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  1. RodRage

    Finally installing a kicker

    Been wanting one for a couple of years now, Derrick my good friend at Advanced Marine here in Huntington Beach hooked me up with an 8 hp Johnson we will be installing in the next couple of days, EPIRB is registered - ditch bag being loaded, I want to chase tuna this year not just buzz...
  2. RodRage

    Start em young!

    While doing maintenance today first mate Dan stopped by with his boy, My wife does home day care watches him daily. young Owen already is boat conscious cool with a life jacket as they have a pontoon at Mead, , he flipped his lid when we put him on the boat today, weather permitting we’re...
  3. RodRage

    Slack tide bugs

    Slipped n overdue for a service my trusty partner Dan dropped me at the dock this afternoon and took the trailer to Davies. Wives were content so we shot out for a couple of sets, Wind was wrong and tide was slack but we bounced around our selected area doing 20 minute sets, Boat on the trailer...
  4. RodRage

    Are these rods collectors?

    A neighbor was cleaning his garage and knows I’m a fisherman so naturally he unloaded his shit on me, I have a pile of old stuff that’s worthless but I think is cool,Curious if any of this is Collector?
  5. RodRage

    Good deal on electric tongue jack

    $154 at Mike Thompson’s RV in fountain Valley through the end of the month, I have two Skids a camp trailer plus the boat rig and play musical trailers often with limited parking at my shop and house. Bought two today installed one, it kicks ass!
  6. RodRage

    Big ups to BD member “The Slider”!

    A while back BD member The Slider posted a video where I recognized an old friend and union brother from 25 years ago, Since we have been trying to get together tonight we made it happen and luckily four fat bugs decided to join the party, Great to meet you LJ You’re welcome on my boat...
  7. RodRage

    The wife smelled skunk

    Down at the boat this afternoon doing some service and weather was nice so I called my partner Dan and he grabbed some frozen sardines from the shop ( which I’m not a fan of ) And we headed out with a couple hour window to do some hooping as I’m working tonight so needed to be back at the dock...
  8. RodRage

    Hooping with old friends!

    The wife and I moved next door to Pete and Liz when our kids were around five or six Eric was just a baby, since then Eric and I have been fishing together and I always hand down my gear to him and his friends, we had the opportunity Friday night to take his mom out hooping, Liz is no slouch...
  9. RodRage

    Live bug report straight outta Long Beach!

    Wife had shit to do so me and Antwaun another neighbor at the dock shot out for a couple of hours, hoops are set stay tuned ....
  10. RodRage

    Any UFC-Bellator fans here?

    Good card tonight, I host at my pad often cooking up a recent catch.
  11. RodRage

    What did you get for Xmas?

    Got the whole family together last night( around 20 of us ) then immediate family today, the kids bought me a bad ass bait knife and Super daughter Niki kept with her tradition of finding me a cool book every year this one being a Johnny Cash memoir written by his son John Junior, Count your...
  12. RodRage

    Kinda weird..

    Down to the boat this morning to check after the recent rains and when first walking up I couldn’t believe how high the tide was then after a second look and walking down the gangway I realized it wasn’t the case.
  13. RodRage

    Skunked twice

    Took a fellow BD member out last night, been showing pictures and bragging about bugs for quite a while now but we got skunked after 5 sets, not only did I feel bad I was pissed driving home a skunky boat so after work today I jumped on solo with fresh bait hoping to break the chain But it was...
  14. RodRage

    Lobster taco Tuesday

    Cut into chunks marinate in Italian dressing, bread deep fry add the fixins on a tortilla and enjoy!
  15. RodRage

    Good deal on macs for bug bait

    Asian market on beach n Bolsa today, see you guys out there !
  16. RodRage

    Mom fell again

    So I call my 82-year-old mother this morning like I do every day and she tells me she’s going out to pops grave to decorate with her man friend Ted which is not unusual, at 3:30 PM I get a call from my sister that mom has fell and being transported to Long Beach Memorial Hospital so I met the...
  17. RodRage

    Reset or MoveOn?

    All the talk Of 20 to 30 minute soaks has me wondering how you guys do it, I usually re-soak at least once in the same area before moving on others tell me they pick up after 20 minutes and go to a new spot. Others tell me the stay in the same area all Night.
  18. RodRage

    Good karma luck Kind of lurking around us so I picked up the bait and drove overtonight

    Beautiful afternoon couldn’t help myself so left the harbor around four, At the bait barge picking up sardines spied a beautiful brand new 2020 ranger center console looked to be around 19 or 20 feet lurking so picked up bait and drove over to chat, Turns out he just bought the boat and...
  19. RodRage

    Hooped LB tonight with my Og

    New Carnival cruise ship was in unveiled tonight helicopters fire boat and all the hoopla, Last minute run for us hoops in the drink at 5 PM with that expensive Norwegian mackerel , 6:15 PM after eight pulls we had two keepers five shorts, move down a ways and reset ate some of mamas homemade...
  20. RodRage

    Can’t get it out of my head

    Having trouble sleeping, I can’t concentrate at work, been distant with family and friends and only care about getting back to the boat. starting to take a toll on the family the wife has givin up I’m going downhill fast !!! Does anybody know if there is a detox program out there for guys like...
  21. RodRage

    How did you spend your holiday weekend?

