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    On the RGP Terminator It will be mine! Cant wait to Meet you at the Show Jamie!!
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    Like New Torsa 16N

  3. rdrblck66

    Like New Torsa 16N

  4. rdrblck66

    For Sale Unused Seeker Hercules SHS 80H-8' spinning rod for sale

    Is it the devious red blank or newer Graphite color blank?
  5. rdrblck66

    Seasick on Sports Boat

    Bonine 1st dose 8 hrs before you get on boat. 2nd 1 pill before you go to bed. Wake up and take a full dose. And repeat every day on multi day trip. I'm a Biggin(300lbs.) The make children's bonine also Great Stuff!
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  7. rdrblck66

    For Sale Or trade rainshadow tuna popper spinning custom rod

    Is this rod have a parabolic bend or is it Stiff? Thanks for response
  8. rdrblck66

    For Sale Race point 100 conventional popping/stickbait rod

    I cant believe this rod is still for sale! Absolute Steal! I would buy but I use a Spinner for Poppers. Throw a Tranx 500 on it OMG!
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    Heru skipjack 60 green As you can see they've had a Serious Workout
  10. rdrblck66

    For Sale Blackwater Shockleader 50&130 25m

    Any 35lb. For sale😎
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    #1- 60gr. Green Heru Skipjack #2-90gr. Green Heru Skipjack #3-any other color 60gr. Heru Skipjack
  12. rdrblck66

    Long Beach Temple Reef will be at Fredhall

    Cant wait to check out there Popping Rods!!
  13. rdrblck66

    For Sale Penn Fathom ii 15(star drag)

    It's the new model but No mag brake
  14. rdrblck66

    For Sale Penn Fathom ii 15(star drag)

    A few nibbles but no hook up yet. Tried to put up pics WTF! Please text for pics
  15. rdrblck66

    For Sale Penn Fathom ii 15(star drag)

    Thanks for offer but not interested in any trades.
  16. rdrblck66

    For Sale Penn Fathom ii 15(star drag)

    Went on 1 trip Excellent Condition 300yrds. Of 50lb. Maxcuatro braid comes with Box clamp and paperwork $160 will ship for $10 and PayPal gift or add 3.5% 9518160654. Text for pics
  17. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!! MAK 15II SEA

    In Excellent Condition just loaded with 350yrds. Of 80lb. Seaguar threadlock hollow. Gunmetal Purchased from fellow BD member went on 1 trip. I bought it at a Smokin deal will pass on the Great savings $340 PayPal gift or Zelle PM or text 9518160654
  18. rdrblck66

    Wife Got Me a UC Terminator For My Birthday!

    WOOOOW!! Awesome! She got a Sister! :D
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    UC Terminator, Predator 80 or Tilefish 80?

    The US 80 Predator is Absolute Beast if a Rod! A Must in any Saltwater anglers ARSENAL. I've fished it with a Penn Torque 40nld2 and a JX raptor but my favorite reel on it is a Accurate Dauntless 600n. BADASS Set up in my opinion.
  20. rdrblck66

    2007 Fountain 32 For Sale In Transferrable LLC $69,000

    BADASS!! I'm going to buy a lottery ticket and a Scratcher today!
  21. rdrblck66

    For Sale Cusrom used UC wahoo 80

    Is Rod a US or CE series Rod Thanks
  22. rdrblck66

    Yo Yo rod?

    My 2 favorite are SS 6465xh and GF 7465m
  23. rdrblck66

    Penn Fathom 2 Star drag reel

    Hopefully I'll be putting my new fathom ii 15 to work on friday!! Bluefin here I come!!
  24. rdrblck66

    Avet JX Raptor fill up

    X2 on the US80 Predator Amazing Rod Huge Backbone. X2 on the 50lb. Seaguar threadlock hollow Super Strong braid and Bigtime line capacity!!
  25. rdrblck66

    Seeker Hurcules 80xh Blank

    No Big Bluefin yet but hooked and landed 2 35/40lb. Yellowfin on it! Amazing rod, cant wait to hook a Big Boy on it. Very thin very light Great lifting power. Was using a tranx 500 but will be using a mxl raptor now. Hopefully get on a trip in the next few weeks for this recent bluefin bite...
  26. rdrblck66

    Discount on Independence Xmas Guadalupe trip, $1200

    WOW! Sounds like a Great Trip. Too bad I'm Fucking Working!
  27. rdrblck66

    Black Friday heads up

    I've bought reels and rods from Pelagic outfitters for years I deal directly with Chris. He has always taken care of me I've saved a ton of money buying from him. He has told me in the past he is out of stock and it might take a while(usually okuma reels). I had a friend who had to wait a couple...
  28. rdrblck66

    Must have terminal gear for Colonet

    I have a friend who's going to start selling heavy jigs. I used them at colonet last year and they worked Great
  29. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Thanks Stan!
  30. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Used in Excellent Condition No line or box. $225. PM or text 9518160654
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    Just received reel! EXCELLENT CONDITION Thanks Kevin!
  32. rdrblck66

    25% Off Avet Reels

    Temecula had quite a few HX raptors and a couple of JX raptors
  33. rdrblck66

    25% Off Avet Reels

    All of them I know temecula and corona have them for sure just give them a call
  34. rdrblck66

    25% Off Avet Reels

    Blems only
  35. rdrblck66

    25% Off Avet Reels

    Just picked up a MXL Raptor for $357 loaded with Braid. Turners Outdoorsman
  36. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    One tiny nick
  37. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    I'll ship for $215 2 day priority usps with tracking PayPal gift
  38. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Excellent Condition loaded with 500yrds of 80lb. Daiwa j braid. Went on 1 trip Priced to sell $200 9518160654
  39. rdrblck66

    80 MONSTER

    WOW! Your Work is Absolutely Amazing!!
  40. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Used in very good condition Freshly loaded with 300yrds Of 65lb. Maxcuatro. And 40lb. Top shot. PRICED TO SELL $365 9518160654
  41. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Used in Excellent Condition loaded with 50lb seaguar threadlock hollow 40lb. Floro top shot. $180 Now $165 9518160654
  42. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Mint Condition loaded with Seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb. Braid and 50 yards of 65lb. Daiwa boat braid. 44lbs. Of Max Drag . $120
  43. rdrblck66

    For Sale Brand new Okuma PCH rail rods

    Great Seller! Buy with Confidence!
  44. rdrblck66

    Centaur Combat Arm 84SM Popping rod reviews

    I just picked up a Centuar combat arm 81s for $271. Cant wait to fish it putting a saragosa 10000 on it.
  45. rdrblck66

    SOLD Keeping it for now

  46. rdrblck66

    Penn Fathom 2 Star drag reel

    Yea I changed my mind I'm getting the 15 for my new UC US Phantom :D
  47. rdrblck66

    For Sale Only Shimano Spinning Reels

    Thanks Thomas You always offer Great Deals!!
  48. rdrblck66

    For Sale Okuma Komodo 463p

    Will be up this afternoon
  49. rdrblck66

    Penn Fathom 2 Star drag reel

    Gen. 2 Thanks
  50. rdrblck66

    For Sale Okuma Komodo 463p

    In Mint Condition loaded with 50lb. Seaguar threadlock hollow and 30lb. Mono top shot. $190 Pick up price Shipping $14 xtra
  51. rdrblck66

    Penn Fathom 2 Star drag reel

    I'm looking to buy a 25n. Anyone have and used this reel. I know there very new, just interested in any opinions on this reel. THANKS
  52. rdrblck66

    SOLD United Composites Wahoo Jr.

    I've purchased rods from Brian before BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!!
  53. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD

    Thanks for the Easy Transaction Catch some Monsters on it!!
  54. rdrblck66

    For Sale All Sold!! Thx BD

    Seeker Hurcules sold
  55. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD

  56. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD

    Factory Wrapped used on 1 trip Caught 2 Yellowfin on it Awesome Rod. $250 pm or text 9518160654
  57. rdrblck66

    Condor, bunks or staterooms?

    Great Comfortable Boat! Huge Double Bunks, make sure you call and reserve. Decent sized Shower. Greg the Cook is the Man!!
  58. rdrblck66

    For Sale All Sold!! Thx BD

    Avet HXJ Raptor in Excellent Condition freshly loaded with 380yrds. Of 80lb. Maxcuatro and 40yrds. Of 50lb. Mono(no box just what is pictured) $350. Excellent Condition Okuma Azores 14000z Blue filled with 300yrds. Of seaguar threadlock hollow and added 80yrds. Of 65lb. Daiwa boat braid $130...
  59. rdrblck66

    WFO cod

    Very Nice!!
  60. rdrblck66


    Thanks Chung catch a Monster on it!
  61. rdrblck66

    Old Glory leaving 11/04

    I'm on this trip Tonight we need a few more to make it a Go! Tuna are Biting Let's Go!!
  62. rdrblck66


    Traded Thx BD
  63. rdrblck66


    Need a Excellent Condition Tranx 500pg or HG straight trade for Talica 20ii or Avet HXJ raptor and cash on my side. PM or text 9518160654
  64. rdrblck66

    For Sale Please delete

    One last reduction Guys $380
  65. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD

    Reduced $340. Some fresh pics of the grips
  66. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD

    Bluefin Tuna 60-150lb. I had it paired with a Talica 20ii.
  67. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD

    Rod is 7'6
  68. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD

    Went on 1 trip in Excellent Condition Factory Built. $360 PM or text 9518160654
  69. rdrblck66

    For Sale Please delete

    Used some rash on side plate in Excellent Mechanical Condition. Aftermarket Jigging World T-bar handler and also have original handle. Loaded with Fresh(1 trip) Seaguar Threadlock Hollow 500yrds. of 100lb. $425 Shipping Extra If shipped PayPal gift or add 3.5%.PM or text 9518160654
  70. rdrblck66

    SOLD Saltiga 30T

  71. rdrblck66

    Opinions for a new spinning reel

    New Okuma Azores Blue Spinning reel 14000
  72. rdrblck66

    Opinions for a new spinning reel

    I just picked up a Okuma azores blue 14000h for $157 from Turners Free 350yrds. Of seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb. Going to try it out next week on a 2 1/2 day on the Cortez
  73. rdrblck66

    For Sale REDUCED! $210 Penn Fathom 40nld2 reel

    Used on one trip in Excellent Condition loaded with 80lb. Izor braid and new top shot of 50lb. Mono. Only selling because upgraded to Hxj raptor $250 now $210
  74. rdrblck66

    United Composites GP80's, there has been a sighting..

