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  1. gnarl_malone

    Getting serious this year....

    Get the arch. You can always use an umbrella on those hot Baja afternoons.
  2. gnarl_malone

    Ranger Bay Boats

    Chiming in late here, but if you're just looking for a boat to fish SWBA in, you definitely don't need to spend 60K. A 14' aluminum will work. As for the aforementioned prefishing; don't bother! Prefishing doesn't seem to do much good anyways. I've ridden on a lot of these 'bay boats' and...
  3. gnarl_malone

    Trinidad 40N

    Worth it. Best wahoo/yoyo reel ever made!
  4. gnarl_malone

    help fishing mission bay

    I don't fish Mission Bay all that much, but have gotten a couple bites there while NOT fishing the eel grass. All that other stuff about baits seems to make sense though Matt. Just get out there and have fun Patrick, you'll find them.
  5. gnarl_malone

    Arooroo @ the SBS Mission Bay Night Event

    Hahahaha, so awesome. Looks like everyone's going to be on the beard, wedding, fish solo pattern now.
  6. gnarl_malone

    Gonzaga Bay

    Heading down Thursday for the long weekend.
  7. gnarl_malone

    Life Vests - Auto vs. Hydrostatic

    I wear this stupid foam filled one made by Patagonia. I don't think they make them anymore, but there are tons of similar ones out there. I was lucky enough to be wearing it when we flipped our boat on the beach in some large surf. I was wearing foul weather gear and deck boots and it...
  8. gnarl_malone

    SWBA question

    Yea, Andy's right. The captain's meeting is not necessary. Just show up early. You might have to pay an extra $20 for 'late registration.' Should be a fun event.
  9. gnarl_malone

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    Yea, I'm getting the same Data Error: It can not continue with the process because they have lost the session data, try again. What do you guys think?
  10. gnarl_malone

    April Bass Content - Spotted Bay Bass - Enter HERE to win some great gear!

    Got one close to 3 in the Mission Bay SWBA, but I wasn't sure which fin was the pec fin, so I never got a photo.
  11. gnarl_malone

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    Dumalski, I fish 300 DSV's with 'live bait handles'. Got seven or eight of them in my quiver and am happy. I guess 'if it ain't broke' don't fix it' mentality. All these tech reels out on the market and I fish reels that are all at least five or six years old. I'm not sure what all the fuss...
  12. gnarl_malone

    New bass painting..almost finished.

    That goat is rad.
  13. gnarl_malone

    Help with peacock bass in Panama

    Sorry for the late follow up here. Mel was amazing. He set us up with a guide on Lake Gatun. There was a ton of murky water due to the dredging, as stated above, but we got into some decent fishing on the peacock bass. Ended the day with 25 or so fish. Nothing huge and not really any...
  14. gnarl_malone

    Nothing New...

    Agreed. They run such an amazing business. Really go above and beyond to make sure they take care of you.
  15. gnarl_malone

    Help with peacock bass in Panama

    Thanks for the advice guys. Emailed Mel Sanchez and he's setting me up. Hooked me up with a ride to and form our hotel, a boat, a guide, lunch, the whole deal. I'll let you know how it goes when I get back.
  16. gnarl_malone

    Help with peacock bass in Panama

    Hey guys, I'm heading down to Panama next month (February) and will have a day or two in Panama City. I'd like fish peacock bass on Lake Gatun one morning. Can anyone recomend a guide that can put me on some fish? Also any tackle recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  17. gnarl_malone


    Went Friday but the weather didn't look like that. Glad you guys found a weather window and some biters.
  18. gnarl_malone

    K&M Takes 1st place in Govs Cup!!!! Bluefin-Yellowfin-Yellowtail

    Nice work Kelly, congrats on the win. That Sac Reef trip sounds insane!
  19. gnarl_malone

    FS 30 Gal. Kodiak Bait Tank

    Sorry guys, it's sold now.
  20. gnarl_malone

    Have any boats been to Alijos lately?

    Just got back yesterday from a 7 day on the Excel. Had two hours of fishing the rocks in the morning on Tuesday the 20th. Ended up with about 15 wahoo. About half on the troll, the rest on bombs/bait. Seemed to be biting the pink/red bombs, but don't think it really matters.
  21. gnarl_malone

    FS 30 Gal. Kodiak Bait Tank

    All PM's replied. Not looking to ship. Local pickup only. Thanks.
  22. gnarl_malone

    FS 30 Gal. Kodiak Bait Tank

    Inside of the tank is smooth so water circulates well. There are two openings at the bottom of the tank. One is used for intake and one has a plug to be removed to drain water at the end of the day. There are also two openings for output/overflow so you can determine how much water you want...
  23. gnarl_malone

    WANTED TO BUY: Bait tank 25-30 gallon

    I have a 30 Gallon Kodiak tank and pump for $50. Lemme know if you're interested. Thanks, Justin
  24. gnarl_malone

    FS 30 Gal. Kodiak Bait Tank

    Still for sale. $50 for a tank and pump is a good deal. PM me if interested.
  25. gnarl_malone

    FS 30 Gal. Kodiak Bait Tank

    SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Selling an extra bait tank/livewell I have. It's a round 30 Gallon Kodiak in perfect working condition. 23" wide X 17" high. No lid, but I'll throw in a pump for it. Asking $50. PM me if interested. Thanks, Justin
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    Yea that's the right bait, but I would definitely upgrade the split rings and hooks to 3X. Just make sure the hook size remains the same to keep the action the same.
  27. gnarl_malone

    Overnight Calico Mission Isla San Martin K&M Sportfishing

    Bird is killing it! I like it. Can't wait to get back down there.
  28. gnarl_malone


    Text and PM sent.
  29. gnarl_malone

    Time to purge gear

    What kind of rods are those?
  30. gnarl_malone

    Have Trinidad 40 or 16N for 40N

    Hey guys, I'm looking to trade for a Trinidad 40N in good condition. I am willing to trade either of the following reels +/- cash if necessary: Trinidad 40 (Gold) Cosmetic 9/10 Mechanical 10/10 With 200 yards of 80lb white braid With clamp and Shimano reel cover Trinidad 16N (Gold) Cosmetic...
  31. gnarl_malone

    Big Game Hunting

  32. gnarl_malone

    Mc and Big Hammer Swimbaits

    MC Hammer Baits. These are too legit to quit.
  33. gnarl_malone


    This is awesome. You're really fortunate you can fish in there.
  34. gnarl_malone

    Slump busted.

    Double shaka for an almost double digit.
  35. gnarl_malone

    NO TRADES: Trinidad, Calcutta, Curado & Phenix

    What's the line rating on the CLC86XH? Factory wrapped? Still for sale?
  36. gnarl_malone

    2-26 jello

    Rad. Fished them yesterday at the rockpile for nothing. Glad you got them.
  37. gnarl_malone

    12' Outriggers

    I'm selling a pair of 12' outriggers. Came off my old skiff, and I don't have the bases for them anymore, but they are rigged and ready to insert in any 1 1/2" diameter bases. They were mounted on top of a T-Top, but you can gunnel mount them too. Asking $80. I'm in Huntington Beach...
  38. gnarl_malone

    San Diego Bay Bites!

    Nice fish. Isn't this weekends tournament spotties only?
  39. gnarl_malone

    Chatterbait spotties could it be?!?

    Nope, they don't work. Only 3" Big Hammers catch spotties.
  40. gnarl_malone

    SCI trip 11/17/12

    I've been over there a few times the past month and found good bass fishing every time. Most of the kelp around Pyramid was gone last weekend though. We found better conditions and biters west. Have fun and be safe.
  41. gnarl_malone

    California Offshore Challenge is Back!

