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  1. DHSDave

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    I've flown on that bird many times, it's the CBP AMO UH-60. Nice ride... if only my boat was that fast and smooth.
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    10/13... it could've been epic... but...

    We desperately need more Orcas and Great Whites in our waters
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    Tuna Seiners

    Keep the pressure on the IATTC country reps. (USA and Mexico) specifically. Remember the recs can win this fight all day based purely on the economics of the issue.
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    Tuna Seiners It's beyond stupid. Imagine the fishery we could have without the seiners targeting our Yellowfin and to a lesser degree Bluefin. IATTC controls the quotas, we need to go straight to...
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    The San Diego - 8.14.2019 +200 yellowfin tuna

    Nice work, get some now before the seiners show up and ruin it for everybody.
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    7/29 Report..Some meat on the deck

    Probably around the 3rd wave back or so. At the time, I also had a purple feather going about the same distance and a natural cedar plug set long.
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    7/29 Report..Some meat on the deck

    Finally picked up a BFT this year. Started out zero dark 30 from Shelter and headed straight to the islands. Lots of yellows around North island gorging themselves on tuna crab. Got 1 on a dean and decided to head offshore. Definitely slowed down from a week or so ago. Headed out to some number...
  8. DHSDave

    Full Day Liberty 7/16 Limits Yellowtail

    60 on the Liberty? That's insane. One of the main reasons I bought my own boat, so nice to not have to combat fish anymore. BTW-Nice work whackin the yellers..
  9. DHSDave

    1/4 day Islands trip July 12 WFO Yellowtail

    Same report sorry no pics, limits. We went on the hunt early just west of the islands for bft/yft and didn't see much life. We rolled into the islands around 0730 and it was wide open bite. We also found fish around the middle islands.
  10. DHSDave

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    I get the whole limited resources part but they will not even TALK about the issue nor indicate whether they Oppose or are in favor of purse seining our local Tuna. How can you NOT address one of the biggest problems Socal anglers have had to put up with for decades in any serious way???
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    No response from CCA yet again...what a surprise. According to their Website, CCA's first objective is to be an Advocate for recreational saltwater anglers It's very discouraging to see that this "recreational advocacy group" apparently does not care enough about the issue to even take a...
  12. DHSDave

    7/8, disappointment

    Left Shelter @ 0530 picked up some great bait and headed above the 226 by a few miles. Saw a few breezers here and there but not a ton of life. Cruised down to the 302 and conditions improved. Chased dozens of bird schools mostly YFT 10-30lb range. Most would sink out pretty quick, had a few...
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Recs and our partner organizations need to address this as an economic argument on both sides of the border. To that end, here are the Mexican Contacts: Thanks for your support and lets "MAKE TUNA FISHING GREAT AGAIN!" ***MARIO AGUILAR* CONAPESCA/Comisión Nacional de Acuacultura y Pesca***...
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Looks like the seiners are back at it again wrapping up Yellowfin by the ton to sell as cat food or fertilizer. What an absolute waste of the resource. Anyway here are a few names/email addresses that I found, please let your voices be heard. Thanks for your support and lets "MAKE TUNA FISHING...
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    3/18 on The "San Diego"

    Good work this early in the season. Do you know what the water temp at the islands was by chance?
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    Old Glory Does It Again Big Grade YFT

    Great job on the video, filmed like a pro!
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    P B YT @ point loma + Lobster!

    Rick that is just epic, way to go bud!
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    Mondays at the 'Nados

    Nice job on the yellers, we were working the same area mostly on the slow troll with deans.Connected with a nicer BFT as well but pulled the hook after about 10 minutes.
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Sorry I don't have that info yet but I believe Don Hansen is affiliated with-Pacific Fishery Management Council Barry Thom is affiliated with-NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT. IATTC is responsible for the conservation and management of tuna and other marine resources in the eastern Pacific Ocean. These are the people we need to address our concerns to directly in order to have a real and significant impact on the resource. These people are the...
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Her we go again, the seiner fleet is once again upon us all. It's God damn infuriating. Where is CCA and SAC on this??? Every freaking year, same story. It makes absolutely ZERO economic sense when you compare the revenue stream between the recreational market vs the seiners that decimate the...
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    7/11 evening 9 mile.

    It's God damn infuriating. Where is CCA and SAC on this??? I had a multi page thread on this issue last year about the seiners and damage that they do to our local fishery. Every freaking year, same story. It makes absolutely ZERO economic sense when you compare the revenue stream between the...
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    Coronados Sunday 7/1 need 2

    Still need 1? I was going to go out on my Grady but my buddy bailed at the last minute...
  24. DHSDave

    black seabass in the bay had bugs

    I've caught a bsb in the bay as well that had those worms on it. Mine was only about 8lbs, popped em off and sent him on his way.
  25. DHSDave

    Limits yellowtail and yellowfin 8/12/17

    Thanks for the #'s, I got 9 YFT off that school. Only managed 2 yellers from the islands but they were the nicer grade.
  26. DHSDave


    If the CCA does not step up and take aggressive measures to curtail the seining, then I suggest we go directly to the 4 U.S. commissioners that represent the Inter-American-Tropical-Tuna-Commision to make our case and have our voices heard.
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    I read your posts but still don't know CCA's position in regards to the title of this thread????????????????????????????????????????????? I have emailed CCA and they deny that tuna seining is even occurring here. How is this even possible from such a well informed recreational fishing advocacy...
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    Warm water...will we see another Socal run of Wahoo this year?