    Since I’m a kid we spent Thanksgiving Having a potluck in the desert with good friends camping and riding dirt bikes, with my kids it’s blossomed into motocross racing and we usually spend it at Glen Helen Raceway for the annual ”Day in the dirt” race where anyone from 8 to 80 blind crippled...
  22. RodRage

    Piscafun line winder

    Has anyone tried one of these? Looks hokie to me.
  23. RodRage

    Reel service in Oc?

    Anyone know where I can get my Okuma T20 serviced? The thresher shark’s put a hurtin on my drags this year .
  24. RodRage

    Is this your hoop net?

    Found a drift near the oil islands in Long Beach, hit me up if it’s yours.
  25. RodRage

    Unseasonably slow bugging in Long Beach?

    I’m far from a vet only been hooping four seasons but this one seems considerably slow compared to the last three, out there more than the average idiot and have a network of anglers at the docks that hoop weekly we all seem to get a similar report and it’s nothing like what we’re hearing from...
  26. RodRage

    Getting the kids involved

    My partner Dan corralled his daughters tonight we took them out for a couple of sets, Conditions were perfect ended up with 5 In by 8:30
  27. RodRage

    Magnet fishing

    If you watch fishing videos on YouTube you seen these guys with magnets pulling all kinds of crazy stuff out of canals and harbors, after about beer 14 late one night I got on eBay and bought a 1000 pound strong magnet (The wife was not the least bit amused when she saw the bill)Well that was...
  28. RodRage

    Question about GOID numbers

    I enjoy taking noobs neighbors and friends, end up with numbers written all over my floats I was told recently that as long as my number are on all 10 that Im good, taking my sister tomorrow she’s never been n curious if I have to scratch her number in also?
  29. RodRage

    Loving the time change

    Rolled out on a whim at 4 PM home by eight with four nice bugs, not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening.
  30. RodRage

    Who’s in charge?

  31. RodRage

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    Everybody flaked on me tonight it’s cool I went out solo got my limit had a great time, Think I’ll just invite myself now on!
  32. RodRage

    Solo mission tonight

    Everybody flaked on me tonight it’s cool I went out solo limited in two hours had a great time, think I’ll just invite myself from now on
  33. RodRage

    Is this your hoop?

    While picking up our last set I came across this on the outside of Sea launch around 2:30 AM , hit me up it’s yours!
  34. RodRage

    Close call with a waverunner yesterday

    Coming straight into LB harbor at 15mph when two helmeted waverunner yahoos rounded the corner and crossed right in front of us at the harbor mouth, had my partner not seen them and me hit the brakes we would’ve hit one of them broadside for sure. they didn’t even blink just kept right on going...
  35. RodRage

    Personal Best thresher today

    mandoms One and done post the other day got me horny for one more so me and my buddy set out this morning to make it happen, didn’t take long to get bit but she put up one hella fight!
  36. RodRage

    Pressure washing service

    Commercial or industrial licensed and insured 25 yrs, exterior building washing houses windows awnings driveways and more! HB’s FINEST 714-309-7110
  37. RodRage

    TRADE Books for donation or trade

    These two books were donated to me from a BD member both took me there mentally, if you’d like a good read I’d be happy to donate them or trade for something that you have nonfiction preferably.
  38. RodRage

    Hooping Sunday night at Catalina

    Heading over Sunday morning my first time Hooping Catalina going to get a mooring and try and get that yellowtail on Monday Any tips or information are welcome or if you’re going to be in the area hit me up on 72, tight lines!
  39. RodRage

    Lovin the week nights

    Y’all have fun combat hooping this weekend!
  40. RodRage

    Early morning crawl?

    I work graveyard and usually quit hooping around 11 PM, I see you guys heading out at that time and wonder how it is in the am, going to give it a try next week.
  41. RodRage

    Hooping LB with long time friends

    Had a rare opportunity to spend some time with our neighbors from over 20 years ago tonight Kenda bless her heart was a trooper cutting bait pulling pots n shucking her catch, Windy as hell on our way out laid down around 8 o’clock supposed to be nice this weekend get out there !
  42. RodRage

    Cover the cost n hoop off my boat in Long Beach

    Slipped off second street week nights are most productive PM if interested.
  43. RodRage

    Capable electrician?

