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  1. jgy

    i want to pump out my bait tank

    Add a pump to the tank and use a three way switch to pump in-off-pump out.
  2. jgy

    For Sale 2004 Hydra-Sports 2400cc Vector (same as 2390)

    Only had a minor issue with the current engine (clogged remote oil tank filter). There was some sediments in the oil tank but I cleaned it all out and haven't had an issue since. Other than that, I'm thinking of going with twins since I usually go 20+ mi offshore and I want redundancy.
  3. jgy

    For Sale 2004 Hydra-Sports 2400cc Vector (same as 2390)

    I'll still sell it. The boat I was interested in sold so kind of lost motivation to sell this one. If this boat doesn't sell, I'll keep it and repower it next year. BTW, I also added a Garmin Fantom radar to it last month.
  4. jgy

    Salmon Fishing Victoria, BC

    Several years ago, I went to Victoria and ended up driving west to Sooke (45min drive). Was rewarded with limits of kings and sockeye for 3 of us. Went on Blue Wolf charters and highly recommend him.
  5. jgy

    Progressive or non progressive press

    It's pretty easy to load. Just read the book first and watch a few youtube vids. Get a chrono too so you can dial in your scope. For rifle, you'll most likely never get a double charge since if you do, powder will be spilling out the case and you won't be able to seat a bullet.
  6. jgy

    Progressive or non progressive press

    Get both. You can get a cheap single stage used for $50. Since you're doing a lot of rifle reloads, the progressive will save you a lot of time in just the brass prep alone. I used to prep brass on a single stage and now do it all on a progressive. For precision loads, I finish off on the...
  7. jgy

    For Sale 2004 Hydra-Sports 2400cc Vector (same as 2390)

    Last bump... also, I just had a Hydrastar EOH brake system installed. It's AWESOME!!!
  8. jgy

    For Sale GARMIN 8610xsv and 18 incg radar

    Payment (deposit) sent for radar.
  9. jgy

    WTB Contender 25 Open

    Motivated seller here: 2000 Contender 25 Open
  10. jgy

    FREE Boat Buying Scam

    Lots of scammers on boattrader. Beware!
  11. jgy

    For Sale 2004 Hydra-Sports 2400cc Vector (same as 2390)

    For a serious buyer, I can share the survey I had done on the boat from 2 years ago before I bought it. No major issues but I've replaced/fixed the items the surveyor found.
  12. jgy

    What is this??? Need ID help!!

    It looks like a sealion playing with a..... Baby Shark do do do do do do Baby shark do do do do do do Baby shark do do do do do do Baby shark
  13. jgy

    May 10 BFT near 101 solo battle for hours 71 yo

    Great job, OP!!! Right before the 102.
  14. jgy

    For Sale 2004 Hydra-Sports 2400cc Vector (same as 2390)

    If anyone from SoCal is interested, I'm thinking of towing the boat down to San Diego the end of June and keeping it there for a month or so. Most-likely, it'll sell down there rather than up here in the SF bay area.
  15. jgy

    For Sale 2004 Hydra-Sports 2400cc Vector (same as 2390)

    Garmin GPS 19x GPS antenna was just installed last night.
  16. jgy

    Boat ho etiquette?

    Bring enough food for you and captain Chip in for expenses Bring ice Clean your mess as you make it Look out for other boats if it's crowded Take the helm if captain is busy Help clean fish Help clean boat Don't complain Unfortunately, one of my bros only does 20-30% of the above but what the...
  17. jgy

    For Sale 2004 Hydra-Sports 2400cc Vector (same as 2390)

    Added a few more pics. Will try to take some interior ones tomorrow and post them.
  18. jgy

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Nice. Might be time to put my heavy gear to use.
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  24. jgy

    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    Short answer: YUP
  25. jgy

    SOLD Pelican Elite 250 quart ice chest

    this isn't craigslist, bro.
  26. jgy

    SOLD Trailer Valet XL like new, used very little.....

    Will this work on a driveway with a slight slope?
  27. jgy

    FREE Boat Buying Scam

    Someone tried to do that to me on boat trader. I knew it was a scam right off the bat when the person wouldn't accept my calls. So I played along for a few days and posted it on THT. Apparently, he saw my THT post on how I'm fucking with the guy and he threatened to kill
  28. jgy

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    I was in the same boat this past weekend. I was dead set on a Howa (based on this comparison) going to Sportsmans Warehouse and I got to play around woth the Howa, Bergara, Tikka and a Ruger. I ended up going with a Tikka. The action felt much smoother and I liked the trigger better than the others.
  29. jgy

    FREE Airmar P66 transducer for Raymarine

    Put in a new Garmin system on my boat and have an Airmar P66 left over from my old system. The connector is for a Raymarine unit. Had it on an older Raymarine RL70C. You'll need the mount that goes on the transom and you need to splice the wires back up. It's FREE. Just pay shipping or pick up...
  30. jgy

    For Sale Waterfront FL home, boat lift, private beach access, 60 mile run to Bahamas under 500K!

