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  1. killerfin

    baja surf fishing ?

    Has any one done any surf fishing in Purerto Liberta on the Sonora side its about an hour past Puerto penasco. Looking to go fishing that way in a few weeks but have never been. Any info would be great Thanks.
  2. killerfin

    San Bruno Dec 23 thru Jan4

    I left Irvine at 8am picked up my daughter in san Diego 10am. we crossed the border with no issues as it was raining. we did not stop in Ensenada as most of the streets where flooded and wanted to get past all the traffic. They are still doing road modification once you pass Maneadero wait...
  3. killerfin

    SOLD Avet 50/2

    Avet 50/2 was a gift but has been sit in the box never spooled with line . Has a few scratch but it's new . Asking $450 Or best offer. No trades
  4. killerfin

    Info on baja road condition

    I'm heading down to San Bruno baja Sur next Friday and was wondering how the road condition is? I was down there in Dec and road was ok with a few areas with really bad pot holes. Any info would be great.
  5. killerfin

    Fishing san bruno Dec21 thru Dec31

    left December 21st at 10 a.m. reached San Bruno at 11 p.m. for those of you driving South be careful with the fog. Fisht December 22nd from Shore for cabrilla and Pargo. Dec 23 we fished for yellowtail made it kind of late to the bait spot only able to catch do mackerel fished about a quarter...
  6. killerfin

    Info on road condition

    Hello guy and gals, I was wondering how the road condition is going down to La Paz ? I'm leaving in two weeks any info would be much appreciated.
  7. killerfin

    Gonzaga Bay / puertecitos

    I am looking to go to puertecitos or Gonzaga. To do some shore fishing anybody have any fishing reports? And how is the road going down there and crime? Thanks in advance guys
  8. killerfin

    75 or 90 two stroke outboard lower unit

    I'm looking for a yamaha 75 hr or 90 hr two stroke lower unit. For my friend in baja. Please let me know ifyou have one for sale. Thanks
  9. killerfin

    Baja roads condition

    Im leaving to Santa Rosalia Dec 24th I was wondering how the roads are going south? Its been a year since i was last down there. any info would help. Felipe
  10. killerfin

    San Bruno fishing

    [/ATTACH] So I put my two week notice at work on the 1/26/2015 and they walked me out the same day buy noon. So I was like what should I do for two weeks. I made a few calls and my friend Albert was in to go fishing with me down south. So we left Thursday 1/29/2015 around 3pm and we drove to san...
  11. killerfin

    Cabrilla fishing

    I was wondering if there is any good places to fish off the shore for cabrilla by san Felipe ? I was looking to take my little girl fishing just for the weekend. Any help will be appreciated Thanks,
  12. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia

    Finally was able to go drop off my friends Yamaha 150 , I took off on Nov 26 at 11am for Irvine hit Otay around 1pm exported the motor and by 2:30pm was on my way . I drove to San Quentin and spent the night there the next morning was on my way at 5am stop at El Rosario to pump gas and get...
  13. killerfin

    looking for nylon rod winding size D 245

    Sorry not a rod building reports . Does any one have 4oz spool I can buy its for my friend in Baja that repairs rods . If you have one for sale please let me know . close to orange county thanks guy
  14. killerfin

    WTB Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    I have friend from Baja coming down with cash looking to buy one. If you have any info of where I can take him or if you have one for sale .. Please let me know.. Thanks
  15. killerfin

    Ensenada fished 10/25/14

    The drive down to Ensenada was very nice , We end up getting a room at hotel Bahia within walking distance of boat dock, Next morning were up at 5am Both my son and little girl don’t want to walk so I make the five min drive. When we get there Sergio is outside getting people parked and checked...
  16. killerfin

    Ensenada ?

