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  1. salty brain

    For Sale Kegerator

    It been a while sense I've been on BD, but though I throw it out here first.( you guys like beer I've been on the boats) Brand new in box never used Kegco kegerator # MDK 199SS-01 with CO2 kit, box for co2 kit slightly crushed by me contents still good. Kegerator list for $460.00, co2 kit is...
  2. salty brain

    What exactly was it you were fixing yesterday?

    I thought father time turned just turned his hands back making me 12 years younger,I was getting ready for all that partying all over again.
  3. salty brain

    Loco Moco Made With Elk

    oh my god that sounds sooooo good!
  4. salty brain

    Lobster Buoys to be banned soon in San Diego

    CALIFORNIA the state were you can change your GENDER but not your MUFFLER ?????
  5. salty brain

    Lobster Buoys to be banned soon in San Diego

    I did the same thing in 2017 spent 4 months roaming around and visiting old friends that pulled out some time ago,I had fishing license six different states that year. I have lived in Indiana, Maryland, Alabama, and Texas. I moved to Cal in the mid 80s and found out very fast Cal is just a lot...
  6. salty brain

    Rooster reports

    Yes headed out on the Intrepid, 4 more days and a wake up!
  7. salty brain

    Rooster reports

    Steve keep pulling up good reports, Im headed out Saturday on a 15 day. No matter how the catching goes Im just glad I get off land and decompress from turning nuts and bolts all year.
  8. salty brain

    White shark caught n taken by mistake

    those 7 guys should stick to playing with there phones and leave the fishing to the real anglers. that picture does damage to a industry that trying to put out a positive public image, thanks for your help knuckle heads, to bad you guys figured out how to take picture instead figuring out what...
  9. salty brain


    How about a girlfriends our wives won't find out they would find out, you guys couldn't resist posting it all over the internet
  10. salty brain

    Surface Iron rings

    yep check out gary has a kit of every thing you need ready to go I think its $ 65.00
  11. salty brain

    worms in tuna

    and the whole time I thought they were extra protein
  12. salty brain


    even better works for me
  13. salty brain


    how about a foot massage machine on the sun deck
  14. salty brain


    thank you for the nice read
  15. salty brain

    14 day trip report.....

    sorry to hear about the trip soda. your one of the voices i trust on here. hopefully they can get it back together for the January trip if that trip stays on the books. just trying to stay positive for the future.
  16. salty brain

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    Just curious how much do you high rollers tip the hookers on your business trips?
  17. salty brain

    Appreciation for 22nd St. Landing

    ITs nice to see there still some straight up honest people in this world today
  18. salty brain

    The Last Tough Guy

    I've been called whetto, chico blanco, gringo, cracker, yonky, shit head, dumb ass, pollock and a hole lot more, no sweat to me laugh it off and move on. but the one word I would never call anyone on BD is SIR. there just to many people way to up tight anymore.
  19. salty brain

    I've never seen Guadalupe like this...

    that is awesome pic, thanks for sharing
  20. salty brain

    Intrepid cancel December trips?

    I miss wrote that Steve, what I meant was I would buy the ticket for the boat and pay extra $450 for the permits to fish the islands. i know that not every could or would, but when i think about it the price for a long range trip is about the same as some of two week vacations i have taken to...
  21. salty brain

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    I cant remember the year but first long trip was a 7 day in September on the Vagabond went to the lupe and down to cedros. got off the boat and booked a spot on the 10 day cows and stuff in November.
  22. salty brain

    Anyone here got their class B license?

    I've had my CDL sence 1989, I'm not a driver, I'm a mechanic I need a CDL to drive my work truck and do test drives. PRE TRIP take your time to learn it. when testing touch the component you talking about and tell them why you are checking it. I never finished my pre trip when i tested, i made...
  23. salty brain

    What's a hot bait?

    on the topic of bait handling. I noticed its not just proper bait handling but what you have on your hands, soap residue, suntan lotion or other crap destroys the slime on fish and when you bring the bait back in there red spots and blotches on the bait i guess its a big turn off to tuna. After...
  24. salty brain

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    Nothing about Daves, last year I booked a extended day half on the Eldorado.I was working 70 hrs a week plus drive time I was beat. I was packed up chilling at home, got a phone call from H&M asking were are you the boat is leaving in half a hour. I said what are you talking about boat leaves at...
  25. salty brain

    Intrepid cancel December trips?

    Id drop $450 to fish the islands, just like most every thing in life got to pay to play.
  26. salty brain

    Maybe be dumb question about ceviche ? just maybe...LOL

    yes YFT work great for ceviche. and seriously try poke, so many different recipes for it but haven't had a bad one yet. ceviche and poke love them both great on a hot day or any time.
  27. salty brain

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Im surprised no one has mentioned getting rocked by a yellow at farnwoth bank back side of cat. guess it only happened to me.
  28. salty brain

    For Sale Old school line winder

    Oh shit bro well spoken LMFAO
  29. salty brain

    Just some fun math in regards to speed

    Hell my forearm got so strong I decided to throw her back.
  30. salty brain

    Cleaning Your Fishing Hat

    wish I could help you but mother ocean has claimed all my favorite fishing hats at one point or another
  31. salty brain

    Anyone know what these are just got 4 of them

    \ That would be cool, I would appreciate it. thank you
  32. salty brain

    Anyone know what these are just got 4 of them

    No worry's just cant wait to get some.
  33. salty brain

    Anyone know what these are just got 4 of them

    everybody's waiting for them, and you just got to rub it in " oh look I got 4 of them". good luck hope you have a great trip.
  34. salty brain

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    I don't care how expensive, who made it or whats on it. I'm just glad all you fools are wearing clothes! now the ladies feel free to work on your tans.
  35. salty brain

    Fathom 25n Star drag

    buttoned mine down tight and got 19# straight pull. specs on Penns web site say 25# at full, I don't know anybody that has one that can get 25# out of it. Its a nice reel for 30-40# line just cant meet advertised specs as far as drag.
  36. salty brain

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    If you mean the lose of my father, thank you just the circle of life if you mean the lose of free trips well I guess I should not of rubbed it so much my fault
  37. salty brain

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    I use to go down to cabo with my father and high rolling business boss( all free for me) They were big time bill fishermen(just not good fishermen) all I wanted to fish was tuna all they wanted was marlin.IN 1997 while fishing for marlin one day I spotted a big school of yellowfin, we slid in...
  38. salty brain

    Any one see this

    the only problem with Lojac and GPS locator is the true professionals know how to locate them know mater how good you hide them and disarm them. Were the truck was located with security and how they got it out it was a professional job, The average joe blow wouldn't know how to shift it. It...
  39. salty brain

    Any one see this

    Independent construction, ugly brown
  40. salty brain

    Any one see this

    Any BDer around long beach, San Pedro see my work truck sunday afternoon It was stolen about 10:30am. hoping some one saw it.
  41. salty brain

    sea sick med for kids

    I been using rugby for years, take them the day before I leave on my 14 day trips and until I get my legs they work very well and are the same active ingredient Dramamine, Bonine 25mg Meclizine. amd at $6 for a 100 pills. used to give them to my daughter when she was younger with no problems...
  42. salty brain

    Seriously, how?

    quit thinking and just book a trip!
  43. salty brain

    Mexico Island Closers

    If you drive in LA you should be cool driving anywhere, oh wait I mean if you sit on the free way.
  44. salty brain

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    yep you are now have the addiction, theirs turning back!
  45. salty brain

    Tackle shop bitch...

    The tackle shop told me the glue residue helps the fish stick to the jig.
  46. salty brain

    San Diego Jam!

    very similar, only difference is were John has the two loops from the hook to his finger, then wraps the tag line two times around the double lines and tightens. On the spangler two loops from the eye of the hook to your finger ( just like john did) now take the tag end around main line and...
  47. salty brain

    Oh technology. This time for the greater good

    That's a great idea as long as the person in the water still has the strength to hang on to it
  48. salty brain

    San Diego Jam!

    I use the single San Diego from 20# to 130# and jigs, If its a stealth condition spangler my go to.
  49. salty brain

    What to do with Tiagra 50WLRS ?

    beat me to it, I had the same thought
  50. salty brain

    Yo-Zuri top knot fluorocarbon - thoughts?

    I got some 100# and 130# for my 14 day on the Roster in January. made up some windons, only got bit on the 100# this trip. Caught a few in the 150 to 170 # range this trip could not find me a big one this time but had no slippage with the windons and it tied nice, had no problems with it. I...
  51. salty brain

    Makaira 10IISE or Metaloid 12NII?: Need Opinions which Reel to Keep...

    Just keep both reels, you like fishing your probably grow into longer trips. I started on 1/2 days and now just do 14 and 15 days, cant even remember how it happen.
  52. salty brain


    Congrats to all the winners, Thanks Jerry as always it makes it more interesting looking foreword to next year.
  53. salty brain


    looks like I'm buying some to, let know when the catalog out
  54. salty brain

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Like said before, Get your gear in socal. call the office and get basic idea of what to bring, talk to a few tackle shops, some of what you need you can buy on the boat. have fun your going to love it.
  55. salty brain

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    I was serious thinking of the Constitution next year, but after reading all this, the Success or Apollo seems the way to go. so many people with negative experiences there has to be a good amount of truth. Thanks for posting your experiences guys, could be a game changer for first timers like me.
  56. salty brain

    Hooker Intruder Homage

    gladly send you some money when they are a go.
  57. salty brain

    Makaira!! All the way

    Bro not a poke at you, but if your getting tired winding up a weight might want to do some resistance training. You dont have to be the strongest horse in the stable but its very important on big fish to be able to pull hard and wind for extended lengths of time with out running out of gas, not...
  58. salty brain

    Makaira!! All the way

    wow kind of a big difference to be comparing. i have both avets and maks like them both and they both have there place in a arsenal, just have to learn were and when.
  59. salty brain

    San Felipe please help

    Bro just wait until she is older ( 18+) You cant blame him thats his little girl. Im a father to and said no to my Daughter and her boyfriend on a lot of shit, then she hit 18 and well had to let her make her own decisions. ( worked out good turns out she much smarter than me) Trust me I did not...
  60. salty brain

    Tady 15

    originally made as rock cod jig, but the big tuna down in the lower zones came to like them. wish I still had one or two. they kind of plow more water than PL68s so wore work to get them moveing.
  61. salty brain

    Helpful hint's from the horrified grammer Nazy in me!

    relax its just a white version of Ebonics. And Im part or the old fuc!s toooooooo.
  62. salty brain

    Helpful hint's from the horrified grammer Nazy in me!

    were is yonder and is that english?
  63. salty brain

    Check these Lures out

    Well some on has to buy one and try it to find out how well if all it works, sorry just not going to be me right now spent all my free money( never seen free money) for a while. But whoever does please give feed bad they look nice.
  64. salty brain

    Can't decide which reel

    x2 on the 40n
  65. salty brain

    New Owners - Five Star Fish Processing

    Thats solid group, ill stick with five star!
  66. salty brain

    Tougher fight 90 lb bft at tanner bank or 90 lb yft at Guadalupe ?

    In my opinion pound for pound yellowfin fight harder than bluefin, Guadalupe is a 100 percent predator or pray environment so everything is tougher at the island.
  67. salty brain

    Got my Christmas tree up

    thats a great idea im setting mine up tonight. mary xmas
  68. salty brain

    Five Star Fish Processing from Sarah

    Thank for taking the time to respond Sarah, always trusted your decisions, sad to see you go but going to trust you on this to. Best of luck to you Andy and your family wherever life takes you.
  69. salty brain

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    target practice knock them out of the sky tossing there a good use for drones.
  70. salty brain

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    Going to miss Sarah, but hopefully the crew sticks around with the new owner. I can use them in January after my 15 day.
  71. salty brain

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Give a man a fish he eats for a day teach a man to fish he eats.the rest of his life. No no give a man a fish he eats for a day teach a man to fish hes broke for the rest of his life. like me.
  72. salty brain

    Old Glory or New Lo-an ?

    My choice would be the New Lo An, but not a stupid question.
  73. salty brain

    Avet lx 2 speed vs penn fathom 40 2 speed?

