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  1. Salmon Addict

    Free Firewood Lacey Wa

  2. Salmon Addict

    Free Firewood Lacey Wa

    I’m down in Lacey trying to clean up my mother in laws back yard. Fir and hemlock. I will be around till this afternoon to help you load it up. Located on Diamond Rd.
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    Help me understand (6.5 Creedmoor)

    I have a 6.5 creedmoor in Left hand Ruger American Predator. Put a Boyd’s AT-one stock in it. Polished the bolt, pillar bedded the stock and action. Shoots dime sized groups better than my tikka and savages. 6.5 cm is easy to shoot no recoil, very efficient caliber. Should take deer out to 400yds.
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    Looking for Lab./Cheasy puppy or adult

    Yes a beautiful dog! Merry Christmas!
  5. Salmon Addict

    Looking for Lab./Cheasy puppy or adult

    Double post can't figure out how to delete?
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    Salmon Seasons announced!

    I was thinking the same thing! Sometimes our biologist and managers get it wrong. And the fish show up in large unexpected numbers. I hope they are wrong and there is some quota to have some kind of coho fishery.
  7. Salmon Addict

    River Runner prop saver

  8. Salmon Addict

    River Runner prop saver

    I have one of these for sale like new make me any offer.
  9. Salmon Addict


    I would like to buy a second hds unit to network with another unit with Ethernet. This unit would be at the stern. Any one planning on upgrading soon. What you got?
  10. Salmon Addict

    Linking 2 Lowerance units?

    I'm going post an add in the classified section for WTB second hds Lowrance head unit.
  11. Salmon Addict

    Linking 2 Lowerance units?

    So I normally just to steer from the back of the boat all season with the kicker. I just made a custom steering link the other day to link main and kicker together it works pretty slick when it's 20 degrees to sit inside and drink coffee and bloody Mary's while waiting for the rods to throttle...
  12. Salmon Addict

    West side san juan islands action?

    Bellingham Charters? Is that the same guy that takes your deposit and never picks you at the dock???
  13. Salmon Addict


    I heard about leaving then up a while back but I never do that.
  14. Salmon Addict


    I did call Scotty last year they were helpful and they said if I mailed them the seized motor they would ship a new one back with a tube of sickle flex caulk but the turn around was around week and postage was 50.00 bucks. Ended up taking back to Lfs today Zach said they would have it fixed in...
  15. Salmon Addict


    Anyone else having problems with Scotty rigger motors seizing up. Riggers are about 7 years old I have had the them serviced several times @ LFS. Both motors have been replaced about a year ago. They are making that loud grinding bearing are shot already sound. The other night I had to pull the...
  16. Salmon Addict

    Eagle Point July

    Two years ago during the the Bellingham derby Humpies were so thick in Open Bay we had to move to another spot.
  17. Salmon Addict

    A7 love

    Fishermen never tell the truth!
  18. Salmon Addict

    Shrimp Gear

    You going to sell your crab pots also Jackass?
  19. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Clipped Summer Kings still on the table?

    I'm sharpening my hooks and fillet knives right now! Can't wait for those wild hooked nose coho in October
  20. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Clipped Summer Kings still on the table?

    I found this on the net. Section 2.3 shows it's open for chinook recreational 1 per day wild or selective.
  21. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 to Close

    Kind of an odd year here in San Juans. Best winter fishing here in 20 years, gas is at its lowest per gallon in 10 years and it's closing 2 months early. No Anacortes derby... July first is long time to wait!
  22. Salmon Addict

    Right On Jordan!

    Durka ! Durka !
  23. Salmon Addict

    An Area 7 Weekend

    Nice report and a good read thanks for sharing!
  24. Salmon Addict

    Yamaha/West Coast Marine Bham.

    They are quality company to deal with. I bought a used kicker from them few years back. It had no warranty and was sold as is. The electric start failed a month later I called them they said bring it by and they would fix it. They fixed it for free no charge even though they didn't have to.
  25. Salmon Addict

    Eagle Pt with big tide swings?

    It will be fish able just make long drifts with the tide. Pick up and run the main where you want to start drift.
  26. Salmon Addict

    Humility we all need it

    We hooked a couple big ass dog fish in the straits halibut fishing they sawed through the tuna cord before we could get the hooks out. Ouch !
  27. Salmon Addict

    sensei stix?

    I bought a Sensei Stix Black belt from LFS for about 50-60 bucks it does have the aluminum reel seat and stronger eyes. 50- 100 # I love it I did land my first 30 # halibut on it, the only thing that sucks is the larger grips like already mentioned. Good beginner rod for the price.
  28. Salmon Addict

    South Sound to San Juans

    Thanks Fred for the invite! We need to give it another try this next weekend your up next !
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    Kicker vibration

    Sell it ! Buy a new Yamaha , Honda, Nissan , mercury. Vibration on an Aluminum boat will drive you crazy!
  30. Salmon Addict

    BD in Bad Form

    Umm... I have no clue who that could be!
  31. Salmon Addict


    On my boats during winter Blackmouth when a fish hits the deck we break out the FIREBALL and pass the bottle around. And when the fishing is slow we dump a little over the side to the fish gods! When it's 40 degrees out it warms us up!
  32. Salmon Addict

    2 New Shimano Volteus rods

    Pipe und Crepe? Bong und a blitz? Smoke und a pancake?
  33. Salmon Addict

    Blackmouth closing in A7 - Fact or fiction?

    Are you talking about longhairedsitsintruckalldayreadingbook guy???
  34. Salmon Addict

    Area 7 going to one fish limit

    Edgar, Jonas, Romulus and their tribal nets are hurting our salmon and steel head runs for sure Ted !
  35. Salmon Addict

    Blackmouth closing in A7 - Fact or fiction?

    All the fish are shakers and 22-24" anyways I'm going to wait till the 20#ers show up in July. I'm a big deal not going to waist my time with a one fish limit anyways...
  36. Salmon Addict

    1981 Yamaha Seca 750

    300.00 bucks anyone?
  37. Salmon Addict

    Area 7 going to one fish limit

    I thought the Canadians only clipped like 1% of their hatchery chinook? If they tag the nose then they will clip it. So that statement about Canadian fish being taken does not make cents to me since we are catching only clipped chinook the Anacortes derby
  38. Salmon Addict

    Ruger Blackhawk 44 Mag.

    Sent you a pm striker20
  39. Salmon Addict

    97' Yamaha T9.9

    Sold! Picking up new one tomorrow.
  40. Salmon Addict

    1981 Yamaha Seca 750

    Everson, wa 15min north of bellingham
  41. Salmon Addict

    97' Yamaha T9.9

    Mine actually runs though! I got a nice Hilti Roto hammer you want another one?
  42. Salmon Addict

    97' Yamaha T9.9

    Electric start, manual tilt
  43. Salmon Addict

    97' Yamaha T9.9

    Extra long. I'll try to post a photo later today.
  44. Salmon Addict

    Ruger Blackhawk 44 Mag.

    Blued finish, 7" barrel, rubber grips, with holster, plus still have stock grips like new. 400 OBO
  45. Salmon Addict

    97' Yamaha T9.9

    700.00 Firm runs good. Things I've fixed in last 2 years New seals in lower unit Water pump New oil pan Main seals & gaskets Thermostat Fuel bladder/fuel pump
  46. Salmon Addict

    1981 Yamaha Seca 750

    Any offer might be taken. Title in hand.
  47. Salmon Addict

    1981 Yamaha Seca 750

    Come get it!
  48. Salmon Addict

    Why barbless?

    I think the barbless rule is retarded barbless or not some fish die when released it's part of fishing. Area 9 during the summer lots of coho yeah a strong native run, but what about ESA chinook returning probably a good idea to go barbless some biologist would say... Especially during a salmon...
  49. Salmon Addict

    A7 Blackmouth Fever

    Nice job! MORE COWBELL!
  50. Salmon Addict

    Yamaha Tech anyone???

    I like it that your tach doesn't work cause now you don't run your boat like a granny anymore!
  51. Salmon Addict

    1981 Yamaha Seca 750

    New, tires,brakes, exhaust, battery comes with saddle bags. 375.00 Obo make me a offer this bikes taking up space in my micro sized garage. Will through in riding gear.
  52. Salmon Addict

    Another good weekend.

    Area 7 in a secret spot. I'd tell you the location but if I did some guys will slash my pick up tires @ launch and stash bannanas in my tackle box if I did.
  53. Salmon Addict

    A7 Past couple of weeks

    I hope you bring your good luck on my boat tomorrow Fred ?
  54. Salmon Addict

    Have to vent!

    Guys like that get the valve stems pulled out of there tires after you see them head around the corner to the fishing grounds just saying. Guys like that is why I would gladly pound across Bellingham bay then drive around to fish the west side. Going to fish out of wa park launch in the dark and...
  55. Salmon Addict

    Our 2013 Bellingham Derby Story

    Nice report Fred ! It was pleasure fishing with you and Marty. Good to see all the familiar faces out there among us. Thanks again for all the good food, drinks and memories. Oh yeah and the cool Barrucuda team fishing hat!
  56. Salmon Addict

    Area 7 (a bit of 8) report

    Oh and how many spot prawns did you take home?
  57. Salmon Addict

    Area 7 (a bit of 8) report

    Just curious where did you dump the shrimp pots?
  58. Salmon Addict


    Pretty cool story ! Glad you decided to share. Good to see that size of chinook are hanging around gives me hope to maybe land something that size someday.
  59. Salmon Addict

    Penn downrigger

    I got a swivel base for that rigger if anyone wants 40 bucks you pick it up ain't shipping it.
  60. Salmon Addict

    Any good area 7 reports

    I guess I am a little boy then cause that sounds retarded to me.
  61. Salmon Addict

    A7 opener

    That was a perfect report for area 7! Thanks for sharing gives me hope from our Monday opener skunk fest. By not posting your location you might be fishing with only 5 other boats again in the same spot!
  62. Salmon Addict

    Any good area 7 reports

    There is also a PSA derby coming up soon with some money to win so you guys start running your mouths now so we can fish in 75 boat crowds like I just did on a Monday...
  63. Salmon Addict

    Surrounded by Bitches

    Nice job sure beats working
  64. Salmon Addict

    area 7

    I'll be out there!
  65. Salmon Addict

    A big thanks!