    Hmmmmmm... I was planning on buying some land this year but I might have to convince the other half to look into this. I'll have a chat with her tonight and see where it goes from there.
  31. jgy

    Slip ring crab pots

    Never seen those before. They'll probably work good for short soaks. Also, looks like the buoy can't be too buoyant or it can keep it shut.
  32. jgy

    Would you turn them in?

    Yup. And I'd give them a note or two.
  33. jgy

    Generic vs. Custom T-Top?

    Do it right the first time. Get a custom one.
  34. jgy

    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    Me too! Especially if they're shaped like dicks!!!
  35. jgy

    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    And how much of the poaching that goes around is posted on YouTube? You're basing your "Asians poach the most" based on YouTube videos? Got any real statistics from CA DFW or some other credible source?
  36. jgy

    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    Yup. They must have gotten the pic mixed up since that boat has a bunch of white guys in it.
  37. jgy

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    I bet this thread didn't turn out the way he (she?) thought it would.
  38. jgy

    SOLD Fell Marine MOB+ kill switch & accessories

    Anyone want it for $300 shipped?
  39. jgy

    Large black weiners

    Man. Would love to put one of those in my BGE.
  40. jgy

    SOLD Fell Marine MOB+ kill switch & accessories

    Bought this from the group buy but decided I'm going to end up upgrading to a bigger boat next year and not going to install this on my current boat. Looking to get what I paid for it. $320 shipped.
  41. jgy

    Former UFC fighter Matt Hughes....road to recovery!!

    Wow. Havent been following MMA in the last several years but when I did, Hughes was one of my favorite fighters. Sucks he had that happen to him. Hope he's able to fully recover.
  42. jgy

    Boat buying process/skills

    Pretty much what shewillbemine said. Are you buying local or going out of state? If possible, you want to be there when the survey is taking place.
  43. jgy

    Battlefish Netflix

    It seemed authentic so I liked the first season. If it picks up and keeps going forward, I'm pretty sure the producers will start scripting shit and it'll end up "fake news" like Wicked Tuna. So far so good. Hope it stays real.
  44. jgy

    US Customs boat 900 hp

    Because taxpayers like wasting $$$
  45. jgy

    Rigging the ultimate flat fall

    You should patent that before shimano does.
  46. jgy

    Need a new t top canvas

    Seems to have good feedback. When it's time to replace mine, I'll go with G2.
  47. jgy


  48. jgy

    5th Annual Super Bowl Prediction Contest - 2019

    Packers. Final packers score 20.
  49. jgy

    Electrical Help Please

    Negative goes straight to negative bus bar or battery. No switch. Positive goes to switch. 16ga should work. Just match the wire with what's on there now. Use a little dielectric grease too.
  50. jgy

    albacore - ilwaco, washington - august 15-19, 2018

    Great report! I think I'm going to plan a boys trip next year with that boat. Always wanted to fish up there.
  51. jgy

    Who do I talk to?

    I've used both Gil and Brian. Last year, i bought a 942xs from one and a 94sv from the other. Gil was great to deal with the whole way through. Brian was great until I paid. After he got my money, seemed to totally drop off. I asked for a simple tracking # several times but he never responded...
  52. jgy

    best performing 20#-30# braid for spinning reels?

    I got power pro on mine. No issues the last 4 yrs using it in my spinners.
  53. jgy

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    Good read! Great story!
  54. jgy

    No electronics....

    Get a PLB and a handheld VHF with GPS. For a fishfinder, you can probably get an earlier generation Garmin Striker for cheap. It is a fishfinder vut also has GPS tracking so at least you can find your way back home.
  55. jgy

    Used Boat Manf to stay away from??

    Yup. I had a Force 120 on my old 19' boat. Got 2 mpg on it, it was loud as hell and smoked a lot. With a Merc 115 fourstroke, it was night and day. Got over 5 mpg, super quiet, didn't smoke, and very smooth at idle. My current boat has a 300 HPDI. I'm only averaging 1.3 mpg on it. People with a...
  56. jgy

    Used Boat Manf to stay away from??

    2 stroke Pros: Lighter Will get you on plane faster Cons: Have to remember to add oil Loud Smokes a lot (can make sea sickness worse) Not fuel efficient Idles rough Lower resale 4 stroke Pros: Quiet Fuel efficient Can troll at slower speeds Smooth idle Higher resale Cons: Heavier...
  57. jgy

    Used Boat Manf to stay away from??

    Whatever you do, get a survey done. Could be the best $200-300 you ever spend. If you're not able to sea trial it, have the surveyor do it and look at reviews online of the boat. When i went boat shopping a couple years ago, I had surveys done. The first boat, the broker told me all the shit I...
  58. jgy

    Parker 2100 DV Center Console

    Did this boat come from TX?
  59. jgy

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    It's funny how a customer observed special treatment to those "friends and family" yet others (that weren't there) are still denying it saying the customer just had a bad day and just wants to bitch about it. When i started reading the "not so epic" thread, I figured I'd strike that boat off...
  60. jgy


    I'm on my 4th boat and I don't regret selling the other 3. I always upgraded so don't miss the smaller boats at all. Sure, I had some good memories on the other boats, but they weren't as comfortable as what I have now. Only thing I miss is the gas mileage from the old boats. I went from 5-6 mpg...
  61. jgy

