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    RODBUILDER 3M cold shrink 5 pieces BEST OFFER

    i have 5 pieces of coldshrink by 3M for rail rods, cow rods, anyone interested, im in Las Vegas, but can ship, im asking 20 plus ship.
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    Electric Trailer breaks on boat trailer? Done it? Recommend it? Discuss?

    I just purchased boat and the trailer has no brakes, it is difficult to stop the trailer and it dangerous and sketchy. I need to add trailer brakes found some nice electric systems on etrailerCOM. They state that older elec brake systems were not good for boat trailers but now the wiring is...
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    Feedback on Rainshadow JUDGE blanks for throwing big swimbaits

    Has anyone fished or built a JDGLB810M for throwing big trout type swimabits like deps 250? Anyone have any feedback?? The blanks are live bait blanks, but there is a lure weight rating of 2-8oz. Considering building a few for myself and prostaffer and wanted to get feedback before i buy...
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    anyone have a loner long rod set up for BIG BLUEFIN popper fishin??

    Update, Going to build a long rod, for surface iron, and also to use for surface poppers... What blank do you suggest, also what reel would you use, for 50/60, thanks
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    NEW SKB Tackle Box w launchers

    SKB TACKLE BOX Medium size (I think) has shoulder strap and rod launchers. Never used. I have had this box for several years but it never made it out on the water. No need for it so I am selling it. Dimensions W 17.5 inch wide (just the box), overall width including the launchers is 20.5" D...
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    Large LOT of mono line and some braid and fluoro

    ALL PARTIAL SPOOLS meaning some is already gone. LARGE spool IZOR BLUE 60lb MEDIUM spools IZOR XXX 40 & 50 SMALL SPOOLS 10lb ANDE clear 2 spools 12# Ande Pink 20# Pline Smoke, Ande Green 25# pink Ande 2 spools 30# and 40# offshore angler CLEAR 40# Izor blue just a little left for a few short...
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    Lot NEWELL SKIRTS... 47 pieces misc colors

    I'm selling this as a lot, there are 47 pieces of misc colors NEWELL SKIRTS and not sure if these are all made by Newell because I only see the marking on the black ones. There are Orange, Green, Black, Purple, blue, pink chartreuse, clear, and others. REDUCED, need to dump these skirts $32...
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    Foot pedal question

    hey, missed you guys, hope you're all well, yep i'm alive, and hoping you fine gents can give some advice on a new foot pedal. I use a pac bay rodsmith, at least i think that is the wrapper i have, i kinda forgot. I forgot all my connections too except uni to uni, lolz, i havn't caught a tuna...
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    PAIR of SHIMANO 50W LRS TIAGRA excellent condition tons much tackle

    I have a pair of orginal first edition Shimano Tiagra 50W LRS, in very good condition. One is full of Blue Izor 100Z mono, that will still catch fish but the line is old you may want to change it. Also have one loaded with newer Trilene braided line #150 full, line used on one trip for...
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    Avet Reels, New, Used Excellent condition pro 30, EX 4/0-2, SX6/4, MXL6/4

    ALL STILL AVAILABLE - Bump - raising cash to move to Hawaii or Costa Rica. Avet Pro 30 SILVER used on 2 long trips, condition is near MINT, as new, loaded with 135 Izor Hollow, line is good. $360 Avet EX4/0-2speed SILVER NEW IN BOX, no line, $300 Avet SX6/4 BLACK, NEW IN BOX no line $230...
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    Bear 40# compound bow WOOD 5 colors, leather rifle scabbard quetzacoatl mayan calande

    Bow- hold with left hand, pull back with right hand, forgive me, i do not know the terminology, i bought it used at the swap meet because i could tell it was awesome. Asking $250 obo Scabbard - asking $100 obo SOLD EMAIL if interested at [email protected] you can pm me but it may be a...
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    AVET 50 SDS and 30 BLACK BLACK 2 speeds

    UPDATE- Please keep checking back as i will be posting up more pictures and more tackle for sale. There is way too much to list all at once, but there will be quite a bit of it. Thank you. WILL EMAIL PHOTOS ON REQUEST. Im selling my Avets 50 and 30 both narrow TOPLESS 2speeds, used on one...
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    7 Avets 2SDS, 2 pro30 JX6/3,WMDcustoms Rainshadows, shimano

    im selling the following, and more not listed, i have way too much tackle and need to liquidate in the process of simplification (not desperate for money), will take cash or trade. The custom rods are all my own prototype WMDcustoms (Rainshadows) all in near mint condition as i baby my gear The...
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    THANK YOU DOC SKI for tips tricks and tools

    Since the whole world is in here peeping about some other topic i figured now is a good time to say THANK YOU Doc. From someone who has been building rods for quite a long time and has really benefited from seeing your videos and pictures and your posts. I will post some pictures soon of...
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    First Fishy, MUST SEE, priceless.

    Cutest Fishing Vid EVER...
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    R.I.P MCA

    R.I.P MCA, Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys PAUL REVERE
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    Pictures: Why i do NOT prefer downlocking seat install

    The subject of installing reel-seats the standard way or down-locking has been a topic thrown around lately. This is just my personal opinion of the downlocking reel-seat install. It is just how i think, and i not necessarily right or correct. I actually went with down-locking install on 5...
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    RFS build for TCRBS -

    Thanks to the soldiers that enlist in our military to keep us safe from bad guys. Thanks to Bill Batson for donating all the components and Adam Hansen for pulling the components together and dealing with me. The rod was built on all Rainshadow and ALPS components. The blank is a Rainshadow...
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    2000 Chevy Silverado WHITE w SnugTop Tonneau w 4.8L V8

    Im selling my 2000 chevy truck. Its LS silverado white with snugtop tonneau, stock rims, tires have most of the tread left, has original 4.8L small V8 hauls ass and gets great mileage, has 192,000 miles on original motor and trans. Motor is strong, and truck drives tight not sloppy. Has...
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    When the internet was free and FISHING WAS LEGAL

    Tell us what it was like when we could go fishing DAD? Tell us what it was like when we had freedom on the internet DAD? Rap does suck, but this is a wonderful creation by a man with skills and courage. Truth is Freedom. Get with Truth....
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    It can't be described. One can only see the event to understand it. Whoa!
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    commerical spray booth - paint cars limos buses

    One of our tenants abandoned a PRACTICALLY BRAND NEW huge commercial spray booth. Its about 50' long and will fit buses and motor-homes. We want it out of the building. You can buy it really cheap. However much you want to give us for it we will take, you remove. It was over $25k for the...
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    Metallic THREAD ??

    Hey all, I need some metallic thread. Been looking at the Fish Hawk on as well as Rodsmith metallic thread. What brand of Metallic thread do you suggest? Will the Bullard metallic be available in smaller spools? Is it available yet? Thanks.
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    BLUE JTDS with blue and purple - RCLB80L INOXicated Yo rod is done

    I was really proud of the end result of this rod so i thought i would post up pics. Its just came out really great looking and i love it a lot. It's a Rainshadow RCLB80L with ALPS centra-lock reel seat and ALPS XN guides and tip, with ""X"" over cork tape (it makes for a great comfy grip)...
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    How do you prepare bellies and collars??