    My favorite weekend of the year. I'm so bummed I have to miss this year due to work.
  42. gnarl_malone

    "Its a wrap" SWBA Team Fishtrax!

    Definitely one of the coolest teams in the SWBA. Scott and Larry are rad guys and great anglers. Looking forward to fishing with you guys again next year.
  43. gnarl_malone

    SBS Inshore Open!

    Thinking about fishing this. Anyone know how many teams are signed up?
  44. gnarl_malone

    Curado 300 E or EJ

  45. gnarl_malone

    2012 Bass Contest: September

    Not many submissions this month. Kinda weird, cause I know there's been some people on fish at the islands the last couple week. We had a really good day yesterday at SCI. This one wasn't necessarily the biggest, just the only one we bothered to measure. Caught on a mint 190 Pointer, Curado...
  46. gnarl_malone


    Epic fishing as usual Kelly. I got to get back down there this fall.
  47. gnarl_malone

    need a little help with area

    You won't be alone this weekend with the SWBA out of MRD going on this weekend. Good luck and have fun.
  48. gnarl_malone


    Super cool. That water looks really fishy.
  49. gnarl_malone

    8/17 Monster Dodo

    Dorados on Curados. Nice work.
  50. gnarl_malone

    K&M San Quintin...Tuna & Toads

    Nice work Kelly. Can't wait to get back down there.
  51. gnarl_malone

    Reef infront of Santa Monica pier?

    There is definitely no fish on that reef. None.
  52. gnarl_malone

    2012 Bass Contest Winner for July is...

    Good call Mo. Jazz, congrats on a toad of a calico. You've been killing it lately.
  53. gnarl_malone

    Breakwater Halibut

    Nice work. Louie is the man!
  54. gnarl_malone

    K&M San Quintin Calicos

    Fisrt off, thanks for taking care of us Kelly. Had such a fun trip and we're already talking about our next venture down there. For you guys that are worried; don't be! It's less than 5 hours down and is super safe. We left OC after work at 3:00pm and got there just after dark. The bass...
  55. gnarl_malone

    K&M San Quintin Calicos

    Thanks for outfitting us Kelly. Had a blast. Can't wait to get back down there. Please keep us all posted on the status of the tournament you you're planning. I know a lot of these guys would love to go down to fish it either in their skiffs or in one of the pangas. For those of you who...
  56. gnarl_malone


    That was fun. Lets go again.
  57. gnarl_malone

    Seasons & K&M Sporfishing...yellows,wsb!

    Nice job guys. Heading down there tomorrow. Can't wait.
  58. gnarl_malone

    TOP GUN 80 1 1/2 day!

    Awesome. That's a really nice boat with a super hard working crew. Glad you had a great trip.
  59. gnarl_malone

    11th hour reprieve...

    Nice fish Dumalski.
  60. gnarl_malone

    tubing 2012.07.06

    Nice fish. You carry that gaff with you on the tube?
  61. gnarl_malone

    A Few Biggens

    Nice work Jazz.
  62. gnarl_malone

    Saltwater Bass Series AOY

    Nice work boys!
  63. gnarl_malone

    Cedros Isalnd June 9-12

    That first fish is a toad. Haven't been to Cedros yet, but by the looks of the photos, the zone you were fishing looks almost identical to the front side of Clemente.
  64. gnarl_malone

    Catalina Calicos on the Fly

    Super cool. Dave Valadez is the man!
  65. gnarl_malone

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    I ask myself that same question.
  66. gnarl_malone

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    EB, you're totally right. Those Magmas come stock with super gnarly hooks and I upgrade all my other trebles to 4X. Getting a hook like that stuck in your hand would be a bummer, especially 65 miles from the beach. I'm definitely going to order those compact bolt cutters. See you on...
  67. gnarl_malone

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    Too much fun. Doubles on the Magmas. Full-body experience. Laughed pretty much all day. You know what the they say; wind in your face . .
  68. gnarl_malone


    Rad. Nice work.
  69. gnarl_malone


    DD22. Fish the same colors you like in other baits. Good luck.
  70. gnarl_malone


    tehspork is right.
  71. gnarl_malone

    bay bass big bay

    You didn't eat the lizard fish?
  72. gnarl_malone

    Los Alamitos Bay

    Ceez is right. Not sure about any of the businesses you speak of. They might be in Los Alamitos, which doesn't have a bay.
  73. gnarl_malone

    Calico hunting

    Looks like you guys know what you're doing. Keep it up.
  74. gnarl_malone

    Teenager SW Bass Tourny in the works

    I went to Long Beach State. Lemme know how I can help.
  75. gnarl_malone

    Get me back on the water...

    X2 And he's the coolest dude you'll ever meet.
  76. gnarl_malone

    Shimano Termar and Curado 300e setups

    Both reels and the 8'0" Teramar is sold. Still have the 7'6" available. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  77. gnarl_malone


    It's the Flashminnow 190SR and I think they're for musky, walleye, and pike. I like the 'red musky' color, but it doesn't really matter. They come pre-rigged with man hooks too.
  78. gnarl_malone


    Haven't posted anything in a while, but since the Bass Club's looking more like the spotted bay bass club, I figured I'd share. Saw a window to get out to SCI this morning and went for it. Tyler and I made the crossing under the full moon and started on the front side. Found biters from the...
  79. gnarl_malone

    Shimano Termar and Curado 300e setups

    PM's replied to. Still have a Curado 300e and both rods.
  80. gnarl_malone

    Shimano Termar and Curado 300e setups

    All sales pending right now. If it something falls though, I'll let you guys know.
  81. gnarl_malone

    Shimano Termar and Curado 300e setups

    All PM's replied to. Mo, some people should take TLC's advice and 'stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.'
  82. gnarl_malone

    Shimano Termar and Curado 300e setups

    Selling a couple Shimano Teramar/Curado set ups. Reels sold! TMC-X80H 8' Line 15-30lb Heavy/Extra Fast. In used condition with perfect guides and hook-keeper. $90 (Sold) TMC-X76M Line 10-20lb Medium/Extra Fast. In brand new condition. $100 PM me with your email if you need more...
  83. gnarl_malone

    Charter boat for skiff trips

    Sounds rad.
  84. gnarl_malone


    This skiff is insane. Someone needs to buy this thing and fish the SWBA on it. Just saying.
  85. gnarl_malone


    Nice of you to release the swell shark. And great job on the bass.
  86. gnarl_malone

    2011 Bass Contest November

    Thanks Af. Lets go fish.
  87. gnarl_malone

    Huge Calico

    Nice catch.
  88. gnarl_malone

    2011 Bass Contest November

    Since it's the 26th and and there hasn't been one official submission; I guess I'll get it started. Caught this one yesterday at an island on a big bait. Just a hair over 25 and probably close to 8.
  89. gnarl_malone

    Bird School Bay Bass - San Diego Bay 11-23-11

    I like your boat. And hip hop.
  90. gnarl_malone

    It is said, that largemouth

    What kind of reel would you fish on your 10X key slinger?
  91. gnarl_malone

    NOV 19-20 - BASS-A-THON

    I'll be thurrrrrr. See you boys Saturday.
  92. gnarl_malone

    SCI - Halloween Weekend

    That big pickle-dick bait does not get bit.
  93. gnarl_malone

    102911 - PLK - TARGET SPECIES

    Nice work Af. You guys are rad.
  94. gnarl_malone


    Nice job on the selp bass and tree fish.
  95. gnarl_malone

    PEARL BUGS - where to buy/ how to fish them

    X2 for Performance. Pin them on a jig head, throw it at the wall, and bounce it back to you. I'd fish no less than 40lb.
  96. gnarl_malone

    HEAVY WATER: The Other SCI

    So much fun. Can't wait to go back. Thanks for outfitting.
  97. gnarl_malone

    Got em! La Jolla with PB

    Rad. Good luck with your double digit.
  98. gnarl_malone

    Who needs tuna? Outrider kills it.