    Boat cover security

    They're a PITA to take off. That and unless you have a very common boat or have a "universal" cover, I doubt it'll get stolen.
  62. jgy

    Help/ Advice for Salmon

    You shouldn't be boating/netting shakers. Gives them a small chance to live if you do. If it's definitely undersized, just shake the hook while the fish is still in the water. If you have to measure it, you can lift it up by the leader and measure.
  63. jgy

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Thanks again ??????Fisherman!!! Got mine today
  64. jgy

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Just got tracking info. Mine will also be here on the 31st. Thanks again ?? fisherman!
  65. jgy

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Cool. Yeah, I ordered 3 additional fobs.
  66. jgy

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    haven't received any tracking info. hope it doesn't come this weekend. i'll be out of town starting Friday!
  67. jgy

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Ordered mine on 7/7. Basepack, 3 fobs, and 4 wrist holder things. Still haven't heard anything back.
  68. jgy

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Yes, that's a Gen 1. Don't think there's a better price out there for the Gen 2s than the group buy price
  69. jgy

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Did you get a shipping notification? My order was processed on 7/7. Haven't heard back.
  70. jgy

    Garmin auto pilot help

    I just went through this and got the Reactor 40. I have hydraulic steering but this system can work with cable too. Just have to buy the correct corepack. Looks like they have one for Volvo. I'm still in the process of installing and so far it's easy. All that's left for me to do is the hard...
  71. jgy

    SOLD Reliable Kill Bag-28x48

  72. jgy

    Help/ Advice for Salmon

    In HMB and out the Gate, channel 19. If in the SF bay, 68.
  73. 20180618_162650


  74. jgy

    Help/ Advice for Salmon

    I troll between 2.5mph -3.5mph depending on current and wind. I vary the depth on all lines until one produces more than others. I also put attractant on my lures and flashers. Seems to work for us. Also, if the fish are shallow, I like to use dipsy divers since they're more user friendly than...
  75. jgy

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    I'm interested, depending on price.
  76. jgy

    Boat Transporter Referral for 30' Boat HELP PLEASE!

    +1 for Mark Harrison. He shipped my boat from FL to SF bay area with no problems. Fair price too. I also think he has his own trailer.
  77. jgy

    For Sale Boat accessories and tackle

    Where are you located? Interested in the life sling
  78. jgy

    Honolulu Hawaii fishing

    It's a bottom fishing trip for a few hours. They catch reef fish or whatever is nearby the harbor. I usually stay in the hotel right in front of that boat and just walk down the jetty a few minutes away to fish. I've also gone on sport boats and you'll have to negotiate how much fish you can...
  79. jgy

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    I'm with you there. It's usually bring your own drink and bring food to share. The captain doesn't have to bring anything :)
  80. jgy

    WTB Looking for Tekota 500LC

    Looking for a Tekota 500 with line counter in good condition. LMK what you have.
  81. jgy

    For Sale 2003 Henriques 28 twin 200hp yanmar diesels

    I'll start the bidding at $8,736.94
  82. jgy

    For Sale Avet sx gen 2 neptunes heart

    Wish you posted this early last week. I ordered a new one then. :(
  83. jgy

    Seeking Long Sleeve SPF 50 Fishing Shirt Recommendations

    Most long sleeve shirts are UPF50+. If you want to go best bang for the buck, just get whatever long sleeve "moisture wicking" shirt that's on sale at Amazon. If you want to spend money, Pelagic, Colombia, Huk, Dakine, etc have cool looking ones.
  84. jgy

    Fuel - How full do you leave your tanks ?

    I try to keep mine as empty as possible since I dont want to tow with a heavy load. This past winter, I forgot to stabilize 40 gallons before storing it from Nov - Apr and pumped it out and put it in the car. No issues with it but I didn't want to take the risk.
  85. jgy

    Gun for my son

    Ruger 10/22 takedown with a nice scope. Get him started with precision. Ammo is easy on the wallet too.
  86. jgy

    Boat Shipping east to west coast

    I priced that out a couple years ago when I bought my boat and it wasn't worth it (flight, hotel, lost work days/PTO, gas, etc). I ended up paying $1.20/mi. I also drove from CA to GA once and it was BOOOOOORING most of the way. Only thing that made it worth it was stopping in NOLA and all the...
  87. jgy

    SOLD Yamaha 15.25x19 Stainless propeller

    Price dropped to $250 shipped
  88. jgy


    Might be too far from you but I just saw one on CL in Sacramento. Shipping shouldn't be too bad.
  89. jgy

    Bad Ads Thread
  90. jgy

    SOLD Yamaha 15.25x19 Stainless propeller

    Used for a couple of months for prop testing on my boat. Decided to go with another pitch. This is an OEM Yamaha Saltwater Series. Stamped "19-M" and is a 15 1/4" X 19". Standard (right hand) rotation. Comes with the Yamaha hub. Looking to get $250 shipped to the continental US.
  91. jgy

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Deal of a lifetime! Hope it all works out for you
  92. jgy

    Need assistance as to where transducer should be mounted

    X2 next to the drain plug
  93. jgy

    $13,500 Parker for sale.

