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  1. Swede


    Someone better install a bilge pump, this WTC thread is sinking and everyone is abandoning ship.
  2. Swede

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    Yep. I’ll let Pat fill you in.
  3. Swede

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    Why does G-spot continue to post on our threads. You’re not even part of our Washington community. Don’t insult our community. You aren’t part of it. You will never be part of it. No one wants you to be part of it. Why is winter so long? Who bought new boats at the boat show? Poke poke poke...
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    Not yet!
  5. Swede


    You guys get paid yet?
  6. Swede

    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    But will it catch me an 80 pounder?
  7. Swede

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Ya’ll need to start fishing tournaments that have money :urno1:Get’n paid like a pimp. Bitches be all up on your junk. Just ask Pat LOL
  8. Swede

    It was a great day, turned bad

    There needs to be an official transparent response. This is what happened, this is how we are dealing with this issue and this is how we are going to fix it moving forward.
  9. Swede

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Here we go!! I did like it. Funny shit. As for Scott, 1. He’s being honest. 2. He’s not the one who owes the money. 3. At least he is conveying the concerns of the group. 4. I believe this will lead to a quicker solution to rectify this flawed process of relying on NW Harvest to verify fish...
  10. Swede

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Wait. Now I want to know what happens to the fish that we donate. Does NW Harvest do anything with it? Why is it still in the freezer? Are the fish we donate just getting thrown out? Seriously concerned.
  11. Swede

    2015 Yamaha 6hp 4 stroke

    No. He found someone on Craigslist to motorboat him.
  12. Swede

    It is done

    Hey, are the Neah Bay halibut spots still on it? :D
  13. Swede


    They all corrode and end up on the bottom.
  14. Swede

    Latest Thrasher Albacore Build

    Those will look sweet with blue Avets
  15. Swede

    Made an app

    What’s an Android... hey I think Jason knows
  16. Swede

    Is there hope?

    Is this why the dinosaurs went extinct? Too much CH4?
  17. Swede

    Any of you guys know the story behind this salvage?

    This is what happens when your wife says you can’t upgrade.
  18. Swede

    Squid coords in MA13?

    Evidence has been submitted by Mr. Garrett
  19. Swede

    Squid coords in MA13?

    Ahhhh....see. That's your problem. We were using the Raymarine Dragonfly Ice Fishing Kit.
  20. Swede

    Squid coords in MA13?

    Thanks for the invite to crash. We had a lot of fun railing dirty squirters for hours. Great start to the season!
  21. Swede

    Pacific Marine Expo

    All the Scandinavian countries serve akvavit. The key is to find the ones with spices you like or have your wife make you Snaps. My wife is currently making our traditional Snaps favorites for the holidays. In Swedish, akvavit means “water of life” aka Gasoline. LOL.
  22. Swede

    Halibut gear thoughts

    Avet JX 4.6. Can use for tuna troll as well. Or HX 5/2
  23. Swede

    Halibut 2020 Revised

    Thanks for your dedication Dave
  24. Swede

    42' defiance?

    It is. Defiance is finishing the fiberglass work.
  25. Swede

    Winter Rod Building Projects

    Bouncing 3lb lead balls or pipe jigs with a 8' rod. Hard pass for me. My back already hurts
  26. Swede

    Fishing the San Juan islands

    Just cruising the San Juans is worth bringing the boat. Plenty of camping opportunities.
  27. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    . Pat yells at me, “Let it hit! It’s a Coldwater.”
  28. Swede

    Team Rinky Dink!

    Need black satin jackets with Team Rinky Dink on the back.
  29. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Are they moving the fuel tank back more for an outboard application? Or adding ballast lead?
  30. Swede

    Anyone know the boat?

    Nothing to see here
  31. Swede

    Anyone know the boat?

    Someone was selling such things in the classifieds. Now who was that....
  32. Swede

    This is going on my next cat...

    I can’t wait to ride on your new 42’ Freeman....
  33. Swede

    This is going on my next cat...

    I’m going to need more Reinforcement
  34. Swede

    Charter recommendation - Seattle in November

    Come back end of July if you want to salmon fish in Seattle. It’s open for like 2 weeks.
  35. Swede

    It's winter

    Wrap it in peach butcher paper after it stalls!
  36. Swede

    It’s gonna be a long Winter...

    Clams. Squid. Crab. I heard that.
  37. Swede

    Smoking Albacore bellies?

    Note. If you’re smoking loins. I cut into smaller pieces and brine less time. 1 cup of salt for 4 hours in recipe above.
  38. Swede

    Smoking Albacore bellies?

    This is my halibut belly recipe. Again from another brother.
  39. Swede

    Smoking Albacore bellies?

    This is the one I use. I’m actually smoking some belly and loin right now.
  40. Swede

    Coast Guard Escort

    After 9/11 for about a decade they followed the ferries. Specially the Bainbridge ferry. At the time, the ISIS threat was to sink a ferry.
  41. Swede

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    Definitely do your research. Displacement is King. I watched the 40hp ETEC video above. Of course the Suzuki did better than the Yahama. Huge difference in displacement and thus torque.
  42. Swede

    Dinghy advice
  43. Swede

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    Seals crashed the party brah. Like when Tequila crashes the party after you’ve had like 12 beers.
  44. Swede

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    Season is over. Seals went on a drunk rampage last night. Pat can post the pics.
  45. Swede

    Has anyone heard from Marcel (Kuyamonster)?

    I know his dog died. Feeling pretty down
  46. Swede

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    I’ve never seen someone more seasick than you. Glad you’re alive buddy.
  47. Swede

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    See you out there Mike...
  48. Swede

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    See you on the water John
  49. Swede

    Osprey 28

    Well, I think Pat answered that from his years in Alaska guiding.
  50. Swede

    Osprey 28

    I think he wants to know if he should buy it. How torturingly slow will it be and how much is it going to cost him to constantly repair it. And maybe thoughts on fuel tank.
  51. Swede

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    Big white buffalo hung out to dry
  52. Swede

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    If i truly knew, I would have probably said watch out for his chihuahua dick.... But since he doesn’t work he must be hung because his lovely wife puts up with him all fishing season
  53. Swede

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    When did Mikey grow to be 10' tall? Better watch out when he starts flipping his new donkey dick around!
  54. Swede

    Powerpro Maxcuatro vs Powerpro Super 8 Slick

    Almost forgot. Welcome back Mark. Stay awhile, the winter fun is just about to begin.
  55. Swede

    Hawks rams tickets

    I’ll be there on the field. Special Ring of Honor ceremony that game for the lucky person attending. Good seats.
  56. Swede

    Powerpro Maxcuatro vs Powerpro Super 8 Slick

    Who’s this Diana chick?
  57. Swede

    Bad News For Westport Fishing To Save Orca's???

    I only follow the topic lightly since we fund some salmon recovery efforts. If you want to read more: I think they are...
  58. Swede

    Bad News For Westport Fishing To Save Orca's???

    That area is military, so that is the area they can't designate.
  59. Swede

    Kids life jacket needed in Westport in the AM (Saturday the 21st)

    Ya that takes a little time to perfect even for adults
  60. Swede

    Kids life jacket needed in Westport in the AM (Saturday the 21st)

    Well someone has to run that deck!
  61. Swede

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    think bigger
  62. Swede

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Longer hulls rule the ocean. I’m just going to leave this right here....
  63. Swede

    Welder for minor modifacations

    . @Nick Rudnick
  64. Swede

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Clam Wars 2019!!!
  65. Swede

    Want to Borrow left handed round reel (and rod) tuna set-up

    No shit. Jeff has him hooked up. Bob just needs a Thrasher to go with that Accurate. Jason... Lol. Good luck. Have fun. Enjoy the dark side.
  66. Swede

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Hmmmmm. Painted a sad story and people gave you free gear. Now you’re building a boat. Waiting for the GoFund me Link
  67. Swede

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Like cut your boat in half and add 5’?
  68. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Welcome to BD. Lol.
  69. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    The new warranty is money!
  70. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    ask my wife
  71. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    No, but my wife says I need to show more empathy. :D
  72. Swede

    Shrink Wrapping

    I know a guy out of Anacortes. Corey Joyce. I'll ask him and text you if he does home service.
  73. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Sorry buddy
  74. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    35’ Coldwater runs wide open around 35-37 knots. That fucker Benjamin runs a tiny bit faster... Half throttle sucks! Throttle down!
  75. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    The more stern weight the better!!
  76. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    You should go with triple F300s. It could use the extra weight in the stern too! :D
  77. Swede

    Trolling squid for salmon

    Slide into a school of Coho and throw iron. Any self-respecting Cat guy would. Just saying.... don’t let me down.
  78. Swede

    Hvac question

    Dog farted in the return air vent.
  79. Swede

    Hvac question

    Probably just burning off the dust from being off all summer.
  80. Swede

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    Making a slurry doesn't reduce the amount of ice you bring. It's a way to cool them fast. Yes, add in water softener salt and pixy dust which magically makes the slurry really fucking cold. Add just enough water to the tote so the ice just starts to move freely, not watery. Move the slurry fish...
  81. Swede

    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Don’t worry bro. I texted your wife, she’s in good hands. Good luck in Georgia.
  82. Swede

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina that you?
  83. Swede

    Seattle to LA and back

    YouTube creators don’t make much money or any money until you start getting gigs as an influencer for brands. Brands pay you to make videos endorsing products. You need to have a million followers before that comes a reality. You can make $10-20k a video. I haven’t made videos in awhile...
  84. Swede

    This year's tuna lures

    Sure, do what you want. Lol.
  85. Swede

    This year's tuna lures

    Whatever is dragged behind boat at 6-7 kts
  86. Swede

    Ice failure

    Just give the ice guy a 12 pack of Bud Light he gives you the cold ice. Not the warm ice from the other totes.
  87. Swede

    Ice failure

    This is confusing. I'm just going to buy colder ice and than you guys.
  88. Swede

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    How do you follow your fish under and over your crew with the exit tube blocking? You have super stretchy arms? Ha
  89. Swede

    SlapShot - WP to Everett - Open seat

    Oden is in, but only if he can drive.
  90. Swede

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Weather looks good to me. If it’s blowing we’re going. Have fun out there and get bloody.
  91. Swede

    Bait tank, last minute purchase

    Check with Defiance Marine
  92. Swede

    Bait tank, last minute purchase

    Might be able to hit PetSmart and grab an aquarium for the weekend....
  93. Swede

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Up to the Captain if she wants to let'er rip. :-)
  94. Swede

    Garibaldi OTC report

    Abandon ship
  95. Swede

    Garibaldi OTC report

    I’m down with my brah Corey. How much weight can that boat hold. We might sink it.
  96. Swede

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    Well that escalated quickly.
  97. Swede

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    We hear the All River boats bitch about the tards on the radio.
  98. Swede

    SlapShot’s Saturday tuna run

    Common theme lately.
  99. Swede

    Artic Fox silver fox edition

    Great camper, layout and price
  100. Swede

    Who made this rowboat?