    I was referring to 'the other' SCI; Santa Cruz. Thanks for the info.
  99. gnarl_malone

    Cedros Island Bass (pic heavy)

    Super cool. Thanks for posting.
  100. gnarl_malone

    Y O U A R E

    I was going to go hoop-net, but I guess I'll come. See you boys soon.
  101. gnarl_malone

    FLW College Clear Lake

    Rad. Nice work.
  102. gnarl_malone

    great day of bass fishing!

    The triple on the calico ganion is rad. Nice work.
  103. gnarl_malone

    Spam Musubi

    Rad. Glad to see you're doing work G.
  104. gnarl_malone

    "Big Bass Specialist" Pt. DEUX....

    Nice work brother. You're my hero!
  105. gnarl_malone

    ID Please

    Sewer cod.
  106. gnarl_malone

    "Big Bass Specialist"-Chris Lilis

    Nice job on the estimated 10'ers. Still gay.
  107. gnarl_malone

    S A N T A C R U Z Island 8.13.11

    Legendary crew. Can't wait for SNI. Thanks for living the dream with me.
  108. gnarl_malone

    Fishing HH From Shore?

    Yea there's good spotty fishing under that bridge, but lately they've been kicking people out of there. They probably won't harrass you much if the big boat isn't there, but you never know.
  109. gnarl_malone

    Top Gun 80 2 Day 8/5 - 8/7

    I've had plenty of good trips on this boat. The guys work hard and are super fishy. I think the boat is clean and fast. Fuel surcharges suck for sure. Can't help the crappy fishing.
  110. gnarl_malone

    Sometimes the weatherman gets it right - SCI

    Nice job Ed. Good seeing you guys out there again. Next time bring your boards. The left hander was super fun.
  111. gnarl_malone

    2011 Bass Contest August

    Nice work Jeff. Saw you guys heading out as we were heading in. Looks like you got them. That thing is a beast!
  112. gnarl_malone

    2011 Bass Contest July

    Nice work Larry. Congrats on a serious toad.
  113. gnarl_malone

    Excel(lent) boat ride 7/28

    Nice photos. Sorry about the fishing.
  114. gnarl_malone

    3 dudes, 416 bass, SCI

    Nice work Captain. That was one of those days.
  115. gnarl_malone

    Rpt-Tuesday-07-26-11-SCI Tails, Cuda and Limits of Cali's!

    Nice work. That island has been biting. Glad you got some Cory.
  116. gnarl_malone

    The BASS Club... RANT

    Mo for president.
  117. gnarl_malone

    Calicos Left n' Right!

    Calicos on the hard bait. Weird.
  118. gnarl_malone

    230 Biting Bluefin 7/23

    Nice work. Thanks for the report.
  119. gnarl_malone

    Best blue fin catch of the season so far...

    It's true. Those dudes are super fishy.
  120. gnarl_malone

    Shimano Curdao 300DSV

    Is that a band aid? I'll take it. Call me dude.
  121. gnarl_malone

    Report:Monterey to MDR and Vallarta

    Nice sled. Those fish don't suck either.
  122. gnarl_malone

    SCI - same old song and dance...

    Haha, good seeing you out there Ed. Only two skiffs braved it from what we saw. Glad you guys got 'em too. We went out of Dana for a better angle home. Made it back quick without too much pounding, but got completely soaked. Foul weather gear with snowboard goggles and was still drenched...
  123. gnarl_malone

    Team Manna Round 5

    Nice work Larry. Stoked for you guys.
  124. gnarl_malone

    FDBU WINS SWBA Rd.5 with 35.68lbs

    Glad it was you two. Congrats again.
  125. gnarl_malone

    "3rd best day EVER"

    Super rad. I like your style. Good seeing you last night.
  126. gnarl_malone

    Creme dela Clem

    Spent the last couple days at Cat on Dodger's big boat and were able to take our skiff over to SCI for the day yesterday. Randy, Bino, CB, and Peck met us over there. Started off around the back from Pyramid to China for a really steady pick of 2-4lb fish. Most of the fish came on the outside...
  127. gnarl_malone

    small stones...BIG BASS

    Nice work Mo. I like your style.
  128. gnarl_malone

    ! K O O K S :: Gone Wild !

    What kind of gray fish is that that Roadhouse is holding? I know that dood doesn't fish for sandedbasses.
  129. gnarl_malone


    Not sure how much your rig weighs, but on a 22' boat you might want to think about the 36V. Just saying.
  130. gnarl_malone


    That dones't suck. Nice work J.Bass.
  131. gnarl_malone

    My Chicks Are Punk Rock!

    So rad.
  132. gnarl_malone

    Solo Sand Bass - The Ups and Downs

    Impressive, but not nearly as impressive as your national anthem this morning.
  133. gnarl_malone

    This just happened

  134. gnarl_malone


    Looks like a horrible trip.
  135. gnarl_malone

    PV&LB Local Session

    Thanks for the outfitting.
  136. gnarl_malone


    Nice work Trusty Rambone!
  137. gnarl_malone

    SWBA Rd. 4: Newport Harbor vs. FDBU = 5th Place Finish

    Rad. I knew at 4:45 in the morning when you told me your only goal was no DNW, that you guys were going to get them. Nice work boys.
  138. gnarl_malone

    11 Pound Calico

    Super rad. Nice work.
  139. gnarl_malone

    LBH Fishing - Team Bad Bass

    Nice job on the tricecta
  140. gnarl_malone

    Lake fishing at Night

    Buzz baits.
  141. gnarl_malone

    Reason to Bern one's runs to the wall in Dana

    Nice work John. Way to put your time in pre fishing and stick to your plan. Could only imagine what that felt like when the crank bait got stopped by that fish. Congrats.
  142. gnarl_malone

    Never Give Up L.J. 051311

    Yea seriosuly. Looks like it paid off for Killer Whale.
  143. gnarl_malone

    Never Give Up L.J. 051311

    I know where I'm going tomorrow.
  144. gnarl_malone

    Goodies Bags in Da mail

    Got the baits in the mail. Thanks so much Frank. Truly appreciate it. Let's go fish sometime.
  145. gnarl_malone

    crankbaits in the harbor

    Yep, parallel to docks. You'll do fine.
  146. gnarl_malone

    C R A N K B A I T kooktorial

    An outfitter would never run out of film. Definitely a guide-like mistake. Nice work though.
  147. gnarl_malone

    SCI - Must be time to pre-fish???