    There's always a sucker out there.
  94. jgy

    TRADE NIB Daiwa Lexa 300H for your Lexa 300CC

    I have a new in box Lexa 300H right hand reel. Looking to trade for a right hand Lexa 300CC (with clicker). LMK what you have.
  95. jgy

    Best boat for NorCal?

    I have a 24' CC and let me tell ya... My crew and I are fine with being cold and in the elements but when I bring my young kids and wife, they aren't very happy when it's not FAC. I plan to get a pilot house to make it more comfortable for everybody. The downside is that currently, I can go...
  96. jgy

    Looking for help picking first boat.

    I have a 24' CC and a 6 and 2 yr old. I take them out when it's FAC out there and they love it. I've debated getting a WA or pilot house but my wife thinks the CC is better for us since we can take a bunch of people and still be able to fish with 8 rods in the water. I don't have an enclosure...
  97. jgy

    Hunting Optic Recommendation

    I have a Premier 3-15x on my 6.5 Creedmoor AR10. Was easily hitting 12"x6" fire extinguishers at 700 yards. You don't want too much power but you do want good glass. Look into Vortex, S&B, Nightforce for good glass. Make sure you get a very good mount too. For the Tavor, I have an Eotech with...
  98. jgy

    Please keep up on your maintenance..... pic included

    Why even waste a paper towel? Just dunk it in saltwater and shake the rust off.
  99. jgy

    And it begins...Drones!

    What are the new 2019 regs?
  100. jgy

    West Marine Price Matching

    I wonder if they thought this through. A lot of their stuff can be had for better prices elsewhere. Now their employees have to spend extra time verifying the price and matching it. Anyway, this is great news as I have a couple of WMs near me so if I'm in a bind, I can always get a price...
  101. jgy

    Deck boots other than Xtra Tuff

    I just bought a pair of grundens. They are extremely comfortable. Just have to buy a size up as they fit tight.
  102. jgy

    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    Not sure why you "need" to find a 7.3 with low miles. They'll run over a million miles if taken care of. My F250 with 7.3 currently has 420k mi and still runs strong.
  103. jgy


    I ended up buying bitcoin through coinbase and then transferring to binance to buy Stellar.
  104. jgy

    Financing an engine rebuild?

    Check out lightstream or sofi. You can get a personal loan. Doesn't matter what you use it for.
  105. jgy


    Yeah no kidding. I tried signing up for bitstamp to buy ripple when it was 0.70. I'm still not verified and it's currently at 3.05!
  106. jgy

    NEW Shurflo Bait Sentry 500

    SOLD New, never used. Takes 3/4" inlet and outlet hoses. Looking to get $60 shipped or best offer. Specs and info here:
  107. jgy

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    That sucks. Next time he begs you to go, have him meet you at the gas station and say you left your wallet and if he can fill up. Then proceed to pump 100 gallons in it. I've done it once (not 100 gallons but $100 since that was the limit at the station). He still comes every now and then and...
  108. jgy

    Bodega Crab still slow

    Try mackerel and herring in a bait jar to lure them in. Chicken and fish carcasses to make them stay and munch on something.
  109. jgy

    How to lengthen crab pot lines

    Is your boat on a trailer? If so, it's worth going to HMB. You can crab by the beach from 20' - 60' of water. No commercial pots that shallow so you won't be fighting for a spot. Also some reefs nearby for you to rockfish while your pots soak. Otherwise, like said above, splice it. Best thing...
  110. jgy

    Price drop.... $69k Yamaha Warranty....Smoking deal....

    You should post it on THT. Lots of people just got their insurance checks from the recent hurricanes. I bet shipping wouldn't be too bad as boats come from the east to the west all the time (going back with an empty load is expensive).
  111. jgy

    2004 Farallon 2300 walk around Volvo/penta 5.0 vortex(chevy) duo prop I/O lots of extras $39,500

    Nice boat! You mentioned you want a CC to replace it with. What kind of CC?
  112. jgy

    San Fran Bay Halibut fishing

    1) Are there areas in the bay we should consider targeting halibut? GPS or spot locator appreciated. Go in about 20' or less at the Berkeley flats. Close to the old pier. Look for bait and the fish will be around. Once you get a bite, mark that spot as there will be more around that area. Also...
  113. jgy


    If it were me, I'd save another $10k and look for an already good running boat. Otherwise, if you're really interested in the boat, spend a couple hundred and get it surveyed. Might be the best couple hundred you'd ever spend in your life.
  114. jgy

    Where to buy electronics

    Another +1 for Gil Travis
  115. jgy

    2002 Hydra-Sports 2390cc Vector $40,000 obo

    Nice boat!!! Are you sure it only has a 132 gallon gas tank? Mine has a 179g tank. Don't see many of these for sale on the west coast.
  116. jgy

    Oahu inshore action

    There's Blue Ocean fishing out of Ala Wai harbor. I never went but they run two 1/2 day trips. $100 a trip. For me, I just fish off the rocks in front of Hilton on Waikiki. Either shrimp or small grubs work great.
  117. jgy

    Where are all the good deals on Parkers?

