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  1. Bigfish69

    Rpt-SCI-12-02-10 Slow Start, good ending!

    Merry Christmas buddy and can i add that those rojos where toads. Very nice!
  2. Bigfish69

    San Diego Rock Fishing

    The best rocks are all gone, the old guys got them allready!
  3. Bigfish69

    Prince Edward Island....Land Of GIANTS!!!

    Thats rad! I went back and looked at the pictures like 10 times. I can only dream of a trip like that at this point but i will do one before my time is over! Thanks for sharing such a cool expierience,,,the release just make this moment that much cooler.
  4. Bigfish69

    Short Lobster Fine

    Ouch...Sorry to hear of the bad luck!
  5. Bigfish69

    Mexican Navy 10/01

    Chupacabra fo sure i seen it!
  6. Bigfish69

    unattended rods on 1.5 day boat

    I allways leave my rod at the rail so no one takes my spot. Hell sometimes i leave my buddy there to gaurd it while i run back to get the bait!:D
  7. Bigfish69

    Oside Flattie Report 9/25

    Very nice rick, great to see one of your repoerts, tight lines>
  8. Bigfish69

    43 and DFG 9-24

    Maybe hes used to bossing his boyfriend around like that! Sounds like a homo,,,,oops did i say that out loud. 69R
  9. Bigfish69

    unattended rods on 1.5 day boat

    The bow is my home. Nice and quite upthere.......:D
  10. Bigfish69

    unattended rods on 1.5 day boat

    Most boats wont even let you cast over your back unless your expierienced and its probably a good thing but i dont see that this boat or its crew did anything wrong. Most guys bring between 4-5 rods on a trip like that and its pretty common for it to get a bit cayotic depending on how...
  11. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hooping for Dummies

  12. Bigfish69

    Bait problems at the Hidden

    I think you nailed it. Gonna try this myself,,,maybe i can cut the costs of the power bill aswell. LOL thannks for the tip:hali_olutta:
  13. Bigfish69

    Where were you? (9/11)

    First of all i would like to say god bless all the people affected families included on this day. I think it touched us all. I was working for scripps Memorial hospital La Jolla on this morning and was just about to do pass down to the next shift before i heard the report. Very somber moment...
  14. Bigfish69

    WTF!! This chick needs her nipples place in a vise

    Wow,,,that little bitch deserves a serious ass whooping!
  15. Bigfish69

    San Francisco Bay Lobstering?

    This has got to be the funniest thing i have heard in a while, thanks for the laugh!:hali_olutta:
  16. Bigfish69

    big halibutt!

    Not bad for a girl....bwahahahaha. LOL,,, Just having some fun with ya, Thats a nice fish , enjoy the eats! 69R
  17. Bigfish69

    Western "Gay" Pride?

    Definatly repoerty him, if he gets enough dents on his license well you know the rest. What an asshat!
  18. Bigfish69

    Ethics... What do you think? boater (rookies) looking for secret spot

    I don't think its a cool practice to 1, follow a guy. 2 hi jack his spot by cheating and storing coordinates that don't belong to you. Call me old fasioned but I still believe in the rule of Treat others how you would wanna be treated, with that said. I don't steal from anyone else so I won't...
  19. Bigfish69

    Need a lawyer to sue US Coast Guard (Sector San Diego

    As simpathetic as i am with your ordeal. I am happy that they are outhere doing there job. I was once pulled over cause i fit the description of a bank robbery suspect and held for several hours till they could sort things out. Not nearly as bad as your deal but i can relate. I was really pissed...
  20. Bigfish69

    DFG commission adopts new hoop net regs

    Thanks for the update
  21. Bigfish69

    Bimini top, good quality not the cheapy kind. 100.00

    The bimini is allready gone,,,thanks for looking and tight lines!
  22. Bigfish69

    Bimini top, good quality not the cheapy kind. 100.00

    4 sale,,,Very good quality Bimini top. Its not the cheapy kind. Its very well made and has all metal hardware. It can be used as a stand alone which measures 8' L x 7' w x 3.5 'tall. or you can use the front portion as well and make it 16' long for maximum shade. They both come with boots and...
  23. Bigfish69

    Went from boating to boatless to debtless

    Sorry to hear of the struggles my friend but very happy things are getting better for the whole family. 69R
  24. Bigfish69


    Nice REPORT!
  25. Bigfish69

    Live bait prices go up

    smelt, the other white meat
  26. Bigfish69

    Monster Great White at the 279 today

    Is that a white mark on its side,,,,?
  27. Bigfish69

    Penn reels bridge problem cure, anyone?

    LOL ,,,what can i say except i love some of my old reels, lots of memories there... Given the parts are so pricey i may have to scale down a little though....:hali_olutta:
  28. Bigfish69

    Penn reels bridge problem cure, anyone?

    Spectacular!!! Thank you very much!
  29. Bigfish69

    Penn reels bridge problem cure, anyone?

    Thanks guys for the insight. Any phone numbers for these tips. I will try the adreeses you mentioned. 69R
  30. Bigfish69

    mission accomplished....sort of.....

    Yeah but i will bet any amount of money thats the best chicken you can get....forget that shit in the can. Good looking stuff mikey. I got all my jars and lids ready, just need me a few hens now. 69R
  31. Bigfish69

    Penn reels bridge problem cure, anyone?

    I have close to a thousand peen reels i have collected over the years and i am cleaning and going through some of them in my spare time so that i can put them away for my kids when they get older and might even fish them as needed. However there is one small problem and i wanted to tackle it...
  32. Bigfish69

    Pt Loma-Whistler's 7-11-10

    Delicious! My favorite taco stuffers right there! Great work getting the kid on the fish.
  33. Bigfish69

    went out for the killer batray bite....

    That there sir is a job well done,,,on the yak no less,,,and yes it would have beat the hell out of you,,,,nice fillet linup too,,,youll be eating for years now...LOL
  34. Bigfish69

    20' Bayrunner Should I Buy?

    That boat makes the tinney at the bait dock in san diego look good...IMO.
  35. Bigfish69

    70 plus pounds of halibut

    NIce<<<<the Nikon coolpix L20 is pretty good for the money,,,just got one on ebay a month ago and we love it
  36. Bigfish69

    6/18/10 Middle Grounds YT

    Nice Jobb Toddy boy! Those guys where eatin good...
  37. Bigfish69

    Nados = Yellows 6/17

    Thats a great catch record for 30 guys at the kelp,,,good job getting them to the boat and on the deck. Thanks for sharing!
  38. Bigfish69

    Whistler action Good!

    Yeah,,did i mention how close that seal was to a good whack on the head....:Beat_Them Yepp, i will be out there, i too hope to bump into you this year hopefully in the middle of a crashing pod of albacore and bluefin crashing on the outside edges like a few years ago.:hali_olutta:
  39. Bigfish69

    Whistler action Good!

    I'm down for the trade....Wild ehhh?
  40. Bigfish69

    Whistler action Good!

    Travis it was a late nite inside info i got from a birdie that got us outhere or you know i would have invited you brother.
  41. Bigfish69

    Whistler action Good!

    Yeah they suck so bad i cant keep any in the fridge, they disapear faster than i can make them....:D All i need now for the grill is some bluefin,,,,posibly next week....planning on going about 120 ish:2gunsfiring_v1:
  42. Bigfish69

    Whistler action Good!

    I make my own,,,notice its not smoked just natural marinated in vingo e ielho. The ones pictures are my breakfast links, i also make them FULL SIZE for buns. Real hog casings, lean port butt, little salt and pepper, paprika, garlic chopped, red wine, sour orange. Marinate over nite. Stuff your...
  43. Bigfish69

    Whistler action Good!

    BBbacks, Chicken, linquisa,yellow tail bellies portagee style and of course coors light.
  44. Bigfish69

    Whistler action Good!

    Todd>>All on dines 25 pnd flouro and ringed hooks,,,no takers on the jigs unbelievably. Jason>>Thats one hell of an eye you got on you,,,carl not so much! LOL There is actually a funny story and pic to follow in this reply about that furbag. Thats one eye willie from the ramp as you probably...
  45. Bigfish69

    Whistler action Good!

    Found some of these just shy of the whistler. Good times and good eats, you know who you are!:hali_olutta: Go get um ladies! 69R
  46. Bigfish69

    Phil's BBQ??????

    Phils is very good but the Kansas City BBQ downtown sd off of harbor drive has some incredible BBQ,,possibly the best in my opinion and if you got there on the right night, oh say like on a saturday night the scenery aint too shaby eighther!
  47. Bigfish69

    5/29 Coronados, the good, the bad.

    My ten cents worth to anyone who was leading or encouraging the radio embarasment yesturday. Its easy enough for all of us to turn the knob on the radio and put you on ignore but why would YOU take the time and put so much effort into ruining another anglers day? Just plain sad folks. Think...
  48. Bigfish69

    My biggest BUTT

    Very nice flat fish sir! 69R
  49. Bigfish69

    Squidco Customer Appreciation Days

    Just went through the garage and it turns out i need a whole lotta crap before the tunees come to see my cold zone. Thanks for the heads up.
  50. Bigfish69

    I'll see a Gnome riding a Unicorn before I catch my next WSB......

    Keep your chin up chap! Its gonna get better before it gets worse,,,,wink wink. 69R
  51. Bigfish69


    Thanks for the report,,,
  52. Bigfish69

    Extra Large Queen Palms - FREE DELIVERY

    gonna plant them on the property line, the neghbors sprinklers over water the shit out of my side of the property,,,wink wink>>
  53. Bigfish69

    Extra Large Queen Palms - FREE DELIVERY

    Jake Just delivered all 10 awesome very green trees. He's very fast and you cant argue with the price. Thanks again Jake for such a fine green product. Great to meet you too. Enjoy your trip! 69R
  54. Bigfish69

    Extra Large Queen Palms - FREE DELIVERY

    Just placed my order for 10,,,thanks Jake! 69R
  55. Bigfish69

    Rpt Sun 04-25-10 SCI Calico Bass Bonanza!

    good stuff cory,,,love fishing spots like that,,,uoyu never know what might bite
  56. Bigfish69

    Halibut dry spell officially over for me

    Friggin fine butt there sir!!! 69R
  57. Bigfish69

    Electrolysis damage caused by a hot dock....

    On your breakfast toast ehh,,,well as long as your not spreading it on your buns i guess its okay...LOL,,,thanks toddy boy! 69R
  58. Bigfish69

    FLORIDA BD'er?......ouch!!!

    Well, obviously he didnt have enough speed to clear that thing! 69R
  59. Bigfish69

    Electrolysis damage caused by a hot dock....

    Will T-9 damage seals and gaskits? This is the first i have heard of the shit and am thinking of picking up some to try it. 69R
  60. Bigfish69

    Opening weekend for Lingcod. Lucky limits.

    Mikes hard lemonade rocks,,,i got the pants off her right away with 2 of those...LOL
  61. Bigfish69

    Electrolysis damage caused by a hot dock....

    Wow,,the pictures really paint a different picture. I do believe sir your problem may be in a material defect. That pitting is primarily in one area,,,looks suspicious! We had boats in the water year round for years on end and some the rams where below and others where above and we never ever...
  62. Bigfish69

    Does this spot look good for Halibut?

    Didnt notice any bait fish in those shots,,,???
  63. Bigfish69

    Electrolysis damage caused by a hot dock....

    Ali,,when the boat sits are you leaving the batterys on or are you isolating them? Just a thought! Maybe a dry test of both scenarios will pinpoint something of interest. 69R
  64. Bigfish69

    Electrolysis damage caused by a hot dock....

    Ali saw you towing your toy up the 52 heading east near convoy, did you ever find out what the problem was? Just curious, i like to know these kinds of things for the future. 69R
  65. Bigfish69

    Big Bay Flatties

    Thats the spot right next to my spot...LOL,,,nice work fellers
  66. Bigfish69

    Rpt Sat. 04-10-10 Tails at San Miguel Reef.

    Very nice mossies my friend! Wish i could have joined. 69R
  67. Bigfish69

    Electrolysis damage caused by a hot dock....

    This will always be a problem in a marina. Weather today or tomarrow or next year and usually you dont know it till its too late. Unfortunatly its really hard to set a claim in this type of issue. Try a hydro hoist. Its the best insurance you will ever buy. Heres just one link, cant find the one...
  68. Bigfish69

    $$$$ GPS Needed, preferably GPSMAP, $$$$

    Willing to pay reasonable amount...:jig: My old one took a shit...please PM me with details...thank you John
  69. Bigfish69

    Rpt. 03-20-10 Weekend Adventure at Colnett!

    You lucky dog!!...Soon very soon buddy it will be me going bendo... 69R
  70. Bigfish69

    FU*C%#$KE)(*%^N S*%#^HI*&!T

    Sorry to hear this trouble george. Try grinding both sides of the stud flush as you can and the take a cold chilel and a big hammer and whack it out. Then you just have to worry about the install of the new one. They are splined so it may get a little interestin, when all else fails visit the...
  71. Bigfish69

    Holiday Sportfishing

    I got my sights set on the same,,,2-3 day....hopefully the fishing will be strong then!
  72. Bigfish69

    Holiday Sportfishing

    I agree jesse,,you name it and im on it. Pm me thought cause i have a hellasios scheduale this month and will be not checking the posts as often,,,an honor to fish with ya man!!!! John
  73. Bigfish69

    Serious Question - Pit Bulls

    Pits are great dogs,,they are very loyal....You must be involvded and train the dog just like any other, if trained appropeiatly like any dog they can be greafamily dogs. I had one for 6 years and the only reason i had to put her down was because of a serious diabetes issue and i could not...
  74. Bigfish69

    Holiday Sportfishing

    First off i would like to underline that the holiday is one of the best fishing platforms in the fleet period....We will never forget you Mr. Giffin!!!! It is sad that randy is gone but i am sure that sean will do the best for his boat and clientale. Randy is a great skipper,,,sean is a great...
  75. Bigfish69

    Need a "dirt" guy to scrape and haul some dirt

    Thanks to you mike especially for the goodie bag,,,the tuna bellies where the bomb. Glad i could do my part...See ya soon. 69R
  76. Bigfish69

    Furuno Repair

    Phantom just like tony allready suggested,,,just off of shelter island drive. Fast and friendly. 69R
  77. Bigfish69

    Rpt Sat. 01-09-10-Punta Banda Reds!