    NOT my forte, Need to rewire and replace an eight switch panel, willing to pay cash or trade labor for fishing/hooping, thanx gents!
  44. RodRage

    Picked up a new project today

    I restore old motorcycles preferably two strokes, Picked up a 1972 RD 200E today going to do a ground up rebuild but keep it stock, super fun bike to ride !
  45. RodRage

    Lobster opener, Whoo hoo

    Cant wait to get out and laugh with old friends bugs are just a bonus!
  46. RodRage

    Party fish n hoop Catalina weekend of October 12th

    Thought Id throw it out there, A couple members n I are planning on weekend of the 12th getting moorings at Avalon and maybe even pitch in for a room with a hot shower Im going early Friday morning to fish and get settled in, All are welcome!
  47. RodRage

    Hoop hoop hooray!

    Did a few trips before my 03 Evinrude 200 took a shit just after the opener last season, About the time my repower was done it was xmas and at 57yrs young I fell at work breaking my femur putting my life literally on hold, Im back 100% Frothing to get out there and laugh with my friends again!
  48. RodRage

    Help identifying these flies

    A neighbor was cleaning out his garage and gave me a small tackle box full of flies, don’t know Anything about flyfishing but these all have bigger hooks in them like they would be used for salt water. Anyone know what type of fishing or target one would be looking for with these kind of set ups ?
  49. RodRage

    Hooked up my homie on his birthday

    My good friend Jeff n I set out this morning to have a few laughs n celebrate him turning 66yrs young, we put em out settled in trolled talked story a couple hours for nada then to the bait barge to have some fun making macs for the upcoming lobster season when a Thresher swam within touching...
  50. RodRage

    Available 20' slips in Alamitos Bay

    22' will fit, Havent talked to the office but at least three have vacated lately. Month to month rates are fair with only a 3% increase this year, 4 BD members in the same area always sharing info and buddy boating, might be worth checking out if looking to splash your tub for a while.
  51. RodRage

    Oc Fight Club

    Orange county fairgrounds once a month, my boy scored a couple of tickets and we went tonight, three boxing matches and three MMA fights, great way to spend a Thursday evening.check it out!
  52. RodRage

    Money making opportunity this weekend

    Looking for someone with an 18 foot or larger boat to be an escort for the Newport out rigger canoe club race this Saturday in Oceanside 8 AM to 4 PM, you will have a coach and three alternate Paddlers on your boat tailing a canoe and trading off paddlers. Pays $550 he must have all your...
  53. RodRage

    My first Thresher!

    Gave it a shot last Sunday and was way under gunned breaking off four times so today I came prepared and it payed off, finally get to check this off the list!
  54. RodRage

    Your favorite way to prepare yellowfiIn?

    The boys are coming over for the Cormier fight tonight I’m going to cook up my catch a few different ways what’s your favorite?
  55. RodRage

    371 to the 302 today

    Trolled the 371 from 7 till 11 for one football Didn’t see much going on other tubs neither, Hard-core radioed in numbers which appeared to be the 302 we headed that way Trolling, around 1:30 PM he Radioed in he was limited out for four Anglers and heading in that’s about the time we showed up...
  56. RodRage

    San Clemente Island info?

    Heading from Dana either Thursday or Friday depending on conditions, Don't go offshore enough to buy Fishdope I put my trust in BD members and the coconut wireless. If yall been over there lately please post up!
  57. RodRage

    Shit show at Dana point launch ramp this Saturday

    The circus will be in town in the form of an outrigger canoe race this saturday there will be at least 20 canoes launching at the ramp around 6am, I pilot boat for Newport outrigger (Imua) recommend an early start!!! I’m launching around 3:30 go chum maks for the upcoming lobster season and...
  58. RodRage

    Surfercross 2019

    Moto the first day surf the next combine the scores, Jeremy Albright started this 21 years ago. my son and I are in the motocross industry and been attending for the last 12, when he started he was nine years old the youngest kid on the track and in the water, all the boys showed up today at...
  59. RodRage

    Back in the water after breaking my femur

    It’s been five months since breaking my femur in an accident at work, Felt like a fish out of water finally today I met up with my Good friend Keith who owns and operates corky Carroll surf school at Bolsa Chica, Fun little peaks so I decided to limp my ass down to the water and paddle out...
  60. RodRage

    Bimini and isinglass being replaced

    Met these guys last summer at the docks they were doing my neighbors boat it came out amazing kept their card and called them yesterday they came out today and gave a bid I could not refuse, been shopping and they were way under everybody else plus they got started immediately and will have me...
  61. RodRage

    Affordable EPIRB?