    I wouldn't buy a cheap boat from TX or FL anytime soon. If I do, I'd have two different surveyors look at it.
  118. jgy

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    It's the ref's job to protect the fighers. He did a good job IMO. Conor was barely defending himself. He might not have gotten hurt but those blows to the head aren't good for his health. Plus, he still would have lost if the ref let him go longer and let him get hit more.
  119. jgy

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    Money to win at 2:02 of Round 7
  120. jgy

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    As much as I'd love to see McGregor beat Mayweather, my bet is on Mayweather winning by TKO or KO. Mayweather knows McGregor is going to try hard to knock him out the first few rounds so what will he do? Run! When Conor gasses out, that's when Money will start hitting Conor and eventually, the...
  121. jgy


    The story I heard was that bananas were the first to spoil and in turn, would spoil the rest of the food. Depending on how far the trip was, some people died of starvation.
  122. jgy

    Recommendations for pier fishing?

    Yes. Caught many Halis and stripers with swim baits and grubs. Something similar to Big Hammers and Berkeley saltwater grubs.
  123. jgy

    Recommendations for pier fishing?

    No license required when fishing off a man made structure (pier, jetty, etc). For stripers and hali, I use a similar setup for bass fishing. 12lb line and a medium bass rod.
  124. jgy

    Diesel PilotHouse Deal of the Century???

    Yeah, because it may not look like it, but it's actually a 450 gallon bait tank back there.
  125. jgy

    Recommendations for pier fishing?

    As mentioned above, Berkeley pier is currently closed. You can try Oyster point pier but it's fairly small. Gets crowded on weekends. There are halibut caught there though. Best bet is live bait that you can jig up using a sabiki (3 hook max in the bay) using a carolina rig. If Oyster Point...
  126. jgy

    Recommendations for pier fishing?

    They've been catching salmon for the last two weeks. You want to cast out as far as you can so a surf setup with 20-30lb line would be your best bet. You'll need a sputnik type weight (heavier the better) to hold bottom. The trolley rig is similar to the pics below (I don't use a CD though) with...
  127. jgy

    Recommendations for pier fishing?

    You can catch salmon, kingfish and anchovies at pacifica. Salmon require a special bobber rig which you can buy at a local shop there. The anchovies will hit sabikis and the kingfish will hit high low rig with pieces of anchovy. Its better to go on a weekday at pacifica as the locals get really...
  128. jgy

    Recommendations for pier fishing?

    What kind of fish do you want to target? What rod/reel setups are you planning on bringing?
  129. jgy

    2007 Parker 2320 -SOLD

    Can't believe this is still available
  130. jgy

    Brand New with case Fuji TS 1440

    Anymore left? How much?
  131. jgy

    Fishing inside bodega bay

    Make sure you have a VHF radio and know what channels to use.
  132. jgy


    3 years ago, I sold my Audi S4 and leased a Nissan Leaf. Here's why: -i already have a truck for my boat and need just a commuter for work -commute to work is 35 miles one way -bridge toll is $5 or $2.50 with HOV sticker -S4 gets 25 mpg -Free EV charging at work -S4 was $500/mo loan payment...
  133. jgy

    Where's the rest of the trailer?

    What's the length of the boat? How heavy is it? If it's a light boat, you night get away with a single axle. Anyway, it sounds like a great deal but if it was so great, why is it still available? Especially during prime boating season?
  134. jgy

    How to throw a 10 Ft cast net (triple load)

    You can if you throw it north of point conception.
  135. jgy

    Two Stroke Oil?

  136. jgy

    Santa Cruz 7/13

    The hot bite the last few weeks has been around Pacifica. 20'-35' on the ball.
  137. jgy

    What are you towing with?

    99 F250 SD with 7.3L diesel. Tows my 6k lb boat no problem. When I had a 19' CC, my Hyundai Santa Fe towed it just fine.
  138. jgy

    More Santa Cruz Salmon

    Good job. I tried off natural bridges with the fleet on sat for nada. Just a few scratched baits.
  139. jgy

    How Dangerous Are Swells Without Wind?

    If you divide the swell height by the period, anything 50% and under is usually decent (assuming low winds). The lower the ratio, the calmer it should be.
  140. jgy

    fighting giant with spinning rods

    Wow. I love all sorts of fishing, but that doesn't look fun at all.
  141. jgy

    Pros and cons of registering?

    Pros No need to spend money modifying it to be featureless Cons You'll be in a database You have to pay to register it You have travel restrictions (must be in locked case, can only go straight from range and back home without stopping, etc) It must go through a FFL with AW permit if you want...
  142. jgy

    Valiant 300 with Clicker?

    I'd love to have a 300 with a clicker!!!
  143. jgy

    WTT: AR15 upper and lower set for Accurate reel

    One set is gone. One set remains. I'll sell it for $200 shipped.
  144. jgy

    Drifiting For Halibut SF Bay Question

    Only a 6hr trip? That's pretty short. The party boats usually leave at 6 and get you back around 2. Live bait drifting is great but if the bite is tough, I find trolling popsicles to be more productive.
  145. jgy

    When will the wind die down?