  101. Swede

    6.7 EGR/DPF Delete?

    I have the 5.9l, but this is good reading for you.
  102. Swede

    Best fish sealer

    VacMaster. Well worth the money and preserves your food. I leave mine in our utility room so we can use it freely. I vacuum pack everything; tuna, meat, clams, berries, veggies, prepared meals.
  103. Swede

    150HP Repower Advice

    1. Call Defiance. They would know how a Honda 150hp performs. 2. The Suzuki 140hp are dogs. Better to jump to a Yamaha 150hp 163ci motor. More torque!
  104. Swede

    Bad news for WestPort

    When are you bringing your trailer to tuna town?
  105. Swede

    X Rap Hook Change

    Is that a salmon hook?
  106. Swede

    Westport exotic. Not pelagic

    The tittes were out and the milk was flowing.
  107. Swede

    Bad news for WestPort

    And you are??????
  108. Swede

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you planning to blind fold them against a wall? :D I can make participation certificates
  109. Swede

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    After reading everyone’s spread it’s obvious everyone is doing something different and still catching fish. Doesn't matters as long as you’re over fish and have an attractive spread for conditions.
  110. Swede

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    60 teams @ $500 is $30,000. Assuming ice and bait are donated, i’m not seeing a profit in the business model above. The price per head on food is around $40 which is high for what was served. Definitely a gentleman’s tournament. I might suggest a party Friday night in the tent with beer...
  111. Swede

    Meat Lines x4

    How are these at throwing iron??
  112. Swede

    Tacklejacked, read your messages!

    Well???? What did it say.... :D
  113. Swede

    Tuna Tuesday

    I don’t know but check your water temps and chlorophyll breaks
  114. Swede

    Tuna Tuesday

  115. Swede

    Any salmon die this weekend ?

    They must really hate the fish hold underneath that Coldwater to put a half on top of it......
  116. Swede

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think we need to add Marlin to the pelagic pot
  117. Swede

    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    Legit. Marlin and big bluefin are all within reach this year.
  118. Swede

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ha. I’m great friends with all you guys and have won plenty of money with Raybone. It’s fun to fill your pockets brother.
  119. Swede

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are consistently on top, but I'd rather have that pelagic money! Lucky bastards!
  120. Swede

    Good luck to all at WTC this year!

    Hope all is well. Garrett and I will tell a story in your honor.
  121. Swede

    No Bait Tank Yet ??

    I wouldn’t even bother. Probably just troll enough fish to fill your boat/cockpit space. Throw dead bait and work iron. Run a killbag in the center. Throw a few fish in the box. Done.
  122. Swede

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    We’ll be there early to play with Norm’s joystick.... and help.
  123. Swede


    You should ask Dave Anderson. I heard He showed how to choke a hotdog at his Sportco seminar.
  124. Swede

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    What Corey said. Groups of 4 or sometimes you can run 2 and 2. Hopefully fishing doesn’t suck and you can run and gun.
  125. Swede


    Wide open for us today 20 miles out. Mix bag of big Kings, Coho and Tuna.
  126. Swede

    Westport Tuna Advice for August 8-10

    You know I get mine used from @Montanadave
  127. Swede


    Stop by and say hi Andy!
  128. Swede

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Nice! Definitely going to need that shitter paper with that much hog. Sooey.
  129. Swede


    If it’s blowing, we’re going!
  130. Swede

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Wife is making brownies. Wasn’t my joke.
  131. Swede

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Can anyone play with your joystick or just Carrie and Lawrence? :D
  132. Swede

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    What about salsa?
  133. Swede

    My boat destroyed on highway :(

    That’s a panty dropper. What ever happened with this sexy beast. Completely forgot about this babe magnet.
  134. Swede

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    You don't need that gaff. I'm pretty sure the @TheWoman can just reach over and grab them out of the water. She's lanky LOL
  135. Swede

    Half Tote Capacity

    You're creative.What about welding up 48" kill bag holders out of aluminum and mount them to engine covers. Fill with ice. Then use the 1/2 tote full of ice to slurry. Slurry fish, then put in kill bags. Between bags and 1/2 tote you'd be good for 35+ fish. Good balance of weight midship...
  136. Swede

    Boat tow harness - any suggestions?

    Clever is you.
  137. Swede

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Lawrence do you work or just hangout all day at ACI? LOL She moves with those 350s!
  138. Swede

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    We’re bringing brownies. :D:cool::eek:
  139. Swede

    Possible open seat WTC

    @Sammy Hooker
  140. Swede

    Just need albacore

    I need to talk to Jason about those sandals...... Hopefully we’ll be able to put that rod to use soon!
  141. Swede

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    I like that logo a lot. :D
  142. Swede

    A7 Pink salmon tips?

    Do you have a tutorial to share on how to cut plug a rat.
  143. Swede

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    What’s the cash amount per ticket. What’s the prize! A cart................ I’m in as always. But want to know the details old man. :D
  144. Swede

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    Sounds like you need twin 350s. :D
  145. Swede

    Tuna are here!!

    Norm says to bring a pig. Thursday
  146. Swede

    Shit flavored seafood

    I’m saying we’re going to need a fresh round of vaccinations
  147. Swede

    Shit flavored seafood

    So does the gastroenteritis, typhoid, paratyphoid, salmonella, cholera, meningitis, hepatitis, encephalitis, dysentery, amoebic dysentery, giardia and parasites such as roundworms. Enjoy!!!
  148. Swede

    Tuna are here!!

    I have it!! Maybe we trade?
  149. Swede

    Tuna are here!!

    Still no tuna in WA
  150. Swede

    Tuna town 2019 now open

    Oden is excited to see everyone in camp and pee on #26
  151. Swede

    Just need albacore

    Another search party is scheduled for Sunday deeeeeep into the blue.
  152. Swede

    Tommy? Are the Tuna here yet

    At least there’s three people who think the tuna are going to show......
  153. Swede

    Try this again...CQ roll call..07/31 - 08/06

    Lots to do in CQ besides fish. Prime rib on Friday nights is always good at the diner. Great places to fish other than caves too. If you fish really south you might even run into Canned Corn.
  154. Swede

    Westport 7/16

    A little extra effort north would have been better fishing and you could have had sea bass limits.
  155. Swede

    FS: Two Scotty 1106 downriggers with gimbal bases

    We’re abandoning tuna. Going for Swords.
  156. Swede

    Westport 7/16

    I did fried with a street taco tortilla, pico and lime sour cream. Then did a toasted fish sandwich with tarter, pickle and velveeta. So fucking good. Ha.
  157. Swede

    Westport 7/16

    If you’re going north, bring rockfish gear. I just made fish tacos. Delicious
  158. Swede

    Westport 7/16

    Heard crabbing is hot....
  159. Swede


    I'd launch from Hawaii.
  160. Swede

    Westport 7/13-14

    I know where you crab :D You’ve been killing it!
  161. Swede

    Freezer thermometer alarms with WiFi connection?

    Dry probe sounds like a bad visit to the doctors office. Damnit Tony, now I have to buy one.
  162. Swede

    Need to rewrap 2 gaffs

    Damn. Serious crew loyalty when you start rewrapping your gear to match someone else’s boat.
  163. Swede

    2012 Tohatsu 8hp 4 stoke short shaft tiller outboard

    Do you really want to fuck with me?
  164. Swede

    Place to crash at Westport

    If you have a canopy on the back of your truck your good. Sleep in the bed.
  165. Swede

    Nothing to get excited about here...

    It was 64 degrees at 125.25 weeks ago. Still need the fish to swim into WA.
  166. Swede

    This is killin’ Me

    Fuck you. I’ve bought quite a few things from people. Price check your tampons.
  167. Swede

    This is killin’ Me

    I’ll play. $466
  168. Swede

    USA/Canada Swiftsure border?

    This is an old dispute over how the line is drawn. Run what your plotter says.
  169. Swede

    Trailer Bunk Configuration

    Question: Have you looked at the trailer for the Bertram that Darrell runs? Maybe there isn’t one
  170. Swede

    Need some knowledge.........

    Yamaha 9.9HT. Keep it for life
  171. Swede

    SJI Fishing guides

    Corey Joyce with San Juan Adventures.
  172. Swede

    Need some knowledge.........

    This. No one likes to choke on two stroke smoke while trolling for salmon
  173. Swede

    2 ft itis...well...3.5 ft boat time

    The guy has $40k budget. Older NR 21 Seahawk can be found at that price. Not going to find a Parker or hardtop.
  174. Swede

    Offshore weather looks nice this weekend

    Lots of brave souls have already tried....
  175. Swede

    Seeker 660H troll spread

    Great deal
  176. Swede

    This is killin’ Me

    Brah. Is that Canadian dollars?
  177. Swede

    WTC. Still room for teams. Lets GO!!!!

    Westport Inn is a great choice. Some of us “locals” will be there. Short skate to the cool surfer spot. They can hang out there and watch for hours.
  178. Swede

    WTC. Still room for teams. Lets GO!!!!

    Going to be a good time
  179. Swede

    We pick up hitchhikers!