    All this talk of safety and the amount of boats that have been upside down this season has me ready to purchase an EPIRB and put a ditch bag together, Lots to choose from not sure what would be the best fit for my tub. Suggestions??
  62. RodRage

    Another shout out to Avanced Marine in Costa Mesa

    Dropped my sled today for 100hr service expecting the worst $$$ and not being done till 5 but at noon Denise (The nicest lady youll ever meet) let me know I was Hi n tight price was nowhere near what I expected Derrick went thru it with a fine tooth comb as usual, Cant say enough good things...
  63. RodRage

    Quick run to Izors

    Planned on pulling the boat out for service this morning but by 10 AM conditions were to much to resist so I called a neighbor kid Eric who Had the day off and was at the tackle shop buying his first bait casting reel, nicest water I’ve been on in a long time freaking beautiful we rolled in...
  64. RodRage

    One to fish local Wednesday outta Long Beach

    100hr service is due going to take a swing local before pulling her out, hit the 150 Mussel farm Izors n such see if I can snag something, Slip is near 2nd street bridge in Long Beach planning on leaving by 6am If you got boat etiquette money for bait and a good attitude shoot me a Pm!
  65. RodRage

    Isthmus Sunday 7/28

    Buddie boated with my good friend Reggie and Josh this morning . Haven’t had much luck lately on the East End so we opted for a shorter run to the isthmus got there at 7:10 AM weather was weird we anchored up right by the buoys at the hi spot For all the bass we could want, then to the rock...
  66. RodRage

    Livin the dream

    Pissed off wife-Countless hours of maintenance -tons of money- Broken boats and shattered dreams- CANT WAIT for Sunday!!! Only a boat owner understands ......
  67. RodRage

    Catalina Sunday, buddie boat or share info?

    Nachos around 4am get whats hot n make Macs, first sight Heading towards the Vs. Willing to share info or buddie boat.
  68. RodRage

    Whats up with the ads?

    Lots of random ads on the site these days....Fisherman shop at Victoria secret? Gonna make dam sure I know who Im standing next to at the rail from now on!
  69. RodRage

    Displaying your catch instead of processing?

    I see pics of private anglers laying there tuna or yellowtail out on the dock or in their front yard for pics and wonder why, When we are lucky they go straight into an ice bath after bleeding then we process at sea the fillets go into ice. Am I missing something here-Is it better to wait till I...
  70. RodRage

    Catalina ski race today

    My son TJ his best gal Maddie and I headed out this morning to watch our friend Trevor Wendt race with the big boys he has placed second in the juniors a few times over the years and is now racing against the fast guys with the big boats His sister is also a champion in her class she’s a couple...
  71. RodRage

    Catalina 7/19

    Met up with fellow BD member Matt at 5:30, Bait- Blah blah blah 7am at the east end with decent marks we flylined for two bass and a Cuda anchored up for an hour with not much more, wandered around the area with little luck so headed torwards the isthmus where we encountered the Pursuit and...
  72. RodRage

    Buddie boat or share info at Cat tomorrow

    Heading out at around 5 from Davies will be on Ch72 willing to share info...
  73. RodRage

    Buddy boat or share info at Catalina tomorrow

    Another BD member and I are heading out of Davies tomorrow around five Starting at the east end working towards the isthmus probably bug out by noon I’m willing to share my info if you are .....
  74. RodRage

    One or two for Cat Friday or Saturday

    Preferably seasoned fisherman NOT a fucking know it all, Share all costs 2010 Etec200 HO gets roughly 2 miles per gallon so you do the math, Drink n smoke ok but drunks go overboard, 3:30am start. Todd 714-309-7110
  75. RodRage

    For Sale 7.5 hp outboard motor

    7.5 hp outboard motor Just serviced by Advance Marine call Todd 714-309-7110 $500
  76. RodRage

    Lots of gas for no ass!

    Partner and I headed out at 4am planning on spending the night at Cat, Dropped $39 on a mooring first thing this morning then headed out fishing and that’s pretty much all we did all day was fish not catch, think the total was maybe six undersize calicos one perch and lots of sardine heads...
  77. RodRage

    Catalina this weekend

    Prepping now leaving at 4am Buddy boating n mooring at the Isthmus with another Bd member hanging till Sunday around two willing to share info Ill be on 72, ROD RAGE!
  78. RodRage

    Teach a man to fish...

    Took a guy out today who has never caught a fish in the ocean unfortunately it was snotty this morning out of LB but screw it we picked up some bait from nacho and headed to the rigs to see if we could find a little shelter on a corner and get the kid bit, first cast he caught a legal Calico...
  79. RodRage

    Jethro Tull concert

    50 year anniversary tour fourth row center seats, a tradition with my sister and I since the mid 70s, Ian still has his chops!
  80. RodRage

    Can you prospect lobster?

    At the risk of being subject to a lashing by the BD Mafia I have a dumb question. Bass fishing in Lb the other night we were talking of the upcoming season and the subject came up, Can you hoop and release out of season?
  81. RodRage

    I’m one lucky mofo!