    Ive heard they are excellent, and id prefer not to waste fish this year. Please let us know how you do tuna bellies and or collars ? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FROM MANY OF US WANTING TO KNOW
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    Henderson v Fedor FULL FIGHT, while it lasts

    I missed the fight, don't have showtime. Just found this, didn't even see the result until i watched it happen, never happens that way but it did for me today. Enjoy, BIG SMILE HERE ! go full screen - watch in 720HD
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    COUNTRY BOY -- is all i'll ever be (LOVE IT) Nice to See that Aaron Lewis broke his deal with the devil and sees the light again. Props to Aaron Lewis for being a patriot and speaking out for Liberty in a song.
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    Proof of Acid

    it was finally time to acid wrap a rod. I've been meaning to post up this build but been too busy with my real job. The rod is built on a Rainshadow Knife Jig Blank. RCKJB60-112g with custom shaped grips, forecast seat, new ALPS MX guides. The ckw and tiger wrap has been working for me so i...
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    Another Swimbait Rod - BIG BLUE - ISWB904

    This is another swimbait rod for wmdcustoms pro-staffer Bryan. Its a Rainshadow ISWB904, with ALPS MXN guides with TiCH finish, custom shaped grips, another cool ckw that came out good, thank God. And a tiger that includes blue madeira Super Twist thread. Looking forward to the next builds...
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    ISWB945 aka Big Red

    ISWB945 with TiCh finish MXN (NEW from ALPS) guides, g-style throop wrap and ckw with gay custom camo grips that came out pretty cool. ckw with 25# ande clear mono. Tiger base is madeira black, gudebrod silver metallic, Madeira red super-twist, with black Madeira top wrap and used national...
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    ALPS Wahoo bombs for Bill BATSON and crew

    Thanks for LOOKING.... A big THANK YOU to Bill Batson and Adam Hansen of Batson Enterprises. Bill and Team Batson are always donating and giving to great causes and it amazes me how much they give. I just wanted to do my little part and give something back to say THANKS. Hopefully the bombs...
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    Avet SDS, pro 30, Shimano 50W rail rods see pics

    OK guys im going to sell some stuff, the deal is that i need some money. Wont dump the stuff but feel free to not offend me with any offer you like i have thick skin. If i can get what i want i will suck it up and ebay them. Avet 50 SDS (Black) used once, always covered in the rack, 10/10...
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    INOX wahoo bombs and SHOUT OUT

    I got a call from John (INOXicated) inquiring about some wmdcustoms wahoo bombs and the possibility of having some custom corporate wahoo bombs made. John works with a company called INOX, an AUSTRALIAN company that has a diverse product line of Lanolin based Lubricants(NON PETROLEUM) Green and...
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    pics of calico bass

    hey Gents (and the ladeeez), im working on a little project and need some fish images. Looking for underwater footage of calico in kelp or on structure, or any good underwater images of any fishes that i can put onto a sticker if anybody has any cool photos they got that they dont mind me using...
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    G-Style Imposture swimbait series

    I've been thinking about building a Capt. G imposture rod for a little while now. Specifically ive been wanting to try some ckw and some tigers having never done either. I wanted to be able to do whatever i wanted without regard for the consequences. It was very liberating building this type...
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    Madeira FS (metallics) and super twist?

    For you guys that are using Madeira thread, are any of you using the FS or supertwist metallics they make? What have been your results with the thread and what size FE i mean FS did you use? I think im getting some FS35 so i can get the all the colors. Not as interested in the supertwist...
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    ISWB946 for Captain John- Lake Mead/Mojave

    I recently completed a rod for someone i consider a good friend aside from just a fishing buddy. The rod is a Rainshadow ISWB946 aka "the one". The man is Captain John Moehlenbrock, aka Captain J. John is a straight shooter, and a awesome all around person to be around. He fishes harder...
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    Wahoo Bombs v3.0

    I can not take credit for the bombs. On my first Long Range trip in 1991 (i believe it was) on the Red Rooster III, Bob Cherry had about 10 buckets full of homemade wahoo bombs. He had every color configuration that you could imagine, and then he had about 50 of each. He gave me and Paul a...
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    Which braid for bass fishing

    Hey i have a question that i specifically wanted to ask to you cerebral bass dudes. I see that you guys are mosting fishing baitcasters for your SW Bass and greenies. We mostly fish baitcasters at Lake Mead and Mojave, mostly curados, revos, plutons. We do like to fish the little pop-r type...
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    elephants can paint, this is incredible

    they are so intelligent and gentle. I couldnt believe this, but watch. YouTube - ORIGINAL Elephant Painting
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    HOW MANY COWS, before you caught your own ?

    I was just wondering how many cows you caught before you landed one entirely on your own with no crew help (with the exception of anchor rope). Bad luck on BIG fish for me. Ive only hooked 4-5 big ones but im 0 for. I do feel however that I could land one with no help and i probably couldnt...
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    Homemade Linewinder PRICELESS PHOTO

    Found this online and had to share. This is about as good as it gets. I have a voice controlled line winder that I use pretty often... (this was the quote with the photo.
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    acetone in my eye, should i go to hospital

    it flew in my eye i went straight to sink and flushed for a minute. I can see fine, doestn hurt too bad. How dangerous is it? thanks
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    Shimano Terez RODS new from Shimano

    I WANT ONE, THEY LOOK COOL, Dig the grips. The New Trinidads are so sexy too. And the new WaxWing jig is badass looking. Here is the link: Blog :: New Products :: Shimano Introduces New Products at 2010 ICAST I want my Trinidad 20A on my RED Terez rod and throw a waxwing jig, FISH DIE...
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    Photos of your "build" not just threadwork

    i've noticed for quite some time now that many rodbuilders are posting threads showing the rods they have "built" but often only show one guide wrap and the decorative section, or all closeups. Since this is the rod "building" forum i thought i would post this and see what you guys think. There...
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    Anybody have suggestions on water filtration

    Considering a reverse osmosis system. Anybody have one and have any feedback? Are there better more cost effective systems out there? Any input is appreciated. I dont want to drink tap water anymore. Thanks.
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    Fedor defeated, triangle choke

    YouTube - Fedor Emelianenko VS Fabricio Werdum June 26, 2010 Strikeforce fight watch it while you can, he caught Werdum, but then made the mistake of leaving himself vulnerable to a BJJ guy.
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    Minn Kota trolling motor

    Minn Kota Power drive, 55# thrust 54" shaft, comes with foot pedal, and quick release mounting bracket, as well as all wiring you will need to connect it. $200 for the whole sha-bang. Item is at my homes in Las Vegas, pick up only or ship to you at your expense actual cost. see photos. Works...
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    Anyone have MAYTAG dryer schematics or service manual

    Or know where to find one online. Gar Dryer, model is HYG3460AWW, stopped heating. Figure its the ignitor. Id consider fixing it myself since cash is thin. Anyone know where to find a free schematic or service manual or suggest where to look. Thanks! Guy wants $80 to fix it, which i...
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    Housewares? NOT!

