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  1. bjcanweld

    For Sale Skipjack 24 Flybridge w/ Diesel Power - $16K

    Won't last the rest of the year - great deal
  2. bjcanweld

    SOLD Penn Fathom

    Wish you were nearer to me - just what I'm looking for. GLWS
  3. bjcanweld

    For Sale 1988 Grady White 255 Sailfish

    Say it aint so Sean. Great boat! GLWS.
  4. bjcanweld

    Enterprise 7-20 - My son’s first 3/4 day

    5th pic down -Framable !! Great job Dad.
  5. bjcanweld

    Bluefin Tuna. On Da POPPER 6/15

    Way to get that deck dirty!
  6. bjcanweld

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    The only thing I hate worse than boat trailers is the brakes on boat trailers - way to hang in there
  7. bjcanweld

    Do you use NADA when buying a used boat?

    Use NADA to counter the value those dip-shit Ca. tax peeps put on your boat every year as they continue to dig into your wallet to support every left wing nut job idea out there. Just my 2 cents before they come and get that too.
  8. bjcanweld

    4/29 East End Backside Report

    The life jacket's pretty cool, especially in a 17'er. Is that an "ugly stick" rod? Nice rods for the $$.
  9. bjcanweld

    For Sale Old school yoyo reel

    Have one - great rock cod reels. GLWS
  10. bjcanweld

    For Sale 2008 Parker 1801- low hours- great condition

    Had one - sold it - wish I didn't - GLWS!
  11. bjcanweld

    SOLD 2012 Parker 2120 4 stroke yahama 150, trailer, and extras included

    Sold my 2120 8/17. Similar set up. I really miss it, but sometimes life gets in the way. Had many offers within days of my BD post, 1 over asking price. GLWS. Boats can be replaced, timing and bonding with the kids, not so much.
  12. bjcanweld

    2/8 Dana Point

    Nice! Good gaff shot.
  13. bjcanweld

    For Sale 2009 Parker 2520sld

    Love the "botch" transom - those engines are bullet proof. GLWS!
  14. bjcanweld

    For Sale Parker 2120 - Partner Wanted

    Sold my 2120 last year - I miss that boat - great opportunity for the right person. Keep looking!
  15. bjcanweld

    Back at it again.

    Better than work.! :cheers:
  16. bjcanweld

    Sheephead recipes

    Going to try some of thes.
  17. bjcanweld

    Stolen toy hauler

    Found out daughter was underinsured - most contents of the toy hauler not covered, so she is out $20k +. Seal Beach PD has been great. State wide and beyond BOLO for the vehicle issued. Lots of friends = lots of eyes out there. Thanks to all for your comments and concerns. The noose is...
  18. bjcanweld


    If you couldn't revive it would make a great mount
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  25. bjcanweld

    Stolen toy hauler

    I am so soured on our society providing for these tweekers and street urchins with all the "help" we give enabling them to continue their criminal lifestyle while people who could really use and appreciate assistance (vets) go unnoticed. Shame on us for electing representatives who handcuff...
  26. bjcanweld

    Stolen toy hauler

    I'll load some pics soon. Thanks
  27. bjcanweld

    150 and the platforms 1-5-18

    My last boat I named "Goin'Seanile". Asking for a radio check - "This is the Goin' check" someone replied "Where am I".
  28. bjcanweld

    Stolen toy hauler

    PICTURES ADDED: My daughter's 2017 Attitude toy hauler with all the toys was stolen from Sunset Aquatic's dry storage yard. Apparently several boats were broken into recently. I hate thieves, but believe in Karma. And these drug infested jerks wonder why their lives suck. Get good locks...
  29. bjcanweld

    Where else can you dress like this in December?RF report--Dec 15

    Nice job dad.....looks like your son is playing travel son did for 3 years- really improved his skills playing with the best against the best
  30. bjcanweld

    LJ 10/27

    Nice calico John
  31. bjcanweld

    SCI 10/18

    Weld failure - no penetration on the tube, suspect on the clamp - welds looked marginal - welder/manufacturer failed to remove anodizing before welding -
  32. bjcanweld

    Human Bait for Lobster

    Looks like you were pretty excited
  33. bjcanweld

    BEWARE Launch Ramp Closed 9/16 Oceanside Harbor BEWARE

    Saw a boat pitch pole yesterday - 2 people safe - boat trashed -know your tides and swell
  34. bjcanweld

    SOLD 2015 2520 XLD PARKER ***SOLD***

    I just wish I had the garage! GLWS
  35. bjcanweld

    JUL 21 - Skiff Life

    Holds 3 dudes and 2 gals
  36. bjcanweld

    For Sale Ocean ready tuna killer bayliner

    With global warming she'll be floating in no time.:D
  37. bjcanweld

    SOLD 2003 Parker 2120 SC with Yamaha f200 4 Stroke Dialed IN!

