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  1. c-nut

    Old Glory Hole

    Kley and his crew are rock solid. SAFETY is probably his number one key. He made the right hard call. I for one would jump on his boat again and again for that reason. I only fished with him twice this year. One early trip a bust and one not... last Wednesday. Sorry for the OP and all his...
  2. c-nut

    Veterans day (Full speed YFT)

    Great job Cody and thanks for the fast report! Cool they were not line shy, going Wednesday. What size of poppers were they hitting? Thank you in advance
  3. c-nut

    Grande 9-13

    Great free spool is nice but not required. wils makes a good point. Keep ur bait free of tight line, ALWAYS!!! . It has to swim as natural as possible. BUT!!! If you let to much line out. You become “that guy” the “Tangle Mangle” It’s a fine line, you really need to pay attention to your bait...
  4. c-nut

    Grande 9-13

    Not tipping or low tipping is not cool for those guys and gals. Grande is a awesome boat and the crew is great. Glad the they got you guys onto some fish. I was PB that day and it way sloooooooow!
  5. c-nut

    I have to let this out, R.I.P. Divers on the Conception

    News flash...unfortunately first report from the CG just minutes ago. They had NO ONE ON WATCH. All crew members were asleep, sadly! Lives could have been saved. They woke to the kitchen on fire below the crew berthing.
  6. c-nut

    Condor 9/9 emergency

    Sure hope he is ok. CPR is so important and very easy to learn and stay qualified. I performed CPR on a co-worker a couple years ago through 7-8 cycles, used an AED until EMT took over, unfortunately he did not make it. Still bothers me even though the ER doc said I did everything right. It all...
  7. c-nut

    Oceandide 95 1.5 day 9-7

    WTG! Were you handing off due to your back? If so your are trooper super dad!
  8. c-nut

    La Paz Recommendations

    Going in September with wife for a retirement scouting trip for a couple years. It won’t happen for a few years. We are staying near the Melecon boardwalk. Is there any shore fishing to be had? How about panga fishing close by? I’m thinking of just doing a solo trip for a day.
  9. c-nut

    Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort 7/18-7:23

    We were a group of 6 doing a father son trip. We just got back from fishing and fun at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort. Axel, his family and staff sure make it a special place to stay. Special shout out to Luis for helping us out with the Pangas and planning. Fishing was not wide open, but...
  10. c-nut

    They see me trolling

    What and how far backLOLLOLLOLLOL :jig:
  11. c-nut

    Free spool

    My Fathom 25n is dreamy
  12. c-nut

    TJ - Cabo - Las Barillas - gear opinion

    I’m heading to Las Barillas from TJ (Volaris)- Cabo - Las Barillas to fish out of Buena Vista Beach Resort, 7/19-21 on pangas. I pre paid the Volaris luggage upgrade which includes sports equipment, ie rods. My B-Inlaw set it up so I don’t know the boat or crew we will be on. I can imagine we...
  13. c-nut

    Cabo airport return - do reels need to be checked?

    So a few years ago I checked both rods and reels. Rods in a bazooka tube and reels in luggage. I did cable my reels together to an internal support in my luggage. Paranoid...maybe. Any ways going to Las Barillas in 10 days, just wondering if it is even worth bringing my own boat gear. ...
  14. c-nut

    From Mayday to You’re Bit! 6/24

    Wow! Great report and glad you were able get back safely.
  15. c-nut

    Rigging my reel for BFT

    The Penn FTH40 would be ok for that grade of tuna out there. I brought an 80# to the boat on a Torium 30. Sure a two speed is nice, but not required IMO! Use your FTH40 for fly lining or sinker bait fishing
  16. c-nut

    Rigging my reel for BFT

    Love that reel especially for the price. Put a full spool of 100# treadlock braid (maybe a bit over kill) on mine mounted to Calstar 665H. I run a short top shot so I can switch from Flat Falls to rubbernand sinker if needed. Some say you need the long shock leader, but I started with a lesser...
  17. c-nut

    Live on the water East Cape report.

    Nice grade of YFT! I’ll be there (Las Brillas) in 4 weeks!
  18. c-nut

    Three species hidden bank 6/17

    Nice work Dave! Predawn restriction for drug interdiction? Wouldn’t drugs be coming in vice going out early am? If true that restriction would be a mess for most PB.
  19. c-nut

    6/22/19 Liberty

    Nice work!!!! Sure must feel good to be limited early, huh? Nice grade for sure, I’m guessing yours at 70 and 80. Couple nice ones there, congrats! Thanks for all info as well!
  20. c-nut

    Local Bluefin Setup

    I have the Avet MXL raptor, 65# braid to 40# on a Calstar 700h grafighter. It did well on an 80# BFT a couple weeks ago. If you have lighter gear don't be shy to bring it, like 20/25/30# rigs for smaller tuna and YT. Always good to have an extra set-up. Have fun!
  21. c-nut

    East Cape Fishing Tactics Recommendations

    going in July to Hotel Buena Vista as well. Only been once befor to Martin Verdugo’s which was really decent for the price
  22. c-nut

    East Cape Fishing Tactics Recommendations

    Like the flat falls? I’m going in July and just want to have a few assorted lures/jigs just in case. Not planning on bringing a lot....
  23. c-nut

    Megabit for BFT

    Nice report? Chit Chat forum works as well
  24. c-nut

    Bft jig rigging

    Nice report! ?
  25. c-nut

    Silver Solder Ring Kit- help

    Bingo! Thanks guys!
  26. c-nut

    Silver Solder Ring Kit- help

    Who sells them? I remember reading about it on BD and I actually looked at one on the web. That was some time ago. For the life of me I can’t seem to find it again. It seemed it was a smaller tackle site that sold them. I’d like to put bigger single hooks on a couple jigs and I’m not liking...
  27. c-nut

    PQ 6/1...Viva la Colt Sniper!!

    great intel and nice report. Colt Sniper on the slide, good on you doc! Might be in for a little Katie Perry on the slide next trip out
  28. c-nut

    Liberty Bluefin Tuna 5/29

    Nice report! Spot on with hooks and line recommendation. I had similar success a couple weeks ago and the counts were nothing few days prior. You just never know. I actually went thinking they were due to bite. We were only a few shy of limits for 18 on the NLA that day. I kicked myself for...
  29. c-nut

    Top shot or not

    Fish with what makes you feel confident and don’t look back! I mean from reel, rod, line, knots, presentation. Once you hook up... :-) Aka mike drop
  30. c-nut

    Excellent fishing week!

    :rockin:Excellent:rockin: Great report Axel! Love all pictures and individual boat reports. Looks like it’s only going to get better. :jig: :worship:
  31. c-nut

    5/11 New Lo-An BFT

    Skipper Adam snapped that one and told me at the dock he had a picture I had to have. I was certainly in a moment right there! Thanks!
  32. c-nut

    5/11 New Lo-An BFT

    I was surprised how much quality meat is in those collars! So moist and tasty!
  33. c-nut

    5/11 New Lo-An BFT

    Left Friday night, fished all day Saturday and back Sunday morning. This is my all time favorite 1.5 day boat. Load was light with 18 pax. Bait was great 5-6” sardines. We could see the Nados all day and pretty much stayed in the general area. I got 2 nice BFT (up to 80#) then I hooked another...
  34. c-nut

    Hey, San Diego BTF! ?

    Edit,,,thinking of jumping on The NLA. Anyone hear noice/reports from the PB or fleet today on BFT or YT off shore. Got my weekend pass from my bride to fish, in laws visiting.. but want to make it count. I know..,,just go fishing... so I’m starting now! Tight lines my friends! C-Nut out
  35. c-nut

    It was some fine weather out there today

    Sounds like the Nados, update, oops, I guess not
  36. c-nut

    Sightseeing trips and some catch & release!

    Alex, Keep the reports and biographies coming regarding your fleet! My brother in-law just booked our group of 7 for July 18-23. We are fishing 3 pangas for 3 days! We are thinking of doing a cruiser one of the days as group of maybe 4 vise 2 pangas. I’m sure 7 guys would be to many on...
  37. c-nut

    Coronado Island Yellowtail. 4/24

    Wow and thank you for the report and great pics!!!
  38. c-nut

    San jose del cabo amberjacks

    Steve, ah ah that makes sense and nothing wrong cutting it down IMO. I took a foot off an 800M and it’s one of my favorite yo-yo/heavy bait rods.
  39. c-nut

    Rods, Mexico Customs, TJ to Cabo ?

    I searched around both here and on line. Did not really find any answers. I believe customs allows 4 rods per person flying to Mexico. Can I take more than 4 rods in my Bazooka rod tube in checked baggage? The extra rods are for my son. Has anyone done this and experienced problems? I did it...
  40. c-nut

    San jose del cabo amberjacks

    Wow! On 90j as well! That struggle was real! Congrats! So how did you get your 90j to Cabo? I’m going to east cape in July and thinking of bringing a couple of my own set ups. Glenn out
  41. c-nut

    Hotel Beanavista Beach Resort- Boat & Gear?

    Roger, I thought reels on carry on was not allowed. I sure would feel better having them with in the cabin. Glenn
  42. c-nut

    Hotel Beanavista Beach Resort- Boat & Gear?

    Phats, Thanks for the clarification! I was certainly confused. I have fished out of Las Brillas, Martin Verdugo’s. I have not been to this area. Funny thing is a couple guys commented about being in Chico, Ca. It so happens my brother-Inlaw from Chico is setting this trip up via one of his...
  43. c-nut

    Hotel Beanavista Beach Resort- Boat & Gear?

    Correction to title! Planning a trip in July to Rancho Beunavista Resort. 1. Does anyone know if they have decent fishing gear? Debating if I want to take a couple of my own set ups. 2. Also, how are the boats, crew, captain, any to steer away from? 3. Flying out of TJ, Mex. I did Volaris a...
  44. c-nut

    San Diego Charters has Fridge for fish?

    FYI, the boats in SD are way different. Just my experience and not intending to start an argument. Most boats 3/4 day and up go to Mexico so make sure you have your passport or check with the landing before booking.
  45. c-nut

    San Diego Charters has Fridge for fish?

    Depends what you have. My go to for the one day trips (formally 3/4 day) is a nice 30# rod & reel. If you have more I’d bring a 20#, 30#, and 40# set up. Stick with live bait mostly with 1, 1/0, and 2/0 hooks. Maybe some lead weights 1-2 oz. bring a couple heavy irons/lures. Now that’s just for...
  46. c-nut

    Axel, I’m looking for a hotel fishing Package July 18-23, 4 guys, fishing 3 days on a 29’...

    Axel, I’m looking for a hotel fishing Package July 18-23, 4 guys, fishing 3 days on a 29’ Phoenix. My email is [email protected]
  47. c-nut

    East cape-Hotel buenavista fishing report March 08

    Axel, my brother Denny is currently setting up a father son trip for six of us including himself. We are going in July. Should have details this week. I know July is hot and hope the fishing is hotter. Either way we are all super excited. Are you going to do this report for all your boats...
  48. c-nut

    Fishing Charters Near Cabo Airport

    Ditto on Gordo’s pangas! Eric is great and will set you up. Always always get to your boat early. The capt. will be ready and you need to get your lic from the girl at the card table, if needed. Also a lady will be selling b-fast burritos. Eric is a big tall gringo, can’t miss him.
  49. c-nut

    PV 3/14

    Oh I forgot! Your dog is awsome, he be eye’n that fillet bra! Blang my grammar is soup after a couple whistle piggies!
  50. c-nut

    PV 3/14

    NICE! great read, enjoyed your color! Wish I got into kayaks before I got to old and careful, lol! Look forward to more reports primo! Thanks for sharing!
  51. c-nut

    GREAT DAY at Colonet - Pac Queen 2/23

    Don, Great report. I’m going on the 3/8 and geared for the heavy yo yo and rock fish. Is it worth the effort bringing the surface iron rod? I fish to the end and have fun with the bones. Glenn and thanks!
  52. c-nut

    Conquest on the New Lo An

    Dang tony congrats! My biggest set up is a Fathom 40n with 80#. Don’t think I’d stand a chance! Maybe next year for me!
  53. c-nut

    Easy limit 10/9

    I’m sure you iced’em, right? Great catch!!!
  54. c-nut

    Prowler left dock the returned and canceled 1.5 day Big Bluefin trip WHY?

    Willam...Zac I’m on with my son tonight. Like you said we may get moved to the tribute. If so it would be nice to get on with the Prowler price. Sorry OP for highjacking your post
  55. c-nut

    Prowler left dock the returned and canceled 1.5 day Big Bluefin trip WHY?

