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  1. Waterdog~

    Merry Christmas Wa

    Merry Christmas to the brotherhood …………………..:finger:
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    God Bless America......

    Now Lets Go tuna fishing and quit pussy footing around Tight lines my friends.....
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    WTB Mariner tix

    Since you all will be fishing ..........anyone got tickets for Sunday the 27th afternoon game my nephew will be in town...Thanks and be smart out there..... May trade for sand dab cords.............
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  5. Waterdog~

    New games

    While stuck in traffic a request goes crazy .......Good to see the boys ....glad I could help out.....LOL
  6. Waterdog~

    WTC 2017 Cord Board

    Pm me if you need Cords......:finger: Be safe all .......and have fun......
  7. Waterdog~

    Westport roll call this weekend

    Albie there.........
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    I tried in real good looking water no takers Cords on the 36 115 line no takers If you don't go you don't know ..... Good luck to all that are searching
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    Happy Memorial Day

    Thanks to all that have served past and present...... God Bless America.....
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    Be warned........

    We were out Sat got stop by wdfw check our lic and sand dabs This what I did not know sand dabs count as your bottom fish limit...... He came back and before we docked he was on the boat to count fish ..... Make sure you keep count......and write it down
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    Proud Dad

    I'm so proud of her she's trying to raise money for a mission trip on her own I just thought I would post this here since she never comes here Read the story too... Thanks in advance Brian PS Don't tell her...
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    Sails and ales boat show

    Who's all going tomorrow night?? Ill be up there around 5....
  13. Waterdog~

    Great Deal

    Just got a news flash pallets of Seahawks jerseys and gear arriving at your local Goodwill daily....... hehe
  14. Waterdog~

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to my New, old and soon to be friends and families... Keep your friends close but, your BD friends closer..:finger: Tight lines Brian
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    shake and bake

    Channel 217 albacore off Westport tv show angler west.....if your bored
  16. Waterdog~

    Crab catch card.....

    Do not forget to turn in your summer crab card by Oct. 1st or pay the man $10.00
  17. Waterdog~

    Stuck on land

    This sucks what do normal people due on the weekends.....
  18. Waterdog~

    Area 7 let some fish come through

    Thank you If you don't go you don't know......
  19. Waterdog~

    Happy Fourth of July

    Thank you all servicemen past and present for my independence Now lets go blow some shit up.....:finger: :cheers::cheers::smoking33::smoking33:
  20. Waterdog~

    Need help???

    My boat is not ready but it will work..... I need a buddy boat for halibut If not I need your cords so we can hook up Plus if you you have extra gear I could use plus bait Thanks in advance:finger::finger::finger:
  21. Waterdog~

    Tacoma boat show

    Went down to walk around and see what they had......... Ran into Corey......... Kerry w Off Shore Northwest Wow now that's a Parker ....if you get a chance this summer in Westport check out that Boat Better yet book a trip and fish off that Dance Floor Plus those Truth reels he's running wow...
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    Canned Razor Clams

    Anyone want to share there favorite recipe ?????
  23. Waterdog~

    Razor Clams

    We are heading up tomorrow night to spend the weekend in ocean shores/mocrocks.. Anyone heading up that way.......:cheers::cheers::cheers:
  24. Waterdog~

    How bout them Broncos.......

    We made it to the Big Dance Now Lets get er Done........ GO Broncos!!!!!!:cheers::cheers::cheers:
  25. Waterdog~

    Swim Baits

    What Oz. heads are you guys throwing??????
  26. Waterdog~

    Orange Pride

  27. Waterdog~

    Far Corners

    Another Great Day fishing with Darrel Plug the boat with a great grade of fish Jumpers every where Hope all had fun Pics still have not got that down:finger::finger::finger::finger: Thanks my friend Brian
  28. Waterdog~

    How bout them Broncos!!!!!!!!

    Title says it all.....Wow My blood runs orange 2-0
  29. Waterdog~

    Westport tuna 8/27

    I know pic sucks but get over it .....went out past the 125 line and spent two hours plugging the boat on the newly remodeled "Cazzply" called in the "mainbreak too" and they hook up right away.....we were rail dumping bait watching ten to fifteen tuna swim around the boat......way to give them...
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    Where do you guys buy your bags
  31. Waterdog~

    Tuna Sat??????