    Turned 57 today, my amazing SUPER daughter Niki is getting hitched in a couple of months Luckily they’re staying in HB and planning on raising a family here. heavy shit getting ready to walk my daughter down the alse, shes been doing all the planning for a year so now today she took a break...
  82. RodRage

    Informal BD bass fishing tournament out of Long Beach feeler...

    Bass are going nuts. What say we get a few of us together for a day of fishing? Think I could maybe get some locals to donate prizes, if not Bragging rights are always cool. Your thoughts?
  83. RodRage

    Anyone reports from local fishing today?

    150, Muscle farm, Izors or Shoe?
  84. RodRage

    Any plumbers here? I think my mom got ripped off unfortunately at 81 and not knowing she signed th

    So I get a call from my mom last week she told me she’s got plumbers in her front yard with a big machine they’re tearing up concrete and putting in a new sewer line from her front door to the street, I finally made it over there today and couldn’t believe what I saw right outside her front...
  85. RodRage

    Catalina todayWe bug y’all at 1 PM didn’t get snotty until about 8 miles from the Harbor that it was

    Got squid from Nacho at 4:30 AM Told myself today to find my own fish fuck the fleet,We started near seal rock for all the bass we could handle two sheepshead then trolled west and found some yellows in between Willow pointe and Avalon we went one for three only three other boats in our area...
  86. RodRage

    Mixing squid with sardines?

    Seen it done in bigger, I have a 30 gallon bait tank thinking grabbing some sardines from Nacho then squid at Cat.... Your suggestions or smart ass comments?
  87. RodRage

    14 mile bank from Long Beach?

    Ive only ran from Dana, Thinking of going Sunday but always wondered about the ride home with the usual 11am to 1 wind that starts to blow thru.
  88. RodRage

    Kicker motor barn find

    Been wanting to add a kicker for a couple of years now but maintenance and engine replacement has kept it on the bottom of the list, My favorite boat Ho Dan is a pool man n ran across this in a widows Garage along with a lot of other dinghy equipment, still has the tag on it from the last...
  89. RodRage

    Happy Father’s Day!

    Hug em if ya got em!
  90. RodRage

    Shit show at Catalina today

    4am and at least ten boats waiting in line Nacho was cranky as usual we got to the east end at grey light caught two good sized Cudas a really nice Sheepshead and all the Bass we wanted till around 7am then it looked like the calvary was coming. We bugged for the isthmus and could barely find a...
  91. RodRage

    Where at Catalina is off limits?

    First time over there this season and didn't do any research. Where CANT we fish?
  92. RodRage

    Shout out to Advanced Marine

    New location 8601 Edison drive HB, Dropped my tub today for 100 hr service at 9am Derrick went thru my 09 Etec top to bottom picked up at 4pm, he and his pop David are no bullshit fair peeps not to mention Evinrude gurus! Give Denise a call n tell her Todd sent ya, A tru mom n pop shop that...
  93. RodRage

    Yellowtail at the muscle farm

    Been hearing theres some rats around , Anyone had luck?
  94. RodRage

    Radio fish today at the muscle farm

    Anyone else hear the the banter today around 10am on 72? Frkn comedy, Someone reported catching a yellowtail 3 days ago and Nachos been telling everyone. Parking lot today out there we went rock fishing and limited, good times on the radio!
  95. RodRage

    Learned a new rock fishing technique today ...

    Never seen this technique before but go to say I’m impressed . A good friend of mine and his 12-year-old son jumped on my tub this morning we Have not fished together since last season but every time we do he teaches me a new trick today was no different, The kid didn’t feel like fishing much...
  96. RodRage

    Problems out of the hole

    Recently did a re-power to a Etec 200, love the motor whispers at idol great gas mileage but I was having problems getting on plane with a full load, tried a couple Different props to no avail so yesterday I went and bought a foil at West Marine. tested it today and blew my mind, it comes out of...
  97. RodRage

    Suzuki 16 hp for kicker, overkill?

    Good friend of mine wants $500 for this long shaft, thinking it’s overkill weight wise for my 224 cuddy, Your thoughts or cocky ass comments?
  98. RodRage

    Slip rats....

    This Little son of a bitch has been winning the battle for the last two weeks but today I won the war. Wiring looks ok but gawd The smell rat piss still remains. going down tomorrow with some super strong carpet cleaner see what I can do, looks like my wiring survived luckily I got in early...
  99. RodRage

    Sardine assement came back BS, So cal bait in jeapordy?

    Listening to AM1090 LETS TALK HOOKUP this morning on the way out of the harbor and Don Hansen was talking about this subject we were busy getting ready and I only heard parts of the interview but it didn't sound good, Can anyone fill me in?
  100. RodRage

    Message a friend...

    Make someone’s day
  101. RodRage

    Installing a windlass-WTB?

    Retired union Ironworker back is shot "NO" more pulling anchor except for an emergency it not only limits fishing capabilities but after a couple close calls when having motor issues Its more about safety than anything, 1990 Chaparral 224 Fisherman.... Suggestions on brand and size- Your...
  102. RodRage

    Ever broke you femur?