    I have both, Im a avet fan but the Lx is least liked avet reel I own it just dosnt feel good in my hands. The fathom 40nld is a great reel after useing it I had to buy a second. If targeting bigger fish I would go with the 40n.
  74. salty brain

    Fred Hall Show; SD vs LB?

    long beach
  75. salty brain

    Canning Sardines

    Why can your bait?
  76. salty brain

    BG90's Irv Grisbeck passed away

    RIP Capt.
  77. salty brain

    When Long Range and Life Collide

    live it up brother, never stop enjoying life
  78. salty brain

    Accurate Reel + De-Fishing Soap Giveaway

    I can use some of that soap I always stink.
  79. salty brain

    Waiting for the carts-

    Dave that last pic is cool!
  80. salty brain

    Waiting for the carts-

    thank god for fishworks and pelagic, I dont wear a suit to go for dinner, no way Im fishing in one. cool pic though.
  81. salty brain

    Yo-zuri Fluorocarbon ON SALE!

    Ordered some 80, 100, and 130, will give it a try in January.
  82. salty brain

    Vagabond email???

    look at the scheduled call office when boat is arrives back in the morning. I know its not perfect but I usually get a hold of one of them that way.
  83. salty brain

    Vagabond email???

    If Mike is on the water and Dawn is busy at work some times it takes her a little while to respond. Ive had it happen but they did get back to me. just her and mike running the show. I hear you not knowing if your booked sucks.
  84. salty brain

    BD Outdoors Tagline

    BD Outdoors were fishermen and drama queens sling shit
  85. salty brain

    Agressor..Newport Landing 9/9

    New port = tourist $$$$$ San Diego = fishing I would rather drive 2 hours in traffic to fish San Diego than drive 15 minutes to ride a boat in new port. I know there is some talented captions and deck hands there just to bad the rest of that operation gives it a bad rap.
  86. salty brain

    Fathom 40nld 2speed

    Like stated fish mine with 80lb spec and 60lb top shot. love the reel so I bought a second one.
  87. salty brain

    RR3 tackel storage question

    Never ridden her before, SKB box or WFO bag, what fits there tackle storage better? thanks
  88. salty brain

    Excel sending distress signal, boat false alarm.......

    Man this thread scared the shit out of me, glad every things ok, know I can go change my under wear!
  89. salty brain

    Voicemail on the High Seas

    I like it when every one texting and posting, more room at the rail for me
  90. salty brain

    8/27 Not a Bluefin...

    I've been fishing tuna sense 89 and always hoped for a opah, solid catch you got to be kidding thats a catch of a life time. congratulations.
  91. salty brain

    Boat mishaps

    thanks guys I guess I need to talk to the doc a little better about some antibiotics, it would be a nice safety blanket for my 15 day in January. As far as the narcotics so far over the counter been working so far.
  92. salty brain

    Smoking On Sportboats

    When I was younger I got in trouble in school a few times with that creeper weed, It sneaks up on you, Cant wait untill I retire bong hits every morning.
  93. salty brain

    Boat mishaps

    were are you guys getting the antibiotics? My doc wont right a prescription unless I come in infected. pain meds yea right Id get kick out of the office. Guess I need a new doc.
  94. salty brain

    Do I have the right gear ? What else should I bring on my coming overnight trip ?

    I agree with Slater bring a light rig 15# or 20# and small hooks 2s and 1/0s. if you dont need them cool. But could make the difference.
  95. salty brain

    1st trip: borrow or buy?

    First long trip borrow or rent, check it out first talk to guys you'll get a better idea of what to buy.
  96. salty brain

    Donating rod to a deserving kid

    way cool guys good for you, tight lines are headed your way
  97. salty brain

    Daiwa Proteus ROD for for surface irons

    I have 810hf line 30- 50 braid 55 - 100, I use it for throwing 200 gram poppers bombs and like it, I never tryed to throw a 45 with it,the rod seems a little stiff for light surface iron in my opinion. Was thinking of the 8 footer for surface irons. I have a old 9" 6' 540 for throwing light...
  98. salty brain

    YFT all messed up this year

    I went out sunday fishing monday on the islander 15 guys 10 fish, I got 1, small fish every were most sunk out on us, fish around the boat no biters but all 10 of fish did come on bait, weather and seas not bad to me still better than work
  99. salty brain

    Stowaway, Granday 2 day Aug 12-13

    Dam you let him ride for free thats cool, Hey when your next trip on what boat?
  100. salty brain

    Educate me on Jigs, Iron and Poppers...

    I also like JRI jigs, but being out of state might be a little harder to get. Google anglers choice tackle and order from the web site.
  101. salty brain

    Educate me on Jigs, Iron and Poppers...

    salas 6x jr blue and white dont leave home with out them
  102. salty brain

    Condor 3 day trip 8-12 Passport Required

    Fishing out of San Diego bring or get your passport, it just that easy
  103. salty brain

    First tuna trip, need guidance

    Type of hook is just a recommendation, having a verity of hook sizes to match the size of bait is a good idea (kind of a must). I would carry 2,1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 maybe 15 or so in each size. I try to have both circular and Js. personal I have never gone through 50 hooks on my 14 day trips...
  104. salty brain


    Your in goods hands enjoy your trip
  105. salty brain

    New Lo Ann?

    Thanks Slater I lost track of him to
  106. salty brain

    New Lo Ann?

    Is John Bell still work with Markus ?
  107. salty brain

    stolen rods

    Hope you get your gear back, but please post the picks !!!!!!!!!!
  108. salty brain

    Kidnapping my Son

    Ive crashed in back of my truck (open bed) in front of point loma before with no problem.
  109. salty brain

    kids & seasickness prevention, what do you use???

    rugbay travel sickness sold on amazon 100 pills for about 5,6 bucks 25 mg meclizine as worked great for my daughter ever sense she was 6 or 7 and works for me.
  110. salty brain

    65 lb vs 80 lb braid

    got 80 on mine
  111. salty brain

    Ascension Dreaming

    YEP I'll give up a few long range trips to go there
  112. salty brain

    Dumb Question of the day

    I Just coil them up, hold them together with a couple small peaces of twist ties and a peace of masking tape to mark pound, length and mono or floro.
  113. salty brain

    Anybody know what happened on the New Lo Ann today?

    R.I.P Chuck and doing what you loved,not a bad way to go.
  114. salty brain

    Clarity Through LR Fishing

    I know were your coming from, love seeing my daughter and family and friends but hate coming back to a spun out society after a nice long boat ride with pulling on fish as added fun.
  115. salty brain

    Website issues???

    no issues now, but running on chrome
  116. salty brain

    JX surface iron castability

    Ive been throwing 45s and 7x with mine and like it just fine, got 40lb izor on it.
  117. salty brain

    Five Star customer service

    Been using five star for years, great people. nothing bad to say about the two other processors but five star won me over years ago.
  118. salty brain

    Brand new Purple factory super seeker set 1x3, 2X4, and 3x5

    if you dont have any luck selling the set hit me up , might be interested in 1x3 and maybe 2x4
  119. salty brain

    Foot switch (pedel) for line winder

    Linemaster switch cat # 982-SC3
  120. salty brain

    Xtra tuffs

    Bro may be one of your good friends is pissing in your boots, Id put a nanny cam on them if I was you.
  121. salty brain

    Toro Tamer Spectra Thoughts?

    I use it to make my 130lb and 100lb wind on, never had a problem and it just to easy to work with. Its a little bigger than other brands, but for windons its worked for me so far.
  122. salty brain

    Wahoo Reel.

    Used the fathom 40N 2 speed in February on the intrepid 14 day trip throwing bombs, It worked for me with no problems just grinding them in, never thought of going to low never had a problem turning the handle, I liked it.
  123. salty brain

    Yellowtail at Alijos versus Cedros and Benitos

    I've caught YT at all 4 places, Cedros and Bentos to me has a bigger volume of fish most of the time. Lupe has a better grade, but Alijos is were I've got my but kicked the most, broke a cupple 6x jrs in half and been rocked the most dropper looping all on 80 lbs line after getting some cranks...
  124. salty brain

    Winning the jackpot?

    I never even count it, just leave it on the boat. it all for fun you cant take it seriously, But it is fun to separate a tight ass from there money and just give it away.
  125. salty brain

    Aggressor out of Newport Landing

    google aggressor new port beach boat accident google aggressor new port beach boat accident, it in the daily pilot.
  126. salty brain

    Aggressor out of Newport Landing

    training drill for rescue crew, no disaster
  127. salty brain

    Free SKB tackle box Model 7200

    very cool soda pop!
  128. salty brain

    PowerPro MaxCuattro-Results? Opinions?

    Fishy you sipping the tequila?
  129. salty brain

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  130. salty brain

    Some Observations...

    Id buy the book
  131. salty brain

    Evening Drinks?

    I know someone bring up fireball Bullet bourbon Buffalo trace
  132. salty brain

    h m landing new website

    just my opinion but the schedule should show dates all boats departing, the load, spots available and trip type all one one easy to use page. other wise the site looks cool, just the calender (schedule) might have been over thought,for the guy that just wants to quickly search boat availability...
  133. salty brain

    How to keep reel from slipping on deckhand rod?

    another one for cork puppy
  134. salty brain


    The chemicals added to tap water (chlorine) will soak into the meat and tint the taste. Sea salt is a natural preservative might as well leave it on, people buy it all the time you get it free on your fresh fish. enjoy tight lines.
  135. salty brain

    Internet on LR Boat?

    I'm not sure I want to be on a boat with a guy rambling crap like that.
  136. salty brain

    Setup for learning to fish the surface iron?

    Best advice right there!!!
  137. salty brain

    Avet fading from UV

    No not ruined, just seasoned kind of like when are hair turns gray.:D
  138. salty brain

    Why Don’t Licenses Run Annually from Date of Purchase?

    90% of my fishing is in Mexico waters 10% in California, I buy both licences every year no problem.
  139. salty brain

    Amazes me!

    I'm confused, I don't understand what every one is talking about. I don't notice any misspelling and understand all the information typed. I think maybe you guys should smoke some weed before reading the threads because it all makes sense then.:D
  140. salty brain

    Rod Suggestions for HX Raptor??

    Calstar GF700XH Sorry just noticed raptor hx go with a GF770H
  141. salty brain

    Accident waiting to happen!

    Ill 2nd that statement.
  142. salty brain

    credit card info stolen.

    Were you guys at the shop on the same day? I was there Friday and all good so far.
  143. salty brain

    Toy box

    Nice to see there are still craftsmen still around. Nice work Mayo.
  144. salty brain

    Problem reversing lugs

    Cool, I can live with it and fish with it
  145. salty brain

    Problem reversing lugs

    Quick fix do it on mine a little clear pliable silicone, just a small amount on top so can can peel it off to change lugs if you want.
  146. salty brain


    Was eye balling those Hopkins myself nice work.
  147. salty brain

    Catching shrimp for human consumption in SoCal?

    Moved to CAl in the 80s from coastal Texas I miss my shrimping to, but got much better tuna fishing in so cal that was the trade you'll get use to it. I did.
  148. salty brain

    Some Good News For A Change

    Glad to hear 5 star going to keep cutting my fish.
  149. salty brain

    avet reel setups

    SX 20 lb MXJ 25 to 30 lb for 40 lbs JX or LX personally like the JX better than the LX
  150. salty brain

    Squidco and Charkbait Sales

    In the land of plastic a lot of people forget cash is still king.
  151. salty brain

    Success, Maximus or?

    Trying to make up my mind about the same thing.
  152. salty brain

    CCA of California - PLEASE READ

    signed up today, hell its only $50 I blow that on smokes in a week.
  153. salty brain

    good eveing does anyone know

    Dose Avet offer plugs for EX series ?
  154. salty brain

    Stingray Gives Birth On a Dock

    I don't think that's a cool video, that guy should of put the camera down and got them back in the water a lot sooner. just my opinion on that situation.
  155. salty brain

    Organizing your fishing stuff

    Thanks guys every time I see a post like this, I breath a sigh of relief I'm ok don't have that big of a problem yet.
  156. salty brain

    WTB: Swifty Line Remover.......

    Sorry Gerry I forgot, use a bolt a nut some over sized washers, I bought 2 rubber tapered stoppers from ace hard wear , put holes in them shoved the bolt through put the spool on shoved the other stopper on tighten it down with the nut. put in power drill and wound away.
  157. salty brain

    What is the accepted cost for whole YFT for tax purpose

    Thats just a benefit of being a good fisher man. I just keep quite about it.
  158. salty brain

    WTB: Swifty Line Remover.......