    Big Ed from Whopper Stopper builds my rods! He kicks Ass!
  75. rdrblck66

    United Composites GP80's, there has been a sighting..

    I'll give you that! They are Sweet Looking I have Alps on my Custom Hurcules and Raptor.
  76. rdrblck66

    United Composites GP80's, there has been a sighting..

    I have a Custom US Monster with a fuji Graphite reel seat. I've caught bluefin up to 90lbs. On it with NO PROBLEMS Nice and light stick. Fuji makes Super Strong Graphite reel seats.
  77. rdrblck66

    Seeker Hurcules 80xh Blank

    Been wanting to have a Rod built with this blank for years. It had been only available in a fully built rod in the Athena series. Called Seeker and was told there rolling this blank now in graphite color only as a blank. Called my Rod Builder Ed from Whopper Stopper and he built me a Blacked...
  78. rdrblck66

    SOLD Spinner rod to pair with Saltiga Expedition 5500H

    Ok Ripple Fisher Big Tuna 85 Baddest Rod on the Planet!! Check out Plat in Japan I bought one from them last year!!
  79. rdrblck66

    For Sale Okuma Komodo 463p

    Yes Thanks Brother!
  80. rdrblck66

    For Sale Okuma Komodo 463p

    Excellent Condition filled with seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb and 40lb. Mono top shot. $200
  81. rdrblck66

    SOLD Spinner rod to pair with Saltiga Expedition 5500H

    That reel u have is a Monster of a reel! Check out 360tuna. Yamaga blanks is a Great rod to pair with it! Blue Sniper or Blacky series!
  82. rdrblck66

    Okuma Azores Blue reel Reviews

    Looking for a large live bait reel to put on my Hurcules 70xh. Didn't want to spend too much dough on it. Also was looking at the Shimano Spheros. Okuma size 14000 Shimano 20000. Any reviews would be Great! Thanks
  83. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Used in Mint Condition loaded with 350yrds. Of seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb $450
  84. rdrblck66

    WTB Local Bluefin setup! 40-60 pound stick? suggestions appreciated too!

    I use a Factory United Composites US80 Predator for that Application. Amazing Rod Incredible Backbone
  85. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!

  86. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!

    Used in Excellent Condition Factory with upgraded grips and Alps reel seat. Full retail $346 Selling for $250 PM or text 9518160654
  87. rdrblck66

    WTB Seeker Hurcules 70h/xh Spinning Rod

    Looking for this Rod in Excellent Condition Preferably older Long Beach Model Thanks
  88. rdrblck66

    For Sale Please delete

    Ocea plugger Traded!
  89. rdrblck66

    SOLD Sold

    BADASS ROD Timmy!!
  90. rdrblck66

    For Sale Phenix Hybrid 660x2h Custom

    Blacked out in Excellent Condition. Fuji guides Alps reel seet and gimble. $260 Custom made by the Legend Ed from Whopper Stopper!
  91. rdrblck66

    For Sale Please delete

    Thanks Guys for all the Bumps:D
  92. rdrblck66

    Advice on 30-40lb 8ft bait rod for tuna

    United Composites US 80 Monster!
  93. rdrblck66

    For Sale Please delete

    Also Open to Trades!
  94. rdrblck66

    For Sale Please delete

    If both are purchased as a combo I will sell for $850 This is Picked Up Price Shipping not included
  95. rdrblck66

    SOLD Railrod for Makaira15T

    UC US 80 Predator all the way! Monster of a Rod! Unbelievable Backbone and can still cast a sardine!
  96. rdrblck66

    For Sale Please delete

    14000xg in Excellent Condition loaded with 350yrds of Seaguar threadlock hollow $495 now $425 Full Throttle in Excellent Condition comes with rod bag $450 now $400 PM or text 9518160654. Will put up detailed pics tonight
  97. rdrblck66

    SOLD Shimano Ocea Plugger Full Throttle 83H

    Casting Distance when on a Sport Boat you need Maximum Casting Distance When fishing on a smaller private boat you con get closer to fish and use a shorter rod. I still prefer the 88h regardless.
  98. rdrblck66

    Bad News

    That's a Bigtime Bummer, He's a Great Guy. Got slot of Great advice from him at The Longfin, He will be missed Greatly. RIP
  99. rdrblck66

    taking a poll

    One thing you have to Realize, these boats have to get Fish Hooked and Landed so they can show there are catching fish. It's there Livelihood. When they are scratching for fish they cant take the chance of losing the fish. Now if the boat is going off and are close to limits In sure they would...
  100. rdrblck66

    Opinions for a new spinning reel

    Saragosa 10000 is a Great reel or if you can find a used Twinpower 14000xg.
  101. rdrblck66

    Rate my rods....

    Your Good Ed is the Man!!
  102. rdrblck66

    Searcher Guadalupe Report

    Very Nice!! Great Report
  103. rdrblck66

    Sea Adventure 80

    Its first come first serve if boat is leaving at 7 I would be there by 2 or 3. I walk down the dock and wait by the slip bring a chair. I know that sounds crazy early but they have limited state rooms.
  104. rdrblck66

    Affordable reels for Kite fishing?

    Hit local Pawn Shops for Older International 2 speeds and other large Reels!!
  105. rdrblck66

    Sea Adventure 80

    Had some Great trips on SA80 when Billy was running it!! Get there early to get a Stateroom!
  106. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Sale pending
  107. rdrblck66

    Where's Jeff from Indy?

    Man I sure had some Great trips on the Indy, Great Boat! I've never been on the RP, cant wait to schedule my First trip on it next year!!
  108. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD

    Where are u located?
  109. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD

    2 hard to find pl68s are in there.
  110. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD

    Some used Some New only sold together all Heavy jigs $75 pm or text 9518160654 No Shipping located in Riverside ca.
  111. rdrblck66

    For Sale Huge Gear Sale!

    For all info on Gear Please text. Steve has been Long Range Fishing for years He has accumulated so much gear it's too much to list. He has a long range gear bag loaded to the hilt with hooks, wahoo jigs, surface irons, heavy iron and much more. The rods I looked at were grafighter 800h(2)...
  112. rdrblck66

    For Sale Huge Gear Sale!

    Custom Calstar and Seeker Rods Huge long range tackle bag Tons of Hooks and jigs! A friend of mine is selling all! Directly dealing with Steve. Face to face No Shipping No Low balling Please 9515057765 Text Please. Located in Menifee Ca
  113. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    $400. Picked up price! Shipping extra $15 PayPal Gift
  114. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Not at this time but Thanks for offer
  115. rdrblck66

    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    Great Report! Bummer Jeff isn't running the Boat anymore. In my opinion, The Best Captain in the Fleet.
  116. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Excellent Condition loaded with Seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb. and fresh 40lb. Mono top shot also after market jigging world handle.$425 pm or text 9518160654. I'll have pics up later this afternoon
  117. rdrblck66

    Black Hole Nano, UCSidewinder or ?

    High end Shimano ocea plugger full throttle 83h or 88h, Race Point 150/200 Higher end Ripple fisher big tuna series Buget Major Craft Crostage CRCX 86 tuna. I went with a Ocea Plugger full throttle 88h.
  118. rdrblck66

    SOLD Fathom 30LD2 off the marked so listing as "sold"

    This is a Amazing Deal The line alone is at least $70. GLWS
  119. rdrblck66

    New sizes for Shimano Flat Fall Jigs

  120. rdrblck66

    SOLD Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Smokin Deal! GLWS
  121. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!!

    Used poppers 90gr. Heru skipjack, caivo bull popper 3d(3 of them) 2 other large models and a Maria loaded stick bait. All for $100 pm or text 9518160654
  122. rdrblck66

    For Sale Used Avet Reel Bag

    Used needs a good cleaning all zippers work great large size $45
  123. rdrblck66

    Line for my Stella 18000

    Seaguar threadlock hollow 80lb Great casting No wind knots
  124. rdrblck66

    Looking for a solid 60-80lb Rod

    Lance I hear the Hot ticket is the UC Lance I hear the UC CP 70XH is a Monster of a rod for 60 and 80. It will be my Next UC rod.
  125. rdrblck66

    For Sale Fathom 40nld2

    Just a heads up Amazon has Fathom 40nld2 for $237. That's with taxes.:D
  126. rdrblck66

    For Sale Penn Visx 12ii SOLD! and Saragosa 8000

    Back up for sale Penn visx 12ii silver like new 500yrds Seaguar threadlock hollow 80lb. $440 now $420 Shimano saragosa 8000h Excellent Condition loaded with 290yrds 50l . Seaguar threadlock hollow $220 pick up only in Riverside, Corona or Murrieta ca pm or text 9518160654
  127. rdrblck66

    For Sale Shimano Twpower

    Is this a JDM model?
  128. rdrblck66

    WTB 2 pc. Popping rod

    This is a Badass rod at a Smokin Deal!!
  129. rdrblck66

    Turners Corona

    Just went in there to get some line and they had a New Super Seeker 6470 30-50 REDUCED from $469 to $259 if anyone is interested
  130. rdrblck66

    For Sale All Sold!! Thx BD

    77 Hiramasa is Sold
  131. rdrblck66

    For Sale All Sold!! Thx BD

    Going to throw a New Penn Fierce reel if you buy both rods for $240
  132. rdrblck66

    For Sale All Sold!! Thx BD

    Used in Excellent Condition Popping rods 86 Tuna 8'6 60-120gr. Popper Pe8 77 Hiramasa 7'7 40-100gr. Popper pe4-6 86 tuna $140. 77 Hiramasa $100 SOLD These are two piece rods pm or text 9518160654
  133. rdrblck66

    WTB Searching for a rod to go with talica 16

    United Composites CP70h is my choice
  134. rdrblck66

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    Wow what a NIGHTMARE Operation that was when there were running trips at the Imperial Beach Pier. They put all the gear in a big metal basket and lowered it to the boat(swinging all around) and then to get on the boat you had to time your jump because the boat was going up and down...
  135. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD THANKS BD!

    Hi Paul Sorry Reel and handle Sold
  136. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD THANKS BD!

    Back up for sale!
  137. rdrblck66

    For Sale Sold

    At least 60 miles
  138. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD THANKS BD!

    Sale is pending No trades
  139. rdrblck66

    For Sale Sold

    Riverside Ca comes with clamp tool and box
  140. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD THANKS BD!