    Just want to thank a couple guys from Bd 2 fish and Barrucuda 1. I found some helm seats in the classified section here on Bd. Fred just happened to be heading down south to fish so he offered to meet up with Jim 2 fish and pick up the seats. And Jim dropped everything at work to deliver the...
  66. Salmon Addict

    need help fishing columbia river

    2 fish do you ever check your PM's?
  67. Salmon Addict

    Fluorocarbon leader

    Save that stuff for the river for clear water condition. Like BMer said its brittle and not as strong I don't trust it! I'm a tight ass can't seem to spend the coin on it. I heard guys use it a lot for tuna though
  68. Salmon Addict

    Squid for bait

    Last years Bellingham derby 4/5 fish had 4 " squid in their bellies. Need less to say we fished mostly hooches .Maybe tip the trail hook with a teaser of squid it might be hard to keep the squid on for long with the right action.
  69. Salmon Addict

    helm chairs SOLD

    Shit I thought I sent you a pm the other day but it never went through! Anyway do you still have the seats? Jjust sent you a pm.
  70. Salmon Addict

    Bellingham derby roll call

    Yep we are in it! Team Barrucuda. Fred,Marty the cabin boy and I are throwing down a fifty for side bet. Not quite sure how we are going to collect the money and deadline time for that ?
  71. Salmon Addict

    Homemade Fish Cleaning Station

    cabellas has small white table made by lifetime for forty bucks right now. 4'x2' folds into 2'x2' 36'' tall not bad for 40 bucks should last at least a couple seasons
  72. Salmon Addict

    helm chairs SOLD

    I could use those chairs if you still have them?
  73. Salmon Addict

    Tap talk ?

    Why the hell did they even screw with it if ain't broke don't fix it. I hate the all white screen it's bloody decks should of kept it blood red!
  74. Salmon Addict

    Tap talk ?

    My tap talk works! Not as good as it used to but now I can look it bd on I phone a little easier. What do you guys think?
  75. Salmon Addict

    Spot Prawns in Area 6 and 7 West? Still good?

    Yes but it's a BIG ass tide better wait till next week.
  76. Salmon Addict

    Tips for running 3 downriggers

    What you described about your set up is how I was told to run a three down rigger Set up. That is how mine is set up. Your boat is much wider than mine it would be much easier for you. Make sure you stagger your depth and release length and running three flashers at ounce is asking for trouble...
  77. Salmon Addict

    Fishing Alone

    Thats how I pretty much feel. I promised my wife I wouldn't go out by my self anymore. But I do love fishing by myself though its so relaxing and peaceful.
  78. Salmon Addict

    Fishing Alone

    I got this friend he is a member here on BD. He wants to go target some Halibuts out in the straits by some bank on Friday. I probably can't go cause of work. So he says he's going alone. I think its a BAD idea things change out there real fast. Why not offer a open seat or maybe he could be a...
  79. Salmon Addict

    2 ladner pots for sale

    60.00 bucks is a deal! I have one of these and it fishes the same as the other three made in Canada ladners.
  80. Salmon Addict

    Yamaha T8 vs Yamaha T9.9

    Glad you figured it out! Now I think I'll raise mine up a bit at one time with a different kicker it steered great but that was when I had a different kicker. When I made the switch I did drop the kicker about 3" "thought" that would you make it even better but sounds like we were wrong.
  81. Salmon Addict

    The regs are out!!!

    I noticed in MA 7 now in October you have to release wild coho. Last year you could retain Coho that month right?
  82. Salmon Addict

    Two shrimp pots

    Two shrimp pots for sale. Just put new tunnel rubber bands on them comes with bait jars also. Make me an offer.
  83. Salmon Addict

    Well the scuba folks might end up getting areas shut down or worse now...

    Two years ago one crawled into our shrimp pot in about 400 ' of water in area7 . We were not sure if it was legal to keep it luckily we had Regs on board stating we could keep as long as not caught by hook and line. We did keep it tasted great but you have boil it for about five hours to chew...
  84. Salmon Addict

    To use bunk slicks or not...

    Pete if I were you I'd put new treated 2x6 bunks on it. Then go to hardware sales in Bellingham. By some hmw plastic they sell it new or have used scrap been that is cheap. Buy the slick smooth kind we use that shit for concrete forms when its wet you step on it you will fall and slip on your...
  85. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 reduced to 1 clipped blackmouth per day

    Got a mail from wdfw stating bag limit reduced cause of to many native chinook released. I figured this was coming with all the pressure of such a good early fishery we had.
  86. Salmon Addict

    Her first Salmon!!

    Glad to see you two made it out this weekend ! Wake up late and go home early with a nice fish like that is a solid day if you ask me!
  87. Salmon Addict

    Shut UP and FISH

    Thanks for the report and nice fish!
  88. Salmon Addict

    Yamaha T8 vs Yamaha T9.9

    I do know the cavitation plate on everude was twice the size as the yamaha
  89. Salmon Addict

    New throttle and shift cables.

    If your looking to save money I know there is a bunch of used ones at marine exchange in Bellingham might want to give them a call.
  90. Salmon Addict

    Yamaha T8 vs Yamaha T9.9

    I used to have a 4 stroke Evenrude kicker turned the boat really good. Then I replaced with 9.9 Yamaha same extra long foot now it won't turn unless the main is all the way out of water.
  91. Salmon Addict

    Cleaning garage

    Yep clean title in hand. It runs good one of the rear windows doesn't role down. Got a cracked drivers side mirror. Doesn't burn or leak much oil got one of those coffee can mufflers on it. No major dents. Barracuda 1 and I drove it to holiday sports the other day.
  92. Salmon Addict

    Cleaning garage

    750 has 27k had tabs last year new tires brakes shocks exhaust battery seat recovered runs great
  93. Salmon Addict

    Cleaning garage

    Washinton State About 15 mins from canada
  94. Salmon Addict

    Cleaning garage

    It my wifes old comuter runs good 230,000 miles. Going to need a new starter pretty soon but still works. Its been lowered as bigger rims and tires. Tires are almost gone but I got the old stock set still with about 40% left.
  95. Salmon Addict

    Cleaning garage

    This stuff has got to go or I'll be on an episode of Hoards soon! 99 jetta 1000.00 1981 Yamaha 750 seca 700.00 Headers or 70-81 camaro small block or nova Chevy 2 new with gaskets and bolts and collectors 100.00 River runner prop guard 75.00 13.25. X 16 prop for late model Honda or mercury...
  96. Salmon Addict

    Decent day in 7

    Hell of a job Andy! You fishing the derby? Hey slab catcher of just stay down in Ma 11 and keep trolling for those shakers!
  97. Salmon Addict

    Honey do? Nope!

    Nice work Eric! Good to see you bonked some blackies! I guess we broke the golden rule never leave a spot where you are catching fish to pursue another fishy location.
  98. Salmon Addict

    Too nice to do boat maintenance

    Nice fish Steve! Thanks for the report. That's a pretty nice salmon slaying boat you got!
  99. Salmon Addict

    Too good not to go!

    Nice Fred ! Your daughter Lindsey is pretty lucky cause her dad always gets her on a fish. Wow what a great day you had! You hitting the salt this weekend?
  100. Salmon Addict

    New Shotgun Advice

    I have a friend that had one it would not cycle the light loads like trap & skeet loads. He ended up selling it and buying the super black eagle. I have the Benelli M1 in left hand and love it. Benelli is the only company that makes a left hand auto loader model I know of. Stoeger is owned by...
  101. Salmon Addict


    What style and brand of hooks are you using to rig for saltwater? Do you buy barbless or do you crimp the barbs. The reason I ask is because the barbless hooks have a different design more of a circle hook shape. Which ones catch more fish? To me the standard J hooks barbs crimped would get you...
  102. Salmon Addict

    The 2013 Salmon Forecasts!

    I'm sharpening hooks right now also but I tend to not get to excited cause they have been way off some years.
  103. Salmon Addict

    How to catch hatchery chinook

    Nice work! So the neck must be getting better Travis?
  104. Salmon Addict

    The Best Downrigger salmon rod??

    Call me poor white trash I don't care but for the dollar and no questions asked lifetime warranty why not any of the shimano convergence. $65. 00 Mooching 10 '6 12-20 # and level wind version 10' 8-17 # ain't bad. Used all the lamiglass gloomis top shelf rods there nice but put my dollar toward...
  105. Salmon Addict

    how old?

    I love taking kids out fishing ,shrimping ,crabbing its all so exciting for them. Just play it safe though, go when weather is advisable remember if your the captain of the boat your responsible for them. Get them outdoors and on the water as soon as they are old enough. I remember going hunting...
  106. Salmon Addict

    anybody here a really good rifle reloader?

    Got a buddy who you has a 300 rum. He reloads exclusively and has played around a lot with that cal. He found that Rotumbo close to the max charge allowed with 180gr Acubond was most accrate. Please remember to start at the min and work up to max charge for your safety though!
  107. Salmon Addict

    MA7's Secrets Unveiled

    I'm tired of all this shit talking ! Hey Moderators can we make a special report section where you have to have so many posts to view? That way you have be involved and give a little before gets some info. Just a thought..
  108. Salmon Addict

    black mouth help!