    So what does a rodbuilder give to a die hard fisherman and his wife for their wedding gift? Housewares? NOT! How about matching HIS and HERS travel rods? Take them up to the high sierras or Bishop. Put them in the suitcase and surf fish for small reef fishes in Hawaii, or maybe sneak one...
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    Tuna is very brown, not red or pink

    I had one tuna about 80 pound fished processed after a recent trip. Fish was stored in spray brine, NOT RSW, and not really bleed with the exception of the bleeding it got from being hit with two gaffs. Meat is not red or pink, looks more brownish. Made spicy tuna roll with it which was fine...
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    USED Salas 6X and 6X Jr. lot of 18 pcs

    For sale are a lot of 18 total pieces of Iron, all Salas jigs, 8 are size 6X, 9 are size 6x Jr., and there is one Christy II, which is missing a hook i believe. All jigs are in fair condition. One of the chrome jigs is looking better than the other two because i hit it with a little steel wool...
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    Wahoo Bombs that really work wahoo bombs (photos below) If you are heading out on a trip that has a shot at wahoo, please pm me to get set up with a custom wahoo bomb pack. These bombs get bit, thats all there is to it. Just got off the Q105 Rusty Hook 15 day trip. We had 83 wahoo on the boat and i was...
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    circle hooks, no thanks!

    Not trying to be negative but i lost three fish to pulled circle hooks on a recent long trip, one was surely a cow, heavy SOB, 40 mins later, pulled friggin hook. 6/0 ringed super mutu. Also snapped an 8/0 ringed matzuo sickle. I feel confident in my ability to get bit on a fly-lined sardine...
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    Royal Flush - Duece is wild

    Read em and weep. LOL I was paying attention to the Long Range schedule and was intrigued by the Rusty Hook 15 day trip on Qualifier 105, and figured who knows if and when i will get a chance to fish long range again and decided to pull the trigger on the trip. I was 50/50 in my mind until...
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    MMA Frank Mir

    Not to be a dork but i saw Frank Mir tonight at the Smiths grocery by my home in NW Las Vegas, as i passed him i said hey champ, put out knuckles and he knuckles'd me. Got a killer shock from the wind today. He had his daughter and was trying to be inconspicuous so that was the extent of it...
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    Spottie Rod - St Jude Charity fishing event

    Ive been wanting to donate a rod to a good cause and this seemed like a good one. Ben Florentino ([email protected]) held the St. Jude 4th Annual Charity Fishing Tournament in Long Beach CA on Sept 19, in Long Beach. All of the proceeds from the entry fees went directly to St. Jude cancer center...
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    Anaheim Ducks theme

    I built this rod for my brother. It was a gift for his 40th birthday. Its a rainshadow IP842, ALPS XY rigid guides, Forecast seat and custom split grips. My brother and his wife (and dogs) camp at big river in Parker and at Doheny and San Alejo at the beach. This rod should work well for...
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    Pedestal seat STUCK, help

    photos of the problem below. i purchased an adjustable height pedestal lean post and seat from cabelas. It is the more expensive seat cushion, which has the concave shaped back for leaning, or the pad for sitting. Super nice and i suggest this product to anyone needing one. Problem is that...
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    Jah Rasta - Zimbabwe

    This Rasta rod is a Rainshadow RCLB70XL, with light Fuji Seat, ALPS XN guides, custom grips, and a few custom decals including the Lion of Judah. Im happy with the way it came out but my biggest concern was the CP which did give me fits, but oh well, :) Ironic considering the black didnt need...
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    Spots ? Looking for 1

    Anybody have an open spot on a charter or have the scoop on a for sure opening on a good one from Fishermans, PLoma or Seaforth?? Looking to get out for 1.5-3 days. PM info. If you have a charter with a bunch of kids or Rookies and need help we can work something out. Im happy to help hook...
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    Great youtube vid well done spoof

    YouTube - ANGRY MOB MAULS CROWDER!! Classic homemade spoof on latest current events. If you dont get it, im sorry, maybe wake up and pay attention.
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    Lake Mead ECHO BAY report

    Got a text from Adam (Batson Ent.) on Wed, he was visiting his grandparents in So. Utah. Could we fish Lake Mead Wed or Thurs? I said yes and fishing is good right now, top water and jiggin spoon (da iron). Decided to launch from Echo Bay which is in the Overton Arm. It was an hour shorter...
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    Goofy youtube - how 2 check your drag

    This is about the goofiest ive ever seen on youtube, fishing related. I just got a laugh out of this because i cant imagine anyone getting any benefit from this. LOL YouTube - HOW2 check your drag on a Bait Cast Fishing Reel Oh man, it is even funnier the second time i watched it. At the...
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    Hardcore Bass Fishing on your Electric Motor

    Hey Gentlemen, i could really use your help here, so thanks in advance for reading this thread. Big Purchase, need infos. Yes i know this could have gone in the electronics section... Im putting it here because i want to know what you guys that fish often are using and what is working for...
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    History Channel - Weather Weapons Documentary

    Chemtrails and weather weapons confirmed. The program is going to air on The History Channel Saturday July 25th at 4pm. here is the link for the trailer: WATCH THIS TRAILER YouTube - History Channel Documentary Validates Chemtrails and Weather Warfare-Airs July25 4pm anybody else...
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    sealed lead acid batteries - trolling motors

    Has anybody tried using Sealed Lead Acid batteries as opposed to standard lead acid batteries?? Do you really notice a big difference in self depletion times and longer battery life, etc. What Ah (amp hour) rating did you go with, also what would be the minimum amp hours one should go with...
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    Do you always pre-rig ??

    Duh, Im tired, gonna try to get some sleep. got the fish joneses going. Gonna pick up Vegasman early and roll out to Mead in the dark. Bryan is like 6'4" so im not scurred. Anyways, my stuff is pretty much ready to load in the AM and im taking just three rigs. One spinning rig for topwater...
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    Changing BD User names?

    How do you guys feel about changing user names. Not trying to become anonymous, although that is an option... But actually changing your name, like for example Marcus did. Do you think its a good idea, especially when your user name is really lame like mine? or do you think you (I) should...
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    MMA? NO K1 Yes, Ernesto Hoost, check this out

    So in one of the many MMA discussion Bryan (vegasman) and i have had regarding fighters we were talking about this guy Ernesto Hoost. this is the guy Bryan. Damn, i have seen this guy fight a bunch and he was always a bad ass, but i didnt realize how devastating his knock-outs were. This guy...
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    Where is the best place to live in Costa Rica ???