    Nice work Ed. Almost went too. Saw the same window between weather and closures and had a feeling it would be good. Glad you got them. Might have to get out there next weekend for a little 'prefishing.'
  148. gnarl_malone

    LB Wall 4/29/11

    It's been getting better out there. Glad to see you got 'em. And congrats on your 'tackle breakthrough.'
  149. gnarl_malone

    Dana Prefish for SWBA Rd.3

    Nice work Garrett. Saw you guys out there on Saturday. Looks like you're on them.
  150. gnarl_malone

    Video. . .Mexican Largemouth

    Super cool Moog. Thanks for sharing.
  151. gnarl_malone

    Cat and the local AR's

    I wasn't going to post since it was nothing special, but it's been forever since I've seen a report from Cat, so I figured I'd let you guys know what's up over there. Had to go for work; and had to fish to make it worth the trip. Tyler came too. Started at the front side West end. Found tons...
  152. gnarl_malone

    Late DVL Report & Video(4/20/11)

    Cool video. Thanks for the dope.
  153. gnarl_malone

    Mission Bay Yak Tourney results

    X2 Super cool. Used to live next door to him.
  154. gnarl_malone

    Couple days in Dana

    Nice work boys. I like your style.
  155. gnarl_malone

    Lake Berryessa (pic heavy)

    Nice work Erik. See you in LB soon.
  156. gnarl_malone


    Rad. Have fun down under.
  157. gnarl_malone

    What a stud

    Small boat, big livewell. Super cool.
  158. gnarl_malone


    There's no fish on that wall.
  159. gnarl_malone

    2011 Bass Contest for April

    Got this grey one up in the Santa Monica bay yesterday fishing the SWBA LA Chace. She was old and pissed off and ate a 5" Pearl on a yellow 1 1/2oz War Bait. Went just a hair under 26 1/2". James weighed her in at 8.39 on the certified scale which was good enough for big fish.
  160. gnarl_malone

    Low Budgets day in the (SM) Bay

    Nicely done and props for taking her out of the harbor for the release. gorgeous fish.
  161. gnarl_malone

    LBC BREAK WALL 3-28-11

    That grey fish is really big. Good job.
  162. gnarl_malone

    2011 Bass Contest for March

    Nice work Josh.
  163. gnarl_malone

    Local Sundown Sesh - 032711

    I appreciate the invite. Wish I could have rolled. Glad you got 'em. See you boys this weekend.
  164. gnarl_malone

    Rpt-Sat.-03-26-11 A great Bass'n kinda day!

    The grey bass have been biting. Nice work.
  165. gnarl_malone

    New Calico Article

    Nice read. Thanks Erik.
  166. gnarl_malone

    Much Fun with Capt. Decker

    "Hey Hugron, you boys getting 'em?" "Not really, just a couple short bites. What about you guys?" "We got a couple." Unbelievable! Nice being on the water with you guys today. Wish we had gotten the ones you did.
  167. gnarl_malone

    Top Gun 80

    Great boat, great crew, great food. They'll put you on the fish too.
  168. gnarl_malone

    does anyone fish malibu

    The whole area holds fish. Just find the right conditions and you'll get bit.
  169. gnarl_malone

    EL CAPITAN LAKE 02272011

    So rad. Nice work boys.
  170. gnarl_malone

    Malibu 2/24/11 Big Bugs Galore!

    Nice work on the bass and the bugs.
  171. gnarl_malone

    can i use

    DD22? No, calicos and spotties hate them.
  172. gnarl_malone

    Wild & True

    No visor, gay.
  173. gnarl_malone

    finally comin together

    Nice work Cheyne. Lets go fish.
  174. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : Camera2

    What a trip. I know 'Therapist' wants to go back badly. Been texting and calling me everyday.
  175. gnarl_malone

    {R A D I O * C H A T T E R}

    I can't believe the Kwagleskiff had a gaff.
  176. gnarl_malone

    The Wall

    Uncle James installed our new TM so Tyler and I decided to try it out at the wall last night after work. On the water at 6:00, on the trailer at 9:00. They wanted the jerk shad. Tyler got them fishing it on a sled head and I got them rigged on a War head. Slow and low was the tempo...
  177. gnarl_malone

    Monster Spotties!

    Nice work.
  178. gnarl_malone

    Question about where swimbaits are made

    X3 to Pearl - Poured in Long Beach, CA
  179. gnarl_malone


    Nice work boys. I just order 20 of those things online.
  180. gnarl_malone

    Sun Up - Sun Down

    That doesn't suck. Nice work boys.
  181. gnarl_malone

    FLOAT TUBERS,, How many would like to....

    Team Burnykit is good, but Captain RumBeard with the Oakley Blades and the spinning kits is even cooler.
  182. gnarl_malone

    Just another 3 days at SCI - Our COC Adventure

    Ed, you and Lee are awesome. I know you've been putting your time in over there, so seeing you on the podium Saturday was no shock. Bummer about Sunday. Can't wait for next years event again.
  183. gnarl_malone

    2011 California Offshore Challenge

    Nice work JBass. Good times with you on the boat. Fishing was tough, but we had fun and got a few. See you boys tomorrow.
  184. gnarl_malone


    Thanks for getting my week started off right G.
  185. gnarl_malone

    1.1.11 - SCI with Team Reckless

    I like your style. See you boys at the bar Friday night.
  186. gnarl_malone

    > CRANK the CRANKER <

  187. gnarl_malone

    Bass Contest: Big Bass of 2010 WINNER is...

    Gorgous. That bass is nice too.
  188. gnarl_malone

    Twas The Night Before Fishmas

    Mo, you're a legend. Merry, merry, -Justin
  189. gnarl_malone

    2008 Everglades 243cc

    I've had the pleasure of fishing this rig a couple times. The thing has everything you could ever want on a skiff and Decker's taken amazing care of it. Here's a couple photos. Good luck with the sale bro.
  190. gnarl_malone

    {T H E C H U R C H}

    Had such a good time. Afran and Robert are really good dudes and a blast to fish with. This guy (below) made me rethink the way I fish the islands. Vertical limits!!!
  191. gnarl_malone

    SBK's Deathstick

    You're gnarly. Happy birthday.
  192. gnarl_malone

    Garmin GPSmap 492

    SOLD!!! Upgraded to a GPS/FF combo, so my Garmin GPSmap 492 is up for sale. It's in perfect condition and looks/works brand new. Comes with everything you need; unit, built in antenna, wiring, and mounting bracket. Just plug it in and go. 5" color screen. This rugged, waterproof...
  193. gnarl_malone

    LAKE SCI - 120510

    Yea I tried to re-glue it a couple times but eventually there wasn't really anything holding the hook in place. I even tried to cut it down so the holes were in different places but it pretty much ruined the way it swam. -Thanks J-Bass. Felt good to catch some fish after about 5 or 6 really...
  194. gnarl_malone

    LAKE SCI - 120510

    Had a blast. Wish our Asian friends (and EB) could have came but I understand. Became a believer in the slug finally. Got a few fish on it until it was too shredded to stay on the hook any more. Pretty rad to let the big ones go less than 100 yards from my house too. Can't wait to go back!
  195. gnarl_malone

    Bass Contest winner for November is...

    Keep up the good work.
  196. gnarl_malone


    Two of the most epic dudes I know. Glad uncle James is off the rag.
  197. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : Fetus Sessions V.1

    Rad. I fished up there a week ago for one 13" fish. It's cold.
  198. gnarl_malone

    Mint 1985 Hobie Power Skiff 15' / Honda 40hp 4 Stroke

    Nice looking skiff. Those things are rad.
  199. gnarl_malone

    Just Like Jack.

    Jack is a legend. He's done a lot for calico fishing.
  200. gnarl_malone


    I think that treefish is preggers.
  201. gnarl_malone

    Will this be enough to kill the spotties?

    Green is for the money. Gold is for the honeys.
  202. gnarl_malone

    LB to LB

    Layering is so 'in' this Fall. No visor though, gay! Can't wait to do it again.
  203. gnarl_malone

    Alternative Work Schedule....SCI

    Livin' the dream Ed. I like your style.
  204. gnarl_malone

    Very Interesting...

    Crank juice.
  205. gnarl_malone

    Catalina Island (Nov.2nd-In shorts)

    Thanks for the dope. I got a nice one off 'Stonehenge' last week
  206. gnarl_malone

    How big of a boat do you need to go to SBI?

    Been there on a 19' skiff. If you have the fuel capacity, and it sounds like you do, it's totally doable. Just pick the right day and you'll be fine.
  207. gnarl_malone

    Bass Contest for October

    1 submission. 1 winner?
  208. gnarl_malone

    Raining days...

