again

    Howzit pat! I was just looking at that! That top probably all hauna now! Hopefully attract more tunas! Haha. Aloha!
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    3/20 Gaji Strikes Again

    Aloha Casey, Bubble gums and fusions, candy for the tunas! Got the bite in the south porpoise school. Shoots!
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    3/20 Gaji Strikes Again

    I have been working a lot on Oahu the boat has been getting good use by my brother on the Big Island. Ahi went for the Gaji Silver Fusion. The silver head allows the angler to match what ever skirt color they want, in this case the pink and silver purple lover. Fish ended up being 110 G & G...
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    Good grinds right there!
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    Big Island fish prices

    Try calling Hilo/Kona Fish or the Fish house in kawaihae
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    Almost a year Ago.. Monster Mahi

    Fatty Mahi for sure! Good luck this year!
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    Maiden Voyage Bonus

    Aloha Casey! Stoked you got some Gaji's get ready for some action when you pull them! To get the shirts either email Allan at [email protected] or message him on Facebook! They have regular cotton and dri-fit. Shoots!
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    Maiden Voyage Bonus

    It's a 17', built in 1985
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    Maiden Voyage Bonus

    Mahalo guys! Always nice to be in the right place at the right time!
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    Maiden Voyage Bonus

    Took the new Ali'i Kai on a short 2 hour trial run in the afternoon came back with dinner. The Onos were hungry for Gaji's...They ate the 7in bubble gum 3 hole jet, 9in Idaho Ice Fusion Bullet, 9in 3 hole jet bubble gum. Aloha!
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    Good going Chip! Looks like you recovered from the flu! Nice lure, I went out with Mr. Gaji and a buddy we had one busted skirt on the Waianae side. Take it easy. Aloha
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    Garmin Transom Mount Transducer

    Howzit! It works with all 400 and 500 series Garmin GPS. Thanks! Aloha
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    Winter Ono

    Mahalo Chip! Gotta get up to Oahu and fish more. Take it easy.
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    Winter Ono

    Stoked with the Ono. The puako ledge has been holding um even in the winter! Real weird with the cold water! You guys going be stoked with the lure! The paper behind the fish head is unreal! Lights up in the sun.
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    Winter Ono

    Gaji Real Fish Head produces winter time Ono.
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    New Gaji Lures

    Mix bag of bubble gums, fish heads, and bullets. Just got back from Gaji Headquarters learned why Allan hasn't posted on BD for so long...he is back ordered for 8 dozen orders! Enjoy the pics!
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    Garmin Transom Mount Transducer

    Brand New Garmin Transom Mount Transducer. 500W. Still in package, came with a new Garmin GPS I purchased. $60.00.
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    Hilo 1-16 lucky day

    Right on! No pressure for the rest of the year!
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    Boat storage on Big Island Kawaihai harbor ?

    There is a small boat yard next to the harbor. Not sure how much they charge per month.
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    Santa comes early!

    Good going Brian! Can't be a better time to catch an ahi!
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    12-22-12 Glad the Mayan's were wrong...

    Good going Pat! Got some grinds right before Christmas.
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    9" 7.5 oz. Cracked Mirror Bullet! By Gaji Lures

    Nice work! Can't wait to see more of the 2013 line.
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    "FUSION" By Gaji Lures

    Gaji lures No Ka Oi
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    A School of 7" and 9" "REAL" Sardine Heads! By Gaji Lures

    Happy Thanksgiving! Got out this morning for a quick trip before jetting back to Oahu to work tonight. Got lucky on a 7in real fish head. Aloha!
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    Gaji REAL Malolo Fish Heads

    No worries was good fun! Mahalo for all the grinds, food was ono. Let me know about this week...Aloha
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    Gaji REAL Malolo Fish Heads

    Howzit Jimmy, I like my dark colors! The black ice is killer! Aloha!
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    "FUSION" By Gaji Lures

    These 7" scoops have been hot lately. It looks even more deadly with the Fusion. I have had great luck with the old school Opelu colors.
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    Gaji REAL Malolo Fish Heads

    Aloha Everyone! This summer I had back to back fishing trips where Malolo (Flying Fish) flew into my boat. Instead of using them for bait I brought them to Allan Sato of Gaji Lures. The pictures do no justice, got to see these fish heads in person. So far this winter, the Mahi's have been...
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    9" "KENZIES" 2, 3, and 4 jet Pipes! By Gaji Lures

    Nice! Those eyes look mean
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    A School of 7" and 9" "REAL" Sardine Heads! By Gaji Lures

    Congrats Allan! Looks like you going be busy this holiday season!
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    "CRACKED MIRROR" Scoops! By Gaji Lures!