    Accomodations such as services, close to the beach, good fishing, and safe for a gringo, infrastructure, opportunity for some growth. Would like to be rural but not remote. Just prefer some space and not a subdidivision per se. Where is the best place to live or visit in Costa Rica? Is there...
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    ?? ReWraping on a bare (matte) blank

    Have any of you tried relocating guides or rewrapping on a bare blank, in this case a rainshadow matte finish RX7 blank (IP844 to be exact). I only used 6 guides on the rod (spinning rod 7'). The rod performs well and it doesnt appear that adding a guide is going to change the action at all...
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    Have you caught fish on the bait?? Shad photos

    I just picked these up from a guy in Las Vegas. The Bill Dance spitn image shad. Man, this really looks like a threadfin and i can wait to fish these lures as im told topwater is starting at Mead. The spitn image appears to be a walk the dog topwater bait. Has anyone fished this lure with...
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    Simultaneous double knock out, whoa

    Not really hilarious like the title of the vid says, but it is interesting to analyze. The one dude get fucking clocked, and the other guy doesnt get hit as hard but still on the button and both get knocked out. This is real. not graphic, but very interesting for fight fans. YouTube -...
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    Vista SP2 is this new?

    Just got a prompt from windows updates to install service pack 2 for Vista. Is this a new release? SP2 seems long time ago unless im thinking of SP2 for the last OS (forget the name)... Thanks for your input.
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    Has anybody tried staining cork?

    Or am i just going to have to give it a go? Im wondering how well the stain would penetrate the cork and also if the stain would come off on your hands or if it fully dries, cures? I think i want to try staining some cork. To guess which color?? Anybody ever try this?
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    First Marblizing attempt - flames

    Well i was all excited about trying my first tiger and somehow i ended up trying marblizing technique instead. Tiger coming soon, but this was pretty fun. After practicing on a dowell one time i came up with these flames. Im pretty happy with how it came out considering it was my first...
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    Mother of ALL swimbait rods

    Id first like to start by saying thank you to Bill Batson for the blank. Bill was kind enough to get me in to the ICAST show last year as a guest. After chatting for a while with Bill and his sales rep Adam, i could tell these guy loved to fish. Adam asked me what i fish for and after i told...
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    Weapons of Trout Harrasment

    Rainshadow IP841 4-10# line 7' ALPS XY spin guides, Batson Forecast spin seat, integrated butt cap/body I wanted to build a trout rod that was stiff, not a noodle like most rods built for 2-6# line. This rod is very stiff. I have caught alot of stocker trout on it and for a while i had...
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    Walk the Dog - Rainshadow IP843

    Another rod for vegasman. This one is a Batson Rainshadow IP843, Fuji Alconite BYAG concept guides, Fuji spin seat with black rings, custom turned EVA grips and butt cap. This rod will be used to fish 10# and "Walk the Dog" type lures at Lake Mead for striped bass. These IP (inshore popping)...
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    Im tired of you JERKY

    Anybody else have a Herky Jerky wrapping motor on their Rod Smith. Im pulling my hair out at times. Doesnt matter if i turn the dial up and push softly or turn the dial down and push firmly. Anybody know of anything to help the problem. Can you oil anything in the motor? Would replacing the...
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    SEE PHOTOS BELOW - AND MY PREDICTIONS - POST YOUR PICKS !! Well, The Stanley Cup Playoffs are upon us again folks starting tonight with four games, three of which are eastern conference and one western conference. Of course i have to give major props to the Ducks for turning around a mediocre...
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    Swimbait ROD for BIG STRIPERS ISWB946

    Bryan (Vegasman) WMDcustoms pro-staff and i are on a mission to catch a big striper in the colorado river below the Hoover Dam. A fish over 40# is the goal, but we'd both be happy with a 20# at this point. To accomplish the feat Bryan wanted the ultimate swimbait rod/reel capable of handling 5...
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    Epoxy and Finish ??

    Which brand Epoxy do you prefer for gluing reel seats and handles ?? Which rod finish do you prefer for covering your guide wraps ?? Interested in trying the U40 paste like epoxy because the runny type make such a huge mess. Anyone care to comment on U40?? Considered trying LS supreme or...
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    Reel for large swimbaits - not a baitcaster

    Im in the process of building a swimbait rod (Rainshadow ISWB947) rated for 4-10 oz lures. This rod needs to be plenty stiff the throw the heavy rubber and it will be and i need to figure out what reel i want to throw with. After a couple seasons now of throwing these heavy suckers it seems...
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    Sorry, but this one was really funny

    You fat chicks are unbelievable!!! saw this on craigslist. i havent laughed this hard in a long time. I thought it was funny as hell.
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    Move over Captain

    Captain Morgan. Because Sailor Jerry is my new favorite. I usually drink Captain and Coke (yeah i know its shit), but i like it. I was recently turned on to Sailor Jerry original Navy spiced rum, Damn the stuff is awesome. Has a much fuller flavor than Captain and it is also 92 proof as...
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    Strange Barking dog story

    Ok so im in the process of renovating a condo in Las Vegas. A couple days ago a German Shepherd that i hadnt seen or heard was barking nonstop when i arrived to do some work on the place. The dog let out one bark every three seconds for about 4 hours straight. I love dogs, but funk that. So...
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    Intrepid - Tell me about your great trip

    Anybody have any good fishing stories about the Intrepid? If i ever take a long trip again id like to ride this boat. Im interested to know if you liked the boat, what you liked about it, any good stories about fishing, practical jokes, or just good trip info. Thanks. ;)
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    Ducks @ Kings, new rinkside view premiers

    Right now on FOX sports, FOX will showcase 6 new on ice cameras controlled with remote control. Should be a faster looking view. Im excited about it. Ducks looked like crap first two games, hopefully they can get on the board tonight. Should be fun either way. Somebody is going 0-3 tonight...
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    Well, its gone, and sure to come back with cow and hoo!

    The Qualifier 105 departed yesterday on the Rusty Hook Charter, a 15 day trip sure to be a doozy. I really wanted to get on this trip but just couldnt justify the money. Would love to have gone but being a loan officer obviously im broke. For years the RRIII has been the first boat to get...
  92. 1:11

    Thief at FedEx

    About 2 weeks ago i went to run a few errands. First went to the Granite place to look at Granite for my condo. Then went to FedEx to ship a few packages. Went to a FedEx kinkos location (Decatur and Sahara Las Vegas) which i dont normally use. Filled out my airbills, and went directly to...
  93. 1:11

    Chuck Liddell

    Man i was bummed to see Chuck get knocked out so badly, he really got cracked. Looked like he might of got his jaw broken. Here is my thinking on Chuck... He is fighting too timid after being knocked out by Rampage and Jardine. He has that big right hand cocked and looking for the put away...
  94. 1:11

    Stoked! Great craigslist SCORE phoTos

    Just thought i would play show and tell cuz im super stoked. Found a Berkley linewinder on craigslist. Its in near mint condition, even had they original plastic peel-away wrapper on the motor housing. I bought it for $320 including shipping. Came complete with attachment for lefty reels...
  95. 1:11

    One Finger Salute - Milirary SERIOUS

    Leading the fight is Gunnery Sgt Michael Burghardt, known as 'Iron Mike' or just 'Gunny'. He is on his third tour in <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:country-region w:st="on">Iraq</st1:country-region></st1:place> . He had become a legend in the bomb disposal world after winning the Bronze Star for...
  96. 1:11

    Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Finally got some better photos of the two prototype concept rods i built. The idea was very simple, to build two swimbait rods keeping them light and functional. The emphasis was not the thread art but rather the choice of components used, keeping the weight to a minimum, and creating two...
  97. 1:11