    Dont do it like that its going to make a mess out of your spectra. Just buy the washing spools from swifty, after the spectra is washed and dyed you need to re spool it on a empty bulk spool slightly tight. ( never had a problem with a tackle shop I buy from just give me empty bulk spools) Then...
  159. salty brain

    What is the accepted cost for whole YFT for tax purpose

    Just be happy you a great trip and had to donate some of your catch and keep fishing, not worth the headache.
  160. salty brain

    WTB: Swifty Line Remover.......

    What size reels are looking to unload, my mak 20 and avet 50 with 130 lb spec will both fill a washing spool each. I can get 2 30 size reels 100 lb spec one spool. reels smaller than that I can get 3 to 4 reels on a washing spool depending on size of spec 80 lb to 50 lb, little bit of water...
  161. salty brain


    Im in sae 34 pat 14
  162. salty brain

    recent problem with IPAD on long range boat

    Im sure glad so many people are into the internet and facebook when on the boat, gives the anglers more room at the rail.
  163. salty brain

    Seaworld saving sealion again...let nature take its course

    I always wanted seal skin boots
  164. salty brain

    Friends of Rollo Celebration

    Now thats cool keep up the go work Rollo
  165. salty brain

    BD site very slow to load

    I just thought the BD staff was getting old and slowing down.
  166. salty brain

    Intrepid broke again

    The term is shit happens you can do preventive maintenance every month, week or day, If its a machine some time its going brake shit happens. Fell for they guys on the trip but they made it home safe that's what counts.
  167. salty brain

    ** Updated 1/29/15 Prices**Rods & Reels All Gots to Go

    These guys are no B. S. you, mexico has some good dentist it makes you wonder why it so costly up here. check it out before sealing your gear.
  168. salty brain

    Came home early from a trip

    Wish I had that problem, some people just have to rub it in!
  169. salty brain

    Nothing but salt between the ears

    Nothing but salt between the ears
  170. salty brain

    Need Advice On Jig Storage For Long Range

    I wish I saw or thought about that before I bought my jig bag, I like the ammo box way better.
  171. salty brain

    boat reccomendations

    Look at the vagabond, great boat and crew, doesn't matter if its your first trip or your ridding alone, every one is treated cool and Mike and the boys are great at get first timers in the swing of thing. They will give you all the help you need. You should never worry about climbing on a boat...
  172. salty brain

    50# Set Up

    I got both GF 700h and 700xh, To me the 700h seams to be more of a 40lb rod. I like the 700xh with avet HX for 50lbs. You can deferentially use the 700h for 50lb , To me I just like the 700xh for 50lb a lot better, I guess its just a personal preference.
  173. salty brain

    WTB: Tacglue in SD

    I through I saw some at fishermans landing give them a call
  174. salty brain

    on air now

    I've been working on my magic cast but cant get it right, still have to swing the rod and use thumb go figure.
  175. salty brain

    Planning a 2015 LR trip?... DON'T do the math, just go!

    Im still going, only live once and you take that cash with you. I would hate to work my whole life just to pay and sit in my house in so cal that's not living to me.
  176. salty brain

    2015 predictions

    I predict a lot of threads winning and crying about new blue fin limits.
  177. salty brain

    Newbie Boat Question

    I've ridden the searcher a few times 7 day trips, nice boat good crew, I would jump on a another trip if it fits work scheduling. I need to find a job that fits my fishing schedule!
  178. salty brain

    The Fisherman

    Sorry for your loss. My pops also got me going in fishing, 3 years a go I lost him after a 4 year battle with brain cancer, It was sad to lose him, but a relief that his suffering was over.
  179. salty brain

    Tuna in the freezer fishy tase wtf

    In all seriousness I get a lot of fish processed from 5 star every year vacuum sealed and flash frozen I pick it up a week later ( you cant freeze it right in home freezers of any kind ) nobody I give my fish to ever said it taste fishy. But I have gotten off short range boats were it just...
  180. salty brain

    Rod touching the rail

    Vagabonds 405 yft Mike Livingstons rod never touched the rail, straight stand up harness.
  181. salty brain

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    Clipperton atoll
  182. salty brain

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 10 COUSINS

    Ha what a dreamer!
  183. salty brain

    12 Days of Christmas-Day 9 FREE FISH DOPE SUBSCRIPTION

    long fin in orange
  184. salty brain

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 7

    2003, 11 years
  185. salty brain

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 6

    pacific face lift
  186. salty brain

    12 Days of Christmas Give Aways-Day 3

  187. salty brain

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    just trying to out do the rest of the boys
  188. salty brain

    Intrepids 10 Day Report???

    I was a 10 day different boat left same day returned same day as the Intrepid, we ran a little farther down and looked very hard for big fish but the big fish just weren't willing to play and saw very few this time. There were no big fish this time in the 10 day range that's just the way it...
  189. salty brain

    Avet JX 6/3 Service Video

    cool video shows how easy avets are to work on, but don't forget to pull the reel seat off, you'll be surprised how salt gets between the seat and real housing. clean put a thin layer of grease on remount the seat and go fishing.
  190. salty brain

    Bluefin Tuna limited to 2 fish discussion (merged threads)

    I would be cool with it, If the commercial limit would get slashed in half. no reason for us to get cut if the commercial guys don't take a big cut to. just my thoughts
  191. salty brain

    WTS: Okuma Guide Select

    $50.01 no just kidding I don't want it. Put a price on it ebay is for bidding.
  192. salty brain

    My new set

    makes sense, never thought about that, it could help tie nail knots to. what ever it is, nice set
  193. salty brain

    My new set

    was wondering about that pin my self?
  194. salty brain

    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    long fin and some times chark bait
  195. salty brain

    Yellowfin Belly Preparation

    wrap up wood chips in tin foil poke some small holes in it throw it on a small flame of your BBQ it will smoke(poor mans smoker). people have been smoking meat long before the smoker was invented.
  196. salty brain

    "That Guy"

    God I hope not! I go out on the water to FISH not to be babied and pampered that's what escorts are for !!
  197. salty brain

    Halloween Pumpikin Carving Contest-Sponsored by Bubba Blade

    I vote for T tang the boobs sold me
  198. salty brain


    take what you have and get a heavier loaner rig from the boat if your worried about it. check out whats going on before you buy, talk to the deck hands and the guy that have the experience. If you are just building your arsenal for long range my next step would be a xxh or xxxh rod and a 50 size...
  199. salty brain

    Which boat has the best skipper?

    x3 Mike and the vagabond great captain all around stand up guy!!
  200. salty brain

    JX Raptor : Number of Belleville washers

    not 100% sure if there is 4 or 6 belleville washers in the JX raptor. But looking at your post I'm sure that's the wrong configuration . If there's only 4 washers in the JX raptor they might be like this (()), and if 6 washers are needed like in the standard JX and LX reels, probably will be...
  201. salty brain

    The bean truce.

    know that's a sick minded question.
  202. salty brain


    How about pink/green skirt with black underskirt
  203. salty brain

    People who run P.E.T.A.

    After watching this I apologized to my x wife for calling her a whack job. She wasn't even close to that nutty freak.
  204. salty brain

    Please Comment on Plan to Ban Lead Fishing Gear in California

    Done just one more thing to deal with.
  205. salty brain

    What would you do?

    My daughter has gone on a quite a few multiy day trips with me and she is a picky eater, I explained to her to find the cook in the morning ask about whats up with the meals for the day and if not some thing she wants that's the time to work it out with them never been a problem. Hell a few time...
  206. salty brain

    Fish Cleaning ! Out of Control

    Just cut them yourself or set it up with five star to take care of it, problem solved
  207. salty brain

    Vagabond, a class act

    The vag is a older boat but a comfortable boat. Mike and the boys can fish fish that boat so good because they know every inch of the boat and know it reacts,plus all the experience and knowledge Mike and crew have. Ive been fishing with them every year for a long time and hope to keep fishing...
  208. salty brain

    Does Chris Randal own this web site?

    Rode the Chief for the first time this year. Didn't see anything wrong with the boat, Captain or crew. enjoyed the trip and will ride again.
  209. salty brain

    5 Star Fish Processing

    Use 5 star you wont want to go any were else. been letting them handle my fish for years and never been unhappy with the fish or service. long range would not be the same with out 5 star taking care of my fish!
  210. salty brain

    SX took a swim in the Ocean!!

    no problem tear it down clean and lube it your self. Avets are easy and there website makes it even easier all schematics are online so you cant go wrong. make sure you pull the side shields off bearings and trash the shields, run the bearings open. no problem
  211. salty brain

    Need a quick fix for my reels moving on my Deckhand rods.. you can order x rap heat shrink in different sizes. that were I get all of mine from
  212. salty brain

    "Pure love, trust. . ."

    a Costa Rican fishing lodge with topless, bikini clad stone cold Russian babushka boat crews! Were, were I cant find it, share the contact info I'm going
  213. salty brain

    Long Range gear guide

    I like to get a pdf version of the articular to.
  214. salty brain

    Maximus trip 3 days prior to TG.. spot open

    I kind of like seeing trips posted here. I will make it to PV one day and If I wasn't leaving on a 10 the day after that PV trip gets back that could have been the trip. so close again, Ill just keep trying
  215. salty brain

    When is a lure not a lure?

    To me I think of bait as live or dead and scented, that a angler really don't have to work the bait to produce a bite (ok may be soaking a den or chovie you might have to give it a bump now and then to get it moving) But a lure or jig hard or soft, its all up to the angler to produce a action...
  216. salty brain

    Warm water tuna + parastes = sashimi??????

    Left out Mongolian fire oil and sea weed just saying poke the shit.
  217. salty brain

    Vagabond Sportfishing experience and opinions please

    Ive been riding the vagabond for the last 10 years trips from 7 days to 10 days, if your looking for a hard core fishing machine you found it with mike and the your tips
  218. salty brain

    Tribute overnight pleasure cruise 9/14 - 9/15

    If deckhands are not helpful look at other boats, lot of good boats with great deckhands, the long demanding season excuse only goes so far, just saying.
  219. salty brain

    Smoked Yellow fin Tuna Question !

    I don't brine any more ether, just a dry rub. I also only throw smoke at the fish for the 1st half of the time the 2nd part of time is just for drying. so if I was going to smoke for 4 hrs only 2 hrs of smoke, the rest is drying. still turns out moist and can still taste the smoke. works good for me
  220. salty brain

    When it's all over. ( This Season)

    Fall and winter the trips just get longer and the fish get bigger
  221. salty brain

    Reduced BFT limits proposed

    Id be fine with cutting bag limit and putting in size limit, I enjoy trying to find bigger grade fish rather than just putting numbers on boats. If I don't find big fish on one trip hell Ill just try looking again on a another trip.
  222. salty brain

    Izorline Platinum Any One Use It?

    Ive used the platinum it is a little softer more limp than the first string. never had a problem with ether one. have Izor on all my reels from 20 lb to 130 but would have to go through all reels to find out what lb is platinum and which is first string. they both work good for me and have no...
  223. salty brain

    Spectra #.? on 2 new Avets

    MX 50 lb and JX 65 lb
  224. salty brain

    Warm water tuna + parastes = sashimi??????

    Ya you go first. dropped a lot of acid in my days, but my last brain cell says don't drink that shit.
  225. salty brain

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Buy a stick shift, it wont get stuck in park:D
  226. salty brain

    Shipping fish from the processor

    Talk to 5 star, you wont be sorry
  227. salty brain

    How are Avet bearings these days?

    x2 I stay just under specs and mine have been going for years
  228. salty brain

    LX 6/3

    My LX and JX standard reels are 40# reels to me, Im running 13 to 14 lbs of drag. never had any binding issues, been fishing avets of years. might wont to replace pinon bearing,dont know what the reel was fished before you got it. bearings are like 5$. If you want to fish 50# go with HX
  229. salty brain

    Which Avet Reel?

    JX to me me is a perfect 40 lb reel. If you go raptor its good for 50lb and more as fair as drags.
  230. salty brain

    Which Avet reel?

    50 lb definitely go with the HX, its my go to 50 lb reel on the long range trips out here.
  231. salty brain

    Which Avet reel?

    What lb line will he be fishing? HX - 50 # line maybe even the HX raptor- up to 100 # line, trolling EX 30. to me the JX and LX reels are more casting 40 # line, but I feel the HX cast better than the LX.
  232. salty brain

    Tuna Blood 0 Housewife juice 1

    fish blood is good luck next time just leave it on.
  233. salty brain

    Caption Contest - Win a Gift Card to the Longfin - Ends Sept 9th, 2014

    that's a very bad example of all bent! wrong species!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  234. salty brain

    Overnight VS. 1.5 Day Trip ---Difference?