    Tripped at work Friday and broke my femur I now have what the doc called a nail going from my hip to just above my knee, Got out the hospital last night able to get around with a walker GREAT to be home. Seen lots of kids at the local motocross races over the years with this injury and at 57 yrs...
  103. RodRage

    Affordable radar?

    Mine hasn't worked since purchasing the boat its held me back a few times but I don't want/need anything fancy, Suggestions??
  104. RodRage

    The strength of love

  105. RodRage

    Show your boat name-logo

    I dig checking boat names while cruising the harbor lots of clever ones out there, lets see yours?
  106. RodRage

    My first homemade bait tank

    Pulled this out of the weeds today it’s at least 25 years old didn’t even know I had it but it sure brought back a lot of memories fishing the Long Beach breakwall on a leaky old trihull I put together out of scrap parts, if I remember correctly the Bait would last around two hours ha ha
  107. RodRage

    White shark caught n taken by mistake

    My homie just sent me this, supposedly the thought it was a Mako anyone got more info?
  108. RodRage

    Anyone else look for that Bluefin today?

    We were on it at grey light out of Dana lots of porpoise n birds just outside the harbor we paddy hopped n trolled the canyon damnear to La Jolla and back one of my buddies nailed a nice Yellowtail in HB waters, Us? Not so much!
  109. RodRage

    New Year’s pics

  110. RodRage

    Celebrating New Years weekend, post pics!

    Ocotillo Wells with my kids and and a few good friends,broiled some bacon wrapped lobster balls for supper tonight. What y’all doin??
  111. RodRage

    Power washing

    Commercial and residential high pressure steam cleaning, licensed and insured, vacuum recovery, 22years in the business references available. No job too small or too tall! HBF power washing, Todd 714-309-7110
  112. RodRage

    Re powering with an Etec

    03 Rude took a shit recently picking up a 2010 HO Etec military surplus tomorrow 573hrs 85% below 1600 rpms bolts straight up to my controls, Tips or opinions on this motor?
  113. RodRage

    Commercial traps inside LB harbor???

    Spotted 4 commercial traps along the wall by tonight,Whats up with that?
  114. RodRage

    Show your bugs

    Aboard for pics then back in the drink for this Badass, Good times buggin this season lets see your catch...
  115. RodRage

    Other hobbies besides fishing??

    I restore old two stroke motorcycles n race em my kid races also, wats your hobbie??
  116. RodRage

    Isinglass Long Beach

    Time to replace, I cant see out any longer and canvass is torn. Boat is slipped in Alamitos but I can pull er out for an estimate if needed ,Any recommendations?
  117. RodRage

    Weekend warriors

    Broke my own rule went hooping Saturday night and paid the price, all was well till around midnight when some knuckle fuck with NO LIGHTS drove between my set and the rocks running over my shit resulting in losing a complete setup. I was able to fire a couple 8oz torpedo sinkers his way but not...
  118. RodRage

    Yellowtail at the 150

    Heard they are popping up at the muscle farm n 150 can anyone confirm?
  119. RodRage

    Hooping after midnight?

    Sitting here watching UFC fights talking fishing someone said it’s illegal to hoop after midnight is this true?
  120. RodRage

    Under 16 doesn’t need a fishing license nor lobster card?

    Is this fact? Taking a kid out tonight and that’s what they tell me at big five
  121. RodRage

    Season opener tonight how did you do?

    Limits by 9pm tonight we had a blast!
  122. RodRage

    Room for two on my boat tomorrow out of Mission Bay

    Been here since Friday hanging with the family having a blast I have room for two tomorrow if you want to help with Bait that’s cool if not no worries I just want to Fish La Jolla maybe the nine or more experience in the area would be a plus hit me up call or text Todd 714-309-7110
  123. RodRage

    Two spots open on my boat out of Mission Bay tomorrow

    Been down here since Friday hanging with the family all my homey’s flaked I haven’t left the harbor mouth, Looking for one or two tomorrow if you want to help with bait that’s cool I just want to go fishing. experience in the area would be a plus call or text Todd 714-309-7110
  124. RodRage

    Fishing out of Mission Bay?

    Wife n I have a camp spot 4 days at Mission Bay RV resort next week bringing the boat Im familiar with La Jolla kelp and paddie hopping to the 14 that's about it, Suggestions??
  125. RodRage

    BoatUS-Gieco insurance issue

    Had a great experience insuring the tub a few months back so decided to get a business quote full coverage for seven vehicles a week or so ago the wife tried again today at 9am and was told no California agents available wait for a call, still waiting...….. 15 minutes my ass!!!
  126. RodRage

    Dorado on a paddie yesterday

    Departed Mission Bay at grey light trolled the nine heading to the 371three hours later ran across a kelp that was holding the shit hit the fan and we limited in 45 minutes, Lots of nice fillets in the box GOOOD TIMES!
  127. RodRage

    Thunderbird for sale

    Saw this on craigslist just the boat not the Business, did they get a new one??
  128. RodRage

    Mobile boat mechanic Long Beach?