    LOL,,,i know hugh. Some of us have all the luck. LOL 69R
  78. Bigfish69

    Rpt Sat. 01-09-10-Punta Banda Reds!

    Fatty reds cory,,,nice job! What lake was that you where fishing again??? LOL Looked like glass from here, i gotta get out there! 69R
  79. Bigfish69

    Show us your engine compartment!

    Captain dorado,,,How often do you polish the diamond plating? ;) 69R
  80. Bigfish69

    Went fishing for Hali's

    True story was that the fish was allready dead laying on the bottom and as the sinker with a treble mounted to the end of it snagged the the fish it started to peal line. Carl put down his brownie and chocolate milk and walked over to the rail to retrieve the rod and noticed there was something...
  81. Bigfish69

    Hooping with the Boys in San Diego 1/6/10

    He he,,,,at least he found a few lings that where ready to die the other day, i mean those things must have been ready to commit suicide or something. But i still think he needs W-D40.....LOL 69R
  82. Bigfish69

    Deep Water Lings and Big Reds: Sunday 1/3/09

    Oh shit! Finally a nice round of lings...good to see the old todd is back in action. Looks like i may have to get a couple fresh ones myself,,,,i'm all out of fillets. Guess your finally working the oxidation out of the joints,,,,LOL See ya! 69R
  83. Bigfish69

    They're giving away

    thanks but no thanks,,,dont need anymore of those pesky things! LOL 69R
  84. Bigfish69

    Clamming 1-2-10

    What no bearded ones on the beach this time of year? Nice haul! 69R
  85. Bigfish69

    Fish ID needed?

    chupacabra for sure!
  86. Bigfish69

    1/2/2010 SD Bay - Great way to start the year!

    First off,,,May you make a full recovery from your incident. Will say some prayers for ya! 2nd nice flattie in the bay! 3rd what a spectacular belly gaff, dont think it gets much better than that hook shot especially solo. Get well brother!\ 69R
  87. Bigfish69

    wierd meet but got um

    Ohh ohh i hope this is not from expieirience. LOL 69R
  88. Bigfish69

    What does it mean when cooked lobster tails smell like ammonia

    Seriously could have made you sick,,,good call not to mack them. Definatly take them in for a refund! I purchased some shimp last year from albertsons and it was a very similar semell to that of amonia,,i took back for a full refund and they hooked me up for free4 pounds for free,,,yeah baby...
  89. Bigfish69

    Buggin' 1-1-10

    Was it the south west pacific or the noth west pacific side,,,LOL Nice work chaps,,,happy new year. 69R
  90. Bigfish69

    Need some quick advise

    chesapeke fish co and its cheep by the box or just visit the kelp beds and make some mackeral. 69R
  91. Bigfish69

    lobster getting me sick

    Karl,,,maybe if he brings some of that stuff in your avatar he will feal better...LOL 69R
  92. Bigfish69

    wierd meet but got um

    Yeah somtimes the little buggers just dont want to venture far from there homes,,,,this is why you will get them more around structure more frequently. 69R
  93. Bigfish69

    wierd meet but got um

    Perfectly normal to have a slight difference in color of meat,,,its usually due to the diet,,,but perfectly ok to munch on with a beer of coarse... 69R
  94. Bigfish69

    Mounting Center Console to Deck

    Heres a little trick for thrrough bolting your console. Take and install a couple 6" or bigger port holes,,you know the kind with caps so you can close them off,,, under your console one on each side so its hidden under the console. Now you have access for nuts and bolts because you can get your...
  95. Bigfish69

    lobster getting me sick

    Stick your head in the bait bucket for 2 minutes and that should get it all out....Then you can fish. Hope you find something that works cause i hate that shit too and simpathise with you. 69R
  96. Bigfish69

    My Nephews First Trip!

    its all about the little ones anyway....great job fellas teaching the new blood! 69R
  97. Bigfish69

    Lobster fishing etiquette question

    LOL,,,, 69R
  98. Bigfish69

    1/1/10 Fish report for South 9 and north of Pukey

    Tony its allways better on the water...i changed diapers all day,,,yeee haaa. 69R
  99. Bigfish69

    Solid last day of local pt. loma rock cod

    Fresh tacos indeed! Dont forget to wash it all down with something ice cold....;) 69R
  100. Bigfish69


    He he:urno1:,,,i know he does normally but i think hes been in the books too long and is becoming rusty around the edges. LOL Again nice work dude.... 69R
  101. Bigfish69


    Sweet ling and nice reds too. Todd AKA "sdfishkiller" could learn a thing or two from this....LOL Thats a complete trip todd!~LOL Happy new year! 69R
  102. Bigfish69

    Holy shit........I just looked

    yep yep and yep! 69R
  103. Bigfish69

    Codding the 9 Mile Bank 12/30/09

    No lings again, You suck! LOL Nice red fish buddy, looks like your gonna be busy with the cabbage ehhh? 69R
  104. Bigfish69

    Lobster fishing etiquette question

    I think its kinda funny that on a bright sunny day out on the water while passing other boats people usually have big smiles and wave at you as you go by. Even when your fishing during the day, you are greeted with smiles and even the occational small talk. Take away the sun and people turn...
  105. Bigfish69

    Lobster fishing etiquette question

    Dont get your panties all waded up and communicate with one another is another good thing to remember. 69R
  106. Bigfish69

    Lobster fishing etiquette question

    The best thing to do is to contact that angler and inform them that there gear may be too close to yours and will make it imposible to retrieve your gear without getting his lines in your prop, then volentarily inform him or her that the common practice its 50 -100 feet from another hooper. Lets...
  107. Bigfish69

    Our first limit!

    ohhh yaa,,,thats a nice one allright! Nice work. 69R
  108. Bigfish69

    heavy surge and crawlin bugs

    I need to get me some of that super secret bait....LOL Nice work sherm! 69R
  109. Bigfish69

    Clamming in the Surf!!!!!

    That sounds good james,,,will have to try it \ thanks...69R
  110. Bigfish69

    Drill holes in stainless rails?

    Use the step down process,,, The step down process refer3es to using smaller bits and working your way up to desired hole size! Its what i have done for years and it prevents breaking and dulling of blades or bits cutting edges. First mark your work area you want to drill with a punch and hammer...
  111. Bigfish69

    12/26 off PL

    I am due for another local trip but keep letting my ear get twisted and end up just south of the line. Only a 35-45 minute run if the wind aint up! All you can bag in a mex limit. Dont get me wrong though,,,i do prefer the reds for tacos.... 69R
  112. Bigfish69

    No bugs but a assistted another boater

    Karma points for you,,,,nice motor. 69R
  113. Bigfish69

    12/26 off PL

    Good lookin taco stuffers,,,,,what no lings,,,,could you be losing your touch!:nutkick: 69R
  114. Bigfish69

    Harmonica John hospitalized

    praying now for a speedy recovery... 69R
  115. Bigfish69

    How is this for a BloodyDecks picture???????

    sheesh,,,whata cow! Did i here you correctly did you say north carolina??? 69R 69R
  116. Bigfish69

    Christmans Boat Porn

    Man thats clean for a 2000,,,, great rig dude! 69R
  117. Bigfish69

    Home made Squid jig

    use a respirator and keep the lead out of your system,,,,cool though. 69R
  118. Bigfish69

    Best pool shot I have ever seen!!!!

    Amazing shot but it looks like he got 4 balls in one shot,,,am i seeing this wrong? 69R
  119. Bigfish69

    No Fireworks! Enviro Nazis strike again

    Jeez whats next?,,,nevermind i dont wanna know. 69R
  120. Bigfish69

    Rpt Sunday 12-20-09 SCI-Vermillion Thrashing!

    Did i ever mention that i wanna be like you when i grow up! LOL Nice job cory,,wish i could get out more. Merry christmas to you and yours my friend. 69R
  121. Bigfish69

    2006 Yamaha 150 twins, Water drippped on the tilt switches

    LOL As long as your not sitting in a tub of water when doing it i think your safe! LOL 69R
  122. Bigfish69

    Hoopin it up on the Conseamate 12.20.09

    Good times outhere by the looks of things! 69R
  123. Bigfish69

    Coastguard hits private boater, child, 8 yrs, dies

    I dont think the radar would have helped in this instance, there were so many boats outthere in a small area that it would have been usless at any speed. One thing i have learned is not to become too reliant on your electronics and allways have a back up plan for them. I am willing to bet...
  124. Bigfish69

    Need to find concert tickets,,whats the best site to do this?

    Ahhh Damnit! LOL Fucker!!!!!!:frehya2: Craigslist,,,why didnt i think of that before,,simply ingenous. Thanks again all. 69R
  125. Bigfish69

    Need to find concert tickets,,whats the best site to do this?

    Thanks for all the ideas guys,,,,,Merry christmas! 69R
  126. Bigfish69

    Officer Draws Gun at D.C. Snowball Fight

    Merry christmas mother [email protected]#%&S LOL 69R
  127. Bigfish69

    sat night hooping malibu area

    By the looks of the picture i am guessing it was vcold outhere,,,nice bug! 69R
  128. Bigfish69

    Coastguard hits private boater, child, 8 yrs, dies

    You are absolutly correct in these comments todd,,,and if i told you what happened to me last night with what i suspect was the same boat you would not believe your ears but it did happen. I too had a close call and i think it was the same boat. I will be making a report about my incident to...
  129. Bigfish69

    Need to find concert tickets,,whats the best site to do this?

    Looking for concert tickets and was wondering if anyone on here has ideas on where i can find some for different venues in san diego and las vegas? Thanks John
  130. Bigfish69

    double limits +

    Good stuff right there jorge,,,great lineup,,,mine never sit still for the pictures. Whats your secret? LOL 69R
  131. Bigfish69

    Nephew got in a bad crash tonight.

    Prayers sent out to all of them and you! 69R
  132. Bigfish69

    Coastguard hits private boater, child, 8 yrs, dies

    What a sad chain of events,,,my prayers go out to everyone involved especially the family of the lost child...God bless them. 69R
  133. Bigfish69

    Crab Night 12/9

    10 incher good lord! Thats a big one! 69R
  134. Bigfish69

    If only I was as lucky in my fishing!

    WOW! glad no one got hurt and a strange refrigerator indeed. 69R
  135. Bigfish69

    double limits +

    :evilimu:Come on jorge,,,hurry up! :evilimu: 69R
  136. Bigfish69

    01 F350 4x4 Diesel

    Is it a rebuilt transmision and if so who did the rebuild, do you have records? Or is it a new tranny from the crate? Thanks John
  137. Bigfish69

    Hooping 12/18 *pics n video*

    Spectastic trip,,,! Travis you are a bug killing machine.....merry christmas, like i got to tell you that with all them fine buggs and all. LOL 69R
  138. Bigfish69

    A shocking experence

    LOL,,,good advice but what does that have to do with my cheeks?:imdumb: 69R
  139. Bigfish69

    A shocking experence

    Got stung once before on my cheek several years ago while free diving by a small ass jelly fish and it felt like a shock at first but the pain burned for 10-15 minutes. The only reason i know it was a jelly is because when i felt my face i had parts of the jellyfish stuck to my glove. Or could...
  140. Bigfish69

    fishing with orcas

    I i thought the seals where a problem,,,great vid, soory bout the fish. 69R
  141. Bigfish69

    Dana Point Flattie Report 12/17

    Thats what i'm talkin about...4 is a great start for december. Thanks for the repo Rick. By the way did they all bite the orange skirt? 69R
  142. Bigfish69

    Took Kellygirl Hoopin'

    Sombody needs to get out in the sun more often. LOL 69R
  143. Bigfish69

    First Hog and First Post

    Buetiful thing....... 69R
  144. Bigfish69

    Headed north for decsent crawl

    Tony heres a hint,,,but its all i can say due to contractual obligations. I am sure you understand! 69R
  145. Bigfish69

    Found a little pocket

    Admiting it is the start of your healing....LOL Nice set there chaps... 69R
  146. Bigfish69

    Took Kellygirl Hoopin'

    So thats your secret weapon ehhhh? LOL 69R
  147. Bigfish69

    Headed north for decsent crawl

    I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.....LOL 69R
  148. Bigfish69

    Took Kellygirl Hoopin'

    Good times there,,,,hey im looking for a good puller on my boat....Any ideas? LOL 69R
  149. Bigfish69

    Headed north for decsent crawl

    Travis---- it was waaaay north!;) Todd---- I dont buy it, havent seen you out in like 5 years!:hali_parkutuli: Even if you do get out,,,,you might be a tad bit rusty,,,dont you think?:hali_ruahahaha: looking forward to your posts cupcake... 69R
  150. Bigfish69

    Headed north for decsent crawl

    Dont worry just budle upppp....yummy loster!!!! 69R
  151. Bigfish69

    Headed north for decsent crawl

    Trolling 4 Lobster! 69R
  152. Bigfish69

    Cabin Fever!!!WARNING BIG PICS!

    For the love of jesus Brandon,,,where the fuck was the alcohol,,,,im gonna go make me a stiff drink after that one and attempt to rase that from my brain,,,,ouuuuchhh! 69R
  153. Bigfish69

    Cabin Fever!!!WARNING BIG PICS!

    Yeah what the guy upstairs said,,,,,nice tuneee by the way 69R
  154. Bigfish69

    WAAAY OFF Topic... Memory Foam Mattresses. Anyone have one?