    Used some rash on side plate Excellent working condition Recently loaded with 500yrds Seaguar threadlock hollow and 25yrd. Top shot of Blackwater 60lb. Fluorocarbon $450 also have New Jigging World Handle that I haven't put on reel for $40 PM or text 9518160654
  141. rdrblck66

    For Sale Sold

    Excellent Condition loaded with 80lb. Seaguar threadlock hollow 500yrds. Went on 2 trips Purchased 2 months ago. $460 now $440PM or text 9518160654
  142. rdrblck66

    WTB ss 80XH or tiger

    I pulled on a Athena 80xh, Badass Rod I wish they sold that Blank Pink just isn't my color.
  143. rdrblck66

    For Sale REDUCED! Custom Phenix Hybrid 660x2h

    Back up for sale Buyer no showed. Custom Phenix Hybrid 660x2h Fuji Hooded Graphite reel seat, Fuji SIC guides. Built by Infinity Structures in Excellent Condition $285 now $260 pm or text 9518160654
  144. rdrblck66

    SOLD BNIB Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 5500H and BNIB Shimano Twinpower SW 10K

    Wow! The Holy Grail of spinning reels! Nice Grab Rhino26!!
  145. rdrblck66

    Report Condor 6/9-6/11 1 1/2 Trip

    Went South around 85 miles, where Pacific Queen had run into Yellowfin and Bluefin. Around 8am we start catching Yellowfin and bluefin on fly lining Beautiful Sardines. I was using a Tranx 500hg on a United Composites Ce Wahoo(love this rod). 30lb. Black Water Flourocarbon was the Ticket. Then...
  146. rdrblck66

    For Sale REDUCED! Phenix Hybrid 809xh(Factory)

    In Excellent Condition Factory wrapped 30-80 8' $290 now $275
  147. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLDPhenix Hybrid 809xh price lowered

    Phenix Hybrid 660x2h SOLD! Phenix Hybrid 809xh price lowered to $300.
  148. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD! Phenix Axis 680x3h(factory wrap)

    Excellent Condition factory wrap $260 PM or text 9518160654
  149. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLDPhenix Hybrid 809xh price lowered

    Not interested in any trades right now but Thanks for offer. Yes the Custom 660x2h was built by Infinity Structures. Thanks!
  150. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLDPhenix Hybrid 809xh price lowered

    And the top shot is seaguar fxr 55lb. Fluorocarbon
  151. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLDPhenix Hybrid 809xh price lowered

    Excellent Condition Shimano Talica 12ii loaded with 500yrds. 50lb. Seaguar threadlock hollow 40 yard. Topshop 40lb. Seaguar fxr flourocarbon $390 Sold Phenix Hybrid 809xh in Excellent Condition(factory wrap) $320 now $300 Custom Phenix Hybrid 660x2h in Great Condition Fuji Graphite reel seat...
  152. rdrblck66

    Bluefin Trip Tonight

    1 1/2 Tonight on 095. We need 3 more guys, it's going to be a light load. Let's catch some Monsters!!
  153. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD!! BNIB Avet pro exw 30/2

    Black, loaded with new 100lb. Daiwa j braid(700yrds.). $400 PM or text 9518160654
  154. rdrblck66

    For Sale Bluefin Combo Avet/phenix

    Went on 1 boat ride( not used) Avet exw 30(black) loaded with 700yds of 100lb. Daiwa j braid on a Phenix Axis 680x3h $720 picked up in Riverside ca. PM or text 9518160654
  155. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLD United Composites US80 Monster(Mint)

    Factory Wrap, Excellent Condition 8' 30-60 $265 PM or text 9518160654
  156. rdrblck66

    For Sale Seeker Hurcules 70m SOLD

    It's a long beach blank Fuji guides and reel seat
  157. rdrblck66

    For Sale Seeker Hurcules 70m SOLD

    Alot of interest in rod here are some pics
  158. rdrblck66

    For Sale Seeker Hurcules 70m SOLD

    Conventional in Excellent Condition, dark gray blank Graphite reel seat. Full retail $337 selling for $180 PM or text 9518160654
  159. rdrblck66

    WTB Found one!!

    Found one!! Thanks James and BD!!
  160. rdrblck66

    WTB Found one!!

    New or like New Condition Thanks 9518160654
  161. rdrblck66

    WTB Calstar Grafighter 765ml Rod

    Let me know what you have. Excellent to mint Condition. Thanks 9518160654
  162. rdrblck66

    For Sale Avet HX 3/S Raptor (new)

    Sweet Big Bluefin Set-up! GLWS
  163. rdrblck66

    SOLD No more here

    Pm'd. It's a talica 2 speed correct Thanks
  164. rdrblck66

    WTB Saragosa 8k or 10k SW and lower end popping rod

    I have a major craft Crostage CRCX popping rod. $150
  165. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLDShimano Ocea Plugger Full Throttle Popping Rod

    New with tags 8'8 model retail $599 selling for $425 picked up. PM or text 9518160654
  166. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLDCustom United Composites US 80 Predator(black)

    Alot of interest in rod I live in riverside ca you will need to pick up from riverside ca. No Shipping
  167. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLDPenn Torque 25nld/2

    Huge interest in reel. I'll take in order. I live In riverside ca. You can drive here or I can ship for $10 extra PayPal gift. Comes with clamp and box
  168. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLDCustom United Composites US 80 Predator(black)

    PM'S responded to I'll put up pics tomorrow
  169. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLDCustom United Composites US 80 Predator(black)

    Alot if interest in rod I will put up pics first thing tomorrow
  170. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLDCustom United Composites US 80 Predator(black)

    Used in Excellent Condition Blacked Out Alps reel seat and guides. $250 PM or text
  171. rdrblck66

    For Sale SOLDPenn Torque 25nld/2

    Used in Mint Condition loaded with 65lb. Maxcuatro(white). $375 PM or text
  172. rdrblck66

    For Sale Racepoint 200 popping rod PRICE DROP

    A Truly Amazing Popping Rod at a Awesome Price! GLWS
  173. rdrblck66

    SOLD Stella SOLD!!

    JDM Mint Condition loaded with new seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb. Aftermarket handle(studio oceanmark) $625 PM or text 9518160654
  174. rdrblck66

    WTB Spinning rod 25-40 lb

    Majir craft 2 piece $120
  175. rdrblck66

    Punta Colinet - Jan. 5 - 2019 Report

    Great Report! I'm going in on the 25th, cant wait!!
  176. rdrblck66

    SOLD Avet JX Raptor(Black)SOLD

    In Excellent Condition loaded with 80lb. Daiwa j braid $330. Comes with box and clamp. PM or text 9518160654
  177. rdrblck66

    SOLD Shimano Saragosa 6000,8000,10000

    Thanks for the Great deal Thomas!!
  178. rdrblck66

    For Sale Accurate Valiant BV2-1000 Black

    Great Seller!! Top of the line gear!!
  179. rdrblck66

    For Sale LX Raptor/Graftech Combo

    Rod still fir sale $80 picked up in riverside ca.
  180. rdrblck66

    For Sale LX Raptor/Graftech Combo

    Black lx raptor in Excellent Condition filled with 80lb. J braid and a graftech rail rod 80-100. $400 PM or text 9518160654
  181. rdrblck66

    50 or 65 braid for Yellowfin Popping

    X2 Absolutely the Best!!
  182. rdrblck66

    Medium to light setup suggestions

    Major Craft Crostage crxc Tuna 80 or 86 Popping Rod $170 Super budget reel BG or try and find used Saragosa sw 8000. I own this set-up and it's Amazing for the price Easily catch 25- 100lb. Tuna.
  183. rdrblck66

    SOLD Shimano Ocea Plugger Full Throttle 83H

    New with tags. Bought the 83h and the 88h. Went with the 88h. Retail $599 selling for $460 PM or text 9518160654
  184. rdrblck66

    For Sale Popping Rods(2 piece)

    Major craft web site "New Crostage Series"
  185. rdrblck66

    For Sale Popping Rods(2 piece)

    $150 for the rod and I'll throw in a like new Penn Fierce 2 5000!
  186. rdrblck66

    SOLD SOLD - UC80 Monster with Tranx 500PG

    Smokin Deal! Too bad I just bought a 500hg to go on my Factory 8' Monster!! GLWS
  187. rdrblck66

    For Sale Popping Rods(2 piece)

    Spinning Rods in New Condition. Major Craft Crostage CRCX 77 Hiramasa 7'7 pe3 to pe6 $175 PM or text 9518160654
  188. rdrblck66

    15% Off Ebay

    Code Pickfast
  189. rdrblck66

    For Sale Nice Spinning Combo

    Went on 1 boat ride Excellent Condition Major Craft Crostage CRXC 7'7 rated pe3-pe6. Penn Fierce 2 5000 Great for Yellowtail and Schoolie tuna $200. PM or text 9518160654
  190. rdrblck66

    SOLD SOLD G Loomis GLX 822s syr Combo

    Rod is in Excellent Condition reel is a Shimano Stratic 2500 in Excellent Condition also. $300 PM or Text
  191. rdrblck66

    SOLD Avet Raptor MXJ BlackSOLD!!

    Used in Excellent Condition Black loaded with 50lb. Seaguar threadlock hollow. Box and clamp included $315 PM or text 9518160654
  192. rdrblck66

    SOLD Penn Visx 16(silver)SOLD

    Sorry all gear sold. Thanks BD
  193. rdrblck66

    SOLD Penn Visx 16(silver)SOLD

    Penn visx 16 still for sale $425
  194. rdrblck66

    SOLD Penn Visx 16(silver)SOLD

    All gear sold Thanks BD
  195. rdrblck66

    SOLD Penn Visx 16(silver)SOLD

    UC US wahoo jr(custom) 7' blacked out, Alps reel seat and guides.$220 sold! Excellent Condition. UC CX Viper(custom) Alps reel seat and guides, blacked out $275 sold! Excellent Condition. Penn Visx 16 silver Excellent Condition loaded with 500yrds 80lb. Hollow spliced 130lb. Top shot 75yrds...
  196. rdrblck66

    Tranx 500 HG VS. PG for iron

    True Words of WISDOM!!
  197. rdrblck66

    For Sale Delete BD

  198. rdrblck66

    Tomahawk Bluefin Trip This Monday....whos going??

