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    For Sale Furuno 1715

    Used 1715 Furuno system. Has new motor and spare belt. Cables are complete, ready to install. Uncut, full length cable $450.00 obo
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    Green Bouy and Izors 7-23

    Annette, Nicholas, and I skipped the offshore banks today and looked for the 3 B's. We stopped at LB Bait and picked up a nice scoop of sardines from Mario. I found some great marks near the green bouy, and after brailing some bait, the fish boiled around us. Soon after, Annette was on and...
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    Izor's via the 14

    Our crew took advantage of the nice weather and made the first "pelagic" trip of the year. Mario loaded us with a scoop of healthy dines and we made way to the 14. The water is very warm and gin clear, 68-69 degrees at the bank by 0900. Kelps eluded us for about an hour, so I turned to the...
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    Wack'n Bass at Izor's 7-4

    We made a brief visit to Izor's this morning. I promised to be back in the driveway before noon so Annette could prepare for the afternoon festivities. It was about 8:30 and three sporties were anchored on the reef, unfortunately, the cattle ship Enterprise was on the big spot so I went for...
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    Firewood at Izors

    It was a slow pick on the bass today, although the quality was quite good with all bass in the 20"+ range. I will blame it on the night time full moon as there were scads of bass on the meter with lock jaw. We fished 4" and 5.5" BH plastics in redflake and red calico hunter. There was current, a...
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    YFT and Some Airshow

    The YFT near the 14 have been driving me batty. Between family stuff (parkinsons is a bitch) and boat modifications gone sideways, I have been off the water for 4 weeks. My sanity meter was in the red so a great fishing trip with Annette and Nicholas was the top of my list this weekend and...
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    Huntington Beach Airshow 10-22/10-23

    Not a fish report....But I thought this info would be helpful to some. This area will be closed during the Huntington Beach Airshow. The distance is about 0.5 NM from the shoreline. The Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow will be occurring off of Huntington Beach, C A , until 23 Oct 16. The...
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    Eva Gives Up Another YT- 9-10

    I read the report of a "38lb" YT caught at platform Eva a week ago and decide to pull the Rapala Xrap through Izors and the inner riggs this morning. We landed 5 big fish this way last fall. Bonito with VMC singles was the ticket. We caught three 3-4lb sandbass on rubber before switching to the...
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    Cuda on the Shoe 7-21-16

    Thanks to the massive poo spill in LA, Nicholas was unable to compete in the Beach to Bay sabot race today in Long Beach. Annette and I had scheduled the time off and decided to make it a quick local fishing trip instead. One of my fishing buddy's caught a few barracuda yesterday near the 105...
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    Bull Mahi in OC

    It looked like the weather was going to cooperate today so we skiped the local reefs and went for the banks instead. Under the bridge with Nicholas at the helm :-) . After quick trip to Nacho's for a great scoop of medium to large dines we went South East toward the 14 mile bank. We stopped...
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    4 Miles W. of the 14

    This was our second trip in week and the BFT bit for us today. I made strategic use of some recent pics and found foamers and BIG marks about 25 miles SE of HH. We fished alone, not another boat in sight :D There were two grades of fish pushing the anchovies. Most were about 30lb, but some...
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    Another Fat YT at the Secret Spot

    What started as a washing machine day morphed into a fine time at the 150. As we made our way to Nachos I contemplated aborting the trip, but Nicholas was full steam ahead for YT and Tuna. We took a short pass of nice sardines and macs and made way to the green buoy. A sporty was on scene as...
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    Got one 6-26

    Fished with the family today, starting at the shoe and later toward the 150. We shunned the crowd and found a fat one at the slack. The fish kicked my butt on the NaCl/wax wing. 30lb braid /30lb flouro/ dine from Nacho. The fish was towing 6' of 40# tied to an owner ringed 2/0 :D
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    Bridge to Sunset Aqustic Ramp Closed!

    I know this is not a fish report. The bridge at the terminus of Edinger Ave is closed for an indefinate amout of time due to structural damage. All of the parking at the Warner ramp was occupied by 7:30am this morning. Davies is going to be a cluster
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    Solid Start to 2015 at the 150

    Annette, Nicholas and I made our last trip of the xmas break and stuck a nice Yellow. Lots of PB's out at the 150 today. I cant believe we are fishing for YT in the first week of January! 20lb+ on the YoYo:
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    Livingston LV9 $850

    Selling my 2000 Livingston 9' skiff. $850.00 Good running 1990's 8hp Nissan 2 stroke available for $450.00 Includes Davis "Wheel-a-Weigh" wheels for easy beach and bay launching. The boat is in good shape, it has some anti-fouling paint on the bottom from the previous owner. Rated for 8hp...
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    Soaking Macs 3-29-14