    1.5 day all the way, morning bite, evening bite, dinner on the water, kick back and get a good rest before hitting the docks and processors waiting if want to use them. If you ask me 1.5 all the way even if there this close, but I just love being on the water
  235. salty brain

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    I'm in way rich, I'm a blue collar worker turn wrenches and sockets for a living. I sacrifice a lot of must have life luxury items and watch my bills careful so I can make my trips.
  236. salty brain

    Shameless 5 Star Plug!

    love eating albacore, But love get bet up by big model YFT and BFT, wakening up the next morning with hands that don't want to open is when you know your having fun! don't miss the albes but will be there when they come back.
  237. salty brain

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    Man that's the truth last year 7 day processing bill 500, 10 day 700 hundred after trading about 3 hundred pounds for cans. but five star wroth every penny.
  238. salty brain

    How big are the yellowfin w/in 30 miles?

    Just got back this morning 1 1/2 day us waters yft average around 20, bft going bigger, got 9 mostly 20 lb line size 1 hook, a few bigger grade on 30 1/0 hook.
  239. salty brain

    Who needs to go Long?

    normally like the 3 to 5 days in the summer. This year just ridding 1 1/2 days this summer and haven't skunked yet. Just got off the New lo Ana this morning , had uncured dens about 30 % rolled going out but didn't matter still got 9 and lost 4. Still cant wait for fall and winter long range. 1...
  240. salty brain

    Caption Contest! Winner gets $50 and free gear!

    Pink tuna out of water
  241. salty brain

    Holy smokes Batman ! Is that a Wahoo at the 302?

    not trying to stir the pot, but was thinking the same thing. use to catch a lot of king mackerel in the gulf of Mexico. to me it looks like a king mac, but hoping its a hoo
  242. salty brain

    Yet...... More rod advise, LX Raptor and others

    I use a MXL on my 670, got a seeker 670 classic 7 foot bought right of the rack. I personal think the 670 is one of the best 30 lb sticks made and it only 30 lb so no need to get crazy spending cash on it unless you want to.
  243. salty brain

    hook colors

    bronze or black, i don't like silver
  244. salty brain

    Yet...... More rod advise, LX Raptor and others

    700xh is my go to 50 lb set up, my go to 30 lb set up a 670 classic. just the way I've been doing it for years.
  245. salty brain

    One year old 100j!!!

    for birthday a mini tuna stick from chark bait and avet sx, what every kid wants
  246. salty brain

    First 7 Day Trip Advice

    looks good to me, I might also take a 20, 25 lb rig just in case
  247. salty brain

    6 day Sept vs. 8 day November trip - pros and cons?

    I prefer longer fall trips, you can find school size tuna but have a good shot at much better grade fish then add maybe wahoo , island yellow tail some times bottom dwellers.personally it makes a better 10 is all-ways at the end of November.
  248. salty brain

    Reel bags???

    Side affect of drinking while loading car? not that there anything wrong with that.
  249. salty brain

    New JX seems to be not right..............

    X 2 it might be excessive drag setting (more than reel is designed for) my JXs and LXs are set up for about 13 to 15 lbs of drag with no binding. might want to set drag with a spring scale if you have one. to much drag pressure on avets can do bad things. max drag for standard JX is 15...
  250. salty brain

    5 day trip turned into a 3 day

    If I book a five day I want to be on the water for 5 days even it I have to C&R for 4 days, bass or what ever. Just saying it all about getting away and pulling on fish even if they go back.(the fish not the boat)
  251. salty brain

    Little Help

  252. salty brain

    Un-skunking skunky fish

    no fresh water sea salt is a natural preservative should be left on, nobody I know even washes fillets with fresh water before cooking. fish will absorb chemicals added to tap water and tant taste
  253. salty brain

    Stupid Hammerheads

    I hate paying taxes to.
  254. salty brain

    Best open party boat?

    Daveys locker thunderbird If you cant make it to S.D.
  255. salty brain

    Best open party boat?

    I will go with the new lo an also, but good luck getting on have you checked the schedules, you will see SOLD OUT all over the landings right know.
  256. salty brain

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Not looking behind you when casting jigs on the side of bait tank. had to spend 2 grand to fix a tooth! some how didn't get hooked but that might have been cheaper.
  257. salty brain


    I got a 540 stick and use the 31mm to mount my Jx to it, had to come up with longer reel studs and longer mounting nuts to make it work. rod but on the 540 is really fat so it took some searching around to make it all work.
  258. salty brain

    Which fish processor would you choose?

    Ive been using 5 star for years after my long trips, I get it cut, bagged, and let them freeze my fish, pick it up a week after. They can freeze it better and faster than I can do in my deep freezer and that equals better quality fish. I only take a couple fish home off the boat to eat raw for...
  259. salty brain

    Tuna Fishing on a SeaDoo- Video

    Thats cool, my aunt up in Wisconsin has sea doo jet boat on the lake, That thing is so fun to play with. Never through about one for tuna fishing. that looks like to much fun.
  260. salty brain

    Small day belt

    I like my little izor belt to, small, light and if I need to go to the rail it doesn't get in the way
  261. salty brain

    Anyone missing a couple reels?

    guy doesn't even know what to set price at
  262. salty brain


    that's funny
  263. salty brain

    which seaguar fluoro

    School size fish I use ether one with no problems. when targeting bigger grade to cows I only use blue label. I prefer more abrasion resistance for the prolonged fight. just the way Ive been doing it.
  264. salty brain

    Have one BFT rig ready to go

    Those are two nice fish way to go, never know what you'll run into on the pacific pond.
  265. salty brain

    Which fish processor would you choose?

    5 star, pmurphy never should of showed the wife.
  266. salty brain

    What line for Avet JX San Diego Tuna Trip

    I always fished 65 spectra and 40 lb top shot on my JX, but it is on my jig stick. I hope the tuna are bigger than 12 to 30 lb in two weeks or its going to be another C&R trip still not a bad thing.
  267. salty brain

    Ban on fishing tuna pens!

    I like the hunt as much as I like to catch, the pins I can do with out.20 years of chasing fish Ive been on trips and come home empty handed, hell thats tuna fishing but it never stopped me from booking the next trip
  268. salty brain

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    I just want to fish bft in Mexico, But don't want to fish the pin I like the hunt. not married ( ended that) guess the hunt is my blood.
  269. salty brain

    And we wonder why we are losing the war...

    kind of look like the kids that used to lose there lunch money( for some reason) at school.
  270. salty brain

    Cleaning the scales...

    wax your rods and guides with car wax (turtle wax) scales wont stick just wash right off. oh don't do the grips.
  271. salty brain

    Stop the closure

    more shit to deal with here we go again
  272. salty brain

    Favorite San Diego overnight boat?

  273. salty brain

    BD conspiracy's and pissed a thread got removed put it here

    conspiracy theories and babysitting you just described the place I work at! but being the only one that fishes there cant expect anything else!
  274. salty brain

    Tips for a Newbie

    Just pull the trigger and go, There are a lot of longer range boats that have no problem with lack of experience and just use loaner gear for you first trip climb on the boat with hooks and sinkers, that way you can see if longer trips are your thing. there so much good gear out there the best...
  275. salty brain

    Cedros on the Shogun

    Been there done that, all was take more jigs than you think you need. nice fish
  276. salty brain

    Apollo in P. V.

    Has anyone done any of the Apollo P.V. trips looking for travel info and just the basic info on gear, tackle,whats need from the guys that have been down there before. thanks Dave
  277. salty brain

    3/4 on the new lo-an 8/3

    Marcus and crew are great. It to bad how just a few can make it so difficult to get a group working together, they just don't understand or refuse to listen but crew can only do so much. But glad to hear your buddy got his way to go.
  278. salty brain

    The Stupidity Out There

    Crew should at least been hooking and handing off giving some lessons.
  279. salty brain

    I can't sleep!

    Go to sleep wake get on the boat, have fun and enjoy your in good hands.
  280. salty brain

    Rail traffic, googins, and open party trips

    Never ran it to a group of shit heads yet and hope I never do. but on one Guadalupe 7 day had that guy get so drunk and cause way to much shit, the caption and deck hands came down, cut him off from the booze and put him on bunk restriction,told some of the other passengers to close there...
  281. salty brain

    Don't spool up your braid/Spectra by yourself

    Jigstrike is right you have to get the bottom foundation of the spectra tight, it should not feel spongy at all that way the loser part ( from flylineing bait and not getting bite ) can not dig into the rest of the line on your reel.
  282. salty brain

    Shipping fish home.

    Call 5 star in advance get set up and you wont be disappointed .
  283. salty brain

    $.5.00 knot fee

    I had my bad experiences with turners to. At the Del mar show I picked up a 50 sds blem from them and talked them into filling it with spectra for half price, just couldn't do it there, so they said go to long beach. no problem will be driving by long beach week after show. So I show up place in...
  284. salty brain

    1.5 day boat recommendation

    x2 if you can get on she sells out fast
  285. salty brain

    Kayaking Down Drainage Ditch

    OH hell ya that would be a blast Im with Mo Mo fish we need one in socal
  286. salty brain

    filets or whole

    I got 2 freezers and a vac sealer, but still let 5 star cut, vac and flash freeze for me. When freezing in your home freezers it takes to long to get the fish in the middle frozen you lose to much quality.
  287. salty brain

    Is This The Best BDer's Can Do?

    IF they don't hear from us in masses we have no reason to complane if it get shut down. just saying
  288. salty brain

    $.5.00 knot fee

    To many instructional videos here to not know how to tie knots, make connections and windons. Save your old line when your sitting there starring at the boob tube tie knots and connections soon it will be second nature.
  289. salty brain

    9 rigs for a 5 day too many?

    Id take the 20/25 rig, I would cut the 15lb. but 9 setups no problem
  290. salty brain

    tackle tips

    last weekend 1 1/2 day. 30 lb worked good when they got line shy 20 lb was the ticket.2/0 hook on the 30 lb size 1 on the 20 lb we had dens though. I took a 20 lb two 30 lb a 40 lb and 50 lb and hooks 2 through 3/0 only used the 20 lb and 30 lb but had the others just in case.
  291. salty brain

    Daiwa Lexa 400H vs. Avet SX?

    just my opinion, but I don't like leaver wind reels, I would get the Avet, but then I like fingering wet things.
  292. salty brain

    Some advice about checking in and boarding the Vagabond

    They board by first in line, red shirts will load up carts heavy, hand gear from dock to crew on boat. Been riding the Vag for a long time even with not a great spot for tackle box always made it work out. Depending on length of you'll be surprised how early some of us show up.
  293. salty brain


    Done also wrote formal letter to Mark Helvey NMFS west coast region 501 w. ocean blvd. sute 4200 Long Beach CA 90802 ATTN Bluefin tuna Take the time to write him, lets flood him with as many letters as we get.
  294. salty brain

    Chief 1-1/2 day 7-27-14 report

    I was on that trip, great short day and half run, had a lot of fun pulling on a lot of fish, and that susi spread pulled us off the rail with fish bitting that was a first for me.Thanks for the great tip Chris.
  295. salty brain

    Thank You Five Star

    using 5 star for 10 years now, and looking to add at least 10 more
  296. salty brain

    Spray nozzles over side of LR boats.

    Just learned something new, cool thanks for the info
  297. salty brain

    Spray nozzles over side of LR boats.

    Those are jack poles and have and have limited reach, the spray is to break up the silhouette of the boat so the fish will come within reach of the feathers. not sure if it would help with rod and reel and soaking baits out 50 to 100 and more yards out.
  298. salty brain

    What would you do?

    I feel the same Monday Im doing a new port 6 to 6, No plans on keeping any fish. But I still get to play.
  299. salty brain

    What would you do?

    Keep your trips in SD, and still jump on a few local trip, Thats what Im doing! If the fish happen to be smaller grade up here I just release them, still fishing.
  300. salty brain

    Would You Catch and Release Big Bluefin?

    So when do we leave, Im in. I love eating my fish I catch, but more than that I just love time on water do the LR thing it more than just killing fish but the whole experience. Every trip Iv been on I released fish that I felt were to small or just didn't need the meat.Ill jump on a 1 1/2 day...
  301. salty brain

    So what's next?