    Nice twofer!
  180. Swede

    Neah m4

    I thought the extra days were amazing. June fishery held larger fish. Punched out. Great year of fishing and a lot of fun with friends. Coho fishing is red hot and so was the King fishery
  181. Swede

    Tuna need your help...

    I will gladly open my home to immigrate Great White sharks.
  182. Swede

    MA 4 Neah Bay

    Reallocated to me in Westport :D
  183. Swede

    Who is the Raymarine go to?

    Ya. What are you building? I’m going to find out either way so spill it. :D
  184. Swede

    Yamaha 9.9 high thrust SOLD

    Punishment for tuna trolling on your 25....
  185. Swede

    Fuck it I want a new truck

    @goatram stop pissing your money away on new trucks and buy a Coldwater already.
  186. Swede

    Porta porty

    Between the motors. Proper technique is required. Here’s an example.
  187. Swede

    GW Shark or Salmon Shark

    That’s a cool sighting either way. Definitely a salmon shark.
  188. Swede

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Last time we were in Sweden some cousins brought a can for us to try. We sat on the porch and had it with crackers, onion, sour cream, dill and potato. The can was opened underwater in a 5 gallon bucket while everyone stood 10ft away. :D
  189. Swede

    Looking to buy a boat

    120 gallons is plenty of range in that boat.
  190. Swede

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Go with what’s she’s comfortable with. A rod and reel would be fun to watch on those long boring days of rowing. Swimbaits are safe. Assume that she’s not going to want to deal with processing a lot of fish in the middle of the ocean. My Viking brothers would salt and dry fish along with other...
  191. Swede

    Westport Accomodations.......

    Get the big cabin at Westport Inn. Plenty of room for everyone, not that you’ll be in it long. October huh? I like your optimism! Text me if you need more
  192. Swede

    When Pigs Fly

    Congrats. Now you can keep up with the SJI weekenders. LOL
  193. Swede

    Albacore dip

    I love the taste of a fresh eye ball. Can’t wait
  194. Swede

    26 osprey repower

    Wow you definitely stand out with that color design. Very unique
  195. Swede

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    What's the purpose of the vinyl wrapped end caps on the gunnel and on transom? Are these wood parts?
  196. Swede

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    Well that looks easy enough to take the FUCK OUT. Sink it.
  197. Swede

    Crab Bait.

    I guess that’s one easy way to get rid of your ex wife.
  198. Swede

    Albacore dip

    Where’s the crackers!!!
  199. Swede

    Open seats opening weekend salmon @ WP 6/22 & 6/23

    Translation: I believe he’s calling you a bitch Jeff. :eek:
  200. Swede

    Make it stop

    Balls. I was hoping to put another 80 pound’a in da boat.
  201. Swede

    More halibut days in MA3/4

    Who’s playing the dwarf? @T2shortB
  202. Swede

    Del Stephens interview

    There is no secret squirrel stuff. It’s tuna fishing. Del is great at covering the basics, solid info for starters. Nice podcast
  203. Swede

    Fresh Pavement on the Tuna Highway

    End of July. Should be good to go for WTC. I just need 5 piggies and a big check to make my summer complete.
  204. Swede

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Brilliant. The only thing that’s missing is the wheelchair crane.
  205. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Definitely interesting to see how the hull design has evolved since the first few. Looking good
  206. Swede

    Missed connection...

    Because it was necessary at the time. Really old post actually from back in the day.
  207. Swede

    Fresh Pavement on the Tuna Highway

    Just move your boat to San Diego. Problem solved.
  208. Swede

    Missed connection...

    Was this miss connection wearing pink?
  209. Swede

    6/6/2019 Westport Hali

    Looks like they fixed the image upload.
  210. Swede

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    I think wire is fishy
  211. Swede

    WA BOLO.

    Hooked up!
  212. Swede

    WA BOLO.

    Well it is Pride month so maybe he’s with his people. He has to come up for air soon.
  213. Swede

    Unusual Recommendation Request

    I agree. Hand lines. Sets of cedars and sets of clones in different colors.
  214. Swede

    6/6/2019 Westport Hali See if this works I can’t get a damn thing to work on this site
  215. Swede

    6/6/2019 Westport Hali

    Turn off. Hit reset button. Start again all while manually reeling. I backed off the drag quite a bit but that didn’t help. Big swell, big fish pulling all the amps
  216. Swede

    6/6/2019 Westport Hali

    The Diawa Tanacom can’t handle big fish. I lost track on how many times i overloaded it and had to reset it. Try to load more pics when the upload issues are figured out.
  217. Swede

    Rupp Outrigger Set

    I’m in filming this Chinese fire drill if you fish 12 rods down the middle of a silver school.
  218. Swede

    Spotter aircraft this season???

    Attaboy, no dream is impossible!
  219. Swede

    Spotter aircraft this season???

    Seeing jumpers is only one part of the game, being able to slide in on a cooperative school is the other. You can see jumpers all day and not touch a fish. Of course, that's what I've heard...that never happens to us. Huh, @TonyG
  220. Swede

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    I think Pat covered mpg already. Expect 1 mpg and love every minute of it. You don’t buy a Coldwater for fuel economy, you buy it for fishability and the fact it will always bring you home with a smile on your face.
  221. Swede

    Will these make my Boats ass look Phat?

    From what you’ve told me, the heavy girls take a pounding. LOL
  222. Swede

    Will these make my Boats ass look Phat?

    Your boat is a TANK! I’m sure you’re going to love all the extra 100hp.
  223. Swede

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    WOW, now that’s a dance floor
  224. Swede


    Sorry I wasn’t listening. What??
  225. Swede

    Freshwater Bay

    Small local boats only with tilt trailers. Drive on the beach. Unhook your trailer. Push it back by hand into about 12” of water. Launch. Drag trailer back to truck. Drive up and park.
  226. Swede

    Tactical Strike heading to the Hali holes

    Hey! I know that guy. I think we all do. :D
  227. Swede

    oops! fuzzy math, honest mistake or ???

    Either that or.......said in a whisper. I'm......starting to
  228. Swede

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    I was going to sell it back to Jason.
  229. Swede

    Craftsman Air compressor

    I’ve got $150 cash
  230. Swede

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    I have $150 with your name on it.
  231. Swede

    oops! fuzzy math, honest mistake or ???

    I’m more shocked at how much people suck at catching one of the more stupid bottomfish. It’s either that or the biomass is truly depleted.
  232. Swede

    Canary retention limits.

    I assumed WDFW is actually doing it's job and updating the rules and regulations in a reasonable and timely manner. I'm obviously a dumbass for thinking they are competent in doing so. I yield back.
  233. Swede

    Canary retention limits.

    The April 25 document that supersedes the March document doesn't list this rule. Call your lawyer and let me know.... :D
  234. Swede

    Canary retention limits.

    Of which, Two of those can be canary
  235. Swede

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    Easy fix. Just sell your SeaSport and buy a NR.
  236. Swede

    Womens fishin duds?

    Risen from the grave. Mike moved to Texas. Lol
  237. Swede

    Area 3-4 20 Fathom Depth Restriction

    Then to cover their every changing minds, they print this in the rules: 20 Fathom Restriction BOTTOMFISH (check the WDFW website or call (360) 902-2700 in April 2019 for effective dates): Fishing for or possession of BOTTOMFISH (except LINGCOD, SABLeFISH, and PACIFIC COD when...
  238. Swede

    Area 3-4 20 Fathom Depth Restriction

    Adding to the misinformation.... MARINE AREAS 3 and 4 - 20 Fathom Restriction BOTTOMFISH: May 9-Labor Day: Fishing for or possession of BOTTOMFISH (except LINGCOD, SABLEFISH, and PACIFIC COD when halibut is open) is prohibited seaward of a line approximating 20 fathoms from Bonilla-Tatoosh line...
  239. Swede

    Area 3-4 20 Fathom Depth Restriction

    Really. You think they were misinformed.
  240. Swede

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    It was 30 minutes of my time. I needs more work and flushing out. I like the N and C idea. If it’s scaring Lawrence then I think we are on the right track!!
  241. Swede

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    How about if we design it a bit more then like this quick sketch? Or leave it... I can butt out. It would be cool on the bleed tank like Lawrence said.
  242. Swede

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Thoughts on logo. 1. The type will match your Thrasher Rods well. 2. I like distance between the generic salmon graphic and logotype. I’m not sure how the clip art skull fits into the theme. I like the striping.
  243. Swede

    24ft North River Offshore with Yamaha 350

    That’s cruising speed with a beer in hand...
  244. Swede

    24ft North River Offshore with Yamaha 350

    Make Doug an offer. This boat is fast and sounds bitch’n when it passes you at 50mph.
  245. Swede

    First time!

    I recommend you sign up.
  246. Swede

    Redistribution of Tuna, order bigger hooks, bigger everything.

    I’m stoked for an abundance of tuna in the end of the century (2088 - 2099). Can’t wait.....
  247. Swede

    Batteries for a diesel truck?

    Duralast Gold- 65-DLG, my set is 7 years old. Probably going to get 20 different answers
  248. Swede

    New earrings for your significant other !!

    No I will not blow you and hook one thru your dick. Stop asking
  249. Swede

    Jig hook placement

    Did someone say A? Can’t tell the color but size looks good. I like Pink/blue. Smoked a lot of tuna end of the season on a flat fall with Pat and Tony G
  250. Swede

    Outboard input

    I think it's Yamaha 2007 or newer. Anything older can have the exhaust issue. I believe Charlie's 2005-2006 250s had the issue.....
  251. Swede

    New Big Chief shell.