    Great Boat Great Captain Great Crew Great Food!! Bring a Heavy(100lb.) Set up 30/40lb. 50/60lb. 20/25lb. Floro is a Must also 30/40/60 floro.Bring a pre rigged 250 flat fall. Size 2 and 4 hooks are a must also!! Have a Blast
  199. rdrblck66

    For Sale Delete BD

    All pm's and text replied to. Still available
  200. rdrblck66

    For Sale Delete BD

    Factory UC 76 Centuar in Excellent Condition $350 Penn Visx 20 loaded with Daiwa j braid 120lb. $480 9518160654 Combo was $830 Now $780 Reduced
  201. rdrblck66

    SOLD SOLD!! UC CX76 Viper

    Went on 1 trip EXCELLENT CONDITION! Priced to Sell $360. Picked up No Shipping Factory Wrapped 9518160654
  202. rdrblck66

    For Sale Stella 14k and Carpenter Coral Viper

    WOW!! One of the Finest Popping Rods on the PLANET!! I hope you get a chance to put it to work on your 8 day!
  203. rdrblck66

    For Sale High End Bass Gear REDUCED!

    G Loomis 822s syr(spinning) rod paired with a Shimano Stratic C14+ 2500fa reel. Used in Excellent Condition Full retail $635 selling for $375 REDUCED $325 Major Craft MSX-68ml spinning rod Used in very good Condition(some wear on rear grip) Full retail $304 selling for $150 REDUCED $125 firm PM...
  204. rdrblck66

    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    Thank God my trips on the TOMAHAWK:D
  205. rdrblck66

    For Sale United Composites RCX70 CENTAUR 60-100lb $360

    Sweet Set-up Paul, have a Visx 16 on my Centuar. GLWS
  206. rdrblck66

    Constitution 9/20/18 Bittersweet 1.5 Day Trip

    Wow, alot of Negative Feedback on certain Boats lately. Here's what I think about this situation. PLAN months ahead, Book trips on Quality Boats Pacific Queen, New Lo Ann and the Vagabond. You Never hear any Negative Feeback on these Boats(I'm sure I'm leaving some other really good boats out)...
  207. rdrblck66


    Had a Great trip last year on the Legend very nice fishing platform. Chuck and crew did a Great job.
  208. rdrblck66


    This Rod has a nice bend and a ton of Backbone. I like it better than the 7'6.
  209. rdrblck66


    The 8' Predator is a Monster of a Rod!! A Must have! I love mine, jx raptor on it
  210. rdrblck66


    No problem, I wish it went differently my apologies for dropping the A H comment.
  211. rdrblck66


    HEY ASSHOLE, I offer you the reel at a Great Price and your response is "I'm Interested" and you feel that's telling me u want it. Yes I sent payment info but other members were also interested.
  212. rdrblck66


    Rod is sold. Avet LX Raptor(black) loaded with 80lb. Seaguar threadlock hollow (440)$375. PM or text 9518160654
  213. rdrblck66


    I had put together some Big Bluefin set-ups together. I decided to sell this one. Avet LX raptor loaded with 440yrds of 80lb. Seaguar threadlock hollow and there's room for a top shot. It's on a Newly designed Graftech Rail Rod(80-100lb.) It went on one trip with no use. Priced to Sell $500 PM...
  214. rdrblck66

    Popper Jig Choices

    It's the Japsn Special purchased from Plat. It's a very unique Popping Rod, it can cast a 50/60gr. Or a 120gr. Popper. You can fish it lighter with 80lb. Topshots or 130lb. Topshots. Its max drag is 33lbs. But it's not broom stick very parabolic(easy on the back) it's an Anazing Rod!!
  215. rdrblck66

    Popper Jig Choices

    Caught three bluefin(approximately 50lb.) And five yellowfin around 25lbs. On 60gr. Heru skipjack. These poppers cast a mile on the right set up. I have a Stella 8000hg. Loaded with Seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb.(average breaking strength 92lbs) on a Ripple Fisher Big Tuna 85
  216. rdrblck66

    SOLD SLLD!! Seeker SSR 2×3 Rod

    In Excellent Condition, been on 2 trips No fish caught. Rated 80-130. $280 PM or text 9518160654
  217. rdrblck66

    SOLD ..gone

    Awesome Work Timmy!! The Seeker is Off The Hook!
  218. rdrblck66

    For Sale Stella please delete

    Excellent Condition loaded with Seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb. Comes with Box but no reel pouch Quick Sale $650 PM or text 9518160654
  219. rdrblck66

    October 2.5 - 2.75 day Bluefin trips - Tomahawk

    Just Booked the 10/8 2.75 trip!! Cant Wait! Let's fill it up!!
  220. rdrblck66

    Aztec first time aboard?

    Great Boat Skipper and Crew!!
  221. rdrblck66

    Penn 16VISX Porn

    I get mine tomorrow from Pelagic Outfitters!!
  222. rdrblck66

    SOLD NIB Avet JX Raptor

  223. rdrblck66

    SOLD SOLD UC RCE 900 Del Mar CT

    New 30-60 $325 picked up in Riverside Ca PM or text 9518160654
  224. rdrblck66

    For Sale BNIB talica 25 and phenix hybrid 7004xh

    Smokin deals on those Rods, wont last long GLWS
  225. rdrblck66


    575yrds. Of 100lb. Daiwa j braid. 300yrds. Of 80lb. Sounds like a hxj
  226. rdrblck66


    Pics comes with box clamp and tool
  227. rdrblck66


    Went on 2 boat rides Excellent Condition loaded with 100lb j braid. $450 PM or text 9518160654
  228. rdrblck66

    eBay 15% off

    Maxel Hybrid 25 Star Drag $250
  229. rdrblck66

    For Sale Phenix Axis 820xh(New)SOLD

    Just bought from Ebay I did use 15% off code. Only selling because a little heavier action than I wanted. Beast of a rod. $180 No Shipping PM or text 9518160654
  230. rdrblck66

    Jx raptor or Bv2-500

    Over the years I've fished alot of different reels Accurate, Penn, daiwa, Shimano and Avet. They are all Great Reels! I now only fish Avet Raptors! Badass Reels, cast like a dream. Robert's comments were right on the Money!
  231. rdrblck66

    For Sale Calstar gfgr 700h new $210 SOLD

    A True Classic One Hell of a Stick Ut won't last long GLWS
  232. rdrblck66

    SOLD Delete Thanks BD

    Major craft Sold!!
  233. rdrblck66

    SOLD Delete Thanks BD

    Yes Lance is right. It's the New Series Crostage CRXC 80 tuna two piece. It's a Beast. 8' pe4-pe6 I use 80lb. Floro top shot it dominated a 50lb. Bluefin in less than 10 min.
  234. rdrblck66

    SOLD Delete Thanks BD

    Monster Sold!!
  235. rdrblck66

    SOLD Delete Thanks BD

    Some Gear for sale Priced to sell. UC US 8' Monster SOLD Custom wrapped by Whopper Stopper Shimano Saragosa 8000 loaded with 50lb. Daiwa j braid $180 Major Craft Crostage popping rod SOLD $150 Pm or text 9518160654 will put pics up tonight
  236. rdrblck66

    SOLD Avet SX Raptor(Green)SOLD

    Wow was going to put up pics but it's now SOLD! Thanks BD. And Thanks Robert for the kind words, can't wait to go fishing on the TOMAHAWK!
  237. rdrblck66

    SOLD Avet SX Raptor(Green)SOLD

    I have a Green used in Excellent Condition SX Raptor. Loaded with 50lb. Daiwa j braid. Only selling because I picked up a MXJ raptor. $300 PM or Text 9518160654
  238. rdrblck66

    SOLD Nib okuma mak 15ii sea(blue)

    A Bluefin Killer! GLWS
  239. rdrblck66

    For Sale Avet Reel and UC Rod

    Avet EX 30/2 loaded with 130lb. Seaguar Threadlock hollow(490yrds.) Took on 3 trips, reel is in like new condition. $340. United Composites Custom 8' Raptor in Excellent condition $275(my name is on rod in small print) only selling because have too much gear and want to go on more trips. PM or...
  240. rdrblck66

    Heru Poppers

    Peche Xtreme has them I just bought 2 90gr. Very fast shipping all the way from france.
  241. rdrblck66

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    It's hard to compete with United Composites and Calstar.
  242. rdrblck66

    Best spinning rod to catch big tuna

    Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge Big Tuna 710 or 85 Japan Special or Race Point 150 or 200.
  243. rdrblck66

    Emergency small craft missing

    Wow what a NIGHTMARE! So glad there OK! An event they will never forget.
  244. rdrblck66

    Seeker SSR 2×3

    I picked up this rod for dropping flat falls for the Biggins. I have a Avet ex 30/2 on it. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has used this rod and how it performs. Thanks Greg
  245. rdrblck66

    Binocular Choices

    Thanks Guys, I'm on it!!!
  246. rdrblck66

    Binocular Choices

    I want to pick up a pair of binoculars for spotting birds, patties and foamers. Would like to spend between $200-$500. Let me know what's you guys think. Thanks Greg
  247. rdrblck66

    UC GUSA SideWinder – Popping Rods

  248. rdrblck66

    Best fitting rod to cast a popper

    Major craft crostage crxc 80 tuna or a 86 tuna. On Ebay for Round $200 shimano saragosa 8000 or 10000 loaded with seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb. Top shot 80lb. Floro AND YOU ARE IN THE GAME!!
  249. rdrblck66


    OMG! An Absolute Masterpiece! Great job Sir. If I didn't have one already I'd be all over it!!
  250. rdrblck66

    7/13 tuna report

    Great Report!! Catching Tuna on a Popper is the Ultimate Rush!!
  251. rdrblck66

    Dominator 7/10 Report

    Yes Sir, 60gr. But 90 or 120 would work great too. They cast a mile and have great action!!
  252. rdrblck66

    Dominator 7/10 Report

    Started off approximately 42 miles south, dropping Flat Falls starting around 430 am. No hookups, started looking for Patties with not much luck A couple of Yellowtail. Started working are way North, to the 302. Around 130 we get a small yellowfin on the troll, then soon after a triple, then we...
  253. rdrblck66

    7/8 10 min off Mission Bay

    Heru Skipjack's are Deadly and they Cast a Mile!! Great Report and Catch!!
  254. rdrblck66

    WTB Popping Rod - Phenix or Blackhole Nano

    Wait for another 20% off sale on EBay and pick up a Yamaga Blanks popping rod, there BADASS!
  255. rdrblck66

    How's the Condor

    Great Boat, Captain and Crew!!
  256. rdrblck66

    Dominator July 2

    Great Report!! I was on that trip also, Captain and Crew were Top Notch! Like Gene said Big wide Bunks with new thick pads(very comfortable). I'm a Biggin, very Wide between rail and rod area. Great bow area for throwing Poppers and Surface iron. Great Food. Had an Awesome time. And yes I got...
  257. rdrblck66

    Popping rod for Stella 18kHG

    Great Post!! Catch some Monsters!! I just wish I had the Time and Money to walk into Salty Water Tackle and Jignpop and check out all the Rods and lures!!
  258. rdrblck66

    Seeker osp 3x reel match

    I saw those Rods at Turners OMG $630 I couldn't believe the price. Must be One BADASS Rod!!
  259. rdrblck66

    Won tuna shoot out / New Lo-an

    Thanks John!! You The Man!!
  260. rdrblck66

    Won tuna shoot out / New Lo-an

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I just had a CX80 built How did it perform. Thanks
  261. rdrblck66

    Rod for SX Raptor

    Loaded mine with seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb. And it's on a UC US 8' Monster
  262. rdrblck66

    For Sale REDUCTION Race Point 200 Popping Rod

    Last Reduction $600 pick up only
  263. rdrblck66

    Time for a change?