    Steve K., So if I book the Prowler for Thu with my son and they put us to the Tribute, does the price go up? What do you think?
  56. c-nut

    PQ 9/27

    I enjoyed your post and understood you. My son just turned 21 this year and he is back from NY. Been a year and we are fishing Fri-Thu., Don’t look for a report from me though. I’m onboard with your posted report correction. To bad there are guys on this board that just love to be “that guy”...
  57. c-nut

    Looking for 1.5 day +, leaving 10/4

    Yep, I think you are precisely right.
  58. c-nut

    BFT Rentals

    Check BD Classified, an AVet LX 2 speed just popped up for $240, might not be big enough for some guys though. I don’t know enough about fishing cows so I’d probably hurt myself. I was raised on a dairy farm though.
  59. c-nut

    Looking for 1.5 day +, leaving 10/4

    Gonna look into it thanks
  60. c-nut

    Don't be that guy when fishing around sport boats!!!!

    Not like that. They usually bag the burgers then put in another bag and blow it up. Toss it over and let it drift.
  61. c-nut

    Looking for 1.5 day +, leaving 10/4

    Anyone know of a charter with 2 open spots leaving Thursday? My son is back for few days. Have not fished with him since last year. Pretty hard to find any thing but an over night trip leaving Thursday. With the fish hopefully staying close that should be just fine. I was actually...
  62. c-nut

    Now that is a big Bluefin Tuna

    It should look small it’s in the background as is the gaff. It to looks tiny, perspective
  63. c-nut

    What’s Wrong With Shimano Rods

    I was on that trip. Marcus told us to use 30-40# test on that stop cuz the school was a smaller grade. The guy was fishing 30# and maybe he could have landed it sooner like you, jk. Even though it was a long fight I pulled in a 40# BFT and at least 12 more were landed and one of BFT caught...
  64. c-nut

    La Jolla 9/23 AM 1/2 day

    Great job Steve! Especially putting your neighbor on to that @ >< 20# YT. Love the pic of him holding the gaff while seated and all smiles.
  65. c-nut

    9/23 Catalina Report

    Kids catching fish, nothing better than that. One of these times I need to jump on one of your trips. You do much out of SD? I love the down to earth working man fishing shows you produce. Keep em comin!
  66. c-nut

    Picking a Ride

    I too was looking at fishing a 1.5 day around then. Specifically leaving thu 10/4 fishing fri 11/5. I don’t see any 1.5 day boats just overnighters. Ones I would ride anyways. Hopefully something will pop up
  67. c-nut

    PEGASUS 1.5day, 10/2, fishes next Wed.

    Pegasus caught some wahoo? Nice
  68. c-nut

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Well my thought is $2-$6 a pop is not a big deal especially if going on a boat out of one of the landings. But how does a guy on a PB get a bracelet every time he wants to fish the Islands. What if They are out of town...? The islands are very special and can be very productive if nothing else...
  69. c-nut

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Is it per trip? How does this work?
  70. c-nut

    SD Full Day Boat Recommendation For Monday 9/24?

    Good choice but you can’t go wrong on any of the boats mentioned. The parking lot at Seaforth is definitely a plus. Look forward to see how you guys did.
  71. c-nut

    9/18 Sea Adventure 80 Trip Report

    Well done! You gotta fish and catch what’s biting! I love the shot with camera and the FM w/bent rod.
  72. c-nut

    Oceanside Chabasco II

    Tiny(not skinny) , ernie and the guys are a good bunch Oh dang I knew that, I guess I’m to sleepy. Corrected, thanks
  73. c-nut

    Oceanside Chabasco II

    DORADO.....Sunday 9/9/18 Chabasco II, Oceanside Sea Center The Short: Private 3/4 day Charter, started as an in shore trip with a slight (BIG) surprise move to deeper water. 27 Dorado, 2 skipjack tuna, 1 white sea bass, 2 halibut, 17 sheepshead, 8 calico bass, 70 calicos released for 38...
  74. c-nut

    Oceanside Mahi Fun

    Great day for you guys! Looks like things are pick up!
  75. c-nut

    Liberty full day 21 August

    Dylan, Great report and nice fish. I remember bumping into you a couple times....oops. I was on board as well. I started with 20# floro with #2 hook and never looked back. I got a nice dodo off the first stop. I ended with a good amount of fish 5YFT, 2SJ and the dodo. I think the group fished...
  76. c-nut

    Hurd Super Caster “Dad’s Old Rod”

    My dad as been gone for sometime now. Pulled his old rod out today. I never saw him catch fish on this one. I was thinking I might try just to say I did. Then put it away and probably hang it above the mantle. I read on line the metal rod is actually made from surplus tank antennas left over...
  77. c-nut

    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    Did you read his report? US waters, duh!
  78. c-nut

    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    Wow!! Good “U-turn” getting off the basic line of boats leaving harbor put you on an unmolested paddy! Way to put quality meat in the freezer.
  79. c-nut

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    Nice repot Josh. Steve is one of the best out there. Runs a great crew. I have always loved fishing the Belle.
  80. c-nut

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    Nice repot Josh. Steve is one of the best out there. Runs a great crew. I have always loved fishing the Belle.
  81. c-nut

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    Why not, just throw a smaller surface iron. You might find yourself missing out on the live bait bite and to re-tie takes time. Might want to rent a rod for fly line fishing.
  82. c-nut

    Chabasco 2 Oceanside

    Is putting 40 ppl on this boat for a local private charter 3/4 day trip to ridiculous?
  83. c-nut

    Nice Yellowtails at the Nados 7/27

    And he’ll probably never post a report again. 8-)
  84. c-nut

    7/16/18 Nados fest

    NICE! How was the wind and what time did you head back?
  85. c-nut

    GG690J what reel?

    Turnanorth, wow that’s a long free spool. Is it your video? When casting irons do you tie directly to the braid?
  86. c-nut

    GG690J what reel?

    I’m going to put my Newall 332 on it for this week. Guess I want an excuse to buy a new reel.
  87. c-nut

    GG690J what reel?

    @$300 give or take Spectra to long 30/40# mono leader Local
  88. c-nut

    GG690J what reel?

    I picked up a used factory Calstar GG690J from a fellow BD’er last week. Is there a versatile reel the would be good for pitching both irons and poppers with this rod? Thanks in advance, Glenn
  89. c-nut

    WTB Used Jig Stick // FOUND!!!

    Thanks joshc1024 For the GG690J That was fast and close to home
  90. c-nut

    WTB Used Jig Stick // FOUND!!!

    I’m looking for a Calstar 90J, GG690J, or even 900L Graphiter
  91. c-nut

    Won tuna shoot out / New Lo-an

    Great fishing with you and your crew John. I was the guy that got chewed off at deep color early on a nice one. After an hour battle on 30# line it was a heartbreaker. But I was able to get a 35#’er later on the 200g flat fall. Took the sting out for sure! Dang that was a fun trip. I was with...
  92. c-nut


    Who is fishing the Western Outdoor News 4th Annual San Diego Offshore Jackpot this Friday? What boat? I’m on the New Lo-An My first time fishing this WON tourney so not sure what to expect...
  93. c-nut

    Opah on Tomahawk - 6/23

    That is one seasoned fisherman right there. He looks super stoked on the second pic. The first one he is ready for a nap! Good for him and very impressive and even more so considering his gear of choice
  94. c-nut

    185 on the Kite

    Lol, I had to check the date twice then thrice! Outstanding fellas!
  95. c-nut

    Bluefin battle on the Tribute 5-12-2018

    Dang! That could not have been more stressful. Nice work!
  96. c-nut

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    FYI, I just purchased a new Penn Fathom 40N 2 speed FTN40NLD2 from White Knight Supply for $229.87 no tax and no shipping. I will get it in 2-3 days! Glenn
  97. c-nut

    Current Conditions Fishable?

    Thanks guys! Love the sane and insanity of this site. We have decided to hit SD and check out the local breweries but starting with bloody marry’s, Point Loma seafood for lunch and then some breweries.
  98. c-nut

    Current Conditions Fishable?

    Lunch on land it ‘tis
  99. c-nut

    Current Conditions Fishable?

    Planned for serveral weeks to take my two adult kids (23 &21) fishing on a 3/4 day boat tomorrow. They both have been away for a year and I wanted to surprise them. Only chance I have is tomorrow 4/13. Go figure nature has other plans! Do i surprise them with sea sickness or take them for brunch
  100. c-nut

    3/30 - Mixed Limits & Mylar Too

    Josh, It’s time to put my Foodsaver down. What Vacmaster do you have. If you fish or hunt vac sealing is a must. Best kitchen tool I ever bought, hands down. Thanks Glenn
  101. c-nut

    3/30 - Mixed Limits & Mylar Too

    Leaned up as requested :frehya2: :):frehya2:LOL
  102. c-nut

    3/30 - Mixed Limits & Mylar Too

    I call BS on the PB Sand Dap w/o pics Nice job. Leaned up, thanks
  103. c-nut

    Liberty out of Fisherman's Landing

    Actually the boats have not been making the Los Coronados run lately. The weather has been up. The SD was one of the first to take a shot in awhile. The weather is better and we’ll probably see more boat outs there this weekend. FYI, it was a late afternoon bite. Alex, don’t forget tour...
  104. c-nut

    Looking for TLD 30II Tib frame.

    Mike, Does this conversion make the TLD 30 more sutable as a 80# or 100# line reel for the bigger tuna? Please consider this a thread bump more than a hijack.:D
  105. c-nut

    Liberty out of Fisherman's Landing

    I usually go with the SD out of Seaforth mainly due to parking. This year I’m gonna try the Liberty mid April when my son comes out. So we’ll fish regardless of the counts. On more than a few occasions I have hit the fishing at the right time and scored nice YT in April. Either way I’ll be on...
  106. c-nut

    Keep your eyes on the spread.

    Jim, Sure looks like something in that wake.
  107. c-nut

    Keep your eyes on the spread.

    Is it above the motor just under the bottom of the rod holder?
  108. c-nut

    Giddy up ponies....

    Nice day after a nice gesture from you helping the fellow boater out of a bind, good on you
  109. c-nut

    Mission Belle or San Diego

    All good boats, just be aware of the load. Most will fill on the weekend. Just sucks when they overfill with dead heads.
  110. c-nut

    WFO YFT 9/26. Limits by 730AM

    Excellent mess! One does not look like the others.
  111. c-nut

    Fun weekend 23rd/24th-2017, LJ and 302/371

    Nice report, good couple days. There is always “that guy” who zooms in to every square inch of your picture just to tear it apart.
  112. c-nut

    The Reel Brothers fishing Yellowfin Dorado & Skipjack 9/[email protected]

    That quad dodo hook up looked pretty fun! Any YFT near 20# ?
  113. c-nut


    Very good point!!! Unless you're able to feed them lead...jk
  114. c-nut

    FYI- Shelter Island Ramp Closed until February

    Yeah, it sucks. The MCRD option was a great option for some. Makes go a longer run south out of MB.
  115. c-nut


    Nice day for you guys! I welcome the sport boats they keep the seals busy. Let me guess your tactic, through em a bone if they get close to your hooked fish. I have also had luck letting the fish swim free spool away from the seal.
  116. c-nut

    One Stop Dorado Paddy

    Excellent! Nice haul Fellas!
  117. c-nut

    8/25: Coronado Islands Report

    Thanks for the report. That's some good fishing right there!
  118. c-nut

    Fukushima Radiation says, "FALSE" Or fake news
  119. c-nut

    2.5 Day aboard the Success Aug 4-7th

    Oh man! That must have sucked! Glad you got some fish. Were the YFT decent size!
  120. c-nut

    Overnight On The New Lo-An

    Dave, those are some really decent pescados! Very nice catch indeed! Thanks for fixing the pics!
  121. c-nut

    Fruits and vegetables .

    I call BS without pics of fruit! Lol Some nice YT right there fellas! What worked best for you guys, fly line bait, slow troll, jigs?
  122. c-nut

    Overnight On The New Lo-An

    Nice report Dave, I gave up on the photos. Seems like you got some quality YT and a nice dodo. I just don't think you need a 2 speed for these fish. A quantity reel yes, actually a well maintained Penn 500 is just fine. Butt hooking your bait really paid off! I'm surprised others didn't notice...
  123. c-nut

    131lbs Bluefin Tuna July 15th 43bank

    Nice catch! Perfect shark week photo to!!!
  124. c-nut

    Coronado Yellowtail Surface Fishing

    Thanks for the report! You got 4 of 31 caught, not to bad right there. Just wish there were more 15+# caught, I'm sure you feel the same. Any size/color of iron work better than others? Taking my son and daughter this Wed on the MB. I agree, it is now my favorite 3/4 day boat. It use to be...
  125. c-nut

    Sean schools the Old Man at Catalina 6/5 to 6/8 - big yellows!