    Got towed back to my slip Sunday, Need a mechanic that can come by and evaluate the problem.Thanks guys... Tight lines!
  129. RodRage

    Bad ass knife sharpener at the OC fair

    Saw this last year but reluctantly didn’t buy was dead set to get one this year and sorry I didn’t buy the deal where you can get five they would make great Christmas pesents!
  130. RodRage

    Choosing a new radar

    My tub has the Og Furano radar that's jacked up, not a rich guy just wanna get home safe. Suggestions??
  131. RodRage

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    Got the family coming home for a Yellowfin feast n wanna do it a couple different ways, Whats your secret????
  132. RodRage

    Any luck today??

    We were headed to Catalina at 4am and smelled fuel in the cuddy I think a hose clamp is loose but couldn't get at it, Played it safe n stayed local hit the Shoe and Izors with no luck then our honey hole for some table fare. Talked to three other skippers at the dock who went to Catalina...
  133. RodRage

    Thought I wast just going fishing...

    Daughters bo n I been trying to get together for a couple of weeks me not knowing he had a plan we went out today he seemed nervous I thought sea sickness but last soak before going in he manned up told me of his intentions including raising a family and asked for my daughters hand in marriage...
  134. RodRage

    Powder coating small parts

    Fooling around with it for personal use BD members hit me up if your in need I want to practice!
  135. RodRage

    First timers to the salt

    Took one of my contractors and his nephew today who have only fished lakes it was a little snotty out but I managed to get them bit they dug it and will be back I l LOVE the smile when someone gets their first fish!
  136. RodRage

    Early fathers day present

    Hooked up with my O so busy 25yrs young daughter for breakfast and a romp with the local Bass today, Goood times!
  137. RodRage

    Speed vrs comfort of a Parker?

    Always admired these boats never riddin in one but heard the ride is not the best, Spoke with an owner today at the docks who said 15 knots is where he runs granted his boat is the last year of the diesel inboards. I want to step up in a couple years and looking at options any info is appreciated.
  138. RodRage

    Catalina Saturday?

    Planning on getting bait around 3:30 make some Macs then head to the east tip, anyone interested in buddie boating over hit me up.
  139. RodRage

    Heading for the muscle Farm?

    Got new electronics punching in spots can’t seem to find the muscle Farm on my Old GPS anyone have the coordinates?
  140. RodRage

    Badass Bass

    18 inch school yard bully
  141. RodRage

    For Sale Ray Marine dragonfly five fishfinder/GPS

    :Pogo_Sticlike new comes with transducer mounting bracket and Sim card $300 OBO
  142. RodRage

    Camping at Mission bay Rv park with a boat?

    Secured 4 days end of September bringing a 30ft motor home for the wife we did it a few years back with my center console at Camp land that rents slips, Whats the gig at MBrv park pull a 24 ft tub out every night or can I anchor up out front?]
  143. RodRage

    Stainless bow rail maintenance?

    Getting ready to slip my tub for the summer I like my stainless clean ,15 years or so ago a friend of mine had his boat at the corral in Ensenada and used a certain kind of oil don’t recal what it was any suggestions would be helpful thanks.
  144. RodRage

    Finally found a good gell coat polish!

    Rode my 76RD 400 down to seal Beach hot rod show today and ran in to a detail distributor, Ben detailing cars boats and motorcycles for over 30 years and never seen a product like this, My 27 year old gel coat has been hazy and scratched from age and sun abuse and I could not figure way to get...
  145. RodRage

    Maintain your trailer bearings I got lucky!

    Not my boat but one of my work trailers, this happened coming down the Cahone pass last Sunday morning didn’t notice it till I got home After further inspection looks like a leaf spring snapped then wore out the bearing only reason the wheel didn’t fall off was because of the way the hub was...
  146. RodRage

    Bloodydecks stickers?

    Got a scratch I wanna cover and cant find how to purchase some decals
  147. RodRage

    Mylar balloons

    Couldn't find the Og thread about this but I collected three today in Long Beach.
  148. RodRage

    Bottom paint advice

    West Marine is having a sale so I'm gonna finally do it. so many different kinds I don't want the expensive stuff if I don’t have to Any Suggestions?
  149. RodRage

    Weekday boat ho Long Beach?