    I agree with everything said lots of could info spilled. Don't buck the tide like a few have mentioned. Look at the tides and currents before you head out. Know when the tide changes are and plan your spots accordingly. If you are bucking the tide and not making any head way your wasting your...
  109. Salmon Addict

    Stick and stay make it pay

    Nice to see a local guy walk away with some coin! Good job and thanks for the report!
  110. Salmon Addict

    Herring strips

    Tried the strips in a super teaser head at the end of day. Bonged a nice one off that set up behind a breakaway. Really like the rolling spin it produced. I think the key is quality bait. My herring was marginal to begin with but it worked. I like the fact you can troll fast and double your...
  111. Salmon Addict

    Herring strips

    I used green label cause that's what I had. Will they hold up for spinners since they are a bit thinner? Salted the shit out of them.
  112. Salmon Addict

    Herring strips

    I just filleted a bunch of strips for some teasers. My old man used those Les Davis heads back in the 80's said they were the shit! Going to give her a shot got some super teasers & large teasers which ones are better ? Do you leave the tail on one side or just cut it off for better action? Dave...
  113. Salmon Addict

    San Jauns on fire

    I have been following this thread since the start. I used to give up locations and all the details when I first joined. Didn't work out so good for me! Why? Came to a point where after I made a post with all that info certain people who I know that are a bunch of lurkers wouldn't give me any...
  114. Salmon Addict

    Tons of fish!!!!

    Got to love those dick nites! Good to see you had some action and thanks again for the invite to go on the Troika will take you up on that soon Brian.
  115. Salmon Addict

    Another good day in da A7 hood

    Nice job Fred! Way to get Jerry out there! Can't believe is wife gave him kitchen clearance....
  116. Salmon Addict

    STOLEN: '97/'98 9.9 HP Evinrude High Thrust Kicker

    Sorry to hear about the theft! I HATE tweekers! There is the same kicker for sale on Ferndale Craigs List. I used to have that same kicker on my boat never let me down but the yamaha t9.9 is way nicer. Replace it with a yamaha you won't regret it!
  117. Salmon Addict

    MA7....The lucky Penny

    Nice catch Mark way to get the daughter out there!
  118. Salmon Addict

    MA-7 Smackdown

    Nice Eric! Looks like you pounded that hole pretty hard!
  119. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Derby Winner!

    Wow! Really a fish of a lifetime for the winter! I'm pretty fucking jealous to be honest... good job though and thanks for not naming locations.
  120. Salmon Addict

    San Juan Clipped Fins

    Wow Eric that is one hell of a screen name "Hole Pounder" I like it!
  121. Salmon Addict

    Dads turn - MA 9

    I like the go pro I need to invest in one of those. Good work guys!
  122. Salmon Addict

    The troika kills fish too

    Nice! Looks like someones eating a winter salmon dinner!
  123. Salmon Addict

    San Juan Clipped Fins

    That would make a great team Travis but I will be sitting this one out. My wife and I are expecting a baby boy due that weekend. We are really excited about the new addition! Being there for this guys arrival is about the only other thing I would rather be doing. I hate to miss the BD showing at...
  124. Salmon Addict

    San Juan Clipped Fins

    I got an invite to be a boat Ho on the Barracuda yesterday and boy I'm gad Fred let me tag along with his # 1 boat Ho Marty likes to party! We hit up one of the big ebb "usually" spots first thing in the morning. Had three take downs there two stuck Freds fish got next to the boat took a strong...
  125. Salmon Addict

    killed it ma7

    Shit Paul I think you need to return to work so there will be some Sammies left for the weekenders! Good job!:finger:
  126. Salmon Addict

    Late report from Sunday the 6th.

    Thanks Blake ! Good to see some fresh porn. I just might brine some pickled herring tonight and call in sick. And maybe grab a bottle of fireball.
  127. Salmon Addict

    San Juan Cookie Cutters

    I've been out three days in the last week. Lots of fish out there to be caught! This time of year you just got to put your time in. Nothing was really big until yesterday when we released a nice fat healthy native. Yesterday the bite really picked up had lots of chances to limit out but just...
  128. Salmon Addict

    JudyAnn gettin a makeover.. A NOVEL

    Thats just bad ass! Its like a brand new boat what a bitchin upgrade!
  129. Salmon Addict

    At least I Tried

    Those guys that gave you some advice are a bunch of FIREBALL drinking drunks I wouldn't believe a word they said! :rofl: It was nice to see you out there today!
  130. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Was good to us today

    Nice fish! I like the swivel on the back of that coho killer makes it a little more deadly!
  131. Salmon Addict

    Fish PORN

    Good to see you got on some fish James! I saw Wild Bill and his 30' foot salmon slaying machine the other day Wow what a nice boat! Oh and glad to see you guys brought FIREBALL I always got a bottle of that on board to fight off Jack Frost.
  132. Salmon Addict

    Island Blackmouth and Crab bonus!

    Thanks again Fred for the fishing trip what a good day! Got to love fishing out of your ride with the nice heater and stirring from the inside where its warm and toasty! :D
  133. Salmon Addict

    First Blood

    Nice work YO! White feeder King kind of rare pretty cool ! I know Burrucuda1 caught a Clipped white king last year same spot that had a Tagged nose that was traced back to the Vedder river.
  134. Salmon Addict

    ma7 fishey fishey

    Oh hell yeah ! Those fish are nice Paul! Just waiting for the weather to change for the better and hopefully we will find some blackies.
  135. Salmon Addict

    JudyAnn gettin a makeover.. A NOVEL

    Looks pretty PIMP DADDY to me! Those are some great upgrades. Can't wait to see ya on the water! You aren't missing much weather wise but if that changes you are more than welcome to jump in my boat to catch some Blackmouth. I'm off till hopefully New years! :finger:
  136. Salmon Addict

    Who's got a NEXUS?

    Makes it a lot easier to cross by boat with less likely having to check in phycically. Everyone has to have one on the boat though.
  137. Salmon Addict

    Who's got a NEXUS?

    I know its a long process but they are just doing there job. If it was easy to get everyone would have one Eric.
  138. Salmon Addict

    Who's got a NEXUS?

    Finally got my Nexus approved! Did some stupid shit a long time ago which made it harder to receive. As soon as it comes in the mail I'm good to go. So if anyone wants to share costs for a short trip to the Gulf Islands for Prawns, Salmon,or Halibut hit me up with a PM:finger:
  139. Salmon Addict

    New Puget Sound Shrimp Policy adopted-days on water

    Wow! Can't thank those enough who worked so hard for our fair slice of the pie! This actually makes sport shrimping a lot more fun and safer for everyone. No more derby style we're going even if Gail Force winds are predicted cause you ONLY get a FEW days! Thanks Ron and all those you showed up...
  140. Salmon Addict

    scotty braid or power pro

    The 250 scotty is really tough but there is a lot of drag. I have had it on one side of the boat for 4years and it still is in decent shape. 175 scotty I just replaced this year with 200 powerpro which is cheaper and seems to have the same drag as the 175 scotty. Buy the powerpro its good shit!
  141. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Back to the basics

    Been itching to get out there! Went out last Sunday for the first time blackmouth fishing this winter with my brother Jeff and Randy. We kept it simple with cut plug herring. We all had a blast despite the wind and rain. Can't wait to get back out there! I might finally have some time off coming...
  142. Salmon Addict

    Area 7 opener!!

    I have been waiting all month for this Saturdays opener! I'm jumping in my brothers ride. As soon as the wind dies down when ever the hell that is we will be out there for sure. 20-30 knot wind seems hard to fish in at least for me anyways! If it questionable we will at least drive down to the...
  143. Salmon Addict

    New Electronics

    Way to pull the trigger on some new electronics! You are going to miss the first two weekends of blackmouth so hurry the hell up and get that shit installed when it gets here Adrian!
  144. Salmon Addict

    Okuma Solterra 10 Lever Drags

    I have one of those reels in a lefty and I like it for bottom fish. I think a 100 bucks is a pretty good deal for someone mike!
  145. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Last Call Nets a 22.5!!!

    Good job on battling through the weather!
  146. Salmon Addict

    Shrimping: Need your support-please sign votervoice!

    Thanks Ron for all the hard work on the shrimping policies. I just sent an email to them. We are not happy with things now in ma7 with 6 days total and half those being in the middle of the week when most of us are at work. With this new proposal 36 days is WAY better than last year!
  147. Salmon Addict

    rod building ( pic heavy )

    Wow those are nice ! Would love to learn that craft someday !
  148. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Last weekend for Fall Salmon

    Well its been a solid year for us in the San Juans. Figured we would give it one last shot before it closes for a month. Fished with good friends Fred and Marty. The weather was ugly with rain and some strong winds at the end of the trip but we were able to fish comfortable. We had three solid...
  149. Salmon Addict

    Bird Nests on Scotty Downriggers

    Tom I don't run cable anymore on my Scotty's but I know if you tweek the guide between the spool and pulley on the arm up or down a little bit it will spool my braided line Correctly.
  150. Salmon Addict

    New "Black Dragon FLasher"

    Yep those black dragons are like black magic on my boat! The two of the biggest kings this year were landed on them. Try a blackjack brad bait behind them flashers for a deadly black on black blackmouth combo!
  151. Salmon Addict

    T9.9 Leaking motor oil out exhaust?

    The oil is new and doesn't smell like gas. But I did notice it was making oil a few months ago that's why I replaced the fuel diaphram.
  152. Salmon Addict

    T9.9 Leaking motor oil out exhaust?