    Nice! Well someone taught that young man well! Great job guys! I have never these islands, do you sleep on the boat?
  126. c-nut

    Shogun 3 Day Trip - We just got off the boat. 6/4/17

    Great dad and son trip! My boy won his fist JP on 1.5 day charter while holding his reel to the rod (no reel seat) clamp came loose, lol. He was 15! Almost the same story, so proud of him as you were as well. Loved the story and thanks for bringing that memory back to the top of my lid! No...
  127. c-nut

    Thursday Solo Wahoo

    Lol! 2015 Thread! Now we need a 2010 Albacore thread bumped!!
  128. c-nut

    Prowler 5.20 Anyone else going?

    I've been debating the Prowler overnighter or the Liberty 3/4 fishing Sunday.
  129. c-nut

    Spring Break 3/4 Day TUNA Trip on the San Diego 3/29

    Derek, Thanks for the report. Now you got something to talk about until summer! Some of those on deck got some size to them. At first I thought yours was way smaller than 30# but looks like your a pretty big dude, nice Fish! Congrats!!!
  130. c-nut

    November tuna 209

    Nice, November Tuna on a PB. WTG!
  131. c-nut

    Looking for some one to share a charter in Cabo 9-14th

    Leaving for Cabo this morning! Already have a full panga. I shore fished the rocks outside our hotel in may and planning this time to. I just used a medium 15# spin set up and caught a bunch of fish on cocodiles, nothing big but still fun and the view, wow. silver worked best
  132. c-nut

    SDJ 9/25-9/30 Gordo Banks Pangas Report

    Craig, Awesome pics and report. I'm going on Tuesday with a couple freinds. Only one day though. Eric runs a good outfit for sure, can't wait. He told me to bring rapalas for the hoo. Did you guys catch the tuna on chunk/strip squid? Glenn
  133. c-nut

    Pacific Queen 9/21

    Nice report Chuck, sure wish I could get out more this year. Just not happening. since when is 50-60 miles north a GPS#, unless I missed something.
  134. c-nut

    Liberty 3/4 (9-9)

    WTG Kevin! And thanks for the detail. Did you fish the slide on a jig stop or just sliding in on a school?
  135. c-nut

    182 9/8

    Nice haul Ron, Funny how it's always the same guy wanting to start crap or spin something negative about a post. Gee, "how many guys fishing with you?" Like you're so sneaky, duh! LOL Any ways those are some nice looking schoolies! Way better than last years models, congrats!!!
  136. c-nut

    San Diego 3/4 (9/6)

    Nice report Kevin, can't beat that! Red label, blue label black label, premier... are you talking line or whisky? LOL
  137. c-nut

    Did have a Yellowfin - Tuna Saved

    Great time to be Rollin the go pro! Get that one on U-tube
  138. c-nut


    Did that one time because guys at work wanted to go. Like you said, one time. I was even tempted to walk off before they pulled away.
  139. c-nut

    8/23 302/371 on Blue Horizon

    WOW! That's over a mile, lol
  140. c-nut

    Mystery baitfish and consolation redfish

    Ok I get the baitfish question, but little idea what you said other than that, lol. Looks like the little guy had fun.
  141. c-nut

    Grand Day on the Grande 8/21

    Awesome heck you got one! I know guys whom never put the reel claps on, I think that's what you meant. All they use is the reel seat, but the rods aren't Walmart ugly sticks, lol. I actually just started using 25 as my light vice 20, the extra 5 gives me a little more blind confidence. Nice work...
  142. c-nut

    Grande 1.5 8/21

    Well done Matt! Much better to have 2x 40lb than break off an 80lb!!!
  143. c-nut

    August 19, 2016 Coronado Islands

    Shhhh! Those YT are all rats! Nice bass! Good catchin guys! Most on bait?
  144. c-nut

    Squiddily Yellows

    Awesome! Video is sure fun to watch! Great catch!
  145. c-nut

    Yellowfin in Newport harbor

    Al Jazeera Bloody Decks Media Network has reports this is false. The commissioner of wants you to come in for an interview. Oh, but he wants you to talk to his self proclaimed Na Sayers as he will not be available. I like the story don't need proof and don't care if it was posted while...
  146. c-nut

    Rats everywhere

    Just wondering the general location of "everywhere" I thought the YT at the Los Coronados were 10-20 lb, mostly. I fished Pukey Point on my buddies boat a few weeks ago and that was about the size. I'll eat a 10 lb rat any day, fish/animal
  147. c-nut

    School and Football Season

    Nice report Sean! Looks like the footballs are a little bigger than last years models. Glad to see you got out with your Dad and had success. Were you guys fishing with the rest of the overnight fleet? Tight-lines, Glenn Ps, hope you don't get hit by the self righteous "on this sight" about the...
  148. c-nut

    Overnight boats killing cows

    [Decky taking a gaff in the knee even! Incredible! That looks like it was the capt., Marcus, don't think he got stuck though. So friggin awesome. Mucho congrats! TW5
  149. c-nut

    Yellowtail, calicos and a lady

    I call BS, No pics! . . . . . JK! Way to be there and alert at the right time!
  150. c-nut

    Mexican Visa Question

    Mike, Yep, but it's per boat, not person. I heard you can get it free at the boarder crossing. Glenn
  151. c-nut

    Mexican Visa Question

    Did it last week, easy. Don't think you can do a yearly one. Unless you are staying in MX for a year. Once back in US it ends. It was like $18
  152. c-nut

    time to fish

    Brooks, Well done! I don't know how you did it. I could not imagine nor express in words. My prayers to you and yours. Fishing is such great therapy, catching or not. Glenn
  153. c-nut

    Adrianna 1 and done 302

    Maybe he's still on it?
  154. c-nut

    Grande overnight 7/29

    Nice! Anyone fishing the iron?
  155. c-nut

    Black Sea Bass--Ventura pier catch/killed

    That video made me sick, how in the world could they believe it would survive a drop like that!!! Let alone keeping it out of the water that long. One would think the old man would have known better.
  156. c-nut

    Mission Bell

    Next time bring a short spool of lighter floro Carbon, learn the Seagar knot or other mono to mono connection. You probably would have done good with 25lb floro. You'll get me next time!
  157. c-nut

    BFT Limits on the Pac Queen - 7/11

    Excellent and informative! I have same question as Arizonafish, which end of the main line tied to the flat fall work best, hook end or other? Shimono YouTube says hook end. Also great job helping the boat limit out. I'm surprised how many guys are asking you about that. Glenn P.s. Gmoney...
  158. c-nut

    15 - 20 lb Smelt

    Who ever smelt it...dealt it!! Could not resist!
  159. c-nut

    El Dorado Overnight 6/26

    WTG Matt! Nice read and I appreciate you took the time to report!
  160. c-nut

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Great read! What lake were you on!, so flat, wow
  161. c-nut

    The Chief - 6/27/16

    Excellent! Does not surprise me Chris went back in for more/better bait. Obviously he was close enough to do this to make it back out. Not many boats would make a run back in no matter how close just for better bait. I fish the chief at least once a year and have always had a good experience...
  162. c-nut

    Need a Bigger Cooler for Pt Loma Halibut 6/25

    Nice fish! I won't comment on your butt like the others guys. I'm a tail guy! The dinner looks delish! WTG!!!
  163. c-nut

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    LOL, "they're gay" says the guy who post on a mostly male blog with a call sign of "sitonmyface" "sexnow" funniest thing I've read in a long time! Dan, nice yellow! I caught a big YT last year. Could have sworn it was 30lb, nope just over 20. Many on here way over estimate the wieght of YT...
  164. c-nut

    Yellow-tail Shootout

    BS without pics!
  165. c-nut

    I only got one bite - 5/16 on the Eclipse

    ok , I now see from your pic you tied to the opposite end from the hook. I see it mostly done the other way, but looks like it works both ways. Debbie, you get a nice close up on the lure of you tap the photo, it's a 160g lure.
  166. c-nut

    I only got one bite - 5/16 on the Eclipse

    Don, Nice tuna, I'm curious in regards to your Flat Fall set up. Did you tie your line to the split ring next to the hook or the opposite end of the lure. I had good hook ups last year but lost a few as well. Thanks in advance, nice report thanks.
  167. c-nut

    70 lb. Wahoo

  168. c-nut

    Condor Overnight 9/3 - 9/4

    Hey Harry! Nice report dude, tough day for your visit back! You know as well as any about SD fishing. When you heading back to FL? Remember when we hit that whale in your Bayliner??, WOW, I tell that story all the time. It's good to be alive brother! Fair winds and following seas, Chief! Glenn
  169. c-nut

    Double Hoos near the coronados 9/28/15

    Loved the video, great info, great music, big whahoo, amazing, thanks for sharing
  170. c-nut

    Day at the Docks raffle disappointment

    Ok, now I'm over it!
  171. c-nut

    Day at the Docks raffle disappointment

    Ok guys, it expires 9/30/15 they had a couple overnight trips last month but mid week. I just could not get out off work. I thought the El Dorado would post more of the one day trips this month but they did not. For those that do not understand my original post...when I said I would pay the...
  172. c-nut

    Day at the Docks raffle disappointment

    My son won an overnight trip on the El Dorado through Point Loma Landing. They only had a few overnight trips so figured we could use it on a 1.5 day trip and pay the difference. Not so, the guy at Point Loma sad too bad you missed your chance, should have did one of the overnight trips. Huh...
  173. c-nut

    Holy crap......

    Insane!!! It's on the HM web site...they would encourage the reposting I'm pretty sure!!
  174. c-nut

    Mexico Sat 8/22 Invicta HM

    DMG, guess the Invicta isn't doing itself any favors then, oh well!
  175. c-nut

    Mexico Sat 8/22 Invicta HM

    Late report, I know all the action is close...but I booked a charter several months ago. To late for my favorite boats. I booked the Invicta out of h&m. Happy to to find out Wayne Carr was skippering the boat. Great bait, great crew, great food. I'm guessing we were 60 miles out and down...
  176. c-nut

    Yellowtail Fishing Report For Long Beach

    Nice fish Dan, oh and thanks to you my buddy got a good discount at Turners in Temecula on a nice bait set up for our trip last week.
  177. c-nut

    Sport boat fillet cleaning prices??

    Probably true,,, like the other guy said about the drive plus..100lbs of whole tuna is like $88 to get processed and then you get maybe 30-35 lbs of good fillets. I was a butcher and can fillet 3 30 lb tuna in about half hour. I dry them and vac seal myself
  178. c-nut

    Stollen gear

  179. c-nut

    Sport boat fillet cleaning prices??

    Gil Marlin... Just not the next door neighbors!!! I keep them in my chest freezer then toss them ....If I remember!
  180. c-nut

    WFO 182 Tuesday.....

    Dirty boat, clean it up for gods sake! Way to wack'em!!!
  181. c-nut

    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    Dude you looked beat after you gaffed the second YFT! Good on you! Cool video, best part so far was your comment..."I was a punk before you were a punk" this is truly Old Guys Rule
  182. c-nut

    8 yellowtail on Saturday with steve and my son

    Xander is the da man! Steve ya gotta be prode of the kid. Great deckhand skills, definitely knows his way around a boat! Congrats guys, great video
  183. c-nut

    Sport boat fillet cleaning prices??

    So then, a follow on question. How many pounds of proccessed fillets by an outfit like 5 Star Produce form a 30 lb YFT? Given it was not gaff attached, bled well and not beat up in the RSW.
  184. c-nut

    Sport boat fillet cleaning prices??

    Sounds like head and gut is a pretty good option or 5 Star for the guys that don't have the time/know how to fillet. Thanks guys!
  185. c-nut

    Sport boat fillet cleaning prices??

    I did the search, but hard to find the answers. What has been the usual price for....per Tuna, let's say 20-30 lbs. 1.) Gill and gut? 2.) Filleting? 3.) Is filleting even worth it? Just wonder since I have a charter on the Invicta this weekend. Been talking to the owner, this is one question I...
  186. c-nut

    The one that didn't get away... mb

    That's must have been something to see, lol
  187. c-nut

    8/9 - 5 miles streight out off Oceanside ran out off fishhold space.