    Sold mine last August - boy do I miss it. GLWS
  38. bjcanweld

    SOLD Parker 30 gallon bait tank with seat

    Depth / width measurement?
  39. bjcanweld

    For Sale Boston Whaler Pilothouse 22' For Sale

    Won't last the week - awesome deal
  40. bjcanweld

    Maiden Voyage Parker 1801

    Had an 18 - wish I never sold it - Put trim tabs on - it ran great. Good luck with the new boat
  41. bjcanweld

    WTB Parker 2120 SC and Sea Trail Wanted

    Find a good TIG welder with a tube bender - add a new section on top - did it myself on my Parker 18
  42. bjcanweld

    WTB Parker 2120 SC and Sea Trail Wanted

    Sold my 2007 in August - had 4 cash offers in one day - if you find one be ready to pony up and pul the trigger. Good luck with your search
  43. bjcanweld

    WTB fishing boat in Hawaii (Big Island)

    The Radon looks rad - never seen bait pumps mounted to trim tabs b4
  44. bjcanweld

    The search is over parker 2520

    The high bow rails are a bonus - need some carpeted side bunks to get this one on the trailer easily - one sweet ride!
  45. bjcanweld

    2014 Gregor Eagle 17 Center Console

    Won't last a week - very nice. GLWS
  46. bjcanweld

    Shimano Trinadad TN 40 $350.00

    Sold the Parker, no need for doubles of high quality reels. Limited use, very minor rash, Shimano reel seat. No box, no spectra, perfect mechanical. PM for additional info or to see - located in Oceanside. $350.00 cash, no trades, no shipping.
  47. bjcanweld

    Halibut are still biting...

  48. bjcanweld

    Bait tank, Leaning Post, etc.

    Interested in grab rail - 562-619-0397....
  49. bjcanweld

    Center console windshield grab rail

    Just bought a 16' Radon skiff - no grab rail around the plexiglass windshield - any one know where I can have one made? Thanks
  50. bjcanweld

    2007 Parker 2120 DVSC $39,900 - SOLD

    The Boat sold today. Not a great day for me, but I wish the new owner great times and memories on her - Lord knows I had them. Thanks to all who responded, especially George, Don, Pat and Jake - hope your dream boats dock soon
  51. bjcanweld

    2007 Parker 2120 DVSC $39,900 - SOLD

    Thanks Dave - She's a tank. Hate selling.
  52. bjcanweld

    2007 Parker 2120 DVSC $39,900 - SOLD

    Bump - back on the market - lower price
  53. bjcanweld

    Thursday Long beach

    Sam's hooked - enjoy every minute you can - they grow up way too fast.
  54. bjcanweld

    Liberty Late report.

    Great job dad - memories forever.
  55. bjcanweld

    2007 Parker 2120 DVSC $39,900 - SOLD

    Decided to keep it for now.
  56. bjcanweld

    2007 Parker 2120 DVSC $39,900 - SOLD

    PM's answered. Slip is by the Jolly Roger restaurant - G44. $356.00/mo.
  57. bjcanweld

    2007 Parker 2120 DVSC $39,900 - SOLD

    Just launched - now in my Oceanside slip - 100 gal. of fuel - Ready!
  58. bjcanweld

    2007 Parker 2120 DVSC $39,900 - SOLD

    Kept in my Oceanside slip during the season typically from April thru Dec. The boat was kept on the trailer between 2007 to 2015. Bottom painted 3/16. Hull is glossy and in great shape . Zincs replaced on trim tabs and motor 4/17. On a 1-10 scale, probably a 9.
  59. bjcanweld