    Rods should be rated by drag possibilities

    With the advent of spectra lines, and fishing spectra line for abrasion resistance as well as its fine diameter, how do you guys feel about the current line ratings on rods these days? Seems to me that the line ratings are often not in line with what should be fished on each particular blank...
  98. 1:11

    Video STRIPER BOIL Lake Mead NuTs

    Trip report Hit Lake Mead on Monday morning, launched 4am'ish. Fished cut bait on anchor for about an hour for no biters and no meter marks. At grey lite i made my way back to "the wash" area, hit govt wash first. Saw no boats, and no boiling fish. Made my way towards the gap to head back...
  99. 1:11

    Striper Fishin LAKE MEAD

    Special thanks to Bill Batson for getting me in to see the iCAST show. Batson has some incredible product right now. You could build any weapon you wanted using nothing but Batson/Forecast/ALPS product, seriously. From Fly to Cow, the product is off the hook, blanks are super nice, ALPS we...
  100. 1:11

    Amir Sadollah -STUD

    FUCK YEAH, that was fucking a sweet ass upset. This kid is a great fighter and can only get better. Amir is for real. I was sreaming after that arm bar. I was stoked, i like the kid. Cool dude.
  101. 1:11

    Bait Feature whaddya know

    So i saw this post other day about Avets and having four settings and one of them being the BAIT position. I was thinking to myself, what the hell are these guys talking about. So i picked up my black SX 2 (new never used yet) and was playing with it and realized that they are correct, it does...
  102. 1:11

    Tim Russert dead at 58

    Apparently of a massive heart attack while in the studio. A Great american, a fair journalist. He was one of the good ones. RIP Tim. NBC's Tim Russert dead at 58 - Politics -
  103. 1:11

    Bedlam ? That good huh?

    Did anybody buy the fights? I didnt. Hughes Vs. Alves as the main event, Bisping, Swick, i figured this would be one to skip. No discussion of the fights? no thread? (until now). I guess it was a little uneventful? That good? Was surprised that Alves beat Hughes and a little surprised Vera...
  104. 1:11

    Plotters ?? what to look for

    Im considering buying a plotter, cutting vinyl graphics. Anybody have input what brands to go with, what brands to stay away from? Probably buy used. Any concern with blades going dull. Do you replace or sharpen? What dpi should i consider. stay away from. Any help is appreciated ...
  105. 1:11

    I made a mistake - Im Sorry

    I made a big mistake and I’m very sorry for it. I feel compelled to apologize publicly because I want to fix my mistake. <?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p> To flamekeeper, Kenny. Kenny, I’m very sorry that I made personal attacks about your work (rodbuilding) and said hurtful things...
  106. 1:11

    Domain Registry Help

    Ive registered a few domains in the past, but i would like to register a few more and check pricing. Can anyone share their experiences positive or negative with regard to pricing and service and the companies you used. THANK YOU
  107. 1:11

    Are you concerned about SKIN PROTECTION ?

    I guess I am. Im 36, have friends and family that have had spots removed, and it is so common. Ive always been good about using sunblock, usually put it one before i leave the house, but ive noticed that my bare skin is always hot while fishing in the sun, hmmm i wonder why. So i recently...
  108. 1:11

    horse boarding question ?

    If anyone has experience with horses please chime in with your opinion regardless of how many others answer. The question is how much on average does it cost per day to board a horse. Also, how much does it cost, per hour ??? to rent a small training ring, the ring was roughly 90 X 50. I...
  109. 1:11

    Tackle for Sale ALL OF IT

    Almost all of my tackle is for sale. Lots of rods and reels. Avet Shimano Seeker Calstar. If interested send me an email. Please do not PM me, as i will not be on BD. Im going on a self imposed ban. I need a break. Its hockey playoffs, i will be busy watching all the games. Water is...
  110. 1:11

    GO CUP CRAZY - My Picks - Ducks Repeat ?

    Montreal Pittsburg Washington New York Detroit San Jose Minnesota Anaheim All my picks are 1 through 4 seeds (which never happens) except the Rangers, which is my least favorite pick. The Ducks certainly have the team to repeat, but they better get with the program quick and stay out of...
  111. 1:11

    Skunked @ Bowman Reservoir, NV HeLP ??

    Hey bass guys. To keep the edge during the cold months, i go over and fish for stocker Tr%#t, ripping them on the deadly Tr%#t power worms. After fishing it multiple times in a short period some of the regulars turned me onto Bowman Reservoir, about an hour north of Las Vegas, Logandale, NV...
  112. 1:11

    Wanted - Dacron spools cheap

    Anybody got any dacron they want to part with cheap. need smaller stuff to back spectra on some smaller reels, save some coin. We really need a terminal tackle board. Anything bait, line, hook, or sinker related winds up in peculiar places. That is all. Thank you.
  113. 1:11

    rewrap, how to take blank to matte finish ??

    Ok here is the scenario, and thanks for looking BTW... I have two new custom freshwater rods that i plan to rewrap. I plan to remove old guides and all decorative wraps. I didnt like the guide placement or selection i made and im changing the guides and location. Because i wont be putting...
  114. 1:11

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    Im in need of one each Curado 200 and Curado 300 DHSV. Condition must be very good. Anybody looking to sell? Gotta be cheap though~ PM me if you have one for sale, pictures will be needed and im in Las Vegas. If you cant send photos or ship me the reel i probably cant buy it. Thanks in...
  115. 1:11

    Dollar Wise Fly - on Versus do you watch ??

    Ive watched a couple episodes. The first was the guy catching blue shark from SD on the Fly. Then the most recent episode was striper on the Fly at the California Delta. Ooooh man that one had me drooling. I got excited about fly-fishing last year then dropped the ball because i bought a...
  116. 1:11

    Printer or hand writing which do you prefer ?

    This question can be for anyone. Builder, angler, anyone. Would you want your custom rod to have a hand written label, or would you prefer a printed label, or do you not care? Do you associate something good or bad about either in your mind. Maybe you think using hand writing and ink is...
  117. 1:11

    Has anyone built a telescoping rod?

    How do you do it? Id like to build a 9' rod for throwing trout swim baits and plugs. The length will be an issue for storage and transport. Id like to put a telecoping joint, like on a flippin stick, somewhere between the foregrip and first guide. Do you just saw the blank in half and...
  118. 1:11

    BPS clearance on Iron Silk 4#

    Bass Pro Shops Las Vegas (cant vouch for the rancho store) is clearing out lots of spools of 4# 330 yd for $1.99, so i bought three spools. Apparently there have been some problems with this line, Iron Silk by Berkley. After using it with success, I did some research because i had never heard...
  119. 1:11

    Skype, a you lovin it or what?

    skype is great
  120. 1:11

    How do YOU feel about EVA foam?