    With the temps already in the low 70s, any predictions ? Went 0 for 3 on them back in 2014, hoping for another opportunity.
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Steven, please clarify what exactly is CCA's position on the issue ?
  30. DHSDave

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    My bad, thanks for the clarification and support !
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Clearly the YFT are not "homeguard" but that's not the point. You gotta start somewhere and where we can make a difference is here. None of the recs want them taking such a massive volume from our backyard. As far as purse seining tuna outside of our territorial waters that's a larger fight to...
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    You have to be out of your mind to think the seiners have not had a major impact on the local stocks. There is no question that fishing was epic back in the day prior to commercial industrialized fishing practices. Why do we tolerate an unlimited take on hundreds if not thousands of metric tons...
  33. DHSDave

    Coronados 7/15

    Nice work, I was fishing the same area and ended up with 8 yt, all the cuda you wanted and some nice whitefish to end the day. The bait from the receiver was horrible. I usually make my macs around the bait barge.
  34. DHSDave

    Coronados 7/15

    Same here, I've been checked twice by the Mex Navy in the past year and on both occasions they were polite and professional. I had all my documents and within about 10 minutes I was back to fishing.
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    Massive BFT school- Local US WATERS

    Check back in a few months when Japan sends the video of them decimating their spawning grounds.
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    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    When you add up the entire sportfishing fleet, recs, businesses, boats, taxes,fuel, slips, equipment, hotels, licenses, etc etc, yes I do think its far greater than YFT at $300 a ton. Someone will probably chime in here with the exact figure. I would argue the dent they make locally is...
  37. DHSDave

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    That's what CCA thinks, that no tuna are being wrapped. Clearly not all on the same page here and that's why I want to know more about the organization and their position on the issue.
  38. DHSDave

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Wow, I didn't think this thread would go so viral but I'm glad it did. I've read through all the responses and you've all provided some great feedback. I've reached out to CCA and according to them, the closest pelagic purse seining is being done in Mexican waters and locally the seining is...
  39. DHSDave

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    With all the destruction we've seen first-hand of the seiners in action literally a few miles off tbe beach at times, it's high time we try to do something about it. We are the ones producing significant economic revenue for our communities far greater than the commercials ever could by...
  40. DHSDave

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    Wtf, that is sickening. Thought the US has a 50 mt limit on Bluefin , do they not ? It's even worse that there in no quota on YFT. With all the recs and sportboats in socal, theres no reason we can't do something about the seiners.
  41. DHSDave

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    Same here, its beyond frustrating seeing how much damage these seiners impact our local yft fishery. It makes absolutely no economic sense, recs bring in 10x the amount of revenue the commercials do for the community. Every year they come in and F it up for everybody. Its high time we got...
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    Way to go, I would have kept my first one as well. I think all the guys crying for catch and release should save their comments for the Hawaii forum where it seems like every Marlin is put in the box. Our impact is negligible...
  43. DHSDave

    New in Box.. Fin-Nor SA-12 2 Speed Reel...

    Exceptional Big game reel with 35lb drag capacity. 2 speed 5:58:1/2:48:1 Braid capacity 1000 yards of 30lb. $350.00
  44. DHSDave

    ,302,knoll,182, 7-1-17

    We worked the N9 to below the 182 and 302. Water was horrible and best temp we found was 66.5. Found 2 small bird schools below the 182 which were up and down so fast that we couldn't even get close enough to throw on them. Flew the yummy in off color water for nada.
  45. DHSDave

    Need a ho for 6/30 or 7/1 w/kite experience

    Thanks for the interest but I should have a full boat now for Saturday. If Friday becomes an option, I can give you guys a holler. Paul nice boat, I have the same one but she's a 1993 version. White w/hardtop/crows nest- CHUPACABRA
  46. DHSDave

    Need a ho for 6/30 or 7/1 w/kite experience

    Getting all my gear together for first attempt with the kite. Any takers with some experience ? Plan on fishing Friday or Saturday depending on conditions. Will be fishing for cows and anything else we run into. Split for gas and bait but I can get 3mpg on a good day. :-)
  47. DHSDave

    14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    Awesome pics, we need more of these big great whites to do something about all the furbags which are completely out of control around here.
  48. DHSDave

    Tough day 6/16

    I started at the Nados, beautiful blue water but no yellows around north island. Headed offshore to a few miles north of the 371, 302, 226. We didn't see any life there and no birds. Maybe it was a time of day thing, I donno but sounds like the action was better further south.
  49. DHSDave


    I don't see those days coming back anytime soon. While the catch quotas on BFT have been reduced, the Japanese are decimating the BFT spawning grounds every year. Sucks for us and for the future of a robust recovery.
  50. DHSDave

    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    1/2 scoop deans and 3-6 ounces weight depending on the current and drift.
  51. DHSDave

    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    Fished that area and several other spots in the bay yesterday, not a single fish. Had 2 bites that didn't stick for a 1/2 day effort.
  52. DHSDave

    Shurflo pump, Promar Net, Lenco Switch

    A few items from the garage: Shurflo Pro Blaster II with stainless steel strainer, good condition $80 Promar collapsible landing net $20, never used Lenco trim tab switch kit $30, used but good condition
  53. DHSDave

    100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    I had the yellow spectra, we did well considering 37 on board.
  54. DHSDave

    100# GBFT on overnight trip.