    Local or Catalina share the cost if interested hit me up.
  150. RodRage

    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    After checking on a slip today I stopped by Crabs jetty to see the aftermath of the grunion run and talk story with old friends when to my surprise SBPD were walking up the rocks , whithin three weeks or so these guys have ruined the jetty I learned to surf at in 1969 , never seen such a thing...
  151. RodRage

    Fishing the Newport pipe

    My buddies been bugging me about it so heading up there from LB tomorrow, Tips??
  152. RodRage

    Mission Bay rv park

    Please delete
  153. RodRage

    Suggestions for burial at sea?

    A loved one has passed and we want to honor her last wishes, been checking in to the local landings its frkn expensive and my boat wont accommodate being mom is 78yrs old but this means the world to her and I need to make it happen ANY suggestions would greatly appreciated THANX! .
  154. RodRage

    Craigslist add of the week

    Op says its rare and it might be Obo in Calimesa Who will start the bidding?
  155. RodRage

    East Cape in October/November?

    Daughter and I are planning a trip to Rancho Leonero (First time) anyone been that time of year??
  156. RodRage

    How old is this reel?

    My buddies pop passed recently and he found this reel stuffed away, Anyone here recognize what make model or age it is?
  157. RodRage

    5 year suspension for the Pacific Star

    Never fished with the captain nor on the boat. Good read in western outdoor news, looks like they were made an example as it should be. Anyone fished with the crew?
  158. RodRage

    Prop repair?

    Cant find any in my circles
  159. RodRage

    Happiest day of my life!

    Might be a repost but being valentines day I couldn't resist
  160. RodRage

    Catalina Bonito?

    Going Saturday and wondering how the Bass n Bonito been biting, Anyone fished there recently?
  161. RodRage

    Electrical issue finally solved

    Had some intermittent E issues since buying the tub last summer and the other night while hooping lost all lights and GPS, Had to come in with glow sticks for runners and a squid lamp rigged to a power pack as a mast light. Replaced $185 worth of switches with no luck so today started ripping...
  162. RodRage

    Your first memory of fishing?

    Pops bought a camper for his trusty Chevy pick up n took the fam on a road trip to Mex hired a guide named Fredricko to take us fishing and crawdaddn afterwards his wife n fam welcomed us for a cook out, Wife Maria was enamored with my moms cascade (wig) and clothes so mom gave her most...
  163. RodRage

    Acquiring a sixpack certification

    Anyone here been to one of the offered schools? I have the logged hours and don't mind going thru the course but trippin on taking the test, Wondering what it entails.
  164. RodRage

    Affordable radar for a 24 foot boat?

    My dinosaur is completely out of whack can't figure it out would like to upgrade and be safe out there With out breaking the bank, suggestions?
  165. RodRage

    Northside Hb pier today going off.

    Anyone surf today? My backs out so I hung most of the day watching guys get shacked in flat glass water!
  166. RodRage

    Advanced Marine shout out

    I called yesterday at noon for an appointment with a shifting issue on my Evinrude 200, David spent 30 minutes fixed the issue at no charge gave an honest opinion of what I need to do in the future. If your in need of a good "Old School" one stop boat yard Advanced Marine in Costa Mesa is your...
  167. RodRage

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    Got burned again the other day I met a guy who wanted to go hooping said hed help with the cost so I prepped the boat and rigging for a meetup at 2pm, 3:15 rolls around n I get a call hes at the launch with no credit card for entry so I go up n use mine for $12. Catching bait was scarce and...
  168. RodRage

    Theives on a party boat

    Over night trip on the Eldorado everyone catching fish usual mayhem after all said n done 3 anglers bags are short including my buddie one guy missing a nice Lincod and two reds PISSES me off!
  169. RodRage

    Xmas special trip aboard the Eldorado

    Rare chance to get some rail time with an old friend most of my fishing has been limited to smaller private boats Catalina and south never been out to the islands not sure what to bring as far as hook sizes n rigging any tips appr THANX!
  170. RodRage

    Lobster taco recipes?

    First year buggin having a blast wife doesn't like boiled I toss them on the Q then serve with butter n lemon looking for new ways, Thanks!
  171. RodRage

    Hooping Long Beach harbor tips?

    Popped my hooping cherry last night in LB harbor we set around the islands for some smalls at 30ft then tried by the queen any tips or info on areas to fish would be greatly appreciated, THANX!
  172. RodRage

    Thresher off HB pier

    A buddie and his wife were coming back from Shit Pipe last Saturday stopped on a small paddy and the wife hooked a Thresher on light line it tail wrapped n broke off but got some great picks!
  173. RodRage

    Fishing the 14 mile bank

    Heading out Sunday for reds usually hit the highest point I can find 350 to 400ft any tips??
  174. RodRage

    New here...

    Todd here with a 1990 Chaparral 226 cuddy powered by 03 Evinrude 200 (Not an E-Tech) owned it for a few months getting the bugs out been lurking for a while Yall seem like a good crew so I finally joined,.New circuit board from Advanced Marine testing tomorrow out of Dana targeting BFT.