    I'm going to use it for dropping Flat Falls and heavy jigs for Bluefin and if the bite goes wide open Bait. I'm going to fill it with 100lb. Daiwa j braid and use a short piece of Blackwater floro(130lb.)
  264. rdrblck66

    Time for a change?

    Steve, wait till eBay has another 20% off sale There doing it regularly now. I picked up a ex30 for $309. Free shipping
  265. rdrblck66

    Ebay reels?

    I have purchased many rods from Shimreels on EBay always free shipping awesome packing and I get it within 5 days. The also sell reels.
  266. rdrblck66

    Race Point 200 Popping or Stickbait??

    I own a Race point 200 and a 150, I'm also selling a Race Point 200. I am certainly no expert on popping and throwing stick baits, but I'm learning. IMO 200 is for Poppers very fast action(stiff tip) but bends nicely for fighting Big Tuna 80-150lbs. and up to 200lbs. The 150 IMO would be what...
  267. rdrblck66

    PQ Limits BFT 60-90#

    OMG That is F#cking insane! Great Report
  268. rdrblck66

    SOLD SOLD Avet JX Raptor/Calstar GF 765L

    JX raptor(green) Excellent Condition loaded with 80lb. Daiwa j braid $375 Calstar GF 765l Excellent Condition custom wrapped. $200 Pm or text 9518160654. Will put picks up tonight
  269. rdrblck66

    For Sale REDUCTION Race Point 200 Popping Rod

    An Amazing High End Popping Rod Race Point 200 Custom wrapped by Mike Garone. This is a New 2 piece Popping/Stick Bait Rod. $750 Pm or text 9518160654
  270. rdrblck66

    Best meals for 8-10 days

    Where did Kenny go?? I was just on a 3 day a few months ago. He Kicked Ass! Awesome guy too. His Braised Short Ribs were off the hook!
  271. rdrblck66

    Avet sx raptor rod reccomendation?

    UC US Monster
  272. rdrblck66

    FREE up to $100 off ebay, today only

    Picked up a EX 30 for $309! Yippee!!
  273. rdrblck66

    Fishing in Oregon

    OMG!! YouTube it Guys Absolutely insane. Check out the Tsunami video. Looks like a Awesome place to live though.
  274. rdrblck66

    SOLD Penn torque 40n 2 speed

    Sweet Ass Reel Jason!! GLWS
  275. rdrblck66

    Popping rod for Stella 18kHG

    Monster Ledge, very interesting. Sounds like a Beast of a Rod. Is the Rod Parabolic or Stiff? I called Salty Water Tackle yesterday, and they said it's a Stick Bait Rod Lighter tip Deeper water. I went with the Race Point because of its ability to throw lighter poppers(60-140) I also prefer...
  276. rdrblck66

    Popping rod for Stella 18kHG

    Race Point 200!!!
  277. rdrblck66

    Light load 8-day on Shogun June 6-14

    Rene is the Man! Great Crew Great Boat!!
  278. rdrblck66

    WTB 08 Stella 18000sw

    Found one. THANKS BD!!
  279. rdrblck66

    WTB 08 Stella 18000sw

    Looking for this reel in Excellent Condition please. Thanks Greg 9518160654
  280. rdrblck66

    Rod recommendations for TAC 16II

    Put it on a UC US 80 Predator, one of the Baddest rods on the Planet!!
  281. rdrblck66

    6/7 Sea Adventure 80 2.5 day

    Who's the Captain on the SA 80 this year?
  282. rdrblck66

    Avet JX Raptor vs Penn Torque 30

    Go Raptors Big G!! Kick Ass Reels! JX is a BEAST!
  283. rdrblck66

    For Sale Calstar GF 765l

    Pics Fuji sin guides set up for live bait.
  284. rdrblck66

    For Sale Calstar GF 765l

    Custom Grafighter 765l 30-80, 40/50lb 6'5 Excellent Condition. Wrapped by Whopper Stopper. Blacked out. $250 pm or text 9518160654
  285. rdrblck66

    60# rod and reel combo

    UC US 80 Predator is the Best!! A BEAST of a rod! JX raptor, torque 40n/2 or a DX2 600n will work very Nicely.
  286. rdrblck66

    Avet Reel bag.

    X2 Bigtime!!
  287. rdrblck66

    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

    Great Report!! I'm F#CKING JEALOUS!!
  288. rdrblck66

    Rod pairing for Saragosa 10k

    Major Craft popping rods ate Legit. Giant Killing are awesome also I just picked up a Crostage crxc 80 tuna for $200.
  289. rdrblck66

    Terez rail rod xh or ?

    Put that reel on a UC US 8' Predator and you have a BADASS set-up for Big tuna(80-150) not Cows though.
  290. rdrblck66

    Best Garage Sale Score - I Got GOLD!

    Nice!! Great Job!
  291. rdrblck66

    what is a good 8' rod for Stellas 14k & 18k for throwing poppers

    Stella 14000 Race Point 150, Stella 18000 Race Point 200 Go for the GOLD!!
  292. rdrblck66

    Three Kings, NZ trip on April 3 - 8

    Thanks for the Great info, Kil That is some Sweet Footage, must have been a AWESOME Trip
  293. rdrblck66

    Three Kings, NZ trip on April 3 - 8

    Awesome Kil, you thoughts on the IRT spinning reels. Thanks
  294. rdrblck66

    For Sale United Composite Custom Rods

    Great Seller!! Awesome Rods
  295. rdrblck66

    Shogun Report 4/6-4/9

    Tony and the Gang from Rice Bowl were Great Free Beer and Raffle prizes. Very Knowledgeable Fishermen.
  296. rdrblck66

    Shogun Report 4/6-4/9

    Quick Report, Rough Weather butt still found Bluefin around 190 miles out. Lots of fish around, Light line(I was using 20lb. Blackwater) was a must. We also did some very good rock fishing on Sunday, caught a few nice lings and snapper. Now for the Boat,Captain and Crew. The boat is Incredible...
  297. rdrblck66

    New Lo-An bigger grade on day and a half

    I'll definitely have my HX/3 raptor on my UC 80 CX Raptor ready to roll!!
  298. rdrblck66

    New Lo-An bigger grade on day and a half

    I be on the Shogun 3 day leaving friday!! Can't wait!
  299. rdrblck66

    Which rod for Penn Torque 40NLD2?

    Your Description of the US 80 Predator is SPOT-ON!!
  300. rdrblck66

    SOLD Used Saltiga 30T

    Hyun, you have some Awesome Gear!!
  301. rdrblck66

    Need Rod Advice for HX Raptor

    I have a jx raptor on my 765l. Sweet Combo. For HX raptor a 765m or 765h.
  302. rdrblck66

    JB Hollow on SX-Raptor?

    I'm going with seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb. On my sx raptor.
  303. rdrblck66

    Red Rooster returns with local cow bluefin.

    I'll be out there in a couple of weeks!! Hopefully the Bluefin will want to BITE!!
  304. rdrblck66

    EBay 15% off entire site

    Today Only use code PSPRINGTIME. Get Some More Gear!!!
  305. rdrblck66

    Braid Advice for Spinning Reel

    FYI I just picked up a Isla 7000h for $416 shipped from Fishing tackle shop in Australia Smokin Deal
  306. rdrblck66

    Braid Advice for Spinning Reel

    I can't seem to upload but search "strength of fishing line material" it's on 360tuna Great Read
  307. rdrblck66

    Ronz Lures for Bluefin

    I've been checking these out on YouTube. Look like Bluefin Killers. Anyone have any experience with these lures. The come in Tin heads and the have a Popping rig. The Green Glow look BADASS!
  308. rdrblck66

    Braid Advice for Spinning Reel

    I used it last year on my Twin Power 8000. I'm putting it on my Twin Power 10000 this year. Casts Great Absolutely no wind knots.
  309. rdrblck66

    Braid Advice for Spinning Reel

    Seaguar threadlock hollow 50lb. Average breaking strength 92lbs.
  310. rdrblck66

    UC popping rod recommendation

    UC US 80 Monster stiff tip very parabolic.
  311. rdrblck66

    ebay 20% off site wide

    ×2 You the man!!
  312. rdrblck66

    80# Reel Comparison

    HX raptor/3 On a New UC CX 80 Raptor. Can't wait to use it!!
  313. rdrblck66

    ebay 20% off site wide

    Thanks Lance Just used it on a Calcutta explorer tackle bag!!
  314. rdrblck66

    Titan Popping rod for PV boats

    Heru Skipjack Deadly Tuna Popper I prefer 60 and 90gr. Jignpop $34
  315. rdrblck66

    Titan Popping rod for PV boats

    There are Two kinds of Popping Rods GT(very stiff Broom Sticks, shorter rods 7' and 7'6) Open water Tuna rods(longer 7'6-8'6 Fast action but Parabolic) Stiff tip for working the popper Parabolic for fighting the fish.You need to ask them this when you choose your Rod. I went with a Race Point.
  316. rdrblck66

    For Sale G. Loomis NRX rods

    Sweet Bass Rods!! Great Prices!! GLWS
  317. rdrblck66

    Calcutta Reel repair at Fred Hall Long Beach?