    Andy I have replaced the fuel diaphram and water thermostat already this year. It really doesnt smoke that bad when you warm it up just more concerned about the small amount of engine oil that leaks from the prop exhaust area when sitting in the garage.
  153. Salmon Addict

    T9.9 Leaking motor oil out exhaust?

    Spark plugs are clean though no fooling looks normal. Usually when rings are bad plugs are dirty.
  154. Salmon Addict

    T9.9 Leaking motor oil out exhaust?

    I got a late 90s kicker that runs like a champ and never misses a beat. But have noticed a small pool of motor oil on the shop floor. Leaks from the exhaust. There is a pretty good sheen of oil when the motor is first started up. Smokes a good amount for a few minutes till is warmed up. Then...
  155. Salmon Addict

    A7 Solo Mission

    Nice job Fred ! I hope the weather hold through the weekend so we can mop up some hooked nosed wild coho !
  156. Salmon Addict

    Huge shoutout for ted!!

    Looks like a good day on the water to me!
  157. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 report- Sad Sad..

    Oh it will turn around and heat up here soon it's still worth the effort to give it a shot! When you don't try it seems like they start biting. Then your buddies won't say " you should of been out there yesterday".
  158. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 Newbies 8-5-12

    Went out last Sunday with my future brother in-law Eric and his young son Kameran. Fished all day with only a couple strikes. We were ready to call it a day & pack up and go home. Then we got lucky and landed Eric his first salmon on a 1:1 mooching rod! Not bad for a first! :finger:
  159. Salmon Addict

    area 7 sucked

    Welcome to BD ! Hang in there its still a little early for that spot. Just a little side note on posting specific locations in MA 7. You might be better off being vague like saying we fished the ''Outside '' , "Rosario", or the "North End". Depending on the time of year that might be to much...
  160. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 7-26-2012

    Got out on the water yesterday. Met Fred "Barracuda 1" at dock at 7:00 am after his grave yard shift. Dropped some crab pots off on the way out. We fished all the popular spots in the Rosario. It was foggy and cold most of the day. LOTS of bait every where. Had two hook ups all day both fish...
  161. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Newbies

    Hey sorry to hear about the stolen pot Fred! Was it one of those cheap square ones I hope ? Good job on getting the old man on a fish though!
  162. Salmon Addict

    Brewster sockeye

    I have fished that place two different times. Every time I learn something new about that fishery. 1) If you thing your trolling to slow your not go slower drag a bucket 2) run as many lines as you legally can put rods done at all depth ranges till you find them 3) leave your other rods down...
  163. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 7/21

    Nice Catch! Good to see a King with some shoulders on it in the San Juans! Just wondering was it a white? Almost all the kings we have caught were clipped feeders this July In the 10-15 range. I guess I just need to be patients and something big will bite. Nice job thanks for the report!
  164. Salmon Addict

    where to stay in the Brewster area

    I have fished that place twice. Ounce with good success. We never used the Brewster launch cause every Tom dick and Harry shows up at 4:00 am to launch. We stayed at bridge port city park which has a nice place for rv's and few tent spots. And decent launch but no dock my wife and I launched our...
  165. Salmon Addict

    4th of July

    I hate to let the cat out of the bag but we caught all those fish at Pt. Roberts on the ebb 50 feet down using Tomic plugs. Going about 3.5 mph. Hope to see all you guys out there during the derby cause that's where I'll be for sure!:finger::finger:
  166. Salmon Addict

    I'll try again

    I called the the hot line. It made sick listening to how long the seasons are! 300 plus fathom nets! Travis you are right how the fuck can we get those king # s up if they are choking the bay and river with nets? The sporties have only had a two week opening in the last twenty years on the lower...
  167. Salmon Addict

    2009 Arcticfox 811 camper

    Nice camper! Was that a new North river Jet sled sitting in your driveway the other day?
  168. Salmon Addict

    La Push Report Week #2

    Nice work guys looks like you had a great weekend!
  169. Salmon Addict

    Last Day Westport Halibut

    Nice halibut Fred! Thanks for the report. Maybe next time buy a derby ticket? That fish would of paid for most of your trip. Now we just need to catch one of those butts in area 7. :finger:
  170. Salmon Addict


    Sad story out at Sucia Friday! This story really hits home since two of the those guys in the accident were friends of my family. R.I.P Jim Ablemen. Like many of you said already never pull on a stuck pot from the stern of the boat, especially with the big engine! The kicker here is some people...
  171. Salmon Addict

    Reel Repair

    I would call shimano and see what the fee is per reel and mail them to be fixed. I have done this before and had good luck. One time they sent me a back a brand new reel the one I had sent them was recalled. Usually little over a week turn around. They have also sent me free parts to fix my...
  172. Salmon Addict

    1st time shrimpin-set up advice needed

    OK Ryan when you drop those pots in the water Sat. sit on them! Don't go try and ling fish two miles away until you get your shrimp. Tides are strong this weekend you will lose all your shit and never want to try it again! Good luck! :finger: Matt
  173. Salmon Addict

    How do you store your boat?

    I would be willing to help out with the concrete pour Goat just let me know when same for Quan also.
  174. Salmon Addict

    MA7 4-21 No complaints

    Wow that's awesome you got your boy on some fish! We saw you at the end of the day fishing with your salmon slayer partner!
  175. Salmon Addict

    Last Salmon post for a bit

    Thanks again Fred for letting me tag along. What a beautiful day it was! I can't wait bottom fish and shrimping season is just around the corner! :finger:
  176. Salmon Addict

    Fishin the banks with my bros

    Nice job James looks like you slayed them to me! And you took lots of photos to. How was the water on the outside this morning? I think I heard you on 68 asking for a water report out at Hein Bank. I was out with my daughter and Father in law today fishing in the Rosario. I thought about heading...
  177. Salmon Addict

    Oen Seat for Salmon Bank...

    I would have went with you but it's the wife's B-day and I got in laws in town! I have been looking to fish the outside this year this would have been a good opportunity darn it! Good luck hope you fuck em up today
  178. Salmon Addict

    Open seat M7 4-5-12

    Done by 10:30 ! caught 4 fish two were legal nothing huge. Bellingham bay was glass. Saw one boat fishing which was a test fishery boat. Got the skunk out from the derby weekend !
  179. Salmon Addict

    Open seat M7 4-5-12

    I would love to go Friday with you but wife has the day off so we are going to spend some "Quality Time " since we did what I wanted last weekend at the derby. If I bring home some fish tomorrow I might be able to work out a short day for friday. Starting to remodel the bathroom Sat. or I would...
  180. Salmon Addict

    Open seat M7 4-5-12

    Work is slow this week so I'm headed out tomorrow just me and the dog. Anyone have the day off or want to call in sick? I was working in Anacortes today and the water was calling me!
  181. Salmon Addict

    My 2012 Derby report

    It was nice to meet you Sammy and a whole bunch of other BD members! Nice report you caught some fish to weigh in. We didn't bring anything to the scales this year but we sure had fun! :hali_olutta: :finger:
  182. Salmon Addict

    Anacortes Derby VICTORY!!!

    Great job Fred! Maybe next year show up at the tent early and through down a fifty for the side bet cause you never know! :hali_olutta: :finger:
  183. Salmon Addict

    NOAA derby weather forecast !

    Shit Ryan I hear Steve Pool is retiring from KOMO 4 have you ever thought of a change in career? :rofl::rofl:
  184. Salmon Addict

    2 Anacortes Derby Tickets

    At least you aren't the cock sucker that is scalping tickets on Craig's List. That pisses me off! Sorry you couldn't make it this year hopefully somebody will take it off your hands.
  185. Salmon Addict

    Derby Secrets

    Oh shit everyone knows now ... but you need to crimp the barbs and trebles aren't legal either... I guess it does matter anyways since you are from hell and you make up your own rules anyways being Satan and all
  186. Salmon Addict

    Converting bunk trailer to roller trailer?

    Buy a sheet or half sheet of smooth finish uhmw 3/8". Take that carpet off. Rip the uhmw down into strips counter sink them and screw it down to the bunks.
  187. Salmon Addict

    NOAA derby weather forecast !

    I've been watching the forecast for the Anacortes derby. WTF possibly gale force winds through Saturday night! I hope they got this one wrong boys! Was planning on taking Friday off to scout for the big ones to. Anyone want to run out to the Salmon banks in my car topper? :rofl: :rofl:
  188. Salmon Addict

    Prayers for a BD Family Member

    Tommy, sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you. Matt
  189. Salmon Addict

    Anacortes Derby Side Bet

    Count me in! Looking forward to this derby and meeting a bunch of you guys at the tent! Matt
  190. Salmon Addict

    Stainless prop question

    Yep the Prop Shop does good work have used them a couple of times Goat, didn't know they sold used ones also might give them a call would rather buy local than on the net anyways. thanks
  191. Salmon Addict

    Stainless prop question

    The reason I asked about the switch is I found a used one on the internet for a pretty good price about the same size 13.125 X 16 a hair smaller than 13.25 x16 aluminum diameter though. They will refund me my money back if it doesn't work but I have to pay the 25 bucks to ship it back. I bought...
  192. Salmon Addict

    Stainless prop question

    It seems pretty high but 5800-6400 is the recommended WOT for my motor
  193. Salmon Addict

    Stainless prop question

    I'm thinking of switching from an aluminum prop to stainless. The ones I have now are 13.25X16 and seems right for my boat on a 115 EFI Merc. I can reach the 5800- 6400 WOT when loaded. So when you make the switch to stainless do you stay with the same size?
  194. Salmon Addict

    Out with the old and in with the older....