    Nicholas wanted to catch his bait today and swing for the fence. We worked the bait balls for an hour or so and then moved on to some structure spots. Unfortunately, there were no home runs today, but we had a great time and caught some fish. Baitmaker turning the Triton Mark III: One more...
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    Slow Morning at Izor's 3-23-14

    Annette, Nicholas and I fished the Izor's area this morning. The conditions were nice, the area is jugged with anchovies and mini macks, but the bite was slow. This area should blow up any time now. Shortly after out 8am arrival, I farmed 4 fish on two drifts. I reset several times for nothing...
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    Full Speed Calicos and Johnny Bass 2-22-14

    Nicholas and I got a hall pass this morning so we gassed the boat and splashed it. I wanted to fish anchovies so we made the trek to San Pedro and picked up a nice 1/2 scoop. We motored up to Pt Fermin and the current was up hill and 60F. I was metering fish but nothing doing so we made our way...
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    Sheep Rock 12-26-13

    We took advantage of the great weather and small swell and put some miles on the boat today. The first stop was was the South East Bank. Unfortunately, all of the great marks failed to produce much other than big dabs, and a short ling. After motoring to the 150 area we found a few PBs and...
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    Specialized HOTROCK 16" Boys Bicycle

    Selling Specialized HOTROCK 16" Boys Bicycle. $125.00 Nicholas is moving on to a 20" bike :) 16" wheels and low seat height make for a fantastic first bike. The bike has minor rash on the forks and chain guard. Otherwise, the bike is in great shape. The bike has been stored indoors.
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    NOC OTF 11-19/11-20-13

    Great fishing on the AM incoming tide yesterday and today. I fished my 6wt Sage with 6lb fluorocarbon tippet tied to the green bug. A small amount of grass in the water but otherwise great conditions and willing participants! Yesterday, many of the fish were small or dinks and the largest fish...
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    LB Bucket of Bugs 10-5-13

    Second family trip of the year and the conditions were perfect. We made 2 sets of 9 and pulled 11 solid legals and dumped 7 shorts and clickers. Landed a few sub legal calicos, sand bass, and a 20" halibut, all on BH Halloween + unibutter :). Missed a few solid fish as well. Lobster were...
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    Cuda Connection 7-6-13

    0730: The family and I launched with the masses at Sunset Aquatic. Many boats were filled to capacity, most likely due to DFWs free fishing day, some looked to be barely seaworthy, we escaped the area without much drama. We were in search of the slime sticks and a narrow chance at a Horseshoe...
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    Blasting The Bass 7-4-13

    Annette, Nicholas and I hit the bass grounds this morning. The tide swing looked weak so I stacked the deck with a short pass of squirts from Nacho. We set up on familiar structure well away from the fleet and sporties. The funky current and wind made a chore out of setting the hook. The third...
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    Family Bass'n 6-29-13

    I had high hopes that included an early start and bagging a biscuit. Neither happened this morning but we did find a few willing players that included big macs (2-3lbs), solid sandys, 2 mud marlins, and cuda. We joined the Huntington Flats armada at about 8am and found an isolated patch of...
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    Big Sandys on the Chew 4-13

    The cold water may be turning the corner and the bass are eating rubber again. The water was 61* as I exited Anaheim Bay at 0800 or so. I hit some local inshore spots in depths to 85' where the water temp fell to 58-59*. I found the fish tight to structure and a close presentation way key to...
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    Suprise on the 14

    The "local" dorado bite has been driving me nuts so I decided to play hooky from work today and see if I could find one. After a quick stop at Nacho's for some nice dines, I made my way out out to platform Eureka and then down to the 14. The water was 72-73* on the way but I didn't see a...
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    Downriggers: Scotty, Cannon? Electric?

    I'm shopping for downriggers. They are not so commonly used here in So-Cal, but I think they would be a great addition to my arsenal and help put a salmon in the box this year. What brands and models are best for saltwater? I'd like to purchase a good used pair. There are many to choose...
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    BaitRunner/Bait Feeder Spinning Reel ?