    2007 Parker 2120 DVSC $39,900 - SOLD

    All PM's answered - thanks
  60. bjcanweld

    2007 Parker 2120 DVSC $39,900 - SOLD

    8-04-17 I am not going to be using it much , so it's time for a new home. . 510 hours on boat and Yamaha F200 4 stroke. Includes Pacific galvanized trailer with disc brakes, 5 newer tires, newer coupler, master cylinder, front hubs, seals and bearings. Boat-Lewmar windless, Lenco electric...
  61. bjcanweld

    Long Beach Reds

    Nice! Those reds could eat the ones I've been catching
  62. bjcanweld

    2008 Trophy Pro 2152 w/ alaska package

    You certainly took all the wanna be boat critics/ surveyers out of the equation. Great post. If you are ever down this way and want to go out on my POS Parker, let me know. GLWS
  63. bjcanweld

    FOR SALE: SHAMROCK 246 Center Console Boat. Health Issues Force Sale.

    If she was only out here - glws. One sweet ride.
  64. bjcanweld

    Colonet Saturday?

    Was supposed to go this weekend - not
  65. bjcanweld

    Morro bay 12/13

    How'd your dad do?
  66. bjcanweld

    Need help with Furuno 1623 radar

    The antennae for my radar works sometimes, then freezes up. The belt is ok, but stops spinning . Probably the motor not engaging ,but I'm no electronics tech. Anyone out there know of someone who can repair this? Thanks.
  67. bjcanweld

    my first fishing vide0….from last wide open bluefin trip

    Wish you guys would have a little more fun - awesome.
  68. bjcanweld

    Want to buy a few things: 13" tires, 6-8lb anchor, seats, etc

    Have a couple rims/tires. Free to you. Oceanside area. PM me if you still need them.
  69. bjcanweld

    Norcal to Socal Lobster

    Good job Frank - how do you like the Parker
  70. bjcanweld

    Next Generation

    If I only caught one, that would be the one. Still fish with my son almost weekly - nice ling.
  71. bjcanweld

    Parker 1801 livewell drain

    A little hint on coming back from Cat in bad weather - navigate towards the center of the island rather than proceeding from either the west or east end, thereby having the majority of the bad seas on your stern. Came home in a gale once doing this, but constant vigil for rogue waves (hit by 2...
  72. bjcanweld

    huntington harbor

    Ghost shrimp from Big Fish, harbor entrance at PCH bridge, outgoing tide.
  73. bjcanweld

    Dodo vid off Oside

    After back to back skunks on my boat, I'll buy the entrails off that dodo just to spread around on my deck - nice fish
  74. bjcanweld

    7/15/16 16.4 NM TRUE WEST PT LAJOLLA

    Last year tried to gaff a waHOO 2x with the rubber tip still on the gaff. Luckily, got him on the 3rd try. You'll get 'em next time. Way to hang in there.
  75. bjcanweld

    1st Offshore Shakedown 05/30

    At least there wasn't a "lack of inexperience". LOL. You'll get 'em next time. Thanks for the report.
  76. bjcanweld

    95 Parker 2110

    Gonna go fast! glws
  77. bjcanweld

    Quick Report 4/8 San Mateo to Box

    Nice try. Should have gone out myself - the weather was awesome out of Oceanside and south.Perseverance pays - you'll get 'em next time.
  78. bjcanweld

    Kayak fishing Huntington Harbor

    Try the bridge on an outgoing tide. Stay to the east of the bridge at all times - do not cross into the base while fishing. Get some ghost shrimps from Big Fish -hang on -
  79. bjcanweld

    Just got it and illness forces sale...

    Tollycrafts were really well built machines - glws and get well.
  80. bjcanweld

    1973 Bertram 31

    My personal all time favorite sportfisher - glws.
  81. bjcanweld

    Malihini limits of yellowtail today.

    Fished the finger Sun. Find the birds, who have found the crabs, you'll find the yellows. Strong fish. 6x jigs. We had to run and gun, but they are there.
  82. bjcanweld

    Oside Saturday 23rd

    Got to really watch the tides and swell in Oceanside - glad you made it.
  83. bjcanweld

    Best small boat for SD?