    Nice boat! My old man pretty much has that same model and year. Whats it got for power? One thing I would consider is beefing up that stock kicker bracket or having one built for that boat. I don't think that bracket would hold a 4 stroke kicker very good. My dads got a guy building one right...
  195. Salmon Addict

    T9.9 parts

    Its a 2000 extra long, electric choke but he manned up and ordered the carb. last week for 300 bucks already. I got the same engine about same year also. The seals in the lower foot are starting to go I tried to replace them last night but can't get the prop housing off to get to the seals...
  196. Salmon Addict

    Catchin Was GOOD!

    Aaron you joined BD back in November ? So this is your first post and your complaining about not enough information being shared? It sounds like to me you were just lurking around till now. Probably not the best way to introduce yourself but that's fine. There are plenty of threads on this site...
  197. Salmon Addict

    San Jose Del Cobo Jan. 26

    Thanks again "O" ! I just posted a report on the Baja for section for you brother. Tite Lines :finger:
  198. Salmon Addict

    Late Report San Jose Del Cobo Jan. 26

    San Jose Del Cobo Jan. 26 <hr style="color: transparent; background-color: transparent;" size="1"> My wife and I got married and Honeymooned in Cabo a few weeks ago. Boy was the weather perfect! I managed to talk her into taking a charter for some fishing. Ended up having a blast...
  199. Salmon Addict

    Ride share in MA 7?

    Yeah I know that guy thrasher... notorious for taking your deposit and not showing up at the dock without getting your deposit back. Be careful guys like that are known to change there charter name when the truth comes out!
  200. Salmon Addict

    Just 2 in A7

    Nice job Fred looks like some tasty fillets for dinner! :finger:
  201. Salmon Addict

    BRAND NEW unfired Sig Sauer P290 FS

    Nice gun Matt! Good idea on the transfers no need to have that pistol come back in your name in some kind of crime down the road. <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  202. Salmon Addict

    Repower Time...

    I would buy a honda if you were planning on keeping it for a while. Just seems like one of the better engines for the long run. I don't own one but I don't hear much bad talk about the honda's.
  203. Salmon Addict

    9.9 yamaha

    Yeah my old man and I put the heat to it tonight several times hit it with some kroil didn't budge. The bolt ended up breaking in the center which is no big deal. Now I can drill the bolt out of the two housing with the drill press. Looks like I'm in the clear just have to order a few parts and...
  204. Salmon Addict

    T9.9 parts

    My brother recently bought a Yamaha 9.9 that was in a boat fire. Not much damage to it the oil light is a little burned but still works. The carb. is shot though had some salt water in it. He robbed the carburetor off his kicker he is selling with his old boat and it runs great. He just needs...
  205. Salmon Addict

    9.9 yamaha

    Scheduled to work monday through friday weather pending Andy.
  206. Salmon Addict

    Expensive locally available beer

    I thinking you should just find the stuff that is in a plain white can and all it says for labeling is simply BEER in plain black writing for being so picky! :rofl::rofl::rofl::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  207. Salmon Addict

    Broken and Bummed

    I'm kinda having the same problem Wood2turn. It sounds i heat her up till it turns red does the trick.
  208. Salmon Addict

    9.9 yamaha

    I recently purchased a used 1998 Yamaha 9.9 4-stroke. It needs a little work. The main problem is it won't lock when its put in reverse. The lock lever is seized up. I am trying to get the main bolt that runs through the main bracket and holds the two bracket clamps together removed. The bolt is...
  209. Salmon Addict

    9.9 yamaha

    I recently purchased a used 1998 Yamaha 9.9 4-stroke. It needs a little work. The main problem is it won't lock when its put in reverse. The lock lever is seized up. I am trying to get the main bolt that runs through the main bracket and holds the two bracket clamps together removed. The bolt is...
  210. Salmon Addict

    Bait freezer

    What a prick I filled it full of smoked salmon and Spot Prawns for you and he never delivered it! :rofl::rofl: <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input...
  211. Salmon Addict

    2- Scotty 1101 Downriggers, with mounts and weights- Great shape.

    Fuck Mpizzle you must of found a job your buying all kind of shit! <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  212. Salmon Addict

    Last Saturday in MA7

    Good job! Welcome to the SHIT SHOW!
  213. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 love

    Glad to see some success! Good luck at the Roche!
  214. Salmon Addict

    San Jose Del Cobo Jan. 26

    That was the first time ever in Mexico for me. It is a nice new marina and if you stay closer to to San Jose it makes sense to take the short taxi ride there instead of cobo. All the gear was good quality. Augustine bought bait twice out there from the local bait boat. He knows is stuff he...
  215. Salmon Addict

    San Jose Del Cobo Jan. 26

    Wow you pull the old Fiberform all the way down there now that's what I call a road trip Denis! What have you caught down there Denis?
  216. Salmon Addict

    San Jose Del Cobo Jan. 26

    Not much on the board here in WA for fishing reports so thought I would share where I was last week. My wife and I got married and Honeymooned in Cabo last week. Boy was the weather perfect! I managed to talk her into taking a charter for some fishing. Ended up having a blast targeting Dorado...
  217. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 1-28-12

    Nice to see some fresh fish porn on here! The weather has been screwing up everyone fishing plans lately. Good job! Thanks for the report.
  218. Salmon Addict

    Anacortes Salmon Derby Tickets ...

    I'm all in on this one for sure! My wife and I are fishing this one for the third year together. Anyone else bringing there wife or old Lady? I've been counting the days! :finger:
  219. Salmon Addict

    Bait freezer

    Sorry Woodrow 246 picked it up a couple of weeks ago
  220. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 1/12/12 (damn one eye furbag)

    Thanks for the report Dennis. Glad to see someone get out on such a nice day and get some fishing in! And it was nice to finally meet you at the store the other day Dennis. Anyone going to try to fish Saturday with the snow and wind tomorrow? Matt :hali_olutta:
  221. Salmon Addict

    DR Line

    X2 on the 250 # being to much. I have tried the 250# and 175# scotty braided. With the 250 if you fish on the deck for blackmouth and your rigger drags are not set properly you will rip the rigger right the boat if you get hung up bad. Way less blow back with the 175. I would go with a good...
  222. Salmon Addict

    Great day on the water

    Thanks for the report James. Oh well you got out there and tried a day not catching is still better than sitting at work! :finger:
  223. Salmon Addict

    Gift certicate Anacortes Custom Boats

    Oh I will for sure Jay! And thanks for all the hard work at getting sponsors for the derby its much appreciated. It was my intention to use the certificate fully when I stopped in to use it the other day. Apparently... I talked to the wrong person about how I can use it. So I will call and talk...
  224. Salmon Addict

    Gift certicate Anacortes Custom Boats

    Really... I stopped in there a couple of days before Christmas there service depart was closed for the holiday. I did talk to a lady in the office said I could order anything in a Suzuki parts and accessories catalog. Yeah I'll give them a call see what they can do thanks! <input id="gwProxy"...
  225. Salmon Addict

    Gift certicate Anacortes Custom Boats

    I have a gift certificate for ACB West LLC a 150.00 value. Its for service or parts. We won it in a raffle at the Anacortes Derby. They are a Suzuki dealer I don't have that brand nor do I need any service since I do that my self. If someone needs Suzuki parts or accessories or service on...
  226. Salmon Addict

    Bait freezer

    I never received a PM from you maybe something went wrong? I did get a PM from another member that lives not far away. If he does not want it its yours. Sorry! Matt :finger: <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  227. Salmon Addict

    Bait freezer

    A free small freezer. Nothing wrong with it we just upgraded to a much larger model. Would be great to store bait in. 4'x22'' <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input...
  228. Salmon Addict

    Great way to end year in area 7

    Nice report and way to get out in the elements! Those fillets look really tasty. Maybe time to buy a Q-cove breakaway to replace that broken flasher?
  229. Salmon Addict

    Another lucky strike

    Looks good! Thanks for the report.
  230. Salmon Addict


    Nice fish Paul! Looks like a fatty! To change your Avatar photo click your name on the upper right. Click on Customize Your Profile. Under SETTINGs click change AVATAR.
  231. Salmon Addict

    Catching. All day loong!

    Wow Paul this is your first post I guess you are not a lurker anymore!:rofl: You guys aren't working that much when you going to post your first fishing report? :finger:
  232. Salmon Addict

    Seal Lion Question

    Hey blackvelvet where could a guy buy some of those seal bombs?
  233. Salmon Addict

    MA 7

    My hounds doing fine after drinking all that salmon blood but I won't be letting her do that again thanks for the heads up though!
  234. Salmon Addict

    MA 7

    Yep that is a Chesapeake and she is about the most stubborn dog there is but we sure love her!
  235. Salmon Addict

    More catching

    Nice work Brian! At least you guys are finding fish even though you can't bonk them. :finger:
  236. Salmon Addict

    Some Success

    Nice boat Jim! I'm thinking my next boat will look something like yours. Does it have a heater?
  237. Salmon Addict

    MA7 is the shizzle!