    Sorry i cant help here,,,i spend alot of time on the couch! 69R
  155. Bigfish69


    seals suck,,,d&%k 69R
  156. Bigfish69

    Point loma lobster in the STORM

    Travis thats cool,,,,cant wait to share some sudds with ya... 69R
  157. Bigfish69

    Hooping Gear

    Sold i will take them Pming you now 69R
  158. Bigfish69

    Point loma lobster in the STORM

    see travis this is what i'm talking about,,,,a little fun...merry christmas bloody bastards!:fighting0061: 69R P.S. travis where did ya move to,,,,are you near lakeside ranch?
  159. Bigfish69

    Point loma lobster in the STORM

    I personall y think it was a great report and story,,,, Sometimes i think that people forget that this site is for learning as well as sharing your opinion. Not saying anyone did anything wrong, just saying that we should help one another in a time of need. Bashing goes no where except...
  160. Bigfish69

    Point loma lobster in the STORM

    I love red snapper,,,just wish i could find a hole for them locally..... 69R
  161. Bigfish69

    Point loma lobster in the STORM

    Maybe they had a baby while in the driveway,,,just sayin 69R
  162. Bigfish69

    Point loma lobster in the STORM

    :Singin_Insweating just thinking about it.... 69R
  163. Bigfish69

    This is some freaky sh*t!!!!!!

    I dont know gweorge? I think the chick in your avatar probably a freak in the sack, i would hate to pay her bar tab though......Ride it girl!!!!! 69R
  164. Bigfish69

    This is some freaky sh*t!!!!!!

    How to what?????:frehya2: 69R
  165. Bigfish69

    This is some freaky sh*t!!!!!!

    WTF are you looking at on the internet george.....oh my? LOL 69R
  166. Bigfish69

    Nice butts........yak style

    Good stuff on the light line.... 69R
  167. Bigfish69

    DFG Dec. 10th meeting and New Hoop Net Regs.

    I know its a pain in the ass but if you cook the lobster first and then freeze the whole lobster the meat comes right out of the shell and doesnt stick to it so you dont lose anything. The flavor and texture of the meat is much better too. Did this for years and it works very well when you dont...
  168. Bigfish69

    What happened to tidelines online .com?

    Very cool stuff guys thanks for sharing. Tight lines to all 69R
  169. Bigfish69

    Clamming in the Surf!!!!!

    Clam cocktail recipe for buttons please! 69R
  170. Bigfish69

    Took out some kids fishing in Long Beach Big rockfish

    Sooo freeakin cool,,,way to get the kids on fish. Thats what its all about...Merry Christmas. 69R
  171. Bigfish69

    Crab Night 12/9

    OK! its on you son,,,you know where i live. I will be awaiting your signal...Tight lines and full hoops my brother! Welcome to the hometown!:Bathtime_emoticon: 69R
  172. Bigfish69

    Crab Night 12/9

    Hey travis when we gonna dunk that thing in my area dude. I got some bait ready to go....? 69R
  173. Bigfish69

    What happened to tidelines online .com?

    Kevin and grady thank you for that,,,just checked it out. No fancy chart or graph, guess i got to learn how to use it. LOL Its gonna work just fine i think,,,thanks again and tight lines fellas! 69R
  174. Bigfish69

    What happened to tidelines online .com?

    Are they charging now after so many quality years of free service....I mean geez dont they know the economy is in the shits? Anyhowq i would like to take this time to ask all you fine young lads and ladies:rolleyes: weather you know of a site besides tidlines online that has good reliable info...
  175. Bigfish69

    Crab Night 12/9

    Funny,,,thats how i do my crabs as well only somtimes i do the same with wine instead of beer,,,ohhhh yeahhh. Yellow and rockis are great just gotta work with them. 69R
  176. Bigfish69

    best crab pot puller

    Nothing beats the GOOD BOAT HO series!;) They require no maintenence and run on a six pack of beer. 69R
  177. Bigfish69

    Clamming in the Surf!!!!!

    Clams,,,,Yummmmmmm! 69R
  178. Bigfish69

    Honda 4 Stroke Outboards

    I have owned several and currently own a 5 hp and thery are great trouble free motors...Buy it if its the one your looking for and its clean,,,you will be happy you did. 69R
  179. Bigfish69

    Christmas decorations............

    Freakin hilarious,,,! 69R
  180. Bigfish69

    Here comes the wind!

    Shit just had 2 trees blow over on my property behind the house. The pepper tree allmost took out the dog house and dogs!:eek: The other was a palm tree right by my patio. Be careful outhere if you got trees near the house folks. Maybe i wont go fishing after all. 69R
  181. Bigfish69

    Power Pro Spectra?

    50 and 65 here all day long with no problems,,,i love the stuff and would definatly go witht the white, its easier to see and handle. 69R
  182. Bigfish69

    Here comes the wind!

    Im going fishing
  183. Bigfish69

    Recommendations for Machine Shop

  184. Bigfish69

    Dad's christmas/birthday gift idea

    i dont know how frank came up with this but hes right...that sounds like an awesome gift. 69R
  185. Bigfish69

    Need help for sad me out dog owners

    San Diego Humane society runs a reasonable service ,,dont remember how much it was exactly but it was less than a 100. they came out and picked her up and took her to her new destination. It was harfd to do but i know shes much happier now as well will you. Sorry for your loss. 69R
  186. Bigfish69

    1st Catalina Offshore Products "Invitational" Cooking Class - Heavy Pics! 12-6-09

    Jesus,,,its only 900 am and i am hungry for some swordfish. Damn that sword dish with all the pretty seeds and sauce looked good. Tommy, who new! LOL Only problem was that the dish was so prett6y i would be afraid to eat it.. LOL Really looked good there guys,,,,,graet pics mags,,,,need to...
  187. Bigfish69

    Rock Fish Jig in da works

    Those are gonna be cool,, love the reddish ones. Any idea of weight on the heads yet? Would love to try a few for ya....;) 69R
  188. Bigfish69

    DFG Dec. 10th meeting and New Hoop Net Regs.

    This is gonna make alot of people very happy Jim! Tight lines and full hoops! 69R
  189. Bigfish69


    sold a 95 last year with 300 plus miles and the only thing wrong with it was the tires and glow plgs where getting weeek. I Own a 200o model with allmost 150 and still ticking like new. 69R
  190. Bigfish69

    Xmas Outdoor Decorating Question

    gallon ziplock bags work well for the smaller connections and step up to a larger bag and tape the end for larger connections,,,this is what weve done for years and never had a single problem. If you leave them in the rain and sprinklers they will corrode much faster than normal. They normally...
  191. Bigfish69

    UFC last night

    I too believe it was the coaching,,,,there is no way he would have been this shy normally,,,of course kimbo is pretty damn ugly and i dont think many people would rush into him for a bear hug!!!LOL 69R
  192. Bigfish69


    Wow,,,interesting info on age! thanks
  193. Bigfish69

    Bottom Line Is

    I'm with richard on this one.... 69R
  194. Bigfish69

    Reverse Cowgirl Is the Most Swine Flu Resistant Sex Position

    Great news, thanks for sharing! 69R
  195. Bigfish69

    Tiger comes clean

    Poor guy likes different pies, what's wrong with that. Its like a buffet of sampler platers in different states. God I am jelous! Well at least 69R
  196. Bigfish69

    Buying a new fishing boat?

    how ya spell it,,,theres an edit button ya know....LOL Ah waht do i know,,,, nevermind 69R
  197. Bigfish69

    Octopuss recipe needed ASAP!!!!!!!!

    So last night i was out hooping and fishing of course and happened to snag a really descent octopi, My normal method of cooking these things is in red wine and let it cook all day in crock pot or large pot on low heat to tenderise it just before the cooking is done i add all the other stuff...
  198. Bigfish69

    Buying a new fishing boat?

    Great now you guys got me looking again. Here it is simple but shoud do the trick Saltwater Fishing Boats: Bay Boats : Coastal : Fisherman : Scarab : Wellcraft Boats 69R
  199. Bigfish69


    Recipe for the best lizard fish you have ever had,,,, 1 large onion finely chopped, 3 cloves of garlic crushed and minced, 4 tablespoons olive oil, 5 tablespoons of red wine vinager, 1/4 tablespoon of pepper, 1/2 tablespoon of salt, 1/2 cup soy 1 cup of tap water 1/4 cup cilantro Mix all...
  200. Bigfish69

    Buying a new fishing boat?

    25-26' diesel will be the next toy,, of coarse! 69R
  201. Bigfish69

    Need to find wife a creative gift this year and i'm stumped!

    First of all let me appologise for the late response here but had to go bug hunting last night at the last minute and got in a little later than normal. :smoking33: Thank you all for the inspiring thoughts and great ideas for this years shopping spree. I like all the ideas but am especially...
  202. Bigfish69

    Need to find wife a creative gift this year and i'm stumped!

    First of all i know its a little early for this stuff but i need to plan ahead this year as last year all i found was empty shelfs while out shopping for my beloved family. This year after 5 years of marriage to a very creative woman for the first time in my life i am totally stumped on what...
  203. Bigfish69

    Congrats Ianna Gilbert on the ATHT Victory

    Tony your daughter must be so proud to have a kick ass old fart like yourself to show her the ropes, or was it the other way around...Hmmmmm? See ya on the pond! Congrats to all of ya. 69R
  204. Bigfish69

    My Weekend in San Diego

    Thats funny jeff, i was thinking the same thing,, just didnt have the heart to post up....LOL 69R
  205. Bigfish69

    My Weekend in San Diego

    Great looking rockies dean!!!! I was out last week for a couple hours and got a few myself for some fresh taco stufffers. I too lost a big ling when i got rocked....Uhhhh! Glad to see you guys made due with the wheather and all and came away smelling like fish instead of roses. LOL 69R
  206. Bigfish69

    This may SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    Accidents happen to everyone.....Nuff said folks! 69R
  207. Bigfish69

    This may SAVE YOUR LIFE!

    Glad you all made it out of harms way safely. Thanks for sharing your expierience so that we can learn from it. This is the true sign of a man who is genuanly concerned about others in a time of clarity. God bless all of you! 69R
  208. Bigfish69

    After Thanksgiving Halibut Tournament November 28th

    Wow, first of all sorry for the loss of a great boat and injuries involved in the accident to your friends and family. That channel is extremly dangerous in following swells even when there not very big. Cant imagine what they looked like today! I have had a couple close ones there myself when...
  209. Bigfish69

    Tuning Slugs

    Great tip G thanks for putting it up. 69R
  210. Bigfish69

    Lobstering with Tommy Now I get it!

    Its easy george, you simply cut the top otf the lobster with some shears devane the lobster if it hasnt allready been done. Get your grill good and hot but make sure the grill is not too hot. Place them on there with that side you cut toward the heat first till a little more than half of the...
  211. Bigfish69

    Reports from Belize, Brazil, Marshall Islands, Puerto Rico, etc Part I

    You have a great life my friend,,,great report and pictures. Keep them coming
  212. Bigfish69

    Bigger than 11 Lbs BITCHES

    A giant for sure,,,Way to go on the release, the giants are tough anyway, i prefer the 1-3 pound range as they are more tender, you done good. 69R
  213. Bigfish69

    Catalina 11/24/09 *pics & Video*

    Sheet mon your honey hole is fishy! Happy bird day dude! 69R
  214. Bigfish69

    Lobstering with Tommy Now I get it!

    Got some recently at my spot,,,,lobster and turkey does it get any better? Happy bird day! 69R
  215. Bigfish69

    I Need Trailer Help BIG TIME!

    listen to the guys above
  216. Bigfish69

    This will blow your mind!

    I probably have one of those under my house. The little bastards been working overtime lately now that its getting cold. By the way mine have six leggs and four arms. Amazing shit. 69R
  217. Bigfish69

    Daiwa customer service?

    Allways a breeze for me,,,of course i have some pals in the business who get the parts for me through them but allways a breeze and have had parts as fast as a week later. 69R
  218. Bigfish69

    Picture of a rubberband Sinker set up

    Found a great way to store your rubbbber bands when not using them! Heres a pic. But seriously all joking aside this technique works great for the bigunes. tight like and big cows 69R
  219. Bigfish69

    Picture of a rubberband Sinker set up

    What brand of rubberband is best? 69R
  220. Bigfish69

    Do you think they will ban the conical net dec 10th?

    Yep yep and yep!:hali_olutta: 69R
  221. Bigfish69

    LJ Homeguard on the plastic!

    Fresh fish for somone... 69R
  222. Bigfish69

    4 Fried Chickens and Coke

    Great looking tails there,,,please pass the butter! 69R
  223. Bigfish69

    breaking heavy mono with bare hands

    My pecker is 18 pounds ,,,,ah never mind just delete this!:gay: Sounds kinda like the lingcod story some time ago only your smart enough to throw in the towel while your ahead. 69R
  224. Bigfish69

    Desert Eagle .44 Mag

    Oh well thanks,,,next time. Tight lines
  225. Bigfish69

    Descanso 11/15

    That place is alotta fun for sure. How deep did you find some butt love? Havent gotten one of those there yet! 69R
  226. Bigfish69

    Poached Lobster is best served cold

    Some things never change.:D 69R
  227. Bigfish69

    Desert Eagle .44 Mag

    If he dont want it ill take em for 875.00
  228. Bigfish69

    Poached Lobster is best served cold

    I saw a guy like that at la jolla cove one time being tested by the DFG, i hope they threw the book at em. 69R
  229. Bigfish69

    shore buggin

    Really good outside the elevator...Wink wink! 69R
  230. Bigfish69

    Rock Fishing out of SD

    damn good size taco meat there. I cant wait to try some of my local spots that i have been neglecting lately...yea haaa. 69R
  231. Bigfish69

    Bottom Line Is

    You might be older but you can still out hoop most of the youngins. Happy B-day Pops! 69R
  232. Bigfish69

    Pt. Loma Rockfishing 11-21-09

    Damn nice work on the mix of taco stuffers. 69R
  233. Bigfish69

    Do you think they will ban the conical net dec 10th?

    I believe they will go with the limit strategy for now. 69R
  234. Bigfish69

    Wiping Your Ass...

    Back on the farm were i would visit my granfather, he used to tell me about similar tools that worked well for cleaning those tough to get spotsspots. They were called corn cobbs and they would have a box of them at your ready. Wipe and scratch all at the same time....ohhh, ahhh. 69R
  235. Bigfish69

    Holy Sh*t! We are having a baby!!!

    Wish i had this advise before i knocked my wife up again.:D 69R
  236. Bigfish69

    sabiki hooks ALL bit in half?!?!?