    Good one! Can you say, "hypocrite"? Russianhook, nice haul! Were you on the 17' boat?
  188. c-nut

    181 fish market!! Truck stop paddy w/all day Yellow-fin, Yellowtail, and Dorado

    Nice, the first pic is a nice size YFT. Way to go guys!
  189. c-nut

    Free Fishing Seminar This Thursday In Temeclua

    Dan, good luck on Sunday. Wish I saw this sooner, but I'm gonna send some of the noobs to it on the charter I have going next weekend.
  190. c-nut

    Stupid tuna ruin a sea trial

    I'd be interested in your boat, but I have no money! Sure would like a sea trial
  191. c-nut

    Wfo tuna with no one insight!

    Those are some chunky tuna with a side of dodo. Nice catch guys!
  192. c-nut

    Just ate $400.00 on a canceled private charter.

    Nmbrinkman, thanks I heard he started capt. The boat this year, we are really looking forward to our chatter in less than two weeks
  193. c-nut

    Just ate $400.00 on a canceled private charter.

    Is the skipper of the Invicta Nick? Isn't he kinda young? I have charter on the 8/22, I hope he's ok, not cause my charter, just reall hope he is ok. Prayer to him or whoever else and his family
  194. c-nut

    Local yellows and found gopro 8/4/15

    Ok leave the guy alone he said it was a joke, yeah it was weird and creepy, we have all stuck our foot our mouth more than once. Just sayin
  195. c-nut

    Newport 7Aug yellowfin and dorado

    OMG, that first picture! Your kids will be hold that pic for years to come and stories for ever...ABSOLUTELY priceless
  196. c-nut

    WOW! Done by 8 AM

    Yep...WOW Lol, bait dock, ok...paddle boarders, kudos, karma, what're ever you guys are good peeps!!!
  197. c-nut


    Wow, the NLA is my fav, will be hard to book a trip now!!! Awesome pics and video guys, thanks for sharing! Hey if I missed it where you guys in mex or Us waters?
  198. c-nut

    why are there so many one uppers

    What he said and he used paragraphs! :nopity:
  199. c-nut

    SoCal Offshore Kayak 2015- BLUEFIN

    Just an FYI, that's a mili sec snap shot, these guy "rack em and pack em" they know what's out there, just sayin, well the ones that live to report do. Not bustin ya by any means.
  200. c-nut

    SoCal Offshore Kayak 2015- BLUEFIN

    Dude that is so rad! I work with a guy " Steve" he went out about that far caught 2 yft and a yt on his yak! Left when he hook a mako that did mucho back flips, bust off and circle his yak! He said that enough of that! You guys R absolutely.... Insane, on the edge, salt water stunt man!, half...
  201. c-nut

    1.5 day limit Question

    Actually I know the answer. You take a 1.5 day charter to Mexican waters. Technically your in mex waters the first night, but really only fish the following day. I've seen a recent fishing report pushing this limit to keeping 2 days catch. This is wrong and taking an extreme chance in...
  202. c-nut

    277 pay off 8/2

    Who cares, you guys crack me up! That video of the Hammer, SICK!
  203. c-nut

    Oceanside YFT 8/3

    You guys killed it! The JP fish is a real fatty! :puff:
  204. c-nut

    PQ Monsta YT

    Wow, Nice slug! The ones at your feet are nothing to shake a stick at either.
  205. c-nut

    Tuna Fishing with Shimano Flatfall Jig- video+pics

    Yep been there, on a trip last year, but I was culling my fish and on the second day the skipper said, no more Tuna as we were limited out, but I really wanted to keep fishing cause every other one was bigger. I should have kept and tagged my own cause I was given some pretty small fish in the...
  206. c-nut

    1 small YFT, late start, bad bait, no photo report

    not a skunk, one is way better than none
  207. c-nut

    Dana Point 8/1 & 8/2: Las Vegas Boys Killed it

    Nicely done Vegas crew! Pretty cool you can road trip like that and get into some of this action!
  208. c-nut

    1 small YFT, late start, bad bait, no photo report

    8/2 jumped on my buddies skiff, got a 1/2 scoop of big deans and huge mackerel at mission bay about 7am. Great to be out on the H2o again. Reached north 9 and put trollers out heading to the 182. About mid point got 1 blind strike for a small YFT, on the green halico. Found one paddy hour later...
  209. c-nut

    Living the Dream 7.30.15

    Is your electronics box ok? Nice report, fun read, thanks
  210. c-nut

    Late Post video

    Wat to go Russell! I'm with slider on the lively bait!
  211. c-nut

    Dodo off HB pier

    Not surprised at tall!!
  212. c-nut


    That's a pig! Wow, if you get only three that's the three to get.
  213. c-nut

    Success Sportfishing 2.5 day

    I think it's up to the skipper unless it's a private charter. Then it could be a group discussion. Although I have sene the captain get a census from a open charter crew. Im going August 22 on a private charter. Not this boat and I'm the CM. I'll have the similar situation. Steve, that's a nice...
  214. c-nut

    7/28. little S. little W. lotta Fish

    Good to hear the are spread out over a larger area! 302 is close to, any size to the YFT, I've heard of most small tuna in mex water
  215. c-nut


    Wahoo on the Top Gun 80 today, first day of a 2.5 day trip. It was only a matter of time! :rockin::appl::cheers:
  216. c-nut

    Stripe Marlin, YFT and YT before noon!! 7/25

    Amazing fish! I caught a 250 lb blue in Las Brillas a few years ago, well we leadered it a couple times before releasing. It was like pulling on a freight train at times. It's a legal catch and yours/anglers choice.
  217. c-nut

    Mon. O-side got em

    Nice icing! Why do these guys run over paddies? Do they just not know? To me it's like lighting a cigar in your tree stand, duh!
  218. c-nut

    Wide open YFT on topwaters (video)

    Looks fun but man those are pretty small yft. Did any of them reach 15lbs, 10? I think the decky made at pancake out of the one at 3min, lol
  219. c-nut

    Tropical Storm Dolores #126 BlueFin on #30 Test

    Great pics and way to work as a team!!!
  220. c-nut

    7-21 just west of north 9

    Wow!! I guess the rain didn't bother the fish at all!
  221. c-nut

    We call it CATCHING!! 8.21.15

    great report and pics! We all know it was 7/21, thanks for the quick turn around on the pics and report! I luv the last one, filleting with a view!
  222. c-nut

    Trigger Fish Chasing My Camera

    Cool vid Dan, my 15yo son was killing them off at pier in Las Brillas a few years ago on a trout size cast master. He'll enjoy seeing this
  223. c-nut

    7/17/2015 San Diego yellowfin and dodo's

    Awesome!!! Relax guys, there is a kill bag on the top right of the photo. This guy knows what he doing for sure..and the seared Ahi, yummy!!!
  224. c-nut

    Invicta out of H&M

    Does any one have the stateroom bunk layout of this boat at H&M? Or pics of the bunk rooms? Thanks in advance Glenn
  225. c-nut

    It took me 57 years exactly. Epic Bluefin fishing on my Birthday

    Awesome report guys!!! I think I've seen your boat around town
  226. c-nut

    Crime Scene!

    I call bs without...on second thought never mind. Nice catch, that is a crime scene for CSI, no need for the black light
  227. c-nut

    Very Nice YFT and BFT on north 9

    Nice fish, you need a bigger gaff lol. 60? Either way congrats my tuna last week weighed zero lbs!:Do_O
  228. c-nut

    Sometimes we Catch and sometimes we just Fish.

    So did you fish the morning of the second day? I did a 1.5 on Fri (Tribute) never out of sight of the beach. 21 anglers 10 fish, I feel you, but that's fishing
  229. c-nut

    Ocean Odyssey 7/10-12/15 Limits STYLE!! PIC HEAVY+VIDEOS

    Blake, awesome post, pics and videos! One question, you mentioned fishing the flat fall on the slide, how did that work for you, any different than fishing a mega bait, and did you use a lighter jig for the slide? Ok that was like 3 questions in one! I did not have a good day on a 1.5 day on...
  230. c-nut

    9 seemed down today

    fished the Tribut today 7/10 on an overnighter. 20 anglers only 9 YFT and 1 YT which I caught for the JP, I think it was about 25 lb maybe. Skipper said it was s slow day for the fleet. All on bait, light line, 25lb. YFT were all about 18-20 lb
  231. c-nut

    Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    ↑ Hook n hand from the deck hand .. That makes sense, what a gift, but he still had to work to unwrap it! Hopefully dad gave big tip!
  232. c-nut

    Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    Lol, I was like what? That nice one on the deck then I see the guy hold it up for a pic, dang he's probably hoping the kid is cropped out
  233. c-nut

    Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    What's that pig weigh, guess'
  234. c-nut

    Cancun Advise

    Awesome! I'll be there first week of November, I was thinking of not even trying. I may look into this! This guys has great reviews on trip advisor and a lot of them
  235. c-nut

    Full Speed islands. Epic

    Awesome, looks like you plugged every void in your boat, except the red bucket, lol! Great report and pics.
  236. c-nut

    Question, San Diego 3/4 day yellows, mossbacks, firecrackers?

    Looks like you need to get away now
  237. c-nut

    July 4th- almost lost my little boy! Warning to all parents:

    This is beyond frightening! You must be so thankful!
  238. c-nut

    Dana Point near shore 7/6

    at least you gave it a try
  239. c-nut

    Nice Patty Hopping On The 4th

    So were you metering sand sharks? Since it's shark week I hear they will be thick for the month:doh::_smack_:
  240. c-nut

    Help needed - missing dog on the backside of the westend of Catalina

    I'm very sorry to see you keep bumping this Post:( I really hope your dog turns up in someone's random backyard, you never know
  241. c-nut

    What a month

    Nice! Great pics, last one!
  242. c-nut

    MONSTER BLUE at South 9

    Wait, what? You got that slug on a spinning set up? I did not think those reels had that good of a drag system. I know $1g spinners do, but not the $200 reels. You get extra props for thatpig:! WTG:appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl:
  243. c-nut

    YFT & YT July 3 (GoProVideo)

    Great video, way to slay them, Jeff is a gafing sharp shooter! Really like this video a lot! Thanks for making work better for me today! Nice to see the rat YT release as well, kudos all around!
  244. c-nut

    9 mile BFT 7/1/15

    Nice! Looks like your brother was fishing butt hooked BFT for bait! Lol thanks for the report, Things are heating up, I see H&M, TG80 called in yesterday with 100 YFT, 20 dodo and 40 YT.
  245. c-nut

    DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    Awesome! My son is 18 and now can match me fish for fish! Kudos to you guys! Love to see the life vest, on a side note I started wearing mine at cruise speed ever since me and a buddy ran over the back of a whale, engine cavitated but we were ok. Scared us both into life vest at cruise all the...
  246. c-nut

    I'm taking my son on his first overnight trip. What...

    What they said, wait a month for an overnight boat, if you have passports jump on a 3/4 out of SD for the most consistence change on pulling on something with shoulders How old is your son? I started mine around 7 or 8 on the 1/2 day boats then progressed from there.
  247. c-nut

    2.5 Ocean Odyssey

    Tito, does scaring the fish into the boat really count? Lol TommyC I was wondering about that 12 mile deal on the passport. It would make sense to be 12 miles around a Mexican island as well, but sucks!
  248. c-nut

    San Diego 6.27.15

    I so want to look into yaking with my boy since a boat is not in my near future. So he just rolled over right? There was no seal tha pulled on the YT, correct? He sure stayed calm.
  249. c-nut

    2.5 Ocean Odyssey

    Ouch, that stings when fish (tuna) are being caught 3 miles off PL. thanks for the report
  250. c-nut

    Found this swimming in my bait tank Sunday

    I thought they were extinct!
  251. c-nut

    We're gonna need a bigger cooler

    I'm sure the heckling stopped when they saw color, lol! What a pig! Great report and pics!
  252. c-nut

    New lo-Ann sat 6/27

    I love it when Marcus puts out the kite. He did if for us a couple years ago when we were on an all day drift on YFT. He rotated it and everyone got a shot at fishing the kite. I have never seen that on a 1.5 day boat! Great report!
  253. c-nut

    A day to remember! Hat trick.