    Overnight from last Wednesday right ? I was there too and got my personal best. 95lbs according to measurement calculations. Avet 2 speed hxw, 100 lb hollow with loop to loop 60lb leader, 4/0 hook.
  55. DHSDave

    Halloween tuna

    Nice work, unfortunately it looks like the el nino party is coming to an end. La Niña is favored to develop (~70% chance) during the Northern Hemisphere fall 2016 and slightly favored to persist (~55% chance) during winter 2016-17. 2017 might be the year of the albacore for us!
  56. DHSDave

    Wanted: Small tuna tower for Grady white

    I have the same size Grady as in the pic and am also interested in the same setup. Can I get a pm on pricing ? Thanks
  57. DHSDave

    Fin-Nor Offshore 9500 Spinning Reel...BFT slayer

    No problem Gary, hope you get a monster with it!
  58. DHSDave

    Lack of lobster reports

    Got a few the other night with my buds including a couple trophies in the 4-5 lb range
  59. DHSDave

    Fin-Nor Offshore 9500 Spinning Reel...BFT slayer

    Practically new, used twice. Fin-Nor OS9500 spinning reel freshly packed with 80lb Izorline spectra. Aluminum body, sealed stainless steel bearings and 60lbs of max drag capacity. Enough drag to stop any big Bluefin. $125.00
  60. DHSDave

    Looking for 1 spot on a 2.5 or 2 day leaving Wednesday or Thursday...

    Been fishing offshore socal last 12 years, have all my gear. Hopefully I can find a spot, thanks, let me know...
  61. DHSDave

    Rats everywhere

    A legal lobster has had the opportunity to spawn at least once, cant say the same for a rat yellow, just sayin....
  62. DHSDave

    OSide 7/24 Hot as fck, a couple of Seiners, and no bites

    Got it on the US seiners but ya in regards to the Mex fleet I haven't heard if they hit their quota yet down south.
  63. DHSDave

    OSide 7/24 Hot as fck, a couple of Seiners, and no bites

    I thought there was a very small quota on BFT for US seiners and what's up with the Mexican fleet, haven't they hit their quota by now ?
  64. DHSDave

    lots of yts for the captains grandson!

    Nice job Rick, kids must have had a blast.
  65. DHSDave

    Lenco Trim Tab Switch Kit

    I just upgraded to the new led indicator version. This one started to work sporadically. I believe the connection at the button pad is loose. Might be an easy fix. Anyway free to whoever could use it. Mosel # 124ssr
  66. DHSDave

    Might need 1 for tomorrow fishing for Bluefin...

    I'm not sure if my regular fishing bud can make it tomorrow so I may need a last minute ho. Hoping for an update shortly. Plan is to fish sw of the islands, off fishdope numbers. Will be trailering to Shelter island and launching around 4:30 am. Boat is a Grady 20ft walkaround w 200 Yamaha...
  67. DHSDave

    First trophy Bluefin this season...

    A trophy size squirrel of course 8-)
  68. DHSDave

    First trophy Bluefin this season...

    Thanks bro. Might have to head back out there a couple more times next week if your interested.
  69. DHSDave

    WTB: Jig stick

    Preferably 9ft, Calstar GG90J, 90 J, ulua, or something similar in a 30-60 lb line class. Let me know what you got, thanks !
  70. DHSDave

    First trophy Bluefin this season...

    Launched fairly late around 8:30 in foggy conditions from sd bay. Loaded up on some beautiful macs from the receiver and headed sw. Lots of life as we crossed the lower 9 and nados but no tuna. Headed down to the 425 and saw lots of breaking spots of big Bluefin from 50-100+ pound fish. Schools...
  71. DHSDave

    Daiwa Lexa 300 HS-P for sale...

    Still available, prefer local sale. I am in South San Diego. .. PM me for more info
  72. DHSDave

    Daiwa Lexa 300 HS-P for sale...

    Like new, used twice. Spooled with braid and 40 lb topsbot Izorline XXX. $110.00
  73. DHSDave

    Hoo Heartbreak

    Lost another one yesterday NE of the 178. He was on for 5-10 secs Yozuri had marks all over the middle of it Damn these fish damn them all to hell ! Lol 0 for 2 now.
  74. DHSDave

    Marlins still biting

    Nice catch, we have Marlin this year off San Diego mostly blue and stripers but most people go crazy if you keep one. It's frowned upon if you don't release them. The only exception seems to be if it comes in dead from the fight.
  75. DHSDave

    Hoo Heartbreak

    Glad its not just me having a hard time landing these fish. Big I was using Standard maurader hooks, 1 large single up front and 1 large trailing hook.
  76. DHSDave

    Hoo Heartbreak

    Out on the water near the lower nine. Trolled black n purple and Tony the Tiger marauders. Water temp was around 72. Trolling 9 mph. After 45 minutes port side Tony maurader gets slammed. Got on the fish, left boat in forward gear, after 5 minutes he charges the boat. Fight goes on for another...
  77. DHSDave

    1 out of 2

    Way to go Rick, I will be taking a crack at them this week as well.
  78. DHSDave

    4 Hoop Nets

    Collapsible type, 1 net is the larger Eclipse style with removable upright supports. $60 for all.
  79. DHSDave

    Kodiak 32 Gallon Bait Tank w /pump & accessories FS...