    Hey bud,,,i am with the guys betting it was an old sabiki setup but i would also lay blame on the fact that the rig was unatended and some big macks came along and got snagged and as they fought the hooks broke. I have made bait plenty of times with brand new riggs where the hooks snapp off...
  237. Bigfish69

    Blackberry Storm 2 vs Motorola Droid ?

    Dont know anything about the droid except that it seems pretty cool. I own the blackberry and love it. 69R
  238. Bigfish69

    my daughter dancing

    Looks Perfectly innocent to me
  239. Bigfish69

    Holy Sh*t! We are having a baby!!!

    Sounds like you have been putting in hours on the night shift. Ehhh?:Pelvic_Thrust: So much for spending countless hours soaking bait on your new boat....:smash: Dont let these old birds on here discourage you,,,kids come with there own rewards even if you wanna pull all your hair out...
  240. Bigfish69

    What not to use for Lobster Bait

    Make sure to use a cock and not a chicken though, lobster like the BD Mods love cock!:food-smiley-014: Then try some macharel or bonita. Full hoops! 69R
  241. Bigfish69

    Pelican Bay State Prison

    No shit, we used to drive by that place and i had no idea. Never saw anyone fishing there. I miss that place. Jorge,,,,thats nasty! :oinker: 69R
  242. Bigfish69

    Here's something I can do:

    Mark its because of people like you we will make a difference. More to come bud! 69R
  243. Bigfish69

    Made It Thru The Storm And A Big Crunch

    Wow, that tree landed perfectly on that car. Crazy shit back there. All we have here is earth quakes really! 69R
  244. Bigfish69

    Fucking Pig Flu

    Damnit,,,that shit gets around. Speedy recovery dude! 69R
  245. Bigfish69


    I have repaintead allmost all my old jigs and they came out great,,,at least the fish dont mind them... Goo for it you will be glad you did. 69R
  246. Bigfish69

    Pelican Bay State Prison

    LOL,,,my fault i should have been more specific. I lived there! Bought a house and lived in it for a while while i fished some of the local areas and ran my business. We, my wife and i used to drive right passed that place on our romantic getaway nights where we would go to this little sushi...
  247. Bigfish69

    Pelican Bay State Prison

    I was there about 2 -3 years ago. Buetiful views on the drive, take the corners slow if going along the coast. If you can sneak away for a few hours check out the smith river,,,big steelhead there. I had a hous ein crescent city not far from the warf, if you get hungry stop at the restaurant...
  248. Bigfish69


    Throw some water on em! 69R
  249. Bigfish69

    Help with Ling Cod

    Jax Jiggs and octopie,,,thats my rig too,,,just keep your drag tight and use a stiff rod....:jig:
  250. Bigfish69

    Help with Ling Cod

    If you can get Octopuss they work as well or better than dabs.... 69R
  251. Bigfish69

    Great people have good karma coming there way as well as a few cold ones on me

    Yeah guys and gals,,,thanks! Nice to get my stuff back>>>:urno1: Mike,,,you will never understand! My nets have blood sweet and tears into them. Me and my old man hand sew the net from scratch and all the other gadgets are also done from scratch. No ready made store bought here. My...
  252. Bigfish69

    Great people have good karma coming there way as well as a few cold ones on me

    Short story. I Lost one of my favorite custom hoop nets the about a week ago right after i set it out. I new the kelp had claimed it and searched for over an hour with no luck. Fished all night and went home with tail between my legs and super bummed i lost one of my custom nets which costs me...
  253. Bigfish69


    Thats the way it should be,,,great service all around....Cool cats on the barge for sure! 69R
  254. Bigfish69

    Depth finder/Fish finder seminar Nov 12th

    LOL,,,,what do you expect from a fisherman....Cant make this one as hard as i tried. Will have to do the next. 69R
  255. Bigfish69

    DFG Career Good Idea or Bad?

    Only if you like being around stinky fish all the time. LOL Like my daughter says,,,ewwwww! 69R
  256. Bigfish69

    QUALITY BUGZ 11-10

    By the looks of the bugs im gonna gues MDR! 69R
  257. Bigfish69

    I'm a Droider

    Come on arnie a guy can dream cant he?:D Just got the new blackberry or i would have been checking that one out very hard. 69R
  258. Bigfish69

    the PERFECT Christmas gift!

    Lucky for her shes been nice to me lately....or else! LOL 69R
  259. Bigfish69

    I'm a Droider

    I checked that thing out and holy crap it loaded with shit. Next thing you know you will be ablle to control your TV, Car, and Wife with one. LOL 69R
  260. Bigfish69

    Hoopin last night and WTF!

    I think hes a catcher for the Hillcrest mafia soft balls team.....:ashamed: 69R
  261. Bigfish69

    Trifecta skunk on 11-8/09

    Behdad,,,who says you cant get them on the couch? This guys got one on....LOL
  262. Bigfish69

    New Tackle Box

    ooh so pretty
  263. Bigfish69

    Hoopin last night and WTF!

    Randy>>>I dont think stan finds you very funny! Could i be reading this wrong? 69R
  264. Bigfish69

    Bloody Decker sighting...........

    Jorge>>> i think youd have to slap that poor bastard pretty hard to knock any sense into him....Just sayin....LOL 69R
  265. Bigfish69

    Trifecta skunk on 11-8/09

    Even the master gets the skunk every once and a while....Musta been a nice lingasour,,,damnit! 69R
  266. Bigfish69

    Bloody Decker sighting...........

    At least you cant accuse the guy of not being careful....LOL 69R
  267. Bigfish69

    SD Bay--11/7-late night lobster-good score

    You got all those in your driveway?:eek2: 69R
  268. Bigfish69

    Rock cod ganions

    3 way swivels work well,,and yes all you need is 2 hooks! 69R
  269. Bigfish69

    Buying a 20' Skippy. What to look for

    Well done travis, very clean,,,,much props brudda, now well have to take yours...LOL 69R
  270. Bigfish69

    Garmin 545s or another gps/finder

    Kool, gon a check it out now
  271. Bigfish69

    Fun at Dana Landing while at blood drive.

    Oh my,,,no brains no headaches i guess! 69R
  272. Bigfish69

    Garmin 545s or another gps/finder

    Hey i just remembered,,,did you ever find that skippy you where looking for? 69R
  273. Bigfish69

    Garmin 545s or another gps/finder

    Great minds think alike.:hali_blablalba::D 69R
  274. Bigfish69

    Garmin 545s or another gps/finder

    Thannks travis but thats too rich for my blood. Looking for somthing half that cost. Thanks bud. 69R
  275. Bigfish69

    Need Hooping Help (Lobsters!!!!!)

    Jim thanks for brinnging that up! Generally if your a newbee, try and give the old see dogs a little room it makes for a way better night for everyone. Besides you cant catch bugs when your rope or somone elses rope is in your prop. 69R
  276. Bigfish69

    Garmin 545s or another gps/finder

    if you find one and dont want it let me know,,,i need the same one 69R
  277. Bigfish69

    Hooping discussion

    Lobster fishing? Whats that?:D 69R
  278. Bigfish69

    OB Pier hooping

    I love what you did with the bug,,,buetiful! 69R
  279. Bigfish69

    To everyone who has helped me on this site.

    I will be away from time to time for a while and wont be visiting bloody decks as often until further notice. I will be traveling the open road expanding my business and will be gone for weeks at a time with a fishing rod and a tackle box in the back of my rig i hope my destinations turn out...
  280. Bigfish69

    Seared Ahi has got to be the Best......

    Yeah the oils a little pricey but well worth the unique flavor of the sesami. Glad you liked it.:finger: 69R
  281. Bigfish69

    What is living in my garage?

    Are they short biters,,,is this why your running a treble hook AKA stinger? LOL Kinda like fishing, i like it.:D 69R
  282. Bigfish69

    What is living in my garage?

    put something like cheese outhere and wait with the bb gun ready and let um havit. Good times. 69R
  283. Bigfish69

    Catalina Hoopin and Hooking report for 11-1/11-2

    Thats got to be a hoot of a trip,,,thanks for rubbing it in behdad. I cant get out till next week....ugghhh! 69R
  284. Bigfish69

    I had no idea that so many boats ended up on the jetty rocks!

    Yep i read an article in the log about all the boats that get sucked in right on the south end. Very dangerous when running slow along that side,,,if the current is wrong it will pull you in like a magnet and theres nothing a skipper can do to avoid certain disaster. Glad there finally doing...
  285. Bigfish69

    Bloody Decker sighting...........

    I hope they broke the mold in a milion tiney peices when they made that rocket scientist! 69R
  286. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:That would have been just what the doctor ordered........Fuck why couldnt i think of that shit??? Nextime i will be better prepared. LOL 69R
  287. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    That was a nice ass hugh? :D Funny how no one else noticed!:supergay: 69R
  288. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    Arnie,,,i am voting you for president. That speach is a thing of buety! I could not say it better my self. Once okay, twice i give a funny look, three times, i start asking questions, four i begin a serious ass chewing followed by a please remove your clueless ass from my deck! did i miss...
  289. Bigfish69

    Check out my Website!

    Looks good. 69R
  290. Bigfish69


    Yeah thats what i hear,,,so it is true! 69R
  291. Bigfish69


    The hoop nets are standard ring up to 36" that you can find in tackle store. Very easy to fish. The tickle stick thing was outlawed at some point and time i guess fish and game thought they gave an unfair advantage so they pulled the plug on it. Even spear guns are not allowed while in the water...
  292. Bigfish69

    Wanna catch some?

    Now your talking travis. Give me a day and i will try and make it work my brother from another mother. I was thinking towards end o week. 69R
  293. Bigfish69

    10/31 Fish tacos wanted....

    Hey thats my spot! LOL small world aint it. Great looking locals. 69R
  294. Bigfish69

    An easy to do Email campaign!

    What was step 1 again? This shits too complicated jason! After all where bloody deckers. LOL Done, and done dude. Thanks 69R
  295. Bigfish69

    Rpt Sun 11-01-09 SCI Reds, Lings and Bass

    I am beginning to get very jelous of your life style Cory!:D 69R
  296. Bigfish69


    No tickling a lobster in california,,,not sure about mexico. As far as i know you catch them by hand if your in the water or by hoop net if by boat. Those are the only ways... 69R
  297. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    Meter was broke,,,and we got a few creatures from the bottom...:D Nothing spectaculer but we got some eats,,,just need to get some butta now. 69R
  298. Bigfish69

    2002 Yamaha Raptor 660 Special Edition - $2650 obo

    and yet another thing i need! Damnit your timing is terrible..... Thats a sweet deal 69R
  299. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    Yeah arnie,,,i agree! My buddy jeff got a chuckle out of it at the end of it all when they left. He asked me did he just ask you that same question so many times? I laughed and said i know, that was wierd. He then made a very interesting point and said. Like your answer was gonna change right...
  300. Bigfish69

    Wanna catch some?

    Hey,,,i think we need to talk! 69R
  301. Bigfish69

    Great Skiff for Sale CHEAP!

  302. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    Thats the answer i was looking for! Thanks for clearing that up. I bet they see all kinds of stuff outhere. 69R
  303. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    LOL,,,i am sure you arent,,,, 69R
  304. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    Well apparently your missing the boat hear shawn! I find it commicle but unecessary, my thread was started to see if anyone else had this similar expierience not to get shawn "AKA South Bends panties in a wad.....Take your own advice and dont take things so personal.... I am sure you are...
  305. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    The only ding dong was the guy asking all the questions...LOL They dont bother me a bit, i play by the rules and thats that. I do however find it commicle when this happens because i am certain that this is a common practice and that they probably nail alot of people with that question. All it...
  306. Bigfish69

    Great Skiff for Sale CHEAP!

    Thats a great looking skiff,,,,i need it but wifey says i am crazzy so maybe nextime. 69R
  307. Bigfish69

    Well, I lost my job this morning...

    Sorry to hear that, best o luck. 69R
  308. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    LOL,,,thats funny tim, never thought about that. LOL 69R
  309. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    Nope kurt,,,just lobster tails. LOL Actually was pretty slow last night, we had fun anyway. The damn sea lions where in force but for some reason did not mess with our cages. This was a first!,,, 69R
  310. Bigfish69

    Miramar landfill can kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL,,,,chickens? Where the hell are you? 69R
  311. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    NOOO Alan i did not have anything onboard. :imdumb: 69R
  312. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    If you go back and read, they asked me 4-5 times the same question... Dont see the purpose of this, perhapes you can enlighten me? Your personal attacks on me show how juvinile you are in your thought processes,,,Just sayin! Has it been a while, maybe you need to get some....
  313. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    You cant be serious? I will make sure to check in with you next time shawn before posting anything. LOL You are a funny little fellaaaa,,,,:idiot: 69R
  314. Bigfish69

    Miramar landfill can kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!

    It would seem that way but its still cheaper to haul tonnage in there with a big truck believe it or not. For example if your demoing a structure and you haul it out to the dump charge you a dump fee according to your location and all other little fees that add up and your limited to a small...
  315. Bigfish69

    Was boarded by DFG last night while hooping and asked?