    It’s been awhile since I fished Ensenada; do they still do Half day trips or 3/4 day trips? I’m looking to take my son and daughter out fishing and not break the bank. Any info would be gladly appreciated. contact number if you know someone ... Thanks
  17. killerfin

    Taking outboard down to baja

    Does any one know what is needed to do this? Im buying a Yamaha f150 outboard for a friend down there. I have looked online and cant really find find a clear answer to what I need to do . If you have done this before please let me know what is need. Thanks.
  18. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pic

    I left Placentia Friday April 4 at midnight due to not being able to sleep due to nervous about towing a boat down to Santa Rosalia. Let me tell you the first few hours here in the states were nice towing the boat once I hit TJ I was pretty scared for the first 5 hours. Then the nervous settled...
  19. killerfin

    Taking a boat to Santa Rosalia

    I was asked to take a boat to Santa Rosalia it was bought here in the states and I was asked to take it down there and my dumbass said ok but I have never pulled any thing down there. the boat has my name on title and the owner from down there. so my question is what will I need to get it across...
  20. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia Info

    Any one have any fishing reports from down there? Danny has not fished in the last 2 month due to him losing two fingers on his right hand. How are the roads going down south? Any info would be great .. Thanks
  21. killerfin

    Surf fishing San Felipe

    I have been to San felipe for Tony Reyes trips only but looking to go surf fishing down there this weekend. Has any ony had any luck down there? Any help is appricated..
  22. killerfin

    Road conditions

    I'm heading down to Santa Rosalia on Friday the 23rd . I was wondering how the roads are ? Cant wait to be on my way will post reports day by day depending on how internet is down there . tight lines
  23. killerfin

    TLD-30 with tiburon frame

    I have aTLD-30 with Tiburon frame with oversize dragwashers ask $280 for it . The reel is clean and only fished 2 times and have not caught anything with yet. hit me up
  24. killerfin

    How are the road to Santa Rosalia

    A few friends and I are make the trip down there on May 21 to fish and try ower lucky at the San lucas turny. Thanks in advance will post report when I get back..
  25. killerfin


    Well I'm going to San Marcos and taking a friend with me and needs a visa. Will we be able to get a visa at the new boarder crossing? Its been 3 yrs since I have been down there. Thanks
  26. killerfin

    Hypalon and EPDM

    What the difference between EPDM and hypalon? And which one is better ? Thanks <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  27. killerfin

    Road to santa rosalia

    I was wondering how the roads are going down to santa rosalia going down Thanksgiving weekend? Thanks for the info..
  28. killerfin

    Taking pets across the boarder

    Does any one know what the rules are for taking your pet to baja? im looking to going to Santa rosalia the weekend of Thanks giving..
  29. killerfin

    NEWELL G447-F

    Have this Newell it has 80lb brad 150yds and looking to trade straight up for a used saltist 30 or a torium 30 reel. Let me know what you got. I stay here in Placentia and work in Cerrtios.
  30. killerfin

    Phenix trailer Stolen

    Please keep an eye for a trailer with Phenix logo on both sides my friend that works there told me to please post. The trailer was stolen friday night or today in the am 9/15/12. please call police if you see it . Thanks
  31. killerfin

    DIAWA LEXA 300

    I have one reel left and it's not the one with the power handle. High speed . $175 Hit me up
  32. killerfin

    Looking for some to go to Santa Rosalia with me

    I am plan to go down to Santa Rosalia on Dec 27 leaving orange county at 3:30 pm or leave Dec 28 at 2am. I will be returning Jan 1st around 1 pm after getting in the last day of fishing. I am just looking for one person that will split the trip in half with me. So if any one is interested...
  33. killerfin

    To lie or not

    Ok guys I have a dilemma. The thing is I have to make fake camping trips that I will be taking my son to. Just so I can take him fishing to Baja with me. He does not mind following along with the fib. I just don't want him to think its ok to lie to me or his mom. Before she was ok with me...
  34. killerfin

    looking for a Garmin gps 182 model

    I am looking for a Garmin gps 182 unit or my friend Danny in San Marcos Island. It ended up getting water into it and now it dont work. So if you have one for sale please hit me up. thanks..
  35. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    Left here 9/23 at 2am from newport beach. for those of you going down to san Quintin the road suck ass from The bufadora till you get to the frist check point. After that you have to be very careful with the cows. came home 9/26 no problems coming back besides the roads being fixed and slow...
  36. killerfin

    Baja Roads Info

    I am leaving to Santa Rosalia on wensday evening or thursday at 2am. I was wondering how the roads are? Any info would be great. Thanks.
  37. killerfin