    I'll take it if it doesn't work out.
  252. Swede

    New boat logo ideas

    I think we just need to steal Sammy Hookers shirt design and add a tuna can and a net. Ha
  253. Swede

    New boat logo ideas

    Salmon hitting a hockey puck "slap shot" is what I was thinking. We could expand on this more perhaps. Girl bent over getting slapped in the ass by a Thresher? Pinup style of course. Canadian flag wrapped around the bow (maybe shredding), similar to what I did for Todd the Hobbit. The brow...
  254. Swede

    Camper repair

    Arctic Fox campers have a separate control unit under the sink. (Sounds like yours in under fridge.) This is a handheld plug-in unit, not wireless remote. If something goes bad you can use the handheld. If that unit is active, the wireless will not work. So, check if you have the handheld and...
  255. Swede

    New boat logo ideas

    @Montanadave idea was a big cock slapping a girl in the face. But I’m not sure this will go over well with Cinnamon. Let me think about it
  256. Swede

    Team Defiance Capsized in SD Halibut Tourney

  257. Swede

    FYI new NR OS. Layout

    Notice how I said someone....not me. Say more about the booze..... ha
  258. Swede

    FYI new NR OS. Layout

    Scuppers in plain view. The V-berth in these boats are ridiculous, so this style makes way more fishing sense. Someone buy one, a case a beer, a video camera, and see if you can swamp the bow.
  259. Swede

    2013 Forest River Tracer RV

    I think I might have gotten some shit splatter on it once.... This is a great bunk trailer for family and friends!!
  260. Swede

    Splashed the North River 29

    I only film blood baths and occasionally stupid shit with Thrasher Rods. Let me know if you want to do both....
  261. Swede

    What is this I found on beach

    Cool find. Your answer is above. Which is up to you.......
  262. Swede

    Equipment Trailer Hook-up/Reccomendations

    @Shearer. Brother has an excavation company. Might be able to move for cash money.
  263. Swede

    Truck Questions

  264. Swede

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Can’t wait to see it. When are you due? :D
  265. Swede

    Octane rating at WP dock

    You can boost. BOOOOOOST! A few points anyway. Good article if you're so inclined...
  266. Swede

    What to do with TUNA

    Seems like a guy who commercially fished for tuna and froze them would know how to process them.... ha. Lots of good advice above.
  267. Swede

    Defiance 220ex repower

    @Deviant would say 225hp isn't enough. He had the same boat.
  268. Swede

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Still an in-line 4 instead of moving up to the toque of a V6....
  269. Swede


    Just about everyone looks 40lbs heavier besides for Pat. He’s always a skinny fuck. At least that’s what his boyfriend says....
  270. Swede

    Truck Questions

    The last good Ford diesel was made by International. Since they have taken manufacturing in-house they haven’t made one good engine. The 6.7l is littered with issues with the rest of them. One of them was mentioned above by Quan. Turbo, coolant leaks, egr, glow plugs, etc. all well documented...
  271. Swede

    Truck Questions

    Dodge: 5.9 05-07. 325ph/610 Chevy: 06-07 LBZ
  272. Swede

    24’ allied

    Everything is negotiable, even the wall. Looks nice
  273. Swede

    Polishing Aluminum

    Are those OSHA approved flip flops?
  274. Swede

    Want to meet Craiger From the popular show Battlefish?

    I also saw Thrasher Rods is donating 20% of their halibut/lingcod rod proceeds to Mission Outdoors using a special online coupon code. Buy and donate to MO. Win win. Check it out.
  275. Swede

    Looking For Advise On Dealing With Insurance Company

    I normally, would pay your insurance company deductible and have your insurance pay for repairs. Then they can go after other insurance. You can then ask for your deductible back from other co.
  276. Swede

    Roche Harbor check in

    See you there.
  277. Swede

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    Crowds? You mean friends? I go because all my friends are in town.
  278. Swede

    Marine Batteries - What Brand and Where to Buy?

    This. Specially after a long weekend of partying in Friday Harbor.... having that spare bank gets you home.
  279. Swede

    Juans on New Years!

    :rofl: Last one there is a rotten egg. @Sammy Hooker :urno1:
  280. Swede

    Juans on New Years!

    I know where I'm fishing....
  281. Swede

    The Journey

    I heard Goat is widening the boat to 9.5 and needs inexperienced help with the cut down the center. @TwoTapPat you have nothing but time until May...........
  282. Swede

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    The part that doesn’t give a shit anymore...
  283. Swede

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    Who fucking cares...... This shit is why the OG BD members don’t post much anymore
  284. Swede

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    Blake has two chevy trucks for sale. Stop being bitches.
  285. Swede

    Tanacom 750

    Ya’ll bunch of bitches. LOL
  286. Swede

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Mighty big jump from Hewescraft Searunner to Defiance 270.
  287. Swede

    Alki launch mahem

    I have no words....
  288. Swede

    Boat Upgrade Options

    You should totally ignore all the “free“ advice. We’ll need a good winter thread next year. LOL
  289. Swede

    Boat Upgrade Options

    A few notes: Big difference in bottom widths between models. Searunner is narrow. A Searunner probably isn’t setup from factory to handle year-round moorage. You'll need to rectify that. Uncle Bob ain't cheap.
  290. Swede

    Laurence?? This should be yours!!

    That's not thigh gap, that's camel toe.
  291. Swede

    Boat Sinks

    I love the first surveyor's final thoughts. This Cutwater is suitable for a bathtub or trailer.
  292. Swede

    Boat Sinks

    Wow. Looks can be deceiving
  293. Swede

    Thrasher 7’6” MH Tuna Bait Stick

    I deadlifted lifted a 110lb with this rod. Insane power, cast or live bait.
  294. Swede

    another dead furbag...

    The Facebook comments on these news stories is worth having an account.
  295. Swede

    Getting to them thar tuna grounds

    I see no need. There are no tuna in Washington.
  296. Swede

    A whale of a story...

    They spend a lot of time in Puget Sound. Not so much on the outside of San Juan.
  297. Swede

    Razor clam recipes

    Clam linguine. There’s two camps on recipes. White cream sauce or wine sauce. Both are good.
  298. Swede

    Parker 2820 vs Osprey 28/30

    Don't buy an I/O boat. We don't want to hear you bitching about it until the day you sell it. LOL
  299. Swede

    Parker 2820 vs Osprey 28/30

    Huge difference in builds. Ospreys are heavy tanks built locally. Just Look at the weight difference.
  300. Swede

    Fuck yeah

  301. Swede

    Westport Charter for bottom fish in May.

    Duh. Slammer. I expect you to ask better questions next time Pat. Like, where’s Mikey’s boot. Or how many brownies have I eaten. Etc.
  302. Swede

    Night clamming tips

    Don’t clam in the water. No need to either. People dying clamming is just plain stupid. Clam smart. My kids have also clammed since they were young
  303. Swede

    Night clamming tips

  304. Swede

    Boat Pictures

    Damn I take good photos.
  305. Swede

    RIP Paul Allen

    Definitely a hard day today.
  306. Swede

    WTB Bait Pen

    You are persistent and patient.....
  307. Swede

    Lance Camper SOLD

    Nice rig for tuna town
  308. Swede

    CC vs pilothouse PNW

    Yes. Selective. Just as much as guys in Hewescraft boats. Ha. Couldn’t help myself. Seasports are tippy at rest. Great in head sea. Bow steer in following. I believe Orcas also bow steer but not as much. Hulls are cored. If you plan to fish Westport a lot you might want to know how they handle.
  309. Swede

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Well. The boat is for sale on BD. What a shit show. Buyer beware?????? Peace
  310. Swede

    Kevin & Cyndi Lanier are OK- but need our help

    If you want to help, you can donate to the Red Cross
  311. Swede

    Bottomfishing Help

    Look for the sunken jetty just off the rock jetty. Usually good fishing.
  312. Swede

    Kevin and Cyndi Lanier Live in Mexico Beach Fl In The Eye Of Cat 4 Hurricane Today

    Looks like your boat is safe. Good luck Kevin
  313. Swede

    Halibut season setting meeting

    Serious question. Will Area 5-6 be the same dates as areas 1-4. @Happy Daze
  314. Swede

    Frozen tuna available

    I want free everything!!!!!!!
  315. Swede

    Frozen tuna available

    The day I buy tuna is the day I'm dead.
  316. Swede

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    Smoked seven bellies from last weeks slaughter. Turned out amazing. I forget how good this is.
  317. Swede

    10/7 tuna

    Mikey tried telling me a good tuna story yesterday. Unfortunately he was heavy on the brownie. Disappointed in @Marlin Mike effort to keep our tuna dream alive. Too bad. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet
  318. Swede

    New Rain-Gear Advice

    Yep. Can’t beat it. I have gage gear too, but it doesn’t breath well. Outdoor Research is my daily rain coat. Non fishing.
  319. Swede

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    I tie the John Collins knot. Super easy.
  320. Swede

    New Rain-Gear Advice

    Rain gear for what activities?? Huge difference in what to recommend
  321. Swede

    10/7 tuna

    Most of the Big dogs pulled the plug. We ran 65 miles last week and plugged all by ourselves. It’s too early, it’s not Halloween yet
  322. Swede

    10/7 tuna

    It’s too early. If they’re there after the storm pushing thru they’ll want to eat. If anyone has a chance at them it’s Pat. It aight over until Pat sings....
  323. Swede

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Did you ever get to fish in Westport this year?
  324. Swede

    Large black weiners

    You're going hog wild! Nice weiners.
  325. Swede

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Jesus. We were just fucking out! One of the best days of the year. Plugged the boat. Quit talking about it and go.
  326. Swede

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    We should call you Casper. Haven’t seen you all season.
  327. Swede

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Corners brah. Look for jumpas. Bring da flake. Throw the iron on the slide. Iron was hot last week.
  328. Swede

    9/28 JUMPERS!

    They say only a true master of the iron can make a shark bite grasshopper. :D
  329. Swede

    9/28 JUMPERS!

    Great report. I’ve got skilz.... this is what happens when it’s wide open and everything with a fin wants in the game. A lot of blue sharks hit us even before blood was in the water. They’re following the tuna, looking for an easy meal.
  330. Swede

    Any tuna in WA?

    No refunds!!!
  331. Swede

    Any tuna in WA?

    One of the Best days of the year. Fish were attacking the iron.
  332. Swede

    Let’s name RTB’s new boat for him

    Pink meat. Meatloaf
  333. Swede

    Any tuna in WA?