    Wow!! Those are the days that we all dream of looks like you pretty much slayed um! Good job!
  238. Salmon Addict

    MA 7

    Finally figured out how to load these on here. The one in the net is the one I let go. Threw in a bonus picture of my trusty deckhand too. Merry Christmas :finger:
  239. Salmon Addict

    MA 7

    I found out I didn't have to work today late yesterday figured I throw a open seat up but nobody PMed me I was a little butt hurt but I got over it! :rofl: Maybe everyone had to work, xmass shopping, got tied up in a night gown its alright I went out and caught a couple fin clipped one nice...
  240. Salmon Addict

    The new ride

    Nice boat Brian looks great! Were those boats built in Bellingham?
  241. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 open seat

    After looking at the fishing reports looks like its hit or miss. Thank you everyone for the reports. Just looked at the NOOA weather and tomorrow looks like it could be a little windy. I have the day off tomorrow and am looking for a couple of deck hands. ANYONE interested? Weather dependent of...
  242. Salmon Addict

    CCA Meeting 12-14-11 Bellingham

    Anyone going to the CCA meeting at Mayberry sporting goods at six tomorrow in Bellingham? I just became a member this year but never attended a meeting yet. I think I will try to make it. Matt :finger:
  243. Salmon Addict

    MA7 12.3.11

    Nice work! Hardware or bait?
  244. Salmon Addict

    More MA7 Blackmouth

    Nice report Quan! Sounds like like a bunch B.S you've been through with all the law enforcement. We were in the same spot on Sat. for a while the only thing I caught was I real bad cold. Fish herring and anchovies right on the bottom. :hali_olutta::finger:
  245. Salmon Addict

    Opening day MA7, fish a piece

    Those look nice Dennis!
  246. Salmon Addict

    Resurrection Salmon Derby - $10,000 1st Place Prize!!!

    The best of luck to all the BD'ers in the derby. No ticket for me this year but hopefully next time. I might try to get out Sat. hope to see a few of you out there! Matt :finger: <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  247. Salmon Addict

    Blackmouth M7

    I thought about calling in sick tomorrow. But just realized that the Derby starts on Friday and the weather looks a little sketchy. With all the extra derby boats for a weekday and no tickets. I might as well work and shoot for Sat.
  248. Salmon Addict

    Blackmouth M7

    As I'm about to head to my shitty job this morning I just wanted to say how lucky those that have the day off to be on the water fishing are! :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: Good Luck! Matt:finger:
  249. Salmon Addict

    Jan.23-30 Looking for Charter Jose Del Cabo

    Not yet. Got a couple of charters in mind still weighing it out. <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  250. Salmon Addict

    Jan.23-30 Looking for Charter Jose Del Cabo

    What could a couple of Gringo's expect to catch in season at the end of January? Is fishing that hot during then? What should we be looking for in a charter? :finger: Matt <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  251. Salmon Addict

    San Jose Del Cabo Jan. 23-29

    Yeah that sounds like a good idea Mike.
  252. Salmon Addict

    Respectable Island Blacktail

    Nice Island Buck Dennis!
  253. Salmon Addict

    Swakane Report

    Nice job that's a good buck! I never hunted that unit but I heard it is a bitch. :hali_olutta:
  254. Salmon Addict

    San Jose Del Cabo Jan. 23-29

    Thanks for the input John. Yeah from what I see fishing is not red hot at the end of January. I figured we would talk to the captains and target whatever is showing in the area. Bottom fish, Dorado we don't care just want to catch some fish. :finger:
  255. Salmon Addict

    San Jose Del Cabo Jan. 23-29

    My fiancee Brittany and I are getting married in January and will be honeymooning in San Jose Del Cabo. We are looking for a quality charter. I did a little thread searching Dream Weaver and Renagade Mike seemed pretty well none and reputable. Anyone else have any good or bad experiences with...
  256. Salmon Addict

    ma7 good to me again

    Thanks for the report Brian. Good to see the young one getting into the action and that's what it is all about! I couldn't talk my 11 year old daughter into going out in the rain. To bad there is only one day left until the November closure. Anyways I got to go my bag of popcorn is ready! :finger:
  257. Salmon Addict

    Packframe with shelf

    I'm looking to buy a used packframe to hual out elk and deer quarters. Need something comfortable that I can wear all day. I'm tired of walking half the day to get back to the truck to get my pack. Any advice on brands would be appreciated.
  258. Salmon Addict

    Made it Home

    Thanks for serving our country and welcome back!
  259. Salmon Addict

    a BIG surprise

    Holy shit ! What a pig!
  260. Salmon Addict

    Am I wrong??

    That particular "spot" you post about so often gets a lot attention on a Humpy year ... plus all the boats tracking the whales... the commercials... christ on a nice summer weekend its a shit show out there... maybe I'm wrong but most of the times you and Marty likes to party fished that spot...
  261. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Fraser River Kings

    I just sent you a PM
  262. Salmon Addict

    1 fish and broken shit

    Yep coming home on the kicker sucks! At least it was just a screw and impeller to replace and nothing else got fucked. Thought I saw you pulling the boat through Everson last Sunday was that you?
  263. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 report- Still some around

    Nice catch! And good job on running the cut plug this time of the year nothing better than fighting a fish with a swivel a couple of hooks.
  264. Salmon Addict

    How to beat a dead horse

    I think this is a great thread that many can learn from. I know I have. I do admit looking back there are some threads that I started that have revealed to much info as of location. One specifically is a NOAA Whale hot zone which is not at all a SECRET by any means but I regret posting the...
  265. Salmon Addict

    Regs question regarding canadian King fishery

    You can go to Canada and fish what is legal to catch there if you are have valid license. The kicker is if you catch anything that is NOT legal in Washington you have to phyicaly check in at Canada customs to prove you were actually in Canada. And if you catch fish in Canada you can NOT fish in...
  266. Salmon Addict

    Poss. bar 8/23 with grandsons

    Wow looks like you and those grand kids had a great time! Something those boys will always remember.
  267. Salmon Addict

    Another After-Work Trip!

    Nice job Quan! Nothing better than a days work rewarded with a nice fish.
  268. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Eagle Point 8/20-8/21

    Nice job on the pinks! I see this is your first post welcome to the shit show!:finger:
  269. Salmon Addict

    Vacation, busted nose & more (MA 7)

    Good job! Sorry about the nose bud that just sound so painful! I think I saw you out there Sunday.
  270. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 Aug. 19-20

    Headed out Sat. with my brother on his boat to the Eagle Point. Launched out of Bellingham early in the Am flat ass calm through Bellingham Bay. Dumped the crab pot over and headed for the outside never touched the throttle till we hit the Point to join the rest of the fleet. Absolutely...
  271. Salmon Addict

    Baker Lake 8-10-11 NO LOVE

    Work has been pretty slow this week so I took three co-works to Baker Lake to get in all this action I hear about. Started fishing at dawn at the north end of the lake with the rest of the fleet. Saw a few fish being landed early that morning but nothing to write home about. It slowed down quite...
  272. Salmon Addict

    Baker lake report! Part Deux!

    Nice job Matt! Looks like you had fun. I'm headed to Baker in the AM with a bunch of guys from work can't wait to try for some Sockeye.
  273. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Skunked 3 days now

    We fished PT Lawerence in the morning till the ebb changed had one on for a hot minute. Move to PT. Thompson and Parkers reef with nobody around but us not even a bump. Has it been slower in the middle of July for the last couple of years now ? I hope it picks up again soon.
  274. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 open seat for the morning

    I got to work .You would think someone would jump on this! San Juans are on fire right now!
  275. Salmon Addict

    Some MA7 Kings

    Nice job Quan !
  276. Salmon Addict

    Great Bellingham Salmon Derby

    Nice job Cory! That was a was a pig for a Hatchery fish. Congrats what a team effort! Now that you got a little cash in your pocket do you think you might be able to afford a BD sticker for the boat?
  277. Salmon Addict

    San Juans 7-9/10

  278. Salmon Addict

    San Juans 7-9/10

    Well I had to work Friday and possibly Saturday so I didn't buy a derby ticket. We got a good report that the bite was on Friday at Blakely Island during the flood so we planned our day around that. Took my fiance and 11 year old daughter out for the day. Dragged the girls out of bed at 4:30 in...
  279. Salmon Addict

    More A7 Mayhem

    Hey thanks Mpizzle for making the trip up to Bellingham. I enjoyed the day and the help on getting the Skunk out of the boat from last blackmouth season. You were the textbook boat hoe you brought the beer, cash for gas, good luck, and that funky pinkish purple, green striped god awful looking...
  280. Salmon Addict

    New to area MA-7

    You know there a lot of folks here that can help you here on this site. I think your best place to launch would be Anacortes coming up from federal way. There is a public launch at Washington Park, a sling launch at cap sante, skyline is private never launch there my self. Some fishing spot are...
  281. Salmon Addict

    Father&son pair of kings MA7 opener

    Nice work! Those are some good looking fish. We picked up two a 10 and 16 # @ Lawerence and Obstruction way better than last year. Lots of nets getting wet yesterday hope it stays that way for a while!
  282. Salmon Addict

    Got a open seat!

    Yeah Mpizzle I know it was short notice but I thought I would through it out there. My friend bailed on me short notice cause of work and I really didn't want to go by myself so I jumped in with my brother on his boat. There were three of us and we managed to put two in the box using green...
  283. Salmon Addict

    Got a open seat!

    Yeah Mpizzle I know it was short notice but I thought I would through it out there. My friend called last minute couldn't go cause of work and I really didn't want to go by myself so I jumped in with my brother on his boat. There were three of us and we managed to put two in the box using green...
  284. Salmon Addict

    Got a open seat!

    Planning on going out for the salmon opening MA7 tomorrow July 1st leaving Bellingham early morning got the boat loaded ready to go anyone in?
  285. Salmon Addict

    Yami T8 fuel in oil??