    Even if It went straight catch and release I would still be in the game. I love eating my fresh caught fish, but more than that I love the challenge but don't fell I got to kill every thing I hook. Look at the north east coast there is a successful catch and release blue fin fishery.
  302. salty brain

    cancellations due to bluefin closure

    got a 10 day later this year still going no problem, and no problem jumping on some shorter trip till then.
  303. salty brain

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    X2 there's a reason why I happily make that drive.
  304. salty brain

    Surfer Runs Over Shark

    ban seals the sharks will leave on there own. oh wait then a tree huger will clam there extinct and we'll get blamed for that crap to.
  305. salty brain

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    Next time treat your mechanic right.
  306. salty brain

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    WOW just got off the LO AN this morning, and then read this. all I can say is there was a lot of blue fin out there, once we hit limit it was CATCH and RELEASE.
  307. salty brain

    Re-conditioning Surface Iron

    I open all my jigs yo yo and surface up a little more. just take a cheap knife and tapper the hole out more both on top and bottom of jig and if you want to off set the hole a little more just concentrate on one side a little more than the other. Just dont go to big with the hole or you will...
  308. salty brain

    1 1/2 Day New Lo-An 2014

    not fore sure (cause I never asked) but they cant be far, we took a slow ride down (engines never did idle up) and we were at the pins 2 to 3 hrs before first light. but I never ask when and were while I'm out there. I like not knowing were we are and its the part of my life I don't worry about...
  309. salty brain

    1 1/2 Day New Lo-An 2014

    I was on that trip, it was good BF bite, every one worked together and it went smooth. catching and releasing 30 to 40 lbs BFT was awesome. Now to go smoke up one of those belly's.
  310. salty brain

    Re-conditioning Surface Iron

    Bait wraps. never used them, think they are on facebook [email protected] 714 396 1278
  311. salty brain

    Plz recommend Rod Repair Guy

    look at it this way, if the colors don't watch less chance of it getting stolen, still works the same right.
  312. salty brain

    Need Tag Line for Bachelor Party!

    No more trolling for 2 leg tuna
  313. salty brain

    Mid-Week fishing???

    What boat Im signed up on the LO AN 1.5 leaving Sunday fishing Monday hoping its a go
  314. salty brain

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    Got it, cool I'm off to get some calipers. thanks
  315. salty brain

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    What pound spectra are we using to catch this bait :D
  316. salty brain

    Which harness for HX raptor reels

    Art what are Italian style harness lugs, do you have any pics. thanks
  317. salty brain

    We brought knives to a gun fight BUT

    That's to cool got into fish shared info, they rejected the tip you guys rock it that's some funny shit. cool report thanks
  318. salty brain

    Vacuum sealed fish

    five star fish processing, there at the docks when the LR boats come back, they will take your fish cut and clean them, same day service, or you can flash freeze and pick up later or have them shipped to you, great quality stays fresh for a long time, if I remember right 75 cents a pound whole...
  319. salty brain

    Vacuum sealed fish

    Ive given 2 year old fish away and never got any complaints about quality, most of the time my fish is gone in a year but every now and then it makes 2 years. 5 star all ways handles my processing, tried vac sealing fish my self and it took a lot of time and the quality wasn't the same.
  320. salty brain

    Looking to buying first avet

    I set mine up like this SX 20 and 25lbs, mx 30lbs, LX and JX 40lbs, HX 50 and 60lbs all non raptors. Thats how I got some of mine set up, works great for me so far, others probably set up different for personal preference.
  321. salty brain

    Transporting fish from So Cal to Texas

    Duck tape or wrap old sleeping bags around outside of ice chests add installation helps.
  322. salty brain

    New Lo-An 1.5 Day Trip Offshore 7/3

    glad to hear you a good trip, the boys on the LO AN are honest hard working the missing yellow tail was just a accident.
  323. salty brain

    Kwells available in U.S.?

    thank you, I know most stuff the active ingredient is 25 mg meclizine and work fine for me,and i get 100 for about 8 bucks, but if there some thing better out there its worth looking into,thanks
  324. salty brain

    Kwells available in U.S.?

    what is the active ingredient in kwells ?
  325. salty brain

    4th of July Giveaway

    Done haven't been able to fish cabo in a long time this site could make the difference
  326. salty brain

    YFT in Newport Harbor?

    Cool tuna fishing on the paddle board
  327. salty brain

    Where do you purchase rods, reels and tackle?

    squidco and chark bait
  328. salty brain

    Need advise on 8 day

    Wait until trip is closer, and whats swimming out there before making gear decision. but I still take my 700xh on 7 and 8 days never know until your there.
  329. salty brain

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    Hey C-4 calm down, I just stated my personal opinion never said anything about out fishing or knocked quality or the T Bird. I use to fish Daves a lot back in the 80s and 90s on the T bird and freelance. Im not as young as you think but thanks. when ownership and management at Daves changed, I...
  330. salty brain

    How close will Wahoo come to San Diego this year?

    I heard there in New port harbor right now!
  331. salty brain

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    Sorry I live in OC and still prefer to fish SD.
  332. salty brain

    Feedback On The Grande Needed

    Ive only ridden the grande a few times, but it was a nice boat, cap and crew good know what they were doing, overall great experience and hung fish. have no problem jumping on again. go for it.
  333. salty brain

    Opinions Please

    Jeff and every one I didn't mean " drunks" in a bad way. I Should of used better wording. Sorry if anyone took it the wrong way. Its funny how she can pick out the people having a good time and enjoying themselves to hang around. Guess she spent to much time around me and my friends.
  334. salty brain

    Wren transderm scop patch asap 805 area

    Ya not the right route to go about it, but could even be worse for the guy responding to sell !
  335. salty brain

    Opinions Please

    Do it, I took my daughter on a few shorter trip on the vagabond and Q105 when she was that age, she had a great time fit right in with crew and passengers, when she wasn't fishing you could find her hanging out with the drunks. Now I try to take her on longer trips and she turned 18 I cant get...
  336. salty brain

    New Lo-An 1.5 Day Need Gear Advice

    Take the advice of the guys saying take your time on buying gear. Rent or barrow(if you can) for the first few trips. Talk to guys on the boat about gear and talk to the deck hands, take your time do it right and the gear will give you many years of enjoyment. There is a lot of great gear out...
  337. salty brain

    Techniques for setting proper drag w/o scale

    basic spring scales are cheap don't get a digital to set drags. if going on party boat pull by hand until you think you got it then ask deck hand to check it, you will get the fell for it . 1/3 line rating .setting with spring scale reel on rod and pull.
  338. salty brain

    catching bait and those who don't

    I got no problem pulling long hours, kind of love it.
  339. salty brain

    WTB: 15 Salas 6x jrs

    bachelor party jigs need to be wrapped in T and A pattern! good luck on your trip and in life.
  340. salty brain

    catching bait and those who don't

    Lack of sleep equals a better buzzzzzzz, those guys are light weights. You might not wont them up all night they might fall off the boat due to lack of sleep.
  341. salty brain

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    I see it like this, no bait no fish, If every one helps making bait it goes kind of quick. Still better than sitting at home. It cant be perfect all the time so make the best of it and enjoy.
  342. salty brain

    Cork Puppy Washer

    Just find a washer that the OD will fit in the cork puppy and the ID will fit mounting screw of reel. I all ways wondered in the washers were necessary ? It hard to find cork puppy's anymore.
  343. salty brain

    at what drag lb does the jx 2spd starts binding the handle?

    I got 12 Avets from sx to 50 SDS, always set drag with spring scale, reel on rod pull, just like your fishing. put tuna on the boats up 192 lbs no bearing issues no binding that way I keep buying them. maybe some one is doing some thing wrong?
  344. salty brain

    Caption Contest - Win a Balloon Rig from Balloon Fisher King

    Now I know were that crappy aftertaste comes from,through it was just the harbors they were raised in.
  345. salty brain

    hi ,need so help with these

    I dont even think i get 500 yd of 65 lb braid on my standard MX.
  346. salty brain

    MXJ Raptor or JX 4.6 MC for iron?

    JX I got 65 lb braid and 40 lb top shot on mine. and if you can spring for it get the 2 speed if your serious about longer in the future.
  347. salty brain

    Avet Maketing

    DRk20 has a good point, I have a lot AVETs and love them. I do use my SX for anchovy's and well it would be nice if they could some how make a SX with a light spool for this application.I have no ideas how to do it but if they produced it I would buy it. just my opinion.
  348. salty brain

    Advice on 100lb reel

    Im a avet fan to, but love my mark 20. not going to give up avet just have to fish both of them
  349. salty brain

    first fish on my new 50exw

    Cool nice fish, that jet ski fishing look fun.Out here in Cali we spike them in the brain it looks like they die faster and easier. Congratulation on the fish, I would love to give that jet ski fishing a try.
  350. salty brain

    After usage info ?

    X2 I do the same thing, Rinse reel try make sure you get the spectra (if using) washed off, let air dry. spray some wd40 on a rag and wipe reel down. After each season all line comes off gets washed and dried . open up reels clean lube and inspected,order parts as needed.
  351. salty brain

    El Capitan boat ride 6/12

    Thanks for the report better luck next time
  352. salty brain

    Avet Maketing

    Never calmed to know every thing,but know enough to do my own researcher and not listen to a spokes person. First time Ive been called a genus, Like to thank you.
  353. salty brain

    Avet Maketing

    Your joking right ? you buy you products based on how its marketed! I got 12 avets from a sx to 50sds. I went with avet because I got to see them and try them first hand,before I started buying them. marketing has NO bearing on any any thing in life I buy. It doesn't mater to me who promotes a...
  354. salty brain

    New Belt suggestions

    Ive been using a small Izor belt for years for 1.5 to 10 days has some wear on it but still holding up good, but I like fishing the rail so its easy to spin around to my back when I want it out of my way and then spin it around when I need it, I comfortably put YFT to 192 lb on the boat with it...
  355. salty brain

    Overnight Boat Recommendations

    If you can handle a overnight you can handle a day 1/2, I have fished both alot and if it was my choice it would be a day 1/2 with out even thinking about it. Lo an is a great boat, to bad you skipped the vagabond, I fish a couple of there longer trips every year 7 to 10 days. Mike and the boys...
  356. salty brain

    finger / hand injuries when fighting fish

    Ive been cleaning and disaffecting my cuts as best I can then super gluing my self together for years.even at work.
  357. salty brain

    One tip

    Get on a boat, relax and enjoy.
  358. salty brain

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    DUDE right on, epic catch, out standing!!!!!!!!!
  359. salty brain


    IT funny you said that, years ago my first trip was a 6 day to lupe on the vagabond, Mike and Gogo sold me on the long range thing. My daughter has also been on the boat with Mike and Dawn when she was like14, I remember I could not find for awhile,last place I looked was the wheel house and...
  360. salty brain

    Guadalupe trips?

    I hope so would love to get back to lupe, Hell I have no problem buying a special permit if needed.
  361. salty brain


    You and GF are going to be in good hands.I fish the vagabond all the time on longer trips, Mike and the crew are great with first timers, kids, They will coach her through putting big fish on the boat all the way,teach her how to use the rail. You made a good choice.
  362. salty brain

    Rental gear?

    Vagabond is LEGIT family owned and operated, Nice older boat might not have all the cosh amenity's as some of the newer boats, but Iv been ridding her for years 5 to 10 day trips no problem. It a fishing machine, they love pulling on fish, foods grate, Mike and the boys know what there doing. I...
  363. salty brain

    Rental gear?

    Check out the Vagabond at point loma sportfishing, I know they have some 2.5 day trips and they will let you use there gear all you have to buy is line if needed , climb on the boat with hooks. being its your first trip Mike and the boys will take good care of you.
  364. salty brain

    Set the hook or wind down?

    Ya i fish Js same as circles, wind,wind,wind and don't stop till fish is pulling line off reel.
  365. salty brain

    Fake Phenix rods?????

    The only way you can tell if a Phenix rod is counterfeit is to take two ( known legit Phenix and suspected counterfeit) and snap them in half and inspect from the inside. Then go buy a seeker or calstar.
  366. salty brain

    J/X Rod clamp screws??

    Last place I saw some was chark bait. Who ever was making them I think is not producing them anymore. try searching on line there got to be a few somewhere. good luck
  367. salty brain

    Scopace - Rx Seasick Med

    for a minute I thought you guys were talking about real hallucinations not just light tracers. I remember back in high school seeing a stop sign melt get up and run away, those were the days!
  368. salty brain

    Avet reel for 40lbs test?

    Depends on what your fishing,But if you get a 2 speed you got both
  369. salty brain

    Avet reel for 40lbs test?

