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    Chef Patrick's Wasabi-Soy Almond Crusted Albacore Tuna

    I took a stab at @Chef Patrick's Wasabi-Soy Almond Tuna recipe, and let me tell you, it was beyond awesome. His recipe is here: I didn't bother with the Aoili, and simply used some cheaper bottled wasabi that was probably more horseradish than wasabi, but...
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    46029 Gone Rogue

    The NDBC buoy that's supposed to be 20 NM west of the CR Bar has decided to head to Neah early for the halibut opener. It's currently cruising north and is still reporting conditions and position despite being west of Ocean City! Impressive...
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    Quick, someone call the 'Hawks front office and tell them the game has started!
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    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I did find it on the internet so it has to be, right? If so, two can play the protest game. My method will be to boycott these bastards and hit them where it hurts. I won't be paying another penny help pay for these overpaid whining prima donna...
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    Good Thing I Have A Spare....

    Fucking sucks ass that it's sitting in the garage at home though.
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    Drone Tuna Fishing... From The Beach!

    Way cool video. Now if I could just find a reel with 35 miles of capacity....
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    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    This is a re-post, but there are so many good reminders in this that a periodic review is always a good idea. (Never mind that the ramp rodeo nonsense just keeps on keeping on).
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    Anyone Used Maruto "Semi"-Barbless Hooks? These hooks look interesting what with the semi-barbs it has. The manufacturers website says they're "approved" by WDFW as meeting the barbless definition, but I can't see how they'd pass the old...
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    Highway Construction

    Poseidon Construction Inc. has the rough grading going in. Finegrading and Basecourse to follow. Too soon?
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    Wicked Adjudication

    What a pissah! BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — A man featured on the reality television show “Wicked Tuna” has pleaded guilty to federal charges in Vermont he received government disability benefits while he was...
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    Sad News.... Tofino Tour Boat Capsizes

    Bad deal.
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    This Year Blows

    Been like this all fucking summer. We should start a petition seeking legislation to ban weather discussion. Mind all you superstitious fucks... this was already a shitty forecast BEFORE I brought it up. If it now turns into a typhoon, I'll be a believer. PZZ270-070430- WATERS FROM CAPE...
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    USCG Assists Charter Taking On Water Into Westport With 13 On Board

    August 28, 2015....... Playboy Too struck an object in the water 40 miles out and punched a hole in the bow. USCG delivers pumps and a damage control kit via Jayhawk and two 47' MLB's and escorts the damaged boat into Westport.
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    Ilwaco Salmon

    The idea was to head west for tuna with my dad and son, but the 20 knot wind gust forecast talked me out of it. Got a late start shoving off at 11:00 and ran the red line to the CR buoy to hunt for a few salmon. The bar was pretty smooth heading out, but got shorter and steeper the further we...
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    Columbia Springers Closed due to .... Wait for it...

    Pinnipeds. "Because they have to eat too."
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    Smoking Deal on Scotty Orca Rod Holders Box of 4 for $45.54. $11.39 each. Usually $30 a piece when bought singly.
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    It's Time To Import Some Polar Bears

    The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife flew an aerial survey of the lower Columbia River in February and photographed record numbers of harbor seals and sea lions. Sea lions at the East Mooring Basin in Astoria...
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    Rare Goblin Shark Found in Australia

    How'd you like to meet this in a dark Safeway parking lot? Even has the teeth of a tweaker.
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    Exploding Kittens

    You're in luck Larry. There's a new visual aid on the market to stimulate your kitten killing rampages.
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    Waterway Access Rights Threatened

    HB 1056 seeks to make it a crime to access public water across public lands unless the government provides "adequate" parking. What does this mean? This means any of the small or unimproved launch sites, or any small public land or right-of-way access to a body of public water is off limits...
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    Someone Snap This Damn Thing Up....

    So I can stop dreaming about it. Powerball and MegaMillions keep failing me. This would be an awesome sled for someone looking for a do-all ride. Be perfect for the cruise to SE Alaska, overnighting on the tuna grounds, 6-pack (or more), BD dock party, or the Official 1st Annual BD PNW...
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    Smoking Deals

    BOE Marine is having a monster sale right now. One example is a Standard Horizon HX851 Handheld VHF DSC radio with GPS .... Regular $417, on sale $165. I've had this radio for 3 years now and have had no problems. Get em while they're hot...
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    Oh those dang Striper drivers!
  24. tambs

    BD's Brotha Sinks Off Siletz

    Glad to hear all made it safe G-Spot. 20 knot winds/8' seas can ruin anyone's day.
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    Bieber Lurkers Abound... Beware.

    Bad enough we have to suffer the Cali Contingent, but when lurkers who've been members for two years and still have zero (zip, zilch, nada) post counts start handing out Biebers in the fashion of some kind of phantom critic it's a bit intolerable. Maybe he's a closet Bieber admirer, and he...
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    Overnight Crab Pot Soak?