    No wonder the mahi's haven't been eating the live opelu's they been waiting on these!
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    "FUSION" With 1st Phase Dichroic Glass. By Gaji Lures

    Unreal! The fish going see that thing from miles away!
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    A School of 7" and 9" "REAL" Sardine Heads! By Gaji Lures

    Looking good Allan! Going see a lot more fish head catches after this order!
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    I thought had 300 gun dunnit

    Congrats on the marlin and winning the tourney! No can go wrong with the pink and silver on the stinger
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    Summer Fun

    Aloha everyone! Here are some of my highlights from this summer in Kawaihae. The last picture is a painful reminder on how dangerous the Ono's chompers are. Be safe!
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    Only 1 bite

    Nice one G! Well worth the overnight at the harbor.
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    081112 Lucky-Lucky!

    Good going Pat! Congrats on the epic day!
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    Waianae 8/10/12

    Right on!
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    Big Island charter recommendation needed

    I also vote for alibi. Check them out.
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    UPDATE and 070512

    Pat nice ahi glad you could show the fam a good time!
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    Ono and Shovelhead Mahi

    Nice bull!
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    Caught dinner

    Right on captain clay! Sounds like fun. When you going make season 2 to Hawaii Fishing Action Blue Water?
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    Recent Catch Updates

    Mahalo! Haha that's the lucky Ono hat now!
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    Recent Catch Updates

    Haha yeah Lance and I went on Monday was good fun!
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    Trolling hooks?

    I use the Owner Jobu hooks when I bait. I was curious and started putting them on my trolling lures, so far the hook ups have been solid...that hook seems to find the corner of the mouth.
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    east side 5/14

    action! poke looks ono.
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    Recent Catch Updates

    Howzit Gang, Haven't posted in a while, thought I share some highlights of Winter/Spring. Kawaihae had a pretty solid Mahi run, and now some nice size Ono's are showing up. Fish were caught on a mix of Opelu and lures. Go get um! Aloha!
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    May 16, 2012 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    Some nice size mahi's. Good going!
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    Pictures how we eat.

    Seared Ono
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    Furuno FCV 585

    Get it. It's worth every penny. First I was sketched out spending that much money on a depth recorder. I am glad I got it though.
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    South Side Mahi's

    Right on Garrett! Got to stop working so hard and go out and fish more!
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    way to start the year off...

    Nice one!
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    Right on Rodney! Plenty action!
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    When the stars align...

    What a day! Can't get much better than that.
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    Easter Weekend

    Chee what a weekend!
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    April 15, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Right on, good going guys.
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    4-4-11 Nerlie and me...

    Right on Pat. Nice one!
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    Good depth finder?

    I got the FCV585 with the transom mount 1kW. It was worth every penny. Especially when trying to find the Opelu.
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    March 19, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Right on, hopefully the Ono's start showing up
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    Kawaihae Report 03/15

    We were fortunate, the tsunami damage was minor. We lost one plank of wood on one of our finger piers. Our ramp has been full of sand since December from all of the winter swells. Taking a look yesterday it looked a little bit better after the tsunami, some of the sand might have gotten...
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    Waianae 3/12/11

    right on, good going. some grinds right there.
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    Kawaihae Report 03/15

    My friend and I took vacation from work. Left Oahu, and went home to Big Island. Got lucky today before the wind picked up and chased us home. Caught on opelu, and ballyhoo between Red Hill and just before Mahukona.
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    Steamed Chinese style
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    Had a few days off work headed back to the Big Island. Got lucky, and picked up the first Mahi on the new boat. Left at 8 was in by 11 and some ono grinds. Caught the fish on a opelu.
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    Blast from the past!

    Right on Captain Clay, same here in Kawaihae, we use 50's for Ono's and Mahi's. Been lucky in the past and caught some big Ahi in Ono Lane on the 50's, it seems like the 50's never have the "guts" to lift the Ahi up the last 25-30 feet. Always end up handlining too. I was curious about how...
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    Blast from the past!

    Mean video! Was the Ahi caught on a 30?
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    Kona charter in mid Feb?

    For Ahi (Tuna) can't go wrong with Capt. McGrew Rice and Capt. Carlton Arai on the Ihu Nui. Call the Charter Desk in Kona they handle reservations for most of the fleet and can help you out.