    Been thinking about a couple new rods, i like cork but ive wondered about EVA.. Never been a fan of it, but does anybody has any experiences they can share. Maybe im jusy being hard headed. Is it good stuff? Ive only ever seen it on production bass rods, and never liked it for slime and...
  121. 1:11

    PUR water filtration - Anyone use this

    Tired of being ripped by sparkletts. Between the cooler rental, taxes, and $6 a bottle its too much. Was checking out PUR 3 stage faucet filtration system, looks to be cost effective. Anybody using this system? How does the water taste and looks, do you have the horizontal or vertical...
  122. 1:11

    anybody have any fresh new recipes FISH

    I have so much fish in the fridge. Probably thaw out some wahoo, but nothing sounds great. Fish grilled, BBQ, soy vay, tacos, sammiches. I need something new gauranteed to be enjoyed. Anybody got any good suggestions that arent too difficult? Thanks
  123. 1:11

    Mead Report - fish story

    Thought id share this story, yesterdays report at Mead. To get to the point, it was typical tough winter fishing. Went to Mead with Captn J (Jack Flash). We went in search of big fish knowing it would be all or nothing, no dinks gonna eat our trout baits. Fished numerous trout dumps, casting...
  124. 1:11

    Anyone watching free cable online ??

    Ive been hearing about people cancelling their cable TV service and watching free live tv on the computer, 1000's of channels. Can anyone vouch for the quality and service and ease of connection. Can anyone suggest which site they have success with. Ive heard this is totally legal, not...
  125. 1:11

    UFC 80 ? Anyone care to comment

    Well i did not buy the fight. Forgot about it, wasnt thrilled about the card. Watched the BJ Penn V. Joe Stevenson match on youtube this AM. BJ Completely dominated Joedaddy on the ground the entire fight, which only lasted two rounds before BJ slid in the rear naked choke on the bloodied...
  126. 1:11

    WOW - Epic striper boil ERUPTION

    YouTube - Fly Fishing: Striped Bass Explosion watch until the end!
  127. 1:11

    Should I remove my carpets decks ??

    Im thinking of removing all the carpet from my boat, in favor of non-skid painted surfaces (Painted tan to match the hull) and install a freshwater wash down. Has anyone done this (the carpet part)? The boat is an 18' Fisher (which is a tracker) Anyone have suggestions, tips, is it a...
  128. 1:11

    BFT Rules - NO fancy Coffee or Manicures

    YouTube - No Fancy Coffee YouTube - No Manicures I saw these on yotube, figured you guys would think this was funny too, and well made home movie.
  129. 1:11

    Intrepid finds wahoo - Dec 31

    Even though water has cooled and fishing is tough on the lower banks, Intrepid went south (it seems) and found a log good for 35 skins and some tuna. BONUS. Reports are slow, so i though id give us something to look at. Nice way to end the year.
  130. 1:11

    How about an updated site AVET ?

    Without sounding like a website critic, does anyone know if AVET has any plans to update their website? The product is finding a nice niche in our fishing community, but i can still only find slightly more info on the AVET site than i can on charkbait. If im looking to buy a Green or Black or...
  131. 1:11

    World Record Carp 76 lb - Video

    YouTube - World record common carp (Christian Finkelde) PIG, total oinker. Looks like a pot belly pig.
  132. 1:11

    This is INSANE

    Dont stop until at least 4 minutes. 100 plus fish jump in the boat. This is a new one. You'll shit your pants. YouTube - Crazy Fishing
  133. 1:11

    Chipmunk Fishing

    YouTube - chipmunk fishing enjoy!
  134. 1:11

    Intrepid - I bet Brent is stoked (Alter Ego)

    Below are some of the reports for fishing the last few days on the Intrepid. If 91 year old Joe Talasy has several big fish to 195 lbs sounds like they are keeping things under wraps. Wonder if they are gonna comes back with a bunch of cows. I talked to Brent (Alter Ego) before the trip, he...
  135. 1:11

    Need some advice

    OMG you guys just totally messed me up here. Understand i have never built or owned a grasphiter. Im not totally familar with their blank numbers although in long rods its pretty self expl., ok but were talking GG, GF, G90J, GF90J, 900, what is what. Heres my question. I need to build a long...
  136. 1:11

    Another bait tank question

    Guys (and Gals) i searched and didnt find what i was looking for. I just got set up with a bait tank and all the guts (, great prices and service. Its a 24 gal round Kodiak (just a blank) i have to plumb it myself. Question: What did you use to drill holes in your bait...
  137. 1:11

    How to identify a stroke - save a life - good info here

    My brother sent me this and i though it was genius, read it, it may save the life of your loved one. -------------------------------------------------------------------- <FONT face=Arial><FONT size=2><FONT color=navy><FONT color=navy>ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  138. 1:11

    Weird Al, Trapped in the Drive thru

    YouTube - Weird Al Yankovic - Trapped In The Drive-Thru Weird Al has some serious skillz, this is great. After watching this we can all say, been there done that a thousand times. edit: damn i hate typos in the title, cant seem to be able to edit the title, oh well who cares?
  139. 1:11

    Tough? Yes But not Taser tough

    That was the title as i found it on youtube. check it out. YouTube - Tough? yes - But not TASER tough!
  140. 1:11

    Smokin deal on graphite rods

    Hey BD, i wanted to let everybody know about a smokin deal on graphite IM6 rods at for $19.99 each, i bought 10 of them. Ive used them and they work excellent. Here is the link: Bass Pro Shops Graphite Series Trigger Rods Even with an account with a rod supply company, i...
  141. 1:11

    Black Hole Sun

    This is a report, but also a strange story. Sunday morning i took a good friend fishing at Lake Mead. On the way there, road trippin, the song "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden came on the radio. We started talking about the song, Soundgarden, Rage against the Machine, Audioslave, all kinds of...
  142. 1:11

    Ice Road truckers on HISTORY channel crazy

    ICE ROAD TRUCKERS on Histroy Channel. I just watched this show and it looks like a marathon is on NOW. Wow, the first episode was gnarly, i think the show is very similar to deadliest catch, just as gnarly. CHECK IT OUT. very similar riskiness to crab fishing in the bering sea.
  143. 1:11

    Supplies for project

    I have a fun project in mind and need some cheap supplies, hoping someone can tell me where to look. i need one possibly two cheap blanks STIFF as possible. I only need about the 36-40" so even some old broken tuna sticks would be fine. Needs to be very stiff, with no more than 2 inches of...
  144. 1:11

    Wanted - Any lever drag CHEAP

    I need a lever drag reel CHEAP, its for a project and no "FISH" will be caught on it. It could be a Penn GLS or Shimano TLD, even an Okuma is fine but it must be a lever drag. If you have any junk laying around that fits this description and you want to sell it cheap or trade shoot my a PM...
  145. 1:11

    Need FishFinder/Sonar recommendation

    Thanks for viewing this thread. Im using an old Lowrance not sure the number, but its a low quality unit. It just shows little fish shaped black fish small med or large. Doesnt show bait, i need to be able to meter bait. I need to get a unit that will have decent resolution, color unit is...
  146. 1:11

    Lake Mead Report and THANK YOU to Jack Flash

    Just wanted to give a special thank you to Captain John Moehlenbrock (Jack Flash on BD) Cap'n J's Hookup. John is a licensed guide at Lakes Mead and Mojave with over 30 years experience fishing the lakes and guiding for 15 years. He PM'd me that he had four charters in the up coming week and...
  147. 1:11

    Morro Bay Albacore open party???