    I have heard of the thermostat sticking open and making oil issue quite a bit lately. It happened to a friend of mine on his 225 & 9.9 honda also.
  286. Salmon Addict

    San Juan Tides

    Yeah those are some big old tides for the opener! I was thinking the other day wow less then a month till salmon fishing in the San Juans again. Other than the slack tide your going to have to find the back eddies. I usually fish northern MA7 so you would probably see a bunch of boats at...
  287. Salmon Addict

    Penn downrigger swivel base

    Penn base is sold to Goody31 pending payment and delivery
  288. Salmon Addict

    M7 5/13

    Went out to Friday 13th to do some Shrimping. I know sounds kind of spooky doesn't it. Took my dad Brittany and my boss out. Started out pretty good with two limits on our first set. Freshened the bait a little and sent them back down near our waypoints. We got cocky and started rigging up some...
  289. Salmon Addict

    bugs and ling

    Nice report! Way to get the wife out there. Stocking the freezer it looks like. I saw the "Bite Me" on its way home on the trailer today. Two days off during a turn around you must of put a gun to someones head! One of my friends works out there with you. We were suppose to go out wed. together...
  290. Salmon Addict

    Fishkiller strikes again

    Good work guys! Hopefully Raymond will have you over for some fish & chips or at least buy you a nice seafood dinner since he is filthy rich from the Anacortes side bet. :hali_olutta:
  291. Salmon Addict

    Marine Area 7 - Shrimping

    Well shit I guess they don't call wanderer for nothing:rofl:PM me the name and address on the pot and if we find it you will owe me a case of :hali_olutta:
  292. Salmon Addict

    Marine Area 7 - Shrimping

    Nexus- Wanderer are you the guy I talked to at the boat launch at Sandy Pt. on Saturday evening that lost one of your pots? Sorry didn't see any stray yesterday but I'm going out tomorrow again. The opener was a really hard tide to shrimp on. Saw quite a few of you brave people on the way over...
  293. Salmon Addict

    Commercial Tribal Shrimp Opening Tommorow?

    I snapped this photo out at Sucia gives you an idea how things can get. I think this sport shrimper got his pot hung up on the comercials anchor line. There were no lost tempers or fueds comies and the sporties helped each other out pretty much. Why we both had to fish on the same day does not...
  294. Salmon Addict

    Marine Area 7 - Shrimping

    Headed out to do some shrimping today with my fiance. Arrived at Sucia around 9 am to join the other sports shrimpers and dodge the commies. Dropped 4 pots and let them soak about 45 min to an hour - just enough time to throw back a brewski and manhandle a sandwich. We picked all 4 pots and had...
  295. Salmon Addict

    Commercial Tribal Shrimp Opening Tommorow?

    Yep that's what I heard in the north M 7. Just got off the phone with a reliable source. Sounds like poor planning to me. I was taking the day off tomorrow to go out and avoid the crowds and the shit show on friday and Saturady. Well looks like we get to deal with a bunch of ground line...
  296. Salmon Addict

    MA 10 Shrimp: We didn't get many but we got dinner

    The first time I went shrimping it was the same story. You learn a lot that first time. You got one more day in the season at least!
  297. Salmon Addict

    yup, pretty much sums it up

    Nice Job! Good work! I have never been butt fishing I got to get out and give it a shot.
  298. Salmon Addict

    Penn downrigger swivel base

    bump <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  299. Salmon Addict

    Hali rod

    I don't want to hi jack your thread but since you guys are talking reels and rods I thought I would ask. Would an Okuma Solterra reel work for Butts spooled with 80 # powerpro? I used it Sunday for Lings and loved the lever drag and the left handed option the reason I bought it. Its on a 7'...
  300. Salmon Addict

    MA7 salmon question

    Don't worry about it will happen eventually. I know how you feel I never landed a legal Blackmouth this winter and I made it out at least seven times. Its really frustrating when the boat next to you puts on a fishing clinic using the same tackle and set up you are using. All the places you...
  301. Salmon Addict

    Neah Bay / Sekiu

    Thanks for the responses Easytosee & Tacklejacked. If we can get the time off I think we will try the Native Coho gig in September. I bet every Tom Dick & Harry will be there so I imagine Olson's would be full and booked by then. I'll give them a call. Whats all there? My boat doesn't have a...
  302. Salmon Addict

    Neah Bay / Sekiu

    The other half and I are looking to try a new place to fish this summer for Salmon. I have always wanted to try Neah Bay or Sekiu never been their but its on my list. What are the prime times? Looking at the regs. Sekiu the 19th-30 Sept. you can keep native coho two a day. Anyone fished that...
  303. Salmon Addict

    Columbia River Kings at White Bluffs

    Sorry! Well Looks like I'm the idiot here for not checking the post date. Anyways looks like a good day in the river. Nice post and pictures a job well done. Matt
  304. Salmon Addict

    Columbia River Kings at White Bluffs

    Help me out here guys! What don't you get? You can't keep natives in the spring I just checked the Regs on line you are aloud two HATCHERY. A WDF agent just might show up on your door step. Next time at least cover the extra fin with your hand when taking a photo.
  305. Salmon Addict

    Skunked at MA7 Pt Lawrence

    Thanks for all the reports guys. At least somebody got out there and gave it a shot sure beats working. Sometimes when I fish Lawerance on a big ebb like these last couple days and there isn't much action I will head over to Obstruction Pass an hour or two before the change. Saturday weather...
  306. Salmon Addict

    Trip planning... help needed.

    Yeah X4 for the San Juan Island! A week is just barley enough time for the San Juan Islands you would be missing a lot if you tried to go to Canada as well. Start at Anacortes on Fidalgo Island and work your way west. Deer harbor, Friday Harbor, have stuff for the wife and kids to do. Matia and...
  307. Salmon Addict

    Sekiu 4/7, 4/8

    Nice fish!
  308. Salmon Addict

    Any BD'ers attend the LFS seminar?

    I would go but I don't think I could get kitchen clearance we are going down to Lacey to visit my future in laws. At least I will get to go Cabellas. LFS has some real good deals on ladner pots and shots of line you probably couldn't find much of a better deal any where else plus the 15% off...
  309. Salmon Addict

    COASTAL NAVIGATOR (flasher) #DS 360 PLUS

    Hey Ken I checked today on the flasher. It was a Heathkit 300 hundred series probably not what you are looking for. There was a couple of transducers in a box not sure which one is which. The power cord was cut but not a big deal its just a neg and pos.
  310. Salmon Addict

    Shrimp Dates Announced

    Thanks for the update Pete. Is anyone in MA 7 actually going to shrimp on the Sat. opener? That looks more like a clam digging tide to me. I just hate chasing pots and looking for buoys that go under. <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy"...
  311. Salmon Addict

    M7 April,9

    I have been working in Anacortes for the last month for the Port on the old Scott paper mill project right next to the boat sling. I pretty much watch all of the sport fishing boats come and go all day at work wishing I'm not at work but instead fishing. Last Thursday and Friday were just...
  312. Salmon Addict

    COASTAL NAVIGATOR (flasher) #DS 360 PLUS

    Wow now that's OLD SCHOOL ! My old man had something like that I'll see if he still has it. You can have it for free. <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  313. Salmon Addict

    M7 April,9

    Woke up at five in the AM walked outside the wind was flat calm in Everson. Thought to myself great at least we won't get a beating this morning couldn't wait to go fishing! Picked up my brother on the way fueled up the boat at 4.00 $ a gallon. Hit the boat launch in Bellingham about 6:30 wind...
  314. Salmon Addict

    bad turned into good

    Nice! Way to turn a negative into a positive. Good job! :finger:
  315. Salmon Addict

    or borrow.. Shop Manual for 1998 Yam 9.9

    I don't have one but the Lynden public library probably does.
  316. Salmon Addict

    or borrow.. Shop Manual for 1998 Yam 9.9

    <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  317. Salmon Addict

    Shrimp pot engine

    OK PLUS1 is taking the gear reduction unit. So if any one wants the engine for a rototiller or go cart its for sale. 200 OBO<input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input...
  318. Salmon Addict

    indoor cat

    I think I found a taker... <iframe title="YouTube video player" src="" allowfullscreen="" width="640" frameborder="0" height="390"></iframe> <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input...
  319. Salmon Addict

    indoor cat

    Are you trying to sell PUSSY on the internet? HAAAAAA.....:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:sorry could not help my self! Good luck hope you find a good home for him.<input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy"...
  320. Salmon Addict

    Ready to drink a tall glass

    Don't drink the Koolaid quote would be referring to the 1978 People Temple Cult mass suicide. Where the leaders got the members to drink poisoned Koolaid. 900 people died. Google its kinda interesting! I have not drank the koolaid yet but as soon as I loose a few more of the conventional ones. I...
  321. Salmon Addict

    EZ Pot Puller

    Thanks fishinnut and Johnny Dollar. I really like Buck Setera's pullers they worked good for me so far. So Is Buck a Bloody Deck member? I'm in the Bellingham area probably won't make it to the Sno-King PSA meeting. <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();"...
  322. Salmon Addict

    Shrimp pot engine

    A couple of years ago I was going to make my own gas powered shrimp pot puller. Got a killer deal on an electric model before I started the project. So I have for sale a new 5.5 hp OHV Briggs with a new bolt on NORAM gear redution unit. 425.00 OBO <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session...
  323. Salmon Addict

    Tackle testing 101 Area 7

    Glad to see someone made it out in M7 today. Sorry about those fur bags I hate those fuckers. Did the weather suck?
  324. Salmon Addict

    EZ Pot Puller

    With shrimp season coming up I'm just going through my gear making every thing looks good. I pulled the cover off my EZ pullers oil bath just to look in inside to make sure the bearings and gears looked good since I'm the second own I just wanted to be sure. Everything looked good but I wasn't...
  325. Salmon Addict

    Wooldridge aluminum boats

    So are you looking at the wooldridge out in front at Tom and Jerry's by the twin bridges Gabe? I'm working in Anacortes I keep driving by every morning it looks like a nice boat.
  326. Salmon Addict

    Wooldridge aluminum boats

    Well they don't ride as nice as fiberglass and sometimes you might need a kidney belt when really rough. On the other hand they are lighter and pretty durable you would burn a lot less fuel than your sea sport. That bracket will make it seem like a 22 footer. That 130 honda would cruise at 30...
  327. Salmon Addict

    Great Weekend Out

    Nice report Travis lots of good details there. Glad to meet you and to talk with you a bit. You and Brian probably think I'm whipped cause me lady wouldn't let me through down a fifty for the side bet. Oh well. Her and I fished hard both days the only actions was at Obstruction on Sat...
  328. Salmon Addict

    Derby Weather Forecast

    Sorry about the kicker trim motor that sucks! Does that mean you have to manually lift it like all us poor people that couldn't afford the trim model like me? <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  329. Salmon Addict

    Re-wrapping ladner shrimp pots, ???