    I'm looking to purchase a 15-20 lb spinning reel with closed bail free spool. The reel will be for family and friends who fish from my boat and prefer a spinning reel. Shimano Baitrunner or Okuma Bait Feeder seem to be the choices.
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    Bolsa Chica Tanker WSB 6-5-11

    I'm over the moon right now! Nicholas and I had the morning to ourselves. And what does my boy want? Fishing on the boat with Daddy!!! We fuel the truck and boat, grab some snacks and sunscreen, and head for the ramp. It is now 10:30am and the wind is starting to come up. Nicholas insists...
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    Structure Bass: Newport Pipe/Izors 8-01

    What an awesome morning on the water! The sun was out early, small long period South swell and glassy conditions. It's about time summer showed up! I skipped the bait barge today and stuck with Megabait iron and the redflake. Starting at the pipe, the bite was slow at first then picked up...
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    Cuda on the Shoe

    The Cuda are on the Shoe! There are some real logs to pull on! The plan was to check Izors and motor to PV. Izors was dead at 8:30am and Dan and I had nothing but a few tugs after an hour or so we motored toward PV. South of Angels Gate the fleet was parked; there must have been 6 moo moos...
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    Catalina Bonito 3-27

    After missing the “Biscuit Fest” last weekend I was determined to make Catalina this weekend and chase the bonito. The ramp at Sunset Aquatic was busy, but efficient and we had the boat in the water in minutes. Dan and I cleared the jetties at 7:15am and made it to Long Point just...
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    Bones, Bass and Baby Biscuits

    I fished local inshore spots today hoping to find at some of the better grade Bonito. I found birds and bait but no bones in my regular stomping grounds. The water had some morning sickness early then really started to shape up by 8:30. Not wanting to waste the good conditions and dropping...
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    Izors 2/22: Mixed Bag

    I noticed the big tide change fit into my fishing window so I had the boat on the spot before 8am. We fished the ebb with a consistent bite. The morning started with a few sand bass. The first fish on the boat: Dan follows suit: We both farmed a few and dealt with the pesky perch. I...
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    Short PV Butt / Shoe Cuda

    I had a slow start today, didn’t clear the jetties until after 8am. The wind was light offshore and a long period swell made for a nice ride to PV. I planned to run up to Vicente but by the time I reached Portuguese Bend the offshores were ripping the tops off the chop so I back tracked to...
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    Izors Report: 12-29, 12-31

    I fished N. Huntington and the Izors Monday and Wednesday. Sorry no pictures, only the Osprey and Treefish were worthy. Monday: I drifted and slow trolled squid pops for two short halibut and a fat 22" sand bass. It was a beautiful day but the bite was slow. I kept the bass, and later...
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    Cold Saturday Fishing

    My hopes were tempered Saturday by the recent storm and blow, regardless, I needed to fish for sanity management. First stop was Nacho’s for a short pass of nice looking sardines and then to the East end of Queens Gate to catch the big outgoing tide. I drifted a dine and tossed some plastic...
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    10/19 WFO Bonito/Dogs off Long Beach FBW

    What a blast we had today. Dan and I verified the internet info regarding bones outside Queens Gate. We found the fish from Queens gate to the east end of the jetty, unfortunately, the big sea lions also got the news and made it a challenge to boat the fish. The fish are 23-25" / 4-5 lbs and...
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    Izors/9-21, Nice Local Ling

    It was South wind Sunday out at the Izors today. My neighbor Scott and I fished the outside spots with dropper loop squid and plastic for a few ground fish, including a 28" Ling. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> The drift was a bit wacky with...
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    HB Stones For a Mixed Bag 6-28

    Dan and I hit some of my "more productive" areas Saturday for a mixed bag on the squirts. The water was clear blue, 70+ degrees, and the wind blew steady out of the West. The wind picked up slowly, increasing the wind swell until the motor well held water most of the time. The [email protected] can be...
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    IZORS and EMMY 4/26

    Dan and I launched from Sunset Aquatic at 7am or so. Boy the ramp is really starting to look more like summer with each new weekend. We shot over to Nachos for one of the best, half scoops of squid ever. My little bait tank was plugged. Nacho was in a great mood and wished us luck. First...
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    Cat-frontside 4/13 w/pics

    Considering the projected weather, I chose today to be this year’s first trip to Catalina. I spent most of Saturday replacing and relocating my batteries. I took a shortcut two years ago and mounted both group 27s on the port side. With the addition of an 8hp kicker, also port side, my trim...
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    LED Replacement For Glow Sticks

    My wife Annette brought a cool LED light source home and I think it may be a good choice for illuminating hoop net floats. I found them online for about $14. They rate them for saltwater use and a max depth of 11,500 ft.:eek: Check out No I’m not affiliated. Steve
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    IZORS/EMMY Report for 2/17

    I fished local again Sunday for a slow pick on the Sandras and maybe a few missed Butts. I was fishing by 9am in beautiful conditions. Lots of bait in the water again today. I put the sabiki out while I was rigging my plastic and before the lead hit the bottom my bait stick was bouncing...
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    Izors: 02/10/08, Halibut dinner!