    Early mornings are usually OK. In the afternoon, it'll get windy. Thus is the usual pattern in late spring to summer. There will be a few days here and there where it will be calm but you have to be ready to be sick that day from work ;)
  146. jgy

    14' Gregor Build

    Looking good! Can't wait to see the fish you get out of her.
  147. jgy

    Drifiting For Halibut SF Bay Question

    How'd the fishing go? I usually use a bass fishing rod with 15lb line. from there, I have a Carolina rigged live bait hook on a 2.5' leader. Match the hook to the bait size. We caught a 27" hali on Monday and a 22" striper. Lots of shakers as well.
  148. jgy

    WTT: AR15 upper and lower set for Accurate reel

    I have two brand new Mega Gator AR15 upper/lower receiver sets. Never had parts put on them. Must be shipped to your FFL. Looking for an Accurate Valiant 300, 400, or similar.
  149. jgy

    Oven-Canned Tuna

    Thanks for the info. How long does it last before it goes bad?
  150. jgy

    Fishing at Portlock any good?

    I'll be staying close to Portlock beach in mid July. Is the fishing good around this area? I have a 9' telescoping pole and plan to do some whipping or dunking with my light setup. If so, what lures/bait should I try?
  151. jgy

    Losing bottom on my Garmin 7607xsv and Gt51m-tm transducer

    To me, it looks too low. Might just be the angle of the pic but I mounted mine so that the bottom center of the transducer is flush with the bottom of the boat. It also looks like the strake might cause turbulence. I have a GT51 mounted right next to my drain plug without any strakes in front. I...
  152. jgy

    Garmin setup for sale SOLD

    Would you sell radar separately? If so, how much shipped?
  153. jgy

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    +1 on adding a notch in the door as posted earlier.
  154. jgy

    Santa Cruz Salmon

    I keep a Scotty trap-ease on my boat. Works great for pulling up pots
  155. jgy

    tax on a out of state boat hull purchase

    Who's collecting the tax in AL? Are you buying through a broker? Make sure you get a receipt showing you paid AL tax. When I bought a new trailer in FL, I got charged the FL tax. When I registered in here, I had to pay the difference between CA and FL but had to show the receipt that I paid FL...
  156. jgy

    Raymarine RD424 Radome radar and Airmar P66 Transducer

    I'll trade the radar for a tuna 50-80lb reel, rod or combo. Avet, Daiwa, Shimano... What ya got?
  157. jgy

    Raymarine RD424 Radome radar and Airmar P66 Transducer

    Radar only. You'll need a display like the RL70C I had above or another multifunction display that it can work with.
  158. jgy

    Wraps on a salt water boat

    I've been thinking of getting my 24' boat painted or wrapped. How much per foot does it generally cost to get wrapped?
  159. jgy

    Raymarine RD424 Radome radar and Airmar P66 Transducer

    I just removed these items from my boat. They all come with the power and data cables and were working great together before i took them off last night. Located in the SF Bay area but I can ship them off too. I have the following for sale: Raymarine RL70C Pathfinder Plus (comes with cover but...
  160. jgy

    Camping and fishing spots in NorCal?

    From my experience Clear Lake: bass, crappie & catfish Lake Shasta: trout & catfish Camanche: trout, bass & catfish Don Pedro: trout, bass & catfish Tulloch: trout, catfish & small mouth bass To get a camp spot on the beach, you gotta book ASAP.
  161. jgy

    Sailfish 266 rebuild

    Wow. Awesome work. Can't wait to see the finished boat! I'm thinking of cleaning up my boat eventually (remove bottom paint, repower, fill in some holes...) and this thread is making it more easy to stay motivated.
  162. jgy

    Anyone know this lucky SOB. 40 hour castaway

    Maybe he wanted to "lose his guns due to a tragic boating accident" since new CA assault weapons laws are going into effect in a couple of weeks.
  163. jgy

    WTB 24-27' Center Console

    It cost me $4,500 to ship it over 3,000 miles. I went with a known shipper used by a fishing buddy instead of saving $1,500 and going with an unknown Uship person. I also did the math of flying there, renting a truck and hauling it myself and it didn't make sense especially since I had to take...
  164. jgy

    WTB 24-27' Center Console

    A lot over your budget but you won't have to repower for many years. Maybe sell a kidney or two ;)
  165. jgy

    WTB 24-27' Center Console

    Look into buying one from FL and saving some money. I just bought a Hydra-Sports 2400 a few months ago with brand new trailer. I couldn't find this particular boat anywhere in the west coast. After using it in rough seas/chop, it can do what everyone says it can and probably more! supposedly one...
  166. jgy

    Bait for sale - Tuna Bellies

    Human bait. ;)
  167. jgy

    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    You can get an awesome used boat for that price. If i had $50k, I'd look at a used Hydra-Sports 2500, Regulator 23, Contender 24, Sailfish, Albermarle, or classic Mako. I have a Hydra-Sport 2400 Vector and it's the best riding boat I've been on in this size. Handles great in rough seas and I...
  168. jgy

    1 way Truck Rentals to Tow Boat

    I bought a boat from FL a few months ago and did the math to fly there, rent a truck and tow it to CA 3,000 mi. Wasn't worth it. With the flight, gas, hotels, mileage, time off work, wide load permits for multiple states, etc, it would have cost me $3,000+ plus a week of PTO from work. I ended...
  169. jgy