    It looks from the crab rules that soaking pots overnight is prohibited. I also found this on WDFW's webpage on crab gear rules. "..... No fisher may set, fish, or pull shellfish gear from a vessel, in Catch Record Card Areas 1-13, from one hour after official sunset to one hour before official...
  27. tambs

    Performance Mods

    With the recent spate of posts concerning engine performance, motor mount height, trailer hitching, trailer rebuilds, etc., I felt it to be about time to let others in on a supplier I've found that manufacturers a host of performance parts that most can benefit from. has...
  28. tambs

    Call Me An Optimist, But.....

    The highway is there! Paving may not be quite complete yet, but it's damn close.
  29. tambs

    27 Whaler

    Not mine. Just found it browsing CL. It's been sitting there for quite a while. Ad says to call, but the number must be camouflaged as I couldn't find it.
  30. tambs

    Topic Change Anyone? Sharpen Them Hooks!

    How about a 2-week comparison shot to RTB's SST shot? ( Here's his shot on the 13th..... And the shot on the 25th..... An overall picture of current state of affairs...... Here's the same date in 2013..... And in...
  31. tambs

    Boat Show Goals?

    I'll go first.... I'm going to research and/or buy: > Type I PFD's > PLB > Crab Pots > PFD Strobes > Manual Bilge Pump There are a lot of seminars I'd like to hit, but being from the dry side of the state, I don't think I'll make more than 1 or 2 days of the show. Kicking around staying...
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    Boat Launching 101

    There are some damn fine lessons that can be derived from this highly educational launch. Oklahoma fishermen know how to overcome adversity! Wait, isn't Oklahoma sorta near Nebraska? LOL
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    Get Your Avet's While the Getting is Good

    According to Charkbait, the SX and MX series reels are getting a price hike for 2014. They're currently running specials on them giving away things like braid, reel covers, drag scales, etc. So if you didn't get that reel you wanted for Christmas, get after it. I'm not affiliated with...
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    Ilwaco Tuna 9-11, 12, and 13

    Going to make a run from Ilwaco the 11th, 12th, and 13th. NOAA is calling for 1+4 or 1+6 @ 15 for the rest of the week (as of the time of this post anyway). There's some larger tidal ranges on these days, but the big tides are hitting their low at around midnight each day. Anyone want to...
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    Now THAT'S a big butt! (No-Worries, not a women degrading photo)
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    Tuna, Depoe Bay Style (PIC HEAVY)

    Went out for tuna today in Depoe Bay with my dad and friends on the Siamez (Cap't Rick). It was Tradewind Charters first tuna trip of the year. Readers Digest version is it was scratch fishing. We boated 8 on 3 doubles and two singles. If the rod went off, it went in the box as none came...
  37. tambs

    Potential Vessel Delivery Job

    An acquaintance of mine is looking for someone to take his 47' boat down the Columbia from Kennewick, WA, up the coast to the straits, then down the sound to Tacoma. It's a single screw wood hull vessel built in 1941 (supposedly restored but I don't know to what degree), powered by a 6-71...
  38. tambs

    What are you using to measure SST?

    I have a C120 that measures water temp via a transom mount transducer, but it seems to bounce around by a half degree (plus or minus) while underway. This doesn't lend itself to spotting the breaks very easily, when it's always bouncing around anyway. What are you guys using to keep tabs...
  39. tambs

    Boat Naming Accident

    To all you out there trying to come up with names for your new boats... A word of caution is in order. Don't be 'That Guy', and become a statistic. Here's an example of a boat accident in progress, where the action was captured just moments before the fatality occurred, and the owner perished...
  40. tambs

    Shark Fishing With Tuna as Bait

    Too bad he lost the bait. :D
  41. tambs

    Hook Removal. Don't Try This At Home!

    Sure wish Todd and Tommy would demonstrate this at their seminars.
  42. tambs

    Outrigger Bases

    I posted this on the Washington board, but outrigger use isn't all that prevalent on private boats here so I haven't gotten any responses. Anyone here care to offer up some wisdom? Does anyone have any experience with the Tigress side-mount (wishbone) outrigger bases? They're nearly 1/3 to 1/2...
  43. tambs

    Outrigger Bases

    Does anyone have any experience with the Tigress side-mount (wishbone) outrigger bases? They're nearly 1/3 to 1/2 less than the price of the Lee Jr.'s or the Rupp Sidekicks. I've been a staunch believer in the saying "you get what you give for your money", so with the Tigress being so much...
  44. tambs

    1,320 LB Blue Marlin

    Wow! Hope they had a transom door!
  45. tambs

    Poll: Reports. Favored Style. Put Up, or Shut Up

    Ok, to try and stem the rampaging flood of hard earned dollars to pharmaceuticals for blood pressure meds, I offer up this poll as a one-stop place for you to vote for your preferred fishing report style. Not every style can be covered in a simple poll, so vote for the one closest to your...
  46. tambs

    Free Raymarine Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

    Raymarine is giving away apps for remotely controlling and viewing your MFD. They normally charge $50 for them, but for a while at least they're giving them away. I haven't used them yet, and don't even know if they're compatible with my series of MFD, but I thought some of you might like to...
  47. tambs

    WTC Report

    Being relatively new to the tuna fishing scene, we nevertheless signed up to fish the WTC for the experience, fun, and of course the charities it contributes to. Myself, my dad, Rick (Salmon Hunter), Brett, and Evan traveled from the Tri-Cities to Westport on Wednesday, leaving about at...
  48. tambs

    Make a Towline (Well, How I did it anyway).