    Still available, have a couple others also interested. Thanks.
  80. DHSDave

    Kodiak 32 Gallon Bait Tank w /pump & accessories FS...

    Hey guys tank is still available , prefer local sale. I'll give u a call today Robert.
  81. DHSDave

    8/28/15 El Skunko

    A few miles west of the 9 is where I was, most of the paddies were holding, not a lot of fish but they were mostly big bulls. Also got a 35lb YFT off the porpoise in the same area.
  82. DHSDave

    Kodiak 32 Gallon Bait Tank w /pump & accessories FS...

    still available, I paid $250 for the tank only last year. includes upgrades and pump...
  83. DHSDave

    Kodiak 32 Gallon Bait Tank w /pump & accessories FS...

    Depends on the size of baits. I generally just run with 1 scoop with the big ass sardines and a scoop and a half for the smaller deans. I believe the general rule is 20 gallons for the first scoop and 10 gallons for each additional scoop.
  84. DHSDave

    WFO 182 Tuesday.....

    WTG Rick, another slaughter without question. I will be out on the grounds next week, will pm u.
  85. DHSDave

    Kodiak 32 Gallon Bait Tank w /pump & accessories FS...

    Kodiak 32 gallon bait tank, works perfect. Added rod holders and Kodiak pliers/knife rack. Homemade lexan cover. Includes 800 GPH bait pump. $250 Prefer local pickup or could possibly meet halfway.
  86. DHSDave

    8/7 9 mile report...

    Launched around 0500 from Shelter Island, waited a good 30-40 minutes for bait. Ran out a few miles east oof upper 9, not much life. Decided to go north up towards La Jolla Del Mar when we heard a report of a wide open bite on the south 9. Turned the boat around ran south for 26 miles, no bite...
  87. DHSDave

    FS: 2 Penn Senator Reels & Penn Troller Rods

    For sale: 2 Penn 113H special senator 4/0 reels and matching Penn trolling rods with roller guides in good condition. Just spooled with 80lb XXX Izorline. Matching set in good condition. Made in USA. $150.00 Located in South Bay area.
  88. DHSDave

    NOAA news: BFT bag limit - 2 fish per day will start on July 30, 2015

    Regarding the sport and private boaters taking more Bluefin than the commercials. Do you have any facts to back that up ? First time I have heard this and I'd like to.see the data on it if you have it, thanks.
  89. DHSDave

    7/23 Catch Report W La Jolla & Upper 9 Mile Bank...

    Got an early start last Thursday, on the water by 0500, phew only 3 boats ahead of me at the bait barge. Bait was ok but not great mostly horse dines. Plan was to head to the upper 9 and work north towards La Jolla and Del Mar where the SST water temps and recent reports seemed good. Found some...
  90. DHSDave


    Well done, what was your trolling speed ?
  91. DHSDave

    found them again today off the point

    My buddy was out there Wednesday, heard the #'s put out and headed over to the spot. Could not believe how close these bft were from shore. He got 1 30lbder. I can't recall bft this close inshore in the past 10 years. Anyone know why they are this close ? Seems like there is plenty of bait...
  92. DHSDave

    found them again today off the point

    My buddy was out there Wednesday, heard the #'s put out and headed over to the spot. Could not believe how close these bft were from shore. He got 1 30lbder. I can't recall bft this close inshore in the past 10 years. Anyone know why they are this close ? Seems like there is plenty of bait...
  93. DHSDave

    This is happening 6 to 8 miles off Point Loma

    The seiners are wrapping BFT or YFT? I thought they would have hit the BFT quota by now???
  94. DHSDave

    Caught A Few Blue Fin Tuna

    Way to go on the BFT! What lb test line did you use on the trollers, straight mono or spectra? J or circle hook?
  95. DHSDave

    Crew to fish Coronados and near coastal...

    You can get the FMM from the INM office in TJ with a maritime entry good for up to 180 days. I then submit that along with the biographical information on the manifest.
  96. DHSDave

    Crew to fish Coronados and near coastal...

    Thanks guys, I'll keep you in mind for future trips.
  97. DHSDave

    Crew to fish Coronados and near coastal...

    Looking to fish mid week usually on Thursdays or Fridays. Prefer local BDers. Must have Mexican fishing license, passport, FMM visa, gear and be willing to pitch in a few bucks for gas. If you can go within a day or two notice even better. Boat is a 20ft Grady White walk around loaded and...
  98. DHSDave

    Garage Cleaned out- Items for sale

    I am interested in the life jackets, thanks
  99. DHSDave

    Wide open leopard shark fishing. Just for fun.