    Awesome post! What a day to remember!
  254. c-nut

    6-25 9mile bluefin

    Wow, way to go, that's some nice size fish there! We're the rod holder fish the dines?
  255. c-nut

    33 24.700 117 38.500 June 22 2015

    Lol, and that's all I'm replying, "tongue sticking out of mouth"!
  256. c-nut

    Late Kayak Mothership Trip Report

    My buddy from work was on that trip, Steve. He said a girl was picking up several YT on the first day, didn't say the size. Cool video BTW!
  257. c-nut

    Friday the 19th

    Or he's making "Paddy Circles"? Lee, most excellent report!
  258. c-nut

    5 nice tails

    Awesome, the paddy's are heating up. Your crew looks stoked!!!
  259. c-nut

    Big Yellow tail

    Last pic of your son looks like a hook up behind him, awesome pic! Congrats, nice to see some of BFT biting.
  260. c-nut


    Just sent you a txt, Glenn
  261. c-nut

    Yellowtail at 150 Report 6/16

    Nice clip Dan, keep doing what your doing! Keep the sport alive
  262. c-nut

    Anybody lose a HO @ SCI....?

    How freaky would that be to see a body while diving! Bummer for the guys family, sort of hoping its some low life drug smuggler or something. Is that wrong to feel that way?
  263. c-nut

    Blind squirrel bluefin report 6/14

    Dang that BFT ate to many red crabs
  264. c-nut

    Yellowfin Tuna Spotted in Dana Point Harbor..

    dploc, did he put the lotions on it first? Before he skins it? Wait I saw that in a movie, lol, super cool videos!
  265. c-nut

    Get Hooked 1 Seal 0

    Great story for a lifetime, looks like he was bled very well! Congrats on the YT as well, looks like the paddy's are heating up.
  266. c-nut

    fun day away from the crowds

    Come on now, don't hate cause he legally kept 12. You can make a lot of happy friends and neighbors with some fresh YT. Nice job and kudos to you Red Psnga for passing on the numbers!
  267. c-nut

    Started poorly and ended great...not from the 150

    Nice! Really love the shot of the boy laying next to the fish! That WSB was probably bigger than him just s couple years ago!
  268. c-nut


    Go to the Point Loma web site. Find the New Lo-Ann under charter boats, they post their past fish counts there. This is my fav 1.5 day boat hands down, but I have only fished with Marcus.
  269. c-nut

    Yellows on the harbor boat-video

    Cool video, I dig the sound track! Patnrex, I saw that too but I think it was YT last dump.
  270. c-nut

    Squished It.......New Tuna Killing Erratic Flutter Jigs

    Mike, Those jigs look tastey! I have a charter going in August, how do I get a few to hand out to the kids going? Glenn
  271. c-nut

    Tuesday's Searching Expedition

    Way to give it a shot, the New sea forth is a great operation I'm sure it was a one off incident. Did you see the post on the off shore report, might be your whale? Nice BFT, and crazy tale that followed!
  272. c-nut

    6/2 big whale and big tuna

    WOW! Great report, awesome story! Absolutely love the whale photos!
  273. c-nut

    Oceanside 95 overnight 5/30

    Nice report fishdood! BFT on an overnight in May!? Awesome! The same guy bailing on the troll rod is the same guy that cuts into a line of cars at the last minute on an off ramp! He probably does it all the time thinking it's owed to him because he's either stupid or just an ass! I'd say he was...
  274. c-nut

    Bluefin with a side of yellowtail!

    Sneakin up on them on the slow trolled dean, nice, how far back? Great pics, big smiles, and finding fish, priceless. Good job guys
  275. c-nut

    5/31 back in the saddle

    Great report! Nice job on getting what you got!
  276. c-nut

    1st dodo top gun 80

    Unreal for May! and the producer with 20+ YFt! Gonna be fun this year
  277. c-nut

    Dominator, YFT Overnight

    Point Loma Sport Fishing Counts Dominator 35 YT & 27 YFT on an Overnight trip! Who else is excited! I'd like to here if anyone was on the boat from BD.
  278. c-nut


    That was awesome to watch and the sound track! Not in my wheelhouse but it went well with all the action you guys had! Nice job to all!!!
  279. c-nut

    1.5 on Dominator

    Nice fish Josh 40+ easily way to be at the troll a lot of guys opt out or opt in and leave the rod hangin to throw bait as for your grammar big deal not really you posted with pictures and that is great look grandma no punctuation just one big run on sentence
  280. c-nut

    Wide open leopard shark fishing. Just for fun.

    Way to get the kids hooked up! Those are some awesome looking fish, big smiles all around! Glenn
  281. c-nut

    Fishing Popotla This Sunday any suggestions or recent reports?

    Asabadin, How did you do, experience? Glenn
  282. c-nut

    rosarito panga advice

    my wife and are visiting some family in playas dey, TJ Mexico. It's a short drive to Rosario so I was hoping to get a little fishing in in the am next Saturday with my son and nephew. Any suggestions or contact #'s for panga type charters? What time do they normally leave for fishing. I have my...
  283. c-nut

    Rosarito panga?

    my wife and are are visiting some family in playas dey, TJ. It's a short drive to Rosario so I was hoping to get a little fishing in in the am next Saturday with my son and nephew. Any suggestions or contact #'s? What time do they normally leave for fishing. I have my own gear. Glenn
  284. c-nut

    Coronado Islands fishing trip April 30, 2015

    Going out today on the MB this morning, hope to get at least one Like that! Way to work at it!
  285. c-nut

    Found the elusive YTT @ nados

    Nice work on the YT, those are really a nice size! Any specific YoYo jig being the hot ticket? I'm thinking of going on the MB on Friday, but then I see the New Lo-Ann is doing a day trip, interesting. BTW,once filleted how did they keep them cool?
  286. c-nut


    Well done! Nice, I'm hoping to get out Friday with my son, first time this year.
  287. c-nut

    Yellowtail! 4/18 on the Invicta 1.5 Day

    Mike, don't want to hi-jack Gregory's post, but all is well. I to checked the boat at DATD, checked around for you at the booth to say hi, just been busy.
  288. c-nut

    Wishin I was Fishin

    Wishin I was Fishin
  289. c-nut

    Yellowtail! 4/18 on the Invicta 1.5 Day

    I'm looking forward to a 1.5 day charter I have set up for late Aug on this boat. Who is the captain?
  290. c-nut

    22APR15 Izors Reef report aka a Sand Bass report

    Nice, thanks for the report! Love the Sandy Selfies, lol
  291. c-nut

    Just like to fish

    Just like to fish
  292. c-nut

    Coronado island Reds

    Had 5 min to kill during lunch, thanks for the assist. caballo del mar, nice batch of fish tacos when all said and done with!
  293. c-nut

    Yellowtail! 4/18 on the Invicta 1.5 Day

    How's the boat, your take on the bunks, crew, food, etc. And kudos to the hand offs, that can be the difference to someone ever taking a charter again.
  294. c-nut

    How was your Day At The Docks?

    My 18 yo son won the last raffle for the day. An over night fishing trip on the Eldorado, a half day fishing trip and a sweet pair of Costa sunglasses. Good karma cause he just bought me an Avet Raptor for my anniversary.
  295. c-nut

    San clemente . Go Now

    Is O95 a 3/4 day boat or Full day?
  296. c-nut

    Harry! When did you move to Florida? Looks like you got the dawg by the tail. Nice boat btw Glenn

    Harry! When did you move to Florida? Looks like you got the dawg by the tail. Nice boat btw Glenn
  297. c-nut

    Chief 2-1/2 day report!

    Chris, you got a great boat and crew there! I missed this one and Ed was hounding me to go, wish I had. I did the 2.5 Disney trip last year and my son won one of the JP with a big yellow caught on a broken seat real! What a blast, by far you, your crew and boat are on the top of my list. Thanks...
  298. c-nut

    Invicta 1.5 day in late Aug?

    skrilla, thanks for the info, the landing and boat site both state 7 cabins for 26 ppl. I have never been on the boat so I'll heed your advise. I'll take a look next Sunday at "the day at the docks". Would not be cool with 24 guys and 22 bunks C-nut
  299. c-nut

    Invicta 1.5 day in late Aug?

    I mean I'm chattering the boat for a group of 24. How is the rail/tackle space with 24, bunks, galley? Thanks Glenn
  300. c-nut

    Invicta 1.5 day in late Aug?

    im about to book a 1.5 day on the invicta for late August. Seems I'm late for any weekends on my favorite boats. Pros and Cons? Boat looks pretty clean. You can PM me
  301. c-nut

    JAN 1/2 Day Charter, any suggestions??

    Probably 20 passenger
  302. c-nut

    JAN 1/2 Day Charter, any suggestions??

    Looking to charter a 1/2 boat out of San Diego after the end of the year. What would we target? We did one a few years ago out of LB, mostly sculpin and a few sandies and white fish. It was fun for all. Any boat suggestions. It's goona be a father/son/daughter type trip. Pretty low intensity...
  303. c-nut

    Washington is Killing Albacore.

    B.S. Without pictures!
  304. c-nut

    Sea Adventure II 7/13

    Dang!!! Way to nail'em! Bet you and cuz had a blast! I'm going out Friday 2.5 day with my son. We got skunked a month ago on two 3/4day trips to the islands. I think we are both due? Ditto to Tar Pit's Q's
  305. c-nut

    VIDEO ACTION of 07-12-14 Tuna Madness in our back yard!!!

    70 Albi for 2 heads? Are you a commercial fisherman? I would have loved to see some albi's down here this year
  306. c-nut

    7/11 425 BFT/YFT/Tails

    Dines! Hope they keep wrapping them up! I have a 2.5 day on Friday. Nice job man, those big bones are fun to catch. Did you keep any of them? I was on a boat once and the cook made sushi with one, it was pretty darn good. Thanks for the report
  307. c-nut

    3/4 day 7/10 BFT YFT

    Oh my goodness!!!! Yahoooo!
  308. c-nut

    Apollo Overnight, 7/9... lots of PICS

    Father of the year!!! The pics of the kids, dude, super adorable. The pic with the little one and torn jeans holding that big yellowtail (perspective) absolutely priceless!
  309. c-nut

    5 straight nights ,new lo an 7/1 7/3 p queen 7/3 7/6

    LOL, the hat story was great. I wish I could have seen that! I hope the guy laughed it off. Note to self, bring an extra hat... Couple years ago we were on a school of YFT all day, it just stayed on our drift. Marcus put out a kite and went through the troll #s. Not many ever had the chance to...
  310. c-nut

    1.5 day'er on New Lo-An (Fished 7/4)

    Drue, Thanks for the jig info sounds pretty standard across the board. Question... When fishing the slide was the best move to cast out at a 90 deg and how far? Or was casting at a 45 deg towards the back seem to work better. Oh yes, I agree the New-Loan and Markus' crew are top notch! Glenn
  311. c-nut

    We brought knives to a gun fight BUT

    Great job guys!!! Good to hear the Big BFT are biting if you find them. What was the weight on the big boys?
  312. c-nut


    If you catch some be sure to report it...with pictures, numbers, color and size of lures, water temp, sea conditions and wind. Oh and time of day. On a side note if it's small you'll get slammed for killing babies and if it's big you'll get slammed for killing breed stock. Other than that, good...
  313. c-nut

    YFT NE 302 - 7/2/14

    Thanks for taking the time to report. Nice enough fish, by the way. Seems like this school got scattered by all the seniers or just moved north. Wonder if we will see some reports from the 43?
  314. c-nut


    It was 3 on the Alexes, six pack. I'm sure they went a bit outside the islands, but that's just a guess
  315. c-nut

    CHIEF 2.5 DAY REPORT - JUNE 27-30

    Wishnfishn Thanks for the report and info about the boat. Going on a 2.5 day 18 July "Ed M. charter" on the Chief with my 17yr old boy and nephew with his 12 yr old son. Only 2 weeks to go!!!! Needless to say the boys are super stoked, dads too! How does the boat slide? Some are good and some...
  316. c-nut

    6-30-14 YFT on the Tunaholic at the Lower Hidden

    Great report and well read. FYI, you were great in Roadhouse! Lol
  317. c-nut

    Yellowfin!!! Fishdope Update for 6-28-2014

    fishkilr ha ha, your right, I meant the Chief! Chris' old boat was the Indian.
  318. c-nut

    Yellowfin!!! Fishdope Update for 6-28-2014

    Wow!!! Can't wait for my 2.5 day on the Indian mid July. Been talking to the wife about getting a a good word in our house now, ha ha!! I won't be surprised to see YFT in the 3/4 day counts soon! Glenn
  319. c-nut