    Anybody want to buddy boat, share ice, share intel ??????? Thanks in advance:finger:
  32. Waterdog~

    WP 7/7/15

    WFO bite on Kings.........Silvers not so much Straight out and put anything on and have fun
  33. Waterdog~

    Westport 7-3

    WFO bite on the red meat today...........did not matter what you through out they were on the chew.....noaa in my mind missed the forecast little lumpy but very fishable Great day with the boys.........Straight out 160-180ft of water
  34. Waterdog~

    Shrimp ticket

    I had a buddy get stop today.....Warden pulled up and they were counting there last limit of shrimp. He had 24 left in a bucket. First word out of the wardens mouth was don't dump the bucket.... how many shrimp do you have on board. Buddy says we just finish our limit and we are rail dumping...
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    Anyone like Ram Meat...............
  36. Waterdog~

    Go Broncos

    Lets make it two in a row:finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  37. Waterdog~

    8/22 Westport

    Good day up north
  38. Waterdog~

    Shrimp Wed

    Anyone going and where? Will be out of area 11 on the radio 68 "waterdog" over Give a shout if you need help finding the bugs work has to wait ...............fireball is calling
  39. Waterdog~

    Go SeaHawks

    NOT............. Broncos all the way Time to Ride Orange Pride
  40. Waterdog~

    Lets Go Broncos

  41. Waterdog~

    Big Game

    Lets go BRONCOS......home field on the line
  42. Waterdog~

    smoked tuna belly

    I look on line and there are plenty of brines but a couple of ????? 1 Skin on or off? 2 cut into strips or do them whole? 3 is there a membrane that needs to be removed on belly side? Thanks for the info plus if need be post your brine and time smoke too Thanks Waterdog on the side :finger:
  43. Waterdog~

    Radiation levels in tuna

    Clip from king five on nuclear tuna
  44. Waterdog~

    Winter Crab

    How is your Winter crabing going? We found a few the commies and Indians missed Kept two:finger:
  45. Waterdog~

    Brotherhood is strong

    Today, down at Narrows Marina minding my own. The boys and I were talking about pouring some 12#/15# balls. Low and behold I look up and here comes a boat in with a BD sticker " Hey whats going on blah blah blah............ Its Elkfins ( Steve ) Walk out introduce myself (Brian) and talk for...
  46. Waterdog~

    Shark Bite

    Watch out the next time you take a dip in the Sound Sea lion was shot in the head by someone????, WDFW pulled it up to the launch with this bite out of it. Figured may be six gill shark. Bite was clean 18"x14" Crazy Stuff
  47. Waterdog~

    Looking for a sekiu report???

    Leaving tomorrow for sekiu for 10 days looking for a silver report. Give a BD shout out to the waterdog on 68.:finger::finger: Thanks Waterdog
  48. Waterdog~

    Columbia River June Kings

    We decided to bag westport this weekend because of the small kings we caught last week /crap pots and head south. Get to longview area around 7:30am and throw the hook and get the wrap k-fish to the bottom. We then proceed to get four takedowns with fish on/ then off "What the Hell"! We make...
  49. Waterdog~

    Shrimp on

    Area 10 and 11 is back on for this Wed. who's in who's out I will be back after the bugs in area 11:2gunsfiring_v1:
  50. Waterdog~

    Shrimp on!!!!!

    Who's in Who's out? Will be up around the Vashon Island area looking for the little bugs. Big tide get in early and off early! Have fun and Be safe. Waterdog out
  51. Waterdog~

    Westport 8 5

    Went north to the "spot" ( thanks mike ) first drop lost a large king and then it began multiple hook ups, some triple headers. Had to work for kings in the twenties but with time we limited with kings up to 28#. Lots of small to low teeners and coho/wild Pics to follow to late heading to...
  52. Waterdog~

    Westport 7/29

    Met with Racerrick and Josh be fore heading to the fishing grounds and put out the gear.......10 min later the radio lights up Mikey " one over twenty" Josh calls in " one in the mid twenties" :finger: What the helll.....................10:30 Josh and his buddy have two...
  53. Waterdog~

    Thanksgiving Crab

    Good Crabing south sound