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  1. Eatmorfish

    San Clemente Island Report 06/07

    Launched at Davies around 5:30AM. Stopped at Avalon and bought squid from Carnage; Johnny loaded us up with a big scoop. Went to San Clemente (7:40), it was as flat as a pancake. Went to the east end, Fury and 2 other private boats were there. Drifted around the kelp for awhile, until Jim caught...
  2. Eatmorfish

    4/18 - 1/2 day Aggressor Newport Landing

    It was a beautiful day to be out on the water, with 33 anglers on board, most of which were rent rods, but everyone worked well together and there were only a few tangles. Fishing about 120', a total of about 70 fish landed, mostly small white fish. The jackpot was about a 2 pound vermillion...
  3. Eatmorfish

    Izors 4/10

    Launched from Davies around 7AM, and headed to Izors. Picked up a mylar on the way. Pretty slow throwing a variety of plastics on leadheads, average 90' of water, (1) 2 pound sandy and a 15" calico (released). Moved over to Joe Phillips 47F Spot near where the Victory was fishing. 215' to 175'...
  4. Eatmorfish

    Catalina, Friday, 4/6

    Put in at Davies Launch around 6:45 AM. Clear and no wind. The ride to the Isthmus was a little bumpy. Fished cut squid on a drooper around Ship Rock with lots of small fish picking at the bait. Caught nothing. Moved east to just past the quarry and caught a 4 pound sheephead and a small...
  5. Eatmorfish

    Lowrance HDS12 Carbon Map Chip

    I'm looking for some free, educated advice.....I just ordered a Lowrance HDS-12 & HDS-9 Carbon bundle, and was looking at the different map chips that are available. I'm wondering if one is better than the other; if there is one highly recommended, or if there is one to definitely steer clear...
  6. Eatmorfish

    Boat name for my new Mako

    Name my new 234 Mako I need help picking a name for my new 23' Mako: Mako My Day Lil Hooker ?????