    I dont think i look more suspicious thahn the average hoope so i cant quite figure this one out. Was wondering if anyone else has ever recieved this type of treatment. We where boarded by DFG officers last night 4 of them in an inflatable. Typicale type stuff except when the guy stepped foot...
  316. Bigfish69

    Rpt Sun 11-01-09 SCI Reds, Lings and Bass

    Lets talk bud, good luck at mag....When are you going by the way? 69R
  317. Bigfish69

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    Scott, Just get yourselfs a little towable trailer to tow behind your sled and you can haul a much bigger load. LOL 69R
  318. Bigfish69

    Rpt Sun 11-01-09 SCI Reds, Lings and Bass

    Jeeez,,,i gotta get me some taco meat. Thanks for sharing cory. Good to see your back to pullin on the ROJOS!!!!! 69R
  319. Bigfish69

    Miramar landfill can kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL,,,,Had about 8 tons of grass that i scrapped off my buddies front lawn, so that he could resod. They hit ya for the roots with dirt! At least thats what they told me. I have a much better deal now for grass, that i pass onto my customers... Big girl,,,es muy verde e bueno tambien! LOL 69R
  320. Bigfish69

    Gotta love Halloween

  321. Bigfish69

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    Cant be any worse than the picture? 69R
  322. Bigfish69

    11-01-09 Halibut

    Awesome job chaps! 69R
  323. Bigfish69

    Gotta love Halloween

    The place looked great scott...Are you in clairemont. I thinkk we drove by that placxe on our way to my mother inb laws house on shawnee st. 69R
  324. Bigfish69

    Miramar landfill can kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep had the same the happen to me hauling grass. Only they wanted 340 some odd green backs from me. Ouch! 69R
  325. Bigfish69

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    I guess you will have to ask them this question to get the true answer to your question. Cardboard is one thing but plastic and glass and shit like that is a dumb thing to throw over the rail. It takes forever to disinigrate and will just endup floating somplace where it becomes and eye sore. I...
  326. Bigfish69

    I'll Take The Treat Over Trick Anytime

    Strange creatures look like there from another planet. LOL 69R
  327. Bigfish69

    lobster question

    Couple days in fridge raw at most. Same if cooked. This is what i do anyway.... 69R
  328. Bigfish69

    the human teeth fish,..

    I dont know about you but my teeth dont look like that? LOL Weird looking creature. 69R
  329. Bigfish69


    autozone, deep cycles for cheep I have bought 4 over last few years and not had a problem with any of them. 69R
  330. Bigfish69

    problem with Albright

    Duhhh! You allways lick it first....LOL 69R
  331. Bigfish69

    Call before You Dig

    That there is some big bear!
  332. Bigfish69

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    Dave, i was never a scout but i believe in there motto strongly. Great work out there doing your part. Its people like you that make a differnce for the future. 69R
  333. Bigfish69

    Holloween 09

    eagerly waiting milf pics
  334. Bigfish69

    problem with Albright

    LOL....Best of luck outhere. 69R
  335. Bigfish69

    Holloween 09

    that last one looks like cabral.....LOL
  336. Bigfish69

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    Yeah, maybe you can put a disclaimer on the boxes tommy. Disclaimer will read. If you leave your salmon heads in the parking lot you will be kicked square in the nuts by bigfish69....:fighting0061: Seriously though just dont understand the rationale behind someone who commits these moral...
  337. Bigfish69

    Bloody Decker sighting...........

    I sure as hell would. LOL I have seen some bad drivers but this one takes the cake. 69R
  338. Bigfish69

    Bloody Decker sighting...........

    Butterfinger Comedy Network on Yahoo! Video 69R
  339. Bigfish69

    Holloween 09

    Sangria and candy? thats my type o party. LOL 69R
  340. Bigfish69

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    Thanks, just trying to be proactive here. I hate to see people do this when its not necessary. 69R
  341. Bigfish69

    Pt Loma Rockfishing 10-31-09

    Nice spread,,,gotta do it soon. 69R
  342. Bigfish69

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    Leaving raw potatoes in a plastic bag gives allmost the same result minus the maggots. Found this out the hard way.:imdumb: 69R
  343. Bigfish69

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    Where you fermenting it... LOL Must have smelled wonderfull out back LOL I left a bucket of bonita parts behind the house for a week in the middle of summer, and completly forgot about it until my wife asked me when i got home from work if i had left some fish out. ....OOOOOPS Had to throw...
  344. Bigfish69

    Mission Bay DFG out in force

    OB pier too
  345. Bigfish69

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    I was out hooping in the bay and was heading back in when i noticed that there was a large string of glow sticks floating. We originally thought someone had lost all there gear, but upon further investigation it turns out that someone just dumped all there light sticks out after they where done...
  346. Bigfish69

    problem with Albright

    Eric, heres the chinaman for you to practice, should not take you too long. Its an easy union. 69R
  347. Bigfish69

    What reel to pair with my G-loomis,,,,,

    I am looking for a reliable salt water real that i can throw some 8 pound on. Will be using it primarilly to sling the rubber around structure on a G-loomis 7.5' bass stick. Any one have one for sale or recomend a good one that i should think about? I currently have a calcutta 150 GT on this...
  348. Bigfish69

    White Shark Point Loma?

    Wish we had more to thin out those fur baggs. \ 69R
  349. Bigfish69

    problem with Albright

  350. Bigfish69

    problem with Albright

    I too expierienced the same problem before going to the chinaman knot. The chinaman is quick easy and way stronger than the albright. I put up a tutorial on bds, just do a search here to find it. Good luck 69R
  351. Bigfish69

    Mots sighting...........

    Damn monkey has good taste! 69R
  352. Bigfish69

    Happy Holloween,,,,,,,,,,

    Trick or treat bloody basturds.... YouTube - halloween funny 69R
  353. Bigfish69

    Panama Canal " Giant Tarpon ''

    Popping some popcorn now! Wheres my comfy chair? 69R
  354. Bigfish69

    New Navy Ship Slick & Fast

    What? No rod holders? 69R
  355. Bigfish69

    Another beer commercial you won't see in the US

    Good point, but i think the ones with cup holders on top of there heads are becoming hard to find. :cheers: 69R
  356. Bigfish69

    Another beer commercial you won't see in the US

    Its not the beer that gets the ladies its how you hold it frank! ;) 69R
  357. Bigfish69

    Another beer commercial you won't see in the US

    I had that happen to me holding a yellow tail ale one night. LOL 69R
  358. Bigfish69

    A couple of bugs....

    ???:idiot: That is all 69R
  359. Bigfish69

    Tandem bike for sale.

    Hope they where dinking cause there no excuse for that. LOL
  360. Bigfish69

    FKG parent / teacher conference.......2009

    Thats a classic right there. They broke the mold when they made you sir. Oh and by the way, whats the teacher got against porn? 69R
  361. Bigfish69

    Soda Blasting in San Diego?

    Interesting! Never heard of soda blasting but now that i know what it is i can imagine there are many great uses for it. Thanks for sharing fugger! 69R
  362. Bigfish69


    LOL same here! LOL 69R
  363. Bigfish69

    Rock Pile and Coronados 10/26

    Beats a day at work for sure! Thats some of the best lobster bait you can get right there, good luck. 69R
  364. Bigfish69


    tommy i will take 5 also,,,pming you now
  365. Bigfish69


    Thats one lucky dog to have bumped into you frank. Never realised you were such a softy! LOL 69R
  366. Bigfish69

    Seared Ahi has got to be the Best......

    Curtis,,,, Just like you said but i use sesame seed oil instead and its thaa bomb digity. Carry on! 69R
  367. Bigfish69

    Bargain hunters,,this ones for you.

    So times a a little slower than normal for us this time of year and in an attemp to gain some well needed work load for small business i have decided to offer a special for all Bloody Deckers for a limited time. Right now through the end of december i will be taking 10-15 percent off of any of...
  368. Bigfish69

    Hoop net shapes?

    Mine are made from rebar. I just bent them around a telephone pole near a wall and used the wall as leverage. They are not perfectly circle but who cares. LOL If you decide to put a crowbar on your wallet any steel company with a mandril will bend them for you with a little persuation...
  369. Bigfish69

    New underwater mega bomb video...

    A-hole :D 69R
  370. Bigfish69

    Rpt Sat. 10-24 at the Shroom, Tuna Trifecta!

    I knew it. LOL Imagine some bigunns around that area! Tight lines bud. 69R
  371. Bigfish69

    Remember me!

    Wow, i will remember,,,! 69R
  372. Bigfish69

    Rpt Sat. 10-24 at the Shroom, Tuna Trifecta!

    I thought you would be bouncing the bottom by now. Great wrap up cory. 69R
  373. Bigfish69

    Sunday 10/25 Rockpile bound

    That sounds like a fun day of stretching them lines tony. I got snaked deep by several seals out in that same area , those basturds where taking them from me deep too. Ended with a few but it would have been epic without the fur turds. 69R
  374. Bigfish69

    Yikes! Sea Lion vid

    I know i should not be laughing but that was a little funny,,,,"oh son of a bitch". 69R
  375. Bigfish69

    Santa Cruz Lobster

    Good times,,,thanks for the story and shots. By the way UNI is goood. 69R
  376. Bigfish69

    Picked up a Glacier Bay!

    Buetiful, great lines, but i noticed you didnt have any oh my god handles installed on that thing. May want to consider that for those rough days.:rolleyes: 69R
  377. Bigfish69

    Dana Flattie Report 10/22

    Ah Yes,,,,I dont think there is a better way to start feeling better than what you did right there sir. A day on the water allways makes me happy. Great work rick and nice lingasour, looks like you found something they like to hide in. 69R
  378. Bigfish69

    F these divers...

    oh yessss they all deserve a good punishing.:D
  379. Bigfish69

    What the hell is up with peeps

    At least it wasnt a sailboat that dragged your gear all the way back to the dock. Thats a real bitch also. It does happen alot unfortunatly, i have lost many hoops that just popped off due to line rubbing all the way through. You where lucky to get it back. Channel 16 for the coast gaurd get a...
  380. Bigfish69

    Giants of the Atlantic - Giant BlueFin - New Video

    I could choke the chicken for hours watching that......Thank you sir 69R
  381. Bigfish69

    Snorkeling sd bay looking for bugs

    Dont dispair keep trying, Keep in mind that they like to move around. Also would not advise diving the bay,,,military frowns on it and its a big fine if you get caught without permision from the coast gaurd office. 69R
  382. Bigfish69

    R.I.P Bill Poole

    RIP Bill,,,you will be missed. 69R
  383. Bigfish69

    This is what hoopin is all about !!!

    Thats what makes it magical behdad. A smile is forever! 69R
  384. Bigfish69

    For you calico experts who like to fish the slug

    This is gonna sound like a rookie question i know but i have never fished a slug before and am interested on learning the best technique for retrieval. Are you jigging them, 3 crank stop, or straight retrieve? Also what the best size i was at the tackle store and noticed they run real big...
  385. Bigfish69

    Possible New Hoopnetting Regulations Coming

    River take dont get your panties all waded up. Didnt you hear that you can modify the conicles by cutting the legs and using the sack part only, no worries youll be fishing flats in no time. One more thing, the DFG never actually allowed the conicles from the beginning at least not where it...
  386. Bigfish69

    Slots in the Dark!!!!!

    Hey i thought this was something entirely different! Ba humbug! LOL 69R
  387. Bigfish69

    Local Bugs

    Oh my thats a nice one! 69R
  388. Bigfish69

    Any Good Lobster Reports

    Doing great,,,plenty of tails and garlic butter. Conditions have been a little different than last year and its fishing after all. Still have lots of fun anyway sore back and all. Just remember its fishing not catching. :D 69R
  389. Bigfish69

    got 4 but

    Thats blows tony,,,,Will keep eyes peeled and tell a few others to watch out. How much is the reward?:D Time to put more weight in them tony. 69R
  390. Bigfish69

    Depth finder/Fish finder seminar Nov 12th

    What kind of electronics will he cover? I know my foruno pretty good but would like to learn some of the others. 69R
  391. Bigfish69

    1st time Lobstering - Dana Point 10/18

    Cheaper to go to cost co for sure! ,,,ah what do i fucking know anyway,,,,i'll shut up now. 69R
  392. Bigfish69

    Just Got A Response From Gov. Schwarzenegger

    Hes just as bad at running this state as he was acting,,,,linch him! 69R
  393. Bigfish69


    Great boat, great crew and an excelent owner. I just wish i had the time right now to come along. Good luck outhere you wont be disapointed its very comfortable and fishes very well. 69R
  394. Bigfish69

    Possible New Hoopnetting Regulations Coming

    This comment winns for the response of the year in my opinion as far as the bug deal goes. It dont get much more accurate than this. "Capiche"? 69R
  395. Bigfish69

    Does anyone know this boat, because you owe me one!

    Holey shit,,,thats what freaks me out a little when i got the kids with me. Thats why i never close my eyes, you never know when some idiots might decide to crash the party, literally. Glad you guys didnt get hurt. Fuck those idiots, commen sense rules here. If you aint got it you shouldnt be...
  396. Bigfish69

    Yak buggin in the fog 10-16

    Mybe they just grilled ya guys cause your frinds of ali...LOL Good looking bug there, you dudes are rebels going out in the fog. 69R
  397. Bigfish69

    Fishing Guide VS Drunk Clients RANT!

    Thats a rough one allright. Hope the otheres are way better. 69R
  398. Bigfish69

    Well, I never thought it would come to this

    Dont worry george i got the same reaction on my 1000th, glad your here. You spice this place up like whiskey in 7 up. Its not the same with out the whiskey. 69R
  399. Bigfish69


    So, does it work on tile floors to keep the grout shiny? 69R
  400. Bigfish69

    Possible New Hoopnetting Regulations Coming

    Boat full of lobster gear for sale, it aint new but its in great condition and nets have only been soaked 3 seasons. If it has to be this way im okay with #1 69R
  401. Bigfish69

    Special Event for Bloodydeckers - Captain Ron Freelance Variety Show to Descanso!

    Does it work for more than one wavelenth of EM emisions? Cause i aint leavin my rods behind. LOL 69R
  402. Bigfish69


    Hugh! Hows that shit work on tile floors..LOL Just bustin ya balls,,,i think stainless polish and wax would be the ticket here,,No? Ahh what do i know im just a dirty fisherman!
  403. Bigfish69

    Anyone seen Lobstermen yet? worth watching?

    I agree! Yepp thats fishing for yaa. The episode last night reminded me of a night at the jetty a few years back with the old salts yelling at the new guys setting up too close to there shit...LOL No one owns it but some think they do.:imdumb: 69R
  404. Bigfish69

    Incredible Bertram 31 for sale - Check out this thread!!

    Ohhh,,,,i feal so dirty for the thoughts in my head right now....ooohhhh! 69R
  405. Bigfish69

    Bass n' Bugs with Dean n' Martin 10/16 w/pics

    I got a boner to dean i just didnt want to say anything...:D I will be hooping up that way soon,,,gonna make a road trip out of it. 69R
  406. Bigfish69

    10/16 Local Rockfishing

    Taco time,,,nice feesh! 69R
  407. Bigfish69

    Special Event for Bloodydeckers - Captain Ron Freelance Variety Show to Descanso!