    No one signed up yet for this trip

    Ha ha! I just saw the date on this thread....duh!
  320. c-nut

    No one signed up yet for this trip

    New loan gets my vote, Markus runs a great crew. They really take great care when cleaning and bagging your catch. They bleed and spike the fish on deck, if not wide open. Markus put the kite out a few years back when we were steady on a school of YFT. Never would have thought i'd see that on a...
  321. c-nut

    Monster Long Beach and Bass

    Perfect example as to why I rarely post on this site. I don't blame anyone who hesitates. Dan I've met you a few times and your always open to talk about the industry. Come on guys, one big sand bass, really? FYI, way to make that family happy and dad gets the big one, nice. CaptJgray---well...
  322. c-nut

    Shogun is on the Bluefin 05/24/2014

    Great pics Mike! Most on bait, chovies, deans or Mac? That 50 lb the kid is hosting is all that and then some! WOW, I have to go change my skivvies!!!
  323. c-nut

    Shogun is on the Bluefin 05/24/2014

    I have a 2.5 day booked for mid July on the Chief with my nephew and our boys. I was having thoughts it would have been to early in the season. That would have been the case a few years back. This looking to be an epic season! Great for the fleet and PB as we'll. Let's get ready to...
  324. c-nut

    Malahini 5/16 way late

    Nice catch of fish! Bet you got a few looks on the road, awesome!
  325. c-nut


    Toads! Overnight in a CC,I'd be up to that!
  326. c-nut

    Boat advise needed

    What about on the ocean, say for going to the Nados or farther? Is this a good hull, any concerns? Thanks for DVL and skinner info, makes sense it would be ok
  327. c-nut

    Boat advise needed

    What do you guys think about this boat? Would I be able to use it in Diamond lake with all the ECO restrictions? Is it an ocean worthy boat?
  328. c-nut

    3day on the First string

    Nice, First String is first rate for shore. Hoping to get my son out in a couple weeks!
  329. c-nut

    Tribute aka dolphin 3

    Never rode the boat, got a chance for a 2 day @ $300 in early sept 24 passengers. I'm sure the price is strictly a boat ride. Sounds pretty solid any thing my son and I should be mindful of? Any inside scoop on the boat would be helpful, bunks, ride, fishability, crew and such. I think it's a...
  330. c-nut

    CHIEF 2.5 DAY Insane wide open Limits of Yellowtail at 166miles

    I have been floating around the site and have been a member before it was BD, I was member #777 on the first site. I don't fish much cause of $$ family and work but I like what see here most if the time and this original post was great. I would love to have a day like that of legally caught...
  331. c-nut

    Los Barriles Reports

    Rony's a real good capt and he'll work hard to get you fish. Fished with him a few weeks ago. Fishing was pretty slow all around but he put us on fish. He got my son on a big bull! I fought a blue to the leader . Verdugo's is not fancy but a class act in every sort, a clean family run business...
  332. c-nut

    Need some advice...

    My buddy left his filet knife with the guy cleaning the fish. He was pretty stoked, if you plan on taking a cooler fill it with lightly used clothes, shirts, shorts, especially kids sizes, give it to the lady cleaning your room.
  333. c-nut

    Easy Cape

    No sadinas unless you head south, buying a few bigger baiits and a few frozen ballyooh at the bay $20us. Mostly for the dodo and shot at the marlin. The tuna are being caught jigging hoochies on the troll in the small porpoise, kind of neat, first time I did that. Did not get a chance to get...
  334. c-nut

    Easy Cape

    MY son caught a nice 40 lb dodo today and another tuna 20 lb. best part was I brought a 250+ lb blue to leader several times before release. Totally kicked my buttt!!! Wow it was like trying reel in a truck!!! Our fishing is done we leave friday going to explore tomorrow and just relax. We...
  335. c-nut

    Easy Cape

    We are at Martin Verdugo's, very kick back place, Verdugo family is very nice. We arrived late on Saturday, flight delayed.. Urgh! Martin came to our room while we were putting stuff away about 9:30 at night. I did not know who he was, said he works here and wanted to be sure we knew how to work...
  336. c-nut

    Easy Cape

    Qiuck one here, ours 1st day fishing was slow today., 1 YFT 15lbs, 3 dodo 8 -10 lbs. couple other boats did better on the tuna and marlin. 2 wahoo caught yesterday one today, we had one chew but no sticky. Water was nice n calm. Tomorrow is another day! Havin a lot of fun!
  337. c-nut

    New reports-east cape

    Is Robert one of the resort guys or an independent? We'll be at verdugos about 9 pm tomorrow....wahoo!! Vacation started 17 minutes ago! Nope now 18!
  338. c-nut

    New reports-east cape

    Ditto, Brian Thanks for taking the time to report.
  339. c-nut

    New reports-east cape

    Thanks for the report Brian! Keep em coming, sounds like the bottom fish and inshore maybe the be the best ticket right now. Will be there soon and just looking for some good times, no high hopes, just good times! Have fun my fellow BD'er!!!
  340. c-nut

    New reports-east cape

    Seems pretty quite down there? Is the beer still cold? 5 days to go! Cold beer :hali_olutta: Great food :_diarrhea_: Fishin :jig::jig: Hot weather :cool: No work! :shakin: Can't wait! :drool:
  341. c-nut

    no fish in east cape

    Ouch! Sorry to here your report. My son and I will be there in 10 days. I guess that's fishing, but who'd of thought it would that slow in july! I hope your on the water right now with bent rods!
  342. c-nut

    Transportation from Los Cabos to Los Barriles

    Call Verdugo's and set it up. If you don't mind sharing it's much cheaper. Four of us are doing a round trip for $180 total.
  343. c-nut

    Looking for reports from East Cape

    I hope the Tuna pick up a bit, would be nice to bring some fish home. I'll be at Verdugo's on 8/4, I spoke to Mirisol from MV resort this morning. She said marlin bite is good, tuna was slow, but some boats are finding them again. Seems like it should just pick up from here. I think most of the...
  344. c-nut

    East Cape today. Thursday 7/12

    Or... Note to self "don't drink so much" Naaaah! Well maybe not so much the night before! I am so friggin stoked to have this experience with my son! Gettin the hoochies ready!
  345. c-nut

    East Cape today. Thursday 7/12

    Mike, Great up to date report! We really look forward to getting some of those tuna. My son and I would love to get marlin as a bonus. Look forward to seeing your pictures! Thanks for the word on the bait and lures. Are you at Verdugo's and do they have wireless Internet? Mark, Your...
  346. c-nut

    East Cape today. Thursday 7/12

    Mike, What about if my son and I share a rod tube, is that ok if we doubled it up?
  347. c-nut

    Los Cabos Car Rental

    My buddy wants to rent a car at the airport and drive to Los Barriles. We will have our boys with us so I'm not sure if this is a good idea. Thoughts, has anyone done this?
  348. c-nut

    East Cape today. Thursday 7/12

    Mike, talk about same day report! Love it and look forward to tomorrows update! Sort of like... "Dear diary, today I met some fish" ha..ha.. I don't even mind the lack of pictures, verbal is fine for now. Pics can always come later as no doubt you have much better things to do right now! Happy...
  349. c-nut

    East Cape to bring rods/reels or not

    Thanks to all for the info!!! Smoke12- got your PM I'm gonna call Marisol this week to ask about pancho if he's not avail I'll go with ronny. I'm leaning towards bringing a few reels w/fresh line and a couple 3 piece spinning reels just to jack around on the beach when not on the boat. But my...
  350. c-nut

    East Cape to bring rods/reels or not

    My son and I are only 26 days:drool: from our first trip to the East Cape. We are staying 6 nights at Martin Verdugo's and fishing 3 days on a cruiser with another father-son dual. We are flying out of TJ on Volaris. My rods/reels are not high end just Newell's and basic seekers, but well...
  351. c-nut

    28' center console and quad stolen, two held up @ gunpoint @ Las Arenas

    That's Scary stuff! Has there been any problems at the beach resorts? I would suspect it to very rare.
  352. c-nut

    East Cape Newbie- What to do?

    Great read, a lot of good info on the area. I'm booked at Verdugo's 8/4 - 8/10. Fishing 3 days on a super cruiser, my busy and out 15 yr old boys! Not sure who is more excited, all our first time. Ben, Yes, I hijacked your post, thanks! When are you going, look forward to your report. I...
  353. c-nut

    East Cape Newbie- What to do?

    Great read, a lot of good info on the area. I'm booked at Verdugo's 8/4 - 8/10. Fishing 3 days on a super cruiser, my busy and out 15 yr old boys! Not sure who is more excited, all our first time. Ben, Yes, I hijacked your post, thanks! When are you going, look forward to your report. I...
  354. c-nut

    Martin Verdugo's Boat Recommendations...

    SAME Question, Any more thoughts on Martin Verdugo's boats? I'm booked for ealry August and was wondering about his boats as well. gthurner, I think since a fishing package is booked with MV we would need to select from thier boats.
  355. c-nut

    Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort's week report

    I'm heading down the first week in August. I hope it's close to this good. Great report and thanks for keeping me distracted at work! Ha Ha Ha
  356. c-nut


    My buddies son is there now, there boat caught 29 YFT yesterday! I don't know the size and no pics. They are at Palmas de Cortez
  357. c-nut


    Not being a jerk, but, u gafed a rooster, I thought they were not table fare, if not so my apologies, nice report btw
  358. c-nut

    East Cape rigging

    I'm going to be there in Aug as well, at Verdugo's. Thats about what I'm taking, just not sure about rod length since I'm flying Volaris out of TJ. Is the light outfit for shore fishing?
  359. c-nut

    Travel on Volaris to Cabo

    I called Volaris today and ask about fishing pole length. Has to be in a tube and as long as you bought the extra weight that includes sporting equipment up front there is no length limit. She entered that information in Spanish under the notes in my reservation. Someone had mentioned to do...
  360. c-nut

    Travel on Volaris to Cabo

    Cutcamp, You mentioned needing a tourist visa. I have a passport so I do not need the tourist visa, correct? Glenn
  361. c-nut

    East Cape in August

    Also..I'm looking at flights out of TJ with Voleris flying into La Paz. Has anyone had issues with them? Looked on their site I did not see any length minimums for fishing poles.
  362. c-nut

    East Cape in August

    Thanks Dan, makes sense to mix it up between cruiser and panga. I'm dying to hook a rooster! I'll look into your trip as well, sounds fun, you tagged the info to another post I had. I did not think about extra paper work for my boy, probably a notarized letter or something from the wifey?
  363. c-nut

    East Cape in August

    Thanks Dan, makes sense to mix it up between cruiser and panga. I'm dying to hook a rooster! I'll look into your trip as well, sounds fun, you tagged the info to another post I had. I did not think about extra paper work for my boy, probably a notarized letter or something from the wifey?
  364. c-nut

    East Cape in August

    First time going! So I have a couple questions. Planning on taking my 15 yr old son around first week of August. I figure 5 nights and 3 days on the water fishing and one day exploring the shore line. Might stay another day just to goof off. 1. Cruiser or panga? Seems I'll save $400 going the...
  365. c-nut

    Fishing Mexico East Cape

    Sanegler, Tell me more, I looked at Martin Verdugos and I'm emailing Marisol about prices and availability. Got quoted 4 nights 3 days panga fishing for $600 pp. sounds real reasonable. I figure just me and the boy a panga should be fine. Should I bring some gear? Thinking of adding a day and do...
  366. c-nut

    Los Barrelies

    Erik, thanks for the report. I am considering takin my 15 yr old son in August. I know it'll be hot but hoping the fishing is just as hot. How was Martin V's? Does not seem like a party area like Cabo. They seem to be less pricier than other places. Did you take a cruiser or panhga? A panhga...
  367. c-nut

    Fishing Mexico East Cape

    I have always wanted to take my son fishing the East Cape. I have never gone, what is the best month? I have not seen to many recent post. Is everyone staying away? What's the best place? Or should I just scratch the idea until things settle down south of the border?
  368. c-nut

    Yellowfin, Marlin and 2 mako in the mix

    Sounds like you guys had fun and got to see some other fishieeeez. I always start every trip with 20/20 floro..deck hands use to really frown on the 20lb stuff in the past, but with this scratch bite they recommended it the last time I went out. I am itching and hoping the counts hold as they...
  369. c-nut

    My First Fishing Report... and a good one!

    actually...yours would say "Zero" charlie, way to work the area bro
  370. c-nut

    Legend 7/31-8/02 Albie Slayfest

    :appl::appl::appl:Way to hit the right day..and they look like good sizes..20lb I'm guessing from the pics. I really want to take my son out his week, but I was ready to cancel my vacation. Looks like we might be fishing Thu leaving Wed. Thanks for the quick post
  371. c-nut

    go or no go 1.5

    I'm hoping the new moon phase coming in will change their feeding habits to biting habits...:nopity: I to am on the fence. I really want to go out on a 1.5 on 8/5 on the Condor. My buddy already booked, but I'm not sure why. I told him to wait and watch the counts this week. Post you...
  372. c-nut

    with total chaos on the condor

    Hope they stick around and get closer. Does the Condor use gunney sacks, I see them hanging in the back of one of your pictures. Do they have a salt water brine tank? Might jump on the 1.5 day leaving next Wed..but the sacks got me concerned... say it ain't so!
  373. c-nut

    Which boat?