    I’m going with the best brah.
  334. Swede

    Any tuna in WA?

    Going tomorrow. We’ll find out!
  335. Swede

    Live Bait ilwaco?

    Why put off what you can do now. All the cool kids are going.....
  336. Swede

    Live Bait ilwaco?

    Sure, go Friday
  337. Swede

    The Choice

    I bet this new Alaskan becomes a hot seller for Hewes. Substantially heavier built than the old models.
  338. Swede

    Southern Orca task force draft recommendation doc

    Sorry. The one I was thinking of was a steelhead smolt research paper: Puget Sound Steelhead Marine Survival 2013-2017 Written by Environmental and Fisheries Sciences Division, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA. I don’t have a link. Another paper was...
  339. Swede

    Southern Orca task force draft recommendation doc

    NOAA already conducted a study on predation and shared it in April. Done ✅
  340. Swede

    Expired Transderm Scop patches

    Ask Lawrence...... :rofl:
  341. Swede

    Expired Transderm Scop patches

    Is this girly medicine for seasickness? Wait. My little Viking girls don’t even take this. LOL
  342. Swede

    WorkSharp sharpener

  343. Swede

    The Choice

    Sounds like a brownie party to me!!!!
  344. Swede

    WorkSharp sharpener

    I just got the same sharpener. It turned a fucked up saltwater knicked filet knife into a usable blade again. Sold. Works wonders on kitchen knifes too.
  345. Swede

    Battlefish on Netflix

    We know they don’t like you. LOL
  346. Swede

    Battlefish on Netflix

    The opening shot should have been dudes stumbling out of the Naughty Pine in Westport, not the Tatoosh trail in Neah Bay a 100 miles away. WTF
  347. Swede

    2019 WYC Dares?

    I said club, not chub.
  348. Swede

    Colt Snipers/Shimano Flat Falls

    Give him room if the girls are in pigtails and strapped with pirate rum....
  349. Swede

    2019 WYC Dares?

    I thought Norm was starting a tuna club..... @carrie's bait boy
  350. Swede

    2019 WYC Dares?

    Should be Aug 10
  351. Swede

    Question on Boat Electronics

    @DEEP MAGIK is our Raymarine rep. Do your job!!!! LOL
  352. Swede

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    The video is chilling how fast it rolls. damn lucky you were close
  353. Swede

    Boat down today?

    You can see Bayliner on the back transom, so its probably an older 2802 199? something. Most boats still use wood in the transom for thickness and strength. I think Grady switched a few years ago to composite and aluminum backing for strength.
  354. Swede

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    Sorry buddy. I know he had a family and was a good friend to you. RIP
  355. Swede

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    Who passed away?
  356. Swede

    Everett derby lodging

  357. Swede

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    19 miles off south jetty today.
  358. Swede

    Overnight Tuna Float

    Shit, I’m out this weekend now. Sounds like you guys have a extra fun weekend planned. Golden showers, whips, midgets if you invite Todd.....
  359. Swede

    Overnight Tuna Float

    Get out the water balloons!!!!!
  360. Swede

    Overnight Tuna Float

    Shake it off Goat. You got this.
  361. Swede

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    The free porpoise show was amazing! Claire would have died. Did you check the weather this morning?
  362. Swede

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    I want to crew! Will there be donuts?
  363. Swede

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    38 Miles from the jetty reminded me when it was good and we were spoiled. Good memories, good videos.
  364. Swede

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    All this talk talk talk about the weather, now I have to look at the weather.
  365. Swede

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    Go for it.
  366. Swede

    WTC Short Video

    Google photos is an alternative option or Dropbox. Video skills need work
  367. Swede

    Borrow a Kill Bag or 2?

    We called you in on our babe bait stop!
  368. Swede

    Borrow a Kill Bag or 2?

    Oh ya. Westport 20s. Damn fine.
  369. Swede

    Removable bait tank

    From what I’ve seen.... 20 gallons per first scoop of anchovies and then one scoop per 10 gallons
  370. Swede

    Borrow a Kill Bag or 2?

    Best day of fishing ever. Glorious south wind, acres of Dahl porpoise, sun was out, fish were hogs, run & gun, beer was cold AND I got to fish with @TonyG. Speaking of Barbies, we ended the night with a bachelorette pizza party with Westport 10s. Tony got a gift. #raymarine
  371. Swede

    Borrow a Kill Bag or 2?

    Makes for a nice ride home at 26kts if you ask me....
  372. Swede

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    We’ll let you know how it goes.
  373. Swede

    Lost Yamaha t8 cowling anyone have an extra

    How many T8 cowlings are lost within the same mile stretch?
  374. Swede

    Overnight Tuna Float

    Fuck Sunday
  375. Swede

    Are you fnn kidding me?

    Fire ban Level one that was in play two weeks ago because of the smoke, bans charcoal. That was lifted in King County last week
  376. Swede

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    YUP, I'm the whipping boy.
  377. Swede

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    Saturday! Pat @Walker Inc. has some spots that opened up for this Saturday. $375 BD special.
  378. Swede

    Guess what fish

    You’re dead boyfriend
  379. Swede

    Guess what fish

  380. Swede

    Will one of you guys buy this!!

    Cool sled, but the doghouse needs to go. Twin f300 conversion isn’t worth the time or money. Wait for it to blow up. Lol
  381. Swede

    Speaking of Tuna

    Hang on, waiting for the pigeon to return.
  382. Swede

    Speaking of Tuna

    A certain Coldwater might be into fish thick right now....just saying
  383. Swede

    Speaking of Tuna

    I can't remember the details but try calling Columbia River bait Co.
  384. Swede

    Speaking of Tuna

    Look on the bright side, it's only 69 nmi from Illwaco, WA
  385. Swede

    Speaking of Tuna

    Launch from Seaside. Close the gap. Nice short run to the tuners.
  386. Swede

    Westport Labor Day Weekend

    True story.
  387. Swede

    Wine Barrel Stuff - looking for a craft fair in next few months

    You can do that in Westport ya know. Lol. We had a great weekend
  388. Swede

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    I like the ocean, the more people we can get out of WA the better. California is becoming a socialist state. I feel sorry for you guys. Your new governor will give free Medicare for all plus the 3 million illegals. Bend over. But at least the fishing is good off SD.
  389. Swede

    Common sense to save the Orca..

    Increasing the hatcheries is a great idea, but they would need to get it in the budget now for 2020. All their ideas cost money besides putting more restrictions on fisherman. See where this is going....
  390. Swede

    Anyone for quad Yamaha 425s?

    That’s reeeeeeal nice Clark.
  391. Swede

    Lost Yamaha t8 cowling anyone have an extra

    If someone doesn’t retrieve it. I might be able to walk for it
  392. Swede

    Waterproof tote bag

    I've had the Rum Runner backpack for years. No issues.
  393. Swede

    Waterproof tote bag
  394. Swede

    Who's that dude

    NO, he's just an attention whore. :rofl:
  395. Swede

    Best boat for weekends?

    Tollycraft made a few nice boats. I think the 37' hull was one of their better designs. Twin diesels, lots of deck for fishing. Galley up version has bunks below. Galley down doesn't
  396. Swede


    Pretty fucked up
  397. Swede

    Headed out sat for Albacore

    Banquet Beers will be running Sunday.
  398. Swede


    What Steve is trying to say is if you can get the only good looking girl away from all her fat friends you have a better chance of getting laid.
  399. Swede

    Washdown pump replacement

    Outboard ear muffs.
  400. Swede

    Whidbey Island Hot Spots?

    Everything is closed to save the Orcas. Check back in 8 years.
  401. Swede


    Picked up the last two weeks. A lot of conversations, just not BD.
  402. Swede

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    #J50/Scarlet Update (8/17): This is the sick (starving whale). Looks like worms. If a dog had worms it wouldn’t eat either. Test results showed moderate levels of Contracaecum, a nematode parasite that has previously been found in killer whales and other marine mammals. The parasite can...
  403. Swede

    New place to drink in San Juan Islands

    Better be open. I’m on my way for a beer.
  404. Swede

    Time to get off the pot! Ron needs your help!

    I’m sharing this article on all the media outlets pushing the “Orcas are starving” narrative. People actually think there’s no chinook left in the water for whales to feed on. Uneducated liberals.
  405. Swede

    Rebuild begins

    Nice. Get those rod holders high.
  406. Swede

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    Not for long
  407. Swede

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    And you don’t even need s fishing license there. Everyone is native.
  408. Swede

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    Document their bias against recreational fisherman.
  409. Swede

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    Not I. However, I’m sure we can find some liberal PETA sex therapist hippy lover to have a go at it. Half man / half whale. Which reminds me, we saw a man-pig this weekend. @Montanadave @Corey G
  410. Swede

    Assorted Live Bait

    Are bait was so good they even held up great in the bilge....
  411. Swede

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    The whale watching industry was definitely a target along with expanded no-go zones
  412. Swede

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    I saw Ron Gardner at the meeting taking place right now live. Q13 has it live on FB. Hopefully @Fishinnut will have a rundown of the meeting. Good and bad. Looks like everything is on the table. Seal culling, limited King fishing, paying commercials not to fish, slot limits, bird culling...
  413. Swede

    Unofficial WTC Results

    How many teams participated?
  414. Swede

    Not sure can run 50 miles

    Stop taking fat girls fishing....
  415. Swede

    WTB tuna jig rod

    We had that same reel on a Thrasher 76 casting 140g iron this weekend at the WTC
  416. Swede

    Post WTC tuna reports

    Most of the boats in the top 10 were grinding on those numbers. We had a bite at 9:30 and a bait stop at 10. Then around 2:30 it picked up.
  417. Swede

    WP crabbing Friday

    We want those back Friday morning
  418. Swede

    WP crabbing Friday

    WCC. It’s on.
  419. Swede

    Anybody heading to Westport Friday

    They’d fetch a low price on the black market so don’t get your hopes up
  420. Swede

    3rd annual pre-WTC party

    My better half and I will be there late. Looking forward to it.
  421. Swede

    WTC Weather

    You did that on purpose didn’t you.
  422. Swede

    New place to drink in San Juan Islands

    I'll be up in a few weeks. I'll stop by
  423. Swede

    OK I Keep Hearing All This Tuna Talk

    Look for a giant heap of firewood.
  424. Swede

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    It's NOT a choice.
  425. Swede


    What are you doing with firewood's a burn ban in Westport. I guess it's more spooning for you guys in T-Town.
  426. Swede

    Sugar-free smoked salmon

    Salt is the only mineral that penetrates. I’d just omit the sugar and smoke like normal.
  427. Swede

    Alcohol into Canada

    How much does that cost at Cecil’s?
  428. Swede

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    Thank God it’s closed Friday and Saturday to extend the season. Boy with only 8% of the quota filled I’m not sure how much longer it will last.
  429. Swede

    Alcohol into Canada

    Lie better
  430. Swede

    WTC not Filled

    Oh it's not for Norm....
  431. Swede

    WTC not Filled

    I’ll bringing the defibrillator.
  432. Swede

    WTC not Filled

    The Thursday party is always a great laugh and a full stomach. Hope to see you all regardless of your participation.
  433. Swede

    When is your Albacore season really going up there?