    Yeah first Saturaday in May is normal. Closed Sunday through Wed. Better go every chance you get cause they will close it shortly. Hopefully we will get in 4 Saturdays in this year before it closes but I doubt it. <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();"...
  330. Salmon Addict

    Re-wrapping ladner shrimp pots, ???

    Yeah Ryan the tides for this years shrimping opener pretty much suck! Like someone already said better put some weight in those pots or you will be chasing them. The following weeks tides will be perfect for shrimping. As for the tunnels on your pots I think the most important thing would be to...
  331. Salmon Addict

    Penn downrigger swivel base

    Sorry but I'm not planning on heading that way for sometime. Anacortes is as far as I will be heading this week. If you want to pay the shipping hit me up with a PM maybe we could work something out. SA <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy"...
  332. Salmon Addict

    Penn downrigger swivel base

    How about 50 bucks. Anyone? <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  333. Salmon Addict

    I lost a good friend today

    Sorry to hear about this VG. He was a good looking dog. I just found a big lump on my Chesapeake Bay Retrievers chest today we are hoping for the best.
  334. Salmon Addict

    I lost a good friend today

    <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  335. Salmon Addict

    New Custom Canvas

    Yeah Rob Gillmore and his crew there are the shit! His boy did a hell of a job on my boat. They replaced the flimsy stock aluminum tubing with much better stronger stainless tubing on my Alumaweld. Now when I head down the highway a don't feel like the top is going to blow off its solid now. He...
  336. Salmon Addict

    Penn downrigger swivel base

    I don't need this anymore. It's in good shape 60.00 <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy"...
  337. Salmon Addict

    Bill to allow lethal removal of Sea Lions

    You know I remember when I went fishing with my grandpa over 20 years ago he would through out a little double 00 buck shot at them. How is that for family tradition! Boy things were a little different back then.<input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();"...
  338. Salmon Addict

    Finally Back in the Game!

    I wouldn't worry about the 115 half the time its to rough to haul ass anyways. I got a 115 4 stroke mercury with about the same size boat it tops out in the upper thirties with a full load. You might want to play around with props when I got my boat it had to much pitch. Went down to a 16 from a...
  339. Salmon Addict

    Bill to allow lethal removal of Sea Lions

    Oh I think it will work Quite well Jig Strike! They will just have to shoot quite a few of those bigger problem Sea Lions right below the fish ladders during the peak of the run. <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  340. Salmon Addict

    Just seen on the news

    I saw the same thing on the news the other day also Blackmouther. It pretty much made me sick to my stomach. I hope us sports guys don't get fucked again on this ruling. The Salmon Bank closer in July is already bad enough and now maybe take all that area away you got to be fucking kidding me...
  341. Salmon Addict

    Finally Back in the Game!

    Nice boat looks great! Wow 60 some hours on the main engine that is nothing for that year. How many horse power is it? <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  342. Salmon Addict

    Hurricane is comin

    My guess is that not a lot of people are fishing Halibut today in Canada! If they are I don't think we will hearing from them... <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  343. Salmon Addict

    Area 5 Sekiu Report

    Nice report and photos! You must have a set of Brass Balls because the weather that weekend was pretty brutal for a 17' boat. Most people would of just sat on the couch. My hats off to you for putting in the effort, hard work, and taking your boy fish slaying I got to respect that.
  344. Salmon Addict

    MA 6 HAWG 2/21

    Wow nice fish! Good to see your kids could experience that your boys will always remember that trip. Good work thanks for posting!
  345. Salmon Addict

    Debacle weekend

    Sorry about the string of bad luck buddy! My trailer axle bearings are lubed with 90# oil there is a window on the hub where you can see if any water has broke the seals. I still jack the tires up now & then and spin to hear if they are going out. I've tried the both cable and the braided. They...
  346. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 2/20/11

    Nice catch! That's a a good looking fish. We were at Tide Pt. in the morning had a couple strikes on a cutplug but nothing stuck. Lots of boats their saw maybe four or five landed. On the way back home stopped at the #2 bell at Sinclair with nothing happening for us but everyone else seemed to...
  347. Salmon Addict

    Shrimping in Canada pot question

    Here is the website to check the regs.& limits Welcome Page | Page d'accueil The DAILY limit is 200. POSS. 400. Lots of sub areas closed in the RED colum better check closely before you prawn. I beleive you can run two pots per line if you want.
  348. Salmon Addict

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Hello everyone I'm Matt and I love to fish. Lived in WA my whole life and don't plan leaving anytime soon. I kinda realized I basically jumped right in and started posting without properly introducing myself. Sorry about that some of you probably thought who the hell is this guy! Anyways from...
  349. Salmon Addict

    Wanted: Penn Manual Downriggers

    I got a swivel base nothing wrong with it.
  350. Salmon Addict

    NOAA caught redhanded

    Wow.... the :shithappens: upper management at government agencies think they can get away with ! Makes me want to vomit! Heads better role for this one boys. WHAT... we paid for private fishing boats and lavish fish destinations...:Dynamite::Dynamite::ashamed::ashamed: those guys got Sh*t all...
  351. Salmon Addict

    Anacortes Salmon Derby Tickets

    Just got my derby tickets - last ones they had at LFS in Bellingham. Can't wait. Went last year and had lots of fun. Didn't catch shit but enjoyed the scene. See you guys out there! I'm new to BD, but hopefully I'll have my stickers by then so I can represent.
  352. Salmon Addict

    Canada Halibut Opener

    I have done a little research on this subject, since I have a Canadian salt license that I haven't used yet that's about to expire. I went to the Canadian Customs website (CBSA) and searched under "CANPASS" and found a phone number for locating customs check-in points (1-888-226-7277). I called...
  353. Salmon Addict

    Commercial Selective Harvest VIDEO

    I saw this video a while ago on the net and it seemed real promising. The state has been studying selective commercial net gear for the last few years. I like most all the people that have posted on this article think this is great method for the future. The faster we get on the bandwagon and...
  354. Salmon Addict

    Commercial Selective Harvest VIDEO

    I saw this video a while ago on the net and it seemed real promising. The state has been studying selective commercial net gear for the last few years. I like most all the people that have posted on this article think this is great method for the future. The faster we get on the bandwagon and...
  355. 037


  356. SDC10014


  357. 013


  358. 043


  359. 036


  360. 041


  361. 035


  362. Randoms


  363. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 2/10 Two keepers

    Nice work! Were they caught on a cut plug? I'm so jealous I hate working when the weather is perfect for fishing. I'm off for a couple weeks I hope to see you out there. Too bad the marine forecast went to shit. My luck!
  364. Salmon Addict

    2011 Puget Sound Crabbing

    Yeah thanks pete1313 for the update and homework! <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  365. Salmon Addict

    Boat BBQs

    My dad friends gave me a stainless BBQ for free that he only used about twice. I got everything with it but the little mounting base which I found at a local marine exchanger store in Bellingham. Mine works awsome its the shit! Use it all the time for prawns and hot dogs. It mounts to the boat...
  366. 29183 391191299946 645119946 4188365 3126427 n

    29183 391191299946 645119946 4188365 3126427 n

  367. 35057 412240424946 645119946 4717082 3030947 n

    35057 412240424946 645119946 4717082 3030947 n

  368. 30533 391188779946 645119946 4188340 2368015 n

    30533 391188779946 645119946 4188340 2368015 n

  369. 35057 412240419946 645119946 4717081 4659409 n

    35057 412240419946 645119946 4717081 4659409 n

  370. 28683 395045249946 645119946 4277384 3023931 n

    28683 395045249946 645119946 4277384 3023931 n

  371. 44713 1378266816316 1221247749 30949588 3103894 n(2)

    44713 1378266816316 1221247749 30949588 3103894 n(2)

  372. SDC10658


  373. 056


  374. 062


  375. SDC10660


  376. SDC10647


  377. 2010 summer

    2010 summer

  378. Salmon Addict

    2011 Puget Sound Crabbing

    You got to be kidding me! Soft shelled crab July 1st? Did anyone fish the Bellingham PSE derby the second week in July? Did you remember all of those crabpots the commercials had out when it was closed for the sporty's. Bellingham Bay ,Eliza island all the way to point Migley was carpet bombed...
  379. Salmon Addict

    2011 Puget Sound Crabbing

    Well its nice to see we all can go crabbing on Sunday again! Thursday through Monday a lot better than it used to be. Now the average working person can get out a little more often. Hats off to our fishing advocates. Well I'm still ticked about the late opening AGAIN for sport crabbing on July...
  380. Salmon Addict

    Boat Seat

    Fold down boat seat by B&M, white, like new condition. Used one season always stored inside. 100.00 OBO <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();"...
  381. Salmon Addict

    Yamaha f115

    You know a four stroke mercury has 115 has a Yamaha power head with a Merc. leg I got one have no problems yet. Just A thought.