    WTB: World Cat or Glacier Bay

    Lots available in the east coast. Should save a lot of money even after shipping.
  170. jgy

    WtB 18' to 21' center console

    Dat bow rail tho
  171. jgy

    New boat? Advise on electronic package

    I'll be upgrading electronics next year and from my research, the Simrad NSS evo2 or Garmin 76xx are at the top of my list. I had Garmin before and really liked the user interface but having played around with the Simrad everything I'm at West Marine, I'm leaning slightly towards that one.
  172. jgy


    Lots of people say to stay away from FL boats since they're mostly used hard and stored out in the sun. The ones I found were storage kept so no issues with cracked dashboards, vinyl and decks. There are lot of good deals out in the east, especially when they aren't advertised properly ;)
  173. jgy

    Boat went down right next to us.

    Good job! Karma Gods will treat you good for saving 3 lives yesterday.
  174. jgy


    Jobs pay as much as in CA?
  175. jgy

    ***SOLD*** 19' Proline With New Engine (under warranty til 2019)

    Thanks. Yes, it's exactly as advertised. I got all the receipts to prove I spent over $18k starting in January. Only reason why I'm willing to lose so much is I got a $40k boat coming in a few weeks and my wife won't let me keep this boat until I get my money's worth. I also just posted it on...
  176. jgy

    ***SOLD*** 19' Proline With New Engine (under warranty til 2019)

    $16,000 cash this weekend only!!! Anyone?
  177. jgy


    I'm in the same boat. I like CCs much more since I never fish alone due to having a lot of "boat ho" friends and family. A CC makes more sense since I can fish 4-6 people aroind the boat comfortably and I can fit more people when I take the family out on the lake. Can't do that with a pilot...
  178. jgy

    1st Time Boat Suggestion

    Check out a Parker 2520. Lots of deals out on the East Coast. You'll pay a lot for shipping but you'll still save a lot.
  179. jgy

    ***SOLD*** 19' Proline With New Engine (under warranty til 2019)

    Had a few people come out this past week. They couldn't come up with the cash... Anyway, I'll be going to the Los Angeles area this weekend if anyone is interested. I'd need a non-refundable deposit if I tow that far. If you're in LA (or on the way from the SF bay area) let me know ASAP...
  180. jgy

    2006 Grady White Sportsman 180 CC

    This should sell FAST!!! Nice rig.
  181. jgy

    Best rifle case for air travel?

    I use a soft sided case inside a Pelican 1750. Never had any problems. I keep my ammo and accessories in there too.
  182. jgy

    ***SOLD*** 19' Proline With New Engine (under warranty til 2019)

    I can deliver/meet up within a reasonable distance.
  183. jgy

    Moving to Bay Area, have some fishing questions.

    Welcome back! How big of a boat are you planning on getting? I suggest, like posted above, getting something you can tow around. If it must be slipped, also look at Brisbane Marina or Oyster Point. Not too far of a run out the gate but you can catch salmon and rockfish there plus you can stay in...
  184. jgy


    Any cheap standard servo should work. I had a spare one from a helicopter I stopped using. Here's one for $5 You just have to create a mount and way to hold the line.
  185. jgy


    If you have an extra channel on your receiver, just hook up a cheap servo to drop the bait. I have an F550 that I used from shore to drop bait far out. Since I got my boat I haven't used it much.
  186. jgy

    Going Fishing? Aha! It's A 'Aha!

    Nice. I'll be there next week. Going to bring my 8' telescoping rod and 4000 reel with 12lb mono. Hope to catch something while the wife and kids are in the water. Is that by diamondhead?
  187. jgy

    Looking to buy White Poly Cutting Board

    If there's a TAP Plastics near you, they usually sell starboard. They even have a discount section where they'd make custom cuts for customers and they sell the leftover pieces.
  188. jgy

    Buying a boat

    I bought a 19' CC in Jan of this year and I'm currently looking for a 23'-24' CC. I love the boat since it's great in the bay but it just isn't big enough to go offshore where the good fishing is. I thought I'd fish mostly in the bay but when you hear of a hot bite offshore, you can only think...
  189. jgy

    Oyster point 5/3

    Nice catch. Did the fish bite during incoming or outgoing tide? My last few trips, they only bit during outgoing tides.
  190. jgy

    Best tackle box or tackle bag?

    I have the Bass Pro extreme qualifier. Cheap as shit and they have many sizes to choose from.
  191. jgy

    Inshore Fishing - Best electronics????

    Do you have a chartplotter on it now? If so, just get a fishfinder. A Garmin Striker 7sv is hard to beat for the price and features. You can always upgrade the chartplotter later.
  192. jgy

    Drone fishing

    Much cheaper than flying a satellite into space to get a bird's eye view too.
  193. jgy

    Drone fishing

    Probably Australia. I actually considered this before. Using my drone glider off of my boat to look for bait/tuna then heading over there and dropping lines.
  194. jgy

    I'll be in Waikiki end of May. Where to buy freshly caught fish?