    Legend is a good boat, I was not that impressed with the Grande last year, but could have been just an off day for the crew. Was not as detailed/clean as I normally see on other boats. Parking at Seaforth is a huge plus,,free and easy!
  374. c-nut

    1.5 New Lo-An

    That is the first I heard of pressure from the seiners? I had thought there were a lot less of them this year. A lot of food and a full moon equals full bellies...just my thoght...need the new moon phase. Nice job on the JP and giving to the crew...they a a great group and Markus runs a...
  375. c-nut

    Wide open albie @85 miles tonight

    Will be nice to hear about the size and actual least general. 85 miles out is better tasting than 120 by all means. Hoping some of my PB'er freinds give me a call, but they call the shots. I jumped on the band wagaon a couple weeks ago and got on a mid week 1.5 day run on the First...
  376. c-nut

    legend & ALBACRE

    How were seas? What size are the fish? Nice score!
  377. c-nut

    Ambassadeur to small??

    I have an Ambassadeur 6500C3. Is it to small of a reel for local Yt and Tuna 1.5 day? My son is 13 and wanted give him something light and easy to cast. Will a 20 lb tuna tear up the drag? Glenn
  378. c-nut

    Newell 220

    looking for a Newell 220 for my son who is 13. I have a 229 and love the way it cast. My buddy told me the 220 would be a great reel for him to start casting with. Looking to spend under $100. Glenn
  379. c-nut

    Shimano Baitrunner

    Thanks for all the input. I think I will get him the 8000D. :urno1: I figure line capacity should be ok if I back it with spectra/pro-line and it is much lighter than the 12000D. Now for the rod...another story. c-nut
  380. c-nut

    Shimano Baitrunner

    Baloot-boy, that's good line capacity, but I know most of the local SD sport boats frown on the spectra. I was thinking of topshotting with about 100 yds of mono, I think that would help. I would hate to see my son burn through a couple hooked rods with mono will being dragged around the boat...
  381. c-nut

    Shimano Baitrunner

    My 13YO son was having trouble with my baitcasters last year on the YT and Tuna. I would like to get him a decent spin cast set up this year until he gets better at casting the right stuff. I like the Shimano 8000D with the baitrunner feature. Is that big enough for the local 1.5 day trips in...
  382. c-nut

    17 yft

    That first photo is priceless! And the the 2 dodo limit is Mex limits not US, correct?
  383. c-nut

    182/181/43 09/02/2008

    Nice catch, extremely cool pics! The water looks sweek, I'm jumping on the New-loan on Friday. Rock-n-Roll!!!
  384. c-nut

    Sea Horse 1 1/2 day @ 09/06/07 SICK!

    WOW! Great score, I went last Friday on the Aztec...1 Albie and 1 Yt. I caught the yt for the JP. My only saving grace, but tough day! I'm sure the 31 unwanted were not wasted. Deck hands usually have lots of friends who want fish. 10 fish per angler = a lot of happy relatives and neighbors...
  385. c-nut

    Bluewater Tackle Customer appreciation charter $100!

    I'm in and your timing could not have been better!
  386. c-nut

    I hope you van check this link out!

    Full Screen
  387. c-nut


    Some good fish tacos there. Jump'en on your boat tonight with some maintenace guys from Disneyland. Hope to be frying up some fish this week:nutkick:. Either way it will good to get on the water! See ya tonight Chris.
  388. c-nut

    El Dorado limits, ye haw!

    Very cool trip! First time on the boat and I was very pleased. Capt. Eddie kept us on fish and was mindful to keep us at limits. Julio at the tank was solid even the "nubbie deck hand" Matt did alright (his gaffing could use some practice). Shit, I can't remeber the cook (Drew??) and I think...
  389. c-nut

    El Dorado 1.5 day 9/30/06

    I have been thinking about getting on this one. I called the major 4 landings and this is the only 1.5 day fishing Sat. with openings. A couple over nighters out of H&M fishing Sat. for $225:eyepoppin The extra $65 for the morning and evening bite sounds much better. My only thought is how...
  390. c-nut


    This is the only 1.5 day boat I could find with and opening for fishing Saturday. I have never fished this boat. Additionally, H&M has a few overnighter's TopGun80, Producer, and the C. Geshia fishing Saturday. I don't want to start any boat bashing, gunz but which is my best choice? Glenn
  391. c-nut

    425 6/25

    That's some funny shit Harry! Nice job getting them onto the fish, only problem was they came with a carcass! I thought you did not like going out on Sundays. I'm bidding on a day shift position. Sat and Sun off! Maybe we can get out again. Glenn
  392. c-nut

    May 18 1.5 day New Lo-An...

    Was his name Chuck, by chance? I met everyone on the boat. All 12!
  393. c-nut

    May 18 1.5 day New Lo-An...

    Matt, Great fishing with you. Wow, what a B-A-U-TIFUL day on the water! All good fisherman. 12 souls and plenty of room. I caught 5 yt easy. And much kudus to Markus for keeping it at lmits! I must have caught and released 7 YT on the heaving iron dropping straight down 30 feet. What a...
  394. c-nut

    Albies and tails 051606

    That's a nice albie on bait! Water looks GREAT! Nice work guys! Interesting trolling position!!!!!:_portable :rofl: :rofl: :_portable How big were the tails? Were the albies caught early morning? I'm going on the New Lo-An tonight if they get enough to go.
  395. c-nut

    Seagar Knot

    Tater Salad, Your alright, that's it and now that I see it, I remember it! I think it would work as a dropper, just double your line, huh? C------NUT
  396. c-nut

    New Lo-An 1.5 day Thursday

    OK! I'm going! Now, anyone else? It will either be very limited or not go. Legend scored good on the BFT this weekend **70** COME ON BFT!
  397. c-nut

    Seagar Knot

    I can't get the image. Mikey can you post it again or PM it to me? Thanks!
  398. c-nut

    3/4 day last sat

    :notworthy Love it, now let's fish!:rofl:
  399. c-nut

    Not Bad for 2hours and one kelp paddy

    That was fun! BigfishHunt1, I got two (14&11) girls and a boy (9). Here's the deal! You have to take them one at a time or it's a mess. Best part is you tell the wife, she will for sure buy it, right. You get to fish 3 times as much!! SWEET!! Capt. Chris, Ed hit me up this morning...
  400. c-nut

    Not Bad for 2hours and one kelp paddy

    WOW! I did'nt see that coming. I don't think this guy intended to steal Captain Randel's score. Seems he cleared the air quickly when ask. Nice start to the season of a limit on Yellow Tail Randel. You have a top notch crew and I was not suprised at all on your counts. ReconDoc, good work...
  401. c-nut

    Possible exploritory run wed/thur 26 and 27

    No worries! The reports are not great and bad wheather, good call. I live in Temecula also, next time.
  402. c-nut

    Possible exploritory run wed/thur 26 and 27

    Thursday is my normal day off, I got a honey due list I need a reason to bail on!:_shopping If you need one more PM me prior to Wed. I would need to get my mex permit on Wednesday. I'm a cheap bastard and always wait to get my permit to milk a few more extra days out of the following year.
  403. c-nut

    YT at the Butterfly

    "Dude", what are you like 8' tall with an 80lb albie. :eyepoppin Oh, sorry I guess that's a small rod and reel combo! I hope this year is at least a little better than last. The yeras before last spoiled me!
  404. c-nut

    San Quintin Feb 17 - 20

    "We dont' need no stinkin bait" Ain't that the truth! If you get on fish those bad boys are hungry! Good luck to you Harry! Harry knows what he's talking about. Couple words though, Bring alot of jigs and those you won't cry about losing! NEW RIDE!!!??? very cool. How does the Swirl ride...
  405. c-nut

    DVL questions?

    Do they stock trout on a regular basis? Is power bait the choice? How has the bite been? I want to take my kids on Turkey-morning is there a chance of catching anything from shore? ThankX
  406. c-nut

    Legend 9/21

    Short not sweet! 60 mile bank and west to the Mushroon on a 1.5 day. 33 anglers 3YFT, 1 Skippy, 1 baby YT, and a couple dozen 2-3lb squid. myself nada! weather was mixed up wind chop 10-15 knots and white caps. Weather looked better comming in this anybody's guess...
  407. c-nut

    LEGEND 9/21

    Jumpin' on the Legend tonight for 1.5 dayerererer:rolleyes: Not to many to choose from but I have heard nothing but good things about this boat. Plus as I always say all the free parking space! Anyone else onboard?
  408. c-nut

    A good show on yellowfin

    up and down! Looks like seaforth found them today! 9/14
  409. c-nut

    Lower 500 and 15 miles south 8-16 & 17

    Baby!!!! :beerbang: fu3 :rockin: :cheers: :IKONe9f36
  410. c-nut

    New Lo An 8-14 Yellow Tail

    Congrats on the JP. Oh! and how I agree with you on trolling! When they don't go trolling sucks soooooooooo bad! The boys at work have that boat for a 1 day on the 25th. Hopefully we have a similar day, I like YT/paddy hopin' type fishing.
  411. c-nut


    I wanted to show off my daughter's first albacore and maybe last one for a while. We got on the Pacific Star for a last minute 1 day before school starts. It paid off for her and I. I landed 3 and she got 1. Not bad considering 31 anglers to 40 fish. US water..Mushroom..NO TROLL FISH..Grey light...
  412. c-nut

    8/14-8/? Ensenada Coral on "The Reel One"

    Have fun gents and maybe catch a few fish!
  413. c-nut

    4 spots available onour private charter

    :Pillow_Fi You will take heat! Just don't take it to serious. Look for the correct forum, those that are interested will find what you offer. There is even one for bullshit. I wonder if the language checker still works? Let me see
  414. c-nut

    Overnight boat recommendation?

    Mark, I called the landings this morning and the Condor or Pacific Star were the only open parties for Thursday. Could be more, some limited loads maybe.I forgot about Islandia. I will be on the Pacific Star Thursday, #1 reason for me PARKING!!!. It looks like the Condor is bigger and...
  415. c-nut

    8/9/05 Good News - One-day boats & Albacore Reports

    I will be taking my duaghter to see if she can get her first albacore. We will be fishing Thursday on the Pacific Star. I also saw a one day boat with 13 passangers and 130 albacore...typo? or US waters? Can't remember the boat.
  416. c-nut


    thanks, :xlbirthda i was lucky enough
  417. c-nut

    8/7 ?

    Holy cow! Misuse, :rockin: by his avatar it doubt snotty is in his vocabulary! :git: YT are starting to pop up more in the afternoon at the islands, probably not worth getting to excicted about though. speaking of avatar's... ;) misuse
  418. c-nut


    Jumped on the SD out of Seaforth with a buddy whom needed to wet line. Would have preferred a 1-day on the New-Loan, but he got of work to late. We bounced around the middle grounds for Barracuda and misc. rockfish. Then we anchored off Pukey point and after about an hour I thought the day...
  419. c-nut


    That makes sense C_K! I had is bass ackwards :idiot:
  420. c-nut


    When smoking them....yes I know their a bitch to keep lit. I would imagine you smoke them skin down. Do you do any thing special to them beside merinade? Like take the skin off or try and get the tiny scales off?
  421. c-nut

    NEW LO-AN 6/24/05

    Crusty, The crew waited till we were inside a little before cleaning fish. Can't blame them it was pretty rough outside, but fishable. Shelly can fish, she even try's to help by tail hooking (deep water gaffing). :) C-nut
  422. c-nut


    O.k. Shelly I ask to many questions. :) I think I will join you fishing window is to small to let some wind and waves get in the way!
  423. c-nut


    And is it a 1.5 day? Maybe not since she is leaving early. Shelly do you know who will skipper?
  424. c-nut

    Orion or Ranger 85??