    Well done sir, that's one trip those kids will never forget...
  100. DHSDave

    5-10 BIG BUT

    That's a real beauty well done sir, guessing that's a 25-30 year old fish?
  101. DHSDave

    20ft Grady-White Walkaround Cuddy w/Johnson 200

    Back on the market, looking on moving up to a larger Grady. 2.0mpg cruise at 22-23 mph. Available for immediate sea trial.
  102. DHSDave

    1st Halibut of the season

    Well done sir, looks like we both got some early season barn doors !
  103. DHSDave

    First Hali of 2015 and a personal best ...

    I am stuffed on these fillets, had to vacuum seal most of it. Baked halibut over tomatoes,onions,capers,fennel,garlic, and a little white wine sauce. :)
  104. DHSDave

    First Hali of 2015 and a personal best ...

    Thanks guys, weighed in right around 30 lbs...
  105. DHSDave

    First Hali of 2015 and a personal best ...

    Hit up one of my favorite spots yesterday and lucked out on this slob. What worked, 30ft water, 6 oz weight, circle hook with trailing single octopus stinger hook. Macs for bait. Taped out at 38"
  106. DHSDave

    Merc 6 hp 2 stroke for sale

    Short or long shaft ?
  107. DHSDave

    WTB kicker motor

    Looking for same, longshaft model.
  108. DHSDave

    1/3/15 moonlight halibut, San Diego

    Thanks going to buy that net.
  109. DHSDave

    1/3/15 moonlight halibut, San Diego

    Nice haul and Speaking of halibut what type of net do you use? I dont think my net has a small enough mesh and I dont want to kill any shorts by splitting their tails, thanks.
  110. DHSDave

    20ft Grady-White Walkaround Cuddy w/Johnson 200

    Sorry for the delayed response. Total weight incl trailer would be around 4500lb depending on fuel load. Boat is off the market for now, going to run her for another season.
  111. DHSDave

    20ft Grady-White Walkaround Cuddy w/Johnson 200

    20ft 1993 Grady-White w 1993 Johnson OMC 200HP Outboard w 686 hours, recently tuned w good compression on all cylinders. Cruise 22mph @ 38000 rpm. 1.5-2.0 nmpg. Top speed 40 mph @ 5800 rpm. Recent survey, new bottom paint, coaming pads, Garmin GPS Chartplotter, sounder , fishfinder w 7"...
  112. DHSDave

    9.13.14 371 to 425 Dodo day.

    Nice work as usual Rick!
  113. DHSDave

    2014 Seiner Quota?

    Maybe one day there will be giant bft again to catch off California
  114. DHSDave

    2014 Seiner Quota?

    I thought it was in the neighborhood of 3500mt? Has it changed for this year? Read something about Japan reducing their juvenile catch rates significantly over the next few years.
  115. DHSDave

    Backup Deckhands/Ho's wanted

    Hey Rick, I am also interested. 11 years of offshore fishing experience. Own/maintain 20ft Grady. Good attitude and can get along with just about anyone.
  116. DHSDave

    Any Johnson Carb gurus out there ?

    Finally got my boat up and running. Motor is a 1993 Johnson 200, runs great but need a little help fine tuning the idle. Would also like to perform a link and synch with someone who has experience with that procedure. Prefer to do this locally Otay Lake or Shelter Island. PM me if you like with...
  117. DHSDave


    Can you pm me regarding the tank as well? thx
  118. DHSDave

    Boat rewiring

    For a 1993 Grady White Adventure. Looking for someone who can help me rewire the boat, looks a bit like a rats nest I'm not confident enough to take this job on myself. Need a recommendation for someone qualified who can get me on the water...
  119. DHSDave

    9/14 8 SE of 425 - we were hoping for an Opah, but instead...

    Have you visited the Hawaii forums? Seems like virtually all the billfish landed are kept. I'm not judging either, great catch and certainly some good eats right there. D
  120. DHSDave

    1984 Blackman BillFisher 23'

    Do you have the fuel burn numbers? Thx
  121. DHSDave

    WTB: SKB Tackle Box

    Looking for a skb box in good condition, prefer the smaller model box. Thx...
  122. DHSDave

    Bluefin virgin still :(

    If it's any consolation I lost about an 80lb Bft after a brutal hour plus fight on 30lb a couple weeks ago. Got sawed off by someone else right after I had the fish at deep color.
  123. DHSDave

    Eclipse 2.5 dayer - June 25th-June 28th

    Thanks for the info, I've never been on the Eclipse before but the reviews on BD appear to be quite good. I spoke to Capt. Chris who seemed like a professional and knowledgeable guy. Needless to say I booked it after our conversation. Looking forward to a great trip. =)
  124. DHSDave

    Sea Adventure 80 vs. Top Gun 80

    Based on what? The boat layout is fantastic, food and bunks are good and most importantly the Capt and crew are very professional and experienced. The counts back that up. I've fished at least a dozen different boats from the fleet and the SA80 hands down has to be in my Top Three along with the...
  125. DHSDave

    What boat for a 2.5 or 3 day?

    It's hard to go wrong with most of the boats in the fleet however there are a few standouts in my opinion having been on many of the SD sport boats. From my experience over the last 8 years, I would recommend the Sea Adventure 80 and First String for the 2 day+ trips. Other boats to look at...
  126. DHSDave

    First String 8/7, who's goin? Who's been?

    First String is a top notch boat/crew, definitely in my top 3. I'll be there tomorrow, recent reports sound promising.
  127. DHSDave

    Where are the albies???