    Kens Be there Wednesday and EARLY!!
  318. rdrblck66

    Avet JX 2 speed rod recommendations

    Calstar gfgr 765l
  319. rdrblck66

    Hx 3 Speed - Rethinking a 80/100 lb sardine reel

    Sweet Reel Matt! I'm trying to make a decision on what reel to put on my New UC CX 80 Raptor rail rod.
  320. rdrblck66

    JX G2

    Thanks for the Great info, going with the raptor. Low gear 2.8:1 on raptor 3.8:1 on g2, I totally missed that. I'm going with the sx g2 single speed for my 20/30lb. Set-up.
  321. rdrblck66

    JX G2

    Ok Guys And Gals, interested in this reel I want to put it on a gfgr 765l to fish 50/60lb I realize a raptor has more drag but 21 at strike and max 28 sounds like more than plenty Who has actually used this reel and how did it perform. Thanks
  322. rdrblck66

    SOLD Penn 40N 2 Speed-Please lock thread

    I haven't rolled them yet. Still investigating Friend!!
  323. rdrblck66

    SOLD Penn 40N 2 Speed-Please lock thread

    I noticed on there Website they have Avet HX5/2 reels on sale. The original price is $589 down to $394. $589 Is a raptor 3 speed price. Called but they have no info I might have to roll the dice. Smoking deal if it is
  324. rdrblck66

    Baja Boat Ho Wanted

    BAD ASS RIG Brother!! You need to hit Punta Chivato!!
  325. rdrblck66

    Which rod for Penn Torque 40NLD2?

    UC US 80 Predator
  326. rdrblck66

    Race Point 200

    Very Nice my Friend!! The Ultimate Popping Combo!!
  327. rdrblck66

    Shogun 8 day Questions

    A very early 8 day to Alijos Rocks leaving 4/28. To all you Long Range Veterans, would you say this is strictly a Yellowtail and Grouper trip(which sounds great) or is there a chance for Yellowfin and Wahoo. Also how's the weather at this time of the year at Alijos. Thanks for your responses Greg
  328. rdrblck66

    SOLD FS: Stella 18000 SWB HG BNIB

    BEAST of a reel!! GLWS
  329. rdrblck66

    Avet SXJ Raptor for sale

    Awesome deal!! GLWS
  330. rdrblck66


    UC US 8' Monster paired with a MXJ Raptor. Tuna and Yellowtail Killer.
  331. rdrblck66

    AVET JX vs LX

    Right on the Money!!
  332. rdrblck66

    Race Point 200

    Yes Sir
  333. rdrblck66

    Race Point 200

    Just had this Rod built by Mike Garone. He is one of the Finest Rod builders on the East Coast. Can't wait to throw some Poppers from this Bad Boy.
  334. rdrblck66

    BOTH SOLD Thanks BD!

    Predator pending
  335. rdrblck66

    BOTH SOLD Thanks BD!

    A lot of interest in predator here are some pics. Only selling because I'm moving.
  336. rdrblck66

    BOTH SOLD Thanks BD!

    Two Gems for sale. UC US 8' Predator Custom triple wrapped Fuji SIN guides, alps reel seat "Blacked Out" Mint Condition $300 firm Calstar gf 765m exact same built as Predator Mint Condition $250 firm Pm or text 9518160654 my name is on both rods in small letters can be covered easily Thanks
  337. rdrblck66


    Smokin Deal GLWS!!
  338. rdrblck66

    SOLD F/S Avet HXW Raptor 3 speed

    I could meet you at imperial hwy exit off 91.
  339. rdrblck66

    SOLD F/S Avet HXW Raptor 3 speed

    Bought for trip didn't get to use it. 10/10 Condition 400yrds of 100lb. J braid 75yrd. Of 80lb. Mono. $450 pm or text
  340. rdrblck66

    Mak 50 sea and avets

    Great Prices!! GLWS
  341. rdrblck66

    WTS Big Boy Set-up

    Sale pending
  342. rdrblck66

    WTS Big Boy Set-up

    Just went on my last trip for this year, Avet hxw raptor 3 speed(red) loaded with 100lb. Braid 80lb. Top shot. Went on 1 boat ride not used. Custom Calstar gf 765m(blacked out) in Excellent Condition. $700 Firm No trades Pm or text for pics or more info. Only selling as combo. 9518160654
  343. rdrblck66

    F/S accurate valiant 500n price drop $360

    Try putting your reel on 360tuna, they are into single speed reels Bigtime. GLWS
  344. rdrblck66

    100# setup that wont break the bank?

    You can find older Gold Mak 16/20 for around $350 and pic up a used Calstar gf 765m for around $250/300. I had a custom made one built for $375(simple build blacked out) That's a Beast of a Set-up!
  345. rdrblck66

    5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! Save Up to 80%!!

    Santa's bringing me a HXW Raptor.
  346. rdrblck66

    Slammer III 6500 or 7500...

    I have used both, Great Reels. 6500 loaded with 50lb. Threadlock hollow and 7500 with 80lb. Maxcuatro. 6500 i used 80lb. Floro leader. 7500 130lb. Floro leader. I know that might be pushing them to there limits. But that's what I use. And NO I haven't caught a fish over 45lbs. On either set-up...
  347. rdrblck66

    F/S Penn Slammer 3 7500

    New in Box. Decided to go with a 6500. $200 Pm or text 9518160654
  348. rdrblck66

    Willing to pay top dollar for Torsa 40

    Check out Longfin Tackle. I saw one there.
  349. rdrblck66

    Any good deals on the new Internationals?

    Don't forget Pelagic Outfitters has there 20% off Black Friday sale coming up soon. I'm saving up my Pennies and I'm going to jump on a 12 visx.
  350. rdrblck66

    Who like's the Aztec ?

    Awesome boat, Captain and crew!!
  351. rdrblck66

    UC Predator, Mak 15 sea and more...

    I own a UC 8 Predator, it's a MONSTER of a Rod! This is a Great Deal on this rod. GLWS
  352. rdrblck66

    Aztec vs. Tribute

    Aztec is a Great Boat. Greg is an Awesome Captain and they have a Great Crew. Boat is wide and A lot of room to fish. On the other hand the Tribute is also a Great Boat to fish on. Can't go wrong with either.
  353. rdrblck66

    Tuna Poppers?

    Heru Skipjack all the way. The only problem is trying to find the 60's.
  354. rdrblck66

    Condor or Pacific Queen

    Condor gets my vote. Both are Top Notch though
  355. rdrblck66

    First String Sportfishing?

    Major hull damage. Big money to repair.
  356. rdrblck66

    Which UC Rods?

    30/40lb.- US Monster(my favorite) Jigs/bombs- 8' Tilefish US 7'6 Predator- 60lb. US 8' Predator- 50/60lb.(My favorite) Surface iron I use a spinner(US Monster blank makes a Great Spinner)
  357. rdrblck66

    Help with Talica 16ii: what rod to pair with??

    I Go pull on the 8' blank, it has a Wonderful Bend yet Unreal Backbone. Alot like the US Monster, which is my other favorite rod. They both have a Mod/Fast rating. A Talica 16 would be Perfect on it. I went with the 40nld2 because of the Tall Narrow Spool.
  358. rdrblck66

    Help with Talica 16ii: what rod to pair with??

    UC 8' Predator all the way! I went with a Torque 40nld2.
  359. rdrblck66

    Rod suggestion for talica 20?

    United Composites 7'6 Raptor
  360. rdrblck66

    Condor or Producer?

    Condor all the way!! Bunk HH.Great Captain Great Crew Great Food!
  361. rdrblck66

    Rod for Transx 500 HG

  362. rdrblck66

    F/S Penn Torque 25nld2

    Sold to Tim. Thanks BD!!
  363. rdrblck66

    Popping knot

    Braid to floro John Collins knot on short piece of floro, then I use springer knot to popper. Very simple knots very strong.
  364. rdrblck66

    F/S Penn Torque 25nld2

    Mint condition loaded with Fresh 50lb. Daiwa J braid(450yrds.) Used on 1 trip. Only selling because picked up Talica 20ii for the BIG BOYS.$425 pm or text 9518160654. Picks up later tonight. Comes with box and clamp.
  365. rdrblck66

    Chief 1 1/2 Report

    Just got off Boat this Morning. Where do I start, Captain Jake was OUTSTANDING, Young very seasoned Crew, hustled around boat, very Polite Top Notch in my Opinion. Big Boat Very nice Galley. We board the boat on Sunday they had free pizza for us. I had a Great breakfast burrito, burger and fries...
  366. rdrblck66

    F/S Popping Combo-SOLD

    SOLD. Penn Slammer 3 6500 loaded with 65lb. Daiwa j braid. Major Craft Giant Killing 84 tuna popping rod 8'4 rated to Pe8. Great combo for tuna in 30-80lb. Been on 2 trips as back-up No Fish combo in like new condition $350 Pm or text 9518160654. Pics up tonight
  367. rdrblck66

    Jigging World Sale this weekend

    Thanks Friend!!
  368. rdrblck66

    Favorite Reel for Tilefish 80?

    Penn Torque 25nld2. Sweet Set up!
  369. rdrblck66

    Rod recommendation for Talica 20ii

    16ii- UC US 8' Predator 20ii- UC 7'6 Raptor
  370. rdrblck66

    Best Popping stick for Stella 20000

    Heru in purple, Lamble in Blue/Green
  371. rdrblck66

    Best Popping stick for Stella 20000

    Heru Skipjack is a slow sinking popper. I also used on my last trip a Lamble bait Haoli pencil popper 70gr. Caught a nice Yellowfin on it and had many strikes on it. Tuna were very small.
  372. rdrblck66

    WTS Accurate Dauntless 600

    Used in mint condition. No box comes with rod clamp. Loaded with daiwa j braid 80lb. Solid 500yrds. Comes with after market jigging handle made and installed by accurate. $500. PM or text 9518160654
  373. rdrblck66

    What's the ideal hook setup for flatfall jigs?

    I used 200lb. Braid doubled, 3 inch piece
  374. rdrblck66

    braided line for Stellas ?