    A sweet 20' Skippy on CL San Diego today!
  84. bjcanweld

    1994 Boston Whaler Outrage 21 Sold

    Some special boats come up once in a while - looks like one of them. If I didn't have my Parker, we'd be chatting. GLWS
  85. bjcanweld

    Need new Fish finder

    Lowrance Elite - try the GPS Store on line
  86. bjcanweld

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    5 trips, 125 gallons of gas, 2 bite offs, 1 captain error, 7 knock downs, 1 wahoo. Worth every minute. I also learned when you go to gaff a wahoo, in the excitement remember to take the point protector off the gaff.
  87. bjcanweld

    Free Eagle 500CDF sonar and gps

    For free is a 2006 Eagle 500 CDF made by Lowrance. Worked fine when I upgraded in Sept. Has the bracket and instruction manual, needs transducer and gps antennae. Pics and specs can be seen on the web. If interested, pm me.
  88. bjcanweld

    Late Wahoo report for 10/17

    looks like the same ocean we faced Thursday - without the hooter. Nice.
  89. bjcanweld

    SOLD 1985 Holiday 18 Center Console $5000

    Owned one of these back in the day - great skiff - surprised it's still available - glws
  90. bjcanweld

    Trailer storage

    I am looking for a place to store my 25' trailer in the Oceanside/Carlsbad area. I have a 2120 Parker slipped in Oceanside harbor. I would only be using the trailer for maintenance on the boat which would not be performed on your property. If interested, pm me. Thanks. Bruce
  91. bjcanweld

    2006 Parker 2120 DVSC......Sold Sold Sold

    I have one, an '07. Built like a tank. The cockpit, even with the bait tank, is unreal for a 21'er. glws.
  92. bjcanweld

    Parker 2120 wanted

    I have one - you'll like it. Pretty rare on the west coast. Get a kill bag.
  93. bjcanweld

    8/14 Offsore Morning Run

    Fishing last week off Carlsbad on the Voyager, had a 8-10' hammerhead bite my 35# yf in 2 at gaff. Hardly felt it (me, not the tuna). If I fell in, I would be the 2nd ever to walk on water.
  94. bjcanweld

    Northwest of Oceanside 8/12/15 looking for tuna

    Same story for us - first zippo in a month - the explosions from the Base were something! Thought we were being attacked.
  95. bjcanweld

    Best in class Parker 2110

    $37k would be a steal -glws
  96. bjcanweld

    Yellowfin Tuna this time!

    Don't these people know - there's no fish in Oceanside. Launch out of Dana.
  97. bjcanweld

    Oceanside to Pendleton - slow day

    Same for me Tues. So much life, tuna jumping, caught 3 bonita on the troll. What's your boat's name? Mine is Goin' Seanile. Try to raise you next week.
  98. bjcanweld


    All you boat experts out there - please read Ali's post, top of the section.
  99. bjcanweld

    Beware Oceanside City and Harbor POS

    Isn't America great? Where else can you violate the rules and then bitch about the enforcement of them? I agree, there's no fish in Oceanside, so I hope all you naysayers launch somewhere else.
  100. bjcanweld

    Scuba tank racks

    still here
  101. bjcanweld

    Scuba tank racks

    Going to cl this week - hurry
  102. bjcanweld

    Scuba tank racks

    CL soon - make me an offer
  103. bjcanweld

    Scuba tank racks

    Racks only
  104. bjcanweld

    Scuba tank racks

    Still available
  105. bjcanweld

    Scuba tank racks

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have 2 48" roll control aluminum bar scuba tank racks for sale. Each have 4 adjustable tank holders with end caps. They are in good shape. They retail for around $135.00 each. Will sell both (good for 8 tanks) for $100.00 or will separate for $65.00 each. Armstrong swing...
  106. bjcanweld

    WTB bait tank

    Still looking
  107. bjcanweld

    WTB bait tank

    Looking for a fiberglass 38 gal. bait tank. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  108. bjcanweld

    Trailer storage wanted

    I need a place to store my 25' boat trailer in the Oceanside, Carlsbad area. I am buying a 2120 Parker and I have a slip in Oceanside, but will occasionally pull the boat out for service, etc. at my location. Think of all the fishing trips you would be invited me if interested.
  109. bjcanweld

    Magma Kettle, Rocket Launchers, Rod Holders

    Long shot - rocket launchers available?
  110. bjcanweld

    ***SOLD***1985 25' wellcraft sportsman $11,000

    Had an '87 2800 Coastal. These older Wellcrafts built rock solid. GLWS
  111. bjcanweld

    WTB late model walk around cuddy

    Nice ride, but holding out for something newer for now..........thanks
  112. bjcanweld