    Let's all PM Charlie. Especially for cords...
  434. Swede

    Tuna seat

    What the noob doesn’t know is Dave will come up behind you and try and choke you out. Better bring condoms....
  435. Swede

    Tuna seat

    Dudes watching dudes gag......
  436. Swede

    Marine Survayor

    Depends how big your ass is......
  437. Swede

    The right way and the wrong way to hold a fish.

    Attaboy, lock those elbows.
  438. Swede

    Took home some $

    Nice job Kevin. I thought you had first with that pig.
  439. Swede

    Cost effective Yami oil changes?

    Only about 5 major oil brands. I’m sure the lines are pretty blurry in this day and age of technology. Pick one that meets specs.
  440. Swede

    Salmon jigging rod?

    Berkley Air 7'9". $80. Cheap and Sportco has them.
  441. Swede

    Tuna will be hitting Ilwaco later today

    If a guy had a Cat he could probably haul ass down there and fill the box.....
  442. Swede

    How desperate are you for crab ??

    I wonder if he knows the stickers aren’t to show how many years you haven’t successfully drowned.
  443. Swede

    Swiftsure closed to all fishing ?

    The Orca population is the same as it was 40 years ago. Pollution and inbreeding will eventually extinct the species. Orcas are high on prescription drugs, pesticides and Starbucks caffeine. If the raw sewage doesn’t kill them, surely the jitters from Starbucks will. But they’ll blame it on...
  444. Swede

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Looks like Eric is really enjoying the new camper....
  445. Swede

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Nice. You can check out how I installed airbags on my Dodge at the train station.
  446. Swede

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    I figured you had about 4300lbs to play with. You are golden. Remember that the tongue weight is multipled by length extended. I’d have to do the calculations, but you’re good. Is that pic with the stable loads? How did it ride?? How is the sway?
  447. Swede

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Airbags will level it out quick. Looks good. Put it on the scale
  448. Swede

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Fuck Eric. Step up! The yellow is gay. Should be murdered out.
  449. Swede

    Highway looks wide open

    40 nm was your wet dream. Not 2015 anymore
  450. Swede

    Saltist 50 for lings/halis and tuna?

    Aren’t they star drags? Meh. Might be geared a little high. Post the one you like
  451. Swede

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    Better to be a fucking dick than a limp dick.... Happy Birthday Norm! I saw you catch lots of fish this year.....
  452. Swede

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    Salmon opens July 1 in MA5, not halibut.
  453. Swede

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    I hear its open June 30th.
  454. Swede

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

  455. Swede

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Surprised no one has recommended a F450 yet but I guess it’s still early....
  456. Swede

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Tires are rated for 3640lbs. 7280 rear axle max. Minus your rear axle weight around 2970 Gives you around 4310lbs to play with. You’re probably just fine if your camper is around 3000lbs. Now get to bolting shit on. They should give you a rubber mat for bed. Fastguns. Tie downs and the...
  457. Swede

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    I have an Arctic Fox 811. The dry weight sticker on the back is wrong. I put mine on and took it to a scale. Weigh your front axle, all axles and rear axle. Never run wet. I always get water at site and dump. Weigh your trailer tongue weight at home and then figure out the weight increase at 48”...
  458. Swede

    CQ Thursday, Good, Bad and Ugly

    Are you selling the Osprey?
  459. Swede

    Was that you?

    Was the boat full of coke, beers and hookers???
  460. Swede

    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    Are you sure you want to fish with Pat again????? LOL
  461. Swede

    What type boat is this???

    Looks like a fishing boat Mike..... :D
  462. Swede

    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    You yell at me and I’m choking you out. Sounds like a blast.
  463. Swede

    New Cutwater 302

  464. Swede

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    Shiiiiit. I guess you should have bought an aluminum boat so you don’t have liquid glass the Parrrrrka huh. Plus Norm is the student. All he knows is wax off.... LOL
  465. Swede

    Got (Good) Gas??

    Do you Run the gas out of your kicker in a freshwater bucket after every use/storage?
  466. Swede

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    Wax on. Wax off
  467. Swede

    Fish porn 6-16-18

    Nice job Kevin
  468. Swede

    Pipe jig hook location

    What Garrett said. You can add electrical tape around the cotterpin ends
  469. Swede

    Wind and waves

    I think the last Westport opened it was 7’ on 13 with 1ft chop 5-10kt wind. Pretty much greasy the whole afternoon. Gorgeous day
  470. Swede

    Quileute Hotel room question

    Bring an extension cord
  471. Swede

    Sables out of Westport

    So easy fiery little 6 yo can do it brah. Step up
  472. Swede

    Sables out of Westport

    I think last trip we caught two on salmon bellies. Start at 850-1000. Deeper the better I’m the canyon.
  473. Swede

    There is hope...

    Let the bodies hit the floor
  474. Swede

    Christmas presents

    Sounds like you need a filming crew. I know a guy
  475. Swede

    HHHHHMMMMMM, what would you do?

    Get coke and hookers? Do you want to make the run to Patrick
  476. Swede

    Bellevue/Maple Valley to La Push

    What about the hookers? Hard to transport that much coke without the hookers.
  477. Swede

    Well this happened...

    Houston. We have a problem
  478. Swede

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    Because the Tribes long lined the fuck out of Area 5 & 6. Few fish left in those areas. Olson's was a ghost town from what I've heard because of the lack of fish. That place use to be a mad house.
  479. Swede

    Halibut season update

    WDFW must have figured out the numbers given from 2 days of halibut fishing in Area 2 didn't add up after all. :smoking33: Oh, we were suppose to check boats....:smoking33:
  480. Swede

    72 Square Coords question

    There is a US and Canadian side. Correct
  481. Swede

    Westport Moorage available 2018

    Is this still available? :D
  482. Swede

    Meanwhile out in A3...

    Males grow to a max size of approximately 15lbs.
  483. Swede

    Braid for tuna

    If you suck at casting or thumb your reels you’ll definitely want to run 50lb fluorocarbon..... LOL
  484. Swede

    Braid for tuna

    If you are throwing iron you’ll want to go up. 50lb braid. 40lb Fluoro
  485. Swede

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    Steal from the halibut rich to give to the halibut poor. The democratic way....
  486. Swede

    Neah in June

    Sea bass in kelp beds in the bay around Waddah. Don’t need to go around or far. Look for suspended schools on sonar.
  487. Swede

    Lings from shore

    Westport jetty. Long, rough boulder walk out. Small lings are close in.
  488. Swede

    Fun stuff!

    That is spooky. Looks like something out of JAWS
  489. Swede

    Fun stuff!

    Putting the troll rods away. Let me clear this up. Vasereno was not aware of a new charter operation We saw that big sunfish on Sunday under the kelp paddy. Won’t be long now.
  490. Swede

    Fun stuff!

    T Troll Rods are still out....
  491. Swede

    Neah Bay 5/27

    Nice job on the Sable.
  492. Swede

    Westport 5/25

    Nice fish Chuck
  493. Swede

    Spinning rod input

    Salmon/Rockfish is one rod. Halibut/lingcod/troll rod is another Tuna is another rod.
  494. Swede

    Fun stuff!

    Your wife did a great job on the ad. I know a lot of OG bloodydecks brothers who would love to go fishing for free brah. Sign us up. Sounds like the Bernie Sanders fishing club!!! Hell ya.
  495. Swede

    Fun stuff!

    Sounds like it’s free to me!!!
  496. Swede

    Spinning rod input

    For what species/application
  497. Swede

    Fun stuff!

    You're close to understanding. Difference is solicitation and providing a service to a recreational fisherman with an individual license.
  498. Swede

    Westport 5/25

    Same program for Sunday. Back to the dock at 12:45. 9 halibut and 18 lings. Corey and I took our daughters out for a little daddy/daughter time on the big blue. Perfect day to get the kids out on the Coldwater.
  499. Swede

    Tonight's Halibut pregame warmup

    Thanks for hosting another great party Norm. Good times.
  500. Swede

    Suspicious people of westport

    I heard he was a chick and fish magnet.
  501. Swede

    Smoked Sablefish recipe?

    Don’t fuck it up. Carry on.
  502. Swede

    Fun stuff!

    False alarm
  503. Swede

    Well I made it another year.

    Thought you said your place was ready. LOL
  504. Swede

    Well I made it another year.