    MXL for 40 lb I wouldn't do it. MXL raptor is capable, go with the JX even the standard is fine for 40 lb.
  370. salty brain

    Larger Reel Bolts for SX

    For my JX I ordered longer studs from avet (they weren't that much longer than the standard studs) and went with the cork puppy ( becoming hard to find) to fit my 540. home depot, lowes, ace hardware you can find something that will work, it would be better if you could find some stainless steel...
  371. salty brain

    Should I trade it?

  372. salty brain

    Thieves on long range boats?

    sorry that shit happened to you, not all of us are like that. most of us just like to ride boats, pull on fish. small percent are shit heads! good luck in school.
  373. salty brain

    lost gaff to fish

    the only people that don't make mistakes are the ones that don't do anything, unfortunately I live in the word of shit happens because I got my share of screw ups! dont worry about it, its all good
  374. salty brain

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    Last year I was on a 10 day there was a older gentleman on the trip that said this was his bucket list trip. Some guys didn't get any big fish some got one some got two, Well the older gentleman got three two over 2 hundred and 1 over 3 hundred, he needed a lot of help with all fish. He got...
  375. salty brain

    avet sx 2 speed-- handle spins backwards instead of drag engaging??

    Man I got a few avets but haven't ran into that one yet. It sounds like the dogs are not engaging the anti reverse gear, If its been doing it since you bought it new maybe they forgot to put the dogs or springs in. Id send that to the shop, sorry I couldn't help.
  376. salty brain

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Diesel and a smoke first thing in the morning, god I love that shit!
  377. salty brain

    Vagabond 3 day trip July 13

    book it been fishing the Vag for last 8 to 10 years on the longer trips.cant beat Mike and GoGo. good choice.
  378. salty brain

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    I fully agree with what Wahoo dad said. I went through the same shit. Its fishing its suppose to be fun leave the drama at home!
  379. salty brain

    Which Knot to use

    sold to sold splice use hollow spectra. glue each end and nail knot each end I go about 4 to 5 feet with each end, so the piece of hollow is about 8 to 10 feet. works for me.
  380. salty brain

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    OC long fin and charkbait SD squidco and charkbait
  381. salty brain

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    Should'nt be any drama with jack pot. You go fishing to relax and have, Its just a little friendly sportsman competition, In my opinion it should always stay on the boat, When I've won I dont even count it, was born poor will die poor but have a hell of alot of fun. good luck on this seasons...
  382. salty brain

    50# Stick for Avet HXW?

    I got 2 of them one on a 700h and the other on a 700xh love them both
  383. salty brain

    Incredible Video from recent American Angler trip

    awesome drone shots that was cool stuff.
  384. salty brain

    Tony Pena

    Hey Dave you definitely have a lot more experience than me. Would you mind sharing your reasons you don't like the knot for long range. Thanks
  385. salty brain

    fishing straight mono

    Just getting stated go with mono, It has worked for many years before spectra was in the game. go have fun learning the end out of fishing no reason to complicate at first, spectra is different to deal with than mono and in the wrong hands can do more wrong than good. The more experienced you...
  386. salty brain

    Tony Pena

    I use 2 wrap nail knot in leader around spectra, lube and pull tight,maks loop in spectra 12 turns up and down lube and pull tight(I use wooden dowels to pull it super tight). Then with tag end of spectra, wrap tag of leader and main line spectra 6,8 wraps uni tighten and trim ( adds no strength...
  387. salty brain


    I got 2 from charkbait and 2 from turners, you just got to keep eye out for them. avet sits on the off batches and every so often puts some together and offers them to different shops.just got to wait and be on the look out, or e bay like said before if you want to go that route.
  388. salty brain

    Extreme Fishing Might Be an Understatement

    Ya I'll stick to riding boats
  389. salty brain

    Avet Raptors- Jx or lx

    I'm a avet fan to. I got a few of them like 11 from sx to 50 sds, also some peens and makairas that i'm really liking take a look at them, but out of all the avets the Lx is my least favorite to fish. might just be me but it just dont fit my hand right so lacks some casting. the Jx will fish and...
  390. salty brain

    where to buy fake crocodile lures?

    Ya I take a rest a few times a day,usually under what ever I'm working on!
  391. salty brain

    Vagabond 9 day, Nov 1st

    Good pick, Im on the 10 day at the end of the year.
  392. salty brain

    Freelance 3/4 Day 5/4

    I also was one that said abort the trip. Im glad to see your lady enjoyed her self and got some fresh fish for dinner. I stand corrected but would still recommend san diego over new port anytime. Just my opinion, But she enjoyed herself mission accomplished.
  393. salty brain

    where to buy fake crocodile lures?

    caivo, golden west swap met every weekend
  394. salty brain

    Sabre Rods?

    They will work for fishing local and and smaller grade fish offshore. I got my daughter a couple spinners and they work good for her, but she not that serious about fishing it just every once in a while for her. If you are serious about fishing and looking for rods to get years of use out of or...
  395. salty brain

    SKB question

    Thanks for the input, now lets see what I can put together
  396. salty brain


    Holly shit what a bunch of high school bullshit !!!! Pulling the trigger before it was confirmed.
  397. salty brain


    I love fishing bigger grade BFT and YFT, but still like light line albe fishing. No way would I trade my two LR trips for day and half albe trips. Its some thing to do between the LR trips
  398. salty brain

    SKB question

    Just got given a SKB box. How high are you guys lifting these boxes so they will fully open. Is a 1/2 inch skid on the bottom high enough or do I need to go more? thanks
  399. salty brain

    Which land do you recommend

    1 1/2 day like said before afternoon bite could make the trip. skip the 3/4 day
  400. salty brain

    Okuma Nomad Travel Rod - Protective Butt Cap

    check out they have all kinds of rod butts and other stuff
  401. salty brain


    Another reason to buy seeker and calstars
  402. salty brain

    Tackle for 5 day on searcher

    Tackle wise you sounds like you got it.may be a heavy 50,60 # rig depending if big blue fin show. just add your personal stuff music some to read.There going to feed you good!
  403. salty brain

    Ever lost your keys?

    I got a hitch safe, turns my receiver into a combo safe. Now if I can just remember where I parked my dam truck.
  404. salty brain

    Fish of a life time????.... Lost at color

    Right on with the challenge, sounds like you had fun,wish you luck next time.
  405. salty brain

    Freelance Newport 3/4 day advice?

    Hes right dont put her in that mess she hate it ! put the trip off both of you arrange a day off mid week( sick days are for fishing season ) then go much better. Then tell her before she says the hell with fishing,give san diego a try make a weekend out of it fish one day hang out and see the...
  406. salty brain

    Effective rod angle when fighting fish

    Few years ago I saw a guy killing them at Guadalupe with that technique.SO I gave it a try, I have long arm so when Im reeling and extending my arms I have to cut it short or the rod butt pops out of my arm pit. It works good I just have to remember not to go for the full reach. It hurts when...
  407. salty brain

    Iron throwing questions...& Yo yo

    Im no expert but if just starting go with tady 45 surface iron, I think its the easiest jig to learn. Look at the hole were the ring you tie to is , you want to find the jig that the hole is slightly off set to one side or the other. then hold the ring at the weld the jig should spin freely( no...
  408. salty brain

    Tuna Rod Advice!

    x2 on the 700h
  409. salty brain


    I've had to show my pass port in the office when signing in on every trip. If some get on with out one they can swim back. there's no excuse for not having one any more, every body knows you need it to cross boarders anymore.
  410. salty brain

    Newport Landing 1/2day

    I remember weekdays light loads on the freelance pulling on yellow tail at the farnsworth bank with all the regulars, do they even have regulars anymore? guess I do got some age on me
  411. salty brain

    Iron throwing questions...& Yo yo

    I like having long top shots on my jig rigs, like 100 to 150 yards. easier on thumb, easier to pick out bird nest ( every on dose it). jig color mint, b/w , scramble egg but color don't help if jig wont swim.
  412. salty brain

    Newport Landing 1/2day

    I forgot about that little dirty white dog, brings back memory's
  413. salty brain

    Avet SX, JX & an HXW - line recomendations?

    On mine I go with sx 50 braid 20 to 25 lb top shoot jx 65 braid 40 lb top shot hx 65 braid 50 lb top shot all non raptors killed a lot of fish through the years with them,others probably rig different,but this works good for.
  414. salty brain

    Newport Landing 1/2day

    I didn't want to throw it out there but I liked the way he ran the place. Now the way he ran a boat thats a little different some times even funny. just my opinion
  415. salty brain

    Newport Landing 1/2day

    Not going to say names but when the old manager left ( know he had his haters to) but the landing went down hill.
  416. salty brain

    Good 30 lb LB Calstar stick? (270H, 870/H, 6470)

    seeker 670 been my 30 lb rod for years, love it and recommend it highly
  417. salty brain

    Cow fishin the Pacific east coast style

    Cool I got the idea thanks guys
  418. salty brain

    locking board racks

    just posted some thule locking board racks in the misalliances section, if anyone is intersted
  419. salty brain

    Cow fishin the Pacific east coast style

    Not familiar with the chafing tool, any pics or a description of it and how it works. thanks
  420. salty brain


    I'll take albes over YT any day, like catching YT but you can count on them every year, as far as eating albes way better than YT.
  421. salty brain

    Thule locking board racks

    Though Id put them up hear first. Thule locking surf board racks. locks 2 surfboard(used them with my short and long boards to 10 feet) locks boards into racks and racks on car/trucks(given your car/truck all ready has rack system installed) in great condition padding a little discolored from...
  422. salty brain

    Newport Landing 1/2day

    I gave up on all OC, LA and LB boats in the early 90s.Want to fish it SD all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  423. salty brain


    Last year both long range trips I went on had to show passport
  424. salty brain

    Advice needed on best 2 speed reel

    Avet HX or Makaira 10 ,15
  425. salty brain

    jx raptor advice

    Same thing caught all my bigger fish on mono. last year every one over 100# on mono, biggest for the year 193 yft so so close I guess I'll just have to go again this year.
  426. salty brain

    Suggestions for my first Long Range trip, 6 day trip for June 2014

    I agree the sx is 25 # bait probable wont fish it but never know. 30 # set up might use it, 40 and 50# going to your go to set ups Jx will work good. jigs throw on 40 #, If its your first contact the boat before hand and see about a loaner package, You'll get a chance to see what its about and...
  427. salty brain

    Big Mako Catch!

    Bro if got 4 stories above the beach in so cal I think all I see is sandy water. Out in the surf I always worried about makos more whites, especially in wet suite. my agreement with with sharks is I wont eat them hopefully they leave me alone its worked so far.I have no interest in fishing...
  428. salty brain

    Big Mako Catch!

    That shark was close to shore looking to feed. Lets just say maybe it attacked a person or two, what would the DFG do ask it to leave, or hunt it? It got to close to man like a lot of other wild life.we just dont mix well.
  429. salty brain

    Big Mako Catch!

    If there blood dripping off the tail might be able to get away on a technicality.
  430. salty brain

    J/X Rod clamp screws??

    I had the same problem mounting the JX on my 540 jig stick, called avet ordered longer screws(they were not to much longer) and got a cork puppy. works great tight and secure.
  431. salty brain

    need recommendations for two rod/reel rigs for first 3-day

    Your going to buy more than two set ups, it just happens. reels avet or okuma, rod calstar or seeker,just my opinion.But if you like to fish your going to buy more than two. have fun just dont go crazy buying gear until you ride the boat see what its like and get a feel for it. lot of good gear...
  432. salty brain

    Avet MXJ 4.5

    MXJ non raptor, 20, 25, lbs line. MX non raptor is pretty much a 9 to 10 lbs of drag reel.You just need to stay in its drag limits, A lot of people try fishing avets over there limits and the first thing to go out is the pinion bearing. But there easy to fix and easy on the wallet. I have 2 MXL...
  433. salty brain

    Dragon scales - presented by Jim Trelikes

    Dude that is awesome work, thanks for sharing.
  434. salty brain

    Best Casting Sprctra

    My jig reels have a long 100 yd or more top shoot. no finger burn, don't worry about back lashing the spectra. Ill admit it I still screw up a cast or 2 or 3 it happens. I find throwing jigs with long top shoots works better for me, but each there own.just have to find what works best for you.
  435. salty brain

    I'm going Long Big X style

    WOW WTF were did all that come from? I missed something.
  436. salty brain

    First String as a long range boat?