    WTB late model walk around cuddy

    Looking for a LATE MODEL 21 TO 24' walk around cuddy. 2120 Parker or 22-24' Grady would be my first choices. I am limited to 29' in my slip from stem to stern with the engine in full up position. Single E-tec or four stroke preferred, not interested in an I/O. Will consider 21-25' center...
  113. bjcanweld

    For Sale 1989/2005 29' Crystaliner - $70k OBO

    If she was in Oceanside.................done deal. Good luck
  114. bjcanweld

    Surf fishing Cambria

    Going up to Cambria for a week next week. Scouted a few spots last time between Cambria and Cayucos that I am going to try. Bringing the lite stuff for the sand as well as a 15# to try the rocks. Bringing Gulp and mussel, maybe some anchovies. Will report back. Any suggestions for bait...
  115. bjcanweld

    1997 Parker 1801

    Had one - wish I still did. Good luck with sale - best 18' skiff out there.
  116. bjcanweld

    Stolen Avets, Calstars, Seeker Seaforth Landing

    What goes around comes around - these no life bastards will live their hopefully not so many years wondering why their lives are so messed up, when all they have to do is look in the mirror reflecting a giant shithead.. Sorry for your loss.
  117. bjcanweld

    F/S McKee Craft 1800 Center Console

    What is the beam of the boat on the trailer (storage issues for me)?
  118. bjcanweld

    FS 1988 18.5 WAHOO OFFSHORE

    What's the beam on the boat - I have storage issues - thanks
  119. bjcanweld

    Trinidad TN16N "Narrow Special"

    Thanks - this reel is in great shape and will be awesome for the next owner.
  120. bjcanweld

    Trinidad TN16N "Narrow Special"

    Selling my TN16N "Narrow Special" - Sold. Thanks Jim........ Go Army!
  121. bjcanweld

    WTB: Gold Trinidad 14 and 16

    I have a TN16N Narrow Special - 9/10 on the looks (minor boat rash), 10/10 mechanical - very little use - like new $240.00 firm. pm me. thanks
  122. bjcanweld

    24 ' Wellcraft volvo diesel

    One sweet ride - the older Wellcrafts were well built and deserving of the nice restoration you did - good luck w/sale.
  123. bjcanweld

    Want to buy a Parker 1800/1801 center console

    Sold my '04 last year because of a move to my new home with no rv parking. I really regret the sale because I have found nothing to replace it in the 17' range yet. I think I got really spoiled. They are great skiffs and a good one with a 4 stroke is going to cost you, but the return when...
  124. bjcanweld

    Free Boat Storage

    I wish you were there last year - bought a home in Oceanside with no boat storage and had to sell my prize 18' Parker. Great deal for someone!
  125. bjcanweld

    1987 29' Blackfin

    My personal favorite, but need an Oceanside slip. Beautiful.
  126. bjcanweld

    Shimano Trinidad 16 gold

    Looking for a mechanically perfect model - scratches OK. PM me if you have one. Thanks
  127. bjcanweld

    Voyager 8/22 epic! Bluefin albacore dorado and yellows

    Was out the day before with Captain Jodie. 51 BF to 40+ for 14. Great crew, good times.
  128. bjcanweld

    WTB -old wooden skiff

    I am looking for an old wooden skiff from 8-12'. It will be used in my garden. The older, the better. Holes in the hull - ok. If you have something laying around, pm me. Wood only, no fiberglass. Thanks.
  129. bjcanweld

    28' Wellcraft Coastal 2800

    Had the exact same boat - same engines, etc. Awesome stable ride, great for a family. Good luck w/sale.
  130. bjcanweld

    Avet SX 2 speed lefty

    bump for the last time
  131. bjcanweld

    '04 Parker 1801

    Thanks Duane
  132. bjcanweld

    '04 Parker 1801

    Fixed - leaky valve stem. You noticed the tire BUT NOT THE CUSTOM bow rails to accommodate the troll motor.
  133. bjcanweld

    Parker 2320 - 2008 for sale

    Awesome! Best of luck in her sale.
  134. bjcanweld

    '04 Parker 1801

    Boat show next week - see how fast you could dump $40k on the same boat as equiped.
  135. bjcanweld

    '04 Parker 1801

    Sold! Thanks Mr. Vu. You've picked yourself a winner. Best of luck with her
  136. bjcanweld