    I'm no towing expert, nor claim to be any sort of line rigging expert. But, I do a fair amount of towing at work, and have used a number of different setups. This is one (of five) that I built recently, and they seem to be working pretty good. So I thought I'd share it with you all in case...
  49. tambs

    Volvo DuoProp Service Shops?

    I have a 1998 DP drive that needs some work done. There is absolutely no one in the Tri-Cities or Yakima that I've found that works on Volvos. Anybody have any recommendations for a reputable shop that does reliable work on these units? The only shop I know about is Cook Engine in Portland...
  50. tambs

    Late Report - CR/Area 1 Sturgeon/Salmon (6-20 thru 23)

    Took the new (to me) boat out on its maiden fishing trip 6-20 through 6-24 to Ilwaco for sturgeon and salmon. Along for the fun were my 13 year old son (Tristan), Dad, and Salmon Hunter (Rick). We started fishing for sturgeon on the 20th early in the morning both above, and below the...
  51. tambs

    Pressure Cooker/Canner???

    What kind do you use or recommend? I'm completely new to canning, and haven't a clue what would be the best kind to get. I believe I'd like a fairly large one, so on those occasions I do start canning I can get it over and done with in the least amount of time possible.
  52. tambs

    Terrafin Vs. Ripchart Vs. ???

    I know this has been hashed out here in the past, but with software updates, feature upgrades, etc., I am not sure which one may be the best option at the present time. I'm currently subscribed to Terrafin, though it expires in 39 days. I didn't use it much last year except to play with it...
  53. tambs

    Thrilled to Announce a New Family Addition!!!

    I am happy to announce the imminent arrival of my new baby! :) The offer is made and accepted, and I'm lining up the surveyor and mechanic as we speak. The boat's in awesome shape, so I'm cautiously optimistic that all will be found to be A-OK. She's a 1998 25' Carolina Classic, with a...
  54. tambs

    Doc Hastings Challenges NOAA

    Go Doc! "Seattle hearing on Steller fish restrictions in AK The Associated Press SEATTLE A congressional panel held a hearing Monday challenging the fishing restrictions that federal regulators say are necessary to the survival of Steller sea lions in western Alaska. The U.S. House...
  55. tambs

    Shotgun Troubleshooting - NOT a Recommended Practice

    Darwinism at work (well, it almost worked anyway). Don't try this at home boys and girls...
  56. tambs

    Fin-Nor Reel Deal

    Stumbled across this deal and thought I'd share it with the brotha's. They're throwing in a Fin-Nor Marquesa free with the purchase of a Fin-Nor Santiago. I've never used the Fin-Nor's, but it seems to me a free $250+ reel with the purchase of a $440+ reel is a pretty good deal.
  57. tambs

    Where'd Troy Disappear to?

    He's MIA. Where'd ya go Troy? I'll be the first to say it..... I'm really missing your routine avatar updates! :rofl: In all sincerity, I hope everything's well with you.
  58. tambs

    McNary Dam Sturgeon

    Myself and three buddies set out early this morning to try and bag a few sturgeon on the Columbia just below McNary Dam. We arrived a the Plymouth Park Boat Launch at about 6:30am, and there wasn't a soul in sight. We started thinking that WDFW had perhaps announced the closure, but Rick...
  59. tambs

    Boat Show and Tuna Seminar

    Attended the boat show Wednesday with my fishing partner and dad, and saw a lot of good stuff. Impression was that the show was a bit smaller than years past, with fewer vendors and boats. Even those that were there seemed to have fewer boats on hand. For example, Jacobsen's only brought a...
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    Let me preface this by apologizing for this extremely long post. In the same vein as Maurice Clemmons (killer of four Lakewood Police Officers), Washington State is scheduled to release another violent felon named Jerry Dean Lain. Lain tried killing a police officer in 1982, and was...
  61. tambs

    Sea Lion Predation on Sturgeon Predicted to be Up

    STURGEON: Sea lions killing thousands of Columbia big fish (Tri-City Herald) It's past time these fisheries managers developed a Lock 'n Load Policy, and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Liberals stops interfering. Their reaction, however, is more likely to be one that reduces the number of...
  62. tambs

    Sekiu Halibut 6-3, 4, and 5

    This was my first trip to Sekiu for hali’s, so I was pretty green on locations and setups. Picked a couple of promising areas off the bathymetric chart, and started fishing Thursday in 250’ of water with herring. Fished several drifts with nada before picking up and moving in to 200’...