    That was definetely my first choice!! :drool: I called most the major docks and my schedule is tight I work weekends. Sun-Wed am. The Condor is scheduled to leave WED night on a 1.5 day. I have not seen them in the fish counts. Could it be they are just starting their off shore trips...
  425. c-nut

    Dougspool charter on the NEW LO-ANN

    MID WEEK - Thursday best for me.
  426. c-nut

    Orion or Ranger 85??

    If the reports get a little better (weather?)I plan to get on a 1.5 day leaving this 6/22 Wednesday evening. I have never fished these boats, but these are the only 2 (from Web sites) that have the 1.5 day Mid week schedule. Orion out of Seaforth is small at 55x17 $200. The Ranger 85 is...
  427. c-nut


    Best news I heard this year! I have one problem, I married my first wife 15 years ago this Thursday. . . Problem? :nopity: . . . . . . . We're still married so I will have to wait until next week. Markus what do you have going out next week, say WED/THU/FRI? Disclaimer... yes...
  428. c-nut


    But I got a page that we shut some rides down at my work to do track inspection. Probably a damn good idea!
  429. c-nut


    TURNERS, but I do not know anything of these reels other than they look pretty cool. The sale is on the JX/LX. I think two different models JX and LX? Any one have pros and cons on these reels. Sounds like a good deal, reg $229.
  430. c-nut

    Indian Sportfishing

    Wish I could do it, but flying back to WI to see my Dad before it's to late. If you know what I mean. Thought I would give your post a bump since the time is close. Good luck deckers! glenn
  431. c-nut

    9/30 Yft

    Small but good eats!!!! Harry! I either need to find a new job or get a boat....maybe a boat next season. SHIT! fish?:
  432. c-nut

    Mickey Mouse 3 Day

    I am sure we are going to catch something! I am curious about something though. I was talking to an owner of a tackle shop today and he told me the Indian does not have a refrigerated fish hold. He said they pack ice on for each trip?? He said the ice usually last only 1.5 days. I went...
  433. c-nut

    Outer Limits saterday-monday.

    Small Yellow Tail fishering
  434. c-nut

    Mickey Mouse 3 Day

    About 1-1/2 weeks ago someone dropped out of a three day charter on the INDIAN from my work. I snagged it up, sounded like a great deal...shit what the :FU: happened to the fish! We leave Sunday night...and yes I know it can change real fast :nopity: :nopity: . But hell I gotta bee-aahh-CH...
  435. c-nut

    Bertram Blackfin shootout

  436. c-nut

    anyone recommend fishing charter?

    I chartered the Belle two years in a row for our Chief Petty Officers out of NAS North Island. Top-notch service and we to had mixed experience leaning mostly to the novice. I am retired now and I think the boys are doing it again this year. They just haven’t sent me the date yet…hum, wonder...
  437. c-nut


    Well, I just got off the phone with the landing and the Prowler is heading back early with limits of Albies today. I was going to take a 1.5 day, but decided to take my 12.9 year old daughter on her first day boat tonight. I hope she gets to pull on atleast one Tune-eye. Wish us luck! :)
  438. c-nut

    Ranger 85?

    Any comments on the boat and crew? fish?: I am thinking of getting on the 1.5 day leaving 6/23 for $285. Seems high, but their web page says their trips are all inclusive, minus tip and fish cleaning I am sure. I eat like a pig pig: so meals included sounds Yummy :drool: to me after a long...
  439. c-nut

    Upper Finger/101/390/425/371

    Harry, Thanks for the ride! We will nail'em next time! The water was really smooth so the one fish was easy to deal with! What a difference a day makes...well two ant ways
  440. c-nut

    Who is that in PCS May issue

    Dirty Blond! :)
  441. c-nut

    Islands farmer trip 5/22

    Nice bad you did'nt get it all on video....can you say TRAIN WRECK! Hey Basser ain't you and Tevor buds! Some pretty good pokes at him. Oh forgot :FU: :FU: :FU: for Trevor
  442. c-nut

    Sunday 5/23

    Harry, I think you would have your hands full with these two...they might even teach you a thing or two...ha, ha..haa! I will cal you Harry...I can not go tomorrow!, but what are you doing next weekend?
  443. c-nut

    Who is that in PCS May issue

    OK, Duh? never notice the store drop down, Thanks!
  444. c-nut

    Who is that in PCS May issue

    I love that Mag. It really stays home for US! I thought that was mike r.! Anyways someone as fuckin ugly! Very cool article, did Mickey write that? A regular fuckin OLIVER TWIST! Crazy sum bitch in that small ass boat. Hey I want some bloodydecks cloth, how do I get it? :notworthy
  445. c-nut

    The Indian

    Going on the Indian Friday with some of the boys that fix the rides at Disney. They charter with Chris all the time. Hoping he gets us into some yellows. The guys say he works his tail off for them all the time. I look forward to meeting him. p.s. I just started about 5 months ago at Disney...
  446. c-nut


    Some of the fellas of the Disneyland Maintenance Crew have chartered the Indian for a day of fishing on Friday. Leaving Thursday night and hoping :daman: Chris can put us onto some YT and maybe a few Albies. 18 anglers, so we should all have plenty of room to fish! fish?:
  447. c-nut

    South 371 5-14

    Harry, I have fished with you on many occasions; you my friend are very cautious when you approach a paddy. I know and have fished with some that never shut the motor down and like you said, take the easiest route to the paddy, down wind and straight to it! It takes some seamanship to shut...
  448. c-nut

    South 371 5-14

    ONE drift for 12! Most of been a SeaDawg fire drill WTG!!! Wish I had'nt made plans I sure would have been out with you!
  449. c-nut

    Boat HO - Applications Available

    Not even a reach around! Yep, I hate it when work cuts into fishing...but man can not live on fish alone...any ways the ones I catch :rolleyes: Harry I will call when I do have those Saturdays off..don't forsake me! :jumpin:
  450. c-nut

    390/371 5/08/04

    Nice mess of fish Harry. I will be calling you in a few weeks, looking to hitch a ride. I went out Friday with Jim on the Los Pangeros. Nice riding boat for a center console, but I sure missed the warmth of the old Dawg! We hit a paddy about that size heading from the butter fly to the 371...
  451. c-nut

    "WG" 5/7 Killer Day on the Water / West B-Fly

    Nice, job puttin the fella's on fish. I was out there! Saw you guys a few times. I hitched a ride with Jim on the Los Pangerors, Shit you had Ryon on board, Are you sure you had the head room for that guy! Super that you got'em. We were on the panga heading east when you stopped on that...
  452. c-nut

    Long Shot

    Orca, Thanks for the offer, but I got a call from Jim and we are heading out tonight from Shelter Island on his 26 ft deisel panga named Panga...something. I hope we get into them. I think he said we were heading to the area they were caught yesterday....MAN I LOVE THIS BOARD!!!!:jo:
  453. c-nut

    Long Shot

    I gotta go...looks like I will spend some cash on the cattle boats! UNLESS fish?:
  454. c-nut

    Long Shot

    If any skippers get a cancelation for FRIDAY!!!!!! fishing shoot me a p.m. I will check my messages after supper! I have lic, gear, $, exp, blaa, blaa, blaa, and all the bullshit fish?: glenn PH # 909-506-4521
  455. c-nut

    New Lo-An Coronado Islands trips

    I want to get out on Thursday, So I will call after work and see if you have enough reservations. If not I will probably take a 3/4 day.
  456. c-nut

    Ensebada NOW!!!!

    Bill, Whats the deal , need more info before I would commit to a drive south. Do you run a charter our is this on your orivate boat...9 guys, must be a big boat.
  457. c-nut

    Indian Charter 4-9 4-11

    Glad you had fun Harry. how was the weather? I may try a day boat next week on Friday if the bite picks up. Unless I can hitch a ride and help with gas/cleaning/driving/catching with a PB'er. Not working the same schedule as you sure is gonna suck this summer. I will be waiting for you to...
  458. c-nut

    I Will Fish (9 APR)

    Thanks MAX! YUP I'm out of the Navy and working at some Mickey Mouse outfit! :) Mickey pays pretty good though, I guess they figure all my Navy experience fixing and managing the maintenance on Naval aircraft was a good fit for Disneyland. My big ride is Indiana Jones, I just got it...
  459. c-nut

    I Will Fish (9 APR)

    Bruce I PM'ed Ya! BTW, I live really close to Canyon Rd.
  460. c-nut

    Indian - Friday

    I take it it leaves Thursday evening? I may be game for that ride!
  461. c-nut

    I Will Fish (9 APR)

    I need to fish on Friday, I have all the usual $, time, gear, permission from Mexico, and experience. I work 3rd shift 4 days a week 10 hour days at Disneyland. My time off is WED 11am to SAT 11pm. I live in Temecula. :nopity: :nopity: :nopity: :nopity: HARRY if the mail can wait give me...
  462. c-nut

    I Will Fish

    Wrong forum!!!
  463. c-nut

    Albies at the 295 4-17

    First blood on the SeaDawg this year...well Tuna blood! Hope this means a banner year!
  464. c-nut

    HeatherLynn II nails them again!

    Wish I could get out there! Mickey! How the hell'ya doowin! NUT
  465. c-nut

    Albies & Yellow Tail

    OK, This just woke me up from my long winter nap. I hope they come a little close......HARRY...SEADAWG....knock...knock! GREAT JOB LEE! YA gotta stoked, It's even on the maintenance radios here at DISNEY. c-nut:eek:
  466. c-nut

    What do you think about San Quintin in Feb?

    Wishin I could go fishin with you guys. Harry just told me about the trip. I had a blast the last time with you guys. my new job at disney is keeping me mighty busy right now. Good luck fellas! Glenn gotta keep up with those car payments on my packer-mobile:D
  467. c-nut

    371/390 10-18

    Thanks once again Harry! Oh you forgot to mention the bait tank. Well anyway.....what a dissapointment to got out there and see the tank empty of H2O!!!:( , but shortly after that we found the paddy and they boiled on dead bait, hit half live swimmers, and slammed the Irons, bait we don't need...
  468. c-nut

    Blue Fin Sat 10-11

    Considering things seem to be slowing, dam I should have gone with you Harry!
  469. c-nut

    Ensenada/Coral 9-19 & 9-20

    Buddies with pliers, man Harry your on a roll. The story is vaguely familier from a similar event in San Quitin, except the hook were smaller then. Glad to see you survived. Sounds like you guys had a positive expeirence and some knowlegde gained on the way for some future trips..hint..hint...
  470. c-nut

    390-371 9-13-03

    Harry, Once again thanks for the ride, it was a good day to be alive! Glenn
  471. c-nut

    The 43 to the 209 WTF 8-30

    Max, WHAAAAAAAAAAAT! you trolling those Black-n-Purple dildo's again......Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Your gonna stick one good, real sooooooooon! gunz gunz The "nut" c-nut that is. 58 days to my 20 year Navy DECOM..........
  472. c-nut

    7-13 Albies

    Harry, Thanks for letting me tag along. I must say Harry's Bayliner kicks ass for a 21 footer! Although if we would have run into a whale like a 33ft Riviera (from another board) we would have been airborne. We dodged a few on the way home, it was amazing all the sea life down in that area. Glenn
  473. c-nut

    7-13 0300

    I will be the swabie onboard. Thanks Harry!:D Does Joe drink beer?
  474. c-nut

    San Quintin 4th July Tourny

    Hey Mike, Oh been busy, Move to Temecula, getting out of the Navy in November, should be lookin for new employment soon!!!!! I did get out with Harry and Ryon a couple weeks ago. Would like to get fishing with you again, maybe guided by Don Julio or his boss Mr PATRON:D :D
  475. c-nut

    San Quintin 4th July Tourny

    We don't need no stinking tides! We need shovels!! I would be up for another SQ get away. I think I would drink more this time, I wasted to much time fishing last year ha!ha!ha!............ Glenn
  476. c-nut

    San Clemente Is and 43 Spot 6-21

    We don't need no stiiiinkiiiiing aaanchorrrrrgunz Ryon, thanks for the trip it was slow but the company kept it entertaining. I hope you are right Mickey, a buddy of mine said the same thing about the 97 season I think. Started slow then a lot of warm stuff with mucho fishering fishering...
  477. c-nut

    Numero uno POST!

    Ok, This looks like it could be FUN:eek: The red background is making me angry:mad: Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Mickey.