    WTB- Stringari or Blackman Center Console

    I have an "04 Parker 18 for sale - near mint and loaded w/less than 400 hours on a Yamaha 115 4 stroke. Will be posted soon in the $20k range.
  137. bjcanweld

    Hoop nets

  138. bjcanweld

    Avet SX 2 speed lefty

    Where are you leftys!
  139. bjcanweld

    Avet SX 2 speed lefty

    bump - new $$$200.00
  140. bjcanweld

    Avet SX 2 speed lefty

    One more time
  141. bjcanweld

    WTB 17-19 Parker or Whaler CC

    I have had both a 17 whaler and currently an 18 Parker. No comparison. The PaRKER fishes like a 21 with all the walk around room, plus bait tank and 60 gal. of fuel. Not using mine as much as I should - selling is in the back of my mind. 2004, 115 Yamaha 4 stroke. less than 400 hours...
  142. bjcanweld

    my boys first time saltwater fishing

    Great job. Treasure these moments with your boy. He will remember this trip the rest of his life.
  143. bjcanweld

    GCLA - Colnett on the Dominator

    lGreat pics - even Anthony looked good.
  144. bjcanweld


    Sea lions aren't the only thing on their menu. 2 years ago, same time of year,on the Voyager off Rosarito saw maybe 20 attacking 3 grey whales. One of the baby greys up on the back of possibly its mother trying to avoid the carrnage. Nature at its rawest.
  145. bjcanweld

    Avet SX 2 speed lefty

    Sorry - pick up only. Thanks.
  146. bjcanweld


    Nice! I see a well maintained skiff. Love those navigation lights. Factory installed or an upgrade?
  147. bjcanweld

    Kayak Halibut fishing

    Can't believe that butt didn't go ape shit when it felt the gaff. Nice job.
  148. bjcanweld

    11 /02 Local Moo-moo Rockfishing 3P Report w/Lotsa Pics

    I want to go on a Wed. trip. What boat is the "moo-moo" and out of which landing.
  149. bjcanweld

    Avet SX 2 speed lefty

    I use an SX with light line/flouro as the go to rig when the bite gets tempermental (as in drifting off a paddy). Personally this year 25# + yellowfin, no problem. When you get them close, throw it in low for the death blow.
  150. bjcanweld

    Avet SX 2 speed lefty

    No. Casts great without it. (I own 2 of them). With the SX I am able to pitch to tuna better than most, therefore catching more than most. Thanks for your interest. Will be taking the reel off after the weekend. I'll just keep it.
  151. bjcanweld

    Avet SX 2 speed lefty

    Sold. Thanks Tyler - go catch some.
  152. bjcanweld

    Very Nice Sports Fisher

    If that boat ever makes it to San Diego, let me know. I have an '04 1801 Parker if interested in trade.
  153. bjcanweld

    Anybody lose a rod ?

    Is it between 6 and 9 feet long and have either Calstar or Seeker printed on it with either a cork butt or a reel seat? If so, it may be mine. Please send it to me ASAP.
  154. bjcanweld

    Baja Trip....6/20-6/28

    Give up your day job - you should be a photographer! Awesome.
  155. bjcanweld

    Long Beach 4/21

    Nice one. I would like to meet Jordon. Usually my ho's have the shortest arms in the world and are allergic to boat soap.
  156. bjcanweld

    anyone know good crabbing spots in oc/lb area?

    The Irisher pub in Seal Beach. You are sure to catch crabs there.
  157. bjcanweld

    Pin Holes

    sORRY about your problem, but is fairly common with aluminum boats. The best repair would be to tig weld it. As a Welding instructor, I have done many, but the talent requirement for welding aluminum , oxidized, on thin metal is extreme. If you ever have the boat in So. Cal, I can do it for...
  158. bjcanweld

    Surfboards Galore

    dDo you have any Bruce Jones?
  159. bjcanweld

    Late report for HB

    Leopard sharks are prettier in the waTER THAN ON THE PLATE. Nice job.
  160. bjcanweld

    Rock Cod Rods

    Got vintage 2 piece Sabre, rollers all the way, wooden handle in pristine condition. Saw same in lousy shape @ BajaFish Gear sale last year for $125.00. Great rocker. Make me an offer I can't refuse.
  161. bjcanweld

    anchor light?

    No- just swim fins and a life jacket.
  162. bjcanweld

    Sunday Fishing W My Ladies Son.