    Oh shit. Sources and all. Peck's for real.
  209. gnarl_malone

    YT on kelps Sunday 10/24

    Could have been worse.
  210. gnarl_malone

    Fall Largemouth Pattern

    Cho kowaii. Or is it kawaii. You know what I mean.
  211. gnarl_malone

    NO AD! J O I N T H E F I G H T !

    Ojaio is adorable. She let's me fish on "her" boat; I gotta buys these baits.
  212. gnarl_malone

    Paging the Rapist...

  213. gnarl_malone

    F W D > SCI 10.10.10

    Decker is the most outfitted outfitter. Ceez slays the yellow and the brown ones. JBass always gets big fish. EB is rad (when he shows up). This does not suck.
  214. gnarl_malone

    noob question(weather)

    This is what I use. NDBC - NWS Forecast
  215. gnarl_malone

    Huntington Harbor

    Swimbaits, crankbaits, spinnerbaits and creature baits. Good tide movement. PCH bridge, docks, etc. Put your time in. You'll get the right kind.
  216. gnarl_malone

    Pending DAC Thresher Record

    Saw this on the SWBA site. Super cool. Congrats.
  217. gnarl_malone

    10.4 & A Couple Of Islands

    Ed, Benny, Bino, and Roadhouse, cool seeing all of you out there. Benny, thanks for the dope on the Cat spot on the way home. Pretty weird to catch bigger fish at Cat than at SCI. Quag-Silence, you guys are both legends. Got outfitted by J-Bass (again). Can't wait to do it all over again...
  218. gnarl_malone

    E S P I R I T U***

    Match the hatch!
  219. gnarl_malone

    S L E E P I N G *

    Too bad you lost that hat while sleeping on the way home. That thing was rad.
  220. gnarl_malone

    D E P R I V E D.

    Fun times. You dudes are welcome anytime. JBass, thanks for outfitting us.
  221. gnarl_malone

    R E M I N D E R !

    Uncle James is a legend.
  222. gnarl_malone

    Fishing Palos Verders

    That one in your avatar looks good to me.
  223. gnarl_malone

    08.25.10 stinkbomb

    That kit is legit, but where are the stripper photos?
  224. gnarl_malone


    Nice job on the toads. Sorry about the truck. Glad everyone is ok.
  225. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : ! ! ! M I S F I T S ! ! !

    Jello in 20' of water, bass kit, no gaff? So much fun. Our triple didn't suck either. Um, we're going again soon. Real soon.
  226. gnarl_malone

    BAJA TRIPPIN - San Q / Sac Reef / Geronimo / San Martin - REPORT

    Looks kinda like my weekend in Santa Barbara, minus the fish.
  227. gnarl_malone

    Lamars Limp Wrist

    With headphones? You're gnarly.
  228. gnarl_malone

    TAG: You're It.

    Such a good idea. I can't wait for the photos after Le Rapistador and Captain Rum-Beard get a hold of it.
  229. gnarl_malone

    Catalina Report-8.16.10

    You might get to see her this weekend.
  230. gnarl_malone

    Catalina Report-8.16.10

    10 degree water drop; gay. Visors and PB calicos; not gay. S.C.I. soon.
  231. gnarl_malone

    ANGLER PROFILE #16 - Kelpbass_Kid

    Nice, thanks for a good read boys. Evan keep up the good work.
  232. gnarl_malone

    Sitka, Alaska...And Bass There Are

    Looks like fun. Glad your back. Now let's go to SCI. My rig.
  233. gnarl_malone

    samurai sickness

    That guys has some serious talent. Reminds me of this other youtube video I like . . . YouTube - &#8234;
  234. gnarl_malone


    And a few more. . .
  235. gnarl_malone


    One time, I was at this sketchy party in Venice, a bunch of under-aged girls getting wasted, a guy giving free tattoos with a dirty needle, and I saw something pretty rad. There was a dude there that got a tattoo on his foot that read, "love your life." He's right. Love your life.
  236. gnarl_malone

    Calico Fishing in LJ or Point Loma

    50lb braid with a 2' 40lb flour leader with a War head and your favorite swimbait. Look for current and find a lane to cast down. WAR BAITS And you might get more help here . . . Good luck.
  237. gnarl_malone

    The Chronicles of The Lab.

    That butt shot at the end is dope. Keep up the good work.
  238. gnarl_malone

    Get rid of...

    Um, that ain't cool.
  239. gnarl_malone


    Nice fishes boys.
  240. gnarl_malone

    ....and there she was

    You guys are rad.
  241. gnarl_malone


    Glad you found a cold beer, you sick freak! Now, get the Cali-B ready, call up Ebenezer Rum-Beard and the Rusty Trombone, and go out and punish some calico basses.
  242. gnarl_malone

    Spottys will make U earn your keep

    You are! Congrats on the PB.
  243. gnarl_malone

    Newport Bay

    You might want to check out the Bass Club . . . There's a ton of NPH float tubers posting stuff every day.
  244. gnarl_malone


    Looks like the outfitter got outfitted. I'm salivating. And on another note; there was a siting of the elusive SeaRapist at San'Onofre today, crawling the beach, looking for cold beers.
  245. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : Best served, Chilled.

    You're the best outfitter/cinematographer I know. Seeing the old boat in tight like that on the backside of Cat was dope. Can't wait to fish again.
  246. gnarl_malone

    SBI short report 7/5

    Yea, those things are huge. SBI is rad.
  247. gnarl_malone

    are By-Catch @ SCI..visual

    I know you got a Cat tat, but you might need an SCI one on the other arm. Can't wait to go back there.
  248. gnarl_malone

    San Clemente Island 6.27.10 YELLOW*

    Jeremy, Ceez; you guys are legends. J-Bass; best outfitter ever. Thanks for everything guys.
  249. gnarl_malone

    10LB Sandra

    X3 Nice job though.
  250. gnarl_malone

    2.5 Day Indian 6-18-20

    Those dudes work hard. Glad you ended up getting them.
  251. gnarl_malone

    Opah on Night Shark Fishing Trip

    That's awesome. Big congrats!
  252. gnarl_malone

    Full body baits...

    These things work.
  253. gnarl_malone

    and Bass Report...episode-65

    You guys are rad.
  254. gnarl_malone

    Fished Churches

    Between San'O and Lowers?
  255. gnarl_malone


    Well that doesn't suck.
  256. gnarl_malone

    Catalina BDay Present

    12.3 wow. Congrats. That's a fish of a lifetime.
  257. gnarl_malone

    Round#3LB Jumbo Shrimp

    Nice job yesterday. But did I miss something? What's up with the 12lb'er you and EB mentioned? Maybe it got posted somewhere else? I'd love to see the photo.
  258. gnarl_malone

    SCI ????

    All these dudes are right. Definitely check the closures. The whole island has tons of fish. Find conditions and you'll get bit. Boilers to outside isolated kelp. Have fun.
  259. gnarl_malone

    ninja fishing 6-9

    Nice work Nathan. Keep slaying them!
  260. gnarl_malone

    Enjoyable Conditions

    That image is priceless. Sounds like a typical day of 'outfitting.'
  261. gnarl_malone

    Prefishing for Stop #3 - Team Basstic

    Nice work boys. Looks like you're on them.
  262. gnarl_malone

    Fishing NPH 06-05...

    Sound like you got the right stuff. The Gulp shrimp and grubs on a 3/8oz Owner stand-up head should work well. Good luck.
  263. gnarl_malone

    Team Low Budget

    Damn, nice rod G. Sure the boys will put it to work.
  264. gnarl_malone

    Before The Wind.