    Not sure if this is the right place for this but.... Im thinking of driving up to Morro Bay to fish for albacore. Not sure if that is just happening or done happening?? Anyways, does anyone know which boat(s) from Virgs or any other landings which would be the best boat to ride. Any...
  148. 1:11

    Phillipine tuna fisherman NO SKIFF dedication

    YouTube - Fishing for tuna in the Philippines Saw this on youtube, lean seiner operation, no skiff, use humans instead(WTF??) Looks like (edit) mostly skippy, but i see some YFT too and at least one dodo got unlucky. Worth watching to see the haul.
  149. 1:11

    Boat stalls in idle

    After adding 2 cycle oil boat seems to be running strong again and no alarms beeping. BUT... Now the new problem is sometimes in neutral, the engine will die. Also, upon restarting the engine, it wants to stall sometimes when i put it in forward. When i was in the marina heading in the engine...
  150. 1:11

    Loud Beep, alarm sound HELP

    Took the boat out to Lake Mead today. Boat was acting up. Every time I would try to accelerate an ear piercing beep kept sounding, beeping intermitently and sometimes just long beeps. I thought it was my fish finder until I finally unplugged it and it kept going. Finally I realized that if...
  151. 1:11

    Seeker Black Steel CJB70F 25# rod

    The rod is a a Seeker Black Steel CJB70F, with PacBay guides, 2 layers of cork tape with X-flocked Shrink tube and Daisy Butt Cap. Colors were to be Lakers colors. I did three samples and he preferred this sample the best. Lakers Purple for the base wrap and yellow caps and Inlays, also added...
  152. 1:11

    PacBay/Shikari Bass Rods

    Blanks are PacBay PRMBC 785 (6'6") Made by Shikari for PacBay (Im told) Seats are Fuji exposed blank through seat for sensitivity and guides are Black Fuji Alconite. 10 guides per rod plus tip. Cork rears are 12", fronts are 2.5" Guides are: BLNAG 12 10 8 7 BLAG 7 7 6 6 6 6 (single foot)...
  153. 1:11

    When doing threadwork do you ?? or ??

    Just curious how you guys roll Do you use the thread carriage that came with your wrapper or do you like to hold your spool in your hand?? I prefer to hold the spool with my hand. Ive considered giving the carriage a shot, especially for doing inlays and color blends as a way to free up my...
  154. 1:11

    Etch-a-Sketch art Lebron INCREDIBLE

    This is worth watching, 5 hours, time lapsed into less than 3 minutes. This is unreal. Enjoy. I did
  155. 1:11

    Stanley Cup find home in Anaheim

    Congratulations to the Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks were resilient and battled through adversity and found a way to get the job done. They won game 5 in dominating fashion 6-2, allowing only 13 shots against and winning the series 4-1. The Ducks are 8-0 at home in games where...
  156. 1:11

    Swifty Diamondite and Madeira thread

    Well it looks like I will be giving the Madeira PolyNeon 40 thread a try. After seeing Kris' collection Im going for it. The stuff looks awesome and offers a ton of colors which will be great for color blending. I think Im going to buy the full spectrum all colors and the storage box. Large...
  157. 1:11

    Boat Insurance??

    Can anyone suggest from their experiences which Insurance company offers a combination of good rates and service for boat insurance??? The more the better. Thanks in advance.
  158. 1:11

    Well.... Its finally mine.

    Sea trial last Sunday went well. I picked up the boat today. Since I dont have a truck yet I have it at a storage facility in Boulder City. Its not a tracker... I just didnt want to give up the boat since it was a good deal on craigslist. Its a 1999 Fisher Sport Avenger 18. Fisher is...
  159. 1:11

    LongBed?? Good for towing??

    Does anybody have any experience with longbed full size Chevy truck for pulling a boat?? I found a nice used longbed for a good price. My dad has a long bed, but doesnt tow with it and he said the ride is real bumpy. If I bought it I would strictly tow a boat with it and use it for...
  160. 1:11

    Dylans First Rod - (with pics)

    I was contacted by a gentleman on "the other board" to build a custom rod for his son. This was to be a birthday gift (5yrs old) for "Dylan", his very first saltwater rod, to combo up with a little Shimano Tekota. We put our heads together and decided to go with an all glass Seeker 270-6' (6...
  161. 1:11

    Vegas 4-10-07 Lots of wind - decent bite

    Hit up Desert Shores again this morning from 6-9am. It was very blown out but I gave it a whirl anyway. Fished the goldfish pattern minnow GULP again and after about 25 casts with no bites, I slowed my retrieve way down. Ended up getting two in a row, and finished out the morning with a total...
  162. 1:11

    Vegas LMB - Desert Shores -w/pic

    Went over and fished the private lake in the Desert Shores community where I live in Las Vegas. Fished for about 30 minutes from dusk to dark. Managed two keepers (both released of course). Both fish were caught on the 3" goldfish pattern gulp minnow and 3/8 oz leadhead and were caught with a...
  163. 1:11

    NO seatrial?? Buy it??

    Ok guys, may have finally found a boat. Its the size style and type im looking for. Im going to see it tomorrow. Owner says it is practically showroom condition and has less than 30 hours on it. I asked him about a possible seatrial at Lake Mead and he says it is registered in Michigan not...
  164. 1:11

    KoRN unPlugged on MTV2 - Excellent

    If any of you are or have ever been a fan of KoRN and/or your a fan of the MTV unplugged LIVE concert series, you owe it to yourself to go to and watch the show. CLICK on overdrive. Fucking excellent. The entire set was great. I rank it up there right at the top of the BEST of...
  165. 1:11


    Searching the various threads on fly-lines, seems many prefer the Scientific Anglers Brand, as well as some Orvis and some Cortland. Ive seen prices ranging anywhere from $15-60 per spool of flyline and there seem to be some good deals for line on eBay. My question is are there several kinds...
  166. 1:11

    Got starter fly outfit and took a lesson

    Thanks to the help and encouragement of many on the fly boards, I finally took the plunge. I got my starter combo yesterday from Bassproshops. I have some reels I ebayed on the way and plan to build some rods, but couldnt wait and wanted to get started so I picked up a decent outfit. Went...
  167. 1:11

    bluetooth suggestions?? LOUD inside ear!!

    Anybody have a bluetooth that you really like? What kind and what do you like about it? I need one that goes into the ear or inside the ear and one with loud volume as my ears dont work so good. I probably will avoid the ones that clip over the ear. Also want one that will transmit my...
  168. 1:11

    All fly-fishers please chime in - Rod advice

    Hello all in the fly-fishing world. Im just deciding to start fly-fishing. Im pretty much a tuna fishing nerd, but Ive recently got the bug and want to start freshwater flyfishing. I build my own rods, but have never built a fly rod. Im excited about building a few rods. Id like to know...
  169. 1:11

    Trout fishin in Las Vegas - peacock photos

    Fished Saturday and Sunday at Floyd Lamb State park in the northwest of Las Vegas. They stocked the lake on Thursday and the fish bit very well. Saturday I fished from noon-5pm. I managed 5 trout, all on power bait and released all but one which I gave away. Fished today (Sunday) with a...
  170. 1:11

    4 stroke 70hp Suzuki - How many hours can they make??