    I fished the Izors this morning. I had the first line in the water a bit before 8am. There was a tremendous amount of bait in the cold green water ( 57-58 ). The fin bait was on the surface and at times at 50 ft or so. I set up my first drift: one rod with plastic and the second rod had a whole...
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    LA/OC Tourney Recon

    Dan and I decided to take advantage of the awesome weather last night and check some local stones for fish. The tide wasn't doing much and the moon was full, water was 57-58 and murkey green. We brought the hoops even though the conditions seemed to be less than ideal, besides, the...
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    No Bugs but good Bass'n (w/pics)

    Went out Sunday night to test my new boom and block for hooping and throw some plastic while we waited for the bugs. The hooping was a bust (except for quick limits of assorted crabs and sea stars :shake: ) so we fished Emmy for non-stop Sand Bass action :D. I fished a 5'' BH smelt pattern...
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    Re-Power Options

    I’m looking for some re-power advise for my 06 Trophy 1902WA. The boat has the merc 115 fourstroke and provides reasonable performance considering it is 1.7L. I have added considerable weight to the boat with the addition of a windlass, 8hp kicker, 2<SUP>nd</SUP> battery, etc. I also added...
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    Izors 4/29

    Annette and I got a slow start Sunday, the South wind was on it and I hoped it would back off late morning. We left Sunset Aquatic at 8am and as we turned the corner the bay looked like a boat merry-go-round :imdumb: The Navy security boat was keeping all at "bay" while something was going on...
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    3-21 LB fish-n-hoop suprise

    We decided to make one more soak for the season, no lobsters but a nice night and lots of critters, like this guy That is the first swell shark I have caught, and in a hoop no less. He was pissed off, biting everything in sight. Check out how he came aboard. The octopus was in the...
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    HB Flats 2/24/07 w/pics

    Dan and I had a slow start yesterday, loading the boat, running for fuel (2.55/gal sure beats this time last year!), making sandwiches, Bait, etc, and made it to Emmy at about 8:30 am. The ocean was settling from the previous night with a few odd bumps and short interval seas. The major swell...
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    2/3 HB: Short Butt, Funky Bug and Bass

    My neighbor and I ran the boat to the Cliffs/Bolsa area and found a steady pick of 12-14" SB. We both managed to catch a KB and I completed my tri-fecta with a short Butt. A big, ugly, mussel bearded, spider crab some how made it to the surface as well. After a few false starts, The west wind...
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    01/09 hoop'n for crabs and shorty bug

    Behdad couldn't make it so I called my neighbor and that made for a newbie and super newbie hoop'n trip. We spent an hour or so by the Seal side of the HH jetties for six or more Rock crabs. (I think they are rock crabs? 4-5 inches, red with black tips on the large claws). No bugs:( We...
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    LB Wall 12/15, dink WSB on kastmaster

    I knew the weekend was going to blow for fishing, so I skipped work and fished the LB opening for a few hours. I had no luck finding any last minute crew so I fished alone. My plan was to make some bait and slow troll the area for halibut. Nice clear water and the bait was plentifull...
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    big spotfin and a few bsp w/pics

    After having such poor luck on the boat lately, I decided to hit the surf this morning and was rewarded for my efforts :) I have fished this spot a few times since Thanksgiving with Kastmaters, my flyrod and even the Berkley "fish crack" for little more than a few dink perch :nopity: ...
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    LA harbor/Emmy report

    I got a steal of a deal on a new 8hp merc kicker (I installed it last night) and left in the fog this morning to find some of "Behdad's quary" We picked up some sardines at nacho's and headed for the spot that caused this carnage last week. Is this where the stinger hook is supposed...
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    Catalina Bonito II

    Annette and I left HH and hit Nacho's by 8:30 for a half scoop of his monster sardines. It was another epic day on the water today and we ran to Long Point with the throttle on the stop. We had so much fun last saturday, flylining dines, that we decided to take advantage of the great conditions...
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    wfo bones at Longpoint 10-28

    Annette and I got a late start and left Nacho's with a half scoop of dines at 8:30am. The conditions were excellent and we made 28kts from the wall to Longpoint. Our plan was to stock up on bones for more bugs. We found plenty and brought 10 home for bait. Most fish were 3-4 lbs but a few fish...
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    first post: victory at the flats

    Aside from all the great reports lately, I have had some trouble finding the fish for the last few weeks. Here is last weeks result, on the troll no less :shake: Today was a new story :D A few drifts past Emmy and my first legal "but" is in the boat We both got a few solid...