    Its your trip (vacation) but for a 8 day at $ 500 difference thats not a big gap in cash. I would go with the LR fleet. I think you will find the money well spent. If your going once a year or once every couple years you owe it to your self to get the real experience. For a short trip I would...
  437. salty brain

    braided line, help.

    Im with the rest of the guy (dont think its a jb issue) some how it got damaged, could you have gotten some thing on it (chemical) if stored in garage. how old is it and do you wash it after the season. I would strip it and respool not worth popping it on a big fish
  438. salty brain

    chovie Rod

    seeker or calstar 270, have fun if it hurts your having a lot of fun
  439. salty brain

    Peetz reels

    Steve those are beautiful reels. But Im with gonzo I dont think Id fish it, Id put it in a glass case. But any way good luck, just dont scratch it!
  440. salty brain

    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    depends on what trips you go on. over night to a few days backpack a couple of trays. LR I've gone through 2 wfo soft bags (sun, salt and getting soaked on the ride home) skb all the way,last box you will buy.
  441. salty brain

    what rod for a avet raptor hx?

    x2 on the 700xh or 770xh
  442. salty brain

    My beef with Turners Outdoorsman (Orange branch)

    With all the good choices in gear why buy a rod with known defects ?
  443. salty brain


    x2 it bets working anytime!!!!
  444. salty brain

    Line capacity MRK 20ll SEa

    Just out of curiosity how much 100# solid spec can you get on a MAK 20ll SEa ? thanks
  445. salty brain

    Custom Long Range Tackle Box

    Those are beautiful boxes!!!! If I had the cash to invest Id grab one. Not a necessity but pride in owning one. And I think we all own a lot of unnecessary stuff in life. I know I do, I have a addiction its called fishing.
  446. salty brain


    Thanks guys for this one out, way to watch the backs of your fellow BDs thanks again
  447. salty brain

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    I'll second that, spike got me tearing down and lubing some of my smaller reels. havent played with my light gear in a few years. looking forward it
  448. salty brain

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    This is getting to long winded. cant we get back to the chovy discussion ? Do you like chovys on pizza?
  449. salty brain

    Avet lx 4.6

    If you like it fish it. I got a 6.1 single and a 6/3 two speed about 5 or 6 years old still kickin ass. Both filled 50# spectra and top shot 40#. I have no problem going after tuna, yellow tail, wahoo with the single. have no plans of getting rid of them. When the bearings wear out, at $5 a...
  450. salty brain

    Tuna Donation

    I have given/gifted fish away for years (friends, family,co workers,elderly).after 5 star taken care of it for me. Never once have I though of deducting it, never have or never will care about the money. Im glad so many people that cant jump on a boat get to enjoy the fish I catch. It kind of...
  451. salty brain

    Rail fishing question

    I agree 100% I think the guy on longer trips have figured out how unproductive being a asshat can be on a trip, so they just relax fish and enjoy. I dont know about the older part, only as young as you feel. but the wiser part rules me out:D
  452. salty brain

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    Looking forward to having some fun fishing the little bait again
  453. salty brain

    Avet LX 6/3 Grinding

    What size reel was it? thinking of getting another 50, love my avets but know anybody that swam theirs yet.
  454. salty brain

    Rail fishing question

    I've done for years with no bad experiences. Use the rail with arm pit on one knee, can get up and move fast no problem, but seem to always sit on the pole (fishing pole) on the end game watching the fish circle.
  455. salty brain

    Info on Mac 20 at FHS

    Ya I can see your point. I didn't know they were in the habit leaving people half empty on orders. all mine is walk in with them. If they pulled a half order with me I head some were else too.
  456. salty brain

    Info on Mac 20 at FHS

    Be sides CB pushing there spectra,is there any other reason for not buying from them? just asking
  457. salty brain

    Rod/Reel Match-Up

    If you are setting up for 130#, Id say calstar GFGR 770xxh (80-130) or calstar GFGR 770xxxh (80 - unlimited)might be to stiff. But like said before all depends on what type of fishing. Im just basing it off of so cal long range stand up.Its to bad you cant go and pull on some rods before you...
  458. salty brain

    Suggestions needed please..

    Spoken with out the experience of trying to crank a BIG fish out of its comfort zone.
  459. salty brain

    Tip: How to mount an Avet JX/LX on a SS ULUA 93H

    From Avet they have them, I think I found them in the parts on schematics, or you just call them and order them. They were cheap, but not to much longer than stander studs, but worked out great with the cork puppy,the butt on my 540 is fat.
  460. salty brain

    Belts and Harnesses for Long Range Trips?

    First time I tried a harness was last year, I didn't like it,( Just didn't seem normal to me) Ive all ways a small belt (not a plate) and the rail. But I have some friends that have to use a harness ( if they got down on the rail you have to help then up) If for some reason I had to get one I...
  461. salty brain

    Hook size?

    OH that's what your asking, I take sabiki size 4 and 6 and for bigger baits 1 and 2. Seams to have got me by for years
  462. salty brain

    Calstar Rods

    If the 700h falls through Ill take it
  463. salty brain

    Hook size?

    Its hard to say yet, depends on what bait ans size at that time.But if your asking just to cover all bases # 1 and 2 for chovies, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 and 4/0 sardines and macs,J or circle your choice and if dropper looping for bigger yellow tail at the islands 9/0 j hooks. That should cover all needs...
  464. salty brain

    Favor Needed

    I know not the subject but whats this cajun seasoning your talking about? I love that kind of food and all ways looking to improve on it, thanks
  465. salty brain

    Penn stw 80

    A lot of people don't want to do the math
  466. salty brain

    Info on the Searcher

    searcher is a grate boat,crew,operation jump on and have fun
  467. salty brain

    Tip: How to mount an Avet JX/LX on a SS ULUA 93H

    I just ordered long studs for my JX and mount it to my 540 with a cork puppy. No modification and no worry's about slippage.
  468. salty brain

    Reel for IRONS...???

    For a 1.5 to 3 day it sounds like your petty good on gear. That length of trip mostly using 30# and 40#and 20# and 25# has its place to, some times you need it to get bit.I love the JX, not a fan of the LX. might want to look at a HX 2 speed cast better than LX, and if in the future the trip get...
  469. salty brain

    Help me find a yoyo setup

    rod cal star 700h or 700xh reel JX, LX or HX get a 2 speed yo yo jigs salas 6x jr , tady9, if going on longer trips add salas 6x heavy.
  470. salty brain

    Childrens Passports.....

    Me and the x had a hard time with the consent form to.We finely blow it off , both of us and the kid went in with pic of kid sat down filled out paper work and got pass port no problem. They are kind of strange when it comes to joint custody and pass ports for miners. While going through my...
  471. salty brain

    Childrens Passports.....

    The only difference I know is, child's passport do not last as many years as an adults, and when they turn 18 it is no longer valid, and the child never pays for there own pass port.
  472. salty brain

    Childrens Passports.....

    when I did my daughters I needed a appointment
  473. salty brain

    avet mxl raptor

    I got 2 HXs and 2 LXs and the HX cast a lot better than the LX. Im really not that impressed with the LX but the HX and JX I love them.
  474. salty brain

    Any good EL Nino fish stories?

    Yellow tail 3 miles out new port harbor eating every thing
  475. salty brain

    What is your favorite make of solid Braid???

    White Izor up 100#. I dont like hollow and went back to sold. to each there own
  476. salty brain

    Penn rebuilds.

    OK im interested in the 500 upgrades too. I got 3 of them that have been collecting dust for years. would love to upgrade them.were do i get the kits?
  477. salty brain

    Any one ever try cheap 4 strand braid fishing line?

    think of the cash you spend to go on a trip, is it worth going cheap on line ?
  478. salty brain

    avet mxl raptor

    go to the shop and pull on some gf 700 xh and xxh. and pull on the gf 770h and 770xh. sure you will find some thing in those series you'll like. i don't like rollers
  479. salty brain

    long rods in small cars?

    I got a 9' 3'' 540 in my daughters Chevy cobolt with the rear seat flipped down no problem surprised me
  480. salty brain

    Shoulder reel strap

    Sissie strap right?
  481. salty brain

    Nov 1st 9 day Vagabond Trip

    take what you have, If need be ask Mike if you can use a 100# boat set up. They'll take care of you.
  482. salty brain

    Advice for long range trip

    Book the trip get on the boat and have fun
  483. salty brain

    LX 2 spd. handle turns

    You got the right idea with the coat hanger hook. I use some thing like it only made of thin flat metal and bent with vice grips. soak bearing in penetrating oil and work it with puller tool.
  484. salty brain

    Spectra/Reel maintenance

    IT all comes off once a year,put on spare spools and dropped into toilet tank for few weeks (every time you flush fresh rinse). let dry, wind it on home made spool with spring pressure on tennis balls so I can set 10 to 15 lbs of drag as I wind back on reels as inspecting condition of spectra...
  485. salty brain

    LX 2 spd. handle turns

    I was thinking the pinion bearing to. ITs easy to get to and cost about $ 5. If you got the schematics its hard to get in over your head. They are very easy to work on
  486. salty brain

    Which kind of leader for tossin iron?

    Like mikey my top water jig rigs have 100 ft of mono. easier to deal with backlashes(it happens) easier on the fingers(dont like tape) .works good for me
  487. salty brain

    avet hx raptor

    If you got the money grab the raptor. If on a budget the standard is fine. Both reels are great and sweat casting. I'm not a big fan of the mc but that's just me. If your thinking of longer trips after your 5 day the raptor will be appreciated
  488. salty brain

    avet mxl raptor

    HX rap good choice
  489. salty brain

    Fuck Salmon...Make the Desert GREEN!!!!

    Dude you just fuck up my glass of ice water ! now I got to go gargle with vodka!!!!
  490. salty brain

    Being properly prepared for your First Long Range Trip

    Jamie that was the best write up to date, just wish you wrote it 10 years ago when I was getting started. Spent a lot of money and made a lot of mistakes, BUT HAD A LOT OF FUN DOING IT, hell I'm still doing it just to fun to stop!Great read
  491. salty brain

    avet mxl raptor

    Go with a reel with more line cap and lower gear. I was on the Vag at lupe a few years back bite was tough so I grabbed my MXL 2 speed with 40 # on it. Got picked up by 80 lb yft, 2 hrs later got fish on boat but the whole time felt under gunned and a lot more work than it should have been. If...
  492. salty brain

    Workhorse reel

    I have 12 avets from SX to 50sds two speeds and singles, I have been fishing them for years and haven't had any big problems with them yet. I do all my own servicing and repairs ( not to many needed yet) my self,i find them easy to work on, I love my avets. not one of them have ever been sent in...
  493. salty brain

    Product review of The Rod Glove

    To much shit for me
  494. salty brain


    I remember fishing the scat cat in the early, mid 80s with my dad(the one that got me started fishing) I was so young I just as high as the rail. moved to cal in 86,87 from corpus Christi. now its all about SD long range.
  495. salty brain

    avet problems

    I have 12 avets from sx 2 speed to 50 sds, they are easy to tear down and rebuild, avet web site has the Schematics on pdf to down load if you get lost, order parts from them, as for the leaver no problem. go slow, watch how it comes apart , lay it out in order you pull it apart. after a few...
  496. salty brain

    Help! Hollow spectra to mono

    serve and permabond the connection might help ( if you didn't already). 50% permabond 50% acetone strong and stays flexible. Put it in a nail polish bottle with a couple small ball bearings to keep it mixed up and the brush on cap to apply. connection
  497. salty brain

    radioactive tuna

    so if I eat a shit load of blue fin i might glow in the dark. Cool I can save money on light bulbs and buy more trips, thanks for the info
  498. salty brain

    25# line on MXL or MXJ...too much?