    4 stroke 70hp Suzuki outboard How do you guys feel about Suzuki outboards (4 stroke) Also, about how many hours can I expect to get on this kind of motor. Im Looking at a used tracker that has about 500 hours on it. Seems like alot to me, but im clueless.
  171. 1:11

    Henderson Knocks out Silva PRIDE

    Wanderlei Silva just got knocked the fuck out. Dan Henderson is the man. And... Nick Diaz submitted Takanori Gomi... Both excellent matches. And two of my very favorite fighters. EPIC RESULTS.
  172. 1:11

    Tuna Cowboys on NGEO right now

    Bluefin tuna pens. Good stuff National geographic
  173. 1:11

    Looking for advice on freshwater boat

    Thinking about getting a Bass Boat to fish primarly at Lake Mead (assuming I stay in Vegas). Ive never owned a boat. Ive been told by many boat owners that regardless of what I buy that I will soon figure out what I dont like about the boat and then correct those items buying the next boat...
  174. 1:11

    Need suggestion for online traffic school.

    I got a speeding ticket over thanksgiving weekend driving from Las Vegas to SoCal. I have a long list of acceptable online traffic school I can do. Im looking for any suggestions from anyone that has done online traffic school recently. Anybody have one that worked out well as far as being...
  175. 1:11

    6 mile zone at Clarion Island ??

    Does anybody know the skinny on this fishing spot. Has any boat fished the zone yet?? Hopefully somebody decides to give that a shot soon Anyone have any input as to what we might expect in the way of cow tuna or wahoo on kelps or porpoise in the zone?? Seems to me this could be a...
  176. 1:11

    PRIDE Shockwave 06 tonight

    Should be a sicky. Fedor is fighting. Lots of other good fights including, Shogun, Gomi, Minowa, Yoshida. PRIDE is a great show. They show all the fights on the card. I got the last PRIDE event, and was satisfied.
  177. 1:11

    Who sells open eye siwash hooks sz 8/0 ????

    Does anyone know who sells open eye siwash hooks in sz 8/0. Squidco and longfin have them up to 7/0. Dont see them on BassProShops or charkbait. I need about 50 of them. Cant seem to find them anywhere. Need to make some wahoo bombs. Any suggestions???
  178. 1:11

    Anyone have experience turning hypalon??

    I have a few rods with hypalon foregrips that are too thick. I would like to take the diameter down a bit and add cold shrink tubing over the top. Has anyone ever turned hypalon using a Rod Smith wrapper??? Im not sure if the standard chuck will hold the rod into place. Is is dangerous to...
  179. 1:11

    Need Clamp & Nuts for 4/0 N Tiburon frame

    I have misplaced my clamp and two nuts for my 4/0 Narrow YTS tiburon frame. Does anyone have one for sale or know where I can find. Its my fathers reel and Id like to return it complete. Thanks!
  180. 1:11

    Lake Mead Report 10/13 BaitChuckin

    Ok, I figured Id post this report so we can all take a break from the Avet board. I caught my fish today with a Shimano Spheros 4000 (DRY DRAG) Wasnt planning on fishing today, but I woke up early and decided to go for it. Made my stop for Breakfast at Del Taco, hit the gas station, then...
  181. 1:11

    Custom Super Seekers - W/ photos

    Custom Super Seekers Models (2) SS- CJBF60H (1) SS- CTSF63XXXH (cut to 6'2"- overall) Unfortunately, photos arent great and colors arent right in the pictures. I got the components last Saturday via UPS from BC Dist (those guys are awesome). And began the festivites of handle...
  182. 1:11

    Deep fry Tuna or YT for fish tacos???

    Just wondering if any of you make tacos baja style (tempura), or Fish and Chips with any Tunas or YT?? If so, how does it turn out. Anyone suggest a deep fryer?? They have a nice one at BassProShops that has two seprate tanks side by side. One for fish, one for chips. Replies appreciated...
  183. 1:11

    Lake Mead Report 8/1 night fishing

    Girlfriend and I decide to take advantage of the cooler weather and hit up lake mead for a little night bite action. We fished from about 9pm-11pm at the public fishing pier near Hemenway. Weather was cool (only 93 degrees). So as we pull up to the Pier we realize there are many others already...
  184. 1:11

    Eating Tuna - Anyone concerned about Mercury

    Ive been reading and hearing that Tuna has highs levels of Mercury and that some are saying you should not eat it. Im wondering what you the typical SD tuna fisherman have to say. Ive mostly been eating YT lately, but have lost of Alb and BFT in the freezer I plan on eating this year. A Are...
  185. 1:11

    Pacific Dawn 2 day Trip (MaNy PiX - photos)

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com18 Anglers departed Monday evening July 24<SUP>th</SUP> from Fisherman&#8217;s Landing aboard the 65&#8217; Sportfisher Pacific Dawn. The trip was chartered by Charter master was Brian Spayth of The crew...
  186. 1:11

    Avet Drag Break-In? Anybody know how??

    Ive seen a few threads refer to the break-in process on the Avets. Can someone please do a detailed thread on the process?? my new MXL6/4 is not getting adequate drag. With a good freespool and not maxing the reel, Im getting 7 pounds at Strike and 9 at Full. No Bueno. Need Help...
  187. 1:11

    New Lo-An 2 day TRIP REPORT WFO (SeE piCs)

    </STRONG> NEW LO-AN 2 DAY TRIP REPORT WFO w/PHOTOS Let&#8217;s get straight to the trip. 2 day on New Lo-An departed Sunday evening at roughly 2030. Ran to the bait receiver and loaded up on sardines with a few small macs mixed in. The crew for the trip was as follows, Captain Markus Medak...
  188. 1:11

    Seeker CJBF65H cut (with Photos) My new TOY!!

    My newest toy, Rod for 40# (and 50?) on my Avet JX 6/3 ffice:office" />It’s a Seeker composite CJBF65H. Cut about 6” off the butt. I wanted 6’ but my connection was out of that blank. Pulled on the blank stock and it was way too much for my frame. Turns out the mod was perfect. The rod...
  189. 1:11

    Vagabond 3 day Trip Report 6/25-6/28

    Decided at 7pm on Saturday night to take a 3 day leaving Sunday at 1pm on the Vagabond. When I called and found out that there was one spot open due to a last minute cancelation, I went for it as there were few 1.5-2 day options. Got all my gear ready and tried to get to sleep. Was awakened at...
  190. 1:11

    Need one Spot Asap 1.5-2day SD Tuna

    Im looking to get out on a 1.5-2 day trip asap. Will consider a trip up to five days in length. Im experienced at fishing long range and have worked on boats. I fish hard and have a good time with the other passengers. Looking to go asap but need as much notice as possible as I am driving...