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  1. Jiff

    8-1 Crabbing

    No doubt, you gotta do your crabbin' before the tribes wipe out an area. We did okay on the 8-1 opener at Similk Bay. For the & 7 South opener we wasted most of Thursday at Burrows Bay. We then went to Similk and did okay. We later found out that the Indians had cleaned out Burrows the days...
  2. Jiff

    A 10 closed to all salmon fishing

    Interesting that they started netting Elliott Bay on the 19th.
  3. Jiff

    Squid everywhere

    They've been catching squid at Waterfront Park in Seattle (between Pier 57 and the aquarium) during the day. During lunch hours last week I tried for the Cohos that swim the surface. No luck. I see they started netting in the middle of the bay this week.
  4. Jiff

    Area 9 Silvers

    Fished solo off Edmonds Marina on Friday, 9/11, for four hours. Caught one Coho, 5#. Didn't see anyone else land any.
  5. Jiff

    Any MA10 or 9 News

    "Dead" on Friday is right. We went out on Friday expecting pink limits, but only caught two in four hours. Lots of boats out but only saw one other pink caught. Thanks for the purse seiners explanation.
  6. Jiff

    8-1 Crabbing

    Wow, that's a big one. We got four limits in area 8-2 in four hours, July 2.
  7. Jiff

    Area 9 & 10 Coho

    Was out Friday, Oct 3, for five hours mostly around Browns Bay - Shipwreck. Only one hook up. Landed her. Beautiful day, lots of boats. It looked to be slower than the last time I was out a couple weeks ago.
  8. Jiff

    Finching story - MA9

    Great story alright. Reminds of the time we were trolling herring and hooked one of those diving birds. By the time we got him loose he was so traumatized he scrambled into the cabin where my wife was sleeping. Quite a wake-up call. Fishing Friday near the Shipwreck and saw a seagull grab a...
  9. Jiff

    Area 9 & 10 Coho

    My brother and I went out of Edmonds on Friday, Sep 19, 2014. Did Edmonds and the Shipwreck. Four hook-ups, landed two, in five hours. Fishers around us didn't seem to be doing any better. Good luck to derby fishers.
  10. Jiff

    Area 9 & 10 Coho

    Thanks for the heads up. I went alone out of the Edmonds slings on Friday 9/12 at 9:30am. People at the launch said "it's good from the marina south to the oil docks". I spent a couple hours there among a lot of boats and hooked one and lost it. Didn't see anyone catch any. Went to the...
  11. Jiff

    Where's the Crab?

    Three of us got thirteen with six pots underwater for four hours. (13/24 pot-hours = .54/pot-hour). Two hours at Spring Beach, not that great, so we cruised across to Kingston for another two, no better. Lots of almost-legals at Spring. About the same amount of keepers at each. Wasted an...
  12. Jiff


    Way to go Keegan. Enjoy your training and service. Looks like the Glendale area is one of the few areas commercial guys can crab starting Oct 1: I crabbed Brown Bay on Friday - Oct 4 - four hours with two pots, only...
  13. Jiff

    Birch bay salmon

    I've read that the herring population at nearby Cherry Point has gone way down over the years. There sure was salmon fishing around Birch Bay back in the late 60s and early 70s, at Point Whitehorn in particular. Back then I worked launching boats on a tram that crossed the mud flats at my...
  14. Jiff

    Have to vent!

    Sounds like middle finger overkill. Haven't used a saltwater ramp in a long time but remember bottoming out in my Bayliner 2655 at low tides at WA Pk. Longest wait at any ramp was at Swinomish Twin Bridges when the guy ahead of us is pulling his boat out and the winch fails and the boat lands...
  15. Jiff

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Oops, I already made a couple posts, but "hello" anyway. I'm from Sedro Woolley, live in Lynnwodd with property near Anacortes. Do some crabbing and fishing from my '95 Ciera Sunbridge 2655 I've owned since it was new.
  16. Jiff

    Bellingham crab MA7, the grind.

    We tried Burrows Bay on Thursday and Friday, 7/18-19. Not good for us. There were tons of Indian pots there atleast through Fiday. We were told they arrived on Tuesday.
  17. Jiff

    8-2 Crab

    My usual spot in MA7 Fidalgo-side was full of commercial and/or Indian pots until the end of April. Hope the Indians didn't do their one week thing the last week of June there. Maybe a few grew to legal in ten weeks.
  18. Jiff

    How was your crabbing today?

    We also launched out of Edmonds and may have been where you were, but not as shallow as 25 feet. We crabbed from 11am to 4:30 with five pots, first at the bait shack (SE Whidbey) and later north of Edmonds. Got a few keepers but no quick limits like last year at SE Whidbey. Shortly after...
  19. '95 Bayliner Ciera 2655 at Edmonds

    '95 Bayliner Ciera 2655 at Edmonds

  20. the Shipwreck

    the Shipwreck

  21. playing guitar

    playing guitar

  22. my boat on right - '95 Ciera Sunbridge 2655

    my boat on right - '95 Ciera Sunbridge 2655

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    Area 7

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