    Thanks for taking me out. I gotta say, I looked over my back about every second and a half to make sure there were no sneakers. Had a blast though. Can't wait to fish again.
  265. gnarl_malone

    C-bass limits

    No halibut? Well nice job on the croakers.
  266. gnarl_malone

    A Scream in the Night - Team Basstic finds... Seabass?

    Nice work on the elusive ghost. Might have to call you the Seabass Kid.
  267. gnarl_malone

    Before The Wind.

    Good times guys. Thanks for outfitting me. Showed up with no rods and no tackle, and these dudes set me up and put me on the fish. World class outfitting before work. Amazing.
  268. gnarl_malone

    Top Gun 80 ???

    I've been on that same exact trip on the Top Gun, returning on the 4th of July, the last five or six years. Every year, with the exception of last, has been pretty much WFO. You'll have a good shot at Yellows, some long fins, and maybe BFT. A couple years we've limited out (3 day limit) the...
  269. gnarl_malone

    Mission Impossible

    The rapist called me right after this and was like, "Dude, I just pulled a Hugron and went over the falls in my rig." Real funny.
  270. gnarl_malone

    Thank You Afran (and WAR crew)

    Good baits, good tackle shop. I like it.
  271. gnarl_malone

    7lb Spottie? Damn.
  272. gnarl_malone


    Nice work on the slug fish. Gotta love the local bassin.
  273. gnarl_malone

    San clemente

    Put this in your bookmark toolbar . . . SCI Area Usage Schedule
  274. gnarl_malone

    San clemente

    The bass fishing's been alright. . .
  275. gnarl_malone


    That's awesome.
  276. gnarl_malone


    Marc showed me a little sneak preview of the video. Looked like it was silly the whole time.
  277. gnarl_malone

    Turn 'n burn - BARRETT - 5/2/10

    Looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait to fish Barrett.
  278. gnarl_malone

    Bass Contest WINNER!!!!!!

    The Rapist loves the pink squid. He matches the hatch with an underspin earring and usually a pink skirt.
  279. gnarl_malone

    Bass Contest WINNER!!!!!!

    Glad The Rapist won. He deserves it.
  280. gnarl_malone

    oceanside docks!!

    There's no fish in Oceanside.
  281. gnarl_malone

    Spotted Adventure

  282. gnarl_malone

    San Martin "Night Kayak Calicos"

    Looks like fun. Nice work.
  283. gnarl_malone


    So, since it was pretty much full speed, I think I stopped to shoot about 1 minute of video while I ate my sammy from Ceez's Pizza Place. Here's a few screen shots from the minute of video. Ceez, getting it done. Our outfitter showing us how to high-stick 'em to the boat quickly. Oh, a...
  284. gnarl_malone

    Didn't go to SCI either...

    Nice work guys.
  285. gnarl_malone


    Um, pretty much as fun as it gets. I can't decide if I want to go to SCI every week, or just quit fishing. JBass really is a professional outfitter. I don't know that it was mentioned, but this photo was part of a quadruple. JBass' was an estimated 2er, so he took the photo. Plus as an...
  286. gnarl_malone

    Murder at Goat Island: CSI at SCI

    I saw that bait at the wash down at Davey's just now.
  287. gnarl_malone

    @ SCI

    Just got my kit together. See you kooks soon.
  288. gnarl_malone

    Definately An Honor...

    Nice fish Brian. You and Stembro always seem to get them.
  289. gnarl_malone


    It's already been done. The Rapist took these shots butt naked this past winter at NW Harbor on a frigid morning. I'm dead serious.
  290. gnarl_malone

    la jolla bassin

    Nice job on the Calico basses. The jello tail and that flat fish don't suck either.
  291. gnarl_malone


    Another epic day on the Everglades. Capt. Jimmy Decker might not be an outfitter, but he's one hell of a guide. EB's, no kickstand on his bike, chatterbait guy. J-Bass, jackpot bait sanded kind. 7-11 perch checkered kind.
  292. gnarl_malone

    Decker Session

    Jimmy. Thanks for an amazing trip. I had so much fun. Slow fishing or not, we were syked to be out there with you. Can't wait to do it again. Dude, it's 24' but seems like it's 30'. We were rolling 4 deep and never had an issue. It has/does everything you could ever want. By far the...
  293. gnarl_malone

    20 Pound Plus Bass

    That's rad, and so are the a Tokyo Giants.
  294. gnarl_malone

    Any float tubers here?

    No worries. There's about 5 float tube posts from Lido in the last few days up there. You'll find more than you need.
  295. gnarl_malone

    Any float tubers here?

    Nice, I like float tubing that spot. You might get more response in the Bass Club . . .
  296. gnarl_malone

    Episode # 33-04072010

    Spring Break bass'n doesn't suck. See you dudes tonight.
  297. gnarl_malone

    The Freezing Spots!

    Fun stuff. I like it.
  298. gnarl_malone

    L U S H .

    Yea, my sled sat for 2 months. Then a couple trips down to the ramp for nothing. Anti-siphon valve on the fuel tank was all clogged. Installed a new one and got it sorted. Back in the game now. Craving SCI. Let me know when you're ready.
  299. gnarl_malone

    L U S H .

    Good times. Lets do it again soon.
  300. gnarl_malone

    Thankyou federal government......

    Team Kwagmyre getting kitted!
  301. gnarl_malone

    SCI - Who left the lights on????

    Nice work Ed. Looks like you guys had a good time.
  302. gnarl_malone

    in our 13' Whaler. The legend continues.

    Good dudes, good fishing.
  303. gnarl_malone

    3/28/2010 - FDBU - Two Kooks, One Island (PIC HEAVY!)

    X2 But I like it. Let's fish!
  304. gnarl_malone

    F I L T H Y * R I C H

    April 1st is going to be a sad day. Who am I going to fish with when we're suppose to be working? Or get Bear Flag with instead of visiting accounts. Now I'm just getting all gay. Lets fish!
  305. gnarl_malone

    Radio Silence, Japan Represent

    So nice. Can't wait to see that thing.
  306. gnarl_malone

    WAR Featured on TACKLE TOUR??

    That's awesome. Proud of you Af.
  307. gnarl_malone

    Outboard Info....

    2:41am? You syked. I love it.
  308. gnarl_malone

    ST ROCKS San Nicolis Island March 21,22

    Those flat ones don't suck. Nice work.
  309. gnarl_malone


    Glad you guys got 'em. Nice work.
  310. gnarl_malone

    Green Back$$$$$$$$

    Glad you sick freaks finally caught green-bass. Now lets go catch some spotties.
  311. gnarl_malone

    Catalina Calico Adventure - video report

    Very informative. Thanks.
  312. gnarl_malone

    Spotted Bay Bass Of Long Beach

    Good times last night. The fishing was fun but the experience was amazing. JBass put on another clinic. The rapist was raping 6" spotties. The Rusty Trambone was hurting the sanded kind. Ceez and Denek are rad. The rapist got into a standoff in the mini-van with a cougar in a Mercedes on...
  313. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : Dead Broke-Filthy Rich

    I like it. And that Pearl teaser doesn't suck either.
  314. gnarl_malone

    What Gear?

    Looks like you're not getting too much help here. There's a million different set-ups, and I'm sure some others can elaborate on them, but on your average local or island trip, you'd be set with: Swimbait rod Hardbait rod Slug rod Iron rod I'd like Curado 300's for the swimbaits and slugs and...
  315. gnarl_malone

    Monday, fun day.