    Bait -$$$, gas - $$$, parking - $$4,boat - $$$, that smile - priceless. Good job.
  163. bjcanweld

    Pacific Voyager 2-day, slim pickens but rewarding

    Fish or no fish, the PacVoy has the best captain and crew around.
  164. bjcanweld

    Sand Bassin' with the fleet

    You look pretty proficient at catching sandies. Are you the Sand Bass King I've heard so much about?
  165. bjcanweld

    1.5 on PQ w/ 105 Albies + 1BFT

    Was on the same trip. Didn't do as well as some (my bad) but the trip was great. Fishing with Drew and crew was like fishing on an expensive charter - great attitudes, great food, pro fish cleaning - Gotta love it.
  166. bjcanweld


    Possibly a Ca. record. Have you filleted it yet?
  167. bjcanweld

    This may SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    Rob - your thoughtful and humbling insight into the cause and effect of the accident will undoubtedly save someone's life in the future. Glad you and your friends are able to share this. Everyone out there should put down their beers and realize we are not fishing at Irvine lake - shit happens...
  168. bjcanweld

    fishing in Kauai

    John - thanks for the info. We will be staying in a beach house in Hanalei for about a week or so. Come by and lets talk fish. bruce
  169. bjcanweld

    fishing in Kauai

    I'm going to Kauai in June 2010 staying on the north shore. Would like to charter a boat. What kind of fish are running at that time and who do you recommend I contact? thanks
  170. bjcanweld

    Mexico visas

    Question. Do many of you bd'ers bother with the visa thing when going to San Quintin? I have only gotten the visa 1 time in Ensenada. About 1 hour out of your time. The other 30-40 times I just went for it with no problemo. Don't know if they are more strict these days. Thanks.
  171. bjcanweld

    Fishing out of Seaforth/LOST equipment

    I hate thieves. Hopefully you had 80# spectra on it and when he casts and backlashes it gives him a Columbian necktie.
  172. bjcanweld

    Sea of Cortez 7/13-7/17

    You outfished youe dad again. Guess the torch has passed. Maybe it's time he signs the Parker over to you, but then again, he did score the largest yt on the trip.
  173. bjcanweld

    andrea lynn baja sportfishing july11

    Leaving on a Tony trip on the 12th. see you out there.
  174. bjcanweld

    Bottom paint

    Thanks Dave - will do.
  175. bjcanweld

    Bottom paint

    I am fortunate enough to have a free HH slip. I need to get the bottom painted on my 18' Parker. This would be the first paint to go on the boat, and I am famaliar with the prep, primer, and paint requirements, But the yards are unbelievable in their prices. Any bd'ers know of anyone who does...
  176. bjcanweld

    Hog Calico from the rocks

    I've caught some big ones off the rocks at a secret spot in baja, but never ever one like that! Good job on the let go.
  177. bjcanweld

    Okuma reels.

    Any of you bd'ers have one of these? Looking at something in the 60# range for baja 16oz. torpedo fishing. The price is good, but are the goods bad?
  178. bjcanweld

    Lost Bag of stuff FOUND at Long beach Fred Hall show...

    Nice try Rob. Try and do the right thing, and look at these b.s. comments. They must be waiting for Obama to bail out their stupidity. I did buy my Parker from you, as well as a 40 Trinidad and Seeker rod , and I found you to be honest and fair.
  179. bjcanweld

    MPA - Don't Bitch When Your Favorite Fishing Spot Is Closed - Easy Way To Fight MPA

    Message sent to Harmon. I think Boxer and Feinstein are a waste of time. They are totally entrenched in the far left enviro conspiracy. Maybe someday Ca. will wake up and quit voting for these types, but I doubt it. Who would vote to give themselves a tax hike? City of L>A> just did. Now...
  180. bjcanweld

    SD Bay lobster and more lobster....fri/sat night

    Nice job on the bugs. Hope Chuck didn't vote for Clinton. These libs are responsible for the enviro-crap we are seeing now. If he wants to sell the shirt, I need something to clean up the seal shit on my boat.
  181. bjcanweld

    2/4 Halibut/Sculpin Bite

    Nice job on the butt. Looks like you are outfishing your dad! Maybe he should give you that Parker in the background.
  182. bjcanweld

    LB Friday Night Monster-Lob

    Nice job on the pulley system. What type of block did you use? As I am a welding instructor, I can build this thing. Let me know if you need some welding.