    LOL,,,i would love to fish that place again. 100 is a reasonable price too. Im in on the next one hopefully. As for the pizzas,,,no can doo unless i'm going too.. LOL Later, maggs! 69R
  408. Bigfish69

    Halloween at our place

    Mike, i was thinking along those same lines. LOL Steve, the strobe is gonna be perfect... 69R
  409. 425 yellow fin 09

    425 yellow fin 09

  410. 30 pound tail i wresled from a seal 09

    30 pound tail i wresled from a seal 09

  411. Fun day in IB with friends

    Fun day in IB with friends

  412. Acores and portuguese flag

    Acores and portuguese flag

  413. Jonathan dylan 1.5 yrs old

    Jonathan dylan 1.5 yrs old

  414. Alexa mariah 3.5 yrs old

    Alexa mariah 3.5 yrs old

  415. Bigfish69

    Special Event for Bloodydeckers - Captain Ron Freelance Variety Show to Descanso!

    Soo bummed,,,did not realise this was going on. Would have loved to ride down and fish that joint. Weve done well there in the past. 69R
  416. Bigfish69

    Halloween at our place

    Holy shit steve that came out pretty damn nice....Friggin kids are gonna run right past your place screaming..LOL You gonna do any lighting? I think a black light pointed right at him would be cool. 69R
  417. Bigfish69

    Anyone seen Lobstermen yet? worth watching?

    Olive oil? Heres how i like my tail done....
  418. Bigfish69

    Bass n' Bugs with Dean n' Martin 10/16 w/pics

    I guess its a start behdad... LOL fish dont seem to mind it,,,hmmm:food-smiley-014: 69R
  419. Bigfish69

    Anyone seen Lobstermen yet? worth watching?

    Another tip for ya scott,,,apply the butter liberally. You can never have enough! 69R
  420. Bigfish69

    Anyone seen Lobstermen yet? worth watching?

    Sorry Debi,,,dont know how i missed the pretty face shot! 69R
  421. Bigfish69

    Halloween at our place

    Sorry about the bad mental picture,,,,guess somtimes i'm too honest. LOL I dont blame you for celebrating,,,afterall its saturday before the big bug day. Awaiting your Pm sir! 69R
  422. Bigfish69

    Anyone seen Lobstermen yet? worth watching?

    I'm not that picky steve. Front or back, it all tastes the same to me. LOL What have we done to this poor guys thread?,,,Sorry for the hijack. 69R
  423. Bigfish69

    Anyone seen Lobstermen yet? worth watching?

    Why, you put it on the tail sir. LOL 69R
  424. Bigfish69

    Halloween at our place

    LOL I got some kinda scratchy throat shit going on! Got a low grade fever and i'm sitting here infront of my computer in my skivies right now thinking of hto tails smothered in garlic butter. LOL What are y,,,,never mind im gonna PM you right now. 69R
  425. Bigfish69

    Halloween at our place

    Dont be surprised if a pirate and a princess show up there looking for treats. 69R
  426. Bigfish69

    Saltwater Bass guys are perverts

    Uhhh, yeahhh, duhhh! 69R
  427. Bigfish69

    Do Commercial Lobster Guys Use Milk Jugs?

    Doug as bitter a pill as it is to swallow, the DFG is the reason that we are able to still find certain species of fish outhere. For the most part i agree with there actions, lets face it there are greedy people outhere who have no morals or boudaries. For that i am grateful for the fish and...
  428. Bigfish69

    Bass n' Bugs with Dean n' Martin 10/16 w/pics

    Nice work there fellas...hey dean you coulda comed your hair for the shot bud. LOL Later69R
  429. Bigfish69

    Anyone seen Lobstermen yet? worth watching?

    Behdad, i fully agree with your assesment of the commercial deal. Also agree with the chick deal, shes kinda hot. Thats the kinda girl you can marry right there. She catches the lobster cleans them and cooks them most likely too. Nothing like some lobster, booty, and butter. The Good old...
  430. Bigfish69

    Sea needed!

    Better put it down! There may be several people on here that would help.;) 69R
  431. Bigfish69

    Anyone seen Lobstermen yet? worth watching?

    Its pretty good, kinda feel bad for the new guy. ASeems like hes allways running into trouble. 69R
  432. Bigfish69

    passed the butter in SD bay 10/15

    Tommy tells fishing stories???? LOL That looks like an awesome bay day. Might do it myself this week. Nothing like some great spotie action to get ya in the mood. Did you guys drag rubber at the wrecks? G- street is one of my favorites but the wrecks have also produced some mean spots in the...
  433. Bigfish69

    midweek lobster crawl....10/15-SD Bay....

    Shit,,, i need to get rid of this cold before there all gone. Ahchew,,snivel snivel.... LOL
  434. Bigfish69

    Whats up with the Federales on mex 1 ???

    I am with ya jorge, love mex but hate that kind of shit. So how much can you buy a 50 gallon drum of gas for in mex anyway. LOL 69R
  435. Bigfish69

    Do Commercial Lobster Guys Use Milk Jugs?

    Thats a perfect example of poaching right there. I can tell you what i would do but you can do whatever you think is right. I personally would have reported it to DFG because obviously someone is fishing illigally and its not fair to any of us who do it legally. I have heard stories of things...
  436. Bigfish69

    Whats up with the Federales on mex 1 ???

    Only had a problem once going into mex from tecate entrance. Guy stopped us and wanted to keep my gas cans filled with gas and my kicker motor. He said it was somthing about selling these items in mex. My buddy miguel talked to the guy real cool like and flipped him a 20 and off we went with our...
  437. Bigfish69

    Bike, hoo koo e koo, pictures added for your review

    I am not that familier with bikes, i liked the model style and reviews and bought it. Never thought about all the specifics to list them. It has never been washed since i purchased it. Its never been crashed or anything like that. It has had some things added to it when i bought it, nothing has...
  438. Bigfish69

    Bike, hoo koo e koo, pictures added for your review

    I better be carefull how i answer this question, could lead to a lawsuit. LOL Well in all honesty kurt its in great mechanical condition but it needs to be washed and polished. Also the 2 tires need some attention, i just dont have the time or the patience right now to work on it. Its only...
  439. Bigfish69

    Gary fisher Mountain bike. Hoo koo e koo, front shocks

    Kurt,,, i think its funny that he said it was rusty because the whole bike is chromolly, aluminum and stainless except for like 3-4 parts which may have a few specs of rust but damn isnt that to be expected from a 2 year old bike. I think so,,,maybe im wrong. Mechanically this bike rides like...
  440. Bigfish69

    Gary fisher Mountain bike. Hoo koo e koo, front shocks

    This aint burger king, you cant have it your way! You can take that 300 and shove it up your wazzo if you think i need it enough to put up with this shit. I tried to something nice and this is what i get. Why am i surprised? You wasted my time too, guess i should be angry with you too. Oh...
  441. Bigfish69

    The official CHARGERS Vs. Broncos prediction thread...

    Where gonna kick some bronco ass and i will be drunk while where doing it. Yeh, goo chargets. 69R
  442. Bigfish69

    Gary fisher Mountain bike. Hoo koo e koo, front shocks

    Stan in an attempt to not sound like a jerk you did exactly that. You do sound like a jerk. You should have PM'd me the way you felt about my description of the bike. No need to post up here your opinion of the bike because its exactly that your opinion. In my opinion the bike is a great bike...
  443. Bigfish69

    Bike, hoo koo e koo, pictures added for your review

    Slightly used needs a little spitshine but as tyou know this is a high end bike for pennies of what it cost me. Has accessories included. A little TLC and your riding in style. Discounted for my fellow bloody fuckers! 69R
  444. Bigfish69

    First hooping session of the season

    Wow! You didnt see this guy out there did ya? 69R
  445. Bigfish69

    Gary fisher Mountain bike. Hoo koo e koo, front shocks

    Im goin down the list, tuna taxi is next . He should let me know by somtime tonight hopefully. 69R
  446. Bigfish69

    Update on the "TANK"

    Pretty! 69R
  447. Bigfish69

    Arnies old lady breaking the law....

    Shes gotta keep in touch with the plastic surgeon after all. 69R
  448. Bigfish69

    just a heads up

    sheesh some people do nothing but fuck off! 69R
  449. Bigfish69

    Surfdoc Sheering a Sheep

    Classic! LOL 69R
  450. Bigfish69

    Suicide at Mission Beach!!!

    Hes just mad cause he didnt catch any!:D 69R
  451. Bigfish69

    Feeding giant bluefin tuna,,,,amazing!

    LOL,,,back in the day. I used to hear stories of good grade blufin at the coronados aboput 20 years back. 69R
  452. Bigfish69

    Tagged albacore travels 14,582 miles in 380 days

    You aint lyin about the fishfinder, i am in the market too. LOL 69R
  453. Bigfish69

    Does any one here powder coat?

    i dont powder coat but would be glad to recomend someone in el cajon for you. Let me know if you need it and i'll get the number for ya
  454. Bigfish69

    Feeding giant bluefin tuna,,,,amazing!

    I know, kinda weird to see that kind of fish action and no hooks hanging over the side. I think they allready had limits and judsst decided to play with them for a minute. 69R
  455. Bigfish69

    Suicide at Mission Beach!!!

    Jason>>> thats exactly how we did it as well, fry those babies in flour and seasoning salt little pepper, boiled potatoes, drizzled with vinigar and oil. Very tasty treat. Did most of my damage off OB pier near the surf line. Way fun on lite gear when there really biting. James>>> we used to...
  456. Bigfish69

    Tagged albacore travels 14,582 miles in 380 days

    Great info, very interesting stuff. Thank you for taking the time to post that up and share it with us. Tight lines. 69R
  457. Bigfish69

    Suicide at Mission Beach!!!

    Crackbabies. LOL 69R
  458. Bigfish69

    Bonito vs. Sea Lions

    Thats what lifes all about, no better area to soak some baits. Its gorgous outhere. 69R
  459. Bigfish69

    Tailwalker LJ Lobster Report 10-11 (Sun Night)

    110 is alot of bugs in an just over an hours time. Part of the fun! 69R
  460. Bigfish69

    La Jolla Hoopnetting 9pm

    110 bugs holey sheet batman,,,thats alot of bugs! 69R
  461. Bigfish69

    Point Loma-Whistler's Bouy 10-10-09

    Thanks,,,and great work getting the kids bendo...You rock pops! I'm off to get some mackeral now! 69R
  462. Bigfish69

    1500' cliff at Point Loma ??

    Thats gonna leave a mark! 69R
  463. Bigfish69

    SQUIDCO upgrades bus to full LIMO-Buses for MLPA!!!

    LOL, some of them withh put anything in the slot. 69R
  464. Bigfish69

    Stainless Marine Whip Antenna 36"

    If he dont want it i do. 69R
  465. Bigfish69

    1200 Pound BFT

    Holy Sheeeet. Cant wait. 69R
  466. Bigfish69

    Feeding giant bluefin tuna,,,,amazing!

    Yeah,,,,those things would have eatin the rope or gaff for sure...Incredible. 69R
  467. Bigfish69

    Feeding giant bluefin tuna,,,,amazing!

    Dont know how i missed all 3 mike. LOL 69R
  468. Bigfish69

    Point Loma-Whistler's Bouy 10-10-09

    how big where those macks,,,any size to them at all. 69R
  469. Bigfish69

    Feeding giant bluefin tuna,,,,amazing!

    Really, i never saw it before on here. Guess i gotta visit BDs more often. LOL 69R
  470. Bigfish69

    My 7 day Intrepid Charter... Fish Report

    awesome trip,,those are the perfect size for the BBQ. 69R
  471. Bigfish69

    Feeding giant bluefin tuna,,,,amazing!

    I wanna go here! YouTube - Feeding The Giant Bluefin On" The Ridge" 09/09/17 69R
  472. Bigfish69

    lobster pirates in dana point

    Here we go again! Have we not learned anything from our mistakes? Fucking hilarious sam and otheres want shit banned and a few others wnat shit banned just because they wanna ban shit. You guys should be the ones that are banned, freakin doorknobs. I mean come on really, just because you cant...
  473. Bigfish69

    Feds now want to take more of our waters. Please read.

    Son of a bitch! This is very disturbing information... 69R
  474. Bigfish69

    Anyone fish this place do any good? Need reviews!

    Place sounds very interesting if your a fisherman, you got to admit. 69R
  475. Bigfish69

    Dirty foamy bung hole clean up and prevention.

    You know how we do it tommy! My grandfather allways told me he liked to have lots of wine on stock just incase there was a disaster, like earthquake or somthing they would have enough reserves. LOL Smart man he was! 69R
  476. Bigfish69

    free sex

    LOL 69R
  477. Bigfish69

    Dirty foamy bung hole clean up and prevention.

    Ew quedo e la qualke dia para via as ninas bonitas. Antao falas portuguese? 69R
  478. Bigfish69

    For those of you who have allways wondered about the ACORES

    Heres a sneak peak at the buety and peacefullness of Sao Jorge Portugal. Enjoy! 69R YouTube - Azores, São Jorge Island - Promocional Video
  479. Bigfish69

    Dirty foamy bung hole clean up and prevention.

    Ew pinsoa k e shamado o Braco the bahil.... 69R Tu es portuguese?
  480. Bigfish69

    Dirty foamy bung hole clean up and prevention.

    Sing e muito bom con o prato de batatas e paecee. Boa noite gil. 69R P.S. your right about the spelling, my spelling sucks. LOL
  481. Bigfish69

    Local Bugs 9/7/09

    I think that one just looks small next to the toads in that tank. LOL 69R
  482. Bigfish69

    Fantasy football promo !!

    Thats pretty sick. 69R
  483. Bigfish69

    Women in the Workplace... 1950's

    How much did she get paid to do that? I hope it was more than a bottle of cheap wine and a good porkin. 69R
  484. Bigfish69

    Who is this Bloody Decker?