    Nice work.
  316. gnarl_malone


  317. gnarl_malone


    See you boys tomorrow.
  318. gnarl_malone

    Post Office Work LMB

    Ebeneezer Rumbeard?
  319. gnarl_malone

    1 HAWG 2/25 5:55pm

  320. gnarl_malone

    High Ceez on the Budget

    Nice work Ceez. I like it.
  321. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : Newps II

    Agreed. My ahi sammy was on point too. The tubing didn't suck either.
  322. gnarl_malone


    Those dudes know how to find them. Looks like fun.
  323. gnarl_malone

    FS: Custom Calico Sticks

    Uncle James does nice work.
  324. gnarl_malone

    I spot myself today

    Didn't you see where he's from?
  325. gnarl_malone

    I spot myself today

    Nice, I like that place..
  326. gnarl_malone

    And how was your weekend???

    Looks like you've been busy. Good luck with the AOTY.
  327. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : SCI 1.30.10

    Wish I could have been there with you freaks. JBass, Af and Le Rapista, you up for dock walking spotty-fest this week in SD?
  328. gnarl_malone

    Fishing the kelp

    WAR BAITS - JIGS - SALTWATER BASS FISHING - CALICO BASS FISHING - WARBAITS is an Inshore Saltwater and Freshwater fishing lure designed to swim through the heaviest of cover with the least resistance creating a presentation the fish need to eat.
  329. gnarl_malone

    The Perfect Calico Bass Setup

    Af's right, for about $400 (new) you can get a really good all around set up with Shimano's warranty. And if you have have the money, Ceez's pimp kit is probably the best you'll find.
  330. gnarl_malone

    bay fishing braid question

    I like 12lb flouro for swimbaits, grubs, tubes, etc, but straight braid on the hardbaits.
  331. gnarl_malone

    I went swimbait fishing

    A rapist sighting in Japan? That guy gets around.
  332. gnarl_malone

    baitcaster for tuna

    Curado 300
  333. gnarl_malone

    The Wall Today (1/24/10)

    Sounds like fun. Good luck in SD next weekend.
  334. gnarl_malone

    Bluefin Tuna in the surf!

    Went down to see if they've made their way up this far. Found some shopping carts and wet shoes, no BFT.
  335. gnarl_malone

    We Survived! And Caught A Fish

    Wow, you guys are gnarly.
  336. gnarl_malone

    Between you, me and the wall...

    That bait looks hard to cast. Nice work.
  337. gnarl_malone

    Triple Carcass....01-16-10

    Some quality fishermen catching some quality fish. Nice work guys.
  338. gnarl_malone

    T-Top for a zx20 bay

    Saw your boat at the COCC, thought it looked different.
  339. gnarl_malone

    Great Bite!

    Great report.
  340. gnarl_malone


    Rad. The Rapist slays with the pink. Yellow and red are insane too.
  341. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E: Catalina Scene Selections

    You guys are dope. Good luck slaying bass in Florida.
  342. gnarl_malone

    A message to you, Rudy,

    That's rad.
  343. gnarl_malone

    Which Bait Casting reel to get

    I'd go Curado.
  344. gnarl_malone

    First Session of 2010.

    Wish I could have been there. See you guys this weekend on Cat.
  345. gnarl_malone

    Toads Toads Toads Only Year Wrap Up.

    Most people don't catch that many WSB in a lifetime. Love the big bait green-bass too. Good year.
  346. gnarl_malone

    BASS contest DECEMBER 09!

    Three days left and not a single entry. What's up?
  347. gnarl_malone

    San Clemente Island 12.26.09

    Insane trip. I learn so much every time I'm on the water. Boxing Day in a Tee shirt doesn't suck either. Thanks J-Bass.
  348. gnarl_malone

    Bassing PV With My Girls 12-21

    Nice rig, nice bass, and a nice day with the family. Epic.
  349. gnarl_malone

    Hey Roadhouse, your new hairstyle looks good...

    What? Team Bass Boyz and Radio Silence need to step up their game in 2010, cause the Barber Shop Bass Boiz are catching ten pounders on the Obama hard baits. Merry Christmas.
  350. gnarl_malone

    deadly combos

  351. gnarl_malone

    December 20, 2009...New Water.

    Thanks. I'm going to be fishing the CCOC with the other half of the Team Bassholes, Greg Moak. Haha. It was in about 3 feet of water, so I don't think it was a BSB, but who knows? We got to go fish again soon.
  352. gnarl_malone

    reel for seeker inshore rod rated 10 to 17

    I have that exact same rod. Usually fish it with a Curado 200e7. Actually broke it in half bouncing a seven pounder at SCI (see below). Love the rod and got it replaced with the same one.
  353. gnarl_malone

    2 Islands 2 Days

    Looks like fun and one of the smoothest crossings of the year.
  354. gnarl_malone

    December 20, 2009...New Water.

    Yea that was a a lot fun. I also got my PB seal. It was only about 40 lbs. though. Great team work with J Bass at the wheel and Le Rapist there for the tag and release. I got broke off by a toad on 65lb braid to 30 flouro, but was able to land a seal on the same gear. Good times with good...
  355. gnarl_malone

    Hooping 12/18 *pics n video*

    If 12 legals off one spot is a "dead spot", you must really get them most of the time.
  356. gnarl_malone

    Thirty equals death

    Birthday trip to SCI.
  357. gnarl_malone

    Bass fishin

    It's a bass with a body kit.
  358. gnarl_malone

    Friday The 13th, January 2005

    Zack, you're a legend. Now stop flaking and come fishing.
  359. gnarl_malone

    Wintertime in the LBC / Wednesday on the Snook Hunter

    Looks like fun. Nice work.
  360. gnarl_malone

    Boat aground in HH

    That'll teach those kooks to shred our spots!
  361. gnarl_malone


    Gotta love the hard baits!
  362. gnarl_malone

    cold but crawling

    Nice work on the big bugs.
  363. gnarl_malone

    Halibut Weds.

    Fish of a lifetime. Congrats.
  364. gnarl_malone

    Saltwater series trolling motor

    I got one a little while back from Bruce. Super nice guy with brand new TM's for really cheap. He's in SD too. Check his Craigslist ad and give him a call. I think he has a few different ones to choose from. NIB MOTORGUIDE FOOT PEDAL WHITE SHARK TROLLING MOTOR
  365. gnarl_malone


    Nice work Mike. Glad I was there to see you catch that monster.
  366. gnarl_malone

    This may SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    Gnarly. Glad everyone's alive.
  367. gnarl_malone

    F E T C H L I V E S !

    Denada amigo. When the day started with free parking at Davies, you knew it was going to be a good one. You're welcome on my skiff anytime. Yea, it's me. When we fishing?
  368. gnarl_malone

    Bigger than 11 Lbs BITCHES

    Ten pounds, fifteen, who cares? It was big enough to release. Great job on the catch AND the release.
  369. gnarl_malone

    Calico Fishing is Child's Play

    That's really cool. Dave is the man.
  370. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : Frame Grab

    So rad, can't wait to fish again. The Pearl Bromo vid is going to be insane. Black Friday at SCI?
  371. gnarl_malone

    Palos Verdes - still potential

    Roadhouse and I were fishing with JBass. Glad to hear you got some fish. Slow picking for us, but we got our share. Watch out for the essays pirating the area with no engine cover on, cause they don't give a [email protected]*K!
  372. gnarl_malone

    LJ Homeguard on the plastic!

    Nice work on the trout gear.
  373. gnarl_malone


    Mahi Tackle in Huntington Beach.
  374. gnarl_malone

    Dana Pt. - 11/19 Bounced

    That's fishing. Sure beats work.
  375. gnarl_malone

    + one TOAD sand fish w/pix(s)

    Nice work boys.
  376. gnarl_malone

    SWBA registration

    Hang tight. You'll definitely be able to fish them.
  377. gnarl_malone

    Irons for calico/bonito

    Wounded soldier and bird shit.
  378. gnarl_malone

    7.2 LBS

    Keep up the good work.
  379. gnarl_malone

    W A R B A I T S ! ! !