    Sounds like a party in Tuna town
  505. Swede

    La Push Memorial Day

    Priorities are off a day
  506. Swede

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    Sand Dabs and surf perch master. Yo da man!
  507. Swede

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    Yep. Hopefully running Sunday.
  508. Swede

    Vacuum Sealer Options

    It’s been great for 3 years now. The thicker bags really cut out the freezer burn. Better freezer product.
  509. Swede

    Vacuum Sealer Options

    Vacmaster 112. About 50 lbs.
  510. Swede

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Swamping. 5%
  511. Swede

    Intersting Math

    I can tell you that the fish checker was on the boat in Westport. Measured the lingcod. Didn’t measure one halibut. Said she didn’t need to. Left. Same on Coleman’s boats too. Counting anglers and applying general weight.
  512. Swede

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    It’s always rough outside of Waddah running west. It’s also rough around Tatoosh with mixed currents. The way the currents runs and land structure makes this happen. Once you move past these areas it can smooth out a lot. Learn the area. Don’t get caught in bad situations like the slot. Common...
  513. Swede

    Westport Sunday 5/13

    The rule would be easier to read if they didn’t have so many excepts in one sentence.
  514. Swede

    fun job

    What? Did Dave have a falling out???
  515. Swede

    La Push 5/13

    Yes! Anyone who can catch a fish at the C-Closure should start a charter business! Nice haul.
  516. Swede

    fun job

    Yes I am a male. Not a transgender hermaphrodite like yourself. I’m good on shrimp pots, but thanks for the kind offer.
  517. Swede

    Westport Sunday 5/13

    Snowflakes. LOL
  518. Swede

    fun job

    Pay me $200k a year and I’ll take it. Lots of photoshop and porn expierence.
  519. Swede

    Westport Sunday 5/13

    I thought this was bloodydecks???
  520. Swede

    Westport Sunday 5/13

    I cropped the photo so it looks bigger. #monster #thrasherrods #AsBigAs2Bshort #hashtag
  521. Swede

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Tragic. Dangerous place to fish on a strong tide and worse when you add bad weather. We saw a 19’ Defiance Sunday 35 miles out of Westport on the 9’ on 12 sec swell forecast plus chop. A lot of guys stayed home that day. Luckily it turned greasy and was by far the best day of the year with...
  522. Swede

    10 fish commandments

    He’s made lots of videos. Look him up
  523. Swede

    How was the bar

    There's no bar at Sekiu........
  524. Swede

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Completely fucked.
  525. Swede

    Is it possible to return electornics after they are installed?

    No problem. PayPal us $2500 and we’ll work you in.
  526. Swede

    WTC reborne

    Party at Norm’s! Best party of the year hands down.
  527. Swede

    San Juan island boating ban

    The Southern population is doomed. Only two breeding males. Inbred as two fucking cousins. They won’t address the seal populations or the toxins in their fat which is the main cause of any “decline”. The population is actually greater than in the 70s, the same as it was in the 80s. We all know...
  528. Swede

    Westport halibut?

    Sure there is. Just follow the Charters out...
  529. Swede

    Westport halibut?

    I feel like we’ve gotten snowflake soft after reading this old post. BD OG. Whatever to Jailer? Sold his boat and.....
  530. Swede

    Weather determination

    Alumaweld Stryker?? Shit @Stryker20 would fish it!
  531. Swede


    You never retire a Coldwater bro.
  532. Swede

    25 HP Yamaha dies after 10-20 seconds

    Did you check the thermostat??
  533. Swede

    Is it possible to return electornics after they are installed?

    Hello, Patrick's Marine Service. How can I help you?
  534. Swede


    Oh the weather must be halibut season.
  535. Swede

    2009 North River 26ft Seahawk Offshore

    This boat is fast as fuuuuuuuck. You can hit all your favorite honey holes in half the time with a beer in your hand.
  536. Swede

    This isn't good...

    The boat was fine when he left that night. Came back the next morning and it was sunk. Doesn’t rain that much to sink a boat. If the bracket filled that could have been enough for the fish boxes to overflow. Sounds like multiple catastrophic failures.
  537. Swede

    4 is enough...halibut annual bag limit.

    Next year one of your four fish must be donated to the homeless and you’ll be taxed by how many rod holders you have on your boat. Goat is fucked..... See ya’ll on the water.
  538. Swede

    Couple more firepits done !

    I saw the Mission Outdoors fire pit first hand. Really cool work and fetched a good price. The silver tuna with the black octagon looks awesome.
  539. Swede

    4 is enough...halibut annual bag limit.

    Oh, you mean Dave Croonquist
  540. Swede

    New Pot Puller

    We used to pull them by hand. Put potato sacks on the bottom so they couldn’t get out. Fished them all the time in BC.
  541. Swede

    Canned clam recipe?

    WTF. Better be bringing clam for halibut days
  542. Swede

    New Pot Puller

    You guys sure invest a lot for a few days of shrimp fishing.
  543. Swede

    Shimano bait rods

    Oh ya..... #thrasherrods
  544. Swede

    Shimano bait rods

    I still want a hot tub. Maybe Norm will rent to me by the hour
  545. Swede

    Shimano bait rods

    Besides for the need of hot tubs and gazebos. What RODS are you building
  546. Swede

    Question for Swede

    What!!!!!! Fuck!!!!! Oh. Pm
  547. Swede

    Shimano bait rods

    Looks like the makings of a hot tub gazebo
  548. Swede

    Canned clam recipe?

    Corey knows his clam. He talks about pounding clam all the time.
  549. Swede

    Shimano bait rods

    What are you building Dave?
  550. Swede

    This isn't good...

    Happened Thursday
  551. Swede

    Learning from my stupidity...if you want

    The other possibility is your motor is getting a lot of side spray. Water is tricking in from the vents over the carb and choke from the inside while tilted up.
  552. Swede

    Auto pilot install advice

    Talking smack about your Grady. LOL
  553. Swede

    Way to go Hollywood!

    In Sweden they smoke them whole and serve with bread/crackers and butter. Delicious. I've also had stuffed flounder with mussels and shrimp. They drift Bristleworms or plastics to catch them from small boats. Just not as popular to eat here.
  554. Swede

    Way to go Hollywood!

    Pretty excited about the 2 canary huh....
  555. Swede

    Mission Outdoors auction

    Anyone have defibrillator we can borrow?
  556. Swede

    Mission Outdoors auction

    Do you have my number. I’ll have my people call your people. I think I have an extra GLoomis Rod for you
  557. Swede

    Mission Outdoors auction

    We talked about this, but if you need two more for the table Kristen and I are now available that evening.
  558. Swede

    sliding windows

    Have you tried Teflon?
  559. Swede

    More Batteries??????

    You know the bass is pump’n when the speakers are drop’n.
  560. Swede

    More Batteries??????

    2 cranking batteries and a 2 x 6 volt house battery bank especially if you like to party.
  561. Swede

    Preliminary Salmon Fishing Options

    Wrong month to come. No fishing in June. August is when you can start
  562. Swede

    Piker in Anacortes area

    Now there’s an Irish word not used much
  563. Swede

    No more rigging the boat in the rain

    Put a hitch on the front. It's a little easier to see.
  564. Swede

    Not Fishing: Does anyone here fab table legs/benches?

    Let's hear more about the beer bar.
  565. Swede

    Puget sound salmon season

    We plan to pound Coho in Westport. It’s a shame the Kings are linked to Coho numbers.
  566. Swede

    PSA - Battery covers

    How’s your build coming along Lawrence?
  567. Swede

    Fishy Yammy 8HT For sale

    It's legit. The guy has been trying to sell that motor for awhile on FB. Originally wanted $2,000 for a 17 year old motor and got laughed at.
  568. Swede

    Spring cleaning at the Smith house

    When you’re at the tackle store and you’re wonder if you have that spoon on the wall....the answer is yes. X10
  569. Swede

    PSAOA Meeting...April 21rst.

    Great dig time
  570. Swede

    Messing around in the rod shop

    A few of us got together at the Thrasher Rod shop this weekend @Corey G @Stryker20 to test out a new line of vertical jigging blanks. We tested three blanks made for specific jig weights for three regions - one for the East Coast, one for SoCal and one for our Washington waters. All beyond...
  571. Swede

    Well Fuck, Im bored

    I’m a professional, don’t try this at home
  572. Swede

    Well Fuck, Im bored

    Not my kid. Plus, Mikey said we were OSHA compliant!
  573. Swede

    Well Fuck, Im bored

    You should have come over and practiced throwing live bait at boilers.
  574. Swede

    westport tuna charters

    Just call Mary or Kerry or Mary. :D
  575. Swede

    westport tuna charters

    Ohh, is that why everyones heads are cut off?? LOL
  576. Swede

    westport tuna charters

    All sites are fully functional.
  577. Swede

    westport tuna charters
  578. Swede

    Tuna Predictions...

    It was more like a beaver.
  579. Swede

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Sounds like a dock race derby to me.
  580. Swede

    Camper Repair Shop Wanted

    Because that’s the hitch rating. And they’re usually gas engines not desiel. There are C class RVs with Freightliner chassis with 10k towing.
  581. Swede

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Curious. What boats have you seen with blisters? Assuming newer boats not Uniflites, etc era boats.
  582. Swede

    Tuna Predictions...

    I don't know. @Montanadave for sure has the hook up for that sweet tub.
  583. Swede

    Tuna Predictions...

    Pretty sure not allowed to post those pics. LOL
  584. Swede


    Oh my bad. So no on the strippers?
  585. Swede

    Tuna Predictions...

    Last year we had 55 days of no rain during the summer. The whole ocean was a hot tub, not concentrated. I don't see anything predicted differently. Bring your swim trunks and plenty of beer. Hot tub party 70 miles out!
  586. Swede


    $100 each!! Do they come with strippers? Asking for a friend...
  587. Swede

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    Fine. Then make it Thursday-Sunday if you’re so worried about it.
  588. Swede

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    No. Check the email address again.
  589. Swede

    WTB: Torklift Tiedowns for a Dodge Ram 2500

    You might have to buckle down and walk across the street buddy.
  590. Swede

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    Sent my email to Kyle. Hello Kyle, I am not able to attend the Westport meeting to discuss the ocean sport fishery. Please accept this email correspondence as my voice to reject the proposed Sunday to Thursday ocean fishery. The current salmon season proposals are positioned to severely limit...
  591. Swede

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    The charter fleet is pushing hard the no fish Friday and Saturday agenda to extend their season.
  592. Swede

    2005 Yamaha Z300 HPDI for sale

    I think he wants $10k
  593. Swede

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    Zach doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The Coldwater doesn’t catch fish. He was drunk on Coors for 12 days.
  594. Swede

    Suzuki DF 350-300

    Just because you burn XD100 doesn’t mean you burn 100:1. The computer determines what ratio is needed. 70:1 is common
  595. Swede

    Suzuki DF 350-300

    If you look up 36’ Judge. They went from twin 300s to 350s and only picked up 6mph. But 350s reverse fast. 36' Judge Twin 300 Suzuki's 45mph Twin 350 Yamaha's 47mph Twin 350 Suzuki's 51mph Trip 300 Suzuki's 54mp
  596. Swede

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Maybe you should attach a life preserver to the bottom.........
  597. Swede clams.....