    I have a Stella 14000xg I use 80lb. Jerry Brown hollow, Works Great!!
  375. rdrblck66

    Independence Fishing

    Get ready for BIG GROUPER! I used 4 16oz. Torpedo sinkers in tandem and a Monster J hook. My first Grouper.
  376. rdrblck66

    Independence Fishing

    Get ready to be SPOILED SHITLESS! Awesome Boat Great Captain Great Crew Amazing Grub! Three years ago I went on a 7 day in September when huricane Odile hit, we rolled the dice with the Royal Polaris and hit Cedros for 1 day(limits of yellowtail) got the hell out of there on the way back to San...
  377. rdrblck66

    Just Keep Popping - YFT Report - 7/8

    Absolutely BADASS!! Nice Job!!
  378. rdrblck66

    Game Type J Rods / Ocea Plugger Rods

    I've seen the Ocea Plugger mh in action against a 80lb. Bluefin last year, absolutely dominated fish. I hear there's a New Batson Rainshadow popping rod sounds interesting. I personally use a Race Point 150 and love it but only have caught tuna and Yellowtail up to 40lbs. On it.
  379. rdrblck66

    Sea Adventure 80 3.5 day june 30-july 3

    I'm going to give it a shot!! Thanks!!
  380. rdrblck66

    Condor Sportfishing

    Talked to a Friend who has fished for Marlin, he says that makes a lot of sense. Using a 13/0 circle and connecting a flat fall to the hook with a split ring. I'm willing to give it a try!!
  381. rdrblck66

    Condor Sportfishing

    One other thing I noticed on that trip, I saw a lot of guys using 8' light rods and small single speed reels dropping Flat Falls. I know Heavy duty set ups are expensive but if your going on one of these trips either borrow or rent a Big Boy Set up because if you hook a monster on a light set up...
  382. rdrblck66

    130# Rod and Reel Suggestions for Giant BFT

    Mak 16 and a United Composites 7'6 Centaur.
  383. rdrblck66

    Condor Sportfishing

    He was using a 250gr. With a single hook. Most of us were set up like that. I actually bought my Owner hooks from Anthony at Last Chance(Awesome Tackle Shop). The Guy had a Avet 50 on an all roller Meat Stick(perfect set up). But here's the lesson learned, your using a monster sized single hook...
  384. rdrblck66

    Condor Sportfishing

    Went on the Condor for the WON Tournament . Tough day of fishing, early in morning(around 4am) a guy gets hooked up to a monster on the flatfall. Using the Right Gear. Awesome Battle Bluefin won. Saw quite a few patties, most were dry a couple had a few Rats. Beautiful Day still had a Blast...
  385. rdrblck66

    Pound test for Stella 14000 & 18000 question

    I use 80lb. JB hollow on my 14000xg. Alot of guys also use 80lb. Maxcuatro.
  386. rdrblck66

    UC Platinum vs Tilefish

    My 30/40lb. Rod this year is a US 8' Monster, paired with a lexa hd pwr. Went on the Tribute around 5 weeks ago and landed a 35lb. Bluefin on it. Awesome set-up. Nice bend tons of backbone.
  387. rdrblck66

    Tuna popper set up

    WOW!! That is a BADASS COMBO!! Big Tuna Series?
  388. rdrblck66

    Tuna popper set up

    I went with a Stella 14000xg and a Race Point 150.
  389. rdrblck66

    Where to buy Fathoms?

  390. rdrblck66

    Tuna popper set up

    How much you want to spend??
  391. rdrblck66

    What to replace my junk Phenix rods with?

    United Composites US series
  392. rdrblck66

    Major craft GKC 86?

    Awesome rods! You won't regret it! Last year I fished the 8'6 with a Catalina 5000h(2012) kicked ass on tuna around 35lbs. Didn't get a chance to hook any bigger fish. Fuji reel seat Fuji K series guides incredible blank.
  393. rdrblck66

    Aztec Charter 1.5 Day Leaving Fri 6/9 LIMITED LOAD

    I'm Booked, can't wait till Friday. Went on this boat for the first time last year, had a Great Trip! Awesome Boat, Captain and crew!
  394. rdrblck66

    Reel for 100# Class Tuna

    I know this might sound crazy but I've bought some older internationals at Pawn Shops for under $200. Also a lot of other reels and rods.
  395. rdrblck66

    Stella: 10000PG and 14000XG Maxcuartro Line Capacity

    I would also consider 50lb. seaguar threadlock hollow on your 10000pg. Around 380yrds. Great for casting or jigging. Breaking strength is around 92lbs.(Very strong) On my Stella 14000xg I'm using Jerry Brown hollow 80lb. Around 300yrds. Over 100lb. Breaking strength. I'm using a Popping rod with...
  396. rdrblck66

    UC rod for 80lb.

    I use mine for 60lb. You want a 7'6 Raptor or a 7'6 Centaur. Baddass Rods!!
  397. rdrblck66

    Blue Seeker SSR 7660

    BADASS! Sir
  398. rdrblck66

    TAC 16ii : Help gearing up

    7'6 or 8' Predator
  399. rdrblck66

    WTB Stella 14k or Twin Power '15

    Incredible Price!! I paid $820 for a Mint one, Jump on it.
  400. rdrblck66

    Boat choice for 1.5 day

    Condor all the way! Great Boat, Captain and crew! Had an Incredible trip on it last year.
  401. rdrblck66


    Picked up a New pair of Maui Jims from Costco retail $249. Paid $99
  402. rdrblck66

    F/S Okuma Makaira 10sea and UC US 8' Predator Combo

    Synit live bait rod(30-60) max drag 32lbs. And a Valiant 500/2.
  403. rdrblck66

    F/S Okuma Makaira 10sea and UC US 8' Predator Combo

    Front grip 12" rear 13" Fuji SIN guides
  404. rdrblck66

    F/S Okuma Makaira 10sea and UC US 8' Predator Combo

    Pics of rod. Lots of interest will sell for $325 That's a huge discount No Shipping. I'm located in Menifee I will be in Temecula later today. My name is on rod in small letters JFYI
  405. rdrblck66

    F/S Okuma Makaira 10sea and UC US 8' Predator Combo

    Mint silver mak filled with 50lb. Threadlock hollow(92lb. Breaking strength) used on 1 trip no fish and custom predator all black Hate to sell them but have new set-up coming in next week and need some extra money. Selling combo for $650 Pm or text 9518160654. No Shipping
  406. rdrblck66

    First string

    Great Boat! Huge fishing area, Big stateroom/bunk area with Great air conditioning. Jimmy Merrill will be running the boat this year. I will be fishing on this boat this year for sure!!
  407. rdrblck66

    Heru Skipjack Poppers

    These Poppers are very hard to find, they worked great for me last year. If anyone is interested I found some of the 60 and 90gr. At EBB tide adventures, they are not Cheap but they work Great!
  408. rdrblck66

    US 80 Predator?

    I Totally agree, I use a 8' monster for 40lb. 8' Predator for 50. Awesome Rods!
  409. rdrblck66

    FTH30LD2, Best Online Price?

    SHARK RIVER MAIL ORDER $209. fill with braid for $40
  410. rdrblck66

    Rods For Sale BOGO!!

    I'm now selling Major Craft rod for $200 and the OC tiny giant jigging rod for free. Very hectic work schedule will have pics up tonight. This is a Great deal. No shopping Both rods are New. I'm only selling because there's a rod on here I want BAD!
  411. rdrblck66

    Shimano Torsa

    Shimano Torsa very popular on east coast. I would say around $400 each
  412. rdrblck66

    8 day long range gear help ...

    Been on 8 day trips on the Indy last 3 years, haven't ran into any Wahoo. Mainly Yellowtail, smaller(20/30lb.) Tuna, Grouper, White Sea bass, Calico bass, Halibut. 1. 25/30lb. 40lb. 50/60lb. Bait set-ups Dropper loop (very important) very big Yellowtail out at Ridge and Rocks. I use 80lb. For...
  413. rdrblck66

    Us 80 predator?

    I have a New Custom US 80 Predator. So much lifting power. I will be breaking it in this week. Hopefully will run into the Big Boys! I'm using it for 50-60lb. Bait.
  414. rdrblck66

    Rods For Sale BOGO!!

    Major Craft Giant Killing 8'4 Popping Rod Pe4-Pe6. New with Rod Rod Protector. $200. OC Rods jigging rod 5'4 Pe8 New $100 retails for $249. Pick up only or $30 for Shipping. Pm or text 9518160654 I will put pics up tonight info on rods. Oc jigging rod Fuji reell seat Fuji SIC guides rod is...
  415. rdrblck66

    Lexa 400 HD 7.1

    Loaded mine with seaguar threadlock 50lb.(400yrds.) From Pelagic outfitters and it's going on a UC US 8' Monster.
  416. rdrblck66

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    On the Indy last year, Ivan took me under his wing, and gave me some Great advice! He is the Man. Caught my first Grouper.
  417. rdrblck66

    Sea Adventure 80

    Went on this boat last year, had an Absolute Blast! Great Boat and Crew. Going on a few trips this year on this boat, really Bummed though, found out Billy won't be ruining her this year. I thought he did a Great job last year. Wish him the Best of luck.
  418. rdrblck66

    First String Sportfishing?

    I've been on this Boat many times in the past years. Always had a Great time and Great fishing. Food was very good(Thanks to Greg) Awesome crew, liked both Captains. So Much room to fish on this boat. Huge bunks, ice cold air-conditioning. I also am not sure who is running boat now but I will be...
  419. rdrblck66

    All new gear

    Accurate, Shimano, Okuma Makaira and United Composites and Super Seekers.
  420. rdrblck66

    Stella vs Twin Power

    Yes you can. They also make a aftermarket Maxel 16000 spool which is awesome. I saw some on 360tuna for $175.
  421. rdrblck66

    My New Ride

    Wow She' a Dream come True!!
  422. rdrblck66

    Saltwater spinning gear

    This is the Set-up I'm going with for the Biggins. Stella swb14000xg and a Custom Race Point 150.
  423. rdrblck66


    United Composites US 90 Monster
  424. rdrblck66

    Shimano Flat Fall Size

    I'm going out this Friday, was wondering what size (gr.) of Flat Falls are working best. Thanks for info.
  425. rdrblck66

    Support your local tackle shops

    Last Chance Baiting and Tackle Longfin Turners in Temecula Charkbait Pelagic Outfitters
  426. rdrblck66

    Saltwater spinning gear

    Stella swb 14000xg and a Race Point 150 or 200.
  427. rdrblck66

    WTS Custom Saltywater RacePoint 250 Popping Rod

    I've seen this Rod it's Immaculate! Great Seller also. GLWS
  428. rdrblck66

    Poppers Vs. Stickbaits? Floaters or Sinkers?

    Hey Guys, I just picked up some Maria loaded 180's and 140's. Does anyone have any experience with these Stickbaits
  429. rdrblck66

    Stickbait spinning rod recommendations?

    I just purchased the same reel filled with 50lb. hollow. im pairing mine with a Major Craft Giant Killing 84tuna. Rated up to 80lbs. Its a 2 piece Fuji k series guides, Fuji reel seat. I paid $249 which is a steal for this rod. Im going to use it for stick baits and surface iron. bought it from...
  430. rdrblck66

    Perfect Rod to pair a Talica 16II

    UC 80 Predator
  431. rdrblck66

    WTS New Okuma Andros 12siia Reel

    Was going to put it on my new uc 8' predator. it's an awesome reel, but a Friend was selling his mint dauntless 600n at a great price so I grabbed it.
  432. rdrblck66

    WTS New Okuma Andros 12siia Reel

    Reel is Sold. Thanks BD.
  433. rdrblck66

    WTS New Okuma Andros 12siia Reel

    NIB loaded with 325yrds. Of Toro Tamer 80lb. hollow braid. Bought from Charkbait $320 picked up. Pm or text 9518160654
  434. rdrblck66

    Daiwa Catalina 6500H

    Awesome Reel, Great for poppers and Stickbaits. I had the 2012 version. Check Ebay or 360tuna for the best deals. I had the 5000h also, but for 100 to 150lb. Tuna I would get the 6500h same size as the Stella 18000.
  435. rdrblck66

    Makaira spinning reels release?