    Yep figured as much, another no show season. I was hoping to can a few, maybe next year...
  128. DHSDave

    Where are the albies???

    Don't tell me this is going to be another no show season, not hearing much so far this year. Nobody finding them yet???
  129. DHSDave

    New Lo-An 1.5 7/13-7/15

    The New Lo An is also one of my favorite boats. We got on all day drift a couple years ago with wide open YFT and the crew busted out the kite and let everyone have a turn on it, what a blast seeing those bigger model yft's explode those baits on the surface! Although not every trip has been a...
  130. DHSDave

    Bluefin, Bluefin, and More Bluefin Tuna

    Didn't we used to have that in Socal like 50 years ago before the commercials and seiners wiped them out? I keep hearing stories of big model Bluefin that used to be caught off San Diego. Auzzieland does sound quite appealing, will have to give it a shot one day...
  131. DHSDave

    Otaru slaying!!! (Kaneohe 6-16-2012)

    Nice mess of skipjacks.
  132. DHSDave

    LR guys pickun away at quality BFT w/albies in the mix

    I'll take albie steaks over BFT any day of the week. I also like my tuna without elevated radiation levels. :D
  133. DHSDave

    32' Stamas w Twin Diesels $38K

    Mike, my condolences to your family. I fished that boat a couple years ago with your father. Nice Stamas...
  134. DHSDave

    Pacific Voyager 1.5 day June 8.

    Hey Mike I see you got my deposit. See you on Thursday...
  135. DHSDave

    Radioactive bluefin tuna crossed the Pacific to US "The levels of radioactive cesium were 10 times higher than the amount measured in tuna off the California coast in previous years. But even so, that's still far below safe-to-eat limits set by the U.S. and...
  136. DHSDave

    Japan's radiation found in San Diego bluefin tuna

    Yeah that's your Gov't telling you a little radiation won't be that bad for you. :skullbone I'm not staying home but it hopefully will be a good catch and release year.
  137. DHSDave

    Japan's radiation found in San Diego bluefin tuna "The levels of radioactive cesium were 10 times higher than the amount measured in tuna off the California coast in previous years. But even so, that's still far below safe-to-eat limits set by the U.S. and...
  138. DHSDave

    Waianae 4/14/12

    Nice bunch of skipjacks...
  139. DHSDave

    1.5 Day Trip Aboard Legend (Saturday, 1/14)

    Same here went on the Legend with a private charter and the Capt would yell at his customers whenever a fish busted off. At the dock One of my fish disappeared bc it was not tagged properly. Everyone's overall satisfaction of the boat was very low. Your right plenty of other solid choices...
  140. DHSDave

    Following the Kaneohe Rainbow 12/7

    That's quite a haul. I've never found a good way to prepare skipjacks, usually just throw em back myself...
  141. DHSDave

    Waianae 12/4

    Gratz on the spearfish....
  142. DHSDave

    Sea Adventure 80...Fishing was good! 08/17/11

    Gotta say up front I was really impressed with Capt. Scott McDaniels deciding to make the long run early and pre-bait the boat. We ended up leaving right around 4:00pm Tues well head of most of the fleet in order to make the long run South (150 miles) and be in the zone by sunrise. Started off...
  143. DHSDave

    7/30/11 Town side

    Are those skipjacks good to eat? I've caught a bunch here off San Diego but always released them.
  144. DHSDave

    Long Range 1.5 Day

    I was on the trip as well. Longgg ride out and back, we really only fished for about 6 hrs total but the bite was pretty consistent. A lot of the yellows were rats with some occasional 20lbders thrown in. Many of the calicos were over 5lbs. Also a kid on the boat dropped a live mack down to the...
  145. DHSDave

    45 tons of BFT wrapped yesterday 6/5/11

    I could not agree more, besides aren't bluefin down to something like 10% of their historical population from the 1970's? Hasn't the So Cal rec industry already taken a huge hit from last year's poor season. This coupled with another potentially weak season and a bad economy is going to take a...
  146. DHSDave

    Small Albacore?

    I thought one of the spawning sites was NW of Hawaii. The recs and longliners occaisionally catch albies usually large adults 60-70lb average.
  147. DHSDave

    Chris Randal fron The Indian about the Bulefin Tuna

    Oh I will, I just plan on leaving from Shelter Island.
  148. DHSDave

    Chris Randal fron The Indian about the Bulefin Tuna

  149. DHSDave

    Chris Randal fron The Indian about the Bulefin Tuna

    Says the 20's something law school student. First of all before you start calling me out as a liar, I have absolutely nothing to prove to you and I've been following this type of stuff occuring down South for many years. I provide fair warning, no more no less to what you term the Mexican...
  150. DHSDave

    Chris Randal fron The Indian about the Bulefin Tuna

    Ok Mr Semantic, "SAFER", your word not mine. How about that? I can't tell you how many times I've had friends "shaken down" at their so-called checkpoints. One in particular driving a brand new truck towing a very nice fishing boat, had narcotics planted on his vehicle. Luckily he saw them...
  151. DHSDave

    Chris Randal fron The Indian about the Bulefin Tuna

    I'm trust the Mexican Military and feel "safer". Good luck with that in the future.
  152. DHSDave

    Chris Randal fron The Indian about the Bulefin Tuna

    Drive through Mexico, take your chances. You actually trust those Mexican Military Checkpoints and Police? Now on the water with a party boat full of passengers, your less likely to run into "problems".
  153. DHSDave

    50 to 70 lbs pigs pictures

    Some nice feesh Garr. In Hawaii, they occasionally catch those adult albies 50-80lbs all day long...
  154. DHSDave

    NEW-Lo-An Tuna Slay fest!