    Ya, best clamming I’ve seen in awhile. Thx.
  598. Swede

    Who makes the rods

    Deploy the x-wraps
  599. Swede

    Who makes the rods

    The rod maker makes the Rods
  600. Swede clams.....

    Great day.
  601. Swede

    Mission Outdoors Benefit Auction

    I’m not able to go, but I know a few well know BD’rs are going. Norm, Goat, etc. Who else plans to go? Looks like a fun event at a great location.
  602. Swede

    2018 coastal salmon season...

    Sunday -Thursday. That’s fucked, of course. Small special interest groups dictate. That’s the way it’s always been in Washington from the Capital to Seattle.
  603. Swede

    Max Size for Sekiu Launches

    Don’t launch at low tide. Launched the Coldwater there and a 31’ NR
  604. Swede

    Whos got Patrick's Number

  605. Swede

    My Shoes

  606. Swede

    Gardiner / Oly Pen durby

    Is there a bet on how fast Kasey will be passed out???
  607. Swede

    Did Aliens land in WP

    I heard Godzilla farted.
  608. Swede

    My Shoes

    We’ll fish with you. @Walker Inc. @Montanadave @Corey G
  609. Swede

    My Shoes

    True! But, Pat is an amazing captain so maybe you should stick with the 27’ NR.
  610. Swede

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Sacrifice bro. Sacrifice
  611. Swede

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    What are you guys talking about. Seabrook bitches are hot. Lol
  612. Swede

    My Shoes

    Buy a North River 2700 OS. You’ll make tons of new friends and drink free beer until you’re fat and old.
  613. Swede

    Pipe Jigs for sale

    Great crab bait, halibut bait, smoked hors 'd'oeuvre... It's the halibut bellies I love.
  614. Swede

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Westport- Old fishing village Ocean Shores- Open Sores Aberdeen- Crackville Hoquiam- Old logging town. Try Seabrook.
  615. Swede

    T-mobile coverage

    Especially at the China Pearl.
  616. Swede

    Shore fishing in Maui

    I’m going to Hawaii as well, but to film sharks. Jason do you have a shark rod??
  617. Swede


    Ya Jennings! LOL
  618. Swede

    Autopilot set up

    Mike might know. @DEEP MAGIK
  619. Swede

    New trailer

    Yeah, that sounds fun. Nice trailer Ken!
  620. Swede

    New trailer

    Ohhh, I didn't know you used your boat....
  621. Swede


    This is not fun.
  622. Swede


    OOOoooh fun. What bad things do you have to say about Coldwater, Armstrong or Crozier?
  623. Swede

    South Sound 2018 Forcast

    after my post?
  624. Swede


    Well ya see.... this boat has diamond plate flooring and vinyl flooring inside. So that's like extra. And they jammed a toilet in the bow and shrunk the v-birth so you can't actually use it for weekend trips. That design flaw is expensive.
  625. Swede

    South Sound 2018 Forcast

    Low returns expected to restrict Washington's salmon fisheries OLYMPIA – Projected poor returns of several salmon stocks are expected to limit fishing opportunities in Washington's waters this year, state salmon managers announced today. Forecasts for chinook, coho, sockeye, and chum salmon –...
  626. Swede

    Area 2 butts

    We'll get three scoops of bait and fish dabs before heading out.
  627. Swede

    16' Glasply Tiller re-post new price drop

    Most likely. Or he knows someone. Small town word of mouth.
  628. Swede

    Area 2 butts

    We’re doing a Salmon/Lingcod/Tuna/Halibut/Rockfish combo
  629. Swede

    16' Glasply Tiller re-post new price drop

    Post this in Craigslist in PA. Should go fast. A lot of guys love these boats.
  630. Swede

    Rugged Justice - Cougars

    The look on the officers face when he catches the rockfish poacher is Classic.
  631. Swede

    Rugged Justice - Cougars

    Cougars on the run episode features Washington WDFW catching poachers and seizing a boat. Some of these people deserve more than the law can dish out. Just amazing at what people try to get away with daily.
  632. Swede

    Too soon? Heh

    Pipe jigs
  633. Swede

    WTC Starting Lineup

    DOT Drunk off Tequila
  634. Swede

    Too soon? Heh

    Fathers Day trips are the best!
  635. Swede

    Keg to Crabcooker conversion

    If it was aluminum it would be that easy.
  636. Swede

    Value rods and reels

    Avets Cheap tuna rod: Original Seeker 270H-8 Custom tuna rod: Thrasher TR-F 80M or 76H Cheap salmon rod: Lamiglas Classic Glass If you don't want to buy a Islander TR3 and rod combo, look at Trophy XL and rod combo.
  637. Swede

    Keg to Crabcooker conversion

    Plasma cutter to cut the top off.
  638. Swede

    Twin Suzuki 200’s

    Are cigars involved?
  639. Swede

    Twin Suzuki 200’s

    Props are determined by so many factors. Without the boat and Specs we can’t help you.
  640. Swede

    Twin Suzuki 200’s

    North River? Duck??
  641. Swede

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    Just to check, pull your thermostat and check your oil. Sounds like you have carb issues but check the above. Do you run the gas out of the motor after each use?
  642. Swede

    Anyone fish the Islander Mooching Rod?

    Go for it, Islander wouldn’t make a shit product.
  643. Swede

    Reels Service/Repair

    Hmmm doesn't seem like him. Do you have his #
  644. Swede

    Westport-Ocean Shores Ferry

    Round trip? $7 for adults $5 for youth.
  645. Swede

    Arima Transoms

    I think when Bo bought the Arima line they stopped wood transoms. So those years would have wood. I would guess the 2002 would not have wood stringers. You could call Defiance. The original Arima manager is still on the line.
  646. Swede

    2018 Starts with a bang

    Is that the regulator? Heck of a first post. I don't see any GF pics
  647. Swede

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Yes, really slow. I wouldn't bother fishing in A7. :D
  648. Swede

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Nice meeting you guys this weekend.
  649. Swede

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Magic Mike pulled 3rd and total weight with Senior in the last 30 minutes of derby
  650. Swede

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic Side Pot

    We are at Haleys
  651. Swede

    New WDFW Beta App Available Now

    The app is full of bugs. Looks like they can gps track you and the random notifications are annoying. Beware
  652. Swede

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Waaaaaa? Where’s the fun in that?
  653. Swede

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Give me yo money! Pimp’n aight cheap. @Sammy Hooker
  654. Swede

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    This ought to be fun.
  655. Swede

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    If you give it to us, well probably drink it.
  656. Swede

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Even better when the purchase is free!
  657. Swede

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Thursday night booze cruz! Let's see what she's made of!
  658. Swede

    Go no Go

    Fishing Thursday, Friday, Saturday.... hard to fish if the boat is stuck in the driveway broski
  659. Swede

    Go Eagles!

  660. Swede

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    Fuck TJ boats. Did you go look at the NR 2500 or 2700OS???
  661. Swede

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    What? No surprise visit? That’s okay, a few others will be crashing.....
  662. Swede

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    In it to win it!
  663. Swede

    New Duckworth PAC Nav 215ASAP

    The SOB has two new boats now! Nice work Chris!
  664. Swede

    Go no Go

    Kingfishers are heavy with the fancier interiors. I bet you’re close to 8,000lbs with bait and ice and 5 dudes. You can always charter for tuna. :D
  665. Swede

    Go no Go

    Since we love to talk about weather on BD so much..... Here's the weekend forecast. This would be a good halibut weather day drinking beer all the way out with Pat. BEER ME! Too bad it's not open! Saturday W wind 7 to 13 kt. W swell 4 to 5 ft. Wind waves 1 to 2 ft.
  666. Swede

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    That sucks James. I'm sure NorthRiver would build you almost the exact same boat with a .250 bottom and flapper scuppers.
  667. Swede

    WTC Starting Lineup

    If you’re running to Garibaldi you might as well start from there. LOL OTC
  668. Swede

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    If you go to the boat show again, talk to @DEEP MAGIK (Mike) at the Raymarine booth and he can spec a whole system out for you as another option. Something to consider.
  669. Swede

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    It’s our duty as BD brothers to challenge and weigh the options so no brother blindly purchases something without knowing all our opinions. :rofl: Plus, James is a friend so fuck off. :D
  670. Swede

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    Mark @Fish Slapper switched to Suzuki.
  671. Swede

    WTC Starting Lineup

    1. Great to see a local company step up. Kiddos. 2. About damn time. Hee haw
  672. Swede

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    Suzuki 300 with 9.9 efi would be an amazing combo. Food for thought. I bet the boat is a 50mph boat with a 300hp.
  673. Swede

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    Your first mistake was taking to Matt. :rofl: Jeff posted the alternative. Dude, Verado??? I would suggest Suzuki or Yamaha and I think most would agree with me. Do you have a choice? Congrats on the purchase brother
  674. Swede

    Razor Clams Jan 28 - Feb 3

    Did someone say clam...
  675. Swede

    WTC Starting Lineup

    Good suggestion. Who’s doing the catering? Raffle prizes? Etc..
  676. Swede

    Boat show thoughts/recap

    Meh. I didn’t see anything I liked or a price tag I liked either. The Liberator was the best tuna boat by far although I didn’t like the lack of side storage usually in the form of trays like a Coldwater.
  677. Swede

    Brutus Line Puller

    GET it Joel. You wuss.