    Looks like a BADASS Reel!
  436. rdrblck66

    Makaira spinning reels release?

    TackleDirect has them for sale right now
  437. rdrblck66

    Shimano Stella 20000SWB-PG

    That's an Amazing Deal on that reel!
  438. rdrblck66

    WTB Popper Spinning Setup

    Awesome Major Craft Giant Killing 8'4 Tuna Popping Rod at Last Chance Baiting and Tackle for $249. I have one paired with a Penn Slammer 3 6500. Target fish up to 100lbs. My Opinion.
  439. rdrblck66

    Makaira 10iiSEA - What rod to match it with

    Like Jamie says go to Bobs Sands booth pull on both the Tilefish and 8' Predator rods or blanks. I'll be there Thursday and I'm going strait for the Black Hole CCS 86N. I've heard so much about this Popping Rod, can't wait to check it out!!
  440. rdrblck66

    Best Popping stick for Stella 20000

    Race Point 200. A Very Powerful Rod. Heru Skipjack 60 and 90's Awesome Poppers, only sold at Jignpop in US.
  441. rdrblck66

    F/S New Synit Van Deimen GTM Spinning Rod

    Popping and Stick bait rod. 7'9 pe5-pe8 Max drag 14kg.(31lbs.) Paid $760 selling for $650 Pm or text 9518160654
  442. rdrblck66

    What's a great fishing combo for bluefin around 120-150 lb and also cows from 200-400lbs?

    I was using a Phenix Axis 780x2h and a Dauntless 600n. I feel rod was good for 60-80lb. tuna. But for 100lb.+ should of had Axis 720x3h, which I had built after trip paired with a Talica 20ii. Unfortunately didn't hook up on any big Bluefin. I feel the reel( 600n) had plenty of power just didn't...
  443. rdrblck66

    What's a great fishing combo for bluefin around 120-150 lb and also cows from 200-400lbs?

    Both This will be my set up for Big Bluefin (80lb.-200lb.) if I'm lucky enough to run into them again. last year I went 0 for 3 on the Big Boys I was Under gunned on gear. I also lost a Monster because I did not set my Drag properly A FATAL MISTAKE.
  444. rdrblck66

    WTB Torsa 40

    Hit up Wadefisherdman.
  445. rdrblck66

    Slow Pitch/Mechanical Jigging Trip

    The AZTEC is an awesome boat also. Out of Seaforth landing
  446. rdrblck66

    Rod Paiting for Okuma Andros 5iia?

    UC US 80 Monster.
  447. rdrblck66

    Anyone have time for a Quick build?

    Try Big Ed at Whopper Stopper. Awesome Work he's in Riverside Ca.
  448. rdrblck66

    The correct setup (BlackHole, Maxel, Truth, Avet)

    My Popping set up this year is a Synit Van Deimen Gtm 7'7 pe5-pe8 and a Twin Power 14000xg. last year used a Race Point 150 Beast of a rod for tuna under 125lbs. Got to pull on a Race Point 250 Wow this rod is for Huge fish 200lb.+. It's awesome that Black Hole rods are available here, but Race...
  449. rdrblck66

    Lirang & Wetar Islands Indonesia June 2016

    Absolutely BADASS!!!
  450. rdrblck66

    Slow Pitch/Mechanical Jigging Trip

    I'm very interested count me in!
  451. rdrblck66

    BV2 400

    I'm thinking of 2 rods to put this reel on. There being wrapped right now, UC 80 US Monster or is it strong enough for a UC 80 Predator I want to fish 50lb. and sometimes drop down to 40lb. Responses from people that have used this reel would be greatly appreciated
  452. rdrblck66

    F/S 2015 Daiwa Saltiga 6500h Reduced

    Last reduction $690 shipped
  453. rdrblck66

    F/S 2015 Daiwa Saltiga 6500h Reduced

    Reduced $720 shipped to US. PayPal gift won't go any lower.
  454. rdrblck66

    F/S 2015 Daiwa Saltiga 6500h Reduced

    In Mint Condition (like New) 300yrds 80lb. solid top shot 125yrds. 80lb JBH. box and reel bag. $760 Reduced $690 shipped pm or text 9518160654
  455. rdrblck66

    What line for Saltiga dogfight?

    On my New Saltiga 6500h. 80lb. JBH.
  456. rdrblck66

    What line for Saltiga dogfight?

    Jerry Brown Hollow!
  457. rdrblck66

    Komodo 463

    That's what I bought mine for. Going on a UC US monster. Sweet little reel.
  458. rdrblck66

    8' UC Tilefish for Popping?

    I talked to Randy and Mike Garone a Big Time custom rod builder on the east coast. Sidewinder blanks and phenix Titan blanks were designed for GT. Very fast action blanks. Open water Tuna popping blanks need to be more parabolic unless you have a VERY STRONG BACK!
  459. rdrblck66

    Another "Recommend-A-Reel" Thread. Sorry

    I had the 2012 Catalina 6500h. Monster of a reel Super Smooth 66lbs. Of drag. You can find them on ebay for under $600. Have been told by many there better than the 2015's. The only reason I sold it just too big of a reel for what I fish for. Another would be the Stella 14000xg 55lbs. Of drag...
  460. rdrblck66

    8' UC Tilefish for Popping?

    I personally called United Composites for lighter popping rod for fish under 80lbs. They suggested the US 80 Monster. I had it built, very parabolic and stiff tip, worked poppers 60- 90gr. Very well. I recently pulled on a US 80 Wahoo blank, WOW same action but unbelievable lifting power. I...
  461. rdrblck66

    Penn Slammer III

    Would you consider the Slammer III in the same class as the Twin Power/isla? Also what model would you compare in size and gear ratio to the Twin Power 14000. Thanks for responses
  462. rdrblck66

    8' UC Tilefish for Popping?

    Call Sami or Paul at Salty Water Tackle in NJ They are the true experts in popping rods.
  463. rdrblck66

    Rod Inventory Blowout Sale

    Last week ordered a day received my Komodo 464P loaded with braid and today bought a PhD 760h (25%off). From Pelagic Outfitters. Chris and Team are the Best in the Business!!! Thanks Again Chris
  464. rdrblck66

    WTS Phenix Axis 720x3h Reduced $300

    Went on 1 trip Excellent condition Alps locking reel seat Fuji SIN guides rated 60-130lb. Extended fore grip for using the rail. Reduced $300
  465. rdrblck66

    Charkbait Sale

    Well Said!!
  466. rdrblck66

    Makaira 10iiSEA - What rod to match it with

    I use to use mine on a UC Tilefish, but now UC 8' Predator all the way.
  467. rdrblck66

    F/S Shimano Stradic C14 plus 2500

    NIB loaded with 6lb. InvizX Floro. $150 9518160654
  468. rdrblck66

    New Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid FS Or Trade

    Both are AMAZING RODS!! Glws
  469. rdrblck66

    F/S Daiwa Catalina 6500H Spinning Reel

    Used on 1 trip Mint Condition 360 yards. 80lb. Daiwa j braid. 5.7:1 ratio 66lbs. Max drag. $450 9518160654. Japanese version of Isla 2012 model
  470. rdrblck66

    F/S Fisherman Samurai Tuna78l Popping Rod

    In Mint condition Custom made in Japan. $550 or Trade for Mak 16, HX Raptor, accurate 600. Pm or Text 9518160654
  471. rdrblck66

    CONDOR 8/23 Big Tuna Trainwreck at the 43

    I was on trip also Hooked 2 Monsters and unfortunately 0-2. Fought 1 fish for over 1 1/2. Awesome trip though! 1st time on boat Great Captain Great crew Huge bunks great air conditioning Great food. Boat is HUGE so much room to fish. accommodates 8 ft.+ rods. Great Boat!! The Big afternoon...
  472. rdrblck66

    Larger YFT outside of SD

    Any fish taken on Poppers?
  473. rdrblck66

    Question for the Gear Heads

    Look into a UC 7'6 Raptor. Pair it with your Talica 25 Deadly Combo
  474. rdrblck66

    Aztec Charter - Couple openings for August 3rd-5th

    Went on this boat for the first time 2 weeks ago, Awesome Boat Great Captain and crew. Great bunks ice cold air conditioning. Great food. AAA+ Captain Greg and crew worked their asses of for us. Cant wait for my next trip on The Aztec!!
  475. rdrblck66

    Which reel - Stella or Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight

    I went with a Catalina 5000h on a Fisherman Samurai Tuna 68l, Catalina 6500h on a Race Point 150 and just ordered a Synit Van Diemen 79gtm which I will pair with a Isla 7000h. Saved Alot of money on the reels so I could get really Good Rods.
  476. rdrblck66

    Custom wrapped rods

    Whopper Stopper all the way! Ed is the MAN!
  477. rdrblck66

    WTS Penn Torque 40nld

    Used in Mint condition one 8 day trip loaded with 80lb. Solid braid $450 9518160654
  478. rdrblck66

    Jigs and Poppers Advice

    Poppers, stickbaits, and flat fall 250gr. Better to have everything. You never know.
  479. rdrblck66

    WTS UC US Monster Spinning Rod Reduced $240

    8' 30-60lb.stiff tip very parabolic. I had a Daiwa Catalina 5000h loaded with 65lb. JB solid. 80lb.leader for throwing poppers and surface iron.
  480. rdrblck66

    WTS UC US Monster Spinning Rod Reduced $240

    Used on one 8 day trip. In Mint condition. $275 9518160654. Pics will be up tonight.
  481. rdrblck66

    Rod and Reel Combo for Flat fall Jigs

    Penn Torque 40nld paired with a UC 7'6 Predator.
  482. rdrblck66

    Popper Rigging

    Great Advice!!
  483. rdrblck66

    Five Star customer service

    Outstanding Service!!
  484. rdrblck66

    Size braid for MXL Raptor?

    The right decision!!
  485. rdrblck66

    Best price for online saltwater tackle?

    Pelagic Outfitters Chris is the Man.