    Short report: 1.5 day Fishing roughly 60 miles out or so from the point. Had a great bite going with the YFT at grey light that went on for a couple hours. Later in the afternoon moved a few miles and picked away for 11 bluefin. Around 5:00pm got on a meter mark that produced a good bite until...
  155. DHSDave

    Waianae 8-28-10

    Otaru? Aren't those skipjacks?
  156. DHSDave

    Unbelieveably Slow day for Long Run-31st

    Well if you wanna call doing their jobs "harassment" then so be it. I think your way off base,most cops love the job and do not have "miserbale lives". In fact alot of them make well over 100 g's a year and a fat benefit package to go along with it. As mentioned earlier smuggling attempts over...
  157. DHSDave

    51 lb Albacore South 295 7/24/2010

    Adult albies whch are occasionally caught off Hawaii. Our fish are primarily sub-adults(2-6 yrs) Sure wish we had some of these larger models off San Diego...
  158. DHSDave

    Albacore are here.

    Well said, Markus has always run a great operation on the New Lo-An. I certainly appreciate the honest reporting on conditions and information he shares with us here on BD. Did I mention Travis let us take turns with the kite on a trip I had with them last year? It was a wfo bite, so they...
  159. DHSDave

    50% off for military , Police and Firefighters

    Thanks for your consideration for those in uniform. Looks like I'll be booking a BigGame 90 trip here in the near future, thanks again!
  160. DHSDave

    Good BFT action

    I second that, Markus and Travis do a great job on the New Lo-An. I'll never forget the WFO YFT bite I had on his boat last year, they even let us rotate on the kite resulting in instant explosive topwater hits, awesome stuff. I'll be back on the New Lo-An for sure this year... :2gunsfiring_v1:
  161. DHSDave

    Albies in Hawaii?

    I've been fishing for albies out of San Diego for years and was wondering if there is a viable sport fishery in Hawaii for the larger models? The only ones we get out here are the sub-adult 2-6 yr old fish up to about 40lbs. Thanks...:2gunsfiring_v1:
  162. DHSDave

    So, why the Intrepid?

    Lol, I hear that. One trip on the Legend and I got all the red headed step child treatment I could take. =) I've heard so many good things about the Intrepid that I am now seriously considering them for my upcoming long range trip.
  163. DHSDave

    Super Seeker 6470

    Jig/Bait rod 7ft model in excellent-good condition. PM me with price,thanks!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  164. DHSDave

    Top Gun 80

    Maybe 90-100 miles south. Left the bait dock around 10:00pm and dind't really get to the area we wanted to work until about 9:00am or so.
  165. DHSDave

    Avet JX MC Jig Outfit...

    What would be a good rod match for an AVET JX MC 6.0:1 for something I could throw jigs/irons with? 7ft, 8ft? Looking to run this on a 40lb setup, thanks...
  166. DHSDave

    Top Gun 80

    Left H&M 9pm Friday night on a 1.5 day trip. We voted on giving it a shot for the pelagics despite the slow reports. We started out about 120m SW of the point. No love on the troll. Early in the afternoon we got on a small school of bluefin in the 25-30lb class. My buddy got one foul hooked on...
  167. DHSDave

    Avet JX...Ratio and Rod to Match?

    SS 6470 sounds like a good fit, I'll take a look at the Calstars as well thanks...
  168. DHSDave

    Avet JX...Ratio and Rod to Match?

    I own a LX and MXL which I love for flylining. I have never really thrown irons around before and would like to get a good outfit going. I've narrowed my selection down to an Avet JX but am not sure what ratio to go with in single speed. 4.6:1 or 6.0:1? Is the MC feature worth the extra $$$...
  169. DHSDave

    Top Gun 80 ???

    I'll see you on the boat tomorrow as well. A bit early in the season for the albies on a 1.5 day trip so I would expect them to be targeting the yellows. Your gear should be fine I am bringing An Avet LX and MXL w/ spectra backing and Izorline 30# mono topshots. I am a fan of the flurocarbon as...
  170. DHSDave

    Misleading Legend Fish Count

    BS, the Legend is always getting negative feedback from its customers on a consistent basis, more than any other boat out of SD by far. I too had a bad experience on the boat. Nobody likes to post this stuff but these trips are expensive, especially for guys who can only afford to go out on the...
  171. DHSDave

    Kilsong's big fish

    What's the limit on Giants on the East Coast? Is it a tag system of one fish per season for the recs? We keep hearing that the stock is in a near state of total collapse.
  172. DHSDave

    Legend 1.5 day?