    I dont know but hes stylin. LOL 69R
  485. Bigfish69

    SQUIDCO upgrades bus to full LIMO-Buses for MLPA!!!

    LOL,,,I'm sure otto would not mind. He looks like a pretty cool kat. 69R
  486. Bigfish69

    Dirty foamy bung hole clean up and prevention.

    Oh fuck yeah tim. I plug at least three bungs every season. Its become a family tradition dating back to the 1950's when my grandfather Joao Machado had what called a prinscaa in his basement and squeesed his own grapes on the spot to fill up to ten berrils at times depending how many grapes his...
  487. Bigfish69

    lobster pirates in dana point

    If that ever happens and you suspect that they have one on board, go over and make contact with them. Tell them you wnat to look in there boat for you missing hoop as it was missing right after they where there. Alot of times by the time you get this close you can see if they have your gear or...
  488. Bigfish69

    SQUIDCO upgrades bus to full LIMO-Buses for MLPA!!!

    thats awesome,,,wheres the stripper and pole?
  489. Bigfish69

    Dirty foamy bung hole clean up and prevention.

    Being portuguese and making my own wine every year i at times have ended up with a dirty bung hole and let me tell ya its quite the mess as it runs down the side and onto the floor staining everything it comes into contact with including the nice oak barrel. Multiply this mess times 3 in my...
  490. Bigfish69

    1000 pound hamerhead,,,,sick fish!

    If you go back and watch the video you will see where they talked about releasing it. Easy there ladies,,,they released it as well they should have.:D 69R
  491. Bigfish69

    So you want to show the world that you are an idiot....

    I think hes talking about asshole idiots. This combination is very dangerous. :Beat_Them 69R
  492. Bigfish69

    So you want to show the world that you are an idiot....

    Jesse i'm behind you 100% on this one. Great right up! I too am just like you, older boat, 2 kids and a wife that rely on me to get food on the table. Most of the fishing i do is modest and i hate it when some jerk ruins my buzz by posting pics of his bigger or greater catch on my thread...
  493. Bigfish69

    Life Time Lobster

    Awesome catch,,, and great job on the decision to CPR. We all need to make inteligent decisions like you guys did. Thnks for what you do to help our future fisheries. 69R
  494. Bigfish69

    1000 pound hamerhead,,,,sick fish!

    YouTube - 1000 Pound Monster Hammerhead! CHEW ON THIS shark fishing
  495. Bigfish69

    Tuna Fishermen Statue

    Yep its on shelter island allright and was dedicated to all the tuna fisherman who where lost at sea of of our coast. 69R
  496. Bigfish69

    Saw this guy out on the water while hooping last night.

    The bastard gets around...:madfire: Allmost had a sail boat run into me that night to while we were soaking.... 69R
  497. Bigfish69

    Some Hope for San Diego

    I hope my prayers have been working dean! 69R
  498. Bigfish69

    Anyone fish this place do any good? Need reviews!

    Would that be crazy like, what a fun guy? Or crazy like he lost his brain kinda dude? 69R
  499. Bigfish69

    Gary fisher Mountain bike. Hoo koo e koo, front shocks

    Kool guys, surf doc is gonna view it tomarrow and then if he does not fir the frame i will let you see it in order, as folows. George and then divegod. Thank you, John
  500. Bigfish69

    Gary fisher Mountain bike. Hoo koo e koo, front shocks

    This bike is like new and was only riden several times. Bike retails new for between 12 and 1400. I am asking 250 bucks. Wont last long. Pm me for pics. 69R
  501. Bigfish69

    120 gallon aquarium with stand, All accessories

    All accesories included for 150.00 cash. Pm me if you need pics 69R
  502. Bigfish69

    Burned body found in dumpster

    I'm sorry for thwe loss George..RIP 69R
  503. Bigfish69

    Anyone fish this place do any good? Need reviews!

    Thsi is a real place, i think. Pussy Tank Fishing in Navajo County, Arizona | Fishing Works 69R
  504. Bigfish69

    Lost, pair of asians wearing octopusy headgear

    Saluki did you forget to lock the gate?
  505. Bigfish69

    Keep your great spots producing and pressure free.

    No haters and wall bangers, this is a first! 69R
  506. Bigfish69

    Anyone need one extra guy for hooping?

    You should know,,,,the one in the picture is the one you where sitting on silly. Doesnt your butt hurt. :hali_ruahahaha: 69R
  507. Bigfish69

    Keep your great spots producing and pressure free.

    Thank god,,,could you imagine 2 carls.... OMFG!
  508. Bigfish69

    Keep your great spots producing and pressure free.

    Steve>>> I think we are all a little guilty of that. Live and learn i guess. I just cant believe how much things have indeed changed and its set to get worse if we dont start being smarter about it. If you notice i was solo the other night because my regular could not join me. Carl>>> You make...
  509. Bigfish69

    Anyone need one extra guy for hooping?

    What a sneaky fellow,,,,thanks one leg:finger: 69R .
  510. Bigfish69

    Anyone need one extra guy for hooping?

    I know im working on becoming a better fisherman what can i say. I dont know how i got that in your quotes,,,maybe salukis toying with me again. 69R
  511. Bigfish69

    Keep your great spots producing and pressure free.

    Decided to write this tutorial up due to the fact that there is much concern recently in regards to the fishing pressure of many favorite fishing spots and teqniques. Seems like there is no magic pill but this will help all of us, (((you know who you are))), keep your spots trouble free and...
  512. Bigfish69

    Anyone need one extra guy for hooping?

    Giant sand crab,,,any idea how to get rid of them? LOL 69R
  513. Bigfish69

    Anyone need one extra guy for hooping?

    Too bad, cause i had a spot open for tonight.:smoking33: 69R
  514. Bigfish69

    Hooping and diving, how to get along.

    We did very ok, lets just say!;) 69R
  515. Bigfish69

    Hooping and diving, how to get along.

    First off i would just like to share that i ran into 2 divers early last night and decided to try a new teqnique for communicating with them. So as we soaked our baits i motored over to the general area these 2 guys where hunting and just kinda watched them do there thing. They where in hot...
  516. Bigfish69

    1st Lobbies of the year!

    Nice bunch,,, am hoping to visit cat soon. 69R
  517. Bigfish69

    Yeah, wheres the pictures mister? 69R
  518. Bigfish69


    Tough old birds back then no dought.... I can deal with a little shrinkage and still have plenty to spare....:smoking33: Shit waters only 68-69R, not too bad. It was worse outside the water last night with the breeze and all. Water felt good. 69R
  519. Bigfish69

    Saw this guy out on the water while hooping last night.

    LOL I could think of a few of them. 69R
  520. Bigfish69

    Lobster Opener

    You sir are correct,,, he is an idiot. 69R
  521. Bigfish69


    Humorous read david,,,i disagreee on a few points but agree with most you have pointed out. Dont cost anything to go in my birthday suit...:xlbirthda Just sayin....LOL 69R
  522. Bigfish69

    Lobster Opener

    I just thought of a great analogy to describe these rescent post on the issue. Remember when you where kids and you saw somthing in the school yard that didnt belong to anyone. You both run over and ghrab one end of it and say its mine its mine, no its mine until the thing your both fighting...
  523. Bigfish69

    Saw this guy out on the water while hooping last night.

    :rofl:Nope it wasnt steve, AKA (Bottom Line) but good guess! LOL 69R
  524. Bigfish69


    \ David,,,,did you ever stop to consider how many more divers are getting great catches in rescent years and how much more populer diving for bugs has become. Just wait till they close everything to hoopers you think you have pressure now. Just saying. Funny everyone is so smart but yet...
  525. Bigfish69

    Lobster Opener

    I understand your frustration but there are better ways to handle this issue. May i suggest one of them? When you see a person you suspect of fucking with your shit follow them to there boat, record ca numbers, boat names and a description of said person who you suspect was causing you...
  526. Bigfish69

    Lobster Opener

    Glass paddy>>> i dont understand why you want this thread closed so bad? Honestly this is one of the best things that could have happened and i feal that people are learning about each other on this thread. Maybe it can lead to smoother fishing trips for every body in the future. I think that...
  527. Bigfish69

    Lobster Opener

    Exactly my point, very well said. 69R
  528. Bigfish69

    Lobster Opener

    Thsi is a perfect example of what i'm talking about. Lets be more specific and not generalise it to two groups of people who dont deserve the bad rap. I am a hooper and i never ever have stolen or tried to intentionally injure some one. I am sure there are divers outhere who are reading...
  529. Bigfish69


    No Danger as long as Rivertake is not on the water....LOL Kidding big guy,,,,everything is gonna be fine. Dont worry be happy! 69R
  530. Bigfish69

    Lobster Opener

    I see what you are trying to sawy but somepeople cant see that clearly. I think its more fare to say the people who coduct them selfs in a dangeraous manner or commit crimes in such a way that it endangers people around them including them selfs is a morte proper way to speak about such...
  531. Bigfish69

    Saw this guy out on the water while hooping last night.

    Saw this guy out on the water last night while hooping. Never thought i would see the day where someone backed the boat right over my gear right in front of me. :shake: Watch out for the Donkey! 69R
  532. Bigfish69

    Lobster Opener

    Is this really happening?,,,Sheesh i leave for a few days and the dogs and cats are at it again! Learn to work together and not against one another. No one deserves to be injured or ripped off period. Use the cabeza people! 69R
  533. Bigfish69

    SCI Boat ran a ground

    The grady white owner of the boat is a good friend of one of my buddies and he said that the power was turned off at some point from leaving point loma to the islands, by the time they figured out the problem they completly forgot to recalculate the cousrse on the autopilot and the boat...
  534. Bigfish69

    Trailer Question(maybe dumb ?)

    George is pretty damn close with this estimate. If you cant do it yourself arros trailer in el cajon is the ticket redid all mine for less than 1400 and they had to do alot of torching and shit. Was well worth it. Dont know where your located but hope this helps. 69R
  535. Bigfish69

    Aluminum Trailer repair needed

    Great shop down by post office near shelter island blvd. You can drop boat in the water and do some practice casts while you buddy takes it toi the shop or vise versa. I have the niumber around here somewhere. If this is what you need PM me and i will do my best to describe where its at. 69R
  536. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    Found this picture, sure answers alot of question!:ashamed: 69R
  537. Bigfish69

    does this damage the hull ?

    It may have been to bumpy for that speed. Try slowing her down a scoach. The hull can handle it but its rough on electronics and other shit not to mention your back.\ All it takes is th wind coming at an undisirable angle across the swell and you can run into this problem. Another trick isf...
  538. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoopin Virgin I cant be the only 1

    21. lead 15' to 20' of extra line ( don't let it gather on the surface ) HOW? John You pretty much got it. One thing i like to do to keep the extra line from floating and causing a dangerous situation is to roll th excess on my arm like you would an extension cord and then put a rap of line...
  539. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    Funny thing is travis that most of the crying is not comming from the hoopnetters! Just sayin 69R
  540. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    All he needs is six anyway! Dont know why he was fishin 10 :frehya2:\ 69R
  541. Bigfish69

    what's up with River Takes'posts????

    Chupacabra is my guess! 69R
  542. Bigfish69

    worst fishing experience of my life (rant)

    I'd gaff everything in sight....even the seat cushions. I would attempt to be an even bigger dick......prolly not too difficult for me. :D Oh my god mikeee, the above is some funny shit. Never new you where soo mean, remind me to be nice to you next time. I like my seat cushions. LOL By...
  543. Bigfish69

    worst fishing experience of my life (rant)

    You shoulda taken the boat oar and showed it to him up close. I mean really close! 69R
  544. Bigfish69

    Rpt 2 Day 9-26-27 Limits of YFT, Albies, Tails, Do Do's

    wow, my buddy sayw that same paddy or at least it sounds like the same one he described last week and they got triple limits of of it by 11 am Nice work cory, a picture is worth a thousand words and a smile is priceless. 69R
  545. Bigfish69

    worst fishing experience of my life (rant)

    Fuckin a does that sound familier, his names not (Name with held to protect the ignorant) by any chance is it? LOL I had a very similar expierience only on my boat. The fuckin dick wad wanted to drive my boat to the ramp and i told him no i will take it from here that way if somthing happens i...
  546. Bigfish69

    SCI Boat ran a ground

    For being as bad of a situation as it is, pretty good parking job between the big rocks! Ouch, hope thay all made it out OK. 69R
  547. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoopin Virgin I cant be the only 1

    Thanks! Orange gloves with rubber on palms or the blue ones at home depot. Cheap and they are last if you rinse them 69R
  548. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoopin Virgin I cant be the only 1

    Can be dangerous at night, a friend is highly advisable. Preferably one with a strong back side! 69R
  549. Bigfish69

    Good looking bait!

    This has got to be the biggest sand crab i have ever seen. Good looking bait, wonder what i could catch with this? 69R
  550. Bigfish69

    NFIO 9/26

    One is better than none. I am finally out of butt fillets,,,gotta get me a fresh one but i need more toys Rick! 69R
  551. Bigfish69

    Dana Point Flattie report 9/26/09

    Just goes to show that even the newbees can catch with ricks gear. Oh ya,,,dont let that guy drink before gaffing fish. LOL 69R
  552. Bigfish69

    Lobster Bait Free

    No good deed goes unpunished! Hell of a nice thing for you to do but these guys bustin your balls are absolutly correct...But i am sure you know that allready. Tight lines 69R
  553. Bigfish69

    Long run south with a surprise

    Pretty! Why go to 85 when the fish is at 60? LOL Glad to see you guys are still killin it. 69R
  554. Bigfish69

    Some fine tail right here!

    A little garlic butter and pepper and its on! 69R
  555. Bigfish69

    Some fine tail right here!