    The Slayer head with the Paca Craw looks amazing.
  380. gnarl_malone

    jigs for the WALL

    Your name is Calico Killer and you never heard of "The Wall"? Long Beach.
  381. gnarl_malone

    W A R B A I T S ! ! !

    These baits are insane. Af is a good dude with quality products. Like the rapist said, the Slayer Head with a Pearl is pretty much deadly.
  382. gnarl_malone

    P.E Cat Hoopin and Hookin report for 11-7/8

    Tasty. Nice work on the coffee grinder.
  383. gnarl_malone

    jigs for the WALL

    I like to fish Pearl Bugs on a 1 1/2oz Weedless jig head at the wall. 50lb braid to 20lb Flouro leader. >>>> Pearl Swim Baits <<<< Hope this helps.
  384. gnarl_malone

    SWBA here we come (eventually)

    Good luck. Have fun.
  385. gnarl_malone

    these things look pretty sick

    The middle photo I posted is a 1oz head that's pretty much "Weedless" on a 5" Pearl swimbait. I think it's just what you're looking for.
  386. gnarl_malone

    these things look pretty sick

    Erik's right, the BladeRunner weedless swimbait heads work really well. I like to rig them with the belly hook wire jammed into the bait. You won't really get your pants pulled down this way. WARBAITS are sick too. I like them with a skirt for the bugs and without for the swimbaits. Check...
  387. gnarl_malone


    Nice work Ceez. Stembridge is looking like a sure shot for November.
  388. gnarl_malone

    Birds On The Beach: Catalina 11/1/09

    That was so much fun. Watching that toad eat Mike's bait at the boat was gnarly. Yellows were boiling around the boat. We we screaming like little girls. Thanks JBass and Mike for the ride, your shared knowledge, and some really rad baits.
  389. gnarl_malone

    3 1/2 men @ S.C.I. w/pix

    Looks like you got them. Nice work.
  390. gnarl_malone


    Nice bait, nice bugs. Good work.
  391. gnarl_malone

    BarelyLegal 24OCT SSK to 60mi

    Gotta love the solo local run in late October for the YFT. Congrats bro.
  392. gnarl_malone


    That's rad.
  393. gnarl_malone

    kelp patties?

    There's plenty of kelp, structure and boilers that are holding in between Newport and Dana. Fish swimbaits, hard-baits, or the iron and you'll find them. Be safe and good luck.
  394. gnarl_malone

    Something Crazy Inside

    Thanks for letting me roll on your rig J-Bass. Pretty much full speed all day and gotta love that everything got bit; hard-baits, iron, slugs, and swimmies. For the record though, Nefarious' rods are 12'. The Rapist would have had a field-day.
  395. gnarl_malone

    For you calico experts who like to fish the slug

    Looks cool, but it would definitely not work in the thick stuff. Good for the lanes maybe. It would be insane if it had a weed-guard.
  396. gnarl_malone


    Got this one at SCI over weekend. It annihilated a 5" Pearl #24 Pearl Calico. Broke a Seeker Inshore on the bounce over the bow rail in the process.
  397. gnarl_malone

    Bass n' Bugs with Dean n' Martin 10/16 w/pics

    Bass and bugs, what more could you ask for?
  398. gnarl_malone

    Where The Wild Things Are

    Wow, unbelievable crew, conditions, fishing, day and post. You guys are welcome back on my skiff anytime. The Rapist is quite the photographer. Can't wait to see the video footage.
  399. gnarl_malone

    Sight fishing for calico bass

    As a sales rep for one of the bigger sunglass companies, I pay for my fishing addiction by selling glasses. I gotta say, Captain G is right on with his insight on lens colors.
  400. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : scenes from within

    Three legendary dudes.
  401. Butt


  402. Size 10

    Size 10

  403. Large males

    Large males

  404. Livewell


  405. Imported Item

    Imported Item

  406. Random


  407. MDR


  408. SCI Calico

    SCI Calico

  409. Bass


  410. Swell


  411. Imported Item

    Imported Item

  412. Good stop

    Good stop

  413. gnarl_malone


    I'm down.
  414. gnarl_malone

    Newport to 209 area: 60# YFT

    That's awesome. Good work.
  415. gnarl_malone

    SCI - 100809

    Way to get them. Can't wait to get back out there.
  416. gnarl_malone

    ----Epic Local Night -----

    Looks like you found them. The DFG is on the water and at the ramp every night, so you're definitely legal. Nice work.
  417. gnarl_malone

    Local Bugs 9/7/09

    Hey Rapist. Your problem is when you go out in Long Beach looking for large males you go to the Silver Fox. You have to go to the Wall.
  418. gnarl_malone

    Local Bugs 9/7/09

    And the two bigger ones are males.
  419. gnarl_malone

    Local Bugs 9/7/09

    Hooped locally last night (10/7/09). Was able to make Macs and a even few small Bonies for bait in the harbor and set just at sunset. Got them early. Didn't really need to measure any all night. Only threw back one borderline legal, a couple spider crabs and a nice sculpin. Got stopped by...
  420. gnarl_malone

    Catalina Island 10/3/09 with Lil' Ceez...

    J-Bass knows how to find them.
  421. gnarl_malone

    long beach harbor monster lobster

    Good job getting them close to home. Sucks that you got your stuff ripped off.
  422. gnarl_malone

    Full Speed at SCI 10.2.09

    Way to get them on the slug. Fun stuff.
  423. gnarl_malone

    Pt. Loma kelp 9-26

    That's a nice looking skiff and not a bad calico too. Good work.
  424. gnarl_malone

    L E S S T H A N 1%

    Looks like more fun than MB spotties. Lets do another SCI trip next weekend.
  425. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : Angler Feature Preview

    Looks dope. I just got some new gear. Lets get out there. Egg-salad and the Sea-Pillager can pull on each other while we catch fish.
  426. gnarl_malone

    Clam Jam 2009

    A couple of those are proper spotties. Good work.
  427. gnarl_malone

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : v.7

    I like it. Makes me want to go fish. Maybe we'll be able to get a couple early morning Mission Bass sessions in next week.
  428. gnarl_malone

    1.5 day Blood bath on the Top Gun 80. 8/23

    Great boat, great crew. Bob and Scott always seem to find the fish. Looks like a fun trip indeed.
  429. gnarl_malone


    Dang, looks like fun.
  430. gnarl_malone

    A Catalina Island-Calico Bass Fishing Report

    J, glad you're back from Oz. My rig is all dialed in, thanks to James, so lets go fish.
  431. gnarl_malone

    Confessions of my first tuna trip

    Stariman's right. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have. I've been on trips that have been really slow the entire time and right before it's time to head in, you get into a wide open bite. That's when you grab your 40# kit and put fish on the boat to save the trip.
  432. gnarl_malone

    Awesome Calico

    Nice work. Rad that you let it go.
  433. gnarl_malone

    07-16 Albis at the 371 Dorado

    Nice work. Thanks for the info.
  434. On the Top Gun 80

    On the Top Gun 80

  435. Imported Item

    Imported Item

  436. Yellow


  437. gnarl_malone

    Hardbait Hotrod

    That's amazing. Let's go fish soon.
  438. gnarl_malone

    Fishing the surface iron...

    Such an informative read. Thanks a lot.
  439. gnarl_malone

    FS: Curado 200DHSV

    Is it still available?
  440. Bait


  441. Imported Item

    Imported Item

  442. Imported Item

    Imported Item

  443. Bugs