    Hello, all! I'll be back in HI for vacation at the end of May. I won't have time to fish so was wondering where I can buy some freshly caught fish (ono, mahi, shibi, etc). I know I can go to any dock and see what the charter boats bring in, but I'd rather buy from a local and give them my money...
  195. jgy

    Ranger 250C Center Console

    $600 shipped to SF.
  196. jgy

    Parker Boat question

    The 2520 is the next boat I'm probably going to buy. There are a few on CL from a dealer going from $30-50k. These are 1999 - 2005 model years. I would first ask the owner what's wrong with it and get a survey as suggested. From there, you can get quotes to see how much it would cost to get it...
  197. jgy

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    I have a tracking number for mine. Should arrive by 4/20. I wonder what an 84.25lb box looks like :devil: J/k. I only ordered 4 of them :p:
  198. jgy

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    I'm going to use one for my anchoring at a lake and others for crab traps.
  199. jgy

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Thanks. Ordered a few.
  200. jgy

    Any navigation tips/trick for the Santa Cruz Harbor?

    Thanks for the tips, fellas. Doesn't sound too bad at all. I don't usually go out when the swells are big anyway.
  201. jgy

    what bait/ lure is good for trout

    I've caught a lot of trout with a blue/silver kastmaster, gold kastmaster, yellow power eggs, chartreuse power bait and a broke back rebel in firetiger.
  202. jgy

    The Good,Bad, and Ugly of Ride sharing?

    I rarely ever go alone. I have too many "boat ho" friends and family that take turns coming with me any given week. LOL. It's way more fun with other people. They help clean, pay for gas, and usually bring the food. All I have to do is keep a look out for them and put them on the fish. Even if I...
  203. jgy

    Outside the gates? New boat looking for fish

    For rockfish, you can also head out to the Farallons if you want to head out far. Just look at the conditions. Also, pay close attention going out the gate. Either stay in the shipping channel or go up the Bonita channel depending on what the swell is doing that day. The maximum I'm comfortable...
  204. jgy

    25 ft Sea Fox for Sale- 2003, $15K

    Great price. If he put it up for sale earlier this year, I would have driven the 400 miles down there to get it.
  205. jgy

    Outside the gates? New boat looking for fish

    For the crab, I like dropping in front of Muir beach in 60 ft. Last week i got 14 keepers from 3 pots in a 3.5 hr soak. You'll see a lot of traps around so just go between the sets. Stay away from Dux as they can get stuck in the reef unless you pay close attention.
  206. jgy


    I used to be a big Pac-man fan but his last fight with Mayweather turned me off. To me, it was fixed. I lost a lot of respect for him after that "fight" (more like a sparring session). I would always host Pac's fights on PPV and have a big BBQ forfamily and friends. For this fight, I'm going to...
  207. jgy

    Outside the gates? New boat looking for fish

    For salmon, people are catching out by Bodega. Not many but they're there. Rockfish opens next week. I marked a lot of fish at Dux last week. Didn't know what they were as I was trolling for salmon but I'm sure they were rockfish as they hung around the reefs. Your best bet is to drop a few...
  208. jgy

    WTB: T-Top

    I recently installed a Dolphin t-top and am very happy with it so far. I looked into fishmaster and Stryker too but saved a few hundred with the Dolphin with all the options I wanted (ebox, rocket launchers, accessories mount and vertical standoffs ). I paid a total of about $1,350 shipped...
  209. jgy

    Any navigation tips/trick for the Santa Cruz Harbor?

    I've never launched my boat out of Santa Cruz so I was wondering if you have any tips or tricks for me so that I can have a safe and easy exit/entrance out the harbor. I'm familiar getting out of Pillar Point and SF but unfamiliar with SC. Any tips you can share? Is there a navigation map on...
  210. jgy

    Anyone want to share a charter in Oahu? I'm available 5/6 - 5/8/15

    I'm currently here in Honolulu and looking to get on a boat if possible. I'll be leaving on Sat 5/9 so can fish 5/6-5/8. I'm hoping to take some fish back to the mainland.
  211. jgy

    Can you eat Humuhumus?

    THE HUMUHUMU IS NOT HAWAII'S STATE FISH, BRA!!! Here're some facts for you to read before looking like an ass: link
  212. jgy

    Can you eat Humuhumus?

    I was told that humuhumunukunuku... were good eating. Is this true? If so, how do you cook them? I see them swimming around when i spear fish and they seem pretty easy to catch. I might try to get one if it's good eating.
  213. jgy

    Kuuloakai Sport Fishing (Oahu) Any Good?

    I don't mind eating fish eyeballs! Here at home, I was a rookie on a boat and ate some salmon heart. I don't think the eyeball is any worse! :Bathtime_emoticon:
  214. jgy

    Kuuloakai Sport Fishing (Oahu) Any Good?

    Just found this place. Too bad I didn't see it last month before I booked a charter with Kuuloakai. Anybody ever fish with them before? Are they any good? I chartered them for one day but might have extra time to go another day, maybe on a different boat from 6/5-6/10. What do you guys...
  215. jgy

    Beach fishing around Honolulu ?

    I'll be there too. I'll just go with the flow and pop at some beaches with light tackle and see what happens.