    Not a fan of the Legend, search the archives for info on the boat/crew. Went on a 2 day with them this year without much success on the fish count. Not exactly a friendly boat and God forbid you break off or farm a fish. Bait was rationed way too much, food was subpar and they lost one of my...
  173. DHSDave

    NEW LO-AN killin em' 9-22-09

    Nice trip. BTW-What was up with the guy at the dock when you got in??? I was leaving H&M @ 545am yesterday on a trip aboard the Fisherman III and some guy who was on the New Lo-An was going ballistic demanding a full refund, what's up with that? FYI- The New Lo-An is one of my favorite boats...
  174. DHSDave

    Mammals = Tuna 9-20-09 and Customs Info

    Lol, great pic ain't it? Considering it appears that you have seniority on me, I will defer my coveted avatar for your sole use. =)
  175. DHSDave

    Mammals = Tuna 9-20-09 and Customs Info

    There's plenty to keep CBP Air & Marine busy on the waterway, lot's of illegal activity occuring close to the Point and I'll leave it at that for OPSEC purposes. Don't be surprised if you get stopped for an inspection.
  176. DHSDave

    New Loan 9-2-09

    Yes an awesome, memorable day indeed for everyone. By far it was the best WFO YFT action I've seen all year. The highlight had to be fishing the kite, mine tapped out at 50lbs. I ended up with my limit but farmed a bunch also...
  177. DHSDave

    Legend 1.5 day bad trip

    I went out on a 2 day Legend trip earlier this month. Private charter and first time on this boat. I also along with just about everyone else had a negative experience with their operation. Shawn was not the Captain on our trip for the record. 2 deckhands were on the boat, one a young kid who...
  178. DHSDave

    Sat 7-25-09 Offshore Report

    Hey Mike, I was on the trip as well with the other Dave. We had a nice day on the water and was lucky enough to get 3 of those yellers. Still 0 for 3 now on trips for the tuna however. We tried trolling, bait and jigs on those breaking bluefin for nada...
  179. DHSDave

    AVET--MXL vs SX...........

    Thanks for the input guys, I have decided to go with the MXJ. I will be picking it up today. "Ihave just about 300 yards 50lb spectra and that leaves just about a 100 foot topshot of 30lb test. The set up absolutly kills the tuna to 50lbs." Exactly what I'm looking for from this setup.
  180. DHSDave

    AVET--MXL vs SX...........

    Looking for a liteweight reel to tackle some West Coast albacore and yellowtail. I don't see much difference between the MXL and SX models. Do all the MXL's come with the Magiccast feature? If so, is it on all the time or is it selective? I've heard that the system works but is extremely...
  181. DHSDave

    Long Range out of Baja,MX?

    Anyone know of any long range boats sailing out of Cabo or anywhere else on the Baja Coast? I'm talking about the 70-100ft live aboard 3-7 multi-day type boats that you find in San Diego not the 6 pack type charters. Sure would save a bunch on travel time going a couple hundred miles straight...
  182. DHSDave

    Boat Ho list for 2009

    Name: Dave Age: 38 Boat: Not yet Days Availabile: Most weekdays with short notice. Weekends as well but prefer less boat traffic during weekdays References: MATTANZA Experience: Fished my whole life on East Coast. 3 years exp here on 1-2.5 day trips Drink/Smoke: Occasionally/No Contact Info...
  183. DHSDave

    Anyone been on the First-String??

    I went on the First String last year for a 2.5 day trip. The Capt ran far to find us fish and he did a great job getting us on the yellers and dodos. Crew was top notch. When I went out with them, they had 2 mates on the top deck using binos ALL DAY long non-stop searching for paddies, fish...
  184. DHSDave

    lots of fish on the border!

    Way to clobber em Rick! I'm still waiting for my first San Diego time hopefully...My wife and I have been eating Albacore for the past 2 weeks and still have a freezer full! =)
  185. DHSDave

    Report-Fishing the MATANZA 8/20/08 Albies + Dodos...

    Great day on the water. Had an opportunity to fish with Capt. Rick and a couple other guys. Great guy, lot's of experience and has a nice fishing rig. We were not to be dissapointed this day. Left around 0200, made bait and headed out to E Butterfly area. We had some good meter marks and at...
  186. DHSDave


    Fish of a lifetime, 50 years from now you'll be telling the grandkids about it! Hell of a job on that fish with 25lb line..well done
  187. DHSDave


  188. DHSDave

    First Sting Report 2 day 7/28-7/30...

    Arrived at the dock around 8:00pm to watch them offload a beautiful 100lb Opah, nice feesh! We left around 9:00pm, loaded up on some good looking bait and steamed all night with lines in the water around 5:30am. Waters were relatively calm both days. We started off at about 85 miles out from...
  189. DHSDave

    Albie Setup?

    Thanks for the replies. Ok narrowing the choices now. AVET MXL single speed for about $200 looks like a decent bargain. As far as rods go, considering some of the Crowders. Model SU4060. I plan to use this setup primarily on the troll. 6' or 6'6"?
  190. DHSDave

    Albie Setup?

    Sorry guys, not really report related however I will be posting my results on my upcoming First String 2 day this month. Any recommendations on a a nice rod/reel combo? Looking for a stand up rod capable of 30-80lb test for albies primarily but also capable for some larger YFT for those...
  191. DHSDave

    Baja danger story on Yahoo

    Maybe they are upset that there only 20 million illegals in the US. Maybe we should open the floodgates now and become Mexico Norte, not that this process hasn't already begun.