    Oh baby what a lineup! 69R
  556. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    Oh brother! I hope were not that rediculous on the water. Treat others how you would like to be treated is my new mantra!
  557. Bigfish69


    Wow,,,sorry guy. May he RIP 69R
  558. Bigfish69


    Forget filletting it, i got a sink drain that needs to be repiped....Some funny shit you sick MF's. 69R
  559. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    Putting out dive flaggs the day before is gay, why would anyone do sucha foolish thing. If we are going to talk about real life issues than lets do that not something as absurd as putting out gear the day before. I mean how easy would it be for a hooper, another diver, or anyone else for...
  560. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    Assclowns in every venue! Just my .o2 centavos 69R
  561. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    Uhhh, i think youve been hijacked son!:D 69R P.S. I agree with first come first serve and stay away from the gear and or dive flag 50 feet
  562. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    Tic toc tic toc! 69R
  563. Bigfish69

    Looking for a Trolling motor Bracket,,anyone!

    Hello, i am looking for a Trolling Motor bracket new or used to slap on the back of my sled. Anyone got one laying around that they need to part with? I got cashhh moneyyy! thanks for your time 69R
  564. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    I new you couldnt stay away long! Cool info in there Dave... 69R
  565. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    Jas very well explained, thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us! 69R
  566. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    I think its fucken funny that some people need to make it sound like there group is suffering sooo much. Well maybe you need to go back to class because the divers I know catch plenty of buggs and don't seem to have any issues getting there's within 2 hrs on a regular basis! How do you explain...
  567. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    Pass out st patties day brownies at launch ramp before eveyone hits the water mabe! 69R
  568. Bigfish69

    9/24 - 226/230

    weed beds,,,?
  569. Bigfish69

    Fun with caulking guns.....

    I'll bet with all that home improvment stuff going on at your place brandon, you have your hands on the caulk all the time! 69R
  570. Bigfish69

    Dutchman Flips Tractor Trailer While Masturbating, Doesn't Stop

    Did you get hurt Saluki???? Maybe thats why you had the shits,,,some internal injuries maybe from the crash!:frehya2: 69R
  571. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    I'm still waiting to hear back on the answer from others if the conicals are not better than flat hoops or only marginally so then why the uproar? Marcus the above statmment by you has got me on the edge of my seat. I agree with that issue wholheartidly. I dont think you will get an...
  572. Bigfish69

    Dutchman Flips Tractor Trailer While Masturbating, Doesn't Stop

    Oh my,,, just realised that that dude drives for yoplait, a yogurt co. Thats a little disturbing.:eek: 69R
  573. Bigfish69

    Dutchman Flips Tractor Trailer While Masturbating, Doesn't Stop

    probably a bloody decker:shake: 69R
  574. Bigfish69

    How can divers and hoopers get along?

    Wow i cant believe this inteligent statement came out of that little pea brain of yours....LOL Just bustin ya balls chump,,,but your absolutly correct, maybe we should also think about this as well. With that said :finger: Marcus>>>> I normally see your side of the story but must disagree...
  575. Bigfish69

    LINK to DFG for any comments about gear change for lobster hoop nets

    Just curious anyone ever watch a crawfish move about in a tank especially when they want to get ontop of somthing where they need to climb or should i say swim?:smoking33: 69R
  576. Bigfish69

    LINK to DFG for any comments about gear change for lobster hoop nets

    Awesome analogy! I am more concerned about moving forward and learning from our bad expieriences and i think we can all agree that both sides have had some issues in the past. We need to concentrate on respecting one another as human beings before we can move on to true healing. I feal that we...
  577. Bigfish69

    LINK to DFG for any comments about gear change for lobster hoop nets

    Lets not forget divers that if they do ever decide to close off some of our favorite hooping spots they will most likely close it all together and you know what that means right? No Divers, no commercial fisheries, no nothing so be carefull what you say and ask for. 69R
  578. Bigfish69

    LINK to DFG for any comments about gear change for lobster hoop nets

    *****Just something to remember folks,,,just because your nets are in the water does not mean they are catching. This is due to many conditions as well just like a diver has good times to hunt. So you are not the only ones limited to fish time. There is a good time for hoopers as well as divers...
  579. Bigfish69

    Zilla's trying to kill me.

    Is your life insurance policy paid up to date?
  580. Bigfish69

    Lobster Report Card?

    Ohhh brother!!! Proof in the poooding right here. 69R
  581. Bigfish69

    DFG makes public claim that a conical hoop outfishes flat hoop by 58%

    Yeah thats it, limit the amount you can take and completly forget about what caused the probelm in the first place....Typical farm like behavior! Can you say Donkey! Its shit like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 69R
  582. Bigfish69

    DFG makes public claim that a conical hoop outfishes flat hoop by 58%

    Marcus,,,The only reason that the popularity in the sport occured is because of the advent of conicles....Now an average joe can go out and get his lobster as well ans a guy who fishes flats. This is the only reason and a big problem! Dont lie to me people, this is the only reason trust...
  583. Bigfish69

    DFG makes public claim that a conical hoop outfishes flat hoop by 58%

    Tommy>>>> i agree with your statments A, B and especially C! I can not believe how many donkeys are pointing fingers here, absalutly incredible. What happend to staying on topic. We all know what the problem is! Come on lets get real people if you lie to yourself its one thing but dont lie to...
  584. Bigfish69

    DFG regs on hoop neting

    Hey hey ladies,,,,just wanted to jump in here and remind everyone that we all need to get along and work together for what we a passionate about. Yes some divers suck sack but there are the ones who are very respectfull of others around them. To those thank you. We all know that there are...
  585. Bigfish69

    Anyone do or know somone to repair gelcoat?

    Thanks guys, appreciate the info! 69R
  586. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    I got it right from the horses mouth>>>> 69R
  587. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    Its going into effect next season,,,no worries this round! 69R
  588. Bigfish69

    Yup, they are still there...YFT 9/19

    Awesome,,, getting my hooks sharpend up. Thanks. 69R
  589. Bigfish69

    Bears vs. Steelers

    steelers 23 bearets 3 69R
  590. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    George>>>>Allready started repairs on mine but still have some more holes to patch. I am hoping to be in your area this season at some point. Maybe i'll see ya then. Lobzilla>>>to answer your question, yes, yes and yes. It is still pretty rare to pick up one that big, and most of the time we...
  591. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    Hey george,,,you got it!!!! Are you buggin this season? Lets do this thang! 69R
  592. Bigfish69

    Anyone do or know somone to repair gelcoat?

    I was at bait dock the other day and a nail snagged me pretty good and i'll be damn if it didnt take a nice chunk out of the gelcoat. I also have several other repairs that need help. Thanks 69R
  593. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    Dave this ones for you, heres a 8 pounder climbing out of a 5 gallon bucket. It can happen! 69R
  594. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    WTF? Dave did you start drinking again? LOL 69R
  595. Bigfish69

    Got'em West of 302

    Supp Maggie!? 69R
  596. Bigfish69

    Got'em West of 302

    You Fish????:finger: Sounds like a good day tater! 69R
  597. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    I see your points,,,definition is very flimszy i too agrree but it will not change hinged on that alone. I think you should spear head this thing personally and bring your arguments to the table at the meeting. I know many guys would respect and back you on your veiws.:smoking33: I too have...
  598. Bigfish69

    Dana Point Flatties 9/16

    That things pretty! That fish is cool too....LOL Great job old butt master,,,,grasshoppa out. 69R
  599. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    I did the math for ya. I purchased 12 conicles at a price tag of 38 dollars each this includes some custom mods i made to make them my own. That totals a whopping 456 bucks. Not to mention about 600 more bones for other things that i can not devulge here. Ouch! I agree this is a pretty stout...
  600. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    Dave, maybe the word lazy was not the right word! There are many people outhere that understand perfectly what I was trying to convey. As for your statment on inteligence, I don't consider myself to be the fastest car on the track but I sure am not the slowest. One thing if I might ask...
  601. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    I said all that to mean that this is a sport and it should be treated that way. I do very well for myself with flats when i want to and yess its alot more work and you really have to pay attention to what you are doing and know certain things about your surroundings to yeild a satisfactory catch...
  602. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    Exactly,,,, Lets face it fellow sport fisherman. This is a sport right? Well lets treat it like one. Trapping is not sportman like. I know some of you are thinking its not a trap, but trust me if you fell into the grand canyon you would have one hell of a time climbing out. Am i wrong, i...
  603. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    LOL,,,thats funny! No actually i really mean it who cares. Not like anyone of us can change it anyway. We are at there mercy! Just hearing about all the crazy rules and changes they want to make because of the new popularity of the sport just gets my blood boiling and i was having a good day...
  604. Bigfish69

    Holiday vs Grande

    My money goes on the Holiday first, and then the grande! RIP Steve Giffin,,,my friend i will never forget. Sean is really working hard trying to do whats right and he knows what the anglers want. Skipper and crew are also great to work with and they wack them if there there no dought about it...
  605. Bigfish69

    pink yellowtail

    My father taught me years ago that if it smelled like fish and was pink inside it was good to eat. Has he been wrong all these years? LOL 69R
  606. Bigfish69

    My Avet experiment---is over.

    Shit man,,,is that all the reels you got. LOL 69R
  607. Bigfish69

    Anyone seen the seiners?

  608. Bigfish69

    Official Monday Night Chargers/Raiders Shittalkin thread.

    Raider fans eat poop! 69R
  609. Bigfish69

    Disturbing new Trend...Run and gun patty hoping!

    Two words Paddy one If you see this guy coming just reel them in and get out of there before he can follow you. His answer when i said , "hey you crazy fuck you just parked right on top of my paddy" His words exactly "You dont own the ocean"............What a dill pickle>>> 69R
  610. Bigfish69

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    I'm okay with flat nets 5 per person. Thsi is how it was and how it should be. 69R
  611. Bigfish69

    Parking tickets at Shelter Island.

    Case of donuts....preferably bear claws sent straight to the city hall building..... When you mess with the bull you get the horns somtimes. Maybe there still pissed about the seal excursion incident john.:rofl::rofl: But seriously dude i hope they have mearcy on your soul and i sure hope...
  612. Bigfish69

    pink yellowtail

    That time of the month? 69R
  613. Bigfish69

    My Avet experiment---is over.

    You are absolutly correct sir. I should have been more clear in my comment. I agree there is no excuse for poor customer service. I honestly think she does not know what the hell he was trying to order and thats where the problem came in. I mean they only make a few models and in a single line...
  614. Bigfish69

    My Avet experiment---is over.

    Could have just been a fluke. I have a few and like them pretty well but i still seem to prefer a few insert name here otheres better. 69R
  615. Bigfish69

    Fished the borderline

    Great short run! Her smile is worth a thousnd words.Good job! 69R
  616. Bigfish69

    It sux the best

    You too ehh? I too am down here overlooking the water and listening to the seagulls fight over scraps all around me, I too cannot sleep with all this BS going on. I am fearfull that one day it will all be ripped from us! Anyway , 2 does apear to suck the least if that is possible.Just my.02 centavos
  617. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    Oh shit we are at 20 allready,,,,well i gotta go get ready for the Birthday party. Carry on! 69R
  618. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    Jesse what makes you think all girls are like you. LOL She seems like a good girl,,,leave her alone.:slap: Dont try and take her to the dark side,,,AKA as Jesses world. LOL 69R
  619. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    LOL LOL 69R
  620. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    Why on earth does she feal like she has to run in small circles to get people to look at her????? 69R
  621. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    ??????? <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  622. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    I dont need Deck boots but i am looking for a good rod holder, you think this will work? 69R
  623. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    Thanks! What did i do wrong? I copied and pated the url....Please help me! 69R
  624. Bigfish69

    Holiday Guadalupe/Cedors Budget Busters

    Wow, sean you have my attention. Time to get the scedualer out and do some research. Thanks for the heads up! 69R
  625. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    I know Jesse and serg wont appreciate this. So heres somthing for the rest of [email protected] YouTube - Hot Coeds Cam Dancing 69R
  626. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    Really,,,how ever can you tell Serg,,,or should i call you sergina. LOL 69R
  627. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    Serg does this remind you of one of those office meetings you went tooooo? 69R
  628. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    You are slowly redeeming yourself Jesse. That "chick" sucks!!!:beerbang: By the way have any of you gone to sleep yet? LOL 69R
  629. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    Finally, somone with senses puts up a picture worth starring at....Thank you! 69R
  630. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    You got the picture allright. LOL LOL 69R
  631. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    I see your point,,,better to cut the net and get the fuck outa there,,,unless your jesse! 69R
  632. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    No wonder my package was late,,, fugger was hangin in somones house! 69R
  633. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    That there is the giant bearded clam, a very rare species in central america! Betterr to throw back when caught in net! 69R
  634. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    No brains necesary on my plate, just naked and fresh fish. LOL 68R
  635. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    You mean where off coarse capitan? LOL Maybe theres another agenda....! 69R
  636. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    Yeah, but does she clean and cook the fish....? A smile and a naked body only go so far, but you throw in some fresh yellow tail and BOING! Its on! 69R
  637. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    OMG,,,,,,:slap: :rofl:My ribs hurt.... 69R
  638. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    Oh My,,,that doesnt give me anything to think about....;) 69R
  639. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    I love that shit! I'm all about the kinky stuff!:waglleybooty: 69R
  640. Bigfish69

    How to build an Electronic Duck Butt Feeder (Pulsator)

    Hey jesse,,,you know this is not an enema machine right?:slap: 69R
  641. Bigfish69


    I just hope he porked here real good before all this. Its a shame that money has to ruin such buetiful relationships. LOL Well gott ago betty bye see yaa. 69R
  642. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    These would be cool on the boat!\ 69R
  643. Bigfish69


    Shes a crazy bitch, but i would hit it very hard, and i mean very hard.:D 69R
  644. Bigfish69


    Go chargers.....oh by the way theres an update on meriman, he will not be prosecuted it turns out that money hungry little freak lied. Jeas, go figure!~ 69R
  645. Bigfish69

    9/11/09 60+ miles offshore for a nice halibut

    glad you got some fresh meat my brother, even if it was a little pricey. Sure gonna taste better noW!! 69R
  646. Bigfish69

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    LOL For freee! 69R
  647. Bigfish69

    200 pound marlin

    sweet success... 69R
  648. Bigfish69

    41.45lb trout

    Holey sheet!
  649. Bigfish69

    How to build an Electronic Duck Butt Feeder (Pulsator)

    Simply ingenious,,,,thanks for putting this up,,,,gave me some great ideas. 69R