    I have 2 MXLs with 50 # spec and 30 # mono I have been fishing for 5 years no bearing issues. Fish 20 to 25 on my SX. One time a couple years a go i spooled my MXL 2 speed with 40# and got a 83 # yellow fin, lot of work but a lot of fun. Your all good for 30# on the MX. have fun!
  499. salty brain


    I fish both Js and circles the same way (wind,wind,wind) on 7 to 10 day trips, get good hook sets with both. I don't worry about ringed hooks until I'm using 5/0 or bigger, then its ringed circles all the way. I just don't sweat my hooks until fish are pushing well over 100 lbs. mustard, eagle...
  500. salty brain

    Seacher sportfishing boat

    Made a good choice, get on the boat have fun!!!!
  501. salty brain

    fresh fish trade for canned

    OK but wait, with 2 freezers full of bft,yft,yt, whoo, a little dodo( not big on dodo) friends, neighbors and co workers full of fish. Next 10 day at end of month, the trade thing keeps me fishing. The kid loves the cans but wont eat fresh fish? go figure. When I get home from my LR trip usually...
  502. salty brain

    Question about INDY WIFI

    WOW if it wasn't for guys like me spinning wrenches and sockets wonder if you would make it to work or the dock. As for ditch diggers, with out them your house or business wouldn't be there.
  503. salty brain

    AVET HX Raptor Drag Lever Bearing popped out HELP

    If your talking about the small ball that makes the clicking noise when advancing the lever, no problem. just turn reel side plate up take off drag adjustment knob pull off lever, set the ball in the hole by free spool position put lever back on install drag knob that easy. seems like it falls...
  504. salty brain

    Top Gun 80, building confidence one angler at a time!!!!!

    Leave the thread up, people need to know about the service. Sounds fairly true to me, there more fishermen saying bad than good, must have a lot of truth to it. Fishing is about going out relaxing, having fun, and enjoying your self even if you don't kill mass numbers of fish. If a operation...
  505. salty brain

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat

    Took daughter out for her first yellow tail, took a pic of her and fish. When got looked at the pic some asshole in background pulling on a fish with my rod. I tie turks heads on my rods with the ugliest cord Ive ever seen so there no mistaking them. Just miss it at the time happened or she...
  506. salty brain

    Top Gun 80, building confidence one angler at a time!!!!!

    Teaching the newbes is like investing in your future. If you give them a bad trip they dont come back, may be the economic will get worse for that boat,I know my money wont go to them.Thanks for the info.
  507. salty brain

    Day and a half for $210.00

    DON'T DO IT !!!!!!! GO TO S.D. If you go out of Pedro I can already see the post of complaints coming.
  508. salty brain


    Whats a half day?
  509. salty brain

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    thanks for the info, keeping old glory off my list.there are a lot more boats and better charters to go on .
  510. salty brain

    Cortez Bank Report on the Toronado 1.5 day

    I started fishing out of LA and LB about 20 years ago, Got turned on to SD by a few guys. I will never go back to LA or LB its all about SD long range
  511. salty brain

    New Lo-An deck space

    ITs a good boat great crew, kind of tight on deck, just expect to be on your feet all day, NLA well worth it.
  512. salty brain


    I agree would be nice to see open spots to be filled at the last minute. Like right now just found out I have 3 free days could jump on a boat,But might as well wait have a 7 day on the 29th.(just want to scratch the itch!!!)
  513. salty brain

    Tackle Box space on the New Lo-An

    New lo an is kind of tight for space, ITs a good boat and good crew they are all about fishing, just expect to be on your feet all day and a little tight for space.Any time there fish out there there on um.
  514. salty brain

    You want to catch a Big Blu Fin?

    waiting for trip 27, just keep them comeing
  515. salty brain

    Soon it will be Cow season

    I can make 2, 7 day trips a year and a few short run (not really enjoying the short ones to much anymore). But your scheduled is impressive when I grow up I want to be like you. Not buying the can thing!
  516. salty brain

    The chief

    Bottom line HE MADE THE RIGHT CALL!!!!!!!!!!!
  517. salty brain

    Six Day trip on the Vagabong

    I've been on Mikes 7 and 8 days for some time now ( on the 7 day right after you trip #27) and never have done any bass fishing.I use a 20 # rig for bait some times. Its all about do or die tuna, yellow tail or wahoo if they are around.It a good boat and Mike knows what he is doing, your going...
  518. salty brain

    F//K Tuners Outdoorsman in Fountain Valley

    Turners sucks there's better places to buy gear
  519. salty brain

    cost to clean fish on long range

    Let 5 star take care of the fish they cut better than the boat, get it vacuum sealed and let them freeze it, pick it up a week later. Even if you have a deep freezer, because that much fish in your freezer the fish in the middle don't freeze as good,it takes to long.It might cost some money but...
  520. salty brain

    Eldorado Fishing Boat

    Fished it a few years back, not impressed, never road it again!
  521. salty brain

    Radioactive BFT off CA Coast - Sashimi Time!!

    So you glow in the dark, save money on light bulbs and electricity = more money for fishing
  522. salty brain

    yellow tail people are keeping

    So i payed a few hundred to catch and release small yellow tail no big deal,had some fun on light gear, just don't want to keep them, to small for me. I get my fill of meat from my long range trips, the rest of the year is catch and release, But to each there own.
  523. salty brain

    Fishing SUCKS!!

    Best bluefin bite in years, were have you been fishing?
  524. salty brain

    Cortez banks

    Friday the 23 the amigo out of new port fished Cortez got 31 blue fin 30 to 40 lbs a few yellow tail
  525. salty brain

    October 5-Day Recommendations

    Just a week before your time frame, the VAG 7 day rocks to ridge sep 29 to oct 6, 2 spots open, got a good feeling about this one, if you maybe adjust your time frame.
  526. salty brain

    Searcher info and reviews?

    I fish the searcher at least once a year 6 or 7 day trip, great boat ,good crew, good food. cant go wrong one of the top operations, take the spot,good luck and enjoy.
  527. salty brain

    Lost rods on 15 freeway

    Look at home depot, find gear wraps , there cheap reusable and strong come in different lengths. You can tie your gear together then tie the bundle to anything thats not going to blow away.small investment to save a bigger investment.
  528. salty brain

    LR prices went up next year

    Nice restaurant fish will never match the quality of fresh caught 5 star processed fish. I have never had fish in a restaurant that matched the quality of what I caught. As a sports man I still think the price is a bargain for what you get. Only as good as you make it.Price went up just like...
  529. salty brain

    I love my avets but...can not cast them!

    practice at park. don't even worry or think about distance until you get your thumb working right. throw light at first get used to the spool, then start putting a little more speed in your cast. it is not how much force you put behind it, its has more to do with how fast the forward motion of...
  530. salty brain

    Reel clamps w/ eye ring

    predator 1 makes a great clamp for avets, might find him on the rods/reels section.
  531. salty brain

    Any Romanian or Croatians on BD...?

    Cro here sip it and enjoy don't pour it out
  532. salty brain

    RRIII wi-fi

    This could be a GOOD thing! While every one is talking and texting,the more room at the rail for me. Please stay on the internet.
  533. salty brain

    100lb outfit for 7 day trip?

    Yep headed to the rocks and ridge but still topping out at 80 lbs
  534. salty brain

    100lb outfit for 7 day trip?

    X3 going on a 7 day sept 29, the heaviest im going is 80 on a pro 30
  535. salty brain

    Incredibly Steep Drag Curves!

    go to avet reels .com both the LX and JX bevel washers should be like this ))(()). pull up the schematics.
  536. salty brain

    Incredibly Steep Drag Curves!

    bevel washers for LX and JX should be configured like this ))(()). Pull up the schematics at avet Ive been ordering parts and working on my 10 avets for years off there site.
  537. salty brain

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    Why not unload fish off the main dock like the vagabond does ? Only one ramp to go up. By the way Im 45 so Im all ways pushing carts !
  538. salty brain

    The Qualifier 105 in her new home.

    They took the bait tanks ! that like castrating a boat. man I miss that boat!
  539. salty brain

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    I admit I'd be that jackass that voted to keep us out for those extra 3 days :picknose: x2 Way would you want to come home early? Enjoy the ocean C/R fish, remember It not an meat trip its a vacation. I catch and release every year,never keep a dodo. freezer full it still wont stop me I'll...
  540. salty brain

    Fishing pants?

    fishworks, they make light and heavy pants.they will cover any trip you take and very comfortable
  541. salty brain

    20# outfit

    I use a avet sx filled with 50 lb spec 20 lb top shot on a seeker 870. lot of fun.
  542. salty brain

    October recommendation.. 3.5a 2.5, 3 or go for more and which boats rock it

    Go longer 5 to 8 days, prime time !! Just hurry and book before there gone.
  543. salty brain

    That guy!

    x2 need more west coast girls on that board
  544. salty brain

    Lets see the trips you booked for the 2013-2014

    Vag 7 day sep 29 to oct 6 more as it comes up
  545. salty brain

    That guy!

    OK not that I'm the best fisherman around, but just for shits and giggles over the weekend 6/22 I went out on a 1 1/2 day may be some b/f tuna, no just small yt.The boat was more than 1/2 full of that guy in the video. The biggest mess Ive seen in a while, They were knitting sweaters all...
  546. salty brain

    Calstar Graphite Rods

    pm ed you on 670h,
  547. salty brain

    Alijos Rocks

    Late last October on the searcher got into a very good wahoo bite, not wide open but steady most of the day,no tuna or yellows next day it went dead and we were out of there. But I loved it had fun.
  548. salty brain

    Seaforth Jackpot Passes? 1967

    If you turn out some brass vag specials get a hold of me I'll buy some!!
  549. salty brain

    Seaforth Jackpot Passes? 1967

    Young guy here....those vagabond specials still out yoyo most every thing got some from the boat about 2 years ago
  550. salty brain

    Question on Processing

    I use 5 star all the time very happy with them. just bring them whole fish, Call or talk to the girls at the dock before you leave they'll get you set up.
  551. salty brain

    Tribute sportfishing

    They put me on a good amount of fish last year
  552. salty brain

    HELP Brass jigs?

    Hey guys, if you wanted to build some brass jigs what material would the mold be made of ? were could you get it ? is there a outfit that makes molds ? and how much cash I'm I looking at for a mold ? I've never made a lure or jig before but reading some of the post got me interested. Any input...
  553. salty brain

    Seeker Classic Series 8fter (CHEAP)

    are u around orange county
  554. salty brain

    Vagabond (the boat)

    Been doing 4 to 10 day trips on the Vagabond for years,good crew better skipper,they fish hard! two heads on the boat,who cares piss over the rail, keep fishing
  555. salty brain

    Custom Long Range Tackle Box

    Nice to see there are still some true craftsmen around that can work with there hands!!!
  556. salty brain

    Room-mate from Hell - again....

    I've been going solo most of the time for years because frends are flakes, broke or chicken shit. YOU GUYS ARE SCARRING THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!!!!
  557. salty brain

    That Guy

    The guy on the 7 day, Searcher last Oct, that would not take a shower and said he know he stunk and was proud of it. You couldn't even be at the rail next to him in the wind! AKA stinky:shithappens:
  558. salty brain

    New Calstars

    pm ed you
  559. salty brain

    Raider Lures

    Are they the 125s or the 200s?
  560. salty brain

    cow gear

    No I don't have a trip picked out yet,kind of thinking the RR3 or excel some thing thats going to the hurricane bank next year.
  561. salty brain

    cow gear

    Hey guys I've been fishing 6 and7 day trips for years and looking to step up to the longer cow tips. I need some basic gear advice,the heaviest set up I have is a avet 30w on a 660xxh set up for 60 to 80 lb just depending on whats going on.What is the basic gear I should get to fish cows,I don't...
  562. salty brain

    SX is grindy

    Cheap bearing? I've got 10 avets from sx to ex pros,fish 2 to 3 long ranges a year,never had a problem,do all my servicing my self.
  563. salty brain


    Well we think a like, took the mag out went to work shaved it down,now it's spinning the way I like it.Thanks guys
  564. salty brain


    It was never explained to me like that,good info.I didn't think about the spool weight.Just learned some thing new.Thanks a lot.
  565. salty brain


    Haven't noticed any issues with it.Just when I was doing my end of year tear down I noticed the free spool,first year I had that reel.Guess I'm just use to the non mc reels.Thanks for the input.
  566. salty brain


    I got nine AVETS but only one mc cast.With the mc backed all the way off the mag still greatly slows the spool.Bearing are good.I know its the mag dragging the free spool down.Any one seen this ?
  567. salty brain

    Avet reel clamps

    Got my clamps,just in time for my 7 day next week.thanks Dave
  568. salty brain

    $20.00 OFF FIRST ORDER

    Just ordered a window motor for my truck,can use that thank Jim
  569. salty brain

    Avet JX6-MC

    If sail falls through,let me know,I'll be 2nd in line.Leaving Friday gone fishing back monday
  570. salty brain

    Avet H/X 5/2

    I,ll take it.No need to ship,can pick up and hand you the cash.Get back I<ll get my number so we can set it up.
  571. salty brain

    For Sale Avet Pro EXW 30 2 speed - Silver

    Can give you $350 for it ,any day this week