    Stolen fishing gear in Newport Beach

    So I get home and can't open my door to my apartment. I push hard and the door finally opens and I see that my whole place has been tossed like a fu!%n storm came by. After checking to see what was stolen I call the cops. Here is the list of stuff that was stolen. They also got good finger...
  38. killerfin

    check ou my fight

    I fought on Saturday 31st at the IFS in Knotts Berry Farms . check out my fight and let me know what you thought of it thanks.. YouTube - Felipe Andalla vs Bourin Khoun Muay Thai fight July 31st Muay Thai
  39. killerfin

    Looking for sponsors

    I did not Know Where to post this. I am fighting on July 31st at Knott's berry Farms Muay Thai ( kickboxing) and was looking for some sponsors. The sponsors would get there company name put on my shorts and t-shirt that I would come out in. It also gets announced when I come out too.The sponsors...
  40. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia report with pix 4/3 and 4/4

    I was suppose to go fishing in San Quintin with Capt Juan on Friday April 2nd but the weather report was shitty on Friday and Saturday. My son has been asking me to take him fishing so I checked weather report on Buoy for Santa Rosalia area It was going to be super smooth. The plan was to leave...
  41. killerfin

    boss extreme 50N

    I am looking for a Boss Extreme 50N in good condtion...Hit me up if you have one for sale. Thanks...
  42. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    Well here is a short fishing report from Santa Rosalia / San Marcos. Woke up at 4:30am on the boat by 5am. The next hour we spent looking for bait in front of Santa Rosalia no love. So we went back to the dock to pick up Rigo from San bruno At Santa Rosalia. He was at the dock waiting for us and...
  43. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 11-27-09 with pic`s

    Well here is a short fishing report from Santa Rosalia / San Marcos. Woke up at 4:30am on the boat by 5am. The next hour we spent looking for bait in front of Santa Rosalia no love. So we went back to the dock to pick up Rigo from San bruno At Santa Rosalia. He was at the dock waiting for us and...
  44. killerfin

    San Marcos Island 5/11 thru 5/16 w/pics

    I left to Santa Rosalina Sunday May 10th at 2 am. The drive down was pretty nice and the roads are in good condition. I arrived at Santa Rosalina at 3:30 pm and by 6 pm I was at San Marcos Island at Danny's house. The plan was to go fishing on Wednesday due to Danny having to work 2 shift. He...
  45. killerfin

    Santa Rosalia 11/25 to 11/27 with pics

    Went down to Santa Rosalia for Thanks giving weekend to fish. The drive down was pretty smooth till you get to Cantvia they were doing road work I would say about 3 miles of dirt road till you hit pavement and after that the ride was very smooth there. I did not have any problems with thieves or...
  46. killerfin

    Going to Santa Rosalia

    Well I am looking for some one that would like to go to Santa Rosalia on November 25 and come back November 30. My friend bailed out on me and my girl was not able to get those days off. If you are looking to catch some big tails in November Santa Rosalia is the place. We will share the cost of...
  47. killerfin

    How far is la bocana ????????????

    I have been going to baja for few years now and i have been wanting to go to la bocana. how far is it fromthe border?
  48. killerfin

    overnight on the BLUE HORIZON

    Load up our gear on to the boat at 10pm and we were off to the bait barge. woke up 5am and started trolling and trolling and then a kelp paddy it had quite few fish hooked a nice ytail and small dodo. The exciment of the day was when we were heading home one the troll rod goes off it was a blue...
  49. killerfin

    ?????? Speargun

    I am looking to buy a spear gun but have no clue what kind to buy. I am a first time buyer and would like to start spear fishing my local waters. So any help would gladly be appreciated. Thanks
  50. killerfin

    fished 4/19/08 and 4/20/08

    My buddy Gilbert and my self went fishing to seal beach in the bay. We hit the dock at 6 am and head straight to the bait receiver. We got $15 worth of bait from Nacho very cool guy. We went back to the bay and started fishing Gilberts hooks ups and its a short halibut it was 21 1/2 we caught...
  51. killerfin